Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 14, 1907, NEWS SECTION, Page 5, Image 5

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V will give away absolutely free of cost to
you a beautifully Trimmed Christmas Tree with
each and every Cah or Credit Bale ot Ten Dol
lars ($10.00) or over la our Men's and Boys'
Clothing Department.
By purchasing these trees and trimmings In
such large quantities, we are enabled to give
you a Trimmed Christmas Tree that would or
dinarily cost you $3. GO. An exact duplicate of
the trimmed trees we give away Is on display
In our 16th Street Clothing Window.
Our values are equal to any offered in the city
and the Trimmed Clirttttmaa Tree ia m clear gain
to yon over and above the special price quoted
for Saturday's celling. All goods marked in plain
Men's Fall Suits
and Overcoats
vi :
la i
I ) l-
t ; '
5 G
: 6f j
.aeg-i t
Made in this season's latest style. In solid colors
and new mixtures. All garments guaranteed
thoroughly here ready
to try on, at
$18.00. $16.00, $12.60 and
A trimmed Chrlsmas tree free with each sale
of $10.00 or bver.
isti aval icvi
All Goods Marked
Plain Figures
Here's a List of ttie
1 Toy Horn,
1 Toy Drum,
1 Toy Watch,
1 Candy Ornament,
i in
A. V J . K Mfw
I "flit
I Sl
A "li V
2 lbs. of Candy,
1 lb. of Mixed Nuts,
1 doe. Oranges,
1 pkg. of Figs,
1 Work Box.
1 Japanese Toy,
1 water fountain pen,
1 Toy Acrobat,
1 Toy Hatchet,
1 Box Candles,
Some Candle Holders,
.Some Holly.
3 other ornaments,
1 Japanese Top,
All of the above articles and the tree go free with all $10.00 or over
purchases In our Men's and Hoys' Clothing Department only. We will
deliver the trees free of charge whenever and wherever Instructed.
A Great
Sale ol
Consisting of the new dark plaids and a large
assortment of solid colors. All garments are
made in the very latest styles and many are
worth up to $17.50. All go on sale tomorrow.
cash or credit, at
the low price
ot ..:
Many Pretty Furs for Xmas
In Fancy Neck Pieces and Muffs, come In minks, natural
and blended squirrels, foxes and coneys. All are new and
very stylish. Prices range fa f)
from $35.00 on down P J f
Cash or
Last Chance-Millinery Dept.
Tomorrow, in all probability, will close out the balance of the
hats we are sacrificing. Many new numbers never shown
before go on sale Saturday values up to $10.00. In fact.
any hat In the department
at the one price
Hate It
isia & FA
m riorpi nrsurmTma an cjjajpxr oo. sir. lsar
Aatomxtle Coll ShIuqs
Mads of indestructible
tel rods, ha meohan
teal cloolc attachment,
comes In assorted ool.
ors, well worth at
least $1.J. Hoo them
In our lth Btreet win
dow. On sale Saturday
r S9c
Larger Percentage 1807 Grain in Mar
ket Than Usual. ,
Nebraska Fmi Mar Net le4d as
Hturllr mm lu 10O6. kat Pr.
vets Brlnac Larger i
a-resrata Saas.
That a much larter percentscs of tbs
1507 crop in lha west has been moved than
at the same time last year Is shown by
tr-e report . the Department of Commerce
and Labor. Just received at tha Omaha
drain exchange.
Tha crop of )W7, while mora valuable
than that ot 1906. Is not as larfe, and when
over 1,000,000 bushels have been received
at the Omaha market, as against I.OOO.oro
buahels durlnc the crop movement period
ot last year. It Indicates that the move
went to the primary markets, the Initial
move from fields to the markets of tha
world or final consumption la much creater
than last year, and with such n amount
of the (rain out of the road a traffic
' blockade Is scarcely possible.
' . During the months of September and
' October, the months considered aa the crop
moving period, the receipts ot wheat are
J.1VT.&J0 bushels, as against 3,0W.1 bushels
last year; receipts ot oats were 4,&ju,0W)
bushels, last year corn receipts
1.012.000, as against .Gu,0 during the same
period of IS-.
What Is true at the Omaha market ta
found to le true of eleven other primary
market, showing' that the 19u7 crop of
small grain and the old corn Is nearer the
final market than last year, which will
prevent difficulty during the winter.
Cora Receipts -Will Fall OK.
Indications are that the receipts of corn
at the Omaha market will be less for tha
year of 1307 than for 1901 and the cause
will not be altogether the financial flurry,
which has so materially cut down grain re
ceipts at all primary markets. Aooording
to the report of the Department of Com
merce and Labor, the decrease In receipts
was apparent at the close of October.
With the panto effects just passing there Is
little bone among the grain men that the
corn receipts of the next fifteen dsys will
make up the loss. For the ten months end
ing October 31, 17.276,000 bushels of corn had
been received at the Omaha market. On
the same date last year 18,012,000 bushels
had been received. The wheat record for
the year will doubtless be broken, as the
market would have to lose 1.150,000 bushels
during November and December to go be
low last year. The receipts for the taa
months ot 1907 were I.45S.400 bushels, as
against 6,975.000 bushels during the same
months last year.
'At tha end of October Omaha holds sixth
plsce in wheat receipts among the pri
mary markets of the United States. The
receipts at five other markets were: Min
neapolis, 68.000.0O0; Duluth. J8.0UO.O0O; Kan
sas City, H.000.000; Chicago, 22.000,000; 6t
Louts. U.000,000 bushels.
As the fourth largest oats market, Omaha
receipts have been 11.744,000 bushels for the
en months of 1907. as against 10.10,000
usheia for IM. Receipts at' six other
I markets hsv been: Chicago, 7J.000.000; Bt
Louis, 17,063,000; Minneapolis. U.S09.0UO; Mil
waukee 10.699.000; Peoria. 11.407.000; Kan
sas City, I.01S.000 bushels.
One of the Interesting statements of the
report of the Department of Commerce and
Labor is the fact that 2S per cent less
river trsfno was reported Cor October.
Timely Tips for Gift Duyers
rX aaieiy uazors, uie Laien hskcs
) A fV-r
Carney u Derry's Skates
M rT , n
V? 'I finrtinrT 1 stffaran Inn E?ava
ilenckel'a Emperor Razor, $2 each rw,
year money away ea cheap affairs. Then we have lower priced good rasor
Manicure Sets. Shaving Sets Scisser Sets .
Table Cutlery. Carvers for e?,;
r the Little roias te the larger ones for
rViet pewer for larger bora
Never before have we ebowa such aa lin-
meuae variety 01 pattraa. All prices
Pnehet Knives...
, . . froru l5o upaard to the finest Btrrlln
silver and pearl handled eei.r knlv.s. Combu.atiin Hunting Knives. ln"t
miss our foHt Kr.if. pale 'Hemerober. every one guaranteed.
Tool CnLincts...
MaVfiVal Tr.binj. Yaola.. tbokuewa wast heWta. W.
Rniror, the ru ih for Chrtatmtva hopp.av Is n. Don't tfela. MaJr.
your NiwUu ow.
jalies noiiTcrj & sc:j co., isii doc st.
The largest line ever shows bare. Just the
gift for tfe man of the house or 1.1s son.
or saute ether man's sea. MeuUnf but taa
best teols la them.
1907, than last year for the same month
The rrver traffic for ths ten months la
many millions of tons less than last year
W. J, Coaaell Files Motlaa ta Traas-
ler ties Case lo Aaother
W. J. Connell. attorney for the defendants
In the suit ot T. W. Blackburn against
the mayor and former members of the
City council over the letting of the gas
contract for the lighting of the streets, has
filed a motion In district court to chance
the hearing from Judge Sutton's court to
that of one of the other judges. Mr, Cen.
Bell alleges In an affidavit filed with tha
motion that Judge Button Is violently pre
judiced against him and the Omaha Oaa
company and they cannot secure a fair
hearing before him.
He asserts that Judge Sutton has such
feelings ot personal hostility against him
that they do not speak when they meet
outside the court room, Mr, Connell says
he fought Judge Button with all his ability
at the last primary election and this Is
one of the causes of the hostils feeling, lie
attaches to the motion extracts from the
bills of particulars In several cases before
Judge Sutton la which Mr. Connell has
appeared to support his allegation of pre
Judlce. Among these cases were the so-
called Coal trust, the first gas case and
the contempt hearing In which Connell wsa
the defendant. s v
Aetloa for Fir Taoaaaad Dollars
"reagat by City l ader New
Under the. ordinance passod by the city
council December 1, City Attorney Burnam
haa begun ault In behalf of the city against
Carl Dernburg. manager Of the Maoufao-
turers' Outlet compsny, which Is selling a
stock of goods at Sixteenth and Howard
streets for 15.000 claimed by the city as a
tax on the stock. The new ordinance pro
vides for a tax of 10 per cent on all tran
sient stocks of goods exposed for sale In
Omaha, It provides for a sworn statement
by the manager ef the company or an ap
praisal by two persons appointed by the
city treasurer as the basis for the tax.
The petition states the company has re
fused to make a sworn statement, or to
submit to an Inspection by appraisers.
The stock Is alleged to be worth JoO.OOO and
the city asks for judgment' agatnat ths
firm for 10 per cent of this amount. The
petition asserts that the company does
not intend to do business In Omaha per
manently, and has not obliged Itself for
rentals or In any other way for more than
ninety day a.
The suit will constitute a teet of the ordi
nance and Its application to firms selling
oanarupc stocks.
New Yark Barer Iseare aa I is Mease
laailraaseat at Treaaeadeas
We Dave Juat received a large consign
ment of the fineat aud richest Oriental rugs
which our New York buyer secured at an
amasug reduction from a well-knowa Im
porter. It was ths most fortunate pur
chase of elegant Oriental rugs la Omaha's
history, and ws are going to sell them just
as cheaply as ws bought them. We will
also Include la this sale our own stock of
Oriental rugs at extraordinary reductions.
It will be the biggest special sale of Orien
tal rugs the west haa ever known- Satur
day, December ?V
The greatest stock and display of Books in Omaha
is here at prices to suit all from inexpensive little books at
, 15c and 25c to the fine gift editions at $5.00 and $10.00.
Boys Cooks, 25c
By Koratle sUr
k Cousin's Consplr- , Making His Way
Andy Gordon,
Andy Grant's Pluok
nou nurion
Pound to Rise
Brave and bold
Cash Boy
Chester Hand
Io and Dare
Driven from Home
F.rie Train Boy v
Facing the World
600 uouars
Frank's Campaign
Hector's Inheritance
Helplne Ulmeeir
In a New World
Jack's Ward
Jed. the Poor House
Joe's Luck
Julius, the Btreet
Luke Walton
By O. i
Amdng the Malays
Bonnie ranee
Boy Knight. The
Bravest ol the
By England's Aid
By Pike and Dyko
By Right of Con-
Bv Sheer Pluck
Captain Bayley's
Cat of Bubastea
Col. Thorndyke'a
fee ret
Cornet of Horse
Drsgon and Raven
.Fwclng; Death
Final Reckoning. A
For Name and
For the Temple
In the Reign of
By OpHo
All Aboard
Boat Club
Do Something '
In School and Out
Little by Little
Little Merchant
Now or Never
Poor and Proud
Rich and Humble
Sailor Boy
Soldier Boy
Try Again
Watch and Walt
Young Lieutenant
Mark Mason
Only an Irish Bof
Paul, the Pc-ddler
Phil, the Fiddler
Ralph Raymond
Risen from Ranks
Sam's Chance
Sink or Swim
Slow and Sure
Store Boy
Strive and Succeed
Strong and Steady
Struggling Upwards
Tin Box
Tom, the Bootblack
Tony, the Tramp
Try and Trust
Walt and Hope
Walter tJhe'wood
Young Acrobat
Young Adventurer
Young Outlaw
Younr Salesman
Adrift In New York
. STenty.
In Times of "Peril
Jack Archer
Lion of HL Mark
Lion of the North
Mabii and Settler
One of the 3ih
OnioM and GreaA
Out on the Pampas
Rujub, the Juggler
Sturdy and Strong
Through the Fray
True to the Old
Under Drake's Flag
With Clive In India
With Lee In Vir
ginia With Wolf In Can
Young Burglars, The
Young Carthagln
Young Colonists,
"Young Midshipman
By Castlemaa
Frank on Gunboat
Frank, the Young
Frank Before VlckS-
Frank at Don Car
lo's Ranch
By Trowbridge
Cudjos Cave
Three Scouts
Drummer Boy
Neighbor Jackwood
Tke Leading New
$1.59 Novels....::
Fruit of the Tree. By Edith Wharton,
Satan Sanderson, By Hallie E. Klves.
Weavers. By Gilbert Parker.
Younger Set. By H. W. Chambers.
Daughter of Anderson Crow. By George B.
Romance ot an Old-Fashioned Gentleman.
By F. Hopklnson Smith.
The Halo. By Baroness von Hutten.
Days Otl. By Van Dyke.
Lion's Share. By Octave Thanet.
Arethusa. By Marlon Crawford.
Brass Bowl. By L. J. Vsnce.
Car of Destiny. By the Williamsons.
Shepherd of the HlUs. By author of
"Printer of Udehs.
Mayor's Wife. By Anna K. Green.
Arltona Nights. By Stewart Edward
Barbery Sheep. By Robert Hichens.
Helena's Path. By Anthony Hope.
The Shuttle. By Mrs. Burnett.
Scarlet Car. By Richard Harding Davis.
Lost Leader. By Oppenhelm.
Best Man. By Harold McGrath.
God's Calendar. By Wm. A. Quayie. A
beautiful nature book, (1.60.
The Queenly Mother. By Margaret Sang
ster. 11 60.
Old Peabody Pew. By Kate Douglas Wig
Sin. 11.18.
A Dream of Fair Women. Illustrated In
colors. By Harrison Fisher, 12.SS.
Our Girls. Illustrated In colors. By How
ard Chandler Christy, 2.&0.
In Old School Dave. By Will Carleton
Illustrated In colors. By J. Montgomery
' Flagg. tl.0. ;
Love Songs Old and New. Illustrated In
colors. By C. F. Underwood, (X
Dainiy Gift Books ifZ J e
Back, Stamped in Silter Dcain. Very Pretty for Gifts
Handy volumes bound Id embossed leather, with gold 1(le ortartaent, and
gold title, round corners and red-under-gold edges, fancy paper m q
linings, alo In padded leather bindings, frontispiece and half-tone TlfO
.w' w
illustrations. Each book In a box.,
Abbe Coastaatta
Alios la Woaderlassl
Bacon's Bstaye
Black Bock '
Black Beauts' ,
Dolly Dialog-oea
Dream x.lfe
Dickens' Shorter Stories
Drnnuaosd'a Addresses
Heroes and Hero WoraUlp
Favorite Foema
Boose of Berea Gables
Imitation of Carlst,
la MemoTtasa
Xa His Stops
X.ady of the aVaka
X.elle Book
Lays of Ancient Boms
Light of Aula
lorfUe'i Foams
Lowoll's Feeasa
Paradise Zevt .
Fast and Freseat
Pleasures ef lUlfe
Foe's Foems
Fraa amd I
Bab and Hts Friends
Representative Mem
Bevertes of a Baeaelov
Bsbeiyst ef Omar aJi ay
yam lamantha at Baxatora
Scarlet Letter
Sesame and X. Lilies
Skrtoh Book
Tales frees thKMpears
Taaglswood Tales
Three atea ia a Boat
Swtoe Told Tales
sale Toss's Oebla
W alttlsrs F earns .
Padded Leather Editions of the Poets
Bound in leather, title stamped on front and back ia gold, fall gilt edge,
round comers, fancy paper llnlgs, silk head-bands, illuminated Q r
title page.- Each book in a box. . 3G
Browning (Mrs.)
Browning- (Bobt.)
familiar Quotations
o Id smith.
Homer's ZUad
Idylls at tha attaa;
LeUa Book
X.aay of taa IVaka
Faradlsw Xt
I Foe tBUTa A.)
Foetloal Beleotioas
Bubalyat of Omar
sutayyaaa -Schiller
Presentation Edition of Famous Books
Fat up in boxes. Bound la the best silk finished cloth, wlth elaborate and
beautiful cover designs, and many Illustrations by the world's m f
V. aotlflia TVi aba a4 1 1 trtnta o ta far m it tAFiras rv anv niKaarsi V. "t
UCDb lit tlOta tucDt) cuivivuB eaa v a osg BMaa tvi w aa vmvi w
offered at similar prices t.
Black Beasty BewelL
Blaek Book Connor.
Cloister and the Hearth Tteado.
The First Tlolin Fotherglll.
Hidden Hand Mrs. Southworth.
Ishmael Mrs. Houthworth.
Little Book of Trll) una, Versa A Eugene
Little Minister Bsrrle.
Lerna Doone Black more.
FlMrrlm'a VrogTess -Bunyan.
Prose Talse Voe.
Self Baised Mrs. Fouthworth.
Tales of SUterlook Holmes Loyle.
trade Tom's Oabia tHowe.
Wide, Wide World Warner.
Th Greatest and Most Popular Copy- jO
right Novels f the Day.... a
Cloth binding, in style ot manufacture, binding, paper and printing equal
to $1.60 editions of new books.
Audrey Johnson.
Ayesha Haggard.
Hlaxed Trail Stewart White.
Claim Jumpers Stewart K.
Captain Msoklin Darts.
Conquest of Canaan Booth
Cardigan Chambers.
Deluse Phillips.
Fugitive Blacksmith Stew
art. Freckles Porter.
Bob, Son of Battle Olllvant
Castle Craneycrow Mc
Cutcheon. Castaway Rives.
Choir fnvlslble Allen.
Brewster's Million s Mc
Cutcheon. Can of the Wild-London.
Checkers Blossom.
Great-Love Burnham.
Gambler Thurston.
House of l.OuO Candles
Heart's Desire Hough.
Jungle Sinclair.
Katherine's Sheaves Shel
don. Lady Rose's Daughter.
Lin McLean Owen W later.
My Lady of the North
Drl and I-Bacbel)er.
Eben Holder Bacheller.
Hearts and Masks McGrath.
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lin OarUnd.
Infellce Wilson.
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Oentleman from Indiana
Booth Tarklngton.
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O rath.
Hearts Courageous Rives.
Marriage of William A she-
Mrs. Humphrey ward.
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Prisoners of Hope Johnston.
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Richsrd Carvel Churchill.
Return of Sherlock Holmes.
Reckoning Chambers.
Seata of MUrhty Parker.
Silent Places White,
Lightning Conductor C N.
and A. M. Williamson.
Man of the Hour Thanet.
Man on the Box McUraUi.
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mer. Pit Frank Norrle.
Prodigal Son Csine.
Rose of Old St. Louis.
Sea Wolf Jsck London.
(Venders Wilson.
Girls9 Boohoa 25c
Aunt Diana
Our Besalo
Uncle Max
By Boca W. Carey.
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Mary Bt John
Merle's Cmeade
(jueen'a Wblm.
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By L. T. Meade.
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ter Susy.
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Through the Look).
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specaie4 Bird Wilson.
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ston. Two Van Revels Tarklrg.
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aberroda MoCutclieoa.
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Loula Tracy. . ,
The Teddy Bear Books,
v ICcEsch
The "hit" of the season. Klsht little
books of comical pictures and funny Every page in colors, wniuai.t
colored cover. All children who have
"Teddy Bears" will want this series
Teddy Bears Come to Life, at the Cir
cus, In a Smaohup, on a I.ark. on, a
Toboggan, at School, Oo Fishing, ta
Hot Water.
Kvery child lores to paint and drsw. We
offer three splendid Painting Books.
uxk. 38c
Bers and B iris' Bala , 4)c
With box of Paints FR Kfi
with each book aCfcsi
New Decks for Children
Asnla Ana, by author of "Kmrna Lou,"
Little Colonel's XBlfa Coxaes A-Bidlag,
Defending- Eli Flag, by Stratemeyer, tl.H.
FrisoUla of the BoU Saop, by Hium,
Khoades. 78c.
Wards of Liberty, by Myra K.?lly. IMS.
Ths Ores Year, A. T. Dudley. 8c
Five Little Feppers ia taa LitUs Brows
House, $1.08.
Ton Dick ana Harriet, by R. H. Barbour,
Spirit of tke School, by R. H. Barbour,.
Four Afoot, by R. H. Barbour, $1-1-The
Colonel's Conquest, by L. f. Mead,
More about the Wisard of Ox CI Q
characters.' Illustrated In JQQ
By Fraaese Tragw Moatgeiaary.
The new volume In the popular "Billy
Whiskers" series. Full page 7Q
UlUKtratlons in colors. i JC
bright cover w " w
Billy Wklskers Frteads, depleting the
earlier adventuree f ay ft
"Biliy," same atyle l)fj
as above
By Frances Treee Kontgomery. .
A story ef the adventures of tour
little children on a vUll to Kris
Krtngle of the Southern Seas. Full
page Illustrations In col- " J
ors. Bright oover i ClC
Six Districts Created for Purposes of
Observance Law..
Kagileh aad Kat City Preieeitor
Daniel Will Look After . the
Kaforeesaeat af This
The chief of police and the captsins have
perfected arrangements for carrying out
In detail the mayor's orders pertaining to
the enforcement of the 8unday labor law.
The city has been divided Into six dis
tricts and two special officers besides the
regular officers will pstrol the districts.
No arrests will e made, but the officers
will make reports to Captain Mostyn of
all forms of unnecessary labor they aee
being done on the Sabbath day and the
captain will submit the reports to the
county attorney, who will select several
persons with which to make teat cases and
will hold the rest In abeyance pending a
decision of the test cases.
The matter of prosecuting saloon keepers
who maintain screens or other obstructions
has been turned over to the county attorney
and is being taken care of by Assistant
County Attorney Magney. No complaints
have as yet been filed. Most Saloon keep-1
era have complied with the law, and those
who have not have promised to si soon as
they can get the objectionable obstruc
tions removed.
Attorney Magney decided that the stained
glass was contrary to law, although the
bar can be seen from another window. He
has decided that all lettering on the saloon
windows Is sn obstruction to a clear view
and must come off. On soma of the win
dows the letters are so large and numer
ous thst Uttle clear spscs through which
to look remains. ,
A Life Seateae
of suffering with throat and lung trouble
Is quickly commuted by Dr. King's New
Discovery, iue and ll.M. For sals by Sea
ton Drug Cu
Coavlet Let Oat Barely Saved fraaa
A aether Teres la the Pea.
Doubt as to whether a door was locked
or open saved Charles Be h near from going
to the penitentiary for the second time.
Bchnear was charged with entering the
summer kitchen of Mrs. Mary C. Reynolds
at 1114 South Thirty-second street and
stealing a coat from a nail. Vndtt the
statues. If he pushed open the door when
he went In, he was guilty of daylight
burglary, for which a sentence in the peni
tentiary Is the punishment. If the door
was alroady open he could not have broken
In, under the law, and he was guilty only
of petty larceny, for which the punishment
ts thirty davs In tha county jail. Mrs.
Reynolds said she could swesr posi
tively the door was closed, so County At
torney English consented to accept a plea
of guilty of petty larceny aud Judse Troup
gave Schuear thirty d'iys In Jtl.
Si. linear was pardoned from the penltenr
tlary by Governor Mlcl ey In order that ha
might help support his r. idowed niothtr.
Judge Troup gave him a svere lecture and
told him he ought to learn a lesson from
ths double experience he has hsd.
Slerekaats Are Arrested ta Appear
Before? Pollee Jadse Craw .
ford Kext Week.
Warrants were sworn out Frldsy after
noon for the arrest of nine proprietors of
stores and meat markets on the charge of
selling Impure milk or rresm. Ths warrants
were issued at the instigation of City Mllli
Inspector Burch. Those arrested were
Charles Blind, grocery man, 2W Leaven
worth street; B. C. Kuenne, baker, fsit
Leavenworth street; R. T. Ogden. baker,
SIS North Twenty-fourth street; L. Rosen
blum, grocer, sVS North Sixteenth street;
Chris Rasntcheck, butcher, T.07 Leaven
worth street; K. Andres. Ice cream, WU
Cuming street; F. Vollberg. butcher. HIT
South Sixth street; Frank Kuncl. butcher,
lJfl South Sixteenth atreet. All of the
rases have been set for hearing on Decem
ber IS before Judge Crawford's court.
Thin Watches Copley, jeweler, II 8. l$lh.
We Repair and Eeplate Table Ware, Be
. finish Statues, Electric Light
Fixtures, Lamps, Etc.
It will help to make your
entertainments a success. '
Omaha Silver Company
Phone Doug. 1773. 314 Couth 13th Et.
Between Farnam nnd Harney.
ir you are la quest of health god want the strongest guarantee of a
cure amid the most favorable and delightful eurroundlnga, or If you a're
a seeker after pleasure where the conditions for health are the most per
fect, where you can rebulli a tired a worn i out body If you are over-
rlnrisl frnm wa a vb- n baaIa A i V t . a
wwaaw aa vu. JVlgl VI tVVlsVJ U U W, U UU. V IOT UU
Owned by
Mot So
and under
Control of
S u. s.
- nect
Its wonderful curative waters, delightful winter climate, twelve miles
of government mountain drives, golf, fine country roads, pine forests,
four elegant hotels, 500 other boarding houses, and government pro
tection of the waters, offer the greatest Inducements to all classes of
health and pleasure seekers on the Western Continent
Write Bureau of lafonnation. Hot Springs, Ark., for complete illustrated book.
Lower Railroad Rates Than Ever Defore
For Railroad Tkkrta and Information rail on or aJdrea,
T. V. GODFREY, P. A T. A. Mo. Pac. Ky423 r amain Bt. Omaha, Nel.
P. 1. RaUierfor j, p a.m Hack Island, IS'Jtt Faruain Bt,; Omaha, Neb.