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Office 15 Scott Street.
Davis, drugs.
Btockert will carpets.
F.4 Rogers. Tony Faust beer.
Bee Schmidt elegant new photos.
For Bent Modern house, 728 Sixth ave.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 97.
Woodrlng Undertaking; Company. Tel. 339.
Pictures and framri, Rorwlrk, 111 8. Main.
Second-hand soft coal heaters for sale
cheap. Petersen A Schoenlng Co.
J)jiiitlfiil new fanry and plain oval
frame. Alexander, 233 Hroadway.
Day and evening school at Western Iowa
college. Enroll any day. Send for cata
logue.' Mr. V. W. Houghton wa railed to Am
herst, Masa., last evening by the Illness
of her son Albert. "
Pricee a little below the market. Uniform
grades and quirk deliveries. The C. Hofer
Lumber Co., Council liluffs.
William A. Ward of Chlrngo. prison
evangelist, will conduct service at 1:46 thla
afternoon at the county Jail.
Office spare for rent, t.0O month: central
location; steam heat and electrln light fur
nished. Omaha line, 16 Bcott street.
Hee reader should not full to select
Christmas gifts early at IiCffert's. Buying;
now on. IJnrs will soon be broken.
Mrs. John Stelnhofel, who had been at
Mercy hospital for several works, after
undergoing an operation, was able to be
removed home yesterday.
Nothing more to be desired than eye
comfort. Without It life were a burden.
Ir. Terry, scientific optician, afford eye
comfort to many every day.
The fourth annual benetlt of the Street
Railway Employes' Relief association will
be given Thifrsday evening of thla week In
the large hall In Masonic temple.
Do we or do we not show you the greateat
fuel saver on the market, the Aoorn base
burner. It Is the cheapest and best stove
sold. Come In and see It before you buy.
V. W. Keller, 103 South Main street.
Ella D. Vcatch of Osceola. Neb., and
Mis Tnielove HparTord of Mountain View.
Cal., obtained a marriage license after reg
ular hours last evrnlng and the ceremony
u performed by Justice J. K. Cooper.
Rev. Henry Delxmg performed the mar
riage ceremony yesterday for three couples
' from Omaha. They were Roy Cafferty and
J.lxzle Falkner, J. Neu and Anna Altman,
nd Chftrlea E. Falk and Amanda C. Quarn
tron. Fire company No. 4 was called at 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon by a still alarm
to the upper end of Mornlngslde, where a
prairie tire hnd been started, and the resi
dents feared It might reach the houses in
It at vicinity.
A special meeting of the Board of Edurn
tiun has been called for tomorrow evenh:
tre consider the advisability and pructlra
blllty of extending the manual training t
the pupils of the sixth grarie. At present
only pupils of the eighth and sovcni.
grales are receiving Instruction In this de
The ease against Mrs. Victoria Goodwin,
rhnrgcH with creating a disturbance at the
Klghth avenue school when she forced her
III tin daughter to accompany her from
there was dismissed In Justice Greene's
court yesterday on motion of the assistant
county attorney. Mrs. Goodwin promised
not to make any further trouble at the
schoul. .
The second foot ball team of the Council
JilnrTs High school went to Logan yester
dsy and defeated the first team of the high
school of that town by a score of 17 to 10.
The Iogan team was on an average ten
pounds heavier than the Bluffs boys. Tho
game was a particularly clean one and the
muffs bovs arrived homo last evening much
pleased with the treatment accorded them.
John McGaven, claiming to be an old
soldier and cornhusker, was sent to the
county Jail yesterday by Justice Cooper
on a charge of Intoxication. McGaven
showed up late Friday night at a farm
hous near McClelland, where hi peculiar
brhnvior frightened the inmates, uuer in
the night he entered a school house, took
a quantity ot coal Hnd built .himself fire
t'V tho road side. His strange actlona de
cided the authorities at McClelland to bring
Mm to thla city. It Is posxlbta the man Is
unbalanced mentally and his case may be
referred to the commissioners on Insanity.
McGaven said he was trying to make hi
way to Missouri, where his children lived.
Articles of the Incorporation of the
Walker Manufacturing company of Council
Bluffs, Incorporated In Pierre. 8. I)., Febru
ary 8, 1H04. were tiled here for record yes
terday. Tho articles provide that while
Pierre shall bo the principal place of busi
ness of the company. It can maintain
ottlces in Council Bluffs, where Its records
t.'v be kept and a eeneral business may
be transacted. W. I. Walker, H. N. Walker
and N. M. Walker are the Incorporators
and the capital stock Is placed at $100,000.
The Walker Manufacturing company has
been located In Council Bluffs for several
years. A few years ago Us plant at Twelfth
ctreel and Tenth uvenue was destroyed by
t pholsterlng.
George W. Klein, 1 South Main street.
Phones: Ind., 710 Black; Bell, 641.
New Scotch post cards.
Alexander's Art Store.
See them at
Blrfcr-rowd at Allison Meet In.
lndl P ro that the meeting to be
held if. day. November 25, ut the New
theater under the auspices of the Allison
Club of Pottawattamie County, at which
Senator J. P. Dolllver will speak on the
life and public service of his venerable
colleague In the upper house of congress,
will bo a great and reoreaentatlve gather
ing. Advices are to the effect that not only
large delegations from nearby towns will
he In attendance, but that Dubuque, the
home city of Senator Allison, will be well
represented. Several nearby towns, Includ
ing Red Oak. have written President Harl
requesting reservation of Beats, and letter
from other placea Indicate that many men
of stute and even national prominence will
attend the meeting from all' over Iowa.
There Is little doubt but that the house will
o taxed to Its capacity on that night.
A meeting of the Allison club will be
leld Wednesday evening at the county
?uurt house to make final arrangement
Cor the meeting and to appoint ushers, etc.
Olftra apace for rent, $8.00 month; central
location: ateam heat and electrlo light fur
nished. Omaha Bee, 15 Scott atreet.
A ' .
Quarter Maes, iw each, a for tyc
tiuitr. etaaeav a
IIUfllfilMi 1,1 M-mk Skirl.
umi&uona pay tne dealer
Urger profit,
than tha real thlDc. otherwise tou
would Dever be offered gubatl- ' Prate4 In thla city last June for the pur
tute. when you ask for an adver ' PM of manufacturing the Orcutt ban bear
Used, article. Imitations are not ! ln P'tle" frm seal will establish a fao
advertised because they are not
permanent. For every genuine
. t. article there are many Imitation,
v The Imitator hat no reputation ta
auataia the advertiser has. It
stands to reason that the adver
tised article Is the beat, otherwise
' tbe public would not buy It and
tha advertising could not be con
tinued. When you ask v for aa
advartlsM article, so that yoii
. get It.
(trfase LittiUtl 4
Both 'Phones 43
AccnsecL of Assault with Intent to
Commit Great Bodily Injury.
Testimony of the tate Tends In Large
Measure t. Bear This Ont
Roy Stevens la to Aak
for a w Trial.
John Sheffler, who on the night of Au
gust 12 last knocked down Jamca Lank
ton In a street fight, the injuries received
by Lankton resulting in his death, was
placed on trial In the dlstrlrt court Satur
day on a chnrge of assault with Intent
to Inflict great bodily injury, unCer the
Indictment returned by the grand Jury.
When court adjourned last evening the
state had presented practically all of Its
The defense cmlms that Lankton was
tho aggressor In the fight and that Shelter
acted in self-defense. The testimony of
the state yesterday went to substantiate
the contention of the defense.
In Iris opening statement to the Jury
County Attorney Hess contented himself
with saying that he would present all the
evidence which b, had been able to oh
taln relative to the three-cornered fight
between the defendant, Lankton and the
latter' companion. William Delahoyde, in
which Lankton received a wound by strik
ing hla head against the pavement, which
caused his death the next day. Emmot
Tlnley, counsel for the defense, declared
that the evidence of all the witnesses to
the fight would show that Lankton had
been the aggressor and that the defendant
only knocked him down In self-defense.
Attorneys for Roy W., Stevens, convicted
of an attempted criminal assault on 11-year-old
Christen Chrlstensen, have been
given until Saturday next In which to file
a motion for a new trial. In case a new
trial I denied, it Is said an appeal will be
taken. J. J. Stewart, one of Stevens' coun
sel, said yesterday, "We expect to take an
appeal If we do not obtain a new trial.
If we take this step, we shall try to secure
ond for Stevens, so that he may be re-
ased from Jail."
Stevens la at present under $1,000 bond
n the charge of enticing away 10-year-old
Alma Dohse, on the evening of July 17.
.n this caso he Is alleged to have taken
he child from a wngon In which her father
.iad left her and forced her to accompany
him to Fairmount park. The child suc
ceeded In escaping before being harmed.
The grand Jury, which has been In ses
slon since Tuesday lust, adjourned yester
day over Sunday without making a report.
A partial report. It I stated, may be looked
for about Wednesday.
Do you have to hold print at arm's
length? Do the letter look blurred or
misty? Do your eye tire after using tnem
for a short time? If so, you should have
your eyesight tested and get a pair of my
made-to-order glaWs. Dr. W. W. Magar
rell, optometrist, 10 Pearl street.
Owing to the rapid growth of our bus
iness we have been compelled to add an
other rubber tired wagon. Let us have
your orders. Phone 314. Bluffs City Laun
dry. N. Y. Plumbing Co. Tel. 250; night, L 698.
City Funds Running Low.
The monthly report of City Auditor J.
F. McAneney, showing the atate of the
city treasury at the close of October, was
completed yesterday. The report dis
closes the fact that the committee on
street and alley has exhausted Its ap
propriation of $10,000, with the exception
of $16.68, with which small amount, to
which may be added a portion of the
county road fund. It will have to take
care of the street of the city until the
end of next March. In view of the fact
that there are yet Ave months of the fiscal
year to run before the new appropriation
becomes available, the balance in some
of the fund will have to be "husbanded"
with strict economy.
The following la the report. o far the
general fund la conoerned:
, , , Appropriation. Balance.
Salaries, executive de
partment $10,600
Police and marshal's
department 23,750
Streets and alleys 10,000
Fire department. $1,000
for new hose 26,600
Fire and police tele
graph 2,600
Engineer' department. 4.760
Printing and supplies., 2,600
City pound 600
t 4.471.36
1. 910.7
Elections J. 1,000
I, bill)
City property
4 64.03
Totals ...J84.760
Must go quick, aecond-hand soft
heaters. Petersen & Schoening Co.
Pyrography outfits and eupplloa.
Alexander, 333 Broadway.
C. E.
Real Ratato Tranafera.
Theae transfers were reported to The Bee
November 1 by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
J. K. Mlnear and wife to J. F. Mer-
rltt. lot .', In block 4, Baylies' 1st
add. to Council Bluffs, la., w. d .$ 7,000
Qeradus Haenen and wife to John
Haenen, part of e" Dili of
i 43. w. d 1,000
jonn M. Livingston to Bonjamln-Fehr
Real Estate company, lot 8, In block
4, In BusbneH's add., and e1 of
lot 4, In block It. In Beers' add.
and west 16 feet of lot 4. In block
6. In McMahon, Cooper & Jefferis'
add. and lot 17, In block 3. in Hack
ett'a add., all In Council Bluffs.
Ia.. w. d
Margaret I McOen and husband to
Charlea E. Philllpa. all of block 73.
Railroad add. to CouncS Bluffa.
Ia.. w. d
Samuel H. Btorrett to John R. Maaon,
lot 140, of original plat. Council
Bluffa, Ia., w. d. '
Five tranafera, total
The name Leffert on the Chriatmaa pack
ige will denote quality to the recipient.
New souvenir
poona juat received at
New Maaafactartaa" Iaaastry.
Another manufacturing Industry has been
aecured for Council Bluffa through the ef
forta of the Commercial club. Announce
ment 'was made yesterday that the Orcutt
Manufacturing company, which waa lnoor
tory her and commence buslncaa at once.
The company haa
and William Koehler,
Th. company ha. soured ampl. capita! j
sr . ,umr 01.
has been connected with the Osborna 1
oompany of New York, has Joined the firm
as secretary and treasurer and will remove
to this city. Mr. Koehler Is by no means
a stranger In Council Bluffs, being a ne
phew of Hon. William Oroneweg and was
with the old firm of L. Klracht Y Co.. from
mi to IhX. when he left here to ehgaga In
bualneaa In ReJ Oak. Mra Koehler is a
native of Council Blufta, being a alater
5f Henry Fperling and Misa Anna Sper
ling. The company has Just placed orders for a
large quantity of material and as soon as
this arrives a Mg forco of men will be put
to work turning nut h scales.
With a second big store at Portland. Ore.,
Leffcrt's are abh? to buy In qunntities to
advantage. This explains their low price.
Marriage License.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterdny
to the following:
Name and Residence.
J. Neu. Omaha ,
Anna Altmann, Omaha
Floyd Oregg, Oaknloosa, la
.. fij
.. 39
.. 21
.. 1
Ethel Douglas, Oskaloorn, la
Charles K. Falk, Omaha
Amanda C. (juarnstron, Omaha
Kims I. Veati h. Osceola, Neb
True Love Spafford, Mountain View Cal
Roy Cafferty, Omaha
Lluie Falkner, Omaha
Club Meetlnaa and Entertainment a
Principal Fratare,
Miss Alice Bonham Is visiting friends In
Miss Isabella Peek of Neola, Ta., Is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Dryden,
Franklin avenue.
Mrs. B. E. Roberts of Winnipeg. JlaW,
was the guest Inst week of Mrs. E. L.
Davis, 706 Mynster street.
The New Bridge club will be entertained
Tuesday evening bv Dr. Morgan Cutler,
at his home, 134 Bluff street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Brlgcs of Berkeley,
Cal., were the guests Inst week of Mr.
Brlggs' uncle. Dr. A. C. Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Wollmnn and son.
Stephen, left Friday to spend tho winter
on tho western coast of Florida.
Mrs. George F. Moore of Worthlngton,
Minn., was a gifst last week at the home
of Mr. A. B. Walker and family.
Mrs. Ed Canning will be hostess of the
Afternoon "5uo" club Tuesday afternoon,
at her home, 412 Oakland avenue.
The C. M. L. club will "be entertained
Wednesday nflernnnn at the homo of Mrs.
C. L. Hammel, 10:5 Fifth avenue.
Mr. Walter Tostevln has arrived from
Fresno, Cal., to spend the winter with hi"
sister, Mrs. E. E. Harvey of Park avenue
Mrs. Ella McKnne and sister. Mrs. I. M.
Trejnor of Des Moines, formerly of Coun
II Bluffs, are visiting relatives In this
The Evening "5W club will be enter
ained Tuesday evening by Mr. and Mrs.
3. Etnyre, at their home on North Second
Mrs. E. F. Wilson and daughters. Leila
and Rosalie, are home from an extended"
eastern trip, which Included a visit to the
Jamestown exposition.
Lily Camp Aid society will entertain, at
i social and high-five party Tuesday even
ng at the MSilern Woodmen of America
hall, In the Mertiam block.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Orcutt of Oakland
avenue are home from an extended east
ern trip, during which they visited at Mr.
Orcutt's old home In Lynn, Mass.
Mrs. If. W. Tilton entertained nt an In
formal musical and kensingtnn Wednesday
afternoon at her home. i'L7 Fifth avenue,
in honor of Mrs. Frank Edwards of Lot,ani
port, Ind.
Judge W. W. McCredle of Vancouver.
Wash., was the guest last week of his
sister-in-law, Mrs. J. M. Hlgglns, and fam
ily, 128 Graham avenue, while enroute home
from New York.
Mrs. A. M. Shaw and daughter, who have
been visiting Mrs. Shnaw's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. D. W. Otis, left Wednesday for
Dixon, III., where they Joined Mr. Dixon
and will make their home, x
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Wllllnms of 2824
Avenue B announce the engagement of
tliclr daughter, Miss Verne M. Williams,
to Mr. Frank A. Rlaskl of thla city, the
wedding to tnke place November 26.
The meeting of the Thursday Bridge
club, which w-as to have been entertained
last week by Mrs. W. 8. Rlgdon, at her
home, 303 Park avenue, was postponed
until next Thursday afternoon, wljen Mrs.
Rigdon will act as ehostess.
Mrs. J. H. Cleaver and son, Mr. Frank
Cleaver, and niece. Miss Ethel Deaves,
who has been the guest of Mrs. Cleaver for
some time, departed Thursday evening for
Pittsburg, Pa., where they were called by
the illness of Mis Deaves' mother.
Mrs. Horace Everett acted as hostess
of the Monday Bridge club Monday after
noon, at her home on Second avenue. Misa
Rice was awarded the prize for the high
est score. The club will be entertained
Monday afternoon by Mrs. E. E. Hart.
Mr. and Mrs. A. IT Rathke were tendered
a surprise Thursday evening at their home,
24.t3 Avenue B, the occasion being the
thirtieth anniversary of their wedding. The
evening was spent at games and a social
good time. Light refreshments were
The Athletl association of the high
school will entertain at a hop at the armory
hall, Friday evening, the' first of a series
of entertainments to be given during the
winter months for the-purpose of procur
ing aund for the establishing of an ath
letic park nexf. year.
The Book Lovers' flub was entertained
Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
r . r. True, ; Second avenue. The after-
?e?01 .iave"."P,' T1ia.fter"
pent In the study of O ver
"His Early Life" was given
liinMI WHH s
ny Mrs. true: "His Journey Abroad" by
Mrs. Tilton; "His Latter years," by Mrs.
Bailey. A reading from "The Deserted
lllage. by Mrs. Key and a reading from
"The Vicar of Wakefield." by Mrs. Dean
proved very Interesting. Mrs. Pvyor acted
an leauer oi ine current events. Mrs. J. G
Wads worth will act ua hunt
wrunesuay aiiernoorn at her home, 711
First avenue.
The Tnlverslty club was entertained
W. K. rwhlrr. 711 Wnaliinrtiui u...u i.'
" ruiirmmy anernnon at tun home of Mrs,
oao.Js, being a "Day With Dickens." Mra. O'Brien
130.79 I Mra. Bray gave a reartimc from 'aVld
Copperfleld," and iv-rs. Ingram gave a re
view or tne "i ricKet on the lleurth." Mra.
Thompson guve a number of character
aetcht-a from liH w-.iks aivd Mrs. N.
Hansen acted as leader of the current
events. The club meets Wednesday with
Mrs. Harrv Wallace, Mrs. F. J. Thompson
acting as leader.
The Klatter Klub was entertained Vri
ifternoon by Mia JoxeDhlne Kixhv at her
home on Kast Broadway. The afternoon
I "l t which Mrs. Bert P'n- did not warrant, Hansen ia a burlv Dane
ney was awarded the prize for the highest , m a fit of aneer h. v,h i. J, .?
score. Mrs. Henry Cutler the second pr"e i " V .? ' ' had 8'Ven hls wlfe
and the guests' prize to Dr. Charlotte Mc- ! Bevera beating. Officer Qllley arrived on
Cuskev. At the clORe of the Fame. dantvitno cene In tltfie to witness the brutal
refreshments wen. server! The chib hnd blows end proceeded to do some nummel
as their guests Misa Marie Butts of Omaha ' i,, v, ,,, ,, some pummel-
Miss Wlckham. M'ss Ames Wlckham. mim l"B lmelf' "aneen was arrested. The
Marie McDowell of Hardv, Neb.. Mrs. S'oat
of Boston. M'ss (Jertrude Henahaw. Mrs
Pohf-rt M'tchell of Omaha. Mrs. Ribrt
Wallace, Dr. McOusVey, Mrs. Rav Beors
ley. Misa Helen Wallace and M's Helen
Robinson. The club will meet Frldav of
nri ween wnn miss r.ieanor Brown, TA . nela ,ne largest attended and most Inter
First avenue. November 29. estlng session ever held by thla lodge In
th, county or in southm'eatern Iowa. It
a the occaalon of the Initiation" of a
CLEARED AWAY rIa of sixty-seven menbera 'nto the rrder
Proper Food Put the Troubles Away. The candidates came from Lewis. Anita
' Qrlawold. Wlota, Atlantlo and Cumberland
Our own trouble alwaya aeem more and tne Lewi degree team did the work,
severe than any others. But when a man B,ate IPuty Oeorge Frlnk of Dea Molneai
la unable to eat even a light breakfast, for t)lBtr'ct Deputy I. J. IJttlefleld of Council
years, without severe distress, lie lias Bluffa. A. J. Korns of pes Moines and
trouble enough. . Supreme National Lecturer Charles Whelan
It Is amall wonder he likea to tell of food 1 Madlaon, Wla., were all present a,nd de
whlch cleared away the troubles. ,ivred Interesting and Instructive talks to
"I am glad of the opportunity to tell of ; tbe a"eral publlo before the Initiation
the good Grape-Nuta has done for me," ceremonies commenced. There were about
writes a N. II. man. "For many yeara I I 800 vlBllo 1 200 local Woodmen preaeht.
waa unable to eat even a light breakfaat
without great suffering.
"After eating I would suddenly be selied
with a terrible attack of colle and vomit
ing. Thla would be followed by headache
and misery that would sometimes laat a
week or two. leaving me so weak I could
hardly sit up or walk.
"Since I began to eat Drape-Nuts I havs
been free from the old troubles. I usually
SAt OrSIlA-Vllta An tr fm A - ..
ukln, lt at th, b.tnBnUlf of tb, me
No, I can eat almost anything I want
without trouble.
"When I began lo use Orape-Nute I was
way under my uaual weight; now I weigh
SO pounda more than I ever weighed n my
life and I am glad to apeak of tha food
that has worked the whangs."
Name given by Fostum Co., Battle Creek.
Mich. Read the little booklet. The Road
to Wellvllle,' In pkga. "There's s
Attorneys for Burns Shut 'out Argu
ment in the Supreme Court.
Hope to "top Shipment and Clear I'p
Product on Hand, "tnrtlnar In
Aaaln at a hour r Level
of Prices.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES. Nov. 17. I tSpeclal.1 "Too
many cooks spoil the broth" was exemplified.
In the supreme court room yesterday when
It was disclosed that the long array of Irsral
talent for the appellant In the big $."si, f" n
mining suit from Pottawattamie county,
known as ilia. Dole-Bilrns case, were dis
covered to be too late to make their oral
The attorneys for Burns, who Is appeal
ing tho case to the supreme court from the
Pottawattamie county district court, are
A. P. Gunnell of Denver. Colo.; Senator
Tom Tatteraon of Denver. ex-Governor
Thomas of Colorndo, D. L. Ross of Coun
cil Bluffs. Congressman Walter I. Smith
of Council Bluffs, Senator C. G. Saunders
of Council Bluffs, and his law partner,
S'uart, of Council Bluffs.
When the case was called today It was
i discovered that the appellant's attorneys
hnd failed to attend to some little techni
cal requirements In the rules of the su
premo court. As a result Doyle's attorneys
made their arguments and the case was
submitted to tho supreme court in that
way without the oral nrgement. The case
has been advertised as being one of the
biggest and most Important In dollars and
cents that hns ever been appealed to the
supreme court.
Brings nck Tils Itnmor.
An Iowa banker, whose name cannot be
disclosed, but who holds a considerable
anWint of paper of tho big packing In
stitutions, hns brought back the report
from Chicago that the prices of live stock
.are to take a tumble and that later this
will bo followed by a fall of the prlco of
dressed meats. This Iowa banker went to
Chicago to get hi money. It Is known (that
the big packing Industries have, borrowed
vast sums of money and country bankers
hold the paper. This Iowa banker wanted
his money back and went to Chicago after
it. He didn't get It, but learned that the
packing house concerns will Immediately
hammer the price of live stock down froVu
60- cents to $1 a hundred. This will stop
live stock coming to market and will give
them the control of the dressed beef market
until such a time ns they can get rid of
the stock of dressed meats that they have
on habd and for which they paid a high
price. When this la done they will have
money with which to pay off their loans.
Brer Write to Officials.
Because of the fact that the supervisor
and Judges of the various counties of the
state havo shown a lax spirit? in regard
to grand Jury drawing, Attorney General
Byer has addressed a letter to every Judge
and board of supervisors In the state, di
recting them to kve strictly up to the law.
He baa directed them that the supervisors
cannot draw the list wlhout an order from
the court, properly and formally made.
Laprovltera Plead Guilty.
Ottavia Laprovltera today pleaded guilty
to manslaughter for the killing of his
cousin, Ottlllo Scervlno, and was sentenced
to AnamVau uuder the indeterminate sen
tence law. At the time he commltteed
the act there was much talk of mystery
and the Black Hand in the Italian colony
African Church Property Sold.
Under aherlffa sale tho property of tho
African BHptist church of this city was
today sold to L. B. Slater for 10 ftnn
Slater was bondsman for lj C. Lomack
who managed the church. In the church
property was a home for the aged and a
parsonage In addition to the church build
ing. Medical Inspection for Schools.
The first active step for a thorough and
regular medical Inspection of all the
schools of Des Moines was taken last
night In thla city, when prominent physi
cians of the city met with the mothers
and father! of the children attending the
Klmwood school. The school buildlna: was
crowded and, with the exceDtlon nf or
. , , ,, 1 lno c'PlIO' or or.e
1 Phyalclan, all were In favor of adopting
some plan of Inspection. It Is proposed
to make It general for all the achools of
tho city.
New Theater to Open.
The Majestic, a new, modern theater nn.l
I one of the finest in the West, will nn ,n
its doors to the publlo tomorrow afternoon
for a Bunday matinee. The building la of
the French renaissance style of rchltec-
1 lure and la pronounced by cnmnetn
critic one of the finest In the countrv
will belong to the Orpheum clrcuu!
thouKh local copltal conatructed the play
Officer I-ambasts Burly Dane
'men Locks m fp
WATERIXX), Ia Nov. 17. (Special Tel
egrani.) Theodore Hanaen. was alven a
do"e cf hi" own medicine today, which he
couple have six small children.
Woodmen Hold .Initiation.
ATLANTIC, la., Nov. 17.-(SpocIal -Last
night the Modern Woodmen or Cass emmtv
' lne ,oc,u loce furnlahed light refresh
ments for the vlaltora and It waa eurly In
the morning before the meeting adjourned.
Price of Land Iacreaalujr.
I ATLANTIC, la., Nov. 17. tHpeclal.) The
price of C'aaa county land haa been steadily
lncreaalng during the laat few weeks and
now 1100 land is the rule and not the
exoeption. During the laat week two farma
havs sold for $100 per acre and one for $155
an acre. The Squires farm of 110 acrea
and the Anderaon farm of like aUe. both
ntar this place, each brought tlCO. and the
purchasers refused sn offer of 9110 within
a short time aftr purchasing. The Leo
McCuen farm of Five Mile drove waa sold
for Jli5 per acre.
Call Heat to Pastor.
MARBHALLTOWN. Ia.. Nov. 17.(Hpe
clal.) At a meeting ef the congregation of
the Frlenrta church thie afternoon Rev.
E. II. Marshall, formerly of Alblun, u
thmkmk&?; those
mMw4 i
.' 'Xar''V-',v,vt 7 v I i V.
T' r ir!' J
called to the pastorate of the church. Rev.
Marshall will accept. He has been supply
ing at the church for Beveral months. He
was formerly pastor of tho Methodist
church of Albion
lovra tm Notes.
MArtSHALIrOWN The annual Inspec
tion of the properly of the Iowa (Vntral
was being made today by the railroad
commissioners of Iowa, accompanied In a
special train by ofllclalH of the road. The
party will travel over nil of tho branenxs
as weU aa the main line.
ATUANTIC Mrs. Hansen, mother of M.
C. Nelson, died yesterday ut her home near
Brayton of disease Incident to old aee.
She was fcS years old and hud been R resi
dent of Iowa for ninny years. Word whs
also received by K. 11. Townsend of this
place mat his brother, C. K. Townsend of
Aberdeen, 8. D., wlto imd been visiting him
, f1''".8 a"0"1. ,wo weeks hko. was dead. The
I uuuy
will be brought back here for burial
In tho Anita cemetery.
ATLANTIC flint nood stock pays well
has recently been Illustrated in Cass county.
William Krelger of near Grant recently
old a pair of horses less tliun 6 years old
that weighed 1,5) pounds each lor M.
Anton Brawno of near Massenn sold a
bunch of pigs that averaged bj) pounds
each, the whole number weighing 3,ti.i
pounds, and received J5.70 per hundred for
them. There were but seven head of tho
hogs and he realized a head for them.
The animals had no breeding either. But
Dr. Carver of Anita established a record
for profit when he secured two Hltera of
pigs irora me same thoroughbred sow In
I " eaaon of fourteen montlia that realized
,lim 8omethlng like Vv besides keeninv
the Bow for "himself. Dl-'"ue
Six Days' Grind In Boston Knili with
Score of 1,147 Milea.
BOSTON. Muss., Nov. 17. Floyd Krebs,
the Dartner of lluith Mclean. rurrlHil his
J team to victory In the six-day bicycle race
at the Park Suuare rliUi last nbttit. winning
ft the final sprint from itoot. Fooler and
Mitten, tho representatives of the three
other leading teams.
Krtbs victory was sensational In that he
apparently saved himself through the long
grind of the contest and In the last two
laps of the final mile when Root had
started to sprint, Krcbs jumped his wheel
to the front and crossed the finish line the
victor, with apparent ease.
Fogler. of the Moran & Fogler team,
was a fairly good second, being only half a
wheel behind the leader, while Root was
given third place, although he finished ap
parently almost even with Mitten, who
takes fourth place. The total distance cov
ered by tho leaders In the race waa 1147
miles, one lap.
Four other teams represented by Dow
ning, Sherwood, Anderson and Holbrook,
who occupied second position In the riding
during the night, being one lap behind the
leaders, finished In the order named and
will share In the money. The Connolly
Wyatt team was ninth and the Blrarrl
11111 team laat to tho finish.
Dancing Proves Fatal.
Many men and women catch colds at
danrea which terminate In pneumonia and
consumption. After exposure. If Foley's
Honey and Tar Is taken It will break up a
cold and no serious results need be feared
Refuse any but the genuine In a yellow
package. For sale by all druggists.
. i-i JMi 3 si iff-i r : -
TRIJTTD TT TS bankers' checks, (learim
Mfcwr-e, wuii ws prefer to hare you
Li- i " nauai, narertneieaa,
"" certUlcates above
1.1 iUnt StCr.CNi i?7ZKZVl?JnZ y' 7 th f Seara. Rebu,k Co.," slgt,
raaoy gold, .11,.,. r,..abJfk. ohfn'oUs, nd iT'rifo?: temT wu".antll'bydua fW'l yUr or"T, '"r b'L'UU' ",J "
puiuihy are compelled t.i exchange, their produce and their labor a iioal "011T.S .rA . "V the same as If you had sent u
for cheeks either their bankers' checks Sr certlncilea ciealng Mme aa-oM I"- "'""'V order or even exactly the
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entire amount to us for merchandise, simply
little nooks? The cost u
too trifling to consider when compared
with the charming effects obtained
with Artloom Tapestries. There arc
hangings, couch covers and tabic
COVers galore in solid colors, Bagdad,Turk.ish,
' , Gobelin, Daghestan, Figured Brocade and
Velour. And what a bewildering assortment
jty of artistic design and coloring!
All the
Ktfi Artloom 1 apestries. Artloom label i
' on CVCI7 p!cce. Insist on seeing (
Xtt this
'vSEh"ii.ii'PtiMMii'iinM'ittibest in color
vi """"VfVl iu uc iuuuu in
Former Nebraskan May Lose Federal
Job ia New Mexico.
Major of Hough Hldera la "aid to Be
Counting; on Friendship of
President to See Him
Safely Through..
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 17. (Special. Tele
gram.) An old NehrasKan and Rotigh
Rider, Major W H. II. Llewellyn, United
States attorney for New Mexico, is under
fire and in grave danger of losing his place,
because of charges of Incompetency and
discourtesy filed agalnsthim.
Major Llewellyn has been 1'nlted States
attorney for six years, and lias been a
resident of New Mexico since his removal
from Nebraska. There have recently come
before his office some Important land cases
In which the Department of Justice and
the Interior department ore greatly Inter
ested. Major Llewellyn has had a clash
with Special Agents of the two depart
ments and Is not working in harmony with
them, it Is alleged. Then, too, there Is
bitter factionalism In the territory and one
of the factions Is hard after the former
Rough Rider, making all sorts of charges
against him. Hla accusers especially al
lege Incompetency and Incivility.
The White House haa started an Investi
gation, which, so far, does not tend to hurt
Major1 Llewellyn, but the Departments of
Justice and Interior are also carrying on
an Investigation, anii the president, who
has been a warm ami tdmlrlng friend of
Major Llewellyn, Is In 4oep quandary as
to what he should do finer the circum
stances. Llewellyn recognizes the seriousness of
the case, but will not fcdmi. he Is In danger,
believing the "Colonel," us the president
la known to the Rough Mders, will pull
him through. Should tbj worst come to
the worst, there ia a L-.iundary commission
to be appointed between New and Old
Mexico, and Llewellyn, who knows every
foot of the territory. It Is thought, could
have a place on the commission for the
asking. At present the major of tho Rough
Hitlers Is standing pat.
Hurkett's Postal Savings Banks Bill.
Senator Burkett has In mind franilng
for Introduction In the senate a bill for
the creation of a postal savings bank sys
tem. He haa not aa yet developed a draft
of the bill, but he favoia legislation
whereby a man who desires to lay aside
a a mul I sum weekly may do so through a
syatem of postal savings nanka, aecurlty
fur hla deporlts being guaranteed toy the
L'nlted States treasury.
Senator Burkett will confer with the post
Hiaster general at the earliest opportunity
ind It may be that the proposed Burkett
ostal savings bank bill will eventually
.irove to "lie an administration measure.
Jenator Burkett does not believe the postal
send us money y postoffios uon.r
tor your own conrenUaes we wlU for ti Ttjr.,i Vl. .
tefsrred to eaactly tns aama asnioni, ?ZX tlom
- .v. r,- r igwui duos, ana Lv um ii uhi i... t,,....i ............ . -
rite on thu f u ior- .1 ri u ia.h,. u,e sums
not tuni
corners into cozy
iiuivc it iiicuiuriiiiuum tu sec mem me
very next time you go shopping to
day if possible.
better class of stores have
label it's your guarantee of the
combination, desien and
sovinga bank system should bo extent1
lo every "cross-road" postifflcn, as lie
presses It, but ho thinks ttiere should
established u portal suvlnga bunk systi
to Include every town of, say, from l.j
up. However, ho Is studying the questl
closely and after a conference with t!
postmaster general will draft a bill to mt
tho advanced Ideas of Mr. Von Moyer.
Andrews Buck In Wnshlnctton.
Auditor W. K,.Andrew of the Tiieasu;
department arrived today from N;hrnsl
where he has been for the psst montl
much of the timu being spent In tlio recej
state campaign. H,o is enthusiastic ovS
the political situation. As for making tf,
Missouri river a navigable stream, ho lu lt cun bo brought nboiit by Intelligef
effort, generous uppropiiutioiiH and wl?
Leaves Omaha Recruiting Station. I
Asslstunt Surgeon L. II. Smith, U. S.
has been detached' from duty at the nai
recruiting station at Omaha und nrdenl
to report for duty on the battleship Ml
aouii. I
Daniel E. Price has been appolntod pos
master at Phillips, Hamilton county, N S
braska, vice, Ixira Ferguson, resigned, j
Fred Summls of Spokane, Wa.sli., wus t
day awarded the contract to furnish lain
and material to Install marble walnscotlr
In tho now publlo. building ut Kvunst".
Mouth Dakota's Reclamation Fund.
The reclamation fund account arlsli
from the receipts from ,all sources frol
the disposal of tho publlo lamls In Sout
Dakota for tho lineal year ended Juno 3i
1!07, has been adjusted. It uppeara tl
amount to be credited to the fund la ff06,iti
The account of the statu of South Dukot
with the general land office, showing 6 pd
gent of tha net proceeds of i;ules of, publl
land for tho liscul year ended June 3n, I'M)
haa been audited, from , which it appeal
that tho stato will receive Jlb.'JW,
Came la Close, vgltb Result la Douk
1 jt A.ast itiutuie.
CLARK8, Neb., Nov. 17 (Special.) 1,
a game of foot bull ut Fuiicrton yesterday
Claiks won by a score of ti to 4. The garni
waa in question until tho llnul whlsllj
blew, and all tho ecoring was done in 1 1 1 4
first half. Fullerton outweighed ("larkl
ten pounds to the iiihii and had sllghtlv
the better of Chirks on straight gains, bnl
Litllo of Clarkg waa ablu to keep Fuller
ton from scoring by his long punts.
Chamberllu of ('larks was easily thtj
Bmr ui inti guuiu unu Kept v uiicrion anal
oua during the entire gauui with hla suia
tackling and end runs. Johnson of Fuller
vuii maun shim gains ur. tunes ana was
well assisted by Interference.
The saiiiu teams play at Clurks the Ua
ut ture l hankthi vlng.
i'aavht In the Act
and arrested by Dr. King's Nuw Life Pills
bilious headache quits uud liver und bowels
act right. Kc. For culo by Beaton DruJ
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It In tbe For Exchange culumna of tbe;
ciee v ant Ad pages.
hoise checks. bapk hats
cerlllled lo bwr,.,,. ,.. ,':
order, the
oik oiiacki,