Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 19, 1907, NEWS SECTION, Page 8, Image 8

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Now is the
To get rour Fnll Clothe. rirk ttirin rnrlv and Bet tin benefit of
the who In sen ., vvrar. Hy oor EASV PAYMENT SYSTEM thrr in
no reason wl j you should not bo well dms-wd. A small payment Is
all that wo n-juln-, and the good are Immediately delivered.
This Is what our fUFDIT .MAN offers you. Isn't this a liberal
offer? Payments can be made by month or only
Clothes for Men and Women
All Departments Complete in
Every Detail
We are showing some swell
Suits In our Men's Depart
ment. Browns are very pop
ular, and 'are here at every
conceivable prlco
from 7.50 1. $25
FruMsmxcjs, tiu xks,
In our Ladies Department we
are displaying; the new Fall Suits,
all man tailored, In browns, blues
and fancy plaids. The Skirts are
pleated and cut full.
LON3 COATS Both tight fitting and
loose fitting, are hero in great va
riety., Never before have we been able
to show such a great assortment.
Trices. Sift to 50
SKINTS Voile Skirts, made of Alt
man voiles $12.50 to 825
' : : '!
ii iniiJ 1 s il -n llmar sf jii "WmMI rfcarf iiii ,jtM
It is no more a difficult matter for Ilartraan to undersell than it is for water to flow down stream. Xo other home furnishing concern in the country has a
xellinj? capacity equal to that of the great Hartman organization with its 22 great stores and upon this fact hinges our ability to undersell. .
The volume cf business c-one by the Hcrfman chain of stores is larger than that of any other store. .
comb nation of storas. or syndicate in merica - none excepted, Uy conducting the most xtfns ve
business of its kind it must nece-tsarilv follow that its purchasing power is correspondingly greater.
Greater selling capacity means greater buying power for us, consequently lower prices these are the simple, logical reasons for Hartman s supremacy in
the giving of great values the reason we can, and do, undersell every other home furnishing concern in this city.
1 5 a
Fr V $-, i M kv rv
Large. Splendid 75
MgnWcnt Quarter f 25
Sawed Oak Kocker
This rocker Is made of selected rriinr-ter-sawed
onk. of extremely hand
some design, with fancy shape back,
large carved front posts with carved
heads and claw feet. Has novel
spindle sides, the spindles extending
from arm to runner. The seat is ex
tra wide, spacious and comfortable.
This Is positively the greatest rocker
value that was ever offered for your
Base Htirner ' '
We offer you In the above base burner
a most extraordinary value. This Is
a double heating baso burner of Jarce
proportions and handsome design. It
hns full reversible flues, large radiat
ing surface, large coal -magazine and
automatic gas tight cover. This base
furrier Is beautifully trimmed In
nickel, has full nickel top Rnd base. It
Im une of the most magnificent base
burner parlor heaters that wns ever
sold In Omaha at the prloe. It proves
unnuestlonnbly that the greatest
stove values are obtainable at Hart
man's. We want you to see this most
excellent base burner.
';. i-i'-'i':-just?
to All.
Pen'nsMlar Double Heat
inp has Htirner
A bHsa burner that Is of large size and elaborate
appearance. Not only the most handsome heater,
but the most economical one on the market. Has
return flues, perfect circulation, heavy fire pot,
self locking flue clean-out, has many features
about It which are not found on other stoves.
Double mica doors, duplex grate and arrular shak
ing ring. Nickeled reflector top. toomy tea kettle
attachment, large magazine, with automatic gas
cover. The nickel Is extra heavy.
Solid Oak Pedestal
I xtens'on Tab'
' This elegant pedestal Extension Table
sells for 125.25 at other houses, but
with us Is priced at $16.75 you save
$8.50. Made of solid oak, specially se
lected, large flaky, grained top, la
beautifully polished, extra heavy base,
carved claw feet, 4 5 Inches In diameter
and extends to 6 feet.
to Soil
Iron Bed,
Waiter Kicks Because People Don't
, Know What They Want.
Man WTione Life Has
There Says Oiunba
Better at Half
Deen St pent
la Much .
"Strange," said the head waiter of one of
Omaiha's swell cafes, as he relaxed and
dropped Into, a remlnlscanc mood, "that
people don't know what they want when
they- come Into a cafe to eat. When they
fo Into a clothing store they know whether
they, wish to buy an overcoat or a pair
of suspenders; when they go Into a de
partment store they usually know whether
they are going there to buy a piano or a
Teddy bear, but when they come In hew
they, are completely at sea. I'ew peoplo
who come in here have the slightest Uea
what they want. Two men come In and sit
down at the table. A waiter apprnaches
them and they spar for lime by aHKing for
a bill of fare, and the more they Htudy It
the more perplexed they usually become.
They study the bill of fare ten minutes,
While the waiter retires a respectable dis
tance and waits for a hunch. Finally, the
observing waiter mistakenly Imagines hej
sees a gUiam of Intelligence flash across'
nnly ones who know what they want and
never chew the rag."
In the bull pen at Die county jail a Chl--ro
man, who forgot to leave his name
and additss. disrovered the man who a
year ago at the Chicago Horse Show run
off with his 105 overcoat. .
Seveial daja ago the C'hicugoan appeared
at the Jail nnd anked to see one of the
prlsoneis. The prisoner, wns pointed out
to him and this conversation took place!
"Your name is John Jones, Isn't It?"
"It Is." replied the jTisoner.
"Just a year ago at the Chicago Horse
Show I. gave you my overcoat to hold and
when I got hack you had disappeared, and
I huven'e seen either you or the coat until
luuuy! Where Is rry coat?"
"Lain not the man," declared the pris
"Vcu ate," said the Chlcaeoun.
Here thv conversation er.drd. The CM- 1
cugo:m explained he hafl taken off his
uteirodi at tne show because he wanted to
go Into the ring. Ho gave it to one of tlio
attendants, but when he returned the at
tendant had d'supponred. Happening to
be In Omaha he learned the man was in
Jail niu. hoping to find out what, had be- i
come of the garmetit he called on the man. !
In spin of the prisoner's denial hn still
maintained he had at .last found the cul
prit. Walter J. Walker, a specialty salesman
from New York, has been In the city during
the week, a guest at the Rome hotel. This
is Mr. Walker's first trip west, having lived
all his life in New York City.
"I have enjoyed my week In Omaha," he
said, "and I'd like to live here I tii.- v-
llPiiK''S?l Spring
iterfe't ;l;ad
Imperial Monarch Brussels 175
Hens, Sic ID 6x8-3 lee.
hia is unuueHiioiiably the blffgett .value In
This is unctucHiioimbly the biggest .value In a,
Brussels rug of this slse that Is to be found In
Omaha. It ts made of finest .material, made
without miter seams. Is of handsome pattern,
and the colors are guaranteed. These rugs are
made exclusively for the Hartman chain or
1 J$S&lk
! wm?.
1 tk. W
DoubV He ti ntf
Base rurner
This Is mo tuoxt powerful double
heating base burner. It has full re
versible flues, with extra large' ruUhit
Ing surfrtee, and constructed ns to
produce the greatest possiblo uniount
of hent with the least amount of fuel:
patent duiilrx grates with shaking
ring; fire pit Is extra heavy and dur
able. Kxtra largo nickel deflector anil
an extra amount of nickel used in
trimmings. The hot air flues take the
cold nlr off the floor and tho new
type hot air circulating flues cause
this Ktove to-hent a larger floor
space than any other heater of eo.ual
price that was ever offcV'ed to ,vou!
feaAWwWA.'KM sseWrt-.f jJPU rrtrAhi ftJJ.Siii
linperial Una cii Brpssets Rujs t (Ti
sfze 9x12 teet, no miter seams
'1 ho ImperuU Monarcli H.U' srl.f liog Is made
exclusively for the great Hartman chain of
Stores. It Is a rug inado of very finest ma
terials, is made without mitm- niariiS and Is'
thoroughly guaranteed It) every particular. It
Is unquestionably the fjnewt Vug nit Mile In
Omaha for less than $25.00.
. Largest
Stove Dept.
in Omaha
Complete Ouftt. Consisting of
he A, Spring and Matfress
The bed In tills outfit Is Just like the above Illustration. It Is strong
and substantial, of handsome design and heavily enameled in any color
desired. The springs have heavy durable maple frame and best woven
wire fabric. The mattress Is of splendid quality, made In our own fac
tory and thoroughly guaranteed. This offering should prove to your
mind which concern gives the greatest values. This special Is on sale
all week at our Omaha store.
Lin col.i, Peninsular,
Peerless and Other
Famous Makes of
Stoves and Ranges.
Hot Blast
This heater Is made for
burning coal, wood or
coke and burns any of
these fuels with the very
best satisfaction. It Is
an exceedingly economi
cal heater and Is a very
handsome heater. It is
elegantly trimmed ii.
nickel and has large cant
ornamental base.
Feather your nest
bib m mi mi imm it m ., , .
It nm
Oak Heater
We guarantee this oak
heater for absolute and
thorough satisfaction. It
is of improved construc
tion and is most satisfac
tory In Its operation. Is
m.iHa a.'1,li h,.nw
lugs and is of greatest
lurahlllty. It is of 1
handsome design and is
beautifully ornamented
with nickel trimmings.
one of their faces and he approaches thetm York, but it's getting to be a difficult thing
again They gase Into each others' facM' for a man on u salary to live there unless
had been in the county Jail a few days
It was found she was suffering from the
disease and she was sent to tha County
hospital for treatment. Bhe grew worse
and hopes of saving her life were given
up. County Attorney English' then nolled
the case gainst her and she was 'sent
back home to spend her last days.
with, a vacant. Imbecile expression and one
says, 'what are you going to eat?'
" 'Hanged If 1 know," replies the other.
"One of them finally thinks of some
delicacy he once enjoyed in tho long ago
and Is about to order It, when the waiter
Informs hhn It Is out of season for that
particular dish. He is disappointed and
mutters someth'ng about bum aervlce.
After stalling around for fifteen minute
Judce Itetnrns from Dnlnth, Whero
lie Acted for Jnde Page
.Indue W. H. Munger has returned from
coin. Tr.ey come from Texas. Colorado and ' pultith, where he held court for United
all over the west and do foolish th'nr.s wil j g'ates Judge Page Morris. Judge Munger
their money. Th?y go into a nxtsurnn: ' nin n re side nt the opening terms of the
he lives up In the sixteenth story of a build
ing" In two or three rooms. Strangers-have
spoiled New York for ordinary peopla who
live there. They come there from the four
corners of tho earth to blow their money,
rittshurg millionaires are not the only foo'.s
who come there to dump off their surplus
asked In the western towns of . the state,
within a few miles where the hay la pro
duced. With the $19 higher price offered In Chi
cago, Omaha dealers declare they would be
shipping timothy hay to the Windy City by
the trainlosd If they could secure it from
the Nebraska, farmers.
without ordering, they finally confide to the j Slve ,hp ' waiter a tn case note t ' f.deral courts to convene In Otnoha Mon-
walter that they are piessi'd for time and
want something that can bo gotteu la a
huiry. I usually suggest roast beef and
boiled potatoes, and tht-y say In unison,
that's all right for me.'
"I'm tired of this business, and would
Lies to get Into some line where peoplo
know what they want.
"Then don't go Into the saloon businens,"
Interposed a well known bartender. None
of my customers knows what he wants.
They Hue up In front of the bar and when
I ask them what they want they assume
an Idiotic expression and begin conversa
tion like this:
"Well what are you taking?"
"I'll take what yon do."
"Bo will I."
"I'll take lemonade "
'No lemonado goes her."'
'Gimme a beer."
"I ll take a little skee."
"Well, gimme the same.'
"Me, too."
"Give us all skee."
"Let's go Into the undertaking business."
ald the wulter. "The dead ones n!e the
a , 1 1 . ! . f . , . i . .
PTsiva meals and tip the waiter fin or j several additional suits for violation of
more and nil tl at makes it hard for tho j t),e twenty'olght hour law In tho matter
ordinary man. of th, shipment of live stock have been
"Just before I left New York I wi nt Into ( brought In the I'nited States district court
a rijfe and after ltt!r.;.; at. the table ten ; ly tne fnited States against the Union
minutes a waiter deigned to approach me. pacific Railroad comrany. About twenty
I started to give him.. i dollar tip be fore ho ! ... r.t th- suits are now pending In
l took my order. He turned up his nOFe a' i rntted Ftates district court for the
H and walked away. j 0lraha diyi.n. but they will not be
"Any man is better off In Omaha on f:M u j brought to trial until the completion of
week than he is in New York on He j ,he land cagfB whieh have the right of
win more mends, breathe purer air
and save more money in Omaha. You've
sot a pretty, thriving city and I'n both
Machine that Will Detect Escaping
Sewer Gas la Sought by
Harry McYea.
" e
Plumbing Inspector Harry W. McVea la
buying a device for testing plumbing after
It has been Installed In houses for the pur
rose of detecting escaping sewer gas. The
device, which Is now being used In Chicago
with good results, consists of a small fur
nace with bellows by which heavy smoke
can be blown from the sewer through all
pipes In a house after the top of the ventl
atlng shaft has been closed. The bellows
are so arranged that they will not blow
strong enough to blow the water out of
traps, but strong enough to till all pipes.
The hole's In pipes or Joints can be seen by
the smoke which comes through them,
thus locating the trouble as soon as It Is
known to exist.
Octogenarian Gets Lost and Makes
Her Bed In Leaves on
erally go. If thiB keeps up they won't
have room for them all out thch, I
Reports from Los Angeles confirm what
Mr. Brayden says. A Los Angeles dis
patch says 30,000 tourists have already ar
rived In that city end 30,000 more are ex
pected before the season closes. Many of
them, it says, have gone to make their
homes there and will buy property In and
around Los Angeles and further up the
valley toward the San Joaquin country,
where more farming land Is available.
surprised and Impressed with Omaha."
way In the present term of court.
of It
Woman In Last Manes of Consnmp-
! Hon Is Allowed to Go
I SurVrlng from the last
sumption, "Hattle Bell has been release,
from the enemy tail to go back lo h-r
old home In Iowa to die. Bhe was charged
with larceny from the person. After she
For Sale In
Price Jast
ConpHtt formula , A er SomAUoKoiiZ Sri(qmii I
Bvi-Mparlll ht( lOOrt. (kaii 1 1 . . ft Or
iimioi tiiMl, iur. H-eH Co&otii &Oot Or
Llourio koot (!. fokorael in.
n.o. jt.UH !-... Or. Ttxti4 of Fotium 4 Or
fCjcripcraNor tntnttooj, incur bumm. w-.uAuii m um a.uia .u.m.
1T. tnirttlllM o.illoof nd ; i . I evi 1 w
"Cut Rate Meals During the Horse
t!!iow" would he an appropriate sign for
the wholesale and retail dealers In hsy to
steses of ''on- llar(t ,n ,h(.,r windows, since receiving
the prices offered In Chicago for hay.
While No. 1 timothy hay la quoted at $21
per ton In Chicago, the highest price ever
quoted at this season of the year. Omaha
d alers uie selling what little lliey have on
hand for VI to $11. W per ton. But there Is
In ye timothy hsy for sale, dealers declar
ing there Is not enough to make a market
price. Farmers who had timothy to cut
this year are holding to It and very little
will be marketed. As tha farmer Is rating
better food than ever In his rural home In
Nebraska, he Is serving better food to hia
borsva. Wild bay Is abundant In Omaha
Q$ record in New
O York City alone:
j 40,000 suffer-
O ers; 10,000 deaths 0
O every year 200 fl
O weekly 28 daily g
3 one every hour.
V Emulsion
fa nas cured more a
coughs and colds
tutu jjrcvriucu muio
j. cgniumpiion mail
any other prepara
tion in the world.
AS draaststsi SO., and 11.00.
At sunrise Friday morning Mrs. josie
Novak, a woman 9 years of age, was
found sleeping under the treus In John
Power's vard at 1913 South Tenth street.
She had made her a bed of dead leaves i
and grass and was sleeping peacefully, ap
parently, oblivious to the cold, damp early
morning air. She was taken to the police
station in the patrol wagon, but as site
could not speak a word of English, It was
some time before her Identity was fixed.
Tony Vanous arrived and found the old
woman could converse fluently In the Boho
mian language. It was learned she Is the
mother of Mrs. Carrie Spicka. at whose
residence she has been living, at Tenth and
Center streets. Mrs. Spicka says her
mother retired about 9 o'clock Thursday !
night, but Friday morning the family was
surprised to find she was not In her room.
She had taken a notion to go to a neigh
bor's houfe ' - t i-st rn the way.
Collection of rhotoaraphs by
European Artists Displayed at
Rlnehart Gallery.
As an additional feature in connection
with the opening of his ne.w gallery Frank
Rlnehart Is exhibiting a loan collection of
photographs made by two of Europe's most
famous photogrsphers, Walter Barnette of
London and Duhrkoop of Hamburg. The
collection includes about 100 photographs
In sepia and carbon and Is exceptional not
only from an artistic standpoint, but for
the prominence' of the subjects photo
graphed. Some of the most famous men
and women of Kurope and . America are
among them and tho-pictures are all mad.
from recent negatives. King Edward ami
Queen Alexandra, Mark Twain, tha crown'
princess of Roumania, Lady Warwick,
Countess Tolstoi, tho duchess of Marlbor
ough, Mrs. Humphrey Ward, and some of
Europe's famous' beauties and greatest
statesmen, artists and writers are among
the subjects. ; ' '
The collection was loaned to Mr. Rlne
hart by Mr. Ilurnette, whom he met dur
ing a recent vlalt to this country. A pic
ture of Mr. Barnetto by Strauss of pi.
Louis is also In the collection.
Take lour SSsrt.
What's that can't g'-t It? That's ex
actly what most successful men haa
thought early In life, bjt they have a.l
found out that they are protty sure to get
what they deserve If they ask and work
for It; a'hd they ere equally as bure not to
get It if they don't work and ask for It.
If you want anything, ask for It throug
the want columns of The Hee. These col
umns are read by the people who can sat
isfy your warts.
Crusade to
the Pnelde
William Brayden. 73 years old. and dean
of the Pullman porters, who works
through Omaha on the Overland Limited
train. Is authority for the statement that
trsvel toward the Pacific coast exceeds
that of any previous fall In his recollec
tion. Mr. Brsyden's recollection goes
back to the days beforey the Overland
Limited had come Into existence.
"It suttenly Is a right smaht of travel,"
said Mr. Brayden. as he stood at the
steps of his car. He helped a passenger
aboard and then repeated his statement
with emphasis. "I doan recollect any yeah
when so many peoite seemed to be 'mak
ing foil the warm climates of the west.
And they're going earlier than they gen-
to attend the special sale of lots
at 52d and Underwood Avenuo
this afternoon.
We will have an ofure on tho