Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 12, 1907, NEWS SECTION, Page 4, Image 4

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Tliit it 8l Very
Special Drjin.
The OyercoaU Are
All Fine Samples
Such Fine
Overcoat Never
Before Soli Any
where for Lei
Than $15
r?nci n
i a !! i iiiibiww ina ii i ' i in.ri
Save a
to 52 on
Vour Shoes
BiJ Sale Manufacturers' Samples
, New York Manufacturer s Sample:
en's .ft v? fyt rrr t n a rm
11110 k a ifrifi 'ri i fi
ll it iia i i b i j r i v g a ci
I7L $15
- ( -v
v.'';S: j
E I 1.
Save $5 to $7.50 on Your Overcoat Saturday
Right at tho season's opening when you feel the need of a
new overcoat at once, Brandais holds this big sale. We
bought these overcoats away bjlow valua. All are samples
from a leading New York maker. All are new, up-to-date
1907 styles. All are big bargains.
We never sold overcoats as good as these for ten dollars!
We offer you the ohoice of hundreds
Saturday. No man who needs an ovei
coat can afford to neglect this chance-
These are $15 and $17.50 Overcoat
Select Yours on Saturday
-vUK yr
- I if . i i
All in the
Newest Patterns
The Popular
"Renwick Sy.tem"
Do you want hand Uilored
clothes? Do you want your
clothes to fit you perfectly
and hold their shape all
season long? Do you want
clothes In refined pattern
and superior fabric? You 11
like the Renwlck System
Clothes. They're the only
strictly high grade clothes
that sell at a medium
$I5 ,25
S5S3T. , , II," m i wiif i- yu
All tlic 1907
Actually Worth S3, $5.50 and S4
Three thousand pairs of Men's High Grade Shoes
most of them samples and consist of the finest box
calf, p atcnt colt, velours calf, vici
kidf lace or button.
This splendid lot includes 1.000
pairs of W. L. Douglas' Famous
S3, 93.50 and 54 Shoes at
a, w. c. soiTl
Men's Top Coats
Just, tlx season for
these serviceable coats
they're always handy
these models at
Hie Famous
Rogers -Peet
For Men of Taste
Every man who buys a
Rogers -Peet Overcoat
or Suit recommends it.
It is so superior to any
othtr brand that men who once wear this brand al
ways demand it. Made by the best tailors in New
York worn by the best dressers everywhere ,
Have a look at the patterns for fall and winter. The prices are
. Fall Dress and Tuxedo Suits
For Horse Show wear for every fashionable event in the even-
anT.u9,.8uU": .'...22.50 to 835
$10 i6 $25 Tar.do8r!.. S19 to 830
Mew Yjrk MmliJ'arer's SiinU
Boys Overcoats
f -rr 9
Men's $2S0 Fall Shirts . 98c
A grand bargain for
Saturday in Boys'
Overcoats all
ages, all the new
est, prettiest styles
for bovs. wor'h $4
and 4.60 and act
ually up to 17.50,
3 specials
Brandeis China Department. West Arcade
Special Sale Big sample lot of Haviland China Bread and Butter Plates O
new fall patterns Saturday, each. ...... '. mO
Next time you are In Brandeis' Store, ask to see the new fall lines of Royal Doulton, Coalport. Irish
Billeck. Basaltine Art Ware, Haviland, Pouyat, German and Japanese China Just arrived. New importation
is simply beautiful.
Boys and Children's
School Caps
Boysrand Children's School Caps
for fall and winter new and up-to-date,
at 25c, 49c, 98c.91.33.
ill II
Bougtit at a wonderful sacrifice from
a New York jTboer--thousands of
nsgligee fall shirts in
plain and pie
oms, new p
Star & Grifft
large bargain squares
r k pDosr-tnousana
1 shirts in " X v
in make wt 1
wen's $1.00 Fall Snirts
styles good quality
on bargain square, at
Men's Tull Dress Shirts
at 31.50 to $3.50
w -sa w in i' i s
Mn' E. & W. and Manhattan I Men's Fall Neckwear
Phlrts. excluslTS patterns 'nw sn aa
at m to 3.50 1 t '"25 to $2.00
Fall Hats
Brandeis' Special Fall Hats all the Quality,
style and finish of any
$2.50 hat made,
We sell new styles in the
famous Stetson T P(J
Hats, at JU
New styles In Boys
Hats, at $1.50 and.
Men's Sampla Hats, worth
r ti iii
Manufacturers', Samples' of Men's fine wool
wool underwear Roots Tlvoll, WInstead,
Wright's Bilk Fleece. rA QQ
worth up to $3. at....JUCf J-JOG
Men's Root, Norfolk, New Brunswick, and
at.w.?.y.n.?.T.?. 1.25-20.00
Men's Munsingr and Sterling:
union suits,
Men's extra
heavy fleece 39c
- ttontsomery-Johnson Bridal Party
Among the Much Entertained.
ad f I ! O.olet Day it Drl.
Qim Most Ualctr ( WenU C4
- ( labs B'nl.( Mck
im EIdc. .
Friday fr the last few months has" won!
'or Itself ln reputation 01 cein m tjuioi
lar saclally, but this WMk it has prorsd an
exception, ss it has mora affairs scheduled
than any other day of the weeH. Most et
them are small and not ot a pretentious
nature, however.
Miss Marlon Johnson, whose marriage te
Harry Montgomery will take plae next
Wednesday, still continues to be honor
guet at many social affairs. Friday Miss
Mary Morgan gave a beautiful luncheoa
for her at her (honie. "Hillside." The table
decorations ... rr'e "u.'oat appropriate for a
bri(J ' M.'.e and areeu being the color
.ycntim employed. White carnations tied
" with white tullo and combined with ferns
and greens were used for a centerpiece, and
the plate cards were exceptionally pretty,
being little wedding bells. Covers were
laid for Miss Marlon Johnson, Mtaa Elsie
Noyes and Miss Vera Noyes of Chicago,
Miss Ruth Moorthead. Miss Etta Beemen,
Miss Marlon Haller. Miss Mary Alice Rog
ers, Miss Morgan. Mrs. Karl Klpllnger and
Mrs. Clark Powell.
Miss Johnson and Harry Montgomery will
' be honor guesta In the evening at a theater
party givtn by Mrs. 0. S. Montgomery at
i l he Orpheum. Tho guest list includes
Miss Johnson, Miss Elsie and Miss Vera
Noyes of Chicago. Miks Etta Deems n. Mlsa
Ruth Moorehead. Miss Msry Alice Rogers,
Miss Mary Morgan, Miss Marlon Haller,
' Harry Monntgomery, Harry Kelly, Bryant
Rogers, Taul Beaton, William Schnorr of
Council Bluffs, Gsllard Margin, Richard
Baker end John Redick.
Mrs. Frank Johnson will give a luncheon
at her home Saturday for Miss Johnson's
bridesmaids: Saturday afternoon Miss Mary
Alice Rogers will give a card party for Miss
Johuson; Monday evening William Schnorr
tf Council Bluffs, who ia to be the best
'nmn, .'lll give a stag dinner at his home
for Harry Montgomery.
resale CIaft.
Mra. Ben Marti was hostess Thursday
' afternoon at the meeting of the Cemle
club. High five waa the game of the after
noon, end the high score was made by Mrs.
Marti, but no prigs waa awarded, as the
scores are kept for the season and at the
"There's a Reaaoa"
Ktad, "The Road to WeUvUle." In
close the one having the highest soore Is
given the prise. Refreshments were served
during the afternoon, when her guests were
Seated at one large table, which waa beau
tifully decorated In red and white. Red
Shaded candles and red roses carried out
these colors. Those present were: Mrs. E.
B. Ferris, Mrs. W. E. Hayes, Mrs. W. 8.
Heaton, Mrs. A. L. Hoover. Mra. Arthur
Kuhn, Mrs. D. E. JUivojoy, Mrs. Ben Marti,
Mrs. W. K. Swisher. Mrs. O. E. Townsend,
and Mrs. J. P. Webster. The guests of the
club were: Mrs. Storm and Mrs. Cushman.
The next meeting of the club will be In
two weeks with Mrs. W. K. Swisher.
Maslcale at Mlaae-Lasa.
Miss Pearl Ttetzel of Los Angeles, Cal.,
will be honor guest at an elaborate dinner
Friday evening given by Mr. and Mrs. A.
B. Hunt at their home, Mlnne-Lusa Lodge,
Florence. The guests are to be seated at
one large T-shaped table, which will have
a centerpiece of varied colored chrysanthe
mums, red predominating. The entire dining-room
will be carried out In Japanese
appointments. Covers will be laid for
twenty-four. Following dinner an Informal
musical program will be given by Miss
Teetsel, Mrs. George Shields, Mrs. Jean
Duffleld and Mrs. Myrtle Wells.
Brlda-e Lancheoa.
Mrs. Frank Walters of 3319 Harney street
wss hostess at one of the charming affairs
of Friday, a bridge luchneon given In honor
of her mother, Mra F. H. Phlppa of Cedar
Rapids, la., and her sister, Mrs. C. O.
Johnston ot Ourant, I. T. For luncheon the
guests were seated at elgnt small tables,
each of which had for a centerpiece a lo '
round basket filled with pink geraniums
and maidenhair ferns. The plate cards
were white with the hostess' monogram
done in gold. ,
Fr the W. c. T. V.
Following the street car ride tendered by
the Commercial club about two hundred
members of the Women's Christian Tem
perance Union of Iowa, In session this week
at Council Bluffs, were guests of the
)niaha Women's Christian Temperance
Jnlon members at Mlnne-Lusa Lodge, the
.ome of Mr. and Mra A. B. Hunt at
Florence, Thursday afternoon. After being
ihown over the pumping station the woman
ere received at Mrs. Hunt's hospitable
.iems, where refreshments ware aervd and
4 social hour enjoyed. Assisting Mrs. Hunt
n iccelvlng were Mrs. Clara Burbank, Mrs.
Hugh Fellers, Mrs. Fred Patterson and
through ths rooms were Mary O. Andrews,
Mrs. Milieu and Mrs. M. M. Standlsh. In
the refreshment room wero Mrs. J. H.
Woolery. Mra A. N. Eaton. Mrs. F. A.
FuUsnabee and Mrs. M. Roe. while Miss
Edith ganbern and Miss Jennette Miller
presided at the fruit bow I.
lresettT I'leaaares.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dsrlow gave a
card party ef twelve tablua Friday evening
at their home," 4o& Isard street, in honor
of Miss Ida Darlow. The Horse show col
ors, red and white, were used In the
decorations, which were carried out in
the flowers, score cards and refreshments.
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Pe Jarnette of
Lincoln, announce the engagement of their
daughter. Mlaa Lola Eby, to Mr. Edwin
Abner French of Omr.ha, the wedding to
take place ia November.
. The Owl' club, -which was to have been
entertained Friday afternoon by Mrs. Max
Burkenroad, has postponed its meeting one
week, owing Ut the Ulnees of Mrs. Burken
road. . C'eBs aad Ge Geaely.
Mre. F. N. Phlpps of Cedar Raoids, la ,
snd Mrs. C. O. Johnson of Durant, I. T.,
who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs Frank
Walters, will leave the early part of nixt
week for their home.
Mr. and Mra. Scott Crawford 'Johnson
returned Thursday from their wedding trip
and will make their home In Council Bluffs.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bedwell have returned
from Denver and Colorado Springs.
Member list Certala What ta 1
AUoat the Bond Election
, Matter.
With Monday aa the last day on which
notice of a special election for the issuancs
of bonds can be made, members of the
Omaha Water board are In doubt as to
what the board will do at Its adjourned
meeting to be held Saturday evening.
At the meeting Mid Wednesday night
nothing was done and after a brief session
the board adjourned and the members re
tired to the office ot Dr. A. H. Hippie,
where the matters before them were dis
cussed until a late hour. What those mat
ters were remains a state eecret and the
answers of members to questions on the
subject Indicate a determination to confuse
questions by diversity of answers, but a
summary of the replies indicates there waa
considerable diversity of opinion both at
that meeting and at others aa to the legal
powers Of the board and the legal phases
of the bond proposition. Several points
were referred to attorneys of the board
and at this time those points have not
been passed upon, but members of the
board hope opinions will be received be
fore Saturday evening so that final aotlon
can be taken.
The bond proposition Is not the only one
under discussion. The board says it desires
to devise some plan by which It can com
pel the water company to extend its mains
and at the aame time to preserve any
rlghta It may now possess In matters of
litlgstion which might be jeopardized by
direct orders of the company.
.Vorrla Brow a Rides la Car to Lear
ot Needs of tao Service
aad Mea.
United States Senator Norrla Brown, In
pursuit of Information based upon practical
observation aa to the needs of the railway
mall service, went out to Grsnd Island on
I fast mall train No. I. Omaha and Ogden
division of the Union Pacific, Friday morn
ing. He took the trip in a mall car to
observe the practical working of the rail
way mall system and to give It a thorough
inspection and to ascertain in whst manner
the service might be Improved.
weea oy
ottt,ilt with tb fi
fva n n
V7 T7
i I
d nd -Li
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