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Office 15 Scott Street.
Forty Pretext at Opening1 Seision in
Carnegitf Building.
Not Altesrrtker m Sowm, bat Seatl
mrnt U ! FTr of Of-rlns;
Ihrra More Estended
, . . Trial. '
Wl.ll an attendance of over forty librari
an and members of the Boards of Trustees
of the free public libraries of the prin
cipal cities of the state, the Iowa Library
association began Its " eighteenth annual
meeting yesterday afternoon in the auditor
ium of the Council Bluffs public library,
one' of the magnificent buildings In the
atato erected through the liberality of An
drew Carnegie.
The meeting was called to order by Miss
'Ella M. McLoney. president of the associa
tion and librarian of the Des Moines pub
lic library.. Before making her annual ad
dress the president called Upon Hon. John
M. Galvln, president of the Council Bluffs
Library board, who In a neat talk wel
comed the visitors and gave a short his
torical sketch of the city. Mr. CJalvtn laid
special stress on the Importance of th.i
meeting to Council Bluffs, as it would un
doubtedly tend to Increase Interest in tho
work, alms and purpose of the public
library among the citizens generally. Ha
also paid the librarians of the state a high
'compliment on their work and the good
they were doing for their respective 'com
munities. Mr. Oalvln was followed by M. E. Bohrer,
for SeVeral years president of the local
library board and at present one of its
most valued members, who addressed the
meeting briefly, . clteratlng the welcome ex
tended by the previous speaker.
. President's Annual Address.
Miss McLoney, the president, In opening
said that her address could hardly be
designated as an' "annual address,' and
she would confine herself to making a few
suggestions which she deemed of practical
benefit to the association and library work
in general In Iowa. She spoke at somo
length on the plan adopted following the
last convention, of holding district meet
ings, for which purpose the state had been
divided Into tout vctions. Meetings, how
ever, she stated, had been held In but two
of these districts, In the eastern part of
the state, and, while they had been more
or less successful and of considerable bene
fit to thoso Interested in tlbrary work who
had attended,' it hud been demonstrated
that the districts had been arranged more
nii geographical than convenient lines. In
support of her statements the president
railed Upon Miss Woods, librarian of Cedar
Rapids, nnd Miss Wheelock; librarian of
Orlnnel, who' had attended the meetings
in their respective districts. Both Miss
Woods and Miss Wheelock expressed the
opinion that tho districts could be ar-
ranged to much better advantage, so that
towns within a reasonable distance of one
another could be grouped together. , I
Miss McLoney and neveral who spoke t
on the subject of the district meetings.
while oftnRcplnrtn',tnat,tftey ihotild be
given a fair" 'triul, realised that a great
deal of preliminary work. had yet to be
done to make them what they should be
and what they were Intended to be. The
meetings it was decided, should be as ac
cessible as ; possible ' to all points In the
district. Miss McLoney said she had her
doubts whether the district meetings did
not Interfere with the attendance at the
state convention, but declared herself In j
. v, . . t-i.i i
a'-., t-f7 An- V-i i ...--...-.
A Nutsd's
If V0U are a SUfferer from
L , . . .. ..
IieaaaCllP. IieuraiKia, OF uaui
' 13 j
from any Cause J'OU Should read
fnllrtvpino' lpffnr frnm ft Timsfl. I
Tor some, time I have felt It my duty
to write you'. I was having my doctor
twice every week for headache. All he
did for me was to give something to eas
the pain. ' Sometimes the pain was to
severe that I could not speak, and mem
bers of, my family stood over me and
gave me medicine every fifteen rolnutcs
until I was relieved. A sample of Dr.
Miles' Anti-Pain rills fell Into my hands,
t read tba circular very carefully, anl
found my case described exactly. Ihe
next time my head began to ache I took
the Pain Pills according to dlreotiono
and I felt I was getting better, so I aent
to the drdSgU. for a box and took them
until I was so much better that I was
about the house all the afternoon. I have
not bad a doctor for headarho since.
When he met me some time after b
wantiid to how I was, and 1 told him
what I had done, and he replied: 'If you
have found anything that will help yi-u
sttrx to it." and so 1 have. Being-a nursu
I have recommended them to a great
many grateful people. One case I will
mmiiioii. i k a doctor go to a neigh
bor eery wuek for months because ebe
had such awful headaches; but for a long
time 1 dared not suggPHt anything to her.
One day I met her and I gave her a half
a box of Anti-Fain PilU and she uied
them apd ban had no doctor since. She
ays they are a groat blessing to her and
aid. "Why didn't you tell ma about them
before."-! could, tell you of many similar
179 W. Genesee St, Auburn, it. T.
Or. Milaa' Anti-Fein mi are sold by
roar drurrlst, who will aaaiantee that
tiie first pMCage will benefit. If it (alia,
as aoaea B3 oeuta Kever sold la bulk.
Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind
f Xlrs. TiTinsicwb 8ootUng Syrnp-i
rmi for DUUUnH:. (M l l.y Druuirl-tnlnovcrr
tri tl world, bo (iir sxd fur "Mrs Wtu-
B. tiling By run." sad t no othr kind
T"ty nv rita s lottl. Oui'ittml umlor tbe
lc AJf OLD ASD J. XiOa itULU;xC
Uaiiduuua puy urn uemer
j a larger profit,
than tho real thing, oiherwlsa you
would never be offered a substi
tute, when you ask (or an adver
tised article. . Imitation! are not
advertised because they are not
permanent. . For every genuine
article there are many imitations.
The Imitator has no reputation to
. sustain the advertiser has. It
stands to reason that the adver
tised article la the best, otherwise
the puUho would not buy it and
tbe advertising; could not be con
tinued. When you ask (or a
advertised article, see that you
get it
Refuse Imltatioaa. . if UWHKKS f-T thlr rHIl.KBJCS
Willi V, 'IRkTfllNU.iriih PliKFF.CU' HI'cX'ESti It
ii TPA.Ni ci'M-:.- wind roLir iv,
Both 'Phones 43.
Des Moines., being the city most accessi
ble to all parts of the state, be made the
permanent meeting place of the associa
tion. Des Moines, she pointed out, had
been selected by the Iowa Btate Teachers'
association as Its permanent place of meet
ing for this reason. It Is likely that
the convention will take a vote on this
proposition before adjourning, although Du
buque and Mason City are both In the field
for the 1908 convention.
Miss McLoney urged the building up of
a membership In the state association of
libraries In place of Individual librarians.
In order to maintain effective work the
libraries as Institutions must join the as
sociation, and if this Is done there would
be a permanent organization.' If a librarian
foes away the library she represented would
still retain its membership. Changes In
officials would not therefore In any way
affect the work of the association. She
also suggested that as many libraries as
possible join the American Library associa
tion. This they would have to do as In
dividual Institutions, state associations not
being. permitted membership In the national
Libraries for Raral Districts.
Miss Alice 8. Tyler of Des Moines gave
an interesting and concise . report of the
Iowa Library commission,, of which she Is
secretary. It showed a large and healthy
growth tri library work throughout the
entire state. The commission, she said, had
decided to act in co-operation with Ames
college In establishing traveling libraries
for the benefit of farmers and their wives,
the plan being to distribute works on agri
cultural topics and domestic science. Miss
Tyler spoke of the recently enacted law
permitting trustees of townships to levy
a tax not exceeding 1 mill for library
purposes In rural counties. This, she said.
was a move In
the right direction, the
.... ' UU....B vuo
last year- a
number of library building.
:ted in Iowa, through money
had been erected In Iowa, through money
donated by Andrew Carnegie, '
The convention voted in favor of the leg
islative committee trying to secure ap
amendment to the law providing for the
retlrenent of any member of a Board of
Public Library trustees who missed attend
ing five meeting in a year. .
The annual reports of the secretary and
treasurer were also read.
Before adjourning for the day a commit
tee on nominations was named. ;ThIs com
mittee will prepare a slate of officers to be Margaret Wlntrtnger of Evanston, 111., sec
presented at tho meeting Friday morning, retary of the National Loyal Temperance
1 ne president ana vice president are elected
annually, so the terms of these officers ex
pire at this meeting. The secretary and
treasurer are elected biennially and in al
ternate years. Mrs. Markley of Boone, the
secretary, holds over this year, but a suc
cessor is to be appointed to Miss Kate E.
Thompson of Nevada, the present treas
urer. The term of M. G. Wyer, librarian at
the Iowa State "unlversjty, as one of the
three members of the nonofflclal executive
board, expires at this meeting and his suc
cessor is to be elected. '''..:
Mrs. Dalley, librarian,, and her assistants
received many, compliments'- yesterday for
the pretty and artistic manner In which the
several rooms of the library building are
decorated.. Palms, . ferns, roses and cut
flowers aro to be seen everywhere In lavish
prof uslon. The children's room particularly
drew forth the compliments of the visiting '
In the evening the vIsKors.with the rrjiem
bera of the local library force,, and Beard
of Trustees vent to Omaha to attend the
reception at the Llnlnger art gallery. p
Among those In attendance who registered
are; ... . A
Ella M. McLoney, Des Moines; Mrs. A.
J. Barkley, Boone; Mrs. 8. M. Davidson,
Kfcthervllle; Kate Terry Loomls, Cedar
Rapids; Miss Meyers, Denlson; Hannah M
Babb. Indianola; Alice Marple, Des Moines; ,
Vino T U i, T irk-..... . - I?ni-Dana '
Nina R. Shafi'er. Vmton: Margaret Fofgens,
Ames; Mm t , u. Anders, lowa f ans; mrk,
C. H. MuNlder, Mnxon City; Mrs. Anna H.
Chapin, Mason Cltv Mary N. Adam 'At
lantic; Mrs. K. 8. Ellsworth, Iowa Falls;
Mary H. Bliss, Iowa falls; C. J. A. j.i.
son, Boone; Harriett D. Woods, Cedur Rab
ins; Lillian B. Arnold, Dubuque; Clara 11
Willis, Grtnnell; Mrs. Martha H. Bangs,
Carroll, Mrs. Muttle Grayblll, Missouri Val- I
Ipv: T4fHR! Mttffutt hnonp! Mm TH A R. R. :
Head. Jefferson: -Kittle B. Freed.
Ames; '
Carolyn Grimsby, Ames; Lorena Webber, '
Iowa City; Mury Irene Amldon, Cedar Rap-
noun Mann, Des Moines; M. Berdeua Jay.
Shenandoah; Jessie -K. McBrlde, Haven-.
port; Urac 1. Rose. Davenport; Margaret
VV. Brown. Des Moines; Ellen D. Blncoe,
Cedar Falls; Mattle Fargo, Cedar Falls;
Coonell Committee Arts oa tbe Vexed
The city council In committee of the
whole took another turn at the water works
question last night, when it recommended
for pussago the Maioney resolution pro
viding for bids from contractors for the
construction of a water plant upon a fran
chise of ten, twenty nd twenty-five years
ln l nav lne rlnl lo pureuase i
"y time after the completion of the plant,
This was carried by the votes of Maioney,
Flemmtng, Smith and Knudsen. Wallace,
Hendricks and Tounkerman voted asalnst it.
The Younkerman water worka resolution
was defeated and the water rate ordinance
introduced by the same councilman" was re
ferred back.
Maloney's second resolution, providing for
municipal ownership, wss also defeated.
George W. Klein. 1 South Main street
'Phones: Ind.. 719 Black; Bell MS.
State Meeting of Red Mea.
FORT DODGE, la., Oct. ".-(Special Tele
gram.) Fully U0 delegates and visitors are
In ' attendance at the meet of the Iowa
Great Council of Improved Order of Red
mon. Kvery tribe In the state Is repre
sented. Davenport, Iowa City and Water
loo are after thenext convention. .Officers
were elected today as follows: Great i
j Sachem,
Stewart Easori, Marshalltown; !
senior sagamore, K. G. O'Brlan, Musca- I
tine; junior sagamore, W. B. Kofft-r, Des
Moines; great prophet, T. M. Knight, Dea
Moines; chief of records, F. A. Day. Des
Moines; keeper of wampum, F. E. Lump-
and constipa
tion are ill -mat
Ue Cta.
nmyI Jinos VTttsr
On truing ind eojoryour food. Ll
at the Springs.
AvoiJ substitutes.
kin, Kort- Dodge;, great representatives,
John Daken, Bloux City; W. H. Mains.
Davenport; Joe Mlebach, Algona; O. W.
Wheeler, Denteon.
srviu (o; rioi of w. c. t. it.
First Day ssi F.realna; Devoted to
Preliminary Work.
"For God and Home nd Native Land."
The above motto, inscribed In large let
ters on a banner stretched across the chan
cel of the First Presbyterian church. Is In
dicative of the work, aim and purpose of
the Woman's Christian Temperance Union
of Iowa, which commenced Its thirty-fourth
annual convention In Council Bluffs yester
day. While the convention proper did not open
until the evening, meetings of the execu
tive committee and board of trustees were
held during the forenoon and afternoon.
In the executive committee the business
of the state union was considered and rec
ommendations concerning the general work
were made by' the president, Mrs. Marlon
H. Dunham of Burlington. The report of
the committee will be submitted to the
convention. The board of trustees received
reports on the Benedict home the last year
and recommended measures for action by
the convention.
Those in attendance at these meetings
Mrs. M. H. Dunham, president;' Mrs.
Narv F. Williams of Mount Vernon, record
ing secretary; Mrs. H. B. Nichols of Bhen
andoah, treasurer; Mrs. B. B. Hurford I of
Indianola. editor of the Woman s Christian
Temperance Vnlon Champion: Mrs fcJla
Wilson of Klngsley and Mrs. Minnie B.
Allen of Dows, district presidents and su
perintendents of departments; Mrs. Ida M.
Slavton of Des Moines, president of the
board of trustees, and Mrs. Laura A. Ben
nett and Miss Hattle Dickson of Marshall
town, Miss Hattle Hanes, Mrs. N. B. Gor
don and Mrs. Anna Halverson of Des
Moines, Mrs. Graco Myers of Cedar Rapids
Mrs. Louise K. Flower of Arlington and
Mrs. S. H. Metcalf of Vinton.
The evening; session was opened with de
votional exercises, conducted by Rev.
Charles Mayne, pastor of Trinity Methodist
welcome were de-
.,. t MoClufe. nastor
of the First Presbyterian church, for the
,,,,,, .nitinn! hv Hon. Charles M.
Commercial club; by Superln-
..' ... ,nr th. nubile
lenaeni y. i. nviu '
schools of the city, and by Mrs. Ellen K.
Denny for the local union. Mrs. Etta B.
Hurford of Indianola, member of the board
of trustees and editor and business man
ager of the Woman's Christian Temper
ance Vnion Champion, the official organ
of the organization, made the response for
the convention. Music was furnished by
the Broadway church quartet, and the
large audience which filled the auditorium
ontertalned by a chalk talk by Miss
The real business of the convention will
be commenced this morning wnen me
various committees will be appointed and
the reports of the officers read. In the
evening the delegates will be guests at a
banquet given by the members of the
local union at Broadway Methodist church,
at which toasts will bo responded to by
Miss Wlntrtnger. Rev. O. O. Smith. D. D.,
Mrs. - Isabella Newton, State Senator C.
O. Saunders, Mrs. Dunham. Rev. J. Ml
Williams and Miss Mary Barbour of Los
Angeles. Cat.. Mrs. Dollle D. Burgess will
entertain with a reading, while musical
selections will be contributed by Mrs. Carl
Stough and Dr. Claude Lewis.
The feature of the Thursday evening ses
sion will be the gold medal musical and
rilnmnnH medal oratorical contests. The
young people entered for the contests
are: ....
Oratorical Blanch Gordon .Washington,
Ia.;. .tla Balrd, Council Bluffs: Huth KII
gore, Omaha; M. A. Aasganrd, Lake Mills,
la.; Eiixaoetn lieipin. ujnmm. ...
Musical Ella Coulthard, California Junc
tion. Ia.: Mary E. McConnell, Council (
Lola Kessee, Laura Mae Robinson and J.
T. Monfort, Council Bluffs.
In connection with the state conven
tion, a meeting of the Sixth district, corn-
Prising Shelby, Harrison. Cass, Pottawat-
I A....Vx mmlUs tvlll h 1 (1 .
beginning today. Tho district officers are:
President. Mrs. G. G. Baltd, Council Bluffs;
vice president, Mrs. O. G. Oldham. Coun
cil Bluffs; secretary, Mrs., Hattle Mc
Naughton, Earllng; treasurer, Mrs. Idella
B. Hart, Council Bluffs. The delegates
from this city to tho district convention
M.iivnea v. o Rweet. A. M. Hutchinson,
Laura 8mlth, Theodore Gulttar, V. R. J.
Morris, Adelaide Hgden, A. M. Smith.
Swart, BossIh Oursler, Alice Brown, E. M.
Smith, E. 8. Reynolds. Nellie Wllklns,
Lizzie ' Knowles and the Misses Mary
Uenny and Josle Wilson.
The Council Bluffs delegates to the state
convention are:
Mrs. Marv Creager. Mrs. E. K Penny.
Mrs. J. E. Beedle. Mrs. D. 8. Frank. Mrs.
F. P. Nugent and Mrs. O. O. Oldham.
The officers of all subordinate unions are
considered delegates to the state conven
tion. This is the program for today:
Morning session, 8:30 o'clock.
Consecration Bervice, Mrs. J. B. Shes
ler. ...
Crusade hymn.
Crusade psalm, read responslvdy.
Prayer. Mrs. L. D. Carhart.
Roll call.
Appointment of committees.
Appointment of postmaster and pages.
Reports of executive committee, corre
sponiMng secretary, treasurer and other
i.r.orts of district presidents. First
district, Mrs. Ada B. Seymour. Danville;
hecond district. Mrs. Naomi Day, Bloom
field; Third district, Mrs. Mary Thomas.
Osoeola; Fourth district, Mrs. Ett Smith,
Corning; Fifth district. Mrs. H. S. Nich
ols; Sixth district, Mrs. 'Laura B. Uaird.
Council Bluffs; Seventh district. Mr. E.
L. Hubbard. Stuart.
Memorial service, Mrs. M. F. Hlnman.
Noontide prayer for state work, Mrs. Ida
B. Wise.
Afternoon session, 1:45 o'clock.
Deeilons. Mrs. Eunice Mucy, Harlan.
Reading of Journal. j
Reports of secretary Young Women's
Christian Temperance union. Miss Mamie
Williams; secretary Loyal Temperance
league, Mrs. Grace Myers; superintendent
of work for foreign-born, Mrs. Anna Hal
verson; evangelistic. Mrs. C. M. White;
railroad work, Mis. E. K. Furnald.
President's address, Mrs. Marlon H.
Vocal solo, Miss Etta Marie Balrd, Coun
cil Bluffs.
Reading, Miss Jessie Hulsey.
Address. "Our Neighbors' Affairs," Miss
Mary Harbour, Los Angeles, Cal.
superintendents reports, j&urai euuca
' tlon. Miss Hattle Dtckxon; (lower mis-
Ion. Mrs. M. F. Hlnman: Sabbath eb
servance, Mrs. Ella Hpears; Sunday schawl
work, Mrs. Lois Honeyman; soldlur'
work, Mrs. Miriam Leech; medical tem
perance, Mrs. Nellie Chapell; hygiene ami
heredity, Dr. Jennie CoU-man.
Evening. 1:i0 o'clock. '
banquet at Broadway Methodist church,
under direction of Council Bluffs union.
No TraasportatloB for Goardasaea.
When the squad of Ave marksmen from
the Dodge Light Ouards was ready to en
train yesterday morning for Des Moines to
attend tho annual state range shoot ot the
Iowa National Guard, Captain Greene dis
covered that no transportation had beep re
ceived from Adjutant General Thrift for
the men. liasty telephone communication
with headquarters In Des MoineS elicited
from the adjutant general an order to send
on the squad with an expense account.
The squad Is made up of Sergeant Rollln
8. Grason. In command; Sergeant Henry
frohardt. Sergeant C. A. Rockwlts and
Privates Frank E. Burcham and Clarence
Ingraham.- -
Bluff. City Laundo. rrlgh grade work.
Latest Improved machinery. 'Phones tU.
Iowa Pardon Board Has Cave
for Settlement.
Seateared to Twenty-Five Tears us
Charge ot Morderlasr Bert For
aer, He .AVaats Ills
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Oct. .-(Speclal.)-W. C.
Rogers has made applications for a parole
to the new board ot parole and his case
is one of the strangest and will prove
one of the most difficult to decide
that the new board will encounter. Rogers
was sentenced to twenty-five years In the
penltentnry from Pottawattamie county on
a charge of second degree murder for
killing Bert Forney, a saloon keeper In
Council Bluffs.' But he has one of the most
perfect and. convincing alibis , that any
criminal ever preented. His alibi' is ad
mitted to be a clear .and conclusive evi
dence that he was not in Council Bluffs
at the time the murder, was committed.
He has secured a hotel register from a
little town over in Ohio showing that he
was registered at that- - hotel and has
produced corroborative evidence to show
that he was at the hotel at such a time
that It would be Impossible for him to have
reached Council Bluffs In time to commit
the murder of the saloon keeper. With
the other evidence la the sworn testimony
of a conductor of a Northwestern train
that Rogers was on his train when he
pulled Into Council Bluffs about three hours
after the .murder. Following the murder
the police started out to round up all
the criminals and Rogers having - reached
the town was rounded up with the rest
The authorities who accomplished Rogers
conviction, are. , however, resisting the
parole of Rogers on the ground that
whether he . committed tho crime or not
that he Is a notorious criminal and should
be kept In the penitentiary on general
principles. He began his sentence March
1. 1904, for killing Bert Forney. Governor
Cummins has considered his application
for some time, but has now turned It
over to the new board of parole.
Cherokee Woa Oat.
Cherokee won out and was the first
county in the state . to pay Its monthly
taxes over to the. state treasurer. Cass
county was the first last month.
No More 'Bulletins.
There will be ho more bulletins oft the
crop conditions ' of." Iowa for this year.
Director Sage said today that all that
can be done has been . done. ' The crops
cannot Improve or grow worse from this
on. The corn's condition will remain the
same and ps soon, as It has had time
to harden and dry will be gathered. Later
In the year an estimate on the total yield
of all the crops of the state will be Issued
by the director,".,.!':.,. ' ' ,
Roosevelt Sends Thanks.
Through Adjutant' General Thrift Gov
ernor Cummins today extended to each of
the members i of t his staff the personal
thanks of President Roosevelt for the
courtesy they extended In escorting him
from his boat tfMhe park and back to
the boat at Keekok.' President Roosevelt
was very profn,-!t;in his admiration of the
governor's staff,,, Some of the members
of the, state. are veterans of the 'civil- war
and It has been years since they sat
astride a hors,,ad .tjie pace that was
kept up was pretty swift for them, but
they managed-to -set1 astride In a way to
attract the admiration of the president.
Especially was, this -true of Colonel Hedge
of this. city. ', When the. Journey was over
President ( Roosevelt asked -him what regi
ment' he . belonged, to. In the civil war.
Colonel Hedge .tjjed. to tell him Second
Pennsylvania, but , was so winded that he
could not. ,, Colonel Brookhart of Wash
ington had a lltlte more unusual experi
ence. ' He was given an old race horse
to ride and the old horse Imagined there
was a race on-and he "went some." He
simply ran away" with Colonel Brookhart
and came In many length In the lead not
withstanding that the colonel had run him
three miles early In the morning trying to
wind the brute so he wouldn't be so anxi
ous o go.
I "crease Premiums.
The premiums - for the corn exhibits at
the state farmers Institute December 10
and U have been made up by the executive
committee of the board of directors of the
Department of Agriculture. The total
premiums will be 1339. which Is consider
ably more than lust year. Tills year there
will be no small and htrge varieties. The
state is divided Into three districts. The
central district (the districts running east
and west) raises ' the best corn. In each
district there are; premiums for tho best
ten ears yellow and the best single ear
yellow and the best ten tars white and !
best single ear white. Oren to the state
Is the sweepstakes premiums, on yellow
and white and any variety. i
The premiums for the fruit exhibit of '
ine Biaie Horticultural society will amount
to 5 and wllf be exactly as tliey were
last year. ) ' v
Requisition for Klley.
John 'Kiley, wanted In Mitchell, 8. D for
grand larceny, decided to go. lie Is now
In Jail In 8ioux City. Klley first employed
attorneys to resist the application for a
requisition. The hearing was set before
Governor Cummins for today, but Klley
decided the. last minute not to resist, but
to go to Mitclvll and stand trial.
Drake ktqdents arrested.
Because they broke up that benches In
Orandvlew park and mads a bonfire rf
them thirty-four boys and girls, students
at Drake university, were arrested last
night at 11:30 and taken to the police sta
tion. Today . they entered to plead to
charges of defraying public property. I'n
able to arrest the. entire b-j.nch, Joseph
Look for tha word "RYE" in red on lube!
Distillery: Distributors)
Woodford Co., Ky. Riley Dros. Co.. Omaha
One of
which leaves
morning at 8:30.
leaving daily at 9:30
making convenient connections with afternoon trains for
There are six trains each way
over The Only Double Track Railway between the Missouri River
and Chicago, leaving the Union Station, Omaha, at 7:05 A. M.,
11:30 A. M., 4:30 P. M., 6:00 P. M., 9:30 P. M. and. 10:00 P. M. j
8uperb equipment, convenient 'schedules' and dining car service. that has no
superior, uirect connection at Chicago wun trains 01 au tines east.
The Best or Everything
Tickets and full Information can
1401 1 403 Faraam Street.
022 Broadway. Couscil
Brauner, park policeman, waited till they
had loaded themselves Into the last street
car coming from the park. The park is
three miles out and six miles from Drake
university. When the car was loaded the
officer took charge of the rear entrance and
i notified them they were under arrest. Down
town the car passes the entrance to the po
lice station and there they were unloaded.
Police Captain Miller took pity and re
leased them on their promises to appear In
court today, which they did.
Mrs. Slnia Helps Bandar.
Mrs. A. B. Sims, holder of trophies in na
tional Whist tournaments, who was con
verted In the Chapman evangelistic meet
ings here last winter, has joined Rev. Wil
liam Sunday In his evangelltio efforts.
She will address his audience in the taber
nacle In Galesburg next Monday.
Directory Worker In Jail.
Clarence Neodham, utlas O.' W. Clark, Is
In the city Jail hej-e, having been arrested
yesterday in Cedar Rapids. Necdham Is
wanted for collecting money from the
women In business in this city for Incorpo
rating their names In a directory of Pes
Moines business women, which he failed
to have published.
i Doyle-Unrns Case Aicaln.
The second appeal In the case of James
Doyle against James F. Burns from Pot
tawattamie county has reached the supreme
court. The case Involves the ownerxhln of
a lot of valuable mining stork In the Crip
ple Creek region in Colorado and an al
leged agreement of pnrtnersliip between tho
two men. The appeal is by Burns on the
j action of the district court In overruling a
motion of Burns for Judgment in his favor
1 on part of the stork. The case has at
times attracted wide attention and has been
hard fought. About every attorney In
Council Bluffs Is on one side or the other
of the case.
Kxceptlonal piano bargains this week at
A. Hospe company, 2ti Bouth Main street,
Council Bluffs, Ia. Easy raments.
99 i
A matter
o! choice
Which will you have
dry, chalky, tasteless
oyster crackers dipped
out of a barrel, or
dainty, appetizing bubbles of
crispness that melt on your
tongue vrith a savory suspicion
of salt and add zest
to your soup or oysters?
0 in moisture
proof packages
the most popular trains between
Chicago & North Western
Omaha 6:00 P. M. daily, arriving
Another popular train from Omaha
Angeles Limited
P. M., reaching Chicago next day
daily between Chicago and Omaha
be had on application at
I f The one-way low rate of $23 to San ' .
f i , Francisco,. Jas AngHes, and many : v '
other California points which is in
t g eneci every aay to vrciooer at, ivvi, .
II 1 affords an opportunity to muTte the
I I trip for Just half the regular first- i
j I , class fare. 1
: ueiioh'pacific-'- "-V
Inquire at J Jr
NJNs City Ticket Office, 1324 Fa mam St.
iSi. 'Phonohis2 .
I . , -,rT BamsasMasrMsssatflsssgmBaaM'-1
Ppecialty work nowadays Is called for
and demanded. Sufferers from special
dliu-ases need all that science can do for
them, and should therefor consult ipi
clalista of rei-tiKnlzed ability whose deep
knowledge, expert skill and extended ex-
fierlence commend them, and who are m
nently qualirled to adie. direct and
treat surh canes; one who run encourage
and counsel the sufferer with KOd ad
vice while our wklll and medical treatment
restores him to health, strength and hap
piness. We ticat men only and ear promptly,
saftly and thoroughly, , and at the low..
UA8BI and all gp.elal Ila.aa.a and Wnk.
ass..s aad complications.
I S3
PnnMill CrftA
i a
Call and De Examlnod Frco or Write
Ortice Hour 8 A. M. to S P. M. Sundays 10 to Only.
1303 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sta., Omaha, Neb.
. Permanently Established la Omaha, Nebraska.
the east.
i -e
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and the east is the
9 tit rs
Chicago the next
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