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    TTlr, ' OMAHA DAILY WW?: VTHWAT, flCTOBEft -8. l!Ki.
, Dr. Prico's Wheal Flake Celery Food
, Oie-fourtli of what we eat keeps us; the othe?
' three-fourths we keep at the risk of burlivesv
'If troubled with any derangement of the digest-'
" ive process try Dr. Price's food ; it will be found
; simple, easy ' of digestion, palatable, nourishing ;;
and wholesome. The best food for a delicate '
stomach and growing children. , ;
II--L! JJ ,,-1. t-.UU-. I
two1, ori-MntWi'AMK
Iowa Foot Ball ttltaatlon Begin
k ' Tak'eTn later est.
' IOWA' CUT. la.V-Oct. 7 .-(Special. )-The
earning week' will be an Interesting one ,to
loa sportsmen oft wfount of the tact that
two of the State college teams will meet
foreign erjuadA 'trt fot ball Tcmterta. Grln
nejl rollegv -will meet Nebraska university
at Lincoln and Anns will, meet Minnesota
at Minneapolis.' Other games of Interest to
b played next ururdav are the Drake
BlmpiHn pri'l4ci,mA l Indlanola: Cor
nell asaijiHt Den Molne college at Mount
Varnon, 'anil State University of Iowa
Alumnt fame nt Iowa-City. All of theaa
contents., with the exception of the last,
will have aome ben ling on the Iowa cham
ptonsliip. In severul Instances they will
afford the first -real teet-of the team and
this fait makes the congests doubly Im
portant. ' ' '
Tho DrAk'Mornlng-slde game of . last
Saturday wa by Ion a ods tlie feature of
the . week's work In Iowa foot ball. The
linal score of; ft tf h, r?lose- tin-it la, does not
show lift nerve racking nature of the con
test. , Lirako won by a nufcty and a field
goal, while ' MornlrigKlde stored ita live
point on a 'long -ran half tlx? length of the
fli'lfl, the ball btng. recovered on a fumble.
Neither of the teamswas able to advance
tho bail'by straliiht-foot ball, both resorting
to f)untirig-ta keep their-goal out of dan
Iter. , Whil Prak won, , the two teams can
be fairly considered on a par at the pres
ent time, the break In the luck helping the
pes -Moinesidnstttntkm.. i?
An Intt resting con parlson of the Drake
and MorninaHlde. teams una year with the
teams representing the ame Institutions
n Bass Jleld last year, shows- that Morn
Ingstdo had six veterans of the 18)6 lineup
In the clever! this fall, while Drake had
only Ave -men left out-of the 190U team, The
Dew men who- are,,llndlng a place on the
two trains are an follows; Mornlngslde,
"Weatherbee, ' left' ' guard: Brldenbaugh,
right guard; Wcstcott, right end; Ewer,
right half) Kobblna, fullback. Drake, War
ren, center; Purdy, right guard; Scharn
lierg, right tackle; Wilson, left half; Moss,
tight 'half, snd . Woootow, fullback. Wood
low played Drake Jast. year,, but not
agalnut Mornlngslde.
The Coe college-Ames game plaved fast
Friday, in whlih tho agriculturalists de
feated Coach liryant men by the score of
la to 0, lias little bearing on the situation
In the atate at this time.- Arnert outweighed
tha- Coa team thirty pound to the-man.
ana xne Aggies ion tea inrougn the game.
Ths! only time Williams' mrt really wanted
to make a gam, MCKlhehny talked thiough
the Coe team for . twerkt-y-twov yards v.m
out great difficulty., llubbard. ran tho team
ftr-Amea the 0j?t liftlf .and .Jeanson Urn
ucrbni tialf. Op h comparison Iubbaid
had' all' of the ad van. Lag o of the showing
. and there now eeelns to be some likelihood
f the' Ida Grove mgh beating out the ex
captain, for' kla gift paction.'-Coach Bryant
has succeeded In putting the fighting spirit
in the Coe team and a sensational game
can be expected wheK Coa and Drake meet
,n October ; ,,3 , . . .,
Orinneil has0flltl KopTof defeating ?e
Draskg, of eourse,J'nd' If la" (xpecterl that
Minnesota, will- not, have a very hard time
In downlujr Ames. The makeup of the Cor
nt ll and' Pen- Ho nod oolleae teams Is en
tire problematical and it la therefore lm
Doaslble'to stlmnte the- .outeonuh. Rv
epd o the present week the .situation will;
have cleared up In Iowa' ao' that a clear
prosnectlve can be obtained of the coming
struggle for J-l4wkey supremacy.. , i
- ' :' llaevai- Wlna Doables. A- '
rniijjMJr,!! ;iia, r . ' rti. j. narvara
tllla afternoon' woa the Intercollegiate lawn
tennla championship In , doubles. N. W.
filles and A. Dabney defeated 8. 'Gordon
Tlf i
CURED by lecret proceti '
lajraoca and charm all iu own.
Sliced Plug Pips Tcbacco
hm tlx Utsat U ia a maU. It aooUs
cool ia mi wirttoMt-WMl.. aad 6om mot
blew eat of Iht howl Fat am any ywa '
dw aw "PATTERSON aa toUcos
h kna.a tinryiM. oi Ugb QiadUjr, , ,
. IWkat SowTaa Boa, lOo. - '
HitIbc 4kfsr MWfta1 TMaitaM fof
hr Hsutttlis iid Win riiiriy eurl f tumV3b
atrrk ac4 r1rVP. ! thliik ft word f? prni la
scirtt rr uir vBrTaio.BsUf4iv
lki utinivroiif ttbr o-t)Ul rmdli
1 hkv lk iiunaroti otktmr
Www id bj a jrtmr. .
Jv,ilcOwii, 111 lrcr pi., 4ff Ciif, X. J.
PImim. Palatabl. rWnt.Tut0i4,p0a4,
, lJr.r o.c, .. c np. lt, Uc, Ua. fJr
1 ")M ia fcalk. ' Tko cBif tablet iuaM OUO.
(HutrauM4 to can c uuf Wtsk. 1 -'
.Snrliog Ktatsdy Cs.,ChierH.Y. m
. v, CTORE . .
. :11th vr)d Tar nam St.
Everything In Rubber
C. H.' SPBAGVE. Pr.a. '
I r
tTi Beat for , ,
UJ Th Bowel ,
and A. Gerlch of Prlnqeton.
were 6-'t, iS, 7-R. ' '
The scores
- ... ' j
Vlcbit Take Jt Amv' Oaf of 'efe)a
from tho Patched Va Bnnch..
WfCTfT't'A: Kan . rtitTT (Roeclal Tele-
rram.l By- breaking evfri' "lir a ' double
header With -the Omaha 'Western league
team, the Jobbers,' champions of'tlie West
ern association, won tlie series ot seven
games for the championship of five states,
tlie local Heam- 'navlng worf tour games.
The first vsme todav waa a'a-reat base! ball
bottle, thu result being in doubt until tlto
laat Jobber was out In the ninth Inning.
In the last Inning, with th core .1 to 2 in
favor of the visitors. An his kBocked-a liner
to left Held, which hit on trie-very top edge
of the fence, but vtKKled back inside tho
diamond,' the batter gettltia" nothing -but a
two-bagger. Hj wal uuaMe tJ iron
the middle station., Ituu puttied a steady
game, but Speers 'was wild, walking Ave
men. In the third, after .Ooiyiing ,hfid tiled
out. Bills connected for three bags. , Bel
den was walked and Bills, scored on a tly
to right field. In the following liming Dolan
was . passed and reached second base on
Welch's bunt. Austin singled, aoorlng Do
lan. The third and winning score for the
Visitors was made In the eighth Inning on
a pass to Graham and singles by Davidson
and Dulan. i -
The locals scored one 6f their runs In
the sixth session; when -Wetnb wns tilt on
the' hand by a pitched ball Holland singled,
advancing him to second- bane; Weaver
filed out, but Pettlgrew. connected safely,
bringing Helling Over the plats. In the
eighth inning, with dwo'inen -goner Holland
knocked a long drive over the right- field
fence for a borne run.
There was considerable wrangling with
the umpire In this game, both. teams want
ing every close -decision. ...
McNeeley, pitched tho second game for
the locals and his offerings were to the
liking of the Jobbers, as they pointed his
curves for four .singles, three two-baggers
and a home run. In the first two innings,
getting a lead of seven runs which tho
Packers never .had a chance of - getting
back. Bayless and Becker singled In the
first Inning and each was advanced a notch
on Hetling'a sacrifice. Pettlgrew followed
with a clean double, scoring Bayless and
Becker. Holland duplicated hia home run
of the first game, knocking another line
drive oef the fence. - Weaver singled, but
died at first,' as- Annls filed out and la vid
eo n made a line catch of Kelley'a long
liner. In the following- Inning Young was
hlfon the' hand by a pitched ball; Bayless
and Becker doubled and Hetllng singled,
three men denting the tally plate. After
that-the -locals were unable to ocore.-fast
fielding keeping them from- scoring In the
fourth. , - - r
The visitors started the game with two
runs. Beldcn singled. Graham struck out
-and Davidson hit .safely, men being on first
and .third .when Dolan came to the bat.
The dourfte uteal' was tried. 'Weatrer-fiiaV-Ing
a'wild pear to second base 'and' 'Baltten
scoring. Dolan singled, scoring Davidson.
The vfsftors made their lust rmrl In "tne
seventh tnnmg'. ' Vltlt- two ofit 'fereen
knocked a-three-bag lt -end scored ,n
i online wup pucn,., .... j
Pjre, rim game: y
' . OMAHA.
AB. R.
nnl.lcn rf
orXm ,h'"
r !L ,i"
Dolan as
YeW '2'"
11. PO.
0 1
f 0
A. E.
0 ' 0
. o
f. -a.r
s o .
I 1 ,t 1'V
e J
Frej-se, lb...
Oondlng, c.
Bills, p ;
........SO I
. AJB. R.
8 . 27-
. 1
' 4
. 0
. E.
Bayless, cf....
Becker, If. ...
Hetllng, 3b...
Holland, lb...
Weaver, o
Pettlgrew, rf..
Annls, sa
Kelley, 2b...
Bpeers, p
" Total
Zl 12
Batted for Speer in ninth.
Omaha 0' 0 1 l'o
Wichita 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 10-3
10 10-2
Home run: ' Holland. ' Threehase hit:
I Bills. Two-base hit. Annis. Sacrifice 'hit:
I Welch. Left on base: Omaha, 7; Wichita.
I 7. Struck out: By Speerst ; . by Bills,. H.
j Bases, on balls: Off- Speers, 6. - Hit by
n. ..,. Kali. I , . 1 . rru . , -
iiiiL-uvu usii. iiriunv. . iiiiivi - j . um
pire: , Alloway. Attendance: iKa). i A
Score, aecond game: - '
' ' ' - . OMAHA. ' ; '
' . ,' ' AB.. H. PO.
Belden. rf.. 4 ;2 ' 1 21
, uranam, zo
1 Davldaon. It.......;..., 4
. 0
1'olan, ss. 4
Welch,' cf. 4....... S
Austin, Sb , a
t reeM, lb..... 3
Uondlng, c,
McNeeley, p.
' .Totals ....
...'.... .29 I
10 ol 17 V U
Bayless. cf....,
Becker, If
Hetllng. Sb
Pettlgrew, rf.-
Holland, lb
Weaver, c
0 0
, 1
: 1-
A nn is. ..
Kelley, 2b
ioung, p..
Total ..
Omaha -.....,
Home run
7' 10 11 U 2
...-,..... ..2 0 fOO 0 13
o oo -7
Holland. Thr-base hit:
Welch, Belden.-
Xwo-base hits: pt-ttlgraw.
Bayless JUeckaV. Sacritiie .hit: . Helling.
iu uh utLmmi voiMiia, w, wicnua, i.
Double play: Oral. am, Dolan and Kreesa;
Young, Hulling and Holland; Austin, Gra
ham and Freeae- Struck out: By Young,
t. First base on balls: Off McNeeley. 1.
Wild pitch! Young. Hit' by - pitched ball:
Young. l
Timet , o. Umpire:
Dsfeat All-Stars aad Ars Bsatea by
. Florence Athletics. ,, .
The Merchant' ci Orr.- uefeated th All
Btar team of Omaha at Florence Sunday
by the score of 8 to 2 and ers thc-raselves
beaten by the Florence Athletics, I to I
Tbeae games marked, the close- of the bass
ball seasou at Florence. , It has been a
lively season and the Florence team comes
out of It with (lying colors, having show a
Itself to be a taut lot of ball players. . The
Interest hs been at high tide all season
and lndlcalons point to even a belter year.
The readlia of th former games are told I
In these figures: . - R.H.K. I
Merchant t I T 2 1
All-Sar 2 ij
Batteries; Meichanta.'Hail, Wallinc and'
McDonald; Ali-Slara, Elliott, Doran and
! Spellman. . , ,
I The game between Florence and th Mer
chants waa called at the rid of the seventh
Inning, thst of the Alt-Stars and Merchants
at the end of the sixth. Ths All-Stars were
from th Diets teams. Lew-Glass-A ndreeaen
snd Townsends. Ths score of th Fiorenc
Mrchant -.. . - R.H.U.
Floreni-s Athletics. ...4 0 0 4 1 0 k t
Merchants 0 11 0 0 1 01,1 i
' Karned run: ' Florence, 4; Merchant. L
Two-base hit: 'McDonald. Three-baas'-hrts:
Howell. 8. Struck out:- By Uustis. (; .by
Walling. 2. Double play: Gibson to Jlpp.
Batlerter Florence, Guatln and ' Curley;
Wt-rciienia, .Walling and MuDoasld. L'm-
. pirs;. siage, , . , N .. ..,
. . , - t ;t i'i.'.
"Brewiter'i Milliom" tt the Boyd
Makei a Great Hit. -
' ; ' ', v r
Largest Aadleace of the Season
Laughs for Hoars at Cohaa A '
Harris Comrdlaaa la the''
Merry Play.
'Brewsters'a Millions." a comedy In four
acts, based on the story of the same
name by Oeorge ftarr MeCntcheon; act
ing version by Winchpll Smith and Byron
Ongley; under direction ot Cohan & Har
. rls; at the Boyd theater.. The cast:
Archibald Vandepool
James H. Montgomery
Joseph MacCloud: .John Junior
Frank Bragdon James. Home
Nopper Harrison. ...... ;.f....BrlnsUy Phaw
Mrs.. Dan Demllle.. Nettle Black
Horace Bettlnglll '.Edmund Mortimer
Subway Smith..'. ...-.Ueorge Crossette
Bowles.. rre .Wilkes
Barbara 'Drew Ada May Talbot
Colonel Drew .....John Alden
Ja&ice Armstrong. .... .-Olive N'orth
Margaret Orey ("Peggy"l June Mathls
Montgomery Brewster . ("Monty"!
v. ; .Robert. Ober
Fred Gardner,. Richard K. Webster-
Mr. Grant. ...A. ......'...;. Edwin Maynara
vnillara eione
.Ida Loe Castnn
Tiixio Clayton
FlrM Office 'Boy...',
Second Office Boy.
Third Office Boy...
Fourth Office Boy.
Monsieur Btvrgle...
Miss Boynton.-
virsi ohicer
Second Officer
Captain Perry......
Pir. omce'Rov. .......... ... j..-.fa.t Royster
r. .-. Percy Ikerd
....'.....Harry Wilson
Richard Gill
Francis Halliard
...... ......Iva Benton
William Phillips
Robert Williams
......Edwin Maynnrd
, Henry Boyston
Albert Taylor
Q viartcrma star .
Brewster's Millions" was at the f Boyd
last hlght ". to . the great delight. , of the
largest .throng that has assembled at that
theater this 'season... This meana that all
the seats were' sold, the boxes were filled
and the gallery and available standing
places downstairs were packed And the
company and the comedy deserve It all.
It would be a waste of time to discuss
George Barr McCutcheon's work aarlously;
It is not Intended seriously merely meant
to steal Into a world of care and fob It of
some of Its sombreness. It makes you
laugh healthy, happy. Joyous- laughter
ami maybe In doing that It Is doing more
than If It took up'some of your time in
debating the whlchness of the Is, or how
to be virtuous and have a good time. At
any rate; It makes you laugh; not by It!)
subtlety,, not by Its especial, -'but
Just because it" ia funny.-
Babbles -with Comedy.
In arranging 'the book for the stage Its
adapters have made it fairly bristle with
good points. It simply bubbles over with
comedy and offers Just a little tinge of
satire to make Its flavor more nearly per
feet. Some serious momenta are experi
enced, but these serve only to increase tilt
general effect of the Intended comedy. .Mr.
Robert Ober gives us his Idea of the young
man who undertakes to spend $l,000,ono in
a year and almost fails because of the
well-meant Interference ot his friends and
the blind luck that turns bad things 'Into
good and gives him an extra $200,000' odd
to dispose of. But he finally succeeds, and
In the ' way of doing so shows he Is 'a
comedian of quality. In the moment of
his triumph, when he stands coat less on
fhe deck of the 'disabled yacht, holding the
halUnrds '.by .'which' "ho "has '. hoisted,' the
signal of, distress, hajt .cpsta".b.lm '.his, re
mainlng J600.000-and leaves him -penniless,
Mr. pber; recalls one other scrte that never
failed ,tb make a", jilt. '' It ' was.-, tho ' last
cene -of the third -act of,.."An-American
Cltlketv" wh'erlri Nat Ooodwlir was wont
to "hand" oVBr;the' DottHv of Hnlirienf to'tha
gervant, jrltb. tli.jilivgle. wV,'1rt!ltl.
Sir.' -Ober - la . neslsUd lou scrtoe, extehC- by
the melodramatic kurTeundltrgs "of . Iris- ctl
max'buik It is, efQktlW Jvist the fame.; '
.Copapany la. Splendid,'.
. It' Is a splendid, organization .that sur
rounds u Mr. ' Obcr.'.'-'IJach' of Its members
tjeserva , Individual , praise , for " excellent
0 j work In making the comedy go. Mr. Junior,
JJ; Mr.- Home, Mr. . Shaw. 'Miss Bhcck, Miss
o'l I'orth and Ml Mafhls ,ai-e'"the"lfaders,
but the, others share in the success. ,, The
piece Is splendidly staged,-'the settings of
the second and third acts being unosuajly
good, -the storm scene Is quite realistic.,
1 .The engagement lasts till after Wednes-
0 dav eveningf with a matinee on WrinM.
g ( day afternoon,'' It. js worthy, of . witnessing
q; at least once.. '. ,. ,. . ..
0 " Vaodovlllo at the Orpbenm. t
?.l It's a song' and'dance bill at tlie Orpheum
this week, only'one. act and. the klnodroiue
being devohl of these features. . Yet It: so
varied, 'and' "ono star different frbrh
from another star In gloy'.'.' to ucb de
Tae that the entertainment does not 'grow
Monotonous In any way. One of the dainty
bits, I furnished by Billy Gaston and Ethel
Green, who . were here, last with.-"Babes
in Toy land.". ;They sing and t dance,
but " In a way '' that I ' uncommonly
clever. Mis Green has a very sweet
Oood bssr Is truly sur aatiso '
kvera. A toad a tools a
sadatlvs a bsvsrags for all
A product that has won
fame on its pronounced
character and honest
....... ;
" If you would enjoy the de
lights of a full-bodied, deli-
dous beer, try py of the
BlaU brands whether on
draught or In bottles wher
ever you can. . " . ; "
Cor. kLb
St. -
. Doug. .
m 'nafiuiiiiJi Jhm . n
trolce. "Then' John W. World and Mlndell
Kingston have g (tfrn'' In' which comedy of
a broader .sort prat-alls. ' Miss Kingston
slnga about the best topical song that has
been heard at the theater for a long time.
It depends for Its success on Ifa play on
words and -twrmea.-aml It Is decidedly rich.
She, too, hasian excellent voice and sings
with good taste, while she dances mo.t
effectively.". Jde Brlttoi .Is the peer of all
eccentric-dancer and works with vim from
first to last, while Sadie Brit ton gives him
good support. The. Gartelle brothers do a
dance on roller skates that is extremely
difficult and wins for them much applause
and the Arlington Four, makes nearly as
much noise with Its hard soled dancing
hoes as the other no with their roller
skates.' AH of these sing. ' Seymour and
Hill have a little -sons and, a little dance,
and a great deal of eccentric comedy. Mr;
Seymour does some; remarkable feats, such
aa summersault with his hands In his
trousers pockets, summersault from his
knees and head .dire that are astonishing.
Kmll Hoch and company' contribute a lit
tle comedy that Is. of the quiet order, but
which affords a welcome break In the bill.
It la well, done, and wliis for them much
applause. Mr. Hoch Is- an actor of estab
lished name, and Is assisted by Miss Flor
ence Burnsmore, who Is petite and pretty,
and Mr. Walter. Lewis, ,-who Is clever, and
T. Edward McQuIre, who has nothing
much to do'. The kino-drome picture are
of. the Orpheuni sort well worth locking
at x. - ' i.
"The Orlglaal Coheai".at tho Krag. '.
"Tha Original CoheV a four-act musical
comedy, at the. Krug .theater Sunday aft
ernoon and evening, drew good houses. The
play furnishes ' teythlng for. a, mixed
audience, from .musical number, comedy
and melodramatic features. Cohen and Levi
are rval clothing dealer, and the former'
aon and the latter' daughter fall In love.
There Is . a . family-, feud,, and when
It Isn't .working to keep the young peo
ple apart, a villain who wants to-win the
girl for the"fortune fie 'l to possess - is
working overtime and complicate thing
woefully. Rafrrty,,(ws,rd heeler, take a
hand In the ,affalr, and succeeds la de
feating Cohen, the girt' favorite sultqr.
Harry Rogers' hmkes a hit as the ward bos
and Louis Hartmaat-.and E. M.-Lowenworth
take tuc part., of .flje flval clothing deal
ers In an acceptihlemanner. : The charac
terization of George Cohen by .Mlss Gould Is
particularly clover. -.-.'The engagement close
Monday evening! ""
. .. . '
Proapects 'of Dakota ' Wrsleyan Are
Drfghter Than,. for Tears.
MITCHELL, 8. p.; OH. 7. (Special.) The
foot ball prospects of. Dakota Wesleyan
for this season are tlie 'brightest In a good
many years, since" lh days when Cropp
had the champion team f the state. - Coacli
Hardy Is very optimistic In his expecta
tions. During the, lust week Coacli Hardy
has had front thirty ,to forty men. on .the
gridiron whom he' Is trying out for posi
tions on the first -team.. The substitutes
this year are a mnolt etler class than tho
team has ever before had and they can be
drawn on with a surety .pf making good or
thq first team in case of accidents. Many ot
tho old men or last year are again back In
school and their prenenoe on the team will
form a lineup of great strength.- The pres
ent squad is conuMji.d ot such old men aa
Herbert HanJx. the captain ; Stephens, the
captain of 00;. Grajiwn, Jim Dobson, A .'k
land. Seaman. -McNaught, Todnien and the
Tanner brothers. Among the lust year'
prominent subs arerHotdrldge, Fred Smith,
Wlnslow and ollMMtAmong the new men
are several high schaol stars. Including, two
from' Woonsocket. aiuj . one, from Howard,
both Vif these scfjpdLVf anklng high In the
hlglr srhool athletic,?, of Iho state.. . ,
Prominent nrrtorig thj Diner jiew men is
Hubbard, whose fecfrfd-iasa sprinter ought
to make him a fast man for carrying the
ball. Aside from, hfrn' there are the Tan
ners. Hauser-and'iffWrf Dobsbn. a quintet
of pUyers-wbo htvt carried the former
teams -La -uiiy -a irtatoryt , : .
nit) scneouie wniclliMansReiv Dobson ha
arranged includes. U-n-feig teams of tho
".,tt'Aand u' Hr,frCT Bme will be, with
the Yankton team aQhat place on October
14. That It will WTT"trong test of the
tani, there. Js wlon, for-'Yanktoh
has Iactlcany. ajl f.lts old men back
again for tnf yVar'T'irc first game on the
home grounds wUK he" !tteyed October 21
With tho Huron r 1 m in,, Yirnfn 1 1 . .
thouglJt aa wade, plucky-light In all
na games, has. neverbfxjn classed. as a very
heavy ..pount. TW, year th College has
accuctd . splendid: rfoech in the person 'of
Paul.Xoung, tho Oxford, gTsdusle an ath
lete, and, -io,niH surprises can bs looked for
q urn .AUU CNIIII IBfif ., v s.
Oj Kpvcoiber 3. lho..tefi, from the School
of Miyes uf RapldCUy, will make it first
LIE LVhe '.'I'eni PW4 f the-states-and It
Win bring an enviable record with It-, being
Champion pf th w(rn part of ths state
and Of Jyt'min,,.Mltcheira-team will
main), trrpa to Brookwa;sB , November 8
and on the isth .1 Veruilllon. ; Mitchell lost
to both of t'.wso teama last year, but It
i, . . lu,rnn tortuae this year.
Brookings is weaker than a year ago as
5eYiBl Vha bf"K.'Xn have failed to re
,uf l' h"fl'-",VeVniillon line I reported
as being considerably stronger, and It will
alrmatc, ?? lh ilonian when Mitchell
snd Vermi toh meeC Mitchell will close Its
season with Yankton on November 26, two
day before 'Thanksgiving, and for the first
li'2eJn.,'e,rS.u,t,,,r w, b n toot ball In
Mftcheir on Tliikgglvlng day.
D'ET .- W,X1s,.rr? "T,n,(''' OAMB
Opens Foot Ball Seaaoa wll Vlctorj '
- Oir of gosrrlor.
TheDlets foot ball team opened the ea
on Sunday a Diets--park. Winning thn
Initial game-sooro -g.-to 0. The Superiors
were the victim, but, although defeated,
they put up a stlrt game, fighting for every
inI'h .f round- The Diet team was i
trifle heavier: than llielr opponent. For
the Superiors Hatchsn and Rothery were
the stars and their. Jeft erul m. . t-
, senaatlonal runs. Last Thursday wa th
.first time the Dteti squad had signal prac
Uce i and, although ths team work 'la not
perfect, It has the material that will develop
-Into a good team. The .first half neither
side scored, but ths- Dletss kept the ball
In the. Superior -torrrlory most of the time,
'i i Murphy made a touchdown after a thirty,
.yard run around ths left end. but this wa
" not. allowed, ths -Supp rtors claimed he
was outside of the line and their chjkn waa
sustained. In th second half" Thomas
. kicked off to Ziebol, who was downed in
,hls trscks. The. Supsrlurs worked the ball
up ths field by fpimting. Klls made the
first snd only touchdown of the ganra by a
trick play, worked very, cleverly by himself,
he running ninety-live yards for same.
Murphy, the. right, halfback, played a good
' gajnc, making mmi long end runs and ter
rific , line .ainasltea. Cafitaln Frank Thomas
i wa In line form, waking aome good runs
land on the. otTsnalvt around hi end noth
ing could be gained... K1U, made a few dif
ficult lackli-s at critical stages of the game,
I Turtle, In his nrw .imsltion as . fullback.
I seems to know his business slid promise
; to be s star. The Diets team is without s
game for next HunOny.' Anv team wishing
a game aoureaa it'. Hall, JM North Nine
teenth, or. telephone- Webster 141, or Web
ster '2.- -'..
The Uncus: -. i
Diets. : Superior.
Kmlta ,V. ..B g LE KfS
Moran - H f . I.T. fuie
:mroQ g.O.Ua....'.'... Cxf , CO i i... Hatck.B
JtiiMfn UO H O Johniion
Bra Jhvr X..T. R.T Zl.bal
Harris-khira ', UB ft K ; KuUotiky
Klls 4 ,,..:....(! S. d ...'. Wti'talock
Thomu ............ UH.6. K.H B. hD.pp
Murvbr '..., ' H U D. L H B Rathery
Tulll '. ...r.M. fl lUlrlieo
- ' , I -
ABierlrass First Gams oC Series
for Moaas CUr-CfcassoloasSilp.
BT. LOl'IS, Oct. T The first gam of the
KMt-seasoo ' series iietween the tit.- Douls
attonal and A merles i leagues resulted In
victory today for the National tram. 8cor.
National ., 0. 6 0 0 6 0 0 1 O-S 11 3
American .......0 0 o 0 1 0 0 t 01 7 O
JUtterl,: National. I.ush, and Marshall;
American. Olads and Bpeocer.
Farsser Bara la Aarora.
ACRORA. Neb. Xt- 7.-(Sseclal.)
"Farmer" Burns will be In Aurora some
tltns within tti nest -three weeks to
wrsstls Ceorgs Oion and Jack O'Leary. Ths
details cf the match, have been agreed upon
but the date hs not .been set. .
According to. th. terms of ths match.
Burn Is to throw Glon and O'Dsary three
fall within forty minute, taking one man
on after the other with no resting periods
(ilon and O'Leary ae going through a
rigorous courss of training to prepare for
tlie match, giving special attention to de
fensive raelliuss of wrestling with the de
termination to stand the champion off for
forty nrunulr a lid will the match If possi
ble, ... ,
Ulon Is nearly as heavy ss the champion
and hi recent training with O Deary, th
fastest man of his weigh.!, has wade turn
the equal of any man-of his weight In' the
country. By the time Burns throws him
and the strong, fast and clever O'Leary
three times In forty mlrlutes he will know
ho has been In a wrestling match.
. - ,
Perseverance, JO to 1, Wins Jerome
Handicap at Belmont Park.
BELMNT PARK, N. T., Oct. 7. -In a
hard drive Perseverance, a 10 to 1 shot, won
the Jerome handicap, one mile and five-elx-teentha,
at Belmont Fai k today, McCarter,
the 3 to 6 favorite, nirtde the running to
the stretch, where- Perseverance closed In
a hard, drive and won by a nose..- .Colin,
the unbeaten 2-year-old champion, won the
19,000 Ninth Matron stakes easily by a half
a dozen lengths. Samlna. the favorite, won
the fillies halt of the Ninth Matron stakes.
Results: ' '
First race. 4-year-olds-and up, selling, one
mile: Oallavant, 111 (E. ugan,16 .to 6, won;
Qtllnn Brady, 111 (Elllnor), 8 to 1. plaee, sec
ond: Poquesslng, 108 (McCahey), 6 to 1, to
show, third. Time: 1:41. -
Second race,, the Ninth Matron stakes for
colts and geldings, 2-year-olds, six furlongs:
Colin, 129 (Miller), 1 to 7, .won; Falrplay,
122 (Nlcol), Mo 1,-. place, aecond; Royal
Turlst. 118 McDaninl). 1 to 4, to ahow, third.
Time: 1:12. ..... , - .
Third-race, the Ninth Matron stakes for
Allies, 2-year-olds. bIx furlongs: Stamina.
119 (Knapp). Jl to 6. won;-Masquerade, 111
(Miller), 7 to 6, second; Half. Sovereign, 111
(Nlcol), llo 3, to show, third. Time: 1:11V
Coupled. . '... ".
Fourth race, the Jerome handicap. 3-year:
old, mile and five-sixteenths: 1'erseveranee,
lPO (McDanlel 10 to 1. won; McCarter, 114
(Miller), 1 toiv place, second", Oretna Green,
106 (Horner). 4 to 5. to show, third. Time:
2:134- v ' 4
Fifth race, 2-year-olds, six and a half fur
longs: Falcada, 122 (E Dugan), 3 to L won;
Alfred Noble. 127 (Raynor), 1 to S, place,
econd: Robert Cooper, 114 (Miller),. 1 to 2,
to show, third. Time: 1:1W. '. .
Sixth race,' 3-year-olds and up, mile and
an eighth: Sea Wolf, 100 (E. Dugan), 13 to
6. won; Don Creole, 103 (McDanlel), even,
place, second; Bedolng. 116 (Miller), 1 to 6,
to show, third. Time: 1:634. " "'
CINCINNATI. Oct. 7. Favorites won two
of the aeven races. at Latonla today.' Track
heavy. - Results!' . - - - .
First race, five furlongs: Merrick, KB
(Shilling). to 5, won; Refined, 1UU:(E. Mar
tin) 8 to 1. "second; No Quarter, WMPIclt
ensl, to 1. third. Time: 1:10. .-'
'Second race, Ave and ., half fdrlongw:
Miss Sain. HO (Shilling). to 2r won; Rurtlu.
ll (Powtrsl, 8 ,to 1. second; Center-8iot,
1U9 (Lvcugua), 6.U) 5.' thlrjd... Time: I?
Third race, six fu'longs, -handicap:
T-iu, ,o 1011 iRhlllhlK). 2 to 1'. won.
Frontenao, 7 (Plokens), 8 to 1. second; Lady
I Kather. 103 (HeMel), 2 to L third. Tline:
l-iMi, l-
j "fudrtli race, steeplechase handicap.- club
v....... nnran- HU1H I'lrate; - I M I nice lure;
a to 1. won'; .Full of Fun, 1W U'ollock),- 6 to
1. second; Pete Vinegar. 145 (VMton),"7 to
2. third. Time: 3.33. '
Fifth race, five furlongs: Lady Vis, 107
(J. lx;e), 8 . to 1. won; Dr.. Slinrall. 10
(Koerner), 8 to 1. second: Severus, 1!
(Shilling), third. Time: 1:03.
Sixth race,' aix furlongs: V arner Uris
w.ii mo iii,.icensi. to to 1. won: Black, lox.
ft (Shilllngl, to 1, econd; Bcn-trong,
1( (Powersi. S to 1. third. Time: 1:1'.
8venth ruce, one mile, elling: Prytanla,
106 (Mountain), I to L won;, The Clansman.
107 (McAllister), 8 to 1, Becond; Hard Shot,
100 (Plckene), 10 to 1, third. Time: 1:4. V.
First Game to Be Played lu Chlcasro
on Toesday..'
CHICAGO. Oct. 7. Details . of.'- the
world championship series bet wi tne
Chicago , club, winner of the National
leagu" pennant and the Detroit toam.
pennant dinner In the American league,
were arranged at a meeting of the Na
tional commission here ' today. 1 he
chedule of games follows: -.I-...
Tuesday, October 8, Chicago; Wedncs
dav. October S, Chicago; Thursday. Oc
tobef 10. Detroit; Friday, October 11. De
troit Saturday, October 12. Detroit; .Sun
day, October 13, Chicago.
By agreement of all of the clubs repre
senting both leagues the rules already
existing governing the playing of the
championship series were amended so
that 60 per cent of the balance from the
first four gamea played shall form a pool
for the players of the two teams, 60 per
cent of this amount to go to ths winning
and 40 per cent to the losing team. .
The schedule aa adopted was dutermlned
by lot. If any of the games scheduled
I postponed on account of rain or, for
any other cause, the teams are.requlrod
to play the postponed game on the first day
I'oiioM at the aame Dark. If a aevetiUi
.game Is necessary to decide tho series,
the city In wnicn it is io oe piayeu ui
be decided by the commission.
The players eligible to play In the cham
pionship series were designated as lol-
lw": ,
On the Chicago team: Brown, Chance.
Durbln, Ever, Fraser, Ilofntan. Howard,
Dundgren, Klmg, Moran. McCormlck,
Overall. Otis, Pfelster, Keulbach, Bheca
srd. fclagl. Schulte. HUdnf eldt.- Tinker,
Walsh and Zimmerman.
On the Detroit team: Archer,. Cobb.
Caughlln, Crawford. Donovan, Downs.
Jones, Jennings. Killlan, Lowe, Mulltit,
Mclntyre, Payne, O'Deary, P.oasi.uiu,
Schmidt. Klever, Schaefer and Wiilclt.
President Pulllam of thJ National league
selected Henry O'Dsy sa umpire for his
organization during the series. President
Johnson of the American league named
John F. Sheridan. The ofllvlal svor-a'J
rtac ,
1 , .. V'A VI '
Made iii New York
RIGHT in the heart of Fashionable -New
York, the Benjarnin organiza-'
;tion,7-the greatest of its kind, is
makinc: Clothes for Fashionable New York-
as it is, created
So it is that we sell Clothes Made In Ne&
York in the New -York Style of to-day - ,
Correct Clothes for Meii . J
, ; - . . Tor Sale In Omaha al the . ,
; ; Guarantee Clotliing Go.
1519 arid 1521 Douglas St.
selected by the commission - were A. J.
Flnnner and F. C. Rlchter.
The sonle of prlies for admission to
the games was fixed at S 1 $1.60 and tl
for Chicago, and ii. 12 and 12.60 for De
troit. . The reason for the lower charge
at Chicago was the large seating capacity
of tho Chicago park! Tho games will be
called at 3:30 la Chicago and at 2 o'clocK
in Detroit.
Hub Ttatfnnal Defeated la First of
A Ine-Innlmac' Merles.
BOSTON, Oct. 7. Tho ' Nationals and
Americans of this city began playing a
nine-game series today. Young' pitching
was the deciding, factor and the American
team won by 4 to I. Score:, . -R.II.Ew
Americans .0 0 1,0 l'.O 1 1 4 10 0
Nationals .......0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 01 4 S
Batteries: Americans, Young and Shaw;
Nationals. Corner and Needhain. Umpires:
Connolly and Emslle. , . . , '.
, ' ' Racing' at tiraad island."
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Oct, 7. (Special
Telegram.) Tho- races continue here with
streets. Novelty races arc run In connec
tion with others. ' -.' -
Trottlnif. "2:20 class: "'
Clay center .'....';,
Raven Boy
Pony' Oeorge;',...
Karney -. . :,'.'.. ;
....I 1 I
.... 2 3
..,.2 3 4
....4 4 a
Best time made: Z:2H. .'
ltv 8-mlnute trot Sancho took first three
heats; Muggins won aecond -place, Lavalon
third. Prlnco Locbart fourth and Jennie
Arthur fifth. . !,
Announcement of the Theaters.
If you think It is, easy to spend money,
go over to ths Boyd theater thi evening
and. ee" what, trouble Montgomery Brew
terihad In getting rid of fl.OdO.OOO In a year.
It'ls'really funny, arid the company that Is
Illuminating- the. play Is one of the best
balanced organisations seen In Omaha In
a long tlme..;-Mr. Ober, who has' the lead
ing role,, is. a-jvrry.,flever actor and Mis
Mathls, who Is the leading woman, is both
pretty and clever. 15Th"fe engagement lasts
tllf .next. Wednesday, with a matinee, on
Wednesday afternoon. ' ' .'
-farrlaar Cain a , garprls. ''. .
'iAMQtV Ia Oct 7-TSperta1;)Marre4 -a
Week and neither friends nor- parents. aTs
tW wlstr' Is. the romahes, surrounding the
marriage of Harry AYatt of Uawarden and
Miss Delia Coe of. this town. ' At' an In
formal dinner given to a few friends of
the couple yesterday this fact wa di
vulged. The two young - people faced a
A m bb-skw jt a
A good liniment or plaster, or some, good home remedy will -tumidly
give temporary relief from the pain of Rheumatism, but the disease, is more
than skin deep. and -cannot be rubbed away, nor can it be drawn -out. with a
plaster. Such treatment neither prevents nor cures; the excess of ftcld,
which produces Rheumatism, is still in the blood and the disease caa never
be cured while the cbculation remains saturated with this irritating,; pu.hi
producing uric acid, poison. The trouble will shift from place to. place,-settling
on the nerves and causing pain and inflammation at every "exposure ot
after an attack of indigestion or other irregularity. When neglected ot
improperly treated, Rheumatism becomes chronic and does not depend upon
climatic conditions to bring on an attack, but remains a constant, painful
trouble, S. S. S. drjves out Rheumatism by neutralizing and expelling the
excess of acid from the blood." It purifies and invigorates the .circulation 8C
that instead of an acid-laden stream, constantly depositing uric acid in th
Joints, muscles, nerves and bones, the entire system is nourished and, tnarjt
lealthy by rich, life-giving blood. - Book on Rheumatism and any taexlioaJ
advice desired will be sent free to all who write. - t -T .' ;
, Ws point with pride to the
pss number or cures we
effected. We hsve been
means of restoring thousanda of afflicted
men to health and .strength. Ths changa
in hundreds and hundreds of cases w have
treated has been marvelous, blighted lives,
blitsled hopes, weakened and debilitated
systems and- nervous wrecks hav been
restored to specimens of physical perfec
tion, i Our many years of close study, sup
lemenled by sn extensive practice, enables
us to give you the let methods of -treating
and ourlng such- ailments. We have a
special system of treatment that It a pow
erful and dtermlned medicinal eorrectlva
' whers men's characteristic energies hav
been 'depleted, r . . , .
W treat men only and onr promptly, sfsly and tnorsnghly, and at ths '
lewtst cost, ItmOtfOBtTIS. OATASmX, St CK VOTJC Dirail.I'ffT, bioo oi
' Dlasasta sag wakaaa and thlr oouplloatioa. ;
Pfincfilt Croa
Call and Do Examined Free or WritV
OfltrrT Hour8 A. M. to 8 I'. M. Kuntlays 10 lo I Only. ,
1308 rarnam St., Between 13th and 14th SU., Omaha, Neb.
Prnnancntly Kstabllshed la Omaha, Nebraska. ,
S L Corner
JaVS . m n.r.e
ers. .
Each new model
comes to us as soon,
Justice of the I" In Nevada,- thcous.ty
seat of Story cpunty, latit Monday and hssft
the knot tied, since when they'.Jlav's 'be
living at the college hospital .Of the Iowa
State collego, where Miss fo 1 head nurse
and Mr. Watt Is student assistant. , vMr."
Watt Is a senior of the clcnca cotiras and
intends to pursue medicine it Chl4agr Upon
graduation. Mr. Watt, graduated at tho
Mercy hospital In -De Moines' and took
charge of the college hospital here early In'
September, . . ' , ".
' ' If
Never let a dealer sell you a aubstttltt)
for an article you ask for. Ue la working
for hi own profit and not yours. Get what
you ask for. - . -i. -:
Users of qalek. BSitno fftoo PollsB
ay It Is the beat an-i most lasting polish
they have sver used. - It give a polish to
th leather and It won't rub. off on' ths'
Clothing. A well sat'sO) User 1 .th bet
advertisement. . . . . , f .. '. ,
Oportlnar Gossip.
Does Ragan still look good to Cincinnati?
He doesn't to Wichita. . i.' v
By making a home run the last- tlms at
bat Stone has demonstrated anew the vir
tue of the old adage that a "poor beginning
makes a good ending." He got five hits in
seven time up In the last day. ... ' . '
A meeting of the organizer or thV.Trl
Clty league la called for Thursday at . tho
oflice of W. Q. Clark St Co. on Harney
street between Fourteenth and Fifteenth;
Acting Secretary W. D. Ijiio ha lsiued a
call tor all the Interested, teams, to-hav
representation present.
Isbell had his ambition satisfied. With
two out In the ninth Inning Comf-ykv
permitted the lengthy:"' second-stacker tt
pitch out the game against Cleveland and
he won. They could not make a hit off his
delivery.- He wanted to end bis career -in,
the big ..league, as, he., had. bcgun ,UTa,
pitcher, v- . . ,:: i,i,v
With the pennant cinched, Detroit' la ye
back on Its laurels and worked rws hew
pitchers against the St. -Louis Browns Sin
rtny, with the result that two gamna wer
lost.1 The Detroit lineup don t look much
like that which has been striking .terror to
other managers for the last three weekl
' If "that -Whrlilti wJxlcs('waB" Vdttfl tV.
It was ' worth dolrnr'-.wcll. Tlie ldea
ending a misfit team to rerrresenf'a whole
league tor tne cnampionsnip ana losing tne
honor to a minor league Is altogether dis
gusting. Ths Omaha team without tjuelt
Franck Is like Hamlot without Hamlet.
And results proved thaf had It not boen for
an outside pitcher the-Westerri league (Air
field wouldn't have got a game.,'r-
end -
Specialist! ollhi
for. m
'. - , v-'esv- j -
-p ;.',, ' ,- '
: v .j "
Lf'-fX , -
1' '"1 r ' '- ' - --'.:
, i-.V-;--:.-.'' -vVv
f "".'jk'-"' -'r - 5 '.
- v. rrlMilr- tl r in i-'iil -
EittbUgbed la Omaha II Year.
, rnCt- end Examination.' ' " .
Writ tor Symptom Black tor Horn Tcaatraeat
Dr. Searles & Scarlcs
Hti oai lecatas SL. CMAB SI)