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Withdraws Adrantag-e on Lumber
' Bate Held by Council Bluff i.
1 CraarrrUI Clafca Calla Attention el
'Mllwaakee th Dleertsalna-"
tloa the Rallraaa
Cerrerts Rata.
Council Bluffs will no longer have the
advantage over Omaha in the matter 01
lumber rate to Canton, S. D.. on the Mll
wniikee road.
The Omaha Commercial club recently
i n l 1 the attention of the Milwaukee to
ihi apparent discrimination In favor of
Council Bluffs. The rate from Council
Bluffs on lumber to Canton la 03 cent
per 100 pound and the published rate from
Omaha In 20 cents. The Milwaukee ad
mlttrd the rate from Omaha ought to be
but 5 a car more than the Council Bluffa
rate, the to being for bridge toll, but aald
-a mistake had been made In the tariff.
- The road has recognised the Injustice of
these conditions and has Issued a new
tariff, effective . November 6. making the
nt in rantnn from Omaha and Boulh
Omaha K.flO cents per 100 pounds, plus $5 J
a ear bridu toll. Canton Is a distributing
point for a large scope of country.
Fall Fare for Clergy.
Clergymen will have to pay full fare
after January 1 on all railroads between
Chicago and the Rooky mountains, eicept
possibly the Texas Louisiana. Begin
ning January 1. not a railroad will Issue a
single cUirgyman's ertlflcate on any of
the western lines. This fact has been made
certain by the action of a general con
' ferenca of all the clergy bureaua. It waa
decided to discontinue the bureaus In alt
associations, with the exception ot me
I I miiwiiiiiiaHiui . i
This wll continue to Issue half-rate per
. nilts to clergymen so long as the pas
senger rates are not reduced In the states
of Colorado, Montana, Arlsona and In the
territory west to the Pacific coast. It was
decided, however, to petition the railroads
to permit the railroads to taki out the
half rates.
The withdrawal of the clergymen's rates
will reduce the expenses ot the Western
v . Passenger association almost T per cent
and will make It come within SSO.QOO a
. year. The action of the railroads Is In line
with the announced policy of the roads In
withdrawing all reduced-rate privileges In
states where the 2-cent passenger laws are
narrlmaa Will Wot Attead.
I I The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Union Pacific will be held at Bait
Lake City Tuesday and the. meeting of the
stockholders of the Oregon Short Line will
be held at the same place Wednesday aft
ernoon. For some time It wss thought E.
H. Harrtman was to attend these meetings
In person, but he will not be there. W. D.
Cornish, vice president of the Union Paclflo
with headquarter In Chicago, passed
through Omaha Saturday night enroute to
.Salt Laka, and It la said he carried enough
proxies In his pocket to control the meet
ing, which Will elect officers for the coming
year. He was accompanied TSV Joseph Hel
len, iansintant secretary of the Union Pa-culc
lniMi.rii trll Lemonade at Cathe
t'.rrl Ceremonies Sends) and
.tre Ejected.
."Remove tln ;nnry changers from the
temple!" '
This in Hie command which Berg'ant
Hayes of the police force had to give Sun
day afternoonacveral different times, when
the coming financiers of the Walnut Hill
district set up stands for the sale of their
warea almost before' Bishop Scannell com
pleted his work wltli tlia cement and stiver
trowel at the laying of the cathedral cor
nerstone at Fortioth and Burt streets.
' The warea constated largely of lemonade
and pink pop, which aiipeared on the scene
so suddenly that It .was said to coma di
rect from the city water mains. .
When 12.000 persons gathered to hear the
sermon Sunday afternoon famine set In.
The water supply was not sufficient, and
lama bright boys In the neighborhood took
advantage of the situation. They bought
ths pop aupply of neighboring stores, and
ons little fellow appeared on the scene
with a lemon, six drinking glasses, a
pocketful of sugar and a cracker box. But
five minutes were required for him to open
business. ' ,
While Archbishop Ireland was speaking
his audience waa surprised to hear a shrill
olee pipe, almost under the pulpit, "Ice
cold lemonado here. 5 cents!"
The young lemonade monger was removed
from the temple. He then took possession
of the tool shed and a number yof times
his voice could be heard crying ''Ice cold
lemo-lemo-lemo!" Each time he sold out
and each time an ample water bucket
Oiled up the glasaea, - while the lemon was
squeezed for the tenth time.
Te frevent laeet trees Cracking
use Quick Shin Shoe PolUb, it oils, pofc
Ishes and give a patent leather finish and
la water-proof. Ask your dealer for It
So Hlan, la Fact, One Laeal Dealer
Keeae feat Tw Fleets in
So high Is the price ot walnut furniture,
and the demand consequently so light, that
one of the very largest furniture stores In
Omaha keeps but two pieces In stock.
Walnut Is noa 10 per cent higher than
mahogonyt It makea beautiful furniture
and a generation ago was very popular,
but since the walnut groves have disap
peared and the price of the wood has gone
soaring, people are contenting themselves
with mahogany, and the more modest mor
tals wlta oak.
Red Cross -I- Cough Drops. Mother's
remedy tor children colds. Bo per box.
Contract Let for Stria ef Permanent
lif Arena Ike Oater
The contract was let Monday for a new
root for what la known as the "Hat root"
ot the Auditorium, a atrip sixteen feet wide
around the outer edge. It will cost MS
and. will be 114 by the Sunderland Roofing
and Supply company. This strip of root
will be permanent. It had been Intended
to defer thla Improvement until the M0.O00
fond for finishing the building had been
raised, but leak made Immediate action
Ten probably have aoiue little want right
' now. And nine chances out ot ten. or there
sbeuta, you could fill that want by using
a Bee want ad. Tou may find your serv
ants, and your errand boy a, and your gard
ener without advertising, but a want ad
ousts so little, and t so easy and so
'quick, and such a sure method of finding
the ci earn of the unemployed that you oaa
rot afford to get along without It
Aunouacemeata. weddnvg siatlocorv and
aalllag card, blank book and snagaatne
fciodiac 'r-uua Doug. lev. A. i. Htet, ins.
The Honor of Your Presence is Requested
at Our Twenty-Fourth Annual
Fall Opening
Throughout this Entire IVeek. Special
Decoratitns and Illuminations,
2 his opening display of
fers unusual advantages for
the selection of beautiful
apparel for the
Omaha Horse Show
We invite yur inspection
f 0ne of the most elegant
reedy-twear attire.
OPERA COATS All stunning new
arrivals for 'fall -1; all the new
evening shades pinks, light
blues, champagne, light grays
and resedas beautifully made
t $24.50 and $39
Evening Gowns and Presses
Charming French models in
Crepe de Chine, French Taffeta,
Chiffon Voiles, etc. adapted for
horse show wear. . . . $35-349
Tailor Made Suits of Highest Vitality These are the very smartest and
most elegantly tailored garments, suitable fordressy horse show at
tire ultra fashionable models, at $35. $39. $49 UP, to $98
Elaborate Millinery
Imported Expressly for the Omaha Horse Scow
There is v an atmosphere of style
"about the higher class of Brandeia
hats that distinguish them from
. the ordinary hats either of French
or American make. The fall dress
and evening hats are glorious crea
tions in point of style and color
harmony. Brandeis hats are the
admiration of fern- (Pi) A , CCA
inine Omaha, at. . . V--" 10 $3"
Brandeia Up-to-Date Millinery at $10.00 Handsomely trim
med with ostrich plumes, feathers, flowers, rib- & f A
bons and ornaments the large, graceful shapes. . CplU
Extra Special Bargains
Fop Tuesday
75c Embroidered Flouneings at 39c Yd.
18-inch embroidered flouneings, skirts and corset cover em
broideries, in the finest nainsook, Swisses and Cambric-
many in open work and shadow effects a new dTK
shipment worth up to 75c a yard, at, u 1 if
JT apr
Elbow Length Lisle Gloves at 75c
ijXtra good quality ot yl and lb-button length ftm
gloves in good weights black and white A O
snlendid barcain. at k "
Three Big Lots mf Dress Trimmings
Silk braids in black and all colors, mohair braids, Persian
bands and fancy braids, in gold and silver effects in
T?: 5c-10c-25c
Strictly new plain and fancy taffetas, plaids, 27 and 36
, dress and lining taffetas and satins worth up to
$1.50 a yard; on bargain CCn LQn
squares, at, a yard m lv"JeU"'Uev
Dress Goods Extra Specials
44 and 54-inch Broadcloths, Henriettas, Storm Serges, fancy
Suitings, Mohairs ,etc. worth 75c . to $2.00 a yard on
id 39c-49c-69c-79c-98c
'A. - - - - ,
Com Exposition
Ctiicaoo, October 5 to lO.
Over $50,000 in prizes for the best corn exhibits will be given
at the National Corn Exposition. These prizes will include
farms, pianos, buggies, dinner sets and watches. Over $16,000
In cash prizes will be given for the beet ten and thirty ear
exhibits. The exhibition will be held in the great Coliseum
.building, Chicago, and will be the largest and most elegant
exhibit of the kind ever held. The decorations alone cost
$30,000. Afternoon and evening concerts will be given by
the Illinois Naval Reserve Band.
For comfort and convenience see that your ticket to
Chicago reads via the
Milwaukee k S- Paul
Arrive Chicago
Union Station.
S:SJ P. M.
8:60 A.M.
12:28 P.M.
, Leave Omaha
Union Station.
Chicago Special 7:02 A.M.
Eastern Express 6:20 P.M.
Overland Limited : P. M.
The Eastern Express carries ELECTRIC LIGHTED Omaha
sleeper and composite observation car. Folders, sleeping car
reservations and tickets at CITY. OFFICE, 1524 Faroaro St.,
or write to
F". A. NASH,
OMAI1A, NEB. Geoeral Western Agent.
OMAHA WEATHER FORECAST Tuesday Fair ami Cooler.
I Horse Show
w w a a ww c
Arala aneertalneA and ready for yoar criti
cism. We respectfully direct yoar atten
tion to the hlg-a grade character of the
merchandise ased la the display. Those
npars robee and peerless fovni are proofs
of Omaha's merchandiser pluok. The splendors of modern fashion were
never before so exhibited la Omaha. We leave the question of deooratlve art,
eapended In thtse windows, to yon tender opinion. -
iilk Great Display of Real Hand Made Laces
I nurhfft. Princess, Point Applique, Irili Crochet, Point Venice, Point
f.'ai'lT anil lrln I'llo t ...... I .I..L... f. .11 II IV. ltoftllHS. 0t Hot, etc.
wau a in a aj seex m t f a i "e
Sec tiiem.
FinD All lVslll PaTiam&3 worth $1.00, all wool
l lliX rtll ffWUlll pfirges, Henritttas and Albatross
TIpoc1 ffitxilc ia a" colors; cream and black.
.1115 This Ut a great S
bart a u, at, per yard- ad L
Z7-lncn Elaclc Tatreta, "Cleola" suks, the best guar
anteed Black Taffeta made. . We offer thi3 $1.25
grade Tuesday, at, per yard
With every purchase we give you a written guarantee.
33c Fancy Eiderdown in ele
Kant new designs and color-
lngR, saitaltlo' for Kimonas,
houHe goH"ns, etc.
Tuesday, yard ....
36-Inch Flannelrtteit, fine dark
styles,' greys, - bines, etc.,
, per yard J A . . '. . ,
Women's Flannel Skirt Patterns
in light or dnrk colorings,
nearly all ready to wear T
Great bur gain Tuesday. eSC
13-4 Cotton Hlankets, tJie very
Urgent and heaviest blanket
we have- for $2.25, firm and
fast colored borders, f IO
good bargain Tuesday ."W
i Buying in targe qu&ntltlea enables us to make low prices
Bennett's Capitol 'Coffee, pound
package . ...V.ii . ...... . 28c
And HO Green Trading Stamps.
Teas, assorted, pound . .- 6 So
'. And 60 Ore'en-TrSdinK Stamps.
Granulated "fluimx Double Orson
.- Trading-- Btaiups.
Bennett's - . Cfltot - Hahlns
Powder, pound can..' IV . . .21c
Sttreen Trading" Stamps.
Bennett's Capitol 'yBxtreurt.
per bottli "...(,. tSo
20 ( Green 'frartlnR !tamrs.
Bennett's Capitol Oats,' '
per packaS t y . . . . .11c
10 Green Tradina' Stamps.
Hhredded Codfish,' tfireo ,
packages'; tor . . i'ii .". ;!6e''
And 10 Oreen Tradina- Stamps.
Gllletle'8 Washing .Crystal, dozen
packaars .. s in 10c
i Pelatour Ginger Ale, bottle lOu
Franco-American Soups, Ox Tall.
Tomato, Consomme, Bouillon,. Mut
ton Broth, Chicken, Mulllgatawny,
quart can 3jc
And SO Green Trading Stamps.
Pint can l'Oo
Booth Sweet Potatoes,
per can 19c
10 Green Trading Stamps.
. Haarman'n Malt Vinegar,.
quart bottle SOC
IO Green Trading (Stamp.
Royal Guava Cheese, per
box .......... ....... Sfin'
2(1 Green Trading Stamps.
Castile Toilet' Soap, " fctx'
.'cakes for .Sic
And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
Three. Star Corn, three cans 25o
And . 20 Green Trading Stamps. ,
ThlsV model, Valtham Watch for gentlemen have
you seen it? If not, spend a minute in our store.
and see It . It's a beauty. Look for the name. '
S. W. LINDSAY, jeweler
1S1 Douglas Street
Until Declst we will sell our $50.00
Gfte Great Queeiv
Steel, Range at $33.00 ttrac
tlon to our store. It will not take a
judge of Steel Ranges to bey It at that
price. '
ri US-''.' -k?-W-),t is
The Queen has made such a wonder
ful reputation In the fifteen years we
have sold It that we sell no other kind.
It takes so little fuel that it will bake
bread with two small shovels full of
coal. It will last a Ufa time. We Bell
it on small payments.
GAe Sioetzcl Stove
714 Sauth 16th St.
It is presumption to say you
haven't a mind of your cwn
yet, that Is what Is practically
said to you .when you ask for an
advertised article and are offered
a substitute by a dealer. He
would give you what you made up
your mind you wanted, but for
the fact that a substitute pays
, him a larger percentage ot profit
Such a dealer's Interest lies only
In making as much money out of
yon as possible. The first-class
dealer would have given .you
what you asked for, by that
course admitting that you had a
mind of your own and were capa
ble pf . exercising It. Show the
svbstltutor that you have a mind
ot your own by getting WHAT
Try the Want AJ
Oolawne of The Besa
See Our
Special Values
in Robes
and Gowns
for the
Horse Show
A Beautiful
New Line
of Crown Jewel
Suits at
Sale of IVner Underwear
Superior Bargains to Any Ever Offered
The Dast ten ilavs' enormous business leaves us with many broken lines ef
high class Winter Underwear to be disposed of quickly. These, together with the v
remainder of our three great manufacturers stocks, form an Immense stork of superr J
bargains for Tuesday's unle. Now is the time to sAYB 60 FIB CSHT OW WXWTW
Men's Woolen Shirts and Drawer that
o hi iiu to I1.6U; on saAe Tues- ACkf
day at 75o to
Wen's Shirts and Drawers extra heavy-
fleeced, many-rfwlth fine wool flnece,
values to II. 00 garment, at 48c, OBT
S!le nd .
Ladles' and Children's Heavy mibbed Un- -derwear
White or gray, worth to 11.00
a garment, at 49c, 39C, J Re 1QC
t.Adies' and Misses' Union Suite Worth ,
to $1 5o, white or gray, all slses. 1Qf .
at 9c, 490 and atv
39c and
Men's and Boys' Kesvy Wool Owsaters That would sell regularly at ib.oo 4(
on sale at 93.50, SI. 98, 91.60, 8o and
Grand Sale of Fleischer's Yarns
wo in nmiiha Aif-nin fnr thnA epiobratvil varns and will retail them this week
at lowest prices ever known for yarns of such sterling quality.
Spanlsn Tarns, worm reguiariy avc: on
rielsoher's Knitting Worsteds, black, - rrf.
and colors, 26c valae, at a.tfV
Shetland KIosh, of highest quality, - K,,
Worth K.c sktMn. at TWO FOB.. -"--
Angora Wool, all colors, worth 10c fj
i.ur hall at V
v.a, ... ........
Ice Wool, all colors, at
ball '.....
. 7VzC
10c or three for ,25o
Imperial Saaony Tarn, worth 15c' K(
Domastlo Saxony Tarn, regular 10c value
at. 5o per skein ortilli 25i
ron :
Exra Specials for Wednesday v
' 'V: " a -.30 a. m.
One case of fine Eiderdowns, all colors, regular 99c value 10 yards limit 21C
n t fi y eaXd ,.,.. "
One case of Amoskoag Outing Flannels, regular 12Hc values, dark and "fhtfilC
colors 10 yards limit at..
One case of fine apvon blue checks, absolutely fast colorsregular V4e value Kg
in vnrHit limit jit. a vard
One case of full Bleached Muslin, regular 9c value 10 yards to customer (Jl(
SI, a J-tlJ. . eeesee. - - (
AT S:30 F. M.
One case of Turkish Bath Towels, extra long and eitra heavy, sell regularly Qn
at lc each only two pairs to customer at, each
Wool Dress Goods
60c neat Wool Plaids, 25C
$1.00 Scotch maids.
$1.25 Broadcloth, 54 Inches wide, Qrip
all colors, at.
tuesday Only
3-lnch strictly All wool Pull-
ings. at crv
All Wool Tricots, all colors. 25C
Double fold Danish Cloth, IOC
at. . . .
The Last Peach Sale for This Season
We have secured psrt-of a car of Extra Fancy Freestone Elberta Peaches.
These are Just as fancy as anything we have had this season. To wind up
tho peach season we will sell them tomorrow (Tuesday), per orate. .
either kind 20
The regular low prices on all Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
yO 3H iZZk ..v"
I , r PI n9 MO, awifc pa pa aa mm II "f
WSw ' ll from' Omaha V
Ua''':' '0'' - ' Excellent Train Service. via - '
This low one-way rate, is in' ' '
"B-ftBrH Sw information inquire at . jrS'''
S PhoneDoglasJ
this bank is helpful not only to men
in business, but to every man and wo
man who has money to take care of.
It encourages economy.
It establishes your credit.
It makes sending money away or '
paying bills easy..
It safeguards your cash. ' '
It Is business to have one.
Why not start a check account here
First National Bank
Omaha, Neb.
As a Wedding
You have never seen a bride get too
much silver.
Ws have all that's r.ew In dainty,
exclusive deKlgns, dlr.t from the
The variety of design and price we
show Is almost unlimited..
Don't deride until ou've looked us
DR. BRADBURY, Dentist, am leeatiea
1S08 FAR NAM ST- OMAHA, Pheoe Deuglae 178
Extracting 85o "VrM.. We make specialty
rorcelain FlUs. .1 V '..'Il metal and roofless I
Crown $2.60 np fhyi'Ji::'--'' plates. PainleM work la
Bridge Work. $2.60 op vJJT VVV'Sj il operatiooa. oea
Plate $2.00 op -- ' I I I ewatoge till eHdock,
lth and Farnam.
avcaros rzwn ooicvAarr
gov aterta ITtk St. OaUt
A Message
of Comfort
If there Is a woman In Omaha
that has tender feet; or who suf
fers with corns or bunions, we
want her -to know that , we have
the only posltlvte relief for her
foot troubles In our .
Anti- Bunion
, Shoes
They are made. of fine kid with
flexible soles, specially constructed
one Size smaller In the instep and
two size wider In the sole. This
gives snug fit and throws the foot
in its natural position giving real
comfort to the wearer.
Turned Soles-
Welt Solea
Drexel Shoe Co.
1119 rariam St.
len Tl
Year Friends.
CHICAGO: Collseom Building
October 5-19. 1907
The grandest display ot
the national cereal and
the greatest . demonstra
tion of its food value
ever attempted. . ,
A harvest festival of
unequaled . attraction.
Plan to spend a few
days "in the Metropolis
of the West and witness
this great event.
Through traits on the Rock
Island from all the West and
Southwest direct to the heart
of Chicago:' La Salle Sta
tion, newest and
only one on the
F. P. Rutherford, D. P. A.
1323 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.