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    The . Omaha Daily Bee
For all th Hewa
BeSt t'h". West
P23W 9 to 18.
For drivers, drovers and men who
have to be out In all kinds of weather,
there is nothing
better to keep thi
feet warm and
dry, than our 10,
12 or 14-ln, laced
shoes. Every pair
is vlscollzed, bet
ter shoes are not
to be had.
$35, $5, $6,
$8 Per Pair
Men's Fine Shirts
Grand Selection of th latest fabrics and weaves.
They com coat stylo attaoi d or
detached cuff.
Sl.OO, 61. CO. 52. OO and 32. GO
Your Real Desire:
Manhattan Shirts
Extra fine showing of these famous shirts
$1.50, 52. OO, $2.50 and SCOO
Every visitor to our city and
its attendant festivities, before
returning home, will desire to see the magnificent exposition
of styles, an exposition that carries with it a perfect complete
ness of the accomplishments of Dame Fashion's artists and
servants. Such an exposition can best be seen at this great
store. Here you'll find the highest conceptions of fashion, the
newest and most exclusive modes, some of them even fascinat
ingly extreme. It is Our Real Desire, catering to the tastes and
wants of everybody, rich and poor alike to spare no expense
or pains to please all patrons. Let every visitor and citizen,
who makes it an errand, either of investigation or purchase, be
assured that the heartiest of western welcomes awaits you here
Men's Underwear
Heavy fleeced lined eotton ribbed and sanitary fleeced
lined underwear, best values in town:
shirts and drawers J KJ
Medium and heavy weight natural, wool and medium
. weight fine wool ribbed shirts and ? 1
drawers vj?
Fine all wool natural shirts and drawers
Sl.50. $2.00 S2.50 and $3.50
Medium and heavy weight Union Suits, in fleece lined
rib, natural gray merino, silk and wool, natural wool,
etc., etc.
$1.00. $1.50. $2.00. $2.50 and
up to $6.00
Men's working shoes that are made
of leather, laced, and consres
gaiter styles $1.98
Shoes lor the Boy
every pair
$1.50, $2.00. $2.50
Double Green
Trading Stamps
Double Green Trading Stamps on
All Men's Shoes.
Shoes for Women
Serviceable and
nice appearing,
lace and button
Shoes, at '
$1.98 aod $2.50
O r e e n
Omaha's Great Style Store
short hip, French shape, satin and batiste corsets,
light blue or pink. Val. lace trimmed top and bottom
For the 8tout Figure Coutll Corsets, in gray and
white, medium high bust, long hip, up-to-date
models, beautifully trimmed
Men's Neckwear
Nattiest of Fall Neckwear. Made In the new
four-in-hand shapes of fine imported French
silks, latest shades of brown, gray, red, green
and plum; sold by haberdashers at
75c and fl.00; Saturday
Men's Hose
Super weight merino, in gray and nat
ural, regular 25c value; Saturday. . .
Men's fine wool and cassimere hose, in plain
and fancy, 75c, 50c and 25
Ladies' 12-button Kid
Gloves, all colors, $3.25
value $2.79
Ladies' 16-button Kid
Gloves, all colors, $3.75
value 83.10
Men's Fine Kid Gloves,
$1.75 value ...1.39
Ladles' 2-clasp Kid Gloves
$1.00 value 50
Boys' Fall Caps
25 doren Boys' fine all wool Golf Caps, latest
and nobbiest patterns, worth up to $1.00;
Saturday 69
25 dozen Boys' fine Golf Caps, worth 39c;
Saturday -25
Main Floor Northwest Side.
Toys Toys
200 Jointed Dolls, pood make, full lolnted. a
11.00 value. Saturday 69o
Drawing Slates, 250 of them, a 5c value, Satur
day, each So
Teddy Bears, the Imported one?: new cats, dogs,
goats, sheep, etc. liring the children.
v , WMA
I K 11 V M
;mn HATS
rnrru TOawur.)!
,,LL" '"""""KM
Our Popular Priced Hats are
not equaled. New colors, new
shapes and very best bindings.
We cater to the
young middle
aged or elderly 1
The LaCross, soft
of stiff . .$1.50
The Lnmout, soft
or stiff ..S2.00
The Kingston, soft or
stiff $2.50
Bennett's Special,
soft or stiff, at. .$3
John B. Stetson's Hat a
Soft $3.50 to $7.50
Stiff $350 and......$5.00
Every staple new style. Including all
the large wide brim western shapes.
j i-
Regular SOc Oval Oold Frame, fac
simile water colors, on Of),,
sale Saturday, each v
UcKUlar $1.25 Tolnts for OSC
burning wood, each ""
20 Per Cent Discount on All 8
I ramlng Orders One Day (J
Only Saturday jj
Handkerchief and Glove Boxes,
regular 25c Items, on sale - lt
Saturday, each A"t
or two for R
tlghty-FIVC rm R Wf ff raff A f TP nFTI0 For Salurd
New I mJLUiVMttPIL QUI 1 3 FileDoK,
For Saturday
85 New Tailor-Made Suits at $25.00
Broadcloths; browns, greens, blues, plums, garnets and blacks
Women's Coats, made of fine chiffon
broadcloth, 52 v, inches long, heavy
satin lined, handsomely trimmed in
braid, at .$9.75
Women's Coats, made of fine chiffon broadcloth, 52
inches long, Skinner's fiatin lined, Gibson shoulder,
braid trimmed, Saturday special at $15.00
' New arrivals every day, made of
fine taffeta silk, handsomely tail
ored; all style plaids.
Big sale Saturday 95
Made of R. & II. Simmons' Taffeta,
wide body, extra full flounce, all
colors and black, A'-QC
Children's Bearskin Coat",
' cut extra full, double
breasted, good lining,
trimmed in peorl buttons,
all colors, sins 2 to (
years, for
Children's Coats, made of
fine cheviot. In plain col
ors and fancy mixtures, 6
to 14 years, Saturday we
will give three extra spe
cials at
$2.95.. $3.95. $4.95
Children's Wool Dresses. In
plain and fancy mixtures.
.. 4 to 14 years. We
. will place on sale Satur
day. 85 samples that are
worth double the price, at
S1.9S. S2.9S
eautihil Millinery
Saturday w$ will make a special
feature of rnoderatel priced hats
and we especially invite lad; visi
tors to our Fall Festivities from
out of town to purchase their fall
hats Saturday.' Styles are cor
rect, as absolutely correct as the $50.00 ,
$60.00 or $80.00 lines: material and
labor dictate the higher prices.
SALE Beautiful line of silk, velvet hats elegantly trimmed
with flowers and silk ribbon,.in the latest mushroom A f
and sailor effect8-eharmingly beautiful....
BEAUTIFUL ILK ; VELVET HATS Trimmed with wings;
quills silk ribb6!hs;. etc;', a $5.00 value, ; " CiQ
Saturday .... , ... ..... ... ,
Special display of Children's dress and school hats at cot prices2d floor
Ladles fast black, seamless hose,"
doable sole, 19c value. .12,c
Ladies' .Imported Split Foot
'Hose, 36c value 25
Ladles' Imported Fancy Hose,
worth to 60c 10
Boys' extra heavy Bicycle Hose,'
19c value 12si
Indies' extra heavy fleece lined
Vests and Pants, 35c value, 85o
Ladies' medium weight .Vests and
Pants, 60c values 39o
Ladies' fine cotton Union Suits,
75c value 49o
Children's ribbed Vesta and Pants
10c to 35o
Boys' heavy fleece lined .Shirts
and Drawers,' 35c values. .. .8Bo
Style in
Fop rwiera and
Young IVfen
uAucuuuiiaiiv iaruc varioty ui uuau- . fc-T
tiful fabrics of tested aualitv. We of-
ier wnai are, wiinout question, me ;vfvVf -J
$10.00, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00 fMfe
' 1 MI ?
Men's Fall Overcoats
of medium length in undressed worsteds, cheviots and cov
erts, in twills, diagonals and herringbone weaves, lined
with serge, Venetian or silk; every one a model of cor
rectness, at
SIO.OO, $12.50 and $15.00
... . W F (
i 1 fc-
New "Cravcncltc" Rain Coals
good for rain or shine, a splendid assortment of hard
finish worsteds in neat grays, stripes and plain black,
10, tS12.SO and SIS
: X
, . - r i
M is
nLri!) Mr
are the Strongest Elver rVIade
the cloth is water proofed by the
latest improved method and for
quality, strength, durability and
and texture this suit has no equal
Suits for boys, 3 to 1G years, stylish cassimere and cheviot
goods in neat patterns, well lined and strongly sewed
S2.00, 32.50, $3.00 and S3. SO
Sizes 7 to
16 years
SI Afeoto, the kind you used to Da (lad to rt (or 10c,
Saturday, straight 6c
Alba riora, Havana Second, 7 (or 35o
Tuxedo, 1 pound can 76o
Tuxedo, four I-ounce tins 30a
Lucky Stripe, four 1-os. tins 30o
Patterson tieal. 1 pound can 46o
Sporting Goods
- Foot Ball Pants and Sweaers,
All Sizes.
Foot Balls, up 'iTiSC
All College Pennants, prices $1.25,
91.00 50c and 35
Undies' Initial Handkerchiefs, Sc value,
Ladles' Cross Bar Handkerchiefs, hc values,
Indies' very sheer, all linen Handkerchiefs,
15c . value
Men's Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, 15c value,
for ,
5 c
Htll UVVuIc Are BIflh Qaality.
FOR SATURDAY ONLY we wUl place on sale
two Peninsular Ranges. The body la made of heavy
polished steel, which will not chip, peel or turn
white when heated. Oven bottom are made of
10 guage rolled steel, band riveted every two Inches.
We will deliver when wanted.
Renowned Ne. Sit, set on
sieet 4mso and legs, Hat
uruajr ,,...(.16.00
Uirciiu Wllliuul
oase v a.00
These Htoves are eijual to
any Ms and 0. rauKov
In the olty.
Art Uaaeburnera for Satur
day 946.00
Yellow Label ritove foiish
at ............loo
And 1U Orven TradUig .
p lamps,
eapolln Htos flpe Kunm-
I fur ISo
And ! areeu Trading
Btatups. .
Best 'quality Biove Pipe,
per joint 18o
And 19 Oroen Trading
O. E. Sad Irons, per
aet 91.35
And SO Oreen Trading
Mrs. Pott's Pattern Sad
Irons, sold everywhere
for tl. 26.. special 79o .
Wilson Bread Toaster.
worth 30a, special. .. .19c
Best quality ' Furnace
bcoopa 60o
And 80 Oreen Trading
Stamps. .
Coal Hods, all sixes and
. prlcra, up from 8oo
And 20 Urren Trading
Fire Shovels, regular lOo
values, spucial OO
Fire Shovels, 16 Inch han
dle, regular 16o value,
special lOo
( All Cut Glass In our Outer ltooth,
alxiut 700 pieces Bowls, Trays,
Hngars and Creams, Vases, Tum
blers, Jugs, etc. ALL AT 20 OFF.
Handled and 1'iihandlcd Nupilcs reg
ular $1.75 and $1.50 values
at OS
Initial Dinner Bets, full 100-pleces.
finest porcelain, to close out, HALF
FHICE Saturday.
Japanese China ases, a
fine lot, worth up to $3;
on sale, choice. .$l.Gi
Values to $2 choice OSf4
About 20 different shapes
Fine Fouyat China Din.
ner Ret, heavy mat gold,
pretty spray decoration,
a $35.00 value, has been
a special at $26.00; Sat
urday (six sets to sell).
per set 910.50
Ahoot 20 Fine Decorated
, (laM Lamps, some of
me nrass worn rnarreu,
will he closed out at
Gas Portables at Half Off.
' '
1 V. .
' V-i
Fresh Dressed
CHICKENS jr 12ic
Fresh Leaf Lard, 10 lbs.
for 11.00
. Fresh Roast Pork, per
pound ..9U0
Sirloin Hoast of native
steers, per pound.. .100
Prlmu Itib lloast. all bunts
out, per pound 100
Choice rut Hou.t, lb., 7c
ami So
Mutton Chops, lb 10c
Mutton Kuast, lb 7VaO
Mutton SU'W. lbs.... 85o
Unlllng Horf, S lba. . . .50
2,0011 pounds No. 1 Picnic
Hums, every ui guar
anteed, sugar cured, nice
anil lvun, per lb. . .BVftO
2,000 pounds Calumet Ma
con, Omr.ha Packing
Co.'s high grade Racona,
6 to 7 pound strips, by
the strip, per lb..X3Ho
Morrell's Special Ham, llu
cun and Lard Sale. One
ton of Morrell's Iowa
Ham. every ham is se
lected and guaranteed,
per pound 15VaO
And 30 Ureen Tradir.'
Morrell's Iowa Pride se
lected Itacon, narrow
strlpH, ehoioo and well
trimmed, irr H)...17',aO
And 30 Green Trading
Morrell's Ilinh Grade Lard
In r-lb. nails, pall...70o
And iO Dreen TradiiiS
Try a Found Box of Ben
nett's Capitol Eoms Mxda
Breakfast Sausage, p-r
box 170
And 10 Gren Trading
Oeoneftt's .Big Grocery-
Pride of Bennett's Flour, per sack $1.40
And 60 Oreen Trading SiumpH.
Twenty-one pounds Granulated Sujjar for 91.00
Bennett's Best Coffee, three pounds for 91.00
And 100 Green Trading Stamps.
Bennett's Best Coffey, pound 35o
And 30 Green Trading Stamps.
Tea B. F. Japan, Oolong. Gunpowder, English Breakfast,
per pound 6Bo
And (0 Oreen Trading Stamps.
Bennett's Capitol Baking Powder, 6-lb. can 91.00
And 100 Green Trading Stamps.
Castile Toilet Soap. 12 cakes , ...850
Bennett's Capitol Kxtract. bottle . .' ISO
. And 20 Green Trading Stamps.
Blood of Grape Juice, pint liottlo 95o
And 30 Green Trading Stamps.
Franco-American Soups, quart can 35o
And SO Oreen Trading Stamps.
Franco-American Soup, pint can 80c
And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
Egg-O-See and fc-gg-O-Kee Toasted Corn flakes, 4 pkgs., 8 So
Dunbar Shrimps. larce can SOo
And ao Green Trading Stamps.
Three Star Salmon, can SOo
And 20 Green Trading Stamps.
Vneeda l;lxcuitt, 4 l'kirx- for 18o
And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
Plamnnd C S.iup, 1M bars Bio
Diamond S Chili Sauce, bottle , 85o
And 20 Green Trading Stamps.
Bennett's Capitol Cocoa, -lti. can 840
And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
Marshall's Mackerel, can 85c
And 10 Oreen Trading Stamps.
Sehepp's Cocoanut. package 13o
And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
Safety Matches, dozen boxes 6o
Mustard. French or German, Jar 4o
HerhK. assorted, package So
Salmon Cycle, can So
(ill SardlntK. can 4o
saturday's list
please: order early
Seal Island Clams, three cans
And 10 Oreen Trading Stamps.
Metallne, 40c package for
And 20 Green Trading Stamps.
Melaline, 20c package for
And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
New York Full Cream Cheese, lb.STJc
And 30 Green Trading Btanips.
Hand Cheese 2 c
Neufchatel Cheese 4c
Royal Luncheon Cheese, jar 10c
And 5 Green Trading Stamps.
Lincoln Butterlne, 2 lbs 25c
And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
Jersey Butterine, 2 lbs 34c
And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
Premium Butterlne, 2 lbs 42c
And 20 Green Trading Stamps.
Imported Queen Olives, pint
, And 10 Green Trading Stamps.
H. J. Heinz German Dill Pickles, dozen. . .
APPLES Bert Davis Apples, peck
English Walnuts, pound
Cranty-rries, quart
Celery, three stalks.
. .28c
. .12c
. .25c
. .20c
. . Be
. ,10c
FREE Ice Cold Fresh Buttermilk FREE.
COOKIE SPECIAL Date Bars, Prune Bars, Inno
vation Bars, Newtons, per lb 10c
Mixed Candy, lb 0c Two pounds ........ ,15c
Chocolate Bon Bons, assorted, pound box 2Rc
And 20 Green Trading Stamps.
Glass Tops, filled with candy joc
And 5 Green Trading Stamps.
QTnrar flpriu cATimnAV rirmiwriQ Tin in ATI nrtfLyNC"E.N -rivE oclock tea
ui vr&iu vi un un jl KJiiuri 1 ju uiviivkmv iilij iu v v&jvpv,i.a. s & nokth balcony
(iitaaiaoir Corstr Trtlltlo Recalled
fcr Death of an Indiana
A dispatch from Newcastle, Ind.. sn
lotnctng th death of a Mr. Henry Bun
luf of that place add:
"Ho u the owner ' cf thi celebrated
Mu:idy madvtone,' which lins brought
lur.drsds of peront afflicted with various
'orma of Infection to this city for treat- j
uont, Mr. Bundy alwayt kept It about his
teraon, or la a safety deposit vault la a I
ocal bank." . I
This relates to ' a common sJperalitlon
vhluh bas existed for a long time and will .
rol ably continue to exit: much longer. '
Che so-called roadston la a calcareous or
4ony formation popularly bettered to have
power of overl'jig hydrophoo'.a by ab--4jvb!ng
the poioc when applied to th
round. The popular belle? U that It pes
hmi a 'spocl&o anViity for bydrophob
virus; that when applied to th bitten place
It adheres until the poison Is absorbed, and
then drops off, when. If placed In warm
milk or water. It give out the poison as
greenish yellow scum.
If any such stone exist, or even has ex
isted. It differs fundamentally from all
other stones In the alleged quality of pos
sessing a, specific aliraetlon for a particu
lar kind, of poison. As this ullegtd qual
ity Is entirely fore'gn to all natural stones,
those who posaess what they call mad
atoi.ea ascribe a mysterious origin to t.iein,
a having been foond ii; the stomach of
some animal in tho head of a snake, etc.,
Ths Bundy inadstone is said to have Detm
found In the stomach ot a wild deer and
to bavo been a valued possession of lbs
Buudy family tor more than luo yea s, etid
to have saved a great many perrons from
hydrophobia. Jt Is said the last owner ot
tho Bundy stone accumulated a fortune
by Its uso during a long term of years.
rpular traditions und folklore theories
are hard to put down, but as matter of
fact the so-called madstone has no recog
nition whatever In science. A publication
of the American Philosophical Society ot
1&4 says:
I "Among the various' Individuals In Penn
sylvania who profess ability In exorcisms
and charms, we occasionally And one who
Is reputed to possers a madstono. These
pebbles are of various slses, and appear
to have been selected on account of somo
peculiarity of color or form. A specimen
which had high reputation in the state
from which It had been brought was de
scribed by tho present writer as consisting
of a woru piece of white feldspar and pos
sessing none of the properties ot absorption
attributed to It." '
Scientists an classify all the atones al
leged to be madstones, but no scientist has
ever given the slightest credence to the
qualities claimed for them. Sir Walter
Scott In "The Talisman," gave his endorse
ment ot a certain alleged madstone, but
the Wizard of the North was far from be
ing scientist, and on this esse his asser
tions of virtue in the alleged madstone was
so Incredible . as to bo ridiculous. But
everything went with Sir Walter Scott
when he was writing a story. That Is
right, but facts and fiction are b!'.U es
sentially different, and the fact remains
that the so-called madstone has no recog
nition in science, nor is there any we'.l
authenticated tase of such a Mono having
shown the qualities claimed for It by lis
owners. Such claims are supported only
by chimney corner tradition, and common
credulity. Indianapolis News. '
Astonishing Kffert of au Irish Taao
in a. Colony of Hettle.
District Passenger Agent Paul a. Mills
paugli, of the I-ehlgh Valley railroad at
Ithaca, N. Y., , asserts that the company
for which be works has the most wonder
ful trainer of rattlesnakes in Its employ
that theta is In the United States.
"Why, up in the northern part of the
state." says alillspaugh, "on one of our'
branch lines Is a gravel bank extending
from the track to the rjeky wooded hill- j
side, half a mile away. The region there
about Is very wild, and therein abide many'
animals, among them rabbits, squirrel. I
and snakes, the latter In great abundance.
"It Is customary to keep at the bank '
two or three gravel engines and a steam
i hovel. We also have a man on guard '
to see that the machinery Is not molested,
particularly In the months the bank Is not )
used. But the place is so lonesome that
It's hard to keep watchmen there. We j
have had three or four In the last three .
years and they all quit. Last fall we got
hold of a happy-go-lucky Irishman, who Is
good company for himself, and we sent
him up to the wild country. After getting
: accustomed to his ' new job this son of
j Erin set to, work to establish friendly re
1 lations with the dumb denlsent of the
f-. v - .
woods and succeeded admirably.
"One day, while walking along a rocky
bluff, he almost stepped on a huge rattle
snake. The rattler was Inclined to show
fight, but " the Irishman, seeing a chance
for another friend, managed to trap It
and carry it home with him. For many
days the rattler kept' its dlHtance and the
watchman learned that friendship with a
snake was a difficult proposition.
"In time the snake became quiet and. I
later, absolutely tame. It would wrltho '
about the floor of the shanty and curl
Itself up at Its master's feet like a pet
poodle. Il would eat food out of the j
Irishman's bands and began to follow
him aVound. Soon there came six little
snakes and they, too, at first were pug
nacious. But mother snake told them It
was all right, and In the course ot time
they became as tame as the parent.
"The rattles of the snakes were ot dif
ferent sixes and the Irishman conceived a
musical scheme. He lined them all la a
low, with their talis up In the air. Soaking
one rattle after the other he discovered
that different sounds and tones cam
forth, and finally he shook them as sleigh
bells are used by musicians at summer
resorts. Fascinated" by the new Instrument
he played frequently and finally became
so piofklynt thut different tunes were pro
duced. "Home, Sweet Home' and "Auld
Lang Syne" were his favorites, and the
snakes didn't onject at all.
"Being a patriotic Irishman, once he
started on "St. Patrick s Day in the Morn
ing." Thle was too much for the snakes.
Mindful of St. Patrick, and his treatment
of their forebears many years ago, the
snakes rebelled, and beat It for the woods.
Now 'the Irlslftnan Is without his music,
and bis pet snakes have left forever. And
the wo'et of It all is thst the tones of
that Irfsh. melody per.etreted far Into the
woods, and not a rattler Is to be found
tor miles around." New York World.
Bee Want Ad Are the Beat Business