Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 05, 1907, NEWS SECTION, Page 2, Image 2

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V 4iq16.18 South Sixteenth Street
Solid coiden oak or
weathered finish, hu
undershelf. Is II Inches
high, top In is inrlin
in dlnmeter, sells r
ulsrly at oc. Special
Saturday only, eflcfr 60a
$15.00 Axminster Rugs, $8.95, s
4-6x12 Axminster Rugs, with one seam in the mid
dle. . These are very heavy quality and sell reg!
ularly at $15.00 each. By taking the entire line
from a large mill, we secured big price conces
sions, and give you the benefit. They go on sale
for Saturday orfly at, each .$8.95
A new Importation of Colored Madras (2,000 yards), goes
on sale Baturday. All new designs, large line of colorings,
' 30 and 86 Inches wide, regular value $1.15, 98c. 85c yard.
Special Baturday, per yard 69V
no w yuJW'iiiiiM
Just the thine (or bed rooms. White and very stylish
per pair $2.95
Ask to see oar assortment of Vases at, each. ,
. Silver Candl Shad.
(I.ike Cut.)
Made- of the cut silver,
with pretty colort'd
4 linings And silk frlntte.
. BH lnchea in diameter
at base; will fit any
candle ehade holder.
Thla la a beautiful
hade and always aold
at 75c. Snirtnl Satur
Ilitv (rr"n"t1 with tln-
. Ingr,.' ej-h e
" W off or selection from the largest assortment and give the best values.
(Like Cut.)
constructed of
select quartor
tawed golden
oak, hand pnl-.
Ished to a high,
finish, pretty
pedestal pattern,
heavy and rich,
claw feet effect,
pattern round
top 24 lnchea
in diameter, an
extra (food val
ue at, ea..9.00
. '
Mission ' " 'ft
. Dresser.
.(LlRe Cut.)
Solid golden oak, rubbed finish,
" large full sice dresser, with
' Swell top and top drawers, top
20t40 In.; French bevel mir
ror 28x22 Inches; special at,
each -313.50
, (Like Cut.)
Has pad cushion
strapped seat In
genuine Spanish
1 e a t h e r, v e r y
large and com
fortable, weath
ered finish
at ......$0.75
Combination Bookcase.
(tllke Cut)
The best .value offere d at the
price; quartersawed. golden oak,
pplleh finish,- has swell glass
door and pattern French bevel
mirror; large cabinet and drawer
under writing lid, 87 Inches
wide, vory attractive design and
a big bargain at, each. . . .S17.50
We are sole agents for the genuine Ostermoor Mat
tress. We prepay the freight on Ostermoor Mat-
tresses' anywhere in the state. Now offering a
specially heavy, fancy art tick Oetermoor Mat-
. tress at, each. . ...... ;' 915.00
You should see them and the many conveniences
they contain. By far the most complete, best
arranged and best made Cabinet on the market.
Let us show them.
Up from I..';.. . . . . . .r .'. . . ... .$21.00
cream all-over lace and a bird Of paradta
in her hair. ' . ' '.
Mrs. T. I Conrba-Red and black net
novelty goods ovor red allk meaaallne and
inset wit li black laoe; diamonds,
i. Miss Marlon Connell Cream net over yel
low silk; bands of yellow velvet and cream
Mra W. J. Connell White net over white
all, white luce trimming.; turquoise and
Mra. Ralph V7r. Connell Whit lacs gown
over white chiffon and allk, designed .with
(Mart passementerlo and made prlpcesa ef-
Mrs. Oeorge Cornelius. Creston, la.
Whit French organdie, with trimmings of
whits chiffon and point lace; diamonds.
Mrs. J. C. -Cowln-i-White silk marquisette
with pale blue figured design, cream prin
cess lacs and bands of black velvet; dia
monds, i
Mlns Mary F. Cunningham, Fort Omaha
White chiffon over whits satia. hand
embroidered In velvet forget-me-nots;
pearla and amethysts.
,r . n
Mrs. James C. Dahlman Black net over
white chiffon and ailk; handsome (ace trim
mings of mslta lsce.
Mra. Alfred Darlow Pale blus broadcloth,
with trimmings of same shade of panne
velvet folds, pearl passementerie 'ami cream
Mrs. B. B. Davis Imported cream crepe
town, Inset with lace medallions; dia
monds. Mrs. F. H, Pa vis Cray embroidered pink
ch'evm ver pink s'lk.
Mra Oeorge A. Day Black net over black
chiffon and black, allk. Inset with cream
laoe and deslgnsd with blus ribbon velvet;
. Mrs. Oould P. Diets Pink messaltne silk,
trimmings of oream silk la no and embroid
ered chiffon Totem; diamonds.
Miss Mable Dutch, Crete White chiffon
ovrr iitnk, with trimmings of pink rose
bi"' and lace. . ..
Mrs. B. . Duval Black chiffon' voile with
yoke of blue lace and blue lane ornaments;
amethyst cross on heavy aold chain.
at is. AdOipli DworaK, 8rimyler (guest of
Mrs. Chsrlcs Met) Blue liberty satin, with
4iiuntltles of blus luce.
' " '
Miss Maude Farrell, Broken Bow Whits
mousaellne batiste over white taffeta.
Mrs. Thomas A. Fry Blsck silk net
over black silk Inset .with blsck silk ap
plique; diamonds.
Miss Anna Fry Whit perslan lawn,
' 1 ' ' i 1 .'
with insertion and ruffles of German Val
enciennes Mace.
Miss1 Elisabeth Fry Whit opera batiat
with ruffles of Valenciennes lac.
Miss Alice. Fry White silk mull over
whit silk, with trimmings of Valen
ciennes lac; pearls. ...:. ..' .:
Miss Emma mntleman White point d' es
prit over pink silk. ;
Miss Philomeua. Uentlcmsn Pink velvet
pilnooss gown, with trimmings of eream
lace and pink roses. -
Mrs. U C. Gibson, South Omaha White
brocaded grenadine over whit ailk, with
trimmings of areen silk ami applique.
Mra W. Li. Graham Black net over black
silk, elaborate trimmings of black lace and
medallions; opals. 1
Miss Gladys Graham Whit silk vofls
over whit taffeta, inset with baby Irish
lace and made princess effect; pearls.
Mrs. J. W. Griffith Block lacs gown over
black silk, Jnwt with passementerie and
old blue and green velvet trimmings.
, H
Mrs. F. Haarmann White china silk,
ruffled and designed with cream Valen
ciennes lace; dlamonda.
Miss Hilda Hansen, Dannebrog Whit
net over whit silk.
Mrs. W. O.- Henry Brown crepe de cheno
trimmed with cream lace -and brown and
light blue ribbon velvet; diamonds and
Mlas Fannie Howland Whit lingerie
gown over pink silk.
Mrs. Q. W. Ingwersen London smoke
chiffon cloth, trimmed with bands of the
same color broadcloth and made elaborate
with hand embroidery and cream point lace,
Mrs. W. 8. Jager, Julian Lavender tissue
over white mull; pearls and amethysts.
Miss Frances Jerman, West Point
White embroidered chiffon over shell
pink liberty satin, with trimmings of
French silk and Innoi-tln.- nri
Mrs. O. Ki Johannes Pale green mes
saltne with cream lace trimmlnga
Mrs. H. O. Jordan-Whlie Paris muslin
'"' taffe Pettlly designed, with
qunmi of Valenciennes lace.
M ss Florence Juell, Newman Grove
Whit point d'esprlt over whits taffeta and
chiffon, with trimmings of real lace.
' K
Mrs. Charles Karbach Cream messalln
Young Men's Pyjamas
1 iii
M?; ' 'i . 'X-'-
1517 Douglas St.
Young men's Pyjamas,
in muslin, Oxford
madras and Teasle
Down Flannels, per
Suit, $2.00 and
Boys' sizes, at, Suit
Young Men's Night
Shirts, striped Outing
Flannels or white
. .Muslins, each
Boys' Sizes, at
Write for Illustrated
"' " wjngmg itote or Terry cloths and m f r
Jaouuard pattrna of blankt f lunn.l.yur. "taI. HI I
m.u s, t 0i to
Bova' sises,
!. and
: ; $3.75
Young Man's aid Days' Dept.
silk, trimmings of cream satin .ribbon; dia
monds and garnets..'
Mrs. George M. Kally Reseda green silk
with trimmings of cluny lace and green
velvet; diamonds.
Mrs. Krunk Kenned v' White" lingerie
gown over pink silk, Inset with lace and
'"""ch emhroidpry.
Mrs. A. V. Klnsler Pink messallne eilk
couiMined with hany Irish lace and Irish
crochet; wreath St pink roses for hair orna
ment. Mrs. K. E. Klpllnger Beautiful gown of
white. Swiss over wnite, with trimmings of
French Valenciennes lace and -Swiss em
broldory. Mrs. O. D. Klpllnger Black chiffon cloth,
with black lace and Jet trimmings.
Miss Ada Kirkendall One of Ui hsnd
somest costumes of the ball, being of
cream lace and ornamented with varloua
jewels, being the gown she wore when
she was Queen of Ak-Sar-Ben.
Mrs. F. P. Klrkendall-Whlt flowered
marquisette toned In lavender, pink and
black and Inset with cream lace.
Mrs. L. H. Korty Lavender and black
chiffon over white" chiffon and taffeta,
Irish point lace; dlamonda.
Mrs. L.uther Kountte- fcxqulaite gown of
yellow chiffon over yellow satin, with em
pire and trimmed with cream lace; dla
monda Mra. John A. Kuhn Tan and black striped
voll. Inset with filet laoe; blue bird of para
dise hair ornament. ,
I. "
Mrs. II. V. Lane Cream embroidered
marquisette, elaborately trimmed with
crpum velvet and lace; diamonds.
Mrs. George H. Lee Princess gown of
light blue, satin, elaborate with duchess
lace; diamonds.
Mis. is. V. Lewis White lace princess
robe, handaomcly designed with pearl trim
mings; diamonds. -
Mrs. J. P. Lord Blick" lace gown com
bined with black satin ribbon.
Mrs. T. J. Mahoney-Llght green chiffon
over same shade of silk, elaborate trlm
m'"a of val iicliTiKs luce: diamonds.
Mrs. Charles , Marsh Yellow messallne,
Wini tones ui nit aame lacs and touches of
ll k velvet.
Mra John Vi.nAnjiM Sn.. .Aj,n -ui
'lamented with pink chiffon roaebuds.
I mis. tj. F. jucGrew ttlsck lace gown.
wim insfrtisn ana rumes or whit mechlln
lace and toned with blue velvet.
Miss Mary Lee McShane Lalnly costume
of pink chiffon over pink silk, with Dresden
silk trimmings.
Mrs. K J. McVann A handsome princess
gown of blue silk, with creum lace trim
mings. Miss Alice Mealies. Chicago (guest of Mrs.
C. K. Black) Lavendar tUsu, trimmed in
lace medallions.
Mrs.. Charles Meti Old gold messallne,
trimmed wuh Irish crochet lac and vel
vet; diamonds.
Mrs. Fred Mets Beautiful gown of black
lac - over whit silk, with trimmings of
black lac; American Beautlea. .
Mra. Morlts Meyer-Light gray messallne,
ducliesa lac and gray velvet ribbon; dla
monda Miaa Minna Meyer Tellow embroidered
messallne, trimmed with yellow velvet rib
bon ai.d lace; pearla.
Mrs. O. P. Moore, Chicago (guest of Mrs.
O. D. Klpllnger) Yellow Ushuu over yellow
satm.- with cream lace medallion..
Mrs. Hurley G. Moorehead-Plnk crep de
Chen with lkborale trimmings of cream
duchess lacs and made empire.
Mjia Rut,! Myers. Newpm. Neb Whit
clilffoo voll over white silk.
Mrs. O. A. Nesmith. Fort Omaha-Blue
brocade, with trimmings of Chinese em
broidery. ...
Mias Nesmith. Fort Omaha Crea m n.l
over pink silk. -
Miss Emma Patterson of Clearfield, Penn.,
(gueat of Mis Miriam Patterson) Whit
lace gown ovtr pink silk.
Miss Miriam Patterson Yellow radium
silk, passementerie trimmings, cream silk
Venetian lacs and embroidered yellow
chiffon rosebuds.
I Mrs. C. H. Pickens Grsy voile over gray
I silk and mads elaborate with Irish lace.
Mrs. A. B. Pinto White orgatidle over
whits silk, with profuse trimmings of val
rrrnM lace; emeralds and dlamonda
, Mis Elsbeth Pomy Pink messallne, with oi Valenciennes lace.
; Mrs. K. JL. Potter Mode color crep de
. clicne, trimmed aith bands and folds of
I golden brown velvet; diamonds.
I Mrs? Jny H. Pratt Pink chiffon cloth
ever pink taffeta, trimmings of duchess lac
am 1 i.iiiisiuius; diamondx. 1
M ss Ri'h Preni of Lincoln f
Miss Marlon Connell) Whit chiffon, with
c utsiie tiimmlniis of lace.
Miss Ruth Prentiss, Lincoln Whit lac
and chiffon goon.
Mra D. J. O'BHen Whit net over whit
silk; dlamonda
Mlsa Huth Rsymond af Lincoln (guest of
Mias Marian Connell) White chiffon, em
proid.ied In pale blue and green, with clab
1H. I trimming, of prince, lace.
Mra. Aiilmr Hrmlnlon Handsome gown
of iriatu tldftuu lata, will an
comhination of gold cloth and velvet; dla-
Miss Kstel Remington, Grand Rapids,
Mloh. (gueat of Mrs. Harlev O. Moorehead)
Pink satin accordion pleated and Inset
With duchess Isce.
Mra. J. H. Kltchle, Reaver Croaslngw
Blsok and white silk; diamonds.
Miss Kiel Ris, CslhounWhlt net and
point lac over green silk.
Mma fc,inu Honert son-Pink French mar-
qulsett over pink silk with effective bands
of pink panpo velvet and cluny lac.
Miss Mattle Robinson White chiffon
crepe, designed with small yellow flgur
nnd trimmed with yellow pann velvet and
re I isce
Mra Charles N. Robinson Whit lac
gown over yellow satin
Mrs. John Ross, jr. Gray and white
silk voile with silk sppllque trimmings;
handsome necklace and bracelet of rose-
line stones.
Mrs. J. R. Pcoble Wli'ts lac rob.
Mrs. Byron Smith Pink chiffon Over Pink
silk, designed with Pink embroidered roa
cninnn ana ciuny lace.
Mrs. Kdwln T. Swobs- Pink silk mull
designed with satin bands and Valenciennes
lace ruffles, collar of point lace.
Mrs. Thomas gwobe Hand msde laven
der voile gown, with trimmings of duchess
lace; diamonds.
Miss Edith Thomas Cream Imported real
lace tob. with trimmings of gold cloth.
Mrs. J. W. Thomss Whit point do Paris
robe over white chiffon and silk; pearl
Mrs. K. C. Twamlev Whit prlnoess lace
gown over whit chiffon and silk, elaborate
trimmings of cream pleated chiffon; dia
monds. Mra. E. C. Twamtey Whit princess lac
gown over white silk, with trimmings of
pleated chiffon; diamonds.
Mrs. N. B. t'pdlks Light blu silk mes
saline with beautiful trimmings of cream
lace; her hair ornament was a blue aigrette.
Mrs. D. M. Vlnsonhaler White allk gown
with handsome real lac trimmings.
Mrs. tt. C. Wsgner Violet chiffon cloth,
stiver passementerie trimmings and bands
of panne velvet the same shad.
Miss Marcia Louise Webber, Schuyler
Wi-'te net with trimmings of lace.
Miss Edna Weekly, Valley (guest of
Mrs. E. F. Hralley) Whit French organ
die over pink silk; pearls.
Mrs. V. 8. Wcller Exquisite princess
rpbe of all-over Battenberg, trimmings of
chiffon, with a real lace yoke; diamonds.
Mrs. Victor Whit Whit lingerie gown
over blue silk, with ruffles and edgings of
Valenciennes lace.
Mrs. B. T. Whit Green silk poplin made
elaborate with green velvet and duchess
' Miss Mable Willing. Broken Bow Cream
lace robe over- cream chiffon and taffeta
silk; diamonds and pearls.
Mrs. W. L. Tetter Whit perslan lawn,
Wtiu Valenciennes lac trimmlnga'.
Major Thomas Swob gacceed Hint
as Chief Qaartermaster at
Army Headquarters.
Major Thomas Cruse has been relieved
from duty as chief quartermaster of the
Department of the Mlasourl and is as
signed to duty as depot quartermaster at
Boston. He Is succeeded as chief quarter
master of the department by Major Thomas
Swobc, who will assume thla new duty In
connection with his duties as depot quar
termaster at Omaha. Major Cruse and
family wtll leave Omaha for Boston next
Tuesday. His departure from the Depart
ment of th Missouri Is sincerely regretted
by tha entire department force, as is the
departure of this estimable family from
' the social circles of Omaha. Major Bwobe
has already entered upon his duties as
chief quartermaster of the department.
. Captain C. B. Bweesey, paymaster United
States army, left Thursday for San Fran
cisco, from whence he will sail next week
for tha Philippines to report tor duty In
tha pay department of the military division
of the Philippines at Manila. '
Brigadier General Charles. Morton, United
States army, assumed command of the new
brigade post of Fort D. .A. Russell, Wyd.,
Friday morning.
Brigadier General E. 8. Godfrey, ' with
his aide-de-camp. Lieutenant Allln, have
returned to Fort . Riley. General Oodfrey
will not again visit army headquarters at
Omaha, as he goes on the retired list Oc
tober t. It Is not known at this time who
will succeed him In command of the De
partment of the Missouri.
Leaves of absence have been granted the
following officer of th Department of
tha Missouri: Major John 8. Kulp, medical
department, Fort Meads, for two month,
with permission to apply for an extension
of two months; Captain S. M. Koohersper
ger, Second cavalry. Fort Dea Moines, an
extension of twenty days; First Lieutenant
R. W. Morrison, Sixteenth Infantry, Fort
Crook, for two months, with permission to
apply for an extension of two months;
First Lieutenant Sidney Smith, Sixteenth
Infantry, . Fort Crook, for one month;
Second Lieutenant John P. Bubb, Six
teenth infantry, Fort Crook, for on month;
First Lieutenant Jack Hays, Fort Crook,
Sixteenth Infantry, for thre months, .with
permission to apply for an extenstpn of
on month. - '- -
Private Henry C. -Johnson, Company L,
Eleventh infantry, for derilon has been
sentenced to dishonorable discharge front
the army, and . two years' Imprisonment In
the military prison at Fort Leavenworth.
Private William J. J. Btsrman, Troop L,
Thirteenth cavalry, has been ""ordered
honorably discharged from the army.-
A general court-martial baa been con
vened at Fort Robinson, Neb.,- for - the
trial: of such as may ba properly
brought before It. Detail for the court:
Lieutenant Colonel Charles M. O'Connor,
Captain Kdgar A. Berymer, Captain B. B.
Mctx'ally. First Lieutenant Otto W.
I Rothorst, Second Lieutenants Thomas F.
VsnNatta, J. B. Collins. W. R. Henry, with
', First Lieutenant Duncan Elliott, all of the
Eighth cavalry, as Judge advocate.
Pursuant with instruction from the War
department th following named officers of
the Department of th Missouri staff and
at Fort Crook will be required to tak th
fifteen miles practice horseback rldeln th
near future. Lieutenant Colonels t W: B.
Davis. John M. Banister, William A. Glass
ford; Msjors Lloyd . McCornlck, Jacob G.
Galbralth,. Charles R. Neyes, Oorge T.
Galbralth, Charles R. Noy.s, Qeorg T.
Slaughter. Thos from Fort Crook ar
Colonel Cornelius Gardener, Lieutenant
Colonel R. H. Wilson and Major WUllam
IF. Blauvelt. all of th Sixteenth infantry.
The date for the practice ride ha not yet
been fixed by th War department, but It
will take plac som.tLrn. befor Novem
ber 1.
You or
thb Kon rummvmB .as OAaraT eo. SST. las?
thing Marked
at Low
In Plain ( j
Fljjures Q
s a
8 MM
These suits were made to sell at $26, $30 and $35. They constitute
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only seventy-two suits in the lot on sale Saturday
morning at nine o'clock, for,
Bl,. IUB lU ,CIVll 1
HOfiacriui oargain in i an vuais t
srprlced buying and a determination to associate $10 with wonderful
his. Light.
?I0 8
More Millinery Just Received Q
les" hats (f
4?? 8
coat values is the reason for such a season opening sale as this.
medium and heavy weight fall coats full ripple
back 50 inches long some half lined, others
full lined made to retail for at least $15 and
$17.50 go on sale Saturday for only
We Just opened a large shipment of the popular "Fluffy lluffles" hats
made of velvet ana trimmea wun large tux nowg .
cannot be bought elsewhere under at least $7.60
go on sale Saturday, for
Glove Fitting Patterns In
our Cloak IXept... All TEX
CENTS each.
Get the new
Sheets. Free
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Manufacturers Surplus Stock of
Men's Suits and Overcoats
We 1!1 place on sale tomorrow a manufacturer's surplus stock
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Man d o
Superfluous flair
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smooth white arms, fret from hair
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ol bf Sl.r. Utmt rM.,
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Th. Bll Dr.f Cv.,
ao. rrtas r...
Mfrt-DuUm Drug Co..
a. H- aikauu.
UU riuj fjcj
v Men's Fall Weight Underwear
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Men's and Women's Fine Shoes
We carry all styles and all leathers In the famous "American
Gentleman" and "American Lady" shoes.
You know what the are. Prices
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r 3
Mr o
v;. .. , o
' M? .,5:.M o
: W Mr m o
f o
im o
- jl Jo
wmif-. 8
Grand Jury Beports Nothing in Oil
Man s Charges.
Jadge l.aadls Informed Head of the
BlMUri IWpiir I..1HB
Did Not Prepare HI
Owl Letter. '
CHICAGO, Oct. 4. Th special grand
Jury retained by Judge Landls to Investi
gate the charges made by President
Mo !Tet of the Standard ' OH company of
Indiana, namely that other concerns be
sides th Standard were beneficiaries of rs
bates from the railroads 'portd to the
court today that the Mffet statements
were entirely without foundation.
The report declares: "From a careful
and thorough Investigation .it appeared that
while the statement credited to - Mr.
MofTett was prepared " largely by Morlts
Rosenthal, one of the attorneys for the
Standard Oil company In the case of the
United States versus the Standard Oil
company, It was given out by Mr.' Moffott
over his name as his own statement."
It developed that Mr. MofTett had no
knowledge whatever of any facts regard
ing, shipments of property from Whiting,
.Ind, and points In Illinois over th Chi
cago Alton or any other road, by any
shippers.' . . ' v :i
treasurer of the Pure OH company and
the United States Pipe Line company, took
tha witness stand today in th hearing of
the government's suit to dissolve th
Standard Oil company and told of th
troubles of his two companies in their com
petition with th oil combine. Mr. Tarbell
said the Standard fought the United State
pipe line at every stop to prevent it from
reaching seaboard with Its pipe line. Mr.
Tarbell is a brother of Miss Ida Tarbell,
who has written extensively of the affair
of the Standard.
When the pipe line reached Hancock, Pa.,
In 1S94. the Erie railroad objected to Its '
passing over their right-of-way, and at '
Wilkesbarr th Pennsylvania and Lacka
wanna railroads tried to prevent the lln
passing under their tracks.
Chairman of Board of Directors Pre
fers Not to Talk.
j ST. LOUIS, Oct. ..-Henry Clay Plerc,
' chairman of the board of directors of th
Waters-Plerc Oil company, arrived her
today from New York In his private car
Zamora. Mr. Plerc said he would be In
St. -Louis' lor a week attending to business
affairs and would then return to New Tork.
He declined to discuss either th govern
ment's suit against the Standard OH com
pany or tha ouster suits of Attorney Gen
.oral Hadley of Missouri against th Waters
i Plerc, Standard and Republlo oil -com-penl.a.
The Jury said that th statement In ques
tion was based entirely- upon the testimony
of PS. Hollands, an employs of th Alton,
given at th Standard Oil' trial. Mr. Mof
fett' assured i ths grand - ,)tuy that
neither Mr.' Rosenthal or any on
Is- connected .'with .'the Standard
OH company of Indiana at whom he knw,
could giv to the grand Jury .any Informa
tion except that gathered from th Stand
ard OH trial as to' such alleged rebating.
Th grand Jury also reported that Mr. Hol
laid's testimony was barren of results.
In explaining to' tha grand Jury' that
th statement In th pamphlet was based
olely upon th evidence at tho trial of
th .Standard OH. case. -Mr. Mofftt re.
ferred to certain portion of Jh vldcncc
of Hollands, th rat clerk of th Alton.
It appeared that at th trial of -he
Standard OH company, Hollands' atten
tion was specifically directed to shipments
by others than th Staadard Oil company
from th points, la .question, at unlawful
rates, and at that time. In response to
questions by th court,, h replied: "I
eeuld not giv yeu any pclflo references
to any particular property."
To th grand Jury Hollands stated that
h was unable to giv any Information
about shipments ever th Alton from th
points In question wher there liad bean
a violation of law similar to that of th
Standard. - Th grand Jury questioned
other representatives of th Alton road,
and It appeared that none could giv a
case Iq which freight had been rhippod
from th point abov named anfler th
earn circumstances as th shipment
mad by th Standard. Represenatlves of
th Alton road stated to th grand Jury
that th ease of th Standard OH com
pany was th only on In which ship
ments had been made a rat less than
that named la lawfu tariff. '
rathe Ida Tarbell Tell at Cast,
test with Staadard.
KBY IOKK- OcJU 4.-W VT. ZarbaU.
Dr. Bryee tirawford Rlda City
Dreamer aad They Hold Him
t Im Dread.
Cocaine Habit Cured In One Minute or
Patient Removed From Omaha Permanent
Lasting No Us of Knit or Dangerous
Such, a sign hangs over th door of th
court room at th pollc station in ths
minds of th cok and hop . fiends ' of
Omaha. When they se Roman candles
and rockets that flxsl and scream; when
I they dream the most delicious drelms that
ever a human dreamed; and slumber away
! In the sleep, which is brother only to
' death, and hear th voices of, msa and
maidens singing th harvest horn, th hug
yellow sign with th skull and cross bones,
1 mnA th - .Ivn.liir. f firvM Crawford.
crosses their haunted minds.
This Is because Judge Crawford has prac
tically cleared Omaha of th cocaine fiends.
J At least th swarms of thsm which for
merly appeared before th people's bar at
th polle. station ar seen no mora.
Mr. John Wright attempted to climb a
telephone pole at Twentieth and Far nam
j streets Thursday evening, and either grap
i pi with her evil star r catch th trailing
! robe of th sunset which her eocalne
' paralysed brain Imagined wer dangling
Ilk a tatt.r.d veil vr . th top of th
Friday Mrs. Wright was la pollc eourt.
I "Full of cok." said th offloar. Then the
Judge gav th woman his absent treat
ment and wrot thirty day on th big
book of polle Ufa. -Tills
Is th minimum aentenc which
Judgs Crawford wilt giv to users f co.
tain aad h ha threatened to make stat
cases out of any which come befor him
Charged with using th drug. Pollc of
ficer said Friday that Mra. Wright was
th first to receive the sentence for many
Weeks, when formerly th court was about
qually divided plain drunk and
cok users. Judg Crawford has cleaned
them out of the pollc annals of Omaha
I and It la said In pollc circle they, ar
ataxia ut u aiur.
Con liter Coaple Prefer Uood Old
Lamp to Chance of Belngr
A rural couple from th western part of
th stat registered at the Millard Thurs
day and asked Clerk Sherman for a room
without gas and with a bath attachment.
"Tou see," said the man, "we come
down here to Omehaw to take in tha
alghta of th Ak-Sar-Ben and w ar go
ing to se th whole shooting match. I'v
read so much about fellers getting gas
flxtated by gas In their rooms that you
don't catoh us, not much. I'm willing to
pay a little extray for a lamp with on
of them rd. shade fixing. I am going to
take a bath too, while I'm down her this
time, for I missed tak in' oTi last year as
th hotel w stopped at didn't have any
bath rooms about; only on tit them Turk
ish thing and I'm a le.tle afraid of them,
for my son-in-law, Dave, says a feller Is
likely to get scalded In on of them, and
I halnt going to tak no chance while I
am on thla spree." - , :
Clerk Sherman kindly ' humored the
quaint coupl by having th gas Jet In
their room screwed tight so they couldn't
manipulate It, and furnished them a lamp
with a red shade. Tha ooupls left Friday
morning for their hom. happy In their
xperleno and promised to ' com baolt
naxt year.
PAZO Ointment Is guaranteed to our any
case of Itchlng.Bllnd. Bleeding or Protruding
Piles In to It days or money refunded, 60.
OalT Oaa "BltOMO ftfJINIXB"
That 1 LAXATIVE) Bromo Qulnln. Look
for th signature of E. W. Orev. Used the
world over to cur a Cold In on day. 25.
I U Possess surpassing points of rs- B
' H 11DX due to car In making,
corrects! of eattsrni sod quality 1
B of malarial In white or fxclu- 1
- Ir aivsfaocy eatWrns $1 .40 and up. I
II malt the toilet something to be en.
joyed. It remove all stain and rough new,
prevents prickly hat and casing, aad
leaves tha skia whit, soft, healthy. la the
bath It brlflva a ftlnw and hllrMf inn flrtiirk
I BO tonmol artao ran eon. I Imntninr tha
I rltor and Hfj fetation .ofjmjjj XllkU