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meat ynat It.
foha A. Oeatleaaaa for coroner.
Xobi. rrlatlaf Co, 114-1 1 R lth 8U
. Swiss Brews Offlr Brandela Bids.
A. Klnehart photocrapher, rumored
(o Eighteenth and Farnana treat,
fmll Drees Suite end Prince Albert
ltrt etjrlee, et Vollmeta, 107 8. 16th St.
St A. roster, Sentiet, office N. B.
Cor. ltn end Douglaa, over Fry Shoe Store,
R. 1.
MwTl have Rock Springs coal.
Central Coal & Coke Co. of Omaha, 16th
end Harney. ), loAfe and kindred organiza
tion find It to their advantage to keep a
Ravings account with the City Savings
Oae Dollar Aatoaate 'are aerured the
ame ae the larger amount when Invented
In The Conservative, 1C14 Harney at reel. Re
sources, $2,600,000. ,
X Our stock ef faU and winter woolen 1
7 complete. An order placed now may be
" yx'taa V , 1 1 ITT 1 ll V, UUMtClV B.
UeDeeiald. 17 Booth Fifteenth atreet.
ae Siade Oet Eight our Th
Roberta Printing company ha acceded
to the dpmanria nf ihtti.ikAr, want
ing the. eight-hour" day. but aa thl con
cern employs only, one binder, the other
employers are not much concerned about
Roberts' action.
i Mr. and Mr, aforaads classes In dan
cing for children, in Law School building,
210 South 18th street, reopens Saturday, Oc
tober I.. Beginners, I p. m.; advance, 4 p.
m. ; high school assemblies Saturday, 7:30
p. m.; Six months. IS. Tel. Douglas loll.
Mastuiea lodged In r Jail Jove Mas
tilica, charged with, forging a poatofflce
money order and obtaining t30 thereon, wa
brought down from Madison Wednesday
evening by Deputy I'nlted State Marshal
J. O. Moor and lodged m the Dougla
county jail to await trial before the United
State district court. 1
W Form of Memorial A new form of
resolution to present to the families of
' dead member ha been adopted by the
Commercial rlub. Heretofore the club has
sometimes presented embossed resolu
tion and sometimes typewritten ones;
hereafter they will be printed cn a fine
quality of paper. Those In memory of
lleorge w. Llnlnger have been printed.
alt Against Adam Snyder The execu
tor of the will of Count Crelghton have
begun suit agalnut Adam Snyder for
$1,000 on notes given by Snyder July 3.
1191.' Snyder was formerly county treas
urer and was found short in his accounts.
He has been away front Omaha for sev
eral years and ths Is the second suit tiled
against him since his return. The flrae
one wa by Gotlleb Store, one of his
, . bondsmen, who had to make up a part of
the deficit.
Alleged Theft from Mother Complaint
has been- filed In juvenile court against
John Field, charging him with stealing 1100
from his mother, Mrs. Dooley. (28 North
Twenty-sixth street, and running away to
Chicago. He shared the money With Verner
Murphy, a youtig friend, who went to
Chicago wlh , him. The pair were ar
rested by the Chicago Juvenile authorities
and turned over to Probation Officer Car
ver, who brought them back to Omaha.' A
complaint was also filled against young
Asphalt on Harney Street Hugh Mur
phy haa started to put asphalt on Harney
street between Twentieth and Twenty
fourth street, the first asphalt paving to
.. be done bv this contractor tM Th
' contract for this woilt waa let last fall'
, auu me aeiay in its completion ha been
the cause of considerable comment on the
part of city officials and residents of that
paving district. The work will be finished
' In a few days. If the weather permits con
tinuous work.
Ul'ori BlvtTna TTn Vv Th. .
fir., "for the month' of September shows ,
, a total or 190, against 1T a year ago. Of
these birth 102 were white males, eighty-
four white females, three colored males and
one colored female. ' 8lx pairs of twins
' three ot girl and' three of boys, are In
- :luded. One of the peculiarities of the re
port' la thai no blrttr 1 reported for Sep
tember 1. Thl wae-a holiday, Labor day.
and la the enly holiday of the year on
which no birth was reported.
OlTll etTioe Examination A class of
eighteen applicants for positions In the
1 Mvll service waa examined Thursday at
t. the . federal building. Fourteen of them
ire, taking the examination for post office '
;lerkft, three for stenographers and type
writers and one for a department clerkship.
Two of the applicants, were young women. '
The examinations are being held under the
' tupervtslon of Civil Service Examiner J. j
M. Shoemaker of St. Paul, Minn., assisted!
oy William Kelley of the Omaha poetofflce
' Torce. 1
Suit to Keplcvin Bora The United
States as trustee for Kllen Big Bear, a
Winnebago Indian, filed a suit In replevin j
ti the I'nlted States circuit court Thursday
morning against W. ,J. Herman and Julius
Pitts of Pender to recover possession ot a
' dorse, which was sold them by the plain
:lff for a ridiculously ljw grloe. The gov
trnnient holds that aa the horse was pur
chased for the use of the Indian from In
llan trust fund that ,'the Indian had no
. right to aell the anlmaj nor had the de
fendant any right to buy It or retain poa
leision of the animal.
Way Some Schedule Are Vastamped
Though the Stat Railroad commission or
. lered that all the new classification sched
ule sent out by the railroads should be
itampod with tle word "Not good In Ne-
... Oreaka" the Omaha jobbers are getting
K-nedules not stamped. This Is explained
oy the fact that Commissioner Qutld ot
the Commercial club got a big bunch of
(1 scpcdule direct, from the western
ilaaaiflcation committee and they did not
tss through the hand of the railroad
at all. -Mr. Guild still; has some of the
books, which he will furnish to shipper.
Biff Xficraaee la Money Order BaalBesa
That there haa been a blg'lnereas In th
Honey order bualneaa of the Omaha poet
tfTlc during September ,1a shown In these
tgures: Money orders issued during Bep
iember, 1907, 1B.701; amount, 1184.114,0.
Money order paid. 71.10; amount, 1884.
Cia. Money orders Issued during Beptem-
, tr. lKkV 14.17? ; amount. Money
trder paid, 64.177; amount, $-t?9, 147.14. The
norease In the amount of the money or
ers Issued for September, 1907, over Sep
tember. ' 1KX, Is 1XK.5, and Increase
n the amount ot money orders paid,
S.0. Case Wiped Oat The case ' of
lullus Land, the chiropodist who was ar
rested last Dimmer for painting a woman
Itb. Iodine to cur her rheumatism, almoat
You prove your intelligence
when you pick Arbuckles Ari
osa Coffee instead of the mis
branded, misnamed "Mocha &
JavaY as the cheapest good
coffee in the World.
causing her death, ha been nolled by '
County Attorney English. Lund was
charged with practicing mdlclne without
a license. Ills patient was taken to a hos
plta' and recovered after an Illness ef sev
eral day ald to have been caused by the
Iodine treatment. She has. started suit
gainst Lund fof civil damage. With the
Lund case County Attorney English and
Judge Troup wiped off the criminal docket
about a dosen old rases which have been
hanging fire for a long time. In most of
them the complaining witnesses have failed
to appear to prosecute.
. Wife rinds Husband Toe Maob In a
petition for divorce from Oeorgs W. Iach,
a prominent farmer living near Benning
ton, Mrs,. Allc Leach declares he told
her he married her to get a housekeeper
and he did not care for her. She says
nine yeara ago he began to be extremely
cruel to her, but she forgave him and con
tinued to live at hi house, though for
several years, she says, they have been
Indifferent. Last Sunday, she declares, he
struck her and threatened her with a re
volver and then she left him, with their
three children. Mr. Leach owns a farm
said to be worth 119.009 near Bennington,
she says, and $6,000 worth of personal
property. She asks for a divorce and ali
mony and wants him restrained from In
terfering with her or from Incumbering
their property with .mortgages.
raokar Wla on Appeal The United
States circuit court of appeals for the
Eighth district ha reversed the judgment
of th United Btates circuit court for the
district of Nebraska In the matter of Louis
Banduskl against the Omaha Packing com
pany, wherein Sanduskl, who was an em
ploye of the Omaha Packing company,' was
awarded $1,(100 damages for personal In
juries received while working in the plant
In January, 1906. Louis Sanduskl brought
ult agalnat the Omaha Packing company
for $10,000 damage and the case wa tried
In December. 1906, resulting In a verdict for
$1,900, In favor of Sanduskl, against the com
pany. The Omaha Packing company ap
pealed the case to the circuit court of ap
peals with the result that the Judgment Is
reversed and besides losing the case, San
duskl will have to pay the costs, which are
taxed at $115.70.
l.earn Typewriter Company to Be
Financial Director of Omaha t
Nebraska) Central.
C. W. Eckerman has resigned his position
a Omaha manager for the Smith Premier
Typewriter company to go with the Omaha
& Nebraska Central railroad as its financial
He has let the contract to the H. J.
Folts company of Minneapolis, much ex
perienced In the art of financing electric
railroads, for the selling of the company's
stock. James A. Wallace, vice president of
the Folts company, Is In Omaha to take
charge of the campaign.
The line from Omaha to Hastings,
169 miles, will be the shortest route be
tween these two cities and will pass
through the county seats of the rich coun
ties of Adams. Hamilton, Polk. York, But
ler, Saunders and Douglas. It will carry
freight and passengers, with sidings for
freight every three miles and a telephone
system by which farmer may order car
set out.'
Water power will be taken from the Loup
river at Columbus. The officials say 80
per cent of the right-of-way haa . been
bought and all necessary franchises have
been secured, except In Wahoo.
The company Is capitalised at $1,500,000 and
the stock will be offered at popular sub
scription In Nebraska. Many of the farm
ers who void land for right-of-way havo
taken stock In exchange and are buying
additional stock.
No successor to Mr. . Eckerman as man
ager for the Smith Premier company has
been announced. Mr. Eckerman haa been
manager, of , the Omaha odVce for six years
and previously was manager at Lincoln for
six year. : . .
Trrhalealltles Fen tar of the Safety
appllaac Halts In Fed
' oral Csort.
The safety appliance cases continue to be
the principal feature for the federal court
proceedings. They are largely technical In
character and Involve numerous finely
drawn questions. .This is Illustrated In the
case against the Missouri Pacific railway,
wherein It was charged that the cars were
not provided with the proper safety appli
ances. In the matter ot draw and of grab
or handle bars. ,
A technical question . arose as to the
proper height of the draw bar from the
track. In the first Instance. The jury was
excused, during the argument, until 9:30
Thuraday morning. Upon reassembling
Thursday morning, the court directed the
jury to bring In a verdict for the Missouri
Pacific on the count relating to the draw
Car matter, and a verdict for the govern
ment In the matter of the deficient grab
or handle bar. This judgment will involve
a penalty of $100 fine against the delinquent
railroad company.
The next of the aafety appliance suit
for trial I that against th South Omaha
Stock Yards company for using defective
cars. The case ta being heard before Judge
T. C. Munger, both parties waiving a jury
trial, the case to be submitted on argu
ments. The jury. In the meanwhile, has
been excused until this case has been dis
posed of.
Henry E. Jones of Tampa. Fla., writes:
"I can thank God for my present health,
due to Foley's Kidney Cure. I tried doc
tors and all kinds of kidney cures, but
nothing done me much good till I took
Foley's Kidney Cure. Four bottles cured
me, snd I have no more pain In my back
and shoulders. I am 62 years old. and suf
fered long, but thanks to Foley's Kidney
Cure I am well and can walk and enjoy
myself. It Is a pleasure to recommend It
to those needing a kidney medicine." For
sale by all druggists.
There's no chance tor an argument
a to whether The Bee want ad pay
or not. They always pay It they ask
anything consistent. There are so
many people la Omaha that somebody
Is qualified to fill any sort of a want
If you want to find position or some
body to fill a position ; If you want to find
th loser or the finder of an article; if
you want to find a landlord or a tenant,
try Bee want ad. .
BatldlBar Peraalta.
Th following building permit have been
W. Vandercreek. frame dwelling. $204 Lar
imore avenue. $1,800; William Kills, frame
dwelling, Twenty-fifth avenue and Dodge
street. tt.OiiO; Elmer L. Frhr. frame dwell
ing. 2710 California street, $2,500.
" '" ""'"
jil"" I' "imn i mil i
Shortcoats and long
ulsteri duck or
corduroy outside
now shown b all
sizes and length.
AH you need know
about them it that
this label appears
in the lining
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars
Against Creighton Estate. ,
One of Gieestort Present t'ontln.
Kent Claim Arlslas; from Trans
actions In Which lie and
Coant Were interested.
John A. McShane. one of the executor
of the Count Creighton estate,, has filed a
contingent claim for $201,968.28 against the
estate as the result of a Texas land trans
action In which he and Count Creighton
were Interested Mr. McBhane and Count
Creighton had 60,000 acre of timber land In
Texas which Ihey put on the market be
fore Count Creighton' death. They dis
posed of 34,070 acres, realizing $388,388 from
It. In order to facilitate matters Connt
Creighton would give Mr. McBhane a quit
claim deed for the property and Mr. Mc
Shane would then give the purchaser a war
ranty deed. Recently their title has been
questioned and ten auits have been started
gainst Mr. McShane on the strength of his
warranty dnpds. He says the total liability.
Including expenses of fighting the suits and
attorney feos, will amount to $403,916.56, and
In case Judgment Is secured against him he
holds the estate, should bear half of this, or
S301.9S8.28. He asks that this amount be re
served and held until the outcome ef the
suits Is determined In order that the total
expense may not fall on him. Under the
contract Count Creighton received $280,000
from the sale of the land and Mr. McShane
the remainder.
At the request of the executors County
Judge Leslie has appointed W. F. Qurley
aa special attorney to represent the estate
In the hearing on the claim.
One Omaha Man on the Additional
Panel Drawn for District
An additional panel of twenty-one fed
eral petit Jurors has been drawn by Dis
trict Clerk Hoyt and Jury Commissioner
Tllden. Omaha Is represented on the new
panel by A. J. Peck, a real estate dealer,
residing at 4.111 Dodge street. The new
panel was made necessary through so
many of the old panel having beerl ex
cused from serving during the present
torm of court. Following Is the list of
Jurors, who are ordered to report at once:
Vlysses Q. Brendonbaunrh. Colerldae:
Clarence D. Cass, Aurora; Andrew Iill,
Plattsmouin, m. m. liovern, Bialr; Qeorge
B. Gatlln. 8crlbnr: Bert Keene. Fremont:
D. A. Kelso. Pender; Oscar R. Kirschke,
Oram! Island; Warren C. Keck, Aurora;
Barton Mellott. South Auburn: Oeorsa
Munroe, Hastings: Henry Mayer. Lincoln:
A. J. Peck. Omaha, 4311 Dodge street; Ed
ward Pothast, Cortlsnd: Benjamin Rupp,
Wahoo; Hugh Robertson, North Platte;
James Sorenson, North Bend; Jamea Sor-
enson, tornova; Men u. HouthwlcK. pal
myra; H. M. Soennlchsen, Plattsmouth; W,
. Bcnwenn, ueiaen. '
Cilrl Will Be ot Alt Then and Can
Get Her License to
Because Catie Gorub la a few month
less than 18 year old her marriage to
Joseph Bosilevac of South . Omaha will
have to be postponed until a letter can
be dispatched to Austria and an answer
received giving the consent of her father
to , the wedding. When the groom with
a friend applied for the license Thuraday
morning he gave her age as 18, but In
advertently said she would not reach, that
age until Christmas. License Clerk Furay
had to refuse to Issue the license until
she had aecured parental consent. Her
father 1 still living In her native land
Austria, hence the delay. The pair went
home to examine her passport, whtch con
tain her age. In the hope they had made
a mistake of a year. In the meantime the
license Is being held for them.
Bold) Bad Man Make III Escape
When Harry Swan Stabs
His Toe.
Harry L. Swan, correspondent of the As
sociated Press, had a burglar In his house
at 111 North Twenty-second street, for a
short time Wednesday night, but th burg
lar got away when Mr. Bwan crawled out
of bed and stubbed his toe on a chair.
The burglar slammed the front door and
away he went. No booty was taken.
Thirty minutes later Mr. Swan was awak
ened again, thl time by a chorti of fem
inine scream from a boarding house around
the corner on Caaa street, The burglar
had got Into the boarding house and dis
turbed a wakeful woman, who turned on
the vocal alarm. He got nothing at the
second place.
Vast Army Will March to Dedication
of Aew Cntkollo Cathe
dral Bandar.
Owirg to repair on Cuming street,
change have been made In the line of
march for the solemn procession Incident to
th laying of the cornerstone o( the new
Cathollo cathedral next Sunday. Form
ing at Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nine
teenth streets, the parade will march west
on Farnara street to Thirty-ninth, north
to Davenport, west to Fortieth, north to
Burt, east to Thirty-ninth, thance to the
cathedral ground. It I expected 10,000
men will be In line. Acceptance from out-of-town
dignitaries of the church have far
exceeded the expectation ot the committee.
1 1 an i nits mi 'imn I V i.
Your dealer vrfll U VO
One Hundred and Thirty Supplying
Omaha to Be Inspected.
Veterinarian and Commlsvloner of
Health Oatllae Campaign to
Guard Ajralast Tnherealosl
Effect In Milk.
The city veterlnarln and. commissioner
of health have outlined a campalm for
the veterinarian which Includes Inspection
ot each of the 130 dairies supplying milk,
to Omah within the next two months. As
the dairies are widely scattered over the
country surrounding the city the plan con
templates a busy season for the veterina
rian, who la Instructed to report each week
to the Board of Health, showing the exact
condition of each dairy with reference to
the health of the cattle and the sanitary
arrangement of the stables and surround
ings. The veterinarian already has visited a
few dairies and at the one operated by
Jullen Clausen found conditions so nearly
perfect that other dairymen will be told
they can learn just how the city desire
such places operated by Inspecting that at
Fourth avenue and K street In East
After cold weather sets In the Board of
Health will turn It attention more particu
larly toward the condition of health of the
cows. As long as the cattle are In open
pasture disease I iot manifest. In I
maintained, but when they ar placed In
close stable and do not receive a much
exercise as they should tuberculosis devel
ops rapidly In some case, and thl la the
disease from which the board desires to
protect consumers ot milk. Dr. Hall says
his Investigations show the people using
milk In Omaha are not In great danger of
thla disease, as the dairymen make a prac
tice of 'changing their cows frequently.
Two years, he says. Is about the average
time a cow Is kept In a dairy herd. This
Is due to the fact that dairymen follow
the system of Intensive feeding and after
t,wo year of this style of feeding the cow
fail to respond with the Increased flow of
mHk desired and they give place to other
more susceptible to condensed food.
Connty Attorney Say He Doe Not
Contemplate Dismissal ' of
Walker Case.
C. H. Walker, president of the Omaha
Umbrella company, whose arrest for ob
taining money under false pretense last
suilmer In the sale ot hi umbrella com
pany stock. Is said to be making strenuous
efforts to have the case against him dis
missed. Walker, it waa charged, secured '
several hundred dollar from unsuspecting
Investor who subscribed for Stock In re
turn for a Job with the company. It after
ward turned out the company wa not
operating and It failed auddenty one day
and criminal charges were filed as the re
sult. Walker Is now traveling for a Sioux City
Arm and it Is said some Influential friends
are seeking to have the prosecution
stopped. County Attorney English said he
had not been asked to dismiss the caae
and that he expected to prosecute It.' He
declares he ha -had some -difficulty in get
ting evidence, however, as he wa not In
office when the cases were started.
A ieperh Display of Elegant Hand
Made Laces and l.ace Goods
at Harden Bros.
Through special"' arrangement with one
ot the largtest firms of ' Importers of real
hand-made laoes and lace good In Amer
ica, a magnificent line, of Irish crochet,
dutchess, princess and point gause laces
and lace jackets was consigned to us for
exhibition and sale. The laces come In
allovers, gatoona, " edges and bands and
complete sets. The jackets, collars,
berthas, .collar and euff sets, etc., are In
the very richest designs. On account of
these goods being consigned we can save
purchasers from 26 per cent to tSi per cent
on usual retail prices. We cordially In
vite every lady In Omaha to look over
these line whether they wish to buy or
not. W know that It will delight you.
Plow' Company Let Union Paelfle
Havo Part of Its Jtew
The John Deere' Plow company, prepar
atory to taking title to tta building site at
Ninth and Harney streets, ha old to the
Union Pacific four lot on th eouth ld ot
Leavenworth atreet. between Eighth and
Ninth street. Thl 1 the property the
company bought over a year ago. Intend
ing to build there, but which It wa forced
to glv up by the railroad company, which
need the ground for an extension of the
Union station grounds. The plow com
pany gave about SoO.OOv for the four lot
and got' $86,000 from th railroad.
Foley' Kidney Cure will cure ny case
of kidney trouble" that 1 not beyond medi
cal aid. For sale by all druggist.
Show th suDstltutor that you havs a
mind of your own by getting what you ask
Announcements, weddm atatlonerv end
calling card, blank book, and magastn
binding. 'Phone Doug. UOt. A. !. Root. loo.
C. F. Robertson, mayor of Worland,
Wyo., wa an Ak-8ar-Ben visitor Thuraday.
Walter Petersen, an Omaha contractor,
left Wednesday for a three months' stay In
the Scandinavian countries.
F. Herbster of Falls City. F. J. Qulmby
'of Shelby, R. Everest of. Randolph and D.
, McKee of Sidney aie at the Henshaw.
3. C. Ong of Little Rock, p. Valberdlng,
; Mre. D. Walderbing, Jr., of Wlsner snd
i T. g. Clifford ot Columbus are the Hen
I shew. 1
Csntaln Charles C. Walcott. United
Btates army. Is an Omaha visitor, a guest
at the Her Grand. Mrs. Walcott accom
panies him.
Jacob Oothrlng of Seward. C. T. Serf.
Carl Miller of Aurora. K T. Brown of Buf
falo and F. M. I.eplnKkl of Heatings are
at the Her Grind.
Charles R. Ash of Auburn, Mr. and Mrs.
O. F. blgler ef O'Neill. R. Stevenson of
Lincoln and Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Modlln of
Ulysses ars at the Rome.
Mr. and Mrs. August Thelen snd child.
J. H. Duren of Shelby. P. A. Williams of
Norfolk and Miss Alice Whitney ot Fuller
ton are at the ller Orand.
Deputy United Statea Marshal Henael of
the South Platte district Is in Omaha to
assist in serving processes during the pres
ent term of the federal courts.
Nilea Johnson of Stromsburg. P. p. Reid
of Lindsay, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Campbell,
Mr. and Mra. Ed Hoar, Mr. and Mra. B.
Tlmpkina of Lyons are at th Midland.
W. B. riughea. secretary of the Sta'e
Bankers' association end head of the
Omaha Clearing house has returned from
New York, where Yr. went on a abort busi
ness trip.
O. M. Leser of Los Angeles, J. W. Mc
Laren of Sprlngvlew, p. J. (Jleaaon of
Nashville, Mr. and Mra. H. J. Pass of
Mankato and E. Rosenthal ot Columbus
are at the Rome.
Mr. and Mra J. R. Toe; ef "Irstton, Mr.
and Mra A. R. Kinney of Ravenna, C. IS.
Stuart of O'Neill. Mra. ft H. Williams of
Schuyler, R. Long of Lincoln and John W.
Weadei of Holton are at the Millard.
11 1 1 iy . iv
Effervescent Taken by Mrs. Andrew
Fink is Followed by Death.
Had Jest Given Baby Bath and
Was to Go on Krrand with
' Sister Wku Dlsslness
Strikes Her.
Heaping teaspoons full of patent effer
vescent s, sold as certain cures for headache
and exhaustion and containing twenty-two
grains of aCetphentidln to the ounce are
old to be the cause ot the sudden death
of Mi. Grace I. Fink, wife of Andrew
Fink, 3008 Maaon street, a woman 27 year
ot age.
Mra. Fink was preparing to com down
to the city with her slater. Miss Helen
Nleles, when Bhe suddenly turned to her
sister with glaring eyes and told her she
waa too dlxzy to put on her hat. Saying
this, she leaned over on the' bed to rent a
moment and died before assistance or phy
sicians could be summoned,
Screams of Miss Nleles brought other
members of the family to Mrs. Fink's
room and Dr. Brown, who Uvea near, was
aiimmoned. But the young woman passed
away almoat as soon as sh. rested on the
bed. ' 1
Mrs. Fink had just been engaged In giv
ing her baby, 18 months ot age, a bath,
and had not been unduly exerted when
the attack of dlzslness overcame her. Dr.
Brown pronounced It heart 1 trouble and
everything wa done to revive the 'young
woman. Mr. Flnk, who Is In the office' of
the Omaha Packing company, was In South
Dakota on business. He received a tele
gram and arrived in Omaha at I o'clock
Thursday morning. V
PhyBtclana and friends believe the. heart
trouble of Mrs. Fink was caused by the
use of the effervescents, which Mrs. Flnk
used for the headache. Tuesday evening
she watched the parade of Ak-Ser-Ben
from the roooms of Mr. and Mrs. L. H.
Bradley at the Rome hotel. When she re
turned to her home she complained of a
depressing headache and took a large gose
of the medicine, whlcl-she often used,
against the advice of her mother, Mrs.
Nleles. She rested well during the nlgst,
but Was In good spirits during the early
hours ot Wednesday morning. Physicians
aay the death of Mrs. Flnk Is not the first
reported as the result of taking the effer
vescent drug.
Litigation Likely to Ensne Over Lar
Ina; Macadam on West Leaven
worth Street.
Macadam may not be laid on West Leav
enworth street until after the matter has
passed In review ot the courts. Wednes
day the contract waa a waned to E. D.
Van Court to macadamize the atreet. Bright
and early Thuraday morning a paving con
tractor called upon City Fnglheer Rose
water and suggested the psvlng might be
topped by legal proceedings. Mr. Rose
water always has been opposed to macadam
on that street, insisting that thl form of
paving la more expenalve than either as
phalt or brick and while the Van Court
bid waa before the Park board he asserted
the price w too high, but when the mat
ter of n Injunction wa auggeated to him
he strongly advised against such a course,
saying that aa far as he wa concerned he
would have nothing to do with It; that the
Park board ha placed th matter In hi
hand to draw up the contract and bond
and thla is th only Interest he ha In th
' The visit of the contractor to the office
of the city engineer wa learned by per
son Interested In the' paving of fhe street
who had been successful In their effort
before the board and they were consider
ably wrought up over the matter, saying
that any one who should attempt to de
feat the plans of the Park board would
bring upon themselves the anathemas of
every person who Is compelled to drive over
Leavenworth street. v
No Change
Dr. Price's Delicious Flavoring
Extracts have always been hon
estly labeled; no change was nec
essary since the enactment of the
National Pure Food Law, either
as to label or their manufacture.
They have had for nearly half a
century the patronage of the intel
ligent housewives of this country.
Roe, at
DRESS SUITS-full silk
lined and cut In the latest fashion. Made
from elegant English Dress Worsteds Equal
to the garments that
per suit for. Prices
range from $35.00
down to ;
Complete garnishment for your full-dress suit
will be found in otir Men's Department.
We have the hats, shirts, neckwear, etc., that
fashion requires for full dress occasions. '
15c, 20c, 25c
Gut Strings
Wsiim-i. IF aw"
1 Sc.
B , IcAPiTAil Successors to IhohliotalJ
I. S P. E. FLO D MAN' &, CO. '22&f.
Corii Exposition
Chicago, October 5 to 19.
Over $50,000 In prises for the best corn eibtblts will be given ,
at the National Corn Exposition. These prizes will Include
' farms, pianos, buggies, dinner sets and watches. Over $16,000
In cash prizes will be given for the best ten and thirty ear
exhibits. The exhibition will be held In the great Coliseum
building, Chicago, and will be the largest and most elegant
exhibit of the kind ever held. The decorations alone coct
$30,000. Afternoon and evening concerts will be given by
the Illinois Naval Reserve Band. . ' , ..
For comfort and convenience, see. that jour ticket to ,
Chicago reads via the
Milwaukee 8l St. Paul
Leave Omaha
Union Station,
Chicago Special . .
Eastern Express .
Overland Limited
The Eastern Express carries ELECTRIC LIGHTED Omaha
sleeper and composite observation car. Folders, sleeping car
reservations and tickets at CITY OFFICE, 1S24 Farnjuu St.,
or write to v
F. A. NASH, :
OMAHA, NEB. General Western Agent.
ocky Mountain
The newest and most luxuriously equipped train be
tween Chicago and Colorado.
Such important things as a new mlMloa-style library
buffet-observation car- a barber electric lights and
fans, Oarland car ventilators; these differentiate the
Rocky Mountain Limited as the BEST.
But one night en route. Leaves daily at 11:40 p, m,
A second daily train leaves at 1:25 p. m., 'carrying
standard and tourist sleeping cars.
"Rock Island
Ask for dainty Illustrated
booklet describing the
Rocky Mountain Limited,
others ask $10 more,
We want to sell every Violin, Gui
tar, Mandolin, Accordeon, Music
Box and things that go with 'em
all ut clean by Saturday night.
We want your help. Beginning
today we will sell any Violin, Gui
tar, Mandolin, Accordeon or Music
Box in our stock at
Exactly Half Price,
$5.50 Violins, now .$2.75
. $20.00 Violins, now $10.00
$6.50 Mandolins, now" $3.25
$3.00 Accordeons, now .$1.50
$25.00 Maurer Guitars, now $12.50
$45.00 Washburn Guitars, now... $22.50
$10.00 Music Boxes, now ....... . .$5.00
Arrive Chicago
1 Union Station.
9:32 P.M.
8:50 A. M.
12:28 P.M.
7:03 A.M.
, 6:20 P. M.
, :58 P. M.
Take the
to the Rockies
Omaha. Neb.
1323 Farnam SL
' . : -