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    . A nrE OMAHA" SUNDAY BEE: SEPTEMBER 15, 1907. j
tancaitr Eepnblicani Select Rose ai
Deleffate to State Convention.
Judge ntf Eiprrmi Ileal re that
It Hoaored aad Ills Wlahea
Arf neeperted Returns from
Jadlrlal Primaries.
fFrnm a Staff Correspondent.)
INTOLN. Sept. 14. (Spwial.) W. n
.sose waa aborted a delegate to the atata
ronventlon this afternoon and 8. W. Bum
ham elected chairman and Howard Schr-gel
secretary or the republican county com
mlte. Mr. Rose waa selected over the
active candidacy of Senator Burkett for
the place. ' The county committee gave
Jung Keese, republican candidate for su
preme Judge, authority to select the dele
rate and he at once appointed Mr. Rose,
who. he aald, had been close to him during
the preliminary campaign and naturally
he dealred to honor him. An active cam
paign was made for the place last night
and this morning and when It became
known that Judge Reese favored the state
chairman, friends of Rose started a cam
paign among the committeemen to allow
the supreme Judge candidate to name the
delegate. Friends of Senator Burkett were
equally as active In behalf of the senator
and It was not known until Just before the
meeting who would win out. Senator Bur
kett assured the members of the committee
. that he suffered no embarrassment at the
action of Judge Reese other than the natu
ral embarrassment of the man whose name
had been mentioned In the papers as a can
didate. He believed Judge Reese had done
exactly right In naming a man with whom
ha was Intimntc. aa the future of the can
didate was at stake. He said he would
have been pleased to have been a dele
gate to the convention, though something
might come up In that convention about
which he would not care to fight.
The chairman and secretary were then
9hosen unanimously and the various candi
dates made speeches.
Resentment against the railroads for
their action In enjoining the State Rail
way commission from making a grain
rata la more pronounced, according to
Ihe reports reaching the state house, than
It was at the time the Burlington and
L'nlon Pacific refused to pay their taxes.
Clark Perkins, secretary to the State
Railway commission, has Just returned
from St. Paul, where he has been for three
lay attending his father, who Is 111. and
i brought the Information that the peo
ple are very much worked up and blame
:h railroads for Jumping into the fed
tral court before they had been Injured
or before there was any Intimation that
they were to be Injured. In some In
stances the people have an erroneous Im
pression of Just what was the status of
ihe railroads and the commission at the
:lme the temporary restraining order waa
treated by Federal Judge T. C. Mungor.
The commission had proposed to put In
i grain rate reducing from 10 to IS per
:ent the present rates on grain generally
. aver the state. Notice of this new
ichedule was mailed to the various rall
1 roads Interested and a date set for a
learlng, It being up to the railroads, in
.heir opinion, to show that the propose!
ate 'was not compensatory. When the
learlng started the railroads eaxh asked
for ninety days' time In which to get In
formation regarding the earnings on
ihlpments of grain and other commodities.
1'hls was denied on the first day of the
( tearing. Senator. Aldrlch . of -Butler
' otHity, the author of the commission bill.
tr'as HU?lpyed Jxj- tha. . commission- and -ittrJrney
generaf tt assist ln"tjj rheiflng:
ie tfifuruiod the commission It should not
lavs norrt out the new schedule 'of 'ratas.'
ut should .have notified the railroads that
,t would. Investigate the present rates to'
tee if 'a change wvould be 'Just '. both to
' he people and to the varnoratVons. . He
,' lad 'the commission- Insert Mn' its reoords
hat the hearing was merely for the pur
ose of investigating rates and not for
. (he purpose of putting in a new schedule'
it this time. At the time this was being
nade'Of record and the same served on
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Special Telegram.
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The fact that Peruna can now be uaed In
tablet form will be especially gratifying to
people who are subjected to constant ex
posure and catarrhal ailments, snd who
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climatic changes will be the means of sav
ing a great many people from catarrhal
troubles which are the bane of American
the railroads before representatives of
the latter secured the restraining order.
Under the law after the commission made
a new schedule of rates, subsequent to
this hearing, the railroads would have had
thirty days in which to put the rate In
effect and they would have had a right
to have enjoined the rate after It had
been made. According to the little testi
mony which was offered the railroads do
not know whether the rates proposed by
the commission would be compensatoiy
or not. The hearing on the application
for the injunction is set for September 23
at Omaha.
District Judge Retarns.
Official figures have been received by the
secretary cf state on the contests for nomi
nations for district Judges from a majority
of the Judicial districts of the state. The
figures, omitting Douglas county are as
First District, Two Judges
L. C. Chapman (rep.) t,7I9
L. M. Pemberton (rep.) 2.916
John B. Raper (rep.i J.8F.1
A. D. McCandlesa Idem.) 1.214
Second District, One Judge
Jesse I Hoot (rep.) 1.227
K. F Warren (rep.) "17
Harry T. Travis idem.) 1,009
Fifth District. Two Judges..
F. C. Powers (rep.) 2.198
Arthur J. Evans (rep.) 3,124
B. F. Good Idem.) 1,IW9
George F. Corcoran (dem.) 1.664
B. F. Good (pop.) 582
George F Corcoran (pop.) 494
Sixth District. Two Judges
J. C. Martin (rep.) 1.176
David T. Hodsdon (rep.) 655
J. D. Stlrea (rep.) 937
C. E. Abbott (rep.) 1.351
W. N. Hensley Idem. I 1.S2S
Conrad Hollenbeck (dem.) 2.W7
W. L. Rose (dem.) 863
Seventh District. One Judge
Islle G. Hurd (rep.) S.024
Thomas C. Marshall (dem.) 902
Thomas C. Marshall (lnd.)..' 416
Eighth District, Two Judges
At R. Oleson (rep.) 1.138
John V. Pearson (rep.) 1,064
P. M. Moodie (dem.) 681
C. H. Whitney (dem.) 664
Guy T. Graves (dem.) 1,630
Guy T. Graves (lnd.) 64
Ninth District. One Judge
A. A. Welsh (no opposition) 2,200
A. A. Welsh (to (111 vacancy, no op
position) 1,709
Tenth District. One Judare
J. K McPheely (rep.) 321
J. W. James (rep.) 1.0M
Ous Norberg (rep,) 390
Elmer Overman (rep.) , 1,048
W. C. Doraey (rep.) 616
T W. Hague (rep.) 398
3. V. Ederson (dem.) JJM
Harry S. Dungan (dem.) 740
T. V. Ederson (pop.)... 8fl
Harry 8. Punran (nap.) 6"
Twelfth District, One Judge
Tr. O. Hostetler (rep.) J.740
Fourteenth District, One Judge
JVC Ow rep.) S.0S4
P. B. EMred (rep.) 1.2S9
J". Stevens (retv). 25
.T. Ij. White (dem.) 48?
J. I White (pon.) 462
The returns from Lancaster county were
canvassed 6y the oounty clerk, as in dls
trlcta consisting of but one county ,the re
turns are. not submitted to the secretary
of state. The winners were Judges A. J.
Cornish. Lincoln Frost and Willard ' E.
Missouri Pacific Appears.
The rallroid commissioners this morning
received a letter from A. W. Sullivan of
St. Ixiuls. general manager of the Missouri
Pacific railroad. In which he Informs the
board the road la working as fast as possi
ble getting the lines In shape and that in
the future the same haste as at present
will be used to comply with the board's
"parka lajare Property,
A doien complaints have been made to
the railroad commissioners from the vicin
ity of Mason City about (Ires resulting from
sparks from the Burlington engines. Farm
ers ssy that the trainmen havo been seen
going on their engines and removing the
spark arresters to get better draft. The
result has been heavy loss, from which
there has been no relief tn court or through
the claim department of the road. The com
mission has written to General Manager
Holdrege about the matter, but he declares
no Burlington trainman would do as re
ported, and he Is certain the engines are
quipped with all modern appliances to
prevent flying sparks.
Secretary Dlmery Back.
Secretary to the governor, Dlmery, has
returned from Central City and Chapman,
where he investigated the causes leading
up to the death of James McGIrr, near
Central City. July 16 last. He Is rather In
clined to believe McGIrr was struck by a
Union Pacific train and met his death in
that way rather than at the hands of a
Tm Jobs Conflict.
A letter has been received by Adjutant
General Charles Bchwars from Private C.
W. Martin of Company O, Nebraska Na
tional Guard, who Is also a clerk In the
Department of the Missouri of the regular
army, in which Martin asks whether It Is
possible for him to be released from his
enlistment In the guard. He has discov
ered a military rule which specifies that
no member of a state guard may, while
holding his enlistment in the guard, be an
attache of the regular army.
A letter from IJaptaln Falconer of
Omaha says the rule exists, but that, In his
opinion. It la not for the benefit of the
service, as the United States thereby sets
a bad example to the big employers of
labor In refusing to let its men Join the
state service. If Private Martin falls to
secure his discharge from the militia he
will lose his position in Omaha.
Searle Goes te Vlrgtala.
Auditor Bearle. who Is nominally the head
of the Insurance department. left this after
noon for Richmond, Va., where he goea
to attend the meeting of the National As
sociation of Insurance Commissioners,
which begins Tuesday. While gone he will
visit the Jamestown exposition.
Heeler Aska for Parole.
George Keeler, formerly of Cedar Bluffs,
where he went wrong and helped to blow
up a bank, and who Is now an Inmate of
the state penitentiary, has asked for a
parole, running to Robert Paul, who
vouches for him. Keeler was sent up for
seven yers and has served about forty
months. It is claimed hs was led astray
by older heads in the blowup business.
Barkelt Ferine New Partaeraklp.
Senator Burkett has formed a law part
ners tip with H. H. Wilson and E. W.
Brown, his former partner, A. O. Greenlee,
tiavlng to retire because of III health. Mr.
Wilson waa a member of the railroad lobby
which fought the terminal tA bill before
the legislature last winter, while Mr. Brown
was a member of the house. Senator Bur
kett la preparing to move his family to
Washington so his children can enter
Democrats Select Delegate.
The county democratlo committee met at
the Llndell hotel this afternoon and se
lected T. 8. Allen a delegate to the state
convention. II. F. Bishop chairman and C.
H. Hohman secretary of the committee.
Bryan May Pat Off Baaqaet.
The Bryan democratic dinner set for
September 24 msy have to be postponed.
It is reported here tonight that W. 3.
Bryan objects seriously to breaking In on
his vacation to return home at that tlmo
to attend the banquet end for that reason.
It Is said. Chairman Tom Allen of the
democratic state committee may Issue a
statement postponing the banquet. Mf.
Bryan Is billed to appear both at Beatrice
and Omaha during the early part of Oc
tober and If he returns now it will vir
tually knock him out of his vacation,
which, It Is said, he sorely needs. Tom
Allen could not be located tonight, but
there la every reason to believe he will be
compelled to postpone the dinner or give
It without the peerless leader.
State Fair Has OlsT Balaace.
The state fair board has paid out to
date 171.782,41. Its total receipts for the
week were, including the surplus from last
year, 1106,406.13, leaving a balance of $33.
623.71. There are yet unpaid small bills
amounting to 31,000.
Otoe Rcpabllcana Confident.
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb.. Sept. 14. (Spe
cial.) One of the most enthusiasts meet
ings of the republican central commit tie
was held here last evening to plan for
the coming campaign, and nearly every
member was present. All the candidates,
including Judge Root, were In attendance.
All seemed confident of the election of the
entire ticket this fall. Representative
Harrison was in the city last evening and
he expressed considerable dissatisfaction
at the manner In which the railroad man
agers are acting, and Intimated that
should Governor Sheldon call a special
session of the legislature that the rail
roads would receive such treatment that
they would not soon forget. He Is of the
opinion that ultra anti-railroad laws wouM
be passed, and perhaps they might go
so far as to forget constitutional limits.
He says that whatever Governor Kheldon
suggests will be carried out by the pres
ent legislature.
Cltlsens Want Fall Investigation.
CENTRAL CITY, Neb., Sept. 14. (Spe
cial.) Governor Sheldon's private secre
tary, Martin Dlmery, arrived in the city
Wednesday and spent several days in Cen
tral City and Chapman collecting evi
dence upon the killing of James McGIrr
last July. Mr. Dlmery, after carefully
weighing all the facts Introduced by par
ties Interested In the case, seemed pretty
thoroughly convinced that . McGIrr met
death by being struck by the tialn. He
6pent considerable time trying to find out
who was responsible for McGIrr being
turned over to the Greeks, Instead of be
ing placed In the town calaboose, but to
what extent he succeeded will not be
known until he reports to the governor.
Now that the Investigation Is started, the
county offlclala hope that it may be sifted
to the bottom, so that all parties con
cerned will be satisfied, and It is still
probab'e that Governor Sheldon may deem
it advisable to order the body exhumod
and an Inquest held.
Merrick's County Committee, .
CENTRAL CITY, Neb., Sept. 14. (Spe
cial.) The republican county central com
mittee met at the court house this after
noon to elect a chairman and a delegate
to the state convention. The following re
publican county central committee has
been selected by the republican candidates
chosen at the recent primary election:
Sliver Creek, Floyd Buchanan; Clarks, W.
L. Stanley; Central, C. A. Thomas; Lone
Tree, D. H. Burke; Central City, Will
Rice; Chapman, John Laub; Vleregg, J.
O. Bice; Prairie Creek. Fred Nlchel; Mid
land, Thayer Slnsel; Mead, R. G. Woolery;
Loup, John Colborn; Prairie Island, John
R. Kamm.
Gaite County Names Delea-ates.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Sept. 14. (Special Tele
gramsThe republican county central com
mittee held a well attended meeting here
Saturday. A. II. Kldd was elected chair
man and M. B. Davis secretary. A. II.
Kldd was chosen us delegate to represent
Gago county, at the platform convention.
The democratic central committee met and
elected F. O. McGIrr chairman and T. E.
Stewart secretary. Dr. C. P. Fall was
elected as delegate to the platform con
vention. Wind Causes Wreck.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Sept. 14.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) A wreck occurred in the Burling
ton yards In which two refrigerator cars
were smashed and the switch engine over
turned. The accident was caused by the
cars being blown off the sidetrack on the
main line by the wind-
Nebraska News Notes.
PLATT8MOUTH The Cass county Jail Is
without a criminal.
DAVID CITY Fire in the home of At
torney Hay M. Harris did $175 damage.
FALLS CITY The Gehlln ihi.r
opened last night with "Qulncy Adams
YORK J. M. Shlvelev. demitv lanH
missloner. Is In York looking after school
lands In this county.
PLATTHMOUTH Josenh Zltka anil Ml..
Anna Jeleneck will be united in marriage
in the Holy Rosary church Tuesday.
DAVID CITY The local water bonds In
the sum of $22,000 were sold to the City
National bank of David City for $22,022.5D
FALLS CITY Falls Cltv will h r..-.
sented by Its line twenty-piece band, led
by Prof. Harnack. at the Ak-Sar-Ben fes
tival. PLAtTS MOUTH The Sentemher tr...
the district court will convene in this city
Monday, with Judge Paul Jesaen on the
FALIJ3 CITY Prof. William H.r.v
thla place will lead the Flrat regiment band
i nmwaiiia., at uie niUIUry man
euvera at Fort Riley.
UPLAND The pastures here have been
drying up so fast that a great many farm
era are ahlpping their cattle. There will be
very little Block fed In this vicinity this
BKATRICB--S. H. Manon. a carpenter
and contractor of this city. Is oonflned to
his home from blood poisoning Ills hand
caused from scratching the member on a
rusty nail.
IPLAND J. Marsh, Hsns Nelson. A.
Lunberg, George Chrlstlanaen and D. Brelt
welser are all building new town houses
at present and carpenters are at a premium
as a . i suit.
YOI-K-Rev Austin Hunter, sn evsnge
llst f m Indianapolis. Ind.. Is assisting
Thomis Msxewel. pastor of the Christian
fuT.V "'J"1" of re,v!vl eervlces at
the Chrlstlsn church.
BEATRICE Fsy Greening waa yester
day appointed ticket arent fnr tfc.
lington at this point to succeed Harry
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MUltgan, who was forced to s"lv up the
place on account of falling- health.
YORK At the home of Mrs. Perniella
Brown of Charlton, la., yesterday morning
Mr. John Purlnton, attorney, and one of
York's most prominent business men. waa
united in marriage to Miss Ida Mae Beem.
UPIjAND The difficulty In regard to se
curing teachers for the 1'pland school has
now been settled and 8. O. Jacoby, Mrs.
I'olllns and Miss Carter of lsst year's staff
and Miss Hanks of Peru have been en
gaged, i
BEATRIEJ-fnlon Pacific motor car No.
8, which has been undergoing repairs at
Omaha, was Installed on the Tine between
here and Lincoln today. No. 9 has been In
commission while the other car was being
NEBRASKA CITY News has been re
ceived of the marriage of Mica Lena Ott
and Charles Welds, at Pu.'blo, Colo., on
September 7. The bride was born In thla
city and her parents have been residents
here since lti5.
BEATRICE The funeral services for the
late Mrs. Emanuel Thomas were held yes
terday afternoon from Centenary Metho
dist Episcopal church, iRev. U. Q. Bown
officiating. Interment waa In Evergreen
Home cemetery.
PIATTFMOlTTH Three expert glove
makera, Abble Chapman, Lulu Brockway
and Blanche Freeman, have arrived from
Olovcravllle, N. Y., und are working In the
Plattamouth glove factory, which la run
ning at full blast.
BKATH1CK Word was received here
yesterday from Lincoln announcing the
death of John J. Williams, a well-known
railroad man. who was for many yeara
conductor on the Lincoln-Manhattan branch
of the l'nlon Pacini- road.
BEATRICE David A. Chamberlain, an
old realdnt of Beatrice, has been ap
pointed deputy oil Inspector to succeed
L'anlel Hoyt, who was recently appointed
and Installed us commandant of the Sol
diers' home at Grand Islaml.
VALENTINE While riding horseback
late last night William Bteadman, a young
man residing on a ranch south of town,
ran Into a wire fence and became ao en
tangled that he waa bn.lly cut. He was
brought to town for medical aid.
THAYKR Mrs. William Helden. the aged
mother or w. v. ticiuvn and John H
Helden, died yesterday morning and will
be buried at Hi. s Herman church
The deceased had been 111 for several
months and waa one of the first aettlera.
BFATRICE John Rawalakl. a section
hand. Is suffering from blood poisoning in
his hands and arms. It is supposed hs
wss poisoned while pulling weeds along
the section. The poison has spread to his
fice and he may lose the sight of one
YORK A. L. Blxby. who Is on his wsy to
Europe, writes or meeting John Olson, a
former York hoy, now engineer and con
tractor In New York City, having some
or the largest contracts In New York City
Mr. Olson entertained Blxby while In that
BH ELTON A bout midnight last nlaht two
freight trains came together In the yards
here and several cars and two engines
were badly wrecked, the cause of the
collision being an open switch. The wreck
ing crew hBve been working all morning
clearing up the debris.
YORK The York college will open on
September lti. The first day will be de
voted to the usual preliminary work. On
September 17 the formal opening address
will be given, to which everyone is u-vlted.-
The sttendance this year Is an In
crease over last year a
NEBRASKA CITY For some time burg
laries have been occurring every few nights
snd the thieves would take nothing but
money. They would rffect entrance into
the stores by breaking or raising a window,
but would touch nothing sxi epl cash. Yes
terday Chief Yalaa arrastad on susDlcloa
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John Price. Jr., and Art Jones, both colored,
on the charge of robbing John Price. Price
has served one term In the penitentiary for
who has been a resident of this city for
many years and followed the occupation
of carpenter, died Friday night of Uropsv.
aged 62 years. He served during the civil
war as a member of Compuny C, Nine
teenth Kentucky Infantry.
PAP1LLION Charles Orelner's threshing
machine burned Friday evening on the
farm of Dan Chase, four miles south of
I'apilllon. Mr. Chase loat BOO buahels of
oats and Mr. Greiner'a new thresher is
a total loss. There was some insurance
on the threshing machine, but none on the
YORK The county board refused to pay
the claims of the assessors for city of
York for their services, claiming that the
charges were exorbitant. The deputy as
sessors then brought suit, and at a meeting
of the board yesterday they decided to
pay the claims and orders were drawn for
the same. ,
BEATRICE Sheriff Trude returned horns
yraieruay morning from points In Kan
sas and Missouri In search of R. Mead
Shumway. the supposed slayer of Mrs.
Surah Martin, who was found murdered
over a week ago at her home near Adams.
The officer was unable, to find any clue
that would lead to Shumway's capture.
PAPILLION-At the Avery brick yard
Friday evening a team belonging to Charles
Hoobuk became frightened by a dog run
ning out and biting at the heels of the
horses. The neck yoke broke and one end
of It ran Into the breast of one horse and
killed It. The horse was worth J160. Suit
will be brought unless the matter Is set
tled. CAMBRIDGE The marriage of Miss
Grace towards to Prof. Lewis B. Olm
stead took place at the home of the bride's
parenta. Mr. and Mra. K. Edwarda. on
Wedneeday. Only relatives were present
Mr. and Mrs. Olmstead departed for Lin
coln, where they will reside, Prof. Olm
stead being an Instructor In the Lincoln
academy. The ceremony was performed
by Kev. Alexander Simpson of the Con
gregational church.
BEATRJCK-Shlrley Wright, living near
Rockford, this county, brought a sample of
corn to the city yesterday. He picked a
stalk from the field, which waa ten feet
In length and which contained two ears
well filled to the end of the cob. The corn
Is of the yellow variety, and Is sufficiently
advanced to be out of the way of frost
He is of the opinion that It will yield
fifty bushels to the acre.
CAMBRIDGE Ransom Robinson, an old
settler living nine miles northeast of Cam
bridge on his farm, died Wednesday. Mr.
Robinson lived alone, and when found by
three of his neighbors, three hours before
death, was unable to talk. Deceased was
lorn November t, IMS, and had resided
In Frontier county for twenty-nine years
A brother In Pennsylvania will arrive to
take charge of the body.
1'PLAND The recent burnina "of "dnnd
A Co. s elevator at Campbell and the de
cisive vote in favor of water works In
Hildreth, seem to have changed the minds
or many residents In regard to the ad
visability of voting bonds here, and It is
now expected that at the election to be
held here on September 'M a favorable vote
will be cast and t'pland will join the other
progressiva towns in the vicinity and In
stall a water works plant.
CENTRAL CITY The funeral sen-Ices of
Henry Cochran, who died last Thursday
afternoon after a struggle of several months
with anemia, will be held at the Presby
terian church Sunday at 2 p. m , and
interment will be in the Merrick County
cemetery. By Mr. Cochran's death. Cen
tral City loses one of Its oldest and most
htxhly respected cltlsens. He was a vet
eran of the civil war. and local Grand
irmv of Lh Raoublle Boat. Mar tba
We offer you selection from the choicest and largest assort
ment we have ever assembled. Our September offering are with
out question or doubt the greatest values, on trustworthy, reliable
Library Table Like Cut
This Is but one of our many popular
priced Hying room tables, very pretty
olonlal design, constructed of choicest
quarter-sawed white oak, golden or
weathered finish; also birch mahogany
with genuine mahogany ton and
rim. An exceptional table at the
price, each $17.00
Rocker Like Cut
One of our new choice patterns,
made of best select Y4 -sawed
golden oak; saddle shaped
seat; pretty panel back. Chair
or rocker, each $4.75
Irish Point A heavier worked pat
tern than Duchess. AVe have 11 pat
terns at this price, per pair. .$5.00
Extra fine Duchess Curtains, with
plain or figured center and dainty
borders; ivory colored J pair, $7.90
$10, $12.75 and $1S We show at these
prices over 22 patterns for parlors,
libraries and dining rooms. You
should see them.
Portieres A beautiful lot, twelve dif
ferent patterns and colorings, spe
cially priced, per pair .$6.90
war he came to Merrick county and home
steaded, but during the last ten years of
his life he made his home with I. 8. Tyn
dale, postmaster at thla pluce, and waa
at the tatter's store until taken 111 some
months ago.
BEATRICE Beatrice council No. fi.
Knights and Ladles of Kecurlty, met lam
night and elected these officers: E. M.
Gashaw, president: Saruh Wilcox, vice
president: T. V. Rhodes, second vice presi
dent; Harry Collier, prelate; Marv Camp
bell, corresponding secretary; Jennie Wal
ker, financier; Earl King, conductor; Ray
Walker, guard; George Wilcox, sentinel.
At the close of the hualners meeting a
banquet wus held at Brenki-r s restaurant.
CENTRAL CITY-O. 8. Wolcott and sin,
W. W. Wolcott, have returned from War
ren, O.. where they went last week to at
tend a reunion given for everyone bear
ing the family name of Wolcott, whether
related or not. They report that there
were about 3uo Wolcott present and It Is
safe to say that only a small portion of
them were In attendance, if the percentage
of those attending from other parts of Uie
country was us light as that from Mer
rick county.
VALENTINE A smooth young fellow,
who Is said to have been run out of Cody
for working a short change gruft, arrived
in this city on an extia freight and pro
ceeded to work his game here. After work
ing several pluces he wound up at Stetter's
saloon and did a good Job theft-, but after
he had gone out (jtettcr began to see how
he had been cheated, and, getting the
marshal, went, after the fellow, catching
him Just as he was about to board an east
bound train. He waa lodged in Jail, but
says he will settle ail accounts.
BEATRICE Dr. Thornss Doran. a vet
erinarian of this city, yesterday reported
a rather remarkable case which has been
undrn- his care. A few days ago a valu
able horse belonging to Dr. O. H. Brash
which was being treated for distemper,
was brought to him. and In examining the
animal lie found a twenty-penny spike Im
bedded in the Jaw. n was extracted with
considerable difficulty and since the opera
tion the animal has made a rapid re
covery. The supposition Is that the spike
f,?0.!1" the J" " way
while the animal was maatlcatlng it food.
BH ELTON The fourth annual harvest
festival and race meeting closed last even
ing and as usual the attendance has been
all that the committee could wish fur The
r"?e,Jwi,'ch ,were held euch day were well
attended and up to the stundard of past
years. Including trotting. running and
pacing and pony races. Good, liberal purses
were offered and some fast exhibition time
was made. On the streets the free per
forming was each day wltneased by large
crowda The stands und concesitlona of all
-description did a good business. The com
mittee In charge of the meeting feel well
Butlsfled with the effort made.
. YORK Two of York's popular and well-
hereby given that the Farmland, Fremont
and Railroad Drainage District Is about
to Issue twenty-five thousand dollars of
six per cent Interest negotiable b mill pay
able In twenty equal annual Installments
Owners of real estate or an easement
therein apportioned for benefit may pay
to the treasurer of said dlxtrict on or bo
fore sixty days from the date of the fir!
publication of thla notice, the proporlian
ate share of such bond issue properly
chargeable against auch real eatute, and
thereby exempt such real estate from lia
bility for payment of bonda, and the
amount of bond lsue will thereby he re
duced the amount of such advance pay
ments. Date of first publication htr-of.
September 14. 1907. Farmland, Fremont and
Railroad' Drainage District, iiy J F. Ilan
on eArir.y V.S-D2U.
Omaha Agent
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Golden Oak $21 .OO
Mahogany $22.50
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two inch post and heavy fill
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Dining Chair
Solid golden oak, full
box frame; genuine
leather seat. A par
ticularly good value,
at, each $2-75
known young people were united In matrl
tl n?,F.r dUy t'vnln at the residence of
V?..reKf- contracting par!
. - . niroinupr. Mr. v.
K. J HrnnCTL?"'rd.t,.,e roo'- Mr
z zJ" a dei'ichius
ii.-.j 1 1 L .', . " "ervea. ne br de has
lived all her life at York uM la an met
coinpllshed musician. The groom Is as-
busing 7" ', J"0" "PU""- Was
BTTKt,MT,'Jl.'r",'5:r K"" " "KATjVB IM.
Vu?l , J- J,ll!2,!,.w. '" ' Bhow hu our.
W1THIHT Tun- i.u ."V.T7.
mo yery known curtble
ailment la cvarr
Including Haan. Ur,
KMur, Bladder aas
btomacta DlaeaiM. NarT
eurueai. Sleep teraneas
Nerte Eihauatlon, Brala
I . Oeneral Debility. tr.
niale Trouble, Cnuhi,
twlda, RtHumatiam, Head
he. Bi.kiche. Catarru,
I onatlpation, etc., ato
Beraueo of thla Biaral
oua record and IU power
over dlneaee at all time
and la all paraona,
mala or female, old or
ynucg. -It received a apa
rll medal of hsnnf, at
the Oraaaa Kipoallloo.'
V liW - - .'"iu. o ana amos
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ttainp of tneir endorsement upon It. the Perfected
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curable and even uservotne ailments, aa -we have
evidence to ahow. su.h as Paralyals. lllnod Poiaon
and Jiabetee. tn wlilt-h drugs are considered worse
than worthlrwa. Ita users claim perfect, even mi
raculous cures have barn tecured and en-called "In
curable" patients restored from vsr.ous a.igta-of
physical debility and suffering to vlitnrous and
enduring health by means of Ita hannlaae. but pen.
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sretcm. ,
A Perfected Oiygeaor King should be la awry
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1-alTt end life, and In order that ail mar prove Ita
pi.wer fully, we have decided to give any respon
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Ma own home, for any dlaeaae. la any member of
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or'B work In conquering dieea: and pain hy the
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or eleetrtclty Ii env ahai ctr form. The Oiygvnor
f'o . !:3 Great Northern IHitj.. t hlcago
C. A. Lindquist,
Merchant Tailor
235-36 Paxton Block
Maker of Gentleenm'a Clothes. New
Hoe for fall Is ready for your Inspection.
Suits and Overcoat 136.00 and up.
11 -
If irfrtt.1T--" j