Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 10, 1907, Page 9, Image 9

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Oftlml on tinned.
riM Mr office In Krur block. I4Hi end
Homey. Cacsc! Really Co. nf- 'j 1"x
)ne store room in new "Scargn" building
In South Omthn, near postnfTVe, with
lighted basements modern show windows
(nil awnlngi; bfst ptilll location. Hall
' Distributor Co.. 317-Flrrt Natl. Hunk Ttlrlg.
Thon Red 7. (16) MS.'.
5RITO WORK; .hut unoccupied location
for local drug bnsiness In city. Will al
ter and It-am- to right party. A I no A-l
Kroj-erv lo -ition. HKMIH, s Paxton.
11 Ik. 'Phone Douglas 685. (16) MJ40
ITORFROOM, 631 S. 18th St. Clarke Powell,
4 Farnam Et. (15)-261
, Feael.
4 ANCHOR and Iron fencing; wire fencing
v 6o per foot. M N. lTth St. Tel. Re 814.
. , . (16)-29
; .7 . 'raltar.
ID HAND fLrnlturar bought and sold; busi
ness on the square. Kosehberg. formerly
with Chicago Furniture Co., 10 B. 14th
i St. Tel. Douglas 686. , (16 M46 B2W
FOR 8 ALTO furniture of a 10-room house j
11 or part; furniture mtist be mostly
- eash or terms. 2517 N. 18th St.
16 M447
Plaae, Oraraae, MnsleeJ laatraaeeata.
Red . Tag Piano Sale
. , .
V new, slightly used and second-hand
' Pianos at a dee eufr ln prices. A big red
tag, on which the price Is marked In
1 'plain flAures, attached to each Piano,
Watch for the red tags. Every red tag
means a. bargain.".
'. Kimball Upright $ 8
Singer Upright 90
Shabert Upright 120
Davis A- Rons Upright 1M
Gaoler Upright ; 176
pie same easy terms (4, IS or It monthly,
ton't miss this ohance, Mrs. Buyer.
Watch for' the red tags. Every red tag
, means bargain.,"
Schmollcr & Mueller Piano Co.,
. Doug.; 1611. ' 1311-1311 Farnam St
...... 0)-M338
TOR SALE CHEAP-Story A Clark cabinet
organ, 18 stops, a beautiful, strong-toned
Instrument, .suitable for church or home,
. ifood condition,; jeost $3M. Address L 734,
Bee, . , ,. (16)-270
. , Pool an Billiard Table.
fOR SALE--New and second-hand billiard
and pool tables. We lead the world? tn
cheap bar fixtures; easy payments. Bruns-wldk-Balke-Collendar,
407 S. 10th Bt.
, U6)-271
. "OR BALE 6 pool and two billiard tables
In good condition; must he sold and re
moved In 8 days, less than half value.
! 418 N. 24th 43t.. So. Omaha. (16) M426 16
ters and Sewing Machines.
;J"OB SALE High grade second-hand type
writer; good condition; a bargain at $50.
.. Call room 603, Bee Bldg. (16) 671
ONE Remington typewriter. No. 6. "In good
condition, for . sale cheap. Call at Bee
i omce. . .. .... (10) 62SX
' " . .1. -
tnd Restaurant Furniture and Kitchen
Utensils, No. 1415 Farnam Bt, for sale.
- W. W. DODOE, -
. - Trustee IK Bankruptcy,
'I 626 New York Life Bldg.
, 'Phone Douglas 12(7.
1 (16) M359
HAY 39.00 per ton. Wagner, 801 N. lth.
FOR SALE About October 1. one 600-gal-"
Ion Worthlngton duplex pump, slae lix
lOHxlO. 'W. 11. Bridges, engineer, Omaha
Bee. 16)-Mt)7
DRUGS at cut prices; freight paid on all
' orders; catalogue free.
Omaha. Neb. (16) 271
Slaty swarms finest Italian bees for sale
cheap. Must be sold at once. 8. A.
Josefyo, SM Worth St., Council BlurTs, la
. , (16)-M10J 12x
, Largest, most up-to-date stock at lowest
prices in the olty. select now. Delivered
when needed. Inspection Invited.
IU Bo. lUh Bt. ' Tel. Doug. 681.
."H. . - (16) 278
JUDPATH'S History of the World Amer-
IcajiUed Enoyolauadla Brltannlca; - new
,.. International eauyclopaedia; on small
monthly ; paymenta Webster's Una
. bridged DiotKiuary, 10 edition only 83.26
this week. B. B. Roberta, southwest
. corner 14th and Farnam Sts.
(16) 447 8p2
FOR SALE Onyx soda fountain, 24-ayrup,
two body, refrigerator base, counter in
tomatlc carbonator, filter, all aa good as
" lew, also drug store fixtures, counters
ana) show caaea. Howell Drug Co., 16th
and Capitol Ave. - (16) 648
FOR SALE Finest boarding house In the
city: beat location all furnished; walk
ing distance, etc.; cheap. Inquire 80S
Karbach Blk., Omaha, Nab. (l)-74
FAIRBANKS-MOR8E Duplex steam pump,
diving .outfit. three-quarter-Inch galvan-
. Ised guy rope. Iron winch, pile drivers.
J. M. Flaglar, Council Bluffs.
(16)-M70 10X
BEND U8 your mall orders for drugs;
freight paid on -$10 lots. Myers-Dillon
k Drug Co.. Omalta. (16) 277
HOMEOPATHIC medicines, wholesale and
retalL, Btiermaa & McConnell Drug Co.
' " . (16)-76
FOR SALE A butcher's refrigerator, aev
eral show cases, a new peanut roaster,
large coffee mill. ' two large automatic
oil tanks and store fixture too numerous
to mention. Globe Land and Investment
Co., Omaha. Neb. (16) 271
HALL'S safes, new, 2d-hand. 1818 Farnam.
paint. Bherman 4k McConnell Drug "o.
" ' . (16) 278
8BCWTD-WAND nsbber hoae, tools. Singer,
. 416 N. lth. (li;-2)
BUILDERS hoisting engine for sale. John
F. Byers, Make else SA. Address W-264
' Bee. ' (16) Mi: 10x
FOR -8AIJS--rooni. nicely locate 1.
rooming house; close In; cheap rn:'
. room all rented. . Y HI. Ree,
' - - (16 MS:l
FOR BALK H nine to be moved. Call or
address Ml Third avenue. Council Huffs,
iiL : ' . (16-M46i l.x
TWO bicycles. $ and $; snap. 415 8. lWh.
- lit) M Ml 10x
D. O. BAUNELL, patent attorney and ma
chine designer, Paxton blk. Tel. H.d 71JT.
. . (17)-MlwJ Spl2
jUARSON " fc CO. Uwk free.
Bee Bldg.
A YOUNG gentleman deslrta the ac
quaintance of suir.e youg people who. like
hlmlf, speak French. Addrea I, 0". line
, office. tlS) ia x
WANTED For Callaway. Neb., during fair
week. , a tent how, e-imeay cir nliiU-t l.
Aisuclat on.
(t-Olli'iiUed. J
YoL'Nd WOMI.N coming to Omaha at
attanira aie lavlted to visit the Young
Women's Christum Association rooms, 1M
Farnam street, where they will be ill-i-ected
to suttsble boarding pieces or
otherwise assisted. (18) 915
THF. Pt ITV Expert lady operator
1111 1 1 g ma.sire, chaly
beate scrub bat lis. Room HMO, Barker
bl K, lot h and r'arnanw New establish
ment. (18) 174 9x
P L K A 1 I N Cl BuYtons, hSi'g.
I l.un 1 Kmbroidery.
Eyeing and cleaning, sponging and
shrinking only 6c per yard. Bend for
prlco list and samples.
10 Douglas Block, j Tel. Doualal 1936.
(18) M644
THR BALVATION ARMY aollclts esst-off
i ill noiiiiiiH J Va uvi lit
need. We collect, repair and sell, at 114
N. Jlth St., for cost of collecting, to the
worthy poor. Call 'phone Doug. 413S and
wagon will vail. - (18 11
MAONETIf! Osteology and Massage.
tfoom z, 13H Firnam St., 2d floor. -
(18) Mini 826
ANYBODY knowing the whereabouts of
l.plma Keterson. age 13 years, who dis
appeared from home Sept. 1. 1907. please
notify Fred Peterson, 2912 Dupont St.
U8) 403 llx
BEW1NO machines renHd. Neb. Cycle Co..
win ana narney. I'none uouglas 1M3.
BYRINQEB,. rubber goods, by mall; cut
rlr""- J?ena ror rr" catalogue. Myers
'illon Drug Co.. Omaha. (18)-287
Tie Vln. IMA T.T . m.l . , me n
(18) 2h
MAflNETTn treatment and bath. Mme
itmuixiillV; flmlth, 118 N. 15th. ild floor.
(18) Hl
FEW bargains In 2d hand soda fountains,
monthly payments. Derlght, 1818 Farnam.
(16) 2S5
OMAHA Stammerers' Institute. Ramge
Building. (18)-283
A FAIR, sweet sattn skin secured usmg
cttln skin cream and face powder. 26c
RUSSELL t M K1TRICK CO., 432 Ramge.
rim as
PAYNE) 1NV. CO., 1st floor N. T. L. Doug.
178L (19) m
R C. PETERS aV CO., Bee Bldg. (19)-282
1601 Farnam. Tel. Douglas 7B6.
(19) 296
C. M. RICH, 16th and Locust, Tel. Web. 1476.
(ia-14 Oct2x
On Account of
the Storm
Saturday afternoon only about two-thirds
of the lots advertised for a by ua In
Benson were sold.' We have -eighteen of
the lots left, prices range from $100 to 111
each, bargains every one. Terms $5 catih,
balance tl per week ot U per month. It
will only cost 10c street car - fare to sea
these lots. If you want a lot you can't
afford to pass this by. . Salesmen will be
on the ground to show lots ' Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 8
to 7 o'clock.
Go to the end of Benson car Una, then'
north. "You wlll see the flg. .' .' "
Benson &
Phone Doug. 1462.
642 Paxton Blk
1) 411 10
Keystone Park
For : ;
Country Homes
You can buy three or four acres here for
the same .price that a 60-foot lot in the
city costs.
Wouldn't you enjoy a home In the country.
where you could have an acre or two of
your own which you could cultivate or
beautify as you choose.
A home which your friends would consider
a treat to visit, away from the crowded
city. .
Here your children can have plenty of
rresn air, aunamne ana exercise to ae
veloo a foundation for health.
Theee are Just a few auggestlve argumenta
which, may lead you to Investigate Key
stone Park. Better see. us before It Is
all sold. .
Bend for plat showing dales to date.
First Floor N. Y. Life Building.
"' and
First Floor Board of Trado Building.
(19)-a8 9
I OFFER for sale, 8177 Davenport SL,
larve thnrnufhlv modem 10-room resl.
denre, in best of repair,' sltuhted on the
-Southeast corner ot 32d and Dav&nport
ertv la In Omaha's best residence dlstiiot
and is most desirable. Possession given at
1518 Dodge St. Tel. Douglaa 1671.
(1) 189
$8,000 Rents $840 per year, t
brand new, strictly modern i
rooiu houses on car line. Id
good neighborhood."
(lfi)-HS It
Attention! Builders!
Bl'T the B. E. corner foth and Manderaon,
fcuxltc, 3 fronts, divided Into 4 8.vfoot lota
costing $375 each; erect 4 modern COT
TAGKB thereon. Will eell readily at a
handsome proilt. DON'T It appeal to you
that way?
J. H. JOHNSON, 843 N. T. LIFE.
(IS) 400 8x
To get a 7-rooin. house; it has city water,
cistern, sower and gas; Just been put In
fine repair; good barn; lis vacant now
and must b sold at once, therefore the
great sacrifice. This la only about two
miles from the postofflee. it s vilrl cheap
at $1,750. But best offer takes It. $4
cash and $U per month. . .
J. W. 'KAtSP CO..
Doug. l'X3. Paxton BHt.
(19) MM
$3,571. ' .
L501-luu3 S. atth St., corner lot.- 0x112 feet;
two collates, rent $35 per nionth; room for
two more reunites or flats. Easy terms. .
Room 1. New York i.lfe Bldg. '
. 'riioni Puuglag 64...
ciTi I'HorBHTi roR aits.
FLKABANT home or good Investment 8
room all modern house, laundry, corner
Int. good Inrstmn; also vacant lot ad
joining, zwi ooiworth Ave.
lit) 811 fx
STRAt'TS OF T1TLH are the safest.
You are protected by a llft.uXO bond
against loss by errors. Ynu don t buy a
law suit when you buy a "Kerr" abstract.
1614 Hamey. Tel. Douglas Ms7. U)
FOR BALE Furnished, suitable for heat
ing, a s-room house, good aa new, apply
at ones S&27 Harney St. (19) 8a
Lot at 26th and Fort streets only $22S. 8
O. Nordquist, Owner, 624 S. 10th St.
(1 751 X
14 LOTS in Halcyon Heights, Benson, lying
well; close to rar line; a minutes ride
to Omaha. Will cell altogether ar in
bunches of five. For prlcea and terms ad-
' dreaa H 43, care Bee. - (1$) 1ST
LIST your property with Chls Boyer, 22d
and Cuming Bta. (IK) tn
FOR RENT A number of farms lying
near Denver; good nouses are heing mint
when needed, so as to provide com
fortable accommodations for tenants: the
els of the tracts varies, so that anyone
with an equipment to properly care for
any slscd farm can be accommodated;
the land hae been In cultivation from one
to ten years and Is provided wltn both
direct and stored water for Irrigation;
railroad stations are from one to five
miles distant; good tenants with suffi
cient equipment can secure flrat-claas lo
cations on reasonable terms.
. 711-14 Ernest and Cranmer Bldg.
Denver, Colo.
(30)-M427 1
FOR SALFJ This company owns 12,000
acres of land, lying from nve to twenty
miles from Denver, all supplied with fine
water rights, both from direct flow and
from reservoir; It will be sold In any
slsed tracts tn actual settlers at reason
able ratea and upon very easy terms;
when dealred buildings will be erected to
suit purchasers; some parts of nearly
every section are In hay and there la no
more fertile land to be found In Colorado,
It will be a pleasure to show the prop
erty to prespectlve purchasers, and ap
pointments may be mado at the com
pany's offices. .
711-14 El-neat and Cranmer ttldg.
Denver, Colo.
. (20) M428 19
THE two cheapest Improved farms In Iowa,
acree, one mile rrom cneroxee,
easy terms; 160 acres, one mile from
Larabee, $66; $6,000 cash; write for de
scription. Address Y 182, care Bee.
(20) M9fl 12
WANTED Agents to represent Us In the
sale of our Kansas, lands. Write for par
ticulars. Globe Land and Investment Co.,
Omaha. Neb. (20) 288
Nebraska). .
FIRST-CLASS Nebraska farms and ranches
for homes or investment, iiemla, Omaha.
Half section, improved land, eli'M miles
northwest of O'Neill, In German commun
ity; good rich soil. Price, $26 per acre;
easy terms.
C, F. McKENNA, O'Neill. Neb.
(20) M34J 14
Hay farm, 240 acres, four miles south of
O'Neill; well Improved; will cut 200 tons Of
first quality hay. Price $15 per. acre. This
Is a snap.
C. F. McKENNA. O'Neill. Neb.
(20) M344 14
160 acres unimproved, land, four . and one
half mtlee.northeaat of O'Neill; lays nice
'and level;: good soil; In thickly settled
-community. Price $15 per acre. n.
C. F. McKENNA, O'Neill. Neb.
, (20)-MJ42 tt
FOR SALE 1280 cares level land In Kim
ball county, $7 per acre; $2,000 cash; 61.000
each year at 8 per cent. J. W, Dally,
Owner, 8A2 North 28th street, Lincoln,
Neb. (JO) M330 14X
20 ACRES, unimproved, near Florence;
fine grove, balance farm land; easy
terms. A. T. Seybolt, 3622 Grand Ave.
Phone Webster 1970. (20) -M360
oath Dakota.
You can alwaya find good rich wheat land
and Just the kind of a stock farm you
want by , selecting from our 100,000-acre
tract In the famoua Hettinger county.
North Dakota. Go out and see It. Look
us up. William H. Brown Co., Rlohardton
Or Mandan or Mott, North Dakota, or 131
Lasalle St., Chicago, 111.' (Jo) M362 27
A BARGAIN In South Dakota land; 320
acres in Sulley county,' every acre till
able; will be sold for Jeaa than actual
value If taken at once.Tr. R. D. Mason,
(00 Brown block. (20) 94
A RICH little farm for sale cheap; 56, acres,'
four miles west of the city: all under'
three-wire fence; 30 acres hog proof,
plenty of fine water, 2-room .house,, big
barn, fruit trees. 30 acres cultivation, 20
acrea good timber. Bert P. Concannon,
,Fort Worth, Tex., route i, box 111; reason
. for selling, have big hog farm In Okla
homa; price, $5,000. t20) MISS 10a
CHEAP land-Jacobson ft Co., 9SS N. Y. L.
20)-M4&i 2
Farm asd Raaea likyl.
FOR RENT Farm of about 360 acrea, sixty
miles from Omaha and four miles from
railroad town; about 160 acres plow
land, remainder pasture; good place to
ralae atock; will rent pasture for cash
and plow land on shares; will aell very
reasonable If I find buyer before renting.
W. Haffke, 8310 T 6t., South Omaha.
, (20)-M 10
LOWEST RATES Bemls, Paxton Block.
WANTED-Ctty l(na R. C. Peters St Co.
LOANS on Improved city property. W. li.
Thomas. 505 First National Bank Bldg.
$1,000,000 TO LOAN on business and resi
dence property In Omaha; lowest rates;
no delay. . Thomas Urennan, Room 1 N.
Y. Life. 22 304
Iar.s on Real Estate. Bldg..
Buy 1st and 2d mtgee. 'Phone Doug. .tu4.
(2i) Mli Oct6
WANTED City loans and warranto. W.
Farnam Smith Co., U20 Farnam St.
( 306
$500 TO $50.00 TO LOAN at lowest rates;
no delay. UAKVIN BROS.. 1605 Fa roam.
PRIVATE MONEY F. D. Wead. 1520 Doug.
tU!) 808
$26,600 PRIVATE money to loan; no delay.
J. H. Sherwood. 937 N. Y. L. Bldg.
(B)-M4C3 31
MONEY TO LOAN-Payne Investment Co.
LOANS on Improved Omaha ' property.
O Keefe R. E. Co.. 1001 N. Y. Life Mg.
WANTED To buy. about 10 acres near
small town la eastern Nebraska. Add cms
L-214 Bee. . ikj M308 lux
ll.uul to ernargn, a good 4s in business
will) pi'tvileatt to'reiiuc lep wariv. Art-
Office 15 Scott Street.
Indication! of Increaied Attendance
During the Year.
Slaters af Merry Opea Me it raroektal
Scfcaol for Bay la Thle City and
Also One at Imogen e for
- Qlrle a Rays.
The public schools of. Council Bluffs will
open this morning afteV the 'long summer
vacation for the new school year. It Is
believed that the enrollment wilt show an
increase, as has been the rase for the last
four or five years.
About eighty pupils will enter the high
school today from the Avenue B and Wash
ington avenue ' school. They, are;
From the Washington 'Avenue School
Theodore Alcher, Earl Anderson, Harley
Aten, Charles Anderson, Jake Brmnberg,
Roger KeWliie, y'erne I-ee. James Leaon,
Earl McKeeman, Victor Mortenson, Louis
Olaon. Kenneth Parker, Arnold Ranch, Earl
Robinson, John Shugart, Frank Smith, Ken
neth Snyder, Wallace Wheeler, Hlalne Wil
cox, Albert Wilson, Robert Wise, Ethel
Anderson. Winifred Ayers, Katherine Beno,
Rosa Bernhardt, Ktbel .CofTeen, Jennlw
Codk, Helen Cox, Nellie Cox. Ruth Decker,
Gladys DeLong, Gladye Ellsworth. Eleanor
Fuller, Sylvia Hewitt, Florence Hlggeson.
Nina Hayes, May Krlngel, Isabella Kuhl,
Adallne Kelly, Uasel Lacy, Mary Leonard,
ope Livingstone, Kdith Ijong, Genevieve
Lowry, Haael Mills. Lucy Palmer. Kate
Ogden. Mary Peterson. Orphia guinn, Leeta
Roach, Pearl Robertaon. Hasel Smith, Mar
guerite Smldt, Mary Tuchek llasel .Tyler,
Huth Ward, Loretia White.
From the Avenue R School Floyd Bates,
Charles Emafine. Henry Hall, Roy Hart,
Lee Bpauldlng, Walter Sellers, Ernest
Schoedsack, Merle Blackburn, Ella Citvan
augh, Helen Clntterbuck, Natella Durham,
MaigaretVFrlclte. HlWl Graves, Vera Hll
burn, Mabel Henderson, Alga Hansen, Zella
Levi, Anna Ie, Eula Myres, Haxel Mr-ien!la,-Harrl'
Moirew, Ranghlld Nelson,
Llszle Petersen, Myrtle Rockwell, Catherine
oouin, eiena Samuels, Charlotte Moore.
Improvements la Balldlnais.
During the summer many Improvements
In the several school buildings have been
carried out. At the Thirty-second street
school a four-room addition has been built
and a new heating plant installed. A new
heating plant has been Installed In the
North Eighth street, school and at the
Washington avenue schopl , cement side
walks have replaced the old plank ones
and' the gi'pdnds "hllve -. otherwise been
greatly Improved by the construction of
numerous flower beds. 'At many of the
other' schools the old plank walks have
been replaced with cement. '
It probably will be two or three weeks
before thTrue building at the corner of
Broadway and Eighth street will' be ready
for occupancy by the manual training de
partment. The- equipment ordered - as a
starter by ttie board will permit Hhirty-qne
pupils to work at one 'time.
Tuesday morning the pupils of the high
school will hold tHetr first assembly, at
which time they win receive final instruc
tions and assignments for the semester's
work. Thursday morning; an examination
will be held for those pupils who have
been studying during vacation to make up
grades.. There will be several changes in
the faculty)! the hlh'ecbool, as there will
be in the CcJrps bf-teachers In the grade
schools. . . i
ParorksaJ 'Schools. - -.
'The, Sisters of Mercy, in charge of St.
Bernard's and Mercy hospitals, will open
two new sch"bbU'H8(5kV, one in this city
for boys .only andojre(t Inygene, la, .for
botk boy's and glilk- , The. schools In this
city will be known ie the Mount Loretta
seminary, and will be for boys between
the ages of t ar.d ISfyears. The new build
ing, now' In course cf "erection on East
Broadway, will not be read? for occu
pancy probably before January 1, and in.
the meantime ; tlr,buildingrormerly used
for an old ' warned' home, ' at tjie, corner
ot' Broadway, and Oak streets, will be
used.'' T,he new'ufjding 'will "contain ac
commodations for eighty, pupils.", v
At -lmogene- the school will be known as
St.'' Patrick .'academy: an3 will receive
both boys an'd .gJrlg lo the number of 150.
While- there may be some' boarders ad
mitted, the Institution . in general ,wlll be
a day , school,, .receiving pupils fuom lmo
gene and the Immediate vicinity. Mother
Vincent and Mother Magoalen : went to
lmogene last evetilni ta assist hi the open
ing of the school... Sister Mary Evangelist
will be In charge of8t. Patrick's academy
and will be, ass is 8 ,'in the teaching Jy
Sisters Mary Aatli.. Mary Irene, Mary
wAnteou-to buy
WANTED To buy Second-hand furniture,
cook and heating ' stoves, carpets, lino
leums, 'Offlc furniture, old ol, it lies and
Shoes, pianos, tfathers bed pillows, quilts
and all kinds of tools; or will buy the
'furniture of ' your 'house eomptete. The
highest prices paid Call' the right man.
Tel. Douglas 847l. (2j)-MJ66 &n
CASH paid
shoes, etc.
for second-hand
308 No. . 14th St.
Tel. Red
WANTED To buy, iO shares' or any-parti
iNfDreBKa leiepmme eioca. li urn nave
lowest figures. Address Y-:5 Bee.
(iil-MMU lSx
CABII paid for old books. Crane-Foye Co.,
81$ 8. 14U. JPhona Douglas 1321. . (25)-3U)
LWANTED Small motor, or would buy
ercona-nanci ctecii ac tan; win pay casu.
Addresa N tin, ' are Bee. (25) M890 16
IF you have rooms tar rent call Smith i
Lin toil, McCague Bui.. Doug. 695.
(26) M'J6t 12x
WANTED One or two rooms with bosrd
In private family by man and wife, or
apurlment, suitable for housekeeping, In
good location. Addresa M so. rare Hee.
(26) 18s Six
WANTED By a lady, board and room;
front toom witn alcove; must ce in gooa
reference. . Address H 84. rare
(36) M6 11
WAN T ED By gentleman employed, room
and board in strictly private family In
western part of city: give all particu
lars. Address U I1& Hee. (36)-461 lCx
JAPANESE BOY. 1 'years old, going to
school, wishes position lu private family
before and after school. Address K 1IJ,
Bee. - ' UI) Ai Wx
r""- rTT r
y young nmr-
I'okITION wanted aa cashier
or assistant m large bank, by young
riea man with four yea re exprlence; Al
bank man. Address Box lift. WIMer,
Mian. (27) MD76 Ux
. r, , , . .
WANTED Situation as correspondent and
eftWe manager by young man fully quali
fied tnMhla llnV of ,work. Very . hUheut
class of references on request. Address
Y 1M. eare of Omaha Bea ; M4A) 12x
WANTED--By first-class accountant, em
THoymeat evenings. .Address K--';l. care
Bee. '. ; I&i HMi J4x
WANTED Stenographic '.position by 'ex
prlesced young lady; competent and
neat. Addresa, K M. poe. , (7) 17$ 9x
YOl'NG mail wants , place to work for
board and -MWni wlUle attending Boyle
--", Duoalas U4. ilT't Ml
Both 'Phones 43.
Benedicta and Mary l.yola. all of whom
have been connected with the order of the
Sisters of Mercy In this City.
Conference Expected to Attract
I eral Haadred.
There are two Important proposed
changes In the church law to be voted upon
at the forty-eighth session of the Dee
Moines conference of the Methodist Epis
copal church, which will open today In this
city.. One Is a resolution to change the
present system of the appointment of the
presiding elders, and the other Is a propo
sition to lessen the number of the law-making
body of the church. These changes
have been suggested by some of the east
ern conferences and will have to be voted
upon by every conference before being pre
sented to the general conference, which
meets In Baltimore next May.
At present the presiding elders are ap
pointed by the bishop and It has been pro
posed to change this by having them
elected by the ministers, inasmuch as the j
presiding elders very often control the
preachers' positions by their advice to the
appointing bishop. It Is contended that they !
ought to be elected by the preachers of
the conference-at-large, afhd this would do
away with any chance of favoritism being
The representation to the general confer
nee Is at present one for every forty-five
charges. It has been proposed to change
It to one representative from every sixty
charges or one from every ninety charges.
This conference will elect six clerical and
Six lav renresentatlvea tn the aeneral mil
tl. .i .i . v.!.. .
mornlna- aeaalon on Thtiradav.
There are 217 charges In the Des Moln.
conference and It Is expected that between
260 and 260 ministers will be In attendance.
Every minister Is required to attend the
conference, except In case of sickness
There will also be about 220 lavmen t.rea.
ent end they will hold their meetings .it
the Filth Avenue church, while the con
ference will be held at the Broadway
church. About forty or fifty women con
nected with the various auxiliary organisa
tions will be In attendance, aa well aa twenty-five
or thirty church officers and a num
ber of superannuated clergymen, making a
total expected attendance of about 600 per
sons. '
The program for this conference Is said
to be the strongest In twenty-five years and i
a number of notable men In the church'
will be heard here. Tonight Rev Dr. W. M. I
Batch of Lincoln, Neb , will lecture on '
"The Prnklema and Methods nf the tfethn- !
dlst Ministry." Tomorrow, evening ReV.
William A. Qiiayle, D. D., pastor of Bt.
James' Methodist church of Chicago, will
lecture on "Sydney Carton." Wednesday
evening General James B. Weaver will de
liver kn address on behalf of the Preachers'
Aid society. Thursday evening DeV. Dr.
Edmund M. Mills of Cincinnati will deliver
an address on "Christian Education." Fri
day evening there will be a general college
rally celebrating the anniversary of Simp
son college, the program for which Is In
course of formation. Saturday
there will be addresses by Dr. H
K. Car -
roll of New York City and Rev. Dr. J. B.
Trimble of Kansas City. Sunday evening
Rev. Dr. Charles M. Boswell of Philadel
phia will deliver an address on "American
lam." ...j- ..
The conference. It Is expected, will close
Monday morning, September; 16, with the
reading of the appointments.
Bishop Daniel Ayrea Goodselt of Boston
will preside over the conference, which will
formally open Wednesday .morning. Today
and Tuesday will be devoted to the recep
tion of delegates and the examination of
ministerial students, with the lectures as
announced In trie evenings.
Apartments fbr some of the notables have
been engaged At the Grand hotel, but the
clerical and lay delegates will be enter
tained by the .-members of the several
Methodist churches of the city, the com
mittee, having this matter In charge being
headed by Rev. Charles Muyne, pastor of
Trinity church.
Opponents , of Franchise . Preparla
Their Solution of the Problem. .
It la reported that the opponents to the
granting of' a new franchise to the Council
Bluffs City Water Works company will
Introduce at the meeting of the city council
tonight another resolution providing for
the construct kn ot a new Water plant.
Accompanying. ' the resolution It Is said,
will be a new rate ordinance, which, It Is
stated, has been prepared by the attorneys
who took such a prominent part In the
opposition to the new franchise, which wus
defeated at the recent special election.
The resolution' calling for the construction
of a new plant, It Is said, will not pro
tide for the appointment of any experts,
but will authorize advertisement for bids
for a plant to meet Ihe present require
ments of the city, the bids to be based on
the ratea aa provided for in the proposed
new ordinance. II Is stated tnai the reso
lution end ordinance will be -introduced
by Ouncllntt.n Younkerm in.
The council will alao. meet this after
noon to complete the work of atisessing
the cost of the recently constructed curbing
on Lower Broadway.
Fifty Thoaaaad Expected to Attend
the Anusm! Earsnp-
SARATOGA, N. Yv Sept. . Amid aily
decorated streets veterans of the Grand
Army of the Republic have been arriving
all day for the forty-first national en
campment, which will be held here this
week. Fifty thousand veterans 'are ex
pected. This may be the last encamp
ment held elsewhere than Washington, D.
C. At the business meeting of ths or
ganisation a resolution will be Introduced
fixing that place as the permanent meet
ing place of the organization hereafter. It
la also probable that within a few years
the annual encampment will become only
a meeting of delegates, for the veterans
are, it was slated by Grand Army of the
Republic officials tonight, becoming too
feeble to attend the meetings In a body
and to take part in the annual paradns.
Although the e:u-AHipment program will
not begin until Tuesday, there were many
arrivals today. Statistics made public to-
j night give the HR-mU-rahlp of the National
r"J Army ot the RlP"bllc " 202.000.
Of these the organisation loses annually
$ per cent. Am the average age cf the
members is 60 years, the organisation will
exist, it is estimated, tor twenty years
If you lose any money, or your pug dog,
or your Sunday umbrella, you should say
something about it In the want columns
of the Bee. Many thousands of honest
people read these columns every day, and
there will be pretty large chances In your
favor IX you mention your . loaa to them.
Of course, every Oreahan recognises that
The Bee la the "Lost and Found'' medium
of the;ctjr. "' ' '
low' Interior Qitiet Oct Small End
of Freight Rates.
I Disclosed o la vesications Pre
paratory to Complalat Before
Commerce Comsat1
.. (From a Staff Correspondent.)
DKS MOINK8, Sept. .-(Speclal.)-Eery
one of Iowa's Inland towns are discrimi
nated against In the matter of freight rates.
This fact has been disclosed in the Investi
gations in preparation for the suit which
the Greater Des Moines committee of this
city hss brought before the Interstate Com
merce commission. According to the com
mittee the discrimination Is especially un
tenable and Inrxplalnable. but exists never
theless. .
The grossest of .the discriminations Is In
the faot that the rate from the eaat bank
of the Mississippi river to Inland Iowa
towns Is lower when the shipment orlgl-
nates on the east bank ot the river than
i It Is when the shipment originates east
of the Indiana-Illinois line. For Instance,
on first-class freight the rate from the
east bank of the Mississippi river, say
from Rock Island, In cents per hundred
pounds, the rate to Des Moines Is 36 cents,
but If the shipment originates In Cincin
nati or Indianapolis or some other eastern
tlty, the rate from Rock Island to' Des
Moines Is 48V4 cents per hundred pounds.
The ratea at Cedar Rapids are typical of
the rates to other Iowa cities and show
the proportion of discrimination In a
nt the Greater Des
Moines committee
claims is Indefensible. The first column of
' w gives me rate iirara no
Inland to Cedar Rapids, and tne second
, column gives the rate when the shipment
originates in tne east.
' I Irst-class freight
20 6
11 8
Third-class ,
Filth-class ,
On a carload of first-class freight to
Cedar Rapids the difference on a minimum
weight of 80,000 pounds Is $38.70 and on a
car of the fifth-class the difference Is $12.72.
The Interstate Commerce commission made
a ruling that on the reduction of rates
where It Is for the purpose of removing
a discrimination only one day's notice is
necessary and hence the Greater Des
Molnea committee argues that there is no
reason for the discrimination being con
tinued for more than a single day.
Proaty to Hear It.
Secretary Wallace of the Corn Belt Meat
Producers' association has been notified
that the rase appealed to the Interstate
Commerce commission on live stock rates
will be beard , by Commissioner Prouty of
the Interstate Commerce commission. The
date, however, has not yet been fixed.
Discover Vinton Paper.
The first day of work on sorting over the
material to be placed In the archives de
partment disclosed the abstract of title for
the land occupied by the State School for
i the Blind at Vinton filed with a lot of
1 vouchers. They were all tied up In a
bundle together and had the abstract been
wanted the original record would have been
The work of filing .away the material in(ie Young Men's ".Christian association.
the archive department was started
Wednesday. . The first work .In tlta process
Is 'o sponge off all the must and microbes.
This Is done by Cash Stiles, formerly a
clerk In the secretary of state's office.
Then the document is turned over to an
other clerk, who moistens the document
and straightens It out flat and then presses
the wrinkles out between two blotters, by j
Which process the document Is also dried.
It 1s then ready to be filed and Indexed
and placed in Its proper steel caac.
Charlea Aldrlch. curator of the historical
building, whose mind has long been trained
to the historical value of documents, re
sents the thoughtlessness of a reporter In
calling the archives department the state
cemetary. Far from being a cemetery It
Is a. resurrection place. Documents are
dug Out of a heap in the vaults of tho
yaripus offices and are being classified and
properly Indexed where they can be found.
The department la an absolute necessity
for. the preservation of Important papers
and before the work Is far advanced many
of great value will be dlacovered.
Waat Basement Fixed.
Baaement occupants of the statehouse
re advocating the proposition that the
Blaes floor In the center of -he rotunda of
the first floor be removed and a railing be
placed around the opening. They are go
ing to present the matter to the executive
council. They claim that the basement
will then beas light and as well ventilated
as ths first floor and will be quite as com
fortable.. They ' propose furthermore to
have the winding stairway in the east
wliig of the statehouse under, the grand
staircase torn out and a atralrfht stairway
run down to the baaement floor. This will
further Improve the baaement by allow
ing niore light In. Furthermore, the wind
ing stairs are so dark that a person must
feel his way In using them.
tory lily Maa lllerh.
' Tj. C. Peterson of Story City scored the
highest on creamery butter at the state
fair. The awards have Just been made up.
His butter scored 97H. whirh Is considered
very good. In addition io receiving a gold
medal he receives $S$.40, besides a high
price for his butter. The premiums are
awarded In ' proportion to the score the
butter la given. '
Disclose t'oat of Living;,
In the archives department the clerks are
working on the vouchera Aled by the trus
tees of the College for the Blind at Vinton.
Vouchers back In 1K58 show that a man
and team got $2.50 a day. A stone mason
got $2 a day and his helper $1. dining room
help- $2 a week. Lime sold for 20 cents a
bushel, stone for' $1.23 to $1.7$ a perch; 500
feet of No. 2 clear two-Inch pine lumber,
$3.60 per 100 feet, and the same No. 1
grade $4. A steel shovel, $1.25, and a hoc
: cents. Printing lot) blank notes came to
In 18(3 vouchers show that poultry was
worth 4 cents a pound, eggs 6 rents a
dosen, catbagc (In March) 3H cents a head,
oats $6 cents a bushel, shellbark hickory
cotdwood $2 a cord, pots toes 10 cents a
bushel, butter 12-H rents a pound, kerosene
70 rents a gallon. Young Hyson tea $1.37"
a ' pound, coffee $6 cent a pound, sugar
lt'4) cents a pound. eau 9 rents a bar, beef
CH cents a pound. '
Board Isaacs List.
The State Board of Education Kiumin
ers has lasued a temporary list of th
accredited schools and collegers pf the
state to graduates of which certlflcatis
to leach will be Issued upon ths allow
ing of the diploma of graduation In ac
cordance with the law on the subj:t.
I , y cine tor thin, impure blood. . Follow bu
tITT ffr1 vice every time. He knows. Trust him
ULkJL iltLtZ.LJky.Lj ye.Heve-ae aeeretsl We yu.lua f .An
The board aome time before January 1
will revise the list asd Issue iheu a per
nanent list. The list Is as follows:
Drake university, Des Moines college,
Upper Iowa university, low Wesleyui
university, Tabor college, Leander Cl-uK
college. Parsons college, Buent Vista
college, Simpson college. Highland Park
college, Penn rwllegre, Cornell collcae,
Mornlngslde college. Central university,
Coe college. Luther college. Lenox col
lege, Normal echool of Drake university,
Normal School of Highland Park college.
Normal school of Upper Iowa university,
ramntin at Oeeeela.
Governor Cummins hss accepted an in
vitation to deliver an address at Oaceola,
Bcptemher rs. on the occasion of the Old
Sctllers' association gathering there. It
la to he made a "Home Coming" for Clarke
county, and among other things for the
entertainment and honor of the home com
ers an ox Is to he roasted and a general
picnic and good time had.
(ieolonical Maps.
"(he geologlco maps of Iowa have bee
printed and ' are now being dlatrlbulM
by the department. The map are the
same else as the railroad commission
maps, and some are to be mounted while
others are on thin paper for mailing.
Fiftieth Anniversary.
The fiftieth anniversary of Plymouth
Congregational church of this city Is te
be celebrated Soon and the first stepg
toward laying the plans for the celebra
tion were taken today at the morning
church service. The church was estab
lished here In 1857. In December, and It
was one of the first churches in the city.
To Prevent Kxtortlnn.
In the hopes of stopping extortion dur
ing state fair week In the 'future, the
Commercial club of this city Is taking
stepa to get f flxM rate of prices for
all public service places. Restaurants,
barber shops, shoe shining parlors even
and hotels have been raising their prices
during every state fair and Vvery Mg
gathering In town. The Commercial club
says that If Des Moines is evef to be a
big convention city this must stop. The
effort will be to get the merchants to
agree to fixed rrlces and then compel
them to keep them.
Delivers One Addresa and lias PleatT
lld Out for Following
a""""" a
SEATTIE. Waslm'sept. 9. -Secretary Taft
and party arrived irom Tacoma at 8 o'clock
this afternoon on Chester Thorne's private
acht, El Prlmero. Prevloue to his arrival
thousands of apectatOTB gathered at the en
trance to the pier and lines were mntntalnc
by a force of police.
Congressman Frank Cushman and Cheater
Thome were with the parly on the yacht.
The secretary was first greeted by Colonel
L. C. Woodbury of, the Third Infantry, and
W. S. Wood of , Fort Lawton. As tho secre
tary stepped oh the pier ha was greeted by
the reception committee, which Included
United States Senators lilies and Ankeny.
Congressman W. E. Humphrey1, ex-Senator
John L. Wilson, Mayor William H. Moore,
President J. E. Chllberg and Director Gen
eral I. A. Nadoau of the Alaska-Yukon ex
position. Mrs.: Taft was received by Mrs.
John L. Wilson and, takes directly to her
Secretary Taft was driven In an auto
mobile to the qpera housv, where he de
livered an address under the auspices of
The address Included an account of the
settlement of .the friars' -yronlem in the
Philippine' and ' of ' the negotiations con
ducted directly ' with the pope and details
of how the final settlement avoided many
delicate u,ursliuns of diplomacy. The sec re
al ry whs then taken to the Ranler cluh,
where he Informally met the members. He
was then taken to , the residence of ex
Senator Wilson,- whose guest Secretary
Taft and his wife will be during the'r
stay In Seattle;. .. .
The secretary' will make another addresa
in the Grand opera house tomorrow after
noon. A dinner will be given at the Uni
versity club in the evening and this will
be followed by a reception given by ths
Yale alumni at the aaine club. At a late
hour the Ohio society, the Taft club and
the Seattle Athletic club will tender hint
a reception at the Athletic club. . He will
Inspect the Lake Washington ' canal on
Tuesday, and on Wednesday he will gv
to Gray's Harbor.' 'On Wednesday evening
the party will return to Seattle. .
The steumer Minnesota, on which he will
sail for ManlUt, will leave at 11 o'clock
Thursday. v
President Ilonaeerlt Wire the Palm
Trophy' Vimaers Hla Con.
, , arra lata t Ions.
OYSTER BAYv N. Y.. Sept. 9.-Presldent
Roosevelt is avatlt,mf ' himself of every
opportunity to ahow hla appreciation of
good .rifle shooting, sack was exhibited
when the American, team wpn the Palma
trophy in Canada... Besldea sending . hla
congratulations, ..the president will tomor
row personally '.receive and congratulate
the members of the rile team. Earl Grey,
governor general of Canada, sent the fol
lowing telegram to President Roosevelt:
"Lrt me congratulate you on the mar
velum shooting of the United States team
who have won the Palma trophy with a
record score of 1.712."
In reply the president wired: "I greatly
appreciate your congratulations. I believe
In rifle shooting aa. being much more than
merely an W tractive pastime and that It
should be encouraged In every way In all
self-governing commonwealths. Therefore
International contests like these do a real
abmartae slaoal Bell Works Well
Uurla Host Off
. taekot.
NEWPORT, R. I.. Sept. 9 Members of
the Naval War college who arrived here
today after several days spent on board
the ships of Rear Admiral Evans' battle
ship fleet during the maneuvers in southern
waters and on-the trip up Into Maaaa
chusetta wate.-s speak In terms of high
t-ommcndHtlon ot the work of the ships.
They said that in all the evolutions the
d stunots were kept admirably and all
the movements were carried put with great
precision. While off Nantucket shoal ths
shlpH ran into thick fog and the ajew
submarine Signal bell system -was glvea
severe teat.
The o (Titers of the war college said It was
thoroughly successful: The fleet's speed
was reduced, but although they could not
sea each other tn the mist,' the dlstancei
were maintained perfectly. .
Ayer'a Sarispanila Is out a trong drink. As
now mad, tberg is not a drop of alcohol In it.
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