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The Omaha Sunday Bnn.
FOOT bait experts ara discussing tha
probable development of the game
under the rules adopted last season.
It lai too much to expect that the
poeslbllltlfs of play under the new
tyle wpuld be reached In a single season,
nd now coachea and other who were de
spondent aa a reault of the sweeping
changes sen chances fop many plays that
will add greatly to the valuo of the game
and may even render It more spectacular
it was before. It Is admitted that
tifltiT the, old style the same fell far .h
of being Inspiring for those on the side
lined Even an expert In the stands was
unable to determine with exactitude who
had the ball or what move was being at
tempted In the tlmea of close formations
nd mass ploys. With the open game the
spectator geta a fine opportunity to watch
tha progress of the contest. Maneuvers
hava been devised during the summer that
win relieve the game from a condition
Into which It fell last season, when many
times It became a punting match, and by
the practice of theae new tricks Interest will
ba greatly Increased. That no changes
were made In the rules indicates a desire
on the part of those in control to thor
oughly teat the open style of play In-fore
undertaking further reforms. Coaches and
captains are working on the n-w forma
tions and the present season Is likely to
ee the greatest development In American
foot bail since the "tackles-back" was in
troduced. Omaha has not made an good a showing
on the present trip to the west as the
home fans would have liked. The slump
began before the team left home, Lincoln
nd Bloux City getting away with games
that ought to have gone Into Omaha's col
umn. It Is simply another of the remark
able exhibitions, so numerous In base ball,
of the effects of over-anxiety. The young
sters on the team are all eager to win, and
In trying to be extra careful In their piny
have gone to an extreme of uncertainty,
which has Increased as game after gume Is
lost, until they are unstrung and unable to
play ball. Time enough to win the pen
rant remains, if the boys can only pull
themselves together. Dc-s Moines hasn't
made much better headway than Omaha, but
Uncoln has been coming along steadily and
la now bidding for the lead at the close.
Omaha finishes with Dps Moines and Lin
coln with Denver and Pueblo, so that little
choice ia had In the matter of teams to
fclay, except that tho Contest between
Omaha and 'Des Moines makes It easier In
prospect ffcr Lincoln.
Ths Cornhuskers are to try at least two
Hew teams this season, but nono of them
will come to Omaha. If ever the manage
ment of athletics at Lincoln can get over
the short-sighted policy of staying away
from Omaha and will bring a good game
to the largest city of tha state, the annuul
necessity of going about among the student
body and the buslncas men of Lincoln to
beg for aupport for the team will be done
way with. Omaha used to be the best
patron the Nebraska foot ball team had,
until tha management gave ear to the petty
prejudice against the metropolis of tha
tate, and since that time only minor gomes
hava been played here and but few of
them. Some day, the control of, athletics
rthe university will fall Into the hands
erf men who enn so beyond the Salt Creek
horlson, and then Omaha may get a good
It Is now hinted that part of the Isboll
deal Includes the admission of Wichita to
the Western league circuit next season.
Well. Comniy might as well have two
teams as ons In the league, but addlnc an
other dead one to the list Isn't going to
Improve the circuit in any way, and
Wichita Isn't big enough for class A ball.
Tha Western haa suffered about all It can
tand frrfm 'syndicate" ball, and the Com-Iskey-Tebeau-Cantlllon
combination ought
to know It by this time.
Omaha haa suffered more than any of the
other towns on the circuit from the worst
nuisance of the season that of player um
pires. Something of fatality seemed to
pursue the umps In this town. Either the
electrto lights, the paved streets or the
trolley cars got on their nerves, for thoy
fell harder and more frequently here than
anywhere on the rounds. Here's a 'tip to
President Tip for next season! Put a clause
In your contract requiring umps to keep on
their feet while In Omaha.
Eddie MoFsrland haa again proven tho
value of a drunkard to a team. At any
rate, ha has proven himself thoroughly de
pendable, having fallen from grace lust at
tha time when his sen-Ices were most
needed. This, with Nick Alt rock s Boston
escapade, may well be put down aa having
much to do with the final slump of the
world's champions.
Local supporters of the game reel very
good Over the retention of Captain Kranck
for next season by Owner Kourke. Franck
has been head and shoulders above the
other Western league field captains for
the season, and will bring all his strength
to the work next season.
If early reports are worth anything, the
colleges will all start with the brightest or
prospects for the foot ball season. Septem
ber la the month for optimism. It's In
October that the hospital list begins to get
even longer than tha team roster.
Monday afternoon Brltt snd Oans will
fcava an opportunity to wipe out the stigma
of their former meeting at Ijom Angeles,
but It Is not likely that they will hw able
to make tha public forget I hey once faked
Even the primary election couldn't take
the eyea cf the local bugs off the American
league race. It la surely the hottest finish
Aha game has ever known. And with the
ubs loafing home.
One of the Chicago papers save Rube
Waddell Is the man wlgi the diamond arm
and the rhineatone head. Omaha cau
match him on the head part of the show
ing. BUI Squires Is willing to try It over again,
with aV0rt to pear him out hi his Inten
tions, If Burns really needs the money,
here's a chance he oughtn't to overlook.
Tha amateurs at Jamestowa dldat set
any very startling marks, but they did
hava a rousing good meet, whtch counts
fur something.
his week ends tt. and Omaha baa Des
Moines all week.
Papa Bill wUl b a real showman aaxt
Mo.t of Them Take Their Miiplays to
'a Oae Player Boots It" the Con
taaloa a Likely to Spread
Pitchers Oftea Ik After
' They ! Game.
NEW YORK. Srpt. 7 "There they go,
all hands booting It," sadly remarked
Jimmy McAleer, manager of the St. Louts
Ilrowns, when in a game here not long
ago with the Griffith bunch hia teem went
on the rocks all of a sudden and began
to fall down, all together, on the simplest
kind of plays. "H 1, I wish I was some
where flshin' Instead of here."
McAleer Is one of the club skippers
who take the booting business more to
heart than do some of tho other man
agers. Dut he expressed In a phrase the
under the pelt feelings of all the club
chiefs when he made that wistful re
mark. For all the club bosses curl up
one way or another when their teams
begin to boot the ball all over the place.
Connie Mack of the Athletics was talk
ing ubout the booting business the other
The booting thing," he said. "Is both
Infectious and contagious. Any fan
knows that there are times when an en
tire team and the best of teams will fall
before the booting epidemic. It's one of
those quick acting microbes. From flaw
less competency a whole ball playing out
fit can be fluttened out by It in an un
thlnkably brief space of time. It H espe
cially virulent, not to say malignant,
when a veteran member of a club makes
a couple of errors In a row .boots 'em,
as the players express It. When that
happens with my team I figure It that
the entire crowd is Just as likely to fall
down as not, and right away.
Sometimes the Team Braces.
'Occasionally, though, a nervy team will
shako off that panicky and stampeded
feeling, particularly If they get a break
soon after the all hands around booting
begins. A brilliant play Immediately fol
lowing an exhibition of booting will often
pull a demoralized team together. Now,
Individually and collectively, a team suf
fers the keenest kind of misery while
one of the club's booting seances is going
on. Not only that, but in a certain sense
tho members uf a team will feel sort of
sorry for the fellows of ah opposing team
when the other team falls to booting the
ball. They . want the game, of course,
and the bunched errors of the other fel
lows are more than likely to give them
the game, but down beneath the cuticle
they have a generous feeling of sympa
thy." "Wonder how those fellows feel under
the hide when they give tho pill a kick?'" Is
another of thoso questions often heard
among the funs at a ball yard meaning
when they speak of "giving the pill a
kick" the making of any Mnd of a punklsh
This question Is akin to that other one
so frequently propounded by spectators at
ball games: "Do these ball players really
care whether their team wins or drops a
Joe Cantllloa'a Views.
Joe Cantillon, the manager of the Wash
ington team, who ought to bs an expert
as to the losing end of It, anyway, gives
an emphatic yes to the last question, when
It la put up to him.
."You bet- they care," he said a while
back.'-'They-cmre-'way down to the mar
row. I know plenty of ball players who
111 sulk In shadowy corners of their ho
tels like whipped schoolboys for an entire
evening over the loss of a game, especially
when the game has been chucked through
a booting exhibition. They gloom around
and stake each other to choppy and
peevloh answers when talked to. They
I have nothing to say, and the wise fan, no
matter how high his degree, knows bet
ter than to mention the day's game to the
members of the beaten and downcast outfit
when he meets them socially after the
tossed game.
"I know some pitchers who take It so
keenly to heart after dropping a game'
that they'll hardly endure to be spoken to
by their teammates for twenty-four hours.
Fact Is, there aro half a doxen fllngers of
my acquaintance who when they drop one
of their games deliberately withdraw from
all human society and brood over the thing
till they all but put themselves on the sick
list. And I like the hard losers. I wsnt a
whole club composed xof rank hard losers,
and that's the kind of a club I'm trying
to get together1 now. I'm a vicious and
Some Widely Gathered Notes and Points for Automobile Owners
Wilmington. Del., will spend $280,000 Im
proving its streets.
Don't screw down battery' connections
with your lingers; use pliers.
Automobile races will be a feature of the
fall racing meet of the Fort Worth tTex.)
Fair association. October 8-17.
Two-st-atel motor cars, with a sort of
awmrg canopy for tops, are tn use on the
Cape to Cairo rallr-oud in Africa.
The recently organized Motor Car Racing
asocJatton of Baltimore held Its first race
meet, a very successful one, on Monday.
All freak tars, euth as entered the con
tests last year, will be barred from the
races al Orniond Beach. Fla., this year.
The first reliability contest for 1 cars
will be held by the Automobile Club of
America. New York City s big organisa
tion, thla month.
Marion county. Indiana. Intends oiling Its
entire 9.0 miles of roads if the dust-lay ng
experiment to bo tried on one stretch
proves a success.
The attorney general of New York state
has' i ruled That automobile collision nsur
a". can be written only by general cas
uultv coroprailons.
The Women's Automobile club of 8a
Francisco Is to have quarters in the new
homo of the California club as soon as ths
building is completed.
From London emanates the suggestion
that the "rules of the road' at sea . ba
made to appiy to automobile traffic, par
liament la considering the Idea.
No matter how carefully the gasoline Is
strained, some dirt will find Its way Into
the tank, which should be thoroughly
cleansed every once In a while.
The "automobile burglar." who used a
touring car when he robbed several Long
Island residences, was sentenced to forty
years' Imprisonment at hard labor.
One of the oldest stage lines In ths coun
try, that connecting Worcester and Pas
ton. Mass.. Is to be made to give way
to an up-to-date motor car service.
One thousand miles. from Paris to
Marlt-nbad. in two ttd a half days recently
mere covered by A. U. Gravea, a New
York broker, who Is touring Europe.
A man with a passion for figuring has es
timated that 1.140 Americana at present are
touring Europe in automobiles and will
spend 11 .OuJ.OuU before they come horns.
Only after several years of experiment
an automobile freight carrier has at last
been produced that is believed to meet the
conditions of the Congo tropical climate.
Arrangements are being mads for a
twenty-four-hour race at Philadelphia late
this month, the second for tha Quaker CUy
this year. New York also may try It again.
Ths Royal Automobile club of Ore at
Britain has decided to glva up its annual
tourist trophy contest on the Isle of Man
and hold a 1,000-mll. contest on tbs Brook
lands track.
Oa of tha oldest and yet most antbusl
aatte Iwvars of inobonnc la the counur la
sulky l ard loser myself and am glnd of It.
I din't wsnt sny man p'yriC ,,n" fr me
who doesn't holler mur.ltr Inside of Mm
when a game Is dropped-"
Characteristics of ttie Player.
Diamond performers who fall to booting
the ball have different ways of taking their
misfortunes. Smno of them collars so
Sbsolutely from pure nervousness that they
sre all but useless for the remainder of the
game. Others bring their tth together
t with a click after committing some pot u-
llarly raw error and getting the laugh or
the Jeer from the crowd for it. and muster
all their Innate aggressiveness. Still others
have a way of grinning a.'ter an error In a
way that throws the fans off as to t'to
player's real feeling.
For example, Dutch Comedian Schaefer,
the accomplished second baseman cf the
Tigers, has a great way of grinning rls'.;t
merrily at the crowd when he Is getting
the long and loud hoot after making an
error he doesn't boot It often, at that so
that few of the spectators Imagine that
Jennings' coaching partner and Germany
Schafer Is one of the few really funny
diamond clowns of today takes nls error
much to heart. Hut he doea take the boot
ing thing to heart. He says so himself,
and franklyv acknowledges that his grin
after an error Is only a phony mask.
"For," he said in talking about this end
of It, "I sure do hate to let the fan gang
see that I'm worrying over one of my own
punkerinos. The bunch In the grandstand
and bleachers are there with the Arg'is
lamps. 'Nothing gets away from them, and
when they see that a pliyer of the opposi
tion team Is hollering murder Inside of him
over a mlsplay they're bound to hand him
the goad so hard that they'll either break
It off or leave It all Inside of him. It didn't
take me long to dope, after butting into
the game, that the booter who makes a
peevish map over one of his mlsplays lays
himself wide open to the kidding stuff.
Now. nobody In the ball playing business1
has got a shade on me when It comes to
feeling like a nickel's worth of damp ginger
I snaps after I've booted a few of them
around the yard, but away burk In the days
when I played on the skinned lots I
schooled myself not to let the bunch see
how. bad I was taking my own mlsplay."
Ellierfeld's System.
Elberfeld, the Tobasoo Kid of the Griffith
clan, has "got a system on that boots
thing," as he puts It. and he believes in
this system Just as implicitly as ho believes
In eating three squares a day.
"This Is my dope on It," he explains.
"When I make one punkerlno I know that
there's another going to trudge right on
the heels of it. I've watched It work out
that way for years and It hasn't often
failed. I can't say as to other players,
but the boots gag always goes tandem !
with me. Nowadays, arter I've juggiea
one, I don't feel like going after the next
thing that comes my way at all. I hate
the sight of It. I don't care If It Is pasted
right at me. In the air or on the ground,
I feel like standing and looking at It.
for I know that the chance Is auout
twenty to one that 1 11 play Jacks with
It. Pretty often, at that, I let the center
gardener take care of It. And when I do
that stops tha booting thing so far as
I'm concerned."
Wee Willie Keeler, the right gardener of
the Griffith troupe, doesn't boot many of
' them. He expresses himself briefly but
pointedly when asked how he feels about
it on one of his rare booting days.
"Like as If I'd never put up a roar
again to the club's business manager for
a lower berth In the sleeper," he says.
I "Like as If I ought to apologise to the
bat boy for living."
Imperial Larry's Notion.
Tha renowned Larry LaJoie, skipper of
the Cleveland layout. Is ons of the most
taciturn men In the game, but he has
some strong views about the booting busi
ness. . "I'va noticed," he said a while ago,
"that few ball players are of any use
for the remainder of the game after
they've made one bad error. If It were
practicable that Is, If I had enough
men, or could carry enough I'd yank a
player out of the game immediately he
made his first error and put a fresh man
In his place. It does not, aa d matter
of course, always mean, when a player
makes an error, that he Isn't In good
trim, but when a player boots one, espe
cially an easy one. It's bound to shrivel
his nerve. He'll fret and fume inwardly
over It. and then the booting thing is
liable to spread to the other fellows right
away. For example, there never was an
Infield, no matter how strong, since the
game began that wasn't likely to go
ballooning once the booting business
set In.
"When my flock begins to boot It In the
early stages of a game the only thing I
can root for Is that the opposing team
will follow suit! And that's Just what
Mrs. 8. P. Root of 8omers. Conn., who,
slthough 91 years old, is very fond of the
Only thirty-four of Louisiana's M.F97 miles
of public roads are classed as improved,
and a campaign has been Inaugurated by
tha Motor league of that atate for better
Northwestern automoblllsts have gained a
much sought concession by the action of
Secretary of the Interior uartield In per
mitting automobiles to enter Mount Ralner
National park.
The automobile clubs at Taconia and
Seattle are lending aid to the Portland
(Ore.) club In securing the construction
of a graveled boulevard collecting the
three cities named.
By working In relays five drivers suc
ceeded In breaking the record from Chicago
to New York, covering the distance In 39
hours sod U minutes. The best previous
time was 5s hours flat.
A hunting and fishing trip of ve weeks'
duration In lie wildest country of northern
California and southern Oregon was ac
complished recently by a party of San
Francisco motorists In a touring car.
It la important that the little bolts used
in connecting the master links of driving
chains be securely fastened, otherwise there
Is danger that the outer end of the loosened
bolt will do much nmi'iaa damage.
Secretary Drought cf the Milwaukee club
Is compiling a vest pocket booklet contain
ing the new Wisconsin state law. recently
signed by Governor Davidson, and bearing
the approval of the clubs of the state.
Cracked cylinders were nottreably absent
from the recent Atlantic City beach races,
while at Ormond they were numerous, a
fact which siiows the advance made along
that line by builders In less than a year.
On the first day of August, three months
after the Automobile Club of America took
possession of Its new clubhouse and garage
at New York. tD.U) of t!e second mort
gage bonds were redeemed and cancelled.
The Touring Club of France and the
Automobile ciub have arranged to divide
their country Into eighty som-s. In each
of which there will be a first class modern
hotel for the accommodation of motorists.
After spending sixteen 1iys In a Swiss
Jail the chauffeur of Helnrlch Cunrled. the
New York Impresario, who ran down and
klllod a peasant, was released m fl.out ball
pedmg a trial on a charge of manslaughter.
At a test at Canton. O, witnessed by
manufacturers from several cities, vana
dium steel was shown to withstand a ten
sile strength of --5.CI0 pounds to the square
inch, about three times that of oruinary
Although h was far away when his
chauffeur participated In a serious accident
at Sevres, a French court haa held the
owner responsible for damages because the
chauffeur was using bis cax with his per
mission. "A regular government star route" waa
iha was Secretary Taft commented oa the
hsppens a good deal cftener than the fig
ures show ore team setting the oppos
ing team the example of booting the ball.
I mean. When both clubs begin to kb-k !
It around the reel of It's going In the
break. Hut. break or no break, the mean
est hours I've ever known In my life
have been when the booting Infection
txk such a hold on my team that the
men couldn't shake It off even by rolling
on the ground."
Jlasrs Don ok tie Knows Htns.
"Boots-don't even mention the word it
gets me gummed even to hesr It whis
pered." Jlggs Donohue, the stile first
sacker of the Six, said a while back when
the subject of kicking 'em sround was
mentioned to him. "You talk cf the down
below dub snd he'll surely show up, and
If that grinning Imp that slinks along and
hands a ball player a pair of boots snd
forces him to put them on Isn't a devil
then I never caught a hot one from third
on the soft meat. When I boot one I
feel like asking the park cop to take me
by the lug and lead me to the exit gate.
When I boot two In a row I feel like sur
rendering myself at headquarters and
charging myself with swindling Comlskey
out of the wages he digs up for me. But
when I kick three of 'em on the same
afternoon help! stop thief! I'm runnmg
away from my shadow like a fox terrier
pup chasing his tall and I'm Just as near
being a booby hatch subject as anybody
ever gets to be. Bay, I never pass by a
shoe shop if I can help It. That's how
leary I am on the subject of boots. One
thing, though when I get the boot from
the bench near first base in a tour town
I tighten up Just in proportion to the
length and meanness of the laugh. It gets
the old Mulligan and harp to seething In
me when they slip me the Jeer for a mls
play. There are days, of course, when all
of the tightening up In tho world won't
do a fellow any good when the booting
thing ia going to continue right on to the
dismal wlndup. And when those days do
glide along say, let's talk about getting
our teeth fixed or something cheerful."
Monte Cross Has It Dad.
Monte Cross, the Athletics' Infielder, Is
another one of them who takes It to
"Hooting "em," he said recently, "doesn't
make me feel so cheap as It docs make
me sore. Sore with myself and every
body. Especially when a roller goes
through my legs. After letting a couple
of these rollers slip through my spokes,
one after another. I've felt like I'd walk
fourteen miles through quicksand to break
some aged man's arms with a fence picket.
Nothing that I eat tastes any good to me
for twenty-four hours after I've had a
booting seance."
Bob Ganley, the crack outfielder of the
Washington crew, Is superstitious about
the booting thing. He swears by the
teeth of the mask carved horse chestnut
that ho always carries with him as a
talisman that he Invariably dreams of It
the night before he Is going to boot one
muff an easy fly, that Is to say In his
meadow on the morrow.
"I haven't known that dream dopa to
fall In all the years I've been In the game,"
he says. "Whenever I dream that I'm
going to let one grease through my mitts
I know for a dead sure thing that I'm
going to make a show of myself In the
game on the day following the dream.
Just nervousness because of the dream?
Well, It may be that. But, whatever It Is,
through my butter fingers the eld pill
slips, as sure as hops, and I'm left stand
ing out there In the glade looking like
something that's been sleeted on. The
worst of It Is that when I boot one my
batting wicks are filmed for the remainder
of the game, because my goat Is gone and
with It goes my vision. I don't know If
It hits any of the rest that way, but after
I boot one In my lot I can't hit a trolley
car i window with a rock If I'm standing
Inside of It."
Many Scatter Gnn Experts Will Gather
at Washington Meet.
BPOKANE. Sept. 7. Some of the fore
most amateur trapshooters In the middle
western, eastern and Pacific states will be
entered at the Interstate association's third
Pacific coast handicap tournament at Nata
torlum park here September 19 to 12, under
the auspices of the Spokane Rod and Gun
club. , There will also be a number of pro
fessionals. The last named will be per
mitted to shoot for "targets only" from
handicap distances as allotted by the com
mittee, headed by Elmer E. Bhaner of
Pittsburg. Two trophies, with H.B0J added
by the Interstate association and the Spo
kane Rod and Oun club, will be swarded
aa prizes. The trophy In the preliminary
handicap Is a sterling silver vase, tho
award In the Pacific -roast handicap being
a sterling silver loving cup.
automobile service between Oyster Bay
and Sagamore Hill on hla call on President
Roosevelt Just before leaving for his globe
circling tour.
Collectors of customs throughout ths
country sre notifying owners of motor
boats of every size that they are required
to carry on their craft two copies each of
the federal placard pilot rules and the
rules for llgh's.
A national agitation on the part of motor
ists looking toward the removal of tele
graph and telephone poles from the road
side Is in sight as the result of so many
Bullous accidents which have resulted from
swerving cars striking poles.
Individual Instruction In road work will
be the feature of the automobile school
conducted by the West Side loung Men s
Christian asoclallon of New York City.
Last season '.he school had S17 students,
making it the largest of its kind In the
Ohio motorists pay only a local tax on
their cars at present, and the State Auto
mobile asftoclattou will try to have a uni
form registration law passed so that the
cars will not have to be literally covered
with tags as they go from one town to
8lxty-four different methods of laying
the dust and of preventing automobile tires
from destroying the top layer of macadam
roads recently were tried by the munici
pality of Paris. Each of ths compositions
which proved successful had coal tar for
its basis.
So many serious sutomoblle accidents
hate occurred In northern New Jersey
that State Senator Freltnghuyscn, author
of that state automobile law, la expected
to ask the next legislature to add the re
vokul ot licenses to the penalty for reck
leaanrss. A Brooklyn motorist In cleaning his ma
chine recently discovered a pair of linen
cuffs within a tear shoe, snd on Inquiry
learned they had been utilised to protect
a slight blowout that had occurred on ths
road some weeks previously when no re
pair shop was handy.
When the crank rase of a motor that
haa been running for some time becomes
uncomfortably hot the natural Inference
Is that there must be a leakage of burning
gases past tho piston. A very hot cranK
chamber means that the piston rings
should be looked after at once.
By the way In which he sprayed a resi
dence avenue with oil recently the superin
tendent of streets of Hartford. Conn., made
himself decidedly uniopular with the
omen. The oil collected In pools, whieh
ruined shoes and spoiled dresses, while
dogs trarkrd it Into many houses.
The House of Representatives of ths
Grand Duchy of Hmii haa requested the
German government to formulate a law
closing the public highways te all auto
mobiles serving simply (or sport snd racing
purposes. Tuurtng tars and runabouts.
a.-emtngly, are not Included .ia tola pro
scription. i Dresden motorists ars considering giving
Championship Battl: to Be Held oa
Ball Gronndi.
Platform to Be Erected Over Pitchers'
Bos at llecre-atloa Park, "aa
Francisco, and Spectators
Seated Aroanil.
BAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 7 Jack Olesson
has consummated all arrangements for the
championship battle between Joe Gans and
Jimmy Brltt at the Recreation base ball
park on Valencia street near Fifteenth. He
has come to a satisfactory understanding
with the directors of the organisation snd
sll obstacles have been removed. The fight
will take place on the afternoon of Sep
tember 9. The ting will be pitched In the
vicinity of the pitcher's box. The Infield
will be planked and the highest priced
sects will be right around the ringside
There will be about fifty feet on each side
of the ring for the boxes, which will ac
commodate In the neighborhood of 4.O10
people. In addition to these ground-floor
seats there will be plenty ot available room
In the grandstand for the medium-priced
ticket holders and the bleachers will com
fortably take care of a goodly bunch of
fans. If necessary the management could
seat 2&,r.O people without Inconveniencing
a single patron. The wire screening- In
front of the gTandstand will be temporarily
removed so as to give ' spectators a free
and unobstructed view of the gladiators
In the roped Inclosure. As the fighters will
battle on a raised platform about four
feet In height a spectator perched on the
topmost row of the bleachers will have a
perfect view of the arena and will be ablo
to see each and every blow struck during
the course of the conflict. There will be
no dim light to obstruct the view for an
Instant, such as often mars a fight held at
night In a poorly lighted pavilion. In
Illustrating this point Gleason pointed out
how well the bleacherltes could see the
pitcher go through his motions on the
rubber, and as the ring will be high enough
to enable the purchasers ot admission
tickets to see over the heads of the re
served seat patrons, the boxes will be In
view to every person In the park at all
The properly holders and their friends
who are figuring on getting a free peep
at Jimmy Brltt and Joe Gans when they
are battering each other with the stuffed
mitts will be sorry to learn that steps have
been taken to obstruct the vision of all
such deadheads. Canvas will be used to
cut off the view of all outsiders, so that
the owners and renters of flats will not
be able to sell choice locations at bargain
Bill Sqalrea Asraln.
SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 7.-Followlng the
return of Bill 8qulres to this city and the
starting of his training at Shannon's quar
ters, ear San Rafael, word has been re
ceived by cable from Australia that Book
maker Jack Trenn will again back him to
the extent of $6,000 In another match.
Jimmy Coffroth wants to send Squires
against tho victor In the Schreck-Kaufman
go. Squires seems to have profited by his
stay In lumber camps and returned here
tanned and sturdy looking. He announces
that If he can secure another match ha
will challenge Burns once more. Both
Kaufman and Schreck have also announced
their Intention of going after Tommy. Cof
froth says that he will put Squires on with
the winner of the Schreck-Ksufman go
September 21. Jim Flynn of Pueblo Is
laying claims to a chance, and word haa
been received here that Jack (Twin) Sul
livan has started west.
Clean Breaks la Phllly.
PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 7. The municipal
authorities here have sounded a warning
to the boxers, particularly from New York
City, against what they style rough-and-tumble
fighting, now that the really busy
season Is about to open. They take tho
stand that for a fighter to pummel another
when the latter Is not In a position to de
fend himself Is not a square deal and Is
conducive to a free fight, and therefore
tho Philadelphia boxing clubs will strictly
enforce the rule of a clean break this
winter. The first fight In which this rule
Is to strictly observed will be the Murphy
Hylsnd bout, which Is set for September
11. The authorities add that all fighters
who do not care to observe the rule need
not look for matches In Quakertown.
If you have anything to trade advertise
U in the For Exchange colunms of The
Bee Want Ad pages.
the magistrates of their city Instruction
in the del'ghts of riding In their cars,
in the hope that It will result In more Just
Judgments from the bench and the placing
of lesa credence in the testimony of wit
nesses of automobile accidents.
Beside being an ardent motorist. Mayor
Brand Whitlock of Toledo, O., Is a pho
tographer of ability. Recently he snapped
an interesting picture showing a stage
coach of the old-time days alongside of
ahlcb was an up-to-date touring car tilled
with Indians in full war dress, with Chief
Iron Tail al the wheel.
The Massachusetts State Automobile as
sociation will test the constitutionality of
the law which went Into effect August 1
reoulrlng the payment of a la registration
fee for the balance of the year, although
2 already has been paid and another 15
will be collected January 1.
Diplomats at Bpaln'a summer capital, San
Sebastian, arc having hard luck with their
automobiles. In one day recently that of
M. Revoll, French amhaaaador to npaln,
ran over and seriously injured a workman,
while Benor Gay I on Alaya, Spanish minister
to Cuba, participated In an accident in
which five persons were hurt.
That America's rxports of automobiles
at last have overtaken the Importation Is
shown by a report from the Department of
Commerce and Labor for the year ending
June SO. which gives the exports at (d.SikI.Ouo
and the imports at 4.ii.i''. In addition
lloO.OuO worth went to Porto Rico. lts),Ui
worth to Huwall and li.OXi worth to the
Only by tha use of an automobile woe
the sheriff of Crawford county, Pennsyl
vania able to ssve from lynching a tramp
who was arrested at Warren, O., on a
charge of attempting to assault a young
girl. The sheriff had to take his prisoner
thirty miles to Jail and a mob that had
planned to Intercept him en route was not
quick enougli to stop the automobile.
Cm Wsnt Ada for Business Boosters.
Morgaa & "Wright Tires
but whrn some unavoidable aocl
Cant DRIVES them th.r. It's a
good Idea to ha anmeona do tha
repairing who KNOWd UUW.
W. bav. as completely equipped
a Repair 8hoo as It Is POSSIBLE
to hava, and la addition (which is
vitally Important ha v. xp.ii
no4 man la charge ho know
bow to do anything from repair
ing a pln-hot. punetur. to r.vuW
eanlslng a whole tire.
Permanent Repaira ar. tbs next best
thing to GOOD tires and you can get
auto mi ooanPAjrr,
Oo-T B. lots u, na. city, tSo.
Bad blood is responsible for most of the Ailments of mankind. When
from any cause this vital fluid becomes infected with Impurities, humors of
noisons. disease in some form is sure to follow. Kczenia, Acne, Tetter,
Doils, Pimples, etc., while they show on the skin, have art underlying cntme
which is far deeper -an impure, humor-iuected blood supply, and until this
is corrected, and the blood purified... the distressingr; itchinjr and burning
symptoms will remain. Rheumatism. Catarrh, Sores and Ulcers, Scrofula,
Blood Toison and all other blood disorders, are the result of a ih,1.
luted circulation, and will continue to prow worse unless the poison is re
moved from the blood. In all blood and skin diseases S. S. S. has preved
itself a perfect remedy. It rocs down Into the circulation and removes ell
waste matter, humors or poisons, and makes the blood pure and health-sustaining:.
Nothing reaches inherited taints and old chronic troubles like
S. S. S; it cures because it purifies the blood and restores lost properties to
the impoverished circulation. Not only is S. S. S. a blood puri6er of the
highest order, but a tonic find appetizer without an equal. Boole on tli
blood and any medical advice desired sent free to all w.,o write
We are pleased to announce that our wholesale and retail automo
bile tire and supply business haa grown to such proportions that we
feel warranted In opening up an establishment devoted exclusively to
this branch of the business.
We have secured the large store at 2010 Farnam street and are
equipping It especially for this business. Our present stock of tires and
supplies and our tire repair plant are now being moved in and orderg
will be filled without Interruption. We will be completely installed
by September 16th.
We have disposed of our Automobile Sales Department to Mr. II. E.
Fredrickson who will occupy our former garage at 2044-46-48 Farnam.
This move will enable us to devote our entire attention and capital
to the handling of supplies, tires and accessories of all kinds, and to
the conducting of the tire repair business on a more extensive and
satisfactory basis than has before been attempted in this season.
We ask the co-operation of every automobile dealer and motorist
la the upbuilding of this mutually advantageous line of business.
Until Sept. 15th all business will be transacted at 2044 Farnam St,
The Powell Automobile Co.,
Jobbers of Automobile Tires and Supplies
1903 Model II Stodd.rd
ry. '
1903 Model K,
1814-18 Farnam. Street
1903 DR. MITCHELL, $1,000
Now on our floor for delivery, 4-cylinder, 2i h. p., sliding trans
mission, fhaft line. Call for information.
11 you ,re Planning; a trip to the Pacific Coast the colonist rata will b
925.00 from Omaha during September and October.
Preportlonateljr low rates to all of tho far western state.
v me "d 1 w,n "anre yovr trip, check your bargee ttrougU. tea
yon exactly when you will reach your degtlnatlon. locate you In a chair car or
h eS iim
r -- ill
...of the...
Powell Automobile
Jobbers of Automobile Tires
- D.ylon Run bout. $1,700
1908 Model F, Touring
Car. $2,500
' JP?l'?m V stT.JIafatf. 'it T .nk
J. a Reynolds, City Pass. Agent,
1502 Farnam Street, Omaha.