Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 08, 1907, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 6, Image 14

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Want - ads
Advertisements for tha nail ad
Hlimii will fee takea aatll lln. for
tha evening; rilltlon and aatll 0 p. m.
far the annlif and unday editions.
Cub mast accompany all orders for
wl ada and aa advertisement will
aw aeeepted for leaa than 10 ceata for
tfc II rat laaertloa.
Ratea apply to either The Dally '
bandar Bee.
Always eoaat elx words to a line.
Combinations of InltlaJa or aamhers
-oant aa ana word.
laaertloa, per line, 10 ceata. Two or
more roaaecnflva Insert lone, per liar,
eenta. Each laaertloa made on odd
dors, to penta per line. ft. BO per
llae per month.
Death and PaaeraJ Notice, Carda of
Thaaka and Lodge Notices, T ceata
per llae for one edition, morning or
evening I 8 ceata a llae for each ad
dltloaal edition. Sandart 10 renta a
llae. No ad taken for leaa than SO
ranr advertisement la lnaerted andor
below. It will be charged at the fol
lowing rates i One Inaertlon, 4 eenta
per Ilaei three to six consecutive In
sertions, 3 centa per Una each Ineer
tltn aevea or mora eoneecntlve la
aertlona, a cents per line naeh laser
Ion BO ceata per line per month.
' Escept Aetata, Sollcltora and Sales
Cowa, Birds, Dors and Tel.
Horses and Vehicles.
Poultry nnd Evas.
Typewriters and Sewing Machines.
Planoa, Organs and Mnaleal Inatra-
Furnished Rooma.
Untarnished Rooma.
Hoaaekeeplng Rooma.
Boarding and Rooma.
Want Ada for The Ree mar he left
at any of the following drng stores
one Is "roar corner drngglst" ther
ara all branch offices of Tha B and
year ad will ha laaerted Joat aa
promptlr and on the name ratea as at
the main office la The Bee Building,
Seventeenth and Farnam Streets.
Albaeh, W. C, th mid Farnam.
Beranck, S. A.. 14o2 8. 10th St.
Becht pharmacy. 7:0 8. 16th at.
Benson Pharmacy, Benson, Neb.
Bemts Park Pharmacy, 23d and Cuming.
Blake's Pharmacy, 2818 Sherman Aye.
Caughlln, C. R.. 6th and Pierce Sts.
Clifton Hill Pharmacy. 2218 Military Ave.
Conta, J. B., Wat Ave. and Farnam.
Crissey Fhaimacy, 21th and Lake.
Cermak, Emll, 12H4-6 8. 13th St.
Eastman pharmacy, fc46 Hamilton.
Khler. F. 22 Leavenworth.
Foster 4 Arnoldl. 213 N. 25th St.
Freytag, John J., 1814 N. 24th St.
Florence Drug- Co., Florence. Neb.
Goldman Pharmacy, 2Mh and Laka,
Green's Pharmacy, corner Park Ave. and
OTeenotlgh, O. A.. 1028 ft 10th St.
Grecnouen. G. A.. 11124 S. 10th St.
Havdnn, Wm. C. 2SJ0 Farnam St.
Hahscom Park Thar.. 1501 8. 2th Ave.
Hoist, John, 624 N. 16th St.
Huff. A. L.. 224 Leavenworth St.
King-. H. 8 223R Farnam St.
Kountie Place Pharmacy, 3.W4 N. 24th.
Patrick Pin Co.. 124 N. 24th St.
'Lathrop, Chas. E., 1324 N. 24th St.
Pevton, L. E., 24th and Leavenworth.
Saratoga Drug Co., 24th and Ames Ave.
Schaefer's Cut Price Drug Co., 16th and
Hchaefer, August. 2831 N. lfith St.
Schmidt. J. H.. 24th and Cuming Sts.
Storm PharmHcy, lfith and Martha fits.
Walnut Hill Pharmacy, 40th and Cuming.
Walton Pharmacy. 20th and Grace Sts.
Worth. O. H.. 40th and Hamilton Sts.
CAHA LAN John F., aged 32 years.
Funeral Monday morning. September .
at 8:30 a. m. from family residence, 710
Bouth Eighteenth street, to St. Philomena's
tathedral, Ninth and Harney streets. In
terment, Holy Bepulcher cemetery.
Beech Camp Ko. 1454, M. W. A.
Neighbors ara requested to attend the
funeral or T. A. Morris at 746 Washington
avenue. Council Bluffs, Sunday. September
8, at 3 p. m. w. d. wood, consul
Mrs. Louis Fries and family desire to
thank Uielr friunda for their kindneaa dur
ing the recent Illness and death of thelt
beloved husband and lather.
Licenses to wed have been Issued to the
Name and Residence. Age
Noah A. Martin, Fort Crook, Neb 21
llatlle Lane, Bellevue, Neb It)
Births Albert Johnson, 4236 Grant, boy;
George Swanaon, 3672 North Twenty-eighth
avenue, Buy; nana nelson, ztwMl Chicago,
Death Mrs. Catherine MacAUester, 1602
McCartney institute
11)03 Farnam St.
Fall term beglna September 2.
Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping,
Vununercuu uw ana f enin&nsiiip.
to students registering on or before
Thursday, August 28.
Day and nUfht sessions.
Call on or telephone Douglas 1070.
Miss E. F. McCartney, Secretary
all' SIC every evening. Hotel Rome.
HON PAINTINO-8. H. Cole, ISA Douglaa.
IV 11
rHE CITY OARBAGE CO.. ofllce 4th and
Laavenworin Mia. lei. uougiaa 1 7.
WANT 1,000 fans Sunday at Diets Park.
Boston Bloomer Girls. U 874 x
VORAND'S clasaea In dancing for adults
are now open, xjrsaona, luri. at in., p.
m. Entrance Opp. Burwood theater. Call
or 'phone Douglaa lotl. U-3 Octt
BEND for our IUt of second-hand automo
biles, ukkiumi. uu f arnam. ts zuu
Have a good mail-order business, about
81.408 worth of stock on hand, plenty ot
advertising matter, will exenange lor au
totneblle; state make, modal and value of
machine In nrat tetter. A cash offar will
fee cwaajderad. . O. Box 1044. Omaha.
TO KXCHANOE Patent right on a lawn
weedet for removing dandelions from
yards. Fortune In this for the right
jiany. Will trade for stock of hardware
or land. Specifications sent' on request.
Address Y-2U2, care Bee.
(D-MXS7 S24x
GOOD stock of general merchandise In an
Iowa town of 1500. Will trade for clear,
cheap land. Globe Land and Investment
Co.. J0 So. ISth SL (I) Jul
E-XCH ANOE If you have city property,
stocks of goods, farm land or property of
any kind to exchange, write for our com
plete list. We have properties and lanrta
In all parts of the country to exchange.
Our list Is free. Send for It at once.
Globe Land and Investment Co., SK So.
Pith St.. Omaha Neb. (3) 2"l
GOOD Improved Nebraska farm, price
IVin. subject to mortgage of $3,200. 6
years at 8 pcf cent, to exchange well lo
cated Omaha vacant lota at actual values.
Address O 93. Bee. () M134 9
r ' i ' - "
TO EXCHANGE We have three desirable
patents, consisting of wrench, oil can
and neck yoke attachment that we wish
to sell or exchange for good farm prop
erty In Minnesota. Canada or Texas pre-
V ferred. H. H. Walters, Casselton, N. D.
(3 240 14x
CLEAR section wheat land, near Ooodland,
Kan.; exchange for general merchandise;
worth t,00n. Will M Donelan, Glen
wood. Ia. (8 254 Sx
5 MODERN houses, paved street, one
block from 24th St. car line; will exchange
for good farm land.
One Merrltt county farm 110 acres to ex
change for suburban vacant lots.
4"4 Bee Bldg. Tel. Doug. 3367.
(8) M333 llx
WE own and ocntrol some choice groups of
mineral claims in Uic Uoldtleld, Tonoih
and other mining districts In Nevada,
showing high grade values In gold, silver,
and copper ore. We will consolidate with
investors or will sell control to live pro
moters and take our interest principally
In stock. We solicit correspondence with
brokers handling 'Uilt Edge" Nevada se
curities and stocks. Boake, Wagner &
isrooKs, Tunopaii, Nevada. (4)
RE YOl' a man under 45 years old open
for a proposition? Have you a son or
ward ready to tenter buslnecs? A New
York nianufarttirim; corporation offers an
opening; imsltlon treasurer at $5,000 per
annum. Applicant to take $7s,iSio to ?1).
()0 Interest In ' -- njd ctxhltshed
concern, paying 10 per cent dividends for
last 5 years; highest commercial and
bank references; an exceptional oppor
tunity. Address Postofnce Box aim. New
York. (4) 262 8x
Do You "Wish to Make a Change
IF YOU have a farm, home, business or
property that you wish to sen or ex
change, write us.
(4)-M183 Sept. 26
BETWEEN forty and fifty thousand shares
or me Arizona Uold Mines ft Mining to. a
stock for sale at 26 cents per share; sold
by M. E. Langley and John J. Wyatt at
75 cents per share; any Information. Call
or write N. F. Anderson, 6811 Walrath St.,
Los AngeleB, Cal. (4) 820X
SPLENDID openings for furniture, under-
laaer, hardware, machinery, nouring mur,
elevator, harness shgp, shoe shop, general
store, drug store, confectionery and
bakery, In agricultural town of 600, So
miles from Denver; good school and
churches; Ideal climate. Addreas Box 210,
Plattevllle, Colo. (4J M767 8x
BUSINESS CHANCE For sale for cash,
clean new stock of groceries and shoes
at 6t. Charles, Minn.; sold 817,600 last
year; better this; invoice abovo 12,000; will
sell for 90 oents on the dollar If taken at
once; best of reasons for selling. Ad
Ureas Box 36, St. Charles, Minn.
(4)-MS46 10X
FOR 6 ALE A good paying hotel .In Cen
tral Iowa, town of 10 to 12 hundred; 2 rail
roads; am going Into other rusiness.
Will sell building and furniture or fur
niture alone and rent building. Hotel H
block from depot. If looking for a snap
gt busy. Address Y 178, Bee. (4)-M611
8(A New York Life Building.
Tel. Doug. 3665. Omaha, Neb.
160 o 1150 a week in your locality selling
stock in a Nevada uold Mining company
that is a winner. Big thing for the In
vestor and for party who sells -It. In
vestigate this. For partuclars, address
8 136, Bee. (41-630 S30
acres gold bearing gravel. Richest placers
Known. First offering siock ten cenis.
Installments. Illustrated prospectus free.
Should riav 110 for everv dollar Invested.
Yukon Basin Gold Dredging Co., Ltd.,
Kansas City, Mo. , (4) Miw sx
FOR SALE In Fullerton, Neb., blacksmith
business, one set of tools, one 4 H. P.
gasoline engine, new, a good opening
now; easy payments. Address C K.
Stenberg, Indian School, Genoa, Neb.
(4)-M4Sl 69x '
WEST SIDE UDholstertne. carpet cleaning
business ' for sale; doing business ot v
a month. Apply to Francis Jeffery, 180
w. uroaaway, uuue, Mont.
(4)-M349 8 10x
FOR SALE One-half Interest In real es
tate, business chance and Insurance
office In Omaha; good lists and growing
bUBineas. Address Jki use, care tsee.
(4) M720 7
HOTELS for sale; one In year-round moun.
tain pleasure resort towi.; snap;
one In hunting and fishing section, only
11,700; one In county seat town; furniture
and good will, 11,060. Richards Realty
Co., Littleton, Colo. it) M787 8X
SMALL grocery stock and fixtures for sain
at a bargain; must be sold at once, at
X703 Sherman Ave. (4) Mlao O
FOR SALD-1,000 clean hardware stock;
no Trades, rasn oniv; county seat town.
For particulars address 11. A, Kohler,
Alma, nan. n miw izx
A SNAP Must be sold this week; 80o on
the dollar, grocery stock and meat busi
ness, good location, doing good business.
Z7 Broadway, Council Bluffs, la.
(4)-M99 12x
I DESIRE an active correspondent In every
town to sell approved Investment secur
ities; high class proposition paying big
I 1 . . 1 . 1 ' , , T '
City. Mo.
( (41-M141
YOU can never profit by business chances
unless you nsve some money; small sav
ings ara the foundation ot large fortunes:
start a savings account with J. L. Bran
dels & Sons. Bankers. Utb and Douglaa
ttta. Aaaets over i-wc.uuo. (u
TURNED Illustrated guide book and list
or inventions wanted, tree to sny ad
dress. Patenta secured by us advertise
free In World's Pro rr ess; sample cop
free. Evans, Wllksns Co., t8 F au.
v aanington. u. u. i
INVESTMFNT in diamond mines: excel
lent opportunity to secure shares In oper
ating diamond mines In Brazil; American
enterprise and management; large divi
dends. Apply Tor detatla, A. A. Rutla,
Fiscal Agent, P. O. Box 15ti2, Pittsburg,
t a. t 263 K
BUSINESS opportunities In Seattle. If you
wish to buy a legitimate business or
partnership In Seattle, write or call. We
make a specialty of securing your wants
quickly. HlKhest bank references. North
Pacini: Investment Company, Empire
liuiiaing, Beanie, wash. (4) vt ax
E8TABIJ8HED newspaper for sale, cost
over : win sen ror IM; easy payments,
long time; have other business: snap for
someone; answer quick Newspaper,
.:anaway, Minn. (4) 2M 8
AT HALF PRICE Gasoline lighting plant,
in good roniition; twelve lights or leaa
Write or call The Cole Drug Co., Dayton
a. 4 M-Tl MX
PATENTS and trademarka for Mexico
Cut. Central and Houth America Hlnzol.
man A On , Mexico, D. F.. P. O. Box 28,
or uanie 7. (4) SM SX
PARTY owning valiiabla oil teases In the
prolific Rohlnaon. 111., territory desires to
merest capital to share In develoomen
wora. no 7. Flat Rock. 111. t4 278 x
40 ACRES near Dee Moines, 11.600, for a
si or a or gen. mdae. Address J . Cam'
oriuge, lowe. ;v-ikua ex
non-speculative business that will safely
earn J per cent annually on any amount
you ran Invest; sounds Ilka a fairy tale,
but I have fact and futures which prove it
In my opinion and I want to send them
to you, free of charge, for your Judg
ment. Address J. K. W liber, care Gates
Co., Garfield Building, Cleveland. O.
(4 262 Sx
MONET Do you need it? We are In a
position to furnish capital for any meri
torious enterprises. We can sell your
stocks and bonds quickly on commission
basis. Money advanced on good securi
ties; charters procured in any state. Do
not fall to confer with us; It will be to
your Interest. R. Kaata Co.. Bankers,
Tacoma Bldg.. Chicago. (4)-22B 8x
One of beet In city. Owner has tflade
good money and wants a rest. This will
stand Investigation.
We only advertise tha good ones.
Business Chance Bunnell
822 K. T. Life.
CREDIT Men's suits and overcoats IIS and
118 by mall direct from factory. $1 a
week. No references. No security. No
monev down. Particulars free. Menter
& Rosenbloom Co., Factory A., Rochester,
N. Y. (4)-261 8x
INVEST profitably and safely; valuable
pointers on How to Make Money In the
last Issue of Investors" paper sent free
as a sample. Address, Financial and
Mining Record, -86 East 23d Bt., New York.
(41-229 8x
FOR SALE Drug stock, fixtures and build
ing In live town In eastern Nebraska;
excellent proposition for a doctor. Owner
Is not a druggist, and haa other business.
Address Y 181. care Bee. (I) M2B6 15x
FOR BALE New, clean stock of drugs
In live new town In Nebraska; might
consider part cash and land. Address
x lay, care nee. ti aaoi iu
Very close In, hoarding or rooming house
for Sale. A Dargain lor me peraun wnu
acts promptly. Prleo 1750; house has 10
rooms ami all modern; rent 140. J. JL
Sherwood, 837 N. Y. Life. (4)-l 8
CAPITAL furnished going concerns; manu
facturing preferred; money ngni away
if proposition satisfied; new enterprises
Incorporated and financed; bond Issues
arranged; state what you have and I will
advise you free. Moreland Brown, 406-6-7
Scarrltt Bldg., Kansas City, Mo
CAN put you In possession of Informa
tion concerning a mining enterprise, lo
cated In Mexico, so remarkable as to be
In a class by Itself. Stock Is still selling
low and a few dollars Invested now
means a quick, large and sure profit.
Address, A. R. Verdler, 1001 Liggett Bldg.,
St. Louis, Mo. (4)-193 8x
CORPORATIONS organised and financed;
meritorious projects only : strictly com
mission basis. The H. J. Folts Co., Min
neapolis, Minn. (4) 202 8x
MAKE 1300 a month In tha mail order
business: we teach you by man ana start
you In business; If you have spare time
and 110 cash, write us today; we will
make you prosperous. Mail Order
Lyceum, Scranton, Pa. (4) 207 8x
DO YOU need capital, extend or start
business? If so, write me oerore ar
ranging elsewhere; exceptional facilities
placing stocks, bonds quickly, Everett
Dufour, Corporation Attorney, Washing
ton. D. C, (4)-226 8x
RESTAURANT Finest In the state out
side of Lincoln and Omaha; easy terms.
Send for description. Red Cloud Real
Estate Co., Exclusive Agents, Red Cloud,
Neb. (4 M906 06x
FIRST CLASS, up-to-date Jewelry stock
located in best business portion or city.
The Pond Realty and Loan Co., Colorado
Springs, Colo. 4 M374 12x
TWO-CHAIR barber shop for sale. Write
C Beeiey, 'iTenton. Neb. (4) M977 lzx
WANTED An experienced business man
wants a connection with an Omaha house;
Is familiar with office work and a capable
salesman; Al references. Address W 102,
Bee. (4 M907 (x
FOR BALE Nice restaurant and confec
tionery In Denton, Kan., one of the best
towns of Kansas; well established; price
reasonable, on account of sickness. S. E.
Bowers, Denton, Kan. (4) M844 lOx
WISH to meet gentleman who can Interest
few people to extent of 16,000 or Id.OuO.
You can make same or more at no ex
pense to yourself. Address L 62. Bee.
FOR SALE Good paying bargain atore In
live norm western xseDraska town, having
two railroads; good farm and ranch coun
try. Address Y 218, care Bee.
(4)-M342 810
FOR SALE Bakery, soda fountain and
luncn room in a gooa rsenrasKa town of
4.000; good location ana paying business;
good reason for selling; about 13,000; time.
Address M 131, Bee. (4) M056 7x
FOR SALE Well equipped village black-
smitn snop; gooa location; good prices for
work, no competition; will pay you to In
vestigate. Appiy a. i. i nomas, Allison
Colo. (4)-M78 x
FOR SALE Restanrant and confectionery
in gooa town aoing a gooa nuiness. f or
particulars aaareas t). l. walaton, Graf,
ton. Neb. (4 M804 x
v ' wu "... . . vi iii,uii ui m
(4)-M407 SlBx
FOR SALE First-class blacksmith and
wagon wora Dusiness, with tools; 14 to 86
recaivea tor snoeing ana H to H for set
ting tires. Address Y 129, Bee. (4) 204
POOL and billiard tables for sale, five pool
wnu iwu umiira lauiea; must De Sola In
niieen aays. tis r. mn bt., a. Omaha,
(4)-43 B7
A RESTAURANT, building lot, fixtures and
stock in town 01 4Uv; good Ice cream and
fountain trade. Inquire of Postofnce Box
B. Waukee. la. (4) M642 7x
FOR SALE At a bargain, a stock of aen,
erai mercuanaiae. store ana aweiuna. Tha
only store In town. Write to Albert
Neison, May Day, Kan. (4 M906 Ux
FOR SALE Country newspaper In central
Kansas town or 1,000; owner going to
quit uusiness. a. u. arironrt. (Juyton,
Okl. (4) M900 llx
BLACKSMITH SHOP for sale: well
equipped: good location; only shop; a bar-
aaut. Auuiess jonn d. wens, snaw, Kan
(4 M901 18x
WANTED A partner In tailoring business;
sooa location ; in a gooa crowing town.
uscar Kim, vauey city, N. D.
4)-M781 x
1700 RUY8 weekly doing good business; 1350
caan, balance to suit purchsser. Address,
ueorge neiiert, Kinarea, N. u.
(4)-M642 7x
HARDWARE stock for sale; rash only;
county seat town, eaatern central N
braaka; well established trade; invoice
about 110, two. Box 474, Omaha Postofflce.
BOWLINO ALLEYS 8ell or trade; big
bargain; good bualneas: fine condition:
lively town of Z.5ov: must sell at once; no
competition, uux my, Aiikln, Minn.
(4) M234 14X
FOR SALE Bakery in county seat town
owner deceased: good paying business
Aaaress feu w. sza t., bioux city, ia.
(4)-238 6x
FOR 8 A LB-At 88, II shares Union Stock
Yards (So. Omaha) stocks. Addreaa Y-221
Bee. (4) MMC Ux
BAKERY buainass: good location; doing
good business; reasons for selling. Amer
ican Fork Bakery. American Fork. Utah.
(4;-M4W 17 x
WANTED To meet a gentleman that ran
Interest three men for a small amoint
each; purpose, manufacturing In this sec
tion. Address A ion. Bea, ( y x
PHYSICIAN desires location in Nebraska
town. Addreas Y SI. care Bee.
(4-M40 10X
QUICK transfers made in selling or buying
property. 4-4 N. Y. I. Bldg. t Mtt Ss
RS-veRitchie's kail. South Ojnaha; second
floor; no posts: flOxsO; long laaae. A. G.
luicuie. Sm at lwUt BU Omaha. (4; aM
GET In line soon now for a good rooming
house; we have sold some good one this
last week; we still have some bargains;
their la a -room flat, with 81,1000 worth
of furniture and carpeta, all new six
months ago; on account of death will
sell complete; lace curtains, dlshea. every
thing ready to step In and keep house;
lent. fj. Keystone Surety and Kef. Agt,
(Inc.), 404 Bee Bldg., Omaha- (4) 376 S
for manager and treasurer; must be
worth a salary of tltO per month, and
have at least 82.000 to Invest In safe and
prosperous business; do not answer un
less you are right man and ran qualify;
this Is a genuine, good opening; for In
terview address P 178, ears Bee.
(4)-M293 10
t NEED a man to help me form a syndi
cate to lease and operate the Endless
Belt street car advertising device In New
England state: have option from in
ventor which can't be beat; balance of
I'. 8. and nearly all foreign countries al
ready leased, o you 11 have to hurry;
takes a little money, and I will furnish,
my half: fortune In It for us; for Inter
view and particular address 8 219. rare
Bee. (4) M395 10
For a private hospital, boarding or room
ing house; 18 rooms; painted; all mod
ern; two-story; built 6 years ago; house
82x0, and two lots 182x180 feet, at !31
8. 18th street, city. 14) M864 lSx
JOB printing outfit: 10x16 Gordon, Sty-ln.
Reliance cutter, over 100 fonts type, bor
ders, etc, body type and everything nec
essary for complete outfit; Hats Sl.lnO and
good aa new; cheap for quick sale: might
consider offer on p.irt. 120 Franklin Ave.,
Council Bluff a. Iowa. (4) M388 10
ALT, KINDS of mining and oil stocks
Dought and sold according to their vaiue.
Omaha Finance Co., 213 N. Y. Life Bldg.
(4) M148 Oct .
NO PUBLICITY In selling your business.
C J. CAN AN, 701 N. Y. L. Bldg.. Omahv
Life. Tel. Doug. 6149. (4) 207
TO BUY or sell anv hualnesn or rsal es
tfite. call or write E. u. oangestaa,
tee Bldg. m an
ROOMING houses for sale, all slues.
tiangestad, 40 Bee Bldg. 14) zoa
LIST your property with us. Berka & Co.,
us 4 . x. iue. tJ io
DRUG stores for sale everywhere. F. V.
Kniest, 707 N. Y. Life. Omaha. (4) zos
RESTAURANT for sale cheap. 638 Broad
way, council Bluffs, la. 14) 754X
WANTED Partner In fine ptylng business;
about two cash needed, and I win put up
my half of It. For particulars address
O 217, care Bee. (4) M381 10
SALES made on mdse., Jewelry, household
goods, live stock, larm implements, etc
Both & Tyrell, 1212 Douglas, Omaha.
(6) 310
Bar Iron and SteeL
The Pennsylvania Iron and Steel Co.,
Omaha. Neb..
Sells merchant bar Iron and steel In any
quantity and fclxe cheaper man any job
ber In the west. Write for prices.
(S) M692 S2i
EXPERT shaving and halrcuttlng. 809 N.
16th. w lao ui
IS FAMILIES Miss Sturdy. Tel. Harney
1368. to; iu,
MMB. WOODRUFF, 223 Neville Blk. Tet
M' DOW ELL Dressmaking School, 1633 Far
nam Bt- w
AUGUST KROFFT, building contractor,
1003 N. Hst Bt., Boutn umana.
Commercial Artists.
H. O. BUNNELL aV CO., 823 N. Y. Life.
DOUg. 614. yaiuiam,
to Beatrice creamery -o., vm.
(6) 214
Carpet Cleaning;.
SANITARY Cleaning Co., UU Farnam.
DR. ROY, R. t, 1608 Farnam St, Doug. J4S7.
Ihiy aaAV
BAILEY & MACH, 8d fir. Paxton. D. 1088.
(6) Z17
HESS AV BWOBODA, 1416 Farnam. (B) P9
THE BCHILTZ, European, 16th and Harney
Jewelers and Watckmalters.
N P. STILLING Watch, clock, jewelry
repairing, z- rmwn sis. di..
(6) xa
nTTATlT'T ATM School of languages
riJ-iAJ-AN French, German, Span
ish. Davldge Bldg., 18th and Farnam.
Day and evening classes. (6) 118 S26
SPANISH taught by native; have expert-
. - A.U4a fc.l1lu. Arnfnv ln.
ence; ihbihuuh, ,
sons at my residence. Prof. R. Garcia,
1066 Park Ave. (6)-356
KEYS, etc. Heflln, 1324 Farnam. Tel. D.
LAWRENCE, 2703 Leavenworth Bt. Tel.
Harney 2404. (6) Mfi97 810
JOHNSON INS., 418 N. Y. I Te'-(D-
Dr. Bowser, over 1502 Far. Tel. Doug. 6370.
(5)-Ml64 8 26
DRS. RINGLER, 808 Neville block. Phone
Red 67. (5)-M707 8 80x
Office Sapnllea.
FILING cabinets, files and ledgers, loose
leaf devices and office fixtures and sup
Dlles of all kinds. Anchor Publishing
K. a u , c. k a r-i rt-ii.u.
l Q . , MJ9 DUUlU lam w vu u ft , www-.
(6-MK0 OcU
C a TRUSflELL. 116 South Wth Bt.
(6) 224
BEFORE placing your 1908 calendar order
don t rail to aee our vit-siu uipuiiaq una.
Lvnisiad Jorve, printers, 14 A Cap Ave.
HIGH-GRADE Imitation typewriter letters
and loD printing ; no juo too large or
small. Anchor Publishing Co.. 808 So. 18th
St. Tel. Doug. 6662. ()-MiSJ Sit
Elootrle Bine Prlatlas;.
NORTON-CARSON CO., 120 Bee Bldg. Tel.
Red 8167. (5 MU1 81
ftaioo Repairing.
RAPID SHOE REPAIR CO., first-class
work. KUVi capitoi Ave. rnone Red KH.
a fee. Shatter, kSto.
OMAHA Safe and Iron Works makea
specialty of fire escapes, shutters, doors
and safes. O. And r aen. Prop., 101 S. lHh
tsx. u JS
haa Ohlalnar.
I CF.NTS every day, ladies or gents. 211 8.
ism. o nia 01
STORAGE at 1408 Harney.
REMINGTON typewriter No. i. entirely re
built, excellent shape, 15. No. ith St.
. (!) 7 8x
WANTED Lady canvassers at once; good
wages. Address M. Brill, 73 S.I St.. Mil
waukee. Wis. (7) M3IS 8 7x
WANTED Young lady for candy clerk anl
two for waiters. Apply Sweetland. J. K
Brandels Sons. (7) M.V.1 10
Clerical and Office.
AOT. (Inc.), suite 404, Bee Bldg.. Omaha,
wanta several stenographers, 8i0 to t';
stenographers and bookkeeper, Comb,
contract work; laige salary; we have
many miscellaneous posltlonn. If you
want work call or write to the Keystone.
(7) 375 8
W ANT ET Assistant lady bookkeeper In
wholesale house; must be good at fig
urea. Address M-216 Bee. (71357 8x
Factory and Trades.
WANTED Women for hand ironers and
machines. ' Kimball Laundry. 1611 Jackson
St (7 MM0
LADIES wanted for decorating sofa pil
lows at home whole or spare time; big
wsges to fast workers; call forenoons.
2311 So. 13th St. (7 M768 7x
WANTBDMangle girls at Model steam
laundry. (7) M789
WATCH the CO-OPERATIVE opportunities.
GIRLS for factory work. Apply Monday
morning. McCord-Jiray Co., 13th and
Leavenworth. (7) M276 10
Monaekeeplasx and Domestic.
WANTED-GIrl desiring good home within
waiaing distance of high school ana busi
ness college; can have , first-class board
and room In return for household work
mornings and evenings. 2668 Douglas St.
(7) M928 7
WANTED A competent girl for general
nousewora; good wages ana nice room.
Mrs. Joseph P. O'Keefe, 4150 Davenport
Bt. Tel. Harney 2843. (7)-M70. 7
WANTED Girl for general housework In
ramiiy or three, where secona gin ia
kept; good wages. Mrs. H. R. Rosenthal,
1043 8. 30th Ave. (7)-M156
WOMAN COOK at 140 a month; also two
waitresses; In small first-class noiei.
Park hotel, Crelghton, Neb.
(7)-MM lOx
WOMEN for day work; housekeepers,
waitresses, 136. Canadian otllue, ittn ana
Dodge. (7)-22
WANTED Experienced cook. Wlckwlre
nuiei, aooper, neo. J 1
WANTED Good girl for general house-
woix. Byron K. Hastings, &ie ioage oi
(7) M708
WANTED Woman for general housework;
no washing or Ironing, auua aiarcy ot.
WANTED A cook and second girt. S610
Farnam 8t. (7)-Mi7
GIRL for general housework, three In fam
lly; 15 per week. Mrs. Boyies, not uuru
Tel. Harney 40.
WANTED-A neat airl to do plain wash'
lng and Ironing; 120 per month, room ana
board, littt Harney Bt. iu vu x
WANTED Girl for housework, two In fam
ily; gooa wages, jura. n. xiiua "'".
Vinton bl i mi
WANTED Girl for housework; family of
V.m Whatr SflQ 9"Yn AnnCer
BU ' (7)-AU3S 10
WANTED In a small family, experienced
airl, for general housework. 1130 S. 81st
Bt. Tel. Harney ssn. (i; 101 x
WANTED An experienced cook, also a
second girl, In private family. Residence
mi B. 82d Ave. Telephone Harney-9.1.
(7) 177
WANTED Two waitresses, Koehler hotel.
Grand Island, Neb. Wages 118. will
furnish ticket, (9)-169 11
WANTED Good plain cook; good wages.
Mrs. K. 8. Hall, 8224 rarnam tit.
(7)-191 I
GIRL for general housework, In small fam
ily, iwso Maple. UJ earn 1
WANTED Girl for general housework-
Mrs. H. N. Wood, 1034 80. 2th St.
(7) 293 Sx
WANTED Middle-aged woman to take
care ot two small children and assist
with housework. Easy work and good
home. 8. E. Eastman, 8874 Hamilton
street. (7) M3l
WANTED Good cook, woman preferred
and a girl. Tel. Benson 474. 60S Main
St., Benson, Neb. ( it
GIRL for housework at Henderson the
Florist, 1016 N. 26th St., South Omaha.
(7) M378 10X
PARTIES can have shopping done at low
est prices, by experienced buyer. Write
for particulars and reference. Addreas
M 40, Bee. (7) M168 816x
WANTED Young lady for outdoor work
In city; salary and commission. M.
Frayer, 2628 Bt, Mary's Ave.
(7) M17 826x
WANTED Good trimmer; good salary to
right party; also apprentice girls paid
while learning. Apply 821 Broadway, Co.
Bluffs. (7)-M971 8x
WANTED Cash girls, inspectors and cash
lera; apply superintendent, west end, main
floor, new store, between 7:30 and 10 a. m,
J. L. Brandels St Sons. (7) M9M 8
FOR A BUSINESS education register Mc
Cartney Institute, 1802 Farnam Bt. Fall
term begins September 1. (7) M413
LADIEJS and girls to stamp transfers at
home, easy learned, 11.50 to 12 dozen,
606 Paxton Block. (7) M856 lOx
WANTED Male or female piano player to
play for Illustrated singer, or one who
ran play and sing. Alcaxar Theater, 2508
N. St.. Bo. Omaha. (7) 888 lOx
WANTED Middle aged or elderly woman
aa care taker at my summer home.
Apply to A. D. Brandels, at Brandels
Btore. (7i !41 7
WANT 1,000 fans at DieU Park Sunday.
Boston Bloomer Girls. (7 876 sx
TEN laundry girls for cleaning curtains;
good wages; steady work. 2j07 Leaven
worth. (7) 12 9
I MADE 150.000 In five years In the mall
order business; began with 16; any one
can do the work. Bend for free booklet;
tells how to get atarted. Manager, Box
670, Lorkport, N. Y. fT)
ACTIVE lady to collect subscriptions; sal
ary and commission i 8100 monthly; extra
ordinary nositlon; state age. religion.
' Addreaa. National, 434 Lakeside Bldg.,
Chicago. (7) 224 8x
ANY Intelligent person may earn good In
come corresponding for newspapers; ex
perience unnecessary; no canvassing;
send for particulars. Press Syndicate,
Lorkport, N. Y. (7)
OLD hats made over and trimmed In tha
latest style. Hat feathers and materials
cleaned or dyed. E. Leola Pepper, 4J4
8. 28th St.. 'Phone Harney 8808.
(7) 259 8
Aaoats, solicitors and aleanaea.
WANTED, AGENTS Legitimate substi
tute for slot machines, patented; sells on
sight for 81. Particulars, Glsha Co.. An
derson, Ind. (9) 277 Sx
SALESMEN Aide line, for advertising nov
elty men; weight of sample. pound;
sent on request. Fulton Metal Works,
Fultoa, IU,
i;-2uS as
MANUFACTURER having a monopoly, re
quires ah energetic, reliable representa
tive on a commission basis: exclusive ter
ritory and opportunity to build up a
permanent business, paying a large re
newal commission. When answering
please give full particulars. Address 1".
O. Box 1014. New York City. ('.'! 2t 8x
WANTED A party to sell stock In a
Nevada Uoia Mining 1.0. 1 ne location ot
the property cannot be surpassed. Both
the property and Its officers will bear the
closest Investigation. Liberal Commission.
Address J 8. Bee. (91-366 S3
MANAGER WANTED Every section to
appoint agents to put to the trade our
unexcelled product, especially fit for
saloon keepers. Sells at sight; Sol on
easy payments: 38.OH0 cases sh far used;
375 weekly easily earned: samples sent
free. Proposition will please you If we
still have opening In your section. The
Francis Cropper Co. (Cased liquors)
Dept. M. Chicago, III. (9W18 8x
SALESMEN Best side line ever offered.
Staple goods. Sell to all kinds of trade.
Backed up by irresistible advertising.
Good men clear ltX0 to 1250 a month.
Ordinary men make more money than
they ever made before. Won't Interfere
with regular line. Also few state men
In unoccupied states. Advanced Company,
46 Front, Milwaukee, Wis. (9
DURING the next 80 days you can make
big money selling land for us. You
furnish the buyer, we do the rest. The
land sells Itself. Call or write for cir
culars, maps and commission offer, stat
ing your present business. Seandlnavlnn
Canadlan Land Co., 173 Washington St.,
Chicago. (9)
WANTED Several high-grade, first class
experienced road salesmen, men who ran
earn from 13.000 to 15,000 a year; old and
reliable jobbing house; staple line. Ad
dress Western Mfg. Co., Lumber Ex
Change Minneapolis, Minn. (9) 194 8x
WANTED Agents to sell wrapping paper
as a side line In Nebraska. Samples ran
be carried in pocket; can earn 1.15 to 110
per week; state where you travel and
what other line you carry; ask for paper
samples and address Paper Department.
The Kemper-Thomas Co., Station H, Cin
cinnati, O. () 192 8x
experienced, with best references and rec
ord (no other need apply! for developing
and managing real estate salesmen; a
man who can sell himself and get others
to do so, who could take up one of our
out-of-town territories. Call or address
Mr. Bliss, 226 6th Ave., New York City.
(9) 328 4x
WANTED First-class reliable traveling
salesman to represent Importers and pub
lishers of strong line of post cards; ex
clusive or as side line; sample free; liberal
commission; weekly settlement. Address,
giving territory desired, references and
particulars. Franklin Post Card Co., 220
Maaison ot., imcago. ti 410 u
WANTED Real estate agents. We want a
live real state man in every town to
handle oui coast country Texas lands:
also our Nebraska lands. Control 3OU.000
acres. n pay liberal commission. Grass
mever-Brhaaf Investment Co., 1048 P. St.
Lincoln, Neb. (9) M641 8
WANTED Two experienced dress goods
salesmen: apply superintendent, main
floor, new store, west end, between 7;30
and 10 a. m. J. L. Brandels ft Sons.
(9) M991 8
WANTED Two salesmen of neat appear
ance for road position; to accepted ap
plicants this is an opportunity to make
from 186 to 150 per week; we can demon
strate to you what you can make before
you start, call room , Midland Hotel,
evenings after 6:30. (9) M972 7x
160 to $150 a week In your locality selling
stock In Nevada Gold Mining company
that la a winner. Big thing for the In
vestor and for party who sells It. In
vestigate this. For particulars, address
6 136, Bee. (9) 639 830
WANTED Bright, Intelligent man, able to
furnlah beat of references; some one well
acquainted In the city preferred; salary
110 per week and immediate Increase If
competent. See M. Peterson. Room 227,
Neville Block, before 11 o'clock.
(9 94 7x
NEW specialties, just In, big nay, steady
-work. C. F. Adams Co., 1619 Howard.
(9) 176
EXCLUSIVE territory to district manag
ers; liberal contract to write our wage
earners' combination health and accident
certificate. Address World Accident Asso
ciation, 603 W. O. W. Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
$100 PER MONTH and traveling expenses
paid salesmen to sell goods to dealers; re
liable company; experience unnecessary.
Purity Co., Chicago. (9)
IN BIX weeks we educate you In sales
manship, secure you position as traveling
ealesman with responsible Arm. Address
The Bradstreet System, Rochester, N. Y.
(9) 232 tx
$10 A DAY can be earned by any man or
woman selling our new styles, exquisitely
embroidered pongee silk waist patterns,
Sell on sight. National Trading Co., 699
Broadway, New York. (91243 8x
GOOD OPENING for young man as travel
ing salesman; salary and expenses paid.
Enclose self-addressed and stamped en
velope to the Co-operative Employers'
Association, drawer 774, Duluth. Minn.
(9) 244 8x
HOUSEWIVES t7ockutofn V.?
serves. Our agents are busy making money
with our Bulldog Fruit-Jar Wrench. In
sures preserves agalnat spoiling. Sample
and list of Agents' Specialties for IS cents.
The Harrington Co., Nyack, N. Y.
(91-247 8x
WANTED High class specialty salesmen
by old established wholesale house to sell
staple line to general stores. Will pay
1350 and expenses a month to the sales
men that can make good. Address Whole
saler, 706 to 70S Houaer Bldg., St. Ixuls,
Mo. (9) 284 fx
IF YOU don't sell advertising pipes we
both lose money. Write for samples and
particulars. Commission. Japanese Nov
elty Co., St. Louis, Mo. (91288 Sx
WANTED Reliable man In every locality
to represent large real estate organisa
tion; good pay; Instructions free; experi
ence unnecessary. North American Realty
Co., Des Moines. Ia. (9) 282 8x
WE HAVE newly patented necessity for
all business houses and offices; demon
strated easily, sold quickly; good profits;
weighs five ounces. Western Sales Co.,
Djurango, Colo. ) 281 8x
CAPABLE salesman to cover Nebraska
with staple line high commissions, with
1100 monthly advance. Permanent posi
tion to right man. Jess H. Smith Co.,
Detroit, Mich. (9) 200 tx
SALESMAN for Nebraska. Experienced
traveling man preferred; line staple for
general trade; position permanent; 130
weekly advance with commissions. Saw
yer, Leslie ft Co., Detroit, Mich.
(9)-19 8x
SALESMEN wanted to sell to grocers,
druggists and confectioners; $100 per
month and expenses. California Cider ft
Extract Co., St. Louts, Mo. (9) 194 8x
SALESMEN WANTED To fill vacancy,
traveling specialty salesman, worth 12 500
per year; position permanent; eatabllahed
trade. Write, giving experience. Personal
Interview If satisfactory. Address Y 224,
care Bee. (9) 195 8x
WE WANT to hear from high grade sales
men who are looking for a good side line
on commission; dry goods specialties for
retailers. The Lakewood Company, pox
414, Philadelphia. (9) 34 Ix
SALESMAN to . call on doctors; outside
city; clean, well paid work for hard
worker; state experience. P. O. Box ,
Philadelphia. (9 2t 8x
WE START you selling diamonds. Don't
fail getting our liberal offer; 86 dally sure.
Carbon Diamond Co., Syracuse. N. Y.
Mention paper. (9) 223 8x
EXPERIENCED aalesmen to carry our
small Una of new, original advertising
novelties; fine sellers; samples prepaid
2ho to practical salesmen. Writ Spot
wood Specialty Co., Lexington. Ky.
(9-2b4 8x
SALESMEN WANTED Two for Nebraska,
to sell staple, wall advertised specialty;
liberal drawing account to light men.
Addreas P. A. Watson. Box 871. Bales
Manager, low C4tf, la, (JV-SJl Is
EXPERIENCED reliable salesman to sell
allotment or siock 01 extraormnai j in
dustrial proosi!lon: safe, conservative.
Immensely profitable, under strong man
agement; capable man ran easily earn
over 11.000 monthly; valuable assistanca
rendered by home office; give reference.
Address A. E. Htaley Mfg. Co., 4.T7-4il9-4U
North St., Baltimore, Md. (9) 213 Sx
WANTKI)-Two traveling salesmen under
men that have surceasim recoros as
SHlesmeti; familiar with selling country
drug and general store trade In your
vicinity. State age. If employed and com
plete record of lines handled. Good op
portunity to men who wish to better their
condition. Replies strictly confidential.
Box 60R. Chicago. (91217 8x
SALESMEN who contemplate making
change write us ror particular;. c.jii
of our aalesmen earned from l.X to 100
per month during June and July. Mc-Alllster-Coman
Company, 864 Dearborn
St., Chicago. (9)-118 8x
LIVE snlesmei earn 1300 monthly with our
specie It r. staple and quickly establish
good, extra Income on reorders.
samples to lug. Manufacturer, box 1!U
8t. lx.uls. Mo. (9)-21M
SALESMEN and agents, read "Buslneea
Wants;" gives positions open In all llnea
and business chances everywhere. Brim
foil of money-making opportunities. Sen
26 rents for six months' trial, subscrip
tion Business Wants Press, 611 Wlllough
by Bldg., Chicago.- (9)-284 8x
SALESMEN Side line; advertising, novelty
and calendar men; something new to add
to your line. Patent Novelty Co., Fulton,
111. (9)-7J 8x
WANTED A bright boy. over 14 years, tt
hold copy for proofreader. Call at Rea
composing room. (9) 494
WANTED Boy tr work In wholesale noe,
tlon and dry goods house. Swenson Bros.,
1112 Howard. (9) M999 7
YOUNG man wants place to work for board
while attending school. Boyles College.
Tel. Douglas 1W4. (9) M107
WANTED Boy to learn soda business;
good wages to right boy. Beaton Drug
BOY 15 years or over, ran have good
chnnco In printing office; good wages to
begin with. Mangum ft Co., 109 8. 13th
St., Omaha. (9) IU 8
GOOD boys wanted, first class ry- A. D.
T. Co., 212 Bo. 13th Bt. (9 M8S
OFFICE BOY wanted. Room 1, Crelghton
Blk. (9) M997 12
WANTED At once, twenty bright boys
over 14 years of age. Bee Timekeeper, Id
floor. The Bennett Co. (9)-41fi (
WANTED Boy over 16 for day work. Pay,
$4 per week. 118 Board of Trade.
(91-M164 8
WANTED Boy, to learn soda business;
good wages to right boy. Beaton Drug
Co. (9-141 10
BRIGHT boy. 16 years old, for office. Ne
braska Clothing Co. (9.1-171 U
THREE boys, 16 years old, with or with
out bicycles, to deliver packages. Ne
braska Clothing Co. (9) 171 18
WANTED A boy with wheel for delivery.
Call Baker Bros. Engraving Co.
(9)-170 8
FOUR or 6 strong boys; best wages la
Omaha. Omaha Box Co., East Omaha.
BOY WANTED To learn the fur business.
Apply to Mr. Payne, 2208 Harney street,
10 a. m. Sunday. (91838 8
BOY with some experience In grocery bus
iness. Call between 8 and 10:80 Monday
morning. C. H. Malllnson, 1412 Capitol
Ave. (9)-M279
Clerical and Office.
Haa opened Its fall term with a large and
enthusiastic class of Intelligent students.
If you wish to take a course In any of
the business branches. Including Book
keeping, Shorthand. Typewriting, English,
Commercial Law, Penmanship, etc., yC-U
should enter right away. The rerorrtlS
breaking enrollment of this school meanli
that the public, appreciates the fact of
the superiority of our equipments, courses
of study and the skill and experience of
our Instructors. We have room for you
and can give you tha very best advant
ages. If possible call at the College rooms
and see for yourself that this school
means business and that It Is able to
substantiate every claim It makes In Its
Day and Evening Sessions.
'Phono Douglas 6419. Address:
17th and Farnam Bts.,
Omaha, Neb.
1 Bookkeeper and stenographer; expert
ence In Insurance office, 166.00.
1 Stenographer, 176.00.
1 Stenographer, 140.00.
1 Cashier, !f6.00.
This Is an opportune time to accept your
opportunity. Omaha employers demand
your serlvces. We know where to send
you. Call for letter of introduction. Go to
work. Several positions not listed above.
404-6 N. Y. Life Bldg., Omaha.
(7)-868 I
WANTED Clerks, both men and boy.. In
railroad office. Address F. B. Southard,
A. P. A., U. P. R. H., 4th floor Paclflo
Express Co. Bid., 14th and Harney 8U,
Omaha, Neb. (9)-M8v7 14x
AOT. (Inc.), suite 404, Bee Bldg., Omaha,
Neb., wants for Monday, typewriter, bill
clerks, fx6; two bill clerks for wholesale
house, ti0; extension clerk, 150; several
good hotel rieiks that can furnlah Al
references; there are several miscel
laneous position; Just call and Investigate.
Remember, the Keystone. ( 474
WANTED Young man for office work. 434
Paxton block. ( t
WATCH the CO-OPERATIVE opportunities.
( lii
WANTED Young man with experience In
handling correspondence of claim depart
ment in wholesale business; groceries pre
ferred. Address E 91, Bee, giving age and
experience. (9 M124 W
WANTED Clerks, over 14 years of ago.
In large financial Institution, where op
port unities are given for rapid advance
ment. Addreas J 96, care Bee. W 171
WANTED Registered drug clerk for re
lief work about September 20. No booser.
Slater ft Wler, El wood. Neb.
(9)-M24l &X
Factory aad Trad.
WANTED Registered pharmacist. In small
town In Western Iowa. One who speaks
German preferred. Particulars upon appli
cation to Dr. F. H. Allen, Shelby, la.
(8 MS t
DENVER, VOIjO.. Is short of good res
taurant waltera. We pay 12 a day, eleven
hours. Fair treatment. Good Induce
ments. No strike. If you want to eoma
to Denver to work, address with quall-J
flratlona and references and full partlcu-rj
lars, The Denver Restaurant Keepers' As
sociation, 613 Nassau Blk., Denver, Colo.
, (9) MJfrl II
WA NT ED Men to learn barber trade. Will
equip ahop or furnlah poaltlons, few weeks
completes, contatant practice, careful in
struction, tools given, Saturday wages;
diplomas granted. Write for catalogue.
Moler Barber College, 10 Buuth 14th Bt.
Kanaaa City, Mo. (4 M142 Ix
WANTED Two jewelers and diamond set
ters Permanent position, good wages,
healthy location. K. Merits Jewelry Man
ufacturing Co., 217 North 4th St., BU
Louis Mo. (9 MV87 9
BARBER WANTED Must be first claes
miim ntwiji tis per week and hair over
14. Steady work. F. C. Witts, Aurora,
Minn. (91-M139 14x
WANTED An all-round printer and a lady
coiiipoaltor for country office; state wages
wanted. Addreaa F. P. llealy. Bedford,
Ia, (9)-141 S7x
WANTED A shoemaker or a harness
maker who can mend shoes; steady job
at good wages; call or write at once. H
U. CreUln, Lyons, Nab, fUM LV