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BtS Sedgwick ui Keese Hake Sute
'r . meat en ths Subject
KxnHu axe' vtnaa them kow
y Tar Qalt ! ifrog, Taaagb.
He Had Ob la !,
kt Deale Bna( niddea
Oa It,
' (From a BUS Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Aag. 21-Speclal Aprp
f th discussion of th pass question.
Judg R H. Sedgwick nri: "I hsve cot
used railroad pass since the ls mat
convention eHard against their use."
Judg H. R. P.e said:
-I bad a pan la 1 and uH It. I vu
gent paes In January. lxn, bat I sever
weed that on. I kept It a while and then
a ivi up. 11 TW DO para TKJW.
"I Mil a ton br reason of the
fart, that Twaa and am president of th
Nebraska Prises association. I tM the
16 paw only, on tnii nmt connxted with
that ascoclaUoa. . I used it when I went
to Genera to speak. The meeting waa
beld in the Methodist church there, and I
tnajr bare used It tn riding to Ashland.
But I never used It on pm-ale business.
I never used the IS" pass and never
ujned It. I kept It a wtiile and then tore
It up. Aa president of the Nebraska rr-n
association I am instrumental In getting
prisoners who are discharged back to
their homes and the board had special ar
rangement with the railroads for trans
portation for these prisoners. I spoke In
Various parts of the state and took up col
lections ft the aaewlaUon, and on these
trip I naed a pas furnished me by the
Tot several days rumors have been In
Circulation regarding Judge Reese and his
passes and this afternoon he was asked
regarding these rumors and be made the
above statements.
rl'BlTerslty Warraats Held Cs.
A Urge numaer of university employes
and Instructors and others are liable to go
without their August psy or ,on tlme
as Btat Treasure. Brian refused today to
aign th warrants which were Issued by
the auditor upon the certificates filed by
the Stat Board of Regents. Mr. Brian re
fused to act because Secretary of Rate
Junk In refused to Indorse th certificate
wntil the vouchers from which the certifi
cate war Issued -were submitted for bis
InspectJew. Until the stste treasurer af
fixes hl'r signature to "the warrants they
are worth Just the paper they are printed
on. Mr. Brian said he would countersign
Bo warrant when he knew the voucher
bad not been Indorsed by the secretsry
of state aa the constitution clearly pro
vides th secretary of state and the auditor
hall audit and sign all vouchers for money
to be draws out of the state treasury.
cgrav imin u jar. ui.kiii ijuwi
Upon the regents that he would not sign
certificate Issued by them, until he hsd
examine the vouchers surposed to be on
file at Ue Stat University. That month
the vouchers were given to him for In
spection, and be signed the certificates.
Last moctlh be signed the ceniflcates with
out examining the vouchers, but this month
be has Balked and until the regents con
duct their business as other state officers
or until the supreme court compels him
he said he would ot sign another cer
tificate. As It Is contrary to law for the
ate auditor to give out a warrant until
. countersigned by the tressurer there Is lit
tle chance for the regents to get the war
rants In circulation before they comply
' University Viae Waats Deaet.
The cltisens of University Place have
petitioned th Ftate Railway commission
to compel th Rock Island Railroad com
pear to-bulld a depot In that city. They
assert tbere are several hundred students
who come and go from University Place
very year, to say nothing of the comings
and goings of the cltisens. and this road
- feas ao depot or stopping place.
Cklrkeaa at Stat Pair.
Two years ago the board of managers
f th ftat fair' was compelled to build
a. new poultry exhibition bouse In order
rto accommodate the largely Increased poul
try exhibits. This new building affords a
plendld opportunity for the many breed
ers of n chickens in Nebraska to put
them oa exhibition In one of the largest
poultry hows or the west. In fact, they
Cad that they cannot afford to stay away
on the
1 Tbc toS I
I for the ;i
tim& 1;
If they have any birds worth exhibiting
and care to be in the market to sell.
Jadge Estelle at York.
TORK. Neb.. Aug 3. iSpecial -Thursday
s attendance at the York Chautauqua
was the largest this year and the Unrest
In the' history cf the Tork
was fortunste in having Judge Le Estelle Pawnee county. When the fact was dls
cf Omaha to supply In place of Governor j covered the minister was again called and
A. B. Cummins of lows, who failed to parties went over Into Pawnee county
get here and deliver his address on "Oov- ; and had the ceremony performed a second
emmenL" Juflse Estelle s sublect was i time. If there Is anything in the proposl-
"Making Good." Another subject thst
Judge Estelle showed he .thoroughly un
derstood was "Juvenile Criminality" and as
Justice of the criminal court of Omaha,
he tolj of many a boy who was saved
from being sent to the reform school who
made good and several who were now
occupying official positions and .engaged In
business pursuits in which they were mak- j
ing a success In other cities, where none
of their new acquaintances knew thst they
had been charged with crimes and only i
for the intervention of Judge Estelle and !
others of Omaha were they saved from a i
criminal life. The afternoon was Hobeon's
day and the new pavlllion. accommodating
nearly three thousand people, waa filled to
overflowing to hear him. At the close of
the meeting a resolution was offered:
"Resolved. That is Is for the best interests
of the United States to increase Its navy
until It would be the largest nary in the
world," and when the vote was taken It
was earned unanimously. A copy of these
resolutions win be sent to Congressman
Hlnahaw. the two Nebraska senators, and I
' rrarami nooseveii, py the mayor of
Tork. with request that they be acted
Isereaslat Rallnas Facilities.
MITCHELL S. D., Aug. 3--(SpeciaL-Tfce
Chicago. Milwaukee A St. Paul rail
road, after putting off proposed improve
ments requiring the expenditure of many
thousands of dollars, has at last authorised
the beginning of the work. A letter was
received today from W. B. McKenns, sec
ond vice president of th company, an
nouncing that the work would be taken
up at once. The Commercial club for
several weeks has been in correspondence
with the officials relating to the Improve
ments that the business interests of the
city demanded, and after the officers were
out here a couple of weeks ago. and dis
covered to their personal knowledge the
congested condition of things, where the
rairoad yards were so full that loaded
cars had to stand on the switch in a
long line before they could be unloaded,
they came to a realising sens of what th
company needed in the way of additional
room. The company will first put In sev
eral new switoh tracks and enlarge the
cope of the others. A new freight bouse
will be erected east of the depot, which
will be 40x200, and will be built in all
probability of cement, wltn plenty of plat
form room around th bouse, and a tri
fer platform.
Red Cload a Dlvlsloa Btatloa.
RED CLOUD, Neb.. Aug. 2t (Special.)
Wednesday four B. tc M. railroad officials
from McCook were here overseeing the ex
tension of the roundhouse and making ar
rangement to make Red Cloud a division
Omaha to Saratoga Springs, N Y.. and
return Tickets on sale September 5,
6 and 7 Liberal return limits, and
stopovers at New York City on return
trip may be arranged
Side trips to hundreds of interesting
points in the East are offered at low
On tickets reading via Cleveland and
Buffalo or via Detroit and Buffalo, the
passen'ger may use the boat line if he
Saratoga Springs has made unusually
elaborate arrangements to entertain the
members of the G, A R and their
friends at this encampment.
Three daily trains from Union Station,
Omaha, to Union Station, Chicago.
Rates, routes and complete information
free on request
F. A. NASH, Ctneral Western Agent
station. Three more trains will be added
and several new stalls added to the round
boom. Fifteen men. fourteen of them with
families, have been transferred to this
place. It is probab the division station
will be chsr.ged from Oxford to this place.
rorni married third time
Ualw Esaevteare of Killer! i. Terrr
aad Wlaale Pbllaot.
HtKBOLTiT. Neb.. Aug. a -fpeclal V
A somewhst romantic marriage is ached
uled to tske place at "mlthfleld, Krt.. to
day, the eontractlng partlea being ESliott
J. Perry and his divorced wife, whose
maiden - name was Mis Winnie Phllpot
snd who was raised from childhood in this
city. The latter waa within the last year
granted a divorce from her husband, suit
being maintained In this county on the
grounds of desertion, snd her maiden name
was restored. Since her husband left her
about two years ago she hss been residing
a portion of toe time with her father.
James W. Phllpot of this city, later going
to Omaha, where she remnlned for some
time. A short time ego Perry went to
Omaha, the couple met and effected a
reconciliation, and after she came and
visited a couple of weeks with her folks
here she left yesterdsy for SmtthPeld,
where Perry has been engaged In business
since leaving here. Her Intention was to
meet her divorced husband at ber destina
tion, where they would be reunited In mar
riage, making their home at Smlthfield A
peculiar feature Is the fact that if this
ceremony takes place as planned !t will
be the third time the couple has stood at
the marriage altar. 'When they were
originally married some eight or nine years
ago an error was made and the minister
performed the ceremony In this county
while ths license had been Issued in
tlon that the "third time is the charm
Mr. and Mrs. Perry should be "happy ever
Farsaera Orgaalse for Dralaage.
ASHLAND, Neb.. .Aug. 3. (Special.)
For several years overflows from the Platte
river have destroyed crops along the low
lini itnrth nf AiManit. For mutual de-
fMe lnrt the,e r,.r,r inundations 300
flrm,r, met Wednesday evening at the
church ,n Wann to oranix a
drmlne district. Martin U Shupe of
TuUn elected chalrnl and Nova Z.
ganor. ecretary. There are about
acres to comprise the district. B. E. Hend
ricks of Wahoo addressed the meeting,
giving the law governing drainage districta.
E. Bignell of Lincoln, superintendent of the
Burlington railroad, gave a talk and de
tailed hi thirty-five years' experience in
such work.
Bt vote the organixation was delegated
I to a board of seven directors, their bonds
fixed t r-, each and that of the
treasurer at .(. About thirty farmers
Blga a petition to the commissioners of
Saunders county to call a special election
to form the district. A committee of three,
consisting of E. Bignell. Georre E Rlcker
and Martin U Shupe. was elected, who.
with a surveyor, are to outline the pro
posed district. The farmers donated M
as preliminary expenses for the purpose.
The meeting was very enthusiastic. The
Platte bottom contains some of the richest
farming land in the state and if the over
flow can be stopped will make it very
valuable. It is estimated that the cost of
draining the bottom and dyking and rlp-
I rapping along th Piatt will amount to
Boy Arrested for Barglary.
HUMBOLDT, Neb.. Aug. U. (Special.)
Sheriff Fenton came up from Falls
City last night and this morning took
down with him OUn Chumm, O. A.
Cooper and Floyd and Ralph Shaffer,
fcur lads of the city, ranging in age from
It to IS Tears, charged with robbing
the department store cf Boyd ft Lyford
of this city. The thefts were first no
ticed by the management of the store
during last Thursday, the day of the
carnival. During that night the money
drawer waa robbed of til, the miscreants
having gained entrance through a broken
window pane into the cellar. A watch
was set and kept at this and adjoining
stores each night, but the thai la con
tinued, much to the discomfiture of the
watchers, among the things missed being
cash, candy, tobacco, sweet chocolates,
rings, etc Finally last evening about t
o'clock the Chumm lad was caught
emerging from ,the cellar with the 11
left la the cash drawer aa bait, and con
fessed everything. Implicating the other
lads In th work. Th Cooper boy con- J
f eased to taking some rings from th
store oa ftundsy dorltig the day. but
along with the others denies th re
mainder cf the Cbamm boy's story.
tat Coavewtloa la
HASTINGS. Neb. Aug. It (Special
Telegram.) Th preliminary aeeMon ef
the annual state convention of the Amer
ican Society of Equity was held this aft
ernoon. There waa a falr-slsed attend
ance, and tomorrow a large number of
visitors are expected. The Important ses
sions of the convention will be tomorrow
rooming and afternoon.
Baptists la Coaveatloa.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Aug. S. tSpeclsl.V
The fortieth annual meeting of the Blue
River association of Baptist churches
convened here lest evening in the Baptist
church, with about fifty delegates in at
tendance. After devotional exercises con
ducted by Rev. U. O. Miller. tr. A. H.
FVV h read the address of welcome. The
sermon of the evening wss delivered by
Rev. J. F. Wstta cf Falrbury. Special
music waa rendered by the choir, and Prof.
Watts favored the audience with a cornet
The meetings will continue until Sunday
evening, and an Interesting and instructive
program has been prepared for each day
during the session.
Reaaloa at Waterloo CI uses.
WATERLOO. Neb, Aug. J J. ( SpecUl
Telegram.) The last day of the reunion
o fthe Ixmglas County Veterans associa
tion opened with threatening weather, but
at noon had nearly cleared up and, while
not so many were present as yesterday,
the crowd was large and th adlress of
Hon. J. H. Tan Dusen waa listened to
with Intense interest by about the usual
number. The campflre tonight was not
largely attended. All are loud in the
praise of the treatment received and de
clare the reunion the best of lste years.
Judge Troup also spoke briefly Uils after
noon. Jadge Estelle talks to Veterans.
CAMBRIDGE. Neb, Aug. 21. (Special.)
Yesterday was one of the big days In
the annala of the southwest Nebraska
Grand Army of the Republic reunion as
sembly here. Judge Lee S. Estelle s ad
dress along the line of Juvenile reform
ccntained a message that should be car
tied to every father and mother and to
every boy and girl in the land.
Xebrask 5ewi Xete.
of this city, aged S7 years, died bere Thurs
day. BEATRICE VIlss Margaret Hager died
yesterdsy st her home In Blue Springs,
after a brief lllinesa
TORK Judge Taylor married Henry B.
Dorsey and Pearl Bfamehorn. both of
Bradshav this afternoon.
FA LU CITT The teachers Institute at
this plsee erms to be progressing In about
the usual fashion of such gatherings.
AIN8 WORTH The dry spell was broken
Thursday by a heavy rain and hall. It
came In time to st the large crop of corn
in Brown county.
NEBRASKA CITT The Overland thea
ter will open bere on September la. and
Manager Kolfe says b haa an extra fine
line of attraction.
WEST POINT Th Cuming county
teachers' lnetllue Is now holding Its ses
sions at w est Point, nearly one hundred
teachers being In attendance.
RED CLOUD WMllam I. M osier of
Huron, Kan., and alia Georgia De Tour
of this place were married at Sacred Heart
church this morning at s.JQl
BEATRICE Mrs. Thomas McBride. liv
ing six miles southwest of Ellis, died yes
terday afternoon. She waa & years of age
and Is survived by no family except ber
husband. . .
NEBRASKA CITT The members of
Queena Esther Chapter, No. 1. Order East
ern -Star, were guest at the chapter at
Shenandoah, la. A banquet was served
in tneir no nor. .
FALLB CITT Thuredsy afternoon about
t o'clock, after threatening all day to rain.
a cold drlxsle set In and kept on inter
mittently until late In the evening. The
weather is deciedly cool.
RED CLOUD A juvenile band number
ing thirty-one was organised this week.
The new band will be an auxiliary to the
Cltisens- Cornet band and will be under
the direction of Alvin Snapp.
RED CLOUD-J. O. Butler has sold Ms
hard war and harness stock to R E
Counce and Charles Bailey of Hayes Cen
ter. The hardware stork will be clos-d
out and the harness shipped to Hayes
BEATRICE Mr. William Taylor of Pier
son, la., and allss Alios Hess were married
yesterday at th horn of the bride's par
ents east of th city. Rev. J. E Davis
offleistlng. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor will make
their home on a farm near Pierson.
TORK Mr. and Mra. E. Relslnger cele
brated their fiftieth wedding anniversary
this week. They wer married at flrter
mantown. Pa., and have resided at Tork
since IF?, Their children aad about 100 cf
their friends enjoyed ths occasion.
TORK Mr. Shoemaker has defeated G.
Hulburt, the Seward county checker cham
pion, winning three and Brewing one. Mr.
Hulburt has won the championship from
the champion of Iowa and Is said to be
the best checker player In the west.
WEST POINT J. E. Ny Strom, a well
known Swedish fsrmer of Cuming county,
died at the Presbyteriaa hospital In Omaha
of menlngltia. at the age of forty-two. The
body was brought home and Interred under
the auspices of the Modern Woodmen.
BL.UE HILL Plans were consummated
thla week whereby N. L. Grimes of this
city and Flavlus Grlce of Red Cloud be
come partners In the wholesale drug busi
ness, to be located at Red Oeud. The
new firm will begin business October L
TORK At th dtlsens' meeting held In
the courthouse to discuss the matter of
securing suitable grounds for aa athletic
field for all organisations ef this kind. It
was unanimously decided that a petition
be circulated to act asid a part of East
Hill park.
NEBRASKA CITT Mrs. Charles Gard
ner, who lived a few miles west of town
snd wss the wife of a well-known farmer.
died Thursday morning, and the body was
taken to Hamburg. la, for Interment.
aa that was ber old home. Eh was only
27 years old.
BEATRICE The Commercial club of
Omaha has taken notice of th golden an
niversary celebration to be held In Beatrice
the last week in September, snd plans are
being made to bring a special train from
the metropolis to Beatrice one day during
the big event.
WEST POINT News hss been recelvel
In the city that James Hudec. sn aged
man. a relative of Gerk of the District
Court Pinker, was killed yesterday at
Watt hill by falling from a load of hav.
The deceased waa a former prominent res!
dent of Lincoln township.
BEATRICE At the meeting of the
county board yesterdsy a number of heavy
taxpayers presented their claims for lower
valuation and a large number of theae
matters were acted upon. The contract for
publishing the delinquent tax list was 1st
to ths Express on ths third ballot.
BEATRICE Announcement has ben
made of the marriage of Mr. B. L. Rlghter.
manager of the Lyric theaters at this plsce
and South Omaha, to Mlaa Mamie Chswn
lng of LJnco'n. which occurred there a few
days ago. For the presont Mr. and Mra
Righter will reside In South Omaha
TORK Otis Oocke. proprietor of the
sporting goods bouse of this city, hss pur
chased a handsome trophy, which he will
preat-nt to the city club that wins the larg
est number of gamea la the city Ira sue
this year. It Is a hsndsome sliver got.let
rest 1 rig on three base ball bats and the balL
BEATRICE A complaint charging Guy
Eastman with burglary was filed In th
offloe of the coun'jr judge yesterday bv
County Attorney Terry. The rase will be disposed of Saturcsr. and
young Eastman, who bas made a full con
fusion, will do aouot os sent to the reform
TORK Two very well known and popu
lar Tork county people were married at
the home of th br4e, near Georgetown.
Neb. They were Mr. Lor a Mohler and
M'ss Francis Woodward. Rev. C. E. Lrng
of this city officiated. The groom Is a gradu
ats of th philosophical course of Tork
VEERAEKA CITT Th gtrla f th
I guars 3er&oAlmr&t,
OUR BUYER, tiozu in iVezv York, bought about 600 pairs of
pants at about one-half the regular price. These together with
all th odd pairs from our suit stock will be added to those remaining
from our big pants sale of ilu last two weeks. This will make thc
selection greater than ever and that the prices are a temptation, to
economical men is evidenced rvery day. Get a couple pair today.
Pants -fl Cf! I
Worth 52.50 J I
' for . . "a I
Announcement of Boys9 School Suit Sale
On Saturday, August 31, re will start a sale of Boys1 School Suits that will pay yoi) to
heed. Not the "any thing-will-do" kind of clothes so often seen, but those GOOD CLOTlfES
which makes this store so well and favorably known. Attend this Eale and start your boy to
school looking as well as the best dressed boy there and considerably better than most of them.
Stvle Will Sioirt Saturday, August 31.
telegraphers may be settled but the Mis
souri Pacific officials here do not thing so.
The night agent got Into trouble snd left
snd since then the aaent and the dsy man
have been doing duty. They are looking
for some man to put to work, but have nut
yet been able to find one.
McCOOL Tom Smith, the well known
auctioneer, shipped a car load of steers
to South Omaha, and Mr. John Egen. jr..
living adjoining McCool. purchased through
Mr. Smiths commission agents the steers
snd shipped them back to McCool. Mr.
Smith paid the freight to Omaha and Mr.
Lgen paid the freight back.
WEST POINT William Collins, a pioneer
settler, former representative from Cuming
county, ex-school superintendent snd county
surveyor, became suddenly mentally un
balanced last week and after attempting
to kill his wife with a flat iron became
violently Insane and was brought to West
Point in custody of the sheriff.
LIND9AT Miss Mayme Griffln anfi
Henry Lachnlt were married at the Cath
olic church yesterday. Mies Griffin is
one of the popular young women of Lind
say and Mr. Lachnlt Is a prominent busi
ness man of this place and is at present a
candidate for nomination for sheriff of
Platte county on the democratic ticket.
BEATRICE Work on the new go.Wk.pal.
Ion water tank for the Union Pacific road
at this point will be started In a few days,
and crushed rock is now being placed on
the ground for the foundation. It is re
ported thst the company will erect a forty
stall roundhouse here soon, but nothing
definite has been given out by the officials
oi the road at this point.
NEBRASKA CITT -Mrs R. M Self, who
had long been a resident of this county,
living for years in Palmyra precinct, but
for the last six years a resident of this
ctty. died this sfternoon at her borne, of
heart trouble. Sht was the wife of Elder
Pelf, one of the best known preachers In
the Latter Dsy Paints- church. She leaves
a Urge family of young children.
BEATRICE Word was received bere
yesterday from Herrlsonville. Mo., an
nouncing the death of James W. Cole, a
former resident of Gage county, which oc
curred there Wednesday eight of Bright
disease. Mr. Col was a veteran of the
civil war snd was 64 years of age. He
leave a widow and five children. The re
mains will be brought bere for Interment.
LEXINGTON The fourth snnual ses
sion of the Dawson- county chatauqua has
been successful. The assembly Is under
the management of Prof. James E. Deisell.
Sunday the main feature of the day was
a sermon-lecture by Dr. Frank Loveland
of Omaha, and In the afternoon a lecture
by him on the "Wandering Jew." Wednes
day Judge B. B. Llndsey of Denver lec
tured. WEST POINT A young son of John
Tonjes of Grant township was killed
at his home three days aso. The young
man waa leading a team hitched to a load
of cobs when the horses became frightened
and ran away, caused by children climbing
on the wagon. The end of the tongue hit
him In the breast, knocking him down,
th wagon collidng with a feed box. over
turning It, In It fall the heavy box struck
the young man on the head, killing him In
stantly. RErVBLICAN CITT A lsrge crowd as
sembled one mile south of town In Brown
Gifford's grove for a good old-fashioned
picnic, given by the Modern Woodmen of
America. After dinner a short program
was rendered, consisting of short speeches
by Hon. W. C. Dorsey and Hon. C. E.
McPberson, and music by the Gillespie
Glee club. After the program were the
race greased pig chase, girls' foot race,
boys- foot race, fat men a race, tug of
war. also bojs" and girls' basket ball
NEBRASKA CTTT-At the meeting of
th Commercial club an effort waa made
to settle the differences with the residi-ni
of Anderson's sddltion so thst Nebraska
City may secure a new Burlington depot
The company wanta Sixth street closed and
to build a road under the track and make
Ninth street the main thoroughfare. This
does not suit the people living across the
creek and all kinda of lawsuita have been
promised. It Is intended to hold a public
meeting and permit each on to express
his views.
NEBRASKA CITT-The Commercial
club haa taken hold of the stock show and
sale, to be held her September It and IS.
snd have appointed the chairmen of the
various committees and given them power
to appoint their assistant. The first day
will be given over to the farmers, farm
products, manufacturers and the mer
chants snd on the second day there will
be a parade of decorated vehiclea. women
and men riders, and the prise win
ning animals will also be displayed. On
the first evening there will be a Chinese
lantern parade In which at least l.S will
participate and the stores will be decorated
In appropriate style. There Is a good pro
gram for the second night. There will be
music all the time. The colors are gold
and purple.
Qaalat aad Carlaas Feslsm f I.lf
ta Rapidly Grswlsg
Mr. Weaver had a kick from a young colt
that demolished his glasses and caused
him to wear his bead In a sling Auburn
Oofton Holds Record There's no use
talking about this base ball business with
Bloomfield. They are not In our clasa
This season we hare on broken bead
for Harrington, a broken finger for Cole
ridge, a broken collar bone for Harring
ton, a broken finger for Crofton, a dis
located ankle for Crofton and seven or
eight hundred sore heads for Bloomfield.
What has she to show for ths season's
playing? There's nothing to It, she's not
la our class Crofton Journal.
Nature Fake The bees have been swarm
ing this week, although It Is late in th sea
son. Two swarms visely selected Beaver
City for aa abiding place, and as there wer
no vacant buildings for their reception,
they campd out as best they could. On
swarm was attracted to th north Bid by
th good things kept at ths restaurant of
Joha Bickford. and ar aow happy in
that location between th weather boards
and th plastering. Th other swarm set
tled down as does to U Christian church
1 Pants (SftCf) B
I Worth $3.50" I
as possible without getting their feet wet,
and roosted in an elm till otherwise pro
vided for. Beaver City Tribune.
Horse played 'Possum Aa ordinary horse
played rretty good Joke on Jo Smith
of th 'Waller Bros, lumber yard on day
last week. Aslds from being the right
hand man M the lumber yard. Joe, with
th assistance of his boys, farms quit
extensivly. While cutting oats on day
last week one of his horses became over
come with beat and as th animal failed
to display any signs of life, Jo supposed,
of course, the horse was dead. He waa In
town trying to secure somebody do go out
and bury the dead horse, but falling to find
anybody to do th Job, he went home with
the Intention of doing the work himself.
When be reached home, however, to his
great surprise and pleasure th bore had
come to life again and seemingly did not
feel any bad effects from Its passage over
th great divide and return. Humphrey
A New Church Rule The official board
of the United Evangelical church held
a business meeting August 7 In the even
ing. All members of the board were
present save one. They authorised the
pastor to make some Improvements on th
church building, and also passed the fol
lowing resolution: Resolved. That after
the dste of this meeting, persona attending
meetings at the United Evangelical church
at Odessa, will be required to go into the
church when services begin, or If they
remain on the outside of th building they
must go off the church lots. This rule Is
made necessary because some young men
(?) tampered with rigs, changing wheels
and wiring buggies together and endanger
ing the lives of the owners. The rule will
be rigidly enforced, and violators will be
prosecuted to the fullest extent. Boys,
you had better' go- elsewhere for your fun.
Elm Creek Beacon.
Right of the River-Last Trlday the
government snag boat J. B. McPhersoa
went down the river. When they got to
the former village of Hillsdale, Instead
of going down the main channel of th
river, they went down the 'chute- be
tween the Island and the main land on
the west, and ran Into John H. Moors
head's cable ferry that runs to the Is
land, demolishing th boat and tearing
the cable down. Th boat was at th west
bank and a wagon loaded with corn had
just driven off It- Th steamboat appar
ently made no effort to avoid th ferry.
This will be a serious Inconvenience, aa a
corn aheller waa on th island, shallljig
corn, which was being hauled over on th
cable ferry and then to market. Appar
ently the pilot of tide steamboat believes
cable ferries have n rights that a steam
boat is bound to respect. Nebraska Ad
vertiser. There's no chance for an argument aa
to whether The Bee's want ads pay or
not. They always pay If they ask anything
consistent- There are so many people In
Omaha that somebody is qualified to fill
any sort of a want. If you want to find
a position or somebody to fill a position;
if you wsnt to find the loser or the finder
of an article; If yon wsnt to find a land
lord or a tenant, try a Bee's want ad.
Be Want Ads Ar Business Boost era.
The Easy Meal
has GRAPE-NUTS as its foundation. Ideal on hot days because
GRAPE-NUTSjequires no cooking and is at the same time a per
fect food.
A perfect hot weather breakfast, made tip of GRAPE-NUTS,
and cream, some fruit, soft-cooked eggs, and a bit of crisp toast,
starts the day right, keeps the blood cool and body and brain well
nourished. !
Compare the cool, contented GRAPE-NUTS-fed man or wo
man with your meat-fed neighbor who is sweltering and miserable.
You don't have to cook GRAPE-NUTS, for the reason that
this food is cooked perfectly at the factory. This cooking is done
on scientific principles, so that all the starches of the grain are
transformed until they are ready for immediate digestion and yet
all the good of the grains is left in.
Grape-Nuts .
is the most famous food product in the world.
"There's a Reason" :
nrmAw xats
that sold high
er than 11 1 at
Baaktr BehlC gays Jew Wa Csa
t This Cava try Saeald
B C It laeas.
NEW TORK. Aug. H Th American
Hebrew will publish todsy a letter writ
ten by Jacob H. Schlff. the banker, to Dr.
Solomon Schechler, president of the Jewish
Theological seminary of America, In which
be aays:
Speaking as an American. I cannot for
a moment concede thst one csn be at the
same time a true American and an honeet
adherent of the Zionist movement. The
Jew should not for a moment feel that
be has only found sn "asylum" In this
country. He must not feel that he Is In
exile snd that his abode here is only a
temporary or passing one. If those who
come after us are to be freed from th
prejudice from which this generation is.
not unnaturally, suffering, we feel that
politically no one has any claim upon as
but the country which of our free will
we have become cltisens; that even If w
are Jews In faith, there Is no string to our
Primary Markets Are Filled with
Caaatry Merrhaata.
NEW TORK. Aug. S.-Braditreefs to
morrow will say:
Buyers' excursions have been a feature
of the week and the leading primary mar
kets of the country have been fllU-d with
country merchants. As a result, house
trade has been stimulated, snd orders for
dry goods, clothing snd shoes show con
siderable Improvement.- Fell business, ex
cept at a few centers. Is said to equal a
year ago at this date, the volume being
made up of numerous orders rather thaa
by any new interest of heavy business.
In fact, many merchants displsy a dispo
sition to go slow, fearing that orders may
fall off, not because of a decline In con
sumption,' but more particularly of th
tightness of money. ......
The cotton goods manufacturing situa
tion Is sn Interesting and almost unprece
dented one. in spite of high raw material
and expensive cottons, the mills are pros
perous, dividends large, surpluses Laavy
and their stocks sell at high prices.. On
the other hand, owing to the uncertain
money situation and some minor labor
troubles, there Is an Increasing undercur
rent of conservatism In the trade. ' The
mills are oversold, msny mskes are "st
value" and some manufacturers are re
fusing order. Tsken all in all. th situa
tion is such as to repay examination. Which
la rendered possible br sn article In an
other column. The woolen and worsted
manufacturers bought more heavily di
rectly from the growers this season thaa
ever before, paying fairly high prices. Iron
continues quiet. The undertone aa regards
prices Is leas favorable and some foundries
are said to be seeking loopholes for getting
out of high-price contracts placed early
In th year.
Lead, spelter and tin are weaker, copper
Is dull aad prices are weaker than before.
Stocka over th sea ar said to be light,
.therefore. It would not be surprising to se
soma sort of a buying movement coming
from that quarter. Business failure for
ths weak ending August 22 number U4.
against 144 last week. IK In th like week
of UXrt. 17C In 1K6. IK tn IP and 1U In
13. Canadian failures for the week num
ber 1. as agatnat K last week and 10 la
this week a year ago.
Wheat. Including flour, exports front th
United States snd Canada for the week
ending August H aggregsted UUifl bu..
against I.WT.iSJ bu. last week. 1.1375 bu.
this week last year and c.6u6,!k bu. in 1WL
For the first eight weeks of the fiscal
year the export are bu.. against
ItlM.euO bu. In 1-T and tlMlMi bu. in
It 1-t
Corn exports for the week are 1.1 TIM
bu., against 1 Ul.T7 bu. last week and cl
&"4 bu. in IS. For the fiscal year to
date the exports sre 1LB22,S06 bu., against
.::. bu. In 16-7.
All goods sold at Hubermann's jewelry
tor guaranteed a to price and quality.
I Pants DqAg
I Worth $5.00 " I
i .