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    2 WE
Telephone DoujUt 61&- Reachet All Department.
Special Sale of . Ecru Colored
Fine Lace Curtains Sedurdivv
: To make room for "Winter goods, which are rrowding us, we have made the following re-'
;. Unctions in prices on Lace Curtains. It will V an exceptionally opportnnity to save money.
Capital and Labor Employed in Mak
ing Musical "Instruments.
' Errn Nottingham I-aee tentelle Arabian, 'in 0xif $1.80 Kcru Netting-
Curtain. regular II 78 Kcru. regular $JJ,o hl"i ItUp Our Kcru Finn Net
Katurduy a-f - riaturdny rT p a P Plr WOV Curtain at. C"I TO
par pair .... VA --- per pBlr .... 'U Colonial design, splendid per pair .... ?-- -
.. for dining rO'Uii.
. m'.? kT:"'uZ- cruVta.r:U ?f, T7 IV," ,lnt- "r $4.50 Two Toned
" uav at a - r . -r.tirrtny . t-iberg Ecru l.nce Oir- MCQ Ourtalna. Hatur-
s4'5 iir 88c c.vr; $2.19 $los
Ml MM i I H-i m M ai a. ---.
Women's Neckwear, Half Prce
Just such Neckwear as you wou? choose
at full price; Saturday at hrjt price.
Thomson. Belden & Co.'s bargains are
Tailored and fancy stocks; otue hand
embroidered ones are Included, regular 26c
' to ? !.00. on special sale Satu tt
Main Floor,
Saturday Glove, Specials.
Good qualities couple J wltn ,ow prJo,,,
Should mus llvnly sell'f ,-.
Ksyser art.1 I'ownes t.ibow length double
tipped silk Ulovea, pi,, lglt blue tan
navy, gray, black ,j .,,,,, regulur
per olr Saturday PJQ
, tow, ' forii ix S LOVES.
Tlie rineal Mllaeae. elhnw length llnle (Hoveo,'
In grey, black and white, regular $1.8 -ial-Itlee,
n aperi aala Saturday, onn
par pair , OiC
Main Floor.
at' .
of Calicoes,
best grade,
in dark col
orings, reg
ular 7Vc
goods, on
sale at, per
Women's Knitted Underwear, Tall
It Is rather chilly these mornings with gauie
underwear. Change now to a medium weight
and avoid colds.
Women's medium weight cotton Vests, high
seek, long sleeves, Drawers to match, ankle
length, the famous "Merode" make, Kfj
at. each JVC
Women's Lisle Vests, high neck, long sleeves,
tights to match, knee length, FA,,
nt each j UVrU
Main Floor
Saturday Lace Specials.
A grand clean-up sale of Pt. de Paris Edgings
and lusertlngs to match,, at . Kg,
per yard
French and Herman Val Laces,
at per yard '
Embroidery Remnants.
Saturday we shali close out all our rem
nants of l.nMil olrtrry; odds and ends that have
accumulated during our b'jay selling season
will be marked at greatly reduced prices. If
you are needing dainty embroidery for chil
dren's clothes, odd edgings for underwear, or
Inaertlngs for making up waists for late sum
mer wear, It will pay you td come Saturday and
share of these embroideries.
Main Floor.
Saturday News frcm Men'n Department.
il Special mle of Belts. Social showing of fancy vests. New number of half hose just re-
- woiuc. oume suins now Teaucetl. '
Belts. Reduced.
The talanca of our
line f Men's Belts In
blirk and brown
leMther, regular prices
SSe, le and 75e to go
at XAZ.F rmiCB AT
Extra Value in
Half Hose.
Men's black cotton
hose. good quality
Egyptian yarn,
double heel and toe,
a hose that will stand
lots of good, hard wear
extra value at Of),,
per pair .... 'vl
Special Showing of Fancy
We are showing the finest line of
farcy Vests In the city. Tou will
jv..d them now for It Is rather cool
these evenings, without a vest, and
they look so dressy. The new
est patterns are here. In checks, fig
ure, e'tc also plain white; r10R
sm&XT AT tl-S.
See. display 4a corner window.
Shirts Reduced.
Men's Madras Shirts, In
light, medium or dark col
ors, some pleated, others
plain, all have cuffs attach
ed, regular prtcea are $1 50
1.7i and $2.00 on sale Sat
urday, at
each t
Toilet Goods.
Only the best sorts are sold here. You can buy your soaps, tooth powders, etc., at Thomp
son, Belden & Co.'s and know they are absolutely non-injurious. Popular prices always.
Talcum Powder.
Colgate' Violet and Cash
mere Ilouquet ISo a box.
Eaatman'e Crushed Roses and
Verona Violet and berated
Taloum, and Johnson's Baby
For the Teeth.
To have good teeth, one must use good prepar
ations. Ycair favorite kind 1s here. Cotgates' An
t septic Dental Powders; Sanltol preparations for
Hie teeth in powder, liquid or paste, one le equally
as good as the other; Cheney's Llsterated Tooth
Powder; in-. Lyon'e Tooth Powder. We also
carry a complete line of best Toilet Waters.
Toilet Soaps.
AH our Toilet Soaps marked
at low prices. Colgates' Eng
lish Process, Elder Flower,
Glycerine and Brown Windsor
are some of our leaders.
Open .
II Bee. l-2l-'07
Vtw Primary Law Worrie the Bcrd
r of Education.
Matatei Hay Oeaeral Hate U Xt
(inttra School Board N a ! mU ls
el CmuWts Mar '
Printing of tlcketa tot -the irttnartea so
tar as the Board of F.duc atlon Is con
cerned Is suspended until fi arther notice.
The legaf advisors of the cUy and of the
school board, are delving .'into the Intrl
cacWaof the primary law and the different
eMy e mltteeei may hav a to shoulder the
fvapohslbtttty for making school board
Fron tae time speii'Ad In the primary
law for the filing of a illcatlons of candi
date for places on tr primary ticket, the
asaumption was eer-al!y accented that
seminations for the , card of Education
would be governed fcy the law regulating
tb aomlnatlnn of tl'y officers, t'nder this
aaeu-iptkm the clt clerk caused a procla
matioa to be I jiued for' the primary,
blank to- be pi epared for the filing of
aaae a ad aJI wther necessary prellml
parteai He aece a'.ed nomination papers and
acknowledged. 'jLeigaaUoas just as though
he ware authrkd by law and placed an
erder fo tka printing cf tickets. Tlie
printer even tjarted to work.
Then a fa,1 k outsider picked up a copy
el the nrun cry law to find If It were neces
sary for the names on the school board
ballots to be rotated. The rank outsider
never found what he was looking for, bat
did find:
Provisions of the Law.
Section 1 Candidates How Nominated
Hereafter all candidates for elective of
fices, except those expressly exempted from
the provisions of this act. shall be nomi
nated, etc.
Sec. . This art shall hot apply to special
elections to All vacancies, nor to municipal
elections in elites having less than SS.IWO
population. Tillage, townaMp and school
district odloera, nor to members if school
hoards nor members of bards of educa
tion. The attention of the city clerk was calld
to this provision. He hes tated. Tlie city
attorney read tiie law and said ha was
too busy to talk about tlie matter; but
when the city clerk went to the attorney's
(.office he talked; then he thought; then he
eeld he would give an opinion Saturday.
Then the city clerk told the printer not
to proceed with the printing of the ballots
until further ncttce.
The clerk also gave the Information that
he was acting under the advice of C. E.
Horrlnc, attorney for the school board,
who had notified the necretary of the Board
of FMucation that It would be ncceanary
to nominate five candidates of the echnol
board under the terms of the new law.
Mr. Herring was not In town Friday, but
will he given another opportunity to pass
upon the subjet.
'herenB Clt- Halt r-aar.
CHEYENNE, Wye., Aug. 2X-(Sreclal )
Mayor Cook has called the attention of
the e.iunell t the 11lapHnted and unsafe
coa.tltlon of the city hall, ead In all proba
bility the building will b condemned by
the city engineer. It la one of the oldest
buildings In the city, and a familiar land
mark. An effort may be made to effect
More Bargains Saturday
Only a few mere days kft to take advantage of our
splendid shoe and other bargains. We especially men
tion the ladies' and children's shoe bargains from the
Norris stock.
Ladles' and Children's Shoe All
ladies' Oxford! without
restriction s. . .
h ahoes
All children ' Oxfords in two lots.
IT. !?!':.. 49c69c
Choice of any ladles' high shoes
la the store
All girls' Slippers and Oxfords In
. two lota.
At ......
Girls' Hats and Caps,
YarietT, to close,
in big
Glrla' Dresses and Suspender
Skirts. In two lots, to close
at . . .
One hundred Boys' School Suits
Jn $6.00 and $C.OO values;
to close Saturday,'
ri5L3-1517 DOU
av- Wr
i-s a
e SRpflPW.
will take the county court house, and a
new structure will bo erected T f or , he
r.renJh,enC'ty .overnmenU
lnV7 and tath CrI!iPed th8,r oi bulld
ings, and both need new quarters. While
entirely too small for the county goVern!
ment. 1 buMtag wouM
quat. for the city authorities ,n
event some such trad. i. . -.'n ",a
WU entlr;" no; homr
He, with KxeentlVe Conocll of Asnerl.
o Federation, laapets Lnioa
Labor Exhibit.
NOJtKOLK. Va.. Aug. tt-The executive
council of the American Federation of La
bor. headed by President dumpers, arrlvod
here today to complete arrangements for
the annual session of the federation, which
convenes here November 13.
The council, after completing hall, hotel
and printing' arrangements for the federa
tion convention, proceeded to tha Jm, .
Itapld Growth ef Meghan leal riayer
Iteflclmt Infof matlon Abont
t rank Uranu aeerfallr
WASHIN'OTON. Aug. ?3.-(epeclal.)-The
buearu of th9 census has Just puhllshod
a bulletin on the manufacture of musical
Instruments, there were 5 establlehments
engaged In this Industry In l. They em
ployed S6,KX) wagn earners, reported an
aggregate capital of (7.326,379, and manu
factured products jo the, value of i9.57i,S1.
Five years before when the censjs of
1900 eras taken, the number of establish
ments reported tor this Industry was CIS;
total number of wane earners, 23,714; the
argregate capital, H7.704.&F2, and the value
of products Mi.fU.978. . .
Comparison of the figures for these two
censuses shows that there was an Increase
In the five-year Interval (1PC0 to lfc) of
$2S.155,3t.l, or 66.6 per cent, In the value of
products; I25,t1s,797, or SI. 4 rer cent, In the
amount of capital employed, and 11,806, or
48.5 per rent. In the number of wage earn
ers. The establishments In the meantime
Increased by only six, or aoout 1 per cent.
This comparatively small Increase In the
number of establishments Is more or less
characteristic of all lines of Industry In
recent years, being Indicative of the ten
dency toward production on a large scale
or of combinations.
It Is evident from an Inspection of the
figures publlKhed In this bulletin that the
musical Instrument Industry made much
greater progress In' the five years between
1SKK) and 1W than U did In the ten years
between 1SP0 and 1900. .Taking the value of
the .product as furnishing, perhaps, the
best Indication of growth, It will be found
that this Item shows an advance from
tM.E6S.169 In 1KW to 144,418,978 in 0O. which
waa an Increase of only ri.BSO.K. or M.5
per cont, as compared with the remarkable
Increase of over i:6.0fifl,000. or 86.8 per cent,
In the five years between 1900 and 1905.
rrtnHpal Prodncln tnte.
The leading slate In production of musical
Instrumenta Is New York, which reported
,t.,t tv the value of $:4,277.927. repre
senting more than one-third of the total
product of the United States, me siai
ranking next In Importance as regards this
Industry was Illinois,' for which the ag
gregate product was $18,997.-28. Next comes
Massachusetts, with a product of $8,638,073;
then Connecticut, "with a product of
S79.WS. ."'.".' . . .
. New York has been a leader in im fnr. mora than 4wenty-rtve years.
Massachusetts was the second state In Im
portance In 18S0 and again In 1W, but In
1900 was outranked by Illinois. In which
state the recent development of the in
dustry has been very rapid.- -
In resenting th statistics of this In
dustry the census bureau classlned the
establishments with respect to their principal--product
under four main heads,
namely, piano, organs.- piano and organ
-..ini. nd instruments and materials
' not specified. , There were t49 piano es
tablishment.' 94 r,a establishment.
! 101 establishments producing principally
ptnno and organ materials and 181 oh-
tabllshments manufacturing Instrume ua
an4 'materials ot .peolned.. Thejralue
pTprpductsor; tjfoM-tour
lotabllshments wor-, respectively. JIJ.
' 022.471, $8,041,844, $18,128,818 and .-,
710 The produc of the piano establish
ments does' not 1 represent pianos ex
r such establishments fre-
ouently manufacture organs also, and
Blntilarly the organ . establishments pro
duce a limited number of pianos.
Pianos nd.Orgrane. .
The bulletin, however, gives the total
number and aggregate value of pianos
and organs produced In all Masses of es
tablishments. Ot upright pianos .261.957.
or more than a quarter of a million were
manufactured In the year 1906. and th.ilr
aggregate value ' 'eras -'4' ' '
grand pianos 7,372 were produced, with
an aggregate value of .. 9'
reed organs the number was 113.0 W. and
the aggregate value $4.13,053. Of pipe
organs' 901 were manufactured, with an
aggregate, value k of $1,989,979, It may
be noticed that e aggregate value of
the piano product waa more than tix
times that df the organ product and that
the number Of pianos was rather more
than twice the ndmbef of organs. The
number of upclght pianos manufactured
In 1905 exceeded the number reported in
1900 by 85.171. '
The manufacture of pianos Is largely
centrallxed rnNew York City, which re-
l a nrnflucUOn Ot "i"'"'
considerate Importance as a distinct
hrineh of the Industry and the value of
such materials Is shown separately for the
first time at this census. The figures d.t
not Include the value of the materials
produced and used by -manufacturers of
the instruments. The aggregate value ot
the. piano and organ materials manufac
tured for . sale a as $13,U8,.1l5. Nearly one
third nf the total product waa reported
for the city of New York.
Tries to Shoot Several and la Him
self Shot an4 Inataalty
PTTROIS. ft. IT. Ana. S3 fSneelal
Mike Henry, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Henry, waa shot and killed by Pyl- i
vester Carney at 8 o'clock Wednesday aft
ernoon on I-er ereek, nenr White Oa-I.
Young Henry. It la reported, had been
drinking and waa In a quarrelsome mooi,
making threats to kill someone. When
Henry got ready to pull out, he told Otr
ney he would kill him and snapped the
gun at him . several times, discovering
It was not loaded. Rich Freel and Asel
Granger, who were witnesses, took the
gun away from the young man. Honry
then mounted a horse and rode over to
Mike Carney's house, where he frightened
the women and secured a shotgun, re
turning Immediately to Vest Carney and
taking a ahot at Freel before tackling
Carney, but Freel was beyond reach of
the gun. He pulled his gun down on Cnr
ney and said he would kill the whol
d m outfit, when Carney thought matters
had gone far enough and shot Henry with
a six-shooter, Carney claims the shoot
ing was done In self-defense, and was
supposed to have started for Sturgls
Wednesday to surrender himself. Richard
Freel was sent here to notify Coroner
McSloy and Sheriff Stewart of the affair,
arriving In Bturgls with the news this
morning. The remains and the shotgun
were leTt where the killing occurred,
showing one barrel of the gun still
cocked. The coroner and sheriff left to
day for the scene of the shooting.
Episcopal Convocation. ,
YyKTON, 8. D.. Aug. 2S.-(8peclal.)-Prepuratlona
are on foot here for the en
tertaining of the delegates to the trien
nial convocation of the Episcopal mission
ary district of South Dakota, which gath
ering Includes delegates from the three
deaneries, the Eastern, Black Hills and
Niobrara, the lust named an Indian dean
ery, to be in session this week on the
Rosebud. The delegates Will be two In
number from each parish and mission,
with many workers In the Jurisdiction, from
the many Sunday schools and Women's
Auxiliaries to the board of missions. The
parishes and missions number nlnety
olght In the Indian field and some fifty-odd
In the white field. General Secretary Lloyd
of the board of missions Is expected, as Is
Mtss Emery, general secretary of the
Woman's Auxiliary. Bishop Hare will be
present, and also the bishop coadjutor,
Rt. Rev. Field Foole Johnson. D. t). The
ftrst fathering will be a reception to oe
hold Tuesday evening. September 3, and
the business and Services of the convoca
tion will take up the better part or me
next two days. The sessions will be held
at Christ church, founded nearly fifty years
h h. ite nr. Melancthon rtoyi, n
pioneer missionary priest Of the Episcopal
church In this section.
town exposition grounds und Inspected the pianos In the year 1905. representing at
exhibit ot the federation, which occupl. a ' most one-third of the total number pro
over 4.0M square feet In the Boclal Economy 1 duced in the United States. The numbs.
Economy duced In the unuea r-"""- Z ":'
The exposition was pronounced ; produced In Chicago was 4Z.SJ3. o.m
produced 12,989.
census or iuu rcpuivov.
oy i-resiaent uompers a memorial to or
ganized labor, having beon contracted en
tirely by union labor. President Gompeis.
arter going to Washington and Boston, will
return to Norfolk to nmke the Lal;,,r day
address at the Jamestown exposition, on
which occasion W. R. Hearst of New York
also will speak.
Cheney-Bars am.
NEHAWKA. Neb.. Aug. 23. -(Special.)-A
charming home wedding was solemnized
at t o'clock Thursday, August 21, at the
Trooper Accidentally Shot. K
ucini- a. D.. Aug. 23- (Spe
cial.) Private Walter Shope of Company
ti vrr Meade, was acciuun..
Shot by rlte Cuslck of the '
The boys . were ioonnB --
i.i e,m a rack In the
quarters, which, of course, he thought
was not loaded. nnappio .v -v -
. it v, hail penetrating his
ine ecu ii wriu win - - , , . .
abdomen on the left side, striking the
hip bone and ranging aown i.
part of the leg. The Injured man was
taken to the hospital, operated on and
the ball removed. At last accounts the
patient was resting easily and no seri
ous consequences feared.
Stadents Dig for Fosalls.
' WILLOW. Wyo., Aug. 2S.-(8peclal.)-A
large number of students from Amherst
college, Massachusetts, headed by Prof.
A B. Loo oils, are encamped at the Span
ish Dies"''' ' prehistoric quarries, near
here. They are making collections aud
studies of the remarkable work of the
American aborigines, -which antedate, probr
ably 'any" works whlcti have heretofore
been uncovered In America. The Spanish
Dtgglns are located in the northern part
of Laramie county. 100 miles north of
Cheyenne. "'.".
. attrsspt 4e Commit JIneder.
GILLETTE. Wyo., Aug. 23.-8peclal.)
An unidentified person attempted to com
mit murder near here last night, when he
fired a ahot through a car window on a
Burlington train at a passenger. The pas
songer escaped, but the glass was shat
tered. All efforts to locate the would-be
murderer have failed, but railroad detee
tlves are working one the case and may
run him down.
I Formerly I tfy
n-ifsoonttD J
hIils'Im .si JfVrfajs esasj
Women's ileiv Fail Suits
Special Sale Price $25.00
place on sale hundreds of beautiful wo
men's new tailored suits that are regu
lar $27.50, $30.00, $32.50 and $35.00
values, on sale Saturday, August 24,
choice.". .. . . .
We would advise early shopping, there being only 1 or. 2 of
a kind.
Up to $15.00
Women's Skirts $6.75
Up to $10 Skirts $4.95 .
Saturday, August 24, we will sell a limited
number of women's regular $10, $12.50
and $15 Skirts for.
$12.50 , ;
Silk Petticoats $4.98
Saturday, August 24th, we will place on sale a big purchase
of Silk Petticoats purchased by our Mr. J. L. Orkin, who is
now in New York. The skirts are made of the I Q Q
very best heavy silk, has deep flounce and All WO
extra cotton or silk under flounce. -They ja.''
come up to $12.50 values, on sale Saturday. .. . U .
nlanoa. In 1908.
IU1-IUIO - " ' - .
as far as manufacturing for the trade
waa concerned, the square piano Is prac
tically obsolete.
The production of the reed organ does
not show any such growth as that of
tha piano, the number of reed organs
produced In 1908. (114.875) being not
much greater than the production In
190S (197.830). The leading atate In tlw
production of reed organs Is oi
which reported the manufacture of
with an aggreaaia '
representing over 4$ per
reed organs.
home tif Mr. . r,l Mi . T n t.. i H 717.210
Union, when thetr hi ui.. I .. L.nt of the total production OtJ
was united in marriage to Mr. Want U'nlted Stales. Evidently the mlddlft west
Cheney of Fairmont, Rev. W. A. Baldwin Is the principal seat of the production
of Lincoln officiating. After a slo by of the reed organs. 0 per cent of tao
Mis. Laura Rhode, of Omaha the bridal ! total product being reported for the four
party entered U the strain, of Models- j states. Illinois. "d."
sahn's Wedding March, rendered by Miss Ohio. In both tu " J
Ina Davis. The bride was gowned In whit. yvanla the production of reed organs
chiffon tlsiua and vilcnr'.nn.i ir. i,k . la oeciimng.
veil and white roses, and her cousin. Miss
Charlotte Wallace of Lincoln, as maid of
honor. In blue, with forget-me-nots. Mr.
King of Lincoln was best man. The parlor
was decorated In white roses and clematis.
In the bay window was suspended a lare
wedding ring, previously used at the wel
ding of the bride's mother, under which
the rretty double-ring ceremony was p?r
forraed. Immediately after this the guests ad
journed to the, dining room, decorated in
red aad earns Hons, the colors and flower
of the Alpha Onilcron PI, the bride's
sorority. Here refreshments were served
by Mrs. Harvey Shotwell of (Vattle, Wash.;
Mrs. WtlWts Stern of bogwn. la.; Mis.
Emma Wallace of Lincoln and Mrs. B. M.
Pollard of Nehawka. assisted by six mem
bers ef the eorcrlty. Tlie ring from the
bride's cake fell to Miss Grace Cheney of
EmareoB. Ia.. for whose home the happy
couple left lirn.edlately for a short honey
moon, after which they will make their
home at Kdlaoa, Neb., where Mr. Cheney
la superintendent of schools.
The bride's family are old residents of
Union, her father having been bora there.
She Is a tia'o ef Congressman Pollard.
Both she ijad tlx groom were students
at tha SUata ubtveratty. where Mr. Cheney
waa graduated, thai year.
Bee Wast Ada Are Business Boosters.
. . - iM
A comparison ot in "S"'"
with those of l0 shows a very marked
growth In' the ruanufcure of pioe or
gana, the number produced having In
creased from 678- In 1900 to 9J8 In l0i.
and the aggregate value from $l,18S.l
to $i.08.l9J. Uaaaachusetta Is the lead
ing state In this branch ef the Indji
try. reporting a production of 1J7 pipe
organs In 1905. having an aggregate
value of $&2,&87 and representing about
one-fourth of the total product of tho.
United Suites. Illinois Is the state which
ranks sucond Jn this respect, producing
185 pipe organs with a total velu. of
$310,323. -
Other Branches ! the ladaetrr.
The manufacture of piano players and
piano playing attachments la of recent
urigtn and shows a more rapid growth
than any other branch of the musltal
Instrument industry, the production ad
vancing from only $dU?.8Tl in 1900 to $2,029.
TM In nut.
There may be prsuns of a statistical
turn of mind who woeld like te know the
number cf street pianos and ergana man
ufactured In the United States. Thia In
formation la not to be fonnd in the bulle
tin, but the aggregate value of such tn
siruments produced In 1105 was reported SS
The manufacture of piano and organ ma
terials has In recent years attained a very
largest payer of dividends !n the coming
month. Payments by this company will
aggregate nearly $8,000,000. The Illinois
Central railroad will disburse $3,326,400,
the Baltimore ft Ohio will pay out $3,778,
118 on the common and preferred stocks
and tho New York Central distributes $2,
049,522 to stockholders. The United States
Steel Corporation will pay $2,641,511 The
American Tobacco company pays out l.OW,
0q0, as the regular disbursement, and $3,018
as an extra dividend.
The Pennsylvania Railroad company Is
the heaviest interest payer, over $1,000,000
being ready ' for the bondholders. Other
Com ponies paying more than $1,000,000 In
Interest payments are the Lake Shore &
Michigan Southern Ralrload company and
The Chesepeake A Ohio Railroad company.
For the price of the suit alone
Hotel Goeata Have Narrow Esesp.
LARAMIR. Wyo.. Aug. 23.- Special. )
The Union Pacific hotel here had a nar
row escape from destruction last night, and
a numbeY of guests escaped with their
lives. An Inexperienced fireman was placed
In charge of the engine room temporarily,
and he permitted the water to get low In
the boiler. Luckily Manager Congden dis
covered the situation In time to prevent a
terrible accident.
Maccabees Erect Moa-iuent.
HURON. S. I).. Aug. 23. (Spectsl.)-Jlm
River tent No. 22. Knlghta of the Marcj
bees. has erected a handsome monument
on Its burial plot In Riverside cemetery.
The base. of the monument Is. three feet
three inches square, on which stands a
tapered granite column surmounted by a
huge granite ball weighing more thsn half
a ton.
Corpora"" Will Dlshorao Mora
Than Serenly-SIs MUIloa Hol
lars la Dividends to Owners,
NEW YORK, Aug. 3 tSpectaD-Dis-bursoment
of Interest and dividends dur
ing September by tha large railroads. In
dust rial and mining concerns of the United
Stales will aggregate approximately $?,
KXl.rn. Tills amount Is tha ls-gest ever
distributed during SVptemher. and com
pares with a total of $S)r844 In Septem.
ber of nW. 948.3Se.lR2 In 15 and $41..7
tn September. 1904. The large total this
year was due not t Increased bonded In
debtedness or Increases In the dividend
rates of tha large concerns, but to the
large number of comrantee paving Initial
dlvUUods and to the Increased bonded In
debtedness of the small concerns.
In the cumlng month the railroada will
pay out In dividends 318.784.838, as com
pared with fl7.77S.lsg last year, and the
miscellaneous companies will disburse 128,
318.S57, as compared with ta.lMVtl last
year. Jntereat payments aggregaao fTT.
191.015, of which the railroads will pay
flft.fTS.Stfl and the miscellaneous com
panies IH.H14U. This compares with pay
ments of fU.507.TSi by railroads and $8.
iM,75 by miscellaneous eompanlea tn
September of last year.
. The Standard Oil company will be the
Mme, Asnes I.nke.
NEW YORK. Aug. 23. Mme. Agnes Lake,
the first woman olrcus owner In the world
and champion high wire walker, died yes
terday at the home of relatives In Jersey
City. Mme. Lake's career has been one of
remarkable romance and adversity. Both
of her husbands, Wm. Lake, a circus clown,
and "Wild B1U" Hickok. an associate of
"Buffalo Bill," were killed by desperadoes.
She was eighty-one years old and hod been
with various circuses for forty-four years.
For the last ten years she had been an in
valid. ' ' ' :
Carl Taw-man.
Mr.' and Mrs. Otto Zeulow of Schuyler
are In 'Omaha on their way home from
Atlantic; la., where they attended the
funeral of Carl Thurman, Mrs. Zeulow's
fattier, who "was burled In the Iowa town
at 1 p. m., Thursday. He was one of the
oldest settlers of that portion of the state;'
In fact, only one other man had lived In
Atlantic longer than he. He was 63 years
of ago. He was a native ot Germany and
left a large family, 'lie also left a large
estate, having a farm of the rich Iowa soil
consisting of 900 acres.
Pro Helsc.
Fred Helse. a prominent farmer living
six miles northwest of Florence, died Thurs
day, at the age of 9 years. The funeral
will be held from the residence at 1 o'clock
Saturday afternoon with Interment at For
est Lawn cemeffcry.
Gsryaor Critically 111.
NEW YORK, Aug. 23. Advices from Ma
con. Ot., atste that John F. Oaynor, the
Syracuse contractor who was convicted of
complicity In the Savannah harbor work
frauds, is critically 111. Physicians say he
cannot live long unless removed from Jail.
- IMP '.'I I
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Handsome line of Blue, Black or Gray
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DURING AUGUST we will Include
our medium weight Fair woolens
Suit and extra Trousers for price of
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Krs. WIheIcWsT Soothing Syro
flu. bn mod for orf 8TXTT-FTVE YFAP.S r?
irM.fON ef MOTHI.fta for tl.eir- CHiriiBES
wnii.r, iMiniftUjWHB EA, 1 Bl'Ul.bnit. It
S JO'I U E8 the ( m LD.NOFl'K NKtliuGCJd4,AJJLAYH
ui r n
tmc rnccisioit seen in rug
s wm ecurrr eNiere.
ee bviTriiim,
Delicate enough for the softest
kin, and yet efficacious ia removing
any stain. Keeps the skin in perfect
condition. In the bath gives all th
desirable after-effects of a Turkish
bath. It should be on every wash
Stand. Ali. nonrEDt and npitfinitTS
low'. BnnthliiK HjrriiP." and take no oilier kind,
Twenty. Ami rrutu s Ixittle. Ou.vanlred under the
Food and prior. Art. June untb. J. firil Number
abserlbe Regularly for The Bee.
krug park;t
This Afternoon and Kvanlng ,(
todati cx.Ajr ooasoar.
The Melodramatio Sensation
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sjeatg oa sale Monday, Angnty get.
The Busy Business Man
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U 4