Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 30, 1907, Page 8, Image 8

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Want - ads
Advertisements , for tae waa t-4
laaans will be ItVfa aatll 12 m. for
th ?m1di edition and intll ft a. m.
far the sanmlng aad llir editions.
Csh milt arcomsmar all orders for
rant-ads aad aa advertisement will
fce accepted for lea than 10 cents for
th flrat Insertion.
Hatee apply to either The Dally
undny Bra.
Always roaat (Is warda to a liar.
CoisTblnntlona af laltlala or numbers
oaat aa aaa word.
Insertion, prr Una. 10 eenta. Two or
Mora coaserutlve Insertions, uer liar.
renta. tarn laarrtloa made on oad
days, 10 rrata prr llaa. 91.50 prr Una
par Boatk.
Death aad faneral Notices, tarda of
Thank and Lodge Notices, T crnta
prr lino for ona edition, morulas: or
evening B cents Hue (or ear a ad
ditional edition. uadar 10 ceata a
line. No ad takea for leas taaa SO
reats. .
advertisement la Inaerted nnder any
aae of taa clessldeat Ions iclven below,
it will be charged at the following
rateai Una laaerttoa, 4 aeata per llne
three ta aim consecutive Inaertloaa. 3
cent a per llae each Inacrtloat seven
ar aaore consecutive Inaertloaa. a
renta per llae each Insertion I BO
aeata per llae prr month.
Kxcept Agents, Solicitors and
t'OTTa, Blrda, Dogs and Pet.
Hariri aad Vehicles.
Poultry aad Eggs.
Typewriter and Sewing; Machines.
Pianos, Organs aad Musical Instra.
Famished Hooma.
Untarnished Hooma.
Housekeeping; Itonana.
a Hoard Ins aad Hooana.
Want-ads for Taa Baa may ba left
at any of the following (rag stores
on 1 "your corner crugalst" they
are all branch oinces of Th Ilea aad
year ad will ba luaerted last a
promptly and on the same ratra as at
the bum In ollloe la The Bee Building,
Seventeenth aad Faruam aireetal
Albach. W. C, 40th nd Farnam.
Rnranck. 8. A.. 14o2 8. 10th 8t.
Becht, Pharmacy. tti S. ltith St.
Benson Pharmacy, Benson, Neb.
Hernia Park Pharmacy, 33d and Cuming,
Blake's Pharmacy, Jus Sherman Ave.
Caughlin, C. K.. tlth And Pierce Hts.
Clifton HIM Pharmacy. 2214 Military Ave,
Conte, J. B., Slaet Ave and Farnam.
Crlaaey . Pharmacy. 24th and Lake.
Cewnak. Enitl. 1S64-6 b. 18th St.
Eastman Pharmacy. 4046 Hamilton.
Khler. F. H., 2r3 Iavenworth.
Foster Arnoldl. 211 N. 2oth Bt.
Dreylag, John J., 1914 N. 24lh St.
Florence Diug Co.. Florence, Neb.
Uoldman Pharmacy, Hh and Lake.
Green a Pharmary, corner Park Ave. aad
Ureencugh. G. A., 1025 8. l"th Bt.
Groenough, O. A., 1024 South 10th Bt.
Haydcn, Wm. C, 2920 Farnam St.
tlanscom Park Phar. 1601 8. lth Are.
Ilolat, John, (124 North 18th St.
Huff, A. L,., 29V4 Leavenworth St.
King. H. 8.. 2238 Farnam Pt. mi
Knnntze Place Phaimacy. 8M4 N. S4tt.
Patrick Drug Co.. 1H24 N. 24th Bt.
I.athrop, Chaa. K., 1324 N. 24th Bt.
Peyton, L,. E-. 24th and lenvenwerth.
Paratoga Prug Co.. 14th and Amea Ave.
Bohaefer a Cut Price Drug Store. 16th and
Rchaefer, AiiRtiat. JBSI N. lh St.
Schmidt, J. H.. 14th and Criming Bts.
Btorm Pharmarv, ltth an.t Maltha Bt
Walnut Hill Pharmary, 4h and Cumlnf.
Walton. Pharmacy. and Orace Bta.
wlrth O. H . (th and Hamilton Sta.
fan i ... iJH.ILWPW'illLai.ULP
PETERSKN Helen. Infant daughter of
Mr. and Mra. Jack Petersen. Monday
morning at realdence, Forty-aecond and
Hpragun streets.
Funeral Wednesday at Bprlngwell ceme
tery. HOF.SCHEN FYanchT aged 34 years. 4
months, g days, belovi-d wife of Henry
Hoenchcn, July 28. 10i7. Reimtlna In state
Kt Hoffman'a undertaking parlo.ra. Six
teenth and Jonea sareets, until 2 p. m.
Tuesday, after which remains He In state
at residence, 2424 rTmmet.
Funeral from residence Wednesday at 8
a. h. to Mary Magdulen church at 8 a. in
Interment, Mary Miigdalen cemetery.
Frlenda Invited,
MTHLHAUSEN' Mr. Carc'lne r., July 27,
at the home of her daughter, Mrs. O. H.
Olsen, 2632 North ICighteenth street, aged
Funeral 2 p. m. Tueaday. Interment, For
est Lawn. She leavea to mourn her loss
alx .children. Adolnh Muhlhfl iison Vor.
dlnand Mulhausen. Oeorge Muhlhausen.l
ixuis Aiuiiiausen. mii. Carrie Ulsen,
Mrs. Nellie McQulre.
ROCHE FOnn-Mre. Ector. Bunday after
noon at 1:20 at her homo, 2o06 South
Twentieth avenue.
Funeral Tuesday morning at :S0 from
residence and S o clock from 8t. Patrick's
church, Fourteenth and Castellsr streets.
Interment, Holy Sepiilchcr cemetery.
To all our kind frlenda and neighbors, we
Wlah to express our heartfelt thanks for
the sympathy, asslaiajice and beautiful
floral offerings given us at I he death of
our beloved husband and father.
Mii. AM) Mil a. i-. I'.'ITKK.
The following marriage licenses have been
Name and Residence. Age.
Clem btubba. South Omaha 2i
Gladys Aluxund- r, Omaha 17
Thomas W. Coi rlgan, Omaha li
Nellie Turnlpseed. Omaha 39
H. B. Partlett. Omaha V2
Cora Wilkinson, Omaha m
Kahtl O. Ablan, Aspen. Colo 3S
Mis. EMlo Aboarab, Aspen Colo.. 22
William Dlxton, South Omaha a
Bessie Andrews, South Omaha it
Harry H. Draper. Red Oak, Ia
Myrtle M. Cross. Red Oak, la 21
Andrew J. Swlngholm, Omaha n
Helena P. KJaergard, South Omaha .... IS
ioel T. Allen, Blair jj
uxa Brunton, Blair 24
Peter A. Llndahl, Omaha " si
Ura. Carolina Smith, Omaha yf
Births Joseph Kavan. 2709 South Nine
teenth, boy; F. M Fielder, 4j52 Seward,
gul; Henry Kellogg, 13J0 North Twenty
fourth, girl; Frank Howard. ta Leaven
worth, boy; John Wolfe, 4111 North Twenty-eighth
avenue, boy; Ike Bellman. 1714
William, girl; James Carroll. 17U Cuming
boy; John Bigger S403 Parker, boy.
Deaths Ruth Wyman. S413 Kvana w
Caroline D. Mueblhauaen. 30.12 North Eight
eenth. 77; V. J. Koabeoky. 1411 South Thir
teenth. 4 months; Uayloid lAipton. Thirty.
sUlh avenue and Spalding street. 1 months'
Mrs. John Anderson, Omaha General hos
pital. 4o; Josephine Rooheford. 86ms South
Twenty-fifth avenue. 18; Baby Richardson.
il South Sixteenth; Saran Pratt, County
hospital. 93: John P. Anderson, 711 Leaven
worth, 72; Helen A. Peterson, Forty-sooond
and Spragrue, lit mouths; Ulen T. Lafleriv
)it Taul. L
IHE CITY GARBAGE CO., ottr 4th and
Leavenworth Bis. Tel. Douglas 1387.
U Tal
WHEN writing to advertisers It takea but
sLrtika or twe of the pan, ta ay you
ww th ad la Tb
The advantages of omaha aa a bnslnesa
center Ir. being farther demonstrated by
the removal to this city of J4 ('. Hlxbv
A B-.n, who have been conducting large
contracting work In the heating, plumbing
and lighting business In Council Bluffs for
th fast tw-entv-atv voars hut recosriislng
the advantages that Omaha gives In a
larger field of operation will remove their
business to this city at once ami associat
ing with them In the business Mr. Oeorge
krrlle of the 8anltary Plumbing Co. will
occupy one of the n-w store nwtmi at 19. h
nnrl Harney under the flrrn -mme of "The
Blxhv-Krelle fo." and will be equipped to
handle everything In the high grade heating
and plumbing line, paying eepeclal at
tention to the Installation of hlsh pressure
and power work. (1) M740 30
FOR BALE A Cameron Runabout auto
mobile; a bargain. Globe Land and In
vestment Co., MJ2 Farnam St. (2) 10;
SEND for our 11t of serend-hand antonio
bilea. LERIOHT. 1818 Farnam. X)-10t
EXCHANOE54 If you hava city property
atocks of goods, farm land or property of
any kind to exchange, wrtte for our com
plete list. We have propertlea and lands
In all parts of the country to exchange.
Our list Is free. Send for It at once.
Globe Land and Investment Co.. 1822 Far
nam St., Omaha. Neb. dl 110
120 ACRES I miles from Bchell City, Ver
non county, Mo.; SO acres under cultiva
tion; good buildings. Price. ISO per acre;
Incumbrance, 1?.0"0. Will exchange for
gcnernl merchandise. Globe Land and
Investment Co., 1822 Farnam St., Omaha.
EXCHANGE or for sale, hotel property;
furnished; modern; good business; want
land; merchandise or residence property.
Central Hotel, Spring Valley, III.
t3) M209 SOx
TWO-BTORY and tbasoment brick store
building to exchange for modern Omaha
residence. Price, 16,500. Love A Grimes,
Woodbine, la. (3) M704 A4
GOOD stock of general merchandise In an
Iowa town of 2.600. Will trade for clear,
cheap lnnd. Glohe Land and Investment
Co.t 1822 Farnam. (8) 76
A GOOD driving horse and phaetr-i. In good
repair. to trade for lot In O 4Tha; give
number of lot. Address, P 76o. Bee.
(.li-tW 2Sx
Life. Tel. Doug. 5149. (4)-M9tW
HALF Interest and help manage townslte
and waterworks proposition; over j0
lots and fine artesian well; new town on
R. II., 700 population; write for par
ticulars. John R. Hodges. Artesla. N. M.
(4) M4S0 auglux
ROOMING houses for sale, all alzea.
Oangestad, 403 Ilea Bldg. (4) M351
FOR SALE The best paying business In
northeastern Nebraska, stock of gro
ceries, queensware and notions; will be
sold cheap. Aaawer quick. Address T
211, Bee. (4)-M73
Are You Looking for a Farm,
Ilome, Ranch, Business
or Property
of any kind anywhere It makea no dif
ference whether you want 1100 building
lot or a IjOO.OOO tract of coal or timber
land, you should net buy or trade before
seeing a copy of the Real Estate World.
It contains a large list of property and
merchandise atocks for sl and exchange,
and reaches several thousand readers each
Issue, and la the best advertising medium
to reach the real eatate buyers, homeseek
eis and tradera that you can advertiae in.
Write your nam and address on a postal
card, mall It today, and we will send you
the journal for two months on trial free.
Address the Real Estate World. Suit 6J
Good Block, Des Molnea. Ia. (43-431
CASH for bad accounts, bills, notes or any
other clainia. For particulars address
E 7W, Bee. HO M7o9 A4x
WANTED A party to buy out a first
class stock of furniture In the best town
on the Elkborn valley; beat of reasons
for selling. Wlaner Furniture Co., Wie
ner, Neb. (4)-7SO
TO BUT or sell any business or resl es
tate, call on or write E. O. Oanitestad,
403 Bee Bldg. t4)-:btl
HOTEL furniture and lease for sale; rea
son for selling, owner wishes to quit
business; hotel doing fine business In the
best town In the Black Hills. For partic
ulars, address Box 37, Belle Fourche, S. D.
(4) MtXO aug3x
LIST your property with us, we have buy
era; hav property for exchange also.
JACOBSON & CO.. 95 N. Y. Life Bldg.
(4)-M4U Ali
LIST your property with us. Graham tt
Wright, 921 N. Y. L. Tel. Red 653.
t4) M8T8
Do You Wish to Make a Change
Ii? you have a farm, home, business or
property that you wish to sell or ex
change, write us.
Omaha, Neb.
14) M661 Aug. 17
FOR SALE-14.000. Good, clean mercantile
Block, railroad division town, ranch and
slock surroundings, monthly sales over
12,otio, can he Increased, by Increasing
slock. Reason for selling, other Interests.
Address box 114, Lima, Mont.
(4)-M733 A5
$6(0 WILL buy H Interest in established
manufacturing business; will pay N.uuo
ier year clear profit. R. E. BRACKh.1T,
' Lansing,. Mich. (4 M73o Aix
GROCERY and meat business for sale;
will invoice and give good discount,' or
will all In a lump. 2227 Broad
way, Council Bluffs, la.
(4) M7S1 ADx
"OR SALE A good paying hotel, in
Tellurlde, Colo.; strictly modern
i .M ougliout ; 20 sleeping rooms; parlor
. ..lie, dining room and kitchen; 2 baths
on each floor; also one good second
class In same town; 14 rooma; bar, din
ing room and kitchen. Box '.'3. Tellu
ride, Colo. (4) M737 AlOx
ONLY harness stock in good town thirty
live milts from Omaha. Box 279. Blair,
FOR SALE Barber shop, confectionery and
pool ball combined; tT"od reasons for Sell
ing. Address J. Ullrich. Box 58, Halbur,
' la. t4j M225 Alx
ONE of the best pool hall and cigar stores
, fur sale at Lincoln at once; good reason
for selling. Inquire K. St., Uw. Lincoln.
(D-M1S2 AAx
FOR SALE Restaurant and nine furnished
rooms, all In good snape, each room with
bed room suite; dining room and kitchen
well furnished, and will be sold at a
bargain if sold soon; reason for selling,
poor health. Call on or address G. C
Elliott. Bella Fourche, 8. U. H) M631 A6x
MILIJNKRY slock for sale; a bargain If
tuken soon. Mrs. A. Jennings, West
Point, Neb, (4) Moih Aug. lix
LIST your property and business; quick
salea. II. Manwellar, 1624 Dodt;e St.
Mias Aug 11
FOR SALE-First-clasa elacksmlth and
wagon work business, with tools; 84 to l
reculved tor shoeing and (4 to ts tor set
ting tire. Address Y U. Bee.
NEWSPAPER and job offloe, doing good
business, for sale in northwest Iowa.
Price u0 cash. This la a snap. Ouy D.
Savage, Alvord. Ia. (4) MM6 tig
8 TOOK BRoKElta.
tut New York Lite B.dg..
Omaha, Neb.
(4 no
COME to Hildreth A Lowman with or for
business chances, farms or city prop
erty. 510 Bus Bldg. (i) Mill
HOTEL for sule cheap; 14-room hotel;
grocery, meat market and livery In
connection; 1 nitlea fyom Toledo, In thriv
ing village; good school, church and eleo-
-trio line facilities. Addrexs communica
tions to MRS. J. S. McKOtoS. Erie, Mich.
- 14) Muuo augax
HOMES. lands, etc.. bought, sold or traded
quickly Pardt 4 aJrauui, the hauliers,
(M isavlUa Blk. Augli
No Money in Vacant Rooms
3 lines
roll SALE Only butcher shop In good,
enterprising town, dally sales, J25 to V10;
will sell cheap, good reasons for Belling.
Address T 129, care of Bee.
(4-M4(53 A3x
DRUO stores for sale everywhere. F. V.
Knlest. "07 N. Y. Life. Omaha. (4) 771
WANTUD Bright business msn with
$:,500 cash to take Interest In manufactur
ing business and position as managor at
$U per month.
Business Chances,
214 Neville Block.
TAILOR SHOP, established five years, In
eood neighborhood, for sale. 1300 N. 24th
St. (4 4iH 2Sx
BERK A A CO., t3 N. Y. Ufe Bldg., sell
real estate quick and satisfactorv.
(4) CO Augls
FOR SALE Nice, clean grocery stock and
flxtuies on a good business street. In
vestiRute this. The very beet reasons for
selling. Address G 765, Bee.
(9) 188 2X
National Inv. Co. buys, sells or exchanges
everything land, city property, merchan
dise and automobiles. 63 Douglas block.
(4J 40 auK.'2
WANTED Partner with $1,5H0 or real estate
for half Interest In paying hardware busi
ness. Address J. W. Fitzgerald, aaent.
S38 N. Y. Life. (41-232 Sox
FOR SALE Lunch counter, cheap; good
business; only one In town; on crossing
Milwaukee and M. & St. L. A. H.
Meyers. Bradley, 8. D. (4) 4BS 2x
city property, farms, merchandise or
chattels. Write Townsend Realty Co.,
Modale, Ia. (4) MD60 Aug5x
FOR SALE Fine brewery business. Con
trollng seventeen hotels In eastern state.
Investigate this. Address, Y 214, Bee.
(4)-MGt 29x
BUSINESS CHANCE Newspaper plant for
sale in a town of 400. Address A. C.
Somen, Dickens, Iowa. (4) M604 augCz
business and we have a country town
that Is booming. A chance of a lifetime
to get Into business on small capital;
balance to suit responsible people. J. B.
Lants, 23 Broadway, Denver, Colo.
(4)-M711 Auglx
WHEN YOU writs to advertisers remember
that It takes but an extra stroke or two
of the pen to mention the lact that you
saw the aa in The Bee.
SALES mnde on Mdee.. Jewelry, household
Koods, live stock, farm Implements, etc.
Roth & Tyrrell. 1213 Douglas, Omaha.
Carpet Cleaning.
SANITARY Cleaning Co.. 1S1 Farnam.
(5) 771
DR. ROY, R- X IMG Farnam St. Doug.
(5) M773
AUGUST KROFFT. building contractor,
1003 N. 21st St., South Omaha. (6) 771
Civil Engineer.
(5) 775
to Beatrice Creamery Co., Omaha.
s 77
IN FAMILIES Miss Sturdy. ,Tel. Harney
1368. (5) -777
M DOW ELL Dressmaking SchooL 1623 Far
nam St. (5) M6i
LADIES learning sewing can have pat
tern fit. 619 S. 24th ave. Red 6071
(5)-7-8 Aug. 18
BAILEY A MACH, 3d fir. Paxton. D. 10S3.
HESS A SWOBODA, 1415 Farnam.
L. HENDERSON, 161 Far. Tel. D. 1253.
THE SCHLITZ. European, 16th and Harney
Jewelers and Watchmakers.
N. P. STILLING Wtch. clock, Jewelry
repairing, 2-3 Paxton Illk. Tel. D. 4367.
Insect Exterminator.
KEEP your home sanitary with Insect
germ exterminator. Room 11, Frenzer
block. (5) M710 A2S
Lawn Mowera Sharpened.
LAWN mowers sharpened. Lawrence, 270J
Leavenworth St. (6) MU63 Aug. 17
JOHNSON INS.. 418 N. Y. L. Tel. D. 164.
(5) M
Dr. Bowser, over 1502 Far. Tel. Doug. 6370.
(5; M2T3 A23
Office Supplies.
FILING cabinets, files and ledgers, loose
leaf devices and ottlie fixtures and sup
plies of all kinds. Anchor Publishing Co.,
lsU Farnam St. Tel. Douglas 6j2.
6 MCi Aug. 17
C. B. TKUbSSLL, 116 South 19th St.
(5) TS
WANTED-Plumbera. D. W. Dudgeon,
TeL Harney lHoe. (5 M133
BEFORE placing your 1906 calendar order,
don't fall to see our elegant Imported line.
Lyngstad & Jorva, printers. 16 & Cap. Ave
HIGH GRADE Imitation typewritten let
ters and Job printing; no Job too large or
small. Anchor Publishing Co., 1822 Far
nam 8t. Tel. Doug. 663. (5) M9u6 Auglo
JENNINGS Printing Co. Tel. Douglas 6330.
15J Jo
a tea. thattera. Sta
OMAHA Safe and Iron Works makes a ape
clalty of Are escapes, shutters, doors and
sales, li. Andreen. Prop., 102 8. 10th til.
(& 792
School Bappllea.
OMAHA School Supply Co., 1621 Howard.
(6) 720 Aug. 19
Isn Brpulrlag.
RAPID SHOE RFPAIR CO.. first - class
work. lOii Capitol Ave. 'Phone Red 9t4.
MORRIS Chicago Practical Tailor for
ladles' and gents' new work: repairing,
cleaning and dying. Called for and de
livers. 3ue ft. Mil BU TL Rid 6911
them Advertise in The
(iiourd.) 7 times only,
THE Oliver Typewriter Co., 11 R 1Bth bt,
will rent you an Oliver typewriter, with
oak stand, and keep you In rlbbona for II
rer month; will earn more than $3 pet
month In time saved. Get the hnblt.
(5) 822 aug7
Vlolla MakinsT.
VTOLrN repairing. C L. ITesJcett, 647
Ramge Blk M16S Augli
The Leading Palmist of Omaha.
Revelations of past and future described
Parlors 113 S. 16th St., Opp. Boston Sior.
Clerical and Office.
WANTED Stenographer who can write In
surance and keep books In real estate of
fice. Address own hand, giving references
and salary expected. Address A 741. Bee.
(7) M014 30
WANTED Young lady stenographer to
stay In office and do public stenographic
work. A good opportunity for the right
person desiring to lead Independent lite
and make good money. Y 147, care Bee.
. (7) 6j 2x
70 GIRLS for mailing catalogues: none
under 14 years of age. Nebraska Clothing
Co. (7719
Fartorr and Trades.
GIRLS WANTED Burgesa Bhlrt Co., 2024
Farnam St. (71787
ST. (7J-7W
Housekeeping and Dosnestle.
WANTED Good ladv cook, $40. Phoenlg
Hotel. Sanborn, Iowa. (7) M984
WANTED A girl or woman for general
housework; references required. Apply
mornings or evenings at 702 N. 40th Bt.
Tel. Harney 174& (7) M;oi 31
WANTED Girl for housework, family of
two. lull S. 2Kth St. Good wages, 'lele
phone Harney 683. (7J M74S lx
COMPETENT girl for general housework;
four in family. 4S01 Davenport. Tel. Har-
.r Oil? m . unn
WANTED Competent cook; good wages
and steady position to right party. Ad
dress D 779, care Bee. (7) 613
GOOD cook wanted. Apply S2S1 Farnam.
WANTED Competent middle aged woman
to help with care of two babies under 3
years old; must be Intelligent and neat;
15 wages. 1SU2 Blnney St. (7) MKS4 A3
EXPERIENCED girl, city references, In
family of two; no waging. Mrs. Andrew
ltosewater, 8520 Harney. (7) 141
WANTED Girl for general housework;
wages, to. 3210 Poppleton .Ave. (7) 7l
WANTED A housekeeper on a farm at
once. G. Von Asperln, Brlnsmudo, N. D.
. (7 M461 A2x
WANTED Experienced girl for general
housework; good wages; three In family.
8901 Dewey Ave. "Phono Harney 2653.
. , . (7)-34 30
WANTED Chambermaid at the Utopia,
18th and Davenport. .. (7) M261
GOOD lady cook to take charge of small
boarding houme. Write . D. Flovd,
North Fork, Wis. 7 (7)-M162 A2x
GENERAL house work; no conking. 8218
Cuming. . (7) M677 30
WANTED Good chnmbermaid who will
help with the ironing at the Creche, ls.'t
Harney St. (7)-49tf 2x
CHAMRERMAID (while preferred) to cara
for rooms only. Callat 107 S. 17th St.
Permanent position for right party.
C7) 493 29x
WANTED Reliable girl for general house
work. Apply to Mrs. J. li. Patterson, 8019
jraciuo bu i-none Harney n-iiti.
(7)-M523 SOx
FAMILY cook and mnld, $10 and $30. Can
adlan Office, 16th and Dodge.
(7) M708
YOUNO girl for housework. Mrs. A. O.
Buchanan, 1330 S. 34th. (7) 722 A4
WANTED Experienced girl for general
11' ,v, biiiuii iniiiiiv; yooa wages.
Inquire evenings, 2523 Capitol Ave. 'Phono
Douglaa 1017. (7) 720 31x
M laecllaneous.
WANTED Young women to enter the Mel
bourn hospital training school for nurses,
Los Angeles. Cal. For further informa
tion apply to Miss A. E. DuSold, 850 S.
Olive St., Los Angeles. Cal.
(71-M711 Alx
WANTED Lady to demonstrate the Man
love hair grower; liberal salarv to right
party. Dr. Minerva James, 2024 Daven
port. Tel. Douglas 6686 (1) MS33
ANY student desiring employment or anyl
one ueainos io emer Dusiness nonnrahly
and profitably may reg'ster free of charge
at McCartney Institute, 1802 Farnam St
(7 ) - A1 3-i0
Agents, solicitors and Salesmen.
AGENTS wanted to drive through the
country: best selling proposition ever of
fered; big value for your customer, big
f wo tit for you. Write today for parilcu
ais and territory. E. K. McClellan, uOt
Bee bldg., Omaha, Neb. (i) 634
SOLICITORS wanted; prefer thoaa who
have had experience selling viewa, por
traits or books; pleasant work and big
money. Call at Room 6u3, Bee Bldg.
WANTED Traveling salesman, by whole
sale house in perishable goods business.
Territory principally Nebraska. Address
In own handwriting, slating age, experi
ence and salary wanted; also give refer
enda. A. Booth It Co., 13us Leaven
worth St. (9 M714 31
WANTED Man tc titre and mana&e a crew
uf aolleltors; prefer one who has had ex
perience In selling to farmer; permanent
Loxltlon; good liiconio. Address o 347,
Bee otrlce. (91310
A SPECIALTY salesman, single man pre
ferred, new proposition, $ls week; expense
money advanced; call forenoon. Room
lub, Puxtun hotel, W. J. Kyle.
(9)-M703 8ox
WANTED Live man with $350. Salary $25
per weia ana snare u proms. Best
money maker in Omaha. Call 811 South
21st St. (91-M743 31x
( Boys.
BOYS with wheels wanted; good wages.
Postal Telegraph Cable Co.
19) M548 SOx
STRONG young men to learn good trade, f5
per WeeK to start. Applv ( hsnipion Ima
and Wire Works, 617 S. ltiih St.
(9)-79 I
WANTED Boy to run elevator at Hart-
man a Furniture and Carpet sior-, lt'.t
Dolgtus St. (9) M730 30
Clerical aad Untee.
WANTED-Malo strnograpliei and assist
ant bookkeeper. Stale experience and sal
urv expected. Position open at once. Ad
dress F 764, Bee. () ISO 29
POSITIONS for drug men everywhere. P.
V. Knlest. 707 N. Y. L-. Omaha.
WANTED Gaa Cttera. Beatrice Gas dt
Power Co. i;-Mtiol M
45 cents
Factories and Trade
FTR ST-CLA 89 waiter. $21 per wnek; ten
hours. Luxon Cafe, Billlmrs. Mont.
(9) M45 Alx
ONE all-armnd tailor wanted at once.
Carl P. Llndecrants, Holdrepe, Neb.
9 M669 30 X
GOOD cornice man and tinners, at once.
Lincoln Cornice and Metal Works. Lin
coln, Neb. (91 M770
WANTED Fit st -class barber; no student;
guarantee of $15 or 00 per cent. Answer
at once. John Stack, Huron. 8. D.
( MS75 Aug5x
8TEADY, reliable barber at once, best
wages. C. 8. Ltaeh. Atlantic, Ia.
9) 195 Aur3x
WANTED-One first class barber. C. E.
Hollingsworth, Missoula, Mont.
(9)-Mill 3 x
WANTED A ynun man apprentice to
learn the molding trade. Wearne Brs.
Foundry, 14n9 Jackson St. (9) M2i7 Si x
PRINTERS Two good commercial com
positors; steady work; open shop. Meyer
Itotler Printing Company. Milwaukee,
Wis. (9i M253 SIX
WANTED All-around Jobbing tinners, at
once. Jas. Barrett, 2v6 W. Fourth Ht., Al
ton, 111. ti M2l SOx
TWO experienced rug weavers wanted. Tho
lola Itug Factory, Iola, Kan.
(91-M491 A:ix
Mlsrelln nouns.
WANTED Teams, C. B. Havens & Co..
yards, 14th and Webster si ; tams now
making from $o to $S60 per day. (Di-Mul)
WANTJED Several good farm hands. Ala
mlto Sanitary Dairy Co., 1S12 Farnam St.
(9) MiJl
WaNTED Sound young men. used 18 to
35, for firemen and brukenien on leading
railroads; experience unecessary. Fire
men earn S It per month, become engi
neers, earn. $200; brakemen earn $75, be
come conductors, earn $.50. Call or wilte
at once for particulars. National Railway
Training Ass'n., 620 X, Paxton lllock,
Omaha. Neb. (9)-92S .Vii."9
WANTED Doctor, registered In Ncbmska.
Address W M3, care Bee. (9) M72 31x
FREE employment bureau of Business
Men's association, 842 N. Y. Life, assists
wlthbut charge workmen to obtain posi
tions, (9) M4B0 A24
WANTED Tile ditchers to work by rod;
make $2.50 to $3.60 a da v. Apply J. V.
Ten Brink, Nlckurson. Nub. O- 528
WRITE short stories. Big money. If you
don't know how, I will help you. Write
to M. Herman 'Iliiele. 1116 Tonawnnda St.,
Buffalo. N. Y. (9) 438 29x
WANTED Man for outside work. $2.60
per day ana expenses. References and
cash deposit required, experience unneces
sary. Apply, 315 Ramge Bldg.
(9J-248 29x
Of a high grade nature furnished nncll
cams or auiniy and relorences. tall or
wrue ror complete list of vacancies.
721-2 N. Y. Life lildg.
(9J-M744 30
WANTED Man for outside work; $2.50
per day and expenses; references and
cash deposit required; experience un
necessary. Apply, 316 Raniga Bldg.
(9) M738 A2S
GOOD PAY Men wanted everywhere to
tack algns, distribute circulars, samplta,
etc. No canvassing. National DIsU
Bureau, Chicago, 111. ij M2S1 Six
CIATION. 435 Commonwealth Bldg., Denver, Colo.
Excellent positions open; high salaries;
legal stenographers; bank bookkeepers;
bookkeepers; cashiers; salesmen and en-
f;lneers; hundreds of other positions for
ilRh grade technical men. Our mottot
"No position No fee." Write for terms
" "t- (9 M440 30X
WANTEDYourg man with some knowl
edge of meat cutting to help In meat mar
ket and grocery store. C. W. Shrnder,
26th and Blondo. (9) M490
BARBER trade taught complete for $15.00
In our mid-summer class; can earn from
start; call or write at once. American
Barber College, 12th and Douglas Sts.
(9)-74 SOx
ANY student desiring employment or any
one desiring to consult as to best method
of entering business honorably and
profitably may register free of char-o
at McCartney Institute, 1802 Farnam St
(91 M361
WANTED At once, a good all-round
tailor; steady work; good pay p E
EugeHle, the tailor. Lander, Wyo.
(9 M458 auglx
FOUR traveling men, high commission, ex
clusive territory; bond and reference;
stamp for reply. Address A 776, care Bee.
JANITOR wanted. Inquire room 22 Contl-n-e-nLaL.BldV-
()-715 31
Horses and Vehicles.
OOOD wagons for sale cheap at 1814 N.
24th St. (U- MlltAugll
WE are not selling out at cost, but we are
selling driving wagons, buggies, surrtes
and stanhopes cheaper than any other
firm west of Chicago. Holmes-Adkins
Co., 714 8. loth Kt.. Oinbn. (11) 611
RUBBER-TIRED road wagon. W. A.
Stone. 303 Lincoln Ave., Council Bluffs.
(10 MluS
JUST received, a car load of drafts,
drivers, laundry and grocery horMS.
Among these one 3,200-lb. team, right
every way; several other lighter work
horses; one 4-year-old, extra good single
wagon horse. Come and see us. You
can t muke a misiuke if you wane f
home for any purpose, as we give a
written guarantee that every horse Is
as represented. Cash or time. Omaha
Horse and Supply Co., rear 414 N.
16th St- (11) M166
SHETLAND ponies and Scotch Collie
dog. Send for Illustrated catalogue.
Cussidy & Thompson, Des Moines, la,,
and Jamaica, Ia. (11) M433 A4x
FOR pony buggies, lunabout! wagons,
lisps, cans ana Harness, see Johnson- I
jisnioriu o.. a. w. cor. join and Jones
Sta. (ID tut
WE are selling delivery wagons, teaming
gears, buggies, carriages and harness
iieaper than any oilier Arm In Omaha.
Johnson Danforth Co., 8. W. cor. 10th and
Jones Sts. (ID 776
ONE bay matched team, weighing 2.300
lbs., $160; team work hurg, weighing
2.600 lbs., $110; sorrel horse, welghirg
1.100 lbs., $35.00; one single driver, $86.
2816 N. 16th Ave. (11) M167
HARNESS, Saddles. Trunks, Traveling
Bags, some good bargains. Alfred Cor
nish & Co.. 1210 Farnam St. UU 810
One S-SPRING WAGON, new and ono de
livery buggy, rubher-tlred. Oscar liana.
29th and Farnam Sts. (ID 718
FOR SALE Three runabouts, rubber tires;
will sell worth the money. Harney St.
Stable. " (11) 66
ENGLISH cross saddle and bicycle wheel
runabout, both In perfect condition. 3128
Chicago. (U)-fl7 SO
roaliry and Eaas.
GOVERNMENT book free. Model Bquab
Co., Omaha. (11) M3S6 Scptl
Cows, Birds, Dogs aad Pets.
FOR SALE Fox terrier puppies. 190
Webster. 11-M911 Six
FOR SALE Thoroughbred Scotch collie
puppies. E. B. Cook, south of Country
club grounds, Bauson, Ntb.
fows, Blrda, Doers
FOR SALE Peaiitlful, lonpr-halred Anpora
kittens, Mrs. Charles Seller. Muscatine,
Iowa. (U M439 anslx
FOR BALE A fresh family cow. 8114
California St. (11) f
FOR 8AI.K-C.ilf two weeks old KlncVU.
8. 3i'th St. (11 7i"1 3x
M"I8T Bracelet, either at H'.irtlnginn sta
tion or on Farnnin car. 8aufday. Re
ward. Address C-.'1. care Bee.
(12)- 716 JSX
LOST Black purse Sunday aft moon at
about Kith and Leavenworth from stn-t
car. contained $1 W two trade checks,
white hHiidl'.erehl. f edsed with lace iitmI
door key. Please return to Ilt'l Norto
24th St. Anna Haustein. U2i-72l 2:'x
BEST nerve bracer for men. "Gray's Nerve
Food lulls." $1 a boy, lusi paid. Sherman
A McConnell Drug Co., Omuha.
ANY poor girl In need of a friend call or
.write to the matron of the Salvation
Army Home for Women at 3324 N. 24th
bt., Omaha, Neb. (12) MlOl
DR. TRIES, specialist, dlseas of women.
SO years practice In c;nnnements. Oliice,
614 N. 16th; residence, 2421 Chnrles,
Omaha. (18) 811
FREE medical and surgical trentmont at
Creljditon Medical college, 14 th ar.d lav.
ei-port Sts.; special attention paid to
contlnement cases; all treatment super
vised by coIIcko professors. 'Phone
D'i.iKlas-1 167. Calls answered day or
night. 181129
RUPTURI3 CURED-No knife, no deten
tion from business. (JUICK CURE ItUP
T1I1K CO., over 8. W. Cor. ltth and
Douglas, Omihi (13I-92U Aui;9
ItLoli AAI lli.tillCI.S.
We will (,ive you a ruu of o le month or
twelve on your contract if you borrow
money of us and you ;uy for only the timu
you are using our money.
He make no charges In advance, you
get tho full amount In cash. We will loan
ou any amount you may want.
Don t foiKet thai we have been here
fifteen vedi.i.
t ome to l lie "Old Reliable."
Omaha Mortgage Loan Co.,
U9 Board of Trade BliiK.
loaned on funiiluie, salary, pianos, horses,
etc., in any amount; less than half lutes,
perled privacy; immediate attention; any
terms wuuted: payment susuunded when
sick or out of work. 214 Karbach Blk., 2v'J
S. 16th St. (14-U
Vacation time is here, li you need money
to see you through that good time you have
promised yourself tins summer, come to us.
Out special low raiea for vacation money
are still In enect; you can gul t He money
quickly, prlvatuiy and cuniidentiully on
your salary, huuseiic.d goods, pianos, etc
Low rates; easy ternij.
808 Paxton Block. 'Phone Doug. 1411
(14) il9
Bow(6n, 703 N. Y. Life Bldg.,
advances private money on chattels or sal
ary; easy to get; no red tape. You get
money bjme day asked for at small ccdt.
Open evenings till 1. (14) 816
have Increased theit capital, and during the
month of July will make a special rate on
collateral '.oans, personal property, moit
gages and Individual notes without secur
ity; terms to suit. Phone Douglas 29u4 or
call at 810 Bee Bldg. (14) M4i8 Aug?
and others, without security; easy pay
ments. Offices In 63 principal cities. Tol
man, room 714. New York Life BUg.
CHATTEL, salary and storage receipt
. loans. Foley Loan Co., 1104 Farnam St.
EAGLE LOAN OFFICE Reliable, accom
modating; all business confidential. 134
Douglaa. (141-4B2
FURNITURE, live stock, salary loans. Duff
Green Loan Co., room 8, Barker Blk.
PHOENIX CREDIT CO. for chattel or
sala-y lenns. 628 Paxton Blk. 'Phone
Douglas 746. C4)-42l
Udorrdlnsi and Rooms.
MOST convenient and pleasant location; de
sirable rooms. Call oeioie locating. The
Pratt, 202-212 So. 2Clh St. Private ex
change Douglas 3121. tli) 26
BOARD with of without room. 22- Harney.
lloj MK)0 Aug4)
DEWEY European Hotel, 13th and Farnam.
(15) -6.5
VIENNA hotel; private dining rooms; cafe.
tlil 24
A GOOD home for business men close In,
cool, pleasant rooms, ample baths, hot
water, every room a front one, with two
meals a day. Address. M 770, Bee.
(16)-247 30x
FURNISHED south room. 2223 Dodge.
(16J M2?o 81 x
LARGE front room; modern convenience.
Telephone. . Ill Harney. (16) Mlt8 A2x
3 LARGE rooms with board In private
family. All modern. 2232 Farnam.
(16) M518 31x
DESIRABLE rooms; first-class board; fine
location; walking distance. 218 S. 16th St.
(16)-672 3x
VERY large front room; board If desired;
other nice south rooms. 614 N. 23d.
(161-68 ) I
STRICTLY Modern Furnished Rooms
Home cooking. 'Phone Red 3663. 2217 How
ard. (15) X0 S
(ROOMS and board. Hillside, 18th and
Dodge bt, (16) 091 3x
Furnished Hoonis.
405 8. 24TH AVE.; al'. new, up-to-date;
gentlemen only; references.
(15) M 130 Au2x
FURNISHED or unfurnished rooms. 842 8.
19th. (16)-M5h9 Augdx
NICELY furnlBhed room, south exposure;
references, ill bo. iuin Ave. tii) aajIu
NICE front room, with all modern con
veniences Douglas 3SJ7. 217 8. 25th St.
(15) 615
REASONABLE furnished rooms. third
floor. 1606 Farnam. (16j 625 Al
FURNISHED room for gentleman. 816 N.
lSlh St. (15) M430 Al
SOUTH front room, new house, private
family, walking distance. Tel. Douglas
3632. (15)-M462 Alx
FOR RENT Desirable rooms In all parts
of the city. Omaha Rental Co., 3os N. K.
Life Bldg., Tel.' Douglaa 3M.
(15)-M'JG2 Aug20x
HANDSOMELY furnlsruU room. i24 N.
19th. (15)-198 Ai6x
ONE: TWO or three rooms, furnished Or
unfurnished; thoroughly modern house,
by small private family; Hansco'n lam
district; near splendid board; r. f r n ea.
'Phone Harney 3172. (15) M0.8 24)x
2308 CAPITOL AVE., large room, private
family, walking distance. (16) 242 Sex
T ROOMS for rent, upstairs; modern. 2626
Sherman Ave. 'Phone Webster 1403.
(15) 2u 171
FOUR newly furnished rooms r'ore t.)
town and on car line, everything modern,
rent reasonable. 614 N. 2"th t.
(15) M745 5x
LARGE, airy, pleasant, south room, nicely
furnished, strictly modern, close in,
reasonable; telephone privilege. I'.H'i Cass
St. (15i M746 5X
IN PRIVATE family, furnished rooms for
one or two. with breakfast and supjier If
desired. 'PttUUS liaxuvy l' 2i Capl
twl ATS. il6-6ia XiX
Furnished Itoomi
FOR RENT Four liotisckeer'""' TomJ
1H.0 Emmet St. 'Phone Webster K
(16 M73 A1
THREE cool modern rooms, parlor floor,
ricclv furnished, close In, 27 N. ?31. TeU
Red 62ft). (16) Mi.18 A3
R(M8 in modern house. Roomy porches,
large shady liiwn. 12& So. 2Mb St.
1I6)-MM8 Ai
F(R RENT Beautiful rooms, ensulte ol
single; modern; reasonable. N. 22d St.
(li) M6iO 8x
U1K1R front room, snilnble for two, mnd.
ern. k"s nnd electric light, steam hcatj
pilvnle fnnilly. Tel. lied 7090. 201 Dewey
Ave. Call evenings. (1-' 676 30x .
LA R(7 E south-front room, with alcovej
also other rooms. 2702 Farnam 8t.
(13) 67S 8x
DKSIRAm.K furnished-romns. with of
without board; close In. K S19. care Ree.
C16)-6S7 3
ONE of two furnished rooms, new, Sf')7
Dewey. (lf 47 8x
TWO n l eel v furnished front rooms com
plelc for light housekeeping, nil modern,
1019 Webster St. (15) 728 31
Untarnished Kooms.
TWO OR FOUR connecting unfitmlsheal
rooms; modern. 2606 St. Marv's Ave.
(15)-M4il Al
TWO elcL-nnt unfurnished rooms and al
cove, modern. Oood locution. 61.1 park
Ave. (16) M'KS A3x
THREE beautiful unfurnished roomai
modern house, references, 2408 Cnss.
Ilnusekccplnst ltoms.
21S No. Sid. furnished or unfurnished roomai
Very reasonable. (16) 204 31
TWO furnished rooms for housekeeping,
with gas. 2'JlO Furnam St.
(16)-M640 80
KOI SKKKEPINO rooms reasonable. ITU
Jnekfion. (15) G9S 3x
THREE housekeeping rooms at 4648 Far
nam. $11. (15) M4S3 A2x
Apartments and Flats.
TEN-ROOM steam healed flat, 2.117 Douglag
St. Imiune 2:ift Paxton Block.
(15) 603 29x
VO)l RENT First floor new brick flat, f
rooms, modern, newly decorated; 2!)th
Ave. and Harney St.; $42.50, Telephone
Maple 614S. (15)-Mli27
6-ROOM flat, all modern. Martls block,
ltith and W'ebMer. (l5)-M524 A3x
FIRST-CLASS 6-room apartment. Majestlo;
rent, $is; reference required. 'Phono Web
ster 4328. (lj)-Mi8 4x
MODERN St. Louis flat on 26th and Cali
fornia, lower flior, 7 rooms and butli.
Inquire at 2002 North 18th.
(15-M:.37 30x
Varnished Houses.
8-ROOM coltawe, ull modern and completely
l'Li nlsIn il, 214 South 3"th, Phona
Doug. lie in is, Paxton block.
Houses and Cottaee.
OMAHA Van & Storage Co. pack, mora,
store H. 11. goods; storehouse 1120-84 N.
lat u. Olnce ltio9 Furuam. Tel. Doug. 1559.
4- filS4 N. 24TH ST., South Omaha-Six-room
apartments In new "Scargo" build
ing; all modcru- conveniences, including
hot water In kitchen und bath.
$30- 2517 N. 1Mb St., 9-room modern house,
with ultlc and barn,
$451X07-9 Farnam St., six-room apartments
In yulvet" building, all modern
ences. Including hot water In kitchen and)
Hall Distributer Co., 317 First National
Bank Bldg. 'Phone Red 7406. (16) 774
FLAT, full modern, 6 rooms, beside bath
and private hall; newly done up; gas
raotre, etc.; entire building being put In
perfect order; best flats In north part ot
city; walking distance; reference required.
Call, investigate this; $26.
BEM1S, Paxton Block.
(15) M364
FOR RENT Seven-room house, modern.
24.12 Parker. (ID 601 29
NEW strictly modern 7-room house. 806 S,
Slt SU Key next door north.
OS) 497 29
SIX ROOMS, modern except heat, south
front; large, shady grounds; one block to
car. 3518 Jones. 'Phone llarney-UKu.
1) 4D6 29x
l-ROOM house, modern In every respect.
litl turning Bt. (15) M738
HOUSES. Insurance. Rlngwalt, Barker Blk.
(15) S3?
HOUSEHOLD gorda packed, forwarded,
cheap freight ra'.ea. Moving and storage.
Expressmen's Delivery Co. Tel. Dong
las 394. (16) 833
Brand new. 9 rooms, 416 N. oth St., o
beautiful house, $iiO.
6 rooms, and barn, 2201 Grant St., $35.
(io) AloO 8
WE DO expert piano moving at lowest
prices, 'lei. Douglas 1;25. Schmoller di
Mueller Piano Co., 1311-1313 Farnam.
i6 .n
UUUOiJO c.. Peters Ar Po.. He. RM
1611 N 83D 8T.
8-room strictly modern, orana new ,888.
o Koere tteai ttsiaie uo., ioui rv. y. I.lfs
Bldg (15)-W,
nUUOL)3 Q- y- Davis Co.. Bee Bldfc
FOR RENT Lars stoie room, 16th and)
Vinton eta iu. uocomaiui, -, faxtoit
block. 05) 660
WE MOVE PIANOS Maggard Van and
storage to. ioi. jjougias litm. urnce, till
Webster bu OU 834
t-ROOM cottage, all modern, barn. 90 N,
iilll OU (JDl M18
FOR RENT By owner, 8331 No. 2d. new -room,
modern cottage. Tel. Webster 1x56.
ONE 6-room house, city water In kitchen,
$15; one 6-room house, modern except fur
nace, $17; 7-room house, 4"9 V llllam hu,
$23. Chris Boyer, 2123 Cuming St.
4-ROOM apartment, "The Orchard," first
floor, B3 South th fit., $25: 6-room cot
tage, modern except heat, 4171 Cuss, $26;
9-room cottage, nil modern, 4ol5 Izard St.,
$30. 'Phone Doug. 6t5. Rends. Paxton
block. (15)-M487
8-ROOM modern houses, Just completed,
now ready for use. best location, rent'
free to September 1. thon $46 per month.
Tel. D. 1536. 222 Paxton Block.
(15)-KI2 30
FOR RENT 8-room modern house, barn,
shade lir.'i and fruit, wholly modern,
4 11 Lafayette. $3u.OO. Inquire. 1124 No,
th. (15)-M1M
, "4
West Fnrnam, 7-room modern, HO 8. 85t4
bt.. $.'17.50.
Berrds Park. 8-room modern, $TS.
Walnut 1 1 111, t room modern, 806 N.
3Mh. $40.
1001 N. Y. Life. Tel. Douglas 2161
(151-M023 30
2648 CHICAGO, B-room thoroughly modern
house. Will be vai ant August 1. $37.50.
George. & Co, i'M Farnam St.
(15) M622 80
MODERN 8-room house. 2110 I-ske St
0&)-MlWO 30
114 N. 25TH ST.. 12 rooms. $65
New store. V.t-A N. 21th St., $28.
051-685 81
WHEN you write to advert'sers remember
it takes bul m extra stroke or two ol
the pen o mention the fact that you sa w
the aa lu The Use
TH1 entire building rormerly occupied b
th.i Dally News. 44x30 feet, t stories an
basement. McCugua Investment Co.. l td
Dodge St. (1
1312 HARNEY ST. $ floors and basement
83x120 feet; suitable for wholesale, lios
vsaue. uivvsuuouk wu., sws wage bi.