Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 28, 1907, WANT AD SECTION, Page 11, Image 19

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f WILL pay nil ash for a small house In
fair onilllliin and inod location. Must be
bargain. Address, O T5f. Bee.
19 f)! 2Sx
WA XTKP-A private loan of $1,200 by Sep
tember 1. 1!7; best of real estate senn
it v. Answer Hi oncf and state intereet
wanted. Address K 7i5, rare Hoe.
(ill til:; 2Sx
W A NT ED A lOHn of 91. sun on residence
properly, from private party. Y 14'.. Hie.
(24 t2 2'x
Jl.fto tu enlarge a good paying business
with prlvelcge to reduce loan jeiirlv. Ad
dress v 77f,, Bee. (24i 291
WANTED To buy. second-hand furniture,
cook and heating rt'ivo, carpi is. Iino--leuins.
oftire ftirultnre, old riot lies and
Vinee. pianos, feathers, bed pillows, quilts
An1 all Lie, I- ,if loola- nr u-lll K,iu lhd
fi.initurc of your house complete. Will
buy antiiiue or mahognny furniture. The
highest prices raid, l ull (lie right num.
Tel. Douglas ;V71. (2iii M469 Aug25
CARD CABINET of lft to 26 drawers for
card 3 by 6 Inches; state price; must h
cheap. Address L Bee. (Jot Sit
MYSELF and partner want for cash JS.floO
to stock general merchandise, do
ing good business in Bund town. Pur
chase from owners only. Miscount be
low 20 cents on dollar. Address. Y 12K,
Be. i2f)i M441 aug3x
AVE NEED two horses. 1,(100 to 1,200 weight;
will pay cash or trade good piano. Mat
thews llano Co., i:.13-15 Harney 81.
(25 M974 37
CASH paid for eld books. Crane-Foye Co.,
Hi 8 14th. Phona Douglas 1321.
I WANT to buy a republican weekly paper
and Job office In co. heat town in Ne
braska. Cash. Writ Y 219, Bee.
C5-l-5 Six
WANTED-To buy a
bottomed row bo:it.
g icd condition ami
Address. M 7S2, Bee.
second hand, flat
niuM be in fairly
heap. State price.
12.".; -Mino :tox
W ANTED TO BI Y-7 or S ro, mmojern
Ionise In sood locality, koiiiIi oi Hode
street. Aildress C 77H. Bee. (0 504 3
WANTED A second-hand Shetland pony
cart or carriaKe. Address 7W. Bee
(36) t2 SO
FDR, SAIvW-A new nil modern cottage,
story and a half, on macadamized road,
ten minutes' walk from husnsM section;
owner leaving city. Apply IJI H 241 i Ave.
4 JTii 3 1
W A NTKD pair of eoati lunken t . drive:
slso harness Apply W H Thomas, care
l l Hiaii'h id & Son. 4 Jf i ;o
3 IDIOMS and board with private family.
'hi edge of town and car line. Address
A-;;, care Bee. t V 121 30x
"M t.l. family
'o it August
want 4 or 9-room cottage
lit. Address. N 7 .3 Bee.
(?il-MI7li AugJx
, wAVtkd-.To rent furnished and unfur
u !, i rooms lor URiit
Y ''' a Renial Co.. Son V
houseket miic.
Y. I. lie Bldg
r '''I. 1I0 4KISS 3il
.'tii- M k3 Aug-Hix
l.AI'V desires board in the country for
Y'"' """'tiis: preferably on a farm
duress, with particulars, W 7iV Bee.
.ti l K 2fcK
w anted Bv lui
"nily. A id'rtss D
room and board in
'U, care Bee
(-i-M.".17 ;9x
W'WTKD TO RENT Furnished or tin
'TV' .'""'its tor light housekeeping
k nir, iir in r. I -JO I -
W ANTED-Work by the day by experi
enced dressmaker, call on or address
iH Capilol Ave. 'Phone Harney-lwL
tJ7)-91J A9
WANTED - Position as compulsitor; six
mouths' experience. Address Y 125. B-f.
I27i M15ti Aug::
SMALL bundles of laundry taken home.
Bough dry, 36c per doxen. ahirt waists,
asd u. 707 Nu. Jtiih.
" sal
(Continued )
TEACHER, without home, experienced as
housekeeper, wants situation during sum
mer, or will stay indefinitely in desirable
home where she may take piano lessons.
Would like to be on farm. Address L-7G3,
care Bee. (27) MO Alx
S., Omaha Bee,
stenographer. Address
15 Scott St.. Co. Hluffa.
(27)-M 2.1
BITI'ATION WANTED-A Hustler ill real
estate work: can Rive references. Ad
dreis J. G. Hesterly. PawhuskH, Okl.
27 M230 23x
SITl'ATION wanted by first-class coach
man. Address C 74:1, care Bee.
Office, hours. 8 00 to 9:30 . nv, 12:"0 to 8:20
p. m. Telephone Harney MS
I'NIO Miiioii Mrret, Omahn, Nth.
II. l Ramacolottl, D. V. S., Deputy State
and City Veterinarian, Food Inspector,
Chief Surgeon. I. C. Scott, D. V. 8., Hos
pital Surgeon.
I'nlon Paclalo.
Overland Limited a 1:66 am
The China and Japan
Fast Mail a .VoO pm
Colo. Calif. Ex a 3:60 pm
California & Ore. Ex. ..a 4:00 pm
Los Anijeles limited al2:S6 pm
Colorado Special al!:66pm
North Platte Local a 7 42 am
Beatrice Local b 7:42 am
9:40 pro
a 6:09 pm
a 9:V am
a 9:60 pm
a I:1S pm
a 9:50 am
a (:1S pm
o 9:15 pm
St. Louis Express a 6:39 pm a (:S0 am
Bt Louis Local (tram
Council Bluffs) a 1:30 am aU:l pm
Stanherry I .oral (from
Council Bluffs) b B:09 pmblO-.lS am
Mlasonrl Taclflo.
K. C. St. L, Exp a 1:00 am a C 56 am
K. C. A St. L. Exp all 15 pm a 5:35 pm
Nebraska Local a :( pm 1 1:40 am
tklcaao. klllrraake at. paal.
thlcatfo & Colo. Special. 7:03 am 12:05 pm
itiu. at vrvsoii cay... o.u pin pm
Overland Limited 9:5i pm k .37 am
(hlrsto, Rock lalaad A facile.
Chicago Limited
iowa Local
Dea Moines pass
Iowa Looal
Chicago (Eastern
Chicago Flyer ...
.a I 45 am
a 4
b 9
a 1
a S
a !
a 4
30 pm
30 pm
:30 pm
56 pin
:26 pm
.35 am
:B am
:40 pm
, a 7:u0 am
a 4:fl0 pm
, all. 40 am
Fx.). a 4:50 pro
, a 9:00 pm
Rocky Mountain Ltntd..a!l- psi
Colo. 4V Cal. Express. ..a 1:36 pm
(Jkl. & Texas Express, a 4:40 pm
VKI. V 1 f X a H CX1II'B1..B 1 W fill M
Lincoln & Falrburv Pass.a t:46 amalO
a :
: pm
15 am
.30 am
35 pm
:27 am
:36 pm
:3u pm
liiicaao urral Weaiera.
bt Paul & Minneapolis. 9:30 pm 7
St. Paul & Minneapolis. 7 3n am 11
ChicaKO Limited t:U6 pm
Chicago Exirss 7:30 am 11
Chicago Extiesa S 30 pm 1
Illinois Caatral.
Chicago Express a 7:20 am a 3:45 p:a
Wuui. A Si. Paul Exp ..h 7:20 am a 9 56 pin
t liicugo Litiiued a 9:V0 pm a 9:30 am
Minn dk sit. Paul Lmtd.a 1.30 yia a 9:30 aia
(kli A Nartkncalara).
Chicago Daylight a 7:06 am aU:64 pm
St- Paul-M apoiia Exp.. a 7 54 am alO.OO pio
i hiiago Local au:3w am a 3:29 pm
6loti City Passenger... a 7:w am a 9:38 pm
Chicago Passenger a 4:30 pin a 9.30 am
Chlcaao hprcial a 4:ofc am a a ao am
I St. Paul-M'polla Lmtd. a at pin a 7:4 am
Los Anioiri i.nnlteu....a " i p'a all 35 pm
Overland Limited al0:u0 pin a :23 am
Fast Mall 13 am
Sioux city Local a 1.59 pin a 9:20 am
Fast Mail a S:3f pm
Twin CUT Limited a 8:29 pm a 7:05 am
Overland Limited a 8.38 pm a 9:31 a.a
Norfola- Bonesteel a 1:40 am alo 35 am
l.lucoln-Chadron o 7:40 am alO 44 am
L radwond-t.lncoln a 9:00 pm a i:0e pin
CHsper-Slioshonl a 8:01) pm a b.ui pm
Hasiings-iuperlor o 3:00 pin b 9:0b pm
Kie ncnt-Aloiun b 9.02 pm tl. so pm
Los Angeles Limited., a 9 50 pm 12.36 pm
Chlraao, l.
Paal, atlaacapolla
Twin Crty Prssenger. ..b 9 30 am
Fioiix Ci'y Passenger . a 1:00 pm
r.mersoii Lol b 5 45 p:
Emerson local c i 45 am
A. rive.
b 9.19 prq
all:20 am
b 910 am
v 9:50 pm
Local via
Water ..
,.a 9 am
..a 1.50 pm
a 9 39 prr
all ai4
Falls City Local
Omaha Evening
Local Jobbing Market Devoid of In
teresting; Features.
Jncreaaina -Number ot Letters onilna;
from Retailers IteaariUng Early
Shlpmeut This Nraaon Col
Ion tiooda Mill StrniiK.
As far as features of the local Jobbing
market are concerned the, week was a dull
one. Business 1 1 a i not yet begun to feel
the Impetus of heavy demand and the
season has mi far advanced that orders
on seasonable goods are light. It will ho
but a short time, however, until fall ship
ments will bcRln In some volume, for re
tailers are Informing the Jobbers thut tiiny
wish to set their supplies earlier than last
year, when they had so much difficulty
Willi late shipments,
Hardware trade runs along about as It
has done for the last two weeks, the only
feature being the Increasing number of
requests from the Increasing of
shipments of fall goods. Never In the
history of the local trade have the retailers
wanted their Koods so early in the season.
It is supposed that they vividly recall the
dllllculiy experienced last season In getting1
their goods, due to the scarcity of cars.
Scattering orders are coming In for sum
mer goods, but that trade is about over.
Tim demand for builders' hardware con
tinues unabated. The Jobbers are mainly
busying themselves 111 preparation for the
fall trade.
Opium and Morphine llliiher.
Opium Is still the leading article of the
drug trade no far as general Interest Is
concerned and prices show furllier Im
provement. Quotations for morphine and
codeine, have been advanced by nianufac
tuieis. i he former ;iuc per ounce and the
latltr 2fc per ounce. (.J'limne is at
unchanged prices. Trieste cuttlefish bone
Is firmer owing to stfonger markets abroad.
Caliles from Messina report a further ad
vance there In values of hergaiuot and
erange oils. Poppy seed Is cabled higher
In producing markets and looal dealers
have advanced spot quotations, Carnauha
wax Is stronger, owing to the assessment
by the treasury department of a 20 per
Denver 4V California.... 4:11 pm
Northwest Special a 4:10 pm
Black Hills a 4:10 pm
Northwest Express a t:M pm
Nebraska points a 00 am
Nebraska Express a 1:'0 am
Lincoln Fast Mali o 1.45 pm
Lincoln Local
Lincoln Local
LouiavllU & Plattsm'th.b 8:10 pm
Belicvue-Plat'smou'.lj ..a 8: pni
Plaitsmouin-Iua b 9:10 am
Denver Limited all. 56 pm
Chicago Special a 7:00 am
Chicago Express a 4:3o pn
Chicago Flyer a 9.30 pm
Iowa Local a 9 15 am
St. Louis Express a 4:45 pm
Kaasa City M. Joe. a'0.t5 pm
Kansas City & St. Joe.. a 9:15 am
Kansas Cily A Su Joe. .a 4.15 pm
Ar.Ks. '
a 4:10 pm
a 4:10 pm
a 4.10 p.
a 9:4a an)
a 6:10 pm
a 8:10 pm
a!2:iil pm
b 9 06 am
a 8:00 pm
bio. 20 a. j
a 45 a o
b l:'3t' pro
a ii:4a a t)
all:45 pm
a 3 55 pm
a 8:30 am
all. 30 t a
ail to am
a 30 am
a 8 )0 pm
a Pally, b Daily except Sunday, d Pull
except Saturday c Sunday only. Pally
rxcijl Moiday.
tiT Hi" Koyal Mull Sluiner of the
1 lie sreiiiien t-i the Orient. IWnni iMae
Pj tu JtniliiMa of I hin." Ui S b .iirt, bla
Vsne. ttrr jn.i V.k.ihui- Tt.e Trtr. ' Alncu.
Ua sn'l ' Moulwi" I reviite un Fieopticnally rhrnp
trip, oiirrvina Bfkeuitu(eal,lB - 1 - n.
lutrrninliftte rii
Satllua from Vauenuver to Yokoliama, Knb.
uikl. frhauahai. ilotia Kona mud ataulla.
Enii'rraK ot Chma, Au I Momrs(l Sept. 19
Aihrnus Aii!l Kmprus al Japan K Id
Int'is et lniSU Spl I Tartar O. t If
rrom Vancouver to Houolula aad 9Jydaty,
Mloaara Aug. Hi Manna Oct. 11
aoraosi sVpt. 1.: Mioaara Ko. 9
tor rate lnforainoo ttl Illra'ur anply 'lo
A. O. HAW, Oen l Art., 83a Clark
cent duty. Red clover tops are firmer
under light available stocks and a good
Opium has continued to move upward In
price both on spot and In foreign markets.
According to cable advices received yester
day speculators are operating for a further
rise, and the quotation for ordinary grades
had been advanced to 23s 3d. Sales were
reported In the New York market at 9(126
and subsequently JK.50 Is said to have been
paid for two cases. At the close the quoted
range was S!.5ii';jti.55 with holders indiffer
ent sellers, and quotations for powdered
were further advanced to 7.50'a7.55.
The strong opposition of cotton goods Is
seen from the following article from the
New York Commercial:
"Buyers are finding It more and more
difficult to operate In the print cloth market
even at top prices. The demand Is steady
with converters looking for wide goods
carrying deliveries Into next year. Cer
tain mills are reported to be refusing offers
on .SftVL-tnt'h tVix40 at 6T cents for delivery
next year as for through as July, hut are
demanding these deliveries 7 cents flat. On
;i2-lnch ilnxlo, the demand has been active
for deliveries during the balance of the
years at 6S cents. Small odd lots of 28
Incli Ux40 are available at 4 15-lii cents for
August delivery. In the majority of cases
mlllis are holding out for 6 cents a yard on
these goods and refuse to guarantee early
Sheer Fabrics are Favorites.
In white goods for next year, sheer
white fabrics will be In demand for shirt
waist pin poses, shirtwaist suits and separ
ate skirts. Lawns, mercerized fabrics and
Swisses have received a liberal share of
orders at primary markets, while the or
ders for white piques and ducka Indicate
that these will be In high favor. Imported
lines of men's wear fabrics for spring are
beginning to make their appearance on the
eastern market and the business booked
on the better grades is said to be much
heavier than at the same time last year.
Prices are high, owing to the Increased cost
of materials, but the values named seem
not to have restricted the demand.
New lots of Formosa and I'ing Ruey
lens have appeared on the American mar
ket and the demand Is brisk. Japans
have not lost In popularity, but the sup
plies arc snort.
The only demand for rice Is to All
broken assort incuts and consequently there
Is little feature to the market. Southern
and foreign markets are reported strong,
but this has not affected the domestic
The expected advance In raw sugars
has begun and the refined market shows
such a firm ton that an advance Is
said to he hut a matter of a short time.
The volume of business la heavy.
The coffee situation is unchanged. Bet
ter grades are firm, hut the market la
flooded with lower grades, which can
be had at law figures.
The tons in spot tomatoes Is a trifle easier,
the holders of the few lots of old pack now
available showing a freer selling disposi
tion. In futures the market Is easy, on a
basis of 85c per dozen f. o. b. factory. In
the south prospects are favorable for a
large peck. There is a strong undertone
to the corn market, but buying for the
present is on a moderate scale. Spot peas
are flini.
Sulpbor Decision Annoying.
California fruit growers and packers are
much disturbed over the recent government
dicisiun regarding the use of sulphur in
dried fruits. The fruit Interests realize
what it mi ans to theni and strong repre
sentations have been made to the powers at
Washington to have the ruling suspended,
these represent ations based on the fact
that the growers and packers have already
in procession of curing t tie various fruits In
which sulphur la used. They show that
I he enforcement of the ruling would place
In jeopardy the bulk of the fruit available
this year. They have great hope that the
i tiling will be modified tor the remainder of
tin- season. In spot raisins the movement
is I. Kilt and there Is little interest In fu
tures. Prunes are quiet. Apricots and
peaches arc firm.
The fnarket Is firm on spot red Alaska
salmon and in future tails the trade is
awaiting the naming of prices by the
Alaska Packers association. Here and
there an outsider has fixed a selling basis,
guaranteeing prices 2c below tile asso
ciation basis when iixi U Pink salmon for
future delivery is quoted at tc per dozen
f. o. b coast. Wire reports Just reeeivej
indicate thai the suckeye packing on Hie
Round at pie-ienl is far from pr.iniisi n. It
is yet not too iate for a modi uite pack, but
the tune is growing shorter and the lish
slio-jld be running in heavier quantities.
Witn the Columbia park running about 25
p-r cent of the normal, the demand cen
tera largely upon Alaska red, which Is yet
an unknown quantity. It is said that the
heavy rainfall la responsible for the llht
run in the. Columbia, but others say H at
the supply of fish Is actually getting mucn
lighter each year.
Walnuts Will Be lliab.
The prospects favor a high opening basia
on the 1iT crop of California walnuta. and
according to reports from In coast tlia
luraa of growers are around a 14c f. o. b
basis f.jr No. 1 soft shell. Thtse enhanced
I Mews ar atuibuiabU lu LL reuoru Irwin
DS. 1007.
everybody's reaxh
France, where the crop of Orenobles, Mar
bots. Cornea and French walnuts Is said
to be smaller than that of last season, tak
ing all grades together. In the (Srenoble
dlstrlot. It is said, the crop will be no more
than 50 per cent of last season's output.
The crop of French variety, one advice es
timates, will not exceed fin per cent of lust
season's crop. Spot walnuts are tlrinly
held and in moderate compass. In almonds
the market Is firm, with a lit tin higher ten
dency noted on Tarragnnas. Valencia
shelled almonds are In fair demand. Sicily
filberts are firm at the quotations. Few
sellers are quoting inside figures. Peanuts
are firm. Brazil nuts are In moderate de
mand. There is a firm feeling In cocoanuts.
Thursday will be women's day at the
Happy Hollow club.
Margaret Anderson went to Des Molncs
for a visit last Monday.
Mrs. W. F. Sweezy returned from a three
Weeks' trip In Iowa on Thursday.
Mrs. Lawson of Columbia. Mo., was the
guest last week of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
The Dundee Sunday school will hold Its
annual picnic on Thursday, August 1. at
Rlvervlew park.
Mrs. Floyd Campbell of St. Iuls Is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Kendall and
Mr. and Mrs Bennett.
Mr. Clement C. Chase returned on Thurs
day from a business trip to Kansas City,
St. Joseph and Kt. Ixniis.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Klmherly entertained
a party of four at dinner Saturday evening
at the Happy Hollow club.
The Women's Missionary society of the
Dundee Presbyterian church met Friday
afternoon with Mrs. D. L. Johnson.
Mrs. George. A. Hoagland. who Is in 4
Kenosha, Wis., for her health. Is much
improve.! and will probably return homn .
Mrs. V. T. Robinson and Mrs. C. C.
Oeorge were among the guests of Mrs.
Robert Dempster and Miss BeSHle Allen at
luncheon on Thursday at the Happy Hol
low club.
Pr. and Mrs C. L Johnson. who have
been on a wedding trip to Colorado, camp
ing at the foot of Pike's peak, arrived on
Saturday to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
D. L. Johnson.
The Dundee women lunching at the
Happy Hollow club on Thursday were
Mesdames W. L. Selby, E. A. Benson, E
V. Heaford. R. C. Peters, Frank Car
mlchael. Elizabeth Colfax and Charles
Mrs. Sarah Ann Ferguson has bought
the lot at the northwest corner of Flftv
flrst and California streets and will build
a 3fi.fl0 residence there. On the opposite
side of the threet Herbert Oannett expects
to build one and Mrs. Ward another.
Among the dinners at the opening of the
HaDnv Hollv club. Mr. and Mrs. C. C.
George entertained a party of seven; Mr.
and Mrs. R. C. Peters, four; Mr. and Mrs.
E. A. Benson, three; T. H. Chlckering,
four; J. H. Parrotfe, Ave: J. C. Chadwlck.
four; II. R. I.eavltt. two; E. V. Heafonl.
two; John O. Yeizer. two; C. O. Talniadge,
two and T. W. Cannichael, two.
Dr. Wadswortli returned from ihe cast
last Saturday.
Mr. .1. C McChesni y has gone to Wolbai u,
on a business trip.
Miss Jarman of Sprlnglleld was a Belle
vue visitor last week.
Mr. A. Wright has gone to visit his son,
Arthur, at Bonesteel.
A large picnic party from Omaha enjoyed
an outing at the pavilion Friday
Mr and Mrs. Reynolds fryer if (Urialia
were tlie guests of Dr. Betz last Friday.
Mrs Ed Myers returned last week from
a visit in t!ie western patt of the st:ite.
Mr and Mrs S'liisman of Omaha were
visiting tluir daughter, Mrs. Harry Piters,
Mr. and Mrs. .lames Kternherg. who hav"
been abroad the last year, aaii for Anicr
ii a July 3.
The Bellevue Summer nsic;.ih!y I as op
ened up an infoi inalion bureau on Sixltcntli
and Farnam.
Mis George Ernest returned Tuesday
front Merwin. Mo., w here site has lren v s
itinx her d.t'i-Uter.
Many tickets are bein-- sold fo the as
set, il v and eayii day hrlni;- new inquires
for rooms and tents.
Dr. Pat ton and Mr. Shellcross. boih of
Omaha, were In Bi llevuc Saturday evening
on college alumni business.
Dr. and Mrs. I'roluus and Master Gene,
who have been making an extended visit in
the east, remrned Thursday.
The Bellevue i-atr.p. Mmb rti Woodmen and
ladies suxlliarv, enterlmne.1 the Fort Crook
camp ami auxiliaiy at a social dance Fri
day evening.
.Mr . ester Clark of Idaho, who ha h-en
visiting In Chicago and various points in
Missouri, was fhakinj baVnU nb. old
friends hr Fridaj.
Knights of Columbus Give Orphans of
St. James Picnic.
(eorue Wallace, Superintendent of
Stale Sunday School Work, Will
Speak on Training of
Judge Lee Est rile was a Benson visitor
on Monday.
Miss Mae O'Brien
Benson on Sunday.
Harry Gravert is
Missouri Valley, la.
of Omaha visited In
visiting his uncle at
t'has Peterson ret timed Tuesday from ten
days' visit at Fremont.
Mrs. J A. Keller Is spending t lie week
at Dr. McCoy's home.
Arthur ''. Thomas was made a Knight
of Ak-Srir-Ben last week.
Miss Marjory Rood was a guest of
friends In Omaha all week.
Miss Ada Stlger left Thursday for a
week's visit at Plattsmottth.
Mr. E. Stenberg of Denver Is visiting Ills
parents on Rose Hill avenue.
Mrs, A. H. H-yden has been quite ill. but
is much lmrlrovcd at present.
Mrs. J. J. Mahnney of Omaha visited with
Mrs. James Walsh on Monday.
Mrs. W. H. Ixierhner went to Ashland
Thursdny to visit her parents.
Tap Morton has been on the sick list all
week, hut Is now able to be out.
The Degree of Honor held a short busi
ness meeting last Wednesday evening.
Mis. A. I. Mi''le!land of Omaha
a guest at the O'Connor home Tuesday.
Mary Butler was threatened with typhoid
fever last week. She is much better now.
Mrs. Dr. Primer of Kennard Is visiting
her daughter. Mrs. John Vehrs. this week.
Miss Ethel Kiewltt of Omaha was a guest
of Miss Helen Howard one day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Davis of Main
street announce the birth of a son Tuesday.
Miss Schaefer has returned from a few
weeks' visit with her sister at Bennington,
A number of trees suffered from Tuesday
night's storm. No lightning damage was
Ernest Tlndell and Ward Walsh left last
evening for a two weeks' visit at I"enver
and nearby points.
Mr. and Mrs Hhappell entertained the
Tuckahalchees on Monday evening with
Karnes and refreshments.
Harold Grove was assisted by several
little friends 'n the celebration of his nth
birthday Monday evening.
Mi', and Mrs. Alpine and Miss Ethel
Bailey oi Omaha were visitors at the J.
A. Morgan home on Sunday.
B. I., ( hilds returned Tuesday from two
weeks' visiting in Colorado and is much Im
proved In health from the trln.
Mrs. Peter Gravert and datichter. Effle.
lefi Thursday for Rtithlon. Minn., for a
few weeks' visit with relatives.
W. J. Culklns returned Sunday from
New York City, where he had gone to pur
chase slock lor the Brandeis firm.
Mrs. Ed Welsh and her sister-in-law are
visiting in Hot Springs. 8. D . and vicinity.
They expect t-j be goi.e a iiiontli.
J.. I. N. Goodin. who attended tb Royal
Neighbors of America convention at Peoria
as a deUgaie. returned on Thursday morn
ing l ittle Rnfsi II Mitchell suffered a broken
collarbiiiie Monday, baying been thrown
from a horse belonging to Chris Hasmus
si n.
Mrs Herman Wulff returned from
Liberty. .Neb. Tliurv.'av Mr VultT re
lurried from Colorado Seringa Wednesday
C. O Crawfoid txgiin firing locomotives
foi the 1'nion Pat i"e Saturday He look
l.le Prst run to (.iand Island, returning on
Mr. and Mrs O. E. S.nowden and thil
dren left Wednrsdat for J-'mux City to
spend a week at the borne of the former's
Mrs F. II Hawkins entertained at din
ner Tueedav for Mra J. A and Miss Ethel
Morgan and the Misses Hawkins of Hous
ton. Tex.
Mr. and Mrs William Zimmerman and
son of Main street left Tuesday for Pibel.
Neb., where they will visit sbout two
weeks on their ranch tin re.
Mr. and Mia. O. A. aUkmaa eotertaluad
-II J 19
Rev. Yarger of Atchison, Kan., Rev. B. F.
Klstler, Mrs. Bertha Gross and Miss Ella,
Gravert at luncheon Sunday.
Jacoh Hauck went to Gretna Friday to
perform hla 5li2d funeral service since
his arrival In Nebraska. The decra"'!
was Clans Fillers, a pioneer of Sarpy
Laurltz Jorgenson was elected captain
and manager of the poslofTlce base hall
team of Omaha on Monday evening at a
social benefit to the mall carriers.
Will Moran, Jr., is Just able to be about
with the aid of crutches, having been laid
up several weeks alnce bin Injury at a
ball game In which be was participating.
Mr. and Mrs. Thoniaa Hill entertained at
dinner Wednesday evening for the J. A.
Morgan family. Covers were also laid
for Mrs. William Craven and Miss Lillian
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wulff returned to
Colorado Springs Thursday, after a short
visit with tlieir relatives here. Mrs. Wulff
came to attend the funeral of her father at
Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Hawkins and babv
went to Missouri Valley Thursday on a
short vacation. They will he accompanied
home by their children, who have spent
several weeks there.
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Crawford entertained
on Friday evening In honor of Miss Alice
Culbertsiin's birthday. Their guests were;
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McClellnnd, Miss Cul
bertson and J. C. Peterson.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. O'Rourke arrived on
Tuesday from Crawford. Neb., and are
stopping with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Lew Raher until the Ager cottage Is com
pleted for their occupation.
At the Mail Carriers' picnic at Krug'sj
park both Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Morrison
carried off prizes, the former In Ihe sev-enty-rive-yard
dash for fat men and the
latter In the forty-yard race for women.
Carl, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Axel
Anderson, died Sunday and was burled on
Monday of Inst week. Just a week previous
their (i-mont lis-old daughter died. Thev
were twins and suffered from summer com
plaint. Miss Alice Culberison was entertained
by her aunt, Mrs George Rogers of Omaha,
where she visited het, grandmother and
aunt, Mrs. Ctrtlieilson and Miss Grace Cul
berison of Peru. The latter In grammar In
structor at Peru normal.
Bonanza, the pony pacer owned by A. tt.
Thomas and Meyer Bros, of Newark. N. J.,
won second at Detroit on Tuesday. This
is the third successive winning of second
money for Bonanza In the same stake and
thus has gained a world s record.
Miss Akmes Tlndell left Wednesday for
Si. Louis, where she will spend two months
with her uncle. Mr. E. G. Hills snd wife.
Alfred Lindell left Friday for a trip east.
Including Chicago, Niagara Falls, Buffala
and New York City, to be gone two weeks.
Miss Adelaide Sharpless of Cheyenne, who
has been a guest of ber sister, Mrs. W.
O. Chadwell, was pleasantly surprised Mon
day evening by about fourteen younf
friends, prior to her departure. The ve
iling was nee iipled with games and re
fit. Janus' Orphanage enioyed Its annual
picnic on Wednesday lm.n nselv. It was
given bv the Knights of Columbus, and
consisted of a two hours' ride bv Irolh-v,
with the remainder of the day at Krug
park, where all amusements were open to
theni hi. I refreshments were abundant.
Frank Madseti narrowly esearieil MerWnm
Injury Tuesday, when the learn which he
ss driving, belonging to the Grove-Whar-tnn
company, ran pell-mell down Main
street, hurling the lad from the vvairnn tmt
unsslrg a hi reel t ar Hole The violent eon.
tact broke the wagon tongue and ihe mile.
but further damage was averted.
"Mogy" Bernstein and Mis G core. I
Towle were In Benson Tuesday looking
after a colored child, who had been placed
under the cure of Mrs. hawver, and upon
her departure out of the local jurisdiction
was to be returned to the Detention home
Any reputable family Oi string the child
may make application to the juvenile court
at Omaha
There will be union church services this
evening at the 1 1,, Fellow's hall. George
i Wallace of Omaha, superintendent of
the state Sunday school work and alao
of Douglas county, will address Ihe con
gregation upon the theme, The Training
f ti e Young for Good Citizenship and the
Facilities Requisite." H- is an excellent
sneaker and an enthusiastic worker In
Una branch of work with young people.
The Women's Missionary circles of
Omaha, South Omaha. Council Blurts and
Benson held an interesting convention In
Benson Friday. A large attendance from
each city was noted The morning ses
sion was held at the Baptist church, where
luncheon uas served. In the afternoon a
program was given at tie Odd Fellows'
IihI'. at which time Miss BoaworiTi ad
dressed ihe audience. She Is one of th
Methodist missionaries to China, and an
therefore capable of speaking Intelligently'
and In a mutt Vivid uiajinsr fit IU awfe
1 1 La 4