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For Those
Who Hung On
During the last year's agitation of life insurance,
a good many people surrendered their policies or
allowed them to lapse. Whether this was the result
of panic induced by sensational attacks in the press, or the
work of unscrupulous agents who sought commission for
themselves in possible transfer of policies, the effect was
most disastrous to such policy holders and entailed an
r irreparable loss upon many deserving beneficiaries.
The Mutual
Life Insurance
V su
bclones to all of its policy holders.
Whenever any of these fall out of the
ranks, what they leave benefits those who stay in. The
reserves sacrificed by withdrawing members in 1906 and
now inuring to the benefit of persistent policy holders,
amount to over $3,000,000. Strong proof is this that
it pays to stay in, and strong proot likewise tnat it
pays to get in the Mutual Life, the staunchest life
insurance company in the world.
The Time to Act is NOW..
For the new forms of policies write to
The Mutual Ufa Insurance Company
of Now York. N. Y.
Or STAMIOI'i; FLKMINO, Manager, First National Bank Mdg.,
Corner 13th and Farnam Streets, Otnaha, Neb.
Laying' Foundation for Legal Contest
on Their Assessment.
i 1 . . -
Gambler and Lerrd Women Forced to
Leave Town,
CRAWFORD, Neb.. July 22. Bpeclal.)
Crawford is today one of the mutt moral
and orderly cities In the state. The old
city administration had been trying to
colonize the houses of ill-repute In an out'
ylnc quarter, and had Induced a number
of citizens to secure an available site.
fter the organization got Its deed, It got
Into litigation with the wife of the grantee,
who enjoined the platting and occupation
of same. The district court, having de
c!6jd fuvorably to the organization, the
railway and Mr. Allen was thrown vio
lently to the ground. When he was picked
up he was unconscious, and apparently
dead. Ho waa taken to Bax 4 Co's. drug
store and his Injuries were dressed by Dr.
Baker and he returned to consciousness.
He Is a very large man and at present
It Is Impossible to tell the result of his
Other party appealed, and prevailed upon
the man who was afterward elected us
the present mayor, to slsn the supersedeas
bond, which tied the matter up In the
supremo court, and the prostitutes re
mained scattered nnd tolerated by the cltl
sens pendlnn the. deelFlon f the supreme
coi.rt. When the county attorney returned
from a brief sojourn In Lincoln a few days
ago, ho found matters In a ferment. The
mayor had caused the arrest of the pro
prietors of a couple of houses in one of
the most unobjeetlonnblo of the districts
heretofore occupied y them, and these
women hired nn attorney and cause 1 the
arrest of every other proprietress In the
city. The county attorney was met, on his
arrival, with a deluge of complaints the
two women first arrested nllcglng that they
were being persecuted simply because they
1 refused lunger to pny hush money to cer
liilt!) city ollVlals, and the good citizens
iJhher Infested neighborhoods eomplnln
Inif that the rlly authorities were playing
favorites. Whereupon County Attorney
Porter closed every house of Ill-repute In
the city, and called upon Sheriff Mote of
Chadron to sec that his directions were
obeyed, which directions that officer obeyed
to the letter, and prooiptly drove nil the
women from the county. This caused tho
owners of some of the houses, which have
become vacnnt and unremunerntlve, to In
sist that If the city Is to be so mornl,
then t'.ie gambling- must be ended nlso.
Whereupon others Interested In seeing that
this evil be abolished by the city, took ad
vantage of tho Munition, and the city au
thorities, falling to tnko action, the county
attorney was again called upon to Inter
fere with the city authorities' mode of
open gambling regulation, with the result
that In less than one hour after he Issued
orders to the saloon keepers, they all grace
fully accepted the Inevitable, and got rid
of and cleaned fliHr ealcons of every
specie'! of gambling device and table which
i has been tolerated here since the begtn-
5 nlng of the city
W. D. I.amb Die from Explosion
of Gasoline at Long; Pine.
IXNG PINE, Neb., July 22. (Special.)
With her clothing a mass of flames and
tailing for help, Mrs. W. D. Lamb rushed
from her restaurant In the south part of
town Saturday evening at 4 o'clock, and met
a horrible death from the burns she re
ceived. Mrs. I-ainb had started to fill the
tank for a gasoline lighting apparatus,
which la located in the rear of her building
nnd which furnishes light for her building
and an adjoining business house. The tank
had been pumped full of air and when a
cap on the tank was removed the gas Im
mediately filled the room and was Ignited
by the fire from a large range used In the
kitchen. The woman was carried to the
office of Dr. McKnlght, where everything
possible was done for her relief, but all
J the medical aid that could be procured was
useless and she died several hours later.
Ovad Morgan, an employe of an adjoining
business house, proved himself a hero In
bis efforts to extinguish the flames. Mr.
Morgan had his hands and face badly
burned, but his Injuries are not serious.
Two of the buildings where the explosion
occurred were completely gutted, leaving
only the frames and siding. The property
loss by Are waa not heavy, as the building
was an old one and not of much value.
Improvements at Plaluvlew.
PLAIN VIEW. Neb., July 22 (Special.)
Since the recent rains In this locality the
city council and mayor have taken steps to
Improve the streets and alleys In Plalnvlew
and establish street grades. East Plaln
vlew lies In a basin and. as a natural con
sequence, the residents In that part of the
city aro unfortunate in catching most of
the water after a heavy rainfall. Mayor
Kngler and the city council propose to
drain that part of the city In a systematic
manner and have already taken steps to
that end. Many claim that the city officers
made a great mistake In beginning their
drainage on the high land Instead of start
ing on the lower spots In East Plalnvtew. It
will require much time and a large sum of
money to carry out the plans they have
before them, but Mayor Etigler says that
The Crawford gamblers he will Insist on having the work done sys-
had a reputation of being an orderly and icmaucaiiy u it takes an summer to an it.
lionorable cluss of men In their business,
and to their credit be It sold, they acted
promptly, quietly, and with one accord, In
complying with tho edict of the county
attorney, who says that gajnbllng la now
a tnlng of the past In Crawford, so far as
he Is officially concerned.
A great many of the lewd women, after
being driven from Crawford, went to neigh
boring cities, but found no rest there, and
having been warned by Sheriff Mote of this
county not to locate In the county, have
procured tents and have established col
onies In Sioux county, Just outside of the
military reservation. (
Fall Mar He-salt Fatally.
LKX1NGTOV, Neb.. July 21 (Special
Another Improvement that la very notice
able Is the laying of many new cement
l Mooded sheep, was seated on a spring seat J'1 nderM ;
on a high load of truck driving a spirited j days out of the seven the
team. On attempting to cross the railroad
track the wheels of his wagon struck the
New of Nebraska.
BLl'H HILL Miss Anna Merten and
John C. Baker of lilue Hill were united
In marriage at Red Cloud Thursday.
The citizens of Alliance are planning a
reception for the governor to take place
at the opera house after his address.
BEEMKR-Hoff Brothers of Wlsner have
purchased the drug stock of the Swarts
Drug company and have taken possession.
ANSLET A party of twentv Ansley citi
zens left Saturday for a ten-dav fishing
trip to Halsey, Neb., the sand hilt fish
ing country of Nebraska.
PAPILI ION The will of Paul Boop, a
farmer who died a short distance west of
l'aplillon. Is to be contested. Mr. Boon dm.
Telegram. -Oeorg Allen, proprietor of posed of S100.(Wo in his will.
Co'den Hoof farm, near here, dealer In I ASHLEY Harvest and baying has been
rrittrui-u ny ine rains
as rained five
past week.
ANSLEY The fall wheat crop Is very
much better than expected. The out crop
hns come out wonderfully the past two
weeks and we will harvest an abundant
oat crop.
OSCEOLA Building goes right along and
houses cannot be finished fast enough to
accommodate thoso who are - anxious to
settle here. There la not a vacant resi
dence In the city.
BEATRICE Mrs. Theodore Orotjan
oroppeo aeaa at her home at Cortland yes.
terday. She was 18 years of aae and had
been married lss than a year. Heart
irouoie is assigned as the cause.
uRBEI.ei Addison Kelley, aged 74
years, and one of the early settlers of
ureeley county, died at his residence In
(.reeley Sunday morning. Funeral from
the Methodist Episcopal church Monday at
HEATRirE Knhrin krnla InIA . T-
llr.gton way car here last night and stole
iwo luita ot clothes and other wearing
apparel belonging to Brakeman Thomas of
e.euraHa i ny ana Hleveman of this city.
uri in uu tiua.
ni en l , t t rm .... ...
. . " peuuon wnicn waa
circulated by C. F. Ound and others call.
Ing for a proposition to vote a snecikl
levy to build a new cou.-t house has been
mej wttn tne county commlSHloners and
they will submit the proposition to the
AUJANfK- superintends Hayes has
rT-eeiveu nmincauon rrom uov. George L.
Biiem, n mat ne win be In Alliance next
Tuesday evening. July . to lecture at the
opera house. This Is the fourth number of
the Junior normal lecture course. The last
ieu ei itovtrnor e.ieiaon curing Ms cam
palgn the weather was very Implement
iioic, mere oeing a baa snowstorm.
T frerest Shoes from Crukltg
use yuicx Bhlne Shoe Polish. It alia
polishes and gives a patent leather finish
and la water-praef. Ask your dealer for It.
Presidential Candidacy of W. J. Bryan
to e Launched nt a Dinner Which
is to Be Held After Fall
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. July 22,-(Spoclal.)-That the
railroads Intend to fight In the courts the
collection of their" taxes based on the pres
ent assessment was practically assured
this morning when Bdson Rich, attorney
for the t'nlon Pacific. In requesting that
the stenographer taking down the pro
ceedings be sworn, said:
The board may hereafter be Interested
in the correctness of the record."
This statement, considered with the care
of the railroad officials and attorneys In
securing a record of everything that is
sold and done at the meetings of the board,
and the fact that a mandamus suit Is now
pending In the supreme court to compel
the board to furnish a detailed statement
of how It arrived at Its conclusions re
garding the valuation of railroad property,
makes It almost certain the big corpora
tions are again getting ready to go to the
The, board spent the day listening to
witnesses of the ITnlon Pacific and Bur
lington In corroboration of the tilings each
made several days ago relative to the
value of other property In the state com
pared with tho value of railroad property.
Included In the mass of testimony filed by
the I'nlon Pacific were 724 letters written
by Nebraskans to a man named W. IL
Clare of Joliet. a real estate and Insurance
agent. In answer to Inquiries by him re
garding the value of Nebraska property.
One of the lettera was written by Secre
tary of State Junkln, who said land In his
county, Oosper, was worth S40 an acre for
the best and HO for the poor land. The
assessor valued the land at 111.30 an acre,
one-fifth of which Is the value upon which
the taxes are levied. Another letter was
from Congressman Pollard, who said land
In Cass county was worth $75 an acre. This
land was valued by the assessor at $a0 aa
acre. Several letters were received front
every county In the state, and In most
every Instance the value of the land was
higher than fixed by the assessor. The
letter sent out by Mr. Clare Btated that
he had received many Inquiries from par
ties regarding Nebraska properties, and If
business was stable lots of money would
be Invested In this state.
Tax Commissioner Scrlbner of tho Union
Pacific and Crawford Kennedy of the Bur
lington appeared as witnesses, while Ed
son Rich appeared as attorney for the
Union Pacific and Tax Commissioner
Pollard looked after the Interests of tho
Burlington. Assessor Miller of Lancaster
county was placed on the stand to toll
what he knew of the Doulas and I Lan
caster assessments. He testified that not
withstanding he had placed a fair value
on the property of this county, the county
board had reduced his figures 20 per cent
less than it should have been. In answer
to Questions by Secretary of State Junkln,
he said he had spent only one day there
and had merely looked at the storea and
gone through them. He had not seen an
lnvoere, an Insurance policy or asked
about the dally sales. His knowledge was
based solely on what he saw, mct.urlng
up the floor space In some of tho stores
here. The board will listen to the rail
road men' again In a few days, when more
testimony will be offered. Nothing camo
out today other than what was published
when the attorneys made their statements
to the board some days ago, except the
letters mentioned.
The board decided It has the right to
assess all lnterurban companies, whether
wholly In one county or not, and will
do so.
Lincoln Gets Out of Costa.
The state railway commission will again
begin taking testimony In the case wherein
the city of Lincoln Is trying to force the
Lincoln Traction company to sell six fares
for 26 cents. The hearing has already boen
on for a week. In the meantime the trac
tion company, which has had a suit pend
ing In the federal coirt to enjoin the
enforcement of the six-for-a-quiirter or
dinance, has dismissed the suit In the
ttpulatlon filed the traction cornpany
lawyers and the city attorney say the last
legislature passed an act putting the mat
ter of rates to be charged by street rail
ways under the state railway commission,
repealing by Implication" the ordinance
passed last year by the city council of
Lincoln. Other lawyers see no reason why
the city of Lincoln should appeal to tho
railway commission, or why the commis
sion should take up Its time with such
hearing, when a suit was pending In
federal court over the matter when the
commission was created and when the
law was enacted giving it authority. It is
said had the commission Insisted on the
matter being fought out by the city In
the federal court, where It was when tho
commission was created, the city would
have had toy stand for any costs, while
now If the traction company loses, the
Ever Made
To Equal
Toilet Soap.
VArT)Afr It's fho tit
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Lathsrs equally well In
hard or solt water never
leaves sediment or scum.
Grocers and drafjgtsts Bell It.
Pofifireff Curt
of continuous success. Printed
sent In plain envelop upon request.
correspondence atrtotly confidential.
Cor. Twenty-fifth and Caaa 8U.
Omaha. Man.
Bra Want Aas always bring reaulta.
Bnakana Kills New
quarrel, Mrs. Alice
a bride of several
killed at her hoiix
husband, Fred-rtck
tally shot hlmMlf.
his wife he. nus a eh
July 2J Following
weeks, was shnt and
i hera today by her
Mruee, who them fa
Bruce quarreled with
remained away from
home until lata at night without hla con
"The Btood is The Hfe."
Science has never gone beyond tha
abovo simple statement of scripture. Ilul
It has Illuminated that utatcment and
given It a meaning ever broadening with
the Increasing brendtli of knowledge.
When the Uuol la "bad" or impure it
ia not sjone the body which suffers
thiough didfiauo. The briln is also
louded.XVi mini and Judgement are
icUsd. andiJiany an evil deed or Imnurt
thoghtVj!HHrocty traced to the
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In thfi cure of scrofulous swellings, en
larged glands, open eating ulcers, or old
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aaaie being attested as oorract o rider oath.
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ndlllUdU OlUbAi
Amtmn w J V
cwup uMeaSf F I S "
'KrLZ3r i Let Us lake You Rio
l TIJeitwiLai
The opportunity is open to all. Can yon invest $26.00 in any other proposition that will ho
worth $100.00 inside of three years; $100.00 invested will be worth $400.00 inside of three years;
$200.00 invested will be worth $S00.00 inside of three years; $500.00 invested will be worth
$2,000.00 inside of three yean; $1,000.00 invested will be worth $4,000.00 inside of three years.
The most prominent men today will back ns up in this statement. All the electric railroads
in thje East have done this and some even better. This road will pay from the very first day of
The country through which we pans is developed to the highest degree. Hundreds of thousands of people will ride over
this line yearly, to say nothing of the millions of bushels of grain and thousands of head of live stock that will be transported
to market by tho olectrio lino.
The buying of right of way and tha work of actual construction ts
rapidly going ahead.
Wo Invite erarrone to lnreet in this grand enterprise. Spaoe la too
scarce to tell you about our proposition fully; bo fill out the attaohed
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vince you that a few dollars invested now will make you rioher la a very
short time.
We want One Thousand energetic and wide-awake ladles and gentle
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Jnvest in the next ten days.
Please send further information in regard to the road.
8 T K
Free transportation offer expires Aug. $d.
Yon can buy one share or as many shares as you like. Will
you be one of the one thousand investors t Our stock for the
next fow dayB will be $26.00 per share and with eaoh share of
stock you get $5.00 in transportation.
You can buy by paying 10 down and 10 per month
until paid if you choose. ,
Invest now.
320 1st national Bank OMAHA, NEBRASKA
Telephone Douglas 3744
commission will have to enforce the order
and pay the costs If appeal Is taken to
the courts.
A second hearing will bo given the ex
press companies on the 23d, at which time
they will be given an opportunity to say
how much of a reduction,, It any, they are
willing; to stand for.
I.annehlnajr Bryan's Candidacy.
The candidacy of W. J. Bryan will got
an official boom at a dinner to be given
In Lincoln by g'ebraska democrats some
t1me this fall, probably shortly after tho
election. Iromlnent democrats from over
roads at the grilling they were getting,
but no more will his heart throb with
sentiment when he gets a transportation
corporation on the spit.
Requisition for Almatelc.
Governor Sheldon has Issued a requisi
tion On the governor of Missouri for the
return to Omaha, of Harry Rogers, alias
Willis Almack, wanted for the murder of
an Omaha Chinaman. Rogers Is under
arrest In St. Louis.
Test of Rallna; on Primary Law.
The application for a mandamus to com
pel Secretary of State Junkln to place the
the country will be present. Including ! name of J. L. Bundean on the primary bal-
Oovernor Hoke Smith of Georgia and
Governor Campbell of Texas and other
southerners. The dinner Idea was sprung
on a few of the democrats at the recent
democratic meeting here, though It has
lot aa a candidate of both the populist and
democratic parties for supreme Judge was
filed In supreme court today. Judge Tlb
bctts and eGorge L. Loo nils will make
argument before Judges Sedgwick and
been discussed before with the leaders of Barnes tomorrow.
the party In other sections of the country. . Clarke Candidate for Commissioner.
Heke Smith and Governor Campbell had j Henry T. Clarke, Jr., member of the
both suggested such a meeting and both State Railway commission, filed his neme
expressed a desire to come to Nebraska on ! with the secretary of state this morning as
such mission. Other prominent democrats a candidate for the republican nomination
from other states will be Invited to bo ; for railway commissioner. Mr. Clarke waa
present and it Is expected Mr. Bryan will appointed to his present membership on
give official recognition to the demand for j the commission to fill out the unexpired
are called to meet In convention and con
ference In the Auditorium, Lincoln, on
Wednesday, July SI, for the purpose of ar
ranging for the placing of a state ticket In
the field under the new primary law; to
make plans for aggressive work, the elec
tlcn of a state central committee and for
the transaction of such other business as
may como before the meeting.
him to again lead the forlorn hope and at
the same time he likely will outline his
Chairman T. S. Allen of the democratlo
state committee said a number of demo
crats from over the country had expressed
term of Robert Co, ell, who waa elected
last fall.
Htch Mar Be Paroled.
William Rich of Douglas county, serving
a three-year term In the state peniten
tiary, has ben promised a parole providing
a desire to come to Lincoln and It was Judge Sutton will recommend It. Appllca
thouglit a democratlo dinner would be a tion was made for a pardon for the prte
good excuse for them to come. Mr. Allen ' oner, but after the hearing, which was held
attaches no significance to the the meeting ! this afternoon, Governor Sheldon said he
lnso far
It concerns Mr. Bryan.
Hitchcock Has a Slate.
At the recent meeting of tho democrats,
Gilbert M. Hitchcock's representatives pro
posed a slate for the delegatlon-at-large
to the national convention which may be
broken at this dinner. The slate Is coin
posed of: Hitchcock, V. IL Thompson,
A. C. Shallenberger and Mayor Brown of
Lincoln. The matter was tipped off to
only a few of the personal friends of the
four named, but these heartily endorsed
It and expect to see that the nominating
convention carries out the program. This
Ib the bunch which brought about the po
litical death of George W. Bergo, and now
there Is a sentiment around here that
Berge should be resurrected and sent to
the national convention and that Mr. Shel
lenberger should stay at home. A good
many democrats here also object to Mr. I
Hitchcock, and especially Is this true among
the friends of Mr. Bryan. Tom Allen la
sure no slate was fixed up, but other
democrats who know are not surprised
tliat Brother-in-law Tom was not taken I
Into the confidence of Mr. Hitchcock. Al
len Is perfectly willing to work with Hitch
cock and vice versa when the election
of some one else lsat stake, but when the
Interests of the family are at stake It
Is different.
Dodge Kicks on Freight Rill.
Hon. N. P. Dodge of Douglas county has
felt the squeeze ot the octopus and he has
learned getting married so far away from
linme Is an expensive habit. Mr.
made no bones about exposing his sore
spots to the State Railway commission In
a letter to Member Clarke. Mr. Dodge has
Just paid a freight bill of 1-20 on an auto
mobile, two horses and a buggy from Bos
ton to Omaha. He thought the bill would
be about $114, hence his letter to Mr.
Clarke. Mr. Dodge expects no relief, but
Just wanted to inform the state omnmiKalon
that western rates are outragrou. Mr.
Dodge's goods were shipped 1.000 miles to
the Mississippi river for 187, the cost of a
carload of mixed goods, but to get them
across the state of Iowa It cost f75, as the
shipments this side of the river could not
be made In carload lots. The Merchants
Despatch company, Mr. Dodge said, told
him the total Costs would be about tut,
but he had to pay 1220 or let his horses
die iu the car where they had been for
five days. Mr. Dodge said there was uoth
Ing for blm to do but pay up, but ha ex
pected to make a note of It and remember,
remarking also that during tha lagislatur
he sometimes felt a sympathy for tba rail-
would parole the man If the trial Judge
would recommend his interference.
State Prohibition Convrntlon.
(Special.) The prohlbitlonlHts of Nebraska
Colorado ExeentlTe Conducts Divine
Service and Delivers Lectare.
HASTINGS, Neb.. July 2:.- -C?reeial.V-Rev.
It. A. Buchtel, governor of Colorado,
conducted divine services at the tabernacle
at 11 o'clock yesterday morning. Nearly
every seat In tho arg bulldlnir was occu
pied. At J:30 o'clock this afternoon he deliv
ered his noted lecture on "Theodore
Roosevelt" to the largest audience that has
yet been In attendance. He Is a most In
teresting talker and one who never falls
to please his audiences.
& W. Gillllan, the humorist, entertained
a large audience for an hour and thirty
minutes last night, and although from
some unknown reason, probably an over
sight, his mirth provoking lecture was the
same as that delivered here on the Toung
Men's Christian association lecture course
a few months ago; no one went away dis
appointed. Doubtless the largest Sunday school In
the state was conducted at Camp Chautau
qua today. Rev. Lincoln McConnell, tho
great evangelist of Atlanta, Oa., who -is
also platform manager, was In charge and
was assisted by a corps of able teachers
from the various Sunday schools of the
A banner has been offered to the Sunday
school of the county that has the larg
est attendance as comparing with the mi
rolment, and some lively rustling upon the
part of the teachers resulted. In unusual
Interest and a large attendance.
"A model Sunday school" waa conducted
by a number of the most successful Bun
day school workers In the state, at tha
children's tent.
Honeymoon In Jail.
FREMONT, Neb., July 23. (Special.)
John E. I'lko, a telegraph operator and re
lief agent of the Northwestern, Is spending
his honeymoon In tho county Jail. About
five months ago Pike, who claims Daven
port, Nob., as his home, came here wltli a'
very attractive and fine appearing young
woman, evidently of college training, whom
he represented as his wife. March 1 Plka
left her and In May married Mrs. Edith M.
Pollock, an Oniuhu woman who was di
vorced from her first husbund, W. C. Pol
lock, abodt a year after their marriage.
Three weeks ago a child was born to the
woman he brought here and , It ap
peared that only a, common law marriage
existed between them. A warrant waa ob
tained in Justice Laird's court for his ar
rest, but ho had skipped. The chief of po
lice at Norfolk anested him there early
yesterday morning and yesterday after
noon Sheriff Batman brought him to Fremont.
Fraternal Societies to Picnic.
YORK. Nob., July S. (Special.) One of
the greatest events In the history of Torlt
county will occur August 1, when all tba
members of the fraternal Insurance societies
In the county will, with their families and
frlonds, Join In one great gathering In the
York city park to enjoy the day In a fra
ternal picnic. Hon. A. M. Walling of David
City will deliver the address.
Bee Want Ada always bring results.
Don't Ruin Your Best Horse Going for a Doctor
Bowel complaints arc always more or less prevalent during the Summer
months, and many a man has ruined his best horse going for a doctor
when some of his- family was suffering from cramp colic or cholera
morbus. Be prepared for such an emergency.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
Is the most successful medicine yet produced for these diseases and can
always be depended upon. No doctor can prescribe a better medicine.
It is almost certain to be needed before the Summer is over. Buy it now.