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    TlfK OMAHA DAILY. .BEE: .. TUESDAY, JULY 9, 1007.
tin th ground. Th Hollon waa also
The court then askM If the defense had
any other nun to how,
"No other." wa th reply.
C'oort Paosea ,m,irf,
Judge Dunn, turning to Bchmlts, who
had again Hoen. aald:
"In pronouncing Judgment In thla cute.
Ui court ha but Vary Httl comment to
make. It ran be aald that the verdict of
the Jury In thla i mftfi baa a deeper significant-
than ordinarily attaches to the find
ing of guilt. It g fa messss to all th
people in th ety of Ban Francla-0 that
law and orer are supreme, that no man,
however x.fted hla atatlon or how atrong
and powetul th political, social and
financial nfltiences which surround him la
above Xfst law. Eugene E. Schmlta, you
have, heretofore ncruptfd the hlgheat office
whlchthe city of Ban Francleco can confer
on fre of Us rltlsens. Toil wore elevated
to that position because of th confidence
d trust rep"d In you by the mass of
"I am here." Interrupted Bchmlta, In a
vole ao quiet and controlled that It carried
to the far corner of the room, "to receive
sentence at your hand, and not to be hu
miliated by a lecture which th newspaper
can repeat In print."
At thla there were a bus of excitement
and a ahlftlng of feet on tli bare floor and
an eager pressing forward by th crowd
that waa aeparated from th couneel table
i by a row of occupied chairs.
Beyond I
pausing, Judg Dunn paid no attention to
the interruption.
Tou were elevated to that position, l .
say, because of the confidence and trust
imposed In you '
Attorney Metson Interposed:
"W ar here to take aentence," h said,
"not to b lectured. We "
Aeroaant and Actrea goffer Bever
Injuries la Accident la
Ik Bronx.
NEW TORK. July S.-Dr. Julian P.
Thomas, the aeronaut, lies In a aerlous con
dition at Fordham hoapltal today, Buffering
from a compound fracture of the leg and
Internal Injuries received In an eutomobllu
accident last night when the machine,
carrying the aeronaut and two women com
panions, crashed Into trolley pole In th
Bronx. Phystclana said today that Dr.
Thomas might hav to suffer th amputa
tion of hla leg. Mias Florence Haas, an
actreaa. who. with Mias Qrac Rogers, was
with Dr. Thomas when th accident oc
curred, waa so seriously Injured that physi
cians amputated her left leg today at
Fordham hoapltal. . Mlsa Roger waa In
jured Internally but probably will recover.
Dr. Thomas and his. friends were travel
Ing at a high rat of speed down Jerome
avenue last night. Near the entrance of
Woodlawn cemetery th road makes a
sharp turn which the aeronaut evidently
did not so In the darkness. The machine
crashed Into a heavy trolley pole and Dr.
Thomas and his two companions were
flung out of the machin as if from a cat
apult. The automobile was reduced to
crap Iron by th Impact. The report of
the crash waa heard for some distance
and mounted police and autolsts hurried
to the scene and th injured were taken
to the hospital. Dr. Thomas was found
to have sustained a fracture of the right
leg and to. have suffered Internal Injuries.
Hla body was covered with bruise. Mia
Haas and Miss Rogers both were uncon
scious when found lying In the roadway.
The physicians found that Miss Haas
would have to undergo the amputation of
her left leg to save her life. The curve
where the accident occurred Is extremely
dangerous and there hav been many acci
dent at that paint.4 Twt 'women were
killed at the curve laat year In an automo
bile accident similar to the one last night.
Taos Iadlete4 for Alleged Conl I.aad
Fraods Appear Befare Com
sulssloner Bloodgood.
MILWAVKEE, July .-Seven Mllwaukeo
men, against whom Indictments were re
turned by the federal grand Jury In Colo
rado alleging' conspiracy to defrnud the
government out of valuable coal lands,
appeared before United States Court Com
missioner Francis D. Bloodgood today for
preliminary examination. The hearing was
set for July 1t and th defendant were
admitted to ball In P.m each. Th de
fendants who appeared ar Henry J. Wehr,
Charles F. Hunter, Guy D. Ooff. C. S.
Carter, C. B. Cantright and J. M. and
T. J. Perelea.
Th other three men Indicted by th
Denver grand Jury ' are Henry Benjamin,
who t now at Carlabad. Germany: Walter
Johnson, who ta believed to be in Chicago,
and John I. 'Ledaln. who is In th west.
Th Meaarav Perelea stated today that
they acted merely In a legal capacity in
th making out of incorporation papers
for the Wteoeealn Coal Mining company,
wtth which all th Indicted person men
tioned ar connected, and that ther ws
aa fraudulent, Intention by any of tho
J Good Crop Near Ktargls.
BTURGIB. 8. V., July .-Spctal. Th
!! fsimers of Mead county ar greatly re-
j Juicing over th good prospects of crops
. this season. If they are not hailed out
-' they will far; exceed any former seaaon.
I There has been lots of moisture, and far-
!n)er sowed a much larger acreage than
You Don't
food because it is scientific
ally cooked at the, factory. 1
You Save
all that time, trouble, fuel and wor'
ry.' More cool, solid comfort and
quiet energy in a saucer of Grape
Nuts these hot days than in pounds
l' of meat. ' . ! :.
"There's a Reason" : .
Attorney Refute to Make Statement
to Jndfe Landi.
Pise Aoarast 3 ! VVbca )
lent Shall Be Pooaeel oat tor
aeratlm Larra Owtlta
CHICAGO. July 1 Th attorney for th
Standard Oil company today declined to
aubmlt any further evidence In th Inves
tigation held on Saturday by Judg baa die
In th United Btatea district court.' Judg
Landla then announced that sentence will
he paaaed on th Standard Oil company of
Indiana, which was convicted of using
Illegal railroad rates on Augut
Judg Landla notified them at the cloe
of court Saturday that h would listen to
anything they had to present which they
thought might show that they were Inno
cent In other cases. It Is believed that It
was his Intention to take Into considera
tion any mitigating facta In fixing the fine.
It Is understood that the Instructions
given by Mr. Rockefeller himself In a con-
ferepc at Attorney Miller's' office at'th
clone of court Baturday were to present tli
case as permitted by th court. Th ques-
tlon WBt under dtecuaatun yesterday be-
tween the attorneys and efneers of th
company, but the final decision was post
poned until today.
District Attorney 81ms said yesterday that
the question of asking for Indictments
against th Standard Tjll company of New
Jersey, based on the admissions of wit
nesses In court on Saturday to the effect
that th company had received mtleag of
K of t cent on ears from the Union Tank
Line company had not been considered at
the present time. H Intimated that It
might be th basis for further action
against th company when the present
cases ar ended.
Mr. Rosenthal and Mr. Miller, attorneys
for th company, both denied that ther
was any significance to the testimony on
that point.
Statement by Btaadard.
Judge Landla asked tb attorney for th
"Hav you anything to offer prior to the
nterlng of a final order T"
"W have a formal atatement to make,"
aid Attorney' Rosenthal. "Iwlll read It."
The statement In substance waa aa fol
lows: "In answer to the court aa to whether
th defendant desires to offer any avldance
tending to show that the defendant, or Che
Standard Oil company of New Jersey, never
violated tb later state commerce law be
fore and denying th Jurisdiction of th
court in th premises and contending- that
thla entire Inquiry la beyond the legal
power of the court, th defendant still
Insisting that the record shows It ta Inno
cent of the offense charged In the. Indict
ment, th defendant desires to. say this:
"There are In th reoord ao suggestions
that thla defendant ever before was
charged with violation of the interatate
commerce law.
' "For thla defendant now ta assert Its
Innocence of matters that It 1 not charged
wtth or .Uetnpt to ,now ,t haa ,.
Innocent of wrong doing In connection with
matters outside of the recowd of this case
would present a situation 'unheard of In
Anglo-Saxon Jurisprudence;' ' '
hootd Keep ta Record.
The statement asserted ai some.; length
thaf the', court" had no, light to a qiitslds
th record In this ease in considering the
penalty. - .- v.-r '
The stat then conoludedi
"If the occasion shall ever arise tn an
appropriate proceedUig where 'this defend
ant can, without any waiver of it legal
rights, subject Itsajf to the question of Its
having heretofore violated' the Interstate
commerce law it will certainly appear that
since the . passage of that' law there , ha
been no violation of Its provisions by either
the Standard OH company of New Jersey
or th Standard OH ' company of In
diana." Judge Landla listened with much Interest,
and when, , th reading concluded, sad
abruptly: .. ..
"The flrtaj order In this case . will be
entered Saturday, Auguat 3. : Call the next
case." ' ' .
ladfaaapoll to Bo Meeting Plaea of
Noraeroas Representative
of FaJth. .
INDIANAPOLIS. July i.-Thl city will
be th mecca for th Catholic societies
in th United State July M and IT. It
was announced today that all plana ar
complete for the sixth national convention
of the American Foderatton of Catholics,
which' will open next Sunday, .'Bnalde
th regular representatives ther wll b
In attendance two Indian chiefs from South
Dakota, Chief Horn Cloud and Chief No
Water, who will represent 10,000 Catholic
Indtsns. The chief will ' be accompanied
by a missionary. Hon Jaqutn Ferran, presi
dent of the federation 'of , Porto Rico; is
also expected. Delegates will be present
from nearly all the state and from, every
loading Catholic Inatitutlon. . Divorce, o
claltam, libraries, achoola, Indian affairs.
and th crusade ana I nut Immorality, trlala
and advertisement will be discussed.. .
(Continued from Psge One )
not thought that any of the railroad will
fell to heed the plain language contained 1n
Mr. Lane's letter, which leaves no doubt
of what th decision would be If th facts
were before the commission."
Katlonal Asaoetattoa Opens Important
Meeting at I.os Angeles with
Large Allesdasee.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., July g. Tho
fiftieth annual convention of the National
Educational association conwned In Ixs
Angeles today for five days' session. The
meeting Is one of th most Important In
the history of th organisation. Matters
of th highest consequence In the educa
tional work of the association. Including
its reorganisation, adoption of a new con
stitution and by-laws and the election of
officers will come before It. Prominent
educators are here from all parts of the
United States and Mexico, Hawaii and
scattering delegates from England and
other foreign countries being represented.
It Is estimated that the attendance Is
about B.ono. This Includes teachers, prin
cipals, superintendents and others actively
engaged In educational work. In addition
to this number there are many thousands
of associate members and visitors to th
According to the last official report th
National Educational association has an
active membership of S.000 and a total
membership. Including associates and hon
orary, of 24,000. Th last meeting of lf0
was to have been held .In San Francisco.
but the earthquake and Are ther caused!
a postponement.
The boards of directors, which will
choose three new trustees, held a meeting
today. In addition to the general sessions
which are to be held each evening, this
week, meetings of the various departments
of the association, seventeen In number,
are scheduled to be held each day. com
mencing Tuesday. The most Important
business session of the present meeting
will occur Wednesday when the new In
corporation granted by act of congress
and by-laws proposed at the Abury
Park meeting will come up for adoption.
New national officers wilt be named on
that date also. The New York .delega
tion, traveling on a special over tre Santa
Fe, reached the city late today.
Health Commissioner Coanell State
HI Position on l'assl
tary House.
Dr. Ralph Connell. health commlasloner,
haa taken up the cudgels on behalf of cer
tain tenants who are occupying houses now
kept In unsanitary condition. Last week a
ca was brought against the agent of the
owner of the houses Involved In the contro
versy and, the police Judge told the agent
that the house must be placed In a sanitary
condition or vacated. This decision was
satisfactory to all concerned at the time,
but th health commissioner takes exception
to the manner In which It Is to be carYled
"I am told," said Dr. Connell Monday,
"that neighbors of th tenant have com
plained of th condition of this house and
have been told to swear out a warrant for
th arrest of the tenant on charge of main
taining a nuisance. I am further Informed
that the, case has been prejudged and that
tbe tenant la to be' frrred, If the .. la
nushed. tho object being to Close the house
-J until the neceearytmprovmerit are made.
If thf police Judge pr anyone else expect
me to cause a warrant to b Issued against
the tenant In this case he Is mistaken. I had
the agent of the owner In court and h was
released with a caution. The owner lives
In California, but the property should be
responsible for its maintenance. I am going
to tell that tenant to cease paying rent un
til the repairs . are made and then w will
sue If th owner will not act.
"There Is no law for It, but If that tenant
will pay ma th money h Is now paying
th agent I will guarante to see that the
repairs are mad. I am not going to be a
party to punishing tenants for, the delin
quencies of owners under any circum
stances." ,
Plaaa Approved and Bid Will
Asked at Once, that Start
May B Made.
Th plana for the big balloon hotiae and
hydrogen ga generating building for Fort
Omaha, with the wlreleea telegraph sta
tion have been received back from Wash
ington, und Major Thoma Cruse, chief
quartermaster of the Department of the
Mltsourl, will at once advertise for pro
posals for the construction of the build
ings which will be opened August S, and
the contracts let for Immediate construc
tion. It Is hoped to get the big buildings
under way by the mld.Ue of August. All
of th building will be constructed of
structural steel and brick, and will be
located at the north part of the Fort
Omaha grounds. The balloon house will
b- approximately feet long, yfi feet
wide and over eighty feet high, with a
great door aevcnty-frve ft high. THs
will be used for housing and inflating t'e
balloons to be used In tn oanoon "r
ment under the directions of th signal
ervloe. They will b Inflated with hydro
gon gaa. from the ga Pnt to be built
near tn oaiioon
telegraph .tatlon will bo built on tb crest
of th Mil north of th commanding of-
flcer'a ijfuartere. "
The work on the bulldlnga will be pushed
to cqtnpletlon aa rapiuiy - .
may, be completed by November 1.
J. Fran
.k Caroeater fcatesi is wxmr
ta Pretty Benldeae
h.a nemn excava-
J. rrana .rii" " .. . .
tloa for th. fine new home he wilt erect at
the northwest comer 01
Cass street.
Thirty-eighth atreet north of Faraam. for
many years only a long stretch of vacant
lot la changing Its appence rapidly.
Captain Lawrence has almost completed a
new home at the northwest corner of
Thirty-eighth and Chicago and R. B. Buch
has bought the northwest corner of Thirty
eighth and California and will build a fin
homo ther. Other houe. ar being
planned. Th improvement 1 due largely
to th paving on Thirty-eighth atreet.
ft. J. MeVaaa to Bepreeeat Omaha
Biehan; at Iowa Grain
Dealer' Meeting.
Owing to tb hot weather th Omaha
grain men could not' be Induced to attend
th meeting of th Iowa Grain Dealers' aa
oclatlon at De Molne Tuesday. The en
tlr xchang went to Dm Molnea lat year,
but that was In May. E. J. McVann will
represent Mi Omaha Orln exchange
the meeting and the Tranamlsstssippl Oraln
company and the ..Updike Grain company
will eend their tow traveling laou.
. -. w v -
Sheldon Takes No Chance on Mining
the Ak-Sar-Ben Celebration. '
Afternoon si School foe Deaf, ta Be
Followed by Blvenlag; at tb
Den, Where Mark Will
Governor George L. Sheldon arrived In
Omaha Monday noon to b tho guest of
King Ak-Sar-Ren XIII for a day. He ar
rived early that he In conjunction with the
Board of Trustee ef the Institute for th
Deaf might Inspect the school which Is
situated Just west of Omaha.
Governor Sheldon was mt at the Bur
lington station 'by R. B. Windham of
Plattsmouth, Senstor L. C. Gibson, J. W.
Stelnhart and J. O. Detweller of the board
and W, M. Davidson, superintendent of In
struction of Omaha schools and Superin
tendent Rophert of the Iowa State School
for the Deaf; . situated at Council Bluffs,
whom th goverrior had Invited to accom
pany him on his visit at the, school.
As Boon as .the-governor reached Omaha
he donned his '"booster" smile and aald he
was resdy for the fray at the Den.
"Whenever I visit Omaha In the futur
I shall always think of the 10 splendid fel
lows with whom I spent three such happy
weeks," said the governor. "I enjoyed
every minute of "that time, boosting for
Omaha and Nebraska and I hope the city
and state will reap bounteous rewards from
the efforts .of those who went forth In
search of new lands for trade. I must re
Iterate what I said the final day of that
trip and that Is that I never waa thrown
with such a body of men of such uniform
sterling Integrity who acquitted themselves
with such honor to th city from which
they came."
"When I received the Invitation from
King Ak-Sar-Ben to vfslt Omaha to assist
In doing homage to the loyal cltixcns who
had gone beyond the realms of Qulvera In
search of hew' lands to conquer, I consid
ered It In the nature of a command from
the great king and her I am. I took no
chances on a train being late, but came
on an early train."
Lad, Terrorised fcy Hla Experience la
Sonth ' Omaha Jail, Make
Desperate Fight.
Terrorised by rata in the South Omaha
city Jail, little Charles Hadesman viciously
fought the officers who re-arrested him on
a charge of Incorrigibility. Charles was ar-t
rested by tho police some time ago and waa
placed In a room at the police station. He
told Mrs. Towle, the probation officer, he
was afraid to go to sleep because of the
activity, of the rodent population of the
room. Consequently when the officers got
after , him again he remembered the rats
and fought like a young tiger. He was
turned over to the Juvenile authorities and
will stay at the detention, school until he
can be eent back to Ch loft go, where .ls peo
ple live. He la vleillng relatives In South
Omaha. .
Merrltt Peterson told the court he had
stolen milk from the Waterloo creamery
because he wanted to make some Ice cream.
He said a negro named Atkins helped him
break Into the placo. Roy Barlow and Bud
Easton were aW, pfor (Jhe "court on
charge erf stealing fhltH: ), . .
Three young tourist from Chicago are
at the Detention, hjol,, (Thajr drifted Into
Omaha a few ilays-?aid and were picked
up by the police. Edward Moore, 1 year
old, and' John MaYuSTRT botn said they had
disagreeable stepmother acid would not
go horn.' They 'are being cared for until
they cat find work. Walter Hager has
had enough atghtaeelng and la longing for
dear -old Chicago again. He will b sent
back by the , local charity officer.
A youth, who gave1- the two names, Wil
lie Slmmona and Willie Emerson, waa be
fore th court charged, with entering tho
reaidence of a neighbor and hiding under
the bed with the Intent to ransack tho
house. Wllllo Is aald to- have, climbed a
broomstkk. to get the. latch key by which
he entered the house. Willie cried when
he faced Judg Kennedy and was allowed
to go horn under soporvlsion.
fOmaJia Bidder Get Big Contract
and More Shoold Take
All of the Omaha "blddere who bid on
supplies 'fur the Indian depot at th last
opening of bids In My for current sup
plies wer uccessfut in securing contracta.
Thua far th. .approximate value of eup
pllea furnished by Omaha houe alnc
the award of btda la over $100,000. .
An Impression haa prevailed among
Omaha Jobbers that is waa next to use
less to make bids on these supplies against
Chlcsgo and Bt. Loula and even New York
houses, because o(,' the discriminating
freight tariffs In favor of those oltlea.
Superintendent Jordan aald Monday In re
gard to this matter:
"I hav always bellsved It the part of pru
dence for Omaha Jobbers to bid freely for
these supplies. Among th Omaha bidder
securing recent contracts are Armour &
Co., who get a contract for S20.000 pounds
of bacon, which you see beat the big army
contract for bacon The Bee waa talking
about a few weeks ago. '"Then they get the
contract for SOU barrels of mess pork and
also part of the big lard contraot. Swift and
Company and th Cudahy Packing company
also get meat contracts. L. O. Doup gets
I a big contract, for mattresses that are mad
right her in Omaha. Orchard Wllhelm
get a big contract for chairs, and than
there are the BCmla Bag oompany, Carter
Whit Lead company, Richardson Drug
eompany, C. L. Alleman. th local repre
sentative of the Standard OH company, and
the Midland Glass and Paint company, all
get big contracts. Aside from th Omaha
biddera a lot of th outside bidder have
contracts for tinaha delivery. Th next
proposals for supplies will be advertised
for some tlm in Beptsmber and will be for
dried fruits, cereal foods, canned fruits and
vegetablea. Including tomatoes and th
Th Indian ' warehouse Is now located at
801-11 Jones street, having been changed
from th old Howard atreet location.
Or. Lyon's
Too.ii- Pbivdo
Cleans e8 and bet-ntlnes the
teeth and'puxinea the breatb-
TTsed by people of refinement
br over a quiuter of a century.
Convenient for tourists.
ntlrAMD BY
The business upon which the earnings of
the Nebraska Telephone Company are
based is the result of many years of steady
growth and consequently is of a most sub
stantial and reliable character. Th finan
ciering of the company has been on the
most conservative lines. The company has
no watered stock and no bonded indebted
ness, but shows an honest dollar of value
for every dollar of capitalization. For
more than ten years without a break the
company has earned six per cent dividend,
annually, besides putting back into the
property an amount sufficient to maintain
it at the highest efficiency, and providing
additional security by the accumulation of
an emergeny fund.
From time to time the company has is
sued additional capital stock to provide for
enlargements and extensions of its plant
which earn their 6hare of fixed charges
and strengthen the whole property.
Recently the company has believed that
the time has come for offering its stock in
its own territory, for three reasons. First,
because the property is in a more satisfac
tory condition than ever before; second,
because, by and large, the people of Omaha
and Nebraska generally have more money
than ever before to put into conservative
investments; and third, because it is
thought that the prosperity of the company
will be even greater if its patrons become
participators in its earnings.
The Nebraska Telephone company offers
you an opportunity to secure dividends on
an investment in actual property which has
been bought and paid for. Business men of
Omaha who have investigated the Nebraska
Telephone company have found ft in a
thoroughly healthy condition.
The company gives the best of service
and is adding new connections at the rate
of 10,000 a year.
"oatkerai Railway Mast Famish Llk
Acrommoda tleus to Person
f AH Race.
WASHINGTON. July fc-The Interstate
Commerce commission today, In th case of
Georgia Edward agalnat the Nashville.
Chattanooga ft St. Loula railroad, held that
where a railroad provided certain accommo
dations for first-class passenger of th
whit race It Is commanded by the law that
like accommodations shall be provided for
negroes who have purchased first-class tick
ets. It holds that In this case It Is mani
fest the railroad "ha unduly and unjustly
discriminated In aom particulars against
colored passengers" and orders that where
th railroad provides a wash bowl and tow.
la In the coaohes for white passengers
and a separate smoking compartment, sim
ilar accommodations shall 'be provided for
negro passengers paying similar fare.
The complainant, who had purchased
a first-class ticket from Chattanooga, Tenn.
to Dalton, Oa., waa removed from a car for
white persons to one for negroes and com
plained that she was discriminated against
because of her color and not afforded eiual
facilities. Commissioner Lane, who ren-
Idered the decision of the commission, today
i held: "The expense of the small smoking
; compartment In the latter (the car for
; whites) accounts for nearly all th differ
ence tn cost between the two cars."
He holds In this way because the broad
Question of right under the thirteenth and
fourteenth amendments of the constitution
to segregate whit and colored passengers
! has been uphekj by th supreme court of
the United State.
Gift o City of Oahkoeh to Perpet
ate Memory of Civil War
OSHKOSH, Wis.. July g.-Ths Hlck'a
memorial monument, dedicated to perpetu
ate the memory of the Wisconsin soldiers
In the civil war. the gift to th city of 0h
kosh of Colonel John Hicks. American mln-
: lster to Chile, was unveiled today. Th un
veiling took plac In the opera house square,
at the north end of which th monument
! stand. The addresses were delivered In
1 the grand opera house.
The address of the day waa delivered by
Bishop Samuel Fallows of Chicago. The
monument Is the work of Chevalier Gaetano
Trentanove and was modelled and csst In
riorene, Italy. Its bronse group Is ten feet
In height, weighing four tons and surmounts
a massive stone pedestal fifteen feet In
height and weighing twenty-five tons. The
central figure of the group Is that of an
officer, the secondary ones tho ot a pri
vate aoldler and a bugler. They are sup
posed to represent the participants as about
to engage In a hand-to-hand atruggle In
Aaorooefcloar Barspeaa Trio1 Will Pro.
est Hlsa from Jadgtag Mr.
Kody'a Mia.
Alder Blumer of th ataff of tbe Butler
Insane hospital, and one of the best known
expert In anantaj diseases la Rhode Island,
baa declined to act aa en of th oomaelera
tn the examination to determine th com
petency of Mr. Mary Baker O. Eddyi th
July 8
Deadly Parallel No. 3.
The so-called independent, promoter is
trying to capitalize a franchiser that is,
he is asking you to invest money in a right
to do business. The right may be very
valuable or it may be worse than useless.
' His proposition to give a bonus of $50 or
$100 of stock with each $100 bond shows
watered stock at the very outset.
If disaster overtakes the new' company,
each bondholder who accepts the bonus of
common stock is liable under the Nebraska
law for the debts of the company. The
promoter will very naturally argue that the
new company will not meet with disaster,
but will prove a brilliant success, and yet
he must admit that a second telephone com
pany was never started in a city which wai
at the time of starting as well equipped
with telephones as Omaha. lie must ad
mit that copper, which is one of the chief
items of expense in telephone construction,
is twice as high now as it was a few years
ago, and that the total cost of construction
has increased about 40 per cent in two
The promoter must admit that the dull
bond market and the high prices of mater
ial were factors in the failure of the United
States Independent Telephone Company
which was capitalised for $50,000,000
and recently agreed to sell out the
control for about 10 cents on the dol
lar. He knows, if he won't admit it,
that most of the independent, telephone
compan' p have organized for the purpose
of obtaining promoter's profits and have
afterwards been unloaded upon the public,
being baited with dividends paid out of
capital instead of out of earnings.
The promoter is utterly unable -to tell
you certainly whether the independent tel
ephone securities which he offers you so
glibly will turn out on asset or a liability
against your bank account. If the promoter
builds now he must build at prices which
will be a perpetual drag on the revenue of
"his company. If the public does not take
hold of his service as readily as he hopes,
his plant, which has been built at almost
prohibitive prices and at a time -when even
good bonds are a drug upon the market,
will lie idle until it becomes involved in
debt beyond recovery. Even admitting that
he finds business for his plantj'Jie must
operate under the dual disadvantage of"
high cost of material and the high cost of
money. If he makes a good showing for
his bond holders it will be at the expense
of his subscribers.
Christian Science leader, whose property
and condition ar at present tit subject
of a law suit brought by her "next
friends" against several prominent mem
bers of th Christian Sclenoo denomina
tion. An approaching Ruropran trip of
several months la assigned by Dr. Blumer
aTR the reason for his declination. Pr.
Blumer'a declination will necessitate the
appointment of another com aster to act In
connection with Judge Edgar Aid rich of
the federal court, and Dr. Oeorg P. Jelly,
the Boston alienist. .
Newspapers Ravklna; 1st Cola.
BIOUX FALLS. 8. D., July .-Bpe-clal,)
rhe Pooh Bah of South ' Dakota
Journalism la C L 8enn, of Lyman county,
who a few days ago purchased from J.
D. Ralney th plant of the Stanly County
Homestead, a weekly newspaper pub
lished at Hayes. In future th paper will
be conducted under the direction of the
new owner. Mr. Senn now controls
eleven weekly newspapers In Lyman and
Stanley counties, and la looking for mora
worlds to conquer. Hundred of home
steaders In that part of the state are mak
ing final proofa on their homesteads, and
the publication of the final proof notices,
at 16 per notice, la proving a profitable
business for the newspaper published In
that region.
Peewllar Accident to
STl'RGIS, 8. D., July 8.-Speclal.-Rob-ert
Craig met with a peculiar accident
In Bear Butte valley. He was splitting
wood, when hi ax waa struck by light
ning and driven Into hla foot. Inflicting a
very painful wound.
Theatrical Merksalca Meet.
BT. LOUIS, July I. Th eleventh bien
nial convention of the Theatrical Mechan
ic' association of the United Btstes and
Canada began here today and will be tn
session throuKhout the week. Delegates
from fifty-three cities are h-re. The of
ficers of the association are Grand Presi
dent William T. HutlT. Grand Secretary
Robert C. Newman, and Troaaarer Robert
F. Gleason. It Is stated a proposition will
be brought forth during the convention
to strike out the word ''rrerhanlcs" from
the title of the organisation and nuhstituts
"mutual aid," to dispel the idea that the
organisation I affiliated with the labor
movement. Another pronoaillon to be ad
vanced will be tli building of a home for
agud and Infirm members In th central
part of th country.
. Jap to Hav Larger tteamers.
SAN FRANCISCO, July t-Tho Toyo
Ktsen Kaleha Transpacific line will begin
th retirement of the flvet, consisting of
th American Maru, th Hong Kong Mara
and the Nippon Maru, from their preaent
service at once and the veaaal Will be
replaced by seven larger ones, three ot
which are now building, while th steam
Mhins now v tsltiim thla Dort will ply be
tween the orient and South American
rnrts. The new veeeels will n lwtB
000 and ,ufo tons displacement, which I
about 1.60) tone greater than the boats In
service at present. They will be equipped
2I 8eth Fourteenth Street,
Chinese, Mexican, Italian Dishes a Specialty.,
Chop Suey Chili Con Carne Spaghetti
Chinese Noodles Chili Mac Macaroni
Prompt and Polite Service Open All Night v '
Orders Sent Out Given Special Attention. ;
LadieV Parlon Up-tsin Phone Dougla B152.'
with turbln engines and will be oil burn-'
nrrtana In a Riot. '
MICHIGAN CITT. Ind., July -Follow.
Ing a drunken carouse, mora than fifty
Syrians and Turks engaged in a riot last
night among themselves In a suburb known
as th Byrlan settlement. Their weapons
wer knives, clubs and stones. Several of
the rioters were wounded. Two policemen
who undertook to quell the dlatorbenc
were overpowered. One of them. William
Warner, was badly beaten and stabbed
seriously. Th entire police force and a'
company of firemen raided the settlement
and quelled the row. Fifteen to twenty of
th rioters wer arrested.
News of Bellevne,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McChesney spent th
Fourth in Red Oak, la.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Livingston were Council
Bluffs visitors last Sunday. .
Mrs. Belle f. Clarke of Kearney was vis
iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chapman,
last Saturday.
James Mcuinley celebrated the Fourth la
Mr. and Mr. Ed StaufTer of Glen Elder,
Kan., are parents of a baby boy.
Mr. Kd Meyera, accompanied by her sis.
ter and little niece, haa gone to spend a
fAW weeks, In th noth western psrt of th
Miss Rachel Furguson has been visiting
In Lincoln for a few days.
Miss Edith Wright, who tsught at Avery
laat year, entertained her students on the
lawn at her horn one. afternoon last week.
Mrs. Lrfler and daughter and Miss Klva
Jarman of South Cunaha wer among
the Bellevu vialtora the Fourth.
Mr. Phlneas Ueckstead snd Miss Ethel
Hlndmsn were married lust Tuesday at
11:00 o'clock. The ceremony took plac at
PlattamOuth. Mias Marguerite Bradley
waa bridesmaid and Mr. Karl Longheln at
tended the groom. Mr. and Mra. tteckktsad
will make their home at Avery.
Cards are out announcing the marriage
of Miss Helen Black to Mr. Charles Mc
Claln. Mr. Teddl Talboe, formerly of South
Omaha, who was tn th L street acli-nt,
received damages last week. Mr. Talboe
was one of those seriously Injured snd says
he would not go through the experience
again for any amount.
Bellavue had more than the usual num
ber of large plonlc parties from Oman
and South Omaha ths Fourth.
A. B. Hubermann, 0 years at 8. E. Cor.
Uth and Douglas. 10 years direct diamond
Importer, sold at Import prices.
rrATc,yTS tnat PRQTrCT I
J Oar ) iMki nf laatiiori aalM aa rwiil ff ft ea.
J 1 JatB.l0i"aMftct).B.fc frib-ymj