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Wheat ud Ccrn Weak, with Ball
WorkiDff for Hall
t favorable Thrvahtaa- Repwrl
trwsa the Hilrrdt ftosta
nrt mmm In ('tar
f Day.
OMAHA, June 1. 1. sod corn ehowe-d cm ciinfM
at the opening, with bull working hard
lor a rdly. With it recent favorable
weatner and general lrr.r rovn.nt In cror,
condition, the main .-re.;, has drojled
from under the bull market. Reports on
threshing returns a- the feature from the
winter a heat sections. Borne unfavorable
threshing report came from the ektrems
Wheat opened nervous and some weaker,
with commission houses selling. Leal
bulla bought and tri-d for a rally. The
market was bare of offering. July wheat
opened at &c bid and doeed 8Sc aaked.
Corn opened weaki with a heat and
weaker cablea. Crop, report a ssy all Corn
la ama.Il and very weeuy and very little
cultivating being dona owlni to wet fields
July corn craned at. CTc bid. and cluaed
at nc asked.
Oata opened Strong and fcc higher on
continued damatte reports from Illinois and
Indiana. CommiBalon bouse were mod-rate
buyers. July oata oi-ened at Ua, bid,
and cloaed at 41SC aaked
Primary whaat recelpta were 44&.0uu bush
el and shipments lUiii.OuO bushsis, sgainst
receipts last rear of u,0u buahela and
shipment of 13h,wK busheus Corn receipts
were Mit.M buahela and shipments .4 Om
buahela, against receipts last year of Via -Inu
buahela and shipment of Hl.miO bushels.
Clearance were .0uo buahela of corn,
0 bushel of oata. and wheat sad flour
eausl to ttsLOflO buahela.
Liverpool tuosed Sd lower on wheat and
unchanged to Vtd lower on corn.
Seaboard reported 80,000 buahela of wheat
sud KA.OuO buahela of corn for export.
Loral rang of options:
Articles. Open. I Ri-k. how. Close. Tes'y.
sr.Bi irvB
f.A K.A 8F.A
BPA e"TA 87A
-t,a rr'ix. erA
47A 47A 47A
41HAI 41HA 41SA
at.yAl tHA ly,A
July.- TB! 4HTt
July... 41SB1 41-B
Sept.-I lbB 86A
A aaked.
OanaAai Oaeat Frleea.
WHEAT No. I hard. WlfVc; Ni. S
hard. 8(ffWc; No. 4 hard, 7o4,7c; No. 8
spring, W(7o.
CORN No. t. 4'94!ic; No. 4. 4GH'gH7c;
No. I yellow. 4Hfc4KVc; No. 8. 4F54Vc.
OATO-Ko. I mlsed. OStf'Ue: No. I white.
U'i-tHc; No. 4 white, 41M1H-
KIE No. JL 73c; No. I. 7iva
C4U-4tt KcretS'ta.
What. Corn. Oats
Chicago 26 416 71
Minneapolis Zlt
Omaha . 11 4C 28
OuluLh to
Ftalim f tk Tr4lac a4 Cloalaa
rrlWM ok Baai of Trade.
CHICAGO. June 19. The local wheat
market waa eironir today becauaa of re porta
nf small yields In the southwest and dam
age by rreen bugra and wire worsna In the
northwest. At the cloae wheat for Sep
tember deJlrerr waa up ii"c Com waa
up c. Oata abowed a net rain of IVulWc.
Provtslona were 6c to lTauc lower.
The wheat market opened weaker, sU
rg betnc cauand by lower cables and
favorable . weather conditions. Offerings,
however, wars rot liberal and were readily
taken br commtaalon houeee. Sentiment
beoame bulllah before the end of the first
ball hour and d urine the remainder of the
day the market was strong-, prices ad
vancing almoat ' above the low point of
larse r umber of reports from the south
west recardlua' the poor threshing- returna
In Oklahoma and the probability of ex
tremely small yields in klanaaa. The mar
ket was also strengthened by reports of
(linage wp bii and wire Jvu.-a.ia in
the nurthwoeL The market closed atrorr'
Pntemlwr opened trrC lower at H&
Klitc. sold off to 8SS0 and then advanced
to Xa. The close waa at RCitc. Clear
ances of wheat and flour were equal to
8W.70W bushela. Primary recMpte were 446.
K buahela, apainat (00.000 bushels for the
same clay last year. Minneapoha, Duluth
and Chlcapa reported reoaiptB of 274 cara. 3i. cars last week and 2U care a
year aaro.
'1 lie trn market was strong all day. A
feature of the market waa the buying- In
the :nw options by provlslona people and
large local epeculatore The market opened
aomvwhat easier m svinpathy wHh wheat,
but later became strong becsuse of light
otTetinfa and poor reports regarding the
crops In the south and territory east of
iriliKila. September corn opened SVie
lower at LV621eo, sold between &24aC and
I3c and closed at the high mark of the
day. Lineal -rejcelprs were 43d cars, 1SJ he
Inr of contract srrade. . .
The oata market was strong .throughout
the session because- of reports that the
green bug 1a appearing In large cumbers
In many parte of Illinois and Indiana.
There was strong buying throughout - the
day by speculative lnteresta. September
opened unchanged to higher at SAiC to
tic. advanced to ttc and cluaed at l7Vff''c.
Lral receipts were Ti cars.
Trading in provisions waa dull. The mar
ket was firm at the opening because of a
6c advance In the price of live hogs, but
later weakened on moderate selling by
packers. At the close September pork was
off 17V?r90o at r rVffl&.RO. Lard was
down iTWc at lube ware 60 loner
at S&.7S.
Estimated receipts for. tomorrow: Wheat,
14 cars; com. eoi cars; oata, 17 cars; hoga,
SZAm bead.
The leading- futures ranged as follows-
ArOolea-l Open. High.) Low. Cloae. Tst.
6'g7.iias' 16
"S 37S
ltd?! k&
. cruf H 70 I
. 7s 1SW j
(5 I Id
. en!
is rn
No. 1
Cnh quotations were as follows:
rLOt'R Steady; winter patents
twjMAO; straighta. 814ii:i 7fi; spring pal.
ante. $Af(6.ta; alraighrs. t3 io4.1i, bakers.
WHEAT No. 8 sprtrur Re-JtlK; No. 8
4Cr! ci; No. I red fcic.
1XK No. 8. 6JVc; No. t yeUow. 5SV1
OAT8-N0. 8, 40V--! No. 8 wbite, 46'a4fi,e.
ni c iu. A mi.
HAKLh.f-Fa;r to choice maltins. 705
sUiKDS Flsx. No 1 north went em t Ki
Timothy, prima. 84 76. Clover, contract
grades, f-i 16.
!. VleluNS-Rhort ribs side Ooosfi
V 6(i.4Bo. Mmi tork. per bhl , gia'tf
li.lfc. Uia. W l' loa.. t.t7k 8iort eleir
tdvs (boxed. 4.T;,.-k
f ollow tr.g tl. rucipts and ehlpmenta
tt hour .o4 grain :
Receipta. Shipment
4 rl
"beat, bu .41
Torn, bu 7. v
rata, bu L-v
Rve. bu l..t
Barley, bu 17 tty
4-A T
Xiv WO
4 4d
in .ne Kroouoe exchanre todsv r v,,,i
;er market was steady; crf-anirries. luic;
8aliia lTiulc. Eses. atrdv; t n.arit
ras Included. li,u'.4c: Cr-.a lie; prime
grata, 14c. Cheese, ateady, llVtjl8ic
' rmrim' Market.
PEORIA June 18 -CORN-Hph. r No 8
r1low and 8. t:. No. 4. tl. Nv
grade. 4.Wn".1,c-.
tATS M gher; No f white. i"&46e- No
I white, 4wjirr-. No I1M11 ,..iiHi(' N. 8. fcsi-
n'HieKt Cm the basis of 8i M.
rlath Aral Market.
PniTH, Mlra., June !, WHEAT-o.
I northern. V: No 8 northern, wr
nly. 8V: Srpteniber. Sec; riecemU!
OATS Ow track. 43c; June, 4THc.
. . UnvsMl flrwla Market.
UVERfViCl.- June 1V-VI HEiT-s-rt.'
a- r-d a esters winter. Quirt, as 1.
am is t 15
is IF. M 16 u
I TO 1 70 I
t ( R0
I RS . I k
m 1 ao 1
t TAal tl I
N- 1 relifr.rr'm rt'ill. S lid T'ltnres,
: Juit aJN1. fw.pmber. Tltjl
(' 'KStiL. firm; H-aa Jraa. haSd;
c Id n r:!i-n. i : T1., quiet; Jaly,
j nominal; f upteiriber. 4a
Qutatlaa af the Day a Tarlasa
in uo1 1 1 lea.
KETV TORK. June II -FlOr-fta-c-iptR.
11.".?: 1 I .la.; pria, '3 6 4 ; mar
ket moderately active and steady; Minne
e ta menta, til j f. 411, wir ier etra.chta,
$4i0w4 4;.; Vinnexola bakers. $.6fcVlS;
winter eitraa. li sutio. winter pnteota.
4 Mn , (.; winter low yradea. IMiae
4a Rya fcur, ftrrn; fair to ftood.
4 ,fjfc.. (hr,ir-e to lency. t:..lP6 4u.
CORN M EAIj Firm ; fne white and rej
I'.w. 11 .; t-oaraA, B.17l.l; kllu dried,
RTfc Steady; No. 2 western, nominal, c
I. f lit
WHEAT- Recelpta. bu.; exports,
Wi-u bu. Pp'.t nlfirket r.rm; No. t red,
7o elevator. No. 2 red. r..4. f o. U.
afloat; No . 1 northern InilutM. r TV f. o.
b . sflnat; No. I bard winter, Hf. f. o. b.,
aloat. An oj.rr.ire- decline 1 in wheat,
due to low-r ca!l-i. wa quickly r-fraln
and up to the lnet hur the market acted
very Om, rovrrnpd by bullish crop news
rrnm the northwrt ,T,fl reduced I'rtvate
rrr.p ejrt'.mat'-e frf.m Ohio and Missouri.
Rfal's'rir indu.ed latr aetbuKn, but near
the clou pries ntfadled acam and were
j finally to 1c n-t htr'-'r. Julv.
. tl rr. cload at r."; Bptemher PScfi
i.i'ii cine.j at r. OlVk, Icmbr RIulW3
1". cloaed st tl.oV
CORN-Roeipt. e.'.JJT. bu. ; exnorts, TX
oVP bu. Spot rrarkot firm; No. 1 63c. ele
vator aid 5c t. o. b.. afoat; No. i
M1. (Tv and No I Tfllnw. ClUc t n h
i afl .at f'ptlon market wan s-onrr on un- crop news, cloning- Tc net niftier.
July r!oe.1 at ;V: Peptetrher Qc; Ie
cmW 5HVc, cloB"1 nc.
OATS Re'-elpts. 7fUf bu,; exports, O
CW bu. ?jt market r.rm; tnlxod osts w;
to C poiiri-ln. ffic; natural wUte, y to K
pounds, n.m.yc; dipped white, M to 40
rK'tmrl. SIHW-V
HAT Quiet; shipping, 7W?ffic; rood to
f I '' 1 ,S,"1 ).
Hora Quiet: atat. commrm to choir.
1s. id.i.f; ie, 4Mit. Pacific toaFt, lyni.
nc: li.6, r.rnhr.
TTTDEP Quiet; Octroi America. 3c:
B'.rotn. rjt,c.
1 EATfTFR Quiet; acid. If. (B 17 U c.
TROVISIONS Reef, ateadv: family t14 Oft
fr. '9. meaa. u-r ham.' If Off
i:: packet, ri ViU S": cltv extra Innia
me. 122 oT JJ.Mi Ont mat, rteanr:
tickled helMe.. 11?f,l4f: tlckld
hams, ri!TS. Id. steady- Wefrtern
prime.. av7irt W: refined steady; conti
nent, tf SI' Col'th Am-l-ica t!'lE- cr.rn-
ound. n0iwr?.3S. For, steady; family.
I3I.B0W 00: fhort ciesr, lf.0CK& 16. CO;
niea. i - r.0 f 1 S rR
TAt-IrTV Steady; city l rr rkj.),
H-; connrry pkra. freel. 4Hc.
Steady: domestic, fair to extra, T-
F7'-: .Tr.n. rninfral.
RT'TTKR Sti-edy, atreet price. extra
creamer-, JT.Jc; official, creamery com
mon to extra, lric: renovated, common
to extra, IKfj-'JAy; western factory, com
mon to ftrFta, I7i?ic; wertern Imitation
creamery. flrFta. Jri.rao,
CHKESF-Btnrl ; new state full cream,
colored and white, larse and small, beat,
HHc: fair to rcod. Kollc; inferior, V-
FOrT-TRT litve. easy; sprln western
rblckena, lRc; fowls, l!Utc; turkeys, lie.
Pressed. !rre-ri!er: weMem broilefa, 22i3
24c; turkevs. Ka14c: foa-la. nTJc.
rXGS Firm,, state, Pennsylvsnla and
nearbj-, brown and mixed extraa.lS'&nBV':
firsts tao extra, first, 1SVW17V: western
firsts. lDViJ-ifec; official price ltc; seconds.
HW15t .
F"atr glla-ktlr Warmer for Tkwrw
dar. Sara the Prophet.
OMAHA, June 19. W7.
The weather li generally fatr In all sec
tions, except that rains are failing along
the middlt) Atlantic coast. In the lower
Mississippi valley and aouthwsst. Light
showers continued quite renerel In the
central . valleys during Tuesday. The
weather la cooler on the Atlantic coast. In
the lake reflon," upper Mtaslsalppl and Mls
eourl valleys and the eouthwest, and Is
warmer In all other portions The outlook
la favorable for fair and allghtlv warmer
weather rn this vicinity tonight and Thura
day. Omaha record of temperature and pre
cipitation compared with the corresponding
day of ths last three years:
1R07 1B0R 1RGB 11X14
Mla-mum temperature.. .ER ,5S .87 .67
t-WU.liatJon .00 T .2R .04
Normal tbmpVratuSe for today. 7S decreoa.
retclncv In precipitation ainos Maroh 1.
1.7S lnchea.
Iefjciency . 00 rreipo tiding period 4n I90S.
l.? lnchea.
Iieficienty corresponding period ia 1NE.
l.iU lnchea. .
1 A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
Cora aa4 Wktt Resrioa Rnlletta.
For the twerty-fouf hours ending at I a.
m., 7Mh meridian time, Wednesday, June
IS, li7;
Temn. Rain-
Etatlons. Max. Mm. fall.
Ashland, Neb 76 56
Auburn, Neb 71 65
Columbna. Neb: 74
Fairhury. Neb.... 7S
Fairmont, Neb... SO
Or. Island, Neb.. 74
Hartlnirton. Neb. 8S
Hastlnga. Neb.. 73
Oakdale, Neb 71
CWiiha, Neb 72
Tekamah,' Neb... 75
Alts, la...
Carroll. Ia
Clarlnda. Ia..
Bibley. Ia
Sioux City. Ia... 74
Minimum temperature for twelve-hour
period endinr at P a. m.'
No. of Temp Rain.
Central. Statlona Max. Mln. Inches
1. nicago. ill 26
Columbua. 0 17
tea Motsea. Ia ... 14
Indlanapoha, Iod.. 13
Kansas City, Mo.. 80
Louisville, Ky 1R
Minneapolis. Minn. 80
Crmsha, Neb 18
8t. Louis. Mo 13
Ks A2 .11 !
ffi au .,
64 68 Tl
h 2 .On !
64 0 .88,
M ) .OKI
"0 44 .08
76 64 .04
R0 (4 .CI 1
The weather Is cooler In aU except the
extreme eastern portion of the corn and
wheat region. Showers occurred la all ex
cept the Minneapolis. Columbus, Indian
apolis and Louisville dlstncta.
I- A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
kt. I eaia oescral HuUt,
ST. LOflS, June ll.-WHEAT Hlgiier
traik No. 8 red cash, kife curie; No. 8 hard.
misoc; July. SMiuiAc, September,- tekid
CORN Higher; track No. ? cash, BPiic
6;ci Ptembtr, :ic; No. 8
while. fi itc.
OATB-Hifxher: track No. 8 rash. 44V9
4Tc: July. 44c; September, 871i,c; No. whits,
4. Jjc.
FLOUR Quiet ; red winter patents 84 40
64 7t; extra fancy and atraight, liTwftH.jy-
?.KP?.iJTilJe,rST- W-0000.
C i-ilOvMi-AL-Wuak; li.TU. .. .
RRAN Steady; ackd east track. 81.40
HAT-tteady; timothy, 817.UW&80.6; prairls
H I MP TWINE-le. . .
l-Ko ISloNS-Pwk, lower; Johblnr
tl6.Su. Lard, l.wer: prim steam Iai6'
I'ry salt meats, sredy; hosed xra ahort"
I1 S7H; cl-.r nba. tf.tTi hir cl-ara, 8 SE.'
Baoon. ateely; boxed nut h;.rt $idSi'
cii-r rihs lln.Jf.; adiirt cleira t'O ii'W '
It'l'LTRY Firm : rhlckena. luc; er-ma.
ISc; turkeva. lie; ducks. Kc; tre-se, te.
Hutier tfl-ady : creamery, Xijio.
EGGS Ouiet
Fl.'ur. bhl fiia
Wheat, bu Ut:i
Cum. bj jj v
Oata, bu 84.uu0
Su tl
. Kaeaaa City Crala avael PtstUIch.
; f-;.ieniuer. fin-; Tecemuer, Hm,"
Cti: No. I hard trta44r; No. I kiwi
; No- S red snsfc-wo; No. 8. f-frc.
t i 'RN J uiy, 4Sc. eVpleniber, 4"c; De
mUr Cah: No. 8 mixed, tuc;
No. 1 StS; No. 8 white. tAtWmc; No. a
ft K I .
4.-!ckT'NO' wh,,e c: Ko- mixed,
' HAT-Weak; choice t'mothy, risuyi7a.
choice j.raine. f .071 Ou. '
! RTH eii r-ady; 7ie
I tGGS Bieaiiy : extra fancy, lHic- flrsta.
i '"""a lev; current recipt,, cases
included, esses returned, 11c; eouibern
, ca-a, (oclujed. lie.
1 is I'TTKH Creamery. Ec: pack'ng. 14c.
.' -,., . , Recelnta Shlpmenta.
orn- )
MMwaakee rrtls V.rt,P,
MIWA1KEE, Jnr. 1 WHEAT Steady;
itll r:.',1h,'T- 11 a1-,i northeriC
. 4ffl "IS. h-iiioii,w-r. fe.Uc
I '-:--, ;;. 1. -T--i.
PARLEY 4?tedy; Na. 1 TSV: sajapkm,
"VA,: i
CXjKN No. '8, caah, 'ttaii; aVspimuner.
6. c.
Speculation in Wall Streft Market ii
at a Standstill.
PrrewlosiaI EfTvrt t Make Raaanre4l
1 rreaw la tHyi41eBi41 tmmmr tor
avat A4-aee Fall Maw
14 tor rraare.
NEW TORK. June IS. Speculation m
storks was practically St a standstill t
oay. The pmfessinnal traders sttemrted
to make something of the Readtrg dtvl
dnd inrldent. bjt little success attendd
'he pTnrts to revive expectations that the
dividend would be Increased. The trading
In Reading during the f.rst hour repre
sented the erects Of these efforts. Small
as was the result. It amounted to a laree
proportion of the day's scrragste transac
tions The pr'ce movement was almost
erially iosirnlflcant.
The 81"-') gold engas-emcnt for ship
ment to Farla, added to the 81."A.0(m whi'-h
was ant out by today's ateamer. s as
about equal to estimates Farit also took
Il.lfti.ono from the Rank of Bnrlar.d todtiy.
Tt :e forf-ign exchanre showed some slight
effect, but the recession waa not aufflcler.t
to rreclje the poastbility of a continuance
of the rold outro, hirh ha now reached
the sum of 81f..SK" ' since the movement
be-ssn. Fore'rn bankers sre not disposed
to see sy warrant in this movement for
suppoaii.x occult political or other troubles
to be frshadowed. The position of the
Rsnk of France offers sufficient explanstlon
for the efforts of that Institution toward
recuperation. On June li Its rold holdlnrs
amm.r,M4 tH44 t-y sn ..h
I8!.XS8,7; on June 14. lon The statement
for the prevtn.js week shows it bill hold
Irrs to be f4.M. W in excess of a year
aro end lis note issues : ooo.(KX larrer on
the seme comtarisn. Even the receipt of
the rold row in transit for lals. It will
be aeon, will leave a conserahle marrln
of recuperation still to be effected before
last year's pos'tlon Is equftlled. The Influ
ence of the movement 1n New Tork bnr.k
reser-es Is none the l;ss imjiortant. The
rate fr call loans was hirher sitain today
In spite of the almost stagrnsnt condition
of the stock market and lates for time
lonns rose. The profound apathy with
which the stock market is betnr treated
Is explained by the money outlook. The
threatening strike In the telegraph field
was not a help to the market, while not
diroctly hurtful. Advance In express companies-
stocks has reflected the expectation
that the example of the Adama Express
company will be generally followed In an
ticipation of the operation of the Hepburn
law calling for more detailed accounting
by the express companies.
Ths price of copper receded In London
assln today, and was also marked down
on the metal exchange In this city. The
movements of the price of the metsl keep
sentimert on the copper securities unset
tied and give plausibility to rumors of un
stable conditions In the market for the
metal as a whole. The weather conditions
reported In the crop regions continued
favorable and confidence In the progress
of the crops was undisturbed. Some at
tention was paid to reports or an Intended
strengthening of the naval forces In the
Pacific with a view of possible eventuali
ties with Japan. A new low rate for Brit
ish consols In the London market was an
Incident of the dsy. Professional operators
rave aa a reason for the practical aban
donment of operations after the first hour
the destr to await action on the Readinr
dividend. The adjournment of the dlrectore
without action on the dividend resulted In
rise in Res ding, but there was no revival
In the rest of the market, the closing tone
remaining irrerular and uncertain.
Bonds were Irregular. Total sales, r
value, t750.O"0. United States old 4s ad
vsnced S, per cent on call.
Number of sulee and range of quota
tion on ths New Tork Stock exchange:
elf. Risk. Low. Class
Atetni KipreH IK i n ii
imltiiuHl Capper to K ? J' U
Arasr. Cir ani Foundry.... ino V S 44n 4'S4
o pf4 )e n, S 7"4
Amr. Cottoa Oil luo fi t- .v
4o pf4 . av
Amir. Esprrws lfio EM SS" I.I
Abmt. Hi4 A Laatbar fit. W) II l II
Amer. lc as
Amer. Llnaed Oil p
pM j4
Arasr Uuhuti 6, mo U H. r.
4o pfd Jif
Amer SnerUiic 41 Hf.-..i 8.100 M54 1M TlSaJ
pt . 10.
aaier. Sasar ttsfiuax ion 1 14 if
Amer. Tr.barra pOl otls.... H H 11 '
AnaronOa Mining Oa..u.. t0 tSt 4 MI44
Atnhisaa 4no M IT a
4a pt4 ' l.K III S3 D?u
Atlsntle Coaat Uh (C
Baltlmar Ohio 1.000 M US, M
0 p(4 100 88 IS M
Brooklyn Rapid Transit.... !. t3;H 4714 t
Canadian Pariflo SOU 14ts 14
Cetral nf New Jerary 170
Chaaapaaka A Ohio 700 13 14 1314 Is.,
Cnlcaso Oraat S'Mrtera . ... . rK li IS 10.
Cklcafa A Northwestern.... (l 141 K1V 141
Chlruan, at A Bt Paul.... 1.)U0 li ISa
Chioasn Term. A Trana. 7
do prd , II
C. C. C. t. Louie 44
Cr.lnr.4o Tur and Iron Ino rn tl
Colorado A Southern SnO ti Zt
do lat pfd I'm lt 'r.K, u
do Id pfd 0 44 444 44
Oonaolldated Oa .... 11(
Corn Prod una 19
do pfd 100 78 11 71
Palawara A Hudson .... , 10344
Lark. A Wasters 441
tirnTer A Rio Ormade. 100 ti tt M
do pfd 70
Plstlllars saenrtttas loo csvt n tt.
Brie sot 12 ii SI
do lat p'4 ; K
to Id r4 . . S4
Ornnl Elactrto BJ0 m UT 1HT
Horklnf Vallar 71
lUlama Oaetral 114
Inter Paper 104 IS it yj
do pfd ... 71
later. Pomp 81
do pfd . 4i,
lews Central 17
do pld .....,,.... ... It
C O. sonthara rn
de prd l.'H
Imun.n A Naahrtlla llct,
Mmcaa Cantral M0 1H, 11
Mlna A St Louis 41
W Hi r I aault St. II M
do pfd 127
Bliaaouri Parlflr. 400 74 741 7M4
kllaaoun, Kanaas A Tnaa. "0 B1 K ti
do pfd 104 4Jli JH 1
National Lead 100 M t t
N R It of Meitos pld.. 41
Now Tork Central 1.406 111 U. 1'IS
K. T , Ont A Waslarn U
Norfolk A Wasters 71
do pfd W.
North Amertran (00 44 Si W
Par-.tlr Mall . SI4
Pennarrranla 10 Inn ll4 11"1 U
Pnple'a Gaa 0 4
PI'ta . C C. A St. L ti
PTiaikd Steel Car , .... tt
do pfd IT
Pulitnn Paleo Car J'S
keadinf U4.IU0 1W tSlk 1'-S
do 1st pfd 4 4
dn id pfd 7
Kapul.llr Btsol .... ru.
do pfd 4 "j
Bock Co 1.0 fl 4
do ptd 100 44 44 4:o
St. L. A Ban Fran td pfd 4" 14
Bt. Loals Soutliwaiurn
dn pfd 81
Southern Foic 8.1W 74 7H 4
do pid t) r.: irs in
Boinbara Aallwar l' '"w T
do pid tu tl 41
Tennaaiiw Cnal and Iron 11
Tsaa A Paclflr 84
Toi , Ii L 4 Waste.... 8"S ri rr
do prd 4 4S 4 4i4
Vrlon PariSc 40 lit 111 V-i
do pfd 44
T B Erpraas VS 11 l't
C 8 f :! 600 M U tS
T kubhar It 4 Hhk 4
do pfd .. .............. . . as
r I Steal 4 o fl I7H lr
d pfd I Cttemloal. &
6n pfd 101
Wabash ,M .... 1?
da prd
Wflia-Perno rt"
Wfls-.lasbouar Eiefic
S'eatem rnion
Wbaolma A Lake Xrta. ..
Wlaroaala Cabtral
In pld .
Nrthsni Pamfio .........
Central Leather
do pfd .
Great Northern pfd.. ...
lbLertroush Metropolitan
do old
.... r
.... 7
so" isr '.:? l-.-iH
l.MI 4V 11 t 4
1400 lit ISai
n 44 4tia 44
Total aakas lur tka ear. anaraa.
Fervlaa rtaaartal.
LONDON, June 18. sJ.iney was In rood
supply snd demand In the market todav.
Iilacounta were a shade easier. Tradir.r
on the Slock exchanre sere stasmitnt and
the tone waa Irregular, with a sarsing ten
dency In the case of British ecurliiee, but
foreirrksrs generslly were firm on conti
nental support, with the exception of Rus
sian bonda. which were weak eamg to the
Internal troulles In Russia Japanese Im
perial 0a of l!s) rloend st l'Jf American
ruled dull early In the day. but hardned
gradually later, cunteUona at noon stand
ing well over parity. New Tork offered
I'rlon Pacific In the afternoon wtfirh de.
piaseea the whole list and after a alight
recovery ths marked closed lifeless
BETRIJN. June IB. Price reneral'y on
the Bourse todsy ware firmer uoe) the
newpaier re-r,rt f the lncr-aa.i eam of the Oerman steel combine and tha
favorable crop report of Agent-Himciri'
Buesiana wee weaker on the mutiny at
Kiv e. peasant ewtreak to the
Voire district
PA HIS. June 11 On the Bourse today, la
the arsence" of Mooched tn rvmnectlon
with the arrests In the south, price Im
proved st the opening, but realisations fol
! wej. routes weakened and the tone at
the cloae was lrre war. Russian Imperial
4s were not quoted. Russian bends ot 18W
closed at 4K3,
He-w Terk Maner Marke-t.
firm. ir oent; rullnr rate. 8 per
cent; closing bid. t per cent; offered at
- per cent. Time loana, stronger: sixty
dsva. 464'w per oent; six months, M4 per
per cent.
acfjaj bualnese In bankers' Mi's at 84.IC3SJ
4 8T411 for demand and at 84 satC'SH (a for
sixty-day bU's. ported rat, 1.4VJ4,M:
eomirercial hills. 84 s?S-
F1LVER Bar, 7Sc; Mexican dollars,
'.VPS Government, firm; railroad. Ir
rerular. '.! -sinr Quotations on bonda toTsy war
as ioi'ovp:
G. B. ref
.104 JIr,n an, pd asnas... fW
..l'i.4 oa 4S. erfa .s
. 1: do d Sena 4
. de 4 M
. l"-L A K. snl. 4a.. in
..l"eta.MaB e rol4 a .. r
..31le Central 4a f'.St
do 1st Inr o
.. " Mmn A Bt U 4a.. M
..ltH M . K A T. 4a t
.. V do Ida ... I MV
do coupon
t. B. la. rag
do onupnn . .
r. - old 4.
da rmiroe . .
T. B new 4a, reg...
do ronnotl
Am Too. 4s
dr. 0s
Atrhleoa sea. 4i
do adj. 4s
Atlantic C. L. 4a..
h. A o
do ?Ss
Brk R T. rv. 4a...
en a. of at. ten
N T, C fan. Ik ... !
N j C gon A .. l'S
irsjNo Pacific 4s ion,
404 d is tast
Central of Ga 6a .. 1H c a West, t
oo in lac . . .
Iii. B L rfs 4a . SUA
do 2d lac......
flo d Inc
Chaa. A 0 4 .
vLirago A A. Ait
CP A Q a.
C, fi. 1 A P.
.. 7l 'Pann. cy Ilk.
.. t keaH!n t'" 4a 4ft
..1P.H-4L L 4 L k I aalii)
.. fl L. A 8 P. t. a lr
1 . MTot. L. 6 W. eon 4s 74
... Seaboard A. L- 4a. . 71
On Co I. la.
MV Bu ParlBc 4 . M
rrc. I n. L i 4 d lit 4 e!
Colo. Id4. t. ear. A IJH4 anthero Rr 4a .. . .ltwiij
Colo. Mid. 4a "Ttt A T. 1st HI
Colo. A So. s . T., St L AW 4a 734
Cat 4a In ion Pan Be 4a 10. H
i'. a r. o 4i n r a ti v-t
l-.-.r tr.r lien 4.... H tVabaiih lstk 10f
It per 4a Sf Wente-n Md 4 71
do syn 4 BH s.'haslltit A L. E 4 o
Wock VaL 4a li.s Wisconsin CaotraJ as. tt
ianan s tt '
OCered. Bid.
arts hxVi ! Baadi
BOSTON, June l. Csll losns.
cent, time loana, o4cs per cent,
closing on storks ana bond:
Alrhlkon adj. 4t 4.. ItlLcbam
do as st cal. A Becla...
Mea Central 4s 71 Onienclal
Atnhlson 87 Copper Eaugt ..
do pfd rHItir West ;
44f6 per
miston a Albany. ..Ill Franklin
lltaoi A Maine
14.' IMa Kurals
flotnn tievated
PltcShnrti ptd .
131 am Mining ...
alea. (.antral
.. 4
. :
. 41
. lii
. u
. 41
. 4M
. It
.. tr
. 74
.. mt'
N T . N. H A H I. Mont Coal A C. .
rnlou Paoillc Ill It Old tiamlnloB ....
la Pneu. Tub..
Am. Sugar
do rfd
Am Tel. A Tel..
Am. Woojaa ....
do pld
IDdlBuo Elec 111.
7 Oar .0 in
17" Parrot
liMt tibannon
14 s Tamarack
. Trinity
t'nlted Coonar ..
Maaa. K.ectrlc
... I A Mliasf .....
do pld M C. B. bU.
Mtn Gal of t I'uh
l"nlt4 Fruit lf.sw victoria .
I nlled Ehoa Maeh.... 44 Wli ona
do prd
. . 17 H Wolvatine
.. IT a, Nurth Hutt
.. "s katta Coalition .
. . 1 Tada
.. t Ctl A Arliona. .
.. 824iArt. Com
C C. Bteel
do pf4
Aked. "Bid.
London CI real ear Storka,
ININ. June 18 Closing quotations on
storks m-tr as folio:
CansTila, monc7 II l-if. K. A Texaa r?
do account RJH-lIN T Central 114
Anaronda Ill Horlo A W astern. . 74i
Atrhlann tn An pfd 84
do Pfd W Ont A Western K
Ftaltlmors A O &i FVonaylTania 4ita
Cauadlas ft cite 1 TVS hand aUnas lit
C hoa. A Ohio 44, ttaadln 81
Chlraao O. W 6..nlbm T ll
JC. M A St. T 184 do pfd 4?h
DeBeor 14 Ao. PacISc 7H
i I). A R O.. r. t alon Pacific 1144.
da pfd 7t So pfd
Krie 8i!4tO. a. Sleel u
do 1st fd fT do pfd 100
do Id ptd.... 44 Wabash 14
Grand Tnm. 2T5i so Bfd 44
. Illinois Central 140 Bpsulan 4a 43k
L A Xnl-rllle , .. 11IU ' a
FIL ER Bar, steacty; Bd per atinos.
MONEY Sid pft,;1ent .
The rate of discount p th open market
for short blTlB !s I IS-784? per Cent; of threw
months' bllU, 8 18-14 Tsr cnt,
' f'-s'f .-
1 .Ne-w lark M Master ftoclca. r
NEW TORK, JunwiBe-Gloaing quotations
on mining sucks sere:..
Adtms Con 4 Little chlaT 8
Alloa J.."7S OnJarl .!........ IM
Braao 20 orJilr 171
Hmnnrlrk Om ftn Pmoal 14
! Oumstork Tnnnal .... K f.arao f.0
1 t on. tl aud. a Wi aiarra Ksasda ....... 10
; Horn SllTsr 144 fmtll Hops SI)
Iron Bllrar Z- Btandar8 "f
LsadTtiis Coa.. 4
Tresry stateiaeat.
WASHINGTON. June 19 Today's state
ment of the treasttry halances 'n the gen
eral fund, exclusive f the 810.000,00
1 ren-ne. ttioa-t: Avanarjie c-aan balance.
tSc .476.181: wold corn and bullion, 8Si.aJ7.Ut.
gold certiflcavUis, 8Hi.7ii.t20.
' flaak Clearlaara.
j OMAHA, Jtin 1. Bank clearings for to
i day were ll.BS!.CfAjn and for the oorre-
sponaing uaie last year, ti.ta,uuia
Wool Market.
BOSTON. Mass., Juns IS WOOL Re
cent large sales In Imported fne wojlt
has Increased the volume of hualneiis In
the local market, although trading aUorvg
domestic lines continue quiet. Thar
have been some arrival of aprlng Texas
stock, hut the Arlsooa nrw wool is about
sll taken. Recent heavy sale In uuarter
hlood fleece has exhausted th stock of
fl.,.f-e wools and dealers axe awaiting tha
arrival of the new clip for quotations,
Oregon are bringing Idaho wools
are moving freely at 18 618c for clothing
and lstSllc for staple. Wyoming clit.
are selling at 18 & lc and there continues
to he considerable business In Montana
at 2Jc. There wer but few local quo
tation and bu sines In fine rrados Is
stasrnant. There have been a few trana
fere In territorial wool. The new Texas
wool haa been sellinr at 'ilis 4c for a
few lota. The Australian wool market
is active as far a fine lines are con
cerned, with most of the sale at -4SQ4 4R.
Among domestic quotations are the fol
lowing: BllKsouri. three-elrhtha-hlood, 81
fr8ftc: quarter-bloods, SO41 81c Texas fine,
18 months, i&4f 21c; fine, 8 to 8 months.
JStal:4c; fine fall. iOSIle. California
northern. 14 87c; northern awerare, 84 O
8fr: middle county, 21t5:Sc: southern, 18
4rlSc: fall northern. 14 4?lc: fall south
ern. 16jlc. ftrrron extrs No. 1,
83ir?;4c; eastern No. ! clothing. Seville:
eastern average, 17&18c; valley Nc. 1, 18
45 27c. Texaa. aooured hasi. fine, 12
moniha. 7(ti72e: tine. 8 to 8 montha.
tfifHr California, acoured hAla. north
ern. 68S6SC-; middle county. tac;
southsrn. C75 fall free, D7IS8Sc: fall
defective, 4045 tie, Oregon, scoured basin,
ettstern. No. 1 staple. 705 T7c; extra Ni
1 clothing. fjp7fjc: eastern sverage ggi'
7c: vallev No. 1, 8fc3 42r: valley ?Vo 2
8841 tfic: valley No. 8, Htgf!'-. Terrttot-v
acoured hssia. fie staf.le. 70S7Jc; flr
medium taple. 4,'S70c. fne clothinr,. 41
ti7c; fine medium clothing. ffMr
lulled, scoured baai. extra. 4T.e; extra. 68
(Ti7Ic; fin A. Bkjve; A euptrs, 8 6E8e
B supers. 4 J fi 47c.
FT Iv"H'lS Mo, June 1 WOOL
Ptendv. medium grade. combing and
clothing. J5r?i,c l'rl.t fine. II
514c: heavy fix. li)6 17o; tub washed.
rtrltoa Market.
NEW TTiRK, June 19 OITTON "riot
closed steady; tru.ldlinr uplands ! tsSc'
ni'dilmr g-tilf. IS ic: sales. 4t5 bale '
New Tork cotton quotations, f tmished hv
7... ran A Bryan. ! Hoard of Trade huild
4"'len. H'trh. Low. Close
October 3!SS :7c- ntf; jitu
fit,tetTlr l'ST. ntS li"i jtg
1,..t-t life! nr, lies 134
I.iA'FRPOOL, June 18 OOTTTiN-Apot
market quirt, rrtc 4 pont hirher; Amer
ican go.l mi.illinr. 7 73d: middling 71fid
lew middhrr inl; good ordinary ,d
crdlr.ary. 8xd The s.- of the day v, .-re
8.0W bale, of which ln were for sre' il
lation and export and trwluded 8 7410 Ameri
can. Recelpta. lt.OM. bales. Including llTf)
BT IvCel'TS. Mo. June 18 COTTON
Quiet: mi.1d!'nr. Cm,e. tbles I ft t,le re-t-ipt.
4f. balea; shipments, at bales, stock
3 4w. lUa
Nnv fiRLRANS. tine 1! CVrTT1N
Sp-'t marVet cl.ised suiet; sal-s. ntm baiM-h-w
ord'r.ary. TVc: ordinary. 4o, anmlnal:
""! ord.aary. 14 2-Hic. tor"ir,a, low n. id
tiling. 11 7-ltW;: middlms. lf"c; good mid
dling. 13c; mldniirig fair. Uc. nomlral
fair irvc EecelHa. Lias bales, stock, i -Tde
'star ttd Malsuft,
NRW TORK. June 18 ITl'GAR Ra w.
1 quiet; fair reftn'ng. 8l"r: rentr.fjgsl H
test. 1 ..; m.. las. sigar. tlrV; refined,
ciiiiet: No . 4 (-: No 7. 4 Sec; No 8 4 Hw
No. 8 Site-; No, v 3fe: No. n. 4-8uc; No!
II. 4 2f-; No IS. 4 8e; No 14. 4 lie; efc
tx.ners A 44r: rriauld A. 8 aVc cut
lic. cruahed. tTvr; powlred. AMtei gran-
Llalod. llW, Cube. I XO
Good rt Cattle Steady, Other. Slow,
with. Tendencj Lower.
He SVew 4 tVraersiIlw F-ra Orate
mmi tU, wltk rawllaaj
SB 8SVk4ar.
Heostpts wer: Csttle. Hot; Bhe-p
Omcla) Monday lf.1 4 7 8 lA
OfTlclal Tuesday 8.KTJ 7.OS0 8 M
Official 'Wednesday 4.A K.liiO Lumo
Three days this week. 11.83 84 7.18
ame dayi last week. ...Ubs 81. 745 8.7W
Sam days I week aro..Kt.K7 8170 10
Sam days 8 sreea aro.. (L7"4 TT.t 10. C
Pme days 4 weeks ago.. K.O 8S crj if, oi
tame davi last year.... 11. 428 la
The following tahle show the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep st Bouth Omahs for
tha year to date, compared with last year:
lr7. 18". Inc. Iec.
battle Ka.inj 44i.(K4 j,;8h
Hogs 1.21h.:so IU.1K7
tthewp (SM.OM :4h.7r ,8b
Cattle quotations.
Good to choice corn-fed steers 8K 70
Good to fair corn-fed eteers t V'j. 00
Common to fair steers 4
Oood to choice cows 4 8:-v6 re
Fair to grod cow and heifers
ood to choice stockers snd feeders 4.f"aj4.l(
Fair to good Blocker and feeders.. 4 &A 60
Common to fair stockers "... 8 0014 Oft
BullA stacs, etc 8 JRe 10
Vesl cahrea 4 AJ7.(k)
Ths following table shows the avrag
price of hoc at fkiOth Cmaha for ths last
several days, with comparisons:
Date, lscrj. 1f.I1IB :ifsl.!lWi8 !l!08.iloi.
Juns I..
June 8..
June 10..
June 11..
or! 8"'
. 6 87i
8 (14,1
8 tn
I 17
8 801
8 1
I is"
8 1S
8 821
5 !
t 18
4 8
4 7'H
4 n
4 7j
4 M'
4 re
4 Mil
4 K
4 H
I 8 T8
8 86j
4 !
8 0t'
8 t.
6 P7
8 Mi
7 n
7 Ml
7 ft'
T 8
7 8I1
8 8
8 n
8 SI
8 M
8 Fl
June 12..
June U..
June 1..
June IS..
June IS..
June 17..
June 14...
June li .
.1 e ?v, ( 8s!
e twhi ii
8 ! t
t M It
I f 881
t si!1
B S2 &s
i 8 8T
T 4
t i $ R8
7 2 8 f
7 4i 6 M
Cattle. Hor.
Omaha jj sivt: on 8S.?V "5
Kansas City 8 e.iJ..TS 8.60 i5 20
Chicago 17T.'q7Ki 8 70 tpoasA
Ft. Louis ln(77t 5 8"! JiflflO
Bioux Ctty 8 8t.$.8S 6.85 t 00
The cfhclsJ number of csrt of stock
brought In today by each road wa:
t.a11.1e. nogs, oner p. n r a
C, M. A Bt f 1
v aoeen j
Mo. Pae a
Vnlon Pactfie Pystem 84
C At K. W.. (eat 8
C. At N. W. (west 1 80
C. BL P., M A O
C. B Q. (east) 10
C, B. A Q, (west)... 38
C, R. 1. A P. (east..
C TL J. A P. (west) 8
Ilrtrols Central 1
c. a. w 4
Total Tacelpts ....18
4 4
81 I
18 2
8$ 8
814 II
jne oispusitton of the flay s receive wa
aa followa esch buyer purchasing the num
ber of bead Indicated: t li'i , enrrn
umena racxtng to... ltd r
flarlft and fetmnae. v fi.
- , , ...... i,-.i - . 1
vuaany rsciinf t.-o
8iJ 41a8
fiS 41a
! Armour A Company
Omaha Packing Co., k."c. 118
. uoany racking . o.. K.c. 1IW
Swift and Company. K, C. 148
Armour A Co., K. C 69
Lehman At Co 85
HlU A Bon..,. 86
P. P. Lewi 11
Huston A Co J4
Ktnran At Co 1S8
Sol Degan lid ....
J. B. Root A Co 20
8 6 Bf .... ....
T. B. Inghram
Lehmer Bros..,.. 88 ....
other .Buyers ...... , J; 408 ....
Total 4 UTS lTl - K5
CATTLE Receipt of cattle this morning
Were liberal. 271 cars being reported In. As
usual the arrivals x-oaslsted very largely
of corn-fed steers, with only a sprinkling
of other kind.
Packers and buyers for outside account
were In the yards in fair season this morn
ing, and while owing to the large run and
unfavorable advices from eastern points
the feeling was a little weak, nevertheless
It was evident that buyers still wanted the
cattle. The result wa that good kind,
that is. cattle having both flesh and quality
generally Bold at ateafly prices. A high
a 847(1 wa paid for choice killers, the
highest price of the yesr to date and the
highest sine 1902. herring only some
Chrlstmss cattle last I-eoember, which
hronrht 81.85 The most of the cattle sold
in very good season in the morntng On
the other hand right and medium cattle
were alow and the tendency on that kind
lower. As noted yesterdsy a rood many
Texas cattle are arriving at Chicago and
it the southern markets. These Texss
cattle take the place to a eoneiderable ex
tent of th cheaper grades of fed cattle.
Hence It l.appena at about this season that
the less desirable of the enm-fed ""
under the influence of ths competition from
Tens beef.
The cow sittistlon was very had this
morning There a-as quite a sprinkling of
both oows and heifers on aale, with buyer
few and far between. In fact. It wa not a
question of prto on anything In the row
line but mostly a question of securing Boms
one to mske a bid Bo long as this con
tinues It would seem to be s most una-ise
thing for the country to attempt marketing
thtr cow stuff.
The few Blockers and feeders on sals
were" very much sourht after And com
manded g-ooa. nrm prices.
Representative sales:
K. AT. Fr Ne. Ay. rr.
11 447 4 44 tu IK! I II
II K II I IS 4i 1441 I 14
II 444 ( 14 14 1421 I II
It 44 4 44 41 12i 4 o
It, 4T I 14 tl 1141 I 10
41 11' t 40 1 10(7 I ft,
IT 11M 4 M 44 1114 4 14
4 4 40 14 IMS 4
74 22 I 4 44 41 ,. 1120 4 Bt
li 1117 I 70 44 1MV I 14
14 H" IH X' ISl-l 4 14
tD 1"2I I 74 n ISM I t
8 1"S1 8 78 74 1174 I 44
K l'Si f f 40 1340 I 44
17 1140 4 ' 14 ll'E 4 44
tl 11M I 44 11 irt 4 40
14 12:1 4 SO 47 1JM 4 44
4 lStl 4 00 to Itsi 4 40
11 1172 4 0 II Hot I 40
41 1171 I 00 44 14..4 4 40
4 1 4 Ml It 1471 4 40
II ... 1104 4 00 44 1211 4 4
17 12--4 4 OS 44 lf:l 4 41
il UTI 4 10 10. llti 4 Tt
M 1WJ 4 10 74 1411 4 W
tr 1t4 4 10 14 111! I W
41 122 4 14 tt 1464 I N
cow a.
I... 44 IM I 404 I Tt
1 ." 74i 1 k 1 ii4i t re
8 440 I 44 8 il'l 4 44
1 11.-0 I 74 1 4fJ 40
444 I 15 K "-4 4
8 KHI I 74 t !rf 4 04
1 lit" I 00 1 1?2" 4 14
1 I 14 8 )1U t It
8 IL t 1 2 K10 4 40
1 l'i I 40 8 Itm 8 t
It 14.4 I 74
8 .' 61 I 00 11 44 4 tt
8 4..I I 75 17 4.7 4 40
8 K0 I Tt I .113 t to
44 4l 4 W 8 411 t 4u
8 BrO 4 44 I 711 4 46
1 1174 I SO 1 ln d 40
8 H4 4 V 1 Il t 44
t 14 4 44 1 17". 4 44
I 1-tt 40 1 ......lilt 4 44
l 14-4 4 TO 1 U.40 4 W
1 li.4 4 74 I 1124 t 40
1 1'. V 4 7 I.. M III
1 144 4 ,
8 4B4 4 tt 1 144 8 71
1 li i 4 2 IM 4 74
1 444 4 4 H III
1 In I K 1 1 mi 7 tie
I no t K 1 lu lat
4 lat I It 1 isu t 0
1 14 4 BE. 1 114 7 at)
I Ill I U
t 411 4 to 8e 414 4 7
HOOS Todsy's hog ruaikrt was de
cidedly ur.antisfacttiry a viewed from a
Beller'4 standpoint. The Chirago marVet
closed better yeaterday and aa quoted
Mrher this morning which mart
selr at thui point feel they were
entitled to better prlc toda) Hoaever.
receipts were unusually large. 2?7 car be
ing reported 1n. Buyers took advantage f
the large offerings and instead of Ljylr.g
the hog k.gher tley started out bidding
decidedly loeer. pie-iler made a hard fict.t
against taking off and naturally eauae-d
tue trade U arag sonewhst but in the end
tt.ey were forvod to give In. hog el!ir.g
gereersiiy 8c lower than yesterday. VThea
the trade was one under way. the bog
kept cnsng-lnr hands, ut still It ma
di,T he''.rr anyU.UitT l'a A cVearauos had
ban efTectel.
S-a aa- ft sa av eV y
47 4t .. 8 H It 4 4?
.- 4 .. 1 44 44 U 8t.
tl 11 . I If an (M l H4
i 430 So I n - 45 IJS 111,
40 t ... i rn ri ... 1
s r ... 1 i-u, m j.i ... 4
44 ri ... ir n u
44 rt 1 7i ti4 is- m
u 4 is 4 ru 11 Jg I a
at k4 to I m 44 tsn . . I at.
ih . im . trt sr. i M
44. ri 144 8 4 ri . I 44
13 " ... I V Tti rsi IK
M ... IK. 74 IX 1 14
U U1 . 4 4 : t ! I 4
M r-i t' t an : lit w 14
44 tf 4 I a r.l 1. I Sf
av i 71 11 im. I ..
41 4 ... I en 7 is . 1 si
4 W 4 M 44 4.4 40 4 f
44 1:1 ie 1 t -t :n 10 4 -
f tk o in n t. u,. r,
44 14 ' I as 44 ...... I 40 ll't
7 n M I 40 77 t o 1 -
47 tr-4 4 I W 7 til ... I t
41 1:4 I 4iH 41 tl 0 i -
44 ra4 i. k 74 1.0 o i ri)
47 ! 4li I 7 71 m 4 '
41 .H 4u 4 74 x! IX I 0s
47 444 n I 4: ... 4 f
47 K4 40 I 41 tu in ... I wv
S4 . . I tlH IP II ... I
4 114 44 I H4 It' . . 10
f-i ... 14 S ll li
u 1.1 ... i 77 in 4 is
40 ? so I r?st 74 814 80 4 IK
44 14 II I MS
SHEEP Receipt, as expected, were I ght
11. is morning, i.nij nine car an I. id txing
rejortea in. There were live car of fej
sheep and lambs The IJ at Just aoout
steady price. T o car of lambs and
yearling brought 86.85. the other tl ree car
oor.aisuiig of small turn Ins of iwlda an l
enda Ttier aere four additional car of
the same Idaho range wethers that sold
here yeeierusy at 80.uu Testerday a siilp
ment waa the first of the season and there
was no previous market by a hicli to fix th
price. The oompeililun on them was strong
and they finally sold at ItHti, whirti looked
; like a giod prlo at the time. After tht-y
were kiued out the price locked .ill t.lgi r
I to packer and they mere unwilling to buy
I them the same way today. The result a a
1 that they had to Bell lic lower than yes-
No. Av. Pr.
western cull ewes JrT i l
14 western ewes M 4 i!5
western ewes VK 4 &
hi weettrn swe and buck s6 8 2d
X. wetern ewes K7 $ 75
Ss weetem cull lamb & b W
4-7 western wethei and lamb .74 8 25
i.l westnrn lan.b wooled feeder lit t (it
I woatern lamb IJt T 00
47 western lair.h f.S 7 00
71 si ring lan. lis 74 7 0"
tv Idaho cull wether 1"3 4 78
8 western cull lambs 7u I tx
8 western ewe Ill I 7i
4 weatern wethers 130 8 2.
18 western ewts lo 8 Si
4tib Idaho wether 1"8 f K5
U weatern lambs M 8 76
U western spring lambs G8 7 00
tAolce Cattle fAtrona, 141 reals H later
Others Weak Hoct II laker.
CHICAGO. June 18 CATTLE Receipts
alKiut head; market choice, cattle
strong, to lftc higher; other weak, to luo
I lower, commrm to prime steer, 84 Taig't t;
j cos , ti.ii'a1 75; heifers, ti (K rgf, do; bulla,
8H4.W&0O; calves. 8&.uut7.2s, Blockers and
feeders. 83 'nil, (O.
Ht.KJS Keoelpts about a.WW head; market
strong to be higher; good to prime heavy,
812.'Hiit 25; medium to good heavy, 88 lTV
6-8('; butcher weittht 86.8i-Htg:;.rrt; good to
prime mixed, $6 IMcpfi 36. light mixed. 86 2i.
b.30; packing. 8&. . ITS; Pgs, t6.vstt
selected. 8niTi-S:; bulk of sale f..2l'J
. .2f.
I 6HEKP AND LA MRS Receipts shout
i 11.000 head: market steady; sheep, la.liirf
.-. lambs, 8o.oo-j7.Ki.
Kansas City Live Strcs: Market.
I Receipts, &.) hesd. Including I.6.1O souih
erna; market steady. Choice export and
! dreesed beef, etoera, 8'.1ot(i6 Bu; fair to g'd.
8.UKi(ih.(.; western fed steer. e.6tr.r;
Blockers and feedera, SL&jGI southern
steers. 83 (& (: southern Cows, l2.:VuS '-t
j native oowa, 82.5Wj4.5o; native heifers, twO-
'66.10; bulla. 8SJ!.'.itrH 75 ; calves. 84.0uni4j,ui.
1 HtX38 Reoelpts 17,0Xi head; market
strong. Top, 80 ITS; bulk of sales. 8t7V'r
15; heavy, 8dot.(y 1; packers, 86
A17V,: light. 8iuru.l.: pigs.
SHEEP AND LA84BS Receipts, .7i0
head; market steady to strong. Unit,
87Ji4sf7.lsV; ewes and yesrllnRs. fc. 25;
wstern fed jcarllnrs, 8S.'p7.,10; western
fed sheep, 8S.24.00; stockers and feeders,
Bt. JLwala Live stterk Market.
ST. LOVJ3, Mo., June 18 CATTLE
Reoelpts, IMKi hisd, Including 70d Texan;
market steady. Nauve shipping and ex
port steers, 8o.104j .5: dressed beef aud
butcher wteera, 84eiJl.E; steers undtr
l,aai pounda, 84 4"ii14.7? ; stockers and feed
rB, 8&UOW4 85: oowb and heifers. 8U.llMjTi.8j;
rennet-. 81 biijrz ab; bulla. Vl.(j.i; calves,
84 ioal.; Texas and Indian sieers, .75
iii 76; Oow and ht-lfers, tl.U''KM.
H OO S Recel pt . 4.xi0 head; market Re
hlpher. Pir and light 85 tt 30; packer.
85"S25; butchers and best heavy, 86.11 j
EHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1.8fJ
head; market strong Native muttons,
8'i TMiS-TT.; lambs, 84. 50.37 (Ki; culls and bucks,
ta.UbiB4.ttO; stuckers, t5t"6.0.
St. Joseph Live ftorlt Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Mo., June 1ft CAT1
Receipts, 2.40O head; rrarxet steady. yA
tivea. 84.S34. W; no4 ana heifers. 8 j'i-..,
1 stocscr and feedt-r. tS.artfi4.7L.
i HOGS Receltit. 8,yT head: market opened
' strong and higher, closed weaker. Top.
'841: bulk of sales. 8f. .& (rrw
j SHEEP AND LAW BS Receipts. 1.7VI
head; market steady to lower Clipped
I lamb. ri'T Ofi;, 8f STvaCSO; weth
ers, la.'; ewes, 8S.Mti6.7o.
Ploax rilr Live sttrrlc Market.
SIotX CITT. Ia.. Jun IB. (Srclal.)
CATTLE Receipts. LKm head; markt l'e
' lower; stockers. Blow; teeves, la.tiixuti.Jli;
; sows buls and mixed, 81.25tl.Of; Btockcrs
and feeder, 84-0i4 .80; calves and yearlitiga,
' t2 '6'4 50.
HOOS Receipts. S 200 head; market 5c
1 lower, at 85.85V W: bulk of sales, ttt-itO.
i Stock ta Sight.
I Receipts of live stock at the six rrlncl
i ricl vejilem markets Vrlterdtr:
' South Omaha..
I c . . r, ..
... 4. son
. t.f'i
... It.l0
... ao.Uks)
Hii.i. Sheen.
It. SO tout'
17 0O0 ' $ 700
.rrf 1.7KJ
6.5O0 18(1
2S.IW 11.0(1
rivut . ' j ......
Kansas City...
St. Joseph
St. Lout
Metal .Market.
There was a sharp break In the Iondtm
market for tin. siot declining 8 to A1K7
la. and futures ? to 1 Ins. Locally,
however, the market, while quiet, con
tinued firm owing to the of Im
mediate offering, with spot quoted st
Kt as-CTS Cc.j wsa 5 lower in Lon
don, with sjot quoted at and future
at 93 l&a- Locally the market wa dull
and nominal, with Ike quoted at 8S7T.'J
14 &u: electrolytic at t22 ofra 15; rastlng st
tT. b'jtU.'Ji. Lead was uucha&ged at 8i.7t
Sii.hi In the local market, but advanced Fa
tu 30 lia In London. Spelter a as un
chanred at ?4 10 in the London market
and at V. 4(a4i.50 locally. Iron was a little
hkeher In the English market, with tan
dard foundry quoted at 84a td. and Cleve
land warrant at bfm 6d Locally the mar
ket aa unchanged, with No. 1 foundry
northern quoted at t26.onj-.f(i.J&; No J
foundry northern. C4.5uw25.7I,; southern
Iron nominal
ST. LOVIS. June 19 LEAD Quiet.
It lit; spelter, firm, tt-.ST.
Mlaavartoiia (.t-aia Market.
July. rUc; m,!-- .-, v0 1
hard, tl 8i : No. 1 port'. ern. p. 0; No. f
nortt.eri W-c: No. ii m.rtt.ern 3 m ..
FIXjUR Flrt patenta. t,'..(; seend
paten'a. 84 4 e'rt.o'': Srsi cleara, t3.o&S IE
second clear. I177r2.5 '
I. RAN In bulk, li -3S.7L
PhllaArlphla Vr-mr- Market.
Sixady fair dt-uoiid, extra S utiem cream
ery, umcial JirK-e !-. stiwt i i ce, -4.;
eatrii tt-rr)y 1 imll JF
CHEIiSE Steadr but quiet; New Tork
full creams. LlJlHiO.
liiif-bicaui. ,u 1 demand: pennrvlva
nla aj.d other nearby firsts, free cases. 17c
at mark; Pennsylvania and other nearby
current reoelpts In returnable cases, lije at
tUUiXU U a? a.7a,liKllaI
Room 103 Bee BuUdinj. TeL Douzlzs 2173
Members oi All Principal Grain Exchanges
Your Business Solicited
ri . a 'k , sestcrn first, free cae-w. 17o a
OS4ARA VTIIOI r44l7: MARstttT.
Cwe4ltto at Trade til Qaetatloae em
Staple aad rsirf ri He.
rc.n!i-iTr d a.. 14c
IU'TT4 R-Packlnc toeA. . lc: choloe t4
f ao y dairy, lyM, rrvatoery, ll-ic
LIVE 'l"LHr-Hei.a. lvc; rMjeiers, 8
ty'c, turkeys. Lie. duck hie; get-sa, 80.
CALlFCiRNIA CkAtilUS Per box,
81 "5
CALlPt-'KMA PLI'MS Per crate, till
81 15
t ALIFt V.Nl A CHERRll'S Fer bos o!
al...ut 4 11. a., black, liuu. white, 81 ('0
F1NEAM LLS-Fl, 4 ie fl 75 pel
ciate.. 42 site. 8.1(4" per crate: W lit, 80..
per crate.. .i It 50 per crala,
STKAWIiKKKU.S Home grvwu. 84-jt
caeea, 8,.t.i' v 8 (Mi
LEMONS Llmonlera. v !. t.; 861
f t-, jsf-.; other b-snd eoc less
BANANAS Per nud . .iin-slsed bunch,
U'tiSs;.. Jumboea. 8-51'S J 50-
CKAXrlF.S Medllerrnnean Pwwrta
fsnry. 15 sir. 84. ft'; 118, ti0. 116 and
IM' alte. 84. D. V6. lit and 144 aiaea
150, ttra fancy. Lie more per box, St
Mu hat'.. 171!. K'O. n and 2 1 0 sites
14 75; ir and 150 stare. 84. iO; Valencia
M V( and 118 aise. 84. 84. lit. 150, 174,
ll'fi and 418 n.-a, 84 75.
I'ATLS Ktutttr tr; savers. 5e; hal.
Icwia. 5c; bew stuffed walnut dates, twin
box, 81-tw.
No 1 rib. 14c ; No. 1 rib, 11c; No. I rib,
10c; No. 1 loin. 17Wc: No. i loin. 18"ict No.
8 loin. II V: No. 1 chuck. 3c; No. 1 chs-k,
Vc; No 8 chuck. 8c; No. 1 round, 8vc,
N 8 round, ti; No. S round, fcc: No. I
p. at. 3c, No I pTate .; No 1 tilata, to.
POT A TO IjS Per hu.. kic
NAVY BhANS Per bu. No. L JlOOfl
MO; No. 2. 1 80 S.Oft.
POTATOES I'er bu.. 81 u.
APPAKAGTS St.c per dua. bunches.
BRANti New wax and string, per K
bu hex or basket. II fn
k'l bunches, ..jic.
1 iEPLANT lvr dos bunches, 10a
ri't-i'MHKR.e Per dot, fri&tr.c
TtM ATtiLS Texaa fancy, Jn-ib. Crata
r"t n si 00.
ONIONS California, per crata, about S
lbs.. 8I5: yellow Txas. per crala, tiS8;
green onions, per dos.. Kr.
CABBAGE California, 8V0.
LEAF LETTVCE ot-bousa, per floa
hcids. l'5c.
PAKSLET Hot-house, per dua. bunch oa
RADISHES Per dos. bunches, bona
grown, Jut
COFFEE Koasted, No 85. Mo per Ib-f
Ne. 80, Zic per lb ; No. 87. jgc rer lb.; Na
K. H1" i er lb ; No. tl. lTSsc per lb,
CH KtSE Block stwlsa, Ito. lUnhersrer.
I 14r; Toung Americaa, l&c.
' NVTB California walnuts Vfj. i. enfj
shell. L'c; No. 1. sift slieil. le; frraxlla,
14H61Sc; pecans. 18jrl.'c; flUierts irvc; pea
nuts, rsw, TSyc: roasted, 4wc; Ottliforala aj-
I mor.ds. lTWc. cocoanuta 8.". 00 per liO.
No. 1, c; No. t tic; bull hides. c; green
' hides. No. 1. 7c; No 8, 8c; borss, 8l.6fl
1 8.5; sheep pelts. iVK-tl Tallow, No.
' 4'yc; No. !. 3V'.. Wool. U4f73o
CANNED OOOlS r?-.u, standard, wear,
ern. Bivtuinc. Tvrostoes, fsmy. 8-pound
cars, ' : : standard. 8-pound cans.
8i.?i. IMneapples. grated. 8-pound, IL.'J
1 8i; sliced. S1.75itf2.; fancy Hawaiian. lm
It., 8178. Gallon apples, 83 2. California
prlcota 8200. Pear. tl-TSjTi.Bn poaches,
8l T5tu.40; L. C. peaches, 0iti2 50. Alaska
faltnon. red. tl.80; fancy Chinook, flat, fl 10;
fancy autkeye, flat, 8185. Bardinna, quarter
oil. 83.5'., three-quarters mustard. 82 75.
Exert fM.tatf, 81 10X&1 25. Eauer kraut, 8-ic.
pumpkin. Ma-.Ow, Lima bean. 8-lb.. 7o
ti,.ji. Soaked peas, 8-lb.. Sue; fancy, 8LZJ
I tr eomewhst unsettled by freer offerings
! from second hands, who seem desirous oi
moving supplies of lmmediste rradea Quo
tatlon range from C to sc for Califon.ia
fruit and from B'gSc for Oregon. Peaches
are slightly eaaavr. with fancy yel.oa
quoted st l"1. Raisins are firm; three-,
crown loose Muscatels are quoted at 8c
I four-crown, lrtc; seeded rststns, HitUo.
I FISH Pickerel, dressed. 10c; pike,
dressed, 35o; white fish, dressed, winter
causht. lSiflirie: fresh. 16c; trout, lajtlSc.
1 halibut. lie: sslmon, lflc; oatflch. 17o; her
I ring, dressed. 8c; crspples, round, BdVvci
(crappiea, large, fancy, 1.V; black baas. zBc;
tmelta. sweet and fine. 13c; eel, 14c; blue fish,
IliVc; red enapitrr. 13c; roe shad, per pair,
iKn&sVic; frog le:. AK540C; lobsters, gre-B,
er lh.. 27c: lobster, boiled, per lb. fr:
'mackerel, Spanish, jper lb., 18c; mackerel,
.native, lbfjije pef lb.; fresh green turtle
meat. ac per lb.; dressed tuT7alo, ac ; bull
heads. 18c; white perch. 7c; white baea, 15c,
HAT Choice upland, per ton, 811.80; me
dium. 810.50; No. 1 bottom. tS.Uii; off rradaaV
rl.w.itd. Rja atraw. 8V
Olls wad Hoaia.
NFW TORK. June 18 OILfe-Cotton
seed, firm: prime crude, f. o. b. mills,
nominal; prime yellow, STijfTfidc. petroleum,
firm; refined. New York. 84.45; Philadel
phia and Baltimore, in bulk, 84.88. Tur
pentlne. quiet. 60'iCOic.
ROSIN Steady; strained, common ta
good. 84 firVEH 6&.
OIL CITT, Pm., June 1. OIL Credit
balance. 817k. Runs, 112 WB; averare, 182,
067; shipments. lt, averare, 5'iT7.
SAVANNAH! 4;, June 18. olL Tur
Iieritltie, firm, 57f.7taC.
RiSlN-Flrm; salea. 1.6f; reoelpts, 8.84A:
shtpments. 67i; stK:k. 5.1014. Cah: quote:
AH"'. 84.0irm.l0; Ii. H2.'i"i4 40; E. 84.60; T.
H7f-4.5; Q. M7iS-l.ini; H,; I.
14 HTuii '.; K. 85 85; M. is 50; N. 5.; WO,
15. tC; WW. 8Sa.
rwaTee Market.
NEW TORK, Jun 79 -CTIFFXB Market
for :of7e futures o;ned steady at an ad
vance of Feynt point In response to con
tinued steadlneea In the foretirn markets
and covering by recent seller who may
have boen Influenced by rumor that the
federal government of Braxll would r'
a loan of 115.000 000 in order to maintain
the coffee held abroad fy the accuunt of
the stste of Sao Pulo. Trading was mod
erately active and th mark-1 held the
Initial advance, closing teadv at a net
rain of 10 points. Saloa for the day
were reported of ,13.5' 41 bag. Including July
Bt S TT.'fifi ; September at IT-; December
at ..-; March. R4."ir: May st S.4tic. Spot
coffee, Quiet; No. T R1, J4e: No. 4 Santos,
"e. Mild coffee dull; Cordova, 8S12-wC
Toledo Se-d Market.
Cssh. t Cv-tr,her 8Kt5; Deoerr.her anrl
March. 8 OR Timothy. 8? 8R. Alslke. t So,
ence MAP OF
Itxfl, in colors
Showing location bf tha bonansa pro
ducer of Nevada richeat ttunerai
Our Dally Mining Market Letters,
free on request. We LOAN i in
cash on the selling price of approved
lined mining eecurltlea, and PUfct
CHASE such storks oa maj-gln or
buyer 80. CO or iO day contracta. Fall
lniurroation on request.
Established 1800.
Members N. T. Produos ExchaaAa,
87-43 wall Street, attrw Texk
paXintt tcr My Frei Esck cas '
I tntltlavd
J r- r it-
floi a Fine Art
Bead asr n and tltn '-ir-n .rirtiiaairik
aetural. eea,i,ie vura of aualia 'n Tl sat,
om, oau ana broTMuusa. It truj aui aaruM
toe le c)i.kL ectuaearMalTw an aataly oa
tl.e fii.-ao Kra Iraaa. Ins .
'-' " nf aa Itaaaal rrmSaaa.
tn-at sruauu.e-rfe.lJt- I tk 1 TSTtll
4 OS u, eauk. It will lutem ram.
R L W.WACXrJUMsaaf IraA.sC4
i i . n i ir ;i si ii . ? ' 7 1! i n rv