Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 11, 1907, Page 11, Image 11

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Farnlahed It onane Continued.
OENTLEMEN de;rlng flrt-las room,
close In, building ami furniture new ami
p ta date, plenty of hoi water at all
times, rail at 4ut R 24th Ave. (VMYi Avo.
a rwl jlarneyi. Rooms equipped with
porcelain lavatories, with not and cold
water 110 up. (IB) M306
FOR RENT On large southeast room,
electric -light and all convenience. 217
B. 2Mb Bt. Tel. Douglas 3637.
.: . . - , (16) COO
MODERN alcove room. suitable for two
men, fine locality. 121 South 26th Ht.
(16)M22 15
$28 PARK AVE? One or two rooma; gen
tinman and wife, or )edts! privnte
family; large, lawn, rhone llnrny m
, (15) M211 15x
BXCllyLF.NT furnished -rooms: fine board
If desired; .nwidern acronmniatlons; ren
ter of cltr near powtofflce; rstes to tran
alenta. YThvBoton," 10J 8. 17th St.
15 M3S0 llx
NKR ROOM S O nod place for jwmir men
or man and, wtfej also other rooms. 213
N;19th. (15I-M365 Mix
FRONT room: prla reasonable. 8MR Lea v.
tnwoftfhc -'; 1 M243 18x
SUITES,,, newly pap red and furnished,
double, room, with ga lights and store.
607 Utn. Tel. Douglas 6514.
t , (16) 733 26x
PTRNI8HED room for gentleman. $16 N.
ISth Bt . (1S-M806 U
LARO0 south front room In modern house,
clone to high school. Referencea required.
Addreea O 632, Bee. . .. . (15) M827 lis
VERT large fumlahed rooma, alao table
board; $? 50 per weak; home rooking, log
8. 14th Bt . (15)-41 11 x
NICELT furnished front rooma, attictly
modem, private family, 2Mh, near Lear
nwortlt. 'Phone Harney 1201.
FURNISHED room, one block north of
Hanscor.i park: lady preferred; referencea
required, 'Phone Hartley 361.
(16)-94 13
FTTRns'hETJ roorrt 'In novate family for
one gentleman; atrtrtiy modern home;
good referencea required. Address A 61,
cirre Be. ; (16)-399 16
NI"ET,T furnished front parlor, ground
floor, large and cool. 210 No. 6 St., Co.
Blu.ffs. la. 15) M40 17
FOR RENT Newly furnished - room In
private . family, ' 3 blocks- from poat
efflce. Addreaa B 620 cure Bee.
(16) M40 17
' Firtfcd Heaiet and Flate.
FOR KENT For the Bummer, " a new,
modern 6-room flat, fumlahed; new furni
ture, bath, laundry; one room reaerved.
U B. ttth Ave. 'Phone Harney 2833.
- . . (1S)-W8 10
. j. , iiafornlahed HoonB,
TWO etea-ant unfurnlahed rooma. In good
neighborhood, " ctoee to car; everytnln
mfMierw;. aultable for man and wife; 265 1
Harney.. - ' . U M9U I3x
TWO tinfwnlehed rooma. bark parlor and
( connecting room. SOW Bpruce Bt.
.j . (16) M267 16X
FOR rtF.NT-Three-rooro modern "flat, H
Douglaa; ground floor; "rent reaaonable.
Olobe Lnal and InveaUnenf Co., UU3 Far
nam Bt. QSj-Maa
'EXCrTIXTDNT' modern 'furnlehed rooma
tit UgliJC housekeeping; ''phone In house.
J8T4 Harney St.' - !" 06)-Ma
RES)- fine furnlahed rooms for houae-
keeping, block from oar Hoe; piano, gas
ftorve, lath. 8210 Case Bt. (16) Mm
If INT8HEr ' r tinfurrrtBhed roerme -fOT
uaekeeping. 118 No. 2Sd.
(U)-48 18
a rooms, all modern,' for housekeep
wlll rent fumlahed. or unfurnlahed.
'pply .2St. Cp.. Ave, .'phone Har, 468,
- UZ) M962 14
HREE furhlanod' room for light house-
keeping: 810 N. ISd St, (16) M870 12x
UeejMS see 0ttMre.v
OMAHA' 'Van. SteragS Cot ver, - move,
store VL U.- goeda; atdrehouae 11-80-84 N.
10th. Office 1J Famam.- Tel. Doug. 1568.
iiUUCXCoD c- PoterB A Co., Bee Bldg.
. '" - (IS)-las
(OUBE:3, Insurance. Rlngwalt, Barker Blk.
WK t0 exfert ptano . moving at lowest
prices. .Tel. Douglas lit. Bchmoller A
kueUer Piano Co.. lSll-UU Famam.
BKK ua When shipping household goods t
large cities weet, we can save you money.,
18th Bt. l et. Douglas IV. (16) 1J
FOR RENT 816 Worthlngtoa Place, beau
- tlful IQ-rOTuni house, modem, large yard.
M per month. Apply to Conrad; Young,
. 1818 JPodge. (16)-MIit8
T-roem modem housea bow ready; num
bs ra 1 606-and 07 Dewey Ave., ust west
of AH' Saints' church; i hot water heat,
oak finish and hardwood floors; will paper
tor suit. tenant.. .Rent 841. These are the
newest and -moat .up-to-date .houses of
their kind and are. . within easy - walking
tit. N. -X. Ufa Bldjt... 'il- Douglaa 814.
j ,1.-,. - .. .. (18) M4K8 11
(x f. uvi. Co- b.e Bldg.
...... i ia ii
FOR RENT Large atore room. Mth and
Vinton. Bta.. C If. .Baohmaon, 437 Pai.
toa block. - T . . v (16)-ii,
-ROOM, high-grade dwelling to lease one
or two years; possession June 1.
I - .... W. I BB4J3T, - . k
440 Board of Trad BMg. Il'bone Doug. 1510.
(18) M388
THE UNION. OutOttlng company. 1816-17
, Fnrnam , fett., will furnish 4 rooms com
tleta tof M50, term 84 monthly. Sea us
efore vylng. " ;. , O) M53DJsq
WB MOVE PIANOS - Maggard Van and
Horace Co. Tel. pougjaa Iwi. Office 1711
Webster Bt. (16 140 '
FtR RENT 7-room house modern, with
furnace. 211 N. iftth Ave., 826. Apply at
rooma, mod., '8d floor apartment, N, E.
corner lHth and Nicholas, 126.
tore room. U08 N. l?'h Bt, 8S& -BEJdIB.
. ; "Phone Douglaa toa. Paxtoo Block.
.. i (i6)-M4aa
FOR RENT 6-room house. :2lt lingdon
1 ROOM cottage 8th and Pleroe. 8,
- Harover, 1414 Smntet. (IS) M428 1J.
FOUR rooma. 1621 No. ISth. city water, gaa,
ti per mulh. - C, U Bachfnan, 4. Pax
on iuk. (is; 4U1
jrpa bent- . : : . .'
J 80-room 4nOdera house and barn, 1823 Wirt
' Bt. 84
1 8-room .modern house. . 414 N. 81st SU 8M.
10-room modern houee. 2J N. 20th Bt. 86.
: "THOMAS Mlfl-ViM "
iwum nww ior i.ire tsiog.
. - . , ... . (1SKMM814..
e . i , .
1A B. Tll Ave.. 8 rooma modara. 8nx 8.
I 8th, 8 roome modern. W. Famam Hmltu
l V Co.. 1S20 Farnam 8t, (16) MA U
R RENT -room house, with furnttun.
foe atala; oenLrally located. Addreaa U 640,
. . . (101 M lW 1JX
FOUR 'bice rooms with closet and halla,
grouni) tloor, newly patnud and papered.
4 orth Twevl-flfUi Avenue. . '
- , (X -103 12
TWO new hHck housea. T rooma, attictly
..modern, hardwood finish. 1'ark Avo. and
Jacksoiv Tel. Harpey 1610. - (16)-401 lax.
16JT ' & ' S8TH BT.8-rooma, modern, new
papr aud paint, 830. -
JflS4 rvanklin, 7 rooms, modern, oak finish,
14 W. 17th. T rooms, and ham, 817.
To see eoniplete lut rull at oftli-e - '
(16-MM II
8TI 58 per month for ' 4217 Harney Bt, I
rooms, modern.
84 earh fMr luonth. 1114-88 tlst Bt.) double
bdrk houses, f room, ntadrrn. ' -ft
Br um Charlva 4M . 9 room.
, if' ii:OKik, t CO. luul feenam t. -.
-; - . 4 4 l
tlouaea and C'ettaaee Coat laaed.
1511 N. t.RD BT.
l-room strictly modern, brand new, $38.
o-Keefa Real Elt Co., 1001 N Y. T He
Bldg. fli M9TO
Building;. - "
Wholesale District
For Rent
The four-story and baaement brick build
in at 916 Famam St
Apply at Business office of The Bee.
Mil HAR3ET BT.-I floor and baaement.
Uxtat feat; aultabla for wholeaala. e
' Cague Inveatment Co., 1606 Dodge St
. . tit) 491
THE entire building now occupied by the
Daily N'ewa, 44x80 fact, I etorlea and baae
ment. McCague Investment Co., 1604
Dodge St . . (16) 463
FOR RENT Second door, 83x100, suitable
for lodge rooma or manuiauturlng pur
poaea. Palao Clothing Co., -14Ui and
Douglaa - (15 M6i
FOR RENT Large floor and baaement
suitable tor sample room, manufacturing
or storage. 1116-17 Famam Bt.
Ofaeea. ,
FOR RENT Tjarga office room on 18th op-
fiosne postomoe; ino. l, crounse hik ,
U per month. Apply to Conrad Young,
agent. 1618 Dodge. . (16)-M418
FOR RENT-Desk room- In Be ofrlce. city
hell building. 417 N 26th Bt. South
Omaha. Apply to manager. (15) 134 -
DESK room on first floor, at 1318 Farnam.
(16) sua
3D FLOOR, well lighted, elegant . for
office use. 1211 Farnam. (15) 491
For Rent in The
Bee Building
Room (40, also UHxU.
ttooms 39 and 238.
This Is a fine suite of
offices. Here Is an opportunity to rent
space In a well appointed office building.
Janitor service and electric lights free.
Apply Business Offloe of Bee (16jM727
to re a. r
NEW STORE. - " '
NEW store,' ltth and Farnam, tnay be
leased by etther shoes, millinery, ladles'
garments, Jewelry and pianos; also 2,500
feet on 3d floor, if desired, connected by
private stairway. F. D. Wead, 1624 Doug
las. (16) M383 16
F6R RENT The beat located comer store
in umane. raraam ajorj mtn Hts., uoart
of Trade Bldg. Bee P. H. Phllbln, Bchllti
Hotel OS) 17
7i -i
ANCHOR and Iron, fencing;, wire fencing
8o per foot. U6 N. 17th BL Tel. Red 814.
(18) UO
',r.- i
ANTIQUE jardlnlerea,- candle sticks,' ma
nogany rurniture: exchange (or c4otna.
lsul & iota Bt A. Kiaer.
, 3-M81a-el8 ,
HVHAND furniture bought and sold; bust.
nese en the aouara. Rosenberg Co,, for
merly with. Chicago Furniture Co 10j A
Mth. D. 8885...-. . OH-MAl Jel.
WB carry the highest grades of second
hand furniture. 'Borne Itatpa worth seeing.
Prices right and also we can aave you
teaa- on -toe-doHar aad It would pr .5"?U
Aio see u befoi you buy. Chicago Fur
mture Co., 1418 Dodge. Doug. 4787. .
(16) 12 J23
FOR 8ALH Carpets, chairs. ' rocVera, bed
room set, DOSKcaee ana writing of en wim
btmd., fine large sideboard, libra rV. parlor
ana extension tables, parlor aet, rugs.
icturea, clocK.i cook stove, curtains, iq.
marker Bt. . IllHUW ux.
LEAVING city, will aell parlor, library.
dining room, kitchen and bedroom rur
niture, first elasa condition. Call from 9
to 12 a. m. 2GS0 Dewey Ave. (18) M407 17x
Pianos, Orcans, Mnslcal Iuttrsmcnta.
This week's list of bargains la used pianos.
A hummer for values. Come early and
obtain first choice:
1 upright, walnut cut .... ........ ....... .-t 80
1 upright, ebony caae 76
1 Now England, mahogany case 100
1 Chickerlng & Bona, rosewood 136
1 sample, upright '
1 Hallett 4 Davis, walnut case... ltt
1 Cabinet Grand 186
1 burl walnut, . I vers & Pond, good as
new . ........... 23
1 8M0 Stager, used In concert only........ 2j0
1 1760 Knaue gTana, nne tone ana action aw
1 Stelnway square, . worth 8T50,. only..,..
1 Uradbury square, worth 810Q, Only...... w
1 Cable A Bona square, woriji 8126, only. 76
1 Mayer square, worth 175. only 38
I HaJlet ft Davla, worth 800, only 26
1 Shoniogcr organ high top 18
1 Woodbrldge organ, fine tone 22
1 Chicago Cottage organ, walnut case... 16
88 to 810 cash and 83 to 86 per month will
bring one of the above bargains to your
home. Call or write at . once. Tel. Doug
1311-18 FARNAM BT.
Sample piano. '
Brand- New, latest style, only $185.
$10 cash and 86 monthly.
Wholesale and Retail. 1613-18 Harney Bt
. . (1B M317 18
FOR BALE Cheap, new grand plajto worth
83n0. Jno. L. Woolworth, 2602 8t Mary's
Ave. Phone Red 4300, after 8 p. m.
(16) M3S2 16x
$200 DISCOUNT on Knabe Upright Style F,
la perfect condition, UMd ouly three
mouths and taken In trade.
1613-16 Harney Bt, Omaha, Neb. '
TO' BUT a piano at our fire sale Is like
finding from 3140 to 3300. Every piano
perfect The Bennett Company. '
(14) 89:
: PIANO - '
Wholesale and Retail.' 1513-16 Harney- 8L
' 06) M319 18
l'ypewrltera aat Seva-tagt Maektaea.
TYPEWRITER BALE AM macnlnei taken
In exchange will be closed out at un
heard of prlcea. Typewriter Exchange,
841 Paxton Blk. " . . 0)-M7l
ONE Remington typewriter, Ne. 4, In good
condition, (or sale cheap.. Call at Bee
Office. (14) 28s
FOR BALE High-grade fd-hand type
writer; good condition; a bargain- at 8&a
Call lowa M Bee Bldg. (.Mj 471
PoI )BV BlUlard Yablaa,
FOR BALK New- and secondhand billiard
- and pool tab lea We lead : the world In
cheap bar fixtures: eaay payments. Bruna.
wlck-Balke-Colleudar, W B. luth Bt.
. , ' - '
WE TARRT a complete line of all the
leadlug periodic la I'uUlished. Foreign
publications a specialty. Birthday. Wad
ding and souvenir- pot raids. BuLaciip.
tkins rroeived for all perlodk-ale puo
. lthhed. Mall orders will receive prompt
attention. - -
Newsdealers, and Btatiooeca 111 U 1Mb Bt
' . --' ,(lbr MU4 Jy4
FTNT5 antique Russian samaxars for sal
Cheap, 8u8 N. htlU bt Uv-W 1-
Bee Want
Mlseellaaeoee-Cewtln.ed. . Conun"J-i ; CITY PRorrrtTT FOR SALE.
" M A RS A fl R 'lleh movement. Room . (Continued.)
GAS, ELECTRIC iaM r"rua,p f ' ' "
' combinattov wanted-,.,. for Fourth ofiJoh" Morrison House
July celebration; write at once giving (Sr Florence, boulevard known aa "PH
FIXTIIRER ,rr,n' eto- 8- K. Beghtol, Qothenburg. JTI. ?, t,oulvr1. non aa Edge-
riAlUilW K.b (ig-ai5U wood." diagonally across from Rome Mll-
Bpeolal low prices during June to reduce : .' ler's 3S.O00 country home; excellent
stock; order now; good, delivered when T? cpp room houae. fin. barn; ground aouth and
RfTHnF.RR nUAMTlTTV nr Prt lady operator, room 1 2nd floor. front; fine view; grand old foroat
UUIVUIiOO " ilJnU&?i VU. Barker blk, 15th at Farham ft. tree. An ldeat location for anyone wish-
Telephone Douglaa 4SL . 8 ISth Bt . (li)-M41T 13 Ing to combine the openness of the eoun-
7 ' OMAHA Hteam Ptte Co.. f manufacturers . try lr,tn c,ls trect car. schoola,
FOR 8 ALB fO-syru p soda fotmtaJn, In fjood Cure flour paste, 3218 Cuming, Telephone etc. Mr. Morrison has removed from the
tMmrned" 8cPh,e0fe?'. -SSStHJgl- ' . city and give, peremptory order, to sell
Cut Price Drug Store, 16th and Douglas, ' Ibis property. Former price 37.000, prea.
Omtha OS) M73S Jel4 REAL ESTATE ' nt Prlc J5.600- Act quickly If Interested.
"KIMBALL" UPRIGHT real estate dsalbrs. - HARRISON & MORTON,
PIANO ' RUSSELL M KIT1UCK CO, 432 Ramga. 8M N' T- Uf"' " ' To, rK'"
Second-hand, fair condition. v ' . " ' .: 1 fl)-6 (l)-380
Whqlesale and Retail, 1513-Ji Harney 8u eB3ARB. (a N. T. Life. Tab- Red 9rr. -wom, brand new. strictly modern. HMO,
1 16)M31g 16 . (19)-n O'Keefe Real Estate Co,, KXU N. T. Ufe
BMica?.wTlPlMTaSorngt0Ce NV.-CO.. l.t nr. N. T. t," Bldg. , Q9) M87T
Bt. (14-M446J021 n-m , BEMIS PARK
FOR BALE Flrst-claas store fixture. 'JRP" ,SNNfPr' Kt N'.t1 Two beautifully eitxated lota 40x127 feet
ihowc" sea. etc. Olobe Land ? aid InveS?". ba bldfr Ph"" Douir 72t- a4 each, weet front on boulevard, two blocks
ment C(, 1823 Farnam Bt, Omaha. Neb. mrnwaia a. muoiiiT 1 to car en grade; corner. 800; Inalde. 3700.
(ia)-M4ll ,am w 2,. " CTMi 1NT, Mutt be sold by owner at once. 8404 1-
-J : - " M" Earnam. ?al. Douglaa 7S. fayette- Ave 0)-M3n6
FEW bargains In- fd-hand soda fountains; , - Q)m ;
monthly payments. Derlght, 1818 Farnm. a r Tvrvn a. rv n bu, nant " L9K ihJ UP! lmost new 7-room houso,
06) 178 C' PfiRB CO., Bee Bldg. 0-9718 all modem except furnace. 2047 North
' w - ptTMwicTx a ttv en m t if lMu Cal1 UD Webster 136.
rate?.AuXV. VugM m W nX ; 16)-M'
Bridges, engineer Bee Building. . , .. . We don't want to list It If you want a
- OS) fl6S 23X fancy price, but we are at all time In a
. 1.1 . nr position to effect speedy sales of snaps.
SdEvr; Jiigh e " Aention, Wage Earner PAYNE INVESTMENT CO.,
pianos have been reduced from 3100 to , .. . m. Y TJ,.
3200. Easy payments. The Bennett mu " ' t ' .... T"1 m?ot N: T' XJt? BM' .
Company. . (16) 3l6 Why pay rent? Yoa can own a home. . If It a a bargain, they have It."
ENCYCLOPAEDIA Britannic., ' 81 roll WiU1 fl" M mt frm : "836 11
umes, purchased 6 months ago: leaving UOO.OO to 3250.00. paymenta 850.00 down and LOOK AT THIS
wrlkr,nrVSt G?amod. Mrs'RoberL45'. T m0nth Mar ' 'ht mln" mr- t toom cottage, 8411 Lafayette
Maml Bt : (16) 941 13:: utes' , ride from 14th and , Douglas. Will Bemls Park. 'Phoney Harneya
FOR SALE-S horsepower electric motor. buH? T0" hou,a on th6 on ,mftU M
cheap. The Sloan Grocery Co. additional payments. Theae. lota are In vZJf V'V Jmon,?rn e-roowt - house In
(16) 938 18 Dundee, half block from car line; direct
-1 ' walking distance from the' wholesale dla- from owner. 'Phone Harney 2077.
BOTNTON FURNACE, very, cheap. . Nft- trlct. Come m and let us show you these J ' O9)-M230 16
tlonal Investment Co. Tel.- Doug. IWtl. ' '
.. .. ... .(ifl)-M3i5- io. ; . . ,. HANSCOM PARK BARGAINS
V KNABE UPRIGHT " :rtn":"': ' ' - " a Mth fW.oo0'1 Avfc)
PTAVfVi " JUU.UU- - Iarge, elegant, thoroughly modern 8-
' JTAAiV7 . . . , '' .. room house. In perfect repair, east
Used only 'three months, ( ' front; small barn; lot 60x160 ft Can
At a bargain. 'Will huv five-room house at 8S27 Ave A " D" bought this month for above price.
M ATTTTFWR PTAXTH rn nve-room nouee at Ave. a. pPf,prt,r worth ,7 noo.
JJIAXlilJVV t5 llAiNU KjK). on car line, Co. Bluffa; $100.00 down. 310.00 inTT A Ft vrvTTXTn
Wholesale and ReUll, 1513-18 Harney Bt moriih . - , CUXMitAJJ XUUiNU
(16)-M316 15' Per monlrw 16S Dodge St.
' Can sell several other, houses, near Oo, Tel. Douglas 1671.
BHAVB yourself; easy method; self-honing mWm uM; ' fl9) MJS1
rasor strop, raxor, brush, ete.j 33 outfit, Bluffa car lino on same lerma ' -
to Introduce only.' 31.75. Send today C. K.
Supply Co., 416 1. 23d. Omaha ' . - REAL ESTATE
SEND us yoiir mall orders for -drugs: '' 1
freight 1 pale1 on $10 lota. Myers-Dillon Canada.
Drug Co., Omaha. OSa 176 Buys fin modem flveroom Bouse on B. .....
paint, Sherman MoConnell Drug Co. , M - , -'- , ; An opportunity for farmer or Investor!
, , .'', , 1, . . ..v'"" - tiADTV "A fT?"IT"'a " 160 SLCra adjoining the town of Chamber-
HOME-MADE ORAPB WINE.. 19 TEARS J? Uttl 1 AUltH. KSaffinp!eiWiw?i aiVL'
OLD 81 PER OALLON CAPKLSV - ,.,. 1 Canadian. PaclOo railway. Thirty acres on
BROS OPPOSITE 1 Po CAC1"'alf - elope of valley of Arm rlvr. the principal
. ' ' w " . navan Jnlwit A fine avacra. well Imnroved farm at 'eedor of Lat Mountain lake. Balance
' Cl ao yulylfc .A nne eacre, wen jmproveaarnt ax tly undulating prairie. In heart of one
-,' . L , , " Neosho, Mo. For sale on easy terms or of the well scattered districts of Baskat-
K N OYW P F P. W,U tr8d t0""' ' ic?eWanferm.."nWaPperaotr: ea?h?tf ."S
11 T"1 1 'K 1 I ' - three equal -annual Instalmenta WM.
, - ' .. ' .. 'vTl " I rCS PEARSON CO., Ltd., 82SC Nyrthern Bank
' Kills: Dandelions. ' :, ,Bfnj d5tat , "'""'"" ' '. :
YOLlf drUJTPiSt ' PUiirSin 'Phone Doug. 7332. 326-4 Nevina Blk. WANTEO Agents to 'represent as In the
w,ufab 1 8" -. a... .. n, sale of our Kaaaaa lands. - Write for par-
-' -I- . ' ' ' ' ' ' "v ' 1 tloulaia Olobe Land and Investment Co,
.. ...tees. iU , . 'T77-, for sale ;
(18) M6O8 IB - - WB HAVE lands Improved and nntm-
. 1 ; -r - $1,150220 N. Sd St., South Omaha $1,150 proved In central and eastern Kansas
NATIONAL. Cash Register, nearly new, aood home "within walklna distance of that w' sell yoc from 820 to 850 per
cost 8260, will sell cheap. 1824 Famam. ,uooa nome,,witnin walking , distance or Theee lands are No. l. Will eon-
(16) M 11 ' packing houses; city 'water and gas In elder good city property or merchandise.
' " v,,,... . ia .u a Write us for full Information, with de.
AWNINQS; they're not expensive. : Call house; now renting for $10 per month. Bee , orlptlon of what you have to offer.
Doug.' 8S8 and our representative will calL OEOROB aV CO. 1601 Farnam St. ftm.h. J- W. 8 TINE CO..
Omaha Tent and Awning Co. . (1-J7$ ?Au w I01 Farnatn Bt, Omaha. 1026 O BtUnooln. Nebi
--: (18) M426 W (20)-92 Jylg
DRUOS at out prices; freight paid on $18 , .
orders; catalogue free " Kakreiaka.
.';.' Omaha, Neb. ' ' , A GOOD farm, well Improved, 30 miles west
. ' - x (16) M4lg x . SNAP- ' , of Omaha, for aal on eaay terms, i per
dat t o m tlmA una w. ' nt lotsreet If taken In next 80 days.
HALL S aafae. new. 2d-hand. 1818 Famatn. 8-ROOM MODERN HOME. Addraaa T 844. Bee. 20)-4S
(16) 174 . i i ,
r,-,w..r.-T-T,, ., . . , . . Plastered AUIo. ' IMPROVED farms In eastern Nebraaka;
HOM7.?AIC meLc,Se,! T?10'1","0'1 Barpy and Douglaa counties. B. J. Over,
retail. Sherman & McConnell Drug Co. Bouth Fvotit ton. Oratna. Neb. (a-M878
(16) aL 417 . ( i
. " ' . Lot SCxl48 Paved Street FIRST-CLASS Nebraska farms A ranches
PTf? fTTTT TN PRTfTFl Tfl for homes or Investment Bemis, Omaha.
. . ttt ornrtr W1'401 Av" ' (20)eV-M978
E STOCK . Inquire at 2608 Poppleton Ave. Mluneaota.
8T0 Tribunes for $38.
vi shmIfnrML- ' - ' ' '' - (19V-MJ23 U IMPROVED farms, prairie and timber
Is Cloal for $! ' W land In central Minnesota; crop failures
sfcehrndeforwandup.. ? 0
MAKE ROOM FOR MOTOR I Splendid 7-room house, modern except fur- '
CYCLES ' mlnutes'walkmsto REAL ESTATE LOANS
LOUIS FLESCHER lt rtn to you 7 W want an offer. UONET TO LOAN Payne Inveatment Co.
FOR BALE A child's Iron bed. girl's bl- r N' T' "f B,d' Tj941V?1- . tg)m
cycle, steel range, gas stove, refrigerator, ... . w aa u $1 000 000 TO LOAN on buelneea and real.
vnluSlv"1 iT?7r' H ChfaBt Ct0' VrA'-aS"" TWO new 5-robm cottagea, Juef completed. dance property la Omaha; lowaet rUa;
dlately. J137 B.2Sth. St. 06)-8W U w butf btlltit B, ty water, eewer. no delay. Tbomae Brtonan, Room 1 N.I,
' -- cemented cellars, cemunted . walks, large Ufa (22) 183
rooms, close to car lines, east fronts. On
PATPNT Sth St.. between Spautdlng and Rugglee WANTED City loon and warrants. W.
w" ' . " Bta. Price, $2,409 each: terms reasonable. Faraam Smith Co., UO Farnam BL
LARSON A CO.-Booa tree. Bee Bldg. -. B'ttelle, lo4 N. 16rh Bt (m-131
' (17) 188 ., ; ' . . jVOANS on Improved Omaha property.
D. O. BAR NELL, patent attorney and ma- R BAL ESTATE TrfLE-TRUBT QQ O'iUCEFB B. K. CO, 1001 N. J. Life Bldg.
chine desigaeaVPixton Blk. T.l. d 7U1. CHAB. it. WILLIAMSON, Pre. UH-iilU
' nltn J' , lW , 8600 TO 860.000 TO LOAN at lewaH rates; n
' : : - ' FOR BALE -House. 8 rooma modem ex- delay. GARVIN BROS, 1404 FARNAM,
"PERSONAL P furnace. 2807 Cuming St Prloe, (3t)-lI ,
' w w ""u 82.8U0. Eaay terme. -
CITT STEAM LAITNURV fihlrta nreaaed. JOHN r. FLACK, BUILDINO loans en residence properte; 3
Cnlr8ol!idMmUmhRBt ThJtVui Cltr -.ring. Sank, I ed De.,g per cent W. a Malkla, Im.Block,
OMAHA Btamm, m.Ututa K..,. rf?82Si 'JSi WEBT RATES Bern ta, P-toZ
' - fou are protected by a tlu.uuo bond against . , . ,
BEWIMO machlnaa rented an nika 18a 1 tT error. Tou don't buy. a law suit WANTED City loaaa. B, C. Peters Ca
"Twk-'oV ttT.,To,aath."Se"nd,h. JW" .
C'mJ,UU- ItZT Harney, TeU. pou..aa 4tt. , (HQ-
Qcle Co.. Ifitb and Aiarney. (Wis fOH BALE Two good business lots In Thomas, 506 Flrat Natfcnal Bank Hide
BYRINOE8. rubber goods, by mall: out Cambridge. J. McKay, Oxford. Neb. ' (33W89
prices. Bend tor fre catalogue. Myers- , - O-MlaO 17a - -,. ..TT
Lilion hrua Cn Oinaaa. (18) 186 --. UJw rates. Private money. 80OO and up.
iUlun Drug CO.. Uinaaa. (Ufr-au j, pER cejjx. CHAS. E. W1LUAMSON CO.
MINERAL WATER BATH9. Turner Rt A brick block of three stores and S2 rooms O)- ,
and Water 'Cure, Culfax. la. on a leading buaines street; rented lor . 1
(18) M396 ' le9x $215 a month. Price $16,0Ki; half cash, UfftllTrn ta nnnnnui
, ' , , ,r" , balance four years at 8 per cent WANTED TO BORROW
f A niSTRTTPtreatment and bath. Mma THOMAS BRENNAN.
AlaUiUlV)mmv jig J4. 1W0, Jd Boor. . Room L New York Life BMg. WANTED to borrow. Reliable party wants
(1A laS 1 ' 0-8) 9S8 $7M for one year at 7 per cent. Good
. 1 security. Address K 477, Bee.
rl r A Tiki ' ALL KINDS. LIST yoer property wiiU the Weeterg (M)-MHn llx
HI P A I 1N( t Buttons, Hushing. Home Huildar. run. 23-S3 Nebraska Natl ,
3 LUO I U1VJ tnbroldery. Bank Bldg. ' - Ul)-714 A LADY In rooming house wl.he a
Dyeing and cleaning, sponging and shrink. . .. small loiau, security and Interest.
Ing only 5c per yard. Bend for price list Abstracts . title; quick service. 'Phone (ft) M43I 18
and sample Auanacio for vrii!r9 Ouarante Ab- - ' '
GOLDMAN PLEATING CO.. street .Co.. Patterson Blk. 'Plion Red 47. .
1 Douglas BWta. Tel. Dowjlaa 19H (llQ-TWi Jyl WANTED TO BUY
FOtt BALE OR TRADE 9-room houe and WANTED To buy aeoond-hand furniture.
THE SALVATION ARMY aollclU caat-o full Lit In new cathedral district and neur cook and heating Stoves ca rpets 1'eo-
cluthlns; In fact. anyUilng you do not to car line; will traio for smaller house leuina, offloe furniture, old cloth' and
need. We collect lepalr and sell, at 114 close In; a bargain. Inquire owner, 2;o4 shoe, piaooa feathers, bad ulllowa aullts
N. 11th Bt. for co.U of collecting, to the Farnam Bt .()-M0 lix and alf kinds of tools; or will buy the
worthy poor. Call 'Phone Doug. 4136 and - r furniture of your house compute. Will buy
Wagoa wUl call. .' . lW) 5U FOR BALE Five-acre tract of land In Ben- antique or mahogany furniture. The hlgh-
: son, three block from car. suitable for est prices paid. Call the right .man. TeL
FOR anything In the sewing machine line platting or foe Improvements an oupor- Douglas 8971. (4usi Jx8
io to P, Ji. riodman 4 .Co., 1614 Capitol tunlty for soma one. Address. O 41$. , ,
. tU) '18 JeU Bee. 119) 834a HOISTINO engine wanted. 12-horsepower.
PRIVATE CONFINEMENT HOME Mra TO HAVE that bill collected, to selToT ric "kHcZil UVenibU.' CmOS? Gas cV
. Dr. Kln. ia.N. $uu Bt TU Doug, 88. . buy property, call on or addreaa Jaoob- 20th and Center (25)-M829
2 . . . (l!)-4t aon A Co., 936 N. Y. Life Bid-. , .
1 ' . - (19) M332 13x WANT to buy good business. What have
HAVE yeu aeea the prices on talgn grade . you to offerf fi 4 care Bee
pianos during ou Are saleT If iot. do IF YOU are thinking of building It win (26)-Mm 11
so totlay, for you can save from $100 to pay you ta see the Western Houia Bulla-
$20e 011. iiy Piano. Prompt action la . eia, rooir 22 aad 8. Neb. Nat baa WANTEDTa buy a hard roai atova; give 'Ue But)elt Company. ; - . Bid, tw prices .aud tenn ' ' d.-riptton. AdJrta K. OniatTafioe. 18
v.. " -' :;,;v 4l9-v tkott Bt. CouucU blufia 4i-ld3W iia
t t i x
WANTED Flrstwlaas aeeond-hand Bra and
burglar proof Safe with space for books
approximately 18 tnehee high, 18 Inches
Wale aad 16 to 38 Inch deep. Addreea
Y fA rare Bee, stettng make of safe,
price and full particular. (16) M191 11
CASH pad far t swecsL Craee-rey Ce
818 a 14ta. Phone Douglas U1X.
' (3)-3M
WANTED By young lady, pleasant room
and board In private family; best refer
encea, Address 44 614. Bee.
(W)-Mm6 II
WANTED Ftirnlhed houee for summer;
two in family; excellent care A'Ulrves,
W 635, Bee. W) 2 lOx
Three to live rooms, unfurnlahed, for tight
housekeeping, clone in; man nnd wife, no
children: muxt be rood location and
reasonable. Phone Harney 46
(241-M367 15x
WANTED to rent bar, team and buggy,
hear 34th and Dodge. Addrem J 644.
(26) M432 11
WANTED Couple rooms; furnlsfTcu or
unfurnished with barn; room for team
and buggy. Address K 64 6.
( 2 ) M 4 3 3 U
SWISS GIRL for children, or companion,
or housekeeper; speaks French. German
and English. Addreea Y 814, care Bee.
t (27)-M8n 15x
COMPETENT German girl aa child nur.
Address Y-313, care Bee, (27) MS92 15x
POSITION is narse girl. Call or address
1120 B. Washington Ave, Council Bluffa
W. (27) M364 16
WANTED Position by experienced trav
eling salesman, (alary or commission.
Call Ttttaday a. m., C. J. Miller, room
199, Paxton Hotel. (17) M4J0 li
WANTED Position by competent lady
4tenorTRrer; first-class reference. Ad
dress K 628. oars Bee. (27) M105 14
Annie E. Haskell to John Bpellman,
lot 6, block 12, Bedford Place $ 100
Anna Hlavka and husband to Edward
Laitner. lot 1 block 6, South
Oirlaha 350
David Linn and wlfs to C. R. Carson,
Idt 28. block 1. Orchard Hill 1,200
Henry I, Plumb and wife to Clara E.
Btansel, lot 2. block 11, Brlggs
Place 3,160
Elisabeth Bhlnn to Cora O. Ward, a k
lot 11, block 62, South Omaha.. 1 W
Robert O. Fink. ounty treasure?, to
to Continental Trust Co., a. 16 feet e.
. 132 feet lot 4. block 4, Kountse 4th
add , ,
Same to same, w. 15 feet lot 4. block
4, Kountse 4th add
Continental Trust Oo. to John W.
Barnett, lime 1
Charles L. Thomss to Ella Harper et
,.al., lot 2, block L. Saunders ei
Hlmebaurh's add 1S8
Robert O. Fink, county treasurer, to
Fannie Haller. lot 7. block 85, Flor- '
Long Island Loan and Trust eom-
any to D. 8. Prall, lot 18, block 2,
akavlew 850
Helen W. Bchenck et al., to same,
same , 850
Ellen M. and H. D. Reed to Thomas .
A. Buckle, lot 21, block L Sheridan
Place 190
Provident Life and Trust company to
Cora P. Clark, lot 1, block 17. Hans-
rom Place ,. 4,000
Barah J. Camp to Theo Vols,1 lot 6,
block 87, Albrighfa Choloe ,1
Charles Feckenscher to C. George
Carlberg, lot 18, block 4, Grammercy
Park 135
Robert O. Fink, county treasurer, to
Continental Trust oompany, n. 28
feet lot t. block 6, Patrick's add
Continental Trust company to Ells- .
worth W. Prior, same ....... 1
Alice Havemeyer .to Frank Barrow
clough, w H lot 9, block 8. Parker's
add .". 1,600
Harry A.' Tukey to Jens F. Jensen,
lot 7, block 8, Portland Place........ 654
Robert O Fink to J. A. Mclntyre,
lot 11, block 3. Lancaster place
National Land oomoanv to Catherine
I Hlggina lot T, Kings add 450
Ellen Hoe to 11. U. woolley, n 40 feet
a 66 feet lots I, t and 8, Lindsay's
sub , 275
William R. Pitt to I. O. Mlnner, lot 23,
block 96, Dundee Place 250
Carrie. Van Kuran to John H. Bau
man 4.77 acres H iw4 nwV4 8-16-13.. 3,000
Pheba E. Stafford to H. A Tukey, w. . .
H n.- y, and all a lot 6, block 2,
bhull's add 4,600
Same to same, e. H n. V lot 6. block
3. Shull's add 1,500
8en V. Gus'afson to Immanuel Daa
cunneas Institute, lot 17, block 8,
Monmouth Park ,. 500
Amanda Carlln and husband to Louta -Golnirwoskl,
lot 2. block 66, South
Omaha 950
H. A. Tukey to Mary Clark, lot 4,
block 4, Portland Place $00
Owen Mahoney to C. Harris, tract In
4-16-18 8,176
Florence W, Hall and husband to
Charles W. Hull, parts lota 33 and 24,
block 3. Park Place 1
Thomas Cormlck and wife to F. C.
Taylor, lots 13, 14, block 4. Ames
Plaoe SSO
J. H. Trenery. trustee, to Alfred Tren-
ery, lot 7, block 1,- Wood's Place... 1
Alfred Trenery to John H. Trenery,
lot 7. block 1, Wood's Place 1
D. C. Patterson, trustee, and wife to
John, Trennery, lots 6 and , -block
2, Harris A Patterson's annex X
Charles H. Wilson to Mabal E. Shears,
s H lot 1, block 12, Isaac A Solden's
add 3,000
Frank H. Berry to Auguat R. H.
Meyer, e. SO feet, lot 11 and w. 20
feet lot 12. block 3. Patrick's add.... 1,000
Robert O. Flak, county treasurer, to .
Wilbur M. Lemon, lot 8, block 1,
and other lots. W. I. Belhy'g 1st add. ......
Alfred R. Pardun and wife to Julia
BUs. s H lot 9. block 10, Kountse
A Ruth's add , 8,100
Thomas J. p'Nell to John M. Tan
ner, lot 4, block 1. Darorak's add.... 100
leter r. ruetson ani wire o wnneim
Garnanrtt. a 60 feet lot 15, blnok
16, . Improvement Association add.. 1,400
Total $40,283
V'alea Paclde.
Leava Arrlva
Overland' Limited ......a 8 66 am a 9:40 pro
The China and Janan
Fast Mail a 8 J0 pra a tX pm
Colo, tk Calif. Ex a 3:60 pm a 6:80 am
uauiornia at ore, r.x...a t.uo pm a D uo pm
Log Angeles Limited. ...all M pm a 9:15 nm
Colorado Special all :68 pm a 4 SO am
iNonti fiatte Loeai a T'4i am a 4:15 Din
Beatrice Local b 7:42 am b 6:1$ pm
Cb lease A Northwester.
Chicago Daylight a 7:06 am a11:$4 pm
Bt. Paul-M apolis Kxp..a 7 W) am al0:00 pm
Chicago Local all :30 am a 3:28 pm
Btoux City Passenger.. .a 740 am a 8:18 pm
Chicago Passenger a 4:30 am a 9 30 am
Chicago fipnrlal a 4:08 pra a 9:80 am
Bt Paul-M'pelle Lmtd..a 6 26 pm a7:am
Los Angeles Limited. ...a 9:30 pm al2:36 pm
Overland Limited ...... alO.-OO pm a 6:2 am
Past Mall a 8:2 am
Blo.x City Local a 2:60 pm a 9:20 am
Faft Mall a $ 35 pm
Twin City Limited. .... .a 8:78 pm a 7.U5 am
Overland Limited a 6:28 pm a 9 81 am
NorfuHt-Floncsteel a 7:40 am al0.36 am
IJncoln-Chadron b 7:40 am alO:38 am
Deedwood'Llneola .....a 8-o pm a 6:e pm
Casper-Bheahont a 3:00 pm a 6:141 pm
Hastlngs-Buperlor b 3 00 pm b 6:06 pin
Fremont-Albion b 6:02 pro bll.60 pm
Los Angela Limited. ..a 85y pm a13:36 pm
Wakaab, -
St. Louis Express a t' pra a $ $0 am
Bt. Louis lral (from
Council Bluffs) a 8 80 am aU:18 pm
Stauberry Local (from
Council Bluff) b $40 pmbl0:lS am
Cbleaso, Rock Island Paclfte. .
Chicago Limited ..a 2:48 am all 30 pm
Iowa Local a 7:00 am a 4:) pm
Ds Moines pass. a 4:00 pin ei2;30 pin
Iowa Local all fl am b 9.14 pu
Chicago (Kastern Ex.). a 4 60-pm a 1:28 pm
Chtoago Flyer ; a 4 00 pm a 8:88 am
Rocky Mountain l.imd..aU 40 pm a 2:36 am
Colo. Cal. Express... l pm a 4:40 pm
Okl. V Texas EaiWeas..a 4:40 rm a I II pm
Lincoln A Kalrbury Paaa.a 6:46 amalO:L8 am
Mlsewwrl raclBa.
K- C. A Bt. U Kip. ....a 9:06 am a 6:66 am
K. C. A 6t. L. tip. ... all 16 pm a $ 86 pm
Nebraska Local a 2:Ou pm all. 40 am
Chicane. MUwaakea 4k St. PaaL .
CM Colo. Bpecial,.. 7 02 04 11 48 pm
Calif. Oregun Kxp... 4 02 pm t 26 via
Overland Limited
.. W W pia 6.47 am
Lira Stock Miket Will Open Tody
with Deadlock Still On.
lie Baya the Dewlere Are Mablagr
This Fight in Behalf af the
Farwter and AsluT Tbeaa
to Aid.
The Smith Omaha markets will open
again this morning with an unaltered dead
lock between the packers and the commis
sion men. Ttie lattr have Itept firmly to
their announced determination not to sell
cow stuff to the packers. It Is rumored
that early m the contest some speculating
firms of the exchange sold a few cows, but
the packers received very few from this
source. Ona of th best argitment to .the
sincerity of the commission ' men ht this
fight was pointed Out by one of their
number a day or two ago Is the fact that
the commission men could easily stand
aside and let the farmer and th shippers
fight out the battle alone. Tt is nothing
to the commission men financially. In fact.
the commission men lose all chance of a
commission on cows and heifers. It would
be more profitable to them td seB the stock
for the shippers and the farmers as before.
The commission would be Just aa great
under the present condition of sals as
before, Thl all goes to show," said a
commission man, "that w are trying to
be square with the farmers and the ship
pers who patronise ua Single-handed th
shipper has little chance on this market to
do anything with the packer other than
to accept their term without question ar
recourse. We have undertaken to make
the flarht for the shippers and If they da
not stand by as we cannot win nor hop
It Is hoped that the government may see
fit to take a hand or suggest a ground of
compromise. The situation will soon be
come aoute.
Aehe Home ts Mobbed.
J. B. Ashe. 1338 North Twentyalxth
street, reported to the police yesterday that
his residence was entered by a burglar
Saturday night. The Intruder made ht
entrance by prying up one of the window
and on gaining the Interior secured, $33 In
rash arid a gold watch. This apparently
satisfied him, as nothing else was molested.
The man Is m all probability the same on
who has committed a number of similar
depredation In this city. He never take
anything but money or a watch. The
police are greatly exasperated over th '
actions of this man, and although they
have a suspicion aa to who tt Is that ha
been doing the work, they have no evidence
that would warrant an arrest. The party
seem to have a system of action perfectly
Maarle City Qevadp.
Miss Etta Darnell of St. Louis 1 visit
ing friends In the city.
Men wanted; sewer work. National Con
struction Co., South Omaha.
Miss Ethel and Mlsa Claire Bennett of
Portland are visiting In the city.
Mra Ella M. Salon will spend th sunv
mer visiting relatives In Colorado.
Miss Halite Welker has gone to Indlanola
to spend a vacation with relatives.
The Board of Education la lo meet at
the high school Wednesday evening.
N. O. Nelson of Cotesfleld, Neb., was
here several days last week on business.
Mrs. W. S. Derbyshire and family are
spending the summer at Clay Center, Kan.
P. J. Martin and James Parka left Sat
urday afternoon for Bcrlbner in quest of
Is nd.
-Miss Delia Burch of Chtoago Is expected
this week for a month' visit with rela
tlvea Mrs. Julius Goldstein of Nebraska City
Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mra Jaoob
Wanted Experienced marker and sorter.
Hlnchey Laundry, 409 N. 36th Bt, Soath
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Nichols of Atkinson
are the guest of Mr. and Mrs. M. 29.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Methodist
ohurch has arranged a fine conoret to be
given June 18.
Joseph Murphy and Jake Klein are In
Sidney looking over some land that they
would purchase.
The police found no saloons open yester
day In South Omaha, Two or three rumor
proved unfounded.
The Altar society of St. Bridget's church
will give a card party at the home of Dan
iel Hannon Tuesday evening.
Mr. W. 8. Glenn was called to Eureka,
Cal, by tbe serious Illness of her daugh
ter th latter part of last week.
The base ball fields were rather muddy
for much enjoyment yesterday ; .afternoon.
Several local games war played la US
Miss Eunice Ensor ha been appointed
by State Superintendent McBrlen as in
structor of muslo at the summer normal at
The first of, the South Omaha Country
club's sacred concerts was enjoyed last
evening. Bock' orchestra furnished th
mns lo.
Last night waa Children's evening at th
First Presbyterian church. After a pro
gram by the children Judge Button spoke
briefly on the juvenile court.
Miss Esther Weddell and E. L. Oaisner
were married Saturday at the home of the
bride's sister, Mrs. Chambers. Father
O'Callahan performed the ceremony.
Mr. L. R. Armbrustor of Stanton and
Miss Mary Fushmen of West Point ar
visiting Miss Fushmen of tbe enrp of
nurses of th South Omaha hospital.
The city council meet tonight In ad
journed session. Th business will be. so
far a known al present, of a routine char
acter, Bult has been begun against th Omaha
A Council Bluffs Street Hallway company
by Erio Anderson on behalf of his daughter,
Mildred, whose legs were cut off some time
ago by a car at Twenty-sixth and P streeta,
Chicago Great Weatera.
St Paul St Minneapolis.. 8:30 pm 7 IS am
St. Paul at Minneapolis 1:U am 11 tM pm
Chicago Limited ......... $:40 pin 90 aan
Chicago ISxpreas ........ 7:4$ am 11:60 pm
Chicago Express $ 90 pm $40 pm
Illinois Central. s
Chicago Express a 7:f0 am a t:48 pra
Minn. A St. Paul Exp...b 7:U am a i:6S pm
Chicago Limited a 6:00 pm a 6:80 am
Minn. A Bt Paul Lmtd.a 8.34 pm a $.30 am
Barilla gtoa.
Denver A California... .a 4:10 pm
Northwest Special a 4:10 pm
Black Hills a 4:10 pm
Northwest Expra a 9.30 pm
Nebraska points a 8:00 am
Nebraska 'Express. ......a 9:06 am
Lincoln Fast Mall b 1:4 pm
Lincoln Local
Lincoln Local
Iiilsvilla A Plattsm'th.b 3:10 pm
Believue-Piattamoutb ..a 8:16 pm
Plattaniouth-Iuwa ......b 9.10 am
Denver Limited all 66 pm
Chicago Special a 7:00 am
Chicago Express... a 4:30 pm
Chicago Flyer a 6 30 pm
Iowa Ixcal a 9:16 am
Bt. Ixul Bxpresa.,...,.a 4:48 pna
kaiisu Cll & Ht. Jo..al0:45 pm
Kanaaa City & Bt Joe,, a 9'15am
Kansa City A Bt Joe. .a 4:46 pm
a 4:10 pm
a 4:10 pm
a 4:10 pas
a 4:46 am
a 4.10 pm
a 6:10 pm
all m pm
a 9:Ut am
a 8 00 pm
blO:20 am
a 7:46 am
b 1 88 pra
4:4 am
all a pm
a 8:66 pm
a 8:30 am
ail so am
all:) ana
. a 4 .30 am
a $.10 pm
fhleagto, St. PasL, MlaaaaselU
Xwln City Passenger. ,.b : am
loux City Passenger., a 2j0 pm
aVmersoa Ieral .....,,,.b 6:46 pm
klmerson Local ...A $.44 am
llUatsri PaelBa.
Local via Weeping
Water , a I t am
Fall City Local.... a 1.60 pm
b 9 .10 pm
all:M am
b 910 am
$ pm
a 1:86 pm
all:2o am
a Dally, b Pally except Sunday. 4 Dally
except Cetureay, annuity Wy. JauU!
auet Mvauay.