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Puria Flay 6iTtn Btfore Large Audience
at tha Boyd.
i i 1
tersest Attendance of Irnoi Tfii
Enthusiastic Over Prodoction that
I Fart Allegory, Part Comedy
and Mara Scenery.
Maud Ailatna and company In "Peter Pan,
a p. ay 01 live acts, by J. M. Barrle; under
direction of Charles Frohman; at tlia
Boyd Uieater. The caat:
peter Pan Maud Adams
Mr. Darling Ernest Lawford
Mrs. Darling (irace Henderson
Wendy Muira Angela Darling
Mildred Morris
John Napoleon Darling Waller Robinson
Michael Nicholas Darling. .Martha McOraw
Nana C'narles 11. Western
Wlza Jane Wren
. Members Peter Hand:
Tootles Dorothy Cheater
J'lb Lulu Peck
tJHghtly Frederick Bantley
Curly Mabel Klpp
First Twin Katherlne Kerpell
terond Twin Ella Ollroy
James Hook, the pirate captain
Ernest Lawford
Fmee Thomaa McOrath
fUarkey Wallace Jackson
Cecco Paul Tharp
Mulllns Thomas Vslnntlne
Noodier Frederick Raymond
Orest Pig LItUe Panther.... Llnvd Cnrleton
Tiger Ll!y Margaret Gordon
Maud Adama did two things last night
that are really notable: She got the aeat
holders to the theater In time to see the
curtain go up on the first scene, and It
went up on time; and she held them after
the fall of the last curtain, applauding and
calling for a repetition of the beautiful
picture. Only those who are familiar with
Omaha theater manners can thoroughly ap
preciate Just what a tribute to Miss Adams
these two simple, things constitute.
Tammas Haggart wasna the only humor
ist In the Barrle family; the genial James
is something of a Jester himself, and we
often wonder If he Is really In earnest or
merely spoofing, and do not know whether
to laugh or to soberly consider what he
has set before us. "Peter Pan" It In a
ense a projection of another boy of
Barrle-s; the lato Thomas Sandys, Esq.,
tised to lead something of a hand himself
through the purlieus of Thrums and Corp
and Grizel and Elspeth were escorted
through a series of adventures much like
those of Peter and Wendy and Jack and
Michael and the others. And we knew for
the most part Barrle was laughing at us
then through the eyes of Sentimental
Tommy, and later he poked fun at his
British brethren, with a sly warning to his
. American cousins In "Little Mary," and
now In "Peter Pan" what Is he driving att
Dellshtfol, Droll and Mystifying.
"Peter Pan" Is not one thing nor another;
It Is but part a play and part an allegory,
and something of burlesque. But taken as
It Is offered It Is a bit of delightful enter
i talnment; quaintly humorous, verging here
and there on the pathetic, but drawing back
In time to save the situation and offering
something absurd Immediately the sober
I thought seems arrested. As the story of a
toy who didn't want to grow up It offers a
.realization of the delights he longed for;
j wings, and fairies, pirates, Indians, wild
'animals and all sorts of adventures, with
Peter ever uppermost, till he Anally shouts
In his triumph that he Is the most wonder
ful boy that ever lived.
But Peter's companions all long for the
another they have missed, and Captain
Peter himself feels the need of one; even
Bmee, the pirate, wanted a mother, and the
-reat story of boyhood Is made complete
' In this common touch. It's all very well to
How to Get
Rid of Fat
A Remarkable Discovery That Con
lletluce Fat Harmlessly at the
I la to of a Pound a Day.
A Trial Bos Sent Tree.
A quick, harmless reducer of fat has
come Into popular use which far eclipses
any method or treatment heretofore used.
Starvation diets break down the health
almost Invariably, as Is commonly wlt
nesaed among many former fat folks who
have tried to starve their fat away.
Dangerous drugs and mineral acids can
row be jut on the shelf.
You Eat Besfo XJka Ton Would Trait or
' Candy.
In their stead,' many physicians are
ow prescribing Rengo, which among
ther things contains the extracts of
koine, tropical fruits, and which has a re
tnarkable faculty not only of reducing
he fat quickly and In a natural way,
ut also makes the nerves strong, dlges
Bon vigorous and muscles more brawny,
f-avlng what once was a weak, blubbery,
' loated victim of fat, a normal, vigorous,
iiuncular person.
Rengo has the faculty of compelling
krvper assimilation, of food and driving
iff the surplus abnormal tissue present.
Thus, no tiresome exercises are neces
tary and there is no Interference wltU
IJnVs dally labors. .
Rengo la very pleasant to take, and It
si chewed like candy. It attacks abnor
kial tissue with unerring accuracy, and
fount a gradual, harmless but effective
reduction In weight, and without leaving
wrinkles which are nearly always present
after taking drugs and other dangerous
materials commonly called "anti-fats."
There is only one company in the Unit
ed States making this remedy and that
Is the Rengo Company at Detroit. Mich.
For some time they have made It a prac
tice of sending out trial boxes of this re
markable treatment to anyone who sends
them their name and address.
We recommend that any one suffering
from excess fat, prove to his or her own
satisfaction what this powerful product
can do, and Just send for a box on trial,
i Address The Rengo Co.
rra Rango Coupon
Rengo Company,
1657 Ret go Bldg., Detroit Mich.
Bend me st once a free trial packivo
of Rengo, the fat -reducer In - plain
wrapper, with, proofs, etc
I '
- v w a if mm
range far and high, but when evening
comes and sport begins to weary. It's nice
to have a kind, loving mother to come home
to. If the production have another moral.
It la not easily discerned. As far as the
boys locally are concerned, Nebraska's re
cent legislature has ordained that their
boyhood shall Inst until the age of It
Is attained; by that time they will be well
past the Peter Pan age, and It la likely
that they will then see the necessity of at
last growing up. The humor of the play
Is Barrio's, gentle and kindly at all times,
laughing and occasionally rollicking, but
never acrid.
Mnnd Adams as a Roy
Miss Adams Is a charming boy; for many
months she has been the target for more
adulation than many stars receive In a
lifetime. Her .Peter Pan has almost at
tained the station of a national Institution,
and has been praised even beyond her
Lady Babble. Her picture of the boy who
ran away from his mother and Joined the
Lost Boys because he did not want to rrow
up Is a very taking one, with Just a note
of pathos In It; especially his renunciation
of Wendy, because to go with her entailed
getting old; he could feel his newer nature
stirring within him, the Impulse to mate
crowding the Impulse for mother, and yet
he went to his home In the tree tops In
order to escape the Inevitable. His Joypus
crow and his unaffected self-exaltatlon
were part of a natural boy. In fact,- Miss
Adams merely gives us a boy, a trifle ab
normal, maybe but all of Barrie s boys
are abnormal one that we can love, and
does It with the same unaffected devotion
to the details of her art that has made her
unapproachable In certain ways.
Production Wonderfully Effective.
The whole production Is good. , It Is won
derfully staged, offering the very acme of
realism In some of its pictures; the com
pany enters with seal and understanding
on the interpretation of " the . author's
thought and all the wonders of the story
as told later by . Wendy, are set forth In
detail and exactitude, to the Intense delight
of all. Belief In fairies Is asseverated by
the audience in ample season and with suf
ficient energy to save Tinker Bell's life
from the effect of Hook's poison, and Peter
single handed and alone tosses Smee over
the side of the ship and later dispatches
Hook at the end of a desperate conflict and
flings him to the waiting crocodile. Even
little Michael vanquishes a pirate bigger
than his papa, and the most Imaginative
youngster would have to think long and
hard to Invent some feat these did not
achieve. And . the final scene, Peter
standing In the doorway of his little
home In the tree-trip, waving fare
well to the audience, while all about him
are the fairies, flitting hither and yon, or
lighting up their homes. Is one that fairly
deserves to be called beautiful.
Children Enjoy the Show.
It was a gathering of children that filled
the Boyd theater last night as It has not
been filled before this season; some of them
bore on their heads the snow cf more than
seventy winters, and others had but lately
begun to tread the way of life; but all
enjoyed the tale of "Peter Pan," and the
enthuBlastlo endorsement of Its progress
found vent at the close of each act, to
swell into a genuine ovation at the van
quishing of Hook and his piratical crew.
It was kept up until Miss Adams declined
to respond further. Her pleasure was
plainly apparent In her face, but the show
had to go on.
Important Term Will Be Held In
Omalia Fourth Monday In
United Statea Marshal Warner and Dep
uty Marshal Nlckerson returned Saturday
morning from Lincoln, where they have
been assisting In the Lincoln term of the
federal courts. The court adjourned for
the term late Friday night.
The next term of the federal .courts for
the Lincoln district will be held the fourth
Monday In October.
An Important term of the federal courts
will convene In Omaha the fourth Monday
In September, when a grand Jury will bo
summoned to take cognizance of such
coses as have originated In the northern
Nebraska district since February 27. Grand
Jnrte will be empanelled only - at . Omaha
and Lincoln.'
Short terms of the federal courts win be
held at Chodron the second Monday In
September and at Norfolk the third Mon
day In September. Several of the . minor
civil land cases wfll be tried during these
terms at Chadron and Norfolk on account
of these cities twlny nearer the scene of
the alleged offenses.
Owing to the lack of funds available for
Jury purposes, the appropriation for the
current year being exhausted, there will not
be any more Jury trials at Omaha until the
new appropriation la available after July
1. This will necessitate the delay of Jury
trials at Omaha In the federal courts until
the September term.
American Drtnklna Habits.
"There was a time, especially In the
southwest, when the whisky decanter had
a prominent place on every sideboard not
so nowl Instead, bottled beer Is rtnred
lit the refrigerators of many residences."
' This remark was made recently by an
official of the Internal Revenue Bureau In
speaking of the large Increase In the use
of bottled beer.
Times have changed Indeed. Within the
memory of many a man now living, po
farmer, however moral or religious,
thought of sending a harvesting crew into
the fields without a Jug of whisky; and,
even on the sideboards of the clergy one
could usually find a nip of Rye or Bourbon.
Now it Is all different; although prohibi
tion agitators still hold forth In futile ef
fort, as theJk did In the days of Hero
dotus and Tacitus, tha real temperance
movement Is going along quite Indepen
dently of them.
The truth Is that In the stress and strain
of. modern life, the human system, while
greatly benefited by the moderate use of
mildly stimulating beverages, cannot cope
with the evil effects of strong drink as It
could In the days when men were more
rugged and had more leisure.
This Is, no doubt, one of the main causes
of the substitution of bottled beers for
stronger drinks, and with ths advent of
Luxus, the new, light beer brewed and bot
tled In Omaha by the Fred Krug Brewing
Company, "Exponents of the Fine Art of
brewing," it appepars that at last we havs
an Ideal drink for the home.
Luxus Is pure In a sense beyond the
comprehension or understanding of ths
average brewer; and, being a light, clear
beer. It may be Indulged In quite freely
without the slightest adverse effects.
Luxus is gently stimulating, Inducing a
healthy activity of all functions of the
body and Is greatly appreciated by Nature
as an assistant In restoring energy, quick
ening the Jaded spirits, quieting tired
nerves and bringing about a delightful
sense of physical harmony and good cheer.
oath Dakota Banks Consolidate.
HURON, S. D, May IS. (Special.)
Negotiations have been consummated
whereby ths Standard Savings-bank, one
of Huron's oldest financial Institutions,
Is merged with ths Bank of Huron, a new
corporation, to begin business hers June 1.
It Is proposed to increase ths capital
stock to $60,000 and eventually to moke
the new institution s national bank.
pee want ads produce results
Cammisiion Van and Packers Lock Horns
0ar Wha Eh all Stand Inspection Lees?,
Packers Want to Pay After Inspec
tion of Carcaa, Which Wonld
Throw Losses for Rejected
Stock on Shipper.
Following the report from other packing
centers to the effect that the packers have
Insisted on the rule that no stock be paid
for until the animals have passed the final
post mortem Inspection, the Indications are
that the same matter will precipitate a
warm fight here. The commission men,
like those of Sioux City and Kansas City,
have refused to sell under the now condi
tions and have advised customers not to
ehip cows and heifers until the matter
could be adjusted. Formerly as soon as
an animal was weighed out to a Arm and
not separated as "subject to Inspection,"
the stock had to be thus received and paid
for by the packer. The packers complain
that too much stock Is condemned and the
new rule Is the same as If all stock were
sold -subject to Inspection. This will put
the losses all on the shipper, for If an
animal falls to pass the Inspector the price
will be nominal.
Justice Tempered with Mercy.
The police court was busy with a number
of cases yesterday, In which the Judge
mingled far more commlserntlon and mercy
than strict Justice. The first case was that
of Peter and Katie Ruane, husband and
wife. She charged him with abandonment
and nonsupport. She declared that ha had
only given her $5 since last September and
had not made any effort to please her. She
was a thin little creature. Illy adapted to
a life of struggle. Neither did she have
the Independence that a woman thus alone
should have. The man, however, lookrtl
the part Indicated In her charges. The
men sulked before the court and hinted at
dark things In the life of his wife. The
Judge bound htm over to the district court,
and then the courage of the woman failed
her and she begged piteously that he might
be released. She wanted the court to give
him another chance. The Judge was con
siderably exasperated at this change in
what he thought a highly merited prosecu
tion, but the woman said she would not
appear before the higher tribunal to testify
against her husband on a criminal charge.
As a compromise the Jndge placed Ruane
under (200 bonds to support his wife and
to protect her. The woman spent all day
fixing up the bond that her husband might
be released from custody.
Another case was that of John Nemes, a
Hungarian Jew, employed at the Omaha
packing plant. He was arrested for al
leged forgery. It was said that he forged
the name of Adolph Fried, proprietor of
the Roosevelt hotel, on a check at the
Packers National bank. When .the case
came to trial the prosecution weakened.
They were both of the same nationality.
Nemes paid back the money secured by
the check and then the prosecution refused
to testify against the man. He was al
lowed his liberty on paying the court costs.
He has a wife In Hungary and has sent
her over $100 in the last few months. It
was partly on her account that he escaped
punishment on a felony charge.
The third case was the trial of W, E
Bell and William Sawyer for displaying a
gun and threatening to shoot the Inmates
of one of the houses of all nations on
lower N street All the parties were col
ored and the case had all the usual fea
tures of a rough house among the Afri
cans. The two men were preparing to
leave the city, they said, but got Into an
altercation with Eva Still, the landlady.
This passage of arms consisted of throw
ing crockery at each other's head. Bach
side made free with the soup bowls and
other utensils. Finally tha woman re
sorted to a chair as a weapon more nearly
In order of progression, and the two men
drew guns and threatened to perforate the
anatomy of a half dozen women who were
more or less Interested In the "high Jinks."
Someone warned the police and the men
were taken up and fined Bell $2 and Saw
yer $10. They promised to leave town at
once and the Judge for this reason re
frained from his original Intention of giv
ing them the limit
Senior Fair and Art Bxhlblt.
Everything Is now In readiness for the
welcome to a large crowd at the fair and
art exhibit to be given by the class of '07
thia evening at tho high cchcol, and tho
booths are all In readiness. Rooms have
been set aside for the visitors' wraps.
The art exhibit consists of reproductions
of famous masterpieces which will be found
adorning the walls of the building. The
exhibit comes from the Horace K. Turner
Company of Boston. On the second floor
will be found the show prepared by the
"stunt" committee. Here, too, will be
the peanut booth, the Ice cream and cake
parlor anda candy stand. In the south
wing punch and wafers will be served. On
the way to the third floor the visitor
passes another candy booth and also a
fortune-teller's tent, where the past pres
ent and future will be revealed. In the
ssombly room on the top floor will be found
the stereoptlcon and klnodrome. At" 9
o'clock the following program will be given
free In the auditorium: Instrumental solo,
Marlgall Ren wick; reading, Edith Bach
elder; vocal solo, Aida Mead; violin solo,
Hiram Scovllle; reading, Catherine Row-
Uey; vocal solo, Miss Myrtle Keefer; In
strumental soio, Alice Davis.
Sunday Services.
Most of the South Omaha churches will
hold special S3r vices of a patriotic nature
In commemoration of the patriot dead. Rev.
Father White of Council Bluffs will speak
at 11 a. m. at St. Mary's church.
The annual memorial service will occupy
the morning hour at the Presbyterian
church. Dr. Wheeler's address will be
"Beauty for Ashes." Patriotic music will
be .rendered. The evening service will be
The evening service at Leffler'a Memorial
church will be of special nature In cele
bration of the day. The morning service
will be under the direction of the Young
Men's Christian association. Mrs. Copper
of the Woman's Auxiliary will speak.
The theme of the morning service at the
Lutheran church will be from the story of
"The Rich Man and Lazarus." There will
be a congregational meeting after the
services. '
"The Mind of Christ" will be the theme
of Rev. George Van Winkle at the Baptist
church Sunday morning. The evening serv
ice will be evangelical.
The sacrament of the Lord's supper and
the reception of members will be the order
at the First Methodist church Sunday
morning. In the evening Rev. William
Qorst, presiding elder, will conduct the
There will be no services at the United
Presbyterian church.
The Lutheran Frledenagemetnde of South
Omaha will have services In the Swedish
Lutheran church. Twenty-third and K
streets, Sunday afternoon at 1:9). Services
conducted bRev. William Engelke.
T. M. C. A. Rotes.
During the time of ths building move
ment wbioh will begin June 1, Mr. TaJboe,
the association barber, will locate In BoJle
vue. Finch IM still wrestling with ths base baU
with any sale of
$3.50 a high grade
BEGINNING MONDAY, MAY 27TH we inaugurate the greatest FREE GIFT distribution ever attempted in the west. We
give you absolutely free a valuable present with every purchase that has double the value of any trading stamp ever issued.
3, RQQ PulS complete" $69.75 1 4 ROOSSS" $89.50
aH03ii Small Payments
XrMh&K TtU! Beo Ad. and 190 We stop all payments when sickness or acci-
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ttJSSt&JFX Liberal Credit, Best Terms '
.aESS out this ad. n
with each
$20.00 or
Vt-.-A-.V:- "IV' !
With Any
of S7.60
And bed combined, solid stool rnn
structlon, folds compactly, double
Bteel coil spring supports. F.egular
price $7.o0 on sale gr Of;
' weeK f . w
With Any
Get Ths
At Tim of
A game for June 8 ta his present
The Lelnads defeated one of the boy
teams of the city last Wednesday. Tlie
score was $ to 0.
The auxiliary "War of the Roses" Is
being waged. All over the city the rivalry
Is In evidence and both sides are enthusi
astic and earnest, lioth sides are also
sure of the Victory.
Next Sunday afternoon Rev. Mr. Van
Winklo will speak to the boys at 8 o'clock.
This meeting is under the auspices of the
LflnadB. but they Invite all the boys of
South Omaha to unite In this Sunday
meeting with them. The program at the
men's regular 4 o'clock meeting will be In
the form of a sacred concert. This con
cert will be given by the E-A-L-M Ladles'
quartet. The program as prepared Is s
varied and excellent one. R. C. Walker
will have charge of U'O devotional exer
cises and the usual scripture quls will be
participated In by the men of (he audience.
There will be a rousing song service. All
men Invited.
Male C llr OoaHlp.
Samuel McDowell Is spending a short va
cation at Kxct-lslor Springs.
Del Green and "Dock" Warner have re
turned from r.xcelsior Springs-
Chapter M, P. E. O. society, will meet
with Mrs. J. B. Watklns June 1.
Irvln Howe and wife, rw-e Miss Iona Mc-Candli-ss,
have returned from Lincoln.
A. H. Murdock has returned from his
western trip. Ho vlmted the Pacific coast.
Mrs. Prank Bmttii, who has been very
seriously 111 for some time pant, la recover
ing. Yesterday was puy day for the South
Omaha teachers. The roll amounted to
atut $.s.u.
W. J. Mcllurncy has sufficiently recovered
from a recent severe attack of Ulneaa to be
on the street.
James O. Garrett and Mary H. Tempest,
both of this city, were married yesterday
by Judge P. C. Caldwell.
Ths following births -ware reported yes
terday: Myer Lipujky, la North Twenty
sixth street, a boy; Bert Mulllns, 19V North
Tliirty-nxth street, a boy; Oeorgs iVffl, KM
North Nineteenth street, a slrU
ki BflKiEY mwm
purchase of
more a fine
6-foot Ex
tension pedestal.
piano pol
ished quartered oak
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of fine porcelain China,
consisting ot
Beautiful floral deco
rated design, gold
trimmed edges. Biggest
bargain ever offered
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Solid reed body, back and
loot board, all steel run
ning gears, sateen para
sol, rubber tires, ball
bearing, upholstered cush
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H i I si l H s
And combination bed, quartered oak frnmes
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mirror. French turned
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Rteel running gears
rubber tires, perforated
wood back, worth $3.00
on sale
Box Oar TUtf-W. H. Wilson war
bound over to the district court by Judge
Crawford Saturday morning on the chargd
of breaking Into a Burlington boxcar and
stealing a quantity of shoes. Bond waaf
ei at touu,
Maglo City Barrel Company The Magic
City Barrel company of South Omaha has
filed articles of , Incorporation with the
county clerk. Charles U Fay, James JL
Qlynn and Henry A. Hodder are ths In
corporators. The authorized capital . Is
$,0u0. Ths business of the corporation will
be the manufacturing and sals of barrels.
atathleson Gets Wrong Bat License
Clerk Mathleaon Is anxious to meet that
banquoter at ths Equal Rights club enter
tainment who failed to claim his own hat
at tha end of the feast. Mr. Mathieson
has a new hat, a little too large In cir
cumference of crown, a little too narrow
as to brim, which he will exchange for the
head covering he wore to ths feast.
Hsw Ash-bonss Ordinance Tha new
ash-house ordinance has been completed
and will be presented to the council at the
next session. It provides for a fine of $5
to $60 tor persons violating the terms,
which are to maintain a Are-proof can or
brick receptacle on all lots In the city.
An additional penalty of $2 is provided for
every day In which violators fall to remove
ashes after being notified by the proper
Mrs Street Car Balls "The Omaha 4
Council Bluffs Street Hallway company has
begun work on soma extensive Improve
oients on the line at tha east and of the
Douglas street bridge. Additional right-of-way
has bean bought on each side of ths
track and from this dirt will be moved to
make ths approach to ths bridge of solid
earth Instead of ths structure which now
stands. It 1 estimated that about $160,000
will bs expended en this work, which will
with each $10 purchase
a hand some pair of panel
This beautifully
designed Bed has
extra massive
chilled posts and
rails, heavy
baked enamel
finish. Our $8.60
Bed, on sale Mon
day and Tuesday
BOARD Solid oak, unique
design, swell front,
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bevel French platf
mirror. Velvet lined
silver chest. Our
$15.00 side-board,
Monday and Tues
day 11.50
easily operated, best coll
price I3D.00
With four adjustable
Shelves, quartered oak
frameB, bent gloss ends.
Our beat $18.00 cabinet, on
rale Monday, Tuesday and
with any parous of
SO ws slvs band-
UkUil 1
mi: .' 'I 4. -.s -r-
also Include the sandblasting and painting
(Df the steel work on the bridge. The floor
structure will also be rebuilt.
Bosh Does to Colorado Assistant At
torney General 8. It. Hush has gone to
.Colorado to assist In the coal land lnvestl-
LTRtinna now riklni, K..r... u i
o " ' o . i uciuiu ilia ivuuihi
Lrand Jury there. He will return to Omaha
'early next wek to be present, at the hear
ing on the motion for a new" trial In the
Huntington, Hoj t and Todd land case. The
motion for a new trlul will be filed on June
1, but It Is not probable that the arguments
will be undertaken until the week following.
John S. JCnos galls Home John K. Knox,
a former cltlsen of Uuialia, hue sold his
apartment house on Fifty-filth boulevard
In Chicago for fc.u00 to William Potter of
Lafayette, Ind. Mr. Knox now residua at
St. Louis and was formerly a member of
the Payne-Knox company, which was re
organized about three years ago Into the
Payne Investment company when Mr. Knox
retired. He was the owner of considerable
real estate In Omaha and has extcnuive
Investments In St. Loots and Chicago.
Traction Engines on Bead Work George
W. Craig & Co., who has the contract for
paving the Fort Calhoun road north of
Florence, will use traction enalnes Instead
of teams to haul the stone from the rail
road at Florence to the point along the
road where It will be used. They have
secured an engine which will be able, they
believe, to haul from eight to ten, wagons
at once. The . reason for the chanKe to
steam power la the scarcity o( teams.
Work on the Fort Calhoun road will begin
Bod of Frank Worth from Bast The
body of the late Frank North Is expecUl
to arrive In Omaha 'Sunday morning from
Washington with the funeral party, which
left that city Friday night. The party will
be joined In Omaha by a number ot frlnnds
who will aocompany It to Columbus, where
ths funeral will take plaoe at $ p. m. Suit
dy. Will Beech er and Charles W. Pmu mU.
fcsssV4ipniassiniia sWal
pwan fB rm rajai
IT LuLl2i
with any purchase
of $5.00 a beautiful
(Just llkn rutl
Handsome design, han1 rubbed, selcrtod
quarter sawed oak, glased1 Klims dnor,
tui'i'li plato mirror. Regular price $25.00,
on saie
M 111,1 &j
fl BUFFET if
Chnse lenther, full sl2i, quartered oak
frames, double st.'el coll springs. Will
last a life time, worth $20.00 ou 11 cn
sale all week I 4.3U
lllll' KITCHEH
5 iJu3Iij! I rExaetlv like mt
7j Made of hard wood
2 zlno lined flour
bins, 2 drawers,
bread boards, a
large top with a
place for every
thing at tha sacri
fice price 'Of I
' s-'i , 4a
t"i".S. ,tf.
13.75 ip-'n
sV.d.?r! DINNER
With Any
$33 Pur
chase a
Solid Oak
of Omaha will go to Columbus to act as
pallbearers, both being old friends and
schoolmates of Mr. North.
Will bf Pater Blrkhanser The will of
the lata Peter lilrkhauser was admitted to
probate by County Judgo Leslie Saturday
morning and Mrs. Beatrice Olmstead. his
daughter, was appointed executrix. Under
tlio terms of a pre-nuptlal agreement mads
between Mr. Blrkhauaer and his second
wife each renounced, all claims to ths
other's property. This agreement was mads
In 1V4 JuM before tho marriage and ths
will was dated the same day and place.
Ail of the property, estimated to be worth,
tU.M. goes to Mrs. Olmstead.
Team Stock la ths Mad Ths flippant
lines of John U. Saxe on Omaha anOJUia
Ultllculty of hauling on the streets were "
recalled Saturday morning on kwer Doug- 1
las street when a teamster driving a load
of sand talked to see a hole In the asphalt.
His t.m found It and found It could not
get out of It. After some delay another
team was secured and four horses brought
the load of sand to the street level, wblC
those property owners who are working fof
new paving started out with renewed vigor'
to secure signatures to petitions.
Savins; to County Employs County
CommlrMoner Solomon Is going after ons
of the profitable branches of the warrant
brokers' business at the courthouse. Hs
has asked tha county attorney to furnish
him an opinion as to whether sr not It
would be legal for the county to p7 its
employes twice Instead of once a month.
At present the employes are paid but ones
a month, and as a result many of them
are forced to sell their claims against ths
county at a discount. If they could get
their money twice a month Mr. Solomon
believe the praotlcs would be broken up,
or at least decreased In extent and ths
employes would get the full benefit of their
salaries Instead of ha. v lug tOjS&td up WUA
ths brokers