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Opflnine Strom, Cfferines Licit With
Lre Enyimr Orders Oat.
favorable Weather llfpcrta lr All
Sections irrn fa Affect the
Selling of All
OMAHA. May 6, 1W7.
The market opened strong at about clos-
Ing prlcn. with no partlculiir feature. Of
' tarings were light, with large buying order
out. Foreign markets were all higher.
Generally more favorable weather report
from all point seemed to affect all selling.
Thera wet report of 75 per cent damages
to the wheat crop In Canada, which la the
worm for twenty year. The continued low
temperature In the northwest atlll delay
seeding, this is me most nacuwsiu "i'""s
known for many year and report how
a great decrease in acre seeded. In ira(
localltle wheat I being; plowed up and
the ground put Into oats.
Wheat opened strong with a decided bear
ish market. Price were well sustained, but
not notably higher. With large buying;
order out. a higher market la looked for.
May option opened at 77Vc bid and cloeed
at 77HO.
Coin opened Arm and a ihade higher, on
account of small receipt and buying by
commission houses. Movement qontlnties to
equal requirement, with expectation of
larger movement the 1b at of tha week. The
demand haa darkened some, and cable
were dull. May corn opened at 46c asked
and closed at .7io asked.
The oat market opened easier by some
selling; with an Improvement for demand
However, offering were light. The grow.
Ina" crop report show great damage with
prospect of small crop. There wa nme
selling of May option and strong buying
or oeptemner oats. May oat openea at
ie asked and olosed at 41 He asked.
Primary wheat recants were 723.0CO bush
el and shipment of bushels, against
receipts of 169 000 bushels last year and
shipments of 1KS.O00 bushels. Corn receipts
were 814.000 bushels and shipments of 47 Oon
bushels, against receipts last year of 371,000
bushels and shipments of 2sn.ono bushel.
Clearances were fSO.ono bushels of corn
and 1,000 bushels of cats, and wheat and
flour eoual to 274. (To hnshela.
Liverpool closed unchanged to V4d higher
on wheat and Hd lower on corn,
j Local range of options:
patents. 14 tr-fN SS: f rt clears, 3 267?3 3j;
"onn ciesrm a- mu inn.
Article. I Open. I High.) Low. Close. Te'r.
80 A
46 It
79SAJ 79HA
414AI 41N.A
41B! 41HA
4'B 24viA U'MK 34A
46 A
46 A
41 A
7". A
46 A
so a
45". B
46 B
41 VH
Wheat I
Oats .
asked. B bid. '
l .. Omaha Cash Price.
WHKAT No. i hard. TfVffTTc: No. 3 hard
7?74Wct No. 4 hard, 66700; No. 3 spring,
CORN No. 3, 444fc; No. 4t 4aB8"3;
no grade, WiViv; No. 3 yellow, 444614c; No.
I white, 4ii47c.
. OATS No. I mixed, 40't, f 04c ; - No. I
White, VC; No. 4 white, !,(iHc,
RYE No. 2, 63c; No. 3. 6H1C
Carlo Receipts.
Wheat. Corn. Oats
Chiongo 23 178 160
Minneapolis ...262 ...
Omaha ' 13 19 '
Duluttl 152 ...
Pea tare of tha Tradlnar and Closing
Prices on Board of Trad.
' " CHICAGO, May 8. Prices In the wheat
market toduy were depressed because of
J Unproved wuuther conditions In the north
west And southwest. At tha clone wheat
for July delivery was off c. Corn, was up
ViViC. uau wire a anano tower, rrovu
ri uf th i.WdizMrf mtrncr.
The wheat market was very largely a
eathcr affair and with conditions more
avomtile for ttie. development of the fall
own crop and for the seeding of spring
wneal, sentiment whs Deurisn nearly tui
lay. The market opened easy, but about
the end or tno nrst nour a suostanuai rauy
carried urine up V4c. The upturn was
caused by a 6Vc advance at Minneapolis.
,,The local market, however, soon eased off
j.nd during tne remiunoer or me nay whs
'inclined to drag. Crop damage report
4 weic Was numerous today than for several
dajl past. The market cloeed welik at
about the lowest point of the day. July
.' rivned iinchanved to Vc lower at
P S.h.-&'iiC. sold off to Mo and then advanced
T" to xiiiNI.i.c. The close was at MVn. Clear-
ances of wlicnt nnn nour were equal id
" 74,Co0 bu. Primary receipts were 723,nt
bu, against 1.!Ujo tu- lor tne same nay
( lul vear. Minneapolis. Duluth and C'hl-
'. 'C'tao r ported receiHs of 417 cars, ogatnet
i bit ra: s luM week and 89 cars one year ago.
i- Trading In coin was quiet, but the mar-
kot was firm b'iause of the continued
it fcumll movement rf grain. Cash liou re
ported that country acceptances were light
1 as .farmers wire reluctant to sell old corn
la view of tha posalbility that the new
crop may not muture well owing to the
latenefes of the seeding. The close was
'firm. July opened unchanged to a shade
jilKher at lV;-'!Vc, sold between 4'.Wc and
' 4fcc anil elused at 4iHc. 1 cal receipts
rf were 170 cars, with 23 of contract grade.
Oats opened easier because of the more
favorable weather conditions'. Later the
market became steadier, the firmness of
corn having some eff. Prices, however,
showed little change. July opened a shade
to Hfe4o lower at 42Mi-tfc. sold at 43Hn
and (Amed at 43c. Local receipts were ItW
Provisions were firm all day despite a
decline In the price of live hutts. The for
'.eian demand was good while offerings were
A light. At the close July pork was up l'.'Hc
II at lrd was up 2e at $s.97S. Klbs
VI were 7c higher at IS.80. ....
f Kstlmatey receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
oar, oorn, ltao . cars;; oats, 311 cars; hogs,
S4,0o.i head.
The leading future ranged a follow:
Qaotatloaa mi the Dar Various
Commodities. -
NEW YORK. Mir FIUR Receipts,
41. fM bhls. ; exports, 3.712 bhls Market firm
but quiet, with a quiet trade; Minnesota
bakers, t-lfrVulsO; winter patents, IliOtf
(;4.1B; winter straights. $1 70; winter
extras. $2.!Vu9.Hi; winter low grade.
I !.is"(i t no. Ke flour, firm; fair to good,
f.l TiMi.t 6: choice to fancy. t34.16.
WHEAT Receipt. 80.000 bu.: export.
211,0'Ju bu.; spot, market steady; No. 3 red
l""io elevstor; No. 3 red, "4C f. o. b. afloat;
jo. 1 nortnern uuluth, looc I. o. . annat;
No. 3 hard winter. Mo f. o. b. Declining
early on higher temperatures In the south
west and a bearish Kansas crop estimate.
wneal advanced sharply on a nig lump in
continental markets and bullish foreign
crop news. Reactions followed, however,
ss home crrp account were better and the
market closed rather easier at a partial
He net loea: Msv closed WM: July WWi?
M 1-lfic; closed IKiSc; September, fa 16-!fi4
63 7-lc, closed 8Bc; December, 34ia,
Closed 4iic.
CORN Receipts, 80,526 bu.; export. 1.000.
Bpot, market steady; No. 3, t90 elevator
and WSc f. o. K snoat. No. 3 white, tu,o
and No. I yellow, ft6Ujo 1. o, D. anoat. p.
linn market wsa without transactions, clos
ing unchsnged.
OATS-Kecelpts, w,wn tu.; marnet steady;
natural white, vnrtS pounds, 48a-io; clipped
white, 3V04O pounds, 4Hc
HAY Steady, shipping. 804i6c: good to
choice, .xa .
MOl'H Unlet: stste common to choice
lStn crop, I4ltk; 1&05 crop, 4ljfr.; Pacific
(joest l"; crop. t"6Hc: 1li6 crop, yc.
HIDES Steady; Bogota, J4a.
1 KA1HKK Steady; acid, tiTSo.
PROV18ION-Reef. firm; family. 3140va
14T); mess, t.8OQ10.0O; parket, 310;
city extra India mess, 323.0021.60. Cut
meats, firm: pic Vied bellies. 31O.6O01J.OO:
pickled hams, 313.001360. Lard, firm;
western prime, 3S.I'u.06; refined, firm; con
tinent. 39.80: 8. A.. 110: comoound. 3S 87H
8.614. Pork, firm; family, 31.5oj'l.;
Short clear, 117.0018.60; mess, 18.00.
1 AUjtv- n tea ay ; city tiz per PKg.l, oc;
country (pkgs.- free, BHWHc
RICE Steady; domestic, fair to extra, 1
fj',Wc: Janan, nominal.
BUTTER Firm; street prices, extra
crfamery, S7V4c; prime creamery, 26V4C.
Offclal jrlces: Creamery, common to ex
tras, uuawc; held, common to firsts, anrfp?5c;
western factory, common to firsts, IKSc;
western Imitation creameries, 26c; firsts
i2tiir23c; state dairy, common to fanoy, 20
C11 t,ESF flteady : state, full cream.
small colored and white. BeDtember fancy.
lac; state, October, best, Wtf'Mcj good to
prime, itfnic; state, large September
fancy, 1Wc state, October best, H'q'14'v';
stae, good to prime, nUfPlSfco. Desirable
grades of new small colored, steadily held
at 12Hc; small white sells slowly and 12c
shout top; unsaleable large above
-iOS Firm: state. Pennsylvania and
nearby fancy selected white, 21c; brown
and mixed extras, l!H&20c: firsts, 181SHc;
western regular packing, firsts. 18c: official
price 17Ut1Hc: seconds. 174tl7Ho.
POULTRY Live, firm; spline chickens.
30c; fowls. 15c; turkeys, 11c. Dressed,
steady; fowls, 14o.
J Kaasas City Grala and Provlstoae.
KAN8A8 CITY, May 8. WHEAT May,
75Hc; July, 761ic; September, 7&HC, cash,
No. 3 hard, &MHc; No. 8, 76jHilc; No. 3
red, H''as6c; No. 3, 77'ri-Mo.
CORN May. 46c: July, 46Sej September,
46Ho. Cash: No. 3 mixed. 4c; No. 3, 48c;
No. 8 white, 61c: No. 3. 60c.
OATS-No. 3 while. 44c: No. 3 mixed. 430
in fciBteady; no. z, wrowie.
HAY Firm; choice timothy, 81600; choice
prairie, 310.0utflO.6O.
Bl.'TTBR t reaniory, 24c; packing, 16o.
tXJt-iS Steady; extra fancy, 16o; current
receinls. cases Included, new cases. lMo,
second-hand cases, 14c cases returned, 14Vo;
southern, eases Included, 13c.
Receipts and shipments of grain were as
follows: Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu.- 82,000 63.000
Corn, bu 22,000 25.0U)
Oats, bu.- 8,000 82,000
Closing quotations at Kansas City as fur
nished by Logan & Bryan, No. I Board of
Trade: 1
Operation ire at Ifiinimnm tad Ilots
mtcti Are Ieeb'e god UDcerttin.
New Tork Ceatral Rises Slightly
a Report of laereased Ret
F.aralaas for Moath of
bouxht, snJ prices recovered and clased
PA it 13, May 8 There was a general Im-
I movement on the Hourse lOilay. Itussisn
tnperlal 6 closed at 75 and Russian
bnnls of 104 at 61.
HKRI.1N, May 8. Trading on the Bourse
todav was quiet and prices were rather
weak. The itnurse will be closed tomor
row (Ascension day).
re York Money Market.
NEW YORK. May S.-MONrTT-On call
sleadv, 2Vi3 per cent; ruling rate. Z,fc3
per cent: closing Nd, 2 rer cent: offered st
3 per cent. Time loans slightly firmer;
sixty days. 3Vu4 rer cent; ninety days, 4K7
41 per cent; six months, 4H per cent.
per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills at 34 ft',l&
M for demand snd St 34 W:Vfl4Ja for
NEW YORK. May . -Operations In the sixty day bl Is; P"rV"T 4 84 d M '
stock market were at a minimum today . e"",n v!?1 ''i''B- J M?k. Au.m iv
and the feeble and uncertain fluctuations, S'iJ-t Me.X,'r'J. iVn,SS'
in orires .ere .i.niflr.nt of the lack of . R N D8-Oovernment, steady; railroad.
conviction on the nart of aneculators. i heavy,
The deallnss were In the hands of a nar. 4. losing quotanons on oonu. loa.y were
row professional class and could not be , ro,'7w!L: 1ni i.. . m .ri
said to represent anything more than shift- I L ,0Il' .."i'".?!. r7?"W. M
Ings and efforts to direct a prevailing ten- B. , rt i"4 4o M seriM t
denry In the course of prices that might , 0 ennpon to 4 14
be followed. An early advance In a few v. . om , reg 1m1 1 A N. nnl. 4t lot
stocks attracted no Important following Jo mm lo t Manhst. e. sola 4. v
and the signs of weakness In New York V. i. sew 4s. ret .. .lJ !. Cent, w Ji
Central seemed to be due to further selling . " i""" ; 'iJS.J, Ut-.,;!- ;" il" Ji
prompted by consideration of the wide 1 i' " w ' T a. "
liinriu dciuw llie' uiriurim iruiioiiirn,
shown by the net earnings of the company
for the first quarter of the year. An ad
ditional weakening factor was furnished
by the publication of the report of the state
railroad commission on the Brewster wreck.
The celling of the stock was In small
amounts, but no support vii apparent to
check the declining tendency while these
offerings continued. The pressure on the
stock was lifted to some extent
the tiuhllcatlnn of the vrnss
Ings' statement for April. which c
-V. M I - . - wv . I (1(
...uweu an "l"' ' -" , rcc. a B. U s 4s.ini o 1st 4 etf.
over ine earnings Ol April 01 iai year. ,.,.. i-n. .,. A JU Soulh.rn Rr f HOT.
7 lexaa ai raemc irs.115
Atrhimn tn. 4i f4 So Ms M
tto ad. 4 i:-. R. a. or m. e. w n
Atlantic C. U 4s.... N. Y. C n. 4
Bsl. Ohio 4s. Km N. J. O. gn. la la
4o IH M Northern Poclflc 4S..10K4
Brk. R T. CT. 4s.... 04 do 71
Csnt. of Os.' 6s 11 Norfolk A W. e. 4a.. 7H
do 1st inc Ore. B. U rfg. 4.... tl
do 3d Inc 71 Pens. er. IVt HV
do ld Inn Keadlns sea. 4a 74
rnrs A Ohio 4Ua. . .Miv SU L. A I. M e. ( inoi I
after C. A A. st. u s r. r. 4s. ih
earn-1 "j-. a M....4-m. 1,. a. w. coa. w. t
K. 1. t r. .. C l.).ril j. L.. . in
do eol. fa 4 Po. Picltlc it M
Cattle Frioei Elder o Llelt Eoe!pU and
Fair IetDrJ.
"beep Market Opens glow and
While Good Grades Are Steady
Others Skew a Lower . .
BOtTH OMAHA. Msy 3. 1907.
Receipts were:
Official Monday ....
Official Tuesday ....
Official Wednesday
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
... 4,232 6.1W 7.8 1
... 4.913 .6
... 4,iW) ,
34.6?0 19.61
J2.SU12 14.397
20X43 45.t3
33.1M I8.0K4
Bucn a rate or increase, ir maintained, 1 rni. mis
would be sufficient to offset even such a ! oio. So. 4s
large growth In operating expenses as was cuna 6a
made In the March quarter and so would I f- R, 4s ...
tend to preserve the Integrity of the fund , J?1"'
available for dividends. rt""'
On the side of the crop news stock fared 1 j.. val 4Vks"
better than for several days past. Oreat .pao ts .'....!!!
importance was attacnea to tne moaerai
ing weather In the northwest as giving
promise of opportunity to effect the be
lated planting of spring wheat In time to
leave good opportunities for a good har
vest. The occaslonsl rallies In tha wheat
market Itself were of less effect than usual
on stocks because of foreign crop damage
reports In the movement. Delaware &
Hudson was better supported than for sev- I Auhienn
eral days past. The suggested nature of I do pfd ...
the financing said to be in contemnlatlon ' Itoaton A A
Wua liiul,lrd lau fnrmMikli than the BtOn MalOS
more vague rumors which have preceded
) T.. St. L. A w.
.nil fiilon Pseifle 4i..
. V. i. Steel Id 6a.
. M Wabaih lata
. W "do dab. B
. II u Wml.rii Md. 4a.
.10414 W. at L. K. 4i
- wis. Lantraj s..
Three days this week..l3.3f0
Same days last week lo.7C
Bams days I weeks ago.. 18.843
Bams days 8 weeks ago.. 19,387
8ame days 4 weeks ago..lSK4
Same days last year 15,780
The following table shows the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep st South Omaha for
the year to date compered with last year:
1I7. 1904. Inc. Lec.
Cattle 4".sf 83M VAX
Hogs r3.710 342.0W 6e,38
Bheep 70MU U,76s 44.853
Good to choice corn-fed steer $5.SMT5
Fair to good corn-fed steers 4.to6 SO
Common to fair steere 4 2.VU4 83
Good to choice fed cows 4 44o4 80
Fair to good cows and heifers 3.75i IS
Common to fair cows I 6ij3 60
Fslr to choice stockera A feeders.. 4.6O6.0O
Fair to good stockera ft feeders... fS4-S0
Common to fair atnekera 8.7p'd4.00
1 Bulls, stags, etc 3.7t4 50
veai calves .wmi.w
The following table shows the sverag
price of hogs at South Omaha for the last
several days, with comparisons:
.. 7
.. To
.. W4
.. M
.. T
it srr :.. it
m. ... in
41 I M I
1 ... I 10
70 1ST ... I M
i ... i
. ... 1111
.11 ... rH
. r ... ( rivt
. t" ... tit,
S9 I ttH
.. ... t if h
..n ko n4
..HI M l.
.16 ... If,
. r7 4 i;h
.. T ... M"
.14 ... rv
..rt) iso ts
. . rs io t j
..r ...
... 1 XI
..ITt 10 4 M
. M ... (16
..I.-O 40 1
..ri n is
h u to ( n
! ... 1 n
tst ... M
41 .
4 ...
II ...
W ...
41 ...
ro ...
It ... .
IT ... .
Tl ...
71 ...
... ut m 1 rvi
,...114 ... i r
... 4 im 1 1"
... ri et 1 ni ... irs
40 rn
... In 10 r
.. in ... its
...? ... IT'4
...l? M t 7H
,...l ... 11714
... I?
... 51
.. ia
.. t
... H0
,.. .'
these renorts. Borne susDlclon of actlvltv I.' r.
. . . n. auirai ......... T wi nu,.u .....
by a bear party In the stock also affected , T , N. H. A H..176 Mohawk
Boston Storks aad Bonds.
HOSTON, May 8 Call loans, 8175 per
cent; time loans, 4fr6V per cent. Official
cosing quotations were:
Atrhimn ad). 4s II Plnfham
, ri uai. at neoia.
. 7H Oantannlal ....
. tos Copper Rang
. IIH flair Waat ....
.3.10 "Franklin ....
.1M Oranbr
.1st Iila Rorala ...
.111 Miaa. Mining .
i Mlclilsan
do 4a
Mix. (.'antral 4a
Boaton ElaTatad
I Open. I High. I Low. Close.
Wheat 1
July.... T7H77Hfi". . 76
' Sept,:'. 789h Tft(j7 IhH
Corn .
July V4
Bept 46Vi ,46H
46 Vt
B Bid. A . Asked.
St. L-oals General Market.
ST. LOUIS, May 8. WHEAT Weak;
track No. 3 red, Cash, SifaWc; No. 3 hard,
July kiCuHic: September, 83Vc
. ,1 J . . . 11 111, . 1 1. K .-v. , .. mi, .uv.w.
July, 4XH'iIaSc; September, iba; No. 3
white, 6:V4j6i'Vo.
OATS bieaoy; track No. t, cash, 43Vic;
Julv. 40c; September, 35c; No. 3 white, 4Sc.
FLOUR steady; red winter patents, 33.80;
extra fancy and straight, 33.253.80; clear,
SKKD Timothy, steady at 83.0O3S.76.
CORNMEAL Steady at 32.40.
BRAN Firm; sacked, east trsck, 89980.
HAY Steady; timothy, 31s.604jl8.00; prai
FKOVISION8 Fork, higher; Jobbing,
3l6.o0. Lard, higher: prime steam. l&67Vfc.
Dry salt meats, lower; boxed extra shorts,
3.&!Vj; clear ribs, 39. 76; short clears, 83 87.
Bacon, lower; boxed extra shorts, 310.50;
clear ribs, 310.62; short clears, 110.76.
POULTRY Firm; chickens, llVic; springs,
20u'-tic; turkey, 11c; ducks, lie; geese, 60.
BUTTER Quiet; creamery, 21&25C.
K.nrjM .H letter. 14c
Followtng were the receipts and shipments
of fk ur ana grain:
Receipts. Shipments
e.ono IO.OiO
, 35,0 23, CM)
, 133,000 151,000
69,000 UC.OU)
Flour, bbls..
Wheat, bu..
Corn, bu....
Oats, bu....
ArtUfles. Open. I IUgh. Low. Close. Yes y.
Leo. . .
Co i
Oe la-May..
I ksI 8rJ
48V'r'l .w'ei
, 4W,atsrt
82Vi 8H ..82
7, ai-htl M
49Mi! W
4!, 4'u
18 TO
id ar.
16 40
8 00
8 7
8 So
3 Vi
18 00 18 00 18 00 18 90
1 30 1 20 IS 25 16
16 40 Id 27Vx 16 30 16 30
885 8 M 8 85 8 80
do 8 95 m IK
Uht 8 U7H 9 10 07
8 75 8 87J 8 75 8 7
8 90 8 ail 6 80 6 824
lul 8 96 9 W 8 9-"i
Lai u
JVl.s '
- T '
No. X
Cesh quotation were as follows:
FLOrH Steady ; winter patents, 33.ij!ff
.3.; winter straights, 3J.0543.4o; spring pat.
ents. i..Bi''fi 66; spring straights, H.15y3.46;
bakers. H 16.(3.96.
WHKAT-No. 2 spring. 8tifi9c; No. 3, 77
H8c: No. 3 ted. gJMittf'sC.
COHN-No. 3, 4-,c; No. I yellow, 60c.
OATB-No. 2 44,c; No. 3 whits. fc;
No. 3 vl-lie. 41ft41c.
KYE-N'v 3. TitiTjc.
LARI.EY-Falr to choice maltlnr. 74i7c,
SEKLi-No. 1 flax. 3117; No. 1 north
western, 8124S; prime timothy, 31.30; clover,
contract grades. llJ.uO.
'V'lMi N.- Snort ribs sides flnnse
M 4i75.. Mess port. nr bbl., $1 isHi 1ft. 12
. llird. per !'" lh . 3S.86. Short clear sides
n,..itd. 38.87"iiti..
1 e reteipis aim snipments or nour and
Receipts. Shipments.
41. IO 6rti.)
63. it,'
.83.6 ?3! &
&l.l 34j.i
H urt 1,0 l
n The' Produce exenange today the but
ter market was steady; creamery, ibtt'ci
dilry, lswJSc. . Kgna, firm; at mark, canes
Included, !": firsts. Ibc; prime firsts, JTo.
C h ese, ftt-ady. lfralic.-
1 drain Market.
M 1 LW AUK FK, May 1 WHEAT-No. 1
n- tiirrn bwjvwi No, 1 northern, rJ9c;
Jk'". Mo. ...
rVK-No. 1. TIH'i)-!
PAHl.E If-No. 3. IHc; sample, s:$
C'liiN No. 3 rash, ,!'lc; July, c
Hlnsaasalli Crala Market.
r:v, ; K.-ptemlier, sTc; No. 1 rsrd. rg7iw;
No t northern. o.'-.uvi'; No. 3 northern,
LuLU First vatetit, H.k"a4.60i stcoud
Liverpool Grain and Provisions.
steadv; No. 8 red western winter, (s8Hd;
No. 1 California, 8 6Sd. Futures, quiet;
Mav. osJiid; July. 6s6t4d; September,
a 7d. .
CUKN H;ot. American mixea, new, quiet,
4s 7'il; American mixed, old, stesdy. (s Vtd.
Futures, quiet; July, 4s "d; September,
4s 7d.
the decline. Conditions In the money mar- t nlon Pacific
ket underwent a light change, although ; Am. Pnau. Tube.,
circumstances point to declining resources : Amir. Sugar
nt !a hank. Th. SB nOA tVU t nmt A M do Dfd .,
San Francisco figure In the subtreasury re-I - Tel. ...114 g'n;r
V1I1, t, n. . ,1 . . . , , 1 Amir. ooSea Is Bnanno
" ,1.0 i n linn n no uiuiQ i" J. ll' J'linil i nti
at that institution against withdrawals to Knisnn Elio!" ill.
be made from the suhtreaeury In San Maaa. Electric ..
Francisco. Ex ports of gold are not Im-! 'Mo pfd
mediately contemplated apparently, nut a um
later outgo to Paris is still considered f"
probable. Sterling exchange reacted at . I "no Math.
Paris today, but was weak here also. vao, "L0,:
Money in London, however. Is reported: do'ptd
fairly abundant and with as little effect In Adventure
arousing activity in the stock market us Annuel
here. Some corporation reaulrements are Amalgamated
an influence In the current money market Atlantic ............
in New York. Union Pnclflc aeem1 r lull. 'AakaO. Bid.
little harm from rumors of an Intended Is
sue of convertible bonds to furnish needed
resources. It rallied to a gain of a point In
the late market.
Bonds were heavv. Total sales nar value.
81,24,000. United States bonds were un
changed at call.
Number of sales and closing Quotations
on stocks were:
alas. Hlih. Low. Clnaa.
.... Z"!
Ul4 Mont. Coal A C.
. 4uld Domlnloa ....
.114 Oacenla
.124 Farrot
nnon .,
1414 Tamarack
..fij Trinity
,.lso t'nltsd Copper ...
.. 67 V. s. Oil
.. CI I' till
..109 Victoria
.. 4H Winona
.. XTH WolTartn
.. H7V, North Butte
..10CH Butte Coalition .,
.. 31, N.rada
.. to Cal. A Anions..
.. HH Anion Com
.. It
. 11
. tl
. tt
. 1
. 1H
. an
. it't
. m
. it
,. 1T
.. 23
,. t!
.. 10
.. 34i
.. t
,. 8
.. H
,. IT
.. la
.. 1H
14. too KS
4fi0 7
tl 100
too 1044
100 MS 3H
IB. 100 UiH HI 191
TOO 114 134 la
.... 33
4.700 64 42 43
ll.tno M f-H WS
f M 4a
1100 101 100 101
3,Q -S
too It IH ti4
t l tt M
3.000 17T 1T 17T
.... IM
1.100 41 4tla 40
1.100 11 11 "
1,100 1F.0 lit 14ia
. t,700 U5 U4H 13i
.... IS
. tt
-. 1"0 71 71
4"0 If. 5H
400 So 14
"40b us" lit"
ino is IS
"0 77 77
3,900 182 171
"tw is is
" T4 T4
. MO 6
16'0 14 n
4U0 tt t.44
i) 148 lit"
100 140 145
to, too
Peoria Grala Market.
PEORIA, May 8. CORN Higher: No. 3
yellow and No. 3, 49VaC; No. 4, 47c; no
grade, 41c. -
OATS-8teedy; No. 3 white. 43VB44V40;
No. 3 white. 43He; No. 4 white, 41Wc
KYE Steady; No. 3. 67iajlic.
WHISKY On the basis of 813 (or fin
ished goods.
Dalatta Grala Market.
DULUTH. May 8-WHEAT No. 1 north
ern. 8S)c; No. 3 northern. 37tc; Mav, &W;
July, M-i": September, 80V1C
OATaV-May, K.
Toledo Seed Market.
TOLEDO. May 8. SEEDS Clover, cash.
38.90; October. uecemoer, . o
March, $7.70. Alsike,
7.66. Timothy, 3i.30.
Saaar aad Molasses.
NEW YORK, May 8. SUOAR Raw, firm;
fair refining, S.38c; centrifugal. 14 test, 3 Uo;
molasses sugar. 3.(c. Rertned, firm; No. 4,
4 00c; No. 7. 4.tfto; No. 8, 4.40c: No. 3, 4.36c;
No. 10, 4.S6c; No. 11. 4.30c; No. 13, 416c;
No. 13. 4.1c; No. 14, 4.06c; confectioners' A.
4 Toe; mould A. 6.36c; cut loaf 6.60c; crushed,
M,:; powdered, 6c; granulated, t.lsjc; cubes,
6.1 Sc.
MOLASSES Strong; New Orleans, open
kettle good to choice. J7t4"
Steady; open kettle, centrifugal. 3Wo37o;
centrifugal yellow. 1iHHc; seconds. iH
MOLASSES Quiet; new syrup, S0834C
Adams Eiprass
Amalcamatad Copper .
mar. Car and Foundry
00 pro
A mar. Cotton Oil
do pfd
Amir. Express
A mar. Hid A Laathar pld
A mar. lea
Amu. Unaaed Oil
do pfd
Amar. LocomotlT
do Pfd
Amar. Smaltlng A Raf....
do pfd
Amar. fusar Raflnlns ....
Amar. Tobaoo pfd clis.-. .
Anaconda Mining Co.......
do pfd
AtlanUc Ooaat Lin
Bammnra Ohio
do pfd
Brooklyn ftapld Transit....
Casadlaa tacllo
Central of Naw Jarsay...,.
Chaaapaak It onto
Chicago Oreat Waatarn
Chicago A Northwesters....
C, M. a St. Paul
Chicago Trm. A Trans...
do pfd
C. C, C. A Bt. L,
Colorado Fal and Iron...
Colorado A outhsra
do 1st pfd
do 3d pfd
Conaoltdued Oas
Corn Products
do pfd
Delaware A Hudaon
Dal., Lark. A Waatarn....
Denver A Rio Grande
do pfd
Dlatlllars' Securities
do lat pfd
do 3d Pfd
Oeneral Slaetiio
Illlnola Cantral
Intar. Paper
do pfd
Intar. Pump
do pfd
Iowa Central
do pfd
K. C. Southern
do pfd
Loutarllla A NaahTllls
Mailoaa Cantrsl
Mian. A St. Louis
at.. St. P. A 8. Bte. st...
do pfd
Missouri Paella
at . K. A Taiaa
do pfd
National Lead
N. R. R. of Malice pfd...
Naw Tork Cantral
N. T., Ont. A Weatero...
Norfolk Waaler
do pfd
North American
Pacific Mall ,
People's Oas
Pitta . C . C. A St. L
Preaaad Ileal Car
do pfd
Pullman Pslae Car
do lat pfd
do 3d pfd, offered
Republic Steal
do pld
Rock Island Co
do pfd
St. L A San PYaa. td pfd
BL Louis south waatarn....
do pfd
Southern Pacln .
do pfd
Southern Railway
d pld
Tansaaaa Coal and Iron..
Teias a Pacific
Tol.. St. L. A Waatarn...
do pfd
Union Pad Bo
do pfd
V. Eipreni
It. 8. Realty
V. g. Rubber
do pfd
foiled States Steal
do ptd. ei-dl
Virginia-Carolina Chemical.
do pfd ,
do pfd 1
Welle-Farfo Kipraea
Woetlnstiouse Electric ....
eaters t'nlo
Wheeling A Lake Erl....
Wlacorela Central
do pfd
Northern Piclae
Cantral Leather
do pfd
Oreat Northern ptd ..
lnterboroufh Metropolitan. .
do Dfd
Total sales for the day. 374.tof shares.
London Closing Stocks.
LONDON, May 8. Closing quotation! on
the Stock exchange were:
Consols, money so t-lt M , K. A T.....
. 15 N. 1. central...
. It Norfolk W...
. da pfd
. Ont. A Weatarn.
.11 PinnayWanla ...
.1X1 Rand Mines ...
. 42 Reading
. 11 Southern Rr ...
.lit do pfd
. tt Southern Pacific
. ts Union Paelflo ,
. 77 do pfd
. tt C. 8. Steal
,. tl do pfd
' j UD U UIU ........a WV niUHU .........
l- 1 Illlnola Central ....161 do pfd
Loi.l.Tllle A N 13lUBnanlah 4 ......
SILVER Bar. quiet; ill 15-16d per ounce,
MMK'K". V1SK f?o ner earnt.
The rate of discount In the open market
for short bills Is S58 1-16 per cent; for three
months bills, 331-16 per cent.
do account
do pfd
B. A Ohio
Canadian Paelflo
Chea. A Ohio....
4 Chicago O. W....
!" C... M. A St. P
W DeB'ere
1" D A R. O
do pfd
do lat pfd
da td pfd
TOO It tt
1 US 117 117
! (114 21 21
l'W as !"
.... 71
.... M
.... tt
.... 48
.... t
.... H
.... tt
.... 17
.... w
.... M
.... 14
.... 17
Treasary Btatemeat.
WASHINGTON. Msr 8. Today's state
ment of the treasury balances In the gen
eral fund, exclusive or tne ti3i,uw,w g'uu
reserve, shows: Available cash balance,
82D6,621.n6; gold coin and bullion, 398,377,6&3;
gold certificates, 346,146,0110.
Dank Clearings.
OMAHA, May 8. Bank clearings for today
were 31,864,670.99 and for the Corresponding
date last year i.uj,4..o.
frtun were:
lour. bhls...
Whrat,' bu....
Curn. t
Outs, bu
Rve. bu 1.
Larley. bu..
t.v worsted Apples aad Dried Frslla.
APPLES-Unchanged; fancy. hutV; choice
:nTc; prime. SWtioHc; poor to fair, 6W
t"t 75
3.10 t
4J0 44
litoo lis"
4fl a7
40 T7
U.tO IJt
WO It tt i2
41 311 tS
. tuO tl tl tt
.... 16
ft,") in in ut
100 u II
l.tuO 37 tl 1S
tn 12 II 11
too at 41 4
. 11
1. 100 U 14 s
.... HI
3,700 K tl tl
.... 14S
100 n ts
ina t M li
BiKl 6.1 (2 t'lu
tl.t H'H H' 146
100 tl M 12
too tt 44 14
4" 4 t It
Wool Merkst.
BOSTON, May 8. WOOL-The wool mar
ket Is steady ana moaerateiy active, in
territories trading is confined to small lots,
thnuerh a fair volume of business has been
negotiated. The market for pulled wools
Is quiet. Foreign grades are firm. Leading
domestlo quotations follow: Indiana and
Missouri, oomblng, three-eighths blood, S3
34o; combing, quarter blood, 31y"33c; Texas,
hcoured basis, fine, 13 months, 720t74c: fine,
6 to 8 months, 70c; fine, fall clean, 67lOc
California, scoured basis, northern, good,
S3f()ti7c; middle county, 65'utific; southern, 2?
tv fall. free. 67c. Oregon, scoured oasis,
caiiorn. No. 1 staple, 7?4j'73c; eastern. No. I
clothing. tjea'TOc; valley, No. 1, rksjiac. Ter
ritory, staple, scoured basis, fine, 7g73a;
rim medium. 6K4j70c; medium, 664i6c; ter
ritory, ordinary, scoured, fine, 6870c;
fine, W&Sic; medium, 6."ub4c; Colorado and
New Mexico, spring, scoured, X tW70c;
No. 1, 3i-c; Georgia, greasy, 384v8Hc;
pulled wools, scoured basis, extra, 7u73c;
fl A S; SAC.
LONDON, May 8. WOOL The offerings
at the wool auction sales today amounted
to 12,567 bales. All sections bought freely
and the prices realised were the highest of
the series. Oerman and horns spinners
.1. ... .. . . . ,4 rra
were eager cuuipeiuui iur auuicu. " - jj
manlan greasy was in acuve uemanu iur , w
home and American buyers and the latter : ...
I also took several parcels of new Bouth 11.
; Wales clothing and Victorian oomeback ' 10.
lit iz; greasy at top prices. The withdrawals to to.
date amount to i.uiw uaies. runuwing are
the sales In detail: New South Walea,
8,400 bales; scoured. J2ttd'(i Is lVd; greasy, ,
M. , . - . , I . . Jf 1 . , t U, I. ., 1 . ann..Kul , '
fMM O IS BU, w lirnun in : .ii, i,iw iain, ev-uuici,
Date, j 1307. 19O3.l06.l4.18O8.lM8. 11801.
April IS. . I 3 36 5 10 4 73
April 38.. 3 36H 111 4 41
April 30.. 8 r,W 8 29 4 82
May 1... 231 8 28 ( 11
May 2... ( 27 6 12 4 67
May 8... I 37 8 1466
May 4... 8 36Vs 8 31 6 26 4 58
May 6... I 8 15 6 i 83
May 3... 8 2H I 28 4 AH
May 7... 6 Mil 8 15 I 4 86
May 8... 8 2441 81 ( 17
8 831 7 071
77 f 03 I 3fi
I M 8 84 6 68
3 83 3 84
76 7 J0 6 71
s t 01 i n
8 75' ( let
s' 7 T 081
! 8 Ml 6 88
f 691 6 70
64 7 00 6 84
Cattle. Hogs.
Omaha 82 76an.50 36.174l?6.35
Chicago 1.80 40 6 W 4"5 6&
Kansas City t"uiaj 620 4340
St. lou(s 1.IS!j .25 6.0O e.50
Sioux City 1 606. 75 6.20 6.30
Ths ofliclal number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
';a,tue. Hogs, eneep. nrs
C. M. A Bt. P 7 .. 1
Wabash 1
Missouri Paelflo ' 7
U. P. System 78
C. A N. W.,east 2
C. & N. W., west 84
C, St, P., M. ft O.... 22
C, B. A Q., east 1
C, B. A Q., west 80
C R. I. A P., east.... 6
C., R. I. A P., west. ...4
Illinois Central I
Chicago at- Western. 8
Total receipts 183
The disposition of the day's receipts was
as follows, each buyer purchasing the num
ber 01 head indioatsu:
Omaha Packing Co..
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co.......
Armour A Co
Lobman A Co
Hill A Son
F. P. Lewis.......
Hamilton A Rothschild.
Klngan A Co ;
Bam Wertheimer
Mike Haggerty
J. B. Hoot A Co
T. B. Inghram
Bullivan Bros
Lehmer Bros
Other buyers
Totals ...J .,
( ti
8 17
.. 1 r
.. t r
.. t n
.. t i
40 t to
to I 0
4t lit ... I 0
11 tit im t to
Tt tin n im
to r ... t i"
ti r i to tt
to t-'t ... fit
4 ISt ... t St
. SHEEP Buyers were slow in taking on
supplies this morning Snd even the belter
grades, which sold at fully steady figures,
were not taken up with any great snap.
The medium and poorer grades were poor
sellers and the msrket for this class of
stuff was slow, dreggy and a little lower.
Weight was not discriminated against so
much ss quality, as the better grades of
all weights sold In steady notches. Prac
tically all of the offerings were shorn stuff
Good shorn yearlings and wethers mixed
sold at Id 16. the same as yesterday. There
were no wooled lambs among the offerings.
Quotations on wooled killers: Good to
choice lambs. 88.0043 0; fair to good lambs,
7.6ij7.f); good to choice yesrllngs, Ismo
weights, 87 .OOfn.SR: fair to good yearlinsrs,
lamb weights, SH 60 0; good to choice
yearlings, heavy weights. 36.joi.90; fair to
good yea'llngs. heavy weights, . (vb1.60;
good to choice old wethers, $(t.5'f7.15; good
to choice ewes, 8 sa-n S"i; fair to good ewes,
85 8fVgl.7J; clipped sheep and lambs sell
about 81 off tmm above quotations.
Representative soles:
140 western ewe culls 77
440 western shorn ewes 104
3o8 western yearlings and weth
ers 104
6i6 western shorn wethers and
6"1 western shorn ewes
110 Western shorn ewes
ti western shorn ewes
3"0 western shorn wethers
118 western shorn wethers
2oO western cull lambs ....
119 western shorn lambs .
2M western shorn lambs ..
178 western shorn lambs .
275 western shorn lambs .
663 western shorn lambs ..
1 native lamb
1 native lamb
1 .. ..
3.J 12 1
48 8
t 1
17 4 6
133 20 10
Cattle. Hogs. Bhee
. 3,076
..4,340 8,428
CATTLE Receipts were a little smaller
than yesterday or a week ego ana tne sup.
ply has been considerably short of tha first
half of last week. The quality for the last
two or three days has been unusually good.
Reports from eastern markets wero all
favorable this morning, with only moderate
aunnllea and with an active demand from
all sources, the trade opened out lu good
shape, with prices anywhere from strong
to lOo higher than yeeterday all around.
All classes of buyers were looking for
weight and quality and there was a very
noticeable falling off In the demand for the
light and medium weight stuff that has
been coming so freely of late.
The market for cows and helferg was
also active and about 610c higher from
yesterday all around. Both local butchers
and outside buyers were partial to the
heavy corn-fed stock and holders of light
and thin cows found It difficult to get more
than steady figures. Ths msrket for veal
calves was slow and uncnangea, ana ouns,
stags, etc., sold fully as well as on yesterday.
There was a good Inquiry for Blockers and
feeders and the moderate offerings changed
hands freely at steady to a little stronger
prices all along. For the last few days
country buyers have been taking the good
stock cattle more freely and the yards have
been well cleaned of anything of this kind.
Heavy steers of good quality, however, are
still the favorites and bring the best fig
ures. Representative sales:
. 79
, 119
. 119
. 66
. K4
. 71
. 66
. r
. hi
. 110
,.n 70
4 00
6 40
8 80
C 90
6 W
I 60
6 60
8 10
3 10
6 10
6 76
7 10
7 00
7 00
7 16
7 00
8 60
bu . $100: Tesas silver skin, per crate
about 44 lbs., 3.' . yellow Texaa. perrrnls
about 46 lb., 8.'. 00, Oieen onions, per d
LEAF LHTTUCK Hothouse. p dos.
hrmls. 4.V.
CUCUMHFR)-ref dos , 3100.
PA RSI, KY Hothouse, per dos, bunches
P1K PLANT-Per lb.. 6c.
RADISHES Per doi. bunches. c; extra
large bunches. 76c per dos.
No. 1 ribs, 1.1V; No. 8 ribs. Hc; No.
rlhs. c; No. I loin, 17V; No. 2 loin, Uc:
No. 3 Inln, IV; No. 1 chuck, Vl No. i
chuck, 6c; No. 3 chuck. 64c: No. 1 round.
SV,c: No. 2 round, lie; No. 3 ryand, 7c; No.
1 piste, 4c; No. 2 pints, 8jc; No. 3 plate, 3a
6UOAR Orsnulnled csne. In sacks, 86.31;
granulated beet. In sacks. 3-" 21.
COKKEK Roasted, No. 3". Mc rr Ih.i
No. Ji. 21c per lb.; No. X, 1!V per lb.; No.
20, 15c per ll.; No. 21. 13c per lb.
CHEESE Block Swiss, lis.-; llmberger.
14c; Young Americas, 17c.
NUTS California walnuts. No. 2, soft
shell, lie; No. 1, soft shell. Idc; Hrsslls.
It'.Vt'ulV; pectins. I!ij2?c; filberts. 12Hc; pea
nuts, raw, 7tc; roasted, ?'c; California al
monds, lTHc cocoiiniits, S( per 1U.
HIDES AND TALLOV-Oreen salted.
No. L Nc; No. 2. Sc; bull hides, r; green
hides. No. 1. 8c; No. 2, 7c; horse. 1.8t3.&:
sheen pelts, OH-ii! JR. Tallow, No. L 4Vtc
No. i. 8V1C Wool. isfi?lc.
BRAN Per ton. 39.iO.
Oils aad Roala,
NEW TORK. May 8. -OILS Cottonseed
oil, firm; rrlme crude f. o. b. mills. 41a
prime crude yellow, h). Petroleum steady;
refined Naw York, 3n.20: Philadelphia and
Baltimore, 8$ ir; Philadelphia snd Balti
more In bulk, 84.70. Turpentine steady,
Rosin Firm; strslned. common to good,
34 HO,i 4 13.
SAVANNAH. Os., May 1 OIL Turpen
tine, llrm, tVu63c,
ROSIN Firm ; sales l.TM; casks quote!
A, B, C. 4.;16; D, 84 45; K. 14 6; F, 84 75;
t), 34.77H; H. 34 W; I, S4.K6; K, 85.16; M, 36.26;
N, 36 36; WG, 35.46; WW, 36.60.
Cattle Btroagr to Ten Cents Higher
Hogs Steady to Lower.
CHICAGO. Msv i. CATTLE Recelnts.
about 18,000 head; market strong to 10c
higher; common to prime steers, 34.OOii8.60;
cows, 83.26!f6.ri0; heifers, 33.OiKUo.6o; bulls,
33.4ob4.80: calves, 3.7Tx&.75; stockers and
feeders, 3 0fl53.26.
HOOS Receipts, about 34.H00 head: mar
ket steady to lower; choice lo prime heavy,
$6.60; medium to good heavy. $6.4iffM.42H;
butcher weights. So.tMilt.W; good to prime
mixed. $o.404i.42; packing, 36. pigs.
5.50f4.46: bulk of sales, 3o.8.46.
on AiN u lamh- Kecelpts, ls.uoo
head; market firm; sheep, 34.2MV8.15; year
lings, 36.006,86; lambs, 15.6vuis.7o.
New York Live Stork Market.
NEJW YORK. May 8. BEEVES Receipts,
2.417 head; steers slow to 10c lower; fat
bulls, steady, others easy; medium and
fat cows. 10c off; steers sold at 34.80.15
per 100 lbs.; bulls. 13. 5033 4 70; one car choice
western bulls st 85.00; cows, 32.2Off4.S0.
CALVES Receipts, 3.898 head; veals,
steady to 25o higher; common to prime
veals sold at .".(Q7.50 per HO lbs; one lot
of choice at 37.76; culls, I4.W&4.50. City
dressed veals firm at QUhio per lb.;
oountry dressed steady at 6&10c.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 7.917
head; sheep steady; lambs, shade lower;
clipped sheep sold at 4tao per 100 lbs.;
clipped lambs, 37.00rB7.75; no choice here;
Indiana spring lambs, 86.00 per head.
HOOS Recelpte, 8.680 head: market was
steady; Pennsylvania and state, 17.00 per
100 lbs. Including choice light weights.
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 6,700 head, Including 800 southerns:
market steady; choice export and dressed
beef steers, 36.80ig.30; fair to good, 34 6
8.80; western fed steers, 34.004J6.tO; stocknrs
snd feeders, 38.60tji6.O0; southern stvr.
34.0O43t.6O; southern cows, 33.0Ot(r4.35; native
cows, 33005,4,86; native heifers, 33.261j6.35;
bulls, 33.6utQ4.66; calves. 33.60tj6.60.
HOOS Receipts, 16,000 head; market
Steady to 60 lower; top, 38.46; bulk of sales,
38.82Hf41.42H; heavy, 8.3fV4.36; packers,
M.32W.46; light, 3.87H4t4l46; pigs and
lights. 86.26lS6.7o.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts. 8.800
head; market strong: lambs, 37.15(98.65:
range wethers, 35.7u,90; western fed
yearlings, 38.367.(10; western fed sheep,
36.76; Blockers and feeders. 34.0038.00.
Josef Can et
lot . block 8, Potter A Cobb's
Second add., South Omaha
Hastings A Heyden to William J.
Jacobberser, south 40 ft. lot 13,
block 6, Plalnvlew
Charles Wasrner et al to A. C. Ong,
lot 18, block 1, Qrammercy Park
Robert Doherty snd wife to Peter P.
Kekens, lots 10 and 11, block 8.
Forest Hill add
George Forgan and wife to Ma C.
Benedict, lot 13. block 14, West End
Allle C. Caley and wife to J.. W.
St. Mve Stork Market. p,T 101 bl0CK Bedror1
BT. LOUIS. May 8. CATTLE Receipts. ai. bIV'a"':' -CL' 'A'
4,000 head, including 1,600 Texans: market c'aley same "
10c higher; native shipping and e.xpjrt Bertha' Hand and 'hYiVtind''tA''N.iiil
steers. 36.3008.26: dressed beef and butcher Hennessey It! 2 blook 10 Dwl.h!
tteera, 3l.96a6.oo; steers under l.OW lbs., i Lvman'i add ' Uwlht
KOOD OO; stockers and feeders, 3.60.85; Same to Catherine "m urnh v. ' lot-,i"
207T' VS.rZ&r.WlW Ca'roflne1! Uo,
rnThe.r. StO1"' Wti6eU &U: CW' F7''' ' ' " WVWoS
nd heifers, l.wa4. 40. . 2. Sulnhlir Knrinn ertrt
HOOS - Receipts. 10.OTO neaa; market kim- V Mn r k, L
Deeds filed for record May 7, 1907:
City Savings bank to Ixirena M.
callln, s3h ft. lo)3 1 and 2, block
13, Walnut Hill I 750
Anna Bennett to George W. Plainer,
lots 1 snd 3. block 1, Kendall's add.. 1,100
Same to same, lots 16 and 17, block 1.
Kendall's add 800
Same 10 same, lot 3, block 3, Ken
dall's add 275
Same to same, lot 15, block 1, Ken
dall's add 360
Same to same, lot 2, block 2, and other
lots, Kendall's add 7S0
Robert O. Fink, countysnreasurer, to
C. L, Sorensen, lots 6, 6 and 7, Balti
more park -
John Philpot snd wife to Charles M.
Andrews and wife. wH lot 6, block L
Fowler place, South tlmaha 1,660
John McCormlck to Thomas McCor
mlck, lots 13 and 14, block 4. Ames
place 1
Anraham L. Reed and wife to Llsxle
Smith. e lot 8, block 2o44, Omaha. 1,660
Robert O. Kink, county treasurer, to
Thor Jorgensen, s tiwH 16-18-13
Charles W. Kaley to Anna Kaley.
lots 6 and 12, block "K," Lake James
park add 1
Thomas F, Lee to CievltiB C. Kendall,
wH lot 8, block 46, Omaha 8,000
James H. Mcflhane aud wife to Byron
B. Davis, nH swS4, swH nK, nwV4
nw and part ne nw 17-16-13.... 26,600
Charles N. King and wile to Ellen
Pearson, s 60 ft. lot 10, block 1,
Marsh s add 4,000
Frank A. Harrison and wife to John
W. Austin, s3ft. e57 ft. n 1S8 ft.
lot 4, block 2, Park place 1,600
Rufus W. Chamberlain and wife to
Ida G. Hendee. lot 7. block 7. Clifton
Hill 1,400
Barker company to Lfisie Hepp, part
tax lot 66, in section 8-16-13 121
Elisabeth D. Gosnell to John P.
Kramer and wife, w80ft lot 17,
block 18, Bedford place 875
Jessie C. Hitchcock snd husband to
Reserve Reslty company, lot 6, Lud-.
wick place and other lots 1
William Busch and wife to Maud
Buatall, lot 6, block 8, Kirk wood 1,900
t. N. May and wife to Ernest W.
Cahow, lot 4, block 8, Hanscom
Place 8,000
John Ferguson, Jr., and wife to Ed
win McWliliams. lot 4. block 8.
Pratt s sub
Eos. aia Gisin to Frank E. O'Brien,
lot 12, block 3, O Nnil's sub.
al to Mary Uassus, nH
11? 11'4
37 S7
77 711
.... II
.... 7t
1 !' inn Ml l'-o
I im S7 7,
4 4W) p- 10 "a iw
WO 27 tt f
vo n n i3
in t it tt
100 145 145 144
, tt
3,700 IM 114 ill
ino tT IT M
l-O f.e M i
to i n1- w
1 5-4 14 14 24
t.toO iH 17 ts
cots uncnangea; .',l,1H"i' "'"lr, ill and a.
ch..c. 18tilx:'.
quiet on .pot; CaJiforula. 3Hi;c; Ore- 1 .
choke, .linflSaic; fancy, 12Sal3c; extra
lancy lidjlic. tRaiblns unchanged; loose
muscat ol, KhUc; see.1ed raisins, lSUSo;
loudon layers, 1.6til.(.
Coffeo Market.
for tulurea opened steady at an advanoe
of 8 points la reepuns to higher French
cables. There waa very little demand at
the advance, th continued large receipts
checking bullish aentlinent and prions
steady net unchsnged to 6 points higher.
Sales were reported of 13.260 bags, Includ
ing May at 6.1'0.j6c; July. 5k-; Sei.tem-b-r.
6aC'uo.uc. Deu-tnb-f &.3-ho.t0: March,
i hpol coffee quiet; Rio No. 7, 8Hc; tan
u No. 4, 7Hc; Dilld cvZu dulL Curdova,
Hew York Mlnlnsj Rtocka
NEW YORK, May 8. Closing quotations
on mining stocks were:
AtaStl Coa TO Litis Chief ..
Alloa -4W Ontario
Braeca t",
HmnewUk Cos Poloal
. IV C,.l ......
. It Sierra Nr.'a
. IM Small Hopca
.30 Standard ...
Tills Coo
extra ComsiocS Tuunal
1x10. in.
Horn 8llTar
..... it
Foreign Flaaaelnl.
. IjONDON, May 8 The supplies of money
were more plentiful In the market today
to meet the limited demand. Discounts
aver easy. Trading on the Stock
waa dull and uninteresting in spite of th
cheapness of money and tlis record Board
of Trad ngures puunsneu yesternay. Brit
ish securities scarcely moved. Foreigners
wer the brightest section. Japanese con
tinued In demand: Japaneee Imperial 6a
of 1"4 closed al 1014. Rio Tlntos spurted
sharply on buying for Paris houaea. which
!s , supported Kaffirs in order to offset the
efft-ct of Rand labor troubles. Americans,
after adjustment at parity, started slowly
upward on bear covering, together with
moderate local orders. Later New Tork
ulii Uuloa PaclQCa but txssr Ui vloae
At. Pr.
7St 4 40
1404 4 40
Ml I 10
374 4 10
70 4 76
tl 4 10
141 4 SO
lit 4 tl
171 4 0
1104 4 to
Ml 4 10
1071. 4 to
not 40
14 IN
1004 I 110
S40 I 00
1031 I CO
11U 3 15
1177 t 1
. II...
Is 6da2s; greasy. 74dals Id. Victoria, 1,200
bales; scoured, is uvuis 9a; greasy,
Is Id. West Australia. 2.4"0 bales; greasy,
fcVlia'Is CSd. New Zealand, 4.400 bales;
scoured. Is 4d$2a Vtd; greasy, Wills 2d.
Cape of Good Hope and 'Natal, loO bales;
greasy, 7VV'floHd.
BT. LOUIS. May 8. WOOLSteady ; me
dium grades, combing and clothing, itiQiiac;
light fine. i321c; heavy fine, 154jH7c; tub
washed. 2V&37C
Metal Market.
London tin market was higher, with spot
closing at l!6s and futures at 188, or
about loy l&a above the closing figures of
the previous day. Locally the market was
quiet, but a little higher, in sympathy with
the gains abroad. Spot was quoted at
3U.Xti43.00. Copper was a shade lower in
trie Kngllah market, with spot closing at
.12 16s and futures at lol 15a. Locally the
market was quiet, and some dealers are
claiming that it shows a slightly easier
tone; lake la quoted at 26.0tX8 26.50, elec
trolytic at J24 37V-(i-4,76 and casting at
!'.? (, i:.f)). Lead was unchanged at t00
6 15 In the local market and at 19 12a 6d In
L.ndon. Spelter was 2s 4.1 lower at 26
17s d In Indin, but remained dull at
dVwidfto locally. Iron was still higher In
the English market, with standard foun
dry quoted at 6Vs 6d and Cleveland war
rants at fsrs 6d. Leg ally the market Is re
ported firm, with sn advancing tendency;
No. 1 foundry northern is quoted at 8?6 25'$
.. TIO 3 71 . 4.
.. 7M IU
.. 734 I W
. . 17 I It
..1144 I 10
.. 117 I M
..711 I 56
. .lit I Ti
.. mi I it
..111 I to
.. 7l 4 04
..1031 t 10
.. 174 4 It
.. ti 4 30
..1120 4 l
..10OI 4 K
I t it 4 0
I H0 4 00
. 101 3 It It
, (,86 I 10 1
. 471 it 1
. tlO 4 st 1
. 400 4 ti M
.17 lit
. TTt t ti I
.1U 3 It 1
,1IM 4 00 I
.170 4 0 3
.1710 4 00
147 4 0 i
, 1 to
....104 I 30
,...ltlO I tt
.... Mi I tt
....low) 3 ti
....1117 i to
....UM i 10
,...UI t to
....mi 1 40
....1141 I 4
....1124 i 40
.,..1411 i 40
....Pill i 40
....1174 t 45
....1420 I 45
,...190i I W
....1IHI i M
....1474 i 14
3t 4 38
KOI 4 tt
1140 4 at
If,! 4 It
104 4 4
tilt 4 40
1111 t 4
Ill 4 4
Ux-4 4 46
16 4 89
IM 4 ti
t4t 4 to
lots 4 0 .
Ilsi 4 U
....11 4 4t
.... 101 4 M
,.,.1010 4 5
.... 171 4 13
...111 4 71
.... 17 4 U
... 44 4 0
...14M 4
...17 4 ti
.. .17541 4
t&W. No. 1 foundry southern at 828.'w&50 ' It
11 4 40
Ut 4 Tl
17S i 00
17 I 00
U4 3 91
111 3 ti
lr I It
lit 6 16
IAS t t
171 8 6
and No. 3 foundry southern at 8.On4('.i.0O.
ST. LOUIS, May 8. M ETALS Lead,
dull, 35.92H; spelter, wekk. 36.40.
Cotton Market.
closed steady, 16 points higher; middling
uplanda. USSc; middling gulf, 12.16c. Sales,
Sun hnles.
fair demand; prices 8 points lower; Ameri
can middling fair, 7.2d; good middling.
7.2rWI; middling, 72d; low mldd ing, 6.l;
g ordinary, 6.72; ordinary. 3.34. The
sales of the day were 10. Cm) bales, of which
y were for speculation and export, and
Included 7,100 American. Receipts, 46,tUl
bales. Including 44, Sod American.
rlnaed Arm: aales. 450 bales: low ordinary.
tc. nominal; ordinary. 7e, nominal; good
ordinary, 8 S-lfic, nominal; low midd log.
l"Vc: mldd Ing. llll-loc; good middling,
12S-ltic; middling fair. 13 8-16c, nominal;
fair. 14 3-16V-. nominal. Receipts, 4,843 bales.
Bt. k, 144. tsg bales.
ST 1XUIS. May 8 COTTON Steady ;
middling. HHc. No sales; receipts, 1444
balea; shipments, 167 bales; stock, 37,724
lasar Prices Higher.
NEW YORK. May 8. All grades of re
fined sugar were advanced 10 cents a
huudrtd po unds today.
... tit t II
... 41 I 10
... 416 4 tt
... tA i 0
t;t 4 o
U 4 44
614 4 41
4ft 4 10
III 4 hi
tit la
7t 4 tt
757 4 Tl
lit 4 71
HOGS Receipts were substantially the
aame as yesterday and ths general Quality
of the offerings was nsvr better at this
time or th year. Kecelpts at eaetera mar
kets fell below th estimates, but the weak
neks In provisions and the unsallsfaotory
demand for fresb meat were decidedly
bearish factors st all points and ths local
trade was dull on the basts of a 2Ho decline
from yesterday's figures. Some of the more
desirable light weights did not show the
full decline, while on the other hand tha
hravy and packing grades were In some
rases more than 2c lower and decidedly
unsatisfactory sellers at mat. Tups
brought 3d 86. the same as yesterday, but
the bulk tf trade waa It fryVr'H today, as
asalnst 86 22H4 30 yeeterday.
Representative aalss:
strong: pigs and lights. MOOfctfjO; packers.
6 (AiiA.4iH; butchers and best heavy, 36 40
(16 5o.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1 0"0
head; market steady; natlvs muttors, 33.60
6.26; lambs, 80.6014 10.00; culls and buck3,
H.OOftt.OO; stockers, 33.5C4j1.25.
t. Joseph Lire Stock Market.
ceipts, 2,199 head; market steady to 10c
lower: natives, M.40tfi, 26; cows ana heifers,
$2.26(r400; stockers and feeders, 6J.60tj.5o.
HOGS Receipts, 4,7ts) head; market
strong to 2Hc higher; top, 3646; bulk of
sales, 36. 37H.42H.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 8.217
head; market lower; lambs, 3a.O:04.&;
yearlings, 37.00(87
Blnox City Lira Stock Market,
BIOl'X CITY. Msy 8. (Special Telegram.)
CATTLE Receipts. 900 head; market 10c
higher; Blockers, stesdy; beeves, M609
cows, bulls and mixed. 62.60ti4.90: stock
ers and feeders, 34.00a 4.5; calves and year
lings, 33.4034.60.
HOGS Receipts, I.80O head; market
steady, selling at 36.20a.80; bulk of sales,
Stock la Sight.
iRecetpts of live stock at the six principal
western markets yesterday.
Cattle. Hog. Bheep.
South Omaha
Sioux City ...
Kansas City .
St. Joseph ...
ft. Louis
. 8.7-tO
. 2,lu9
. 4,000
.87,91 70.360 80,017
He. At. ga. Pr. No. At In. Pr.
it lit ... 8 17 tt M0 10 I at
It 31 40 t 0 . l lev ... It
tf 110 ... t 10 tl I t M I H
a It ... ) . 10 .311 ... 3 It
it tut ... t to tl t HIS
U I' 10 t to tt HI 10 t 14
It VJ ... I N tit IS K
tt iT ... SO It s.4 W II
tl tsl 4 t to 71 tat - SI t 5
u t ... tsv i ii is 1 r
H I I St M st Ill ... r
4 lit ... 8 to M Ml t tr
11 Ut ... IM At a-' . Ilea
Condition of Trade aad ttnotatloaa oa
Staala aad Fancy Prodnee.
KGGS Per dos., 15HC.
BUTTER Packing etock. 15S16c; choic.
to fancy dairy, IKiiOc; creamery, HtjiJo.
LIVE POULTRY Hens, 10c; old roosters,
6Vac; turkeys 12c, ducks. He; young roos
ters, gee, 8c.
about 8 lb.. 3100.
PINEAPPLES Florida, 42 slse, 8360 per
crate; 36 slse. 34.80 per crate; 3U sis. 34.75
per crat.
STRAWBERRIES Arkansas, 24-quart
esses. 82 76v UO.
CoOOAN I TS- Per sack of 100, 14.00.
LEMONS Lln.onlera, 300slte, 8850; 360
slse, 3o.76: other brands, 5oc less.
ORANtJES Mediterranean Sweets, 150
176, DUO, and 260 slsea, 33 61)8,76; Is), 1, 2oH
sixes, 33,35: California Navels, extra fanoy,
176, 300, tit. tM stses, 84 60; fancy, 126 slse,
33.60; 160 slse. 34.00; choice, large sixes, per
box, 32.7f.'U3 OU.
BANANAS Per medlum-elxed bunch,
32."fii'2.26; Jumboes, tl6KuJ.oO.
FIGS California, bulk. IV; 3-rrown
Turkish, 14c; t-crown Turkish, 11c; 8-crown
Turklah. 8c.
DATKH Kadaway, 6f4e; sayers, 6c; hal
lowls. 6c; nsw stuffed walnut dates. 8-lb.
box. 11.00.
NEW POTATOES-Per lh., 4o,
POTATOES Table siock. per bu., 70c7J
tlx; seed stork. M-1.00.
NAV y BEANS per. bu.. 81.76; No. t 1160.
" NEW V UiK 1 AUI.IU4.
ABPAIRAGUS 76cU1.00 per dug. bunches.
BEANS Nsw wag and string, per ham
per, 4 00.
dos. bunches, 46r,60c.
CAUHAGfc California, 3C
CtLEHY-Florida, - 10-lb erste, 3326;
choice, 12 75. ...
TOMATOES Florida, fancy, 10-1 b crate.
3. S, choice. 82 71. .
O'lONsV-led w yellow, Colorado, per
a, 100
P. Monroe snd huahand ta
ixniise salmon, west 42 ft. lot 3,
block 18. Koiintia PI ace
Lottie T. Phelps to Anna Richards
Part lot 7. block 12. Parker mAA
Charles A. Blomberg and wife to John
j. ritxgeraia, lot 1, block 6, West
End add
Joseph Trecek to Jakob Jaiiovsky
yum who, ny, 101 iu, Diocg tut), urand
V lew
Robert O. Fink, county treasurer, to
Joseph Trecek, same
James E. Lush et al to Fred H. Lush
lot 10, block 35, South Omaha
Annie H. Fry to Jonas A. Fry, lot
, uiuca jo, naicyon tteignta
Deeds filed for record May 8. 1K07
Thomas 8 Parker to Wiley H. Beck-
en, iui , oio;k 1, w. u Bblby'g 1st
add.. Bouth Omaha aim
Solomon J. Firestone and wife to
r.iiae u. men, lot o, Ulllatone Park
D. W. Morrow et al. to John P. Peter
eon, lot . block J Florence 161
Robert O. Fink, county treasurer, to
inger smith, n lot 16, blook 2, West
Side . '
Stanley P. Black and wife to E31a
iwtn M. BiacK, w lot 8, block loi
Omaha . 1
Elisabeth II. Block to Charles Grue-
nlg, same , 1,000
South Omaha Land company to Jos
nuuiui.Kl, nji s, . diock an, south '
Omaha 400
Ed Phclan and wifs to John J. Rysn,
lot 3, block 6, 1st add. to Fowler
Place. South Omaha is
Anna M. Yost et al. to Nathan Horn.
, uiwr m, vll,ll.ll. S.DW
Same to same, part lo-15-13
Llxzle Helvey and husband to Anna
M. McBrjdo, lot 11, block . McGa
ock at O'KeefTe's add.. South Omana 1,700
Jacob Planner and wlfs to James
Conley, lot 17, block 3, Albrights
Annex, South Omaha .....a.. 130
Highland Rialty company to James
JT Fitxgerald. lot 21,. block 1, Al
bright s Annex, South Omaha
Peter J. Faxrell and wife to Patrick
J. Lomaham, lot 11, block 112, Svuth
Omaha 1,000
J. H. Trennery to James J. Fitx
gerald. lot 16, block 1, Harris et pal.
terson s Annex, South Omaha 100
Hannah Goodman and husband to
Augutrt Miller and wife, ej lot 8,
block 364. South Omaha 2M
E. S. Marston and wife to Wallace
A. Htldrelh. et al., lots I and 8, block
2, Perkonai' subdlv 5,000
Arthur Eaxt to Surah E. Harris, let
10, Uock 4, sulllock 3o, Al
bright's Choice, South Omalia 1,060
Sarah E. Bt, Clair and husband to
Clarence H. Jones, lot 8, block 146,
South Omaha (50
BesjamJn S. Baker and wlfs to Louie
Schwer et al., lot 2, Burton's subdlv.,
South Omaha 2B
Virginia (Irace Dyba.ll and husband
to Hattle L. Kuhit, lot 15, block 8,
bhulls 3d add 1,200
D. V. Sholes company to Blanche F.
Smith, lot 13, block 3, Dennian Place 27B
Alexander M. Ferrie to Patrick C
Corrlgan, lot 4, block 16. Omr.ha....- 8,250
Mary M. Crajie ard hunband to Mary
Ethel Siringberg, lot a. block 4,
Oinaha view I
John Serrll et al. to Samuel A. War
ren and wife, lots lb snd U, block '
8. MiHlavork & CKeeffea add..
South Omaha 1.800
H. G. Madden to William P. Warner.
lots 17 snd 13. block fcV. rmndoe place 1.10
Bird Colwell Conrad and hustiarwl to
Irving Smith, part tut IX Barker's
Alloimont 1
Same to same, same 3fi0
The Franklin Realty company to
Frederick H Coegrov and wife, lot
3. A. P. Tusey s repiavi nioca ,
' Bemls Park -