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    Kj l 1 I i aw AAA
Offive, IB Seolt
Tav1s. drugs.
Btockert sells carpets.
F-d Rogers Tony Fault bear.
Fine engravings at Leffert'a.
Ken Schmidt's elegant naw photo.
I,ewls Cutler, funral director, 'phone 7.
Wondrlng Undertaking company, Tel. 6.
I. Munrl, tlie lee cream man. Wholesale,
All flavors. 'Mionee iW4.
New mahogany and rosewood photo
frames. Alexander's. Mi Broadway.
Wedding and engagement rings at the
right price. O. Maulhe, 2U West Broad
way. Star chapter, Royal Arch Masons, will
meet tonight In regular convocation at Ma
sonic temple.
Warited-Man for the yard. Oood nalnry.
Must give refeiences. J, W. Squire. In
quire lul Pearl fit.
F-dgsr K. Jones and John P. Johnson, both
of thla city, have been recommended a
substitute carriers for tha postofflce.
The commissioners on Insanity yesterday
order ' Norman MaxfleJd of Neola, la.,
comm. .ted to tha at ate asylum at Clarlnda.
Harry Ogan and Mamie Druen, a young
couple of thla city, who obtained marriage
license April W. wers married yesterday by
Ray. Henry DeLrmg.
John Hltzmsn of Emerson, Neb., and
Avolena Perrlne of McCook. Neb., were
married In this city yesterday afternoon, ,
Justice Greene officiating
The waste pajrer box at the comer of
Broadway and North Main street was set
on fire yeserday afternoon, but whether
by design or accident Is not known.
At the Second Presbyterian church on
Thursday evening the pastor. Rev. Grant
B. Wilder, will give his Illustrated lecture,
"William McKlnley." Admission will be
Rev. Henry Delng performed the mar
riage ceremony yesterday for Glen J. Car
son and (Catherine A. Wela, both of Geneva,
Neb., and Miles C. Rock and Bens Webster,
both of Omaha.
James Nlchol, day sergeant at police head
quarters. Is on the sick list. Patrolman
George Gillespie Is also off duty on ac
count of Illness and today will leave for
riot Bprlnga, Ark.
Ths hearing of Zacharlah Taylor, charged
with beating his wife, wss continued In
Justice Cooper's court yesterday to Wednes
day. In the meantime .Taylor Is sojourning
in the county Jull.
Andrew Doty of Wright township brought
Id ono adult wolf and five cubs to County
Auditor Cheyne yesterday and received $15
as bounty. E. Hettick of Garner township
received IS for four cubs.
Dr. W. W. Magarrcll. optometrist, now
open for business, 10 Pearl street, Council
Bluffs, la. Business 'phone 623, resldenc
'phone Cedar 166l. The only exclusive
optical store In southwestern Iowa. a
R. M. Gibson, chief clerk In tha office
of tha yardmaater for the Rock Island, will
leave today in company with F. J. Ely for
Seattle. Wash., where both go Into the
rnploy of the Great Northern railroad.
Before getting your upholstering, mattress
making, repairing and retlnlshlng done, get
the prices of the Morgan Upholstering Co.,
131 Broadway, next to Alexander's art store.
Telephone for quick orders. Bell SUA, lnd.,
870 red.
Mrs. Mary Schmidt of Treynor, la., filed
an Information In Justice Greene's court
yesterday charging her husband, August
Schmidt, with assault and battery on her
on May 4. Bchmldt gave bonds for his ap
pearance May 11.
Frances -M. Peterson wss quarantined at
bar home, 211 Sixteenth avenue, yesterday
for smallpox. Nelllt League, 16 Ninth ave
nue; B. Darnell, 12(18 Ninth avenue, and
A. Jensen, 1415 Smith Ninth street, were
reported to tho Board of Health yesterday
as suffering from diphtheria.
The hearing of C. W. Tullls, the Great
Western switchmen charged with the theft
Of a barrel of tripe from a freight car In
tha company's yards, was further postponed
In Justice Cooper's court yesterday. As
the grand Jury Is now In session, Uis case
will probably go to that body.
Delmar W. Bmlth of this city Is home
from Bait Lake City, where he attended
the meetings of the Joint grievance com
mittee of the Union Paclflo system. Tho
meetings were for the purpose of putting
into effect tha new wage schedules recently
agreed on by western roads and adjusting
the various questions arising In connection
with ths change.
Leffert'a Glaaaea the Best.
We court comparisons In our goods, our
fitting and our methods. We only ask an
opportunity to convince you as to the ease,
comfort and pleasure afforded In the per
fect vision our corrections always give.
Come in and be convinced. Consultation
given without charge by our experienced
LEFFERT. Popular Jeweler,
4U0 Broadway.
' When the weather gets warm the people
want Ice, so call the Council Bluffs Goal
and Ice Oo. Tel. 71
Greatest ice saver on the market the
Alaska refrigerator. Petersen tt Schoenlng.
New Mannfar-tnrtne; Concern.
C. F. Pratt of Missouri Valley met a
number of business men of ths city yester
day afternoon at the Commercial club and
submitted a proposition for the organiza
tion of a local company to manufacture
a patented Ice cream freezer. Mr. Pratt
has secured the right to maiufactura nnd
sell the machine in Iowa. He atated he
was prepared to furnish one-half of the
needed capital If the other half would be
subscribed by local persons. Mr. Pratt's
proposition was received with considerable
favor by the business men present and it
was stated that the company to manufac
ture the machine would I formed.
Dee Office Moved.
The Council Bluff office of The Omha
Bee has been moved from No. 10 Pearl
street, where It has been for the last
ten years, to No. IS Bcott street. The new
office Is directly north of the Sapp block
and opposite ths Nebraska Telephone com
pany's building.
Xarrlssr l icenses.
Hcenaes to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Ni'tn. rnd Residence.
... U
... U
... n
... ii
... n
... &t
Olen J. Curson Genevs. Neb
Catherine A. Wets, Geneva, Neb.
riles C. nock. Omaha
pis VYobHter, Omaha
John HWtimnn, Emerson. Neb...
Avolena Perrlne, McCook. Neb...
No substituting when you buy from ua
We carry flfiO.OOO stock of building ma
terials. You will And our prices in line,
our grades up to your expectation. Give ua
a chance. C. Tlafer Lumber Co., Council
Bluffs, la.
N. T. numbing Co. Tl. So. Night, L-
City Scavenger
I haul dead animals, $1.00 per head.
Garbage, as lies, manure and all rub
bish; clvan vaults and cwapool. All
work done is guaranteed.
Calls promptly attended to.
lnd. Phone 1J:' Y Bell Red 1IT1
A btrenj Tonic
r 1 1 1 BMlr .Builder -KJUL
A. BI4 PariRer -
At f f DAtfef
St. Tel. 4,1.
f resents to ths Coinoil an Ordinance. Fix
ing Wtter Rata.
Makes Material Red act torn From the
Rates la the Ordinance Compiled
hy Engineer Ktereted for
tha Committee.
Mayor Macrae, evidently despairing of the
special committee of which Councilman
Wallace Is chairman, doing anything, sub
mitted at the meeting of the city council
last night an ordinance containing a sched
ule of water rates. This ordinance was
drawn at the mayor request by Harl ft
Tinley, the legal firm specially employed
by the city in the water works matter.
The ordinance, while based to some ex
tent upon the schedule prepared by Expert
Klersted, provides for a greatly modified
schedule and It is doubtful if !'. will be ac
ceptable to the water works company. Mr.
Klersted's schedule provided for a minimum
rate of 17.2 for any service under meter
rates, a minimum rate of I10.SR where closet
or bath tub was used, 113.26 for closet and
1 tub, and 118.25 for closet, bath tub, hose
and general use. Mayor Macrae's ordinance
provides for the $7.26 minimum, for a $9
minimum. Including either bath or closet,
and for a HO minimum Including bath and
closest, hose and general use for barn and
all other purposes. The reduction In the
highest minimum In the mayor's schedule
from that of Expert Klersted It will be
seen la $3.26. while In the second highest
the reduction Is $4 25. The ordlnsnce was
referred to the committee of the whole,
which will meet tonight to consider it.
Revision of Ordinances.
Two hours of the session were consumed
In the rending of a number of revised or
dinances submitted by G. W. Scott, who
Is recompiling the ordinances. One of
these ordinances governing the duties, etc ,
of the mnyor Is to conform with the law
as amended by the recent legislature,
which gives the mayor considerably In
creased power. It places In the hands of
the mayor Instead of the city council the
appointment and supervision of street and
sidewalk commissioner, poll tax collector,
city physician or health officer, superin
tendent of markets, which was formerly an
elective office; poundmaster, custodian of
city building, city electrician and chief
of the police department. The only ap
pointment left with the city council Is
that of city clerk.
The new resolution drafted by City So
licitor Kimball providing for the exemption
from taxation of sugar In transit stored
in Council Bluffs was passed after more
or leas discussion. County Attorney Hess
spoke In support of the adoption of the
resolution, which, he stated would mean
the erection of several warehouses In the
city. Mayor Macrae, while not opposing
the resolution, said he could not under
stand the need of such a resolution if such
a oommodlty while In transit was exempt
by law from taxation.
T1 ,. . - . W - O ,. A A t I V. .
xesiumiis vi wio cm unu ti.iiiuv wi j
Blxtn ward, known as cuton. presentee
a complaint that the Omaha Rod and Gun
club had fenced up a street which pre-
vented the complainants from gaining
access to the lake. It was explained that
the club had been granted permission by
the council to fence up the street In
question. Councllmen Maloney and Hen
drlx were appointed a committee to In
vestigate the complaint and report to the
Graduation Time
Will be here very soon. Have you thought i
of the gift you are going to give to your ,
boy or girl to commemorate this eventful
day of their HfeT If not a visit to our store
will give you many valuable suggestions.
We have recently re-enforced our stock of
watches. Jewelry and silverware and can
show you many acceptable articles suit
able for graduation, and at prices that
are sure to please.
LEFFERT, Popular Jeweler,
4X4) Broadway.
Buy the Jewel gns or gasoline stove.
They are the safoet. Petersen A. Schoenlng.
Matters In Dtstrlet Coart.
Judge Wheeler In district court yester
day overruled the motion of the defense
for a continuance In the case of the state
of Iowa against R. 8. Earhart of Denver.
Two Indictments were returned azalnst
Earhart on charges preferred against him
by O. P. McKesson and Dr. E. Bellinger
of this city. The defense asked a contin
uance on the grounds of the Illness of
the wife of Earhart who la said to be
a material wltnesa The trial had been set
for this week, but will probably not be
taken up till next week as County At
torney Hess has to be In Avoca for sev
eral days.
Mr. Hess yesterday reiterated his deter
mination to try Pt Crow at this term
of court and said he hoped to take the
case up some time next meek. Crow has
been In this vicinity for some time in an
ticipation of his case being brought to
trial. Crow was Indicted Jointly with
Arthur Levi of this city In January of
last year on the charge of holding up and
robbing two motor crews at the east end
of the bridge on the night of Sunday,
July t, 1906.
The forenoon yesterday was taken up in
Impaneling a Jury in the suit of John A.
Movers against the Council Bluffs Nursery
company and D. J. Fogarty. Fogarty has
died since the commencement of the suit
A divorce was granted to Ethel May
Lewis from Isaao Herman Lewis on
charges of cruel and inhuman treatment.
They were married In lfOt
The gTand Jury, owing to the late ar
rival ol two of the members, did not re
convene until the afternoon.
Gasoline Stores. .
Two-burner, full cabinet frame, brass
stand pipe stove, S3, warranted satisfactory.
J. Zoller Mer. Co., 10M03-10-rO Broadway.
Both 'phones S30,
Bee office removed to 16 Soott street, op
posite Nebraska, Telephone building.
Ditch Contract to he Transferred.
The Western Dredging company of
Omaha, which encountered so many ob
stacles to Its work on the Boyer cutoff
ditches, forming part of the drainage sys
tem sow being carried out by Harrison and
Pottawattamie counties, and which came
near having Its contract annulled recently
U ituout Alcohol
Vltbont Alcohol
Tittoout Alcohol
Vkboot Alcohol
w'khoot Alcohol
Yltbout Alcohol
Urate-Alterative; .
by the supervisors of the two counting Is
making arrangements to transfer Its con
tract to the firm of Ballard A Campbell,
which It Is said will take up the work
within ths near future.
t'phr.lsterlng. mattresses made to order,
old mattresses made over, feather beds ren
ovated, feather mattresses made and all
kinds of upholstering a specialty. Oeorge
W. Kline. Bell 'phone 548. Ind. 'phone T10
black. 19 Bouth Main street
Give us your order for thst spring car
pet. We do the rest sew, lay end fit it
right to your room. D. W. Keller, 103 S.
Bee office removed to IS Scott street,
posits Nebraska Telephone building.
Fire and Police Commission asneno's
the thief.
Although "official" announcement has
been made that the Fire and Police com
mission will hear the charges agnlnst Chief
Jones of the fire department Wednesday
morning. It Is not known where the hearing
will be held. It has been suggested that
the hearing be conducted In the city council
chamber, so that the public, which Is In
terested, could attend, but this. It was
stated yesterday by a member of the com
mission, waa not to the liking of that body.
The commission hsa been holding Its meet
ings at different places, one day In the
private Insurance office of City Clerk Sapp,
who Is also clerk of the commission, and
sometimes at the State Savings bank, of
which Chairman Tinley of the commission
Is assistant cashier. Commissioner Zur
muehlen, when asked yesterday, said It
was possible the hearing might be held In
the office of Mayor Macrae In the city
hall, or, again. It might be held In Mr.
Sapp's office.
Pending the outcome of the charges
against Chief Jonos tho commission has
seen fit to suspend him and the department
for the time being Is In charge of As
sistant Chief Frank Hitchcock.
Attention has been called to the fact
that while In the charges preferred agalnat
Jones by McKesson, he Is held responsible
for the destruction of the TTnlon Transfer
company building, history of fires In the
Implement district shows that both the
Deere-Wells and the Fuller-JoTinson-Shug-art
buildings were totally destroyed by
Are when the flre department was In charge,
In the former case, of Chief Templcton and
in the latter when Charles Nicholson, whom
the commission now seeks to appoint chief,
was at the head of the department
State Senator Saunders, as counsel for
Chief Jones, yesterday evening served writ
ten notice on County Attorney Hess to
bring In the name of the state of Iowa
quo warranto proceedings In the district
court testing the constitutionality of the
law creating the fire and police commis
sion and the right of the three members
appointed by Mayor Macrae to serve and
set under the law.
Mr. Hess refused to bring such proceed
ings. This refusal on the part of the
county attorney now places Mr. Saunders,
as counsel for Chief Jones, In a position
to bring such quo warranto proceedings,
the law providing that such proceedings
only can be brought by private persons
when the county attorney refuses to do so.
Senator Saunders stated last night that
he proposed to attack the Are and police,
commission law from several standpoints.
Similar laws, he declared, have been hold
unconstitutional In othtr states.'
Hnrd-tn-FIt looses
your noM may be Romarii Grecian, pug.
,ong fu or Bm( Aoea not matter t0
U9 hut ,f yo wear glaBBeg you want the:n
t(J be eaa. nttlng Bnd thBt )B jU8t what
w promge. or your money refunded. If
your glasses fall off, pinch, bind, wiggle
or are In any way uncomfortable come In
and let us show you what tt Is to be easy
fitted. LEFFERT, Popular Jeweler,
4X4 Broadway.
Need any lace curtains? ' Before you
buy better come In and see us. We want
to surprise you In price and quality." D.
W. Keller, 102 S. Main.
Petersen & Schoenlng sells matting.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to the Bee,
May 6. by the Pottawattamie County Ab
stract company of Council Bluffs:
Mile H. Cook and wife to John W. ,
Rih. nH nwV of 1-74-3S. w d $1,860
Peter T. Ciiristensen and wife to John
H. Chriatensen, wVi nw nw4 of
th-77-43, w d
Chas. T. Officer and wife to Mary Slln
aon, lot 17. In block 6, In Backett's
add. In Council Blurt's, la., w d
Lt-Roy Crummer to Mary Stlnson, lot
IS. In block A, In Backett's add. In
Council Bluffs, la., w d
Wlllard B. Chambers to Claud Cham
bera, lot 14. block 1, Wilson Terrace.,
add. to Council Bluffs, In., q c d
Annette Grafs to Allen Fleak, lot 21,
In block &7. In railroad add. to Ooun-
. ell Bluffs. Ia., w d
Elmer U Fehr to Allen Fleak. lot 22, In
brock 87. In railroad add. to Council
Bluffs, la., w d
Seven transfers Total $3,916
"Bourlclus" ia the western headquarters
for the Victor talklr.oi m achines, the Edison
phonographs, the Coi irtbla graphophones
and all kinds of record 336 Broadway,
Council Bluffs, Ia, ,
Complete line of Victor base ball goods
Petersen Schoenlng.
Cash tor Y. M. C. A.
With a donation of IKX from Frank B.
Keys, who has recently returned from
spending the winter In the south, the
Toung Men's Christian association building
committee expects to be able, to bring the
fund up to the I30.0W) within a snort ume.
As Boon as the fund reaches the KM, 000
mark, a committee will go to Chicago to
confer with the heads of the several rail
roads centering In Council Bluffs with a
view to securing financial assistance and
establishing a railroad department in tne
local association building.
Learn Tonr Baby to Walk.
We have Just received a shipment of
baby walkers. t to DH each. Get one
and learn your baby to walk. D. W. Rol
ler, 108 Bouth Main.
Bee office removed to IB Scott street, op
posite Nebraska Telephone building.
Tonnar Woman Takes Polann.
SHENANDOAH. Ia., May (Special Tel
egram.) Lida Golden, a young woman
about 1 years old living at Farrngut, seven
miles south of here, committed suicide this
morning by taking strychnine. She was
making her home with Charles Hastings,
and picking up the dry strychnine bottle
as she and Mrs. Hastings were sitting at
the table, asked what It was. When told,
she poured out a quantity and swallowed
It. Mrs. Hastings fslnted at the sight, and
when she recovered and called the doctor.
It was too late. The girl died In forty
minutes after taking the dose. The cor
oner's Jury held n Inquest this afternoon.
The trouble waa probably temporary ln
aanlty, as tier father died In an asylum.
Here to Stay.
We are dally receiving new lots of shoes
and are selling them at our usual low
price a Duncan Shoe Co.
Lace curtains. Bluck.rt Carpet Co.
Ytj Term of Supreme Tribunal Likely to
of Fxctptioiial Ltnrth.
Governor Has Two Days More la
Which to Man or Veto Bills In Ills
Possession Which Were Passed
by the Last I.rarlalatore.
(From a BtafT Correspondent )
DRS MOINES, May ,-(Special.)-There
will be but two sittings of the supreme
court in the May term. One of these will
begin tomorrow and the other will begin
Juno 4. As a result the sittings of the
court will be somewhat longer as half
of the cvses from the entire state will
be up for hearing at each sitting Instead
of one quarter as heretofore. The hear
ings of the court will run over Into next
week considerably. At the sitting begin
ning tomorrow morning cases from Lee.
Louisa. , Henry, Ies Moines, Monroe.
Wapello, Van Buren, Liicas, 'Jefferson,
Davis, Appanoose, Decatur, Wayne, ITnlon.
Woodbury, O'Brien, Plymouth. Sioux,
Cherokee Osceola, Madison, Dallas, Mar
lon, Guthrlo, Warren. Mahaska. Washing
ton, Jasper, Poweshiek. Keokuk. Bcott
Muscatine, Johnson Iowa, Blackhawk,
Buchanan, Delaware, Grundy, Hardin,
Boone, Webster, Hamilton. Story. Wright
Franklin, Bremer, Wtlniiebago, MBtchell,
Allamakee, Fayette. Howard. Palo Alto,
Kossuth, Clay. Dickinson, Buena Vista,
Emmet and Polk will be argued. Cases
from all the rest of the counties of the
state will be heard at the JHine sitting and
the csmcs from Pottawattamie county will
be the first called at the June sitting.
The case of the state of Iowa agnlnst
Lafe Young on a charge of over charging
the state while state binder Is down for
the May sitting of the court, but has not
been assigned for oral argument and It
Is expected that It may go over till the
term of court In the fall. Following the
June sitting the court adjourns for a two
months' vacation.
Labor Fla-hts Committee.
Because, of a slight that the booster
committee of the city ' gave to the labor
circles a letter has been written by the
labor leaders of the city to the order of
the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen In
forming them of some of the conditions
In Des Moines as between capital and
labor. The booster committee Is trying to
get the order to move Its headquarters
to this city. The booster committee ne
glected to have a union labor man on the
committee and hence the letter. It Is In
timated by the labor union men that the
letter will not assist much In getting the
order to move to Des Moines. When the
booster committee first started In business
a few months ago It decided to get out
a button. Later In the day when the but
ton whs put on sale It developed that the
button was not union made and the union
men would not buy them. Members of the
booster committee say that there Is not
a member on the committee who la there
because he represents any Interest, the
members being selected solely on their
ability to boost the city. The labor union
men say that is all the more reason for
surprise at the absence of a union labor
Barrier Released from Prison.
George Burrier, convicted some years
ago as one of the gang of diamond robbers
that stole the Fay diamonds at Clinton,
Ia., waa released from the penitentiary
at Fort Madison today on a parole from
Governor Cummins. Burrier was sen
tenced some years ago and has served the
equivalent of a sentence of eight years
with the good time off. Unless he keeps
the terms of the parole he can be returned
to the penitentiary without further trial
of court.
Restaurant Keeper Stabbed.
John Boudewyns, proprietor of a res
taurant at 621 Mulberry street, was
stabbed by O. G. Guffey at an early hour
this morning. The restaurant is an all
night place. Guffey, who waa Intoxicated
at the time, was soon after arrested and
Is now In custody. Boudewyns Is In a
critical condition and is not expected to
recover. He was stabbed In the back.
Has Two Days More.
Governor Cummins has two days more
In which to sign or veto the three bills
1 that remain In his possession. Wednes
day Is the last day on which he can act.
If he does not sign or veto then they will
become laws without his signature. One
Is the law relating to the sale of land
belonging to the state that has been cre
ated by the Des Moines river changing Its
course. The other two are the smoke nui
sance law and the law amending the In
ebriate law. The governor has Indicated
j his intention as to the smoke nuisance
j law. It applies to cities of the sise of
, Des Moines only and so affects only this
, city. He told business men he would sign
' It unless the city enacts an ordinance
covering the matter. The city council has
dallied along and the indications are the
governor will sign the bill. There Is rea
son to believe that at least one of the
other two bills will be voted.
Voelkcr Becomes Lectnrrr.
Prof. P. F. Voelker, who was superin
tendent of schools at Ackley, la., and
later at Ida Grove and Is now professor of
German In Drake university, will next
fall take to the lecture platform. Prof.
Voelker has been prominent In the annual
i conventions of the State Teachers' asso
, elation for the past severe! years and
, gained some prominence while connected
with the Ida Grove schools by his stand
for pure athletics among high schools and
for the eliminations of all persons as con
testants who were not bonaflde attend
ants and members of the high school.
Shlpplngr Sand from Shenandoah.
SHENANDOAH, Ia.. May 6. (Special
Telegram.) B. 8. Hutchlna of Des Moines
closed the preliminaries today for a sand
pumping plant which will be established
here this coming season. He expects to ship
1,000 cars a year from here.
deal food for children.
makes the children plump and
strong and prevents sour stom
ach and constipation. The best
food for growing children, in
valids and the aged. u
to cents a package,
for ! lur all Grwr .
There are just two kinds
of Corn Flakes. One is the
genuine the other 14 are mere
upshots worthless imitations, nlaced
on the market in less than a year.
The intention of the imitator is to confuso
VOU. hv rnnvino' tfir nam onrl nackacf nf tViin
original. It is their business to profit by the wonder
ful demand for "Corn Flakes which was created by
the delicious flavor of the
But just remember: It took ten years to perfect this flavor. It is
the product of the world's greatest food experts. The process of preparing
is known only to the makers. And it cannot be copied.
That is whv we want to imnress iinon
1 11 :
Problem ttat Confronts PI ay era et the &e-a
isti'i Opening.
Whether to Bant or to Eat Freelr
Mooted Point Odds Seems to
Favor Consumers of
Hearty Viands.
What food shall a golfer eat to play at
his best? It Is a question that Is puzzling
more than one player now that the tourn
ament season has opened. More than one
local tournament has been won by a
player who has haunted the lobster . pal
aces uuntll S a. m. each day of the contest
nnd presumably trained on toasted cheese
and champagne. To the contrary, more
than one lost match has been blamed to a
too heavy breakfast or luncheon. Who
shall decide this vexing question?
Location has something to do with It.
On the northern links there are now as
sembled a host of golfers who have win
tered at resort courses, where "three
squares" and Incidental snacks are part
of the day's golfing. In Florida and south
ern California they have been eating fresh
strawberries and spring 'lamb for three
months, and arriving In the north they
And these succulent viands Just coming
Into season to further tempt the appetite.
The prizes, so far as may be learned, have
only been won by the golfers who have
been as faithful to the trenchers as to the
links. There Is no record, of a golfer win
ning who has forsaken the table, and with
the abnegation of a hermit eaten only
toaat and water as a preparation to his
Rx perls Show o Slsrna. '
The northerners, forced throughout the
winter to lusty foods of the season and
spiced at formal dinners by speeches that
had to be listened to, have shown no ad
vantage In point of training to the so
journers at the southern resorts, who have
been dallying with the tempting luxuries
of the hotel tables. The travelers have
returned not enervated, but refreshed hy
their high living. But for the change
from sanded to turf putting greens. In
deed, the resort players would have most
effectually wiped out the stay-at-homes,
a downfall for which the eye and touch
must be blamed and not the stomach. It
seems true that In golf a generous diet Is
the best system of training, hownver
heretical this may be on the cinder path,
the gridiron or In a racing shell.
There la still a supposition quite general
that a light diet Improves one's chances
In an athletic contest. Do we not re
member the Spartan diet of Tom Brown
at the meal before his great fight at
Rugby? But at golf the prize goes most
often to the hearty eater, for the trudging
and whacking over a four-mile stretch of
country csnnot be kept up on i a con
centrated food biscuit. It would be differ
ent, of course. In a violent and brief burst
of exertion, ss In a fight or a match at
tennis or racquets. A delightful story of
a brain storm realization of ths fallacy
of the sparse diet In golf is told hy Sir
Edgar Vincent, winner of the Kngllsh Par
Ilamentary handicap of 1906, In the recbl
lections of his early golfing.
Sir Edssr Vincent's Kiperlenae.
"A few years ago I was golfing In East
Lothian and I picked up three other play
ers for a four-ball foursome at Mulrfleld."
sys Sir Vincent. "One of the oppoltion
was a certain strong player, who shall be
nameless. On the morning of tho first day
the match was halved, and In the afternoon
we again halved the same foursome. This
was Interesting, so we arranged to play
It again the next morning, and lo! an
other half was the result. The struggle for
supremacy thus became very Intense, and
we went In to lunch on this second day
feeling as keen aa golfers cn be. Now.
when I saw the suun uuaut ea the other
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ide settling himself down to the most am
)le repast, with a bottle of champagne In
cluded, I vainly flattered myself that In the
jonrse of the next two or three hours the
honors of this great foursome would In
evitably fall upon my own side.
"But there was a aad disillusionment
forthcoming. From the time when we teed
tho first ball In the afternoon until the end
of the match, which came all too quickly,
he who had. done himself so well was quite
Irresistible and played the game of his
life! For the first few holes he made bogy
look ridiculous, and Indeed at one time
he seemed as If he might beat the record
nf the course. By the time the turn was
reached the game had resolved Itself Into a
mere procession, and the end came almost
Immediately afterward, our side ' being
hopelessly beaten. The champion of the
day was a Scot. Sydney Smith once anld
that It needed a corkscrew to get a Joke
Into the head of a Scot, and that day I
came to the conclusion that the same Im
plement was necessary to get the best
game out of a Scottish golfer."
In that early guide to the rigors of the
game, Horace Hutchinson's "Badminton"
book on golf, there Is an Illustration of
"the man to back." It Is of a golfer sitting
amid the serenity of self-conllaence, eating
a beefsteak and draining a good half bottle
of wine Just before entering upon a hard
match. Whether or not he Is likely to play
worse after lunch than before does not
appear to affect him In the least. A per
son who had never heard of "Badminton"
or of the golfing principle to eat as an
insurance of motor power, towit, tho stew
ard of the Atluntic City Country club, gave
an unexpected endorsement to Hutchin
son's favorite on the day when Waller
Travis and Findlay Douglas met In the
seml-Hnal of the national championship
there In 1801. It was a forogone conclu
sion that whoever won this match would
win the title. Travis stood 2 up for the
morning and for luncheon ordered a spe
cial sirloin steak and a pot of tea, whllo
Douglas, who la of a more nervous tem
perament, ate cold meat and took a high
ball. "The big eater for me," said the steward.
"I know nothing of golf, but I'll make a
bet that Travis wlus out."
tat Kormally.
It was a elate call, for Travis only won
on the thirty-eighth hole; yet the result
was a confirmation of the steward's cholcn.
To eat In one's normal vein would seom
to be the proper guide in golf, for there Is
as much danger to stinting ths menu as
in an Indulgence that is unusual. To quote
from a writer In the Field:
"The true gospel of how to lay consis
tently good golf Is not to attempt to make
a radical change In the established system
of dietary and training. Even the profes
sionals themselves recognize this; and
their word of warning, considering th'it
their livelihood depends upon the evenness
of their playing form spread over a long
period, ought to carry more weight than
any attempts to establish the same prin
ciple by abstract theorizing. On one occa
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Ike Brseid BegeUUw U- alUtrU, Ca.
sion Andrew Kirkaldy heard with surprise
that Taylor was unwell. 'What!' he ex
claimed. 'Taylor 111? He neither smokes
nor drinks.' Here Andrew had only two
possible solutions of a brother professional
suffering from more than a passing head
ache unfitting him for temporarily placing
the game. ,A ,t
"But tn this system of general G fi.iTj ,
the professional, as a rule. Is wiser 'ihnn
the general body ' of more enlUthtl V
amateurs. He does not change his if- le
of eating and drinking; he attains thett nd
that is sought to be secured by doctornng,
by laying his clubs aside and refraliMf
from play for a time. When he next pip?
In an important match the professional, bf
means of a brief rest, comes back to the
game with the zest of freshened eye and
muscles and as a rule he plays brilliantly.
"Those who urge, for example, thr.t
smoking Is prejudicial to good golf should,
note the case of Vardon. Some years aa,
at any rate, the pipe was nearly constanffy !
In Vardon's mouth, except when he was
engaged In a match; and If there be truth
In the generally accepted theory that to
bacco Is harmful to accuracy of play, those
who make thla allegation cannot prove a
more slgnil Instance of the disproof of
their theory than the case of Vardon.
Other professionals are doubtless tn the
same category. They smoke less or more
and eat and drink In moderation, but It Is
probable that whatever . the system of
dietary adopted by them. It has not been
forced upon them by any,' fancied exigen
cies of the game needing special training,
but by what they find . experience tins
shown to be essentially needful In the gen
eral Interests of sound physical health."
"One of the blessings of golf," remarked
a champion on a hot day, "Is the grand
thirst It gives us." But this Is begging t
question of dieting. The . drinks come
the "nineteenth hole" when the last puts
have been made, but the food problem Is
a more urgent one. The rule, as In six-day
walking, "go as you please," Is the only
safe advice to give the golfers.
Work on Rural Mall Routes.
WASHINGTON. May 6. The report of
tho operations of the rural dnllvery serv.
Ice up to May 1 last, made public today
by the fourth assistant postmaster gen
eral, shows that the total number of peti
tions for the service received up to that
date was &4.SS7, upon which WKH adverse
reports have been made. There are In
operation 37,597 rural routes, served by J7,
H regular carriers. A balance of n,S40,478
remains of the appropriation for new serv
ice during the current fiscal year.
Halsey Broaght for Trial.
SAN FRANCISCO. May 6. -Theodore V.
Halsey, former business agent of the -Picnic
States Telephone and Telegraph com
pany, who Is under Indictment on charges
of having bribed members uf the Board of
Supervisors In order to secure a franchise
for that corporation, arrived here today
from Manila on the steamer China, In cus
tody of Captain Trowbridge of the Philip
pine secret service.
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