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Eeos'pU ia Omaha Nearly Eix Tims as
Largs at Tsar Ago.
Total Receipts ( Urals Eaalaar May
First laereae la Baas Ratio
Ovtf Those of . Last
Dressy Oxfords
for Women
Strona and Vifloro-; 3 Values for Thursday's Selling
1 1
v ,
Another Great Sale of AC
Foulard Silks at . vtJx"
50 pieces of inafapaifieent Foulard Silks,
p!ai,da, checks and dots, figured and
plain shades; the regular price is 85c
a vard: the entire assortment Thursday
for only, yard 49.c
Cretin Drilli&ntine Slo at 32c Yard
5 pieoes of Fine Cream Bnlliantine
guaranteed to wear and wash. Ihusi
our regular 65c quality. This spec
lot Thursday only, yard of
ational Lace Waist Sale
" An overstocked manufacturer closef
and Torchon Laces, wun inserwugs w w
Uful new models in fine lace, plain
embroidered nets, Bilk lined, In the new
d yoke effects, medallion, dainty lace edge
: Insertion trimmings, suitable for any occa
i. These waists sold np to $6.50: your
ice Thursday $3.95
USES DRESSES Made up in plain
1 the "Red -Cross" nurse stripe ginghams,
ide, medium and narrow stripes, with or with
out collars, neatly made with white piMngs',
ach, $2.50 and $1.50
VValBts and skirts separate, can be worn sepa
rately or together, an exceptionally neat house
dress, medium and dark percales, each $1.50
Most Attractive Wash Good B a. r Jains
Hundreds of yards of Fine Domestic
Lawns, newest styles in the latest
plaids and checks, splendid 15c values,
that we offer all day Thursday for only,
per yard 10c
75 PIECES Colored Wash Goods in sheer
Lawns, figured and dotted Swisses,
beautiful designs and especially .good
values at 25c; Thursday, yard. . . .15c
ONE BIG CASE New white goods in
all the popular checks, plaids, stripes
and, lace effects, fine 35c values, but
Thursday only, yard. .19c
35c values, yard.
The Daylight Store S
Well, we are glad to be able to
friend has arrived arrived in the f
Cheese, that weighs about BOO lbs: ..'
thing new, something great, the ltk
This Cheese Is made from pure milki
model farms on the hillsides of the,
grow green and sweet. This "moo i
in the Daylight Sanitary Grocery '
Orders are now being received for t j
to try it, come at once as it Is !
enough for all who will want it. (p
Jreat Cash Purchase of Laces
Lis surplus stock at 75 discount Over 10,(100 yards of fine Normandy VaJ., Point Paris, Maltese
well value at from 106 up to 85c yard all go Thursday at
20c values yard .414c l0o values, yard 2c
Some one person who buys u
in gold. Particulars on the Th!f
ry Grocery
that our distinguished
"monster" Crawford
: t ud" see it; lis it is some
r seen before in Omaha,
i a Jersey cows, grazed on
inies, where the meadows
,eese will be on exhibition
:vr' days before beingTut.
. rlor cheese and if you want
-1 ialn that there will not be
y 25c a pound.
of this Cheese will get $5.00
of the Daylight Store.
Interesting Basement Bargains
OO-OAmTS To see our stock of Baby Vehicles
makes you wonder how the maker can orig
inate sucn preny aesigns and convenient styles
uo-iarii witn
t oldlng
rubber tires and reclining backs, and brakes.
and without parasols.
The very latest Improved cart and the prices
are so well graded that no matter what you
wish to pay you can find lust what you are
looking for here; from 122.50 down to S1.4P
Jap-A-Xao Wears like Iron,
used on window or
door screens, not only beautiful but preserves
mem; it nas a thousand uses, all colors, a
can 75c to 16o
Special China Tains Thursday Colonial shape
Drinking Tumblers, worth S0c per dozen, ( 1
set to a customer), 6 for....... BBo
75c lress Silks, plain and fancy colored, yard J9e
SBo Spring Weight Vests and Pants for misses,
each lSo
12Hc Seamless Black Hose for ladles, pair TV4o
15c Heavy Illbbed Black Hose for children, per
pair 7 Ho
Although the receipts of grain at tha
Omaha market have fallen off appreciably
during the last few weeks, which is a .
normal condition at this period of tti year, ;
I the figures showing receipts and shipments
as given by Secretary McVann of the
Grain exchange, show continued improve- 1
ment In the magnitude of the Omaha
market. This Is most marked In wheat, i
the receipts of which Increased from 97,200 1
bushels In April of last year to t-'4.0U) bush- I
els during the month Just passed.
Total receipts during the last month
were 2,,5u0 bushels, as compared with re
ceipts of 2.O6O.0OO bushels during the same
same period last year, and total shipments
were S.373.000 bushels, against 8,074.000 bush
els last year.
Corn receipts during the ' last month
were less than one million bushels, as
compared with 1,183,300 bushsls during
April, l&M. but this decrease in receipts
was more than balanced by the increase ot
oats to 1.070,400 bushels, against 774,400
bushels In April, 190&
Shipments of corn decreased In April,
1907. to 1,363,000 bushel.", as compared with
1,542,0(0 bushels during the same month ot
the preceding year, but shipments of Oats
Increased nearly 200,000 bushels over the
previous year to the total of l,S;6,0lW
The decreae In business in corn is at
tributed to the general cleaning up of
stocks by farmers prior to the spring plow
ing campaign and receipts are always
lighter during the spring months than at
any time In the year. Farmers are so
busy plowing, seeding and cultivating. In
addition to harvesting the, winter crops,
that price changes In the market have
little or no effect In Increasing or decreas
ing tha normal receipts.
Greatest Point of Comparison.
The remarkable growth In Importance of
the local market Is best Illustrated by
comparison ot the figures on receipts and
shipments for the four months ending April
SO, 1907 and 1906. Total receipts during the
period In question Increased 2.4O0.000 bush
els to 15,607,300 bushels, and total ahlD-
These $2.50 oxfords (like cut) are unraatchable in
style or quality. In fact most stores can not equal them
at $3.00 to $3.50.
They are made of patent Corona Colt and
gunmetal calf Goodyear welt. They are
very neat and dressy, at
I shall he glad to meet my frlomff',
the People's store. Bmntley tnsi. a
T. w. aiaekbtu-a. lawyer.
day Into his new offices, 409 Paxton H
. . . ,. , ' , H ( ri, r
new nmra rnew x,,,..--
hals, shoes, fur.
Cash or
men and women,
csrnets. draperies, stoves
Vnlon Outfitting Co.. lilS-lT-H U
Woman Osts Divoros ana vju,
E. Smith has been granted a :
divorce from Altwrt J. Bmlth
grounds of nonsuppurt She watp
the cuftody of their 16-yenr-old
Victory for Union Pacific
Pacific has won a nouble vict
wee where tne COUIIS naif ur j-
bulM tracks up Blake street.
similar, street to Ninth in u
tracks have been laid.
Omaha Bat nesting Tb
assuclat'.on will hold its qun
next Friday evening In 11
club rooms at i 0 clock. N
II. T. Clarke, Jr.. ana J.
will spenk on recent leg!
effects of the
X.t1 Carter Inheritance
Carter estnte will pay In
tax road fund $1,178 with
decree taxing the estat
Btgned by Jndpe ly
amounted to t'tU'Jt.- Im
debts and other Inou
which goes to the
Old Burn Dooma
resolution Wednesday
the old burn on Tf
tueen Hurney and
down. HullOIng
that ths structure
1 a
. Jr,
, i the"
i Levi
0 ills nee
vet. The
j ast been
e estate
educed by
to I117.S01.
'nife. The bulldl
by J I
and Is owned
Bsttsc ana Chs
VTon nieut club lis
for better snd oi l
action was sug(
ot the club in
mlsstoiier Crow'
at Lake f
B On H
on the subject.'
tton of gas
Bailway Xt;
eitson, ie;
Onuiha posti
luet several
mad Jul .''1
vlie It. b.
Frsnk J. f
branch of
succeed tii
t.-nnsfir '
" council by
directed that
th street bc
t rests be torn
iihnell testified
ultary and un
ing, low affair
1 of Sutherland,
1 I Uuck of Columbus for IS.000. The
f - was made through Oeorge & Co. and
uyer contemplates removing to Omaha
tabllsh his permanent residence to
i further Investments In real estate,
residence Is being ranted In the mean
9 at an annual rental of $780'.
adgs Xiohlnglsr Sells Boms Judge C.
i. Loblngler, formerly of Omaha but now
a judge In the Court of the First Io.statice
In the Philippines, has sold his large lot
. :i two-story . frame residence at 3221
Poppleton street to Othello Bcasley for
12,900 cash. The sale was made through
Payne, Bostwlck & Co. and the transac
tion was conducted with Judge Loblngler
by cable. The house has been vacant for
several months and will be Improved by
the buyer at considerable expense.
Driven rrom His Home, Hs Says Alleg
ing he was driven from home by threats f
violence In November, 1904, George Scheef
has begun suit In district court against
Lpulae Scheef, hi wife and Fred and
Oeorge Lorenien,' his' stepsons.- for $3,262,
the alleged value cf the personal property
belonging to him on his farm near the city
when hs left. He was married to the de
fendant lrf 1893 and lived with her until he
says he was forced to leave. The schedule
of property which he flies with the petition
Includes farm machinery and animals.
Tire Engine Hons nans O. E. The
city council committee on public buildings
and property Wednesday morning accepted
the plans of J. P. Oufh for the new Are en
gine house to be erected on the north side
of Lake street between Twentieth and
Twenty-first streets. Plans and specifics
Will retrin New fiscal Year with Ho Dr.f.
on General lend.
Twelve Thousand Is Outstanding,
Largely la Ulspated Bills, aad
Most Will Uo Baolt t
Douglas county finances are In such a
condlUon this year that for the first time In
years there will be little or uo overdraft on
the general fund before the Wl levy be
comes available, according to figures sub
mitted to the county board by W. O. Ure.
chairman 'of the finance' committee.
Usually the board has had to begin the
fiscal year with enough back bills to make
beavy Inroads on the general fund as soon
as It Is available In August.
The reprt shows the county owes for
bills contracted prior to January 1, $11,041.22,
and for bills contracted since then, $1,787.75,
or a total of $12,HL8.97. At the time the re
port was compiled. April 26, there was
$48,678.20 In the general fund, enough. It Is
estimated, to carry the county through
April and May. Current collections and
fees. It Is believed, will be enough to pro
vide for the June and July expenditures.
The $12,000 outstanding against the funds
The 1-ake Im-
start a campaign
. ; Such proposed
Secretary Tuffleld
inviting Qaa Com
,,tak before the club
. the evening of May
r. Crowley will speak
roduotlon and dlstrlbu-
:-jags John H. Rob
1 !jfer clerk between the
r.d C'nioii station for tha
hr4on transferred to
(' Tana tc Ogden branch.
-ton of Tremont, resigned.
,1 of ths Toluca and Worland
Turlington In Wyoming, will
twcbertson as register of the
Ho iy hf
ras OhsM Haads Krsnk
Hold his t' ystcry at
Tuth s'f ewot IF1' tnrougn nooinson
A Wolf fs A- Jvannan lur souv mm ma
Irve-tn-1'- Koblnson Wolf aiso report
the sa uf two cottuges at Twenty-nln,th
and ti' M streets for Mrs. Oeorge Tsschuck
to Joi Cs,rr for $1,000. Aaron Wolf has
sold -li collage nrtr Twentieth and Paul
strcet Joob Kupper for $1,260.
Bafer Sir Xote--fiult for $10, ml was
begr W district court by Grace A. Gamble
agatst S- X. Gould and Umd B. Bliughter
on o 'notes given by ths defendants and
eened, "to the plaintiff. Ope note for
$T,i0 was given fn 1S91 by Slaughter to
CU4 aad the other for $5,0W given In 19
hi Oould ,Ao Blaughter,. The-amount sued
ft Is made up of the principal ana inter-
alleged to be unpaid.
Bight Tfcoaaead Trmasfei Deeds were
orded Wedneaday transierring ins uiie
the - large let and residence at Mul Bt.
axy s. avenue from Warrea BwiUler to
tlons will be drawn soon and bids for the ' represents largely disputed bills due prlncl
work advertised for. The new engine house ; pally to the clerk of the district court and
will cost about $J5,000 and will house one , sheriff. Most of the amount will be re-
hose company and one "hook and ladder t turned to the general fund as surplus fees
company. The hose wagon hes been or
dered and will be here within the month,
hrlneis Off for Xos Angeles The
Omaha delegation to the annual meeting
of the Imperial council of the Myatlo Shrine,
which meets ft. iLos Angeles May 7-8, will
leave Omaha at fl.K. Thursday morning via
the Overland UmMed in two special cars.
The representatives from Tangier Temple
are Colonel H. C. Akin, past Imperial Poten
tate, ad vltem' Victor White, L. M. Tul
mage. Dr. A. H. Hippie and James A.
Boy says hobo stole him
Little Fellow Declares He Was Lured
Away from Kaasaa City
Saying he had been lured away from his
home at ' Kansns City by a tramp and
iments Increased nearly 1,000,000 bushels to! brought to maha- lltU Markowlts,
hi n
to appoint a committee to look after the
new building. The building committee now
consists of T. O. Put man. C. H. Hoel and
a N. Bovell. Dr. Burdlck will preach
next Sunday upon this particular subject
of church building.
17.009 BOO huhl Th. mc, .i ' gJ V I"". Wednesday appnea
during the period under review was the'boat on the rlver for transportation back
marked increase In wheat reprint, .nrf . nom. Dl" w lo,a ln Doal a "ol ru"'
death, the other negroes arrested after the
flcht. hnvlnir Vuun rala. siwl mr hon thai.
testimony had been given at the Inquest. I shipments. The receipts for the period end- j Tne lad 8ayg he 1,ve" at Thirty-second and
witnesses swore at tne inquest that ling April so, iw, were i, 456,200 bushsls, as
Harper had Frank Lockman down and was compared with only 906,900 bushels during
pounding him and tfmt Harry Lockman ; the first four months of 1906. Wheat ship
went to his brother's aid, when Enlx picked 1 ments to April SO were i,4fl9.000 bushels,
up the stick and struck him down. Frank ! against 1.232.C00 bushels durlns 10. an In
got to his feet when Harper took tho stick
and struck him also.
Enlx signed a confession of his part lu
tfce light, admitting he struck a blow with
the heavy stick.
crease In volume of exactly 100 per cent.
Corn receipts were 8.196,100 bushels, ss
compared with 8,264,300 bushels last year
and corn shipments Increased 200,000 bush
els to 8,(510,000 bushels.
Receipts of oats since January 1 In
creased i.iMo.oou Dusneis over the same
Main streets, Kansas City, and his father,
Rio Markowlts, runs a dry goods store at
4046 Main street. He said a "hobo" told
him he would give him work he wanted
and took him along on the train. He
thought they were going only down town,
but the tran carried them clear to Omaha,
where they arrived at 11 o'clock Tuesday
Little David eald they slept behind a
house on the ground all night, and then
he mode the statement that his partner
Six Handred Dollars Stolen hr Kesreas 1 ments
I period of 1908 to 4,848,000 bushels, and ship- '"PK'0 down the bak ,nt0 the Missouri
to Vlctli
Police. -
Coming to Omaha from Golden, Colo
with his wife snd children, to locate either
here or at Coundl Bluffs, P. Nellsen wan.
dered abroad Wednesday noon and was
relieved of $060 by cotored women,' whose
appeals to buy beer he heeded. Emma
Royal and Daisy Thomas, 1007H Capitol
avtnue. were arrested by Captain Savage,
Sergeant Cook and Detective Dunn and
were Identified by the victim aa the thieves.
Later In the day a meHsenger boy came
Into Captain Savage's office at the city
Jail and handed him an envelope. The cap
tain opened it; there was $Sj0.
"That's as far as we have gone with the
cane, but we are going all the way," said
the captain.
show a larger Increase of 1.400,000
bushels to 5,770,600 bushels.
as soon a allowed.
Savins; In Charities.
Chairman Fred Brunlng of the charity
committee also has submitted a report
showing a substantial saving In the ex
penditures of the charity committee. The
report covers the expenses of the dcpait
ment for the first quarter of the years since
1904. The figures are aa follows: First
quarter, 1904, $8,694.18; 1906, $11,268.75;
$5,338.77; 1907. $3,584.98. The expenditure for
the last quarter Is less than for any corre
Dad Stomach Trouble Cared.
Having 'been sick for the last two years
with a bad stomach trouble, a friend gave
me a dose of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They did me so much good
that I bought a bottle of them and have
used twelve bottles In all. Today I am
well of a bad stomach trouble. Mrs. John
Lowe, Cooper, Maine.
Howard. A party of about sixty Bnfcners j spondlng quarter for ten years. The report
from Omaha will accompany the delegation,
The Omaha party experts to be gone until
abcut May 15.
Bttssoorl Faclflo's Blew Quarters Tho
Missouri Pacific Railroad company has sr.
ranged to occupy the rooms to be vacated
says no cuse of suffering has been re
ported that has not been cared fur.
The county board has elected Miss An
nette F. Freeland head nurse at the County
hospital to fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation some time, ago of Miss Toder.
by trVandard oil company In the Mer- ! Miss Freeland comes from the City hospl
1 y
11 n
chants National bank when that company
takes it new quarters In the new Brandels
building. When the office of general super
intendent was moved to Omaha there was
not room for the force In the offices at
Fifteenth and Farnam streets and rooms
we: rented In the Oranlte block on Fif
teenth street. The train dispatcher's office
will be located In the headquarters also.
C. li. Bevlngton, superintendent, and En
gineer Diirley will have their offices there.
Thinks Wemaa May Be His Wife The
police received S letter from R. H. Good,
Herndon, la., Wednesday, asking for a
description of Josephine Pewthers, the
woman who was found wandering on the
river bank at Second and Cedr streets,
where she had gone last week, she said,
to throw herself In the water. Good sld
his wife disappeared five weeks ago and hs
thought perhaps the Pewthers woman Is bis
wife. The woman is now In the county jail
under an Insanity complaint. Matron Gib
bons from the city Jail visited her and made
sufficient Inquiries to satisfy herself that
the woman is not ths wife of the Herndon
Is to love children, and no
home can be completely
happy without them, yet the
ordeal through which the ex
pectant mother must pass usually is
so full of suffering, danger and fear
that she looks forward to the critical
hour with apprehension and dread.
m. FrtAnrf. Vv lt rwntratincr and soothinc nronerties.
II ! J I " O p I '
vs nausea, nervousness, and all unpleasant feelings, and
- , , in uA'srrTTi inr ine
ordeal tnat sne passes mruugu i t r i mjl
r 1 J . - A. 1 V...aV SFlf?
the event saieiy auu wiui uui lyiii
little suffering, as numbers f IT
have testified- and said, "it ts '
worth its weight W gold."
Vft1 r,f rim CX oris tS. Book
atnable information mailed free. Li U iivyliii
HIS taitiflllD BC0UUI02 CO Atlanta, Gv
tal at St. Paul and Is highly recommended
by Dr. J. E. Summers,
Fink Pullerta RIsT Sam.
County and City Treasurer Fink reports
thai during last month he collected $225,
449. 9 for current county and state real
estate tsxes, which began drawing Interest
May 1. FVjr the same purposes during April
of 1900 he oollected l37.813.h and during
April the year before $!24.598.S. which
shows a steady Increase and a desire
among the taxpayers to keep taxes up. Up
to May 1 last year the treasurer Issued
22,533 receipts for these taxes and Up to
today for this year he Issued 25,818 receipts.
Frank Lock Ma a Mag Follow Hie
Brother, Who Died of In
jartes la Flaht.
Frank Lockman. brotner of Harry Lock
man, the negro who died from wound re
ceived In a fight with other negroes at SIS
North Fifteenth street Sunday night, lies
in a critical condition at his home, 111
North Sixteenth street, and a double
murder may be the result of the brawl,
Ever since he was taken by the police
standing near the prostrste body of his
brother with a rasor In his possession, he
has appeared to be In a dased state, re
membering nothing, according to his state
ment, since he was struck In the back of
the head by Al Harper, now under arrest,
with a club.
Ixtrkman was taken .to Jail after tha
fight and an attempt was made to get the
story ot tho affair from him. but. he could
only go so far In his description, when
his memory failed him. This was believed
to be assumed but In the morning when
told his brother bad died, be looked blank
with only the remark. "Is that soT Rut
where la my $1.40?" Suspicion then was
aroused that he was not right. He had a
bad scalp wound, which was sewed up by
the police surgeons, but there was no alga
of a fracture. Wednesday morning word
reached the polios that he Is In bad condi
tion at his home and may die.
Al Harper and Ellx Knlx are in the
county to be held to the district court
upon ths recommendation of the coroner's
jury, which Investigated Harry Lockman's
Diamonds Mawhlnneyi Ryau Co.
Second Presbyterian Will Complete
New Home Within Neat
Three Tears. '
river and never came up again. He stuck
to this story tenaciously and the police
will turn him over to the Associated Charl
ties for return to Kansas City. The boy
said he didn't want to run away, but
wants to be taken home Immediately.
The Second - Presbyterian church has
has taken the first step toward erecting a
new edifice to cost $30,000. At a meeting of
the trustees and the session Tuesday night
a resolution was adopted committing the
members of the church to a determination
to proceed with this plan and to have the
building completed and the money raided
within three years.
Dr. Newman Hall Durdlck, pastor, has
been quietly canvassing the situation for
some months with a view of launching
this movement and he believes the time Is
ripe to nmke the start. His church mem
bership is steadily growing in Interest and
number and Is apparently In thorough
sympathy or. this question. The dedica
tion recently of the beautiful Lowe Avenue
Presbyterian church has been a stimulus
to the teal of the Second church.
A congregational meeting of the Second
Presbyterian church will be held May 15,
I nlsa Paclne ' Official Corrects Mis
statement of Ills Assertion
In Letter.
Gerrlt Fort, assistant general passenger
agent of the Union Pacific, says there Is
some mistake In the report of the letter
which his company had sent to the Ne
braska State Railway commission. He
says he did not write any such thing as
was given out that Is, - that the railroads
were contemplating a contest of the 2-cent
passenger law.
"What I did say and Mr. Wakeley of the
Burlington v wrote practically the same
thing" said Mr. Fort, "was that we did
not want to reduce the Interstate rates at
this time and then have to be put In the
position of raising the rates later If we
should find the law noncompensatory or If
It was decided the law waa unconstitu
tional. I simply alluded to the possibility,
of a contest In the future If such things
should be found to be a fact."
m m . m mm a e
One ot the important Duties ot Physicians ana n
tne weii-iniormea 01 tne wona
is to learn as to the relative standing and reliability of the leading manufactur
ers of medicinal agents, as the most eminent physicians are the most careful as. to
the uniform quality and perfect purity of remedies prescribed By them, and it is well
known to physicians and the Well-Informed generally that the California Fig Syrup
Co., by reason of its correct methods and perfect equipment and the ethical character of
its product ha3 attained to the high standing in scientific and commercial circles which
is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and, therefore, that the name pf the
Company has become a guarantee of the excellence of its remedy.
appeal to the Well-Informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent suc
cess and creditable standing, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would
enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the fact that it involves the question of right
living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of what is best each hour
of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of effort may be made to contribute
to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generally to great advantage, but
as in many instances ft simple, wholesome remedy may be invaluable if taken at the
proper time, the California Fig Syrup Co, feels that it is alike important to present
truthfully the subject and to supply jtHe one perfect laxative remedy which has won
the appoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Well-informed because
of the excellence of the combination, known to all, and the original method of manufac
ture, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. only.
This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of
Syrup of Figs and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well
known to physicians and the Well-Informed of the world to be the best of natural
laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtless it will always be
called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs and to get its beneficial effects always
note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company California Fig Syrup Co.
plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for Syrup of
Figs or by the full name Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna as Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. and the same heretofore known by the name Syrup of Figs which has given
satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists throughout
the United States in original packages of one size only, the regular price of which
is fifty cents per bottle.
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with th
Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C, that the remedy is not adulterated or
misbranded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, June 30th, 1906,
Louisville, Ky.
San Francisco, Cal.
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Utne vou cnntlnua tn Buffer Thta la msck
where Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills are
Invaluable. They stop the pain. The
pain Is in the nerves in the large
ones, mat is why it 8 bo severe. Anti
Pain Pills soothe these nerves and
bring relief. Get them at any drug
'My husband and I have been using rr.
Miles Antl-Paln pills for neuralgia and
headache, for the past ten years. '
Yates Center, Kansas.
If first packags falls to benefit, money
back. 26 doses, 86 cents. Never sold
In bulk.
MELKI KZDIOAX, CO., Elkhart, In 4.
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This Is your oppor
tunity to make the trip
to San Praneibco and
Log Angeles, at this re
markably low rat, . .
If red
to May 18 snd June 8 to IS, 1S37
round-trip tickets will
be on sale to above
points. These tickets
are good In either Pull
man palace or tourist
Bleeping cars and offer
all the advantages of the
Through Train Service
Union Pacific
For full Information inquire at
1324 Farnam St. Pbone Douglas 124
Office hours, 10 to f :M a. m.. 12:00 to t SS
p. m. Telephone Harney &S9.
SSIO Maeoa Street. Osaaaa, Re a.
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H. It. Ramaeclottl, I. V. B , Deputy State
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