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S i
With Fewer Hit! and More Error. Orraba
Wifli from Fneblo.
Wllh Bride la.Grantaand Watrhlna
Him, Little Month raw steadies
nil Pall Onl of Threat
ened Tie.
War Bunders hnrl to win his (tm
Wednesday sftcrnoon, for Ms new . bride
ni sitting In the gra ml stand viewing her
Vat pma of the snin and the llrrt gnme
h had ever fen War pitch. He had to
."! win to keep peace In the family, for Mrs.
,' j Bandera Is v:ite a fan herself and would
f. have nothing else from the little Tennes
srean. He won, all right, althoimh Omaha
'. made the fewest hits and the most errors
i and had three men left on bsces to ten for
Pueblo. He won by the score of 6 to t,
1 In spite of the fart that Seine's Indians tah
f, him In every' Inning but the eighth.
Banders put them over about the sue of
balloons and It iix.fcpd on occasions as
though he was to be slaughtered. For
ii tne nr,t rour Inrilngs the first man up
not only made a safe hit. but hit the first
. : ball that was pitched, but that did not
fease the little southpaw, who kept his
' even gait and finally was returned a win-
" ' V ner.
, The first Inning looked real disastrous for
' ;v Omaha, for not only did Cookie make a
' . safe hit In the first ball pitched, but Ryan
, . did likewise; and the lanky First Hoffman
-' J MrOllvray sartlflcdd them each on for a
j baae. It behooved War to settle down a
v ! little, and he did so. with the resul.t that
V Jone crossed the pan In that Inning.
t Melcholr hit to Sanders, who nailed Cook
J" f , at the homo plate, and then, when Melcholr
i 1'. tried to execute a double steal with Ryan,
J Oondlng threw to Sanders, who relayed the
.'j on to second and caught Ryan.
gl - Thrce-IlaBsrer for Antrey.
p ' Omaha did better in its half of the first.
h t , lielilen was an ensy out and Franek hit
i for a single. Autrey won the plaudits of
i the crowd by lambing a hot three-sackcr
down the first-base line. Welch hit In
about the same place for a single, scoring
Autrey, and then went to second on a
passed ball. Polan was given a life on
McOllvray's error and Welch, came homo
on a squeese play which caught Dolan at
second, making three runs.
A combination of two hits and two errors
gave Pueblo three runs In the fourth in
ning, tying the score. McGllvray led off
with a double and Franck threw wild to
first on Melcholr' grounder, scoring Mac.
Elwert hit for a single and scored Mel-
choir. Harms bunted and Austin threw the
ball away In an attempt to catch him at
first, letting Elwert score. That was all
Iueblo made during the game.
The tie was broken In the sixth Inning
by Omaha making two runs by good, clean
!; hitting. Autrey led oft with' a single and
Welch followed suit, putting Audrey on
Vi 1 T-H rb,ia. n . . . ,A a ...
........ new vui ku Luuft, Auiroy
coring on the throw, and Welch went to
4 ; i, third. Austin bunted safe, bringing Welch
j home. That ended the scoring, and Mrs.
I t Sanders went home happy.
The same teams will play this afternoon
The score:
.. . AB. R. H. PO. A. E
weiaen, rr 4
Franck, as 4
Autrey, If, J
Welch, cf 8
Dolan, lb 4
Austin, 8b..., , . 8
Oraham,, lba.l.;..ul
oonding, 8
Sanders, p 2
0 0 1
1 11
1 k t 1
0 4
0 0
29 S
27 16 4
R. H. PO. A.
0 12 0
i Cook. If
: ' Ryan. 2b
. McOllvray, lb.
. Melcholr, rf
. Klwert, 3b
, Harms, cf
Corhan, ss......
0 14
1 2 IS
1 I . 0
1 8 0
0 10
0(1 s
0 0 0
i. Bmlth, e. ArX
.1- Kitxgerald, p., 4
,V Totals
3 11 24 It
1- Runs
o v v v v v o -
Pueblo 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 08
Omaha 3 1 0 1 0 3 1 0 8
Pueblo i 1 1 i 1 1 1 a in
Two-baae hit: McOllvray. Three-base
V hit: Welch. Passed ball: ' Smith. First
: base on balls: Off Fttsgerald, 3. Hit with
p pitched ball: By Sunders, 1. Struck out:
Vf ly Sanders, ; by Fitzgerald, 1. Left on
,. bases: Omaha. 8; Pueblo, 10. Double plays:
Ji Corhan to McOllvray (2). Stolen bnses:
K Autrey, Welch t2). Saei-lflce bit: McOII-
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vray. Time: 1:26. Umpire: Haskell. At
tendance: 400.
Notes of the Came.
Harry Welch made a magnificent running
catch In the fifth Inning.
'Lack of team work caused two mlxups In
the game Wednesday, lu one Autrey man
aged to hold the ball, but in the other
Welch dropped It.
The errors Wednesday were caused by
bad throwing arms, which Pa says Is due
to the extreme cold which has tied he
muscles of the boys all up.
The first Indians up In the first four
Innings hit the first ball pitched for clean
singles, except McOllvray, and he hit for
a double.
Fitzgerald pnBsed Welch on rurpose In
the third Inning with two out and Autrey
on first base. His Judgment was good that
time, for Joe only hit to third buse.
Lincoln Rasy Winner.
LINCOLN, May 1. Lincoln won from
Denver today by a score of 6 to 1. The
locals deserved the victory, for thev out-
I hit and out-fielded the mountain men by a
! bl majority, but had Olmsted been given
gouu suiipun uiv kh.iiis huuiu nt&ve ucrn
much closer. The weather was warm
enouph to allow Jones to use the spit ball
to advantHKO and he had the visitors at his
mercy most of the time. Captain Wheeler
saved his team from a shutout by crack
ing out a double In the ninth and com-
Sletlng a circuit of the bases on two errors,
AH. R. H. PO. A. E.
ketchem, cf..
Fox, 2b
1 L7ivld"'on. if"
i Thomas, ib...'.'
' J?H"',ll''rjL
i Zlnramf"!';::
i Jones. i.. ......
........85 6 7 27 13
AB. R. H. PO.
4 0 0 12
4 0 0 3
4 110
4 0 0 4
4 0 11
3 0 13
10 0 0
8 0 0 0
3 0 10
2 0 0 1
10 0 0
McHale, lb
Murphy, If
Wheeler, 3b...,
Uelden, rf..j...
Cassady, cf....
I .aiufiky, c.
McDonough, c.
Keddlck. 2b.....
Moore, sn
Olmsted, p
Bohannon, p..,
Totals'. 33 1 4
Lincoln .'..........,...0 2 0 1 1
Denver 0 0 0 0 0
24 11
1 0 0 -
0 0 0 1-1
Earned runs: Lincoln, 1: Denver, 1. Two
bas , hitst , Wheeler, Cassady. Stolen
basctuj V Thomas, Gagnletv Moor,. Olmsted.
Sacrifice hits: Davidson, Oagnler. Double
plays: Jones to Fox to Thomas. Struck
out: By Jones. 6: bv Olmsted. 8. First
'base f balls- .-Off Olrrfsted, L. Wild pltcli
base balls i --Off Olrrfsted, L wild pitch:
OttrtHloe.d. vift't)t) basesi- ''Lincoln, ;
Denver, 5." First base on errors: Lincoln,
6; Denver, 1 Time: 1:40. Umpire: Cona
han. Attendance: 9U0.
Champa Win In Eleventh.
DBS MOINES. la.. May 1. Hogrtever's
hit 111 the eleventh Inning brought In the
winning run for Des Moines In a pitchers'
0 battle between Oehnng and Jarrott. Sioux
(jju.y-ied th score in the ninth Inning on
tin rirur, a eioien Diise unu a iwo-wuie nit
by Granville. Its other score was due to
errors by Oochnaur and Andrea. In the
tenth inning Dexter was hit on the head
and knocked down by one of Jarrott'a awlft
ones and hud to retire from the gam. Des
Moines won in the eleventh on a base on
balls to Uochnaur and hits by Oehrlng and
Hogrlever. The score:
Hogrlever rf.-lb 4
Andreas, lb 6
Brilllike, 3b 6
Dexter, lb 4
Wollo, rf 0
CorkhiU, If 4
Vea-er. c 4
f It deli
H. PO. A. E.
2 2 10
12 2 1
112 0
1 11 0 0
0 0 0 0
110 0
0 .8 4 0
14 0 0
0 8 2 2
1 1 0
1 33 15 "
H. PO. A. E
0 1 0 0
1 3 0 0
2 110
0 2 0 0
0 6 3 0
1 12 0 0
2 14 3
0 6 6 0
114 0
7 31 16 8
McLaughlin, cf 4
.. 3
.. 4
Oehrlrtg, p
, Totals ..
37 8
AB, R.
Campbell. If .
... ii
... 6
:::: I
1 liuuer, rr
; J Hheetmn, 3b
I N'obllt, cf
, Weed, 2b
! Williams, lb .
i Granville, M .
bpies, o
Jarrott, p
One out when winning run waa made.
Des Moines ....0 000101000 13
Situx City 0 000010010 0-2
Earned runs: Do Moines, 3. Two-bane
hit: Andreas, Granville (2). Bases on balls:
By Clearing, 4: by Jarrott, & Passed ball:
eager. Wild pitch: Oehrlng. Struck
out: By Oehrlng, 7; by Jarrott, 2. Stolen
bases; . Schlpke, . Dcxur, Spies, Williams,
weed. tMcnnce nit: Ljennng. lime
l:35w Attendance: 1,100. Umpires: Brenr
nan and GlfTord.
StandlnB of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost Pet.
Des Moines 11 8 8 .712
Omaha 12 6 .600
S:oux City 12 6 .600
Lincoln 12 f ( .60
Denver 12 .500
Pueblo 13 4 .307
Games today: Pueblo at Omaha. Denver
; at IJnciiiii, sioux City at Des Moines.
ew York Wins In Eighth After
Duatoa Ties Score.
j KEW YORK. May 1 The New York Na-
! uonais won toaay arter ine Mortons had
tied the score in the eighth. Hresnatvan'a
noma run nit into tne rlgnt held blench
ets. scoring Seymour, gave New York the
victory, score:
I B H O A E- H U O A
: Shmnnon. It., i I 0 0 0 Raua, rf ....! 1 1 0 t
Smug, rf ...1 1 tTfiDq, lb... t 1 10 1 0
broane,' rt. . 3 1 110 0 Beaumont, cf 4 1 I 1 1
tMwWa. Ib ... I 111 0H.,..rd, If... 4 1 100
: f. rnn.ur. ci. . 1 1 0 i nnaw.ii, u. . Olio
1 Hr.nh. e 4 1 1 ORIlclnj, lb., Milt
Bow.rm o. lb 4 til 0 3b t 0 1 t
; Lhlra. w....t Oil o Brown, t 4 1 t I D
Vrrrn. ib. I 1 14 I liurntl, p.... I 0 0 I 0
MuCtuoltr, s.lott
Touts, II I 14 U 1
. Total U 11 17 14 I
New York 2 0 0 1 1 C 0 3 7
lioaton 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 04
Twf-bs hit' Shannon. Home run:
w iw J'-tlHM
itmUr J I rreapla. i
' The Shine
Flresnahan. Btolen bsse: Prowne. IViuble
lays: Corcoran to Uahlen to Itowernian;
Lltchey to Tenney. Left on baaes: llos-
tnn. 4. New York. 3. First baae on balls:
Off McOlnnlty, I; oft Torner, 1. First bnee
on errors: lioston, 1: New York. 1. Hit
by pttrher! By Dorner, 1. Struck out:
Py McOlnnJty, 5: by Porfier, L r Time:
l.LX Umpire: Rlgler and Kmsllsx '
nttshnrsr Khnts Oat St. Lonla.
riTTSHlTRO. May 1. Only two Rt. Loots
players reached third baae In toiiay's game
and the team was shut out, 8 to 0. Ilnd
won his third successive game from SI.
Ixiols. McOlynn rltched a winning game
outalde of the third Inning. 8oore:
PITTSBfRO. ' ST. Long.
B H O A B B H O A It
Ana.rann. rf. 1 4 0 0 Keltr. rf 4 I 1 0
H.llm.n, rt . 4 110 H-nnett, 7b.. 4 0 I 1
0 I
Clark. If.... 4
Wirn.r, m. .. 4
five Hour, m i o I
I 1 lO'Harm, If.... I
1 1 0Murrr 1
TOO Brrklrr. lb.. I
10 0 0
10 0 0
1 II 0 0
Ab'llchlo. lb. 1 0
Notion, lb... 4 1
Urh. lb.... I
8 1 I 0Dym. lb.... 4 0 1
I 0
Fh.lps, e..
Oil ONoon.n. c ... 4 1 t
1 0
Linid, p.
I 1 I 4 CM
tr)lr(iD, p
0 0 4 0
10 00
ToUls tt 10 17 I 1 Burrh,
cf.... 10 110
ToUls I M 14 1
ITatted for O'Hara In the ninth.
liatted for McOlynn In the nlnth.
Pittsburg 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 0 8
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two-base hits: Wagner, lyelfleld. Sacrl
flca hits: Abbatichlo, llmTkley. Double
plays: - McQlynn to, Holly; Burch to
Koonan. : Ix-ft on baaes: Pittsburg. 6: St,
Ixula. 8. First base on balls: Off Leifleld.
(: oft McOlynn, 8. First base on errors:
Bt. a,ouis, l. . HtrucR out:. Hy Leineia, l;
by McOlynn. 1. Time: 1:45, Umpires:
Johnstone and Carpenter.
Two Games Postponed.
At Cincinnati Chicago-Cincinnati game
postponed on account of. cold weather.
At Philadelphia Brooklyn-Philadelphia
gamo postponed on account of rain,
itandlag of the Teams.
Flared. Won. Lost. Pet
New York...,
Pittsburg ...
Ht on
Cincinnati ..
St. Louis ...
Brooklyn ....
15 13 2 7
16 13 I .300
11 M .i-7
13 8 6 .614
.....H 8 .4:
14 4 io .aw
IS 8 18 .1K8
12 1 11 .083
Oames today: Brooklyn at Philadelphia,
Boston at New York, Chicago at Cincin
nati, St. Louis at Pittsburg.
Boston's New Manaarer Makes Tbree
Bnccer "With Bases Fall.
B08TON, May 1. Unglaub, appointed
manager of the Boston Americans today,
made an encouraging start in .the game
with Now York bv hitting a three bagger
with the bases full which won the game by
a score of 4 to 3. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.B.
Pnlllr.B, cf..! 110 0 Hoffman, cf..l 10 10
Parent. If.... 4 10 0 CKulir, rf....! 10 0 0
t'nglaub. lb.. 4 I 11 0 OEIbrrfald. aa. I 1 t I 0
Comm. 8b... 4 3 2 1 1 Chaaa, lb.... 4 0 10 0
Orlmihaw, rt 4 1 1 1 OLapnrta, lb.. 4 11 i I
Ferrla, !b...,4 0 4 ! 0 Conrar, If.... 4 2 2 0 0
Wasnar, aa...i 1 4 ( 0 Williama, Sb. 4 1 7 1 0
Rh.w, e I 111 OKlalnov, ... I 1110
Pruttt, p 1 1 0 4 0 Brockatt, p... 110 3 0
Thomaa 1 0 0 0 0
Totals II 1217 11
Totala 14 10 14 14 I
Batted for Bsockett In ninth.
Boston' .'. '...1 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 4
New York 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 13
Two base hlta: Sullivan, Prultt, Williams,
Conroy. Three baae hit: Unglaub. Sacrifice
hits: Prultt, Klelnow, Keeler. Double plays:
Pruitt. Wagner and Unglaub. Left on
basea: Boston, K New York, 7. Bases on
balls: Off Brockett. 2. Hit by pitcher:
Elberfeld. Struok out: By Brockett. 2; by
Prultt. 2. Time of game, 1:58. Umpires,
Connolly and Hurst.
Cleveland Shot's Oat St. I,or.
CLEVELAND, May 1. Joss won his own
game today with a two baae hit in the
seventh Inning, driving In two runs. He
also shut 6t Louis out with four hits.
B.H.O.A.B. ' . B.H.O.A.B.
Hlncbmm, rf 1 0 2 0 0 Stor.. If I 9 1 0 0
Btorall, lb... 4 111 0 . 0 Hemphill, rt. I 1 1 10
Flick, rt I 1 I 0 OPIrkarlna, of. 4 I 0 0 0
Lalole, b.... 4 0 1 4 0 Wallace, as... 4 I S 0
Clarka, e I 3 t 1 Huiv, lb..i. -0130
Bradlcr. lb . 1 1 I 4 Joaaa. lb I 0 11 1 0
Birm'bam. 11.1 0 11 0 Dalohaatr. Ib I 0 I 1
Turner, aa.... 1 Oil Bn.low, I 1110
Jom. p 1 1 eJacebaaa. p.. I 0 0-1, 0
Totalsi ,'. . . ,1 1 17 II Totala... ...s ' 4 14 M 0
Cleveland M....t..0 0 0 0 0 0 2,0 -2
St. Louis.. ..;....0 00 p.0 0 .0 O.O-O
Two baae hilar Joss,' riomphlll -Three
baae hit: Stovall. Sacrifice hit: Sradlav.
Btolen bases: Flick (2). .Doubla plays: Wal
laoe, Jones and Biylow I Y eager and Wal
lace. tt on bases.' Cleveland, 6; St. Louis,
4. First base on balls: Off Joss, 2; off
Jacobson, 6. Struck out: By Jacobson, 2.
Wild pitch: Jacobson. Time Of game, 1:28.
Umpire, Laughlln,
Gamo Postponed.
WASHINGTON, May 1. Washington
Philadelphia game postponed; rain.
Standing; of the Teamai.
Played. Won. Lost Pet
Chicago ....
Detroit ....
New York
Cleveland .
V asiilngton
St. Louis ..
10 4 .714
8 4 .K3
8 6 .613
8 6 . 671
7 7 .500
3 9 .400
4 .807
4 12 .260
Oames today: Chicago at Detroit, St.
Louis at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Wash
ington, New York at Boston.
Colnmbns Wins Light HlttlnsT Con
test from Minneapolis.
COLUMBUS, O., May 1. Catcher Blue s
double after good base running by Hulawltt
and Wrlgley won Columbus out today over
Minneapolis In the lightest hitting game of
the season. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.B.
10 10 OO'Nalll, If.... 4 0 10 0
4 0 0 ! (Dunoon. 2b.. 4 1 4 1 0
4 110 IMartaa. cf.... 4 0 10 0
10 10 OJ Fracniaa. rf 4 0 1 0 1
PletllT. if ...
trial, 8b....,
Juda. rf ,
Oaaalar, of..
Klhm, lb...,
Hulawltt. aa.
I 0 14 1 1 Orrra'iar. Ib. 4 1
1114 inrri'm'i. lb 4 1
1 0
1 0
Wrlslay. lb.. I lit OTowna,
I o
Blua, c. 110 OOjrlar,
I 1
i 1 1
tpp. p I Oil OroM, p....... I 0010
ToUls II 4 17 14 4 Total! I! 4 14 II I
Columbus 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
Minneapolis 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Sacrifice hit: Blue. First base on balls:
Off Fcrd, 1. Two-base hits: Blue, Dun
don. Double play: Wrlgley to Hulawltt to
Kihm. Struck out: By I pp. 2; by Ford,
6. Time: 1:32. Umpire: Kerln.
Kansas City Defeats Toledo.
TOLEDO, O., May 1. Toledo lost today,
3 to 'i, because Oillen had poor support.
B.H.U.A.E. B.H.O.A.B.
Karwln. rf... 4 1 I 0 OArmb'atar, rf. I 10 0 0
Llndaar; lb.. 4 0 10 0 1 J Clark.. K..1 0 10 0
Hill, of 4 11
OUenioul. lb... 4 1111
Hu.i.tuia. If 4 I 0 0 Oainvol. of.
4 110 0
4 10 10
Krugar, ib... I W 4 0 (IH.rriui, lb.
Burk.. Ib 4 10 1 (iBartau, aa.. 4 1111
MtUr.da, aa.. 4 0 4 1 OM'.cUrkat lb. 1 0 U 0 0
SullKau, C...4 14 1 OAkbnu. C.....4 14 10
kwaou, p.... I 10 1 OUIU.a. p I 0 0 10
inga I it o 0 0
Totals 14 I 17 10 1
Totala II 10 17 II I
Batted for Glllen In the ninth.
Kanoaa City 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 13
Toledo i 0 1 0 1 0 0 0
Two-baae hit: Perrlng. Sacrifice hlta:
W. Clark., J. Clarke, Hit by
pitched ball: Ulllen. Stolon Dane: Uurke.
Struck out: By Oillen, 4; by Bwann, 8.
liaaea un balls: Off Bwann, 2. Double
pluys: Mcllrldu to Lindbay; Hill to Sulli
van, Puased ball: guilivan. Lrnplreai:
an and .Hayes.
Lualavllle Wlna la Eleventh.
LOL1SV1LLE. Ky., May 1. ixmlsvllle
dtfeated Milwaukee In an eieveu-innlng
contest here today. Kennedy was replace!
by Kenna. after the second Inning. cure:
B.H.O.A.B. B H O A E.
Biorall, rf..., t 110 I Roblnauk, aa. I u 1 I 1
Btaul.r, cf... I 0 11 OUrxn. tt ...i 110
Braiutar, Ib. 1114 1 arrhoana. If I 0 I 0 0
ullvaa. IB.. 4 0 14, V OUavllia, lb... I 0 11
toul.r. U.
IIS ILlark, ib I
I 0
I 1
1 I
Woodruff, Ib. I 0 0 I 1 Roctv. a..
Uuinlaa. as.. 4 0 4 1 OHamubill. cf. I
Pelts, a I 111 lUci orui'k. lb I 0 4 I 1, p... 0 0 1 4 Curl la, p I I 1 I
Kaaaa. p 40010
Totals 44 il 30 4
Totals II lull 1
Two out when winning run scored.
Louisville 2 000000000 13
Milwaukee 0 I . 0 0160000 02
Two-baui hits: Oreene, 2. Three-buae
hit: Cooiey. Stolen baa: Brashoar. Buses
on bails: Off .Kenna, 2: off Curtis, i.
Struck out: By Kenna, 4: by Curtis, I.
Double pUys: Koblnson to McOonnlck to
Beviile; Curtis to Koblnaoo to Hevll.e. Left
on bataws; IxiulsviiU, 6, Milwaukee, S.
Time: H ut), UruplrtM:, Sullivan and Kajje.
Foarteen-Ianlag Tie.
DETROIT, May 1. Chicago got three runs
In the first Inning on two errois and a safe
hum. After that they could net score and
Detroit tied It up, a run at a time, dark
ness finally stopping the game In the fourteenth-
B H O A g U H O A a.
MYIiityra, If.. T III IIP. Jooaa, d.l I I I
Coual.lla, Ib. 7 114 Ollaba, rf litis
Cr.wfurd, U. 4 1 1 1 1 Da. la, aa 4 I 0
Then every food deakf everywhere
sells the genuine
ILxLtrwct of Dccf
why be content with adulterated imita-
tioos or tnlerior brands t
This siimarore
bine on every J
of toe geonine
Ohh. rf I 1 1 0 ORnha, Jh 4 1 4 I 0
Howmlti. Ib. I 1 IS I 1 Iinuirhartf. If 4 0 1 0
B'harf.r. lb.. I 1 I I fiw.l,l.T, if... 1 0 10 0
Srhmldt, e... 0 0 11 ogulllln, lb... 4 0 17 1
Pirn, e I 1 I 0 oPulllvan, c...l 1 4 3 I
U'lary, aa .l 1 4 I 0 White, p 8 1 0 1 0
Mullln, p.... I 111 OW.l.h. p I 0110
Totala 17 16 41 M 1 Total. 4 7 41 M I
Petrclt 00101001000000-3
Chicago 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3
Two-base hits: Mclntyre, Rnssman, Mul
lln. Three-baae hit: Coughllii. Hits: Off
White, 6 In four and a third Innings) off
Walsh, 0 In nine and two-thirds lnnlngn.
Sucrlflce hits: Davis (2). ' Stolen banes:
Coughlin. Hnhn, Rohe Q, Qulllln. Double
plnys: Schnefer to Ronman, Rosaman to
O'leary, O'Leary to Koasman, Donohue to
Rohe. Left on bases: Detroit, 12; Chicago,
7. First baae on balls: Off Mullln. 6. Hit
with pitched ball: Walsh. Struck out: By
Mullin, 8; by White, 1; by Walsh, 8. Time:
3:10. Umpires: Sheridan and Stafford.
Salnta Win from Hooslers.
INDtANAPOIJS, May la-Jlt. Paul won
the third game cf the series from Indian
apolis today. 7 to 2. The visitor batted
Brlggs out of the box In the eighth In
ning. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. . B.H.O.A.B.
Punloayy, rf. S 1 I 0 OWIIIIama. aa. 6 0 4 1 1
Koehlar, cf.,4 10 0 OCoulter, If... I 110 0
Prink. If 4 110 OHIma. rf...,4 0 10 0
Nonlyk., lb.. I 0 10 I 0 Knit. 2b 4 118 0
Hartnal, aa... I 111 00. rr. lb 4 1100
Fadnen. lb... I 14 0 OSrlftle, rf.,., 4 0 4 0 0
Tlemeyar, Ib. 110 1 0 Llvlnnrton, cl 4 4 1 0
Erwln, c 1 111 1 Hnpka, 3b.... 1 0010
Leroy, p I 1 1 1 0 lings, p I 1 0 I 0
( henault, p.. 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 14 1117 14 lLord 1 1 0 0 0
Howley .... 110 0 0 17 11 17 11 1
Batted for Hopke In the ninth.
Butted for Chenault In the ninth.
St. Pnul 00000024 17
Indianapolis 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 02
Hits: Off Brlggs, 9 In seven and two
thirds innings; off Chenault, 2 In nn Inning
ana a tniid. bacrlllce nits: Hopke, Nor
dyke, Erwln. Stolen bases: Carr. Living
ston, Dunleavy, Koehler (2), Erwln, Hart-
tel. L-eit on onaes: Indianapolis, 11; St.
Paul, 10. First base on balls; Off Brlggs,
. Hit with pitched ball: Padden. Struck
out: By Brlggs, 2; by Chenault, 2; by
Leroy, 3. Time: 1.60. Umpire: Werden.
StandluaT of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost, Pet.
Columbus 13 10 3 .769
Louisville 11 7 4 .638
Kansas' City 9 8 4 ,BM
Indianapolis 12 6 6 .buO
Toledo 13 6 7 . 462
Milwaukee 14 6
St. Paul 14 6 8 .429
Minneapolis 12 8 9 . 250
Oames today: Milwaukee at Louisville,
Kansas City at Toledo, St Paul at Indian
apolis, Minneapolis at Columbus.
DellevDO Takes First State Collegiate
. Contest from Doane, 5 to 4.
BELLBVUE, Neb., May L (Special.)
In a fast twelve-Inning gnme here today
the Bellevue college team defeated the
speedy aggregation from Doane college by
a score of 6 to 4. At all tbimes the game
was close And exciting. Doane scored first
In the, fourth Inning, making four runs on
an error from third to first and three hits.
In the sixth inning Bellevue took a braoe
and Marval made first on an error from
short to first. Croosman and Mohr each
made, a single and scored on 'a two bagger
by Kearns, tying the score. In the seventh
Inning Medlar of Doane scored on a hit
which took him to first, good base running
and generous and timely hits taking him
around the Held. Things looked bad for
Bellevue when, with two men on bases,
Werts flew out to Hamblln. In the Same
Inning Dow scored for Bellevue on a hit
and a passed bail, again tying the score.
In the eighth, by good fielding, each
team shut the other out. In the ninth no
scores were made, in the tenth and
eleventh both teams were on their mettle
and played league ball. Ohman. who
pitched the game for Bellevue, seemed at
his best at this stage of the game and
struck out his opponents one by one. In
the twelfth Inning Doano succeeded In get
ting a man on third with none out, but
Ohman allowed no hits, and by good field
ing no other tiger reached first, and the
man was held on third. The last half of
the twelfth told the tale. With two men
out and one on bases. Marvel went to bat,
and on a single went to first, stole second,
was passed to third on a balk. Crosaman
got a bane on balls and stole second.
Both scored on a two bagger by Mohr.
The large crowd of Bellevue college
students, townspeople and Omaha friends
went wild with excitement when Mohr sent
the ball Into the field on a safe hit. The
teams were so well matched that no one
knew who or how the game would end.
Ohman, who pitched the game for Belle
vue Is entitled to credit. He allowed but
few hits and played a nervy game through
out. The fielding of both teams was the
best yet seen on the local field. The lnfleld
support was perfect.
Last spring Bellevue was slightly dis
couraged, having no man who had ever
pitched before. Ohman tried out, and today
pitched as good a game as was ever pitched
for the college team. Score:
R. H. E.
Bellevue 0 0000310000 16 9 4
Doane 0 0030010000 04 10 6
Batteries: Bellevue, Ohman and Cross
man; Doane, Medlar and Moore. Bases on
balls: off Ohman, 2; off Medlar, 3. Struck
out: Ohman. 11; Medlar, 14. Attendance,
The lineup was as follows:
Marel Second base Bloniger
Croewman Catcher Moore
....Third base.
... Ieft field....
.... Shorttop ...
... First base...
....Pitcher .. ..
....Center flelrt.,
....Right neU'..,
Harvard Defeats Amherst.
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., May 1. Harvard
defeated Amherst today in a slow game,
2 to 0. Brennan held the visitors to two
hlta and struck out five men. Score:
Harvard 01010000 362
Amherst'. 0 00000000024
Terrors Defeat Hillsides.
The Terrors defeated the Hillsides yes
terday try a score of 15 to 3. The features
were the pitching of Workman and the
catching of Broughm. Potteries: Work
man and Broughm, Propst and Gordon.
Shops . Team Defeated.
NORTH PLATTE, Neb., May 1. (Special
Telegram.) The North Platte Young Men a
Christian unsoclutlou teum defeated the
When tbe blood is pure and healthy the skin will be soft, smooth and fre
from eruptions, but when the blood becomes infected with some unhealth;
humor the effect ia shown by rashe9, eruptions, boils and pimples, or otht
disfiguring1 and annoying skin disease. The skin is provided with counties
pores and glands which act as a drainage system to rid the body of irnpuritie
through the perspiration that is constantly passing through these little tubes
There are other glands that pour out on the skin an oily substance to keep 1
soft and pliable. When the blood becomes filled with humors and acids thes
are thrown ofl through the pores and glands, burning and irritating the ski.
and drying up the natural oils so that we have not only Acne, Eczema, Sal
Rheum, etc., but such dry, st aly skin affections as Tetter, Psoriasis, and kindre.
troubles. The treatment of skin troubles with salves, washes, lotions, etc., i
not along the right line. True, such treatment relieves some of the itching
and discomfort and aids in keeping the skin clear, but it does not reach the rea
cause of the trouble, which are humors in the blood, and it can therefore havt
no real curative effect on these skin affections. S. S. S., a gentle acting ant
perfect blood purifier, is the best and quickest treatment. It goes down iut
the blood and removes thehumor9, fiery acids and poisons from the circulation
cools the overheated blood, and by sending a fresh stream of nourishing bloo
to the skin permanently cures skin diseases of every character. S. S. S. IS raad
entirely of health producing roots, herbs and barks, and is aa absolutely saft
remedy for young or old. S. S. S. cures Eczema, Acne, Salt Rheum, Tetter,
Psoriasis, and all other disagreeable and unsightly eruptions of the skin.
Special book on Skin Diseases and any medical advice desired furnished free
to all who write. 1H SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. ATLANTA, CA.
OmJha Union Pacific shop today In a
well played game of ball before a ciow.l
of 7'i pe-'P'e. Lowell, who did the twirling
for the North Platte team, was an enigma
to the Omaha bovs and only three hits were
made off his delivery, while Nestlelmsh of
the Omaha team was touched for nine hits.
Snore: Omaha, 1: North 1'lalte, 3. Batteries:
Omaha, Nestlebush and Clair; North
Platte, Loweil and Short.
Woodlaaa Wins the r;reenfleld Stakes
t Jamaica,.
NEW TORK. May l.-R. Tucker s Wood
lane, plnyed down from 3 to 1 to 9 to 6,
mon the Greenfield stakes, five furlongs, at
Jamaica today, defeating The Dane, an
added starter, after Transvaal third. When
SuNsex won the second race the books
suffered a severe blow, for the filly was
backed from 30 to 1 to 10 to 1 at the close.
Five favorites won. Results:
First race, selling six furlongs: Robin
Hood 01)0, Mountain, 6 to 6) won. Chief
Hayes (102, Nlcol, 10 to 2) second. Sllck
oway (118. Radtke, 2 to 1) third. Time: 1:14.
Master Lester, Marvel P. and Autumn
Flower also ran.
Second race, selling, five furlongs: Sus
sex tHO, Shilling. 9 to 1) won, Helen H.
(100. Nlcol, ( to 1) second. Sempro (I'M,
W. Doyle, 60 to,l) third Time: 1 :. Oold
Foil, Bereaud, Jr.; Quick Dance, The
Thorn, Iwami, William H. Lyon, Benrose
and Snakawood also ran.
Third race, selling, one mile and a six
teenth: Jacquln (lift, Nlcol, 9 to 10) won,
Maxnnr (111, Radtke, 11 to 2) second, Roba
dor (1I9. Mountain, 4 to 1) third., Time:
1:48. Retort also ran.
Fourth race, the Greenfield stakes, five
furlongs: Woodlane (10S, Nlcol, 9to f) won.
The Dana (110, B. Smith, 80 to 1) second,
Transvaal (110, Koerner, 7 to 1) third. Time:
1:01 Ziephen, Apple Toddy, King Cobalt,
Aunt Rose and Holllster also ran.
Fifth race, selling, mile and a sixteenth:
Marathon (10. Radtke, 11 to 6) won. For
lorn Hope tin, Koerner, ( to 7 second,
Cobblesklll (WSLowe, 12 to 1) third. Time:
1:40. Lally, Tony Bonero, Chancellor and
Umbrella also ran. Funkney lert at the
Sixth rare, mile and a sixteenth: Tommy
Waddell (100, Homer, 6 to 1) won. Athlete
(106, Mountain, 7 to 2) second, Good Luck
(111, Shilling. 6 to l) thlro. Time: i:4t.,
Whimsical, Dolly Spanker and Samuel 11.
Harris also ran.
Seventh race, selling, five furlongs: Youth
ful (KM, Mountain, 2 to 1) won. Senator
Beckham (luO, Musgrove, 8 to 1) second,
Enlist (102, Garner, 7 to 2) third. Time:
1:014. Eonlte. Twigs. La Sorella Second.
Abracadoba, Ralnmondo, Mackerel and Con
cerned also ran. Toplltzkl pulled up.
LEXINGTON, Ky., May 1. Results:
First race, six furlongs: Fleming (liW,
3. Lee, 23 to 3) wurt, Burnsdale (111, Foy,
even) second, Autumn King (109, Foley,
12 to 1) third. Time: 1:164. Silver Crest,
Headley, Denlgree, George Young, Intalo,
Dorothy Scott, Baxbrla and Vlpsania also
Second race, four and a half furlongs:
John Marrs (107, Butler, 2 to 1) won, Skyo
(104, Taylor, 11 to 6) second. Black Mary
(114, J. Lee, 6 to 2) third. Time: 0:6ifc.
Habit. Merrlfleld. Richmond Duke. May
Jene, Mai Courla and Lady Blchel also
' Third race, mile: Mortlboy (110, J. Lee
even) won. The Abbott (110, D. Austin, 2 to
1) second, Boxara (110, Swain, to 1)
third. Time: 1:4V4. Affinity also ran.
Fourth race, four and a half furlongs:
Billy Bowlegs (99, Taylor, 6 to 1) won,
Cheswardlne (99, Cole, 10 to 1) second,
Bucket Brigade (97, Callahan, 6 to 1) third.
Time: 0:68. Top Lofty, Darling Dan, Civet,
Head Line, Shirley Rossmore, Fair Lady,
Hansel, Wild Cherry and Buto also ran.
Fifth race, six furlongs: Ralbert (112, Lee.
2 to 1) won, Lafayette (113, D. Austin. 3 to 2)
second. Fantastic (80. Gaugel, 8 to l) third.
Time: 1:28. Adesso, Miss LI da. King Leo
pold and Camllle also ran.
Sixth race, mile and an eighth: Oauxe
(102, Grand, 10 to 1) won. Request 09,
Bllac, 8 to 1) second, Belden (110, Dearborn,
16 to 1) third. Time: l:6o. Fonsoluco, Sky
ward, Merry Pioneer and St. Noel also ran.
Even Steward Smith Is Out to Make a
The formal opening of the Field club will
be held Saturday afternoon and Steward
Smith Is about the busiest man in Omaha
thw eek, for he says he la going to spring
a surprise on the members and serve them
a table d' hote they will remember. Chair
man Conrad Young of the tennis committee
has arranged soma special matches for
opening day. between present champions
and ex-chaniploiia and as the courts are in
perfect oondition some good tennis may bo
Manager Ed Malone of tbe base ball
team nas received his new uniforms and
will have the team out for the first game
of the season. Bum ball Is Indulged in by
a large number of the members of the
Field cluU Some former champs are In
cluded in the list of members.
Golf will be the big gamo at the open
ing, as more will participate In that sport
than in any other which will be played at
the grounds. Chairman Allan has arranged
quite a program of golf for the opening
and the list of contestants will b a long
Program for the opening day:
Club cup, medal handicap, eight to qual
ify, in addition to the club cup, which will
be played once each month during the sea
son, three prizes will be given outright, aa
First prize, low net score, fine golf bag.
Second prize, second low net score, one
dozen golf balls.
Third prize, low gross score, two golf
clubs made to order.
Winners of tho Opening: Match at
Oosatry Clob Golf.
The Quartet club of the women of the
Country club Is composed for the present
of Mrs. W. T. Burns, Mrs. Spragne, Mrs.
Z. T. Lindsay and Miss Kimball. This was
doclded Tuesday on the gulf links when
the postponed opening match was played.
Cold weather Monday caused a postpone
ment of the opening. Chairman Oolpetser
was on hand to start the . pairs and sent
the two scratch women oft first, followed
by the others as fast as they appeared.
The match was for 16 holes, It having been
decided to cut out holes 4, 8 and 6, which
are In the large purture, southeast of tho
regular grounds.
The winning women constitute the Quar
tet club and are open to challenge from
any of the other women members of the
Country club, the Quartet pins to become
the property of the women holding them
October 28. It costs one ball to challenge
and loss.
The scores:
Oross. ird'c'p. Net.
Miss Kimball 92
Mrs. Burns- 96
Mrs. Sprague 96
Mrs. Lindsay 104
Mrs Mahoney 128
Mrs. ScoWe 130
Miss Doane LS
Washington I'nlveralty Wins.
ST. LOUIS. May 1. Washington univer
sity defeated St. Louis university by a
score of t to 2.
Oames la Threc-I Uaiaa.
At Peoria Decatur, 2; Peoria, 1
At Dubuque Clinton, 6: Dubuqua, L
At Bloomfleld Springfield. 4; Blootnfleld. 8.
South Dakota Wins.
SIOUX CITY. Ia., May 1 University of
South Dakota, 4; Mornlngsids college, 0
Look for the word "RYE" in red on label.
Distillery. Distributers!
lYoodford Co, Hy. . Rlfey Erosa Co.. Omahl
f ' "'" ma an n irn inaaa i uliaj. --"-..tri-l iHr'r - ' X
f f m 1 . t m i : l
iney acx line exercise.
Nor the Bowels
, -..n. Druggists ;
, . . n- ,. . , i.mii u..,..,..,,,..,
ry i
BELOW any other
lUftftlVM r We aeei Rldu Atfmnt in every town snd can offer an opportunity
V ril If V4 10 malie money to suitable young men who spply at once.
(iffy j tap Prloo t
$BmBO per pair. w.
to mtroauco gi
Wo Will Soli 0J
Pair for Only
Result of IS Teara experience in tire
making. No danger from THORNS. CAC
Serious punctures, like intentional knife cuts, can
be vulcanized like any other tire.
Two Hundred Thousand pairs now In actual US9. Over
Sevanty-fiva Thousand pairs sold last year.
DttOKIPTtOlli Wade In all sliea. Tt is lively and easy rldlns-, very durable snd lined Inside
with s .peoal quality of rubber, which never becomes porous and which cloaca up small puncture
wimtrai biiowiuk; me. air iu cauipc. v c u,c
squeexed out between the tire and the road thus
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an ordinary tire, the puncture resulting qualities being given by several layers of thin, specially
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The popularity, of the State Medical In
stitute has been' achieved through the
scientific application of proper treatment
In rendering Its skill and aid to suffering
humanity. All that expert skill, vast ex
perience and scientific attainments can
accomplish are now being done for those
who apply to ua for the help they need.
W. treat men only and onre promptly,
safely and thoroughly, BRONCHITIS,
Bpeolal Dlssases and complications.
Consult Free
The Reliable
Sptclalists of the
Call and Do Examined Free, or Write
OFFICE HOIKS 8 A. U, to I F. U. SUNDAYS 10 to 1 O.NLI.
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
Permanently Established In Omaha. Nebraska.
Highest Award at
Lincoln State Fair, 1893.
Highest Award and
Gold Medal at Trana
Mlsalsalppl Exposition,
Omaha, 1898. Highest
Award and Gold Medal
at Lewis and Clark Cen
tenrtlal Exposition,
Portland, Ore., 1805.
This, when in competi
tion with the renowned
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