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Offlc. 1 lrl
Psvl. drug.
fjtocksrt sells csrpMs.
Fxl Rogers" Tony Faust br.
Fine engravtnf at Lffrt's.
H. Brhmldfs elegant new photo.
Ilumblnx and heating. Htxbr & Son.
Jwls ("utler, fun-ral director, "phone f7.
Woodrln Undertaking company, Tel. f3
IMnnar card. Alexander . S33 Broadway.
Exce elor Masonic lode will meet this
evening In regular session.
F. H. Keys arrived home yesterday from
a winter's sojourn In the south.
Wedding and engagement rings ot the
right price. O. Mauthe, West Broad
way. High grade watohea. wedding and en
gagement rings. Z West Broadway, O.
Council Bluff Court of Honor will inept
In session Wednesday evening lu
Lnuilfch hall.
Wanted A gentle buggy horse that a
lady can dilve, l,mo to l.a.0 pounds. Ruth,
phone 1S2. 1U Blxth street
i'RlBTOKH. The meeting of the "600" club to have
Xmmui held Friday afternoon at the home of
ilrs. R. V. lnnes on Bluff street has Ween
Indefinitely postponed.
The 4-year-old son of Rev. J. A. McKen
le, pastor of the First Christian church,
la quarantined at the family home, 203
Vine street, for membraneous croup.
Henry H. Van Brunt and V. E. Bender
returned Sunday from a trip to Mexico,
On whl'h they were guests of President
fttlllwell hf tlin KansHS City. Mexico &
Orient railroad.
I can furnish A No. 1 diamonds, the clear
est water color, cut to sharp eilses, not
flat and no flaws. A diamond cut to sharp
edges gives more reflection than one with
flat edges. O Mauthe, 228 Broudway.
George Kelley and Frank Kertley. ar
rested Saturday night on suspicion of hav
ing Blunged and robbed Bill Thompson of
a watch at Broadway and Thlrty-flfth
street, are still being held for Investiga
tion. A "Victor" program will be given and re
frefhments served ut the kenBington to be
jlven Thursday afternoon by the women
Of the congregation In the parlors of the
First Presbyterian church. Mrs. C. C.
Cook will preside.
The Woman's auxiliary of St. Paul's
Episcopal church will meet In annual ses
sion at tho. homo of Mrs. E. Tlnley on
Willow avenue, when otMcers for the m
ulng year and delegates to the dlocesean
convention at Burlington, May 21, will be
lee led.
The regular meeting of the Woman's
Christian Temperance union will be held
Wednesday afternoon In the club rooms
at the public library. Tha membership
content will close at this meeting. Plans
will be made for the banquet to the win
ning team.
The Woman Christian association will
hold a biiriir In the basement of the
Hunter store during the week beginning
May 20. The proceeds will bo donated to
ward defraying the expense of grading the
rounds of the new Jennie Edmuudaon
Memorial hospital.
The hearing of Charles Tullls, the Oreat
Western switchman charged with the theft
or a barrel or tripe rrom a Ureat Western
railroad freight car Saturday . night, was
continued In police court yesterday until
Tuesday. Tullls now uaserta that he saw
two men abandon a barrel and he was
in the act or taking it to the freight sta
tion whin arretted.
West End l.otaT
Tea, we have 200 nice, high, level lots,
very desirably located, for all classes of
people doing business or employed In either
Omaha or Council Bluffs.
Contemplated Improvements In tha vicin
ity will double the values within fifteen
months. Buy now and the profit Is your.
We can give you a single lot or a block
of lots together If desired.
Get your friends to Join you and form a
new neighborhood of your own choice.
A few houses also for sale on the easy
payment plan.
Prices are right and the terms of pay
ment will be made to suit your purposes.
Call and let us show you. C. C. Clifton
company. eu uroauway, co. aiurcs. otn
Greatest Ice saver on the market the
Ajaska refrigerator. Petersen & Schoening.
Es-Pollreman Sued for Divorce.
B. F. Wood, until recently a member
of the police force, has been made de
fendant In a Alvoroe suit brought yester
dsy In the district court by his wife, Mary
Wood, to whom he was married May 9,
1M1. Mrs. Wood charges that her husband
was entirely too familiar with other
women, and names one, particularly, as
being mainly responsible for her husband's j ""nted his side of the case to the council,
failure to abide by his marriage vows. ' Ie tted tht sugar In, transit, like other
Mrs. Wood recites In her petition that i Kooda. waa not UMe to assessment, but
while her husband was generally known I th only r6ai,on th council was asked to
as Frank Wood, his right name was Benja- j dopt the resolution was to assure the shlp
tnln F. Wood. In lieu of alimony she p'r" ,nat they woul1 not annoyed In
asks that she be given a decree of title rc'P:t- Th owners of warehouses in
to the home occupied by herself and hus- ! thl" ctty- Mr' He" Bal'1- w"e trying to
band. Wood, after his dismissal from the
police force, brought about by his atten
tion to women while on his beat, left
Council Bluffs for California. He was,
until the strike a number of years ago, an
engineer in the employ ot the Burlington
Need any lace curtains? Before you
buy better come in and see us. Ws want
to surprise you in price and quality. D.
W. Keller, 10$ a Main.
Petersen ft Schoening sells matting.
Tou will soon begin to think of Ice again.
When you do call the Council Bluffs Coal
and Ice company. Telephone 72.
Marrlasre Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Name and Residence. Age.
Ia W. Hlehurds. Audubcn. Ia 22
Thelma H. Richmond, Chicago 22
William Brosca Stewart. Neola, Ia a
Adella J. Huff. Neola, Ia 19
J. A. Ford. Carson, Ia !.
Susie A. Brlgg-s. Carson, Ia i4
C. F. Keene, McClelland la J2
Bessie Foote, McClelland, Ia 18
Dr. Lyon'!
Tooth Povifor
Cleanses and beautifies th6
teeth and purines the breath.
Used by people of refinement
tor orer a quarter of a century.
Convenient for tourists,
City Scavenger
I haul dead animals, $1 60 per bead.
Garbage, aahas, manure snd all rub
bish: clean vaults and cesspools. All
work dune Is guaranteed.
Calls promptly sttended to.
Ind. Phone U: Y H-ll Red 1$T1
IPS? j
IH. Tel. 4S.
Councilman Yenniermau Offer fnbstitnte
far tha KisrtUi Ete.
national Tinman Alllaaee Offers to
Erect a Drinking; Fonntnln tor
Animals Free of Cost to
the City.
The city council at Its meeting last night
evaded further discussion of the new
water rate schedule for the present. by
lnxtructlng the special committee, of which
Councilman Wallace Is chairman, to report
an ordinance embracing a schedule of
rates at the meeting next Monday night.
A motion to adjourn had been made by
Councilman Fleming, when one of the
councilmen suggested that something ought
to be done about the water works matter.
Councilman Wallace at once took the floor
and stated that as he understood it the
matter was now out of the hands of the
special committee and was with the coun
cil at large. This, he said, he Judged was
the situation from the action taken al
the meeting last " Wednesday night The
other councllmon said he was mistaken
and that there had been no Intent to take
the matter out of the hands of the spe
cial committee, and to prove their state
ment they voted that the special commit
tee prepare a rate ordinance and submit
the eamo at the next regular meeting,
which Is next Monday night.
While this discussion was proceeding
Councilman Younkerman presented to City
Clerk Sapp, a document which he said
was an ordinance embracing a rate sched
ule, which he wanted submitted to The
council. Mr. Younkerman declined to
state from what source the ordinance
emanated, but In a'nswer to a question
from Mayor Macrae said It was not from
the special water works committee, of
which he Is a member. It was accordingly
concluded that the ordinance was drafted
by or at the Instance of the councilman
from the First ward. Mayor Macrae fore
stalled any action looking towards the
Younkerman ordinance reaching the coun
cil last night by Insisting that it should
properly be referred to the special oom
mlttee and there It went without dis
cussion. Younkerman Is Bitter.
The only Information vouchsafed by Mr.
Younkerman was that the ordinance con
tained practically the same rates as those
embraced In the ordinance passed in Febru
ary of last year except that the hydrant
rental had been raised from $46 to $50. The
ordinance to which Mr. Younkerman re
ferred did not provide for a minimum rate.
In presenting his ordinance to the city
clerk, Mr. Younkerman took occasion to de
clare that It was offered as a substitute
for the "unfair, unreasonable and unlaw
ful" ordinance prepared by W. Klersted,
the expert engineer employed by the city to
assist the special committee In preparing
a schedule of rates snd which certain mem
bers of this committee now wish to dis
own or discredit.
L. M. Beaver, secretary and treasurer of
the National Humane alliance, of New
York City made a proposition to Install
! a drinking fountain for the accommodation
of horses free of expense to the city beyond
that of keeping It In repair and supplied
with water. The fountain Is to be erected
at the intersection of Broadway and Fourth
street. A suggestion was made that It be
lighted at night, but Councilman Smith
Interposed an objection on the grounds that
.lot-trt.. nht. i .,., .l..
, " " ' ' '
tract millions of bugs which would drop
( into the water and make It undrlnkahle.
The whole matter was referred to a special
Knmmio..' ,iiK -. ., x.r i. Z ,
luiiiiiiiiit-ti, wun councilman Wallace enolr-
i " V,. " """n
-l.J Vli. JL IUUI IPKT IU Urilfimi J.
M. Dodge and will be something that will
bo much annreclnted
Snvar Men Object to Taxes.
The question of not assessing for city
taxes sugar stored in this city while In
transit waa discussed at length, and finally
referred to the city solicitor for a wrtt-
opinion. uuniy Attorney Hess, ap-
i P""1" tor certain warehouse owners, pro-
compete with those In Des Moines, where
similar resolution had been adopted by the
city council.
The Danish Lutheran church was granted
permission to use a portion of the street
on Avenue A. near Ninth street, on which
to erect a building to entertain the dele
gates to the national convention of the
Danish Lutheran church, to be held In this
city In June. Between 1,200 and 1,600 vis
itors are expected and the loi-al church
committee, falling to procure a building
large enough in which to feed and enter
tain them, has decided to erect a temporary
frame structure near the church.
A vote of thanks was extended to City
Auditor McAneney for his comprehensive
and exhaustive annual report and the sug
gestions and recommendations contained
therein. The latter will be considered, at
the suggestion of Mayor Macrse. at a later
J. Jensen was granted a permit to con
duct a saloon at 600 Sixteenth avenue.
The city council will meet In special ses
sion Friday evening to open bids for the
curbing ordered on the streets to be placed
this year.
The annual report of the park commis
sioners was received and placed on file. '
F. A. Bsieneev.
Plumbing, steam and gas fitting, furnace
snd sheet metal work, galvanized iron cor
nice, skylight, tin roofing, gutter, spouting
and repairing. Green and Norfolk furnaces.
First-class mechanics In all branches.
Both telephones No. 8W. 158 West Broad
way, Council Bluffs, Ia.
Complete line of Victor base ball foods
Petersen at Schoening.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 250. Night, L-69.
Matters In District Conrt.
W. M. Rugg, formally of Manning. Ia..
who wss brought from Omaha Saturday
to complete ao unfinished sentence In the
state hospital for inebriates at Knoxvllle.
decided yesterday on being brought before
Judge Wheeler In district court that he was
willing to serve out hi. time, and the ha-
beas corpus proceedings Instituted by Rugg
were accordingly dismissed.
Trial of the personal Injury damage suit
of Mrs. Mary L. Coffman against the city
of Council Bluffs was begun In the dtntrlct
court yesterday. The plaintiff seeks to re-
cover $5,510 for Injuries alleged to have
been received In September, 19uft. from a
fall caused by a defective sidewalk on Ave
nue F, near North Tenth street. Mrs.
Coftman claims to harai suffered a frac
tured anais and rib.
County Attorney Hewe has brought suit
In the name of State Treasurer W. W. Mor
row against Christian Uassrlck of Walnut
to recover $2,300 collateral Inheritance tax
from the estate of the late John O. Oas
rick, which was valued at M4.0C0. When
John Gaasrtck died the property went to
the brother, now made defendant In this
milt, who claims to have had an Interest In
It prior to his brother's death.
Garden rakes. 20c; garden hoes, 25c;
steel spades, 60c to $1.2S; i-lnch rubber hose,
per ft., 6c; hose repairs; harwood hose
reels. 85c ; grass catchers, fit 14 or 1-Inch
mowers. 66e. J. Zoller Mer. Co. 'Phone
(20. 100-102-106 Broadway.
Do you need lumber or building ma
terial? We ship direct to the consumer and
you avoid two profits when dealing with us.
A chance to figure your bill will prove
what we have said. C Hafer Lumber Co.,
Council Bluffs, la.
Lace curtains. Stockert Carpet Co.
Screen Doors and Windows.
18-lnrh hardwood adjustable window
screens, open from 20 to 33 inches, 30c; 24
inch, 35c; 30-inch. 40c; screen doors, all
sizes, up from 96c. J. Zoller Mer. Co.
'Phone 320. 100-102-10 Broadway.
Omaha Prople In Trouble.
Mrs. H. T. Andrews, wife of a man who
conducts a barber shop, pool room and
rooming house at 213 North Fifteenth
street. Omaha, with A. R. Brlerly, a prin
ter, who roomed at the Andrews domi
cile, were arrested late Sunday night In
this city on complaint of the woman's
husband, who had followed the couple
across the river. Mrs. Andrews and her
escort attended the show at the New
theater and afterwards, partook of supper
at a Broadway restaurant. After partak
ing of their meal they were arrested by
the police, Andrews having In the mean
time filed an Information In the court of
Justice Greene charging the couple with
a serious offense. In default of ball Mrs.
Andrews and fcrlerly were forced to spend
the night In Jail. Yesterday morning, be
fore Justice Greene, Mrs. Andrews and
Brlerly were discharged.
Mrs. Andrews and Brlerly were about
to take the car back to Omaha after the
hearing In Justice Greene's court when
Andrews showed up. Andrews was not
feeling over kindly to Brlerly and he was
about to commence hostilities when a pa
trolman put In an appearance. Mrs. An
drews was permitted to proceed on her
way to Omaha but Andrews and Brlerly
were taken to police headquarters and
charged with disturbing the peace. They
gave bonds for their appearance In police
court this morning. Mrs. Andrews recently
began suit for divorce against her hus
band in the Omaha courts.
Before getting your upholstering, mat
tress making, repairing and -ennlshlng-done,
get the prices of the Morgan L'p
holsterlng Co., SSI Broadway, next to
Alexander's Art Store. Tel. for quick or
ders. Bell, 888; Ind., 370 red.
Buy the Jewel gas or gasoline stove.
They are the safest. Petersen & Schoening.
Matting and window shades at Stockerts.
Fly Time Coming.
Repair your screens, screen doors, etc.
'Phone your wire order to us. Price per
square foot, 2c. J. Zoller Mer. Co. 'Phono
320. 100-102-106 Broadway.
Instructors for Institute.
The following will be the Instructors at
the Pottawattamie county normal Insti
tute to be held In this city June 10 to 16, as
announced yesterday by County Superin
tendent Jackson:
Prof. W. C. Wilcox of the Stato uni
versity of Iowa, who will give lectures
on history and methods in teaching the
branch; Superintendent W. N. Clifford of
Council Bluffs, geography; Prof. W. C.
Allen of Tabor college, pedagogy and
didactics; Miss Grace Harr. superintendent
of music In Council Bluffs, music; Miss
Ida Fosenbeck, Iowa State Normal school,
grammar and English; Miss Stella Louise
Wood of Ml
7 i.. v.. w its.u., frrotl-
1 The dale ot tn Institute Is the week
following the closing of the schools in this
I.awn Mower Fecials.
14-lnch high wheel lawn mower, $2.75;
others at $3.25, $3.50, $6.00, $6.60, $6.00, $7.00,
$7.50. $S.00, up to $12.50. Call and see our
line before you buy. J. Zoller Mer. Co.
'Phone 320. 100-102-108 Broadway.
Give us your order for that spring car
pet. We do the rest sew, lay and fit it
right to your room. D. W. Keller, 103 S.
Real Ratate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The Bee
April 29, by the Pottawattamie County Ab
stract company of Council Bluffs:
Lewis Valller and wife to George Her-
tle. part of lots 218 snd 217, original
plat, w. d $ 4,750
Andrew C. Graham and wife to will
O. Pryor. lot 8, Graham Terrace, w.
d 2.700
Painter Krtcx and wife to Charles D.
Blaine, lot 2, Aud's subdlv. of sublot
48. w. d goo
Fred C. Smith to Joseph P. Schoffett
and wife, lots 12 snd 19, block 43,
Ferry add., s. w. d 300
Interstate Realty company of Council
Bluffs to Frank Larson, lot 17. block
jo, cjva.un u nrmtte aua.. w a....
va I.1 . . n J r i J a
Fremont Benjamin and wife to Fred
C. Smith, lot 19, block 42, Ferry add.,
w. d
William J. Wheeler to Harriett 8.
WtKteler, his wife, lots 17 and 18,
block 13. town of Carson la., w A.
A, D. Aronkls and wife to M. B. Grout,
j w'ullaln 1-keV' and wTfe '.n.M
Backer, lot 8. block . Howard fM
a. w. d '
Nine transfers, total $ 8,734
Here to Stay.
We are dally receiving new lots of shoes
and are selling them at our usual low
prices. Duncan Shoe Co.
Linoleum and oil cloth.
Stockert Carpet
Mayer of Sloes City Changes Front
on Proposition.
BIOUX CITY. Ia.. April 29. (Special
Telegram.) After three years of licensed
gambling ' Mayor Sears today Instructed
Chief of Police Dlneen to close all gamb
ling houses in Sioux City before July 1.
Four houses, which contribute to the city
$1,200 a month, will go out of business.
The mayor alleges that the sentiment of
the leading business men has rhaiged and
that now they are opposed to licensed
Ssereme Conrt Xaaaea Commission.
WASHINGTON, April 29. Claud Hamil
ton of Topeka, Kan., and Solon T., Gllmore
! " V'" L fV ,VV'.
" VWU1 ui ills t II 1 I tHl
States to taks testimony in the rase of the
state of Missouri against the stats of Kan
sas, Involving the question as to which
state Is entitled to exercise Jurisdiction
over Goose island, in the Missouri river,
near Kansas City.
If you have anything to trade advertise
it In the For Fxchangs columns of The
Bee Want Ad page.
Taraa Timet Frououocad Dead, but Litsi
tad is an Read to Recovery.
receiv:r in charge or seymcur bank
Dm Moines Collector Has Inaenlnus
Method ot Indorlns; Debtors to
Pay Ip Which May Make
Him Trouble.
tFrom a Staff Correspondent)
DBS MOINES, April 29. (Special. -An 1&-months-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Garrison was pronounced dead three times
last week and Is living today, with every
Indication that It Is past the danger point
of dying and will recover. The Infant had
diphtheria. A physician, ons of the best of
Des Moines, Inserted a silver tube In the
child's throat and during the operation It
ceased breathing. It was later pronounced
dead and placed on the table. The parents
covered It with a sheet. Later It was seen
to gasp and the physician, who had not left
tha house, administered a saline solution.
Introducing It Into the Infant's veins, and It
was resuscitated. It was again pronounced
dead a week ago last Sunday, but a phys
ician was called. The child had stopped
breathing, but efforts were made success
fully to bring It back to consciousness. It
was pronounced dead again last week Tues
day, but was again revived by the same
treatment as was used the first two times.
It Is asserted now that the child will re
cover. Receiver Is In Charsje.
Receiver B. F. Fry Is In charge of the
defunct Seymour Farmers and Drovers'
bank. The bank was turned over to him 1
today by Leland Windsor, state bank ex
aminer. Fry will have complete charge of
the bank and will either wind up Its affairs
or reorganize It, as the stockholders wish
and are able to raise the necessary cash.
It Is admitted now by everyone that the
stockholders will be asueesed the full
amount of their stock and that even then
the depositors will lose considerable
money. Cashier Ware, when placed under
arrest. Intimated that other prominent per
sons In the community would be implicated.
At the office of the state auditor nothing
new concerning the bank Is known today
except that the bank examiner will remain
to complete tha examination and determine
the amount of shortage. It Is believed now
that this will amount to close to $240,000,
which Is almost wholly In the form of de
posits, certificates for which were Issued,
but for which there was no record on the
bank's books.
Collector May Find Trouble.
An Investigation Is being made to ascer
tain whether or not It will be possible to
make trouble for a Des Moines collection
agency that has been sending out duns In
the form of "forthwith subpoenas." The
dun. In addition to being printed with all
the appearance of a legal document. Is
headed, "Subpoena forthwith," and reads:
"By virtue of a warrant of subpoena you
are hereby directed to appear before the
(name of collection agency) forthwith, duly
commissioned attorneys for the plaintiff, at
their office at (place and hour), or maki
payment of dollars due and payablt
from you to plaintiff above named. And
FORM 744
IS an excellent model
for well developed
figures. its closely
Stitched front subdues
abdominal prominence
nd rounds the figure
into graceful lines.
Made of white im
ported coutil. Trim--.ied
across top with
lace and ribbon. Hose
supporters at front and
Sizes 19 to 36.
Price. $2.00
NUF0RM 403
WILL fit any slen
der or average
figure. Long above
the waist which it de
fines very distinctly,
showing a perfectly
straight line down the
front of the figure.
Made of white and
drab coutil. Trimmed
with lace and ribbon.
Hose supporters front
nd lideti
Sizes 18 to 30.
Price, $1.00
NUFORrf 447
FOR v.ell develop
ed figures, i a
reverse gore model.
The gore lines run
backwards, a construc
tion which restrains
undue development be
low the back. Medium
high bust, long hips
nd extra long back.
Made of an excellent
quality of white coutil.
elaborately trimmed with lace
nd ribbon. Hate supporters
front and sides.
Sizes 19 to 30.
his you slmll In no wl?e omit, under
penalty of the cost of nn motion In court
ngalnt you, and If claim and cost are not
fully paid you and your estate will suffer
In consequence." Attorneys admit that If
not Illegal the "dun" Is certainly original.
IWrarlna on Merchandise.
The State Railroad commission will meet
tomorrow for a hearing on the rates on
merchandise. This Is one of the series of
hearings announced by the commission
early in the year, when it was Riven out
that the entire schedule of rates would be
gone over. There are no complaints lodged
with tne commission as to merchandise
rates and it Is assorted by some that they
are already lower than In surrounding
states. Railroad freight men will all be
present at the hearing, however.
fvllllnarrnter 4rrnlaned.
Ernest Gllllngwater. the colored man who
shot snd killed James Strcuthers at Nor
woodvllle Saturday was arraigned In Jus
tice court today. He pleaded not guilty
and the date for his preliminary hearing
was set for May 2.
nienrrood Contrnet ext.
Plans and specific Hons f ir the construc
tion of one wing of the custodial building
at Glenwood were completed today by State
Architect I.lehbe and bids will be adver
tised for at once. The contract will be the
next to be let by the State Board of Con
trol. Bids will be asked soon for the con
struction of a chimney at the Clarindi in
stitution. It is to be lfie feet high above
the ground and twenty feet below ground
and seven and a half feet in diameter at
(he base, with a steel ladder down the
Waterloo to Have Train.
Members of the railroad commission have
learned that factory owners of Waterloo
are coming to Des Moines to get the com
mission to assist them In getting nn espe
cially low rute for an advertising train of
thirty-nine cars loaded with Waterloo fac
tory products which they propose to take
four times across the stnte and then land
In Des Moines for the next state fair. It
It not likely that th railroad commission
will be able to give them any assistance In
a scheme of that kind. The Waterloo
people have been offered a rate of tl a
mile for the train and they think they
should have a lower rate.
Jasper Mason Happy.
Jasper Mason, released from the Ana-
mosa penitentiary on the recommendation
of the legislature, was overjoyed at his
release. Reports printed by many of the
state papers purporting to be clipped from
the Prison PreBS, published at the Anamosa
penitentiary, saying that Mason's mental
condition was such that he was Incapable
of appreciating his freedom, are denied by
his attorney Mr. Heald of Cedar Rapids,
who was In Des Moines today.
New State Itnnare Ready,
The plat for the new state rifle rangu.
to be purchased Jointly by the state and the
Kovernment, Is nearly ready. As soon as
approved by the state It will be sunt to
Washington for approval by the War de
partment. Iovrn rm Notes,
WOODBINE W. C. Wllklns and Frank
Bennett have recently purchased the Star
livery barn from the llrm of Uuyett Ai
Son and will ixjntlnue the business.
LOGAN The marriage of J. E. Harmon
nnit pearl Stewart occ urred here recently.
Both are young people from Plssah and
lire well known there. They will Jculde on
heir farm near that place.
IDA OROVK-Ai a result of eating candy
colored with some poisonous material. S. O.
Jackson and his small son were taken vi
olently 111. They had been visiting at the
home of Mrs. Jackson's sister. Mrs. Peter
!on, In Alta, and were brought home.
VILLISCA Early Sunday morning the
The V. B. Reduso Corset
IS a boon for large women the ideal garment for over,
developed figure requiring special restraint. It not oaly
Restraint the tendency to over-ScahineM, but moulds
the om-developed proportion into thoae pleating, graceful
outlines, hitherto thought to be attainable only by slighter
figure. The particular feature of this mode! 4 the apron
over the abdomen and hips, booed ia such m"Tf a to
give the weaiet sbsolule freedom ot movement.
ReduSO Style 750 for tall wll-Jeottoptd
figuru. Made of s durable coutil n white or drab. Hix
1 supporter front sod sides. Siie
Reduio Style
figure. Made of white and
hoot sod tide. Suet 24
vi m k
377 BiHdir
V sf V 1
trrr -
rTKn nnn
HIM am ss
lJJ of lift life. Becoming
mother ghould be a ourco of joy to all, but the gnffering and
nget incident to the ordeal makes iti rinticipation one of misery.
Mother's Friend i the only remedy
pain and danper of maternity; this hour which is dreaded n woman
severest trial is not only mad'e painless, but all the danger is avoided
by its uss. Those who use this remedy are no longer despondent of
gloomy; nervousness, nausea and oilier distressing conditions art)
overcome, the system is made rendy for the coming event, and th.
serious accidents so common to the critical
hour are obviated by the use of Mother's
Friend. "It is worth its weight in gold."
says many who have used it. $1.00 per
bottle at drucr stores. Book containing
valuable information of interest to
be sent to any address free upon
largest barn In Montgomery county was
struck lv lightning and burned, with all
Its contents. It was situated .Ive miles
north, ol Yllllaea and owned by Hal
Hansen. Besides liav, grain and lmple
nients, eight horses were lost In the lire.
LOWAN The assessor of Iogan has Just
completed his labor and finds that the
lind of the city Is valued ot ia3-i48 and
that tho personal property amounts to
J..IJ.74V inttKinn a total wealth of I90o.
796. There are twenty-two dogs, bl
hoists, eighty-nine cows and one mule,
and hor name was Maud.
AI.B1A A posse of ion armed men, headed
by Sheriff W. B. Grlffln, is on the trail of
Krank Ralston, who last night assaulted
his sister, then look his rifle and revolver
and tied to the tlmlMT. declaring he would
kill anyone who attempted to arrest him.
llulMoti Is n bad man, 87 years old and It is
expected blood will flow. Ralston Is at
present being surrounded In the timber near
the Hocking mining camp, said to be the
wildest bit o( country in the state.
IOWA CUTYi The State university of
Iowa announced formally Its commence
ment program today. The dates are June
i-12. an unusually early period. The fea
tures are the special oinmemoratlon of
the sixtieth anniversary ot tne institution:
ihe celebration of ITof. Amos N. Curler's
fortieth year of service, recently ended
with his resignation as dean and professor
of lJitin, and the presence of Secretary
William H. Toft, as the main orator of the
wet k.
IOWA CITY "There were giants In those
days" and there were also hippopotami,
and they nourished in North America. That
is the conclusion deduced from the finding
of a genuine hippopotamus tooth, fomlllxed,
of course, in Iowa. 1 lie iossii was discov
ered in the sands of the WeBt Nlshnabotna
river In Pottawattamie county. It was sent
to Dr. Samuel Calvin of Iowa City, state
geologist and professor of gevlogy In the
State university of Iowa. He and Prof.
C. C Nutting, curator of the Iowa univers
ity museum, have identified It poeltively as
the lower right canine of an ancient hip
popotamus. JOHNSON LOSES a" MINE
Vn'lted States Supreme Conrt Will Not
Interfere with Illinois Court
WASHINGTON, April 29. The supreme
court of the United Slates dismissed today,
for want of Jurisdiction, the case of C. W.
Johnson against Nels O. Hultburt, the
Swedish Evangelic Covenant of America
and others, thus leaving In force the de
cision of the supreme court of Illinois,
which was against Johnson. The case In
volved a controversy over a rich mine
near Nome, Alaska, which was located by
Johnson while acting as a missionary In
the Interests of the Covenant. He after
ward laid claim to it as his own private
property and worked It for himself, taking
out about 500,000 In gold. The Illinois
22 to 36. Price, 93.
7bO for tbori wtll-JnelcpJ
diab coutil. Hots supporter
to 36. Price, 93.
vujl m
r hi in;
- 1 ia Ixl liLsr
" Tl., .
tmy mo nt r rr .
mm. . 1 I
vrhicK relieve women of the great
all women, will
application to
Atlantm. Ga.
court decided that Hultburt. as the repre
sentative of the Coven. int. was entitled to)
the major portion of the amount on th
ground that the claim hi,i been located for
the organisation.
Many Men In Boston Qnlt Work
Beeanso Conditions Are Not
BOSTOK, Mass., April 29. A strlka of
strike breakers was an unexpected feature
today In connection with the movement of
several hundred union teamsters of the city
to obtain higher wages.
Over thirty nonunlonlst who had been
serving in places of union strikers, quit be
cause of tho harassing conditions of their
employment and. In some cases, because of
alleged nonpayment of wages. Freight ve
hicles were abandoned In various sections
of the city. Serious blockades of trafflo
resulted on busy thoroughfares.
The Price of Peace.
The torrlble itching; and smarting, Inci
dent to certain skin diseases, is almost In
stantly allayed by applying Chamberlains)
Halve. iTlce, 28 cents.
TFd ward T. Cowln.
WATBRLOO, la., April 2f.-(Speclal Tele
gram. )-Edward T. Cowln died here this,
morning. He has lived In Waterloo since
1870. He was born in Cleveland. O., and
enlisted In Company A, One Hundred and
Seventy-seventh regiment. Ohio volunteers.
He was admitted to tho bar and began to
practice law in Omaha with his brother.
General John C. Cowln. one of the most
talented lawyers of the west. For thirty
years he practiced and occupied the same
office in Waterloo. He was spirited, inter
ested in many business Interests and bad
a successful career.
Dr. Henry J. Wood.
CHICAGO, April 2S.-Dr. Henry J. Wood
of Utloa, N. Y., died suddenly today at
Auditorium hotel annex. He was on his
way to California. Dr. H. C. Palmer, also
of Utlca, who waa traveling with Dr. Wood
said that the latter's death was due to
pulmonary heart disease.
David J. Cook.
DENVER, April 29. David 3. Cook, a
noted pathfinder and detective, died sud
denly here today of heart disease. He was)
born in LoPorte county, Indiana In 1847.
FORM 720
IS a corset fbt
average fig
ures. Has me
dium bust and
long hip. Mads
of white and
drab coutil.,
Hose supportera'
on front and
sides. Trimmed
across top with
lace and ribbon.
Sizes 18 to 30.
NUF0RM 738
TS an excellent
. model for average
figures. Constructed
sectionally, making
the garment fit at all
points, accentuating
the slenderness of tha
waist line. Butt
moderately high, hipa
rj Vong. Made of
ported coutil in
' only. Trim
med with lace and
ribbon. Hose sup
porters front and sides
Sizes 18 to 30.
Price, $2.00
IS a splendid
corset for me
dium figures,
pleasingly f r e
from any bulky
effect common to
previous models
of this type. Me
dium high bust
and deep hip, end
ing in an unboned apron
extension. Made cf white,
and drab coutil. Hose sup
porters front and sides.
Trimmed with lace and
Sizes 19 to to.
Price. $1.50