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Adrica fro the. Exper.tnos of a Rattan
Ttnt'i Steward,
How to Tell flood Meat Something;
About Corned Beef and
How to Prepare and
Cook It.
There Is a restaurant noted among shop
per nnil business womni for Its delicious
cooking and Its low prices. When ex
plaining to a reporter the other day how
she managed to get up nice dishes at llttlo
expense the atewnrd nave away many se
cret of value to housekeeper who wish to
make the moat of their materials.
"To begin with we never huy the most
expensive of 1 never nuV th
tenderloin of beef. It Is the tenderest. the
most tasteless and the most expensive part
of the animal.
"Neither a tenderloin nor a sirloin steak
Is as Juicy or as nutritious as a round
Steak, a chuck steak, or those little tender
teaks which a (rood butcher cuts from the
flang. A slice of sirloin steak of the proper
thickness will weigh from two and a half
to four pounds.
The trimming away of the fat and bone
considerably reduces this weight, so that
what meat remains Is very expensive. Now
the round steak Is oil meat, without bone
or superfluous fat, and consequently
economical so far as waste Is concerned, as
well a lower In price.
"In buying beef a housekeeper should
know that backward from the head the
price of good beef Increases and that tt
decreases downward toward the legs In
both quarters. The neck pieces, those that
come Immediately behind the ears, make
delicious stews when properly cooked and
"In the upper portion of the foTe quarter
are the chuck rtba, which make excellent
roasts and steaks. The chuck steak I con
sider as good as the sirloin and It sells at
about two-thirds the price.
"The upper half of the shoulder Is high
priced and I seldom buy either the roasts
of the stew pieces that are cut from It.
The lower half Includes the brisket pieces,
cross ribs and plate pieces. These cuts all
come within my means, Resides cutting
mall steaks from the cross rib piece, we
use It for beef a la mode and pot roasting.
The other parts I use for stows and also
when buying corned beef I select those
Concerning Better Cats.
"If a person must have sirloin and at the
same time wishes to be economical, then I
would advise her to get that cut from the
hip below the loin. It contains only a small
knuckle bone and sells for much less than
the prime ribs. It Is juicy, well flavored
and fairly tender, making good steaks,
roasts and pot roasts.
"Tho chuck parts, while usually from
one-half to one-third cheaper than the
prime ribs, are equal to them In succu
lence and flavor, and some portions are
equal to them In all respects, besides hav
Ing mors meat In proportion to the bone.
'Bom of the best butchers prefer the beat
part of the chuck of a good animal to tho
finest sirloin or tenderloin. From poor or
Inferior animals tha chuck steaks are not
"For a large family roast I wotild recom
mend tho first cut of the loin. It Is called
the round bone sirloin and contains little
tenderloin, but is excellent and economical.
The butcher should take the bone out and
tie up tha roast handsomely. By no means
hould the bone be left with the butcher.
"For a small family roast, weighing from
five to ten pounds, I would suggest the
small end of the loin. It has the same ad
vantages that I hare described In the first
cut and should be treated In tho same
"Many persona have a decided preference
(or a brisket roast. I have been told by
my head waitress that most of the cus
tomers who asked for It are southerners.
They want the brisket Itself, that juicy
fat that gives the name to the out.
"For corning I usually select the pieces
I want cured and the butcher does it for
me. In picking out pieces to be corned I am
careful to see that the fat Is mixed all
through the lean. For my purpose I prefer
tha plate, navel, brisket, rumps and edge-
"While much depends on tha quality of
your corned beef, I believe more depends
on the cooking. The majority of people
seem to think that anybody can cook the
New England boiled dinner. There never
waa a greater mistake. The materials are
Inexpensive, but will not be good unless
carefully cooked.
"While It Is harder to lodge the quality
of salted meats than fresh, one may soon
learn to know a good piece of corned beef.
While much paler than the fresh. It has a
natural color. It should not be slimy nor
have a disagreeable odor. If well selected
freah beef is corned In fresh brine neither
tha brine nor the beef will taste or smell
Jadala Meat.
"In Judging meat always remember that
any lean animal is Inferior. Good beef
should have a fair proportion of fat about
the kidneys and overlying the loin and
ribs. The lean or muscular portions should
be ingrained or marbled with little streaks
or dots of fat
"If the animal Is in good health, rested
and cooled when slaughtered, the suet fat
will be firm, white, dry and crumbly. If
this fat should be yellow, oily, or fibrous
the beef Is inferior, and I would never ad
vise buying it. however low the price.
"Of course beef may be too fat. The
marbled appearance is the best teat, and
one will soon learn to' know the desirable
amount of fat.
"Oood beef should have a dark red color
when first cut, changing to brighter red or
cherry after a few moments' exposure to
the air. A bluish, or. dull, dark red color
Indicates poor beef. It should look Juicy,
be smooth grained and velvety to the
touch and somewhat Arm snd elastic. The
bones and sinews should be comparatively
mall. '
"Steaks should never be allowed to lie
any length of time after being cut and
never placed on Ice. The meat should be
ripened before cutting and then promptly
"There would be a general exclamation
of horror It our customers were told that
most of ths steaks eaten in this house are
fried. Tea. actually fried. Properly fried
nr. 1
steak Is Just as good in every way a
"In the first place, you must have the
pan piping hot and rub it with a bit of
fresh beef suet. Wipe the steak dry.
spread It on the pan. and after a couple of
seconds turn It. Keep up this turning
process, adding extra bits of fresh suet
shaved thin, until the steak Is as done as
"Place In a hot dish, put a few scraps of
butter on,the top, then set Into the oven of
the stove for two minutes. After that it
Is ready to serve.
"A beefs heart Is an economical dish
when properly cooked. In selecting them
those with much clear, lively fat around
the top are the best. Calves' hearts are
smaller, more tender, but not as Juicy
They should be stuffed and roasted or
'For breakfast both tripe and liver are
economical. Calf's liver Is as a rule more
tender than that of an older animal, though
carefully selected and prepared beef liver
Is very good eating. When buying care
should be taken to see that the color Is
yellowlflh red, clear and bright.
'In selecting tripe choose that which Is
thick, white and fat. The honeycomb part
Is the best.
'Ox talis, as every one knows, make a
fine soup. Three Joints will be sufficient for
a large tureen and It Is Inexpensive."
I'arompllmentary Thlnca Said of Het
In Many Lanaaaaes.
The treatment that womankind receive
In the proverbs of various peoples formii
the subject of an article by U. P. Floberi
In the Paris Qaulols. On the whole, the
array Is far from complimentary.
Among the Spanish maxims one of thu
gentlest Is "Women and mules obey better
when caressed than coerced." Another I
The man wins much who loses his wife."
Here are a few more:
Man is tow; woman Is fire and the devil
blows the bellows.
The tears of women are worth much,
though they cost little.
The fox is cunning, but tha woman who
loves knows far more than he.
The proverbs of the Arabs place a very
low value on women. Here are some sane
The beauty of man is In his spirit; the
spirit of woman Is in her beauty.
Always consult your wile, but do as you
When you want to get square with a man.
give him a handsome wife; when you want
revenge on a woman, give her a handsome
The Hindoos Are not much more respect'
ful than the Arabs. They say:
The coquette is like your shadow; chase
her and she flees from you, flee from her
and she chases you.
Do you want to test the fineness of goldT
Use acid. The strength of an oxT Beat It.
The nature of a man? Let him talk. The
thoughts of a woman? There's no way.
Next oomes the cynical Chinaman with a
cutting maxim:
The tongue of a woman la a dagger and
she never lets It grow rusty. The spirit of
a woman la of quicksilver and her heart Is
of wax.
The Persian says:
When you go to war, say a prayer; when
you go to sea, say two prayera; when you
get married, pray all the time.
To a question, "What la a woman T" the
Turk answers, "A prisoner;" the Albanian.
"a slave;' the Bervlan, "a servant," tha
Bulgarian, "a companion;" the Qreek, "a
The gallant French are among tha most
brutal In their folk sayings about women.
"Where there are dogsv" they say, "there
are fleas; where there la bread, there are
mice; where there's a woman, therea the
devil." Another current saying fas, "Women
and fools never forgive." Also:
A woman laughs when aha can and weeps
wnen she wins.
What the devil can't do. woman accom
The man who beats his wife Is like a man
who beata a bag of flour. AH that's good
flies away; what's left is not worth having.
Man can rely on the fidelity of his dog to
the last breath; of a woman to the next
He who believes his wife deceives himself.
He who doubts her is deceived all the same.
Man has two good days In his life, the
one on which he takes and the one on
which he loses a wife.
The compiler was unable to find any lan
guage In which the proverbs were friendly
to women.
Mrs. Dm of Philadelphia, Will Ask
Cona-ress to Care far Volunteers.
PHILADELPHIA. April it. Mrs. Clarissa
F. Dye, aged 7B years, of this city, presi
dent of the Association of Army Nurses of
the Civil War, who did herolo work at
Gettysburg and on other battlefields during
the rebellion, is collecting data from the
NO and more surviving female nurses In
the United State who saw service on the
field of battle and In hospitals during the
war with a view of furnishing congress
with facts looking to the securing of
pensions from the government for these
volunteer nurses.
"Many of these women today," said Mrs.
Dye, "are poor and destitute widows and
too old to work. They were volunteer
nurses and left their comfortable homes
during the time of the civil war to nurse
the sick and dying soldiers. Their work
was one of love and sympathy and they
received no compensation from the govern
ment The contract nurses were provided
for, receiving a pension of S12 monthly. I
plead for the poor, aged women who nursed
back to life many a sick and wounded
hero of the battlefield.
"The government should certainly make
provision for them and I believe It will
next December when the bill will be
brought up."
Celebrates Seventh Blrthdny.
Mrs. C. L Vance gave a very enjoyable
party Friday afternoon at her home, S85t
California street. In honor of the seventh
birthday of her son, Marston Verne Vance
The dining room, where the Uttle folks
were seated for supper, waa decorated with
ferns and carnations. ' Those present weiv
Mlas Ruth Hamilton, MUs Helen Hudson
Masters Arthur Eatelle, Howard Brunner
Ellison Vlnsonhaler. Russell Funkhouser,
James Rooney, Burton Rhoades and Vers
Jape Have Mew nn.
TOKIO, April ?2. The new field gun
which the Japanese artillery is being armed
with has an effective range of about 8,SuO
yards. Each gun costs $5,000.
Doctors prcscnue very linie, if any. alco
hol theto days. They prefer strong tonics
and alteratives. This is til in keepins with
1 JL f modem medical sclencs. Il explains why
ri(l Ayer's Sarsaparllla is now roads entirely
lJL free from alcohol. Ask your doctor.
w. km M.M. i We ua f. o. Arse Oe,.
oCnU or pfp.r.Doin., agaaa
International Council of Warn an Given
Cottage st Jamestown Exposition.
Strong- Features flanned for Conven
tion at Oskaloosn Wnrklns Con
dltlons of Women and Chil
dren Get Attention.
Nebraska club women as well as those
east of the Missouri will be Interested In
the program of the biennial convention of
the Iowa Federation to be held at Oka
loosa May 14 to 17. One of the largest
state federations In the national organi
sation, Iowa, is looked to by many others
for inspiration and example, and Its bien
nial convention Is always conspicuous
among state meetings. The following pro
gram has been Issued:
Methodist church, t o'clock.
Violin Solo Mrs. Valentine.
Address Duties of IMstrtct Chairman,
Mrs. Mary Calkins, Chaasell.
IHscusaion Shall District Meetings lie
Annual or Biennial? Led by Mrs. Jennie
I. Berry and Mrs. Marian Stookey.
Vocal Solo Delight (Luckstone), Mrs.
"Possibilities of Rural Clubs." Mrs. W.
H. Arney. Marshalltown; Mrs. Roma
Woods. Sutherland.
Methodist church, 9 o'clock.
Meeting of the State Federation, Mrs.
Scerley, presiding.
Address of Welcome For the city; for
the Woman's club, Mrs. J. C. Williams;
for the local biennial board, Mrs. Richard
Burke. Response, Mrs. E. L. Johnson, vice
president Iowa Federation of Women's
Fraternal Greetings.
Report of Rules and Regulations Com
mitteeMrs. Julian Richards, chairman.
Report of Credentials Committee Mrs.
C. B. Stull, chairman.
Report of Officers of Iowa Federation
Recording secretary. Mrs. Mary H. S.
Johnson; corresponding secretary, Mrs.
Gertrude Nash; treasurer, Mrs. B. B.
Clark; auditor, Mrs. Maria Bibbs.
President's Address Mrs. J. J. Seerley.
Address In Memorlam Mrs. Ellen
Brown, late vice president, died Decem
ber 23, 1K06, Rev. Effle K. Jones, Water
loo. Vocal Solo Greeting the Bar (Dudley
Buck), Miss Myrtle Ware, Oskaloosa.
Johnson presiding.
1:15-1:30 Organ recital. Mra Rav. Oska
1: Reports: Badge committee, Mrs. J.
H. Tucker; printing committee, Mrs. Mary
H. 8. Johnson; general federation secre
tary, Miss Harriet Lake; general federa
tion biennial, St. Paul, Mrs. Warren
Piano Solo Nocturne in O (Chopin), Miss
riorence E.ngBiron, usKaioosa.
Committee, Mrs. W. H. Bailey, Mrs. P.
J. Montgomery, Mrs. F. S. Robinson.
Report of chairman.
Paper The Kindergarten as a Basis -of
Publlo School Education, Miss Florence
Hi. ward. Cedar Falls, state normal.
Address Women In Collegiate Adminis
tration," Mrs. Philip Moore. St. Louis, vice
president General Federation Women's
Address The Cost of Establishing and
maintaining a Manual Training Depart
ment. Prof. T. VV. Else, superintendent
Oskaloosa schools.
LMstrlct meetings to elect members of
nominating committee, a delegate to Gen
eral Federation Women's Clubs, biennial
190y and to nominate a district chairman
tor laui-iww.
7:45 Organ recital, Mrs. Ray, Oskaloosa.
S:0O a. Moonrlse (Cxlbulka); b. The
Lonely Rose (Hermes), Oskaloosa Woman's
club chorus, Mrs. Dalrea. director
Violin Solo Mrs. Valentine, Oskaloosa.
Committee Mrs. James Barryhlll, Mrs.
A. J. Berkley, Mrs. H. L. Spencer.
Subcommittee on Child Labor Mrs. T. J.
Fletcher, Mrs. Maria Purdy Peck, Mrs.
John I. Mullany.
Reports of chairmen.
Address The Working Children and the
Shopping Public, Mrs. Florence Kelley, New
Chorus America.
9 O'clock Reading of minutes; business
10 O'clock Household economics session.
Committee, Mrs. J. W. Cory, Mrs. Warren
Garst, Mrs. Giles Morehead.
Report of chairman.
Address "Training for the Home Maker."
Mrs. Alice Fenllng. Peoria, 111., dean do
mestic science department, Bradley insti
tute. Addreso-Mrs. Margaret J. Blair, Bt
Paul, chairman O. F. household economics
Address Mr. Wright, Ds Moines.
12:00-1:30 Informal ballot.
1:80 Library i salon. rimmltti nr
H. J. Howe. Mrs. Charles McNIder, Miss
Beanie Sargent Smith.
Report of chairman.
Address "The Child and Mis Hour," Miss
Edna Lyman, Oak Park. 111.
3:00 Music session. Committee, Mrs.
Jessie Malory Thayer, Mrs. J. E. Blythe.
MIhs Elizabeth Ivlrts. ' '
Recital Madam Alice Myron, contralto.
Iowa; William E. Zeuch organist, Chicago.
8:30 Reception given by the Oskaloosa
woman a club.
9:00 Reading of minutes; business ses
sion. Report of Reciprocity Committee Mrs
Charier Walner.
Report of child Study Committee-Mrs.
Margaret Sterrrt.
10 :w Address. "Tho Spirit of Federation "
Mrs. Frances Everett, vice president Il
linois F. G. C, Highland Park. 111.
10:8o Club progiam session. Committee
Mrs. H. M. Towner, Mrs H. E. Deemer'
Mies Margaret Wright Brown.
Report of chairman.
Address "Club Study," Mrs. Ella W
Peattte. Chicago. '
Address "Altrulslto Work of Iowa
Clubs " Miss Gertrude Nash, Audubon
12:UU-l:3u Formal ballot.
(Mrs. Johnson presiding.)
1:16 to l:3u Organ recital. Miss Hughes
Oskaloosa. '
l:3o "A Practical Talk on Potterv," Mrs
Elisabeth Ward. Marengo. Report of his
torical Journalist. Miss Kmile HlHCkmore
Stapp. AddreHs, Mr. Samuel Strauss New
York Globe. Vocal solo, Miss Helen kal
back. Obkalooaa. Civic Improvement and
f uirauj Brsaiuii, cummiuee, Mrs Thomas
Cooke. Mrs. P. M. Husser, Mrs. Jennie H
Coolldge. Report of chairman. Address'
m I nl"iA,'- ,h." Trees." Mr. Thomas
Mills, Colorado. Announcement of new of
O'clock Vocal solo, 'Chanson Proven
cal (Del Aequa). Mlas Maud Robertson.
Valentine; harp, Miss Hughes; pipe oran
.y.' Art aesslon; committee. Mrs'
Marian McTredway, Mrs. J. P. Whitney
Mrs. Parker K. Holbrouk. Report of chair
man. Address Music; (a), "Brldil Chorus
(Cowen; (b). "Rose Walts (Tetuchlci. Os"
ttaloosa Woman's club chorus. Report of
resulutlons committee. Presentation of
new officers. Adjournment.
(lab Motes.
April 29 has beep announced the dtte of
the awarding of the medal by the IccJ
chapter Daughters of the American Rev
olution to the high school student writing
the best essay on some revolutionary sub
ject. A medal is awarded annually by the
women, this being a part of their plan
for promoting patriotism among young peo
ple. The exercises will take place at the
high school and General John C. Cowin
will make the presentation address.
The management of the Jamestown ex
position has granted the use of a cottage
on the exposition grounds to the Interna
tional Council of Women to be used as
peace headquarters for women from all
parts of the worlfl. Mrs. May Wright
Sewell will be In charge of the work.
Now Is the time to make your wants
anowo through The Ilea Witnt Ad pufo.
FORM 744
IS an excellent model
for well developed
figures. Its closely
Stitched front subdues
abdominal prominence
snd rounds the figure
into graceful lines.
Made of white im
ported coutil. Trim--ied
across top with
lace and ribbon. Hose
supporters at front and
Sizes 19 to 36.
Price, $2.00
NUF0RM 403
WILL fit any slen
der or average
figure. Long above
the waist which it de
fines very distinctly,
showing a perfectly
straight line down the
front of the figure.
Made of white and
drab coutil. Trimmed
with lace and ribbon.
Hose supporters front
and sides.
Sizes 18 to 30.
Price, $1.00
NUF0RW 447
FOR veil develop
ed figures, is a
reverse gore model.
The gore lines run
backwards, a construc
tion which restrains
undue development be
low the back. Medium
high bust, long hips
snd extra long back.
Made of an excellent
quality of white coutil.
elaborately trimmed with lace
and ribbon. Hose supporters
front and sides.
Sizes 1 9 to 30.
Price,$3.00 SSS
Oonried Ifanactr Condemns Monkey House
Inoidest as Damnable Outraea.
Celebrated Tenor Admires Ahmaha,
but Sajs It Is .Nothing Like see
Beautiful Florence Where
His Palace Is.
The shrugging of dainty feminine and of
heavy masculine shoulders, the Bound of
swift, sibilant foreign conversation or of
labored speech In broken English, the
flashing of diamonds and Jeweled hands
these were some of the outward signs
which Indicated In the hotels the coming to
Omaha of a great leaven of musical talent,
the Conrled Opera company.
M. Caruso, who recently attained sud
denly more popular fame In New York
than his voice had ever brought him, oc
cupied apartments at the Her Grand. lie
carefully inquired the nature of t)ie paper
before he consented to talk to a reporter.
M. Caruso Is a man of medium helglit,
heavy build, with massive face, a small.
Jet black moustache and Jet black hair.
He wore a double-breasted black suit,
white vest, patent leather shoes, gray
gaiters. A Jeweled pin was in his tie. llei
carried a heavy gold-headed cane. M.
Caruso speaks little English. He was Just
leaving his apartment. In Ills hand he
had a bunch of souvenir postal cards.
There must have been seventy-five of
them, addressed to all kinds of unheard
of pluces.
"These to my friends, from A to K,". he
explained, tapping the bunch.
His secretary, M. Vlafuro, explained that
M. Caruso had that morning addressed the
cards to those of hla friends In the old
country whese names begin with letters
from A to K. He does this In every place
where he stops. Tomorrow he will send
cards to the friends whose names begin
with letters, L to Z.
Sot Like Dear Florence.
"A very nice country Is Ahmaha," aald
Caruso, looking sternly out of the window.
"But, ah, not so nice like ilorenee," he
continued, turning around and looking
reverently upward. "Ah, In few weeks 1
I am again in dear Florence in my palace
I with my wile."
Thereupon be departed for the writing
I room and oroered $2 worth of stamps foi
his postal cards.
M. tioerlitz, Hvlnrlch Conried's right hand
man and manager of the pi em nl tour, was
seuted before u lable In his apartment
with his traveling deak open at his side.
Two other foreign looking young men were
hurrying about the room executing his
orders. M GoeilUi Is lull, with hair a U
pompadour, and isnky sandy beard. He
wore a black suit and slippers. He smoked
a lung black cigar heid by a while celluloid
cigar holder.
"It is horrible, horrible," declared M
Uocrl:lz, gesticulating, lie referred to the
life of a member of the grand opera com
pany. "Ah. you think y u have a hard
life. Try but ihla.llfe and you think you
are In ease. Work, work, work from early
morning until after midnight.
"We have been successful In our tour,
visiting Baltimore, Washington, liosion,
Chicago, Cinc.nnatl, Bt. Louis and Kansas
City. In Knnsns City the financial success
was nut great, but the aru.iW success, ah.
9 iitW L
The W.B.Reduso Corset
IS a boon for large women the ideal garment fot over
'devdoped figures requiring special restraint. It not only
restrains the tendency to over-fieshinen, but it moulds
the over-developed pro portion into those pleating, graceful
outlines, hitherto thought to be attainable only by slighter
figures. The particular feature of this model is the apron
over the abdomea and hips, boned in such a minuet as to
give the wearer absolute freedom of movement.
Reduso Style 75 O for tall uxU-deottoped
figvrtt. Made of a durable
supporters front and sides. Siza
ReduiO Style 760 for tbort uxll-JevelopeJ
figurtt. Made of whke and
front and sides. Sizes 24
S77-9 Broadway
New York
It waa splendid. From here we go to St.
Paul, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and then to
New York. Many of the compeny sail on
the Deutschland for the old country on
May S. Borne have engagements In London,
Paris, Berlin.
"No, It Is not a rest, for we are no sooner
through with one season till we are already
with both feet In the next one.
Monkey House Affair Damnable.
"Caruso? Ah, he Ib the Jolllest, nicest,
most agreeable fellow one could meet. He
Is unpretentious, childlike almost. With
the great singers we always have trouble.
Not so with Caruso. He does what he can.
Makes no pretense. Has no peculiarities.
He is a great caricaturist and draws hun
dreds of pictures Just for his own amuse
ment. "That Incident In New York at the mon
key house was the most damnable outrage
ever penetrated on any man," declared
M. Goerlltx. striking the table angrily with
his fist. "It was doubly worse, as he was
not acquainted with the Institutions of
America and with the blackmailing
schemes. He knew not enough not to give
hla name to the police. He knew he waa
Innocent and said openly, 'I am Caruso.'
No, he was not guilty. He Is a gentle
Ntt York J n dire Says Articles of
Incorporation Are Kot In
Proper Form.
NEW YORK, April 22,-The application
of Beta Tokakl and others of this city for
a certificate of incorporation of the Na
tional Roosevelt league was denied tori ay
by Justice Blschoff In the supreme court.
The principal object of the proposed or
ganization was "to aid In securing by all
parties and citizens of all parties, Irrespec
tive of political affiliations, the nomination
of Theodore Roosevelt to succeed himself
as president of the L'nlted 8tates."
The petition declares that present political
parties and a large number of public men,
notwithstanding their public professions,
are entirely too much attached to govern
ing the people for a party and by a party,
or of a class for a class and by a class.
It was to this latter portion of the pe
tition that Justice Blschoff took exception.
He took the ground that while these al
legations may lie proper subject fur de
hate they are not proper when placed In
formal articles of Incorporation. He there,
fore refused to affix hla signature to the
document until the Improper matter shall
have been eliminated.
Four White Men Meld at Danville
for Murder of a
Womn n.
DANVILLE. Va.. April 22-Of the six
young white men Joe Baugh, Tom Walker,
Oscar Neatherby, John B. Talbott, Temple
Young and Ieby Weatherford who were
arrested early yesterday In a suburb on
the charge of having murdered Ellen El
liott, a negTeeas about 17 years old, Young
and Wealhertord have been released. It be
ing shown they were not Implicated. The
woman's mutilated body vtss found In a
public road, dressed In men's clothes from
head to foot. Several negToes are being
held as witnesses.
The coroner's Jury will make an Investi
gation today. The police have been unahle
so far to account for the woman's being
atllred In men's clothes, unless It was that
trousers enabled her to drink at public
coun'I in white or drab. Hose
22 to 36. Price, $3.
drab coutil. Hose supporters
to 36. Price. 83.
Careful Observer Expatiates on the Man
with the Curved Wire.
Compares Hlra to the Villain In
the Blol-CnrdllnK Drama
Enacted at the
"How would you like to be a dog
catcher?" asked the Careful Ohserver, as
he kicked a piece of restless cheese Into a
gutter. He was Interrogating the Oldest
Inhabitant, who was at the time trying to
keep his left hand from knowing what his
right hand was doing.
"I could shed red corpuscles for my na
tive heath on the rory thenter of war
meaning the bloody field of battle or 1
could trim the church for an oyster sup
per, under the direction of twenty-five
active members of the Ladies' Aid society,
but I could not discharge such duties as
would entitle me to draw the d'g cntcher'8
pay envelope on Saturday evening. "
The Oldest Inhabitant said nil th;t Hbout
the red corpuscles, new carpet anj pay en
velope. He was speaking his mind. too.
Some would say he was expressing his
deep-seated convictions. Cithers would say,
"I cross my heart and hope to die If It
Isn't so," and then indicate the cardiac
region with the sign of the cross, s the
houso from which Willie was kidnnped was
Indicated in the newspapers down at tl.o
county seat luBt week.
Ills JZyr on Dok Catcher.
The Careful Observer bus been wntchlng
the dog catcher recently In Omaha, and
from the mouths of babes and bnys had
heard harsh things alul this collector of
unlicensed canines. He has seen Utile chil
dren lu such anguish over the lobs of their
dogs that their hearts would be in th
condition referred to by somo writers as
"rent In twain." He has seen the strong
arm of the law In the form of a dog
catcher come between little chlluren and
their dogs. That Is why he asked the Old
'ct Inhabitant if he would care to be the
dog catcher. Continuing, the Careful Ob
server suld In part:
"The dog catcli.-r Is a nen sary evil. Ho
Is In the great drama of everyday life akin
to the villain In the melodrama. The vil
lain In the stage drama gets his pictures
on billboards, has train rich s and s ime
tlmes breaks bread at the same taule with
the vlllalness. The dog catcher leads a
dopged life and catches the mischief wnen
he meets the gang on the corner. You
will note that 'dogged life' an 1 'catr-hus
the mischief rhyme with 'do catcher.'
The dog catcher rushes down the street
and grabs up a little pet ,!og with his
rruel wire. The dog ig the pet of a little
girl who Is at the time tossing In a de
lirium of fever on a sanitary couch. The
little girl's father, who travels for a soup
factory, neglected to jp-t a license tug for
the dog. He loves I. Is daughter, but forgot
the tag. From nut window the little
girl sees the man take her dog.
( nil fur Mamma,
"Pirn calls. '.Mammal'
"The dot? Is taken to the pound and held
for ransom. The dog catcher, who Is al
most buinaa and working fur i.iiu, hoa no
Pi W
FORM 720
IS a corset fot
average fig
tires. Has me
dium bust and!
long hip. Made
of white and
drab coutil.
Hose supporters
on front and
sides. Trimmed
across top with
lace and ribbon.
Sizes 1 8 to 30.
NUF0RM 738
IS an excellent
model for average
figures. Constructed
sectionally, making
the garment fit at all
points, accentuating
the slendcrness of tha
waist line. Bust
moderately high, hips
rrVone. Made of
ported coutil in
- only. Trim
med with lace and
ribbon. Hose sup
porters front and sides.
Sizes 1 8 to 30.
Price, $2.00
S a splendid
corset for me
dium figures
pleasingly free
from any bulky
effect common to)
previous models
of this type. Me
dium high bust
and deep hip, end
ing In an unboned apron
extension. Made of white
and drab coutil. Hose sup
porters front and sides.
Trimmed with lace anJ
Sizes 19 to iO.
-3Ha Price. $1.50
sentiments In the premises. He goes about
his work like a sausago grinder.
"The mother rushes downstairs and telle
a kind-hearted man she meets all that haa
happened and of the Blck little girl on the
sanitary couch.
"The kind-hearted man repeats that
chestnut about, 'Oh, Justice! what Crimea
are committed In thy name!' Then he goes
down to the pound and gets the dog out.
Five years later his son marries she who
was the sick Uttle girl on the sanitary
couch. The little dog was killed by a cir
cus parade."
"Lld the mother thank the kind-hearted
man?" nuked the Oldest Inhabitant.
Answer: "Yes." t
Freeslnn in Texas.
HX. PASO. Tex.. April 22.-The tempera
ture, here fell to 31 degrees last night and
heavy frost covered everything, doing muotl
damage to gardens and fruit. It is tha
coldest April weather In El Paso's history.
Exactly twenty-two yeirs ago the tempera
ture got down to freezing.
(Their Own Prooeaa)
It is transparent so
clear you can read
throunn it.
It lathers freely In all
kinds ol water. For use
in hard water its strong
est point.
Women say there Is
nothing to equal it for
washing the hair.
Made lrom ths whitest,
Surest and best vegeta
Ic oils oils that you
can eat.
It's twice the size and
less than one-half the
cost ol any brand of real
ly good transparent soap.