Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 21, 1907, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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Offico. 10 Pearl
Davis, drugs. !
Storkert sells Carpets
Fine ensrsvlnars Bt Leffert's.
Ed Rogers' Tony Faust beer.
Bee Schmidt's elegant new photos.
Cnatmakers wanted at K. 8. Hick's.
, Plumbing and healing, Blxby & Son.
Iewls Culler, funeral director, 'phone ?7.
. Wondrlng I'ndertuking company. Tel. KW
Watch repairing, O. Mauthe, 2i Wert
II roadway.
Ktigene C'rellln. SIS IJnroln avenue, wan
quarantined yeFterday (or smallpox.
High grade watches, wedding and en
trapment rings. 2it West Broadway, O.
Free A nice water Jug with each II
frame order. C. K. Alexander. 3S3 Broad
way, telephone 2.
J. R. Rurkhardt of Btanberry. Mo., has
succeeded J. M. Murphy as local agent for
tlie Walwsh, the Utter having resigned.
Calloo ball 'given bv "Ladies of the
Maccabees," Thursday. April 2fi. Maecabee
,1U. Whaley'a orchestra. Tick its, 2;c.
The Woman's guild f St. Paul's Episco
pal churvh wilt meet Monday afternoon, at
the rewldiuice of Mrs. D. J. Oatee, 2 South
B.xlh street.
The body of Mlsa Jfine Strahan, who
died Thursday lit Bt, Bernard's hospital,
was taken yesterday by relatives to Pero
ral, la., for burial.
F. H Fnus has relKned as local freight
Agent of the Hoik Island railroad to accept
a, Nisltlon wilh Allen Bros. In Omaha. Hl
urrruur has not yet betn named.
The memtier of Council fluffs aerie of
limit will nici-t this afternoon at 1 :S
o'clock at their hnll to attend the funeral
or tho Ute lr. Mds C. Clirlstnuwn.
David Steinberg of Hazel Dell township
mode $15 ycaterday by slatighterlmt a lull
grown wolf ar.d live cubs. Steinberg
brought In the scalpa to Ounty Auditor
Chcyne. .
Dr. W. W. Mag.-irrcll, who has had charge
for three yents of the optical department
lit K. I(Tert s, will open an exclusive
optical and grinding plant at 10 Pearl street
on May V
,' Otis- Dickinson, the young man charged
with obtaining li.ft) worth of cut flowers
from tho WlleoX greenhouse by falae pre
tences, wan discharged yealerday by Judge
Hnyder fh pollco court. .
:' I can furnish A No, 1 diamonds, the clear
est watat . color, tut to sharp edges, no
flat itnd nt flawl. A tllumond cut to aharp
edges gives more reflection than one witti '
flat edisna. O. Ma utile, iz W. Broadway.
, Arthurf I..' Purdy. adru(glst tf Naola,
. in,, has filed In the federal court here u
Voluntary- petition In bankruptcy. He
schedules Ms' at .9u9.04, with
arweta constating of 81W worth of house
hold hvk1 claimed as. exempt.
' The women of the Associated Churttles
Will hold their annual" tir Wednesday.
Thursday and Friday of this week In tho
basotnent tf Hunter's store.- They will nls
Se.rve lunchmm and dinner. The proceeds
will lie devoted to the . building fund for
pie new ereoho oh Bnat llerce street.
Mrs. Tt H. Deems, aged (91 years, died
yeaterday afterpoon at her home, 36 North
Seventh afreet,- from heart trouble, after
an Illness pf three years. Two daughters,
Mrs. Flora. Bergon' and Miss Ada Deems,
of thin city, and two aorta, Frank Deems
of Chicago and A. E. Deems of Omaha,
Survive her: The funernl will be held Mon
day afternoon at 3 o'clock from the resi
dence. ., "Ro-Ktir" Moantlnii gave Money.
' Do your glasses fall off, keeping you
constantly buying new lenses? If ao you
want our new "So-Easy" eyeglass mount-
- Ing. It has. all tho advantage and the
Safety of of spectacles, maintaining
rh -rigid, position' of' the lenaea that gives
eomf ort ,v9 th wearer. .-.The lenaea . being
i : connected by a alender hand of. gold rnakes
the glassed procttcHlly' Invisible, thu mdd
tng to. the looka of the wearer; 'pall "and
talk, to our optician1 about them;" . We make
a ' generous allowance for old mountings
exchanged. Deffert. Popular Jeweler and
Optician, 409 Broadway. ,
- Lac curtains. Btockert Carpet Co.
Real Rstate Transfers.
These transfer were' reported to The
Be April 20 by the Pottawattamie County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
John E. Cook ct al. to Joshua Alston.
wV of aw1, fractional, and neVj of . .
of awa of bW4- fractional, 31-75-40.
- w. d 9.300
A, W. Kolptn and wife to C. H. Unn,
lot i, block S3 Mullln'a subdivision
' to Council Bluffa. la., w. d 800
Horace E. GVuld to Anna M. Holmes,
' lots 1. 2 and 3, blwk , MornlngBide
addition to Council Bluffs, la., w. d.. 600
I. A. Boren, trustee, et al. to Cornelius
j H. Boren, part of nw of swV, 1-
' :-, deed.i 0
Frank Mohat and wife to Dorena EX
Oakley. t of nw4 of ao of w4
' bWi-41 wT d S3
Bmeet FX Hart and wife to Robert
I. Mainn. lot -13. block 2R, Central
subdivision to Council Bluffs, la.,
w. d no
P. C. De Vol and wife to Ernest Et
Hart, incorporated all my interest
in and to lot 11, Aud'a subdivision of
: lot 6, block 6, Mynater-a addition,
and Work 1. Bayllsa' addition to
OuunuU Bluffs, la., . C d 1
Clarence E. Comstock and wife to
Oeorge t Co.. sltW feet of lot t, block
. 6. Steele, and W. Woods- eubdlvlsloo
of lot t, Kttat Omaha, w. d 1
' H. O. McUee and wife and J. Fl F.
McUee to Anna M. Holmes, lota 1,
2 and S, block S, Mnrnlngslde addi
tion to Council Bluffs, la., q. p. d 1
Alexander Gilbert to George R. Phelpa
and E. 1 Bhugart, lot 8. block la.
' Central Bubdlvlslrm, and lot I, block
- 7. and lot 6. block 4. Mullln'a sub
division to Council Bluffs, la.,
4. e. d 1
Jjertnard Welgand to Frank Wergand
et a., lot 6, block 13. Kverett'a addl
i tton. and lota 1 and t Williams' sub
division of Mill lots. Council Bluffs,
la-.'W. d 1
Eleven tranafera, total $11,280
A Comparison.
Consider the email yard In your home
town, then think of two yards containing
on an average about 0 times aa much
" atoek. then you will aea why w can make
such a difference In price to you by buying
a straight car of lumber, instead of a
; mixed car as your local dealer must d0.
Of course, you are not In the lumber
, business and do not reallae the advan-
tage we have over him, but If vou will
'mall ua an Itemlied bill of what you
wish, we will eurprlae you. C Hafer
'Lumber Co.
. Wash Maehlao Specials.
All klnde, from 88 60 to $17.60. Ask to Bee
, the One Minute Washer, price 810. The
easiest runnlrg washer made. J. Zoller
Mer. Co.. 100-loe-106 Broadway. Phone 830.
'Scavenger Work
- I haul dead animals, 81.00 per head.
Garbage, aches, manure and all rub
bish; lou vaults and cesspool. All
work done is guaranteed
Calls promptly attended to.
Ind Phone 1!-' V Hell Rod 1878
rm"-- . ' ... I
t And any Chattel Security at one-half the usual rates.
Twenty years f succesf ul business.
Comer Main and Broadway. Over American Express.
No conneetlcn with Clark Mortgare Co.
nth Miimi M. - "O. . Tm.IT, KgT.
St. Tel. 48.
ecurei' Temporary BeitraJninc Order
Against fire and Police Communion,
Alleges He la the l.eaal Chief of Fire
Drpartmeat and Farther that
Mrholaon, Iloard'n Arpolatee,
la Ineligible.
Aa had been anticipated, the controversy
over the appdntment by the newly cte-
bted Fire and Police commission of Charles
M. Niiholson as chief of the fire depait
nicnt over the head. of R. W. Jones, tho
pirent houd of the cJepartnient, ha
reached the courts. Judge Wheeler yes
terday in district court Issued on the ap
plication of Chief Jonea a temporary in
junction restraining the members of the
Fire and Police commission and Charle
M. Nicholson "from In any way Interfer
Ing with the said plaintiff In the discharge
cf his duties aa chief of the fire depart
ment of Council Bluffs and from In any
way attempting to take from the plaintiff
the possession of the property of the said
fire department and the said Charles Nich
olson from attempting to act os chief of
sold fire department until the further order
of the court in tua premises." -
The hearing on the application for a
temporary Injunction won set for Satur
day, April :7. by Judge Wheeler. This
order. It Is taken, win act as an eatoppel
to the city council approving, even If it de
sired to do ao, the bond of Nlchrdson. which
has already been filed with the city clerk.
In the petition filed yesterday by counsel
for Chief Jones. aCter .reciting the facts
of his election by the city council to the
position of chief of the fire department
at the regular mnntlng In April, 190ft. "from
date or until his successor Is elected and
qualMled," it Is alloged that the Fire and
Pi lice commission acted without authority
or warrant of law In appointing Charles
M. Nicholson chief of the fire department
while the plnintlff was the duly qualified
and acting chief of tho department.
The petition further recites that at the
time of' the making of the appointment
Charles Nicholson wns not a member of
the fire department, nor had ho been sub
mitted to any examination na required by
law, nor had the examination of the said
Nicholson been held, by the said Board of
Fire and Police commissioner, and that
at the tlmo of the making of such ap
pointment. Charles Nicholson was not
eligible to appointment as chief of the
fire department.
The petition also recltea that Nicholson
has filed a bond in the sum of S2.O0O and
that the same will be submitted to the
city council at Its meeting next Monday
night, for approval, and that In the event
said 'bond is approved, It Is the intention
of the Fire and Police commission to in
sist and demand that the plaintiff sur
render to Charles Nicholson all of the
property and control of the fire depart
ment. State Senator C. O. Saunders, who has
been retained fea counsel ' bit' Fire Chief
Jonen and who helped to pass the law
tindor which the Fire and Police commis
sion of thin city la supposed to be acting,
contends- that Jonea la not only chief of
the fire department, but that the members
of. the commission have laid . themselves
liable to prosecution foy violation of the
law. He said "Every member of the com
mission Is liable to prosecution for viola
tion, and if convicted, T, a fine of J100 or
thirty days In Jail. The law requires that
they name the chief of the Are department
from the department Itself, but they havt
seen fit to appoint a man from the outside.
They have also violated their own ruli
fixing the age limit for admission to the
fire depnrtnient at 40 years."
Mr. Saunders Also has serious doubts If
the commission was legally appointed as
the law providea that two of its members
ahall be named, "aa far as practicable,"
from the dominant party at the preceding
municipal election. The republican party
dominated the last city election, but Mayor
Macrae deemed It fit to appoint two demo
crats on the commission, while there were
several hundred republicans ready and will
ing' to serve.
Plumbing, steam and gas fitting, furnace
and sheet metal work, galvanized Iron cor
nice, skylight, tin roofing, gutter, spouting
and repairing. Green and Norfolk furnacea.
First-class mechanics In all branches.
Both telephones No. 0. 1SS West Broad
way, Council Bluffa la.
LOST A atrlng of dull gold beads, be
tweent Second street and Merrlam block.
Return to Bee office and receive reward.
Maeel, the le Cream Mm,
Has remodeled his Ice cream plant and
has Installed new machinery, which haa
doubled the capacity for the manufacture
of Ice cream. The new process Improvea
the quality of goods 60 per cent.
6c bricks on sale every day.
Quart bricks, all flavors. Latest flavor In
Ice cream, Icea, sherbert and punch, apply
ing to the pure food law. Just received a
new line of the latest Individual moulds.
Special prices made to dealera. Write for
our 1907 prices. Council Bluffs, la. Both
'phones 364.
Llrensea to wed were Issued yesterday to
the following:
Name and Residence. Age.
El win Shonqulst. Host Omaha 21
Minnie Vlllard, East Omaha Is
A. M. Williams. Council Bluffs R
Keren Pupa, Council Bluffs 2s
Give us your order for that aprlng car
pet. We do the rest aew, lay and Ct It
right to your room. D. W. Keller, 103 S.
Main. '
Oreatest Ice savei on the market the
Alaska refrigerator. Petersen Schoe
nlng. National Hoard Rsriatnnl.
Captain Greene of the Dodge Light guards
has been advised by Adjutant Oeneral
Thrift that the annual encampment of the
Iowa National guard will be held August
5 to 13. Inclusive on the state grounds near
Des Molnea.' The four reglmenta of the
Iowa National guard will en; amp tl,r at
the same time. This will be the first time
that the four reglmenta have been ss
aenibled alnce the breaking out of the
Spanish-American war. when they were In
camp together at Des Molnea.
West Ena Lasr
Yes, we have 8no nice, high, level lota
very desirably located, for all classes of
people doing business or employed In either
Omaha or Council Bluffa
Contemplated Improvements In the vicin
ity will double the valuea within fifteen
months. Buy now and the profit Is youra
We can give you a single lot or a block
of lots together If desired.
Get your friends to Join you and form a
new neighborhood of your own choice,
A few houses also for sale on the easy
payment plan.
Prices are light and the terms of pay
ment will be made to suit your purposes.
Call and let ua show you. C. C Clifton
Company, KK Broadway, Co. Bluffa Bc4a
'phones TBI.
The latest patterns In carpets. Stockert
Carpet Co.
Susdsr Services.
First Congregational Church. Dr. Otter
beln O. Smith, Pastor Morning service at
10:3", vespers at 6 o'clock, no 7:80 service,
Sunday achool noon, midweek service
Wednesday evening at i, Young Men's
Fortnightly club Monday evening. Hon.
Walter I. Smith will address the club.
Morning subject, "The Unity of the
Bplrlt;" vesper message. "The Pure In
Heart." Special music morning and even
ing. First Presbyterian Church, Rev. Marcus
P. McClure, Minister 10:30 a m. preaching
service, theme, "Personal Standing in the
Courts of Jehovah." 12 m., Bible school;
4 p. m., intermediate Christian Endeavor
society; 6:30 p. m.. Toung People's service,
"Wise Ways to Read Wise Books," Mr.
Millard Hoagland, leader; 7:30 p. m., even
ing worship, theme. "Ocean Currents and
Life Currents;1; midweek service Wednes
day. 7:30 p. m. At the morning service Mr.
Barton will sing "Thou Faithless Man," by
Helxey, and In the evening "The Way of
Peace," by Lloyd.
First Christian Church, , Rev. J. A. Mc
Kenzle, Pastor Bible school, 8:45 a. m.;
preaching, 11 a. m., subject, "The High
Calling of God;" Endeavor society at 7
p. m.; preaching, 8 p. m., subject. "Ark a
Type of the Church," chart. Revival ser
vices will begin at the West. Side Christian
church Tuesday evening, conducted by the
pastor of the First church, music under
the direction of Dr. L. L. Poston. We hope
to organize a church in that part of the
city. .
Rev. Mr. Burkhart of Illinois will preach
at 11 a. m. and 7:31 p..m. at the People's
Vnlon church at Thirty-fifth and Avenue
B. Tho church Is considering extending
a call tO( Rev. Mr. Burkhart as pastor and
therofo-e a good attendance is desired.
Second Presbyterian church. Rev. Grant
B. Wilder, minister. Morning worship at
10:ro. subject, "Christ. Our Lord; Incarna
tion." Sabbath achool at Vi:05 p. m. Trmng
Feople's society at 7 p. m. The evening
service will be at S p. m., with a special
sermon to young men.
Rev. Luther M. Kuhns of Omaha, na
tional secretary of the Luther League of
America, will occupy the pulpit at the
morning service at 11 o'clock at 8t. John'a
English Lutheran church, when his sermon
subject will be "Tho True and the False."
In the evening at I the pastor, Rev. G. W.
Snyder, will preach, taking as his subject
"Sorrows and Rejoicing.". Sunday school
will be at 9:46 a. m. and young people's
meeting at 7:18 p. m.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, will hold
services at 11 a nt. In the auditorium of
the public library building, when the aub
Ject will be "Probation After Death." Sun
day school will be at 12:15 p. m. and
the regular midweek testimonial meeting
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
At the Broadway Methodist church there
will he preaching services at 10:30 a. in.
and 7:45 p. in. The pastor. Rev. James
O'May. will taV:e aa the aubject of hU
morning sermon "Prayer," and of his even
ing address, "Temperance." Class meeting
will be at 10 a. m.; Bible school at noon
and Epworth league meeting at 6:45 p. m.
There will be special music by the choir
and orcheatra at both morning and even
ing services.
St. Paul's Episcopal church. Rev. H. W.
Starr. Rector Holy communion at 8 a. m.,
morning prayer and aermon at 10:30 a m-.
Sunday achool at noon, and evening prayer
and aermon at 8 o'clock.
Rev. Carl, Dauel, formerly of Cincinnati,
O., will preach at the I'nion Mission,
Broadway and Twelfth street, this after
noon at S o'clock.
Always Something; New.
Tou have no Idea what we carry In the '
wall paper line until you call and aee. Tour
time will be well paid for. We are always i
glad to show you the latest patterns.
whether you buy or not. Onr latest pat
terns are the peacock. Very beautiful for
the dining room. The Wellington & Son
nely, for the parlor. For the sitting room, i
the Balinar pattern Is just the thing. If
j yan want a hall pattern, get the beautiful
alpine rose, sonnely or Badlvlne patterns.
The patterns are all the latest. H. Bor
wlck, 211 8. Main St.
Matting and window shades at Stockerta.
Sew Mabta Satisfactory.
Mayor Macrae and several of the council
men Inspected the newly Installed Incan-
I descent lights In the Second ward which it
j is proposed will take the place of . the four
; arc llghta In the tower at the corner of
Broadway and Eighth atreet. Four lncant
I descent llghta take the place of each arc
lamp, making sixteen lights which have
been distributed on North Eighth, Ninth,
Tenth, Mynster and Mill streets and Wash
ington avenue. At the. Intersection of
Broadway and Eighth street an are light
has been installed. The new arrangement
was approved by the city officials and la
aald to be satisfactory to the residents of
that section of Councilman Maloney'e
! bailiwick. It la understood Councilman
Maloney Is planning for the installation of
incandescent lights to take the place of arc
lamps on the Oakland avenue tower.
Councilman Smith I also making similar
plans for the Fifth ward.
Here to Stay.
We are dally receiving new lots of shoes
and are eelllng them at our usual low
prices. Duncan Shoe Co.
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 250. Night L-4S
For Sale Rope portieres. Stockert
Carpet Co.
Matters In District Coart.
Arguments In the long drawn out suit of
Ernst Slegeman agolnat tha Council Bluffs
Savings and the Crawford County State
bank were concluded before Judge Wheeler
In district court yesterday. The result of
the case la being watched with more than
ordinary Interest by bonkers. The quaatlon
Involved Is the liability for a check which
the plaintiff drew on a bank In Buck Grove,
la, which failed before the check reached
Judge Wheeler rendered his decree in the
Casson will case. A large estate was In
volved and the court held that tKa widow
Is entitled to a third of all the property
Involved In the- controversy and that the
nine heirs were entitled each to two twenty
sevenths of the estate. As the property
cannot be divided into the various portions,
the court ordered It sold. M. B. Sturgeon,
William Lewis and Frank Ouren were ap
pointed to appraise and T. J. Turner, Wal
lace Benjamin and J. ML Kelly named ns
referees to sell the property. The reoelpts
of the sales as made are to be held subject
to the order of the court.
Phoebe Moomaw was granted a divorce
from Phillip Moomaw, to whom she was
married November 9, 1S92, on the grounds of
cruel and Inhuman treatment.
On account of the heavy work of the
terir! of court here. Judge Thornell will
adjourn court at Glenwood Wednesday and
come here to assist Judge Wheeler for the
remainder of the week.
Before getting your upholstering, mat
tresa making, repairing and refinlshlng
done, get the prices of the Morgan Vp
holsterlng Co., 181 .Broadway, next to
Alexander's art store. Tel. for quick or
ders. Bell, 398; Ind. 870 red.
Buy the Jewell gas or gasoline stove.
They are the safest. Petersen It Schoenlng.
Petersen 4V Bchoenlng sell matting.
Club F.ntertalnmenta a Featare of the
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cass left Monday aft
ernoon for an extended trip to Colvllle,
Mr. John Young of Enrlvllle, la., Is a
guest at the home of his son. Mr. J. S.
Young, 817 Avenue A.
Mrs. B. L. Duquette, 307 Glen avenue, will
entertain the members of the Glen Avenue
"6o" club Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Brldensteln, 211 Tenth ave
nue, have as their guest their daughter,
Mrs. Charles E. Tyson of Sedalla, Mo.
Mr. Fred Rice of Bancroft, Neb., a stu
dent at Bellevue, was the guest of his uncle.
Dr. N. J. Rice, of this city, during the
last week.
Miss Laura Robinson and Miss Laura
Matthews entertained at an informal ken
slngton Saturday afternoon at the home of
Miss Robinson. 70 Mill street.
Dr. T. B. Lacey and Mr. Henry Atkins
left Friday to be present at the formal
opening of the Jamestown exposition, after
which they will make an extended trip
through the south.
Mrs. James Gordon of Valley Junction,
la., who haa been the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beebe, 81l Seventeenth
avenue, left Friday for a trip to Colorado
Springs and other Colorado points.
Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Gleason have returned
from a three months' trip In the south.
During their trip they visited In Texaa and
Old Mexico, and on their return tr1 they
visited for a week with relatives in Kansas.
Miss Bessie Qulnn entertained about
thirty of her little friends Thursday after
noon at a six-course dinner at her home,
3M Oakland avenue. Games proved an en
joyable feature of the remainder of "the
Mra. B. M. Sargent, 817 Second avenue,
entertained the Euchre club at her home
Friday afternoon. Mrs. Casady won the
club prize and Mrs. Shermon the guests
prlie. A dainty luncheon was served at
the close of the game.
Mr. Millard C Dunngan and Miss Zello'
Van Horn, both of this city, were united
In marriage Wednesday evening at the
home of the bride. 31ti Sherman avenue.
Rev. James O'May officiating, In the pres
ence of only Immediate frienda and rela
tives. .
Mrs. Katherlne Hnnn of Minneapolis,
Minn., formerly of this city, spent Thurs
day with friends here and In Omaha, while
on her way to Salt Lake City, where ah
will visit her daughter. Mrs. Dr. Tyndall.
Her grandadughter. Miss Marguarate Holll
day, accompanied her.
Mr. Ralph Guy Edwnrds of this city and
Miss Elsie Marie Ebersole of Des Moines,
la., ' were united In marriage Wednesday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mra. T.
C. Leffert, Oil Fourth street. Rev. O. W.
Snyder officiating. Only Immediate rela
tives and friends were present.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Rlgdon and Mr. and
Mrs. 0. L. Etnyre entertained the mem
bers of the "6o0" card club Thursday even
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Etnyre,
30i( North Second street. The evening
was spent at cards, dainty refreshments
being served at the close of the game.
The Proto Card club was entertained
Tuesday afternoon by Mra Adoph Beno,
2s Frank street. The afternoon waa spent
at high five, Mrs. Harry Bchnililt being
awarded the first prize and Mrs. McCready
the second prize. Light refreshments were
served at the close of the game. Mrs. Pea
cock of Perrln avenue win be the hostess
of the club Tuesday afternoon.
The C. M. L. club waa entertained
Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Frank
Knetat, "33 Mill stree. The afternoon was
spent at six-handed high five, Mrs. Jack
Hughes, receiving the prize for. the highest
score and Mrs. Hummel the "cut for all"
prize. After the awarding of prlzea dainty
refreshments were served. Mra Hubert
Tlftley will be the hostess of the club
May L
The Economical Card club was enter
tained Friday afternoon at the home of
aire. C. H. Gilbert. 1104 Fifth avenue. The
afternoon was spent at high five, Mrs.
Bliss receiving the first prl2e and Mrs.
Roberts the second prize. Light refresh
ments were served at the close of the
game. Mrs. Hitchcock. :M Washington
avenue, will entertain the club Friday aft
ernoon. ,
The high school cadets gave a moat en
joyable hop Friday levening at the Dodge
Light Guard armory. There were 100
couples present. The hall was prettily
decorated In the high achool colors, red and
blue. Whaley's orchestra furnished a long
program of dances, and refreshments were
served during the evening. The grand
march was led by Miss Nellie Stevens and
Captain Richards of the cadets.
The Klatter Klub was- entertained Fri
day afternoon by Miss Cherrle Wells, 134
Park avenue. The afternoon was spent at
six-handed euchre, three tablea being used.
Mrs. Robert Thelnhardt received the prlae
for the highest score, Mrs. Robert Wallace
the "twenty" prize and Miss Ethel Good
man the guests' prise. After the game re
freshments were served. The club will be
entertained Friday afternoon by Mlaa Mir
rlon Tyler, 641 Sixth avenue.
The Fiorodora Card club, together with
their husbands, were entertained Monday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. K
Dawson, S07 Third avenue. The evilng
was spent at high five, prizes being won by
Mr. McCune, who received the first prize,
and Mra. John C. Small the apcrmH r.ri ,
After the game dainty refreshments were
, served. The club will I entertained, to-
fiether with their husbands. Thursday even
ng at the home of Mr. and Mra. Ed MullL
' gun, 630 Washington avenue.
The members of the ways and meana
: committee of the Edmundaun hospital man
i agement entertained at a card party
Tuesday evening In the armory. There
were H) guests present, twenty-five tables
being used at cards. Mrs. McAfee won the
; first women's prize. Mrs. Henshaw the
second and Mrs. Mills the consolation prize.
Mr. Tlella won the men's first prize, Mr.
Renard the second and Mr. True the con
solation prize. Refreshments were served
i at the close of the game.
The Tueaday History club met Monday
afternoon at the home of Mra John Akers,
' 41 North Seventeenth street. Mrs. J J
Cooper acted aa leader. The topic of the
! afternoon waa "Naplee," of which Mrs.
I Walter Joseph gave an interesting sketch.
, Mrs. E. C. Smith OCCUOied the r.m.lnH.,
of the afternoon with a description of
Italy and Naples, having returned but a
short time ago from Italy. The club will
meet April 30 at the home of Mra. Flem
mlng on Oakland avenue.
The members of tha Book Lovers' club
met Wednesday afternoon at the borne of
Mra. F F. True, J6 Second avenue, the
topic of discussion being "Elizabeth Bar
rett Browning." "Her Home" and
Womanhood'' waa discussed by Mrs Til
ton. Mrs. A. P. Hanchett gave a akaUh
on Marriages" and Mrs. Otln gave a read
ng. Mrs. Clem Kimball gave an interest
ing sketch from "Aurora Leigh." Mra
Dally had charge of the current eventa.
The club will meet Wednesday afternoon
at the home of Mra. True, the topic of
discussion being "William Morris."
wMr..1,"r,"'(, CI"", eon of Mr. and
Mrs. William C1sn. Sii guth Twri;ty-ufl
sireet, and Miss Evallne P. Cooper Edger
ton. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K C
Edgerton. 2 Franklin avenue, were united
In niurrlage Wednesday afternoon at 8
o clock by Rev. James Wise of the Episco
pal church of South Omaha. The ceremony
was performed at the home of Ruv Mr
Wise. Immediately after the wedding the
young couple repaired to the t'nlnn station
In South Omaha, where thev were met by
a party of friends from thia cltv. In the
party were Mr. and Mrs. L H Orer fm
merly of this city; Mrs. R C. Edgerton. the
bride s mother; Miss Abble Eitgrrtun sister
of the bride; Mrs. Fred (issna. Miu' Mabel
t leans, Miss Velma Peck and Mr Perry
Honnock Mr. and Mrs. ClsMna went to
Orand Island. Neb., where fur the present
they will make their borne Mr. Clsana U
In the employ of the Cnlon Pacific Railroad
c.mpau. niaklng his headquarters at
Grand Island. Both the UUi and arooui
ar well kuuwu young feoi. of tM cu.
Oufcitrit Short Tbrtj TLetsaud anl Girts
H:mielf Uo to Sheriff.
Railway Commission Aannnnees that
After Hearings It Will Pat la
m Scheaale of Jolat
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DBS MOINES. April 20.-(Speclal.) State
Bank Examiner Leland Windsor Is In
charge of the Farmers' and Drovers' State
bank of Seymour, la., and the cashier, Le
Roy Ware, is short something like 840,000.
Ware offered to give himself up to the
sheriff at Corydon before the shortage waa
known. Bank Examiner Windsor was In
the city before the bank cloned Its doors
because of an apprehension that the con
dition of the bank waa not good. There
haa been a report at Seymour that Ware
attempted to commit suicide, but ho veri
fication of the stnry could be had. Aaron
Evans in president of the bank and he
authorised the statement today that the
depositors of the bank would lose nothing
and that the bank would reopen Its doors
ss soon aa the examination could be com
pleted. On the examination of neighboring hanks
which showed that the Seymour bank had
been borrowing heavily and because of
there being no record In the Seymour
bank of such loans the suspicion of Bank
Examiner Windsor was aroused last Thurs
day and he left at onee for Seymour to
make another examination there. He
reached the hank Friday morning and
Cashier Wore left for Corydon, where he
gave himself up to the sheriff. The sheriff
at first refused to take him Into custody,
claiming that he had no authority. He
was later taken Into custody.
The bank has a capitalisation of 880.000.
It was examined by the state examiner
January 2A and at that time showed de
posits of 8100.037.74. The books showed a
clean record with the exception of heavy
overdrafts, which aroused no suspicion be
cause such are common at thla time of
the year. It was the subsequent examina
tion of other hanks that led to the sus
picion of the Seymour bank.
Clarloa Attorney Selected.
Attorney Rogers of Clarion, In Wright
county, has been selected ns the assistant
United States district attorney for north
ern Iowa, to succeed Mr. Cain of Dubuque,
who has held the position for many years.
Mr. Rogers is a young man and the espe
cial friend of Congressman BlrdeaTl.
Mlsa Xoasrhlln Remains,
Miss Anna Loughlin, the Indianapolis
High school girl who ran away from home
because of some notoriety raised by an
"affair" there, is at the Klrkwood hotel
here with her mother. In order to escape
the notoriety ehe will probably not return
to Indianapolis, but will go to some acad
emy for glrla
Mast I'ae Telearaph.
The state railroad, commission today de
cided that notice of accidents under tho
new law must be by telegraph to the secre
tary of the commission. The law provides
that when a wreck occurs on a road the
officials must notify the commission and
the governor at once. The commission de
cided today that this must be by telegraph
In order that an investigation may be mado
at once.
Officers Elected.
Before adjourning the state convention of
the Sons of the American Revolution passed
resolutions condemning the state legislature
for Its refusal to paa appropriation for
erecting monuments over the gravea of
revolutionary soldiers buried In the state.
Officera were elected as follows:
President Wlllard Secor. Forest City.
First Vice President S. R. Hutchlns, Des
Second Vice President George C. Ken
neoy. Waterloo.
Treasurer F. B. Clark. Ottumwa.
Secretary E. D. Hadley, Dea Moines.
Registrar-Historian E. H. Hazen. Des
Chaplain Rev. D. R. Dungan, Dea Molnee.
Additional Managers J. B. Collins, Des
Moines; George D. Rowe, Boone; Elijah
H. Lewis, Chariton; E. D. Hamlin, Dea
Delegates to National Congress st Denver
General J. Rush Lincoln. Ames; E. H.
Hazen, Des Moines; H. B. Hswley, Des
Moines; J. W. Richards, Waterloo; W. S.
Dungan, Charlton: B. H. Hlbbard, Amea
Alternates G. C. Kennedy, Waterloo;
J. B. Collins, Des Moines: M. W. Blair,
Medlapolls; H. H. Rood. Mount Vernon;
George Currier, Btorm I.ake; C. 8. Hunter,
Des Molnee; J. G. Gardner, Dea Molnea;
H. W. Grout, Waterloo.
Commission Will Fla Rates.
The railroad commission today let It be
understood that It would put In a schedule
of Joint rates as soon as proper hearings
had been given. The statement from the
commission Is brought out bv the report
that certain trunk line railroads have de
cided to put In a joint rate achedule of 80
per cent of the two locals. The commission
let It be known today that ths railroads
would not be allowed to fix tha maximum
reasonable ratea.
Grand ltery.
3. W. and Elmer E. Mlnnlck, proprietors.
824 South Main. Both 'phones 172.
The grandest opportunity ever known
for saving money on high claaa planoa has
brought many buyers to A. Hospe Co., 28
South Main St., Council Bluffa
Steamboat on Band Bar.
ONAWA, la., April 20. (Special. ) The
Decatur, Neb., and Onawa, la, steam ferry
boat runnlrg acroea the Missouri river
met with an accident Monday that put It
out of business for tha present and it now
lies on a sandbar. Whils crossing the river
control of the boat was lost, owing to a
break In the machinery, and the boat
drifted down the river about tour miles,
lodging on a bar, where all effors to re
move It were unsuccessful until Wednes
day, when the Albaton, la., ferryboat waa
brought down the river, about twenty-five
miles, and managed to transfer the Onawa
atage and two teams that were on the
boat. The boat could not be budged, how
ever, and as the river la falling prospects
for getting the boat off the sandbar are
not favorable. The weather thla week can
be easily remembered, and Adam Beet, tha
mall carrier, says If there la any colder
spot than the windswept sandbars of the
J Miraourt liver he will have to be shewn.
I It was a terror. About two years ago
the ferryboat had a similar experience,
but the weather was warm than. The
United States mail carrier alwaya haa a
lively experience at this crossing; and takes
aa many chances aa a man In battle.
Iowa Workman Killed.
SIOUX CITY, la., April ll.-(Speclal Tele
gram. The falling of a heavy stone at
the site of the new First Presbyterian
rhurch precipitated O. Johnson, a work
man, twenty feet, broke hla neck and killed
him this morning.
Missouri river ice, pure, solid, the very
best. Servlca prompt; obliging drlvera
Co. Bluffs Coal and Ice Co. 'Phone T2.
Former lowan Killed.
ONAWA. la, April 20. -(Special.) George
Bordner, a former Onawa resident' and
well-known farmer, who moved to Co
manche, Okl., about six years ago, was
shot and killed by a neighboring farmer
last week while at work fixing a fence be
tween the two farms by J. T. Morris. De
tails or the affair are meager at present.
II ll Bordner, father, and Warrna Kord-
1 11 aLS
Ths great ralnea and saay terms that ws offer
bars aaads this store almost lesp into popularity.
Ws bars already opsaed over oas thousand Bo
counts. The great snooesa that we have enjoyed
alnoe onr opening shows ns that .ths people appre
ciate ear low prleea, good enemies and vary
sasy terms. We make the furnishing of a boms
aa easy matter.
n Squire
V a is
la riala
BB84BB Constructed of solid
oak, large,- roomy drawers, French
bevel plate mirror, brass trim
mlnga These dressers are well
w-orto $15 our
1.00 per Month
otrm EAST
Ob a bUl of
80, BOo per
week er 99
per month.
On a bill
of (100, l
er week or
too per
Fold com
pactly, reg
ular 84 val.,
our price
If -" sv
1315 -IT-19 FARNAM ST.
ner, a brother, are well-known farmers of
Monona county, living near Blue lake.
Both attended the funeral.
Parmer, While Insane. Takea His Life.
ONAWA, la., April 20. (Special Tele
gramsChrist Robinson, a farmer living
four miles south of Turin, committed sui
cide today while Insane by hanging him
self In his barn. A telephone message
had been sent the sheriff asking that he
be taken Into custody, but the set was
committed before the arrival of an of
ficer. Robinson owned a 200-acre farm,
having moved from Harrison county about
a year ago. -
Mlasoavl Oak Wood.
Chunks and split wood, large ricks, at
,81.60. Brldensteln A Bmlth, 14th Ave. and
th Bt. Both phones 181.
Mnrder and Salelae at Bedford.
OTTUMWA, la., April 20. Because he
thought his brother had gained the affec
tions of Mrs. Sallls Morgan, to whom both
had been paying attention, Ovltt Thompson
Of Bedford, Ia today shot and killed the
woman, mortally wounded Roscoe Thomp
son and committed suicide. The woman
bad been separated from her husband' for
some time. When pvltt found his brother
and Mrs. Thompson together he began
Need any lace curtains T Before you
buy better come In and see us. We want
to surprise yon In price and quality. D.
W. Keller, nt & Main.
Iowa Hews Notes.
ONAWA Swift and Company's butter
and egg packing house at Onswa took In
30 000 eggs Tuesday, and on Wednesday
paid out over 83.000 for butter and eggs.
About twelve men are employed and trade
la drawn from fifty and sevenly-nve miles
on the three railroad llnea. At present
they are doing a land office business.
ATLANTIC Bay Cornell, a young man
who resides in Atlantic but who Is tesch
Ing achool In Grove township, has been
arrested by a psrent of one of his pupils
for assault. It la alleged that the teacher
struck the girl In the mouth while she
was climbing out of a window; that he
had prohibited the scholars from going
from the room. The sffalr haa divided the
district Into factions and Is causing much
KN OX VILDE Battling heroically to eave
his 8-year-old sister from the flames, Roy
Moon, 8 years of age. stood by aa the
little girl died In terrible aony of her
burns. The child's clothing was ignited by
the flsmes swept by the wind over her
while burning grass In the meadow and the
boy manlfully went io the rescue. With his
bare hands h beat out the fire. The boy s
hands, face and arms are burned, and
while he will live, his wounds are painful.
SIDNET-A singular accident la reported
at the home of William Mathes, a few
raeles east of Sidney. Jamea Mathes. an
8-year-old eon. In his play waa riding a
hog. which ran close to a mule. The
frightened animal kicked at the hog and
struck the boy. fracturing his skull. Dr
Donald McCarl of Council Bluffs was called
In and reports that the boy's chances of
recovery ate very remote. The little boy
had lust returned from his mother's
AFTON Judging from a petition or
pledge that Is being freely signed by the
girls of this town they will forever go
fellowleaa The article sets forth that they
will not keep company with any of the
male sex who use tobarcoMn any form,
gamble or even play cards for fun, drink
any lntoxioatlng liquor, iwmr. dance or
indulge In any form of questionable amuse
ment. In faot It la getting many algners,
auu the boys are luukuig to the movement
with anxious eye.
ATLANTIC Dr H. B. Crawford haa been
arrested la Ites Mulues and put under If")
bond on aft indictment by the Cass county
fury charging him with maintaining a
liquor nuisance here. He and a man by
the name of C. K. Gill came here early
In January and atarted a drug store, run
ning It for three months and then clos
ing up the store and leaving Just before
the grand Jury met. Mra. Llhliie Holland
of the Pullman hotel, who was Indicted
for the same offense, has entered a pica
of not guilty.
SIDNKT Sldney'a newly elected mayor,
Hon. T. 9. Eetes, and the new council,
which waa labeled "progressive' by the!
aupporters, are endeavoring to "'ke good.
A sidewalk grade la to be est ihed Im
mediately, aud permanent walka ordered.
John A. Masters, manager of toe Shen
andoah eleiArtc light plant, was present
LsaflvJ 1
in need of a table, see the golden
oak finish 8-ft. extension table that
we are offering at $4.80. They have
41-ln aquare lops.
rmOIf BEDS Finished In white and
green enamel, thoroughly baked, brase
top rods on head and foot board a
regular $7. BO value, all alzes, " 75
our price
oua rEi dipt orrtB
A handsome present given .free with
every sale. These presents are given
you absolutely free of charge as an
extra Inducement for you to buy here.
It la a part of the liberal plan that
we Inaugurated when we opened our
doors to the people of Omaha and vi
cinity. Ob a bill of 110 a framed ploture.
Ob a bill of fas, a rng.
Ob a bill of f 80, a center table.
Ob a bill of 978, a Morris Chair.
On a bill of 9100, a couch.
Many other valuable presents given
with larger bills.
OOKFI.BTB rOB 969.60. Special offers
to those furnishing their homes com
plete. at the last council meeting to figure on
furnishing the city with electric lights.
It is the Intention either to put in a plant
here or to get the power by wire from
Shenandoah. The latter town now supplies
Essex, seven miles north, with light, and
a plan Is on foot to supply Farragut and
Rlverton on the south, the last named town
being only nine miles from 8idney. This
Is only a part of the program mapped out
by the new administration.
Important Discovery of Immense Vela
of Free Mllllna Ore Nenr
Rorhford, 8. D.
RAPID CITT, S. D.. April 20.-(Speclal.)
One of the most Important discoveries of
gold-bearing ore In tha southern Black
Hills haa recently been made on what Is .
known aa the Crown Lode In Hornblende
Mining district, seven miles west of Roch
ford. In Pennington county, A large vein
of red stained rock forty feet In width
exposed on the surface for a distance of
four hundred feet in length, and cut by
Castle creek at a depth of one hundred
and fifty feet, has been found to be noth
ing less than an Immense vein of free
milling gold ore. The above results have
been obtained from actual measurements
and thorough sampling made upsn the
vein by competent and experienced mining
A cross-cut recently run for eighteen
feet across from the foot-wall, at a point
about 140 feet from the top of the bill,
disclosed to view ore of great richness,
much of it panning free gold, and esti
mated by experienced and disinterested
miners to carry from 810 to 820 per ton, be
sides the concentrates, while the balance
of the vein, twenty-two feet In width, to
the east, pans from 85 to 810.
The vein has every appearance of a true
fissure, with a gouge on the foot-wall
from six to eighteen Inches In v thickness.
The material Is largely quarts, heavily
mineralised with arsenical pyrlte In con
nection with the gold. Large dykes of
dlorlte and trachyte cut the formation In
the vicinity, while porphyry la known to
exist a short distance to the north. No
other veins of this character have ever
been discovered In the district, and thla
may lead to the examination of ledges of
a similar appearance, which have hereto
fore been considered barren and ronae.
quently overlooked, and to the discovery of
large and valuable We bodies. The ore
body on the Crown Lode Is so situated
that at least G0,0"0 tons ran be readily
mined by an open cut like a atone quarry,
before any shaft or tunnel would be
needed. Castle creek, flowing at least 1,000
miners' Inches of water the year round,
cuts the ledge 100 feet deep on the lode.
The fortunate locater of this valuable
deposit la James D. McNIckle of Rochford,
8. D, an old time printer, who is oer
talnly to be congratulated upon the dis
covery made, which haa every indication
of proving of Inestimable value, not only
to the Hornblende dlatrict, but to the en
tire Southern Hills.
All bat Oae Amerleaa Representative
to Tha Haaae Meet Secre
tary Root.
WASHINGTON, April tO.-In response to
a call from Secretary Root, all of tha
American delegates to the second Hague
peace congresa with the exception of V. B.
Rose of Arkansas assembled in the diplo
matic rooms at the State department today
and spent several hours In consultation
with the secretary and Assistant Secretary
Baron relative to their share In the work
of the approaching congresa.
Oeneral Porter and Mr. Choate, who were
appointed last June, already had received
the department's Instructions for the pre
sentation of their rase to the peace con
gress, but the Increase, of the de legs tton
by the addition of Mr. Buchanan, General
Davis and Admiral Sperry and the enlarge
ment of the prospective program male
nereesary a repetition of the old it) 'na
tions and cot mid arable addition tbereUk