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Pic TuBnpiou Eu Sioui at Oil Ksrey
Until th. teteath Innine.
: Dfitei Defeats the Champions aad
Mapotn Takes the Tribe of Seeley
Into a mp Dud Wralhrr
lor Opening.
SiOLX CITY, April 17. In almost a blind
ing niDWiturm Hioux City and Omaha
opened the Wuiern league season lie re to
day to about l.duo fans, the home team
winning by a score of 8 to 4.
Iilg Thomtwon, the ex-National league re
cruit, had the Packers to' the tad with
his awlft shools up to the seventh Inning,
but after that he was found for six hits
in two Innings, which won the game for
. the locals, lie was taken out In the eighth
Inning after the game had been tied up, 4
all. McNeeley was substituted, but before
he oouirt round to he gave a base on bulls
and ailowed three hits, one a two-bagger
by Jarrott, which netted four runs and the
Omaha scored three runs In ,the second
Inning on a single, a two-bapger by Oond
Ing and Sheehan's and Foster's errors. The
other run came In the fifth on two singles
and a stolen hae.
The Omaha hogs played the better field
ing game, but could not bunch hits oft Jar
rott when hits meant runs. 8core:
ab. n. ii. ro. A. E.
Campbell, rf 6 1 3 0 0 0
Haucr. If 6 112 10
Williams, ss 0 0 0 0 1 0
Bheehnn, ss 4 1 0 2 1 1
NoMIt, rf 4 1 1.8 0 0
Weed, Zh 4 1 1 4 6 1
Ppies. 0 4 1 2 6 2 0
Fnster. lb 4 0 1 10 1 1
Granville. 3b 4 1110 1
; Jarrott, p 4 1 1 0 6 0
1 Totals 38 8 10 27 18 4
AB. R. It. TO. A. K.
Belrlen, rf 4 1 1 4 0 0
Hall, na 1 0 0 0 0 0
Franck. ss 3 0 10 11
Autrey, If 4 0 1 4 0 1
Welch, cf 4 0 8 1 0 0
Pnlan. lb 6 0 0 5 0 0
Austin. Sl 4 1 1 1 S 0
, tlrahnm, 2h I 0 0 2 1 0
Uondinit, c 4 1 2 7 0 0
Thompson, p ...4 1 1 0 0 0
McNeeley, p 0 0 0 0 1 0
Totals 36 4 10 24 6 2
Bloux City 0 0 0 9 0 0 1 7 -8
Omaha 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 I
Two-bane hits: Jarrott, ilondlng (2).
Double play: Hheehan to Weed to Foster.
First base on errors: Bloux City, 2; Omaha,
4. Ief t fn buses: Sioux City, 6: Omaha, 7.
. Stolen haws: Weed, Granville, Welch, QrH--hain.
Sacrifice, hits: Franrk, Graham. Bases
on balls: Off Jarrott. 8; otT McNeeley. 1. Hit
by pitched ball: Bheehan. Btruck out: By
Jarrott, 3; by Thompson, 2. Time: 1:54.
Umpires: Glfford and Brennan.
Denver Defeats Champions.
DES MOINKS, la., April 17.-After
Ienver had asHlsted the champions In
raising the championship pennant at the
opening game of the season this afternoon.
7 I- !-
' is ucucr uian toreiyn
Champagnes but costs only
half the price, as it is Ameri
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can made and there is no
duty or ship freight to pay.
. Served Everywhere
! 8 .VStwVMLVJt T
l.ona ror our aisn.
is deUtoue. It's going
fast. Better have us
il send a few ca
11 home. Phone Web 1
sea b
Daily vis Des Moines, New
ton, Grinnell, Iowa City and
Running into La Salle Street
Station, Chicago, nearest the
heart of the city and only one
on the elevated railroad loop.
Omaha Union Depot, or
1523 Farnam St.
that team turned In and wnn the game
by a sore of 3 to I. The game was error
less until the ninth Inning, when boots by
Wheeler and Toman assisted the cham
pions in fVillng the bases, but a double
play by Adams on a line drive from
tffilpke a tt saved the day for the visitors.
it waa a cold, dsrk clay and not at ail
conducive of g'Xid base ball playing.
Oohrfny reiiirerf threw hmlnes t3 get work
ing, and In those three Innings the Qns
(lies made two seores. a lead that lies
Moines could not overcome.
The score:
All K. H. PO. A. E.
Hogrlever. rf 4 0 9 10 0
Andreas. 2b 4 0 3 2 1 0
Prhlpke. 3b ( 0 0 2 4 0
Ix-xter, lb 4 0 0 12 1 0
Corkhlll. cf 4 0 13 10
Yeager, c 4 114 2 0
Woodruff, If 4 0 2 0 0 0
Isrlnger, ss 4 0 2 8 1 0
Uehrlng, p 4 0 10 0
Totals 87 1 10 27 1 . 0
AB. H. II. ro. A. E.
McHale. cf 4 110 0 0
Belden. If 4 13 10 0
Wheeler, lb 4 0 3 11 0 1
Hnhnnnan, rf 8 113 0 0
He, Mirk. 2b 4 0 0 3 1 0
Toman, ss 4 0 0 1 4 1
Moore, 3b 4 0 1110
Zahisky, o 4 0 17 10
Adams, p 8 1114 0
Totals 34 "i U 27 U l
Denver 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0-3
les Moines 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Earned runs: Denver, 8; Des Moines, 1.
Two-bsse hits: Helden, Moore, Zalusky,
Adams. Woodruff. Bases on balls: Oft
Oehrlng, 3: off Adams, 7. Passed ball:
Zfllusky. Struck out: By Oehrlng, 4; by
Adams, 7. Stolen bases: Andreas (2),
Wheeler. Sacrifice hits: Hogrlever, Mo
Hale. Time of game: 1:35. Umpire: Con
ahan. Lincoln Starts with Via.
LINCOLN, April 17.-IJncoIn started the
Western league season with a victory over
Pueblo by a score of 4 to 1. The teams
played In 40 degree temperature and the
spectators shivered In overcoats and wraps,
hut for all that the fielding was fast and
clean. Both Clcotte and Morgan pitched
good ball, but the Lincoln man had much
the better of It, a triple and three singles
being the best the visitors could get. Aside
from a parade of the teams In automobiles
preceding the game there were no features
for the opening day. The score:
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Ketchem, cf 3 12 10 0
Fox. 2b 3 0 0 1 3 0
Fenlon, rf 3 12 110
Davidson. If..-. 4 0 2 1 1 1
Thomas, lb 4 117 10
Gsgnler. ss ,.. 4 1 8 3 0 0
Frost, 3b 3 0 2 0 0 0
Pulllvan. c 4 0 0 12 1 0
Clcotte, p 4 0 0 2 6 0
Totals : 32 4 12 27 13 1
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Cochran, ss 4 0 1 1 8 0
Rvan, 2b 3 0 0 1 3 0
Cook, cf 3 112 0 0
Melchoir. rf 4 0 0 2 1 0
MoGllvray. lb 4 0 1 7 2 1
Klwert. 3b 2 0 0 4 0 1
Higgins. If 8 0.0 0 0 1
Tonnenian, c 3 0 1 6 3 0
Morgan, p 3 0 0 1 0 0
Totals...'. 29 1 4 24 12 3
Lincoln 11000002 4
Pueblo 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
Earned runs: Lincoln, 3 Two-base hit:
Fenlon. -Three-base hits: Ketchem, Cook.
First base on balls: Off Clcotte, 1; off
Morgan, 2. Hit with pitched ball: By Cl
cotte, 1. Struck out: By Clcotte, 10; by
Morgan, 5. J-eft on bases: Lincoln, 6;
Pueblo, 4. Sacrifice hits: Fox, Frost, Ryan.
Stolen bases: Foa, Fenlon (2). Frost. Time:
1:40. Umpire: Haskell. Attendance: 1,400.
Standing: of' the Teams.
Played. Wou. Lost. P.C.
Lincoln 1 1 0 1000
Pioux City 1 1 0 H0
Denver 1 1 0 low)
Omaha 1 0.1 .OX)
Des Moines 10 1 .000
Pueblo 1 0 1 .0
Games today: Omaha at Sioux City,
Denver at Des Moines, Pueblo at Lincoln.
Union Pacific Team Formed.
The Union Pacific base ball team haa or
ganised for the season and desire Saturday
and holiday games with all first-class teams
In Omaha or nearby towns, witn a nine
team practice they should be able to hold
their own with any amateur team in the
vicinity. The pitching department will be
taken care of by Young and Hoye, both of
whom are already in good form, and at the
receiving end will be Smith of the Ideal
Hustlers and Overman. On the infield
are Snooks (captain), first base; Townsend
(manager), second base; Crabbe, short
atop, and Gehrlng, third base, all of whom
are able to play fast ball. The outfield Is
composed of Bigger, left field; Silllk, cen
terneld, and Carter, rightfleld, all of whom
are fast and sure, and the entire team looks
good. Besides, Manager Townsend always
carries a rabbit's foot.
Teams desiring games should address A.
L. Townsend, manager, care Union Pacific
store department, Omaha, Neb.
'Varsity Defeats I.eaarners.
IOWA CITY, April 17. (Special Tele
gram.) Iowa won from Rock Island today
by hard batting, 11 to 7. Score: R.H.E.
Iowa 0 0 0 8 6 0 1 2 11 12 3
Rock lBland....O 0001006 1 7 10 7
Batteries: Wedlg, Herbert and Forney;
Keiley and Kirk. Home run; Kent. Iwo.
base hits: Miller, Warner, Swalin, Van
dine, Dower. Umpire; Lundin and Wil
Fixes May 4, One Week Later Than
the Country Clab.
At a meeting of the directors of the Field
club held Tuesday nignt. May 4 was de
clued as the Oaie for the loruial opening.
This Is a wee later than me date set tor
the opening of tne Country club, and Is sitll
earlier tnau the opening last year, borne of
the members favored pulling oft the open
ing until warmer weather, but, the demand
of the younger members prevailed and the
date was set for May 4, whan the regular
dancing season will be inaugurated.
The Omaha Field club directors have
unanimously chosen Steward Smith again
to lok after the destinies of the cafe and
kitchen during the coming summer. So
satisfactory has Mr. Smith's work been that
a change was in no way considered. Mr.
Smith has already begun his work, and
while at present running but a light luncn
cats, he is making preparations for the
summer and especially for the opening,
May 4.
Things have not been running so smoothly
at the Country elub, and numerous changes
have been made during the lust two or
three years. The directors have this year
gone all the way to Cleveland and chosen
a highly recommended steward named
Holdeii. He will be given full power to
same his own assistants and better tilings
are looked for. Mr. Smith Is also given
an assistant at the Field club. The direc
tors of the Happy Hollow club are In
search of a good man.
Curat Thstmnd Fentns Tea Cpcn'oc Game
ia City ef Steal and tmoka.
Victory of Chleasro Dae largely to
Errorless Support fJlvew Taylor.
Neither Pitcher Especially
PITTSBURG. Pa.. April 17. In spite of
the cold weather over 8,00f people today
saw the opening of the local base hall
season with a game between the Pittsburg
and Chicago teams. President Pulllam
of the National league was present and
threw out the first ball. The Chlcagoa won
by getting hits at opportune times and
taking advantage of errora by the Pitts
burgers. Neither pitcher was startling in
his work, but Taylor waa given errorless
support, while the support of Willis waa
poor. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.K.
R!U. cf....4 t 0 1 ftAn4ron, ef. I 1 I 0 1
HWkard, It.. 4 1 I 1 OHallmui, rf.. I I 1
Brhulie. rf... I I 1 n.rtte. It.... 4 1 I t
'hn-. lb... I Oil 0 Wn.r. w... 4 1143
StrlnffMt, lb 4 1 II OAti'tlrblo, lb. 4 1 1 1
Hnfmn, u... I III ON'Mlna, lb... 4 111 1
Evert, ib 4 I I I larh. lb.... 4 4 11
Marts, e 4 4 I sntNxMi, e I 1 I 0 0
T.jlor. s 4 t I Willi., p I 1 0 I
Cljmw 1 1 6 0
Touts IT nu
Totsls IS 10 rf 14 4
Batted for Willis In ninth.
Chlengo 1 0 0 1 2 0 0 8 06
Pittsburg 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 02
Two-base hits: Anderson, Clymer,
SchftCkard, ITofman. Home run: Schulte.
Stolen bases: Hallman, Wagner, Willis,
Slagle, Hofman. Ieft on base: Pittsburg
8; Chicago, 6. First base on balls: On
Willis. 2; off Taylor. 2. First base on er
rors: Chicago, 3. Struck out: By Willis,
3; bv Taylor, 1. . Time: 1:66. Umpire:
Llndamnn Pussies Qoakers.
PHILADELPHIA. April 17.-Inablllty to
hit Lindaman's delivery caused the defeat
of the Philadelphia team today. Score:
B H O A E B.H.O.A.B.
Ritn, rf I I 0 OThomia. cf... I 1 8 0
Turner, lb... I t 0 OOleaaon, ib...l 0 110
Kraumont. ef. i 8 10 OBrtitrlla, rf... 1 0 0 0 0
Howard, If... 4 110 1 Vkm, It.... I 110 0
ttrldwall. ai . I 1 I I 1 Brainnold. lb 4 111 0 0
Kltchfjr. lb.. I I I I 1 Courtney, Ib. 4 I 0 0
Brain, Ib I 0 10 P Doolie, as.... I 0 0 10
111 own. c 4 I 4 I ODooln, o. I 0 10 0
Llnctaman, p. 4 1 0 I OLuah, P I 0 0 4 0
Jarkllticb, rf 1 0 0 0 0
Touts 14 10 17 lTltus 1 0 0 0 0
Totals 30 I 17 II 0
Batted for Dooln In ninth.
Boston 0 0 0 2 0 0 6 0 02
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 01
Two-base hits: Tenney, Brown. Sacrifice
hits: Howard, Brain. Qleason, Doolin.
Stolen bases: Brldwell, Lush. Double
play: Brldwell to Rltchey to Tenney- Left
on bases: Boston, 10; Philadelphia, (.
First base on balls: Off Ltndaman, ; off
Lush, 2, First base on errors: Phlladel-
rhla, 2. Struck out: By Ltndaman, 3: by
,ush, 4. Wild pitch: Lush. Umpires.
Klem and Emsley. Time: 1:60.
Reds Win on Errors.
CINCINNATI, April 17.-The errors of the
St. ixiuis team were largely responsible for
the victory of the local team this afternoon.
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.E.
HucKtns. ib..l I I IKellar. rf....l 10 0 0
Davla. cf 4 0 1 0 00 Hara. If.... I 110 0
Kne. Ib 4 111 ODcnnatt. lb... 4 1410
Gamell, lb... 4 1 11 0 OBeekley. lb.. I 100
Krurar, It.... I 110 OBrrn. lb.... 4 0 4 0 2
MlU-hell, rf..O 0 0 0 OHollr. 4 I I 0 I
OdwHll. rf ... I 110 URurch. cf 4 0 10 1
Mowray, is... 1 0 14 I Maraball. . .. 4 I I I
Brhlal, e 4 0 I I Drown, p 4 1 0 I
Ewlnt. p 11081
Touls IT 11 U 11
ToUlt 21 T 17 II 4
Cincinnati 3 1 0 3 2 0 0 0 8
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 03
Two-base hit: Bennett. Sacrifice hits:
Hugglns, Ewing. Double play: Hugglns,
unassisted. Left on bases: Cincinnati, 8;
St. Louis, 8. Bases on balls: Off Ewing,
1; off Brown, 7. Struck out: By Ewing,
8; by Brown, 2, Wild pitch: Brown. Time:
2:10. Umpires: Johnstone and Carpenter.
Kew York Wins In Tenth.
BROOKLYN, N. T., April 17. In a hard
fought ten-inning game today New York
defeated . Brooklyn, 2 to 1. Ferguson
pitched a fine game, and Bell, while ha
was hit hard, ahowed a great deal of abil
ity. Score:
B.H.O'.A.B. B.H.O.A.E.
Shannon, If... I 110 OVUIonay. ef.. i 0 1 0
Brown. rf...4 I t 0 Octacr. Ib 4 0 110
Devlin, lb ... 11 I I OLumlar, rf... 4 110 0
Seymour, cf.. 110 0 CJordan, Ib.,.. I 1 II 1 0
BrMnahan, a. 4 0 1 Batch, If 4 1 I 0 0
MrCann. lb.. 4 01 OAlnartnan, Ib I 0 I t 0
Dahlen, as.... I 111 1 Loo ml a. as... 4 1140
Cnr.oran. lb. 4 1 I 0 ORittor. e 4 0 4 I 0
ftrguaon, p., I 0 8 1 OBell. p I 0 0 1 1
Hummel .,..1 0 0 0 0
ToUlt IS I M 11 1
Totals 14 4 to W 1
Batted for Bell In tenth.
New York 0 00100000 18
Brooklyn 0 00000001 0-1
Two-base hits: Seymour (3). Sacrifice
hits: Alperman, Browne, Ferguson. Stolen
base: Dahlen. Left on bases: New York,
7; Brooklyn, 8. First base on balls: Off
Bell, 3. First base on eroors: Brooklyn, 1.
Struck out: By Bell, 2; by Ferguson, 7.
Time: 2:02. Umpire: Rigler.
Standing of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost. P C.
Chicago 3 3 0 1000
Cincinnati 4 8 1 .760
Boston 4 8 1 .760
Philadelphia 4 3 2 .600
New York 4 3 2 . 600
St. Louis t 1 4 .200
Pittsburg 3 0 2 .OuO
Brooklyn 4 0 4 .000
Games today: Boston at' Philadelphia,
New York at Brooklyn, Cincinnati at St.
Louis, Chicago at Pittsburg.
New York Wins from Philadelphia la
the Math Inning".
NEW YORK. April 17. In a ninth Inning
rally today the New York Americans de
feated the Philadelpblans, 6 to 4. Score:
BuMtvan, cf.
Colllna. lb..
Vnglaub. lb.
!;,.. If
Parent, rf...
Furla. lb...
Waancr. e.
Glaac, p
stltuted batsmen made trouble In the ninth,
Boston's two runs were enough to win.
The accurate first base playing of Unglaub
waa the feature) of the game. Score:
1 1
0Oanlr. rf ... I
1 Sohalnr lb.. I
Crna. 3b 4
Indiana Authorities Ready to Enforce
lw at Hammond.
INDIANAPOLIS. April 17. Attorney Gen-'
erul Bingham tele;, honed the governor's
office from Hammond today that the pool
selling at Dearborn park has ceased for the
time at least and the situation is under
control of the local authorities.
"Mr. Bingham said seven policemen were
in charge there last night and that fifteen
would beln charge." said the governor's
secretary. "Unless the crowd from Chicago
oterpowers the policemen the local authori
ties will remain In charge at least until
Saturday, when, Mr. Bingham Informs me
Judge 'luthill will hear the application for
a t'eelraininer order.
"If the Chicago crowd comes down the
raliroad to the park tills afternoon and
overpowers the policemen on guard there,
there Is no question but that the governor
will call out the militia. He has uno auc
tioned right to do this In support of th
local authorities."
tors Park pea!ng.
Fun galore is arranged for Stori park
for neit liunday at the grand opening of the
new park, which is situated at Twentieth
anj Poppleton avenue. The fun will start
at 2 o'clock sharp and will include a double
headed bull game with the Sterlings and
Stori Malts contestant In the first uim
and the Victors and the Bton Athletics in
the second. Every patron will receive a
megaphone free to assist in the tun and
noise making. An athletio program has
also been prepared, consisting of a women's
free-for-all, 75 yards; men's free-for-all. 100
yards, sack race. 60 yards; dump ball race,
loo yards, and a barrel race, 60 yards.
kaa tees s4 (or OTer SIXTY TgARi br MIL
LION of MOTH KM for CHI1.I HKS WH1LS hi no with hhuc'T success. rr
l.,, i HUD ' a CHILD. Son EN tee, Alr
lAt ell PAIN, (tags WISH COUC. see la UM
tvftt fmm4y luc LiAAiiKogA. oi bf rsle
Id ever pert of the werHl. be euro SB es tor
Conroy, If... . I
Kenler. rf 4
Eiberfeld, as. I
Cliaee, lb 4
Laporle. lb.. I
Wllllama, lo. I
Huffman, of.. 4
Kleioow, e... 4
Doyle, p I
Tboios 1
1 1 OHertael, If...
Oroae, u
Ill 8erDol4, cf..
110 1 Lavie, lb.
t 4 0 Murphy, lb..
111 08hreck. c...
IT lLord, cf
14 1 Oktilslit, Ib...
0 0 1, p...
0 0 0 ft Header, p....
a H O A K.
1 I
1 I
1 II
1 I
Allltr. ef...
P Jnne. If
perrlne, ee.,
AHayteli, c...
OPmith. p
HlrlimaB ..
t 17 It 1 N 1 1 1
Wasner ...
Batted for Jones In ninth.
Batted for Hayden In ninth.
Batted for Smith in ninth.
Boston 0 0 0 1
Washington 0 0 0 0 0
10 I M II
1 0 0 3
0 0 0 11
Two-base hit: Olhse. Sacrifice hits:
Parent, Ferris First base on balls: Off
Olare. ; off Smith, 1. Struck out: By
Olaze, 4; by Smith. 5. Passed ball: Hay
den. Wild pitch: Olaie. Time: 1:38. Um
pire: Connolly.
Cleveland Wins from St. I, on Is.
ST. LoriS. April 17. Cleveland won
from SL Iouls this afternoon 6 to 2. Cleve
land bunched Its hits In the first and ninth
innings and scored four runs In these two
Innings. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O A B.
Bay. cf 4 0 I 0 0 Ptrkerlnf . cf. 4 I I 0
PIotbII, lb... 4 0 II 0 OJon-e. lb.... I I
Flli-k. rf I 0 0 Stone, If 4 1 1
Lsjole. lb.... 4 II OHemphlll, rf. I 0 0
Tomer, ea ...l lit lWallare, ee . 4 0 4 3
Preriler, lb.. 4 J 0 1 ODflehantr. Ib 4 1 1 0
Ulrm'ham, If 4 1 1 0 0 Nllea. Ib 4 1 1 I
Clark, c I 14 1 1 Sfrrrna, e.,.,1 04
Joes, p I I CHnw.ll, p.... I 14 10
'Frlak 1 0
' Totals...... II T 17 II Yre(er 1
Tot a la II T 17 I
Batted for Stevens In ninth.
Batted for Howell In ninth.
Cleveland 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 38
St. Louis 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0-1 !
Two base hits: Turner, Clark, Pickering.
Sacrifice hit: Turner. Stolen bases: Flick,
Stone. Double plays; Nlles and Jones; Joss,
Lajoie and Stovall. Ix-ft on bases: St.
Louis, 7; Cleveland, 2. First base on balls:
Off Howell, 1; oft Joss, 2. Hit by pitcher:
Joss. Struck out: By Howell, 8; by Joss, 4.
Passed ball: Stevens. Wild pitch: Howell.
Time, 1:50. Umpire: O'Loughlln.
standing; of the Teams.
Played. Won. Iost,
CTierH. p 111 Iswttb. I 1
Dlokeoa. p...l 1
Totals U II It II 1 -
Totals M I M IT I
Toledo 0 0 1 0 4 1 0 3 -
St. I-aul 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two-bsse hits: CTiech, Abbott, Sog.1en
Crlsa. Htruck out: Hv Chech. 4. by Smith,
3. Sacrifice hits: Oeler, J. Clarke, liarb'ati,
Koenier, Armnruster, dark. Aotiott. Bases
on balls: ( fT Chech, 8; off Smith, 2; off Dick
non. 1. Stolen basse): Hsrtsell W. Clark.
Double plsy: Smith to Nordyke. Hit by
itched ball Barbeau, Armbrusier, Smoot.
Passed ball: Abbott. Time: 1:50. Umpires:
Sullivan and Kern.
Standing; ol the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost.
Louisville ....
Indianapolis ..
Kansas City..
Milwaukee ...
Philadelphia 8
Chicago 6
Cleveland "
Detroit 4
New York...., 4
St. Louis 4
Washington 4
Gnmes today: SL Louis at Chicago, De
troit at Cleveland. Washington at Boslon,
Philadelphia at New York.
Loalsvllle Defeats Kansas City by
Opportune Hitting;.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 17. The home
team won from Kansas City in the eighth
Inning by opportune hitting, after the vis
itors hail gained a lead in the earlier In
nings. The Melding of Quintan and a sen
sational one-hsnd catch by Neal, complet
ing a double play unassisted, were the
features. Score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O.A.E.
Neal, lb. I I I 1 0 Hill, cf 4 0
0 Caeeeday, rf . I 1
0 Llndeer, lb.. 4 I
0 Huelemen, If. 4 0
1 Kni.ser, lb.. 4 I
C Burke, Ib I ,1
McBrlde, as.. 4 I
1 J. Sullivan, o. I
0Fkd, p
Stanley, ef. .. 4
Braaheer, 2b. I
B. Sullivan, lb I
Cooler, It I
Kerwln, rf... 4
Qulnlen, ea. . 4
HuRhee, c... 4
Bunton, p.... I
0 I
0 14
1 0
0 1
I 1
o o
- Krantae
Totals 80 T 17 II J Leahy .
0 0
1 o
Totals 14 I 14 14 I
Batted for J. Sullivan In the ninth.
Batted for Kgan in the ninth.
Louisville 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 8
Kansas City 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0-4
Two-base hit: McBrlde. Three-base
hits: Krueger, Neal. Sacrifice hits: Neal,
Burke. Stolen bases: McBrlde, Cooley, 8.
KullivaTi. Double plays: Neal (unassisted);
Brashear to Qulnlan to Sullivan. Left on
bases: Louisville, 6; Kansas City, 6. Hit
by pitched ball: By Egan, 3. Struck out:
By Bunton. 7: by Egan, L Time: 8:00.
Umpire: Werden.
Hooslers Shot dot Millers.
INDIANAPOLIS, April 17. Kellum proved
to be an enigma to the Minneapolis club
in the opening game of the season here
today, shutting out the visitors, 4 to 0.
The batting honor of the game were car
ried off by Krug god Selgle. Score:
B.H.O. A B.H.O. A
Hlmee. rf..
Coulter, If.
Cerr. lb ...
Belgle, cf...
Krua. Ib...
Hopke. lb..
Kellum, p.
0 1
1 I
1 II
I 1
0 1
1 t
OO'Nell, cf.... I
0 Dundon. lb.. I
0 Freeman, lb.. 4
1 Gremlnaer, Ib 4
0 Hart, If...... I
0 Towns, e I
OOrler, as I
0 Graham, rf... I
OVord, p I
0 0
1 1
1 13
Total! 10 It 17 II 1 Touls 11 I 14 II I
Indianapolis 0 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 4
Minneapolis 0 0 0 0 0 0 '0 0 00
Two-base hits: Krug, Livingston. Three
base hits: Selgle, Krug, Curr. Sacrifice
hits: Krug, Hopke. First base on balls:
Off Kellum, 2; off Ford, 8. First base on
ertors: Indianapolis, 2; Minneapolis, 1.
Struck out: By Kellum, 2; by Ford, 2.
Passed ball: Towne. Time: 1:30. Umpire:
Milwaukee Easy for Colombo.
COLUMBU8. O.. April 17. The home team
won without trouble from Milwaukee to
day. Wicker, though somewhat wild, easily
outpltched Goodwin. Score:
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O.A.K
Jackson. If. ..
rnel, Ib
Jude, rf
Oeealer, ef...
Kibra. lb
Hulewltt, ee..
Wrl(lrjr, Ib..
Blue, a
Wicker, p.
I 11
ToUU II 17 II 1 ToUlt 10 : 14 4
Batted for Doyle in the ninth. s
lwo out when winning run waa made. v
New York 0 10 10 0 0 0 86
Philadelphia 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 04
Hits: off V Seidell, 7 in eight Innings; off
Bender, 2 in one inning, cacrince hit:
Keeler. Stolen base: Davis. Louble plays:
Seybold to Davis (2); Williams to cloer
iieid to Chase; Cross to Murphy to Davis;
Lett on bases: New Yora, , Philadelphia,
2. Bases on balls: Oft Waddeil, ; off
Doyle, 8. First base on errors: New York,
8; Philadelphia, 1. lilt by pitcher: By
Waddell, l. Struck out: By Waddell, 1; by
Doyle, Z. Time; 1.67. Umpires: Hurst and
Whit Sox Beech lilts.
DETROIT. April 17. Chicago bunched
three hue and a base on balls on Killian In I
the fourth, scoi.r.j tnree runs and deciding
the resulL binim was hit freely, except
when there were men on bases. Manager
Jones was put out of the game for disput
ing one of umpire BtaMord s decisions and
otf the Meld for debating one of Umpire
Sheridan's. Davis was put out of the
game and off the field for throwing a bail
at Umpire Stafford. Score:
OKoblneon, as. 4
OOreen, rf I
0 M'tTbeeney, If I
ft beUiusn. lb. 4
1 Clark, Ib 1
0 Bevllle, a 4
ft Hemphill, cf. 4
0 McCorm k, lb I
0 Goodwin, p... I
liougbertjr .. 1
U 11 17 11 1
Batted for Ooodwln In ninth.
Columbus 1 2 0 0 J
Milwaukee 0 0 110
Stolen bases: Hulswltt (2),
Geusler, Kilirn, McChesney, Clark. Sacrt
flee hits: Klhm, McCormick! Bases on
balls: Off Wicker. 6; oft Goodwin, 1. Two
base hits: Wicker, Bateman. Hit by
pitched ball: Kihm, Wicker. Struck out:
By Wicker, 4: by Goodwin. 8. Time: 1:61.
Umpires: Hays and Lgan.
Toledo Shuts Out St. Paul.
TOLEDO, April 17. Toledo opened the
American association season here today by
tWeating St. Paul in easy style, 8 ts 0. The
game was one-sided and Toledo was never
in any d.inner. Mayor Whltlock delivered
a brief address to the teams before the
opening. Sucre:
..10 84 13 I
0 1 -
10 10-4
J. Clarke, if.. 4
Lemont, lb. . I
Braoot, cf 8
Pokoroey, lb 4
Btrtieau, ee.. I
W. Clark, lb.. I
Abbott, e I
rf I I 1 rnnleery,
OKoehler, cf...
0 Oeler, ee
0 :, rf
Padden. lb. .
OHertiell. lb.,
ONordrke, lb..
OBugdea, e. ...
1 0
St. Paul 1
Games today: Kansss City at Ixnilsvllle,
Milwaukee at Columbus, Minneapolis at
Indianapolis, SL Paul at Toledo.
Jaggler Wins the HoeUaway Stakes
at Aqueduct Park.
NEW YORK, April 17 Juggler, at 8 to 1,
won the Rockawsy stakes, the feature of
the card at Aqueduct today. Jacobite waa
the favorite. Three favorites work Results:
First race, eelllng, four and a half fur
longs: Rustle, US (Swain), 8 to 1, won; live
ly n ii, 9 (Miller), 4 to L second; Trey of
Spades, 90 (J. Johnson), 7 to 8, third. Tlmo:
0:64V,. EJvlr M, Sweet Taire, Astoria Bell,
Caurnavarla, Slumbertess Onda, Dramatic,
George Degg and Crack Shot also ran.
Second race, steeplechase, about two
miles: Hotshot, 136 (Palmer), 8 to 1, won;
CommouV-re Fontaine, 132 (Mclnertwy), 8 to
20, second; Arnbo, 101 (Archibald), 4 to 1,
third. Time: t.iJ. Drone also ran.
Third race, six furlongs: Grapple, 118
(Beckman), 4 to 6, won; Clare Russell, 102
(Lowe), 6 to 1. second. Time: 1:11 Work
man fell. Only three starters.
Fourth race, the Rockaway stakes, Belling,
six furlongs: Juggler, 110 (Hetmessy). 8 to
1, won; Slickaway, 108 (McDanlel), 10 to 1,
second; Jacobite, 110 (Notter), to 10, third.
Time: 1:HV Pater and Hooray also ran.
Fifth race, Ave furlongs: Suffrage, lol
(Miller), 2 to &, won; Handsarra, 87 (Garner),
II to a, avcond. Time: O.otrV Only two
Sixth race, four furlong-s: Master Robert,
108 (Miller), 8 to t. won; Bridge WhisL H
(Cherry), 6 to 2, second; Senator Beckham,
1i (Aobuchon), 8 to 1, third. Time: 0 47.
Bellwether, Come Thomas, Acredor. Mad
Harry, King Thistle and Lady Bellew also
ran. )
SAN FRANCISCO, April 17.-Result at
First race, four and a half furlongs: Col
lege Widow, 106 (H. Smith), 6 to 2, won; Ab
bey, 10b (Flnoher), 8 to 6, second; Love of
Gold, 110 (Knapp), 2 to 1, '.hlrd. Time:
0M. BeneUca, Albion H and Klnsu also
Second race, one mile and three-sixteenths:
Daniel C, 106 (Fischer), even, won;
Tarrlgan, 112 (Appleby), 26 to 1, second;
Ray, 108 (C. Williams), 7 to 2, third. Time:
8:0214. Mike Jordan, Delia L, Iras, lsma
llan. Water Cure, Martenor and Mistress
of Rolls also ran.
Third race, one mile and three-sixteenths,
selling: Cadlchon, lo7 (Goodchild), 17 to 10,
won; Nlnespot, 103 (J. Hunter), 6 to 1, sec
ond; Fury, 102 (Mentry), 11 to 2, third. Time:
2:01. Hippocrates, Jack Little. Foncaata,
Little Joker, Byrondaln and Freeslas fin
ished as named. Hooligan fell.
Fourth race, the Acushla handicap, one
mil and fifty yards: Rapid Water, 12R
(Flacher), 6 to 6, won; Princess Tltanla, 98
(E. Lywh), 10 to 1, second; Eduardo, 90
(McLaughlin), 16 to 1, third. Time: 1:48V.
Edwin Gum, Rasmus,' Loglstllla, Hector
and Chimney Sweep also ran.
Fifth race, one mile and seventy yards:
Bedford, 104 (Hunter), 6 to 2, won; Barl
Rogers, 97 (Lycurgus),' 18 to 6, second; Sir
Brlllar, 108 (Graham), 10 to 1, third. Time:
1:44V,. Rubric, Edith James and Milohora
also ran.
Sixth race, seven and a half furlongs:
True Winer, 107 (Gross), 11 to 10, won; The
Mist, 110 (Keogh), 30 to 1, second; Phalanx,
III (Smith), 16 to 1, third. Time: 1:34. Flsh
erboy. King Cole, Tarp, Runa, Colonel
James, Flrmfoot and John Lyle also ran.
National Base Ball Commlssloa Age I a
Refuses to Reopea It.
CINCINNATI, April 17. In refusing the
request of PresUent O'Nell of the Western
league to reconsider the case of the Topeka
club, which waa drafted by the Weatern
league from the Western association, .the
National Baee ' Ball commission today
emphasized previous utterances on minor
league base ball law.
The decision says no new evidence waa
filed "except In relating the circumstances
that oocurred at a meeting recently held In
Buffalo, of certain representatives of the
American association. President Shiveley
of the Western association and others.
The commission will not grant the request
to reopen this case. We nave stated that
the legislation with respect to drafting of
the National association is unwise and
should be changed. Wo have also requested
that the nations? board take stepa, such as
may be necessary amicably to arrange this
controversy, and we again repeat that re
quest, but will not reopen the case or go
Into the merits of the proposition at this
time. We have been informed that at the
Buffalo meeting certain agreements were
entered Into which were afterwards not
carried out. If such is the rase and the
Western league haa been damaged thereby,
it should have Its redress before the na
tional board of the National association."
The request of Player Teddy Green of
the Marshalltown, Ia, club for reinstate
ment, was denied, the player having broken
hla contract without excuse, it Is said.
Australian Pugilist Arrives.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 17. The Aus
tralian pugilist, BUI Squires, landed from
the steamer Ventura today. At first sight
Squires Ib not Impressive, as he Is much
shorter In stature than our heavyweight
fighters, but he has remarkably broad
shoulders, a powerful chest and long arms.
When he left Australia Squires weighed
about 175 pounds. Apparently he has not
lost any weight on the trip. Squires wlfl
rest for a few days before seeking a
I 4
tt n
I 1 V I I W 4
15) TUT
The cause of Rheumatism is an excess of uric acid in the blood, brought
on by Indigestion, chronic constipation, weak kidncy3 and a general sltijr
c;isli condition of the entire system. The rriuse and waste matter of th
body is not carried out as nature intends, but is left to ferment and sour and
penerate uric acid, which i9 absorbed into the blood. The first evidence of
Rheumatism is usually little wnnderinp paius in the muscles and joints, rr
a tender, sensitive place on the flesh. These are often bo slight that nothing
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Rheumatism grows to be a painful and almost constant trouble. The longer
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Diamond Dust.
MetB Is rounding Into form and Pa wants
to keep him until he ia given a good trial
In warm weather.
Toledo has been after Perring for some
time and it is a cinch It had to pay more
for his release than what Lajoie paid to
Pa for him.
The St. Loula Nationals finally won a
fame, but It was by playing errorless ball,
lolly taking ten chances without an error
and Berkley and Bennett making three
hita each.
Big Thompson got a letter from the
Prairie City wonder, Brown, Sunday. The
ex-Omaha star says he is a little lame and
McCloskey is keeping him out of the game
until warm weather.
Wonder if Cleveland will take Austin at
the end of this season T Cleveland has
looked to Omaha for the last two years for
extra third basemen. Schlpke and Perring
doubtless proved paying Investments.
Besides the regular league game at Vinton
street park Sunday there will be numerous
other games of base ball In Omaha among
the amateurs. The two large amateur
parks will each furnish a double-header
and there will be other games between the
sixty amateur teams cf Omaha.
Hahn. rf 4 ef 1
Wrlder. cf. .. 4
labell, ib-as-. 4
bonobue, lb. I
Ruke. b 4
boesborty, It I
Davie, ea 1
Sukiivao, lb. . I
lttraxia.Q4, 4
smltn, s
0 11
if., t
h o a a.
1 4
Hle '
...n 10x1 u 1
h n a
1 MeInlre.
4 Coua-lillD..
tfubb. rf.
1 Brhetfer, lb
e.bmlH, .
OO'Leery, as.
OKllliaa. ..
O'rarae ....
Totals 11 mil I
Batted for Kllllan In ninth.
Chicago 0 0 1 0 0 1 04
L-etrolt 6 0 0 1 0 0 0 I
Two-base hit: Welday. Sacrifice hits:
CougbUn, Crawford, Hahn, Donahue. Btoleu
bam-a: Mclntyre, Cobb, Robe, lougtierty.
Louble play: Sullivan to Kuhe. lift on
bases: Detroit, 10: Chicago. 7. First base
on balls: Off Kllllan, 4. Struck out: by
Klilian, 1; by Smith, I Time: 1.44. Um
pires: Sherldaa and Stafford.
Boston Defeats Washington.
BOSTON. April 17 Glass held Washing
ton la threa hits today, and allbougU sub- i
Look for the word "RYE" in red on label.
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