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Tiews Win ritohen Eettla from Whit
Eai by Clot Marein.
Reckless Base Rnaliig Prevents
Vletera from Karaliic Another
en re Rrsnlta at Other
PRTROiT. April 16-Detroit won ffom
Chicago in a pitchers' tnttle today. Owen
w found for three hits In the eighth.
Including a double, but reckless base run
ning prevented an earned run. Score:
B.H.O A C. B.H.O A.B
Cra fort,
Cobh, r(.
Salver, p.
If. 4
Ib. 4
cf. 4
lb! 4
lb. I
a... I
H ,
I I I Hatm. rt 4
111 Clone., ef 4
110 l.hll. lb 4
0 0 Uonohu. lb. 4 1)1
1 t OD.tI.. aa... 4 I
4 11 1 Iwaahertf, 114
tit Boh. lb I
4 14 e... I
10 1 0Ow.ll, p I
I 0
1 4
1 I
1 0
Totala II 7 17 10 1 Totals 14 T It II I
Detroit 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 I
Chicago 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Two-bane hits: Crawford, Pelver. Three
base hit: Crawford. I .eft on bases: De
troit. ; Chicago, 8. First base on errors:
Detroit, 2. Struck out: hy Selver, 4; by
Owen 2 Time: 1:26. Umpires: Sheridan
and Stafford.
Philadelphia Win. from Boston.
rilllDKLPHlA, Aprtl 15.-Phlludelplila
won the third game of the series from
Hoston today In the ninth Inning on Mur
phy's single and Schrcck'e double. Score:
B.H.O. A B. B.H.O. AH.
H.r.l. If... I 1 1 0 Mulllvas, ef.. I 1110
rron, is 4 Oil 4 Collins, lb .. 4 1 1 t I
S.ybold, rf...4 1 1 0 0 l uslaub. lb.. 1 010
Ilavla. lb. ... I 1 II 0 OHo.r, II 4 0 10 0
Murphy, lb . I 1 1 1 trrHintn, rf.. I 1 I 4 0
Srhrark, C....I 1 4 I 0 Karris, lb ... 4 14 0 0
Lord, cf I 0 10 ow.aner, .a... I 0 110
Knlht. lb... I I 0 1 Oghaw. c I 1 i 1 0
Plank, p 1 I 1 4 0 Harrla, p 4 0 0 1 0
Total. II I 11 II 0 Totals II 114 11 I
Winning run with none out.
Philadelphia 00100001 13
Uoston 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 02
Two-base hlU: Ferris, Beybnld. Schreck,
KnlKht. Bucrllli-e hits: l.'ngluub. Hartsel,
Murphy, Hank 2). Stolen bases: Cross (2j,
I'lank. Douhle plays- Hftnk to Davis,
Hulllvan to I'Viiis. Left on bases: Huston,
8; Philadelphia, b. First base on balls: Off
Plank, 6; off Harrla, 1. First base on
errors: Philadelphia, 2. llt with pitched
ball: By Plank, 1. Struck out: By Plank,
b. Time: 1:. Implres: F.vans and Hurst
Senators Win First Kline.
WASHINGTON, April i.-V'aahlngton
won Its first game of the season today,
defeating New York by the score of to
1 The batting of Perrlne and Anderson
were features. Score:
B.H O A K B.H.O. AH.
Oanl.y. rf .4 1 1 0 OConror. If ... I 0 0 0 0
Bcballlr. lb.. 4 Oil lK.)r, rf....4 1100
Croai, to 1 1 1 0Elb.rr.ld. aa. 4 0 I 4 0
Hickman, lb. I 0 I 0 0 t'haaa, lb . ..4 I 10 0 0
Jonas, U I 1 I 0 0 William., lb. I 0 I 1 0
Altli.r, cf...4 110 OUpini, lb.. 4 4 14 0
And'san. If -la I I 11 0 OHonmau, cl.. I 110 0
Parrtna, aa... 4 114 1 Kl.inuw, c... I 0 I I 0
H.ydon. c... 4 lit OKaet, p I 1 0 I 0
FattSD, p I 0 0 I Ol'larkion. p.. 1 0 0 0 0
Morlarltr ... 1 0 0 0 0
Totals II 11 17 17 I
' Totala 10 t 14 IS 0
Hatted for Clnrkson In ninth.
Washington 0 2 0 1 0 1 S 0
New York 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 04
Two-base hits: Hoffman, Anderson (2),
Cross, Keefe, Perrine, Jones. Three-base
hit: Perrlne. Hits: Off Keefe. 8 in six
Innings: off Clarkson, 4 In two InninKS. I
Sacrifice hits: Bclialfly. Conroy. Klelnow. I
(2). Stolen base: Altlier. Double plays: ,
u-ioerrem, Williams and Chase; Elbeifeld
and Williams; Perrlne, Schaltly and An
derson. Left on TJases: Washington, 6;
New York, 5. pases on balls: Off Keefe,
1; off Clarkson, 2. First on errors: New
York, 1. Hit by pitcher: By Keefe, 1.
Struck out: By Patten, 1; by Keefe, 1;
by Clarkson, Jt Wild pitches: Patten, 1;
Keefe, 1. Time: 1:00. Umpire: Connolly.
Game Postponed.
At St. Louis Cleveland-St. Louis gam
railed off; rain.
Btandlns; of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Petrolt 8 2 1 .667
Philadelphia 1 2 1 .ti3i'
New York Ill .bOu
Chicago 4 11 .60)
Cleveland 2 11 .R"i
Washington Ill .5o)
Boston 3 1 1 .."33
St. Louis 3 11 .333
Oamea today: Chicago at Detroit, Cleve
land at St. Lous, Washington at Boston,
Philadelphia at New York.
McKibhin liafs
Good enough for anybody
Cheap enough for everybody
'The standard of hat value"
Sold everywhere
commission at Its New York meeting. It
was always a question If the commission
could touch the Topeka case with any pro
priety because the national agreement
grants to the minor leagues the right to
conduct their own affairs.
"The commission's finding simply speci
fied as unwise the territorial draft legisla
tion of the national association and recom
mended that It be modified. This sugges
tion was accepted graciously by the na
tional board and an effort made at a meet
ing In Buffalo to patch up an agreement
between the two leagues disputing over
the Topeka territory. When that failed It
was presumptuous in the Western lewgue
to appeal again to the national commis
sion, whloh already had gone aa far aa
propriety would permit.
"The position of the Western league was
weak and untenable before the New York
meeting and was made so by the failure
of o .Nell to comply with slmule reaulre-
ments of the constitution i4verning the
national association. The only standing
he secured wns when the Western associa
tion consented to a conference. The posi
tion of the Western league Is made more
amusing by the fact the records of the na
tional association show that the vote on
the territorial draft legislation was unani
mous. (J Neil's vote, therefore, helped to
make the law he now complains of so bit
terly." s
noTO wins FnoM Brooklyn
lfoCormlok Hone f iaiihei First in Feature
Event at Iqnedaot.
Moves I from "lath Place la the
. Last Farlona Demand, the
Favorite In the Betting,
Rons Foartb.
President of Western Learn a Will
Give I'mplres Final Instructions.
CHICAGO, April lR.-Presldent O'Nell of
the Western Base Ball league left here
tonight for Omaha, where tomorrow he will
meet the umpires of his league and give
them final Instruction. The Western leaguo
has a new set of umpires this season, A.
M. Gilford comes from the American asso
ciation, William Brennan from i the Iowa
Slat league and Jack Haskell and IS. J.
Conahon from the Eastern league.
That the national commission exceeded
Its Jurisdiction In an effort to help the
Western league In Its dispute over the
Topeka club s franchise and that President
O'Nell originally favored the rule of the
minor league organisation which he now
desires rescinded were the features of a
statement President Johnson of the Amer
ican league made yesterday.
Tha interview with O'Nell at Omaha,"
Mr. Johnson said, "could come only from
a man so far lacking In Intelligence as to
be unable properly to Interpret the simple
and conservative finding of the national
Tram from the llnb Makes Three
Rons on One Hit.
BOSTON, April 15. Rucker's wild throws
and pitches and Kltcheys steal of home
base gave Boston three runs on a single
hit today and the final score was 3 to 2
In favor of (lie home team. Score:
B.H.O.A.E. B.H.O. A.B.
Bates, rf 4 0 4 0 0 Malonay. cf..l 110 0
T.nnsr, Ib... 4 1 10 0 ICaMjr. Ib I 0 0 I 0
Brausiont, cf I 1 0 0 OLumlrr, rt...l 10 0 0
Howard. If... I 111 0 Jordan, lb... 4 0 It 0 0
Brldw.ll. aa.. I 0 1 I lHiln, If 4 0 I 0 0
KlM'her. lb.. I 0 11 OLawli, a. .. 4 0 4 1 0
Drain, 3b I 0 0 I OAlportnan, 2b. 1 0 I 4 0
Kavriham, c. . I 0 I 0 OHurlcr, C ...1 0 4 10
Pfrffar, p 110 1 ORurk.r, p.... 110 11
Totals 17 4 17 13 1 Totala J9 I 24 13 I
Boston 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 '3
Brooklyn 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 02
Two-base hit: Lumley. Sacrifice hits:
Bltchey, Howard, Casey. Stolen base:
Rltchey. Double plays: Alperman and
Jordan, Howard and Rltchey. Bases on
balls: Off Pfefter, 8; off Rucker, I. Hit
with ball: Beaumont. Struck out: By Pfef
for, 4. Wild pitches: Rucker, 2; Pfeffer, 1.
Umpire: Klglcr. Time: 1:66.
Cincinnati Plies In Blar Score.
CINCINNATI, April lo.-McOlynn was no I
puzzle for Cincinnati In two Innings today,
nine runs oeing maae on mm in mat time.
Maeon held St. Louis aafe at all stages.
Catcher Marshall and I'itcher Karger of
St. Louis were put off the field bv Umpire
Johnstone for disputing on a called ball.
B.H.O.A.E. B.H.O.A.E.
HuKtfns, lb.. I I 1 I OKallr. rf I 0 1 0 0
bavla, cf 1110 Cd'H.ra, if.... 4 1110
Kn. b I 1 1 T lflanoatt, lb.. I 0 1 I 0
fcanisl, ' lb... 4 1 14 0 0 Becklay, lb.. 4 11 0 0
Kruu-r. If.... 4 110 OUyrna, lb.... 4 110 1
Milch.ll, rf.. 4 1 I 0 0 Holly, aa I I I 4 0
alowray, as.. 4 0 0 I 0 Huron, cf 4 0 I 0 0
McLean, C....I 1 I 0 0 atarahall. c.l 0 0 I 0
Maaon. p I 1 0 OHoal.tter, c I 0 I 1 1
McOlynu, p. I 1 0 I 0
Toula II 1117111
ToUla iZ I 24 14 I
Cincinnati 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -9
St. Louis 01000 i) 000 1
Two-base hits: Kruger. Byrne, Holly.
Sacrifice hits: Mason, Bennett. Double
play: McOlynn to Holly to Beckley. Stolen
oases: HuKKins, DavlH, l.une. Ift on
bases: Cincinnati. 4; St. Louis. 7. First
base on balls: Off Mason,. 2; off McOlynn,
4. Struck out: By Mason, 2; by McGlvnn,
J. Passed ball: Marshall. Wild pitch
McGlynn. Time: 1:55. Umpires: John
stone and Carpenter.
Giants Defeat Quakers.
NEW YORK, April 15. Poor fielding and
pitching were much In evidence during to-
NEW YORK, Aptll lS.-Qlorifler, J. H.
McCormtck'a big chestnut horse, fresh
from a winter campaign at New Orleans,
and second choice In the betting, won the
$10,000 Carter handicap at Aqueduct to
day, beating Roscben a length and a half.
Don Diego was third, Demund, the favorite,
finished fourth, and Oxford, also heavily
Flayed, followed closely on his heels in
fifth position. The time for the seven fur
longs was 1:284-
Twenty thousand persons saw the race.
Roseben, a doubtful starter until the last
hour before the race, furnished the excite
ment. A furlong from home he was In
sixth position, then fifth, fourth and third
In rapid succession. However, Gloriflers
lead could not be overcome and Roseben
finished second on his own courage, get
ting little assistance from his Jockey. Glori
fter was heavily played at 8 and 4 to 1.
Roseben opened at 6 to 1 and went to 10
to 1. closing at S to 1. Summary:
First race, selling, five furlongs: Ath
lete (106, Hennessv, 1! to 1) won, Keator
(Hfi, Oarny. ti to 6) second, Dr. Hollls 1(3,
Shilling, 100 to 1) third. Time: IWk.
Pantoutlo, Ballot Box, Right and True,
IJttle Woods, Mark Antony 2d, Sufllre,
Cloisterers, B. Belle. Anna May, Kiameeha
Id, Veronese and Cooney K. also ran.
Second race, the Bayslde steeplechase,
about two miles: Jimmy Lane (H13, Owens,
3 to 1) won, Imlclan (1:10, Huppe, 11 to 8)
second. Sandalwood O', Helden, 6 to 1)
third. Time: 4:36. Arabo, Northville and
Ricgs also ran.
Third race, selling, four and a half fur
longs: Thomas Calhoun (102, Mosgrove, 6 to
1) won, Kerrv 1(). Horner, 6 to 1) second.
Sweet Tnlre (107, Miller, 4 to 1 third. Time:
0:fi4Vi. Morston, Astoria Belle, Adrian,
Hands Around, Montana Poet, George M.
Cohan, Band Box, C. H. Shilling, Wed
ding, Youthful, Oceanic, Alderman Tim
and Rnlmonde also ran.
Fourth race, the Carter handicap of
HO.oijO, seven furlongs: Glorlfler (119, Moun
tain, 4 to 1) won, Roseben (133, Reckman,
s to 1) second, Don Dietro (liW, McDanlel,
10 to 1) third. Time: 1:2SV4. Oxford. Tlle
Ing, Juggler, Demund. Rye,. Avaulter,
Comedienne, Orbicular, Colonel Jack, Mars
ter, Ampedo, Malacca and Shackle also
Fifth race, selling, seven furlongs: Bell
snicker (10ft, Ilnglander, 6 to 1) won, Kll
lochan (id. Oarner, g to 1) second. Durbar
(110, Shilling, 20 to 1) third. Time: DSN.
Lord Badge, Modest, Ocean Spfay, Sir Tod
dlngton, Tyrolean "d Socley Bud also ran.
Sixth race, six furlongs: Orphan Lad (108,
Miller, 9 to 2) won, Alpeninarchen (1i6,
Oarner, 7 to 1) second, Elcassador (106,
Preston, 8 to I) third. Time: 1:14. Lord
Stanhope, Lady Alicia, RusBell T. and
Thomas Hay also ran.
Jockeys Hurt at Oakland.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 16. Two Jockeys
were thrown from horses at the post at
Oakland today, but both escaped Injury.
Seven Bells stumbled at the start In the
tifth and It was feared R. Davis was hurt,
but he was only stunned. Summary:
First race, four furlongs, selling: Rustler
(112, F. Kelly, 7 to 1) won. Thankful (108,
McLaughlin, 5 to 1) second, Swede Sam
(10S, C. Williams, 16 to 1) third. Time:
0:li'i. Chnrles A., Irish Mike, Great
Apache, Altalr, Voloskl, Jeremiah, Porta la,
Mosslmek and Lukevlew finished as named.
Second race, six furlongs : Silver Sue
(107, Graham, 8 to 1) won. Fred Bent (li.
C. Williams, to 1) second, Huleord (104.
Lynch. 6 to 1) third. Time: E. M.
Brattaln, Kscambo, Magrane, Governor Or
man, F"unny Side and Princess Wheeler
finished as named.
Third race, mile and a sixteenth, selling:
Dutiful (110, Palms, 3 to 2) won, Byron
'Roue (117, B. Wilson, 13 to 1) second; Na
bonaasar 010, Hotel, 50 to 1) third. Time:
1:47. Invader,. Biid of Passage, Jackful,
Briers, Mai Lowery. Dora I., King of the
Mist and Anvil finished as named. Corrl
gun left at post.
Fourth race, six furlongs: St. Francis
(107. Sandy, U to 6) won, Nappa (9S, W.
Kelly, 12 to 1) second, Royal Rogue (103,
McBride. 8 to 1) third. Time: l:l:i. Bur
leigh. Sir Brillar, Nonle Iucllle, King Cole.
Dewey, Pal and Gold Heather finished aa
Fifth race, mile, selling: FHiry O06,
Mcntry, 6 to 2) won, Fastoso (104. Gross,
5 to 1) second, Watercure (109, Smith, T
to 1) third. Time: 1:42. Convent Bell,
Ismalian, Frank Fllttner, Darthula, Baker,
Mistress of Rolls, Another Guess and Sand
stone finished as named. Seven Bells fell.
Sixth race, six furlongs: Burning Bush
(107, But well, 20 to 1) won, Louis Fitzglb
bons (107, Gross, SO to 1) second, Como (110,
Knnpp. to 11 third. Time: 1:14H. Prince
of Castile, Talentosa, Sycamore, Yank,
John Hheehan. Klndeis and Humada fin
ished as named.
onds. Parr wns on the defensive through
out the second bout, which lasted 11 min
utes 1 seconds. Beall won Both falls with
a combination leg and head hold.
"DsfVy" Holmes' Road forea Seven
tern to Kansess He4-'":,
LINCOLN, Neb., April IS. (Special Tele
gram.) Lincoln s Western league team
fairly smothered the Wichita club of the
Western association in an enhiWttnn game
today. The tube of "Ducky" Holmes
slammed the bull all over the lot, while
the Kanmm fielded loosely, ai.d the result
was a harvest of runs. The pitching of
Jones and Clcotte was too tight for Wichita
to score. The score: R. H E.
Lincoln 1 0 0 6 4 0 0 7 17 22 2
Wichita 000000000 0 7 6
Butteries: Lincoln, Jones, Clcotte. Zln
rtin and Sullivan; Wichita, Dick, Speer,
Weaver and Nichols.
Drake's Fool Rail Schedule.
DKS MOINES, la., April 15 (Special.
The Drake unlveisity foot ball schedule for
next fall has been completed. It is as fol
lows: October 6, MorningRlde at Sioux
City; October 12, Central university at
Bella: October 1!, Cornell at the stadium;
octolier 20. University of Iowa at the
stadium: November 1 Grinnell at the
stadium; November 9. Crelghton at Omaha;
November 1ft, not definite; November 2S,
Ames at the stadium.
Kennedy with Hoctora Only.
SOUTH OMAHA. Neb., April 14. -To the
Sporting Editor of The Bee: I see by your
amateur directory that you have me down
as manager of Hoctor'a ana Armours
teams. South Omaha. I have nothing to
do with Armour's, but want to hook some
games for Huctor's for Saturdays and
Sundays. Please make correction and
oblige. U. 8. KENNEDY,
Manager Hoctors.
Cambridge la Victorious.
CAMBRIDGE, Neb., April 16. (Special.)
An Interesting gume of base ball was
played on the Cambridge diamond Saturday
afternoon between the Bartley team and
the Cambridge HiKh school team. The
game resulted In a score of 6 to 2 In favor
of Cambridge. Thlf was the fifth game
played this season by the Cambridge boys,
of which they have won every game.
Armonrs Play l.esgners.
The Armours and Pa Rourke'a leaguers
will play this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at
Vinton Street park. The packers have
promised to put up a hard tight. The lineup
will be as follows: Burcsh. right; English,
center; Badura left; Lisbon, third; Mo
Mahon, short; Shannhan, first; Cavanaugh,
first; Carey pec-old; Bohner, catch; Jones,
pitch; Smith, pitch; Williams, pitch.
Duncan Sells Two Players.
SIOUX CITY, la., April 16. (Special Tele
gramsFrank Duncan, president of the
Sioux City Base Ball club, today announced
the sale of MIsee, Infielder, to Marshall
town, and Frost, infielder, to Lincoln.
9 - '
For ,
50 years
wc have been
Good old
in the 6ame old way,
at the same old place.
It is the same pure
whiskey with the same
fine distinct flavor it
has had each year
"Since 1857"
Bottltd i Bond
day's game between Philadelphia and New
York. Score:
B.H.O.A.E. B.H.O.A.E.
Shannon, If.. I 1 1 0 0 Thomas, cf... 4 1 3 0 0
prowns. rf... 1 0 I 0 1 Olw.on, 2b.. 4 0 4 0 0
Devlin, lb..., I 10 1 OTItus, rf 4 10 0 0
bVymnur, cf.. 4 1 0 0 IMim, If 4 1 1 0 0
Rru. iiahan, c. I I T 1 ti llrn.niM, lb S 1 I 1 0
Uowrrm n, lb I 0 11 0 0 Courtney, 3b. I 0 1 I 1
Uahlen. a. .. I 1 1 I 1 I'oolin. as ... I 0 10 1
Corcoran, lb. 4 1 4 I lsntells, as .O 0 0 10
Am' a, p 1 0 4 1 OJai klltach, o. I 0 I I 1
Stranf 1 0 0 0 p.. I 0 I I 0
Taylor, p 10000
Totals II 4 14 II 1
Totals II 7!l U 4
Batted for Ames In the seventh.
Olenson out, hit by batted ball.
New York 20020002 8
Philadelphia 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 05
Two-base hit: Bresnahan. Hits; Off
Ames, 4 in seven innings. Sacrlllce hits:
Brown, Devlin, Thomas. Double plav.
Devlin to Corcoran to Bowerman. Left on
bases: New York, 6: Philadelphia, 9. First
base on balls: Off Ames, S; off Duirgleby, 1
Struck out: By Ames, 6; by DujfyK-by, 4.
Time: 1:65. Umpires: Enislle and Klcm.
Standing; of the Teams.
Played. Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicago 2 2 0 l.OuO
Cincinnati 2 2 0 l.i
Boston 3 i 0 1.0)
Philadelphia 2 11 .b-m
New York Ill .6ou
Plttxburg 10 1 OaO")
St. Louts 3 0J6 CO
Brooklyn 10 2 O.On)
Games today: Boston at Philadelphia,
New York at Brooklyn, St, Loul at Cincinnati.
The O. D. K'a won two games from the
Melz Bros, team at the Association alleys
last night and "Kip" had his laugh at
"Dad" Hint's expense. With a total of
665 Chandler came within one pin of John
son's record series for the month and also
hud the high single game with 24tJ. To
night's match between the Krug Parks
and Dreshers will be bowled Friday night,
when they will roll two full series, starting
at 7 o'clock sharp. Score:
Diamond Dost.
The St. Louis Browns still look like It
Wichita, that won a game from Omaha,
split even on a series with Denver.
Catcher Erwln has been released from
the St. Louis team to the St. Paul team
and will be a great help to old Joe Sugden.
Well, one game lost that's not half bad
for the practice season, when you con
sider that the Champions of the World
were among the opponents of Omaha.
The Courtney base ball team is organized,
fitted out with new suits and looking for
fames. Teams wishing to be taken on, call
'. E. Wendllng, manager, telephone Doug
las 647.
The first contract Larry I-aJole ever
signed was written on the back of an
envelope and called for a salary of 1100 a
month. It was made with Charley Marsten,
then manager of the Falls River (Mass.)
The Ramblers played the second game
out at Diets nark Sunday and the game
was called in the seventh Inning on account
of the rain with the score 3 to 3. Benson
pitched for the Ramblers and allowed but
three hits, while Young was touched for
four hits.
A meeting will be held Tuesday evening
by the directors of the Omaha Field club
to determine the date for open'ng of the
Field club. The Country club has fixed the
date for the formal opening, of that club
at April 27, but the probable date for the
Field club is May 6. Considerable golf has
been played in advance of the opening and
both club houses have been open fir the
accommodation of the members, but the
formal openings have been put off in the
prospects cf warmer weather.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Aids
Medicines that aid nature are always most
effectual. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
acts cn this plan. It allays the cough, re
lieves the lungs, aids expectoration, opens
the secretions and aids nature In restoring
the system to a healthy condition. Thou
sands have testified to Its superior excel
lence. '
Attorney! ia Pinn'ton fat Aetimt ltewi
Make Oreoinc Statement.
Jnry Secured After Tw Days' Work
and Taking of Testimony Will
Deal a at This Mornlnai'a
1. 1. 8. Total.
Brunka ...t ,.211 153 2f7 671
Zurp li0 109 157 616 '
Donman 14N 1X3 179 510
Blakeney 2ol U1 2(6 fci7 '
Huntington 193 l!f7 173 &63 ;
Totals 943 893 921 2.767 j
O. D. K S.
1. 2. 8 Total.
Neale 177 163 2S8 678
Chandler 3)4 248 215 tii6
MoUneaux 192 199 179 570
(Jjeido 174 194 196 . 6rt7
Sprague 180 144 158 4K2
Handicap 12 2 6
Totals 9J9 962 987 2.8o8
ii. J
A. Cickenhelmer A Eros.
fttxtlflera ftifeWsb, fa.
Coronas Win from Clarks.
OMAHi April 15. Sporting Editor of The
Bee: Kindly correct your item In this
morning s sporting news in whloh the Clark
Imperials claim a victory over the Coronas.
This aanie wa won by the Coronas by a
score of 7 to 3. Dot an. the south paw, was
sent to the woods In the first Inning, after
six runs had been made off iiis delivery.
Webb for the Coronas held the Imperials
down to three hits: boors:
R. H.
Coronas 8 0 0 0 1 0 07 8
Imperials 0 0 0 0 0 1 23 3
Butteries: Coronas, Webb and Mokry;
Imperials, Doran, Ogden and Brown.
Yours slnceiely, NEIL SMITH,
Manager Coronas.
Poor Bass Runnlnsr Loses name.
IOWA CITY. Ia.. April 15. (Special Tele
gram.) Inability to run the bases lost a
thlrteen-lnning game to the Rock Island
Three-J leaue team here for the State
University of Iowa today. They outbatted
the leaguers, the work of Kirk and Mlllvr
fur Iowa being exceptionally fine. Kent
pitched a brilliant game for Iowa. Score:
Rock Island ..001000011000! 11 4
Iowa OtOOOOlvlOOOC 17 8
Three-base hits: Bwahn (2), Miller (21,
Dylle. To-bae hits: Kirk (2j, Forney,
Dylle. Batteries: Kent and Kirk; Lnndin,
Neil anil Forney. Umpire: Randall.
Mlsaonrl Defeats Kansas.
COLUMBIA. Mo., April 16.-Mlsourl uni
Teraity defeated Kansas university today
by a score of 9 to 1. The game wus marked
by heavy hitting by the Missouri team.
Harlan was relieved In the s.Jtih inning by
Jertntngu. Holmes of Ksnras was disquali
fied on charges of prolaloriaUlm, which
was admitted. Score: R. H. 11
Missouri 1 0 1 0 4 0 0 0- 11 1
Kansas I M I 1 t 0 0-8 i t
Batteries: Salisbury and 8waiuHin; Har
lan, Jsnnlngs and Brookena.
Ions Win from Dskslaas.
. SIOUX CITY', Ia.. April 16--(Bpcll Teh
rrain ) In a twelve-inning same this after
no. .n tJlouE City defeated hs University of
i Ewuia Daiaola of Veriuiilou, I Id 1
Nonpareils Win.
The Nonpareil Base Ball club defeated
Fort Omaha on the latter's diamond In
one of the closest contested games of the
season by the score of to 6. Both pitchers
threw great ball, Routt striking out fifteen
and Cas eight. The score:
R H E.
Nonpareils 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 18 7 1
Fort Omaha....! 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 05 8 4
Bntferles: Nonpareils, Routt and Hach
ten; Fort Omaha, Cass and Halbe.
Rcrll Throws Parr at Chlcaun.
CHICAGO, April 15 -Fred Beell. the Wis
consln wrestler, defeated Jlin Parr of Eng
land In two straight falls here tonight. The
contest was at catch-aa-catch-can style,
but tho nu n were so fast that they kept
to their feet most of the time. Beell, al
though much smaller, was the stronger.
The first fall took Beell 2b minutes 10 sec-
4Qqvii to
Oil Araruments Postponed.
CHICAGO, April 15. The hearing of argu
ments on the motion of the Standard OH
company for a new trial in the rebate case
which resulted Satutday night In the con
viction of the company has been postponed
fur two weeka.
Leave of absence has been granted for
ten days to Captain Elmer A. Dean, medi
cal deprtment. Fort Riley.
Honorable discharges have been granted
the following enlisted men: Private Nel
son D. Scott, Troop F, Second csvalry;
Andrew Klnsinger, Troop H, Second sav-alr,-
Major Thomas C-ise, chief quartermas
ter Department of the Missouri, has re
turred from a tour tf inspection of the
ouarterniawter fley-artments at Fort Riley
and Leavenworth.
Captain S. H. Dw'ntileiman, Sixth ca.v-r-'ry;
First Lieul'nnt W. S. Mapes,
Twenly-fiflh lnfarif.-, and Second Lieuten
ant George, Sixth cavalry, were
victors at artr.y Headquarters during tha
last t'svr dy.
Major Bradner D. Slaughter, paymaster
Vnited States army is lying seriously ill
at his home, 2022 Wirt street, of pneu
monia. He was attacked Wednesday and
while his condition was somewhat Improved
Monday morning, he Is critically 111.
Major General Greely, commanding tho
Nmlhem mlllinry dlvtettn and Depart
ment of the Missouri, is in Omaha on his
usual semi-monthly visit to army head
quarters. He is accompanied by his aide-de-camp,
Captain George H. Shields of
tho Third infantry- They will remain
in the city two or three days.
I'ndor a recent decision to limit the time
of duty in the Philippines of staff officers
of two years' actual service In the
islands. Instead of two years and six
months absence from the United States,
will occur the transfer for officers whose
transfer was not contemplated for sev
eral month. This is particularly true cf
the medical corps of the army and tho
surgvon general's office has Just completed
a list of officers who will sail from San
Francisco on June 15. Among those to
be transferred under this late order wilt
be Ctiplain T. L. Khoads, now on duty at
Fort Crook, as post surgeon.
The following general court-martial sen
tences have been approved and 'promul
gated: Privates Richard Wat kins, Trocp
I Tenth cavalry, for absenoe without
leaves, three liunnths' Imprisonment at KVrt
Robirtwm; Harry J. Drew, Troup H, Sixth
cavalry, for desertion, one year's Imprlai n
menl; Arthur p. Cuplinger, Fourteenth
battery field artillery, for desertion, aix
months' irnprU oitnicnt at Fort Crook;
ChHrles Brandenberg. Company B. Thir
teenth cavalry, for fraudulent enlistment,
one year's imprisonment ; Harry I Thomp
son, foot service, white, ftc conduct preju
dicial tu good order and military discipline,
eiKhl months' imprisonment at Fort Riley;
Melville E. Y'ouiisp. Troop F, Sixth cavalry,
for deatertion. one year s Imprisonment, and
Thomas S. Bra.iley, Tro-p C, Ninth car
airy, for desertion, fifteen months' Impris
onment. The sentences in each Instance
Involve dishonorable discharge, and the im
prisonment, except as otherwise noted, will
le carried out at Fort Leavenworth mili
tary prison.
General oourt-martlals hsve been ordered
to convenai April 15 at Forts Leavenworth
and Riley for the trial of such caates as
may be properly brouKht before them. The
detail for the court at Fort Ifivenworth
la: Ma Jut H. C. rjchamm, artillery corps,
Ca.pti lis R. D. Walsh. Ninth cavall-y; John
P. Haiua, artillery corps; Jams D. Ty
nr. Jr., Eighteenth Infantry; First Lieu
tenant James G. Taylor, Etj(hteenth In
fant! y; Second Lieutenants F. W. itoikey
cutt, artillery culpa; A. H. Carter, artillery
oun. iiruoe Maatrudrr and James M.
iK U, Lightr.5iiili lnfanu y, and Flist
Lieutenant Charles II Morrow, Elfhtoemn
infantry, judge advocate. The detail fur
the court at Fort iuiey lat: lieutenant
Ccloml Gruiljer Adams, artillery corps;
Captains it. C. Williams, ThlrteinXh cav
alry; ii. M. Kueliler. artillery oorps;
Charles A. llneyn, Second cavalry; Lutils
T. liolBtiiu, artillery First lieuten
ant Dexter Sui-ve. Thirteenth cuvalry:
Second Ll utenanu W. W. Gordon, SeKxmj
ravaliy; L. il. McKlnlay. artillery cucps;
pluilp J K. Kiehl, I hii'teeiith tavalry. and Lieutenant W. F. Martin, second
cavalry, juuk advocate
The opening statements of the attorney
occupied the entire afternoon session of
Judge Estelle's court In tha trial of tho
Jr.l.OoO libel suit of Tom Dennison against
the Omaha News, growing out of the pub
lication by the News of Elmer Thomas'
speech shortly Biter the alleged dynamiting
of Thomas' home In 1904. The statements
were completed at 4:30 and court adjourned
until thla morning, when the taking of ev
idence, aome of which is expected to be
sensational, will begin.
W. J. Conmell, leading attorney for Den
nlnon, made the opening statement for his
client. He declared the suit waa serious,
not only because of the amount Involved,
but because of the seriousness of the
charges made against Dennlson. He said at
least five specific charges were made and
he summed them up.
"At that time," he continued, "there was
', criminal prosecution over In the state of
Iowa In which Tom Dennlson was charged
with being connected with the famous Pol
lock robbery. It will appear that the ac
tive prowecutor of these crises waa the at
torney of the Civic Federation, Elmer E.
Thomas. This case was about to come to
trial. Just at that critical time thesd
clutrges were made and evidently with the
malicious Intent of prejudicing his case
thoy were widely circulated in Harrison
county, Iowa."
Mr. Conreell said Dennlson would not
deny that some time before the publica
tion of the article he had run a policy
game, but he aseerted that would be all
they could allow against htm. He said
after the article appeared Dennlson pre
pared a written statement, which The Bee
and the World-Herald published, but which
the News refused to publish.
Mr. Connoll sold he hoped the defense
would attempt to show that Dennlson had
some connection with the alleged dyna
miting of Thomao house. He said he was
prepared to meet that charge and hoped It
would be raised.
'We will produce evidence," he said In
cloning, "that will surprise this Jury and
startle this community."
Considerable time was taken during his
opening statement to objections by Mr.
Van Dusen to aon-e of his remarks.
News Side of Case.
Mr. Van Dusen followed with a state
ment for the defendant. He declared his
paper had merely published a report of the
speech of Elmer Thomas, which had been
published In the other papers of the city.
He touched on the various statements
which are made the basis for the suit and
made a number of general charges, which
he said he would attempt to. prove. His
statement showed that the evidence of
Shercliff, the Iowa convict, who was the
principal witness In the Pollock case, will
be used by the defense in this cane.
Mr. Van Dusen also presented as a de
fense that the name of Tom Dennlson did
not appear In the article complained of.
The Jury was secured after two days
work at noon Monday. Court adjourned at
once until 2 o'clock, when the opening argu
ments were begun. The hearing of the case.
It is believed, will take at least a week and
it 'will be fought bitterly by both sides.
Some sensational development are prom
ised by both litigants. -
The Jurors selected to try the case are:
Joseph Thornton. 610 North Twenty-third
street; A. ,Wellman, Station B. R. F. D.
No. 1; William Omsted, Florence, Neb., It.
F. D.; J. W. Noon, 1621 North Twenty
second street; H. O. Beatty, 3828 Seward
street; W. Burg, 1538 North Sixteenth
street; James Galloway, Twentieth and S
streets, South Omaha; William McDermott,
223 North Twenty-sixth street. South
Omaha; J. O'Rourke, 1453 South Fourteenth
street; Frank Beecher, 1726 South Seven
teenth street; J. K. Boyle, 1817 St. Mary's
avenue; W. B. Rowe, 2408 North Twenty
fifth street.
Chleaajo Expert Will Lay Out Golf
Grounds of Happy Hollow
Tom Bendalow, a noted golf expert, con
nected with Spalding A Co., Chicago, will
be secured to lay out the golf course of
the new Happy Hollow Country club. This
action was decided upon Monday at a meet
ing of the board of directors of the club
at the Commercial club. A telegram, re
questing him to come to Omaha imme
diately, was sent to Mr. Bendalow by F.
H. Gaines, chairman of the greens com
mittee of the club.
The club considers itself extremely for
tunate In securing the services of Mr.
Bendalow, as he is an acknowledged ex
pert in laying out golf courses, having
laid out over 4u0 in the United States and
The grounds committee of the club, con
sisting of F. H. Gains, Arthur H. Cooley,
Euclid Martin, H. W. Yates, Jr., A. A,
McClure, W. L. Belby and C. C. George, in
spected the proposed golf course last Sat
urday afternoon and recommended Mr.
Bendalow to the board of directors.
Dakota Fair Board Organises.
lrCRON, 8. D., April 15. (Special.) The
new State Board of Agriculture met here
and organized by the election of J. W.
Campbell of Huron president and W. 8.
Hill of Alexandria vice president. The
treasurer will be selected at the next meet
ing. Much business was done looking to
the state fair to be held here September
to 13, inclusive, and these superintendents
of departments ware named: Grounds, J.
W. Campbell; horses and cattle, W. 8. Hill;
sheep and awlne, P. W. Peterson of Vermil
ion. The board decided to erect a number
of new buildings, Including two horse barns
and four hog barns and two sheep barns. A
poultry building will also- be erected and a
large addition made to the women's build
ing and an additional building also put up
for agricultural displays.
. iff-
'' 1 ?3;r. SI !A1 i 1.4 in
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