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Unmiuled Canisei Will Not Be Ghot by
Folios in Streets.
sTTls Harrcittr la the lB.tcrprata.4lB
Plc4 on Letter br Chief
of Police to Ilia
"Ths king- of Franca marched up
hill and then marched down again."
"Doff en Da hi man." remarked a wit at
the cltjr hall when he learned that the
mayor had, through the chief of police,
decided "that no dogs be killed on Ilia
treeta except thoie that have been dln
Med by being run over by street cara
or vehicle and are not able to move
Thla Injunction la contained In a letter
from the chief to his men on tho dog
tnuzzle situation, which, Is viewed by
those on the other side of the feuco aa a
tacit suronder on the part of Our Jim,
the mayor.
Yesterday Dr. Georjra L.. Miller, presi
dent of the Nebraska Humane society,
gave It out cold in cold type where the
mayor could read It that If the mayor
persisted In his avowed determination to
muaile dogs he would have the privilege
M defending hla action In court, and on
top of this the humane society gave It out
that It was about to meet, and of course
that had an ominous effect. Altogether,
the mayor. It Is said, thought he could
decern the handwriting on the wall and.
While the aoclety met and derided It would
take no aggressive action, but would back
Up its president In whatever he did, proc
lamation No. 2 was written.
Proclamation Ho. G.
This proclamation, which la from the
Chief to his captains, la couched In these
terms :
OMAHA., Neb., April 1. Captains Mos
: tyn and Dunn, Gentlemen:, Hereto please
find copv of proclamation Issued by his
honor, the mayor, In regard to muzzling
of dogs, taking effect April & and continu
ing ninety days.
f wish to have you Instruct all police
officers that they must be very careful
and cautious about the killing of dogs
running at large without muscles. I
would advise that no dogs be killed on
the atreeta except those that have been
disabled by being run over by street cars
Or vehicles and are not able to move
away. In that case the dog should be
kllld and put out of his misery. But
where It la possible to take the dog to
lomi vacant spot away from the slfht of
women and children to be shot. It should
be done. In no rase should an officer
take a chance by shooting at a dog run
ning on the street. Where dogs are run
ning on the streets I wish to have thorn
tnuke every effort to find who owns the
dogs and notify them that they must keep
the i dogs on their premises or musr.le
them. It Is not the Intention of the
mayor, himself or myself thst dops kept
on premises of their owners shall
be compelled to wear muzzles. The pur
pose of this order is to keep dogs from
tunning at large and barking at teams,
Heycles or vehicles of all kinds, which
talght cause some horses to frighten and
run away, thereby endangering the lives
Of occupants of the vehicles.
There eeems to be an Impression (hat
the police officers have been Instructed to
shoot dogs found on the streets anywhere
Without muzzles. This Is out of the
question, as It would be more dangerous
Tor the officers to be shooting dogs on
the atreeta than the dogs would be, even
. though they might be presumed to be
Ink or In condition that If they should
bite anyona It might cause serious trouble.
Therefore. I wish you to thoroughly Im
press ft upon the minds of the officers
. i e
?$ Physical Culture
Persons whose di:t is com
posed of most wholesome foods
are comparatively free from dis
ease and are active mentally and
. 1F
is wholesome, nourishing, and
cleanly. Made from the whole
wheat berry. w
10 cents a package.
For tale by all Grocers
that they must not shoot at any dog on
the street.
In all cases where the officers know of
dogs running at large without muzzles
or aoiiarentlv without anv owner, they
should notify the poundmaster and have
the dog catchers try to get them, or. If
the omcer can eaten tne dogs, turn thorn
over to the poundmaster, thereby avoid
Ing the necessity of the officer disposing
01 tne dog. Kespectruuy,
J. J. DONAHUE, Chief of Police
Will Back I'p Dr. Miller.
At the humans aoclety meeting were
these: Dr. Miller, Herbert Spencer Mann,
Rev. Kewton M. Mann, Key. John Wil
Hams, Luclen Stephens, Miss Joy Higglns
and Edgar H. Scott, 'attorney for the so
ciety. The society discussed the subject
pro and con, but decided that It would
resort to no aggressive action, but would
support Dr. Miller In whatever steps be
took to keep muzzles off the dogs. Pr.
Miller reiterated his determination to
carry the thing to the last dltc'n In order
to prevent the mayor from carrying Into
effect his order.
The order of the chief to his captains
Is considered in no other light than
tacit surrender by the mayor, and so the
friends of the dogs are resting on their
oars, confident In the belief that the com
edy Is at an end. And another Dahlmon
determination Is broken.
Dr. Miller prooeeded with his deter
mination to fight the case to the extent
yesterday of setting an attorney to work
drawing up a complaint to filo agatnit
his honor, the mayor, In due time.
The mayor received letters Monday morn
ing on the dog muzzling subject. From
Chicago he was Informed that dogs at large
must be muzzled the year round, but own
ers may take them on public thorough
fares If In leash.
The city clerk of Minneapolis reported
that a muzzling ordinance was put Into
operation there January 1, and wrote that
during January and February of this year
800 dogs In Minneapolis were shot. In Mil
waukee an ordinance was passed, but
humane societies and women succeeded in
making the ordinance Inoperative.
Flames that Burn Fohlits Buildiniln Pouth
Omaha Traced to Intent.
Combining Scientific and
Artistic Principles.
A Matinee for Vomen and Girls
Madame Tale cordially invites the ladles
of Omaha to attend her Beauty Cuituro
aiatlnee at
Doyd'c Theater
Next Thursday, April 4th
at 1:30 p. IC
As aa authority on Woman's Br ity and
Physical Culture Mine. Vale stands alons
M her greatness. Her own physical per
fections portray In tones more convincing
than words the quality of her remedies
and methods perfect In face, figure and
general mannerism, she Is an Inspiring
idcture for women to Imitate and profit
by her example and teachings.
The Yale System
provides for the removal of all blemishes
and defects ta fai-e or figure that mar
beauty. If a woman is too stout or too
thin. Mme. Yale hu exeriiaea and nietli
oda for bringing about t!is desired rhangtt.
bli will tall In her lecture how women
atid girls may Increase in beauty snd be
come physically perfect. In Justine to
themselves all women fchould learn the
Sonnmlo lot' 10 of the famous' Yale sys
tem, the ouiy successful means known of
transforming human ugliness Into youth
ful IwsMiuf beauty.
Tloksts for Mine. Tales lecture, good
for reesrved seats, may be had free of
charge Ly applying for them at the Drug
Ixiwrtmeiit of the Bob ion titore also
Buharfer's Cut Price Dm Store. Fifteenth
u d DuiUilaa Sts. Tho U.t seats, however,
are given to Uue who make a purchase of
any of Mme. Yale's Rameille at the time
v4 applying for tickets. In order to obtali
choice seats tU kets should be secured early
In advance of lecture. Tickets are now
15th and Douglas.
Drug Department.
Woman Gets Property and Leaves
Husband Fifty-Three Tears
Her Senior.
According to reports from Niobrara It
appears that when the aged Leonard
Welgand of that place took unto himself
for wife "Matty Douglas of Oakland" the
cards were stacked against Dan Cupid.
This marriage was performed in Omaha
not over a fortnight ago, and now ft Is
heralded from that little town upon the
breezy frontier of western Nebraska that
the bride la gone and the venerable bene,
diet Is again alone. But that Is not all
the story. It Is a atory with a degree of
sameness to It.
Leonard Welgand la 88 years of age;
Matty Douglas gave her age as 82. When
the couple went to Rev. C. W. Savidse
to be married he objected to marrying
them because of the great disparity In their
ages. But the woman- Insisted and the
minister thought best to yield.
The old man told me he was In San
Francisco when the earthquake wiped out
that city," said Rev. Mr. 8avidge, "and
he thought If he could survive a cataclysm
like that he was able to get married. I
told him I thought maybe It would have
been better If the Lord had called Mm
right off to heaven there and then."
But that sweet, ardent love which the
bride protested for her venerable Romeo
seems to have been early satiated, for
the Niobrara report says she Is with him
no more, and he is doing what he can
toward recovering title to certain property
which went to her as the result of an
agreement executed soon after their marriage.
The- children of the old. gentleman are
said to be greatly Incensed over this epi
sode. In which they think their father waa
Imposed on. Ha had been traveling for
six or seven years and happened to be In
San Francisco when tho disaster happened
a year ago. It aeems be met the woman
there. The woman la unknown to any of
the eld gentleman's family, as la alao the
ract amount of hla fortune which she waa
successful In securing.
Fair as4 Colder 1st Nebraska aad
Soath Dakota Today j Iaeroaatac
Cloodlaeaa Tomorrow.
WASHINGTON, April 1. Forecast of the
weather for Tuesday and Wednesday!
For Nebraska 'and South Dakota Fair
and colder Tuesday; Wednesday, Increas
ing cloudiness.
For Iowa and Missouri Fair and warmer
Tuesday; Wednesday, partly cloudy.
For Colorado Fair In east, shocvers In
west portion Tuesday and Wednesday.
For Wyoming Showere Tuesday; Wednes
day, fair and colder.
For Kansas Fair Tuesday, colder In west
portion; Wednesday, partly 'cloudy.
Local Record.
OMAHA. April 1. Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of ths last thre
years: wn. ifn. i,6. um.
Maximum temperature.... 64 M 79 M
Minimum temperature.... 87 81 47 U
Mean temperature E0 45 68 45
f reclpltauon 00 .00 .00 .0i),
Temperature and precipitation departures
iram iua nurmu at unmnt since Alarm 1
and oomparisons with the last two years:
Normal temperature 41
bxct'Ss Tor tne day
Total excess since March 1 tjj
Nurmal precipitation OS Inch
Ienclency for the day Inch
Precipitation since March 1 29 Inch
Dsticlrni-jr since March 1 l.fc) inches
F.xcees for cor. period In V.o.4 17 inch
Deficiency for cor. period In .kg Inch
Reports frosa Stations at T P. M.
Station and Stats Temp. Max. Rain-
of Weather. T p. m. Temp. fall
Bismarck, clear 48 is .uo
Cheyenna. cloudy AO i no
Chicago, clear ft 8 .40
Iavsnport. part cloudy 44 4 oo
Tienver, oloudr M 70 n
Havre, part cloudy it 4ft 't
Helena, clear U 54 T
Huron, part cloudy lis 72 00
Kansas tlty. rleer M fli
North Platte, cloudy M 7
Omaha, cloudy ) hi
P. upld City, cloudy H 78 On
St. Iouia, clear 41 44 j.i
St Paul, part cloudy 4K 50 i
halt Uake City, cloudy 6s (A ",Vi
Valentine, ptirt cloudv 72 S) .X)
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
L. A. WU.fcH, lxK:ai forecaster.
Total Valaa of fttraetaro Is
Doable that and Isisrsses
Aosoants Only to Tea
The Sehllta building, valued at $30,000. at
Twenty-seventh and Q streets. South
Omaha, was damaged Sunday night to the
extent of 1:5. WO by fire supposed to have
been of Incendiary origin. The Bra started
at the rear of the K. C. shoe store, one
of the three stores badly damaged by the
firs. The fire was discovered at 8 a. m.
and was under control within the hour.
Insurance on the damaged building was
pla'oed at $10,000. Max Allison's grocery
store waa gutted, while Joe Hoffman's
cigar store and pool room suffered a like
fate. The K. C. shoe atore, conducted by
N. Selvera, was Insured for W.GOO. The rear
of Barney Cogan's saloon, west of the
Schlltz building, waa scorched.
Fire Chief Qarratt believed the fire the
result of incendiarism, because there waa
no known cause for fire to break out
where It did. The police have the case In
hand and are making a careful Investiga
tion of the affair.
The upstairs of the Schllts building la
occupied by the American District Tele
graph company and several families, all of
whom were routed out In night garments.
The Armour fire department responded and
assisted In the work of saving several
small stores and lodging houses west of
the Schlits building.
The walls of tha building and upper floor
were not seriously damaged.
Short Session of Connrll.
The city council held a brief session last
night and the principal Item of Interest
was the allowing of the regular monthly
pay roll. All of the salaries and general
bills. Including the pay of the registrars
for their sorvlcea In Saturday's revision of
registration, were allowed.
James Hall asked for permission to use
O street from Twenty-fourth to Twenty
sixth streets. He wished to enclose the
street for a May carnival, which Is now
being planned. He Is trying to secure the
patronage of the Eagles or the Ancient
Order of United Workmen, or both. His
request was referred to the' committee on
viaducts, streets and alleya.
The floors of fire hall No. 1 were ordered
recaulked. The lumber appears to have
shrunken and the floors were no longer
PIumber"a licensee were granted to George
Briggs and George Parks.
Ordinance No. 1633. being the ordinance
controlling tha building Inspector In the
matter of the Inspection of plumbing and
the requlrsments of the city In this re-
anect from the licensed plumbers, was
passed on third reading. This comprised
the entire budget for the evening and tha
council adjourned for one week.
Democrats Are Deeperato.
It Is rumored that all kinds of plane are
to be resorted to during tho school election
today to reduce the republican vote. It Is
apparent tha democratic candidates are
uslnr every means In their power. Some
purported labor organisation Is sold to
hnvo Issued a circular against N. K. uarter,
charging him with being opposed to the
interests of labor. It is In line wtih other
plans being attempted. It charges C. W.
Knight with being a nonunion man during
the strike. The fact of the matter to that
the democrats are demoralised In their
own camp. Many of the prominent demo
crats will not support their own ticket.
The two candidates have not worked In
harmony for a moment during the cam
paign, nor would they If elected to the
board. Corrlgan claims that the democrats
are united, but Llnlghan denies that ha
has anything to do with Corrlgan'a cam
paign. Dog Catcher. GettlnaT Ready.
Joe Blaha has risen Ilka a specter on the
horizon of canine delights. He announced
himself aa a candidate for reappointment
as city dog catcher yesterday. His ap
pointment waa announced by the mayor and
the same confirmed by the council In last
night's session of the council.
Last year he received as compensation
for his services $062.95 from the dog fund.
In the two months of the season he killed
about 600 dogs, representing the excess of
tha city's supply. Out of these he made
considerable additional profit by selling
the pelta and by rendering out the oil. Ha
claims to seek a partner, who will help hlm
Increase tne capacity 01 ma rmmwun
worka. He aold something like fifty gal
lons of oil and maintained that tha profit
In the manufacture waa large. He esti
mates that he reaUxed $1,000 from hla posi
tion. Several Inquiries were made for dog taga,
but they have not been Issued yst. One
trttle girl waa In tha first thing yeaterday
morning for tag No. 1 for her pet. It
will ba- reserved for her. It Is reported
that the Omaha dog catcher made a raid
over the Una yesterday and killed and
captured another. Thla caused a decided
stir among canine lovers along tha Una
and accounts for part of tha early demand
for dog taga. Tha neighbor will be lying
In ambush for the Omana man hereafter.
In South Omaha tha new tags must be
secured before May 1.
Reno too of ffebraakane.
A latter was received from David An
derson by one of his South Omaha friends.
"Uncle Dave" Is at present In Loa Angeles,
Cal. Writing under date of March 87 he
says: "Yesterday a reunion of the Ne
braakans was celebrated In thla Queen city
of tha Paotflo coaat. Over 800 ex-cltixena
of Nebraska assembled at Bast Park lake
to express good fellowship and Joy by open
air meetings and greetings of a most
hearty and grateful kind. The day was one
of the most salubrious of a positively per
fect climate. March Is a delight at Los
Angeles, while It la one or tha moat flla
agreeable of the year In many eastern
statea It. was a source of great pleasure
to us to meet so large a contingent from
Bouth Omaha who reside here. Among the
number were Harry Dennis and wife, Mrs.
Dave Shank and daughter. George L Dare,
the Mlasea Berqulst. James Welley. W. A.
Bennett, William Holland, Dan McPhall,
Mr. and Mrs. Coe and many others. The
affair reflected to my mind the general
spirit of ten years ago, when these people
were Influential In South Omaha. Mrs. An
derson and I are enjoying excellent health.
We expect to return to South Omaha about
April 10. Mr. and Mrs. Thomaa Gary are
at present at San Jose,"
Made City Goaslo.
John Mortensen. 1509 Monroe street, re
ports the birth of a girl.
Sol S. Goldstrom left yesterday for a
three months' tour of Hurope.
Fred Melcher. son of C. A. Melcher, Is
reported seriously 111 at the Melcher resi
dence. Mrs. Lucy Smith Eads was abls to attand
Faster services at the church where she Is
orranlat Sunday.
The Rnsrd of Education held a brief
sf.f.i.jh lat night and only a Itvr routine
bills were allowed.
A. W. Weppner. purchnser for Pehwartx
chlld Sulzberger of Chicago, was in tha
city yesterday visiting friends.
The women of the Christian church will
meet with Mrs. Frank Severk. 1R1 North
Twenty-seventh street, Wednesday after
noon. The Maccabees will give a smoker and
entertainment Wednesday evening. State
Commander L. M. Thomas of Lincoln will
be present.
William Burns leaves tonight on a trip
to F.urope. He will be gone several months.
Most of the time will be apent In tha
British Isles.
Trie Board of Fire and Prdlce commis
sioners meet this evening. Police officer
will be elected. Two saloon cases will be
up for settlement.
The list of unfortunates before Judge
King yentarday contained the names of
Owen O'Malley, Chick Sullivan, Thomas
Ranee and Thomaa Grck. '
John Kennedy, who has been suffering
for two months or more from the effects
of an attack of pneumonia, was able to
be on the streets yemorday.
Postmaster C L. Howe announced that
the sftle of postttce for the month of March
amounted to tt.'eo.iO. This Is $1,700 Increase
over the same month In 1906.
The death of Frank Leltner, aged 78
years, occurred at o'clock yesterday
afternoon at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Joe Kudrna. Eighteenth and O streets.
The funeral hafl not been arranged.
The saloon of Patrick Hannlgan, thirty
ninth and Q streets, wos entered Sunday
rilnht throUKh a rear window and 140 taken
from the cash register. No trace ot the
perpetrators has been discovered.
During the month of March fifty-three
hlrths were reported, of which twenty
seven were males and twenty-six females.
Thlrtv-nve deaths occurred last month.
Thirteen were females and twenty-two were
The piling for the spillway of the Mud
creek main sewer has been driven, ready
to support the concrete. The piles were
needed on accoun'. of the soft ground of
the river bank. The work on tha sewer
will begin In a lew days.
The muslca'.e s.nd play of the Alumni
association at the hlrh school auditorium
was very largely attended last night. The
Boyd School for Acting furnished the
drama, a farce comedy entitled "The Three
Miss Blddels."
Schedules Will Stay Where They Are
ou Bastboand Traffic Oat
of Omaha,
No naw developments have arisen In tha
grain situation. The reported raise in rate
which was contained In the Washington
dispatches Saturday waa a mistake, for tha
railroads have agreed with the Omaha
Grain exchange not to raise tho rates on
eastborund grain until July 1. This was
asked, aa many contracta were out for the
movement of grain and thla delay would
give the roads time to clean up on most
of the grain of the west. By that time It
was figured more cars would be available
for the movement of grain.
About a year ago a general reduotton
was made In hauling grain of IVi cents.
This was supposed to represent the extra
money the railroads had been charging and
then refunding In the shape of elevation
charges. The raise In rates now contem
plated will advance the price to what It
was before the elevation agitation started.
roa ovsa sixty tsars
terns, vnaiowi ooTHisra mn
bmtm SMS far mwmt SIXTY TSARS by MIL
1k.klHI.NO WITH rEHt ST StlX M. IT
LMlHti Ik ChlUl. SOFT INS lk 01. MS. AL
t rmlr lor ijlAhaHoEA. Sol4 bf SruASWs
In vrr pAtt i tW earls, fee sars aas AAA, lar
Chtcagro Amtrlessi Win.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 1. Tha Chi
cago American league club defeated the
local American association team here today
by a score of 8 to 2. Indianapolis scored Its
only runs on errors by the visitors.
Warner's Safe Curs absolutely and per
manently cures all diseases of the Kid
neys, Liver, Bladder, Blood, Urinary Or
gans and Rhumatlsm and Diabetes.
Warner's Safe Cure
has lasting effect. X trial bottle of thla,
the greatest kidney cure, sent abaolutely
free to every reader of The Omaha, Dally
Mr. M. D. Jennlng, of Benton Harbor,
Mich., hnrt his back while teaming. He
thus describes his recovery by use of
Warner'a Safe Cure:
"A few years ago while teaming In Colo
rado I hurt tny back and could not get
any relief. I did not believe In patent
medicines, but as the last resort, after
read lag one of Warner's Safe Cure ad
vertisements, I thought -I would try one
bottle. It helped me so much, I bought
six more bottlrs, and now I have a sound
back and have not taken any medicine
for three or four years. M, D. JEN
NINO, Benton Harbor, Mich."
When th klaners Ar dlsAMd ths urlo Aala Is
sot cAnid off, ads this aauaoa Gout, Laiqi bf o,
KAAumAtitm of UiA Joints, KhAUGutlsm Al la
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paira Aud tin liver tursld. Wtniri Bnf Fills
iiuickl; rallATo this conalUos, And o III attsr
floct is cxperlancd.
two sizes and Is sold by all druggists, or
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TLE. Refuse substitutes " containing
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der and Blood that WARNER'S SAFE
CURE wlli cure, a trial bottle will be
sent ABSOLUTELY FREE, postpaid, to
any one who will write WARNER'S
SAFE CURE CO., Rochester, N. Y., and
mention having sen this liberal offer In
Ths Omaha Daily Bse. The genuineness
of this offer is fully guaranteed by tha
publishers. Our doctors will send medical
booklet containing descriptions of symp
toms and treatment of each disease, and
many convincing testimonials, free to
Fingers roughened by ncdlowork
catch every stain and look hopelessly
dirty. Hand Sapollo removes not only
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entiele, and reitorei tho linger to
their nmturtl beauty.
aVAtvat GaistXTXStT
sVsTCMOai maoa compass.
07 aToxtb ITta at, Oaaaaa.
)A One of the Important Duties of Physicians and j
uiu f? vuiiiiui mvvi VIA iuu VVVJAAVI
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appeal to the Well-informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent suc
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It's the simplest matter in the world to save monev oro-
vided you do not dispise the small sums.
The wise man looks to the future and saves a part however
smalli of his earnings each month placing it where interest ac
cumulations provide a steady increase.
Are You Wishing You ESad Money?
Quit Wishing and Save the Small Sums that's the best
method to gain a substantial bank account and one sure to win.
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aft. Tlhe See fffieeaaao
No conditions whatever attached to this offer except that you fill out and bring to us the
below receipt. '
Ilayden Bros.' Bank is the place f nr your savings accounts because it has
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a larger pjuu-up man any savings DaiiK in the state and the greatest
amount of cash assets for liabilities.
Hay den Bros.
Tho Omaha Dally Dee
One Bsvlnrs Bank, No.
I agree to begin
on Coupon will b
accepted ft tn amy pernm.
a systematic effort to save, and when It contains on
dollar or mo.-s I will present it to llAiDK.V UKOS.
BANKK11S, where it Is to be unlocked and contents placed to nr
credit. I am then to receive an order (FKEK) on The Omaha Dally
Bee, having- a face value of CO cents. The order to be exchangeable for
Want Ad Advertising In all classifications except Heal Estate.
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