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    V 1
Women's Neckwear
A Newly AitIth1 Lot for Easter.
Bom of th (talntltst crwtlnns of
ths iMiinn iwtlt the Saturday shop
per!. PrMty lawn and emhrolderl Jnhots
and butterfly bow, 0c and TSo each,
to be worn with the hand r-mbroid-ered
turnover collars, which range
In price from BOc to 11.80 each.
Bountiful collars of lace and em
broidery, very chic when, worn with
the lingerie waists.
Coat acts, In plain pique, Inoe trim
med and hand embroldored elTpcts,,
BOci ttc, 1 1.00 up to $11 00 each.
Telephone Dongla 6 IS Heache all Department
One More lay and fthcii -EasteF-
A DAY when every one wants to look their best. What
a relief to shsd "the' heavy, winter gar Irian is and don the
lighter and brighter things for spring; . There is but one
day to prepare for the glad day Easter. There will be many
small ready-to-wear accessories which you will need a new
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you will find choosing a pleasant and easy task. This groat store welcomes you. Come
Saturday and spend a leisure hour or two wander through the wide, comfortable aisles,
admire the pretty new things, ask all the questions you like, even if - you haven't the
slightest idea of buying.
Dainty French Underwear
There la nothing daintier than this
sheer white, beautifully soft linen,
nainsook and Paris muslin, made Into
undergarments fwr women. Kvery
woman will need more undermiisllna
this season than ever before, because
of the strong tendency to all white,
and. we. are, prepared for the trust
demand already beginning. VVa are
always glad to have you' look them
over, "whether you puruhase or not.
Hand embroidered downs, exclusive
patterns and styles, S3. 00 to 120.00
The daintiest of hand embroidered
Corset Covers, with embroidery me
dallions and Valenciennes trimmings,
11.60 to 00 each.
Art attempt to describe all the gar
. merits would be Imposalble. The best
way la to come and see them.
Second Floor.
tf kU
The French Say
that the short-fitted Jacket
is going to be the boulevard fa
vorite this Spring. Wooltex
Americanizes it for your bene
fit and gives you the
guarantee for fabric, fit and
finish. "We show them in all the
new - Spring fabrics, proved
pure wool by acid teet. Two
seasons' satisfactory wear
Jaunty Short-Fitted
'At $7.50, 110.50, $12.50 and
aft. m n A
$10. UU.
Button Special Saturday
A good quality of fish-eye Pearl
Buttons, regular 10c a dozen, spe
cial for Saturday, per doaen, 8c.
Ball Buttons, In lines 10, 12, 14,
16, Saturday, per doz., Be.
Ruffs for Easter
To take the place of furs laid
aside. To give a dressy, finishing
touch to the Easter Toilette. Rent
assured that these we show are
the newest of the new, made of
chiffon and mallne; colors, pink,
nary, sky, brown, black and white.
New, 1907, Parasols
The new parasols are here, not a
.great quantity, but there Is va
riety to suit every taste. They will
be on special display Saturday on
our Main Floor, left of entrance.
Redfern Whalebone Corsets
The Name Alone b a Staidira ol Merit.
Be fitted to a Redfern Saturday morn
ing before you buy the new gown. The
beautiful fashions we see this season owe
much of their effectiveness to the shaping
of the corset. You may be reasonably sure
that a large percentage of the good look
ing figures result from'a REDFERN base.
Careful corseting is productive of a good
figure.. 'No matter how well made the '
gown may bo, it DOES NOT make the fig
ure. The corset is responsible for the con
tour. Redfern models are the successful
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models are stayed with only the -choicest
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. "Security" Rubber IJutton Hone Supporters Attached. We fit our
corsets In cozy fitting rooms, expert corset fitters, who thoroughly under
stand their business, in attendance.
a day. Redfern
of whalebone
Good Gloves for Easter
No doubt every retailer In the country
designates his as good glovea, but how disap
pointed are hundreds of customers. It Is not
always the fault of the gloves. If the buyers,
had lool-id eloser they wouldn't have bought'
them. Our eipert glove chief looks lose Into
the making, the sewing and the skins. The
best maker In the world sometimes disap
points, but still he wouldn't be the best un
less his glovea were, better. Whl have the best
gloves made.
A few glove Items from the busiest corner
of the store:
Blbow Length SUd Gloves
Either "Trefousse" or ."Valller a," in the-new
tana, browns, russets, black, white and all tho
new Caster shades "
, t3.0O-n.C0-S4.00 to 94.60 Per Pair.
- Tamer's Short Bid CUovse
Tn elque or overseam our new importation
In all shades and' black or white, 11.50 to
(2.26 per pair. .
16-Button Lambskin Gloves, black only,
usually sold up tn 3.60 per pair Saturday
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lt-button. list Gloves, with suede finish, a
glove that sold regular at 76c, colors gray and
white only, Saturday, per pair, 29c. j
Easter Handkerchiefs
A most complete stock of Eastar Handker
chiefs, very suitable for gifts. Beautiful hand
embroidered Handkerchiefs, 60o 75c, J1.0D,
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Great Special Sale of Manufacturers' Sample Shirts
For Men. Saturday Morning at 9 OXlock. .
150 dozen manufacturer's samples of Men's Shirts, consisting of all
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A few dozen in sizes 16V, 17 and 18.
All sample Shirts' regularly sold up to $1.25, Saturday at., 39
All Sample Shirts regularly sold up to $1.50, $2.00, Saturday at
each i 69
All Sample Shirts regularly sold up to $2.50, $3.00, Saturday at
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fect. No job lot or seconds, but manufacturers' best ' specimens." Come
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Saturday Evening at 7:30 O'clock.
Boys' Sample- Shirts at 29 each, Bargain Square, in Basement. 1
Easter Hosiery-
New and stylish Hosiery for Easter. The
latest, fads Of colors, style and patterns are
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French Bilk Hose, in black o pearl gray,
hand embroidered, $7.60 per pair.
Daintily embroidered thread Silk Hose at
12.75. $3.00, $8.60, $4.00. $4.60 and 15 per pair.
Thread 611k Hose, In plain shades, at $2.60
per pair. , -
Latest novelties. In embroidered lisle thread
Hose at 60c, 85c, $1.00, $1.26, $1.50, $2.00 and
$2.60 per-palr. . .
Plain Black Silk Hose, $1.60, $2.00. $2.r.0,
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. Main Floor. .
Howard, Cor. 16th.
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TO a a March 29. 1A07
! I 1 -, ' . ' ' v ' ' 1 1 1 '- 1 P I L 1 L. 1 I I
V1UmiiiUWju " "" ' ' wewWMiwMiwMM eerwwewww) . fMMtm . j
appropriately Inscribed, and With a silver
oarvlhg ' set. To Mr. Barnard wag pre
sented silver carving set. - Representa
tive Dodge of Douglas county had the
honor to make the presentation speech, and
with true eloquence he performed his
pleasant duty. He said: '
- As the time draws' near for the cloalng
of this sesnlon and our thoughts pass in
review upon the last three months we find
the bitterness and heat of battle over many
measures ia fast ebbing, and a feeling of
fellowship and friendship ia coming to
supplant all baser emotions. The finer
feelings' of men seek expression in doing
for their fellow men, In giving rather than
In receiving.
Moved by these Impulses, this entire
house, without regard to party affiliation,
has sought to express to you. Mr. Speaker,
and to you, Mr. Clerk, their personal ap
preciation of your services to us and to
the state, by presenting to you these me
mentos, merely aa a symbol of their high
regard for you aa men and for your ex
cellence In the performance of your duties.
To you. Mr. Clerk, no words can express
the feeling of respect and personal regard
that every man In this and preceding
legislatures feels for your painstaking seal
In the careful performance of your onerous
duties. Tour ability to place each of us
under obligations by your courteous and
cheerful aid and assistance without in any
way neglecting your duty to the state Is
rare Indeed. With you a puTilIc office is
Indeed a public truat. Tou have set a high
standard -for your position and It is the
sincere hope of every member of this house
that yoti will continue in office for many
sessions yet to come.
When you return to your home ahd
"peaceful pursuits" may you often, have
cause to use our gift, if only to remind
you of our regard, and may that realisa
tion cheer and strengthen you on your path
through life.
To. you, Mr. Speaker, we have brought
tw tokens of our personal regard. One is
to appsal to your practical nature, and the
other Is a thing of beauty as well as of
use. We fully realize that no money can
buy or artisan devise anything that can
tinriik what this aesMon must bring to
you. The deepest thoughts and emotions
of men cannot De expressed. ion win.
have fought for decades for the reforms
we have accomplished need no suggestion
from us aa to what It means to you.
It does not become this body to tind
Its own praises, but when we realise that
we have redeemed every pledge of a plat
form that was ambitious, If not vlBionary,
and passed several more laws that In
former days would have been considered
worthy of platform prominence, one may
at least express the hope that Shake
speare's lines may rightfully be para
phrased to read, "The good men do lives
after them, and the evil Is oft Interred
with their bones."
We can only catch a faint Idea of what
you must feel at the close of this remark
able session, and as an expression of our
svmpathy and regard on this happy occa
sion we bring you our gifts. May they not
only remind you. In years to come, of the
record this house he.s under your
leadership, but more still of the personal
AatAm in whlnh we hnM von and the feel
ing of affection we will have for you aa
long as we live.
Both .the speaker and the clerk were
visibly affected by the presentation whloh
was a complete surprise. With both of
them if was a case of "after you.' But
Mr. -Speaker solved the question by pre
sentlng Mr. Barnard. The chief clerk, who
had read with such a steady voice, for
years the numerous bills and measures
which came before the house and whose
clear voice has been the wonder of the
state, talked differently today. His voice
was all choked up. He said:
Words can hardly express my feelings.
I have liven all to you and have tried to
do the best I know how, but I have made
mlstakea, aa every man does, l nope you
will remember that these mistakes have
been of the head and not of vhe heart. It
Coys' Most Clever Cloiltes
1 :! i
V ' II
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Clothes for boys. Positively a
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Every newest style, every boy
proof fabric, the choice of the new
fashionable patterns. Clothes for
all shapes and sizes of boys. Ju
venile Suits
Juvenile Suits
53.95 to MO.00
Young .Ion's Suits
810.00 to 522.50
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-VpMA.MA.lstrty V JT.5yroi.'c-i,A.ft at
Is fitting here that ' I ehould say a tew
words about legislatures I have known.
When I look back over the past I know
the world Is growing better all,-the time
snd that our legislatures are getting bet
ter. I have served In legislatures when a
barroom was maintained In the state house.
1 have lived to see such things remain in
memory only. I see In this legislature men
who came here on their honor and, as the
speaker has said, you have kept every
fledge you have made to your people. As
o the chief clerk, I have given you the
best I have, but I want to say to you the
credit Is not all due the chief clerk. Tou
have given to me the best help any chief
clerk ever had. The chief olerk doesn't do
It all his help floes It.
Speaker Nettleton said the presents had
come to him as a surprise completely. He
went on and said:
This has been a business session, a very
busy session, and I thought we would go
home without any display of sentiment.
We came here pledged to perform the
greatest work of any legislature. It was
freely said that we could not redeem those
pledges. But, gentlemen, you cast aside
party lines; you differed In opinions re
garding pledges, but there has never been
any Intention to prevent the keeping of a
single pledge. Tou forgot you were re
publicans; you forgot you were a demo
crat, and you forgot you were a populist;
you only remembered you were Nebras
kans. and every one of you helped to the
best of his ability, to honestly perform
his duty. Legislation has .been formed on
the floor of this house and on the floor
Of the senate and not by lobbyists In dark
corner. I congratulate you on the new
order of things. There has been no lobby
in control of this house; ail have been in
dependent. Every law which this legisla
ture put. Into effect has been put through
without outaide influence. That Is a good
beginning for a new order. Tou will hear
it said, the best legislature ever assembled
In Nebraska. That Is true. I congratu
late you on the great work you have ac
complished. . It may not be long for me here. I feel that
I have done my life work. I see many young
faces here who will be In the future rep
resentatives and our senators at Washing
ton. I see before me future governors and
supreme judges, and I am glad to see you.
Follow the same course that you have fol
lowed this session and Nebraska will be
proud of you. I thank you. It la all I
can do. I shall cherish these remem
brances aa long as I live.
The house then took a recess from 11
until 1:30 that the members could have a
chance to get closer to each other's senti
mental side.
I'mnlag the Appropriations.
The senate finance committee today made
another cut of $160,000 in the house ap
propriation bills, the , greater part of the
reduction being In the general appropria
tion bill which was reported for general
file. The remainder of the slash was In
the bill to appropriate $00,000 for permanent
buildings at the state fair grounds. This
was cut to $20,0GO and the appropriation
made available for a cattle barn. A re
duction of $7,000 was made tn the items
for the Orthopedic hospital, because aoma
of the more necersary Items are covered
In a separate bll. The committee also
cut down the North Platte experimental
substation from $:S,0O0 to $20,000 and the
fund for farmers' Institutes from $35,000 to
$20,000. The railway Commission was bit
in two. places. In Its special appropriation
the fund for general expenses of investi
gations and pi executing cases was reduced
from $30,000 to $30,000, and tn the appro
priations for the attorney general's office
the fund for trust and railway prosecutions
was cut from $16,000 to Ho.ouO,
Keif Heatlaar IMaat for Prrs.
The senate finance committee recom
mended for passage 11. R. 4, which pro
vides for a heating plant at the Peru
Koruil school. The action of the commit
tee In Indefinitely postponing the bill ap
propriating $2,bu0 for a StiDhatchery for
hsh In Cherry county was reversed by
the senate today after a fight by Senator
lianna. After securing the reconsidera
tion or the vote he moved the bill be
placed on general tile, and after a heated
debate In which members of the finance
oummlttee declared the action would open
1 up the way tor' a wholesale reversal of the
action of the committee, the. motion carried
by a vote of 18 to 12.
The salary appropriation bill waa con
sidered this afternoon in committee of
the whole. ' In general the cuts made' by
the committee were concurred in. The sal
aries of stenographers to the supreme court
commissioners were raised from $840. the
figure by the house, to $300, the
present figure. An attempt was triad e to
cut out the printing expert of the state
board of printing, but It failed. His salary
was reduced from $1,200 to $1,000.
Corrlck's Record Cleared. .
The senate this) forenoon expunged from
the records a resolution offered by Sibley of
IJncoln county early In the session censur
ing Assistant Secretary F. P. Corrlck. The
trouble came about through the publication
Of some letters from some of 8ibley's con
stituents protesting against a stringent
anti-pass law. Senator Sibley offered the
resolution apparently while angered at the
publication of the letters. It was never
pushed and has been allowed to He dormant
until today, when, by unanimous Vote, a
motion by Randall of Madison to expunge
It from the records carried. Mr. Corrlck
has been one of the most efficient and pop
ular employes of the senate and It was. the
opinion of many of the senators that the
Sibley resolution waa due to a misunder
standing. Star la Flurry.
' The railroad headlight, known aa the Lin
coln Star, baa been lambasting the claims
committee of the house because a motion
was made In that body to cut In two the
price charged by country and city newspa
pers for printing the proposed constitutional
amendment notices. Aa a matter of fact
the headlight Is wrong, as usual. The
claims committee of the house reported
back the claims of the newspapers just as
they , were filed. It waa Cone of Saunders,
the fusion leader, who tried to get. the
newspaper bills cut down, and he failed
because the house wouldn't stand for his
Among the new faces at the legislature
today which brought back old times waa.
that of Colonel Tom Majors. The colonel
came up to attend a meeting of the
Normal board, which waa imperative at
this time, as many bills had to be allowed,
it Is understood his visit was not Inspired
by the fact that his term of office expires
very shortly.
The senate committee on finances cut
$80,000 out of the appropriation for the
Home of the Feeble Minded at Beatrice
for an additional building, leaving $30,000.
The $8,000 claim of Lee Herdman, cut
out by the house, was restored by the
senate committee on claims.
Ksattr of Hosit Bills Pat Throeah
the Mill.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March a.-(8peclal.)-The sen
ate today passed the following bills:
8. K. &--Vy Ulover. Amendatory to the
highway law.
S. F. 311-Hy Backett. Allowing fire and
tornado Insurance companies to do business
outside the state on a certificate from
the auditor that they have made required
guaranty deposits.
H. F. 7 By Sackett. Prohibiting the
giving of free sei vice or franks by public
service corporations.
H. R. 2m By Ryram. Appropriating
ll.S40.42 for the relief of Thurston county
tor expenses of pruxecuttng Indians.
H R. iHy Adams. Appropriating
for the ray ment of railroad fare of
supreme and district Judges.
11. R. By Armstrong. Providing for
the destruction of weeds along the high
avs before Aug'ist 16 of each year.
II. R. l&t By Noyes. Requiring an an
nual registration il motor vehicles.
11 R. By Brown. Providing for the
election of county useaaors this fall.
H. R. By the Joint committee. The
direct prtirary law.
It It- l-l) llainer. Allowing cities
between 5.000 and 25,000 to issue $160,000 of
water works bonds.
The senate In committee of the whole,
with King in the choir, considered the fol
lowing bills:
S. V. $71 Dy Saunders. Providing for a
bounty of to cents for adult gophers. To
pass. ' ,
H. R. 440-By Kelfer. The salary appro
priation bin. '
The salary appropriation bill' waa recom
mended for passage by the senate com
mittee of the whole. The committee re
Inserted the appropriation to cover the
salary of Don Deapaln as chief clerk In
the deputy labor commissioner's office,
which had been stricken out by the house.
S. F. 440, by Thomas, amending the
Omaha charter, waa recommended for pas
sage after the section providing for ths
annexation of South Omaha by ordinance
was stricken out, together with a section
relating to the removal of garbage by the
city. The telephone "Joker." which takes
away from the Omaha city council all
power to regulate telephone rates, still re
mains In the bill and may result In th
bill being .killed on . third reading, as sev
eral senators are opposed to It In Its pres
ent form. , .
The senate decided to hold a Saturda
session and will meet at 10 o'clock tonftt
row morning.
Coattaaea to Sead Bills Over to Seaate
for Aetlon. -(From
a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. March 29. - (Special.) The
house passed the following bills on third
H. R. B02 By Fries of Howard. Psrmlt
tlng a special brkige levy to be made by
county boards of supervisors.
H. R. 336 By Clarke of Douglas. Re
demption of property sold under scavenger
tax sales.
H. R. R28 By Hammer of Buffalo. Re
atorea privilege of towns voting railroad
H. R. 26rBy Clarke of Douglas. Provld-
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$12.50 Black Voile Skirts
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day Evening Only
Onsn Saturday Evening 1R17 E?e -n m ft
Till Tea Odock. .we. ... w a.
m3 czzz3 cm r :
Ing Omaha city money should be deposited
with bank making the best bid.
H. R. W9 By Quackenbush of Nemaha.
Permits mutual Insurance companies to de
posit securities with state auditor for pro
tection of policyholders.
H. R. 609 By kelfer of Nuckolla. Cutting
express charges 20 per cent.
H. R. 637 By Ketter of Nuckolls. To
abolish cash funds In state Institutions.
The following bills failed to pass on third
H. R. 486 By Jenlson of Clay. Anti-frank
H. R. 3S8 By Eller of Washington. To
license medicine peddlers.
In the committee of the whole the follow
ing bills were recommended for paaaage:
B. F. 161 By Aldrlch of Butler. Term of
Office of commandant of Mllford Soldiers
Home two Instead of four years.
' S. ; F-s 1-J3y Phillips of Holt. Where
presiding Judge Is a relative oflltia-nnts
or lawyers a Judge Is disqualified from
"bT Ff 464 By Patrick of Sarpy. Provides
that the graduatea of a law school with
rank of university law school shall be ad
mitted to practice without examination.
8. F. 164 By MoKesson of Lancaster.
Provides state officers shall be furnished
with coupons which are to be" received by
railroad companies for transportation. Thoy
are then to be presented to the auditor for
P1r.n7i-By King of Polk. Decedent bill.
A. ,f, 74 By King of polk. In divorce
cases the guilty -party, gets no share in
Sroperty o other, unless provided for In
ecree.' '
8 P. 76 By King of Polk. . Abolishes
right of dower and courtesy.
In the committee of the whole tonight
the house recommended the following bills
for passage:
8. F. 24J By Randall of Madison. In
corporating fraternal Insuranoe com
panies. S. F. 144 By Randall of Madison. Ex
empting fraternal Insurance companies
from taxation.
S. F. 84 By King of Polk. Prevents dis
crimination in the price of commodities
between different towns.
S. F. SM Defining the rank Of the gov
ernor's staff.
B. F. 146 By Gibson of Douglas. South
Omaha charter bill.
B. F. 106 By Thomson of Buffalo. Ex
empting tt per cent of a laboring man's
8. F. 444 By Thomas of Douglaa. Legal
ising bonds for heating and lighting plants
In villages of 6,0k).
S. F. 865 By Gibson of Douglaa. Or
ganisation and regulation of burial asso
ciations. 8. F. 876 By Epperson of Clay. Provid
ing for free county high schools. -
8. F. 813 By King of Polk. Memorial
ising congress to call a constitutional con
vention for the purpose of framing an
amendment to provide for the popular vote
of United States senators.
8. F. 234 By Bums of Lancaster. Nam
ing the Hastings asylum the hospital for
the treatment of chronic Insane.
8. F. 180 By Backett of Gage. Providing
for the removal of derelict officers . by
quo warranto proceedings. '
8. F. 816 By Thomas of Douglas. Com
missioners In Douglaa county to be elected
and nominated by the county at large.
8. F. 88 By King of Polk. Constitu
tional amendment for seven Judges of the
supreme court at 14.600 a year for six years,
and Increasing district Judges' salaries to
The action of the house In Indefinitely
postponing 8. F. 276, by Sackett of Gage,
making .notes given agents for Insurance
non-negotlable, waa reconsidered and the
senate will be asked to send the bill
back.' ' v
8. F. 196, by Thomas of Douglas, to per
mit patent paving In Omaha, was indefi
nitely postponed.
"We received the following telegram yesterday morning:
Thompson, Belden & Co,, Omaha, Neb,
We hereby confirm our agreement
making you sole agents in Omaha for
TVe never advertise unless we can deliver the goods. For
real Trefousse Kid Gloves come to Thompson, Belden & Co
Sola Agents for Omaha.
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