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Orchard & Wilhelm Sarpet So.
qi4.I6-18 S. I6th St. Tel. Douglas 313
We will place on sale, for Saturday only, a regular 25c Carppt Reater. for 10c. This Is a genuine Holt's Carpet
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traveling men a samples. Some slightly soiled. All
worth from 75c to 11.00 per yard. On ale Saturday
at, each 16o and 90o
Matting Remnants
All remnants of Matting at about half price. Some
lengths large enough to cover room,
20c China Matting for 10o
.26c China Matting for ISO
JOc China Matting for B3o
46c China Matting for 050
China Cup and Saucer
beautiful egg shell cup,
worth SOc regular, Sat
urday, while they last,
firs ,
Ingrain Carpets
By Durchasing the entire lot we procured from the
mill a large quantity of short lengths Ingrain Carpets at
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9x11 Ingrain Carpet Rug, regular price $9.1$; special at S.15
9x11-6 Ingrain Carpet Rug, regular price, 18. 60; special at.S3.58
9x12 Ingrain Carpet Rug. regular price $9.00; special at 89.75
?;'?;8InralnJ?arit Rug' regular price, $10; special at.ea.85
?.'? Jnra!n Carpet Rug. regular price, $10; spwclal at.7.65
12x12 Ingrain Carpet Rug, regular price $13.28, special . S10.40
11x12 Ingrain Carpet Rug. regular price, $9.75; special at.S9.83
12xl Ingrain Carpet Rug, regular price, $17.66,
KASSOCXB $1.00 Hassocks, all bright and new. on sale Sat
urday for, each , 40
Indications Hones Will Vote Dtwo Vesture
hich Cam from f anate.
Etatemsnt that 'Frisoo SnperTisors Will
Try to Undo E inltxf B; ibry.
Special Anant Barai Sara He Is
Trylnsr to Inane Fire Mem
bers of the Board to
BAN FRANCISCO. March .-No meet
ing of the grand Jury being held today,
a pause was given to the bribery and
graft Investigations so far as official action
was concerned. Tomorrow the grand Jury
expects to conclude, at least temporarily,
Ita Investigations Into the alleged bribery
of eighteen supervisors by the Paolflo
Btatea and Home Telephone companies, to
which, acc6rdlng to the prosecution, seven
teen of the eighteen have already con
fessed before the Inquisitorial body. The
investigation of thia subject haa resulted
to As indictment of various corporation
officials and several members of the mu
nicipal administration. It la the under
standing that no more Indictments will be
returned this week.
On Monday the grand Jury expects to
resume Its Investigation of the alleged
bribery of supervisors In the granting of
trolley franchises t othe United Railroads,
and the trial of Abraham Ruef of ther
French restaurant extortion cases Is sched
uled for resumption Tuesday. Should As
sistant District Attorney Heney desire to
go ahead with the brlbedy Investigations
Instead of with the trial of Ruef, the lat
ter may be again postponed.
Plan to Revoke Franchises.
A sensational statement waa given out
today by Special Agent William J. Burns
and other members of the prosecution to
the effect that Mayor Schmlts la desper
ately trying to force the resignations of
five of the supervisors, ao aa to defat an
alleged Intention of the supervisorial board
to revoke certain of the public service
franchises which the prosecution claims
were secured by bribing the board.
The board of supervisors la composed of
eighteen men, sixteen of whom, as the per
sonnel now stands, are In the list o- al
leged confessors. One of these, Sanderson,
is absent for an Indefinite time. He Is
mortally 111. Two others, Tveltmoe and
ui for
i- '
V.J . I
: x
-'- - - j.. j
The Reliable Specialists
Do You LocSi Energy?
Some men are classed as lacy, shiftless, unreliable, careless; they lack
ambition, energy and courage and are disheartened, who really can't help co
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Ing health, unable to determine the nature of their ailments, and their condi
tion battles their physician, too. They never know the happiness of being in
filtrated with the vim, vigor and energy possessed by healthy men and which
is ao essential to achieve a marked success In life. The sufferer may eat well,
sleep well and possibly never complain, but an unaccountable languor clings
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ABB Rbqavd .
foE.hic3go '.
On no railroad in America is the system of dis
cipline among employes and watchfulness for ,
the safety of passengers developed to a higher
degree Jhan on the
Chicago. r1llwaukco&St. Panl
Three trains daily to Chicago. The Daylight
Special leaves 7:55 a, m. The Eastern Express
at 5:45 p. m. The Overland Limited at 8:35
p. m. All trains arrive in Chicago at the Union '
Station in the heart of the business district.
nrsl Western Agent,
O'Neill, were appointed long after the du
bious franchises were granted. This situ
ation leaves fifteen supervisors aligned, or
one more than necessary to override any
veto of the mayor. The statement of the
prosecution is thai fourteen of these are
prepared to revoke the certain franchises
alluded to. and that the mayor, backed
by the corporations which were formally
accused of wholesale bribery, today began
suddenly a campaign to Induce five of them
to resign In order that he may appoint Ave
"dependflbles" In their places and so de
stroy tho power of the board to do that
which the public service corporations fear,
or to override the veto which, the prose
cution claims, he would place upon any
revocation act. The mayor refused to
day to be interviewed on this or any other
Rudolph Bpreckels. financial guarantor of
the prosecution, today gave out a state
ment respecting the fund of 1100,000 which
he has guaranteed. It waa upon this guar
antee that the bribery graft Investigation
waa commenced. Mr. Bpreckels said that
thus far less than half as much as haa
been expended haa been contributed by the
citlsona of San Francisco. He added "that
the prosecution will never be hampered by
lack of funds." however. Mr. Speckels aald
the prosecution, without reservation, eje
pecta to send all of the chief bribe givers,
high publio service corporation officials and
othera to the penitentiary for the Crimea
charged against them. He thought the In.
vestlgatlons and prosecutions will extend
throughout the present year.
r Attempt to Rescue Ruef.
The sensational statement that every per
son openly identified with the nmaeentinn
of the alleged grafters and bribers is
carrying a revolver concealed about him,
that several of the more nmmlnont oM
employing each a body guard and that an
-iieinpi to rescue Abe Ruef by force Is
not unlocked for. waa made tnriav
of the chief investigators. He also said.
ana 11 was subsequently confirmed, that
Eilfior Blggy haa riven wi.r. . tj ......
seven guards to "shoot Ruef first, ' the
otners afterwards," if attempt to rescue
the indicted man by armed force Is made.
The owner of the Fillmore street house
, to which Ruef has been removed from the
I st- Francis hotel threaten a civil suit
against the lessee of the dwelling on the
! ground that he has allowed It ot h. t,,
j ,nt0 Prison. The distrlot attorneys office
uuviBeo. Elisor Blggy to "stand pat"
Engineer and Negro Killed and Fire
man Fatally Injured Near
Oklahoma. City.
OKLAHOMA CITT. Okl., March 59.
Choctaw, Oklahoma St Gulf passenger
train No. 1, from Memphis for Amarlllo,
drawn by two engines, was partially do
railed at Council, eight miles west of Okla
homa City, early today. Both engines were
badly wrecked and the mall and baggage
cara turned over, but the other cars re
mained on the track. One engineer and a
negro were killed, a fireman waa fatally
Injured, a porter seriously hurt and aeven
passengers suffered bruises.
The dead:
ojTpHN M CARTHT, engineer of Shawnee.
Ui?JD,,ENTIFIBD NERO. stealing ride
on blind baggage.
The injured:
John Overton, fireman of Shawnee, badly
scalded; will die. '
Jamea Walker, porter, serious.
One of the engines took the switch, the
other the main track, and both were thrown
Into the ditch.
The engine crews Jumped. Engineer Mc
Carthy was caught In the wreckage and
killed instantly. Fireman Qyerton waa so
badly scalded before he could be removed
that he cannot live. The negro was burlad
under the wreckage.
The Injuries sustained by the seven pas
sengers consisted merely of severe bruises
and cuts and all wars able to continue on
their wsy.
Investigation shows conclusively that the
derailment waa cauaed by wrackera. Bolta
had been removed from the connecting rods
that move the switch.
Bloodhounds hsve been taken to the scene
In an effort to trace the culprits.
Fireman Overton died after being brought
to this city. The body of the negro has not
yet been removed from the wreck.' On his
fret were a pair of convict shoes stamped
"Illinois penitentiary." and it Is believed
that he la an escaped convict.
Wisconsin Governor at Washington.
WASHINGTON, March S.-Ooremor Dav
idson of Wisconsin, accompanied by mem
bers of the western railroad commission, '
I In WniMnirinn ill .. t. , .
i.-...u0,Un -uu wm can uun rreei'
dent Roosevelt some time today.
No human hand touches
from its first process of manu
facture until it is served for the
table. It is composed of Wheat,
Celery and Salt. Not a trace of
any other substance. Its daily
use has a tonic and laxative ef
fect. u
10 cents a package.
f or tala by !l Croor
Fee Provision Retaaerted hy Senate
and Rill Paaaes that Rodr Carroll
Relna; Urged for Inanrance
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, March !9. (Special.)
In an attempt to fix a special time for the
consideration of the bill consolidating th9
management of the three state educntlonal
Institutions under one board of regent
the strength of the opposition to the bill
was shown, and It Is believed that there
will be fully sixty-six votes against the
measure and not more than about thirty
for It. To pass the house the bill must
receive fifty-five votes. The bill has passed
the senate and the house appropriations
committee haseported for the killing of
the bill with a minority report by nine
of the appropriations committee In favor
of its passage. The bill probably will be
reached on the calendar In the house some
time tomorrow. Today the opponents of
the bill mado a move to have It made a
special order for this afternoon at 1:5,
while the friends wanted It made a spe
cial order for Tuesday next at 2 o'clock.
A vote of two-thirds of the members, or
seventy-two. Is necessary under the rules
to make a bill a special order, and neither
side had enough votes. The opponents of
the bill mustered sixty-one votes. They
claim that on the final vote on the passage
of the bill they will have at least sixty
six against it. The bill. In substantially
its present form, was passed by the senate
last year and killed In the house.
House Routine.
The house today passed the Saunders
bill providing for the conditional sale or
lease of railroads, street railroads, elec
tric light, or power plants or steam heat
ing plants, passed the insurance commis
sion bill relating to county and state mu
tuals, passed a bill relating to tho assess
ment of telephone companies, passed a bill
permitting the building of automobile rail
roads as planned under a recent invention,
passed a bill appropriating money to pay
persons who furnished material and labor
for the medical hospital at the University
of Iowa and defeated the referendum bill
by Pierce.
The house today reconsidered and passed
the bill giving supplies to the State BoaSrd
of Educational examiners, so that body
will not have to suspend operations; passed
the senate bill restricting the use of co
caine and poisons; passed tte- senate bill
allowing fraternal beneficiary Insurance so
cieties to acquire real estate for home of
fices; passed a house bill providing that
the question of contributory negligence
In damage suit cases against corporations
must be left to the Jury to decide.
Two Saloon Rllla.
Two liquor bills were introduced In the
house today. One provides that councils
In cities and towns may permit saloons to
remain open as late as 11 o'clock at night,
and the other provides that where the con
sent of property owners to the operation of
a saloon Is required for a distance of fifty
feet from the building to be so occupied,
thl shall not apply to property fronting
on any other street than that of the build
ing to be occupied as a saloon.
The committee on public health killed
the bill licensing opticians. The house
Insurance committee voted to kill the in
surance department bill. The minority will
favor it.
Flsrht Corporation Tax Rill.
A spirited debate took place In the senate
over the fee bllj related to corporations.
The bill aa Introduced by Erlcson provided
for an annual report from every corpora
Uon, to be accompanied by a fee whloh
ranged from $10 to 125. The Judiciary com
mittee got hold of the bill and took out
all the fees and made It harmless and use
less. When It came before the senate an
effort was made to get back the fee pro
vision, and immediately a fight waa pre
cipitated. . Senator Saunders led In oppo
sition, declaring that It waa legislation
harmful to the state and that it would
drive business out of the state. He de
clared the legislature had too many freak
legislators and that the business men of the
state are praying for ita adjournment.
Senator Jamison of Clarke supported the
committee bill, and Senators Jackson, May
tag, Croasley, Smith of Mitchell and Erie
son favored the putting In of the fee. The
bill was finally restored to its original
condition with the fee provision and passed,
but with an amendment exempting com
panies under 10,000. y
The primary bill conference report was
adopted and then the conference commit
tee on the reformatory was received and
TJie senate railroad committee reported
the demurrage bill, sleeping car rates bill
and speed limit bill, with recommendation
that they be killed.
Quack Doctors Hill.
The senate Indulged in an extended de
bate this morning on the bill to give the
State Medical Board the right to revoke
certificates of those guilty of unprofes
sional conduct or for almost any reason.
The bill was amended ao as to provide for
an appeal to the district court, in which
form It was regarded aa satisfactory to all
concerned, and it passed unanimously.
The senate set as a special order for to
morrow morning the Grler antl-paaa bill
from the house. 1
The senate voted favorably on the bill
to Increase the pay ot deputy and assistant
dairy tommlssloners to $1,400 a year.
The senate finished and passed the uni
form fire insurance policy bill, with no
amendments that w'ere material.
Direct Inheritance Tax.
The new direct Inheritance tax bill was
introduced by Gillllland. It waa the work
of the committee appointed byV Lleutenan
Governor Garat, assisted by Attorney Gen
eral Byera and. Governor Cummlna. The
bill provides that on a direct Inheritance
of over $10,000 there ahall be a tax collected
of 1 per cent, then each succeeding $10,000
to increase 1 per cent until a total of (
per cent Is reached, and all direct Inher
itances above $60,000 will pay that rate:
V Polities la Leirlalatloa. 1
For Insurance Commissioner B. F. Car
roll. v
This Is said to be the program aa soon
as ths pending bill passes the house and
becomes a law.
The suggestion was first made on the
floor of the senats in the discussion of the
bill when It waa brought out that a good
deal of the Intense desire for the imme
diate establishment of a separate depart
ment came from the fact that the present
state auditor has been enforcing the law
too rigidly. There Is a general agreement
that . State Auditor Carroll haa adminis
tered the affairs of the office well and
that no better man could be secured for
the new department
Other candldatea for the place are C. G.
McCarthy, O. O. Roe and Stewart Good
rell. All theae have had experience. Mo
Ctvithy has been state auditor. Roe is the
present head of the Insurance department
under Carroll, and Goodrell waa many
yeara In the department
It la aald the bill in Its preaent form has
some features not entirely satisfactory.
Provision la made fur atiei ttma. Urn
commissioner to the executive council,
which thus sdds greatly to the duties ot
that body and places the commissioner
virtually under Its control. Then the term
of office begins at a season of the year
that Is busiest In the department. The
bill Is pending in the house committee on
Real a Work Julr First.
Projectors of the Pes Moines A Creaton
lnterurbaa railway aald today that the
actual work of building the road will
begin July 1. It la claimed that 90 per
cent ot the right-of-way haa been aecured
now and that the remainder will be se
cured within a month. The work of grad
ing the right-of-way, which will beihe
first work, will begin Jury 1 or before.
Dl Slander Salt Dismissed.
The $50,000 slander suit of the Beatrice
Creamery company against the Farmers
Co-Operatlve Creamery company In the
district court here haa been dismissed be
cause of the failure of the plalntlfTs to
comply with an order of the district court
to file a costa bond. The suit was started
by the Lincoln. Neb., office of the Beatrice
Creamery company.
Two Women Marry.
A contract filed In the office of the
county recorder here between Mrs. Elea
nor Johnson of Avon. la., and Mrs. Lenora
Ellsworth of Bemldjl, Minn., Is in effect
a marriage contract. Both women arc
widowed. The contract provides that they
shall put their money Into a common fund
and neither is to marry and thoV are to
live together, sharing alike of benefits anj
Harrison County District Court.
LOGAN, la., March 2S.Speclal.) At the
Harrison county district court thia morning
the matter of Aaron Carpenter agalnat 11.
3. Farlow was on trial. In this case Car
penter sues to recover damages for the losa
of a horse which he placed In Farlow's pas
ture and'whlch died aa the result of a fall
Into a ditch. The matter of L. Brown
against D. J. Adlum Was tried yesterday.
The plaintiff rented a mercantile building
in Missouri Valley to the defendant, who Is
Missouri Valley's postmaster, and sues for
damages sustained to the building during
Its occupancy by the government as a post
office. The case was decided for the plain
tiff. Divorces have been granted to Anna
R. 'Boyd from J. N., to Maggie G. Mitchell
from Deton. to S. A. Height from Jennie,
to Pearl Oobot-n from Warren, to Bert C.
Teager from Lillian, to S. H. Johnson from
Etja and to Ada C. Jennlnrs from Robert
W. The case against H. L. Harvey, former
county recorder, who was being sued by
the county for fees collected and retained
after leaving office, waa dismissed at the
defendant's cost.
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Iowa Resident In German Army.
IOWA FALLS, la., March 29.-(Speclal.)-Oswald
Lochmann, a young German who has
been living at Ackley, In this county, will
not be able to return to America from Ger
many, where he went on a visit, until he
haa served his term in the German army.
The young man, in company with a friend
from the same place, left for the fatherland
last winter. His friend has Just returned
home, but states young Lochmann found
himself pressed Into the service of the Ger
man army. It seems that the young Ger
man had not lived here long enough to be
come an American citizen and was nabbed
on his return to his old home and pressed
Into military duty for a term of years.
Baralar at Creacent Gets Caah.
CRESCENT, la., March 28. (Special.)
While George Smith and family, living two
mllea southwest of Crescent, were In Coun
cil Bluffs yesterday someone entered their
home by breaking windows In the front
and also In the rear of the house, and got
away with about $13) in cash. About 13 was
the money of two of the children and about
$9 .was the money of Miss Winchester, a
teacher boardinig at the house. The robber
Is believed to have been a tramp, though a
well dressed stranger was seen near the
house with a pair of overshoes In his hand
strapped together, and a pair of shoes was
found near the house where the children's
savings bank had been broken open.
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Fonr Com pan lea Object to Missouri
Statute Limiting- Salaries of
D. Vandiver, superintendent of the Missouri
Insurance department, is preparing to en
force the new Insurance lawa enacted by
the last legislature, and some of the for
eign Insurance companies are preparing to
contest some of the new laws.
Tho law -which prohibit domestic Insur
ance companies from paying a higher sal
ary than $26,000, and foreign companies do
ing business in Missouri from paying more
than 150.000, which law takes effect June 18,
will be most vigorously fought by the for
eign companies. The Equitable, Prudential
and Metropolitan pay higher salaries than
the new law permits, and these three com
panies are preparing to fight the law in the
They will have to confine their litigation
to the Btate courts because of another law
Just enacted which prohibits them from
going to the federal courts without the con
sent of the other party to the suit. This
law also becomes effective June 16.
Crocker Estate Brlnsrt Bait in Tszai to En
join TJn;on Facifio.
Complainants Allege Preaent Status
of Southern Paelffle la Con
trary to Law of
Nation and State.
CHICAGO, March 29. Attorney Henry
Crawford of this city announced today that
a bill In equity in favor of the Crccker Es
tate company of San Francisco and Thomas
H. Hubbard of New York has been filed In
the circuit court at Austin, Tex., asking
that the Southern Pacific Railroad company
be restrained from paying dividends upon
its common stock, amounting to K.O00.OCO.
The court is aeked to decree that the Union
PacJflo railroad controls and operates a
system which is in constant and natural
competition with the Southern Pacific be
tween taa Francisco and New Orleans,
contraryto publio policy, and In violation
of the laws of the United States and the
laws of Texas. The blU asks that the
court enjoin the Union Pacific company
and its officers or agents from hereafter
voting on any stock of the Southern Pa
cific Railroad company or exercising any
direction or control over the Southern rail
road or its finances, including the Galves
ton, Hairisburg & San Antonio company.
Allegation of Dill.
It is alleged by the complainants that In
order to fully protect the lien and priori
ties of the second mortgage "west division
bonds" that the court must either appoint
a receiver for the western division or di
rect the mortgage trustees to enter Into
possession and operate the Unas under the
direction of the court.
The complainants say that they hold
more than $2,000,000 of the total of $6,364,000
ot second mortgage bonds of the Galveston.
Harrisburg & Ban Antonio oompany and
aver that the interest and sinking fund In
stallments past due amount to $2,500,000.
They claim that Inasmuch aa the Southern
Paclflo assumed and agreed to pay the in
terest and sinking fund installment tbe
bondholders have the right to enforce their
claims against the Southern Pacific com
pany. It Is alleged in the bill that the rail
road paid Interest on bonds and declared
dividends when It should have paid the In
terest on the mortgage bonds and the court
is asked to decree accordingly.
Columbns Cltaena Are Acenaed of
Bribery In Deal AfTccting
the City.
COLUMBUS, O., March 29.Fred J.
Immel, former member of the city Board
of Safety, and Attorney Franklin Rubrecht
were bound over to the grand Jury today
on new chargea of bribery. They are
charged with getting a "graft" of 0 cents
a barrel on cement furnished the elty by
the Alma Cement company of Wellavllle.
The total amount of graft Is said to be
When arraigned in police court today
they waived their hearing and were bound
Bank Robbers In Mlcbiaraa.
JACKBON, Mich., March 29. Safe blowers
robbed tho Farmera and Merchanta' Na
tional bank of Hanover, Jackson county,
early today securing $3,000. The robbers
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