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BaUi Hill Etcok la Tim for Eaonarni
Fronts to CttoUoldtn
n1i U the Tangible Answer la
CvHtelam o Hnrrlmnn BfMiM
of IkTMlnfrl Other
TtiS ITtainn Pacific management end K, M.
Harriman have been criticised HwreW
lit the last few weeks because It Is clalmnd
ilia tthle Paclne stockholder stand to lee
tnnn? millions of dollars aa result o( the
temerity with which the Union. Pacific In
VVtnme wilt have it "Bpeculated" In
ttncfc of nlhef railroads, any the Wall
?trel Jmimali
The rml (ruth of the matter U that be
telian of the liquidation of the Hilt stocks
end the Investments made (net fall Unlort
Pacing stockholder, eland to nam about
gVttKn& If MIS Harriman had not HquU
dated the Hill stocks when he did not
ml would tha tTnlnn Pnetflc railroad today
be many million behind what It la In point
profits, but In addition Ita surplus of reve
tinea would be nearly C 000.000 a year leaa
than what they really are, and furthermore,
ft would be placed In the nnedlfylng posi
tion of bavins to find &0.000,0tM to finance
tha capital needa of the Hill roada.
Without going Into the full process of
figuring and reason Inn. the Union Pacific,
It It had held all Its Hill stocks, would be
In tha following position:
Afm Northern. 246. 3R8 shares at
7l IH4H820
Korthern Pacific, 820,706 shares at
126 40,088.126
Dreat Northern Ore, S46.SMS shares
at 60 14,73, 0
i Total $89,365,725
What felon Paelfle Gets.
Inst as the foregoing shows what Harrt
fnan might have done, but did not do, so
Che following shows what Harriman did do
and what the Union Pacific gets thereby:
Received from sale of Hill stocks. $116,891,760
Now noma
Knrthrn. fin JttU aharea at
140 .J 12,850,980
firm Nnrthern Or. 80.364 aharea
at ; iSB.840
Northern Pacific, 41,628 aharea at .
VjK 6,191,000
, 1 Total $1S9.666,50
The difference between what Harriman
Bid and what Harriman did not appear
therefore to be about $50,000,000 In favor of
tha Union Paciflo stockholders. This Is
What they gain because Harriman sold
tha Hill stocks before the collapse came.
The first table, however, loses sight of the
fact that If all the Hill stocks had been
lield they would have had "rights" to sub
scribe to new Issues. Had all these right
been sold they might possibly have brought
$7,000,000 to $10,000,000. More likely, however,
n attempt to sell them would have de
moralised the whole market for these
"rights." Bo that It seems fair to say
that because these Hill stocks were sold
at tha time they were the Union Paciflo
stockholders have gained about $43,000,000.
Now all this $139,000,000 had been In
vested In stocks which yielded to the Union
Pacific less than I per cent on their market
value. When the cash was received some
thing had to be done with it. It could
'not lay idle. Bo It was Invested In other
Stocks which since the. Investment were
tnada have shewn a depreciation In market
: value. The Journal ' natnos the Illinois
Physical Culture
Combining Scientific and
Artistic Principles.
If You Read This
It win be to learn that the lending medi
cal writers and teachers of all the several
schools of practice, recommend. In tha
strongest terms possible, each and every
Ingredient entering Into the com position
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
for the cur of weak stomach, dyspepsia,
catarrh of stomach, "liver complaint."
torpid liver, or bl Homme., chronic Dowel
affection, and all catarrhal diseases of
whatever region, namo or nature. It is
also a specific remedy for all urh chronic
or long standing caws of catarrhal affec
tions ana tncir resultants, aa uniiiniuai,
throat and lung disease (except conoump
tlon) accompanied with severe coughs. It
Is not so good for acute colds and coughs,
but for IlnirerlnK, or chronic cases It Is
especially efficacious in producing per-
lect cures, iv contains dikk wu rrj ui ,
Oolden Seal root, Iiloodroot, stone root.
Mandrake root and queen's root an or
which am highly praised as remedies for
all the above mentioned affections by sncb.
eminent medical writers and teachers as
Prof. Bartholow, ofJe(Terson Med. Col
leges Prof. HsreydT te Univ. of Pa.
Frof. Flnlef-Hfngwood, M. D., of Ben
nett Med. tpllege. Chicago; Prof. John
01 ; rroi. jonn
.. of Clajcir.natl i rTol.
M. n.. of Hahnemann
Chlcairo. and scores of
ally eminent in their several
King. M
M. Scudde
Schnms-ci pracuce.
Is ttl
The "Un den Aieaicn.1 LnscDverv-
mflnin!1. Uien uubllclty ol Us (oroiula
Borwsod Eat a flay Eeminigcent of Its
Est Cpeninc Hitht.
flfi HI. Uien du
ITT Tw JI rwulble gnarantr of Its merits.
A glance at this pubiisrtea iormnia win
show that "Golden Medical Discovery"
contains no poisonous, harmfnl or hah t
formlngdrugs and no alcohol chemically
pure, triple-refined glycerine being nsed
Instead. Glycerine Is entirely unobjec
tionable and besides Is a most useful agent
In the cure of all stomach as well as bron
chial, throat and lung affections. There
Is the highest medical authority for its
use In allsuch cases. The Discovery Is
a concentrated glyceric extract of n&"
medicinal rooW and is safe and reliable.
A booklet of extracts from eminent,
medical authorities, endorsing tte Ingre
ttlent mailed free on reqaiest. Address
Dr. &. V. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.
Central, Banta Fe, Baltimore & Ohio, Mil
waukee. Northwestern nnd New Tork Cen
tral as - the roads whose stocks show an
aggregate falling off of $20,146,110.
Reanlt of New Stock lasnea.
Play gtaa-ed vrUh Care by Mr. Hart-
for aad Members of C'ompaay
Arqalt Themaelvea with
Mack' Credit.
When the Burwood theater was opened
In 1906 "'The Girl I Left Behind Me" was
chosen for the bill, and was given such a
greeting as seemed to be the acme of local
enthusiasm. Yet If the ghost of the audi
ence thaKwItnessed the first Sunday night's
performance In the theater had been pres
ent last night It would have slunk away,
for It was more than beaten fairly. An
other singular coincidence was that the
house was opened in August, when warm
weather Is naturally expected, but It was
no warmer on the first night than It was
last night It was Just a little difficult for
some of the regulars to convince them
selves that It was not August, 1905, In
stead of March, 1907. Two of the biggest
audiences of the season watched the per
formances, and were well rewarded, for
the fine play was appropriately presented.
Mr. Hartford had arranged for a complete
setting, and has called Into service a big
detachment of the Omaha Guards, who do
yeomen service as . dismounted cavalry.
This, with the big cast, fills the stage with
people, and the scenes are moat animated
from the first
Mr. Morrison acquits himself as usual in
the role of Lieutenant Hawksworth, play
ing the part with a straightforward ear
nestness that brings It Into high relief.
Many present last night could not help
comparing Mr. Hartford's work as Lieu
tenant Parlow with that of Mr. Owen, who
was In the first cast, and It Is praise
enough to say that Mr. Hartford doesn't
suffer by the comparison. He plays the
part with Intensity and Intelligent expres
sion. Mr. Todd loses his identity In that
of John Ladru, Scarbrow, the educated
leader of the mutinous Blackfeet, and
makes a good Indian. Mr. Davles and Mr.
Phlnney as General Kennlon and Major
Burleigh are good, and Mr. Phelps shows
t f ssa. s4 rK
The above figure, $20,146,110. does not
wholly give the right Idea as the big de- w" Private Jones. Mr. Bchofleld and
preclatlon In St. Paul common and North- Mr- maylock carry the comedy roles.
western common Is largely the result of
new stock Issues. The rights accruing
thereon to the Union Paciflo If sold in the
Miss Pettes has a difficult role, that of
Kate Kennlon, which calls for an unusual
amount of suppression rather than ex-
market wm.M nrnhahlv hv Presslon. She Is required to hold in from
$1,800,000, which brings the net shrinkage hf Hr tTon 8ce"e- n th".
down to about $18,800,000. It Is Immaterial "" w"" l" V"B Pl T I
i obvihu, is uuno wun nne judgment nu
effect. She is increasing Her local popu
that the rights were not sold and new I
stock subscribed for.
On the whole, therefore. It appears that
larlty with each performance. Miss Edith
Spencer has a good opportunity as the
by ...ling th.HH, stock, and not holding -Afra. and she "takes
the ni Mr. Harriman made for the Union
Paciflo nearly $43,000,000; that the invest'
full advantage of it. She has proven her
oelf an excellent character actress, and her
ments made last fall show a loss in the work h , , ... tn ,,
present demoralised state of the her friends. Miss Maycllffe and Miss Mar
market of $18,600,000; and that the -net profit tln are we and acqult themBelvea
IHU.UO iur air. narnman lucK.nuiaerB uy i cre(tf fably
me naner amounts to nearly sa.wu.uuo. The b; wn nn aU week wlth the UBual
i ma is ine amount me eiociinoiaers are i matinees.
ahead of where they would be If the Union! Vandevllle at -,- n.
Facltlo baa stood pat on Its Hill stocks. rhlt week's bill at the Ornheum. aa a
xnis concerns oirect prom oniy. nut- whoIe, )s one of excellence. Several of the
Per Annum. I A eta ttM B'lnn, In thaU'MBnAAtlv. llnaM
7. 1, .u 1TI1I V - . 1 L.1J I " " ...... . ... .... .j.'. v .
L 011 HID XI 1 11 HUUII UOyU UVtSIl I . . . .
ttiev would h navlna- the Union I ' iui iinium, a
Pacific today about $3,975,000 tlonal act of contortlonlsm; Bessie Wynne,
Tha proceeds of the sale of the I In a singing act. and the TJhirand trio -of
iV'! "'r1.- Tk- Um ..wl ' . "n operatic singers-all top liners
held should yield the Union Pa- Every act yesterday won some recognition
ciflo $.600,000 1 from two large audiences. Mies Wynne
1 made the Individual hH nt the hill with
Gain per annum about .$2.62.0O0 weet voce and wlnnlnK Kianc(,8. E,,.a.
Union Paciflo stockholder, have abso- hoth w. . , h ,
lutely nothing to criticise so far aa profit. the vaudevllIe worl(J and th,8 wn. attested
go. in. wnoie transaction was a master yesterday by a hearty round of applause,
stroke in their behalf. They gain
First. About $25,000,000 In clean money.
Second. Additional revenue, amounting
to $3,636,000 per annum.
Joseph Feller Imposes on Woman
with Consumption nnd Their
. Nino Children.
even when her name was flashed on the
Tuma's act la one of the most novel seen
this season In vaudeville. The first part
of this act is llluslonary, in that a man is
FAMILY I put through evolutions which suggest .the
movements or an automaton; in iact, many
were willing to bet good money the figure
they saw was mechanism, until the Illusion
was disclosed and Tuma "came out of It,'
and went through some marvelous con-
torlnnary stunts. Being a giant In height,
Tuma's contortions are the more Interest
Ing. Miss Wynne's advances in song upon
a box occupant are made In a manner
that evoke much merriment Her "Some,
Is Waiting for You."
' Surrounded by a half circle of accusing
neighbors. Joseph Feller was tried before
Judge Crawford in police court Monday
morning for abusing his family and was
given the maximum penalty provided by I body. Somewhere,
law, thirty days In Jail. The Judge did not I placed her all to the credit with those in
want to send the man to Jail and deprive I front yesterday. She was a favorite tn
-A ifatinee for Women and Girls
I Madame Tale cordially invites the ladiss
tf Omaha to attend her Beauty Culturo
Matinee at
DoycPo Theater
Thursday, April 4th
at S:30 r. M.
A. an authority on Woman. Beauty and
Physical Culturo lime. Yale stands alone
. to her greatness. Her own physical per
, Sections portray in tones more convincing
than words the quality of her remedies
and methods perfect in face, flours and
i general mannerism, she Is an Inspiring
picture for women to imitate and profit
by hur example and teachings.
; The Yale System
rovldes for the removal of all blemishes
tnd defects to fare or fltrure that mr
tieauty. If a woman is too stout or too
thin. Mine. Yale htta exercises and meth
, cds for bringing about the desired changu.
. f he will tell In her lecture how women
and girls may Increase In beauty and be
come physically perfect In Justice to
themselves all women should learn the
.acientllto logic of the famous Yale sys
, tern, tha only successful moans known of
' transforming human ugliness into youth
ful, lasting beauty.
Tickets for Mine. Yale's lecture, good
for reserved seats, may be had free of
Charge by applying for them at the Drug
Ix-itartineht of the Boston Store, also
Bchaefer's Cut Price Drug Store, Fifteenth
nnd Douglas Sta The best seats, however
r given to those who make a purchase of
any of Mine. Vale's Kemedles at the tlms
it applying for tickets. In order to obtain
ehoio seats tickets should be secured early
In advance of lecture. Ticket, are now
' ready.
15th and Douglas.
t Drus Department,
the family of a wife and nine children of
any support, but a relative of Mrs. Feller
appeared and said he would care for her
and the little one..
The case was one of unusual pathos and
cruelty, according to the testimony of half
a dosen women, who were all anxious to
tell what they knew of Feller", treatment
of hi. children and the mother. Pale, thin.
with the brilliant .pot. which betray the
white plague without fall on her cheek.,
but .till patiently "rocking one of her many
little one. to sleep In her arms, Mrs. Feller
stood and looked on, but it was not neces
sary for her to go on the stand.. She Is a
little woman, while her husband towered
above her almost a giant In size. She was
plainly far gone with consumption and
Judge Crawford was touched so strongly
by the case that he gave the defendant
the limit, first consulting the statute, to
make aura he could not make It greater.
Babe. In Toyland" and "Wonderland."
The Durand trio from sunny Italy are
musicians of ability. They were recaljed
several time, yesterday. Elizabeth Murray
Is singing in her well known manner, her
Fellow with Tin Star Makes Bad Mess
of Bussing; gome Under
-World Belles.
Throwing aalde hi. coat lapel with the
air of a Sherlock Holme, to display a shin
ing bit of metal In the form of a star, I.
Morrlsey, 80S South Twentieth street, en
tered the house at 110H North Ninth street
Saturday night and, telling the Inmates he
was an officer, ordered everyone around
with a stern voice, declaring If he was
not served with free drinks he would "pull"
tha place. Morrlsey did not know such ac
tlons are far from those of any Omaha
police officer, and a dead give-away that
he waa an lmposter. While Morrlsey was
busy placing himself in command Patrol
man Cullen was summoned and the Imita
tion plain clothes man was locked up for
Impersonating an officer. Captain Dunn
relieved him of his star and placed him in
a cell. He had recovered from his foolish
streak by Monday morning, however, and
was released In police court.
Yoaaa; Will Get Another Trial
at Overcoming; the Evil
"You are going to bo given one more
chance. See that you are not brought
back here again."
These were Police Judge Crawford's part
ing words as ha dismissed Jesse Green,
colored, who bad been arreaied on a charge
of larceny a. bailee, but who waa to be
given another trial by his employer Mon
day morning. Green worked for Joseph
Dtnusso, Twelfth and Douglas streets, and
was sent to ths bank for change for a $100
bill Saturday. Whan he returned ha was
short $30, which he said he had lost on the
way back. After having him arrested
Dtnusso determined to give the young negro
an opportunity to profit by his misstep
and askod ths Judge to let him go back
to work again. Tha request was granted
and Orean will work out tha $30 at Dlnus-
so's place of , baalaaw 1b place . af tha
.county Jail,
Sight of Eye Destroyed by Disease-
Tried rive Doctors but Grew
Worse In Agony Eight Months
Parents Discouraged, Until
They Tried Cuticura Remedies
"Our little girl, one year and a half
old, waa taken with eoaema or that waa
what the doctor said it was. We called
In the family doctor and be gave some
tablets and said she would be all right
in a few days. The eczema grew worse
and we called in doctor No. 2. Ha
said she was teething, as soon as the
tenth were -through she would be a3
right. But ehe still grew worse. Doc
tor No. 3 said it was eczema. By this
time she waa nothing but a yellow,
greenish sore. Well, he said ha could
Lelp her, so we let him try it about
a week. One morning we discovered
a little yellow pimple on one of her
eves. Of course we phoued for doctor
ho. S. He came over and looked her
over and said that be could not do any
thing more for her. that we had better
take her to some eye specialist, since It
was an ulcer. So we went to Oswego
to doctor No. 4, and he said the eye
sight was gone, but that he could help it.
W e thought we would try doctor No. S.
Well, that proved the same, only he
charged S10 more than doctor No. 4.
We. were nearly discouraged. I saw
one of the Cuticura advertisements in
' the paper and thought we would try
the Cuticura Treatment, so I went and
purchased a set of Cuticura Remedies,
which cost me SI, and in three days
our daughter, who had been sick about
eight months, showed great Improve
ment, and in one week all sores had dis
appeared. Of course it oould not re
store the eyesight, but if we had used
Cuticura in time I am confident that
it would have saved the eye. We think
there is no remedy so good for any skin
trouble or impu.lty of the blood as
Cutioura. Mr. and Mrs. yrank Abbott,
R. F. D. No. t, Fulton, Oswego Oot,
K. Y August 17. l&OO. '
OnaisiHs KiUrJ ant Inwrnal Twin ant tat
Iwj Humor ot latpaia f iairo. sad Mahs
r'nilOT ot Cutiovis bumf) &i nana U4
km Mum Olu'JDll (Ate.) Q it Cba Skla,
k4 CJUi-ur fleurcil lillel. (la d lura ot rVeo.
ki rid fiua. kio. par rad ofmtt u Pwlrr u
fe(uo4 eid uwqcix Mm , im rs Vn4
S Cm rurp . fe- i ru.. turn.
an shum , Ca sftnasMl el asnasnMa,
Always Cores Grip
Tnr thirty years DUFFT'8 MALT
Wi'iflKEY has been my one medicine. I
have aiwaye used It aa prescribed, and
It has proved a valuable aid, aa It hss
not only cured several attacks of grip
but has prevented any bad after-effects.
1 cannot speak too highly of what
has dona for me, and will always keep
it to stimulate and tone up my system
and an a sure cure for colds snd grip.
Although TS years old. I am hale and
heerty, due to the Judicious use of
STACK. 106$ Pacific St., Brooklyn, N. T.
negro and Irish ditties In dialect causing
many to bring their hands Into such Juxta
position as to cause applause. John A.
West, as a musical Brownie, helps out In
the fun making with a grotesque makeup
and a bunch of stage buslnesss-eome,. new
and some old. Richard Buhler and Louise
Orendorf are seen In "The Cracksman." a
sketch In which father and daughter meet
for the first time In yeara In a house they
Individually Intended to rifle, but recogni
tion of relationship comes with the denoue
ment and then the curtain. Although the
sketch offers opportunity for acting it is
rsther depressing.
The Max Tourblllon acrobats are finished
In acts of bicycle feats and other stunts
requiring muscle and daring. One of the
troupe does a somersault mounted on a
"The Isle of Spice" at the Boyd.
"The Isle of Spice" was laughed at and
applauded most enthusiastically when it
reappeared at the Boyd theater Sunday
night by a crowd which filled the house
comfortably. Recalled again and again for
encores, "The Same Old Qlrl," "The Ooo
Goo Man," "Peggy Brady," "In Washing
ton." "How Can Tou Tell Till You Try"
nd others of the more tuneful and senti
mental songs which have marked the
bright .pots of the music were received
with hearty hilarity, proving their popu
larity has not diminished In spite of their
frequent repetitions.
In almost every manner the company ,1.
as good as the one which first brought
the awkward old sixty-seventh king of
Nicobar to the city, but it is not quite so
Whllo politeness and homage to beauty
emands that "ladles should be first,"
Charles A. Pusey must be given first men
tion because of his lofty position as
Bompopka, the mighty king, who Is fully
equal to the double task of overcoming the
handicap of comparison with former
Bompopkas and "making good" by him
self. He has all the attributes of the
funny, awkward, musical comedy ruler.
nd he had but to appear on the stage
and the audience was ready to laugh when
he opened his mouth. '
Frank Woods and Jack Collin, a.
the two American prisoners, O'Orady and
Slubsy Mackinaw, brought roars of laugh
ter, -no matter what ' they did and they
couldn't help being funny when they did
The pretty and bewitching "Trinket." the
long lease wife of the king, was art Omaha
girl, Margaret Woods, who studied for the
stage in this city. The part Is a most im
portant one and was assumed by her most
charmingly. She was formerly one of the
court ladle.," but the withdrawal of
Bernlce Baden from the part of Trinket
gave an opportunity for making use of her
talents. Her voice Is not strong, but other
wise she Is most acceptable In the part.
She waa presented with a beautiful bouquet
of flowers from Omaha friend. Frank
Woods, already mentioned, Is her husband.
and he Is also an Omaha product, having
been employed In the Board of Trade build
Ing and an usher at the Boyd before going
on the stage.
Several excellent voices are heard In the
cast. The show had but one performance
booked for Omaha.
"Montana" nt the Kmsr.
Down at the Krug the first half of the
week will be given over to "Montana, a
drama nf tha familiar tVDe. In which a
cowboy loves a lady, and finally wins her,
in splto of some almost lnconclevable ob
stacles. All sort, of Incident, are Intro
duced during- the course of the play, most
of them requiring the lugging out of huge irriinf .j CAITTIT All UH
pistols, with which the characters go ac- flfiflinj ttl VJinUa
coutred, and occasionally these are fired
with much vlsror and indiscriminately. All
of this is relieved by an undercurrent of Twa Saloon Hen Arretted on Chare cf
comedy, and the whole affair is one that I Lifting; tha Lid.
affords much enjoyment to tnose wno use
that sort nf a nlav. Two rood houses
watched its unfolding yesterday. It will ONE SAID TO HAVE DONE BIG BUSINESS
run till after Wednesday night, with an
After the tedious strain of winter which thin the blood and lowtrs the vitality,
March, with its raw, rough winds and weather, isa most trying month, especially to
those who have allowed their blood to become thin and their systems run down.
Invigorate the body and brain with the world's greatest tonic-stimulant, DUFFY'S
PURE MALT WHISKEY, which enriches the blood and makes it course more quickly
through the veins. It builds new tissue, quickens the heart's action, prevents decay and
fortifies the system against disease germs.
Weak and Nervous
Spring Tonic and Appetizer
T wish to tell rou that last winter I I
had a very severe time. I have bron
chial asthma of long standing, and as a
result a very weak heart. I hart nlso a
very severe attack of the grip In Janu
ary; It left me In very poor condition.
My stomach and bowels were nadir
out of order. I could not eat my stom-
acn would not retain the food. The
doctor tried to relieve me, but did not
seem to succeed. I commenced to take
April and am now very much better. I
can eat all that I need and It does not
hurt me. I have been gaining ever since
I commenced taking it, and I shall con
tinue to take it aa lone as I seem to
receive benefit from lta use." Oapt. J.
H. WARREN. Wolfeborough Falls, N.
11., July 30, 1908.
Night Sweats and Chills
"T have taken DUFFY'S PURE MALT
WHISKEY for three months for lung
troubles. When I first commenced 1
was bedfast, and now I sm able to
work. Now, the doctor of our town
said that nothing would help me, but
the doctors could not do. I had night
sweats and chills and weighed M
pounds. I weigh 100 pounds now, the
.chills have left me, and the sweats are
'also gone. I am looking for great re
sults." Mr. JOHN BKNTliI, Urand
Rapids, Mictu, Nov. IS, 1901
"I can certainly say thst your tonlc
tlmulant, DUFFY 8 PURE MALT
WHISKEY has been a great benefit to
me. I waa weak, nervous and could not
sleep and was troubled with losa ot ap
petite. "I was recommended to tske DUF
I did, and the result Is that I am
stronger and better In every way, can
sleep nights and my appetite Is much
"I write you this, aa I thought it was
my duty to let you know what your
great medicinal Malt Whiskey has done
for me." Yours very truly, Mrs. P. R.
SOUTHARD, Woodmere, L. 1., Jan. I,
A Temperance Doctor
WHISKEY ss a medicine and for medi
cal use and for nothing else. I oppose
Intemperance and favor all lawa that
tend toward the suppression ot drunk
enness." T. P. PALMER, M. D., Rives,
Tenn., Aug. , 1906.
Strong at 94
"It is true I have used your whiskey
and like It the best of all I have ever
used. I was 94 on June 27th. Among my
other presents was some of your Malt
Whiskey from my nephew. , . I know
that I would not be alive today did I
not take It regularly In moderate quan
tities, ss I do not have much sppetlte."
Aug. 7. 1906.
Best of Spring Appetisers
"I am a veteran of the Civil War.
served three years and am 94 years of
KEY before each meal, and find It the
best of Spring appetisers. I think thst
there Is nothing better for a man getting
on in years. I am a temperate man and
only use your product as a medicine and
only at such times aa I need It." C. H.
CADY, 881 Park ave., Worcester, Mass.,
Sept. 1. 1906.
Tonic for tha Old-
"I have used your- whiskey aa a hnn lo
st lhiu Imi t for aavaral years and have
damn greatly bennfltled hy IV I have
UnRji twnmmwiital It- -ta othwa and
ihall cnntlnne tn do an. I Helluva that
It la the best tonic fur old actn on
the market." JOSEPH FTTCl.D, Ber
gen, N.. Y- August 11. 1905.
A Spring Medicine
Last April I took a sudden cold, nnd t
waa laid up with neuralgia In my shoul
der, which brought on fever and took
away my appetite, but by using DUF
out all right and on Memorial Day I
was leading my band and playing aa
well. I think your MALT WHISKEY to
Just ths medicine to tone up and keep
up the strength of old people.
"Hoping your medicine will prove ben
eficial to others. I can truly recommend
It aa a valuable help."-G. I. PART.
RILxJB, Franklin, Mass., Sept. 1, 190.
Left Lung Almost Gone
"As I am a member of the Hull House
Women's Club, I was called out many
times when the weather was very bad.
and so caught a very bad cough, and
doctors claimed that my lungs were
affected; In fact, the left lung was al
most gone, but since 7 have taken your
KEY I feel better, and would not do
without It. I have not been taking It
very long, but I am sure of good results.
I have good color In my fane and feel
that I can work with a great deal more
ambition. I cannot praise It too much.
I have recommended It to soversl of my
friends, and they, too, are thankful for
the benefit they have already derived
from it."-Mrs. VICTOR A. BEAU
calre, 266 Ogden Ave,, Chicago, ill. . ,
DUffy's Pure "Mall.
Is recognized everywhere aa the unfailing specific for the cure of consump
tion, nerrousneaa, typhoid, malaria, every form or stomacn trouble, an
diseases of the throat and lungs, and all run down and weakened condi
tions of the brain and body. It restores youthful vigor to the old by nour
ishing and feeding the vital forces of life, and maintains the health and
strength of the young. It la a form of food already digested. It is pre
scribed by doctors ot all schools, is used in all the leading hospitals or the
world, and is recognized aa a family medicine everywhere. It is absolutely
pure. Medical advice and a valuable llluotrated booklet on diseases sent
Iren, uur is uu ever; uuviin,
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Is sold by all firat-claM drogglnts, grocers
and dealers, or direct. In sealed bottles only. Price, $1.00. See that the
"Old Chemist" trade-mark is on the label and that the seal over the cork
Is unbroken. Refuse substitutes and Imitations, puffy Malt Whiskey OoH
Rochester, N. Y.
other matinee on Wednesday afternoon.
Vaudeville nt the BlJon.
Those who desire to witness clever clog
dancing, hear comlo songs and view the
work of contortionists, were well enter
tained last night at the Bijou theater,
where a sort of variety program was
Fire fend Police Commission Will Meet
Tnesday Niaht to Consider Cneea
nnd Chances Are Snloona
Will Be Closed.
The weekly roundup of the South Omaha
on-erea. rerry uaen ana iess are a Baloon, eunday resulted In the arrest
of enterprising comedlena Bonnie Dee, a of j0.enh gchWeger at Twenty-sixth tnd
wee girl of 8, sings songs and dances well. p BtI.eets. He was found doing a thriving
The Parks family of acrobats and con- business in three rooms connected with
tortlonlsts are a meritorious aggregation the saloon. Beer and whisky were found In
and do some extremely difficult and thrill- quantity and the men drinking. All the
Ing acts. The Illustrated songs with mov- inmates were arrested as witnesses. Turn
ing pictures were good. The program, on qulst and Shields made the arrest.
the whole, was very acceptable. It will This is the first case since the board has
be repeated each night during the week. , I been permanently organised and published
its code of rules and regulation.. The
NEW POST OF ARMY VETERANS probability i. that schwr w.u b. put
UUL 111 UUD1ITOI . 1 1 1 1 o icbi m. "
Organisation Contemplated to Em
brace Spanish-American nnd
Peking; Heroea In Omaha,
The contemplated organisation of an as
sociation of Spanish-American and Philip
pine war veterans In Omaha is Intended
to embrace all veterans holding an honor-
ablo discharge from the Spanish-American I
and Philippine wars, Including those en
gaged in the operations against Peking, 1
China, of all branches of the volunteer and I
regular army and navy service.
It la Intended to establish a commando tn
Omaha and a meeting of the veterans will
be held at the Thurston Rifles armory next
Monday evening for that purpose.
and will have his license denied -when he
seeks renewal. It Is thought by the chief
that the saloonmen who have been trouble
some had better take warning If they ex
pect to remain in the business. All of the
expressions of the board members have
been of a nature to indicate that they will
show no lenience toward the saloonkeepers
who have been continually infringing the
law while others have been lawabidlng
during the entire year.
A second arrest, made later In the even
ing, was that of Maalowskl of the firm of
Brodeiick ft Maalowskl on West Q street.
The Board of Fire and Police commis
sioners Is to hold a session Tuesday evening
at which these and several other , cases
will be considered.
Greek Assaulted with Brick.
James Lee was arrested yesterday,
charged with assault and battery. Lee was
one of five men who caught Oeorge
Satroba, a Greek, and while the four held
the helpless man beat him' on the back
of the head with a brick. The cause of the
assault was not learned, for Lee strenu
ously denied that he had ever seen the
man or struck him, and the Greek said
the quarrel waa entirely unprovoked. The
brick cut several severe gashes on the back
of his head, but none are thought to be
dangerous. The police made an effort to
locate the other members of the party.
They are said to room with Mrs. Cuslck
on Q street. The friends of Satroba visited
the jail in a body and identified Lee a. ths
man who committed the assault.
Mnarle City Goaalp,
Dr. John Koutsky is reported dangerously
Every enthusiast who could twirl a base
ball was out yesterday afternoon In every
quarter of the town, taking advantage of
the warm weather. No games were played
but the men worked out finely for the first
The ladles' auxiliary of the Young Men's
Christian association will conduct a cook
ing exchange at the association rooms next
Saturday. There Will be a business meet
ing, with Mrs. Howard Vore, North Twenty-first
street, Thursday.
George Jensen, William Kochelek, Joe
Corbett, John- Scott, A. Tate and James
Jensen, six boys, were arrested for drink
ing beer and disturbing the peace of their
neighborhood yesterday afternoon. They
were charged with vagrancy.
Norean Byrnes Is being held on suspicion
at the city Jail. It Is charged that a lover
at Grand Rapids, Mich., wants her re
turned there under a charge of larceny.
He wanted to marry her. It la said, and
she refused, and now he takes this means
of vengeance.
The Sunday afternoon service at ths
Young Men's Christian association was en
livened by a solo by Frank Brown, and
by the Young Men s Christian association
quartet. M1ss Adeline Dim mock waa the
accompanist. G. A. Young spoke on the
life of St. Peter.
Clerks View the Graduated Salary
System with Complacency,
Snya Captain Pnlmer.
The new law providing for the graduated
increase of the salary of postofflce clerks
and carriers Is to have a beneficial effect
on the Omaha postofflce department.
'The clerks seem to be satisfied with the
prospect," said Postmaster Palmer Mon
day, "and we think we shall be able to re
tain the services of the efficient men with
out further fear of their resigning to go
Into other work. The bill Is a very good
thing for the postaf service and the men
seem to be very well satisfied with the
If you have anything to trade advertise
It in the For Exchange columns of The Bee
Want Ad pages.
F. A. Murphy, civilian clerk at headquar
ters Department of the Missouri, has Veen
ordered transferred to Havana for tempo
rary duty. He will sail for Havana April .
There has been a perceptible falling off
In recruiting for the regular army at the
Omaha station during the last few weeks.
Omaha still ranks seventeenth out of the
sixty-nine main recruiting stations of the
country. Twenty-three recruits were ob
tained at the Omaha stations during tha
month of January and a like number during
February. But few re-enllstmenta have
been made at Omaha. A new aub-stantlon
has been established at Sioux Falls, and
the recruiting stations at Beatrice la closed.
Colonel Savage, recruiting officer, has gone
to Grand Island for a few days to inspect
the recruiting station there, which also is
a sub-stanllun of Omaha.
Major General A. W. Greely. U. S.
commanding the Northern Military division
and Department of tha Missouri, arrived la
Omaha Monday morning on his usual aemi-
menthly visit to army headquarters. There
is no slgnmcance attained to his visit, being
merely of 'a routine character. General
Qreely la accompanied by his aide-de-camp.
uuuienam r u. warnem.
Captain Ieonard D. Wlldman. algnal
corps United States army, has returned
from his loave of absence and has again
resumed hla dutiea as chief signal officer
of tha Department of tha Missouri and
commandant at Fort OanvhSa af'
Pis n aououipnoiea hi in, . .
The General Condemnation of So-Called Patent
or Secret Medicines
of an injurious character, which indulge in extravagant and unfounded pretensionj
to cure all manner of ills, and the
National Legislation Enacted to Restrict Their Sale
have established more clearly than could have been accomplished in any other wav
The Value and Importance of Ethical Remedies.
Remedies which physicians sanction for family use, as they act most beneficially and '
tre ffrntls vet nrrmnt in effez-t nA "nil or! V,,V.t .1 ' 1
o j -' i ' - -. ...v, muv ,i.vv, wuuK uicy arc ui
Known Excellence and Quality and of Known Component Parts.
To gain the full confidence of the Well-informed of the world and the approval of
the most eminent physicians, it is essential that the component parts be known to and '
approved by them, and, therefore, the California Fig Syrup Company has published for many'
vears past in its advertisements and upon every package a full statement thereof. The per- .
feet purity and uniformity of product which they demand in a laxative remedy of an ethical
character are assured by the California Fig Syrup Company's sriginal method of manufacture,
known to the Company only.
7?ere re' other ethtcal "medies approved by physicians, but the product of ' UY
the California Fig Syrup Company possesses the advantage over all other family laxatives V
tnat it cleanses, sweetens and relieves the internal organs on which it acts, without
disturbing the natural functions or any debilitating after effects and without having to
increase the quantity from time to time.
This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of
Syrupof Figs, and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well
known to physicians and the Well-Informed of the world to be the best of natural
laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna, as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtlessly it will always be
called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs; and to get its beneficial effects,
always note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company California Fig Syrup Co.
plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for Syrup
of .Fls.' ,or by the M name syruP f -figs and Elixir of Senna, as Syrup of Figs
and Elixir of Senna is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Company, and the same heretofore known by the name, Syrup of Figs, which
has given satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists
throughout the United States in original packages of one size only, the regular urice
of which is fifty cents per bottle.
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the
Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C, the remedy is not adulterated or mis
branded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, June 30th, 1906.
Louisville, Ky.
San Francisco, CaL
U. S. A.
London, England.
New York, N. Y.