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noon Indicated It wai not ready even to
talk about adjourning' yet. When the re
qurst from the house for a conference
" committee te fix the final date was called
up It aroused considerable opposition, and
An attempt was made to amend the motion
to adopt It by directing the committee not
to agree on a date until ordered to do so
by the senate. This was voted down and
the motion was lost by a vote of 8 to 18.
Those who opposed fixing the date now did
so on the grounds . It, is too iearly In the
week and that action, should pot be taken
until a few more of the Important bills
are passed.
Haas Lonfnnr to Adjourn.
i House muinbci sat around without their
eoats this afterncon and many of them
looked longingly out of the window at the
retn grass and showed signs of homesick
ness. Whltham of Johnson became so Im
pressed that he offered a motion which was
adopted for the speaker to appoint a com
mittee to confer with a sunate committed
rf final adjournment. The spsuker ap
pointed Whltham of Johnson, Vun
of Colfax SbOd Farley of Hamilton. Wulnh
- wanted the committee Instructed to mike
haste slowly in selecting the final day,
and talked Quite a b t cn this vubject be
fore the committee was uppoir.ted. Then
after the speaker had made him quit be
cause there was nothing before the house,
' Hall of Chase thought the committee
should attend to flxlug the date. The
speaker bad to stop Hill for the same
reason ha gave for making Walsh stop.
During the afternoon the he use spent
most of Its time passing bills on third
fading and the way the members dug
down Into the treasury was a caution.
Seven or e!ghtf appropriation bi;is went
through, though one was killed. This un
fortunate one was by Carlln of Rock and
it was to reimburse Brown exunty for
th , trial of Fred. Hans some 16,700. i)ut the
'180,900 for a women's building and other
buildings at the state farm went through,
even It it did get only fltty-four votes, and
so ld the loO.OUO for the slat farm and
the 114,000 for an officers' Hat at the Milford
soldiers' home, and the appropriation for
-the cottage and land for the Kea.rn In
dustrial school. And so did the J-S.UU0 for
a tuberculosis hospital at the Hastings
asylum. It did take a call of the house
several times to goj the required 67 votes
to tack on the emergency clause, but that
wss all. ...
Blndlav Twine Plant Falls.
The house refused to stand for the bind
ing twine plant at the state penitentiary,
which carried with It an appropriation of
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$150,000 for the Installation of the plant and
130,000 to got It started. The committee of
the whole reported the bill back for In
definite postponement and Qunckenbush of
Nemaha made a fight to have It recom
mended for passage. Hansen of Merrick,
who has been rather quiet during the ses
sion, opposed the bill vigorously and said
he had handled penitentiary twine and It
was not Satisfactory. A great many of the
fuslonlsts lined up for the bill, and several
republicans, but In the committee of the
Whole It was recommended for Indefinite
postponement, and the house on a roll call
sustained the committee. The Omaha Deaf
end Dumb Institute got , Its I20.0CO for a
gymnasium building,- though several of the
members seriously objeoted.
When the senate anti-pass bill comes ttg
in the house in the morning an amendment
will be offered to provide that no railroad
shall Issue a pass to any lawyer, doctor or
political agent of any railroad. The lawyer
doctor provision has been the one stumbling
block In the way of getting the anti-pass
bill reported favorably. The house has not
figured out how these classes of men can
be shut out of riding on passes and It
seems to be the general belief that the
luwycrs and the .doctors omployed by the
railroads are the men the state convention
was really after when it adopted the anti
pass plank. Whether such an amendment
will cany cannot be said at this time.
Appropriation Bills Belnar Bushed
Throngs by Wholesale.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) .
LINCOLN, March X. (Special.) The
house passed the following bills:
H. R. 480 The current expense bill ap
propriation. 11. R. 4 By ItairSr of Buffalo. J25.0W
for land and $10,000 for cottage at the
Kearney Industrial fcchool, v
H. R. 4M By Keifer of Nuckolls. 115,000
for officers flat at the Mllford soldiers'
II. R. 485 By Howard of Hall. 25.0
for a tuberculosis rxeplta' at the Hastings
H. R. I4 By Mtxger of Cherry. $2,000
for a nsh hatchery in Cherry county.
H. R. 204 McMuilen of Lodge. $180,000 for
building of state farm.
H. R. 161 Walsh of Douglas. $50,000 Im
provement hOHpttal firm.
H. R. 0By Byron of Bert. $1,849 foe
Indian prosecutions In Ti.'iraton county.
H. R. i7 By Jenls-n ot Clay. Normal
training In high schools, carrying $10,0u0 ap
propriation. H. R. iSi Armstrong of Nrn:ia. $25,000
heating plan at Peru.
H." K. 47i E. W. Brown of Lancaster.
Reimburse Willium Cozcll for content ex
penses (fulled).
H. R. MS By Green of Holt. $7.(00 for
as i l . H.U..J .j... I.
investigation of animal dealers.
H. R. 4!4 By Horner. Jo.OH) for Irriga
tion investigations.
H. K. 475-By Carlln of Rock. To reim
burse Brown county for expense of Fred
Horn trial (failed).
The house tonight In committee of the
whole recommended the following bills for
passage: .
H. R. 3SC By Cone of Saunders. Provid
ing railroads shall furnish sidetracks to
elevators and providing a penalty for fail
ure to do so.
H. R, 4!; Uy Jenlson of Clay. Preventing
discriminating In giving telephone or ex
press franks nnd free transportation on
common curriers.
H. R, 376 By Klllen of Gape. Knocking
out tiie salary loan companies.
H. H. 3J By Heffernun. The slot ma
chine bill. .
H. R.t 4I5 By Jenlson. Hart. Quacken
bush. Advisory board of pardons.
H. R. 74 By Dodge of bouslas. Permits I
county board to pay for compilation of
tax records In counties where scavenger
law Is In effect.
H. R. 4i By Doran of Garfield. To re
duce commission charged by commission
men for selling live stock. Harvey and
Best fought the bill, but could not deeat It.
H. R. JS28 By Harrison of Otoe. To re.
peal the maximum freight rate law; was
Indefinitely postponed.
Practically Entire Day Pat In In Com
mittee of the Whole.
(From a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN. March 23. (Special.) The
senate spent the greater part of the after
noon In committee of the whole, conalder
lng twenty bills In all, as follows;
. 8. F. S35 By Root! Legalizing acknowl
edgments taken before imianea in the
stule of New Jersey. To puis.
H. R. 66 By Lee. Providing for the con
solidation of Omaha und tinuth Omaha
after a vote by the people of the two cities.
To pass.
S. F. 249 By Glover. Relating to the ap
pointment of commissioner In the opening
of public roads. To puss.
8. F. 370 By Saunders. Making the days
now generally observed us holidays legal
holidays. To pass.
H. R. 12-By trles. Providing a levy for
road Improvement funds. To pass.
H. R. 23. .By Culdice. Limiting the lia
bility of villages for damage and costs
arising from defective streets, alleys, etc.
H. R. 25 By Armstrong. Providing weeds
and brush along roadways mum be cut
by adjoining property owner before August
la or work will be done nt expense of ad
Joining property owner. To pass.
H. R. Irt By Thleasen. Providing mutual
lnnurunce companies may assess cities and
towns and regulating tne iimuunts of poli
cies they may Issue uccording to the num
ber of policyholders. To par.
H. R. IDG By By rain, providing penalty
for stealing or buying or receiving stolon
hogs. To pass.
H. R. 2i-By Adams. Approprlntlng $6,00-1
to pay the railroad fare of supreme court
and district court Judges. To puss.
H. H. 2-e By Hill. Resolution approving
the Beat lie expoaltion und asking the na
tional government to take part in It. To
11. R. 55-By Bhubert. Providing for the
distribution of the I'nlted Btatea govern
ment forest reserve fund. To pass.
H. R. 871 By Walsh. M iking it a felony
to steal $5 wurth or more of poultry. To
H. R. 73 By Cone. Acquiring the tele
graph operators and tower men engaged In
tne moving of t ruins at night shall be at
least 21 years of age. .To pas 4.
H. R. 1-By Jeniaon. Anti-lobby bill.
To pass.
H. R. Es-By McMullen. Prohibiting
minors from using cigarettes or chewing
tobacco or spitting tobacco Juice In publio
p luces. To pass. '
H. R. 17 By McMullen. Requiring unl-vi-rs'ty
regent to hold open meetings ex
cept wheie good of the university may re
quire secret meetings. To pal's.
11. R. 57 By Clllem. Providing for the
purchase by the state of 410 copies of
Cobbey's statutes. To pass.
The following bills were passed at the
afternoon seealon:
8. F. 175-ny King. To do away with
sepamte ballot boxes 'tor constitutional
B. V. 4ol By Gould. To nssesa live stock
In ptxMMMilui) of caretaker wherever It is
11. R. 14ft-By Bsker, Providing for the
saleVif real estate belonging to cemetery
associations. '
H. H. By Clarke. Validating acts of
the Oinuha city council In levying special
H. H. 25S By Jones. Providing for the
drainage of lowlands.
At the session held tonight the senate
showed a disposition to kill all senate bills
which have not yet been advanced to the
general file. Twelve bills were reported by
standing committees and eight of these
were killed, the four which were placed on
general file were all house bills.
8. F. 4 H, one of Thomas' bills amending
the Omaha charter was recommitted to
the committee of the whule tonight on the
discovery of some of the senators of a
"Joker" In the shape of a section which
mould allow them annexation of South
Omaha by ordinance of the Omaha ( city
council. The measure wss Just about to l1
pass-d when Patrick of Sarpy and Ilandall
of Madison called attention to this feature
of it and It was recommitted. The bill also
cuts out the provision of the chapter allow
ing the city to regulate telephone rates.
This feature will probably be changed un
less the bill Is killed entirely.
At the session tonight the following bills
Were passed:'
8. V. 1S7 By Epperson. Prohibiting
bucket shops.
8. F. I'ihHjr King. ' Requiring foreign
corporation to kep aft asrenl in the state
upon -whom, can- be h4v
B. F. 24 Py Horns, eliminating the word
"incurable" from the name-vf the Hastings
lnwi asylum.
. V. V6Hy Petrlch. Authorising the
publication of the report-of the fish and
frame commission ejid spproprlntlng money
or the payment of traveling expenses.
8. F. i. By Hyrnes. Kequlrlns; railroads
to maintain hinged gates st farm cromilngs.
8. F. 3S Hy Root Requiring students
t the state university over 21 years of aga,
who are residents of the state, to'tay a
tuition of 111) a year and foreign students
to pey a fee to be fixed by the regents.
8. F. My Saunders. Requiring county
.clerks to keep a warrant register and pre
scribing us rorm.
B. F. Stii-By Phillips. Providing for a
state park commission.
8. F. 864 By Klhley. Providing for the
sale of educational lands which are IrrlgU
8. F. 3fil By Packctt. Authorising an
allowance for' clerical help In making up
assessor's bonks.
B. F. Uy King. To amend the con.
etlttftlon to allow appeals to supreme court
to b regulated by statute.
8. ,F. M1 By Backett. Amending the fire
escape law,
8. F. 110 By Clarke. Allowing county de
pository banks to give two or more bonds
to secure deposits.
B. F. 418 By Saunders. Authorising the
extension of water mains by the formation
of water main districts.
8. F. 424 By fcppersnn. Requiring charity
BKsoolations to secure authority of State
Board of Charities before Incorporating.
8. F. 425 By Kpperson of Clay. Speci
fying the method of placing out children
by child savings associations.
8. F. 437 By Burns of Lancaster. Amend
ing the law governing the Issuance of
street railway franchises to prohibit the
exclusive assignment of streets to on com
pany. fl. F. 443 By Thomas of Douarlas. Re
quiring employment eirencles to take out
license and to give bonds.
S. F. 446 By the governor. To legalise
the Issuance of bonds Issued heretofore for
municipal heating and liKhtlnr plants In
cities of the second class and villages.
(Continued from First Page.)
the possibility of further small failures
before the end of the settlement Is not
excluded, the general belief Is that the
worst Is over.
"There Is absolutely no danger," was the
reply of tord Rothschild when questioned
today by the Associated Press agent In re.
spc.ct to the fears that the Stock exchange
settlement would result in trouble. . .
"There may. be a few small failures,"
Lord Rothschild continued, "but the re
port that a big financial house' is In diffi
culties or serious troubles are anticipated
are mere inventions. . The London holders
of American securities have been induced
to sell through fear that President Roose
velt contemplates taking steps toward na
tionalizing the railroads, or at least enact
ing legislation t,hat may curtail the roads'
earning capacities. ...
"For the same reason some German hold
ers of American securities have been cell
ing in London. Then, of course, there are
great demands for money from all points,
but I have, every confidence In the ability
of the market, to bridge the difficulties.
One thing Is certain, there Is no panle and
there Is no danger of a panic In London.4'
BERLIN, March 25. The tone of the
Borse today was calm In comparison with
the excitement .of Baturday, Tha banks,
Irons and Industrials recovered part of the
heavy loss they had - sustained, j Prices,
however, are still far from strong.
: PARIS, March 25. Prices on the Bourse
today . were heavy, owing to the advices
f rpm New York and, the Moroccan sltua
tlon arising from the recent assassination
of Dr. Mauchamp, . , . .
Postmasters and Rural Carriers Are
Appointed for Nebraska
and Iowa.
Upon the recommendation of Congress
man Hepburn, Drs. w. tJ. t-niinps ana j
D. H. Vllllngsworth have been appointed
pension examining- surgeons at Clarlnda,
la., vice Drs. T. E. Powers andW. H. C.
Moore, resigned.
Postmasters appointed: Nebraska, Ar
nold, Custer county, Ernestine Black vice
F. E. Needham, resigned; Box Elder, Red
Willow county, Daniel B. Doyle, Jr., vice
T. M. Campbell, resigned; Watts, Mneoln
county, John T. Lloyd vice N. A. Bowen,
rps'gned. Iowa, Carnforth, Poweshiek
county, Benjamin K. McClellan vice Mary;
E. Martin, resigned? Darbyville, Appanoose
county, Clarence ' H. Swain vice O. O.
Woodward,, resigned.
Rural carriers appointed: Iowa, Dan
bury, route J, Nicholas . Peters, - carrier;
Albert Q. Price, substitute. Lytton, route
1, Fred Cramer, carrier; Oeorge Hoffner,
substitute. Woodward, route 4. Elmer A.
Shaw, carrier; Clark Lauphere, substitute.
South Dakota, Flandreau, route 3, Morris.
W, Jones, carrier;, Frank M. Jones, sub-i
stltute. Iroquois, route 1, Leo Van Tassel),
carrier; Glen Van Tassel, substitute.
Complete rural free delivery service has
been ordered established In Decatur county,
Iowa.- effective April 16, making the total
number of routes In the county twenty
two. DIAMONDS Frenser, 15th and Dodgto.
Confession In Evidence.
CHICAGO, March 25. Judgt Ball today
ruled in the trial of Howard Nicholas and
Leonard Leopold, accused of the murder of
Mrs. Margaret Leslie, the actress, that
the confession made by Nicholas should be
admitted to the evidence.
Good Humor Returns With Change to
Proper Food. '"
"For many years I was a constant suf
ferer from Indigestion and nervousness
amounting almcet to prostration," writes
a Montana man:
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was blurrod and weak, with moving spuH
before my eyes. Thla was a steady dally
condition. I 'grew ill-tempered, and event
ually got so nervous I could not keep my
books posted, rn r handle accounts satis
factorily. I can't describe my sufferings.
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day I happened to notice Grape-Nuts tn
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and nerve force us nothing in .the drug
line had done or could do.
"It wasn't lopg before I was restoned to
nealth, comfort and happiness. Through
(he us c Grape-Nuts food my digestion
has been restored, oiy nerves are steady
once more, my eyesight Is good again, my
mental faculties are clear and acute, and
I have become so good natured tht my
friends are truly astonished at the change.
I feel younger and better than I have for
20 years. No amount of money would Indue
me to surrender what I have gained
through the use of Grape-Nuts food."
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JndM Epeer Bulsi that Federal Lw to
Frotect Eailroad Employes is vauu.
Right to Control Interstate Commerce
Ceestenslre with that t Re
nlate Traffic on Hitch
MACON, Ga.. March 28.-Unlted States
Judge Emory Speor today Jn a decision in
the case of Lucy 'Snead, administratrix,
against the Central of Georgia Railway
company, upheld the constitutionality of
the employers' liability act, passed by the
last congress. This decision Is opposed to
those of Vnlted States Judge Evans at
Louisville and Judge McCall at Memphis,
Who declared the1 act" repugnant to the con
stitution of the United States.
I Judge Bpeer declared that to command,
to prohibit and to protect men engaged In
the handling of commerce, whether Inter
state or foreign, is within the domain of
national legislation. ' Congress having the
right to control commerce on the high
seas, as established by the courts repeat
edly, It follows that it has the right to
control the same kind of commerce on
lanu, x 110 ticBiiwii v. .wo - f 1
merce commission, th acts against ar- ,
bltrary'and discriminating rates, the adop
tion of the anti-trust law, forbidding com
binations in restraint of trade, held di
rectly applicable to railroads, even though
chartered by states,' the law denouncing
rebates and forbidding passes in Interstate
traffic, are quoted as Illustrations of the
power of congress to control such matters,
The decision points out that no Injury
eon result to corporations or to any useful
or valuable power of the state by this na
tional legislation. The act Is no deprivation
to the corporations of due process of law.
Their oases are triable In courts prescribed
by the constitution. The act does not de
prive the plaintiff of power to sue In tha
state courts It he prefers.
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Dr. Thomas IB'. Laeey.
Dr." Thomas B. Lacey of Council Bluffs,
one of the oldest and most respected med
ical practitioners of the section, died at
his home, 640 Stzth avenue," at' midnight
Sunday, after an Illness of six years. Dr.
Laccy bad been a"' long sufferer' from
paralysis and his death was hot a aurprlse.
Df. Laccy wns born at New Millord, Conn.,
in lf6i and was graduated from 'the Chicago
Medical college In 18715. '"For ' thirty-three
years he had ben 4 resident of Council
Bluffs, where he'hsd built up a splendid
practice and reputation.' standing high In
his profession. He occupied the chair of
surgery at Crelghton Medical college. Dr.
Lacey was prominent In Masonto circles,
being past grand commander of the Knights
Templar of Iowa, past grand high priest of
the Royal Arch Masons and thlrty-tbr-degree
BcpUieh Rite Mason- ,
William. Urease.
William Braaach. formerly of Omaha, but
later ot Norfolk. Neb., died at Excelsior
Rnrinva. Mo. Saturday from Bright dls
ease. The, body has bsen shipped to the
home at Nojfolk, where the funeral will
be held Tuesday by the Elks lodge. Braaacb
leaves a wife but no cbljdren. He was about
36 years of age and was an employ of one
of th large packing firms when he lived
In Omaha, whore he was widely known.
Mrs. Mary Anna Rlrhellm.
Mrs. Mary Anna Richelieu, who died Fri
day night, aged 69 years, at tha home of
the family, K51 Booth Ninth street, will
be burled at 2 o'clock this afternoon, with
services at St. Matthias' Episcopal church
and Interment at Prospect Hill cemetery.
Edwin Dradbary Haskell.
BOSTON, March 26. Edwin Bradbury
Haskell, one of the proprietors of the Bos
ton Herald and formerly edltor-ln-chlef of
the paper, died at his home In Auburn
dale early today of angina pectoris.
F. E. Wilson.
WEBSTER C1TV. la., March' 26. (Special
Telegram.) F. E. Wilson, general man
ager of the Crooked Creek railroad, died
this morning after several years' Illness' of
Bright's disease.
" Prof. Vo.e Bercmana.
WIESBADEN, Germany, March 16. Prof,
von Berg ma nn. the famous surgeon, died
here this morning. He was operated upon
yesterday for appendlcltla -,
Prlne Von Arenbera-.
GREFELD, Germany, March 28. Prince
von Arenberg, one of the centrist leaders
la th Reichstag, died her today, aged S6
rilas Cored la to 14 Daya.
Paco Ointment will cur any cases of
Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protudlng piles.
At all druggist 60 cent.
District Court at Ilnron.
HURON, 8. D.. March 8peelal.) In
circuit court here. Judge Smith of Mitchell
presiding for Judge Whiting, iloward A.
Jones waa sentenced to th panlUotlary
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at Sioux Falls for two years, having been
convicted of embezilemcnt. Jones repre
sented the John Ound Brewing company,
with headquarters here.. High living was
tho cause ot his downfall. Other Indict
ments for embezzlement against Jones were
brought In. Martles E. Fouts paid a fine
of $500 for keeping a gambling house.
Other indictments against him, returned by
the grand Jury for similar offenses, were
dismissed. After the disposition of this
case Judge Smith returned to. Mitchell and
Judge Whiting will preside during the
remainder -of the term, which will continue
for all of the .present wee!.
Trainmen and Conductors Vote to
Strike t'nless Demands Ar
IICAGO, Mar?h 26. A crisis has been
reaohed on the negotiations between the
railroads throughout the west and. their
employes over the wage question and "It Is
up to the general managers," according to
representatives of the 60,000 trainmen who
have voted to strike unless their demands
are granted. The reply of the general
managers to this sentiment Is, "We have
conceded all we can."
Tomorrow morning both sides will meet
tn conference and unless there Is a back
down the most gigantic strike In the his
tory of transportation- in this country ap
pears Imminent. Forty railroads with a
trackage of 96,0)0 miles nnd an annual pay
roll of 1330,(00,000 are standing together on
the proposition. Those systems represent
one-third of the railroad business of the
country. -Opposed-to ' this aggregation of
capital stands the Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen with1 'a membership of 90.0CK) and
the Order Of , Railway Conductors with a
membership of 46,000. The men demand an
Increare ot 12H per oent and a worV'-g day
of nine hours. The general manag". have
offered a 10 per cent Increase without the
nine-hour workday.
The work of counting the ballots cast
by the men on the question of scceptlng
the oonceslons of the general managers or
calling a -strike was completed at midnight
tonight. The official figures' will be an
nounced tpmorrow when the men meet with
the general managers, but It Is said that
nearly 90 per cent of the men voted In favor
of a strike.
It Is declared In a story printed in the
Evening Post that in case a strike Is or
dered by the Brotherhood of Railway Con
ductors as the result of negotiations now
pending with the railroads for shorter hour
and Increased pay, that the conductors of
the Chicago & Northwestern railway will
tefuae to go out. It is also asserted that
th conductors on other roads will also
remain at work.
U. Is said by the Post that Grand Chief
Garrettson has admitted that the North
western conductors will not go out. but
denies that the men on any other Una will
decline to obey the mandate of the organi
sation in case a strike Is ordered
Speaker Make Trip Across th
Isthmus and Starts tor
th North.
PANAMA, March 25. Speaker Cannon
and the members ot his congressional
party, who arrived In Colon yesterday on
the Bluecher and were placed In quaran
tine because the steamer had not been
out from Venesuela six daya, landed this
morning. Accompanied by Chief Engineer
OTARCH tad son
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Ton get all cocoa.
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It will go twice at
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Stevens. Lieutenant Colonel Ooethala uni
Other chi(.tB ot dvlloni the wngnMkmal
party Journeyed across the Isthmus an
arrived here at noon. The party return
to Colon this afternoon and th Bluecha,
left that port tonight.
Report that Men Were AaSeS.ed S20
Each to Fight Bingham
NEW YORK, March 25rollce, Commis
sioner Bingham, District Attorney Jerom
and Assistant District Attorneys Ely and
Tinker visited the headquarter of the
Patrolmen's Benevolent association tonight
and made a hurried examination of the
books of the organization.
The commissioner, the . district attorney
and his assistants were In search of evl
denco to confirm a report that 1125.000 had
been raised to affect legislation. , IX, was
said that an assessment of I20 had been
made against each patrolman In connection
with the Bingham police bill, which does
away with permanent police Inspectors la
tho city.
The officials declare thet they found a
book which showed that nearly every on
of 7,000 patrolmen had contributed 130 each
to a "mortuary fund."
Woman Killed by Illinois Man.
8PRINOFIH7LD, 111.. March !5.-Mr.
Millie Hill Olbson, divorced wife of Mayor
Glbnon of Glrard, was shot nnd fatally In
Jurod today on an Interurban car be.tweii
Olrard and Vlrden by Peter Clark. Th
shooting Is said to have bcn th result
of a scandal in the choir of the First Chris
tian church of Olrard, as results of which
Mrs. Clark secured a divorce from hor hus- Him ir. vninan one rrom nis wife.
Clnrlr ihnl ftxr tlm. V. v., . 1 1 . . i i
effect. He surrendered -himself to the, f-
"v vnunon waa orfrugni 10 Tier
mrente home in Glrard and died thera
this evening,
Dr.. Lyon's.
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