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U Orcr This Clesscd Und Rise Up icd'Pralsc Dr. Pierce's Family
Common Gratitude Prompt Thl Sentiment lo Favor ol
- - Dr. Pierce's Medicines.
Throe people o read? and anxious to reoosomr-fid Dr. Pierre's Medicines,
cave themselves been eared, or soma (rend or loved one baa been enred, by
-.rnuuicmpa. nsturajiy, s senas
VecoMend Dr. Pierce's medicines to
mat inese rr
iroicinea nave oeen on genersl rale. In drug and medicine Ho ret,
1 two decades, yet their sals continues to grow as it could not were
icinea of more than ordinary merit
lor mofe th)
the t nt mfV
base attack have sometime
l hich V
mjurmT iDiorea tneir saie, aa in the case of tbe maliciouniy,
m be' rtic!s pablished in 190 in the Ladies' Horns
..ue.pma, je tneir aaie is
rmyr, crt urvugni m account ana judgment obtained against
rv v .."""w, . . . w,vr "cioob amcie concerning ur. fierce s rsvorite
' i,Utte0?, erce iwidella tale STld ateuJVuo.i.Vi To the whole
world a fall Hrt of the Ingredients entering Into hi medicines, and this com
pletely eon fonnded hi roaliciona tradueers and vindicated both the Doctor and
liis medicines. In consequence, bis medicines have enioved a popularity and
Increase in sale of late, amounting almost to a boom, and ft is believed that thia
greatly Increased demand ia due largely to the (act of Dr. Pierce's open, honest
way of treating his patrons and patient by reposing confidence In those who
trust In him and his medicines. He ha no secret to withhold from them,
lis publishes ths composition of his medicines openly and above board, so that
i wfJ nM them may know eiactly what they are taking. Thus they are
placed in a cla$ all by themtelvt and cannot be considered as either secret or
patent medicines, for they art in fact neither.
WHAT THEY CUBP. tw,l. rtn I 4inn. a
What do Ur. Pierce' two leading med-
icines Ooldah Medical Discovery' and
Jf vorlte Prescription ' cure t "
. briery, the answer t that "AlflllJea
iiLyriJLiX4.a of lh nasal fosaae.
ihroal, bronchial tubes, stomach, bowels
and bladder curlna a large percentage of
catarrhal ease whether the disease af
fect tho nasal passages, the throat,
larynx, bronchia, stomach (as catarrhal
dyspepsia), bowels (as mucous diarrhea),
bladder, uterus or other pel via oroana.
Even In the chronic or ulcerative stage
if tnese auecllons, it la gnnerally ucces
ul In aff( rtlnit cure. In fact the "Golden
Medical Discovery Is without doubt, the
most successful constitutional remedy for
all form of catarrhal diseases known to
modern medical science. In chronic
Nasal Catarrh Dr. Sage Catarrh Remedy
fluid should be ed for washing and
cleansing out the nasal passagea while
Uklng ths "Discovery ' for Its blood
Cleansing and apecinc, healing effects
upon the mucous lining membranes. Thl
combined local and general treatment will
enre a very large percentage of ths worst
cases of chronic nasal catarrh, no matter
ef how many rears' standing they may be.
yoUiqrltA, rrcaolPiii:
artt tf.r thi. cure c.t one el is:
eaC8 pfllY " Lntlt A.rrrg.
menu and irreRularltles peculiar to
women. It Is a powerful, yet gently act
ing. Invigorating tonic and nervine. For
weak, worn-out, over-worked women no
matter what has caused the break-down.
Favorite PrescrlDtion" will be found
most effective In building up the strength,
regulating the womanly functions, sub
duing pain and bringing about a healthv,
strong, vigorous condition of the whole
Dr. Pierce believes that our American
forests abound In most valuable medi
cinal roots for the cure of most of our
obstinate and most fatal diseases, if we
would properly Investigate thcra: and.
In confirmation of this firm conviction,
be points with prldo to the almost mar
velous cures effected by his "Oolden Med
ical Discovery." which has proven Itself
to be the 'most efllclent stomach tonic,
liver Invlgorator, heurt tonic and regu
lator, and blood cleanser known to med
Icnl scienre. Not less marvelous. In the
unparalleled cures it Is constantly mak
ing of woman's many poculier a flee-
August Meyer Dead August Muyer, 211
South Twenty-fourth street, died shortly
before' midnight last night. The funeral
will b held Sundsy at t p. .m
-, , ' w ' ' ' 1-
funeral of Williams Child The funerar
of Dower Irene Williams, little daughter of
Billy Williams. . win Uke place this after
noon at S o'clock at th undertaking pir.
lor of Hoafy & Heafy.
SruAkea Graders Arrested Five gradara
became overloaded
with liquor and wr
.lr last evening. They
ordered to leave Blair
hoarded a 'frafrht train for Omalia and
on arrival here were promptly erresd.
Man Knocks Woman Bows James !
Koblnsc was nned 110 and costs by Acting,
Police Judge W. A. Foster Thuraday mcrn-j
ing on an assault and battery charge pre- i
ferred by Jessie P-hott. Robinson 1 aald
to have knocked th woman down with a
blow from his flst at 110 North Ninth street, i
BTtnat-two Vaar. Toutiir Mrs. Dlan !
Conlcy of 3S23 North Seventeenth street ob-1
.rv.d hr ninetv-seoond birthdav annl. !
served her ninety-second birthday annl
versary with friends and declared Ood told .
her she could live aa long aa she wanted
to. Mrs. Conley is e charter member ofj
the People's church. . '
Modem Woodman ef Aruortca The In
itiation of nearly 200 Into the order of the
Modern Woodmen of America will be the
occasion for special exercise Friday even
ing In Crelyhton hall. Officers of the order
will be here from other towns. Exhibition
drills will be given.
rrnlt Jobber Have Social Club Whole
rale fruit Jobbers of Omaha have organ
ised for social ' purposes under the
name of the Euclid club. A banquet was
'given Tuesday evening. Weekly meet'ng
ar to be held across the board. Shop talk
la tabooed at theso gatherings.
Charged With Seating Wife James
Rogers, Sto North Twentieth street, wo
arretted Thursday forenoon eharged with his wife.' It la said Rogers was
paid the day before and gsye his wife t3. !
Spending all hla owiy -money In drink, he
then returned to get th &, but blng re
fused, sought , to. take It by . force. , -
Ohaoene letter Maa la Jail Judge W.
H. Munper Thursday afternoon Issued
Issued an order that Thomas Walsh, ar
rested In December at Orand Island for
Bending ol .cene letters through the malls,
be returned to Iluclne. Wl. Walsh ea
caped from an Insane asylum at Racine.
Mr. Lining Makes first Oift Mrs.
O. W. Linlnger has made the firat pledge
to the Clarkson Memorial Hospital associ
ation. She haa announced to the o Ul
cere that ati will pay $500 when the corner
stone ef the new hospital la laid and an
other SMO when tha building la completed.
Maacaro Held on Murder Charge John
Mascaro, alleged murderer of Dominic
Filbo. waa arraigned Thursday morn
ing In police court on tho charge of mur.
der In th second degree. The prellmlnsrjr
hearing waa aet fcxr next Monday morn
ing. Fllbo was burlud yesterday at
Crelghton, Neb.
Begs Oe to Kearney Frank Mason. Ray
Ivea and Or ton Anderson, arraigned yes
terday before Judge Troup on a charge of
If yoajr teeth a vary seasiUve
Sad hart whea a steel drill Is rap
idly vsteted ia a oartty ef dseay,
Uy Sola atales saethed ef aOae.
Toat teeth oaa he AUed palalses.
Lr if yea coca to aa.
Thon Doug. IIT. Ill Bee Bldg.
"pg.Tl V-pvm- a fpnt ., t.
tuvTipil ftTSr. and irt ptpfclapy favorably
L'l a. luilih'f WlTTjj'.nV fii tlA m,.-T
I uraiitude prompts such persons to
other afflicted ones. Notwithstanding
been made upon Dr. Pierce's medi-
greater to-dar than ever. The pob-
ments. Is Dr. Pierce s Favorite Prescrlp.
tlon. as I smply attested by thousand
of unsolicited testimonials contributed tr
rratefu natients who have been cured b
it or lencorrhea, painrui periods. Irregular
Itleft, prolapsus and other displacement,
ulceration of uterus and kindred affec
tion, ofiea after many other advertised
medicines had failed,
r Both these world-famed medicines are
wholly mad up from tbe glyceric ex
tracts of native, medicinal roots, found
In our American forests. The processes
employed In their manufacture wera
original with Dr. Pierce, and they ar
carried on by skilled chemists and phar
macists with the aid of apparatus and
appliance specially designed and built
for this purpose. Both medicines are
entirely free from alcohol and all other
harmful, habit-forming drugs. A full
list of their tnpredlents Is printed on each
of their wrappers. They are both made
of such native medicinal roots as have
received the strongest endorsement and
f raise for their curative virtues from
he most prominent writers on Matrria
JHedioa in this country. What Is said of
tholr power to euro the several disrate
for which they are advised may bo
saslly learned by sending your name
and address to Dr. K, V. Tierce, Buffs lo,
N. Y., for a little booklet which he has
compiled, containing copious extracts
from numerous standard medical books,
which are consulted as authorities by
rhyslclans of the several schools of prac
Ice for their guidance In prescribing. It
Is mm to all. A postal -card request
will bring it.
You don't shave to rely solely upon the
manufacturer's say-so as to the power of
Dr. Pierce's medicines to cure, ae with
other medicines sold through druggists.
You have the HUdnUrttUd testimony of
a host of the lending medical writer
and teachers. Send for this' copious
testimony. It can be reMed upon to
be truthful because it U entirely dl
ftiferesfed. .
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
atlpatlon. Constipation Is the cause of
many diseases. Cure the ennse and you
euro the disease. One "Pellet is a
fentle laxative, and two a mild cathar
Ic. Druggist sell them, and nuthlng
Is "Just as good." Thev are the ortflfnol
Little Llvpr Pills first put up bv old
Dr. Pierce over 4C years ago. Much
Imitated, but nver equaled. They are
tiny sucar-coated granule easv to take
as cundy.
burglary, will be Bent to the' Kearney In
dustrial school. The trio of youths each
declared his age aa 17 begged for releaae
on tho plea they wanted to proceed to St.
Loulo and Join a circus. ,
Arrested for Iowa, Crime Andrew Boyd
was arrested last night on a charge of
errand larceny committed at Waterloo, la.
. ... ..
with Albert Oeer, who later came to
Omaha end went to work for the Union
Pacific. Qeer last night spotted Boyd
and caused his arrest.
"eller ani family took In the automobile
anuw iisi mgm ana wnne tney wero gone
ome one entered the residence. 1S10 Lln.
coin boulevard, and atole a quantity' of
Jeweiry Dut overlooked tlO In money.
Just what waj mU tne famll w,
e ,
Touth np on Bobbery Charge Oeorge
Clark, a youth living at 4921 North
Seventeenth street, has been arrested by
Detective Patullo and Davis on the aerl-
ou c!lar highway robbery. Clark la
al1 t0 hav ssulted and robbed Myron
Vance of Bremont. When arrested Clark
wa wearing Vance's shoea.
Sis Times 'water Expected L. E.
Nebergall, who Is boring the artesian well
at the new Toung Men'a Christian associa
tion building, reported that he reached
depth of 1.132 feet and that a flow of 800
gallons had been obtained with air pres
sure. It Is figured that the well will supply
six time that expected when It (war
Injured by IaU from Car Miss Vena
eaiama. a waitress, wno lives at izaiM
Howard street, stepped off a Thirteenth
atreet car laat night at 11 o'clock and
received a fracture of the right shoulder
and the .right knee rap. She was taken
to .the police station and attended by Po
lice Burgeon Arnaut, and waa then tukon
to St. Joseph' hospital.
Colored "Walters Organise The colored
waiters of Otnuha held their first annual
banquet laat night for the purpose of or
ganizing an association by which to better j
tbe service . now being given by thm.
Th head waiters, representing the hotels
In which they are employed, were present
and talks were made on subjects pertain
ing to service.' Albert Jones, steward at
Balduffa cafe, waa elected temporary
chairman of the association. Th aim and
object of this association is to establish
permanent quarters where the members of
th association can meet.
B. B. Johnson WantedA letter haa
been received from Jamestown, N. D., by
the chief of'pollce asking for assistance
in locating S. E. Johnson, a Scandinavian
who left that town the latter part of
October. He had a railroad ticket for Han
Diego, Cel., and tie last heard of him was
from Omaha about November 1. lie Is
described as being a mun of about 70
years of age, the letter statea that It la
probable he may have become menially
unbalanced and got Into aa Insan asylum.
The letter also atatea that he la supposed
to have had about 1100 on hla person at
tbe time he left home.
first Bart et Horfolk The first suit
begun In the new Norfolk subdivision of th
newly created northern Nebraska federal
district court wa filed In the United State
dlstrlot court Thursday afternoon by Dis
trict Attorney Ooss. The suit Is entitled
th Vnlied State egttnt Joseph L. De'.oney
and la for cancellation or patent to a quar
ter section of land In Brown county. The
allegations ar In effect that the entry was
not mad in good faith and that the pat
eat waa Issued on fraudulent final proofs.
Th Sefendant is at present a resident of
South Dakota, aad before completing hi
final proof he Is alleged to have sold th
insignificant Improvements made on th
land and to bav abandoned It entirely.
KTB 8PECJA Libia Huteson Optical Co,
LitC Girl Tees Fape Taken Away by
Two Big Policemen.
Hear (he Wer4 "DUmUaed" ewd
Caaaot Sapprma Feeling of
Joy at Getting OooS
Ma a Daek.
The ctlma of a tragedy In the life of a
10-year-old girl wa-; enacted In pnllee court
Thursday morning, when Joseph Narht
neber was dismissed on a charge of stealing
chickens from Michael Btepanek, a neigh
bor, and his little daughter, clasping- a
j small parka containing a lunch for her
papa, rushed through the gate to meet
hlnv her face wreathed In one big smile
that made the tear come Into her eyes
end rendered It Impossible for her to utter
a word of greeting. Looking up Into his
face as her father gave her a shy and
awkward caress with so many looking on,
aha stood contentedly by his side, holding
to tha leg of hla trousers, her face one
big beam of perfect happiness at th re
union. Nachtneber was arrested by two police
men Wednesday on complaint of gtepanek.
who asserted his neighbor had stolen five
chickens belonging to htm. Tha evidence
showed, however, that the chickens were
Machtneber'a and he Was discharged by
Acting Police Judge Foster.
Uut It was not the guilt or Innocence of
her father that troubled hla little daughter.
Blie had grown to the age where ah looked
on him aa auch a good, big and strong
man. And then one day the two terrible
policeman can e. 8he had1 seen them ap
proach the house with the two rowa of
brass buttons on their blue coats, their
caps, their shield and their heavy cluba.
She wa afraid of them,' but felt safe be
hind her big father. But when they went
away they made her father go with them,
and she Could have died In her terror and
srlef. Her Sleep.
All night she lay thinking of him away
off somewhere with those brass-buttoned
policemen with clubs. He didn't come
home for supper and no one could say
when ha would come back. Perhaps they
would keep him for a long, long Urn.
In the morning she want with her mother
to the police court, where, she was told
ahe could see her papa. She took a little
package of something to eat with her, be-
causa perhaps he had had nothing to eat.
After waiting a couple of hours In the
court room they at last saw him emerge
from a aide room and atand before the bar.
The mother strained her ears and heard
them say, "Dismissed." Already ahe had
reached the railing gate. There ahe stopped,
fearful sho might offend the law and undo
all. Not sq with the llttlo girl. Pushing
the gate open she ran forward,' seeing no
one but the tall figure of "her papa" In
hla rough clothes. The worry and anxiety
which had been hers ahowed In her every
movement and expression, aa. too full to
speak, cry or langh outright, she merely
stood there beside her father, not raring
Who saw nor who smiled at the great re
lief she showed.
Orand Baranln la I.ace and Trim
mlna-a, Silks and Dress Goods
from Holland, Fox and S.
Swltaer Dressmaking;
. We wish to call attention particularly to
Brandela Sixteenth street windows, where
we have gorgeous Laces. Silks, Dress
Goods and Trimmings on display from both
the Hollund Fox company of Omaha and
the Mm. 8. Swttzer stock of New York.
Tho laces, lace beieros, partly made and
unmade elaborate embroidered linen
dresses, are the finest and highest grade
of gooda ever shown In Omaha. The ma
jority of these come from Mme. 8. Swltzer
and arc all Imported for this spring's busi
ness. The Laces
consist of Irish lace, Duchesse lacea, hand
made Cluny laces, from tha narrowest to
th widest lace. W mention specially the
Boleros, which can be used for gown trim
mings and can be made into the most elab
orate shirt waist and many other useful
article for dress appareL .
Monday at Brandela.
Membership of Deasrlas Conaty Aaso
elatlom of Old-Timers Is
Stretchla Oat.
The regular monthly meeting of th
Douglas County Association of Nebraska
Pioneers waa hold at the library building
Thursday afternoon wttn treaiaent Ken
nedy presiding; and M. J. Peenan acting aa
It waa shown that two member of tha
;agB0Cat0n had tiled Bine th laat meeting,
Rev. B. F. Dlftenbacher and David I
One hundred new name have been added
to the membership during the quarter and
the association la growing at an encourag
ing rate.
Thia reaolutlon wee adopted:
Whereas, The first winter social of the
Pioneers' association of Douglns county,
Nebrsska, proved to be such a grand so
cial feast of aood fellowshlo In the gath
ering together of the enterprising men and
March Zephyrs ar (wishing hsa
Spring Suillug off our counters aj a
merry pace.
it's the advance showing of those
Spring Suitings that we nave been
talking about that special lot that our
Resident English Buyer, located la
London, seal us hist week. Outside
of one large tailor In New York City,
and one In St. Ixjula. ours Is the only
tailoring establishment that Is show
ing these particular, exclusive Suit
Ins. Maybe, w ought to charge MO for
these huttings, but w are giving you
your choice of them, mad to meas
ure, for .
Remember, th fact that wa have
doubled cur rtoor space, enables u to
show twice as many ezclusiv Suit
ings aa we have ever shown hefwio
Phone Doug. lS. sot-SOS g. iGtb St.
Near Southwest cor. 16; h and Far nam.
tinW" wrwren who Isld the fntindatlon of
our (lire rlt and great state, much c re-lit
In due the genersl rnmmltte In charge
Reenlved, That the thanks of the Fl"n
er association of Iotiitls county, Ne
braska, is tendered to the chairman of the
general committee and his arlts who
so ably assisted in this good work.
Resolved, That thene renolutlma be
spread upon the mlautes of the association.
Thla resolution relative to the proposed
monument to the lnte Count John A.
Creightnn was unanimously adopted: v
Reenlved. That the Plnoeer asnsclntlnn of
Iotialas county endorse the action taken
bv the cltlscns at the memorial meetlna In
erecting a monument to the memory of the
late Count John A. Crelshton.
I. tlaller Replies te Crltlelama oat
Baralar Alarm at Pablle
Contrlbutlona on timely toplea ar
Invited from readers of The Bee.
Communications should be written
lealbly on one side of the paper only
snd accompanied by the name and ad
ilres of the writer. The name will not
be used If the writer akj that it be
v.iliiiici.1. I nused communications will
not be returned. Correspondents are ad
vised to limit their letters to 3"0 words
or they will be subject to being cut
down to that limit at the discretion of
the editor. Publication of views of
correspondents must not be taken to
commit The Bee to their endorsement.
Library Bararlarr Alarm.
OMAIIA, Maroh 11 To the Editor of The
Bee: In the most prominent part of the
front page of lat evening's Bee appears
a sensational article headed "Alarm System
Mere Joke," In which City Electrician
Mlchnelsen la quoted as giving notice to
the. burglar fraternity of the country that
they have nothing to fear In attempting to
rob ths city of ita collection of coina and
In which Mr. Mlchaelaen hold up the
Library board for censure for neglecting to
properly safeguard this valuable collection.
The facts of the case are, several years
ago the Wolfe Electrical company, under
the direction of City Electrician Schurlg,
equipped the Byron Reed room and rases
with rhe latest up-to-date electrical bur
glar al nrm protection. It waa pronounced
by Mr. Schurlg to be the very best, and on
his approval of the same the Library board
Installed It at a large expense. This alarm
system haa never failed and has proven Its
efficacy on every occasion. There have
been three attempts to rob the Byron Reed
coin collection and the alarm haa responded
eactr time promptly and In the most satis
factory manner, In on case resulting In tha
arrest and conviction of the burglar. On
the occasion of the recent burglary of the
Byron Reed collection thel alarm worked
promptly and perfectly, andTiad It not been
for the negligence of the Telephone com
pany In reporting the burglar alarm only
to their lineman Instead of Immediately re
porting It also to police headquarters; snd
had It not been for the Inexcusable careless
ness and delay of the police department in
falling to respond promptly when the alnrm
was given, the burglar would have undoubt
edly been apprehended.
One night watchman, who knew that the
burglar alarm had gone off promptly, after
waiting an Interminable time and despair
ing of any response from the police, Jumped
out of the second story window and with a
broken leg dragged his way to the fire
engine house across the street and gave the
alarm. After all this the police depart
ment. Instead of reporting Immediately at
the library, waited until the police surgeon
got up, dressed and rode with the officers
to the engine house In order to combine an
emergency and burglar alarm..
It wa all of twenty minutes after the
alarm waa given at police headquarters
before anybody appeared at the library.
The Library board nt the last monthly
meeting Instructed Its attorney to Investi
gate and place the responsibility of this
failure to promptly report the alnrm at
police headquarters, and if the fault ilea
with the telephone (jftmpapy, as It appears,
then .legal steps will h tnken to hold It
responsible for the lost coins.
It seems a little strange that City Elec
trician Mlchaelscn, whose business It Is to
look after and Inspect electric alarm ays
terns of the city, should at this late date
find out that the alarm system at th
library Is a mere Joke. The fact that an
electric alarm will sometimes get out of or
der and send In a false alarm Is Just aa
true of the fire alarm end police alarm
systems as it Is of the burglar alarm sys
tem of the Byron Reed room.
" If the telephone enmnanv. the cttv elec
trician and the police department of Omaha
had Anna fhAlr tintv a wll Aa the T.!hrfliv !
board la doing Its duty to protect the Byron
Reed collection, this burglar would have
been apprehended and the collection would
still be Intact. The loss of a few coins,
fortunately easily replaced, cannot be laid
to the negligence of the Library board nor
to any defect or Inaufflclency of tho burglar
alarm protection. Respectfully,
Member of the Library Board.
First Coagrea-attonal Chareh Ezteads
II lam a I'nanliaoas
At a, meeting of the First Congregational
church congregation and aoctety Thursday
evening. It waa decided by unanlmoua vote
to extend a call to Rev. William 1 Tenney
of Chicago,, to be pastor of the church, to
succeed Rev. Hubert C. Herring, the late
Incumbent. Rev. Mr. Tenney la western sec
retary of ths American Missionary asso
ciation, with headquarters at Chicago, and
waa heard In Omaha three week ago last
Sunday, when he apokd on the work, of
the asuoclatlon at th St. Mary' Avenue
Congregational church. Many member of
the First church heard him speak then.
and again In th evening, when he preached
at th Plymouth Congregational church,
snd th impression made by the minister
Rev. Mr. Tenney Is about 46 year old
and waa educated at Oberlln colleg and
at the Oberlln Theological seminary. He
filled a pulpit at Cleveland for some time,
and then went to North Adams, Mass.,
where ba remained for eight or nine years
On account of the poor health of his wife
he gave up active ministerial work to take
the position he now hold with the mission
ary work at Chicago.
A large number of letter warmly recom
mending Rev. Mr. Tenney were read and
triere were no dissenting vote cast In the
matter. It la believed, probable the can
dldate will accept, as his wife failed to
improve lu health and died, and certain
known fact give reason br the belief that
h would be glad to re-enter active work
at preaching. Th board of trustees will
immediately extend the call. The time when
he is to com to Omaha will be decided
upon between himself and the board. The
salary will remain tbe same aa In tha past.
IS.00U per year.
"The PcBBsylvaala LlaaltdM
Of th Pennsylvania Railroad System Is th
pioneer of real "Limited" trains, leaves
Chicago every day at 5:S0 p. m., running as
solid train through to New Tork City In
U hours, via Pittsburg and Philadelphia,
over the Pennsylvania Short Line.
Th daylight rid on "Th Pensylvania
Limited" between Pittsburg and New York
affords excellent opportunity for viewing
th scenery of th Alleghenlea, together
with numerous other scenic sttractlons.
Th Pennsylvania Short Lln has double
tracks of steel all th way, la ballasted
with broken stone and remarkably free
from dust., Addret-s W, H. Rowland, T. P.
Act., U. 8. Bank Bldg., Omaha, Nab.
Twenty lh u-and Collars to H. T. Clark
Knocked Out Ij V anger.
Sack, la the Import of aa Opinion
from Federal Beach ia Old
Inlon Trast Com
Bany Case,
1 Judge W. H. Mungtr handed down a
memorandum wrrtnion Thuraday morning
bearing upon th failure of the Union
Trust company of Omaha eight or ten
years ago, particularly aa pertalna to ths I
compensation allowed the receiver, llenrjr I
T. Clarke. M,0u0 to the date ot closing up ;
the affairs of the company, and lor tne
allowance of the claims of other parties.
This order was granted and entered In tha
United States circuit court June 20, 1890,
and 1 now set aside, and certain other
claims affirmed.
The rase Is that Of Henry Fielding, on
ef the stockholders of the company, against
the Union Trust company, and was sub
mitted on an application to vacate the
Order allowing the receiver (H. T. Clarke)
$30,100 as compensation to the date of June
30, 1.SS9, and for the allowance of clalma of
certain other parties. The basia of th ap
plication to vacate the order wa that It
could not have the force and effect of a
Anal order without notice to the defendants.
X Reeerd of Snch Notice.
It does not appear In tha record (hat
auch legal notice was ever given the trust
company. Tha receiver thus appointed wa
the president of the trust company, the
olalms waa his own, was presented for hla
services, and he waa a party adverse to
the trust Company. J. B. Piper, another
of the claimants, waa a director of the
company, was present and had knowledge
of the hearing. Piper had acted as man
ager of th company before the reoelver
ship, and all parties represented. It 1
brought out, were Interested In having a
large compensation awarded th receiver,
sufficient to cover any possible liability or
aasessment on their stock.
In hi .opinion Judge Munger says:
I am of th opinion th compensation
allowed the receiver was excessive. At th
time of his appointment the company wa
liable to the approximate amount of $800,
000 upon mortgages which it had negotiated
and guaranteed, also upon debenture bonds
approximating tbu.oOO, to secure which col
lateral In the shape of real estate mort
gages had been deposited with a trustee.
No new business has been transacted since
the receivership, the business as conducted
being In arranging with parties represent
ing the holders of tha mortgages guaran
teed to take the mortgaged property and
their moitgiiges In liquidation of the obll
gatlns of the company aa guaranteed, and
the holders of the debenture bonds were In
like manner paid by accepting property in
discharge of such bonds. For the forego
ing reasons the order allowing tlx receiver
ship will be vacated end set aside.
The question now under consideration
was. Did tha receiver before his appoint
ment Induce members of the board of dl-
II?.,tto A?i--7-nv.!;i"tPn.,m!nn,V
receiver; After two yenrs I have rend enre-
tally all the rvcords pertaining to ths case
and given It the utmost consideration, and
from it the conclusion Is IrreslxtlMy
reached that the consent of Mr. George
Darker and Mr. Erastus Benson to the re
ceiver's appointment and going on his bond
as such were, because of representations
made by him to induce them lo believe, and
tiny did bellave if he was appointed that
ho would nRk no compensation. Both say
that he told them so, but this the receiver
denies. It follows from these conclusions
that no compensation will be awarded Mr.
Clark as receiver.
Some tlalms Allowed.
The decision allow the claim of the
Commercial National bank of 1200, W.'O.
Maul for $250, George UnrRer for IS30 and
Brastus A. Benson for 100; also the clalma
of W. G. Maul, E. A. Benson and George
Barker on certain debenture bonda bought
by thera In December, 1900, and September,
1901, subsequent lo the receivership, for IS
cents on the dollar, for their full face value.
Th claim of J. W. Carr as attorney for
11,000 and of Joseph B. Piper for services
to receiver for ll.JSO are also allowed.
Until certain securities belonging to ths
Union Trust company on deposit with the
Central Trust company of New Tork for
the security of the debenture bonda and
their value 1 established, th court Is un
able to determine what assessment should
be made on the stockholders.
The order further directs that the attor
neys shall prepare the proper findings In
"utu,,u """ ""
! ,lce advertisement for all creditor, to
Preaen their .claims or be forever barred,
! nd "ubmit th.a "me t. the court Aprt 1.
rroper exceptions win uc iiulcu iwr any
party desiring the same.
F. W. Palmer of Lincoln 1 a guest at
the Murray. ,
G. A. Marahall of Arlington la a guest
at the Murray.
F. A. Ballah'and wife of Nellgh are at
the Her Grand.
E. C. West of Gothenburg la stopping
at the Henshaw hotel.
At the Her Grand: Henry N. Ochense,
W. F. Huerger, Sutton; Charles Nelson,
At the Henshaw: ' E. C. West, Gothen
burg: II. B. Robinson, Columbus; M. W.
Hopewell, Tekaman. s
At the Millard: J. N. Davla and wife.
Gibbon: Mrs. H. P. Hayes, Elmwood; H.
M. coie, Crete; j. Aurora; M.
Pangle, Geneva; Mrs. L. M. Ray, Oakdale;
L. K. Baker, Beatrice; J. M. Davla, Cosad.
At the Murray: Robert Crane. Humph
rey; R. S. Walton, Fremont; J. W. Chase,
Hastings; J. fcl Pike, Stromsburg; A. C.
Mrrariana, lo'ncn; Mrs. J. ri. r;geny,
North Loup: John Alden, Whitman; Wil
liam Filter. Winetoon; George 11. Jerome,
York: H. Petera. Uretna; W. M. Frankle.
Fremont. y
At th Paxton: Mrs. M. Boyle, Verdon;
W. T. Thompson. W. II. Rose. W. H.
Iwls. Mrs. ' C. W. Fox. Lincoln; W.
Thompson, Clarks: Owen O'Nell, Falls
City; G. B. ell. Grand Island; W. W.
Young, Btanton; r. u. urotler, Palisade;
Charles Mann, Humboldt; L. Llnderman,
Mccook; Mark M. Mortensen, Fremont.
Compiles with all requirements of
An olj soldier writes about
ARIOSA Coffee; "YouAotfee
is the best and richest coffee I ever
drank since service, from
'61 until I received your coffee
yesterday. . A soldier know coffee
by the taste, and the way it makes him
(eel, and would sooner go without
Lu bread than without his cotfec
ArtucUcV ARIOSA was the Erst
roasted, packaged coffee, packaged for
We are showing . especially attractive lines of Ladles
Shoes and oxfords for EASTER and earl, epring wear.'
We have them In all leather and ll the natty new
shapes now In vogue, we mention two of our meny
splendid lines
These shoes ere built on the same models ss thoee that ere 'sold re
gularly, elsewhere at $3.00 end $8.60. They come in en snspee anu
leathers Goodyear welt and Handturns.
They ere equal to shoes sold by
or $1.00 more. We guarantee every pair all
sizes and widths
These shoes are the newest creations of the shoe builders' skill and
are the best values that will be offered in Omaha this season. They
come In all leathers and In the newest, neatest and smartest styles
rinndvoar welts and handturns Cuban or Military heels. All slie
and widths. Oxford styles come
son ties, Patent Colt welt Pumps
rn.-. T "V T n,n.ta tn.
bUlUB, UVUI3 A. VAiuiua vl V. I V ' i - - ,
can not duplicate these goods elsewhere under i
$4.00 to
Hsrriman Lies &ini lonr-Track Lint
Between the Two Omaha,
Compaay Is Baslly EstsgsS la Cos
straetioa ef Doable-Tracka;
ss the Mala IJa Threaeh
DIBTerent State.
Th Union Paclflo ha begun th con
struction of a four-track line between
Omaha and South Omaha, to handle the
Immense business which that road does
between these stations. By thla fall th
ooniDanv exnect to have completed be-
ween Omaha and Green Rlv.r MO mile of
double track out of 780 mile. A consld
erabl stretch of th track between Omaha
and Green River probably never will be
double-tracked, th company saye. that Is,
between Julesburg and Cheyenne, because
th business Is not so heavy between these
two points. Considerable of the business
from the west Is diverted to Denver at
Cheyenne and considerable of th business
from the east la diverted to Denver at
The Union Pacific will build, or ia now
building, forty-nine miloa of second track
between Valley and Benton, eighteen miles
between Columbus and Silver Creek, thirty
eight miles between Silver Creek and Look-
wood, thirty miles between Alva and Buda
and forty-two miles between Rawlins and
Wamsutter. A double track also la being
built between Omaha and Lane. When this
Is flnlthed the double track from Omaha
will extend 187 mile west to Watson's
ranch at Kearney.
T ia road already ha constructed thirty-
six miles from Archer to Buford, nineteen
miles from Harmoaa to Laramie, fifty
mlUa from Lookout to Hanna and twenty
five miles from Point of Rocks to Rock
Springs. This In addition to aeveral long
stretches of automatic block signal.
While at the meeting of the Wyoming
Wool Grower' convention Mr. Mohler was
asked what the prospect were of getting
tho live stock tralna through on faster
time, but Mr. Mohler's reply gave th man
no encouragement until after such Urn a
tha double-tracking waa completed,
r.'eyv Law Makes New Business.
Ono noticeable effect of the 2-cent pas
senger rate law Is the large number of pas
sengers from ths east who get off tho
through tralna and buy their ticket at th
Omaha station. . The railroads had not
prepared their tariffs on interstate business
as yet, so passenger from points east can
save money by buying; to Omaha and then
rebuylng at the l-cent rate. Thl make a
busy scene at th station when som of th
long tralna from the east arriv and ar
scheduled to leave In a short time.
Ten-Dollar Kote of tho Daffale Treas
ury Series Gets Iato
A bad $10 bill of th Buffalo treasury nets
aerie of 1901 baa put In its appearance In
Omaha. Thus far but on of th bills ha
been discovered, but there Is an impression
that others may have been put Into circula
tion In this part of th country recently.
The note in question wa deposited in one
of the Omaha banka, and aside from th
Lewi and Clark portrait on Ita face, 1 s
rather dangerous counterfoil This not
bear th check letter "C" and la numbered
1701280. These note first appeared in No-
the Aational Pvro )oo4 Lew, Gearantee Ko. 2041, (lied at Washing-toe
Jr ,76
mr HI J 1 F- 1 Saw ' . U
protection ot consumers, roasted
and the pores ol each berry sealed with
a costing of fresh tggs and pure sugar,
to hold the gjoodaess b and male the
coffee settle clear and quickly, Better
than "fresh roast Warming a
little develops the flavor and makes the
criading esty. Our enormous coffee
busDess, exceeding the next four largest
firms ia the world together, reduces our
others et SOc
la various leathers. 3 eyelet Gib
eat hers. 3 eyelet Olb-
and Patent
Ate Van
vember, 1906, and quite a number of them
were circulated In thla vicinity. Th stipple
and ngurs work I vary good, hut the
fraudulent character of th note can best
b distinguished by the Lewis and Clark
portrait on th face, which are very crude.
CoasasKtee Ordered lo Close Deal for
Property et ElarhteeBtat aa
Capitol Artsst.
Omaha aerie No. SS of the Eagles' lodge
met last night at Ita hall and the special
order of business waa th consideration of
a site for th building of a new bom
and of plan for th erection of the build
ing. The committee previously appointed
to select a site reported that It had taken
a thirty day' option on the lot on the
southwest corner of Eighteenth and Capitol
avenue for 1200, the purchase price to be
112,000. The action of th committee was -approved
and a committee of fifty was ap
pointed to raise tha money. Thl will be
done by tha member taking out life mem
berships and paying their duea In advance.
At th meeting last night forty members
signified their Intention of taking out Ufa -memberahlpa.
It waa decided that th Aerie would In
corporate In order to hold title to the
property, and that when the lot la paid for, '
a loan wllf be made on It In th ahape of
bond, which will be sold only to mem
bers, for the purpose of raising money with
which to erect a building. The cost of the
building ha not been decided bn definitely,
but th consensus of opinion among the
members seems to be that a building coat
ing between $3).009 and 175,000 will be
erected. .
After the business part nt the program
waa finished a program, consisting of
speeches and music was carried out. Among
the speakers were Judge Sutton, Judge
Howard Kennedy, Mayor Dahlman and
other prominent Eagles.
aBMaaaa X
Mae-aey Finds Ko One Yet with Basis 1
of Action la Graveyard
Deputy County Attorney Magney la In
vestigating th alleged ghoulish operation
aid to be going on In Prospect Hill cem.
tery. Reports are meager and no person
baa been found yet who could swear to
anything auftlclently definite to make a
prosecution possible.
"My Investigations, so far as they have
gone, reveal auspicious circumstances,' said
Mr. Magney.
Secretary J. H. Ringwalt of th Prospect
Hill Cemetery association waa at tha
county attorney's office moat of Thursday
morning in consultation with Mr. Magney.
Secretary Ringwalt has offered the county
attorney the free Inspection of tha books of
ths cemetery association. He says he can'
provs by these that no lot or single grave
waa ever aold to more than on person.
If the. preliminary investigation warrant
it th oounty attorney may order som of
the grave In which it I alleged more
than . one body wa b jried opened. This
will not be done, howevar, unless mors
snd etrongr evidence la secured.
Topeka Repabllean Dominate.
TOPKKA, Kan., March II.-William Green
haa been named aa the candidate for mayor
In the republican primaries here by l,ni
majority. The fight ws a splrltti on
more women voting than ever befor In a
primary election. Th ieu wa largely
"wef or "dry."
Callfornlan (or Greece.
SAN FRANCISCO. MdVoh 11 Prof. Ed
ward F. Clapp, head of Greek at the state
university, has been appointed profeesor of
Greek in ths American school of classical
studies at Athens. He will shortly leave
for Greece.
MAif$r nencue Twrr
average cost per pound, and ensiles us'
to give you belter coffer for your
money than you can buy in any other
way. There are more packages of
ARIOSA sold m the United States
thsn aH the other Coffee packages
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