Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 15, 1907, Page 11, Image 11

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4J IXii.
CITY STEAM I-AUNtf:T-"htrts nne1,
rtot Ironed. CI 8. 11 Ui St. TU Doug f:4.
FEWINC1 machines rented, liny mnko. 7!o
per week or $100 per ironih. Second
hand machines for so'e. 16 'm and lip.
Neb. Cycle Co., lith vad Harney
08 ssa
MA PQT'P! costumes. Lleben, Tel. 4115. Op1!!
evenings. I (! 054
COBTUMES-18 8. lh. Sack. Tel. R1 7"JS.
SYRINGES, rubber Knot, by mall; out
prices; send fur free catalogue. Myera
Dlllon Drug Co., Omaha. (1&) 954!
Tivalnv mil cleaning. SDonglna and shrink-
log. only 6c per yard. Bend tor prlco list'
ana "-F---,MAN PLKATINa co..
40 Douglas Block. , Tel. Douglas
Q) 5T
King. WIS r. usi ci. leu ihjuj. .
(11 90$
fjCHULTZEJ BLATTERT. Ill 8. 16th 8t.
Complete line of leading periodicals; tier.
tnaa tan loreigu puuiii-Huuni u specialty.
(I) 370 kii
THE SALVATION ARMY aollclU caatoff
clothing; In fact, anything you do not
need; wo collect, repair and anil, at 114 N. Bt.. 'or cot of collecting, to Jhe
worthy pvor. Call 'Phone Doug. 4136 and
wagon will cajL u
f AXX A flT-"" Sweden movement 410 N.
Al ADkXaAJ I-i lbt h room 2 ,eoond floor.
(IX) 4145, At
f A flMF.TTn treatment and bath. Mme.
Bllln m n. 15th. 2d flour.
(18) 91
THE healing household remedy, Patln akin
cream, should alwayt be handy. 26c. U
ETE defects corrected by glasses, fitted
In your home If desired; reasonable
prices. Smith, Graduate Optician, 01
Ohio. 'I'hone Webster 4337.
(18) M6W 29x
DR. N. BOMMER, homeopath. Bee Bldg.
RUPTURE CURED $30; no knife. Quick
Cure Rupture Co., Woodmen of tha World
bulldiug. (18)-M20S M31
LACE CURTAINS, nicely laundered, satis.
factlcn guaranteed: prices moderate.
' 'Phone Douglaa 482S. 1711 Jackson.
(18) MiU ltlx
WANTED Someone to ahare car; household
' goods for fcpokane, $75.00 for lO.OuO Iba.
Anawer quickly. Addrusa H Sf R Bee.
(IS) M1S3 IS
OMAHA Btammerera' Instltuta. Ramga
Blag. - 0S)-ft.
FOR anythlnir In the sewing machine Una
go to P. E. Flodi.ian A Co., 1514 Cnp. Ave.
(18) 245 A13 .
, iARB you gnlnxr to New Tork? I can save
V. you 20.rrr cent on your hotel hill at a first
claaa downtown hotel. Address N-363. Be.
y 08)-M.,66
city rnoPKHtr foh sale.
. $8,000.00
No. 149 No. st Ave., two
story, practically new 1-room
house, built by owner for a
lome. strictly modern through-
out Fine hall and parlor with
beautiful mantel, built In book
cane, round columns between
hall and parlor, large and ex
tra light dining room with
hammered brass gas and elec
tric fixtures hung by a heavy
chain which cost $30; extra
good fixtures throughout tha
house, quarter - sawed oak
' floors In half, parlor, dining
room and kitchen, heavy drop
beam celling In reception hall, ..
parlor and dining room, which""
makes a beautiful effect. Bee- ' '
,ond floor has large hall with,
four nloo chambers and good
clothes cloaeta,' fine bath room
- and extra good plumbing; third
floor has one finished bed room
and large attic; basement un
der the entire houae. well ce
mented, with fine laundry room
and an outside collarway, aop-
, arate furnace room with plas
tered celling; corner lot, fine
shade, both streets paved and
paid for; located on one of the
prettiest residence streets In
West Farnam district. Can
give Immediate possession.
' This lc an ideal home and must
be seen to be appreciated. Let
' ua show it to you. ...
Fine Bunch of Lots
W6 are Just putting on the .
market H south front lots 42x
128 feet each, with sewer, wter
and gas in the street, around
lies a little above the street
grade In a fine neighborhood '
which la rapidly Improving
' with -fine modern homos, only -one
block ' from the Farnam
- Dundee ear line. These lots '
are on the market at $550 each,
( which Is much lower than any
other lota .In the western part
of the city as well located. If
you want a flrat-claas lot to
build on don't fall to get busy
quick. I
Payne, Bostwick & Co.,
6th Floor N. V. Life Bldg.
Phone Douglaa 1011
(1S)-2M 15
On North 20th St. Blvd.
FIVE Rooms, 1H story; gas;'
City water; sewor connections;
table; east front; nice shade.
; Price, '$1,700.00.
O'Keefe Real Estate Co.,
lQpl N. T. Life MIdg.
'Phone D. ZLi.
a9)-M20 IT
. rooms, all modern, hot
water heat, new bouse, coiunr
lot, on car line; fine location.
Price. $5,500.
" , 1001 N.. T. L. Bldg.
'Phone D. tus)
(19-2W 15
Suial,Ca&h Payments, Balance
' $5 Monthly
On one of those beautiful
lots In Halcyon Helxhta. the
' , tment and most atghtly loca-
tKxia for a home, uniy two
blocks south buxlneMa center
ui l naon and Military ave
nue car Hike. You cvu't buy
aiu'h lots elsewhere at thee
prices, fcj 0 to Make your
! tl n todav.
.Russell & McKitrick Co.,
Sole Agenta,
433-n-S4 Ramge Bid. 15lh and Hnrnev Sta
- (lio-ais is
1103 IX)CUST er.-All modern I-room
houaa, giod burn, permanent waika, now
vacant; a bargain at p i. gee It. G. N.
Hypo, owuer, tuo California St.
$12,000.00, WELL LOCATED,
FOR $7,5ffo
Hons, waa put tip hy ownr, platfl glnss
windows, doors and wmilnw rasing of the.
very best; hard wood finish on nist floor,
colonial carved oak B'alrnss". two mantels
wilh open grates and s los, a good hot
water heating plnnt, laundry, one of the
nicest furnished bnth rooms In the city,
large bnm, everything In bent of order,
ground 75x124, Bhade, fruit, (trswry; located
2117 Wirt; paved street and permanent
walks. Owner gone to California and house
vat-ant. ,
' W. H. RATES,
617 N. T. Life. Phone Doug. 1?!4.
(191281 16
9-room, all modern, 2-story hniiee; lnrge
reception room, parlor, back parlor, dining
room and kitchen. Lavatory downatalra;
corner lot 78x136; on Farnam car.
On Frederick Bt. wa have a R-mom atory
and a half cottage, with 1 lots, electric
The Byron Reed Co.
Doug. 297.
212 8. 14th.
(13-K 18
MVST ''ll my vacant lot In Bemla
park, and will sell It cheap; also of lot
80x150 feet; best location, high and
sightly; may divide. Addrese B 301, care
Bee. (l)-M7 14
L .
To the Man AVith 6 Children
2K14 Hamilton St. Is the beat
house In Omaha for you. It
has 9 rooms, all modern, all
newly papered and painted, a
brand new furnace, new bath
service and gas fixtures.
Beautiful south front lot, 50x
135, with fine old tree and
fruit. Permanent sidewalks.
This property has been held .
at $J,?50. but owner Is leaving
town and won't turn down a
reasonable offer.
Payne Investment Co.,
. Tel. 1781.
1st Fl. N. T. It. Bldg.
() M273 IS
for salts.
2C4 Caldwell street, 6-room modern house;
lotr60xl20 feet.. Don't mlas It. W. R. Ho.
man, 1517 Farnam Bt. (l) Mas jo
BT owner, nice east front building, lot
62HX125 on 2ot n street near uuminj
and within twenty minutes walk rf busl
newi center. Address Q enre Bee
office. .(19) M302 15x
FRANKLIN ST. 6 rooms, water and gav
Dermanent walk, barn ana pnaae trees;
fine condition. House alone would cost
more than price asked Jl.sOO.
DECATUR ST., NEAR 35TH T roorrte; i
more can be nnmnea; large lot, cistern,
fine barn and shade trees-reheat) at 12.300.
room, all modern, lull cellar, cistern, per
manent walk, close to car. friilt and anadi
trees; lot .50x120. -Ask us for price; it's
Tel. Douglaa 152. 504 8. 1fith St.
HAVING about decided to open an office In
Omaha for the erection of cottages on the
monthly payment plan, without any pay
ment down. I Blwill be glad to receive let
ters from people Interested. For a cottage
Coating $1,100 I charge 113 a month and 6
per cent lntereat. This cottage will be
built on a lot you own, or you can tmy a
lot for tlint specific purpose, write at
114 South 4th street, Minneapolis, Minn.
. . (l)-MiS& 19
Farnam St. Property .
22x122, slightly Improved, lower Farnam,
22x132. highly improved, near Paxton hotel,
$28,500. ' '
60x132. east of 20th, $40,000.
28x132, Improved, east of 20th, $18,000.
50x132, corner, slightly Improved, $25,000.
66x132, slightly improved, near 18th, $45,000.
22x132, near 10th, $6,000. v
Harrison & Morton
(19)-178 14
On ISth Ave., near Harney
St. Thcaa. apartments have
live and six rooms each, all
modern, hot water heat, oak
tlnihh, jHnllor service, finished
In full of lifM; east front, on
asphult paved street, corner
lot. lJi'xW feet. Gross yearly
rwntal, W.13S. Excellent In- ,
vestment; leased to ftrst-class
tenants on written leases.
For further particulars In
quire of
GtuKUE A CO., 1601 Farnam St.,
Exclusive Agents.
. I (19) 290 It
Just a " few lots left in
Bmith'e Sub at 25tli Ave. and
tfpencrr; all nicely terraced,
with sower, water and cement
waika: good neighborhood;
only 2 bloeka from 2th St.
car; east front on 25th Ave.,
ij; west front, $40; south
front on Spencer, !i00, and
PS) for cornurs. Very easy
1S20 Farnam SL
'Phone Doug. 1M4.
(19)441 14
$10,000.00 .
Known aa "On Time Yeast
Factory, " located at the N. E.
crner of 2Mb and H vd Bta.,
t-story brick building. 4ix'J0
feet, ermine room 4uxW feet,
t1rt-clM rood. lion, suitable
for manufacturing busineaa,
ground 27xl:&'4 It et, located
n XllHsoun I'arinc tracks.
No reaaoiioble offer will be
refused for quick sale.
For further pai ticuUrs in
quire of
CahuK & CO.. 161 Faraam St..
Lxcluaive Agents.
U3 -1 16
FOR 3ALE On East Maple St. strictly
modern T-room house, full oaeemern,
laundry, paved street, near three car
line. Inquire J. II. Olseen. n7 B"ard of
Trade Bldg. Tel. Douglaa 358. U) M
15. 7M.
131$ and 131K South J2d street, finest loca
tion In city, 2 elgM-roorr, mortem nous-;
renting for $30 and $32.50 each; lot BoxTtO
feet; stone walks and pevlng all paid.
V. R. Human. 1517 Farnam Bt.
(19) 720 15
FOR SALE Two modern housea and large
barn, one mocK rort: or iianscom rra;
pnved street, east front, lot 75150. East
ern owner will sell at a baraaln.
Room 1 N. I. U Bldg
(19) H
t WANT everybody to know what 1 found
In northwest Ar Kansas: aon I lai mo'ii
coax you to go where you have to pay.
for water and fuel. Send for my ten rea-
aona wny nonnwm Arnm. wr
place to locate for a home, aweet home.
3. T. Oswalt, Qravette, Ark.
(20)-7 22x
HERE IS A SNAP-Must be sold; Cali
fornia stock sna iruil rancn, i,iw acres,
fine, residence, two barns, wagon, etc.; 8o
pure bred Angora goat a, 12 cattle, 14
horses; V1O.0U0 worth of lack oak tim
ber; 11 miles from Napa. 47 miles from
Oakland. For full particulars write
Crown Lewis, (Inc.), Dept. L 1X4
Broadway, Oakland, CaL.
(20)-MC70 20x
BARTLETT PEARS and Tokay grapes at
tain helr nignest perrecnon ni onax,
California.; altitude, 2,T0; gold medals;
magnltlcent climate; fine soil; with or
without irrigation; good mines in vloln
Ity; Ideal spot for homeeeekers; one of
the healthiest sections In California. For
literature address 11. E. Morrlsh, secre
tary, Colfax Promotion Committee, Col
fax. California. CO) 609 lx
RANCH FOR BALE 80 acres In the grand
San Luis vauey oi soutnern oiorauo;
artesian water, fenced, good Improve
ments, close to town and railroad. Write
now for further description and price.
William L. Gove, Cheney, Nebraska.
(20)-fl71 21 X
FOR SALF A fine 440-acre farm at $05 rf
acre, only 26 miles rrom council tsnms.
la., 6 mllea from Logan and 2VS rrrllea
from Beabee Town. School and church on
farm. All of the corn land haa been
seeded down for 8 years or ao and Is rich
for raising corn or any kind of crop Iowa
can produce. There are 80 acree In fine
timber, lots of oak and walnut, affords
shade and shelter, as It surrounds the
farm bulldlnga; about 200 acres in blue
grass pasture and hay land, lays nice,
all can be farmed easy, good 8-room
house; 2 windmills, barn for 12 head
hornes and other bulldlnga, also good
orchard, free mail delivery and telephone.
Apply A. Chapman, 6002 Is. Ud St., Omaha,
Neb. (20)-M2U la
FOR SALE 42-acre farm, 1H miles from
Igan, la.; an serosa aown to annua ana
clover, plenty of fruit and fine water and
la all fenced hog tight. New 4-room houae,
barn 2kx28, granary and chicken house.
$M0 per acre. Apply A. Chapman, 5X)2 N.
42d St., Omaha. (20) M212 15
M in nee Cm.
and grain farm, tM acres, new. buildings,
plenty of water, to rent for cash, $2.26
per acre, or part easy terms; can be
rented for 8 yeara; H mile from school
and creamery: 2 mllea from railroad sta
tion; also sell reasonable. 30 cowa and 100
young hoga; easy terms. This land is
worth $70 tier acre In good condition. A
anap for party who wishes to milk cowa
and feed hogs. Address German Land
Co., West Concord, Minn. (20) 74 19x
FOR SALB 1,040 acres. Improved stock and
grain ranch, Dawes Co., Neb.; $12.60 per
acre. Write for particulars. 8. A. Oil
lett. Antelope. Neb. , (20) 674 18x
FOR SALE Three quarters, Lincoln Co..
half level, black soil; $6 per acre. Francis
Kellie, wucox, XMeo. IJU) Git zvx
...... . x:u . . . Q ,AV ... a 1 1
. ' U 1 I J1 1, v. ,w i . , noil ,iiu.ltoi
10 miles from Hemlngford; finest kind of
soil; big crops without irrigation; modern
horse, with all Improvements; 15 miles of
fence: beat of water and climate. Write
owner for particulars. If sold in body, $8;
(20)-676 1X
160 ACRES Four mllea from Ines, 70 acrs
good farm land, balance good hay land;
bouse, barn and flowing well; price $2, WO
cash. R. R. stKtlon, Atkinson. Other farms
.and ranches lor sate at reasonable prices.
Lierman Bros., Ines, Holt Co., Nebraska.
1,-V). OiSXIX
FOR 8ALE-1CD acres of ttna rnlltnar land.
an unuer cultivation; no improvementa
except fence on three sides. Price, $06
ytr acre. Aaareaa Antnon Armilage, H
r, v. J, jjux , i&enesaw. Neb.
(20)-77 20x
oath Dakota.
nvuix to De opened In Tripp county. South
xJfcKuu; new an
price. 60 centa.
Dikota: new and authentic map Just out.
red Koleft
ntann, Boneateel,
(20-M3Mi IS
"We'll ehow you the land at our
own expense. We'll make
it easy to pay.
This Is the most fertile grass region, most
promising dairy, stock lalalng and grain
ooumry over opened for settlement. It is
equu' i value to any farm iu Minnesota
or lower Wlaconsln. It has been held all
there years by big lumber companies, but
V, E own It now and are ready to sell to
the man of small means who will develop
hla farm. No speculators wanted.
Thla land In Bayfield and feawyer coun
ties la covered with a network of rallwaye
Ave hours from Minneapolis and St. Paul
and only ten houra from Chicago the
greatest markets In the world for your
product More favorably located than Iowa
or Minnesota farms and for only $6.00 to
$15.00 per acre on easy payments. Do you
realize what this means In dollars and
centa to you? Do you realise what It might
mean to your family. now and In yeara to
comeT Thla la no chance to look upon
lightly. It la a clean-cut opportunity no
less and those who grasp It will be glad of
It We are ready to ahow you the whole
countiy and pay the expense If you buy.
Thla is too good to paaa up!
Don't wilt a minute. Now Is the time.
Write to us at once and we will show you
something l:i land values that you would
never - believe could be possible. Write
now. Ask for booklet E.
American Colonization Co.
Chippewa Falla, Wla.
(2D-W2 x
laa St., Omaha, Neb., 'Phone Douglaa 2M4,
general agenta W. B. Soash Land Co.,
owners of large tracts near Dalhart. Tax.,
the choicest in the Panhandle. , Agents
wanted In- every county. Next excursion
March 39. Sleeping car berths free Call
or write for full Information.
Bend for illustrated booklet, telling of the
famous Brasos Valley of Texas, WHERB
LAND, with 46 Inches of rainfall, la sell
ing at $12.00 to $lS.0o per acre, In tracts
of lo acres or more. You have read of
this vnliey as the "Nile of America"
and "The Texas Sugar Bowl." Ita aplen.
dl.i corn, clover and alfalfa land are ad
mitted to be the richest cotton ,-4 sugar
cane land In the United States.
I own the binci and make ON id pi Ice to
1L No inflation allowed.
46, cmq Anluulu. Texas.
U M7M 19
Texas Coatlawed.
farm mnrh In Frontier county, four mlls
from railroad town: no sand and partly
Improved. $; per acre; terms. R, Hiwver,
J4Eramrt StOmeha. (70) 24
Farm aad Raaek Lata.
FOR RENT--acre tract of land In Ben
son (without house), suitable for garden
ing or raising potatoes. Will rent till
January 1, 1. for $J6 If taken Immedi
ately. Addreaa E 138, care Bee.
2U 45S X
$1,000,000 TO LOAN on business and resi
dence property In Omaha; lowest rates;
no delay. Thomas Hreanan. Uoum L N.
Y. Life. iiZ) tm
LOWEST RATES Bemla, Paxtoo Block.
(22) M7
MONET TO LOAN Payne Investment Co.
i tih-m 21
GARVIN BROS., WH Farnam. 5 and BVi
per cent loans on real estate; no
LOWEST RATES Bemla, Paxton Block,
$1,000,009 TO LOAN on business and resi
dence property in umana; lowest rates;
no delay. Thomas Brennan, R. 1, N. Y.
Life. (22)-r
WANTED City loans. R. C. Peters ft Co.,
(22) I1
WANTED City loans and warants. W.
Farnam Smith Co., lid) Farnam et.
LOANS on Improved city property. W. H.
Thomas, 605 First national Bonk mag.
FRIVATE MONET F. D. Wead, 1520 Doug.
BUILDING loans on resident property; 8
per cent. W, B. Melkle, Ramge Illk.
(22) M5R
I WANT to invest $8,000 to $15,000 In Omaha
real estate. BufUnesa property preferred.
Must be a bargalm Addresn F 8"2. care
Be; (23)M31 SJHx'
WANTED To buy, second-hand furniture.
cook and heating atovea, carpets, linole
ums, office furniture, . old clothes and
ahoes, pianos, feathera, bed pillows, quilts
and all kinds of tools; or will buy the fur.
nltura of your houae complete. Will buy
antique or mahogany furniture. The high
est prices paid. Call the right man. Tel.
Doug. 3971. S MS15 M16
WANTED to buy, stock of groceries, be
tween $400 and Address c 319, care
Bee. . (26) M308 17
WANTED Second hand 40 to 50 h. p.
boiler and engine. Address EZ 321, care
Bce; (25)-M283 17x
CASH paid for old books. Crane-Foya Co.,
is o. ma. f none uougias im.
(26) (43
WANTED to buy. second-hand typewrit-
era, an maaes. xa)i fi. ittin m., nai o.
(26)-680 M21 ,
TYPEWRITERS We pay the highest oash
price tor typewriter van at onee or
TeL Doug. 6477, Kendls, Paxton block.
(26)-474 M19
CASH for old books. Stacy, SIS 8. 11th.
ta MlW A8X
WANTED TO BUT-Property. close In;
must De cheap. Address F-834, Bee.
(25) MJ10 16
WANTED A good second-hand Remington
or underwood1 machine. Address 618 Pax
ton Blk. (26) 488 14
ROLL top desk. Tel. Douglas 6477.
(26)-M200 19
WANTED Board and room or furnished
housekeeping rooms for couple with
daughter 5 years old. Private family pre
ferred. Address Mrs. F. H. Cosmey, 8517
Howard. (26) 249 15
WANTED To rent by April 1, 5 or 6-room
cottage with yard; no children; reference
given. Address L 361, care Hee.
, (2C)-238 15x
WANTED Housekeeping rooms; 8 to 6
rooms; close In-; state full particulars.
Address P .Kg. care Bee. (til) M276 17
DAY WOMEN fumlahed free of charge.
Telephone Douglas 1112. (27) MM
WANTED By practical brlckmaker, place
aa foreman or manager; 80 years at the
business. Can give good reference. Ad
dress Box 27, Geneva, Neb.
(27)-M636 19x
WANTED By practical brlckmaker, place
aa foreman or manager; 3o yeara at, the
buainesa. Can give good reference. Ad
dress Box 27, Genoa, Neb.
(27)-a 22x
YOUNG man wants position to work half
time, learning some good trade or busl
ness. Address D, 820, care Bee.
(27) M295 17
WANTED-PoBltlon, bookkeeper or bank-
ing; Dest of references. Box a, Dawson,
la. (27) 2V7 17x
that the Keith and Lincoln countiea Irri
gation District will receive sealed proposals
for the purchase of the sixty-six hundred
(16,600.00) dollars remaining of the bond la
sue of eatd district up to the hour of ten
o'clock a. m. on April second, 1D07, at the
office of the secretary of the lrrlgailon Dis
trict in the Village of Sutherland, In Lin
coln County, Nebraska. Said bonds are in
the denominations of one hundred ($100.00)
dollars each and bear Interest at the rate
of aix percentum per annum payable semi
annually on the first Jiyi of March and
September of each and every year begin
ning with the first day of September. 16.
These bonda are of three aeries and ten of
them are due on the nrst day of March.
1D17;' thirty-nine of them due on the first
(lay cf Marc!:, 101S; seventean of them are
due on the iirst day of March, 1&20. The
sealed proposala may be for the whole of
aald bonda or for any portion thereof, and
such bids will be opened Immediately after
the hour of ten o clock a. m. on the said
second day of April. 11)07. The board re
serves the right to reject any and all hide.
Dated th's eighth day or March. 117.
. JAMES SHOUP, Secretary.
- Ml2dax
Paving a4 Curbs
The city of Trinidad, Colorado, will
receive bids until noon, March 18, tor
laying about twelve thousand square
ards of vitrified brick pavement on
lx Inch concrete base and placing
about forty five hundred feet of ce
ment curb. Plana and specifications
on file with
J, H. Dousman,
City Engineer
Umana, jseD , fiiarcn 11, i."7. Sealed pro
posala. In triplicate, subject the usual condi
tions, win te receivea nere. until lv a. i
central standard time, April 10, 13u7. for
furnishing transportation, drayage, and for
handling stores in Department of the Mis
souri during year commencing July L ly7.
United Stales reserves right to reject or
accept any or all proposals or any part
thereof. Information furnished on appli
cation. Envelopes containing proposals
should be marked froposaie tor Tranxpor.
tstlon on Route No. ." and addressed to
Major THOMAS LltLSt; C. U M
Mli-U-li-16 9
"Th Undortow" k Btron? Btory of Life by
EoWrt E. Kn dries.
Rooks for Boys and tllrla by Alice
Ward Bailey aad Allen French
Are Worth While Other
New Boeke.
"The fndertow," by Robert E. Knowlea.
author of "Bt Cuthberfs." Is a tale of both
aides of the sea. Mr. Knowles hss pic
tured the world s old struggle of life; the
rushing wave of good aspiration and the
silent undertow of the senses. Ills charac
ters are Intensely real; his plot Is unusual
and very charming. The story Is that of
many; told with fervor and pathos, the
sympathy that helps not the scorn that
scorches. It Is a big theme, handled with
skill, and In spite of a aevere probing of
our common weakness the aftermath Is
sweet. Published by the Fleming H. Re
veil company.
"McDonald of Oregon.", by Eva Emery
Dye, author of "The Conquest," "Mc
Loughlfn Of Old Oregon," etc.. Is a story
of two shores. The chance casting away
of a party of Japanese on the Oregon coast
many years ago Inspired McDonald, a fully
historical personage, to enact a similar
drama in his own proper self with the
characters and continents reversed. Land
tng on the shores of Japan he was passed
from governor to governor until he reached
the capital. There he waa permitted to
establish a School, and it was actually his
pupils who acted aa interpreters during the
negotiations with Commodore Perry, gen
erally supposed to be the first of Americans
to enter Japan. Mrs. Dye haa long been
aware of the facta In McDonald's unusual
career, having obtained them largely from
his own lips, but she deferred publication
until his papers finally reposed In her
hands. Illustrated by Walter J. Enrlght.
Published by McClurg A Co. .
"Hearts and the Cross," by Harold Mor
ton Kramer, is a novel with a fresh field
of action and original In conception and
treatment. The story is of a man whose
vigorous personality enables him to do
Justice to himself, and to secure Justice for
himself under most trying conditions. A
mysterious wanderer, he wins the better
element of a somewhat rough community
by his eloquence as the preacher In a ne
glected parish, meanwhile working In the
fields for his support. His fearless honesty
and sympathy provoked deadly hatred,
augmented by the Jealousy of the lover of
the heroine Whose interest in the mysteri
ous preacher, so clearly above hla present
station, adds fuel to the Jealous flame.
Lawlessness, heroism, and noble self-sacrifice
have their part in the development of
an intensely dramatic plot, the interest of
which Is sustained until the mystery is
cleared away, and a satisfactory conclusion
Is reached with exceeding Joy to those who
deserve it. Illustrated by Harold Matthews
Union Paclne
Leave. Arrive.
Overland Limited a 9: am a l:U pm
The China and Japan
Vast Mall a 4:15 era a 6:10 pm
Colo. Sk Calif. Ex a 4:16 pm a 9:10 put
California A Ore. Ex. ..a 4:'J6 pm a 6:10 pm
I.os Anrelea Limited... alZ:o Dm aiU:4b bra
Past Mall a 1:66 am a 6:00 pm
Colorado Special a 7:45 am a 7:44 am
North Platte Local a 1:10 am a 4:60 pm
Beatrioe Lccal b 2:06 pm 012:46 pm
Chicago A Northwestern-
Cedar RaDlds Pass. a 7:t am aS:0Sem
Twin City Kxpreaa a I. warn aic:uu pm
Chicago Daylight a s:uu am m:u pm
Chicago Local all:30 am a 8:46 pin
toux City Local a 3:60 pm a 9:13 am
Carroll Local
,.a 4 u pm a m am
Sioux City Local....
Chicago Expross ....
Faat Mall
Fast Mall ............
a 8:46 Din
...a 6:60 pm a 7:30 am
a t:uO pm
,lt:apni a 6:10 am
...a 8:25 pm a 7:06 am
Twin City Limited
Overland Limited ..
Norfolk-Bonesteel . ..
Llnooln-Chadron ....
Deadwond-Llncoln .
Casper-Shonahonl ...
....a 8:88 pm a 9:81 am
....a 7: to am alO 3C am
,...b 7:40 am al0:36 am
... .a 8:00 pm a 6:05 pm
....a t:00 om a 6:06 Dm
Haatlngn-buperior .,
,...b 2:00 pm b 6:06 pftf
..D i:ik pm Di:sO pm
Bt. Louis Express.
.a 6:80 pm a 8:30 am
St. Loula LochI (from
Council Bluffs) a 9:16 am al0.30 Dm
Stsnberry Local (from
uouncu Hiurrs) d iw pm dii:jo am
Missouri Pacific.
K. C. A St. L. Express.. a 9:00 am a 6:80 am
K. C. A St. L. Express..all:16 pm a 6:36 pm
Nebraska Local a 2:00 Din all:40 am
Dee Moines Local a 4:16 pm
biraao Great Western.
St. Paul A Minneapolis.. 8:80 pm
7:10 am
11 :60 pm
9:00 am
11.50 pm
i.x pm
bi. raui dc aainuespoiia.
Chicago Limited
Chicago Express ........
Chicago Fixpress ,.
7:46 am
6:40 Dm
7:40 am
1:80 pw.
Illinois Central.
Chicago Express a 8 00 fm a 3:48 pm
Mmn. A St. Paul Ex..b8:0uam a 8:16 pin
uiiiuagu wuiueu , o:w pm a 7:80 am
Minn, ac St. Paul Ltd...a 8:30 pm a 7:10 am
Chicago, Rock. Island 4t Paelae.
Chicago Limited a 3:18 am a 7:10 am
lowk Locl a7:v0am a 4.3o pin
Chicago Mall a 8:46 pm
UT 111 .....WJ.UV pin D V'.ti9 pm
Chicago (Eastern Ex.). .a 6:u6 pm a l ie, pm
Chicago (Iowa Lmtd.)..a 6:36 pm ali.46 pm
Rocky Mountain Liuur. 7'2fi am a 3:06 am
Colo. A Cal. Express, a 1:60 pm a 4:60 pm
OKI. Texas Express. , a 4;u pm al3:ua pm
Lincoln Palrbury and
Bellevue a 8:60 pm a 9:30 am
thlcaao, Milwaukee Jt It, Pnnl.
Chi. and Colo. Special. .a 7:fw am a 7:30 am
California and Ore. Ex.a 6:46 pm a i.10 pm
Overland Limited a 6:36 pm a .Su am
Lea Moines A Cedar
Rapid Local b 6:4s am bll:00 pm
fllItLIKGTOX 9TATIO-10th MA90.1
Denver A California.
Black Hula
Northwest Special .
Northwest Lxpress .
Nebruaaa Express ..
Nebraska Local
Lliiouln uocal ........
Lincoln Past Mall ...
Lincoln Local
Leave. Arrive.
..a pm a .4u pm
..a 4.1u pm a 8:40 pm
..a 4:10 pm a pni
..ail. lu pm a 7:10 am
..a 91o am a 7:46 pin
..a :m am a 7:6 pm
' a 9 w6 am
bZ:W pin air vl pm
a i .ao pm
Pt Crook it Platisin th.b 8:50 pm bl0.6 am
platisuiouth a 7:50 pin a 8:10 am
Denver Limited a 1 10 am
Bellevue & Pao. June. .a 3:80 am a 1:60 pin
Chicago fpeciul I; am a 7:26 am
Chicago Express a 3:45 pm a 3 56 pm
Clncaau iyer a t:0e pm a 7:6 um
Iowa Lcoal a 9:16 am elO.63 pm
fct. lauia Express a 4 46 pm all:juam
Kanaka City-6t. Jos al0:46 pm a 6.46 am
Kaiiiai Cuy-fcL Joe. ...a 9:15 am a 6-10 pin
Kansas City-6t. Joe a 4:46 pin .;.
I '
t'blcaae, St. Paal. Minneapolis A
Twin City Passenger
Pioux City Passenger.
Emerson Local
Emerson Local
Mlsonrl Paelae.
Locnl via Weeping
.b 6 SO am b 9:10 pm
.a 2:00 pm all 30 am
.b 3:45 pm b 9:10 am
.c 8.46 am o 6.60 pm
a 8 (V am a (60 Dm
Fails City Local
..a 8 60 pm alLi'U pm
a Daily, b Dally exceiit Sunday, d Dally
except Saturday, e Sunday only, e Daily
except Monday.
"IMPRESS" Lino of tho Atlantlo
Nothing better afloat tnan our new ex-
fress steamers, Empress of Britain and
:mprese of Ireland (14,60 tone). Quebec to
Liverpool In six tlays; less tiian four days
at sea. Superior accommodation available.
Comfort, elegance and safety. Send for
Phistreted booklet and sailing list.
O. B. MJAUBT, Oea, AgV, gJa . Clark
fetieet, Caluago, IU
Brett rubllshej by Lothrop, Lee & Eriep
ard company.
"In the Shadow of the Iord." by Mrs.
Hugh Fraaer. author of "A Maid of Japan."
Letters From Japan," etc., la a romance
of the Waahlngtnna. it rovers the Interest
ing career of Mary Washington on the bank
of the Thames, her -meeting and, marriage
with Augustine Washington, their Journey
to Virginia, and the hinuly. adventurous
life there. It also touches the court life
of George HI., Virginia prererolutlonary
politics, and some fascinating personalities.
A narrative with great human Interest,
with fair women and brave men, love epl-
aodes, weddings, country frollca, duela and
combats with French and Indian. The
book makes thoroughly Intelligible the
home Influences that developed CTeonre
Washington. Published by Henry Holt
"Modern Poets and Christian Teaching"
la the title of an Interesting series of books
which are intended to present aa simply
and directly as possible those poems and
quotations of the respective authors In
whlrh they have given expression to tha
fundamental principles of their faith or
to Interpret the message of the man and
his works. Among the poets thus Inter
preted are "Lowell," by William A.
Quayle; "Richard Vatson Glider. Kuwln
Markhnm, Edwin Rowlan Sill," by David
O. Downey; "Robert Browning." hy Frank
C. Lock wood; "Matthew Arnold," by James
Main Dixon ; "Sidney Lanier," by Henry
Nelson Snyder, and "Tennyson," by Wil
liam Emory Bmyser. Eaton A Mains are
the publishers.
"Books, Culture and Character," by J.
N. Larned. Is a readable and very helpful
volume, which opens with an illuminating
discussion of the selection of books to be
made by one who wishes to get the widest
culture with' the least misdirected effort.
Then follow chapters on the "Mission and
the Missionaries of the Book," "Good and
Evil from the Printing Press," "School
Reading ag-alnnt School Teaching of His
tory," etc. Mr. Larned Is the author of "A
Primer of Right and Wrong," "A Multitude
of Counselors," etc. Published by Hough
ton, Mimin Co.
"Roberta and Her Brothers." by Alice
Ward Bnlley. author of "Outside of
Things," "Mark Heffron," etc., is a whole.
some, natural story about a girl who la
delightfully human, full of life, ambtlous
for her brothers more than herself, and
eager to take mother's place In their
lives. She haf'home trials, a triumphant
evening at a dance, a summer In the Adl
rondacks, a Jolly base ball game, la which
her brother Will is the hero, and nnally
a chapter of college experience. The char
acters are genuine and the story will please
all rlrla. Illuetrated by Harriet Rooaevelt
Richards. Little, Brown A Co. la tne pud-
"Pelham and His Friend Tim." by Allen
French, author of "The Junior Cup," "The
Story of Rolf," etc.. Is a first-rate book
for boys with well sustained Interest and
strongly drawn characters. The author
centers his plot in a mill strike, which he
has cleverly portrayed and written of in
a manner adapted to the understanding of
young people. Pelham and his friend have
some really thrilling adventures. Mr.
French is one of the popular authors of
boys' books. His work Js clean and it has
In It the "go" which boys like. This new
story, with Us abundant Incident and
wholesome atmosphere, is sure to be a
favorite. Illustrated by Charles Orunwald.
Published hy Little, Brown ft Co.
"What Marjorie Saw Abroad," by Mrs.
David Gamble Murrall. relates many of
the experiences and scenes participated In
by an American gent'eman. his wife, daugh
ter and a young woman friend of his wife
on the continent. It Is a delightful book
of travel, for Mrs. Murrell sees things In
her own way and tells about them In her
own way. Her style Is natural and pleas
ant, and the people of whom she writes,
the countess, his majesty, Majorle and the
two young Texans whom they meet on the
continent, are characterised and are inter
esting in themselves Spart from their ex
periences. It is delightful reading because
it Is a personal account of real people In
terested and what they saw. Published
by the Neale Publishing company.
"The Diamond Shlo." by Mux Fember
ton, is a story that will appeal to the
reader who enjoys the quick action and
excitement of adventure tales. There Is a
syndicate of robbers sailing a ship on the
hih n. It is the refuge of a number
of diamond thieves who go ashore at
various ports, then rob and fly, or rather
row, to a tender that takes them to their
ship. Or, at least, u tnis is nov
seems to be while one reads the rattling
story Max Pemberton hss made of the
ofrnM. f a collector of Jewel) to run down
the diamond pirates. He meets with blood
chilling adventures and an exciting love
affair. Published Dy u. Appievu.. .
"Bob Hampton of riscer," by Randall
parrlsh, author of "A Sword of the Old
Frontier," "My Lady of the North," and
"When Wilderness Was King," is also a
atory of the west Bob Hampton in this
latest romance Is discovered In action.
seeking to save the life of a young girl
from the Indians as the curtain rises. He
fights with Custer In that desperate
struggle on the Little Big Horn when It
falls; and throughout the book marked
powers of description are manifest. Tne
story has the full flavor of the west In
the early seventies, and Ita hero and
heroine, their interest heightened by an
agreeably prolonged mystery, ere of the
sort that Bret Harte Introduced to the
literary world.'-Publlshed by A. C. Mc
Clurg and company.
To their series, Life Stories for Toung
People," the A. C. McClurg company has
added four more books, making In all an
even dosen. Those recently added are "The
Nlbelungs," translated from the German of
Ferdinand Schmidt by George P. Upton;
"William of Orange," translated from the
German of Ottokar Schupp by George P.
Upton; "Oudrun," translated from the
German of Ferdinand Schmidt by George
P. Upton, and "Barboasa," translated from
the German of Frans Kuhn by George P.
The publishers of the Broadway Magatlne
find that a large number of people through
out the country, do not understand the new
policy of the magniine. Formerly a stage
and theatrical magaxlne of a certain type.
It has been rehabilitated entirely. It is
now a clean, wholesome, snappy, well-Illustrated,
popular magaxlne for the home,
and has no affiliations whatever with the
theatrical life of New York. A careful
glance through its pages will Convince any
reader of thla fact
"Bau! of Tarsus," by Eliiabeth Miller, is
a "tale of the early Christiana," The story
opens In the year A. D. 36, and covers the
period of time between the martyrdom of
Et. Stephen and the conversion of Saul.
The characters are chiefly Hebrews, the
hero, of course, being slowly converted to
Christianity. To make it most Interesting
there is a strong character, Agrlppa, who
is Interesting on account, of his peculiar
pagan waywardness. Illustrated by Andre
Caatalgne. Published by Bobbe-Merrlll
Above books at lowest retail price
Matthews, 122 South Fifteenth street.
Books revlew4 are on lale by
Bennett Company at sut prioe
Mrs. W. II. Wjman 6i?M Irids-s Farty
for airs. Eailrj of Llnoola.
Urs. In O. Peterson anal Mrs. P, M.
C'oahlla Kntertaln, Kenalna-
ton Which la Largest Af
fair ( the Day.
Mrs. George W. Brown of Portland, Or,
w-as honor guest at a bridge rarty Wednes
day evening given by Mr. and Mm Ben
Cotton. The prlirs were won by Miss Pea.
ale Brady and Mr. Harry Tukey. Those
present were: Mrs. Brown. Miss Bessie
Brady, Miss Mildred Lomax, Mlsa Mary
Ie McShane, Miss Ada Klrkendall, Miss
Florence Lew's, Mlas Jeanne Wakefield,
Miss Margaret Wood, Mr. Tom Davla, Mr.
Glen Wharton. Mr. Walter Roberta, Mr.
Robert Burns, Mr. Hasford, Mr. Harry
Tukey, Mr. Philip Reed. Mr. Arthur Lewis,
Mr. Frank Wllhelm, Mr. and Mrs. Bam
Burns, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cudahy
and Mr. and Mrs, Cotton.
Complimentary to Mrs. George W. Brown
of Portland Miss Bessie Itradygave an In
formal tea Wednesday afternoon. About
fourteen guests were present
Complimentary Affairs.
Complimentary to Mrs. B. F. Bailey ef
Lincoln Mrs. W. H. Wyman wag hnsteae
Wednesday at a very enjoyable bridge
party. The rooms were attractive and fra
grant with spring flowers. The prises for
the card game were won by Miss Alexander
and Mrs. Brevoort Those present were!
Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. E. A. Benson, Mrs. Bre
voort, Mrs. F. L. McCoy, Mrs. W. Denney,
Mrs. Simmons of Minneapolis, Mrs. Ross
Breckenrldge, Mrs. Frank Dale, Mrs. Frad
DaK Mrs. H. N. Wood, Mrs. Post. Mrs.
F. S. Teal, Mrs. Schenck, Mrs. Paul Hoag
landt Mrs. Frank Walters, Mlse Fannie
Coggeshall, Miss Alexsnder, Miss Allen,
Miss Jackson and Miss Gall Comatock.
Mlsa Alice Auld entertained delightfully
at luncheon Thursday In honor of Miss
Maud Dllwortb. The table appointments
were exclusively In red, carried out tn
rones, shaded candles and hearts. Covers
were laid for Miss Dll worth. Miss Corrlne
Taggart, Miss Elisabeth Williams, Miss
Irene Conley, Mrs. Don J. Adams, Miss
Alice Auld, Miss Jeannette Palmer and '
lalsa Fannie Graves of Lincoln.
Kensington Afternoon.
Mrs. L. O. Peterson and Mrs. P. M.
Conklin gave a kenslngton at the home of
Mrs. Peterson Wednesday, afternoon. The
rooms were abloom with Jonquils, tulips,
roses and carnations. The guest list in
cluded: Mrs. W. H. Brown, Mrs. Tom
Brown, Mrs. W. B. Burns, Mlsa Katherlne
Campbell, Mrs. A. 3. Clarke, Mrs. Charlee
Cole, Mrs. Stella Cole, Mrs. M. D. Cameron.
Mrs. J. P. Cleland. Mrs. George Damon,
Mrs. William Davidson, Mrs. Hugh Fellers,
Mrs. Palmer Ffndley, Mrs. Fawcett, Mrs.
J. B. Goodrich, Mrs. C. R. Glover, Mra.
G. W. Barlow, Mrs. M. H. GIbbs. Mrs.
Glenn. Mrs. C. E. Hutchlns, Mrs. D. C
Hudson, Mrs. T. Hansen, Mrs. D. E. Engle
tiart, Mrs. A. Jefferson, Mrs. Thomas Iin
dale, Mrs. Leavings. Mrs. George Lehn-
hoff, Mrs. H. M. McClanahan, Mra C. T.
McClure, Mrs. O. E. Macomber, Mrs. Q. W.
Noble, Mrs. Robert Nlcoll, Mrs. W. P.
Olds, Mrs. J. B. Owens, Mrs. M. Patten,
Mrs. D. L. Frail. Mrs. E. L. Potter, Mrs.
William J. Shallcross, Mra A. Sandburg,
Mrs. L. A. Thompson, Mrs. R. M. Toll,
Mrs. S. E. Underwood, Mrs. Vance, Mrs,
W. S. Weaver and Mrs. M. Woodruff.
Mr. Bliss H. Headley and Miss Edith M.
Grant were married Tuesday, March 12, at
Broken Bow, Neb. At present they are
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Headley.
In their honor Mlsa Nellie Headley will
give a large reception Thursday evening.
About 100 Invitations have been issued.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Fricke entertained
the Orchard Hill Whist club at a special
meeting Wednesday evening. Those pres
ent were: Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Conklin,
Mr. and Mrs. Connlngham, Dr. and Mrs.
Peters, Dr, and Mrs. McClanahan. Dr. and
Mrs. Meadows, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hutch
inson, Mr. and Mrs. Shoemaker, Mrs. War- ,
reck of Norfolk. Neb.; Mr. and Mrs. MUo
Van Horn, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Kendall,
Mr. and Mrs. Hopson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin
of Council Bluffs and Mr. and Mrs. John
Campbell. The regular meeting of the
club will be held Saturday evening at the
home of Dr. and Mrs. McClanahan.
Clnb Meetings.
Mra. Reld Talma ge was hostess Wednes
day at the meeting of the C. T. Euchre
club. The prises for euchre were won by
Mrs. J. 8., Meyers and Mrs. Eugene Duval.
Those present were Mrs. J. B. Rahm, Mrs,
E. W. Arthur, Mrs. Eugene Duval, Mrs. J.
F. Meyers, Mrs. E. W. Mlkeeell. Mrs. E. T.
McGrath, Mrs. Robert Young, Mrs. Willis
Todd, Mrs. N. Reckard, Mrs. A Wernher,
Mrs. Gus Epeneter and Mrs. J. C. Comfort
Mrs. N. Reckard will be the next hostess,
in two weeks. 1
The Alloah club waa entertained Wednes
day at the club rooms. There were nine
table of players and the prises were won
by Mrs. L. C. Giles and Mrs. George Mtckle.
The club will give an evening party in
two weeks, when husbands of the members
will be hosts.
The K. K. K. club was entertained
Wedneaday afternoon by Mrs. William Mc- -Elhinney
at her home tn Florence. At
guessing and drawing contest the prises
were won by Mrs. Frank Hume and Mrs,
D. W, Dickinson was awarded the consola
tion. Luncheon preceded the afternoon
kenslngton when the table was decorated
with violets and pink carnations. Smalt
bunches of violets were the plate, favors.
Covers were laid for Mrs. W. T. Edghlll,
Mrs. James Redman, Mrs. W. J. Hunter,
Mrs. 8. M. Wagner, Mrs. George E. Hurst,
Mrs. W. I. Gould, Jr., Mrs. H. M. John
son, Mrs. Frank Hume, Mrs. E. C. Mar
ston, Mrs. Gus Bolton, Mrs. D. M. Dickin
son. Mra. Bennett, Mrs. Smith and Mrs,
J. B. Johnson. Mrs. James P. Redman
will be hostess at the next meeting.
Personal anal Prospective.
Miss Ella Mae Brown Is expected home
Sunday morning from aa extended visit In
Kansas City.
Mr. J. E. George has been spending sev
eral weeks In New York.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mellor are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. a. W. Hervey.
Mrs. W. H. Whitney of 2729 Hamilton
street has as her guest Mrs. John M.
Ragan of Hastings, Neb.
Miss Gertrude and Miss Ruth Moore
head are at present in Chicago, where they
will make a short visit with friends be
fore returning to Omaha.
Miss Jennette Palmer of Lincoln Is the
guest of Miss Alice Auld and will remain
until after the Dllworth-Conley wedding.
Miss Florence Powers, who has been at
tending school at St Mary's, Knoxvllle,
111., will return home Saturday to spend
her spring vacation with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. M. Powers.
Miss Ada Klrkendall will give a lunch
eon Friday In honor of Mrs. Brown, guest
of Mlsa- Wakefield, preceding tha card
party to be given by Mra. J. J. McMullen,
also in honor of Mra. Brown.
Mra Preston Meyers will gve a bridge
party Tuesday for Mra Brown, guest of
Miss Wakefield.
If you have anything to trade advertise
it In the For Exchange columns of The Beg
Want Ad pages.