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TL Douglas fllA lushes All Iepertmnt. . ' Bee. March 1, II 07.
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t . . ' 1
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,,r --""-""--""''""'' V-M-i,,nmjririn.ri.iiji.njT.iui.
orthla It.
Ollsuia. 1,
Efforts to Bteomiilt Pall. ,
At the afternoon session when the bill
bad been reported, engrossed and waa put
i upon Its passage, Hamer moved to recom
mit .t to tha committee of tne wnoie lor
tf specific amenameni proviama wa m-
Ueduao. families Of baggagemen, teiegrapn
UnemenXand sleeping caa conductors should
b perndtted to receive passes. Jho vote
was as fbllowai . '
Yeas 1
, Alums,
Bijrttu&V ,
brrun, -rrtay,
' Aldenoa. '
, Ariwrwi,
1 r1r,
BrrU, '
t. .'
Brown. S.
' Ctrlla.
. Con,
' Camice, '
ti4. '
il.r, , ,- .
Hftm!'' -lUrr.f,
Hwtr4, '
K.Ur, .
Know let,
Utain, -U.
Ub. '
, Lossdoe,
Mat key.
M Wsrr,
Murphr, .
WorUliS 14
v Su,4r.
Boli. .
Van aVuuaf a.
Oraea, Noras, Mr.Bpaakar TV.
Orai, . PHiar, ,
Hanaaa, i guackaiibuah.
ilanr then moved to recommit for an
amendment providing menrroers of Soldiers'
home be allowed to receive free trans
portation, but that motion, too, waa lost by
the following vote:
Gllam. MoMallaa,
tiatnar, Baonoara,
Liana, . . Scuildat,
Hill. J etauianar,
Klllan, Wilaoo It.
Bmwa. a. r.
A rm.trooa.
Ilaktr. .
barratt, - "
Broaia, . W.
Browa. Jt. A.
Carl In, r
rak, -
Know lea,
Marlatt, .
laatars, '
atauear, -i.luaaa,
thuoart. x
Stoll, S
Tarbot, '
Van Houaatt,
Waits. .
WkUkan, .
Mr. pakar-Tt.
Absent, excused and not voting were
Barnaa. Haftmalttar, Tvckae V ;
Platckar, Laaoar, .
Ollaaaa, SiaUar,
In the discussion ot the railroad oommls
Ij . I .
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sion bill, H. R. 90S, which the house began
In the committee of the whole as soon as
the session opened, it developed there Is a
serious difference ot opinion regarding the
mode of prooedure to be taken by the coiy
mlselon In fixing rates. The bill s now
drawn provides the commission shall make
a "complete" schedule of rates as soon as
practicable and put the same Into effect.
The railroads then. If they choose, may
appeal from those rates. Ned Brown Is of
tne opinion the hearing should come nrt.
He therefore offered an amendment to the
effect that the commission shall prepare. a
scneauie ' (not complete necessarily) and
then before putting the rates Into effect
give me railroads an opportunity to be
heard on (he matter. His argument was
In effect that the present section as drawn
Is not legal. Inasmuch as he holds the
rates filed by the railroads' are property
and property cannot be taken without due
process of law. He believes the committee
puts the horse before the cart, Speaker
Nettleton agreed with him, as did Quacken
bush of Nemaha. Walsh, who helped draft
the bill, objected strenuously to any such
change and his position was endorsed by
augias. ii was suggested that a
committee be appointed to look Into the
legality of the section and the committee
merely reported progress and without fur
ther action took up the anti-pass bill.
Annexationists Are Heard.
A delegaUon from South Omaha cone
posed qf W. W. Plaher, a merchant, and
Bruce McCulloch, a newspaper man. and
John P. Breeji from Omaha, addressed the
bouse In open session this afternoon from
1:30 to o'clock In favor of the consoli
dation of Omaha and South Omaha. The
men were not accompanied by a brass
band and neither were they flanked On all
sides by schoolma'ams or school children,
yet they were given good, attention and a
respectful hearing. Mr. McCulloch and Mr.
Flaner talked along the same lines they
had dlsouased when before the committee
on cities and town Mr. McCulloch told
of the floating population In South Omaha
which made It doubtful whether annexation
would carry If left to a vote of that-4.owh,
because, be said. It would be a question
of who could secure the floating vote of
from 1,600 to t.OOO. At the start he said
tbe friends of legislative annexation would
be handicapped by at least 1.500 votes. lu
describing some of the Conditions In the
packing dty, Mr.. McCulloch said .one brew
ery owned thirty-eight saloons and at least
two members of the city council owned
saloons, '
'1 am sorry I have not a picture of that
council to show you." he said.
Mr. Fisher told of tbe line between
Omaha and South Omaha being only im
aginary and described again that It Is a
vcity of 16,000 people absolutely dependent
en Omaha for everything In the way of
llaHjt, water and street oar aervioe.' i
MY Breca discussed tbe legality' of leg
islative annexation and cited numerous de-
dalonsto support His contention that the
bill nope ruling la a legal document and
will stand the tests of the courts, tie be
lieved the greatest good would be done
to the greataat number by the passage of
the bUL
May Set kjn Two-Cent Rill.
Oovernor Bheldan In all probability will
not alga tbe 1-cent rate bill and neither will
be veto it. but It la understood he has de
rided to allow the Mil to become a lew
without any action n his part. This It
will do within five daya in his speecliee
during the campaign. In which he bore the
brunt of the fight,, the governor srent on
record as being opposed to a flat I-cent
rate, at the same time saying he was In
favor of this matter being left to the rail,
way commlMlon. He has not channel his
position on the question. Inasmuch, how
ever, as the legislature has so unanimously
gone on record In favor of the flat 2-rent
rate, the governor believes he should not
Veto the bill, but at the same time he does
not want to endorse the measure. The
fact that the railroads agreed to sell mile
age books at a flat 1-cent rate leads the
governor to believe they could not sustain
an action in the courts. His idea In leav
ing the matter to the railway commission
was to get the best results. He believed
some of the roads could afford to sell tick
ets at less than 1 cents a mile, while others'
probably could not sell for I cents.
Bill May Be Recalled.
The house, will attempt to g't back from
the governor H. R. Ill by Quackenbush,
the bill to Increase the fees of court re
porters. If the house doesn't get the bill
back tha governor will veto It. . It has
been discovered the bill Increases the sal
aries of the court reporters of Douglas and
Lancaster counties out of all proportion to
the work done and therefore It Is Con
sidered a bad measure. The bill went
through both bouses with very little trouble
under the guidance of Henry Waring and
Myron Wheeler, but It will have hard sled'
ding' If It Is started through again. Some
of the members who voted for It aro now
of the opinion a salary of II, B00 for about
eleven months work, regardless of fees. Is
a pretty good salary for a court reporter.
The governor likes some portions of the
bill, but Is opposed to others and unless
It Is amended to conform ,to his Ideas he
will veto It. The bill can be recalled by a
Joint resolution.
Oaaaha Cttarter Amendments.
Senator Thomas today Introduced a blU
Into the senate making some Important
changes In the Omaha charter, one of
which relates to the annexation of adjoin
ing cities and villages. Tbe bill makes the
following changes In the present charter:
Amending section 7569'ot Cobbey s supple
ment of 1Wj6 to Increase the district within
which the mayor and council may order
street improvements from k.000 to 4,000 feet
of the courthouse square. Including repay
ing, and providing- for certificates of the
city engineer that the paving Is worn out
and that It will not be economical to re
pair It. ' -
Amending section 7649 (61) to Increase the
limit on bond Issues from $2,760,000 to 3,00O,
OUO. t
Amending section 7D49 (53) to allow the Is
suance of district Improvement bonds before
the work has been approved and special
taxes levied therefor.
Amending section 7039 to eliminate hos
pitals fa-om the list of Institutions which
may be established and maintained by the
city; to permit the city to maintain Its own
garbage department under tbe direction of
the city health department, the work to be
done either by- the city or by contract, or in
any other manner determined by the mayor
and city council.
Amending section 7M at follows:
"The corporate limits of any metropolitan
city shall be fixed and determined by ordi
nance and such limits may be extended by
ordinance so as to lnolude any lands or un
organised territory, as well as any village.
town or city of a leaner graile or class
whose boundary lines adjoin the boundary
lines of such metropolitan city, and. when
the boundary lines are so extended as to In
clude any organized vlllaite. town or city.
a senarate government of anrh villain.
town or city shall thereupon cease and the
government ana laws governing such met
rotoolitsn city shall extend over the terri
tory and property embraced within the vil
lage, town or city whose territory is so an-
nexea, ana sucn metropolitan city shall De
liable for all obligations of the vlllajre.
town or annexed and shall succeed
to all the publio property and property
rig ma ui uin village, town or city so an
Amending section 76rtl so as to eliminate
from the grant of power to the mayor and
city council the following words? "Ana tn
regulate telephone service and the use of
leiepnones within the city and to fix and
determine the charges for telephone and
iiicpiiuiie wrvica connections. ,
Slftln Cfontaalttee In Senate.
The senate this afternoon Just before ad
journment voted by a large majority to
have a sifting committee to be elected
next week to go over the general file to
select the measures of general Importance
The committee Is to be recommended by
the standing committee on oommlttees and
a report was ordered by .next Wednesday.
A number of senators, Including McKesson
and Burns of Lancaster, opposed a sifting
committee at all and a few others urged
It was too early, for one,' but the majority
favored early action In order that the im
portant measures may be got out of the
way before the rush of closing' days. I
The revised county option bill, was Intro
duced in the senate today by McKesson of
Lancaster. The measure Is somewhat dif
ferent from the .one killed In both houses
several weeks ago, but Is backed- by the
same people as that one. It provides for
a special election to be held the last Tues
day in July, 18, where 20 per cent ot the
voters petition tor It If the county goes
dry no saloons may be licensed, except In
cities of t.OOO or over, which may vote li
cense If they wish. If the county goes wet
licensing boards still have the power to
refuse licenses If they desire to. Eleotlon
under the act may not be held oftensr
than once In four years.
McKesson also has a plan for the estab
lishment of a new normal school at Lin
coln. Hs Introduced a resolution today au
thoring the acceptance of the old Western
Ntfrmal scjiool building by the 'state and the
establishment of a normal school therein.
Oraln men will be Interested In a bill In
troduced by McKesson which provides all
grain corporations must mall to the labor
commissioner every day a list of the prices
paid by them on that day. The labor com
missioner may publish these prices ss he
may see fit It Is claimed the bill will
prevent discriminatory prices In- different
parts of the state. .
Senator Sackett wants an Investigation
of Nebraska Insurance companies and to
day Introduced a bill providing, for an In
vestigation to be held beginning nest May.
His resolution provides for an Investigation
committee of nine members, four from the
senate and Bye from the house.
pmprlate resolutions next Monday St
convening ot the senate. .
A bill Introduced Into the senste by
Burns of Lancaster provide a change In
the methods of granting street railway
franrhlses and places all street railways
under the Jurisdiction of the state railway
commission. Franchises are to be grantoH
for certain definite lines which mustv bo
described specifically. The railway com
mission le given power p regulate street
car rates and fares snd other matters per
taining to the companies.
The house turned down a motion by
Clarke to make his terminal taxation bill
a special order for Thursday. The prl
mery bill had already been made a specUl
order for Wednesday, which is also the
date the Wilson resolution on the unit
system of assessing railroads Is to be
discussed. When Clarke made his motion
the house was in no mood for further
special orders and on a rising vote the
motion waa lost.
1 c
3 C
1517 Farnam St. RFRRFITS 1517 Earnam St,
Firot Spring
Committee of the Whole Acts on Many
I ' Bills.
(From a Btaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, March 1. (8peclal.) The fol
lowing bills were reported from standing
committees at this mornings session 01
the senate:
n tr mo tv TtTmea. Maklna It optional
Vlth counties under township organisation
to have separate supervisors lor eacn town
ship. On general file.
B. F. uy Byrnes. 10 pnii"
hinged gates at farm crossings to be main
tained by railroads ana ior nm use v
wnven-wlre fence. On general nie.
8. r . By Sackett. Kequiring snenns
in rtink. a nuarterlv renort of fees col
lected or earned and to turn fees Into the
county treasury- On general file.
8. F. 7 By Gibson (amenoea oy juoiciary
committee). Prohibits breweries or distill
eries from having any Interest In a retail
saloon or saloon license or trom aiaing or
assisting any person "to secure a licence.
On general file.
8. F. K4 By Sibley, providing a nivorre
shall not go Into effect for six months
sfter It Is entered. On general file by vote
of senate after an adverse report by the
committee. .
H P. sin Rv RnckMt. Providing sheriffs
shall be paid out of the general fund In- y
eteaa or oy reee, ana nxing me hui.
On general file.
The senate went Into committee of the
whole, with Thomas in the chair, and the
following bill were considered:
a. F. 24-Br Gibson. Making amend
ments to the South Omaha charter. For
f)aSBje. iM -
u ..' 1 1 m v it ninn KrnTinin. i w n -
shift system for South Omaha firemen. I
Went over because of omission oi provi
sion for salaries of certain officers.
S. F. 42 By Patrick. Making county com
missioners road commissioners and provid
ing for the King system of roadmaklnif.
Made a special order, with other road bill,
tor next Tuesday.
S. F. Hi uy Koot. MftKina; me governor
and secretary of state the State Board ot
Charities snd Corrections and .eliminating
the paid secretary of the board. No action.
Roofs bill relating to the State Board
of Charities caused a long discussion, a
number of the members opposing the Idea
bf abolishing the paid secretaryship. -The
committee rose before any action had been
taken. '
The Gibson bill, relating to the owner
ship of saloons " by brewers and other
mannfacturers of Intoxicating' liquors, was
reported back to the Judiciary oommlttee.
to which It had been recommitted for a
little change In form and wkh the provis
ion limiting tho number of saloons ac
cording to population stricken out. The
limitations ' formerly had In the Gibson
bill have been Introduced into a blU fath
ered by Patrick of Sarpy,
At the afternoon session the senate went
Into committee of the whole and acted on
the following bills:
S F. 94 By Thomas. Creating a state nt neteormthv. For bassaare.
wnen tne committee reponea iwjoi nraim
to have the action of the committee ' kill
ing the bill reversed,' but his motion was
voted down by a vote ot 11 to JJ,.
The following blMs were reported from
standing committees at the afternoon ses
sion: a V lm.R rrvrnea. ' Provldinc for the
election of township deputy assessors. For
general file, ' .... .
8. F. 9 By tAtts. Two-cent fare bill. In
definitely postponed.
companies under the Jurisdiction of tne
State Railway commission. Recommitted.
S. F. 1 By King. Anti-pass bill. On gen
eral file.
The senate adjourned until 1 p. m. Mon
day. The following bills were Introduced In the
senate Friday:
8. F. 420 By Patrick of Barpy. Amend
ing the game law to provide for hunting
and flsning license for all persons over 14
years of age desiring to hunt or fleh on
any except land of whlcn they are owners
or tenants; reducing the resident license
tee from 11 to 60 cents and allowing county
clerks Issuing licenses to collect a fee Ot
10 cents for nls services. -
S. F. 4a By Dodon of Saline. For the
calling of county syfet - elections upon pe
tition ox two-nuns oi an oi tne votes cum
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recording of cattle brands every 5 years.
8. F. 43 By Saunders ot Douglae. Pro-
Jldlng the governor shall appoint suborn
Inate officers at the Grand Island sold
iers' home.
S. F. 440 By Thomas. Amending pro
visions of the Omaha eharter.
S. F. 441 By Sackett of Oage. providing
that a committee of nine members from
both houses, four from the senate and
five from the house, be appointed to pro
ceed next May to investigate life Insur
ance companies doing business in the stats
of Nebraska with reference to Inveftmenta,
and the relation of such companies to sub
sidiary corporations, cost of life insurance
and other phases of the business, for the
purpose ot araritng leigsiaiion to oe sub
mitted to the jiext legislature.
8. F. 44a By Sackett (hy request). i-or
the appointment of county agencies and
defining the offense of obtaining transpor
tation or money under false pretenses.
Only Oae "Bromo 4)nlalae.n
That Is Laxative Bromo Quinine. Simi
larly named remedies sometimes deceive.
The first and original Cold Tablet Is a white
paokage with black and red lettering and
bears the signature of S3. W. GROVE. 2oo.
filed a motion l arrest of judgment and
a motion for leave to withdraw hie former
plea of guilty. .The matter was continued
fo, the July term of court, to allow the
county attorney time to prepare counter
affidavits In reply to Patrick.
- . Piles Careit In O to 14 Daya.
Paso Ointment will cure any casee of
Itching, Blind, Bleeding: or Protudlng piles.
At all druggists 60 centa
Fretaht Consxestloav la 'Frisco.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal March 1. A con
gestion of all classes bf freight, worse
than that of a few months ago, Is threat
ened In San Francsco. J. C. Stubbs of
the Southern Pacific says he believes the
only way ouf of the difficulty would be
to increase the demurrage charge Freight
Is being sent to the city from all parts
of the country, and In order not to have
too great a congestion In San Francisco
trains are being held up on the different
systems so as to allow of the unloading
of the cars already In the city.
DXAUONDS-rFrenzer, 15th and Dodge.
Frelcht Heelers Inable to Recover
Damages Sastaiaed Tkroack
Collapse of Brldsje. I
CASPER. Wyo March 1. (Special.)
The suit of McOetrlck Bros, against the
county commissioners for $2,157 damages
for Injuries and loss sustained by the break-ins-
down of a county bridge was decided
8. F. 100 By Epperson. Placing telephone t Dy judge Carpenter yesterday The de
cision sustains the demurrer of the board
and denies the right of the plaintiffs to
recover. This suit grew out of the break
ing down of a bridge across Squaw cree'
about four miles west of Casper, on V
cember 20. 1906. The McOetrlcks were haul
lng freight to the Pathfinder dam and
while, crossing the bridge with a slxteen
horse string - team and heavily loaded
freight wagons the bridge gave way, pre
cipitating the teams and load Into the
gulch, killing several horses' and, destroying
a large amount of freight. This Is one
of the first cases in this state where an
attempt has been made to make a county
pay for Injuries resulting from defective
BOYD'S .nrd M6i-.
Nebraska's Fortieth Aaalversery,
Senator King this morning called atten
tion of the senate to the fact that this Is
the fortieth anniversary of the admission
of Nebraska Into the union, lie made a
brief address reviewing the history of the
bill which was vetoed by President John
son and passed over his vetoe and the 'is
suance of the proclamation Maresj 1. At
bis suggestion Senator Saunders, son of
Alvln Saunders, who was governor at that
time. Senators Root of Cass, Patrick of
Sarpy, McKesson of Lancaster and WIHse
of Cedar ware named as a committee to
draw uo suitable resolutions. Senators
McKesson and Wlltse were both living In
Nebraska at the time and It was considered
appropriate that they be added to the com
mittee. The committee will present ap
No Cooking!
r -
Just a little cream or milk
and you can eat
without tbe bother bf
lighting- the fire. THY IT.
There's a Iteaon"
VsTTirrtffrTTiV.m-iiaa" ulwir, v ,i
at the last general election and for the j bridgel n, roads, and this decision estab-
IDIIIUvai UI uin vuuihj mm i . i .
of unarmes ano. i;orrecuons.
426 By Saunders of Douglas. An
amend senate tile , 'already signed
governor, by striking out that part
fifths .vote regardless of the number of
years the county seat has been located.
8. F. 422 By McKesson of Lancaster. To
require grain companies to make dally re
ports of prices by postal card to the labor
commissioner and providing for the pub
lication ot such prtcas at places ot pur
chase of grain at such Intervals sls he may
deem necessary. - Providing a fine of from
ill) to fcS for violation.
B. jr. to uy iisey. oi rTonuer. tun
ing the form of county treasurer's deeds
and the manner of redemption.
8. F. 424 By Epperson. Requiring that
associations to care for dependent, neg
lected or delinquent children may not be
Incorporated until the proposed articles of
Incorporation have been approved by the
State Board of Charities and Corrections.
8. F. 4-6 By Epperson ot uiay. 10 re
quire associations that plaee out or give
the care and custody of any child to any
person or association to obtain a license
from the State Board of Charities and Cor
rections, such associations to be governed
by the rules and regulations of the State
Board of Charities and. Corrections
8. F.
act to amend
bv the covernor.
of the act requiring a label on the exterior
of packages containing intoxicating liquors
and in lieu thereof requiring tne niing or.
a statement with the agent of the com
mon carriers showing the amount and kind
of intoxicants and the name of the con
signor and of the consignee,
fi. F. 427 By King of Polk. Permitting
stablUhment of other departments ot
Htate university in addition to those
already prescribed.
8. F. 4& By Burns of Lancaster. Estab
lishing maximum telegraph rates within
the state at not more uuiu iv per cent ui
the rate In force January 1, 1907, and pro
viding a fine- of front J6 to $100 for vio
8. r. 42-lJy uouia or ureeiey. jrmna
ferrlng from the conscience fund of the
stats treasury-to 4he credit Ot the general
fundi .. . "
8. F. OftBy Burns oi Lancaster, riu
vidlna that water may be appropriated and
dtvertod for domestic use in the same man
ner as for agricultural purposes.
8. F. 431 By Latta of Burt. To provide
that In counties under township organlxa
tlon each townahlp ahall constitute a single
road district, and that but one road over
seer shall be elected In each township.
8. F. 432 By Sackett of Oage. Providing
that In towns or villages having no real
dent registered pharmacist any wholesale
or retail dealer In any business may sell
.aHaln anAi'lnad camnkfln drUKS.
ft. V. 433 Bv Sackett of Oage. Validates, fv the aLla of land When soms
note or memorandum thereof In writing has
ban subscribed to by the party to be
S F. 434 By McKesson Of Lancaster. A
joint resolution relating to the acceptance
of tha omDerty known as the Western
L'nrmal School and the establishment Of a
tnml arhoul on said site.
8 F. 4J6 By Oould of Oreeley. To pro-
iAm tnr the destruction of the cockle-burr
8 F. 4e By McKesson of Lancaster. To
provide and establish a system of local
option by counties on the question of grant
ing license to sell Intoxicating liquors to
k. ,,a m bevaraae.
S F. 437 By Burns of Lancaster. To pro
vide for the Incorporation of street railway
mmnanlM and the acquisition sA right-of-
avav and franchises thereby, to declare
annh oonriDanles common carriers, to pro
vide for the regulation thereof by the state
railway commlaslon ana to preacrioe Pn
allies for tbe violation of this act.
A. r. e-BY Ueuid. Requiring the re
lishes tbe rule that not even negligence
on the part of the county officers can make
the county liable In damages.
Patrick Waata to Cksag Plea.
CABPER, Wyo., March 1. (Special.)
a W. Patrick, the Canadian sheepman
who was fined 1728 last December for ship,
ping scabby, sheep Into the state In viola
tion of the streep Inspection laws, has
You'll find a tempting display' .
at NlcoU'g.
There's no sifting . out here whut
vmt-dnn't like: It's a question wwen
vou like beat. So with the tailoring olj
them. .....
Somehow we feel tnai we nave u
speclft! claim on your patronage tni
season. Suppose you drop In today.
TroDsers$StoS12 lalti 520 to S50
TAB 111 R
200-1 1 Bo. J 8th St..
. riLLEO
The Military Comic Opera,
Special Tuesday Matinee,
Seats on sale.
Prices 60c to 11.00.
Special Thursday Met
' This AfternoonTonight
Relieve Inflammation of the
throat, erased by cold or
catarrh. Contain no opiates.
PRICES-lOc. 6o, 60c.
Omaha May Festival Association
Wednesday Svenlag, March 1. 107.
Omaha Philharmonic Orchestra
aaofeert' Cascades, Conductor. '.
Ernest Morals, Ooacertmaste
Assisted by Prominent Chicago Vocalist.
Season tickets, good for two reserved
seats for each of 4 concerts. 15.00. Throe
other concerts in May, closing with "Eli
jah" by well-trained Chorus and Orches
tra with prominent soloists from the east.
Huhsrrlplion tlrkets may be had of
Schmoller A Mueller Piano Co., A. Hospe
Co.. A. M. Borglum. aecretary, lilO Capi
tol ave., or any of the directors. '
i I W sl lot.5oo.TSe
Matlaee Today, too Toalgat, tilt
The Big Sensational Comedy,
Wlgats, Com. Sna., Merc 1 - Mats. Saa.
. ana w
y -Her Fatal Error"
Nights, lao-lSc-iOo-Uc. Mat.. Q-lo-laC
Skating Friday and Saturday of this Week
both Afternoon si.d Evening; '
0 J