Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 27, 1907, Page 4, Image 4

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The platform adopted by the Republican State Convention, held at Lincoln, August 22, makes the following distinct promises of
state legislation in the interest of the people:
1. ' Laws to compel the railroads to pay their taxes at the same time and in the same manner as a private individual.
2. A direct primary law for the nomination of all state, county and district officers, including congressmen and United States Senators:
3. A law prohibiting free passes in all forms, except to bona fide railway employes and their immediate families and care-takers
of live stock.
4. Laws fully empowering the new State Railway Commission to prohibit rebates, discriminations and special rates to corporations,
persons or localities, and to see to it that any. and all abuses are corrected and equitable freight and passenger rates obtained for the people.
5. In event of failure of the constitutional amendment or its being declared invalid, laws giving the people of this state the samo
advantages congress has already given the nation under the railroad rate bill in matters of interstate commerce.
6. A law along the same lines as adopted by congress touching the liability of employers to their employes, permitting recovery for
Injuries notwithstanding the negligence of a fellow servant.
7. Legislative appropriations to meet current expenses of state government only under the most rigid economy.
8. A law providing that railroad property in cities and villages shall be assessed and taxed the same as other property for city and
village, purposes.
9. A law insuring inspection and uniform tests of dairy products.
As the republican nominees for our respective legislative districts, we hereby pledge ourselves, if elected, to support and vote for meas
ures that will carry out each of these promises.
First Senatorial District
Second Senatorial District.
Fourth Senatorial District
Sixteenth Senatorial District.
Eighteenth Senatorial District.
Nineteenth Senatorial District
First Representative District
Second Representative District
Second Representative District
Twenty-first Senatorial District
Sixth Senatorial District
Sixth Senatorial District'
Tenth Representative District
Tenth Representative District
. Tenth Representative District
Tenth Representative District
Thirty-first Representative District
Forty-eventh Representative District.
Thirty-second Representative District
Twenty-second Senatorial District
Third Representative plstrlct
Fourth Representative District
Tenth Representative District
Sixth Senatorial Dlstrlot
Eighth Senatorial District .
Twenty-third Senatorial District
Twenty-fourth Senatorial District.
Twenty-fifth Senatorial District
Ninth Senatorial District
Tenth Senatorial Dlstrlc
Twenty-sixth Senatorial District
twenty-ninth Senatorial District
Fifth Representative District
. Seventh Representative District
Seventh Representative District.
Eighth Representative Dlstrlot.
Tenth Representative District
Thirty-third Representative District
Thirty-fourth Representative District
Thirty-fifth Representative District
Thirty-sixth Representative District
Forty-Seventh Representative District
Forty-ninth Representative Dlstrlot
Fiftieth Representative District.
1 I lit
Fifty-fourth Representative District.
Twelfth Representative District "
Thirty-seventh Representative District
Thirty-eighth Representative District
Eleventh Senatorial District
Thirteenth Senatorial District
Ninth Representative District
Thirtieth Senatorial District.
Tenth Representative District
Fourteenth Senatorial Dlstrlst
sjf s ' 5ot-
First Representative District
Fifteenth Senatorial Dlstrlot
Flrst Representative District
Tenth Representative District
Tenth Representative District
Thirteenth Representative District
Fourteenth Representative District
. i
Twenty-first Representative District
Twenty-second Representative District
Twenty-ninth Representative District
Twenty-ninth Representative District
Thirty-ninth Representative District
FottlPth Representative District.
Forty-second Representative District
Forty-second Representative District
Forty-third Representative District
Thlrty-flrst Representative District
Forty-fourth Representative District
MFifty-flfth Representative District.
Fifty-sixth Representative Dlstrlot.
Fifty-eighth Representative District
Fifty-eighth RepresenUUve District
Sixty-fourth Representative District
Sixty-fifth Representative Dlstrlot
Sixty-sixth Representative District
Flfty-seevnth Representstlve Dlstrlot
Essun Advance by B. W. Trecxenridce
for Ear Aftoc.ation's Cppoi.t.oo.
Mill Slop with Srndiutf Written Ob
jection to Monster and Nmuri
ot Other Men They
T"ie Omahi attorneys who are working
gainst the uppulntrnciil of T. C. Muntier
of Lincoln to the n-w fidnal Judgeship in
Nt-biuKkii do not mkc; to go to W'ashinf
ton for a I carli g before the NcbntHku Uol
egatlun. The reyuem by telegram a f'W
days ago fvr a hvurlr.g vhnply nuant that
the lawytts Wiir.teJ tlnio to get their writ
ten prutnsis 4o Waithtnton l f o the up
pulntn.ent wsj nuttie. do txilaliu-d husi
dVnt T. J. Mah'-n?y uf the NtLra.'ka Slate
Bar gra.xiatlon Tnesdjy.
It Is ut;dii6toiHi the Nebraska iM-gHlin
has been flooded with litters the
lip-lntine::t of another niuo tnan Mr.
Hunger. Among thoso nuntUiued In Ins
stead are Krunk 11 1111 a'-i. h l.'il.i u ...i
Rtwci Hound of Lincoln. Jj.Iko tieigwlck
of York, Mr. Kiuaker of Jieil.i.e ai d Con Nuiris of MoConk.
A few days ago. after a yonference with
a number uf Omaha lawyers, John L. Web
ster addrescad a letter to Attoiu.y Oeneial
bonapuile roummeiidlng Frank M. Hall.'
Allen field. Koerou Fuuud and Judga S-dg-WUk
in the urder naiited.
alvh W. BrK'knridg does not believe
that any one man has the first choice of
the majority of the members of ths Umuha
bar, but perhaps Itosooe Pound and F. M.
Hall have more friends than any. He be
lieves Judge Sodgwlck Is second choice of
the majority and first choice of many.
'1 hope it will be thoroughly undei stood
that there Is no personal hostility to Mr.
Munger among the Omaha lawyers," a:d
Mr. Breckinridge. -Speaking for inys. If.
I should prefer another man In the pluce
because Mr. Munger has never been ad
mitted to the circuit court of appeals and
bus hud only five or six cases In the federal
I court His experience has not been of tl.e
cne.racter that would fit him for the place.
"The appointment of a federal Judge
should riot be given to one senator as his
particular property, since It affects so ei
tenalvely the Interest of the state and the
tContlnued from First Page.)
to see the necessity for n. It would have
leen culled up this morning, but in the
Mist li stance there was uo uunruni n .l
by the time a quorum was prtsvnt the
committee had taken .up other matters
j i Ich iccuplcd all the time until the house
j convened. Mr. Kennedy has reocivrd a let
I ler f:om Mr. Muehlbronner of Pittsburg,
piesidint tf the National League of Com.
nJlon merchants, offering assistance. The
papers throughout (he country are giving
considerable space to the charges against
the express companies and the agitation
must reoessarlly. have a dclded effect on
remedial legislation. . ' . .
Senator UauiUa g bill extending the tims
for completion of the bridge across the
Missouri river at Yankton, 8. D., by the
Yar.kt. n, Norfolk A Southern railroad
passed the senate today.
Minor Matters at Capital.
The Missouri river gets $150,000 for work
between Kansas City and Bloux City in
stead of lli'9.00C.
The confeienee report on the Rosebud bill been agreed upon.
Representative Mondell's bill providing
that the state of Wyoming may relinquish
to the United Btutea certain lands and
take other lands in lieu thereof passed the
houe today, ...
George Mailman has been appointed post
muster sf Bruning, Thayer county, Ne
btuaka, vice F. Cft. Wells, resigned.'
Rural carriers appointed for South Da
kota, routes: Alpena, route 1, Edgar 8.
Wash, carrier; Roy S. Wales, substitute
Manchester, route 1, Frank K. , Yourdon,
carrier; Frank Blood, substitute. 1
Typhoid KpldesnJe . o Ship.
WASHINGTON. Feb.-ti. -The secretary
of the navy today received a dispatch from
Hear Admiral Evans, commanding the At
lantic tl-et, stating that the battleship Con
necticut would sail immediately from
Guantanamo for the north with a typhoid
fever1 epidemic aboard, there now being
thirty-five cases under treatment. It has
not been decided to what port the vessel
will go, but Captain Swift, commander of
the vessel, will be advised by wireless message.
lasUaaa lias Low Fare Law,
Hanly- today- signed the 3-cent fare act.
It has no emerceney clausn. and gues l
effect with the publication of ths uw laws
about May' or Juue. . .
harlos T. Crew ley Appointed Gas In
spector by ths Mayor.
Councilman Braeker Iatrodaees Ordl
anee Provldlasr License for
Drivers of Aatomoblles and
Regulatina" Speed. .
Mayor Dahlman's appointment of Charles
F. Crowley as gas commissioner was last
evening unanimously confirmed by the city
council. It was expected from the first
that Mr. Crowley would be selected for the
newly created office. The office carries
with it a salary of Jl.boO a year. Gas Com
missioner Crowley, who has been city bac
teriologist for several years, will enter on
his new work in about thirty days, by
which time It la believed, the apparatus
necessary for the work will have b-en re
ceived and placed in a room in the city
hall. . The commissioner's duties will be to
test ths heat units and Illuminating power
of gas as wen as test the pressure and
meters; also the quality of gas.- ,
The mayor recommended that an as
sistant gas commissioner be appointed to
assist the commissioner la such work as
testing meters snd removing tbera as .pro
vided by ordinance, the contention being
the commissioner will not be able to at
tend to all of the work ef his .office. In
Hue-with the mayor's .suggestion; Council
man Fuak bo user offered a concurrent res
olution declaring the necessity of an as
sistant gas commissioner, but that reso
lutlon was referred to the committee of
the whole for deliberate consideration. Mr.
Funkhouser's resolution : stated that the
salary of the assistant be I1.2U0, SoO to be
takxn from the gas commissioner's fund
and $100 from the plumbing inspector's
fund, the assistant to act as assistant
plumbing Inspector in addition to his duties
aa assistant gas commissioner.
ItesulatlBNr Aatomoblle Drivers.
Councilman Brucker Introduced an ordi
nance affecting automobiles, and owners and
drivers of such vehicles. This ordinance
was referred In the usual manner for con
sideration. Mr. Brucker's measure provides
that every driver of an automobile on the
streets of Omaha must have a license, and
before being granted such license by the
license Inspector shall file a statement,
signed by two responsible citizens, testi
fying that the applicant for license Is
"sober, industrious and honest." No one
under ZX years of age is allowed to operate
antauto under this ordinance, and machines
used for general hire must be operated un
der a license costing Jo a year. Drivers
must pass an examination or give evidence
of technical knowledge of automobiles, and
H lioo officers are given power to take in
charge cars operated by persons in a state
of intoxication or otherwise incapacitated.
For third of such offense the mayor is au
thorised to revoke the license. A speed
limit of . seven miles per hour within the
dty limits is stipulated. Owners and drivers
must furnish the city a bond of ll.ono each
before a license is granted.. Other regula
tions of a minor character a re embodied in
the ordinance.
.Councilman Bedford introduced, at the
Instance of the Juvenile and police authori
ties, an ordinance regulating the conduct of
pool and billiard halls, to the extent of
prohibiting persons under the age ef IS
to either frequent such places or play on
the tables. The police say they are at
present without power to enforce the pro
posed regulations. On next Tuesday even
ing an ordlr.r.ce to license pool and bil
liard tables will be offered in the council.
Move to Hent Market House.
Mayor Pahlman recommended that In
view of the council's Inability to use the
market house on Capitol avenue for the
purpose for which It was built, tho building
be rented to one of eeveral parties willing
to pay the city a yearly rental of ll.auO for
the building, such a plan, the mayor be
lieves, being better than allowing the build
ing to fall to pieces on Its foundation. Re
ferred to committee on public buildings and
An ordinance to vote bonds to the ex
tent of 150.000 for Intersection purposes wss
introduced and referred.
Parks Brothers, through E. W. Parks,
were granted the privilege of building a
boat on Douglas street nesr the river, this
crsft to be used for hauling garden truck
to Omaha this summer.
Th ordinance referriug to signs snd ob
structions on and over sidewalks was re
committed to the committee of the whole
for further consideration, there being some
uncertainty as to what regulation should
be placed on showcas s extending from the
lot line, the opinion being that permanent
showcases should be allowed, if not placed
beyond three) feet of the lot line. This will
be considered next Monday afternoon.
A resolution to buy seventeen city di
rectories for the various city offices and
pay for same out ot the general fund 'was
lost, this matter to be left to the In
dividual departments.
The city engineer was Instructed by res
olution to survey Thirtieth slit.,
Walnut to Bancroft and report what ptyp
erty would have to be appropriated to open
that street for a width of forty feet V,
Aro lamps will be placed at Thirty-sixth
and Lafayette and Twentieth and Cali
fornia, An ordinance to place a tract of land
owned by W. J. Connell on Twenty-fourth
street between Leavenworth and St Mary's
avenue outside the fire limits was lost on
third reading.
The appointment of Charles Bradford as
engineer In the city hall was confirmed.
The council will meet Friday morning to
pass an appropriation ordinance.
A. K. Randall Goes I'p Notch
Marino service of Vocle
A. E. Randall, son of W. Randall of the
auditing department of the Burlington, ha
been promoted In the marine service of
the government He was stationed at
Olongapo, P. I., and now goes as second
lieutenant on the warship Cincinnati, In
charge of the marines on that ship.
Maay (tnallfr for Scholarships.
NEW YORK, Feb. M An Ottawa (Ont.)
special to the Times savs that Inr. ft. O.
Parkin, administrator of the Rhodes scnl
arship here, announced last night the list
of American candidates who have passed
the examination of the l iilverslty of Ox
ford held throughout the I'nlted elates.
Out of 2li candidates 13s passed, a. laraar
proportion than ever before. Of the forty.
eiKht states all produoed candidates ex
cept inrea. Of the Us. forty-rive will be
chosen to go to Oxford In October next.
The. scholarships are worth tl.M pee s