Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 26, 1907, Page 11, Image 11

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r. $. LARSON it CO., patent lawyer.
patent bvuk free Lee Hid.. Omaha. N-b.
, . U7) 0
Ek O. BARNELL, patent ettorney and ma
chine designer. Paxton Blk. Tel. Red 7117.
U7)-M71I 11U
procured. Inventions developed, drsw,ng.
pattern, callings, machine work. W-t-Vi2
H. 10th BL 17j to7
MACHINE: designing and general draughting-
at res-soriabl ratea. W. P. Dot ner.
'.324 So. 20th St. (17-M764 Mil,
PA TENTH, trade marks, guaranteed or no
t-e. National Investment Co.. Doubles Blk
CITT STEAM LAUNDRY Shirts pressed.
not ironed. 211 8. Utt BU Tel. Doug. 2-4.
.' lis; 45s
SEWING machines rented, any make, 7ic
. par week or &.' per month. Second
band machine for sale. 15. no and up
Km Cycle Co., loth and Harney.
r , C13 ftTt
MASQCK costumes. Lleben. Tel. 4111. Open
- evenings. (Hi del
IaADY sent wanted In every community
to aell Florida Face Cream; good pay:
. large bottle rrepaid tlic. J. Smith. lsuJ
Ohio St.. Omaha. ( M5vi 2Jx
SYRINGES, rubber goods, by ma!;; cut
prices; send for free catalogue. Myers-
COSTUMES Kit 8. loth. Sack. Tel. It"d77J
(IS) Ms
Dyeing: alia cii.nii(. spong.ns and snrlnk.
Ir.g, only 6c p.-r yard, bead for price list
and sanipln.
40 Douglas HI oca- 'at-. Duuttias
Lr. King, N. 21st bL Tel. Uvuif. VS.
tl 0
.'BLANK BOOKS and ruled forma mad to
order. Keese Printing Co., Omaha.
(is) M77 F2S
OMAHA 8tamrnere ra Institute. lUmgi
Bldg. 0
Now la ti e lime to trim trees, treliaes and
grape vines, also landscape gardening. TtL
Keil t-Wi. Res. 1101 8. .111 Avo.
, (13) W7 M12
DR. VOGEL'S private home for lad:e b
foro Hbil au. uii; confinement; best snj
cheapest t:i tae city. 3. o. m.n tt.
(Is) M
TUB SALVATION A11.MT solicits enftoft
clothlnK. In ct anvthincE you no not
need, ho c. dlcct, rrrutlr and ee'.l. at 114 N.
llth fct.. (or r.f collecting, to trn?
worthy jKor. Call "Phone Doug. 41 Jo and
wagon will call. - (lk) ill
KfAnXTFTTP treatment and bath. XIroe.
Bl Tj A Smltni m N. LSth. M tlo-.r
o )
'f ARR A.fJP. Swedish movement. 410 N.
JliVOO.lU Li i:th room t ,cond door.
(IS)-MJ(?J M4
ETE defects corrected by gl&mw. ' fitted
In your hofiie If dealred; reasonable
pricet. Smith. Gradual'- Optician, Sf
Ohki. 'Phone Webster 437:
(IS) M600 r-x
8EWINO machines supplies for all makes
of machines: machines repaired: machines
for rent. Hayden Bros , Sewing Mirhlne
. I'ept. Doufcla Bt. entrance. Tel. Pone.
, aeOD. (IS (-713 M10
. EFFA ELLIS, muslq by malL Adults'
evening class Mondays. 1611 Farnam.
Douglas TCL !) 1S M4
Complete Una ot leading; periodicals: Ger-
man and forelan Duplications a snclaltv.
list :r?ilMI I
. '. . . i
ANT ONE knowing the whereabouts of
Nels and Olaf Olsen will confer a favor
upon them by showing them this ad. or
by writing; to MLis Carrie Olsen. Rock
-.Island. 111.. IW 4th St.
08) M7i M12x
' FOR anything In the sewing; 'machine Una
. go to IJ. E. Flodman Co.. 1S14 Cap. Ave.
(18) M73 MU
1 XB-' J'.' SOMMERi' Homeopath: T!e5 Bmg.
- . . ; -; asy-m
HEALTHY, wholesome, satin skin bestowed
toy Satin akin cream and Satin powder.
OMAIIA 8team laste Co manufactures
pure nour paaia zuit uiminf. leiepnoos
jouglas 4aL i)
Beautiful residence lot. Vx
, IS5 ft., terraced and sodded,
'j .' .Isphalt pavement,, all speclalg ,
"paid. The location la the swell-'
ett In the city. No fancy price
Is asked. This won't b on the
j" '"1 market lor.s; at the lcw-ics
. asked.
, ' Ajilv
;kountze place bargain
and a real one, too. Tbe
owner must sell 1 rooms, all
. modern, well built. It's a gon-
htiitfc you. will be Interested
when you see It. Price t4..di
- IOC; New York Life ' Bldg.
Phone Douglas ZVZ
U9 MtU-2
FOR SALE My suburban home; 10 acrtrM
west line of city limits: good Improve
' ments; fruit. Owner. 43S Bee Bldg.
(1 7 itx
$1,075: $200 CASH
'iBalic (IS nu rthly 1M1 Charles St . 6
reom houso. room - enoagh for another
Kouae on lot.
f4 8. i7lh St . l-rrom, lot Wx'T--V8i
larss rooms wlttj closets, aocxl tarn, all
with slate roof and in Al condition: S
..lots. and ten hniuo in Central
. ib'ta. aU nwxUkrn M.iwO -past eaeh. -Two-
Koiid c. Usees un one lt, a. sr 20th
. and eward 41,a0.
'Peterson Bros.
(23 Bw Bldg. 'Phone IX ug'.as' 1S7.
... .-. " (l)-7 24 j
: 1 l
FOR SA L N Ire. new 10-room Dundee
j4- residence; owntr having . city; price
. W ou. ) will carry o for 6 yrs. at per
- vent.- Alto fine residence lot for halt
i - prtcw. Address & 7 SI. Bee
t . i . (1-M!31-M
: . ..2408 EMMET ST.
' ' S rooms modern, on paved
i- - street, select neighborhood. '
- ' tes u at once.
1st FT. N. 1. L. BldV.
Tel. Dou. 173L
(- a
On of th choicest lots In
the district. 7Hxlio. Price,
lut New York Ufa
'1'huu IXiug. JDj2.
... .. J-MalM
City Property for Rale Continued.
This properly Is 112x132 ft.,
near the comer of 20th St.
It lays to grade and Is In
every way desirable. Finely
located for a row of fata. It
won't be long befor this will
be business property. No
fancy prlc asked.
C M30S
STRACTS OP TITLES are the safest.
You are protected by a tiO.OO bond against
loss by errors. You don't buy a liiw suit
when you buy a "Kerr" abstract. 114
Hurocy. Tel. Douglas 64T7 (lFi
Fo rale, over one hundred
(100) lots in "Brla-gs Place." St. fiUnif through
the middle of this addition.
Thes! lets win be sold dirt
cheap, as I winh to clos them .
eat at one They are to b
eld In a bunch. They mu?t
be sold altogether.
Apply :
LANDSCAPE architect. E. C. rotr.
phone Doug. 767. 511 r'axton I'lK.
, (13I-M761 9)
BUT from owner and sve commlsalon;
i-room, new. modern ettoge, no B lTtlu
(13) iiiXI All
FOR 8ALE Two modern houses ar.d large
barn, one block nTtn of Hansom park;
paved street, east front, tot TSxiso. ejisi
ern owner will sell at n barsaln.
Room I N. T. 1. Etidg.
i-roc.m cottage, modern ex
cept furnace, best of repair
inside aid outside, close In,
always tuny to rent. Hrlngs
per ynr rental and we
ak but JiuOO for It. Grore
investment of 12 jr cent and
will easily net 1 per cent.
There Is very little g-oo-i In
vestment close In property
on the nmrket and Its al
ways In demand, so If you
want somethlnr iror.d It would
pay - to investigate this at
Care"'Paxton-lIit'.hell Cumpsrjr.
ackson St. I'lione I'ouglas 7?
Ill Jac
(19 MH75
4-room cottae lk I I. oka north of Dodtre
St.. 1 blocks from :4:h St. ear line, partly
mrtlrn, good birn. If tak'-n at once.
II. .
a-room crttaxe. m'-ilern except furnace, new
plumbing, "lot "ixl. lawn, ffuit and
shade trees. frd barn, an elegant home.
purt casn anu naiance less man rent, uniy
S-ro ni house in Ohio. 1 block from Sher
man ave. car line. !et u take ycucutto
see this before It gres. only J1.IW
ft-rt-om cottage on Kowtr '., all modern
tximt bth." i blocks from Ames ave.
car line, high and sightly, healthiest place
In the city, 2 ! ts each Vxl.s". plenty of
iruil, apples, pennies, ptums, cirerru's
. etc.. over 3j utiarts put up last fall.
plenty of room for chickens; an elegant
home. This will go aulck at r.'.SOO.
10-nom house,-all modern, 4015 Izard 8t., lot
5oxl6. half block from car line, fine res
idence district In the city, rxautlful home:
see us for terms. Will trade for good
rental prcperty. only xiiwo
. TURK ELL, 16 Patterson Bik.
' " ' ' Phone Douglas 113.
. , . (13)-M 17
WHERE good crops are raised by dry
farming, ltki acres Washington county, I
mile of Cope, 24 miles of raliroad town,
level upland, good soil, price -j cash net
and a snap. Write or see L. W. Tuileys
Son. Couacll Bluffs, la. l Main St..
up stairs. CU MtMt 2
K a a mm a.
HOMESEEKERSt Be careful. Locate right
Investigate our famous artesian railvy.
Sure crops, matchless climate. Let us
write yuu. Miller at James, Meade, Kan.
0-M2j4 Ms
SOUTHERN Kansas farm lands. Kingman
and Southern Reno counties offer greatest
inducements. M.rt natural advantage
for agriculture, fruit, live stock and poul
try raising of any location In the etsta.
Mild climate, fertile, soil. Innumerable
streams and springs of pure water, rail
roads, schools, church and progressive
clt liens. Land purchased at present prices
will soon double in value. For descriptive
lists and complete information write or
call on Brown & Temple, Kingman. Kan
sas. (.'0)-M Mix
Central Nebiaska
H. & L. Th best 490 acre farm In cen
tral Nebraska, la only three-fourths mile
from, court house, and has fJO acre of as
fine valley land as Me In Nebraska. Good
set of frame buildings complete, large grove
2 years old, orchard, etc., ltu aora In
nustur. Price fit per acre.
C. 1.2U0 acre farm, fenced enly miles
from Sargent, haa Jja acre of fin land la
cultivation, balance In two pastures,
good set of buildings. wtndmlU, well. tc,
a. ULfgaln at 11 an acre.
Hartley &, Lundy
Box 24. - , , Sargent. Neb.
(2v-MA M.X
In well Improved ss acres adjoining Broken
kiow; ino tine houses, one 1 aud one a
roorus; earn, granary, corn cjitas and
shros. weil, mul, elevated water lands'
one ui mill buux and one In barn; or.!
wood and one steel wster tank for stock
one steel hog dipping vai; twelve lot and
erliie eignty tenced hog titint, water
pipd to Octn huuies, barn ana I of tne
.uui: fine tot of trues; Is acre alfaiia;
geared mill, feed grinder, manure
apreautr. good as new. Improvements
cost 6S,v4M. land valued at $o,juw, tuiat.
ei.vuO. Will take tiu.iks), half cash, if
suid prior lu March i. i9t)7. X mile to
tuaa kvnool. w tills Cadweil, broken
. BW. Neo. li Mtaa M
FOR farm, .rancbea. rallnquisbments. etc.,
call on or writ to U. b. lienry, '! aylor.
Neb. , , uu My4 2s
MONEY In Nebraska land. Writ ua for
list of Some good forms In Clay county.
ceurua. iitw. a. cuer st jonasoii.
Harvard. Neb.
tJii) M4&1 Mix
FARM lands for sale In Nebraska and
South 1 n kola, improved and unlienrovcd.
large and small tract. Also sum good
trading- propositions. Address J. P. Kil
ter. Plattsmouto, Neb. (2u 42.1 Ml
tit Da hot a. - -
few acrea prairie farm land, coe mile frota
Geitj b jig fuller u silly. South Dakota.
No linprot foments; price 6 par acre, p
able ta per acta rasa, balance eiahl yearly
paynMtnis. per cent Interest. Also have
quarter and Laif sections at til Jx-r acis
ap. Write for free snap to A- G. WUlUma,
cis tier. Oett) eoitrtt. Putter county. Houls
Ik Daketa-4'oatlast.
SOON to be opened In Tripp county. S .nth
Dalota. new ar.d authentic map Just out;
price. 6 cents, poet paid red Reich,
n mn. Bonestsel. 8. l. (?)-M:5 M'.l
It has ti Inches or rainfall.
It has more productive soil.
It has no brush to grub out.
It don't have to be Irrigated.
It Las pure wster at sixty feet.
It costs les to Improve.
It grows best cotton in Texas.
It is a natural clover country.
It Is best sugar cane land.
It Is a good alfalfa country.
It Is a splendid hog country.
It has a ten months' growing season.
It has lowest shipping rates.
It sells at tl2U to fl per acre.
illustrated ltftt free.
Ban Antonio. Tex.
Corn and Wheat Lands
In fertile northwest Texas We own and
control several thousand seres of the best
Innd In the Panhandie. Join one of our
big excursions.
8. Uih St., First Nat l Hank Rldg.
(M)-M41 Ml
RANCH for sale: l.flso acres deeded, two
sections lessd school larnl. all fenced:
located central Neb. Write for full descrip
tion. J. V. Anderson, Grand Island. Neb.
, (30r 44 ilZx
land 115 to U6 per acre. Also irrigation
project for Investment. Address Hox S3,
Thermopolis. Wyo. (- M55 Mlx
SI I seel la a eoa .
Ten thousand acres smooth
land at $5.00 per sere, a chsnce
to retail ut a profit. Call for
l-'Ol N. Y. L. Bidg.
'Phone D. 2152-.
(20) M6M-2
Stock and Grain Farm
LOT acrea, all level land,
good black soil, improvements
consist of S-rm. house, stable,
corral, good well and mill,
etc.; all fenced and cross
fenced. Write us about :U
I0J1 N. T. L. Bldg.
Tel. Doug. U2.
15.60 an acre for a fine sec
tion, only I miles from the
railroad, gently rolling, not
I0P1 N. T. L Bldg.
Tel. Doug. 2152.
(JO) MS46-2
will be opened soon. It contains 6).0'4
ucres choice wheat, fruit and timber land.
Do you want ISO acres?
Rooms 17-ls Exchange Bank Hidg., Spo
kane, Wash; (20)-g Ml
Fa I
ad Raseh Lasd.
20 ACRES, with house and barn. Ill a
lttn Bt. tn T34
FINB ranch to rent on crop plan in famed
Big Horn Bas.n. Write W. M. Harvard.
No Wood. W yo. (21 424 Mix
130 ACRES farm land. I miles west of
Hanscom Park, on C'nter St. paved road
Apply C. E. Wilklns, Dewey Hotel.
FOR RENT Chicken ranch. Improved,
five acre. Addresa B i.H. Bee.
MONEY TO LOAN Payne Investment Co.
GARVIN BROS.. 16u4 Farnam. I and 6H
per cent loans on real estate; no deUy.
LOWEST RATES Bemls, Paxton Block.
tl.000.0CO TO LOAN on buslnoas and resi
dence property in Omaha; lowest raws,
no delay. Thomas Brenoan, R. 1. N. Y.
LIT. (22)-6S
WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
Farnam Smith CiX, UJ0 Farnam BL
LOANS on Improved city property. W. H.
Thomas. us First National Bank Bldg.
WANTED City loans. R. C Peters Co.
PRIVATE MONEY F. D. Wead. 1620 Doug.
(22) 471
City Property.
V W X VT Ik. h.. t Knr--ln f a-m I H
... V " ,...r ,J r
new, strictly modern; 'will not exceed
ussr i.refee in ,v tt i5.i .11 e..h
S.S0; prefer to pay 13.260. all cash. Ad.
dress K-ik7, care Be. (-) 41 2'
WANTED To buy, seccQd-bund furniture,
cook and beating sluvea, carpets, linole
ums, oftice furniture, old clothe and
hum, piano, fsatlieia. bed pU.ewa, quilta.
and a.1 kinds of toois; or will buy the fur
niture cf your house complete. Will buy
antique or nutbegany furi.hure. Tbe blgii
et prices puid. Call the right man. TeL
r...., sn cV.i u.-jit uu
' DON'T give your second-hand furniturt
i away; i pay tne rugneat price; big prices
paid for o.e furniture,
4. Ulh. let. Douglas 771.
- : - i - , -. - ..
aid for q.dke furntiure., Joe Levlne. Z
(2&)-M251 Ml
TOP price for Id-hand books, novels, alt
kinds. Siacey, IK 6. litb, Tel Harn-y 13ti
- (25) M247 Mix
CASH psld for old books. Crane-Foyt Co.,
til 8. 14th, 'Pnone Duus;las-U2L
(25 40
I WANT te buy horn In vicinity of
Hanscom park, about 7 rocma modern.
Telephone liaruey ImU. 13u7 8 th.
(3s)-M4X7 17
TYPEWRITERS We pay the highest cash
price for tyiwnri. Call at once or
, Tel. Doug. iV1- k-vndis, Paxton block.
474 Ml
WANTED to buy. second-hand typewrit
ers, all make; typewriters sold. t N.
l:h St.. flat a. (25 6ss M21
TWO or three work horses.
driver. Telephone Douglas hl.
(26 M M2
Wanted, to rent by a young married
eour-le. strictly modern house. Would like
te take possession about Msy 1 for r
moi.tns or longer. Can give unquestionable
reference. Adores A Bee. "
tK MS Xx
YOl'NO couple want to rent t or t room
modem place; gaud reference Address
P 77. Bee. Si
WANTED P.oom and boird by vounr man
In prtra'e family In g"! netshNrhod ;
ftve all particulars. ACdrcss o "1 care
iee. MIS 3.x
WANTED Furnished house or flat larre
enough for four adult". Will fvirnl'li
ref-rnre. Address P. O. Bojr lVT,
Omaha. (Ml-MTM 2Kx
MODERN, furnished or partly furnished
light housekeeping rooms; must lie reas
onable; state price and accommodations
Address W 74. pe. Oil MV frx
DAY" women furnished free of charge.
Telephone Dougiae 1111. (.-7)-M
POSITION wanted by phermscy student
out or scnool nours. Auaress, ninsen,
2231 Fa mam. (7)- ix
WANTED Position In Jewelry store, tj
learn the business; hst of references
furnished. Address lock box 4JC, Superior,
Neb. (r7-MUl x
DAY WOMEN furnished free of chsre.
Telephone Douglas 111X (27) MSut
UNIVERSITY man, with years" exterl
ence as manager of grain, coal and live
stock business, wants good paying posi
tion, has small capital; will Invest If re
quired. Address H 7. Hw.
(171-Mtyn MUX
BOOKKEEPER with IS years experience.
Best of references. Address J Ree.
(27) MS37 i.X
WANTED By young man. with experience,
Losltlon in countrv hank: can do any
ank work. Address E 799, care Bee.
(27 V8-27X
WANTED Sweeping or light work by the
day. Tel. Maple K!S. (27)-MOT Xx
bal Lands of the Standing Rock Reserva
tion. North Dakota, for Graslng Purposes.
D rartment of the Interior, Office of Indian
Affairs. v ashliigton. D. C. February 5.
Sealed prop .sals for leasing the sur
plus tribal pastures on the Standing Rock
reservation. North Dakota, for grazing
purpos a, will be received at this office
until 2 o'cIock. p. in., on Thursday, March
iS. W,. and will be Immediately thereafter
oiened In the ) resence of sjcIi bidders ss
may attend, 'lie lands will be leased f r
a juried of Ave years from June 1. UV7.
and no bid for a different period will be
considered. '1 he pioisais must be ad
dressed to "The Commissioner of Indian
Aflalrs, Washington, D C," and must ba
plainly endorsvu on the outside of the en
velope, ' h rotiosals for Leasing Standing
Rock Lands. The lands offered for lease
have been divided Into four pastures. Pas-
i lure o. i-UIlillin rj,VAr : tti- , fas'.uie
' V" . m nnnlaix, n'Ji iiui . . r ... - nailiir. X." 1
ccntalns S'.j.i'O acres; pasture No 4 con-
talus 116.41 acres, imps snowing tne l oca- ;
Un oi toe pastures anu poxicrs siving ui-
rections for the 3Ubrnlssion of bids, and all
nth.t In forma l Ion. mav he I
obtained on application to the L'nlted
States Indian Agent. Fort Yates, Nortit I
Dakota, proposals rot conforming tj the
requiremer ts mentioned in the poster may
be rejected, if such action shall bt deemed
advisable. C. F. UHKAtEE, Ac Ing
Commissioner. Fadlk'.ll
partment of Indian Affairs, Washington.
D. C February 6, 19y7. S-aled proposals,
plainly marked on tbe outside of the sealed
envelope, "Proposals for Buildings, Genua,
Nebraska," and addressed to the Commis
sioner of Indian Affairs, Wasnlngton, D.
C, will te received at th Indian office
until 2 o'clock p. m. of March 13. U07, for
furnishing and delivering tne necessary ma
terials and labor required to construct and
complete a workshop, superintendent's resi
dence and oftice building, in strict ac
cordance with the plans, specification and
instructions to bidders, which may be ex
amined at . this office, the offices of the
"Improvement Buletln," Minneapolis,
Minn.; "American Contractor,'' Chicago.
III.; "Bee." Omaha. Neb.; the Builders'
and Traders' exchanges at Omaha, Neb.;
Su Paul. Minn.; Minneapolis, Minn.; the
Northwestern Manufacturers' association,
St. Paul, Minn.; the U. S. Indian ware
houses at Chicago. 111.; Omaha, Neb.; St.
Louis, Mo.; New York, N. Y., and at the
school. For further Information apply to
Wm. H. Winslow. Superintendt, Genoa,
Neb. C. F. LARRABEE. Acting Commis
sioner. Feb-LM4-ie-14-21-2J-26-28
Office Chief Q. M., Omahn. Neb.. Febru
ary 26. 19o7. Sealed proposals for shoeing
animals at Q. M. Depot. Omaha, snd Fort
Omaha, Nebraska, during fUcal year begin
ning July 1. 19. will be received here until
W a. in.. March 28. lKi, and then opened.
Information furnished on replication. En
velopes containing proposals should be In
dorsed, "Proposals for Shoeing Animals"
and addressed to MAJOR THOMA8
CRUSE. Chief Q. M.. Omeha. Neb.
Notice Is hereby given that the regular
annual meeting of the stockholders of the
CI .... 1 n III-,, f r. .4 Anmnanw K.ll Ka 1.-1 1 I
st the office of ssld company at Lincoln,
Neb., at 11 o'clock a. m. on the tth day of
March. A. D., 1JV7. By order of the B iard
of Directors. C. H. MORRILL. President;
A. B. MINOR, Secretary.
Lincoln, Neb., February 4, 1907.
The annual meeting of stockholders in
The Bee Publishing conip.iny is hereby
called to meet in the ottice of The Lee
building. In the city of 0:naha, Neb., on
the tth diy of March. IWi. at 4 o'clock
p. m. By o Mer .f the president. H. A.
HASKELL, Secretary. Feb.lC d 13 m-e
Isloa Parlor
Leave. Arr've.
Overland Limited a :at am a 8:18 pra
The China and Japan
Fast Mail a 4:15 pm a 5:10 p:n
Colo, at Calif. Ex a 4:16 pm a 9 Jo pm
California & Ore. Ex.. .a 4 J6 pm a 6:10 pm
Iajh Ang-les Limited... al'J. si pm al0:45 pm
Fast Mail a 1:66 am a S : pm
Colorado 8pclal a 7 46 am a 7:44 am
North Platte Local a t 10 am a 4 So pm
Beatrice Local b 3:u0 pm bl3.4S pm
(klrtRD Jt Strlhsrtlrrs-
Cedar Rapids Pass a 7:' am liiium
; Tw'n C"y Express a 7 5.) am alo t.) p,
Chicago Daylight a I am all lipm
t hicago Local
Sioux City Ixjcal
Carroll Local
Sioux City Local
Chicago khtpreas
Fast Mail
Fast Mail
Twin City Limited..
Overland Limited ...
Chieagj Limited ....
Norfolk-Bonesteel ..
Ijnooln-Chadron ....
iH-adwood-Lincoln ..
Casper-finorishonl ...
Hastings-Superior ..'
all ' am a 1:16 pin
....a 4 pm a am
....a 4 12 pm a 5n am
a 3:46 pm
aSjlipm a 7 i am
a I 0 pin
a 125 pm a i) am
....a ij pm a 7 '6 am
a s pm a 6.31 am
....all :) pm all M am
a 7:40 am aI0:36 am
... b 7:40 am alO.St am
I ' pm liu pm
a t t pm a 6 oi pm
. .. b I vi pm b 6'i pm
b 6.-4.C pm bl2:4u pm
j Wabash.
pi. uiiuu ui ' i. -..... ift .v Mm s . JV am
I . i.lU .i .,,, v"
Council Bluffsi a :1S am aJO JO Dm
Stanberry Ixx-al (from
Council Bluffs) b 6:00 pm bll :20 am
I klraso Creel Western.
St. Paul A Minneapolis.. 8:30 pm 7:10 am
St. Paul MinneaKl:s. 7:46 am 11 in pm
Chicaao lamit d 5:4u pm 6:iO am
Chicago Express l:witi 11 io pm
Chicago Eapreaa 1.30 pm 3 3u pm
Misaonrl laeie.
K. C. A St. L. Expresa.a Vi am a C-JO am
K. C. 4 Bt. L. Express, ail la pm t S i pn
Nebraska Local a t.:v pm all am
Lies Moines lcal a 4 16 pm
IIMaola Central.
Chicago Expre-i a 8) sm a S 46 pm
M:nn. Sl til. Paul Es. hkmam . i; V. ..
Chicago Limited a 6 pm a 7:30 am
Minn, st Bt. raui UU...4 ID pm a 7 ) am
hleaae. Heck Island A Facile.
Chicago Limited a S 15 am a 7 1 sm
Iowa l'ni a 7 oo am a 4 pm
Chicago Mail a pm
Iowa Ijcal blJ.-e pm b 9.56 pm
Chicago fKastern Ex ) a 1 36 pm
Clscagu i Iowa Lrntd i .a ( 36 pto al2.36 pm
Rocky Mountain Limit. I S sm a 3 6 am
Colo, at Cul. Express, a l .Vi pm a 4 So pm
(kl. aj Texas Express, .a 4:tu pm aiJ.A pm
Lirtci.ln Fairbury and
belUvue a I SO pm a 30 am
hleaae, 4k St. Panl.
Chi. snd Crdo. Special. .a 7:51 am a 7:30 am
California and ore. Ex.a 6 l pni a t !.) pro
i-verlsnd Umlted I i t pin a . am
e M lines at Cedar
Rapids Local b t.4i am bU vO pm
Dr. Mil'er fern riati on Eiceot Frmaraiof
Eailroid Trssidect.
Mokrara , Mas Explains Why II
Failed to Reach Omaha te llefead
Resolatlnas Before Press
Contribtitlons on timely topics are
Invited from readers of The Bee.
Communications should be written
lesibly on one side of the paper only
anil accompanied by the name and
address of the writer The name wtil
not If used if the writer asks that it
te withheld. l"nusd communications
will n-t tie returned. Corresinindenta
sre adv.sed to limit their letters to )
words or tr.ev will be sjbject to being
cut down to that limit at the discretion
of the editor. Publications of views of
correspondents must not be taken to
commit The Bee to their endorsement.
The Voice of tlekney.
OMAHA. Feb. 25 -To the Editor cf The
Bee: Following the late warning of Mr.
Hill and Mr. Bhonts of the certain results
tf the agitation and assaults of legislatures
upon the railway Interests of the country,
that of A. 15. Stickney. the founder of
Omaha's great grain market, rings out with
no uncertain sound in an Interview In the
New York World trl graphed from St.
raul. The president of the Chicago Oreat
Western says:
Hard times ahead If the leirlslatures of
the vanojs staK-e do not st"p "tinkering''
,with tilings which are not fit subjects for
Mark the words, "not fit subjects of logls
lntl n." They simply mean thnt the higher
laws of business. unv xed by written stat
utes. Is the true and only law which can
wlarly regulate railroad rates, as It has
done for the good cf all In this prosperous
and opulent western country for mere than
thirty years. The result has Jjeen the low
est railroad ratea In the world. No In
formed man doubts or derles It.
Aaln Mr. St'.ckney further says:
The present rallroul agitation Is bound
to lead to disaster to the country at laige
If It be not checked.
A repetition r.f the troubles of ISM and
the subsequent, hard times. Mr. Stlckrey
believes, will lie the ultimute end of lejils
latlon. either passed or atxut to be passed
this winter In many state.
Mr. Ptlckeny furtkor Boys:
It is hijrh time for the good rf the cnuntry
n . a m-tinln thnt I hr ahotilit Ke tel-iln to
lrie railroad "batting" which is becoming a
favorite sport with legislators and state t
' . ' .. . ,n .. , ,k.
And now listen to this from the itme
wise man
nardN times have always been prcluced J
by legislative tinkering vci'h things which 'm'ntod on them respectfully, except, per
are rot fit subjects for legis atlon. It was i . , . . . . . ,,
so ten or thirteen years ago, when for i hP- wh'n 1 r'f"r to tne fact ,h 1 h11
years prevlrus to the last panic congress
nail neen experimenting witn rree stiver,
and It will be so again.
Twenty years ago. I said before a com
Vnlttee of the senate In Omaha, of which the
late S?nator Piatt cf Connecticut was the
chairman, that statutory regulation of rail
road rates would not regulate; that cm
petition would beat combination: that ecm-
merclal law, and not written law. would
contrrl. Nearly twenty years later I re-j
peated that statement before another com-
ml t tee of the senate In Washington and
proved the truth r f It by citing the undls-
puted fact that rates had gone down from
S and 4 cents per ton per mile to less than
1 cent per ton per mile all ever this coun
try, either without any written law, or In
spite of It, and no man alive can contro
vert the absolute correctness of that prop
osition. President Roosevelt, through Mr. Shonts,
has already thrown out a signal of distress.
If I were as close to him as some of my
good neighbor are. I might venture to ad
vise him to come In out of the wet. Steel
and iron lead the world of Industry. When
orders for raliroad construction are
checked, employment rf labor will be
checked In every line xf Industrial punrult.
Then will come dull times, followed by hard
times, and then will come panic and ruin
the same old story ra the name old way.
Fry and Madden.
NIOBRARA. Neb., Feb. 24-To the Editor
of The Bee: Now I received Just what was
unr 1 1 1 i . . n u , vi 1 1 . . v n irii n me maw
. . . . v. . . . . t a 1 .1 . . . . . .ft.. O . . . i
1'ress association meeting a raint tap or
pisapproval for making personal reference
to Third Assistant Postmaster General
Madden in my paper on "Maddenlsm Run
Had I not trusted to a Mind baggage
berth for my passage to Omaha, I might
have saved the day.
Our train south passes through here about
t In the morning and having used my press
mileage at the close of the year I had
no other recourse than forage on the
enemy, expecting when reaching Norfolk
to get proper recognition. I reached there
when It was Just dawning snd Editor Huse
of the News ret'jrned my Elk grip by tell
ing me that I was a buffalo.
I risked the smoker, however, and when
the conductor came around I was protected
by old man Ketchum's whisker until I
got to Nickerson, when the conductor
wouldn't listen. I knew th Methodist
minister there, an old apprentice of mine,
by the wa), named Brlce Paxton. who
gave me a delicious breakfast. With a
luncheon of yellow-legged chicken. I pro
ceeded to count the ties to Fremont over
tbe Burlington new line, expecting to
meet Ross Hammond. But bis brolher
Frank told me that he had gone to Lincoln
to measure the distance between Fremont
and the legislature, ar.d Incidentally to
coach 'em on the t-cent rate. I told Frank
that if he had waited I could have helped
him estimate It by my own count from
Nickerson In,
I wa quite sure that I couldn't make
Ashland In time to meet Doc Blxby on
hi way from Lincoln to th association, so
I became disheartened and turned back in
box car, where I cronied with the breakle
for handout. I have Just got In.
Th Be made a pleaaant reference to
my paper on "Maddenlsm Run Mad." but
some of the other report left the imprea-
Imv. Arrive.
Denver California 4 10 pm a 3.30 pm
Black Hills
.a 4.10 pm a IU pm
Northwest Special
Northwest Express
Nebraska Express
Nebraska Local ...
Lincoin Local
lano.'n Fast Mall .
...a 4 lu pni a i pm
...all:70 pm a 7:10 am
...a t 10 am a 7 46 pm
...a l.'O am a 7:45 pm
a t:i6 am
...b t.OO pm all 1 pm
Iunculn Local
a 30 pm
Plattsmouth !a 7 JO pm a !U am
I'enver Limited a 7 ) avi
pellevue Pac. June. a 1 3 am a 1:50 pm
Chlcaftfo Specral a 1.5 am a 7 am
Chicago Express allium all diii
I fhu Kxpre
Chicago Flyer a t-6 sm a 7 .5 pm
low Locl a 1S am alO 51 pm
St. Louis Exnrtas a 4 la pm all am
kauii C lty-St Joe alv 45 pni a 46 am
Kansas Ci'y-Ht. Jo....a IS sm a 110 pm
Kauaas City-8l. Joe a 4 45 pra
St. Panl. Minneapolis at
T 1 h CII Ii r K ft. a.ta
fi .ioi City l-aasener...a 2 - pm all SO ism
Eanenk-n v b 6 46 pm b S 10 am
Ec.ierson Laical '. otf.46 am e 6 50 pm
Mlaoftirl Psetle.
Loevl via Weeping
Water attain a 6 pra
Falls City Loral a 3 S pm all .v pm
a Dailv. b Dul'.y exert Sutnlay. d Daily
except Saturday. Sajiday only. Dal y
except Mobday
slnn that I hsd made a lot ft kicks
because It was easiest. I have been flared
on the tiring line a good many times In
try thirty odd years In Nebraska Journal
ism and sometimes the reserves didn t come
to my relief I feel that this is Oie esse
at the Nebraska Press ssscclatlon meet
ing last Wednesdsy. '
Ross Hammond has become smooth. I
enjoy the acquaintance of a smooth ope
rator. Ills set of resolutions accepted by
the association In the face of Its own reso
lution committee was sn undignified slap
In the face of the committee Had my
tie Connections held out to the end of the
line I should have been there In time to
dispute his right.
The caution Congr-ssman-elect Hitchcock
gave to the association was also one. of
those old-time moves that has made Ne
braska "go back and sit down."
The fear of President Roosevelt s "big
stick" Is canny. My reading of the presi
dent Is that he has no use for kid glovs
In a boxing match. He likes a frank -en an
if the man has the honest lew of It
and the honest view may be the wrong one.
But he wants to know,
Mr. Hitchcock believed It would be a
mistake If the newspsper publishers of
this state should Join with other states In
making personal warfare upon anyone con
nected with the postal department.
I have always enjoyed th- report of that
tea party In the Boston harbor. Its spirit
has always appealed to every American;
who hadn't an ax to grind. I am also
sincere believer In the old sdage that
"where there Is so much smoke there must
be Some fire." And I only have to refe
to the speech of Sir Charles Marcll, deputy
speaker of the lower house of the Cana
dian parliament, before the American
Newspaper Publishers' association banquet
on the fist, when he offered on the part
of the Canadian publishers, "a message of
sympathy and god fellowship." Postal
rates and censorship pr the subjects of
enrh speaker of the evening.
Shades of Boston harbor!
D-) you suppose the president will Jump
up and swear a little? Not a bit of It.
He will dive down d'eper to the cause.
And Ncbratka should hsve gone on recorl
in the same manly open way.
I'll wager my soiled clothing from th"
recent attempted trip to Omaha by the
tramp route that most of thos who op-
posed reference to Mr. Madden In the res-
olutlons have something In view for them
selves and expect to make Mr. Madd n feel
loosened up. But Mr. Madden has himself
kissed the Blarney stone, gentlemen.
Now a little In my own def-nse. Asld
from The Bee's report, all others Imply
that I made a vicious attack upon Mr.
Madden In my paper. I merely quoted his
own rulings and my contentions, all
couched In respectful language, and com
always feel that I was robbed of my de
posits to help out that deficit, and that
Mr. Madden's hostility to the press I be
lieved had become a dls ase. The other ref
erences were byplays thst had no signif
icance except to break the monotony. I
used no billingsgate or diatribes.
I admire some of Mr. Madden s past work
and said so. But I cannot acknowledge
,h1 he hM sympathy for the great work
of ,n Press of this nation nor for the
Progress of the people. I contend that he
ha Dot tne r1ht to uk lw in his
own hands because he has a temporary
power to do so. That Is why, he ought to
be removed. That Is why I think the Ne
braska Press association should have been
on record without the consent or advice of
a big editor who has no natural common
sympathy for the Inconsequential country
press. Of course Ross Hammond still lives
In the country and he is left with full
Powers. ED A. FRY.
Editor Wonderland Magaxine.
Starr Defends Himself.
OMAHA. Feb. 3.-Ed!tor of The Bee: In
your Issue of this morning appear an
article seriously reflecting on my business
Integrity as a special advertising solicitor.
Kindly give me an opportunity of an
swering the same. The article In question
1 attributed to Information furnished by
a George Brown (7) of Council Bluffs and
I entirely false In every particular. In
spite of the covert Insinuation that I
change my name to suit locality or condl-
the fact .remains thnt I am now
and always have been Fred Starr and
have never posed under any other name. I
have been visiting Omaha and other cities
of the middle west annually for the last ten
year In the business of special advertls-
Ir.g. and have alway. fulfilled my oblige-
"uw "ere si me j nursion
hotel In the flesh, ready and willing to
refute any and all calumnies of a like
nature. Yours truly, FRED STARR.
Special Advertising Solicitor.
Police Board Ha Vmm erltk Sew
Yorker, Who Hasn't Key
to City.
Charles F Koster of New York City,
secretary of the Phenlx Insurance com
pany, was the victim of a practical Joke
Monday afternoon. I'nwlttlngly Mr. Koster
called on Chief of Police Donahue and
showed a letter written by Mayor Dahl
man, who met Mr. Koster on the Bryan
trip last fall. Mr. Koster w as supposed
to have had with him a key to th city,
but failing to show the same Chief Donahue
brought the New Yorker to the police
board meeting, then to meet. Commissioner
a ... . I . ... ....4 . v. . v . ft.- . ... i.. . i .. i
In the custody of the chk-r of police and
. . , . .
placed on an out-going train, but Mayor
t- j M . . .. . '
rahlman declared the motion out of
. . . .
vi uri . - s w ww mm vx i s-tr .1 v ari s, i
. , . . .t .
mayor objection and the insurance man '
handed over to Chief Donanue for Investi
gation. Chief Donahue took Mr. Koster to a i
train with Lee Sprstlen and H. O. Ben-
dlct- - ent ,or ,h Pix company.
At the train Mayor Dahlman met tbe party
and presented Mr. Koster with a small
key. Messrs. Koster, Spratlen and Bene
dict proceeded to Lincoln at 4 o'clock with
a clean tlckei-of-leave.
Relea Governing; Admission to Battle
Menntaln Sanitarians, Which
Will Osta Soon.
The board of trustee of th national
home for .disabled voiunterra has Just Is
sued a general order governing the ad
mission of veteran soldier to the Battle
M0""'" sanitarium, wnich will be ready
I for the reception of soldiers by May L Us 7.
Those eligible for admission are disabled
, .
l soldier now In th national homes, and
' fur such, application must be made through
th rHps,tly. surgeon of the home of
... 7 , .
wnicu inr are mmiin twiner rngiuies
sr ex-soldiers who are entitled to admls-
slon to national soldiers" homes. These
should make application to Col. R. D. Jen
nings, governor ar.d surgeon of tbe Battle
Mountain sanitarium. Hot Springs. 8. D..
or to Captain H. E. Palmer, local manager
( nd m'rub"r of ,he "tlonl board. Omaha.
I Neb. N-
' Tt-a aanir.ei.tni i. j....i..i
old soldiers who are not able to take rare
of themselves, who have received honorable
discharges from the volunteer service In
the Civil war, Spanish' American or Philip
pine wars.
Dr. Ltnnn Abbott fT Fcm Troili Art
Aestc: for Good.
Mead of Delaware Urkswssss A
Western Railroad Intimates that
the Present Prosperous Con
ditions Cannot Continue.
NEW YORK. Feb J3.-In an address de
livered Sunday before the people's forum In
New P.ochelle. tre Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott
said a good word for the cortrations and
at the same time prale1 President Rooae
velt for his policy. The president, he ad
mitted, was exercising more control over
leglslstlon than any other executive who
has ever occupied the White house, but
he said the president was not seeking to
obta'ln legislative ends by the eaerclse of
"It Is because the big American penpl
are with him." sail he. "that the presi
dent has been able to get some good leg
islation." The speaker decrWd the feeling against
trusts, as he ssld that trusts and com
binations were sgencles for rikh! wlien they
were honestly conducted.
"It Is the abuses that have crept Into
these corpora tk ns snd not their existence
which have made some of them obnoxloua
In the public r'e." he said.
Treeadale on Conditions.
President William Truesdale of the Dela
ware. Larkawana A Western Railroad
company. In a published interview today, la
quoted as aiylng:
"A campaign of astitatlnn asalnst rail
ways having Its origin in high executive
authority is being waged throughout the
country. As it passes down the line each
subordinate and each suite and local au
thority strives to surpnss his superior In
xeal and increase its violence.
"At the same time there Is manifest
everywhere a spirit cf unrest and distrust
regarding general financial conditions and
the continuation of our great prosperity.
'1 am not a financial expert and I do
not pretend to analyse these monetary con
ditions. I have belief in the genuine pros
perity of the country, but I also believe
that w are living In a time of as great
inflation as during the gretnback days fol
lowing the close of the civil war. I may
be extreme In my comparison, but th
prices of both labor end commodities can
not go on forever increasing without a day
of readjustment.
"No doubt there Is some Justification for
the public hostility against railroads. On
the other hand there is little doubt that
the conditions complained of are not
bid or so universal as claimed.
Passe In Cieneral Committee and
Belief I that C oanell Will
Adopt It.
An ordinance to regulate the placing; of
signs and showcases passed the general
committee of the city council yesterday af
ternoon and It Is believed will be passed
at this evening's meeting of the council.
This ordinance prohibits placing sign
lower than twelve feet over walks and
makes If an offense to place goods or mer
chandise on sidewalks for other than Im
mediate purposes. Showcase must not be
more than three feet from lot lines.
Mr. Zlmman's second ordinance to re
quire street railway compan'p t H
twenty-five tickets for 11 was laid on th
Mayor Dahlman. Councilmen Johnson and
Brurkcr were appointed as a committee to
arrange for a proper observance of th
' fiftieth anniversary of the meeting of the
first council of Omaha, which date will
fall on March 6.
Councilman Brucker's ordinance to regu
late theatrical attractions and advertise
ments of the same was held over for a
week. It is Mr. Brucker' desire to elim
inate such attractions as depict murder.
bodily assaults, rrison life or persona
' dressed In prison garb and poster dls-
i playing such scene.
j a tract of land owned by W. J. Connell
; between Leavenworth street and St. Mary
: avenue along Twenty-fourth street was
j recommended to be placed out of the fir
; 4,mlt, and a resolution to thl effect will
j h. .cled on thl, evening.
p,.v a, r-nnanv th- w.v,
to construct a boat at the foot of Douglas
street. It was explained that this craft
j would be used this season for hauling;
garden truck to omana rrom town along;
the river. The boat will be sixty feet long;
and will be placed In commission In ninety
Oat Deal Involving Them, Caarle
Maeller Uses te Hresrsr
Ilia f-V-O.
Charles Mueller's refusal to go Into a
' business In which slot machine were aa
! Important part I made the basis of
I suit aralnst the W. F. Stoecker Cigar com
; pany for tA which he has appealed from
i county court to district court. In an
I am-nded petition filed yesterday he said
; he had agreed to buy a share In the bus
iness for K-0. After he had paid th
i . , ' . , . .
, chines were used In the store snd a he
, , . .,, .
; considered them gambling devices he re-
; . . . ... .. . . ..
I fus d to go on with the dexl. He began.
i . - , , . .
suit to get back his JitO. Losing out In
the county court, he appealed to district
! court.
teanellmaa from Tenth Coaflnrd t
Room from EaTeets of Slight
One ration.
Councilman FJsasser 1 confined to
room In the Omaha General hospital, wher
yesterday he was subjected to a slight
operation. It Is believed the councilman
from tbe Tenth will be around within a,
is a perfect food, as it contains the
most essential elements to sup
ply energy for the performance
of the variou- body functions.
Its daily use tends to strengthen
nd regulate the bowels.
10 cents a package
Fr ! by all Grocer
m wmm