Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 26, 1907, Page 10, Image 10

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Want - ads
ArMIrmrnt for the waat-ad
enlamna will ho taken aatll 13 m. for
the errata edition and aatll a. at.
for the morula aad lHif edltleue.
Taah meet accompany ardera foe
want-ad. aad ao "111
ha accented for leea tbaa lO eenta for
the Itrat laaertloa. ,
Ratea apply to either Tha Dally or
gunatay Bee.
Alwaya eonnt el words to a llae.
Combinations of laltlala or aambera
rnnnl aa oae word.
aertloa. per llae, lO eeala. Two or
aore consecutive laaertlona. per llae,
reata. Koch laaertloa made oa odd
day., lO reata per llae. flJSO per
line per month.
advertisement la Inaerted aader any
one of the rlaaslff rations arl-rea helow,
It will he charged at the following
rateat One laaertloa, 4 eeata per
llnei three to els eonaeeatlTe Inaer
lloaa, eenta per llae each laaertloal
--.- nee line eaeh laaertlon SO
rents per llae per month.
ri she", niAJirE".
Except Agrente, Solicitors and
C'owa, Rlrda, Doge aad Peta.
Iloraea and Vehicles.
Ponltry aad Effi.
Planoa, Organs aad Maalral !
Typewrltera aad win Ml
Farnlahed Rooma.
I'nfurnlehed Rooma.
Housekeeping" Rooma.
Boarding and Rooma.
rrxATioss wanted.
Death aad Funeral Notlcea, Carda af
Thank. a and Lodge Notlcea, 7 eeata
per line for one edition, morning or
cvcalDf 3 centa a lino for eaeh addi
tional edition. Sunday. lO eeata a
line. No ad taken for lean thau 50
Want-ada for The Bee may he left
ae la "roar corner drugglet" they
are all branch offlcea of The Beo aad
yonr ad will be Inaerted Jnat
promptly aad oa the aame ratea aa at
the mala otnce la The Bea Building,
Meventeentb. aad Farnam atreeta.
Albsch, W. C, 40th and Farnam.
Beranek, 8. A., 1402 8. 16th St.
pectus Pharmacy, 720 8. 16th St.
Benson I'hHrniucy, Benson, Neb.
Bemls Park Pharmacy. 83d and Cuming.
Cauichlln. C. R-. 6th and Pierce SU.
Clifton lllll Pharmacy, 2213 Military Ay.
Conte, j. u., 3Jl Ave. ana f arnam.
Crissey Pharmacy, 24th and Lake.
Cermak, Kmil, 1264-4 S. 13th 6t.
Eastman Pharmacy, 4046 Hamilton.
iChler, F. H.. 28U2 Leavenworth.
hmiT At ArnoiUl. 213 N. 25th Bt.
Prey tag. Juhn J., 1914 N. 24lh St.
Florence LM-ug Co., Florence, Neb.
Guldman Pharmacy, 20th and Lake 8ta.
Green's Pharmacy, corner Park Ave. and
I'aclflc. s
Greeiough, G. A., 1(CE 8. 10th St.
, Greenougn, O. A., 10th and Hickory.
Hayden, Wm. C, 2930 Farnam St.
Han-com Park Phar., 1601 8. 29th Are.
Hoist, John, 624 N. 16th St.
Huff, A. L.. 224 Leavenworth St.
King. H. 8.. 2i38 Farnam St.
Kountie Place Pharmacy, 3304 N. 24th.
Patrick Drug Co., 1602 N. 24th St.
Lathrop, Chas. E., 1324 N. 24th St.
Pfyton, L. E., 24th and Leavenworth.
Saratoga Drug Co., 24th and Amea Av.
Schaeter's Cut Price Drug Store, 16th and
Schiiefer, August, 2631 N. 16th St.
Schmidt. J. H., 24th and Cuming Sts.
Storm Pharmacy, 16th and Martha Sta.
Walnut Hill Pharmacy, 40th and Cuming.
Walton Pharmacy, 20th and Grace Sta.
Wlrth. O. H.. 40th and Hamilton Sta.
The following marriage licenses have
been issued :
Name and Residence. Ae. I Arthur Pooe. Omaha 22
May Pearl Ireland, Emerson. Neb 20
t.eorge H. Miller, Omaha SZ
jiuiiw x . rrueii, vjiuuna 4d l
A tllliim Scheerence, Omahn 43 I
Kate L. Scheerence, Omaha 33
-ri,, i r.-i c-.y. vr
Mary E. Channlng. St. Neb.:::" 80
Tan K. Cross, Omaha 22 I
nainenne Miinr, umana is
Charlie M. Jones, Vllllsca. Ia 24
Grace Wilson. Vllllsca, Ia 25
Patrick Mortimer. South Omohn M
Kathcrtne Jones, South Omuha 12
. ' :
A inert jnrgensen. umana 43
Jessie Lindqulst, Omaha 42
The following births and deaths were re
ported to the hoard of health during the
luny-eigni nnurs ending Monday noon:
births John Knpunek, 2506 South Twen
ty-nun. girl; rred Peters, 2418 Burdette,
i"y; Aiireu i. vtuaieign, ajs roppielon,
liy; Frunk Klugler, 1318 Martha, boy.
Deaths C. 8. Nelklrk. Fortieth and Pop
rleton, 40; John Smith, county hospital, i5;
piuiiii uminiiu, tjuuiiiy nospiiai, ov.
KOETTER Dr. Max, died at Burlington,
yo., r roruary iwi.
Born In Omaha February 6. 1882. aradu.
ated from the Omaha Medical college May
14, 10. lie was alck several montha and
died while his wife was In Omaha. Beside
ins wiiu and cniid, lie leaves his parents
ana one uromer to mourn till, death.
LINDQUIST Anton at $:46 a. m. February
. 26, aga 7 months and t days, 801 Hickory
rOLCAR Mary 8., February 24, 1907, age
ym, 9 iiiunius ana ien aaya.
Funeral services will be held from
family residence. 1443 Suuth Sixteenth street
-luestiay, heliruary at I p, m. Faintly
kindly request that no flowers be sent.
t unerai win tie private.
Students Begin Any Time. Catalogue fr
Address H. B. BOVLES, Pres., Omaha, Neo.
tl au
OMAHA Safe and Iron Worka make a spe
cialty of fire escapes, shutters, doora aad
sales, u. Anareco, rop., iu3 a. loth Bt
liHh and Farnam.
iiu, ir.LtuKAriit, JSNuLIdH.
ALL kinds of hardwood and parquetry
floors. Prank Sevlck, go. 10th and Do
minion sua. U) $23 M12g
iiiMjivS. booklets and fine catalogues
0 M7T 2$
THE CITY GARBAGE CO.-Offlce 4th and
bniiuaunn ou let. uouglaa 1K7.
HON PAINTINO-B. H. Cole. UOt Douglaa.
tU 4)10
(OWA Sanitary Cleaning Co, Ul Farnam.
FOR EXCHANGE A stock of general tnw
chandlse la gooa swum iimi iu,
will Invoice about $4.0t0; doing good bual
ne. Will take reaidence aa part pay
mnt or small piece of land. Olobo I .end
and Invratment Co., Patterson Bids.,
Omaha. Neb. 3)-M34
EXCHANGES If you hara city property,
Stocks or goona, larm una ur pivur i
any kind to exchange, write for our com
plete lien. We have properties and land
In all parts of the country to exchange.
Our list la free. Send for It at once.
Globe Land and Investment Co., Patter,
son Bldg., Omaha. Neb. (3) 783
FOR EXCHANGE 100 acres near Orchard,
Antelope county, nen. pra sn.vv im
acre. 2J0 acres six mllea from O'Neill,
Holt county. Neb., Improved; price $a per
acre. Will exchange either or both of
nt-uiva farms for merchandise or hardware.
We also have several Income properties In
Omaha to excnange ior morcnanaiae or
hardware. Globe Land and Investment
Co., Patterson Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
Kit 783
WESTERN Nebraska and Kansas lands to
trade for merchandise or property, uu n,
17th. (3)-M986 Ml
to-date stock of drugs in gooa lowa town
of 10,000 Inhabitants; Invoice $16,000. Will
give right party a good deal or might
consider good land In exchange. Globa
Iind and Investment Co., Patterson
Bldg., Omaha, Neb. (3)-M399
FOK EXCHANGE We hare several stock
of merchandise, groceries ana ary goous,
tip-to-date and doing a good business, to
exchange for good, clear land at right
price. Send complete description In first
letter. Globe Land and Investment Co.,
Patterson Bldg., Omaha, Neb. (3)-M814
FOR EXCHANGE Good 8 room house.
fine location, cnicsgo, ior similar prop
erty In Omaha. Address L 756, Bee office.
(1) M431 27x
-ROOM house, water, gas. etc., 12,90;
manufacturing business, iou rsn; wouia
take part real estate In good town In
trade. Address H-802, Bee. (3)-M602 lz
190 acres, 2 miles of good town. Smooth
rolling land. aU under plow; small set
buildings. Good new land. Rented for
half. Will take half or value in ciear cny
property. Bal. time at 8 per cent. Price
$64 per acre.
(3) M753-M1
ONE and one-half-story house, lot 50x189;
two blocks from South umana car
for land or rooming house. In god lo
catlon. 416 S. 13th. (i) 893 28x
Do You Wish to Make a Change
If you hare a farm. home, business or
property tnat you want to sen or
' change write ua
Omaha. Neb.
(4 M293 MS
WANTED To sell or trade, 16-room hotel;
steam heat, gas and city water ana a
five-room cottage; reason for selling,
III health. Address SOS Avo. B, Council
Bluffs. Ia. (4) M77
FOK SALE First-class blacksmith and
wagon work business, with tools, $4 to $
received for shoeing and $4 to $8 for set
ting Urea, Address T-129, Bee.
Free Presents
French artistic photography, known aa the
Paris Studio
210 South 14th St.,
Have opened a photograph gallery, with
the latest Improvements in tne pnoio-
graphlc line. Photographs on
Silks, Pillows,
Neckties, Etc.
A Specialty.
Special Inducements for two montha only,
we will give Willi eacn oraer a iree prea
ent of fine jewelry ana silverware.
amounting to the sum eaual to your pur
chase In photographs. This' Is done In
order to get our work before the public.
Call and visit our place, ujwn ounaay
'Phone Red 4502.
(4) 404 M6x
WE BUT OR SELL Business chances or
exc nange a ousiness, rooming nouse. or
excnange ior anyuung. money loaneu on
y" va anytning 10 sen or warn w
T, rmuBla. 9ux. R34-536 Paxton Blk.
C4) M380 Ml
" VJSb.Bld,f
(O M237
DO YOU want a 15-year established hard-
ware business. In good locution; clean
stock and building; $7,OX. Address 8 76.
I w aa Sat V
I r uw in av.n, loittv on -
-ood business: will clear you from $2,000
to $3,000 every year; no competition; small
capital required. Call or write u. a. mm,
Oakland, Neb. (4) 460 27X
LOOSE LEAF LEDGERS and loose leaf
devices of all kinds. Kees printing jo,
Omaha. (4 M777 F2s
S20 shares of the. Mankera-Ileavner Navt
gatlon Lo. stock, at mucn less man tne
market price If sold at once. Address
Box 243, Omaha, Neb. (4) Mif
NEVADA gold and copper properties, reas
onaue prices, just wnat you are loomng
for in organising a company, investigate
Address B 796, Bee. (ijF-tna 2b x
A grocery store, stock and fixtures tn
voicing about $2,600. Monthly sales $2,000.
Do you want a better opening? see me
$30 Board of Trade. 16th and Farnam.
(4) 6 M3
A clean staple permanent business in
Omaha, clearing more than $5,000 annually;
fullest investigate solicited. Address G-784
Bee. 4) Mttfl 2tix
FOR SALE Real estate, loan and Insur
ance business; otnce established eight
years; gooa Dusiness; money maker, but
must Bell on account of health; count
seat, southweBt Iowa. Address Y 2t)
care Bee. (4) M52 Ml
FOR SALE New, clean stock of hard
ware county seat town. 'Invoice $1.6u0
snap it taken soon. Address Box 714, Ai
blon, MOD. (4) MSH3 x
49 ACRES Sarpy i county land for trade,
hair cash, balance South Ihuaha property.
aft tlit rmw it.,, LAAmaa V ', a. t..-
(4) M9U3 4x
FOR SALE At sacrifice, newspaper plant
locaieu lit urunswicK, Jxt'D. Adilrna J
fcL Nye, Stanton. Neb. (4 MUM M2
$20 ACRES close to Crawford, Neb. Will
trude or sell, $J0 an acre. Dr. C. Owlngs,
FOR SALE Money making harness shop
n ocanuinavian community, good country,
square deal, reason poor health. Address
X a, care Bea. , (4 M9S1 M4x
FOR SALE) New clean stock groceries, dry
guuua, doois ana snoes in a good town
In eastern Nebraska, Invoice about K0OO.
too brick store. Cheap rent. Address
z mi. care xiee. (4) Mie2 M4
rxw bale In a thriving town In central
iNenrasaa. a buiuiinar. almost new nit.
able for the retail meat business with a
HlMoncnu opening ror aame. Address P O
Box 60, Grand Island, Neb. (4) M3W 28
READ Neat meat market and small rm,
woijfj uuuumi ivxsu; large ice house, half
urna, iuui iuwn, western lowa. Would
wn.iun iSw nun up noiei 11 taken soon
ThU Is a snap. Address T-1S2. care Bee.
tt) M M2x
WANTED Man with $1,000 to $3,000 to Join
i.'iiiuuii in transportation prop
osition; good salary and sure profits;
don t waste time unless you have money
and know a good thing 'when you see
11 For interview address A 71, care Bee.
l M44S $7
FOR BALE Money-making restaurant and
confectionery; central Nebraska county
aeat; bad health. Address Y I'll, rare
li I,V1 Jk
Do you want a horse and buggy cheap?
A number are offered on (lie want ad page.
FOR SALE $3,0(0 ( per cent bonds and 11.0
7 per cent preferred atock In New State
Telephone company of Sioux City, la.,
for all or any part. Address Box 5U,
Baker City, Ore. (4 721 Mix
WE buy, sell or exchange everything, Nat.
Investment Co., 63 Douglas Blk.
14) 320 MS
WANTED Man with $1,000 to join good,
reliable Arm; "Investigate." Address H
753, Bee. (4) M478 28x
WANTED To contract with responsible
brokerage firm to aid In placing atock la
sue in timber and lumbering enterprise in
Oregon. Parties must assure results.
Proposition high class; substantial assets.
Full particulars and bank references.
Address H. C. Mahon, Eugene, Oregon.
(4 M4S4 28X
Money making restaurant, confectionery,
soda fountain, fixtures; nearly new 8
room house, furnace heat; will take about
$7,000 to close deal; best of reasons for
selling. Address T ISO, care Bee.
(4) M4S 26x
FIRST-CLASS hair dressing parlor; the
best location In the city: splendid busi
ness. Address, care Bee. N 741. t4 313
FOR SALE: $1,000 will buy a strictly up to
date bakery doing fine business In city of
16,000 population; brick oven. For par
ticulars address 7 196, Omaha Bee.
14) M Bo AloX
FOR SALE General stock of dry goods.
shoes, groceries, etc.; all new wiinin tne
last year; good trade and fine country;
a bargain. Owner has other business to
take his time. Address Y-1X9, care
of Bee, 4)-MUJ27x
FOR SALE The only printing office In a
town of 800 Inhabitants, pnper non-partisan
and a good circulation. Good point
for Job printing. Address T 194. care Bee
Omaha. Neb. (4)-M434 27
FOR SALE Bakery Restaurant, coda
fountain In connection,' good parlor.
In county seat town. Address Lock
Box 323, Glenwood, Ia.
(4) MS49 28x
$20 ACRES close to Crawford, Neb. Will
trade or sell, $20 an acre. Dr. u. owings,
Disney, Neb. 4)-M593 Mix
FOR SALE Or trade for good land, drug
stock in southern Nebraska; owner wanta
to retire, a snap. Address Y 188, care
Bee. 4)-M122 27x
FOR SALE Rooming house of 10 rooms.
must sell, party leuving city ia
ty $275, $121
(4) 411 2Cx
down. Answer K 7to, Bee.
DRUG stores for sale everywhere. F. V,
Knlest, 624 N. X. L. w oo
FOR SALE Photograph gallery, a Kd
one, doing a fine business; a money
maker. Address Y ,203. Bee.
(4) 614 Mix
FOR SALE Cigar factory, good trade,
wholesale and retail; everything goes;
will bear Investigation. Address Y 204,
care Bee. (4)-C16 Mix
CORPORATION controlling business, es
tablished lHftJb, desires energetic, experi
enced business man to manage state
agency; salary, $2,600 yearly and commis
sions. Investment of $1,000 and upward
and unquestionable references requtrea.
Address, Holllster Drug Co., Mndlson,
Wis. 4)-698 2X
IF YOU want to get In or tut af business,
no matter wnat your Dusiness is, or
We make all kinds of trades and guarantee
to suit. If you have anything to trade,
write us.
220 Neville Block.
ONLY confectionery. Ice cream business In
ft, 800 town,' established 8 years, clearing
$2,500; terms to suit; also two fountains
freezers, engine, slot machines. A.
Jaseph, Lemars, Ia. (4) 661 26x
ROOMING house, 16 rooms, modern, full
of roomers, win sen reasonable icr wt-n
Address C 780, Bee. '.4 M78'-26x
O. L, BROLINE, 618 Bee Bldg.
(6 MS40 Mt
W. W. DODGE, attorney. N. T. Life Bldg
Office Tel. Douglas 4&2; Res. uougias li34.
T. E.
BRADY, Probata Atty. COS Bee Bldg.
(6) Mbbo M
DR. ROT, R-2, IMS Farnam Bt. Doug. 64S7.
Danclnar Academies.
THE snring term for adults at Morand's,
15 tn and Harnev, oegins irriaay, Marcn
1, 8 p. m. Special prices for first night.
Call or telephone Douglas iu4i.
(5) M7S7 Mix
IN families. Miss Sturdy, Tel. Harn. 2M2.
ttj Bl
MRS. BRANDON, 2CJ N. 18th.
Doug. Mi.
(5)-773 27
$2 60 SHIRT waist sulta
Phone Web. 2930.
(6 836 M18
HESS 4V 8WOBODA, 141fi Farnam. 9) 616
L. HENDERSON, 1SU Farnam. Tel Doug.
UbS. (ft) 17
iougiaa iwv () als
Dr. Bowser Over 1600 Far. Tel. Doug. 6370.
(B) M3ho MIS
WE print everything!
Rees Printing Co.
(6)-M778 28
Springer Printing Co., 206 N. 17th. Doug. 2071
(6 60C 2k
I YNHSTAn High grade 1907 calendars
-V-.T,.,V. s- E- corner 16th St. and
&JORVE Capitol Ave. (6)-619
CALL CENTRAL Doug, 3969 Central
Printing Co., loweat prices on printing.
110 S. 17th. Typewritten letters specialty.
x (6 Mas'l Ml
JENNINGS Printing Co.. Tel. Douglas 6380.
(& 6J0
(6) 731 27
LYNCH BROS. Repair work our specialty.
118 N. 16th St. TeL Douglaa 1477.
Rlprappta Uaglaeer.
H. F. KELLNER, River and Riprap Engi
neer: 20 years' practical experience: writs
for Information. 610 Bee Bldg., On a ha.
Neb. ' 5-MM3
The Leading Palmist of Omaha.
Revelations of past aud future aescrtbed.
Parlors. 11 8. 16th St, Opp Boston 6tore.
PSYCHIC palmist and life reader. Mile.
Rees, residence 2036 Harney. Tel. Douglas
tfd. (6)-407 26x
MADAMES Bean Mayo. Spiritual Life
Readera Seancea Tueaday and Friday
evenings. Consult ua 922 N. lth. TeL
Red bu6. (6-M9?7 Mitt
" When You Write to
Remember that It takes only an extra
stroke or two of the pea to mention the
fact that you saw ths ad. la the Bee.
Clerical aad OA.ce.
2 GIRLS for mailing catalogues. Nebraska
Clothing Co. (7) Mi34
LADY of good arpearance and address tl
solicit ror cnaritabie organisation. Ap.
p'y between and 10 a. m. Mr. Ellison,
M city hall. (7) 636
WANTED Experienced bookkeeper and of-
nce assistant tor wnoiesaie nouse. cttate
experience and salary expected. Good
chance for right party. Address C 797,
Bee. (7) S61 26
Factory and Trades.
TWO laundry girls wanted. M. E. Smlth'g
factory, 11th and Douglas. (71 M&46
GIRLS wanted at once, steady work, gpod
wages. Bemis omatia Bag Co.
Housekeepers and Domestics.
WANTED Cook, 3612 Farnam street.
(7) MftSS
WANTED Competent girl, general house
work, lines children, zstn snd a nts.,
South Omaha. (7) MSK3 27x
WANTED A girl for general housework.
260S Dewey Ave. (7) 677
WANTED At once girl for general house
work. 2219 Leavenworth St.
(IB) M60J 27x
HOUSEKEEPER wanted. Widower, 36
years, wishes housekeeper. Address with
particulars John Wlllett. Oenernl De
livery, South Omaha, Neb. (7) M739 27x
WANTED Girl for general housework. 428
M. 40tn Bt. (7) M804 Zt
WANTED Good cook;
good wages; two
Yost, 140 N. 39th.
(7) 839 26x
in family. Mrs. C. E.
WANTED A neat girl to do plain cooking
at tne creche. lth and Harney. .i a
week. (7) S87-27X
ELDERLY woman for light housework and
care or baby, uood, permanent home and
small wages to right party. Mrs. Davis,
4210 Ames Ave. (7) M978 28x
LADIES We are still in need of mors
help decorating sofa pillows, experience
unnecessary work taken home; perma
nent; good pay. Call mornings, 2311 S.
13th St. (7)-16o M2x
LADY of good appearance and address to
solicit ror charitable organization. Ap
ply between 9 and 10 a. m. Mr. Ellison,
106 city hall. (7) 63
WANTED Young lndy demonstrators to
travel for large flavoring extract house;
experience not necessary. Address, stat
ing age, salary, etc., E-782, Bee.
(7) M787 26x
M'DOWELL Dressmaking School, 1623 Farn.
(7) MlM M-ll
WANTED Lady canvassers for Red Seal; sniary weekly, call or 'pnone Mil
lard hotel. Ned Winkler. (7) M995 4x
Agents, Solicitors and Salesmen.
WANTED Local rrnresentatlve for Ne
braska to sell whisky In bond to the
saloon trade. MuBt be familiar with the
whisky business. Address, giving refer
ences. Box 6u2, Kansas City, Mo.
(9)-M8S6 26
OUR representatives maxe $7B per week.
Want one or two more Bond required.
Address In own handwriting, with stamp
and references, A 627, Bee. (9) Mioe mz
AGENTS wanted to drive through the
country, best selllna- nroDositlon ever of
fered. Big value for your customer, big
profit for you. Write today for particu
lars and territory. E. R. McClellan, 603
Bee Bldg., Omaha, Neb. (9)-34
SALESMAN WANTED To travel In sur
rounding states: knowledge of our busl
ness not necessary; position permanent
witn good income; references requireu.
Address N 790, Bee office. (91811 26x
WANTED Traveling man wi l ability as
a salesman and capable of hiring and
managing others. Address C 814, Bee
office. (9) M818 26x
PACIFIC Mutual Life Insurance of Cali
fornia desire competent district managers,
Very liberal contracts. Address F 800,
Bee. (9) B90-27X
WANTED Five boys, good wages; perma
nent job. A. D. T. Co.. 212 S. 13th St.
(9) 622
Clerical and
WANTED Engineers and engineer supply
men to handle as a side line one of tho
best propositions on the market, an article
used in every boiler room, liberal com
mission paid. Drop us a line and let
our men talk with you and then draw
your own conclusions. Correspondence
connaentiaj. Address x zuu. care ee.
(9) M535 M3
WANTED Experienced bookkeeper and
office assistant for wholesale house.
State experience and salary expected.
Good chance for right party. Address
D 79S, Bee. (9)-8bl 28
WANTED First class bookkeeper, answer
In own n&nawnting, age, experience, ret
erences, wages. Address Y 206, care Beo.
(9) MDS5 13x
Factory and Trade.
WANTED Tool makers, lathe hands.
Pratt & Whitney machine screw operators
and general machinists. Address HoDcrt
Altken, Box P 829, Toledo. O.
(9) M380 26x
WANTED Book compositors.
Carey Printing Co,
(9) M54S
WANTED Young man to lenrn the hnr
ness trade. Stock Ysrds Saddlery Co.,
314 M. 3tn si., Boutn jinana, xeo.
POSITIONS for drug men everywhere. F.
V. Knlest, 624 N. Y. L. (9) 890
A good coat maker and also a good pants
and vest maker wanted at once. Herman
Peterson, Fremont, Neb. (9) M483 M6x
men; prices, $8.50 to $16.00. Apply to Phil
Landry, Uloux city, la. (9) M731 26
WANTED Men to learn barber trade. Few
weeks completes. Ten positions for every
graduate. $12 to I'M weekly-paid. Wages
while learning. Beautiful lsu7 catalogue
Just out. Cail or write. Moler Bsrber
College, 1116 Farnam 8U d) M821 Mix
WANTED For the U. 8. Marine Corps,
men between ages zi ana 3b. An oppor
tunlty to see the world. For full Informs,
tion apply In person or by letter to re
cruiting officer, U. H. Nat l bank building,
12th and Farnam Sta. Omaha, Neb.
(9-10 28x
WANTED At once, 600 sound young men,
aged 18 to S5, for firemen and brukeman
on leading wralern rallroida and for Dew
. roads now being completed; experience
unnecessary; firemen $100 per month;
brakemen, $75; positions now open; call or
write at once fur particulars. National
Ry. Training Ass'n, S-D X. Paxton Block,
Omaha. Neb. (9) 228 Ml
WANTED A good man to work In ele
vator; with some experience; must not
be afraid to work; good wagea. Powell
Nilason. Marlon, Neb. (9) M919
AMERICAN-GERMAN Employment office,
1624 Dodge. Help of all kinda. Tel. fc7.
ait M7S MUX
WANTED Man and wife, with no chil
dren, to tiike charge of large poultry
plant near Omaha; atate what experience
had and salary expected. Address A 778,
Bee. (luj-CU 21
Harse aad Vehicles.
I HORSES, weight 1.200 Iba each, wsgon
and harness. $L5; one team, weight 2.600
lbs.; one team, weight 3,000 lgs ; i farm
mares. 2113 Grant TeL Douglas 3410.
(ID 231
HORSES bought, sold snd exchanged; driv
ers ana general purpose norse a specialty.
Myers. 1716 Jackson. Tel. Red 2.
(llj-MJ Ml
E. II. FERRIN. sclentlflo horseshoer, 416
S. 18th. Will call and deliver. Doug. m.
(11) M 4.(0 Mi
WAGONS for sale.
1314 N. 24th St.
(1D-835 MIS
GOOD, heavy team work horses, weighing
z,uu, liuo. avis is. ifth Ave. (ii) Mot
ALL kinds of horses, wsgons and harness
for sale on easy payments. Buy your
horse now snd save nmney everybody
will be buying when work opens; pay for
him as suits your convenience; (list pay
ment when work opens. Omaha Horse
A Supply co rear 414 No. 16th. '
ONE team of mares, weighing 2,100, $175;
one team work nnrses. weighing z.w,
$275: one team mares, weighing 2.7i). $1K0:
one sore-footed mare. $.'i0: one horse. $35:
4-year-old mare. $.ii; one horse. $26. Rear
414 N. 16th. (11)-M666
GOOD work horses, 1.1ft) to 1.500 pounds
eacn, ror sale. 2006 Maple St.
(11) M307 M2
RUBBEP.-TIRED runnhput and single
harness, both in good condition; muBt
sell at once. 'Phone Cedar 65842.
(11) M838 26
FOR SALE Carload of horses; geed
drafts, drivers and farm chunks. In
quire at 501 S. 19th St. (11) 837 M2
Poaltrr and Ea;a;a
HOMER pigeons; best squab breeders.
Booking advance orders for mated pairs.
Visitors Invited. Walker, 1923 S. 15th.
Doug. 6664. (11) MU4 M9
8. C. BLACK OrpliB'ons; eggs from the
finest ("train In western Iowa; $2.50 per
setting of 16. Peter Schnltxen, Atlantic,
Iowa. (4-M7 28
BLACK LANGSHANS or Buff Orpington
cockerels, $1 eacn; pullets. 75c eacn; is
eggs, $1.60. A. W. At wood, Plattsmouth,
Neb. (11) M733 27X
ROUEN DUCKS and White Holland tur
keys. Good ones of either sex at sero
prices. I have also two male pea fowls.
i' rank J, Clouss, Clare, la.
(1D-M270 M3x
1.000 CHOICE Orpingtons, all S. C. varle
ties. Males a specialty, noomgaarn a
Orpington yards. Humboldt, Neb.
(U)-M271 M3x
RHODE ISLAND Reds for sale; rose or
single comb. Prices reasonable. Art Pe
terson, Lyons, Neb. GD-M272 M3x
WHITE PEKIN DUCKS, thoroughbred
also eggs. 3210 Cass St. (ID M544 Mix
for hatching, 15. $1.50: 50. $3.50; 100, $5.
Forest Lawn Wyandotte Yards, Florence,
Neb. Tel. Florence 10K2.
(16) M745 M2x
OUR handsome Illustrated poultry book Is
free to all who will write and asg ror
it. telllna- where thev saw this ad.
valuable book for every poultryman; 30.
000 printed. Address Harris Poultry Co.
Clay Center, Neb. (11) 863 Mayan
Com, Blrda, Doga and Peta.
FOR SALE English setter puppies, $3.00
apiece, out or nunung stocx. i. j.
Bucher, Omaha GunXJlub Grounds, east
end Douglas St. bridge. Council wiurrs.
(11) M567 Mix
LOHT Ijidv'i aold bracelet. W. K. N. M,
12-25 '06 engraved Inside, return to Mr.
Davis. Main Dj:sk. Hayden Bros. Re
ward. (12) 889-27X
LOST Pocket-book containing Omaha
Building and Loan Association bank book
It's no use to you, and I need It. Return
to Mike Shean, carpenter, The Bennett
company. lis; ai
LOST Brown fur scarf on Low avenue,
Cuming street or Bemls Park Sunday af
ternoon. 3411 Hawthorne Ave. iei. nar
ney 2547. (12)-M9S4 26x
LOST Pair of lady's glasses. Think lost
between 16th and 22d on Douglas. En
era veil on case. C. W. Norton, leweler.
Waterloo, Ia. Return to 1609 Farnam and
receive suitable reward. (12) M983 27
LOST Brown fur near circus grounds on
Charles. Return to Z117 Clark; reward.
(12) M974 28x
MRS. PERRY, drugless healer, treater of
circulations and chronic diseases. Neville
Blk. R. 115. . (U)-MS44 Ms
FREE medical and surgical treatment at
Crelghton Medical college, 14tn and Dav
enoort ts.: aneclal attention paid to con
flnement cases; all treatment supervised
by college professors. 'Phone Doug.
Calls answered day or night. (13) 129
ANY poor girl In need of a friend call
or write to the matron of the Salvation
Army Home for Women at $824 N. 24th
St.. Omaha, Neb. (13) M100
PRIVATE home during confinement; ba
bles adopted. The Good Samaritan Sani
tarium, 728 First Ave., Council Bluffs, li
TeL 174. (18)-82$
BEST nerve bracer for men, "Gray1 Nerve
Food PUls," K box, post pal a. tmermaa m
Meconneli Drug Co., uuiaua.
DR. PRIES, specialist, diseases of women
90 Years' Dractlce in confinements. O trice,
614 N. 16th; residence, 2421 Charles, Omaha.
(13) 611
loaned on furniture, salary, pianos, horses.
etc., in any amount; less man nan rates
uorfect privacy, immediate attention; any
terms wanted; payments suspended when
sick or out oi work, a naroacn dik..
209 South 16th St. U41-WJ
Bowen, 703 N. Y. Life Bldg.,
advances crivate money on chattels or sal
ary; easy to get; no red tap. You get
money same day asked for at small cost,
Open evenings uu 1. u
PHOENIX CREDIT CO.. for chattel or
salary loans. 633 Pax tun Blk. 'Phone
Douglaa 746. (14)-6J1
MONEY loaned on pianos, furniture, cows,
Horses, eto. c jr. iteeo, uu o. isin.
(14) 62$
EAGLE LOAN OFFICE Reliable, accom
modatlng; all business confidential. llol
Douglas. (1D-634
Our new Dlan enablea you lo obtain money
at rales which honest people can afford
to pay. We will make you a loan on your
salary, furniture or piano, and you can
pay us back later In amounts to suit your
convenience, cveryimng connaeniiai.
Room 20, Fransar Blk- 16th and Dodge Sts.
(14) M4l M7
FURNITURE, live stock, salary loans. Duff
Green Loan Co., room a, Barksr Blk.
Have Increased their capital and during the
month of February will make a special
rate on collateral loans, mortgages on
nersonal nrouerty and note, without
rurity. Terms to suit. 'Pbons Douglas
204. $10 Bee Bldg. (14)-M34
CHATTEL, salary and storage receipt
loans. Fvley Loan (Jo., 1604 Farnam bt
Salary and Chattels Continued.
and others furnished money upon their own
names, witnout security; eaay payments;
offlcea In 63 principal cities. Suva your
self money by getting my terms first.
T14 N. T. L. B.'dg.
Cash in Any Amount
security or publicity, at the very lowest
rates; with payments to suit your con
venience; everything strictly confidential.
Reliable Credit Co..
Rooms $07-306,
Paxton Block.
Boarding; and Rooma.
VIENNA hotel; private dining rooms; cafe.
with board. 171
(16)-M491 M7x
NICELY furniahed, well heated room, all
rnoaern conveniences, exceuenv mum, pri
vate family. 24ti9 Harney. (16)-36
DEWEY European Hotel, 13th and Farnam.
WANTED Two young gentlemen who wish
good table. Pleasant associations down
town, with good service. Call at 1W3
Capitol Ave. (15) SU
THE 8HELTON, 26th and Dodge.
(16) M847 MIX
LANGE HOTEL, rooma. Corner 13th and
Jackson. (1) lbs Marcn
THE PRATT. 210 S. Cth St.
(15) 444 Mart
LARGE alcove room, all modern; break'
fast privilege. 116 w, atn at.
(15)-M&65 M9
BACHELORS Flrst-clsss tsble board, ele
gant rooms with hot and cold water,
steam heat, building and furniture new
and up-to-date; close in. 406 o. 24th Ave,
(24th Ave. and Harney.) (16) 4tsi Mil
EXCELLENT steam-heated rooms; fine
board: tickets, $3.00; meals, lac; near
postomce. "The Boston," 107 South 17th
St. - (15)-M873 26X
VERY pleasant rooms, private family;
new. modern house: breakfast privileges:
block from Farnam car. "Phone Harney
1711. (16) 6(8 28
Varnished Rooms.
MODERN furnished rooms. 2225 Dodgt
BRUNSWICK hotel. 1210 Douglas St
f iu-ih man
STEAM heated front rooms, 1909 Capitol,
(io iei atar4
MODERN rooms, fine neighborhood; gen
tlemen preferred, zoit Bt. Mary s Ave.
16)-M666 M9
FURNISHED ROOMS, 1915 Capitol Ave.
(15) M757 Mils
PLEASANT south room. 2671 St. Mary's.
UM 814
FURNITVRH for 8 rooms In a 10-room flat
at 307 N. 26th St.. cheap rent, fine loca
tion other rooma rented. Don't let this
go by.
TURRBLL. 16 Patterson Blk.
Phone Douglas 11 iS
(15) M990 27
FOR RENT Furnished rooms; also for
Hunt housekeeping: all modern, at rea
sonable prices. 2510 Cuming St. Phone
Douglas 7668. (16) M973 28 X
NICELY furnished rooma In modern home,
all modern conveniences. 'Phone Red
2936. Close In. (15) M539 Ml
NICELY furnished rooms and board,
strictly modern, home privileges, car
stops at door. 2025 North rth.
(151-M492 28
LARGE front room with large closet, mod
em. Gentleman preferred. 191$ St,
Mary's avenue. (15) M 430 28
FIRST class rooms and board; all modern,
steam heated. 2208 Harney t.
(15)-497 I7x
x?Trirr v .... I ... , , v. runt wnm
, . . ... J . llll Iliril.U, . .... V .uu...,
suitable for two, within walking distance;
- ail muuero; use ui panor biiu iuuho.
2614 St. Mary s Ave. (16) ooi 77
Douglaa 3688.
714 N. 16th. TeL
Oi) M669 M9x
FOR RENT A large front room In small
private family, walking distance; an con
veniences. Address o 774, Bee.
(16)-611 26x
FOR RENT Two excellent rooms, modern
conveniences; use of telephone; close In
ior gentlemen. Z20B Douglas Bt.
(15) M766 M2
NICELY furnished room, well heated, mod
ern conveniences; good board near; one
block from Farnam car. 317 B. 2tstn st.
(15) MS28 26
FRONT PARLOR, suitable for two ladles
or gentleman; also sleeping rooms, well
nested, not and cold water. 1717 Hurt.
(16) M845 26x
TWO excellent modern furnished rooms for
light housekeeping; 'phone In house. 2674
Harney St. (16)-M,S8
S NICE rooms furnished for housekeeping,
$26.00; i furnished rooms, $16.00. Tel.
Douglas 6309. (16) M874 26x
206 8. 26th Ave., large south room with
alcove; also three unfurnished rooms for
light housekeeping. (15) M978 Mix
Famished Houses and Flats.
2106 OHIO St., 6-room house; furnished;
J. H. DUMONT ft SON. 905 N. Y. Life.
Untarnished Rooms.
A SUITE of large unfurnished rooms, first
floor, strictly modern; references re
quired. 2408 Cass. (151418
TWO pleasant rooms, unfurnished. for
light housekeeping. 629 So. 27th St.
(16)-600 27x
THREE rooms, desirable for small family;
modern except heat; residence district.
Inquire 803 S. 13th St. (15)-M676 7x
TWO splendid rooms and alcove, porcelain
bath, heat and light; walking distance;
reasonable price. 215 8. 26th Bt.
06) M620 26X
FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms for
light housekeeping, near Hanacom park,
modern conveniences. 1330 8. 27th St.
(15)-M872 26X
I NICE housekeeping rooms, modern ex
cept heat. $18.00; 2 nice rooms for house
keeping, il0.00. Tel. Douglas 6309.
(16)-M876 26K
Honsekeeplngr Rooms.
FURNISHED room for light housekeeping,
modern house, close In. Tel. Douglss 7310.
2680 Harney St. (1 610 26
Apartmenta and Plata.
4AND 5-room apartments In a modern new
building. Tiled bath, console, shades,
gaa stove, steam heat, Janitor service,
beautifully decorated. 114 N. 18th.
(15) Mu09 Xx.
NEW FLAT 7 rooms, all modern and fine.
417 N. 18th St. Now ready. C. F. Shep
ard, $08 N. Y. Life. (15)-M987 28
Iloases aad Cattagea.
WB MOVE planoa Maggard Van and
Storage Co. Tel. Doug. 14. . Office. 1713
Webater St. (15 84
FOR RENT Modern 9-room brick house;
1126 B. tut St.; $40 per month. Thomas
Brennsn, room 1. N. Y. Life Bldk.
Uo 9$
TTf-lTTCJlTCt In parte of the city.- The
ilUUOJliiS o. uavls Co., Bee Bldg.
HOUSES. Insurance. Rtngwalt. Barker Pile
(16) 880
4-ROOM apartment, modern except heat.
THE ORM AND, 56$ S. 2Mh Bt.. $20.
1 new first-Hour apartment flats. 614 and CI
8. 27th St., $36.
BEMIS. Paxton Blk. 'Phone Doug. 6.
(tf M667
FOR RENT i rooms, modern brick. 1818
Jackson St. Apply $01-1 Neville hlk.
timer J. Neville. U5)-M&97
leases aad tottagea Coatlaaed.
cottage, city water, 281$ Douglaa,
cottage, modern, 641 8. 26th Ara,
house and barn. 26 Parker, $1,WV
rotlage, modern, W7 8. 2Sth St-,
house, modern, S560 Fsrnam, $216,
brick modern house. 1637 8 . 2!th St.,
F. D. WE AD, 1524 Douglas.
U6)-859 M
$22. 50.
UnTTKV.H In all parts of the city. R.
""V C. Peterg Co., Bee Bldg.
(15) 644
OMAHA Van Storage Co., pack, mors.
store, M. It. goo, in; atorehouse liw-s n.
19th. Office, 1511 Farnam. Tel. Doug. 1V..
SEE us when shipping household goods to
large cities west; we can sve you money.
16th Bt. Tel. Doug. 1196. (15) 647
FOR RENT 7-room house, modern except
furnace; 711 n. aim Ave.; newly painted
and papered; very convenient; rent
reasonable. Apply at 607 N. 19th, or room
903 N. Y. Life Bldg. (15) M(64
CENTRAI modern, steam heat. T-roora.
house, 4-ronm corner flat; $-nom cnttsge.
R. Tlsard. 2rt N. 23d. (15) M764
WE DO expert piano moving nt lowest
rices. Tel. uougias lrc. notimnllsr 4k
lueller Piano Co., 1311-131$ Farnam.
ll.V) 8S7
5 ROOMS snd bath; city water; no far
J. H. DUMONT BON. 906 N. Y. Life.
FOR RENT -room house, all modern, eg
cepl furnace, j-jn.
4S6 Paxton Block. (1(-4
FOR RENT 7-room modern house with lint
water heat, Reference required. $.15 110
per month. 1143 Park Ave. Phone Har
ney $498. G5)-M878 26
$407 Jackson, a 7-room, all modern house,
new plumbing, good condition throughout
Inside, Just painted, nice location. Inquire
The Byron Reed Co., 212 8. 14th Bt.
(1&-MX1S Ml
1TJ N. 83d St., 5 rooms, modern, $?6.
Siill Pacific St., 8 rooms, modern. $-'7.
3513 Sherman Ave., 6 rooms, modern, $30.
To see entire list call at office.
Hastings & Heyden, 1704 Farnam St.
(16) M:0 28
FOR RENT-5-room cottage, ' 2430 Maple
St., gas and city water, $1,300; further list
at office.
TURRBLL, 16 Patterson Blk.
Phono Douglas 1129.
(15)-M1 27
916 FARNAM. 4-story and basement brick
building; trackage In alley; unusually
reasonable lease.
212 South 14th 8U
C1B M815 16
FOR RENT First class 8-story snd base
ment binding, center of wholesale dis
trict, containing 86,000 square ft. Es
pecially low rent on account of over sup-
, ply of wholesale buildings. Apply 8. D.
Mercer Co., 222 Paxton Block.
(15)-M979 28
ONE large office room, ground floor, Ed
ward Crelghton Institute Bldg., 210 S. 18th
St., opposite city hall. Inquire building.
(15) 230
1614 HARNEY St., new, modern offices.
Hastings & Heyden, Agents, 1704 Farnam
St. (15)-M433
1 Bee Building
For Rent.
A single room on the fifth floor, site
14x18, has a vault. Can be occupied the first
of March, at $18.
Janitor service and lights furnished free.
Bee R. W. Baker, Supt., room 418.
FOR RENT Desk room In Bee office, city
hall building, 417 N. 25th St, South Omaha.
Apply to manager. (15) 134
DESK room to rent In nice offices, use of
phone, etc.. $6.00 per month. Address P
792. Bee. (16) M822-26
DESK ROOM, with roll-top desk and furl
nlture; telephone service; nominal rent
J. H. Johnson, 84$ N. Y. Life.
. (15) M8S3 26x
FIRE sale on coal. Burr egg, $6.25 ton, stove
or furnace. Tel. Harmon & Weeth.
(16J-712 M10
ANCHOR and Iron fencing; wire fencing
6c per foot. $05 N. 17th St. Tel. Red 614.
(16) M646
FINE upright piano, parlor ault, bookcase,
rugs, hall tree and other furniture. Call
at once, 415 N. 23d St. (16) 277 M4
FOR SALE A handsome book esse, ma
hogany finish, at a bargain. 39"3 Dewey
Ave. (16) 666X
Pianos, Organ a, Musical Instruments.
In fine condition. 318 McCague Bldg.
U6) M346 M
PIANO, mahogany case. In excellent con
dition, cost $360, for sale at $176. 432 8.
24th SU 'Phone Doug. 2206. (16 M832
FOR SALE A good Emerson upright
piano, at a sacrifice. Apply 2413 Hamil
ton. (16) M81J
Pool aad Billiard Tables.
FOR SALE New and second-hand 'billiard
and pool tables; we lead the world In
cheap bar fixtures; easy payments. Bruns-wick-Balke-Coilendor.
407 B. 1Kb St.
Typewrltera and Sewing Machines.
ONE Remington typewriter. No. 6. In good
condition, for sale cheap. Call at Bee
office. (16-i2x
NEARLY new No. 4 Unde
ood. R. B.
Wallace. 414 8. 14th.
16)-408 25x
SMITH-PREMIER typewriter, (good aa
new, $42Vt; must be sold at once, leaving
City. 318 N. 16th St. Flat 8. V
(W-MGis; M2
FOR SALE A few flrit class snow ease
and counters; very cheap; nearly new.
Kennard Glaaa Paint Co., 16th and
Dodge Sts. 06 Mail
HALL'S safes, new, Id-hand. 1818 Farnam.
SEND us you mail orders for drugs;
freight paid on $10 lots.
Myers- uuua
Drug CO.. umana.
FOR SALE One good Garland cook stove,
with reservoir. 17u2 N. 24th. 'Phone
Webster 296. (16) M660 Mix
FEW bargain tn Id-hand aoda fountains;
monthly payments. Derlght, I0I8 Farnam.
paint. Sherman 4k McConnell Drug Co.
FOR SALE Two National cash registers,
one total adder; also nice line of store
fixtures. Globe Land and Investment
company, Patterson Block. (tyUl
SHOW CASES and national cash register
cheap 8u8 N. 16th St. 16)-M8$0 Mix
HEATING stove and roll-top desk, In good
condition; bargain. 2420St N St., South
Omaha. (16l M852 2x
FOR SALE Very cheap, one set bog seat
oak cnaira, new;
organ and dining
oak chairs, new; two oak rockers, new;
table. 623 H &th St.
(16) M4 36
SCHOLARSHIP and books in Boyles Busl.
nraa college for sale at reduction; party
taken 111; books entirely new. Ad I reas
B 747. Bee. (1 417 Mix
OAK extension table and' chairs, bed,
Davenport, dresser, Iron bed, all In good
condition. Call Tuesday morning. 1M7 S.
$3d SU 'Pb4e Harney ZIXJ. U6 894 $