Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 24, 1907, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 8, Image 20

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$15.60 an acre for a fin sec
tion, only I miles from ths
railroad, gently rolling, not
ion n. t. 1a rm. , ,
Tel. Doug, lilt
I have some of the very best wild and
Improved farm lands on earth, on eaay
term and prlcea to ault the buyers.
Write or call on me and I wlU be (lad
to give you full Information regarding
my landa or city property,
Room 403, Bee Building.
(20-Sl M
will be opened aoon. It contalna 600,000
acres choice wheat, fruit and timber land.
Do you want 160 acres T
Rooma H-18 Exchange Bank Bldg.. Spo
kane, Wash. fa-g JOT.
Farm and Ranch Lands.
10 ACRES, with house and barn. Ill R
16tl St. (2D-T74
FIND ranch to rent on crop plan In famed
Pig Horn Basin. Write W. M. Harvard,
No Wood, Wyo. a-424 Mix
130 ACRES farm land, I miles west of
Hanscom Park, on Center St. paved road.
Apply C. E. Wilklna, Dewey Hotel.
Do you want a truck farm within the
r city HmltsT a) acrea on comer bi., ran-
eat aoll, per year $200.
let FL N. Y. 1 Bldg. Tel. Doug. 171.
FOR RENT Chicken ranch, Improved,
five acres. Address a Mee.
Two blocks Dundee car line, 7-room house,
large barn, fruit trees, etc. Especially
suitable for dairy; rental $40 per month.
GEORGE tt CO., 1G01 Farnam St.
MONEY TO LOAN Payne Investment Co.
izty 666
OARVIN BROS., 1604 Farnam. I and 6V
per cent loans on real estate; no delay.
(22) 6S
LOWEST RATES Bemla, Pazton Block.
(22) S67
11,000,000 TO LOAN on business and resi
dence property In Omaha; lowest rate;
no delay. Thomas Brennan, R. 1. N. Y.
Ufa. (22 669
Loans money on real estate, buya and sella
city warrants, city and farm mortgages.
310 Bee Bldg. 'Phone Doug. 294.
(22) IH21
WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
Farnam Bmlth ft Co., U20 Farnam St.
LOANS on Improved city property. W. H.
Thomas, iu First National Bank Bldg.
(22) 670
WANTED City loans. R. C. Peters Co.
(22 672
PRIVATE MONEY F. D. Wead, 1520 Doug.
UW il
LOW rates. Private money. COO and up.
ctiAB. ju. wiULiiAaiaun v;o.
WHEN you have Idle money call or write
and tell us how much you have that you
would like to loan on first-class real es
tate mortgages, and we will procure bor
rower, liaxtlnga eV Heyden, 1704 Farnam
Bt. (.TZym 24
, City Property.
I WANT the best bargain I can And In
or near Kountie Place; house inuat be
new, strictly modern; will not exceed
13.600; prefer to pay $3,360, all cash. Ad
i dreas K-787. care Bee. (23 ) 641 26
WANTED To buy, second-hand furniture,
cook and heatlna stoves, carpets, linole
ums, office furniture, old clothes and
shoes, pianos, feathers, bed pillows, quilts,
and all kinds of tools: or will buy the fur
niture of your house complete. Will buy
antique or mahogany furniture. The high
est prices poia. can uie rignt man. Tut.
UOUg. WU. Mali Mlt
DON'T give your second-hand furniture
away: I pay the highest price; big prices
paid for offee furniture. Jos Levins, tut
pay the highest price; big prices
N. lth. Tel. Douglas 77L
(2S)-M2S1 Ml
TOP prlcea for Id-hand books, novels, all
lunus. oiacey, us o. urn. reu titrntir lise.
KM) oa.3ti bids
CASH paid for old books. Crane-Foya Co
sia d iiijj, rauai jwusjias-ia-l.
(26) 4U
WANTED 6-foot bookkeeper's deak; also
railing and cannier' dek and other offloa
nxtures. Aaaress V 74s, Bee.
I WANT to buy a horn In vicinity of
iianacom park, a km it I rooms, modern.
-leiepnone Harney urn lr B. 28th.
(26-M7 27
TYPEWRITERS We car the hlrheat each
price for typewriters. Call at once or
lei. uoug. tun, nenais, raxton Mock.
(25) 4 Ml
WANTED to buy, second-hand typewrlt-
er, an mam; typewriters sola. SIS N
lutn bt., nat a. (26) 190 tin
ROLL top dek and swing chair Address
r- .w, omana dm. (26) ra-2tx
TWO or three work horses, also one
o river, xeiepnone uougias iwra.
(25) M90S MS
WANTED To buy Smith-Premier type
writer; rmiat be In good condition and
mean, will pay caan. state price. Ad
dreaa Y-U4, care Bee. gi) 17 ilx
6 OR (-ROOM house, cottage preferred,
close In; reference furnished. Address
F 761. care Bee. (2t Ml X2x
WANTED To rent 3 or I furnished rooms
for light housekeeping by small family;
must be clone In; references. Address
W 846, care Bee. (26 loWJ 23
YOl'NO couple want to rent $ or (-room
n0'1erii place; goud references. Address
P 776, Bee. (36) 6W7 26 x
WANTED Furnished house or flat large
enough for four adults. Will furnish
reference. Address P. O. Box 107,
Omaha. (26) M78S tix
Wanted, to rent by a young married
couple, strictly modern house. Would like
to take possession about May 1 for six
months or kmger. Can give unquestionable
reference. Address A 7SC, Bee.
(26)-Mffi MX
GENTLEMAN palmist wanta two connect
ing rooms; must be -centrally located;
nlf-ely furnished: steam heat preferred;
nrlre no object If suited. Address M Ts,
Be. (HV-664 34s
MODERN, furnished or partly furnished
. llyht housekeeping rooms; must be reas
onable; at ate price aad accommodations.
Address W 74. Bee. (WV MNbO fcU
DAY women furnished free of charge.
Telephone Douglas 1113. (27-M3u
WANTKD-Position as bead miller. - Ad
dress Jul -3 Neville block. (27) Kg Ht
POSITION wanted by pharmacy student
out or Benool nours. Auaress, Hansen,
t231 Farnam. (27 . 27
WANTED Position In Jewelry store, to
learn the business; neat of rererencea
furnished. Address lock box 426, Superior,
Neb. (JD-M4S1 2RX
DAT WOMEN furnished free of charge.
Telephone Douglas 1112. (27) MS0O
UNIVERSITY man, with years' experi
ence as manager of grain, coal and live
stock buBlness, wanta good paying posi
tion, ha small capital; will invest If re
quired. Address H 786, Be.
(27) MMO Mllx
WANTED Sweeping or light work by the
nay. Tel. Maple ati. tri) mbm zbx
BOOKKEEPER with IS year experience.
Best of references. Adores J tub. nee.
(27) M637 26X
LICENSED embalmer and funeral director.
age 44, 10 years' experience, wants posi
tion In western Iowa or Nebraka. Ad
dress 4 O, North 22d Bt (27)-T 24
For Sale
This Beautiful Home
7 rooma, all modern, in flrat-claas condi
tion throughout, well constructed, built by
day labor, good furnace and up-to-date
bath room; barn with noom for 2 horses
and 2 buggies; cement walks, paved street.
In good neighborhood, convenient to 2 car
lines and good school; full south front lot.
60x132 feet. Price, $3,700. Reasonable
exclusive Ag-ents. 1601 Faraam St.
In the Omaha Loan and Building Associa
tion and then keep it growing by adding
a little to It every week. A balance to
your credit will enable you to take advan
tage of a profitable opportunity should one
present Itself to you later In life. Savings
accounts earn six per cent Interest per
annum. Why not open an account today
and be ready when fortune knocks?
Building monthly payment loans also
made at reasonable rates of Interest and
with special privileges of payment. Full
Information furnished at 8. E. Corner
16th and Dodge Streets.
O. W. LOOMIS, Pres. .
Notice Is hereby given that the regular
annual meeting or the stockholders of the
South Platte Land company will be held
at the office of said comnanv at Lincoln.
r. eo., ii ii o ciock a. m. on me em aay of
March, A. D., 1907. By order of the Board
or uireciors. u. it. mukkill, President;
Lincoln, Neb., February 4, 1907.
T'nloa Paella
I pm
California Ore. Kx...a 4:25 pm
Lea Angelea Limited... all pm
Fast Mall a 146 am
Colorado Special a T:4t am
Florin rmiiv UJpu...K n;iu rri
Beatrice Local .1 b 140 Dm
rhleaaa A HortlwHtara.
Cedar Rapids Paaa. a T am a 6:06 pm
Twin City tixpreea .a 7:10 am aM:00 pra
Chicago Daylight a :u0 am aU:li pnt
Chicago Local .all :tf am a 1:46 pis
AintIV tTitV T JJ 1 - rn.m-.ta nn A ft 94 m
Carroll Local a :U pm t!so am
uioux u7 kxm.... .. a i pnt
Chicago Express A " pm a 7:30 am
Vmmt Ull m ft -ftn HM
Fast Mall .................a 26 pm a 30 am
Twin City Limited a 1:24 pm a 7:06 am
Overland Limited a :U pm a 1:11 am
Chicago Limited all:0C pm 11:61 am
NorfoTk-Boneateel .a 7:46 am al0.34 am
Llnroin-cnaaron ........ o 7 : am al0:3t am
Ueadwooa-uncoui uu pm a In pm
Casper-ahoahonl a 1:00 pm a 6 06 pm
Heatings-Superior b 3:00 pm b t:ut pm
frMH.Kni.iihkAii K m
PL Louis Express a M pm a l:3
fit lunula IiCAl fmm
Council Biufls) a 1:1s am al0:M pnt
Ctanberry Local (from
Couia!l Bluffs) b B.-0D pm bll:lt am
Chlcaaa ureal We term.
St. Paul at Mlnnaapoua, I: 30 pea
A. Z...l A. U.nnmUU V A.
Chicago Bxpreaa a 36 am a 3:4. am
Mlna. as bu Paul fim...b S ue am a 3:U nra
Chioago Limited a : pm a t.J am
ktiun. 4k Hit. Paul Ltd.. - yu a liS am
t,alaai Ksak Issaaal s iaa.
Chicago Limited a S:li am a TJ6 am
lawa Local atwaoa a 4:3 pm
towa Local ....bUKa pm u p,a
rhira ocaatarn lCx.)..a fcia a i .-t r
Chicago Uowa Lmtd.) tJtn all .36 via
Rocky Mountain IJnUi-.a III am a tM am
Colo. Cal. kapni...t lm p a 4:M pm
OaL 4 Txaa Lxpreae..a 4:s pm boj
Lincoln t air bury asm
steuevue rnjrt cub a t jo n
Ckle rasd.
CbL aad Colo, itpeolal. 7:6 aaa a 7:3 am
Uiuonua pm a 1:1 mm
Overland Lluuted -a fcs (m a M u
aa MM. " .- w mtw IMA. WW
Calaagi. eo -- naBeasiellft
Twta Cltr Psseener...b 6:30 am h s-ia
Sioux City Paaaangr...a 3u0 pm all JO am
Emereoa Local b 1:46 pm b :! am
Kmersua ibw ......... mm miu a s pa
Mlaaaart Paelaa.
Local via W as Dinar
Water .................. . - am a 6 pm
Falls City Local. .a IM pm all 43 La
,. . . -.... I,, i
7Jt am
Chicago Limited : pm t:oo am
Chicago Express ........ 1:4 ant U :60 pm
Chicago feUprea lJU pm !.) vn)
Mlssaa'rt Paalfta.
LC6ILI. Xspraaa. tM, am a : am
K.CA SuvU Aapreea..aU:U pm a l.u am
Nebraska Local -a s.Ob wa aU:u tm
Dee Moines Looa...... M a 4 Ji pa
ort Bilr it Already Bednnincto Fnpart
for th Fat Ball feuon.
Men la a JVamber at Cases Thereby
ReeelTlasr a Heat Boaas Before
Their Departare for the
Fort Riley.
FORT RILEY. Kan.. Feb. 23 (Special.)
The following officers will compose a board
which will examine such applicants for
ppolntmenl as veterinarians or cavalry
nd artlllerr aft mav come before It: Cap
tain George H. Cameron, Captain W. J.
Snow, field artillery: Veterinarian Alex
ander Plummer, Fourth cavalry, and First
Lieutenant F. L. Perry, artllery corpt.
recorder. It la expected tnnt tne vacancies
created by the artillery bill will attract
not a few applicants.
Quartermaster Serreant Jackson of Troon
C, Ninth cavalry, was plnced on the re
tired Hat laat week after thirty years' faith
ful service. First Sergeant Flney very
kindly stepped down in his favor, so Ser
geant Jackson will have the benefit of
i nrat sergeant a pay. nergeam jacKson
eft for Knltlmnre. Md.. which he will make
his home and where he will go Into busi
ness on capital of his own. ,
Ordnance sergeant jonn iwc Lauren,
United States army, has been ordered here
mm Fort Monroe, Vi., lor duty in tne
rtlllerv wuboost. to take the place of
Ordnance Sergeant Kubitsa, now at the
Army and Navy General hospital. Fort
Bayard, N. M. Sergeant MCLAuren naa
Just been appointed from first sergeant of
the Sixth company, coast artlllei. ahid
comes highly recommended.
captain T. Wentley Moil, artillery corps,
returned on Thursday from Washington,
D. C. and other eastern points, where he
Jjas been on .leave for t months.
lieutenant uoionei mtiroinu. unuirry
corps, Is In command of the post in the
arme nee of General uourrey, wno is in
Washington, a member of tnt roara ae
tailed to make selections to fill vacancies
n the general stnfT of the army.
Cantaln K. A. Dean, medical department.
occupied the lecture platform in the as
sembly nail on Tuesday evening, nis bud
iect being. "The DlfflcultleB Kncountered
in the Application of Sanitary Measures
for the Prophylaxis of Preventable Diseases
n V. A ' '
Last week the surgeons began visiting
the families of all olllcers and enlisted men
and civilian employes for the purpose of
vaccinating those who are unprotected.
Captain Julius N. Klllan, subsistence de.
pnrtment. has completed the course of In.
structlon In the- training school for bakers
and cooks. lie left last week for his sta
tion at San Francisco, Cal.
The following enlisted men of the garri
son are taking the course or instruction
n the farriers and horseshoers' school:
n the farrlerv. Privates Robert R. Foselar.
Second battery; Charles R. McBride, Twen
tieth battery; Corporal Oustave F. Horn
berg, Twenty-second battery. In horse
shoeing, Privates warry k.. Perkins,
Seventh battery, and William B. lvey,
Twenty-fifth battery. .
Fort Riley Is looking forward to the time
when it can put Its base ball team In the
field. Practicing has already begun and
from present Indications the post will have
a winning team. Three of the players have
been otiered places on the Oklahoma city
nine and every Inducement Is being made
by the manager of that team to secure their
services for the coming season. However,
we hope that we can persuade them to re.
main In the service until the close of the
coming summer.
Corporal Twlford, captain of the Fort
Klley basket ball team, is organizing hand
ball teamB among the organizations of the
post and the sport, which Is new to most
of the participants, seems to be becoming
very popular.
in one or the hottest games or the sea
son, the Ave of the Seventh battery de
feated the team of Troop A, Thirteenth
cavalry. In the gymnasium on Tuesday
evening by a score of 16-16.
The propesed military highway between
Forts Riley and Leavenworth has aroused
f reat Interest along the route proposed and
he town and county papers between the
two posts make mention or meetings that
are held by property owners indorsing the
rroposltlon. Rock aplenty Is being offered
ree of charge for the construction of the
road, and If the scheme of using prisoners
to perform the work proves to be feasible
there Is little doubt but what the road will
be authorized by congress.
The request for a veterinary laboratory.
plans and estimates for which were for
warded about three weeks ago, has been
approved, and bids for its construction will
soon be advertised for.
The Second battery held a very delight.
ful hop In Its amusement room on Saturday
evening, and about seventy-five couple en
Joyed the program of dances offered.
One of the most delightful functions ever
given In the post was on Thursday even
ing when Captain and Mrs. Case gave a
"coming out party for their daughter.
Miss Betty, in the post assembly hall. A
distinct feature of the decorations was
the clever and liberal display of red hearts
so appropriate to sucn an occasion. They
were pendant from chandeliers and
from draperies that swung from the
center of the celling to the sides of the
room, and along the sldea above the wain
scoatlng they were arranged In pairs, with
a white, arrow between. In the receiving
pare were Mrs. Alexander . aiaweu, Mrs.
Case, Miss Betty, Captain Case, Mrs. God
frey and Mrs. Hart man. Close by the re
ceiving party was a table unon which
were deposited the many beautiful floral
offerings which aha received. Her gown
was of white silk mull and during the re
ception Miss Case carried a bouquet of
white flowers, and In turn during the even
ing she attempted to carry the many
bouquets which she received, but she finally
gave up in aespair. rouowing tne re
ception there was dancing until midnight
when a delicious collation was served In
Caterer Brummel's best style. The party
was one or me largest mat naa ever been
Even In the poat. nil the officers and
dies having been Invited.
April or May following the separation of
the coast and the field artillery, will prob
ably see the formation of an. artillery regi
ment at this post. The end of the latter
montn snouid see tne comoletlon of the new
barracks when the additional battery, which
it is understood win De tne Twenty-ninth
from Fort Leavenworth, can be ordered
here for duty. The new bachelor oinccrV
quarters should also be completed by that
Mrs. Flnley entertained with brldare on
Thursday afternoon. Prlsea were won by
aimes. iiuoro, noyie and Kocnersnerrer.
On Friday evening Mra. Kliy entertained
with six-handed euchre. Prizes were given.
Fifteen of the new type of officers' sabres
have been shipped to this post from Rock
isiaud arsenal lor trial. After a thorough
trial they will be returned. with a reDort
on tneir suuaDiuiy ior neiu worn.
The Ninth Cavalry band played a sere
nade complimentary to General and Mra
Til ford on Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock.
The afternoon was warm and sunny and
many were out to enjoy the music.
Mra Godfrey returned the first of the
week from Blabee, Arts., where she was for
a month, visiting with a son, who is
physician there.
The band played an open air concert on
the cavalry parade ground for half an hour
before guard mpuntlng on Wednesday
Permission has been granted for the
Ninth cavalry squadron to take up to
nography on March 1 and for the isauins
of diplomas to all who complete the course
before the command leaves tor the islands
In April.
First Lieutenant James Huston, squadron
adjutant. Tenth cavalry, haa arrived here
from Fort Washakie, Wyo., for observation
and treatment In the hospital.
Friday evening at the chaplain's a uar
ters occurred the marriage of Sergeant H
Graham of Troop B, Ninth cavalry, and
Miss Sarah Rutherford. ' The bride worn a
pretty blue silk dress and carried carna
tions, bhe was attended by Mra. Klla
Denver California... a 4:iu pm
Black Hlila 4:J pm
Northwest Special ......a 4:W pm
Northwest express ....all :1 pa
Nebraska Express a l:lt am
Nebraska Looal A 3:06 am
Lincoln Looal
pneole Fast Mall L tM pm
Lincoln Looal
fx. Crook Plattem ta.b I 6u pm
r-lattamouth A iM Mn
Denver Limited ...
BaUevaa at Pao, Juno.. a : am
Chicago "pacta, ana
Chicago Kxpreea pm
Chicago Flyer P
Iowa Looa. :16 am
fA. Louis Express a 4.46 put
Kansas City-fit. Joe al0:t6 pm
Kansas Clty-St. Joe a 3:13 am
Kansas City -at. Joe a 4 f pm
a Dally, b Daily except Sunday
axoept Saturday. Sunday eU
aeavt Monday.
a 3:30
a Iw
a 7:10
a 7:46
a 7:46
a 3:06
a 1:M
blO 16
a 3 10
a 7:10
a 1:60
a 3.66
a 7:28
a 4 :ti
a 1:10
d Daily
e Daily
Gray, who was dressed In white silk.
The groom wss attended by Albert John
son, sergeant Troop D, Ninth cavalry.
Forty-two artillery recruits were re
ceived at the poat Saturday afternoon from
Columbus Barracks. Ohio, ten of whom
were assigned to tho Second battery, the
rest being equally divided between the
i wenty-second and Twenty-nrtn nattenea.
This makes a total of W7 recruits received
at the post during the last three weeks.
Hunt call im Bounded Sunday forenoon
and the officers of the garrison covered a
large portion of the reservation. Nntlilng
whs started, however, but a few rabolts.
The usual semi-monthly meeting of the
Fort Riley Card club waa held Saturday
evening In the post assembly hall. A large
number or omcera and women or the gar
rison were present and enjoyed, after the
games, a delightful hop and a delicious
Lieutenant Harvey. Second cavalry, has
been appointed squadron adjutant of the
Second soiiadron of his regiment. Lieuten
ant Martin, now on duty at Havana, Cuba,
has Been transferred to Troop G.
The discharge and re-enlisting or tne
short term men of the Ninth cavalry squad
ron has been going on for the laat week,
and many a man la ahead a few kopecks
n consequence. All noncommissioned or-
flcera with less than two years and six
months to serve and who mtend re-enllst-Ing
are also being discharged under this
A number of men of the Second battery.
Field artillery, left the post Saturday with
ammunition and supplies for a week's out
ing. Hunting is very good in tins section
of the country nnd they expect to return
with a fine supply of game.
Fort Crook.
FORT CROOK, Neb., Feb. 23 (3peclal.)
Friday, February 22. Waahlngton's birth
day, being a legal holiday, all drills were
suspended for the day.
Second Lieutenant Charles B. Elliott,
Thirtieth Infantry, has been granted a
leave or absence for two months which ne
intends spending with relatives In Vir
ginia. Major Joseph P. O'Nell, Thirtieth In
fantry, has been ordered to command Fort
Logan H. Roots, Ark.,, where two com
panies of the Thirtieth are stationed.
Captain D. F. Keller, Twenty-seventh In
fantry, formerly of the Thirtieth, and who
Is well known in Omaha, being a member
of the Country and Omaha clubs while
stationed at this post, has resigned from
tne army, captain Keller inherited con
siderable property b well as a good bank
account on the death of his father a few
years ago.
A board of officers, consisting of Major
W. R. Abercromblo, Captains Ialmer nnd
Castle, convened at the post on February
1 for the examination of first and second
lieutenants In the subject of military en
gineering. The result of the examination
has not yet been made known.
The course of instruction in hlnnnloirv
commenced nt the post on the 20th Instant,
wun captains xnreiKeld and Krwln us In
structors Sergeant Joaenh C. flat In. Comnanv Ti.
Thirtieth Infantry, has been ordered to
report at Fort Leavenworth on March 6,
for preliminary examination for anoint
ment as second lieutenant In the armv.
The following noncommissioned ifflcerB
were examined by Ma lor Abercromble cn
the 21st Instant in "Wagner's cat4?h!sm
of Outpost Duty." found proficient and
granted certificates accordingly: Sergeant
Cahnney, Cprporals Murphy and Rlley,
Company A; Sergeants Farrand, Light
burn. Murray and Corporal Page, Company
B; First Sergeant Westfall and Sergeant
Tittle, Company C; Corporals Cottrell,
Hlgglnn, Ashford and Harris, Company D.
The following promotions were made In
the Thirtieth during the week: Corporals
Hatle of Comnanv n. Rin of Pnmiunv r.
Cahlll and Headley of Company G, to be
sfTKeams; i rivates Toratrup of Company
i, raney, rniinpB and Keese or Company
E. to be cornorals.
CornnraTa Hnllett inil Tnll
have been reduced to Drlvatea. at their
own request.
inirteer recruits who enlisted for Philip
pine service, were received from Fort
Snelllng, Minn., on the 21st Inptant, for as
signment to the Thirtieth. This makes
the second detachment of recruits received
from Snelllng.
arren TT TTunter f nm.tia n...t.
?' J' ' Chicago, were enlisted for the
""" reorunry zi. tne former as snare
uiiuiunrr una ine tarter as bass drummer.
has been detailed on extra rii'itv In th. ...k
rr vine ren v I . jnn n.. r'nn.nan.. tt-
slstence department, vice McCormlck. dis
charged General Prisoners Andrew J. Hansen and
Ft ii ' o..Hu11 .were nferred to the
iniir-u oinit-B 1 1 1 1 1 1 r ii r v nnwin n Inn r.
worth on February 21. These men are tin.
uriKuuiK leniences Or two venrs nnA
teen months, respectively, for desertion.
Pat eat Law May Be Amended to Make
Manafactnre oa Soil an
- , Essential.
LONDON, Feb. 23.-(SpeclaL) Mr. Lloyd
George, despite the fact that he Is an ardent
free trader, haa announced during the
course of an Interview that he Intends to
Introduce a bill which will be a good
measure of protection for British manu
"Thousands of foreigners apply for pat
ents in mis country in the course Of a
year," he said. "I do not object to that.
but they use them for the purpose of pre
venting any one from setting up an In
dustry or utilizing that patent In thii
country. That I consider to be an Intoler
able abuse of the privilege conferred upon
"I would confer the privilege upon for
eigners If they would use It on British soil
and I would aay to them: 'If you are com
ing and if you seek protection and special
protection from the laws of our country,
it must be for the benefit or the country
that confers that protection.' I would
give them patents In this country, but 1
would compel them to work here.
"I hope to Introduce a bill next session
for the purpose of simplifying that pro
cess." Mr. Lloyd-George added that he would
approach business problems from a purely
nonparty standpoint, and he would expect
criticism In the same spirit.
If on the fiscal question he found he was
wrong the sooner he was put right the
better. He was going to get the facts and
If they went against his theories the sooner
they are smashed the better. '
He also announced that the Board of
Trade was about to strens h-n ' a Int- r
llgence department that the consular ser
vice was to be made more uaelul, and that
special investigations were being made into
tne Industries of foreign countries.
Italian Papers Placa Little Cosldeaat
In Improvement of Moroccan
Sit mat Ion.
ROME, Feb. 23. (Special.) The Roman
newspapers are making much of tho
Morocco d situation. One of the leading
publications even declares that the more
It changes the more It remains the same
thing. Raisull's stronghold Is In the hills
of Zlnyet. Some accounts have the strong
hold completely destroyed, others pave It
that the brigand has succeeded in making
the situation stronger than ever before.
It Is said In more quarters than one that
the brigand haa friends at court who are
by no means anxious that his career
should be brought to a close.
"The regular army," Its professional
labors ended, settled down to Its favorite
occupation of looting, and far from being
content with picking up all that could be
aeized at Zlnyet raided the neighboring
villages, assaulted women and carried off
children of both sexes to sell to the first
bidder, killing all who attempted to inter
fere with them. Commissariat arrange
ments hardly exist In the Moorish army
as a expeditionary force Is supposed to
live upon the villages through which It
passes. The progress of the sultan's sol
diers through the country around Tangier
has deepened the feelings ot disloyalty
that are never far removed from the hill
It Is a significant fact that Europeans
are warned against going outside the towns
after sunset. Soldiers have straggled back
from the hills to sell loot openly In the
streets of Tangier, and much of this prop
erty has been stolen from Innocent vil
lage rr who wnre In no way associated with
Ralsuli. though some were killed and others
were sent In chains to make "the bag"
look larger.
Ccminei and Qoinci of People in Towns
Adjacent to Omibs,
Indications Point to Irftina of Home
BnlldlasT la All of the labarhaa
Towns aarroaadiagt
Tom Ilogan of CofTman waa a business
visitor here Saturday last.
Mlna Maud Finney has been very alck
the laat few days with pneumonia.
Miss Kay Patterson is quite 111, having
been bed last for the last ten days.
Mrs. John Lubold was visiting with the
family ot K. b. Tucker this week.
Mrs. C. J. Keirle has been very sick this
week and at present is not any better.
A. L. Metzler of Omaha was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Blilpley Bunduy
Mra. Drew of jOmaha visited Mrs. Gross
man and family a tew uays ot tli last
Mrs. J. K Wilson of Omaha visited her
mother, Mrs. Lou Cole, VVeutiesaay after
noun. Mra. Angelina Tucker and family enter
tained some Lincoln friends Saturday and
William Arnold, from Hancock. la., is
here this weea the guest ot Air. and Mrs.
Charles Purcell.
Miss Emma Lund of Omaha spent Satur
day and Sunday here, the gut hi of Miss
.fc.Uiel Heraaiiiila,
Miss Kvers and Miss Qualley. both of
Omaha, were the guests of Miss Mary
Finney Sunday last.
Mr. and Mrs. Wright of Kennard, Neb.,
were here Sunday vlaltlng with Mrs. Pliant
and daughter, Clara.
Mr. Peter Nelson and wife of Omaha
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. P.
Hersklnds dunuay lust.
Mr. and Mrs. William Olmsted, who lives
west ot town, were the guests of Mr. and
Airs. M. B. Thompson Sunday.
Miss Clara Murpuy uf Omaha spent a
couple of days thitt week at t iorem-e, the
guest ot Mr. and Mrs. Victor Morin.
Miss May Callahan spent a couple of
days the lust week here, tne gust ot Miss
Jtasle Tucker, Her home is In Omana.
Miss Mary Finney, on account of con
tinued ill-neallh, nits been ouiled to give
up her duties In Haydn s store in Omuha.
Mr. and Mrs. abcr, accompanied by
Misb Kuepke of Omana, was the gueat ot
axv. uiiu Airs. M. tt. xiiouipsun iUeoUay
Miss Genevieve O'Brien returned to her
home in uiand island Sunuay laat after a
week's visit here wun Air. and Airs. A. G.
inney and family.
Mrs. A. K. Odbert, who has been ill for
tl.e laat year and a halt with mutipul
heaurus is mucli better, ur. couuer oi
Omana haa charge of the case.
M;lo Sunpson naa the honor ot killing
the first uuuas of the season Thursday
morning. He was hunting a couple ot miles
up the river and got two nice mallards.
Miss Jessie TucKer, accompanied by her
frienu, May Calianan, spent a couple of
uays this week at Lincoln, the ttueux. oi
xviui iucker lamer, Hun. F. S. iuuker.
D. V. Shipley was at the South Omaha
market Vucwlay, looking tor a good team
of uraft noise, which ha wishes to use
on his gTading contracts .on Uie county
Master John Tracy, who has been at
Orcnaid, Neb., for the laal year, wltn Mr.
and Mrs. Bergstresser, has returned home
and will remain with his grandmother lor
a while.
The Omaha Water company haa received
four large boilers this week which will be
put in. The demand for more power, pres
sure and water was the cause of this im
provement. Mrs. McAvoy and Miss Qulnn, Miss Clara
Murphy of Omaha and Mrs. Victor Morin
of Florence were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. K. H. Walker at their country home
Tuesday last. -
M. J. Gleaaon, who has been working for
Mrs. Nush on buildings erected on her land
nuar CofTman, Neb., for the last eight
months, has finished his contract and is
now at home.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Presby
terian church will Kold its regular meeting
at the home of Mrs. H. Goeuche on Main
Btreet the afternoon ot February at, this
being missionary meeting also.
Bruce Purcell, who lives at Walt Mill,
Neb., on the line of the Great Northern
whiun runs through the Omaha reservation,
was here this week the guest of . bis
brother, Charles Purcell and family.
Raymond Patterson, who February 6 re
ceived a aevere wound on the frontal bone
by a piece of timber falling on him from
the third story of Merrlam & Holniqulat S
elevator B at Omaha, Is able to be out and
attend to his duties.
Miss Fay Patterson, who works the night
trick in tne Nebraska Telephone company
here, Is sick and not aDie to attend to
her duties. Mis. Hughes is taking her
place. Miss Cora Simpson haa been taken
I rum Uie Omana oUice to work secund
Both of the Florence hotels have b en
crowded this week with bualness men and
prospective buyers of acre lots and acre
proptu-ty. Florence, the coming yrar will
see as much Improvement as last. Most all
the people are wishing tracts so tney can
build their own homes.
Tlfe l.e In the river at this point broke
Sunday and moved out and so far there
Is no gorge. The river is quite high for
this time of the year, occunoued by tho
continued warm weather, but there Is no
damage so lar, for the ice running In the
river lias made no blockade.
Mlnne Lusa tribe No. 67, Independent
Order of Red Men, will give a box social
and dance in Wall's hail Monday night,
February 26. The boxes will contain some
thing to eat and will be sold to the high
est bidder for cash. A good social time
will be had. Dancing will take up part of
the evening. Everybody is welcome.
F. W. Vallereux, who has been station
agent here tunce February 1, left Ills po
sition laat Friday morning. On account
of Uie company not being able to get a
man at once W. K. Wall was called upon
to work a few days. J. L. Farmer nus
been working a couple of days as relief
agent. Mr. Halleninaux has been checked
In as regular agent and will have charge
of tue station In the future.
West Ambler.
Mrs. M. M. Ormaby and two sons were
guests of friends in Ecaerman Wednesday
Mr. U. Ambler haa been very 111 for the
laat three weeks at his home un West Cen
ter street.
Mr. Wlrth has sold his feed store on
West Center and removed out on a farm
west of town.
Mra. Darling- and daughter, MUs Edith,
were gueals or friends lu West Omaha the
first of the week.
Mra Long entertained her friend. Miss
Ella Roessig, at her homo In West bide
the first of the week.'
Mra John Gants and daughter. Miss Ada,
were gunata of Mrs. Ueorge hi. Blakely In
East a miller un Tuesday.
Owing to the high water. Rev. R. M.
Henderson could not fill nis appointment
at North Bend last Sunday.
Mrs. F. C Hensman and children were
the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mra
John tiant. the first of the week.
M. Ormsby recently sold hla borne on
Fifty-sixth and Center streets and will
continue to reside in North Omaha.
Charles Syas, Jr., has purchased a fine
new home on Thirty-third and Blondo'aud
tie and wife are snugly ensconced therein,
Mr. Taxher removed his family back to
South Omaha from Sixtieth and Center
treet Friday aud will go into business
there soon. '
James Halplne has Just had a lnre poul
try house completed and will go iuio the
poultry business quite extensively tne coin
ing season.
Mrs. Theodore Smith of West Bide has
returned from Havelock, where she spent
several days visiting her slater, Mrs. John
son, and mother, Mra Furuian.
J. E. Aughs and wife attended memorial
services of Captain F. J. ElUr in South
Omaha on Saturday night. Judge Lee
Estelle gave the address of the evening.
Rev. K. G. Hiller was reted with a
large and appreciative oongreeauou at
Southwest church on last Sunday after
noon, which cheered bim wonuei lully. This
Is as It should be every Babbaln.
One of the prettiest events of society
here was thr wedding ot our young friend.
Miss Grace l.enore Blake, to Mr. Francis
Nixon Butts Wednesday evening, February
20, at the home of the bride's parents. Ml.
and Mrs. John Blake of Erkerman. Rev.
R. M. Henderson was the officiating clergy,
man. The bride was attended by her sis
ter. Miss Myrtle, and the groom by his
brother, B. Butts. An elegaut two-course
luncheon was served. A large number of
costly and useful presents was bestowed
on -the young couple. They will go to
housekeeping at cuce at Tiiirty-aUU and
Farnam, where the groom has home al
ready furnished for nis bride.
Mrs. F. M. Congdon la visiting friends
In Bt. louls.
A son waa born to Mr. and Mrs. B. Han
son last week.
The Benson schools were closed last Fri
day for a day's holiday.
Services will be held at the usual hours
In nil the churches todny.
Mra. F.. E. Hoffman has returned from a
visit with her slater In Lincoln.
Mrs. Henrv Baker returned home Satur
day from a visit In Cedar Creek.
Mrs. Henry Oravert of Missouri Valley
was a visitor In Benson last week.
Degree of Honor lodx will hold Its reg
ular meeting next Wednesday evening.
"Ovm" bovs were pleasantly entertained
at the Morton house last Thursday evening.
Mr. snd Mrs. G. R. Williams have gone
to Atchison for a ten days' visit with their
Mrs. John Speedle went to Papllllon last
Wednesday to attend the funeral of a
Eagles lodge of Benson give a masque
ball at Odd Fellows' hall next Saturday
Members of the Junior league were enter
tained at the home of H. J. Grove Saturday
Prof. Ferris visited the Benson schools
last week, he was at one time principal of
our schools.
Mr. and Mrs. Henningan entertained at
a dinner party last week in honor of Miss
Mary Cotter.
Mra. F. E. Toung entertained at dinner
last Sunday Mrs. Wlthrow and Mrs. Mur
ray of Omaha.
Mr. Thomas Weston of North Dakota
was a guest at the Furbish home during
the last week.
Mrs. Livingstone and Miss Belle Craw
ford of Portland, Ore., are guests at the
Crawford home.
Mrs. F. E. Young went to Omaha Inst
Thursday to attend the West Farnam
Kepalngton club.
Theodore Williams has gone to Little
Rock, Ark., where he will visit with his
uaughter, Stella.
Mf. and Mrs. William Speedle of Gretna
visited at the home of their sun In Benson
during the last week.
Mrs. O. E. Snowden has returned from
Tyndall. 8. D.. where she was called by the
sickness of her mother.
Methodist Ladles' Aid society met Inst
Thursday afternoon at the parsonage. The
time was spent in sewing.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Martin entertained a
number of their friends and neighbors at
their home Inst Wednesday.
A numbpr of the young people of Benson
formed a theater party last Thursday even
ing and attended in Omaha.
Mrs. George Batty left for Denver last
Sundny, where she will Join her husband
In that city, their future home.
Mrs. Thompson, Main street, entertained
the B. I 8. club at her home Inst week.
Mrs. Degan entertains next week.
P. B. Bosworth has resigned his position
an clerk in the Grove-Wharton company,
where he has been the past year.
Mr. and Mm. Thomas Hull entertained
nt dinner last week for Omaha friends.
Covers were laid for about eight guests.
Miss Anna Vobrll has returned to her
home In Omaha after a two weeks' stay
with her aunt, Mrs. 'Powers of Benson.
The Junior league and their patrons were
addressed by Mrs. B. F. Shrlmpton of Fre
mont at last Sunday afternoon's session.
Women of the Lutheran church will have
a sale at Miss Nlsson's store next Saturday,
where home baked ai tides may be obtained.
Charles Tracv returned home from
Bloomington, 111., where he was called by
the sickness and death of his grandfather.
Travel was delayed for sometime last
Sunday by the breakdown of one of the
cars bound for Omaha, near the Country
A bout twenty-five friends of Miss Cul
bertson surprised her at the Speedle home
last Friday evening. A pleasant Ume was
Benson Eagles have appointed a com
mittee who will make plans for the erec
tion of their new building in the near fu
ture. The town marshal had a little trouble
last Thursday night with a couple of young
men at the pool room, which ended in an
A number of the friends of Mra. A. M.
Tolman surprised her last Wednesday and
helped her celebrate her 70th birthday an
niversary. An address on Latin America -was given
at the Odd Fellows' hall last Thursday
afternoon under the auspices of the Pres
byterian chifrch.
Last Sunday afternoon. It being foreign
mission day, the Lutherans observed the
occasion with an appropriate program, fol
lowing the Sunday school session.
Mr. and Mra. Charles Tracy entertained
sixty of the young friends of their son.
Donald, last Friday at a Washington party,
everything appropriate for Uie occasion be
ing carried out.
The mayor ordered the Benson saloons
closed laat Sunday at noon, and hereafter
they will stay closed on Sunday, as the
traffic from other places coming here waa
too much for the citizens.
Lutherans of Benson are preparing to
build their new church, work to commence
in March. The Ladies' Aid society will
meet with Mra Charles Johnson next
Wednesday afternoon.
Captain John Woods, whose funeral ser
vices were held at his late home In Omaha
last Friday, was well known In Benson,
having once owned and lived In the Chris
tiansen house on Evans avenue.
Mrs. B. F. Shrlmpton of Fremont, Mra
D. Whistler of Council Bluffs, Mrs. J. N.
DenniB and son of Omaha and A. H.
Kutzner of Chicago wore guests at the
Whistler home during the past week.
A record of the official acts of the First
Presbyterian church of Benson waa filed
In the county court in order to be prop
erly organized. The trustees elected were:
Frank A. Saunders, Dr. H. F. McCoy and
Ward Walsh, all of Benson church.
Miss May McClelland of Omaha enter
tained last Thursday evening at a pre
nuptlal event, before her departure for
Sterling, Colo., the home of her aunt, where
on March 2 she will be married to Frank
L. Keller of Denver, formerly of Benson,
where he Is well known. Some of the Ben
son young people went to Omaha to at
tend the social event.
Mrs. Elizabeth Goodrich la at home again
from her recent visit in Kansas City.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1. Tamlnosian are re
joicing over the birth of a daughter.
Miss Margaret McNanney left on Tues
day for a six weeks' tour of old Mexico. .
Dr. and Mrs. T. K. Hunter entertained
Dr. Hunter Corbett during his slay in the
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Joplln and eon of
Salt Lake City were the guests last Sunday
of Mrs. Henry T. Van Gleson.
Mra W. T. Robinson entertained Inform
ally at bridge Thursday afternoon In honor
of her sister, Mrs. Brelvoort of Detroit.
On account of the missionary meeting's
at the auditorium the Dundee Woman's
club omitted Its meeting on Wednesday.
The Round Dozen club will be entertained
on Wednesday at luncheon by Mesdames
H A. Benson and R. C. Peters at the home
of Mrs. Benson.
Missionary meetings of the Dundee Pres
byterian church were held on Wednesday
afternoon at the church and on Friday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fltchel.
Mrs. W. L. Belby entertained at luncheon
on VVednesday In honor of Mlas Van Gleson.
Six dainty courses were served at a table
cnariningly decorated with brides' rosea
and smliax the place of the bride-elect
being especially enclosed fn a garland tied
with a pink satin bow. Covers were for
Mesdames Henry C. Van Glesson, James
H. Hamilton, Charles O Nell Rich, Eliza
beth Colfax and W. L. Belby and the Misses
Van Gleson, Mildred Merrlam and Elisa
beth Palmer.
Mra. J. H. Parrot te entertained at lun
cheon on Friday In honor of Mrs. Brevoort
of Detroit. The parlors and dining room
were decorated with red roses and flags
and the George Washington symbols were
carried out in elaborate detail, plate cards
painted with bunches of cherries marking
the places of the following guests: Mes
dames Brevoort, W. T. Robinson, Roliert
Dempster, It. W. Bailey. Victor White,
Elizabeth Goodrich, Eva Parrotte Sweeney
and J. H. Parrotte.
Mrs. Joseph Haag of Leavenworth, Kan.,
la visiting Mra. A. Blart.
The dance given by the Modern Wood
men last week was well attended.
Leo Hood has gone to Cheyenne, Wyo.,
to work tor the Union Paclfio railroad.
Miss Bernese A. Newell of Plattamouth
visited at the college Thursday and Friday.
George Sloan of the Omaha Theological
seinlnajy aas a Bellevue visitor over bun
day. Mr. and Mra J. L. Livingston are the
proud possessors of a baby girl, bora Fri
day evening.
Frank Laughtlne, who has been working
at Glen Eden, Kan., for some time, re
turned Wednesday.
Judge J. Q. Goes attended the banquet
of Uia Nebraska Association of Pythian
Veterans at the Paxtun hotel last Tuesday
veiling. Tea Judge la president e Uie
association and Is one of the oldest Pyt ra
ta ns in the state.
Miss Helen Ttilloa and brother, Chester,
are In laurel this week attending the wed
dlr.g of an older brother.
Ilph Ohmnn went to his home at Pilger
Tuesday to rustle tip onie base ball niM
terlal for the college team.
Students of Profs. Jones, Fawcett ant
Allen in the conservatory of music, gave
a recital last Monday evening.
Miss Hertla Mllner. Miss Wlnte and
Mrs. Kate fodillngtnn visited St. Franrle
academy in Council Bluffs last Sunday.
Bellevue has been greatly Inconvenienced
by the poor mail service the past week,
caused by the washouts along the Platte.
Mrs. Kale Coxldlngfon and Miss Bertha
Mllner gave a iliinier party at BaldufT a
last Sunday, In honor of Mlsa L'nlte'a
Mrs. C. H. Lee of silver Creek, an ex
tensive property owner In Bellevue, waa
here several days this week looking after
her Interests.
Last Sunday. Ico In the river broke, and
for several days the stream was filled with
Ice. A small jam occurred at Chllda l'olnt,
which was blasted out.
Rev. William Nlcholl spent last Sunday
at Cresco, Neb., where he assisted his son,
Wllllam Nlcholl, Jr.. In administering the
holy sacrament or the Presb terlan church.
Mrs. Campbell, whose bedfu-i rondltlnn
for a number of months past tins rendered
her a charge upon the mmmunitv
taken last Friday to Bethany liosplal In
A meeting of the Commercial olub was)
held Friday evening at the offloe of Dr.
Beta and a great amount of enthusiasm
generated for the summer assembly. It
seems as though the assembly will be a
complete success.
A large number of townspeople and
students attended the great missionary
meeting at the Auditorium Inst week.
Bellevue college was dismissed Wednesday
In order that nil the students might hear
the speeches of Robert E. Speer.
Proceedings of Last Annual Meeting;
Preserved In a Large
The National Municipal League haa Is
sued In bound form the proceedings of the
twelfth annual convention hold at Atlantla
City, N. J., last April. The volume com
prises 602 pages and is fully Indexed for
reference. The work was edited by Clinton
Rogers Woodruff, secretary of the leajrue.
North American building, Philadelphia, to
whom inquiries on the subject may ba
This volume comprises the largest record
of the proceedings of the league's annual
sessions, but the merit of size Is due to the
fact that this year'es proceedings were of
an unusually interesting and Important
character. The papers and discussions
covered the widest possible range and were
brilliantly Illuminating In their direct and
practical bearing upon the problems of
municipal government, although the annual
meetings of this body have long enjoyed
pre-eminence along these lines. Not only
did the program Include papers of a sug
gestive and recommendatory character,
but many citations of practical experience)
In solving some of the most perplexing;
difficulties attending the administration nt
cities. Chief among the former was a
paper by Hon. Charles J. Bonaparte, secre
tary of the navy, who Is president ot the
league, on "Why We Have Unsatisfactory
Public Servants and How We Can Get
Good Ones" a subject which appeal
potently to nearly every municipality la
the country and among the latter are vari
ous papers giving results of practical opera
tions along suggested lines of municipal
in the papers; so also are municipal ac
tion of public utilities Is given large spaca
In the papers; so also are mulclpal ac
counting, the police question, the control
Of public service corporations, and other
subjects of high Importance. In addition
to a full discussion Of the formal papers.
Is a detailed report of the "Round Table
Conference," known as a feature of th
league's annual -meetings, which afford op
portunities for free "heart-to-heart" talks
touching matters of pressing interest.
The direct Influence of this league upon
the practical operation of municipal gov
ernment In this country haa been surpris
ing. The work of Its committee on mu
nicipal program, perfected at the Columbus
meeting. In 1899, has been adopted In part
by many municipalities which since that
time have had new charters pr important
amendments to existing ones. The praoi
tlcal value of Its system of uniform mu
nicipal accounting, on which the committee
Is still at work. Is attested by the state
ment of a member ot a leading Arm of ac
countants, that "today there are no lesa
than eighty cities using financial state
ments bearing the stamp of the work ot
the league, and the United States census
have made use of them In the collection
and classification of municipal statistics."
The league has been Instrumental In having
instruction In municipal government In
cluded in the educational courses of col
leges, universities and public schools. Ths
work of Its committee on the relation of
pjbllo service corporations to municipali
ties is sure to be valuable In Its reconunen
daUons, as the committee will consider the
question from a severely practical atand
ard, and without suggestion of the dema
goglsm that Invariably attends the at
tempts of political agencies to solve this
great problem.
The annual dues for membership In the
National Municipal league are $5, and mem
bera are enUtled to these privileges: Par
ticipation In the annual meeting, which
la not only a plaos for the reading of pa
pers and exchange of experience of thoea
actively engaged In Its work, but also an
admirable means of acquaintance and so
cial Intercourse between people of like In
terests; copy of the annual volume of pro
ceedings. Including all the papers and dis
cussions' at the annual meeting; copies ot
all literature Issued during the term og
membership- ,
Oils and Rosin.
mm AIT inttAffk mmtiH
NEW YOUR, re. a
oil holiday. Petroleum.
$7.75: Philadelphia auu x....-.-. t- .
Philadelphia and Baltimore, bulk, H.
Turpentine, 7474c. .
KOSIN Steady; strained common to good.
M01L'CITV, Pa.. Feb. 23.-OIL-Cred!t
balanced Pennsylvania.
sylvanla. amber. $1.73 Runs H6.IU4. aver
age. lU,7tt; shipments, ffil,tS7, average,
Savannah, c.a.. Feb. .-oil-Tup.
R,t:S?N-AdB.aC.nDi.C'E. M.06: F. $4 06.K1
M, N, W iu; W. G- $co; W. W 16..
Cottoa Market.
moderato business done, prle-s unchanged!
American middling fair. S6d; good ordi
nary 6:3d; ordinary, t.rnd. The sales of
the day were tl.OUO bales, of which 6u) bales
were for speculation and export and in
cluded .3W Imles American. Receipts, 87,0u9
bales. Including K.IOO bales American.
ST. LOl'IS, Mo., Feb. 33. COTTON
quiet; middling. lOSc; sales. $8 bales; re
ceipts, none; shipments, none; stock, S3,a4
Metal Market.
NEW TORK. Feb. 2S. METALS Holiday
conditions prevailed in the metal markets
and quotaUons were little better than nom
inal. Tin was quoted at $4Uiu41.5. Copper
continued firm, with lake quoted at $..M
I-J5.a6; electrolyUc, $4.75n'Ji.; costing,
$24.2MiC4.75. I-sd waa . steady at $4.i
.!: spelter, $ to. Iron was steady at
re-ent prtoes.
ST. LO(;i8, Feb. -METALS I .aad.
steady at $6.10; spelter, otgiv-r at $4.10.
agar aad Molasses.
Steady; centrifugal, whites, S'c; centri
fugal, yellow, 3(M seconds, 2y
I 7-!
M' 'LASSES Quiet; syrup, tO&ato.
Exports aad Imports. -
NEW YORK, Feb. a The Imports of
specie at this port for the week ending to
day amounted to $4U,ttil In gold and $32..
016 In silver. The exports were $li,4u0 gold
aud $Uuo.Ut silver.