Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 24, 1907, NEWS SECTION, Page 11, Image 11

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CttOf. 19 Pearl
1 Mitosi lEinoi.
- ' ' ' - . .
i ' te-kV ' dregs
Storkert sell carpeta.
, FIs s-rTwvtnr st Lefferta.
..Rd.fUrr Tony Fsurt beer.
See Schmidt s elegant new photo.
r Plumbirg end beating, Btsby So,
i) Lrru CeUer. f ane-sj director, "phone ft.
rr fletsre Framing. Aln4n, tS B"vy
' V as sing bndwtiAhlng company. Tel. h,
.' V aJrh sepeJrtng. O. Man tba. 3 West
D. W. Mtr, Itiw assistant county
treseu-V under Treasurer Cor.sigry, now a
c reaiS'-nt cf Denver, Colo, is in the city on
,. IitiTMi- eat cosl, delivered. S per ton;
spsira grate, IP pee ton. 'Uiim W
- ) North Mun stret Tel. 12k, rirt Eignta
etrevf sad JUe-venth I'tKUl Iri. 177,
Delbert K. Bennett, irif. A vrn-je A. died
yesterday afternoon at th J-ncle Edmund,
an huroitai. He leave wife. He was S
j ywn of age Bad cnnitfr by tred.
f. P. 8. Kerr ha farms of different sues
to rent, either cash r crop rent. Houses
. for uit a roomhly payments Te'a i7 ami
,, Red. - M Broadway. Council Bluff, la.
The commissioners on tnsanlty yesterday
''decided that Mra. Joe-Nr-h Fry wsa not in
.iasne sad it was decaded to vend tier to tr.s
. vaunty t-o"r farm at McOeliaind. Fh will
' be taic-n tee-re this morning by Rev. aod
-3 Mr. Herry Deiong.
- Jok& TaylT. oo)or. at ESfventh
m:r and Arwot 1. dinri rd from J
fcrt ia rTun nije arjorpuiig
ocaU at ni hrnm ri U yrara 4
aj)d a rrtrraa of lb cirii ar. oi
V f W Oil! W wvwilivu v uii-v vim
C H Johnson, charrrd with a
board MU andttainu.f mority under ilr
prttBa iTT.m iTcrrietor Libon of th
Mtnpclitaa botrt. iwurrt a chan of
rmuo jeM-day fmn Ue court of J uik-
CcKjpar to thai of Juaruov Own nc
will fcave a trrTtmlnajr brartcc Monday.
The facer! of lb late AUtron N. Rica.
ia Oraoe atreeu will be held lhl aHer
t.aon at Itcwk froca tsa brciadway Metb-
pAiat church and Interment Wiii be tn Wai-
nut HJ c-metnr. Rer. W. B. ClemmT.
abator ot the Kwt Cnriatiaji church, all)
-. rooaad U aen-lcea, aaaiatad ty J.
sim . . .
'T 0 IMaaataetartac Darlit.
VI at prepared t da ail kioda of )
relry rebalHn. watch work. Special de
ftfam f timtbed for dAmonda arid ewalry.
" Try a.' W ruaraatM oaiiafaetton. L
t'arfB, Ba.bI Jewalar.
eal Ibrtat Traaefera.
These trajnafara war reported to The Bee
- FcTiruary St. by the Pottawattarrie Otmnty
. A be tract oompany it Council BluSa:
' . JoTin O. Moatcber a-nd wtfa to K. F.
fc'jiudiri, part w part a4
ev li-iU. aAd part eaV uW --
, w a.
Jlutb E L4Urop to J. W. Squire, lot
l V. MocA i. in McMarion. .or.peT &
. JeSarla add. to OvuscU Blur, Ia
w d.'
3. W. Lytin lotC -ad R. M. WQulrea.
. euf a fnn of lot 1 lit btock la. in
, liem- a add. to Conor) Bluff, la. w d MO
Juliua Kten and wife to H. Ander-
" aen. tola t and . In block L ts Car
' ter a M dft.' to Hancock. Ia.. w d S
t Juliua )iaa aod wife to H- Aaoer.
M-n lot y. ia block 1 la Hancock.
- Va. W 4 .
Caecutor of ealata of Auruata A.
Ijajsa to I. W. Squire, lot i ia block .
4. in McMabon. Coop tt Jeff aria
add. ta Council Bluff, la... exr d
City of Council Bluff a to Katharine
d Ktiyaer. sreat ,9 feet of Eaeveeth
atreet, from aouth Una af FnarUt
arenoe to a line feet north of and
',.- psyallat' with onrtll line at McMahon.
Oaoner 4t JetTerts add, ta Council
, JWafta. la, w 4
' Sewn trmTt-. total. .1'..
J5XTBN8 10c
. TIMES ar4 BPISA Jos CI (JAR. Ma.
j covxax. BLcrrs. ia.
Oa etr aa Aaatae.
"IlmaBa CVmcty. in Vh Stat of Iowa.
af-alnat Harrtooa Cooaty, tn tbe State of
Iowa." lb utla of a auH fUad in tb dla
trlct court, here yesterday, natrtna- been
srMtkt on ebartfe of rena frara Mmsraii
ty. Tlk anlt reeulta otw tbe aBthorl
af Maeoaa cousty carta far one Joe
Bryant, alleged to be a pawir and reatdeat
Ilarrtaoa county Bryant, tb papt
, abow . ut. takea alck while Urine at rta.
. av llarrlaoa vouaty antborltlaa dlaclalmed
af reapcsalbillty for Bryant and denied
, be waa a realdent of that county. In proof
, of their contention tbe aathorltiea of Har
. rhtoa owur declare that If Bryant bad
, brut a rejBdeat of tbatr county be would
'.. met bar been . pauper.
W can a bow yoa tb largeat Btock of
first quality looa and mounted dlamoada
ta thla -vicinity. All our diamonds ere
aet ra-aw avra aboaia . Ivagert. raUaU
yaweler. 4t Bnaadway.
' KarrtaaT lArwaaaau
IAoer.ara ta I wed wee iasuad yeatarday
lotb ioJlowri a: , '
Xaroa and ItealdVnce Axe
E. C. Laeaendarfer. Rawl!na,Wya
Lsaak ifc. botk .Cournil Bluffa
Curt Waiter Hantelmana. Omaha. .K
Mart Tbereaa ftedl. Omaha M
WQUam Kay, Mutoea, la....'. S
Dura Sckutt., kLnden. ta..T
Peer Peeraon-xotoa, -la.-... ............ .13
LffdiA Bondo. Waatua, la 17
Slamond W. Stern, Ban Franoleea. CJ ZC
uiM Evarwlt, LsaoUa. Neb .It
1. - v
4 .
(. vjCeotlesaea, ve call your attention t the
Walk-Over Shoes
Because you get the rtrle, fit and comfort of a $5.00
Kho and they coet only $3 JO and $4.00.
. rWhen the "VTalk-Over goes cm shoe trouble goes off.
We have the eole right of sale. .
S. A. Pierce (& Co.
at. Tri. 44.
Vea EnTsytd to Clack Coisty CCr'ali
Ctjfct to Bookktrp-ic f rtlea.
flerk f EHatrtet Cart Ordered r
PreaMare Hear taewlac la Ikecall
Aaa of retalaed Fee
la Rla ttaada.
The Board rt Superrlaor bad before It
yeeterday tbe report of John M. Mattbewa
and W. Brook Reed, 'be committee ap
pointed to check tbe office of the clerk
of tbe dirt rid court county recorder, eherrff
and county attorney. The rerort create4
antne aorpflae. and tbe committee recom
mended aome radical chanre In the T"tem
t'f keerlnf accounta to the effloea cf the
clrrk cf tbe district court and tbe recorder
Rerardlrm the recorder' office the com
mittee rtated that the "fee brok from
which ft had derived it Information "wa
not the bok of original entry."" but a ropy,
and eo kept that it may be seat and more
preaentaNe to the public,"" Thl a; mw
It stated, had been ta Toyue for tbe laet
elrht year. Tbe committee did not con
alder It mifflrlewt ertdence cf tbe (nonr
tlnn of the office and adrleed that a minw
of voucher, with stuba. etc, be need In
tbe future.
It. ajrred that ther la a acbedula of
feea for film; paper ta the office of the
recorder, but that in many Instances per
nons malBr.a pa par for- recerAlrai encloaed
more than tb resrular fee and la aotne
nrt lcea. Tb recorder. In the book fur
ciehe4 tb committee, bad etiteied tbe
proper fee, acnordlriir ta tbe acbedula, and
these amount had been turned orer by
him to tbe county la doe cowrae.
Aa to tb office of tbe clerk of tbe district
court, tbe coouBlttea found a larae amount
of unclaimed feee, court cneta and probate
moner. wbich. It la aaaerted. should bar
been turned orer to the acunty emry lx
nontha, aa arertded by law. The law
regulrea that tb clerk report a lirt of un
claimed fee, etc," erery alx rocntbi to tbe
treasurer and turn orer th amount to
him. Tbla. tb commltte rrpnrted. bad not
been done ' dtrrtn- Mr. Battcya term of
of&r. Tbe total amount of uch laooeyi
said to be In tbe banda of tbe clerk, accord-
r4T to tbe finding of tbe committee,- wfclcb
tncludea tbe court at Aroca. la R.7541.
Of thl amount, aowerrr. a larfe portion.
It la said, came Into Mr. Batter" band
durlsK tb laat at, raontha who anoch
of tb ismat haa been paid cut by hint
alnoe tb cotnmlrtc checked the book.
Th board, by . resolution, ordered Mr.
Battey to prepare a report and file tb
ante before March 3 enowinc all nnrlalmed
moneys, fena. court oorta. etc. In hla hand.
Countr Treaenrer Mitchell waa authorised
to employ tbe neceaaary bel to aend -out
bcOcm to the holders of stock ta tb Port
land Gold Mining company.
PHrperrtaor BuTO and Johna were ap
pointed a commute to dnreetirat tbe con
dition of tb county court house at Aroca
and report what repair are needed. Tbe
buIUInc wa reported to be In a bad condi
tion. , Story f Ecrsta. . . ,
To beld tLe tnterest ef any aodisrci of
tbe present gacaratVon a play must bar
some human sentiment and strong notiva.
"EgyptA" poasaaaa both to a uperiaUv
degrea. There la moth ar' lova for ber
bab. tbe tender affectlca of a strong mia
Utt a dainty taaiden. tba dignity sf
great propbet leading his dow a-trodden
peopl out from bondage, th subduing
of tb pride ef tba mightiest monarch
cf hla time, U. great Bamesea of Egypt.
To tb thrilling story la added Lbs aublim
strain sf music from tb pens of d
greatest masters of melody -be wprtd
baa ever known. Tb mualo of the opera
la adapted from the writing of the elasaU
composers, and because ef Its artistic
character, th alngers af Council Bluffs
have rehearsed faithfully and enthusias
tically ts adequately render It before tbe
vast aedianc ef their friends who will
fill tb New theater March L
Tbe opera la given under tb auspTosa
of th Woman' Christian aassclatlon for
tb benefit of th Edmundse Memorial
.v (.. to
W pay cash for old gold nod silver, to
C use in vur DUSJKaruis ww -
Lffrrt. manufacturing Jeweler. 0t
Broadway. -
K. T. Plagnbtog On. Tel. 13k. XlgaL L tat
, Credltsrs Ara. Carts as.
Vtt tb adjourned meeting of tb cred
itor of th Cnlo Transfer oompany bald
yesterday at tb office of Refere W. 8.
Ma-ne. It waa decided to employ an ex
pert accountant to examln the books of
lb bankrupt concern. By employing aa
xpert tb creditor expect to secure soma
Information as to th n.0f discrepancy
between ta aialbse assets of the
end its IlabUlriea.
The creditor Intend to find out If
alble, whether or not ther was aUgd
fraud la the Invoices and waetaer tbe
amount of assets' claimed a year ago was
not what tt waa claimed to be, or If the
eompany really had tb tack on band aa
claimed and what haa become of th cash
recetred for it or tb Block Iteelf.
A fun h adjournment waa takra until
next Saturday, when it ia expected the
mailer cf th disputed claim will be
taken up.
Klela HuMa, a former employe cf tbe
I'nloai TeletTajh company, filed yesterday
In tb district court original aotk-e of rait
to recover I-1" for pronal In'unea al-le-e4
to bare been reoelved September 11
of laat year, while In tbe employ of th
Well Liked.
While but half of th arraof4 program
waa carried out tb midwinter meetrog of
tbe West era Iowa Editorial aaaodation,
held yeeterday In tbe auditorium of the
Carnogle llbrery building, proi-ed an inter
esting one and brought together about
twenty editor of country paper who iro
prored the occasion to talk ever matters
cf mutual lntereat and enjoy a aodal time.
T"ie election af' officer for the ensuing
year resulted In the selection of . C. Mc
Cabe, tb veteran editor of Loga.n. aa
president, and O. L. Caaweil of Dealson
aa vlca prealdent. E. A. Steven of tb Su
rer City Time, who haa beld the poaltlor.
of aecretary alnoe tb organisation of tht
aaaoclation, . waa agala unaclrrtoualy re
elected aecretary.
Tbe meeting waa late In opening and th
early arrivals pajiaed the time while wait
ing for tbe lat comers in d! pressing ruch
matters as the anti-paaa legtslatlon. th
ruling of tb Interstate Commerce commie
s) on relative to trading advertising spao
for railroad transportation and tbe action
of Assistant Postmaster Oeneral Madden.
The "talk" ehowd that tbe editors of
tMa section cf Iowa have leas objection to
tb new manner of selling railroad adver
tising than to Madden surgesutona as ta
aecond-dasa mall matter.
Soma of th member present admitted
thai they had reached Council Bluffa oa
transportation fumlabed by tba r 11 roads
ta excbanice for advertising apace and it
was stated that both the minola Central
and Che Wabaah are Issuing transportanon
for use within tb bolder of tb state
tn exchange for advertising apnea. A a
whole, tba member present expressed
themaeive aa aatisfied with existing con
dition. H. X. BaOey of Brltt. known aa th "'Doc
Blxby" of western Iowa Journalism, waa
unable to b present and hi genial amlie
and humor were greatly mlaaed- Baily
sent a letter cf regret whit waa read at
the opening eeesrton and wbich ahowed thai
b waa not taking kindly to the new or
der of things ao. far aa railroad transporta
tion and advertising are concerned:
E. A- Sievene, Silver City, Ia. Dear Sir: '
I am in receipt of your card of January U
and will say tbai. owlrg to the unprece
dented prevalent- of aeismlc disturbancee
I hardly care to stray away ao far from
bom at thla time of the year. I can make
arrangement with the livery rtablea along
the rout to take me from one town to th
other tn exchange for advertising and I n
dervtand that although they ar common
camera 1b Inters tale Commerce om mis
sion baa not aa yet decided that w cas t
trad our space to them for a ride, or for
eta. corn, hay or straw for bedding. Th
Mvery men are very irberal and claim that
they could 5s nd me tn Council Bluffs to siv
4a vs. by riding some aighta. but thee
earthquake are ret Una ta be ao common
that 1 am a Utile nerroua. I should act
rmre sn much for mvself. bat wnat would
Brltt do with aa earthquake and tn gone
I hav for manF yea re attended to alt
aelamie-disturbance la this town acd ther
I no one that I could leave tn charge that
can. be tausted to arise to the occaaion at
tbe' auspicious moment.
The undertakers cf Iowa have also ten
dered ma tba courtesy of furnishing a
bears frera one town to tb other from
here to the Bluffa. but ther did not include
return transportation. I suppose tni ia be
eatw they do not Us ta start any in nova
tions, not being accustomed to return
charges. I do not anticipate any inter
ference with a plan of this character from
any of tbe state officials, and perhapa none
from tb federal government- However. I
preaum they would want to know tba
ther waa no retiaie, and they might ra
ta -j Ire me to be mglsterad at destination.
I am glad that yoa are going to meet.
There la nothing like independence. If you
should atay at borne some one might aay
that the railroads owned you. I am quite
sure that 'tbe lUral citlnena Of Council
BJnffa will use you right.
There 1 a lot of work that you fallow
might do at thl session. I think yen
should pasa a resolution of condolence
and resrjx-t for th member of the Inter
state Commerce comaolsston as ther wer
tbe first people that ever discovered that aa
editor has no right to trade Ms apao fu.
what he d pteasrs, rust tbe same as a rag
I peddler. Should yon do tbla. pleaa include
. neraonal reaards to taem and tell
them that I think they ar a pack of foo
and that th first tims tb caa eoroea ta
tbe aupreme court it will be so decided.
With beet wtebea aad personal regards. I
am. your truly, b. S. BAILEY.
O. O. Buck of the Treynor Record, whoa
preseacs has been one ef tb pleasant
features of th previa meetings, was
nnabl to be ber yeeterday. Tbe Httl
burg of Treynor has as yet no railroad
communication with tb outer world, aad
It was taken for granted by tb members
present that the condition of tha roads
wu responsible for Buck failing to put
ta an appearance. He waa oa the pro
gram to explain My Experience as aa
Advertising Agent" 8. Dl Henry ,t tbe
Corn Rapids Eaterprlee was another ab
sentee who was on tba program. II waa
booked for a paper on "Do the Country
Xwapapers Cause tb Postal Deficit?"
Thla la a burning question with th coun
try editor aad the failure of Mr. Henry
to be present caused considerable regret.
At tha suggestion ef W. C. Campbell pf
the Harlaa Tribune, lat democratic can
didate for con frees man from tba Ninth
district, thla subject will be given u
Important place oa th program at tb
summer meeting of th aaaoclatloa.
Th absence of Editor Buck tnd Henry
left only two members on the program.
At tb morning season J. C McCabe ef
Lcgaa read aa exceedingly Interesting
paper oa "Th Subscription List How t
Handle It." which provoked a lively dis
cussion, la th afternoon W. p. Wortman
ef Malvern told what a good thing for
tb country newspaper be -vansioerej
-Farm Advertlalng" Th farmare, be
aaid, paid anpt cash and sever quibbled
about rata and the aJ Is factory part ef
tt was that they uaaally reported good
results from advertlsicg stock aales. etc
At tha afternoon session Mrs Ruby
Preodergest, formerly of thla city, nee- liv
ing la Omaha, entertained the gathering
by singing Tivona." composed by J. F.
BUby. a brother of -Doe- Blxby ef ta
Lincoln Journal.
The fallowing war a mad aa a oomawt-
te ts arrange tbe program for the summer
meeting: C C Schaier of the Randolph
Enterprise. A- J. Eabody ef th Duniap
Reporter aad TX F. Soou ef the Grlswold
Asuerlcaa. Mr. SeoU wag sot la ettebd-
Before adjewrnlag the eaeocieUon adopted
rsaalatioa thanking ta trustees ef tb
public library for the ass af tb e-udtton um
and Mrs Pretadergast for antertalnltig with
ber singing.
Las Ilaaer. advertising ageat of the Col
erade Midland railway, was ta Mteadance
at tb meeting and at the raernlag r salsa
oa anvnatsoa frera Presldeat Boll aareaaed
tb associailoa.
AaBenC laea ia alien 4a ace war
Dewen. State Une Herald. Bianchard. W.
P. Wortman. Malvern Leader: J. R. Gra
ham. Malvern Southwest loaran; William
Boll. Red Oak Sun; F. C Clark. Red Oak
Sun: J. C. MoCabe, Lrwran Observer: C- 8,
SrbaeBer, Randolph Enterprise; Evere:t
Stewart. Woodbine ClirtHjicJe; H C. Ford.
Woodbine Twiner; E. A. Steveria Silver
City Time: O. L. CaswelL Imlsoo Bulie
tln; X. Q. Miller. Essex Independent; W. C
Campbell. Harlan Tr'buae; Emery E.
HoyVe, Missouri Valley Times; F. L Rr.b
Inson. Coin Gaaette; A. J. Ecbody, Duniap
Don't re-elect your eye any longer, let
ua ft you with a pair cf cur perfect Siting
glasaea. Leffert. cptlcian. 4 Broad wy.
day Services.
St. Paul a Episcopal church. Rev. H. W.
Starr, rector. Second Sunday In Lent, holy
communion at t a. m. Rl Rev. A. L
VTTUisma. D. D.. bishop ccedjtrtcr cf Xe
braska. wiU occupy the pulpit at the morn
ing service and administer the rite of con
firmation. Sunday school at noon and
evening prayer and sermon by the rector
at TJ o'clock, sermon subject, "Tbe Law
of Momentum tn the Rellgloua Life."
First Christian church. Rev. W. B. Clem
mer. pastor. Today will mark the closing
service of tb present pastorate. Bible
school at t 45 a. m, morning worship and
sermon at 11 o'clock, meeting of Christian
Endeavor society at J0 p. m. Evening
service and sermon at 7 ix si mih subject.
"'Does tt Pay ta be a Chrlstlea?"
West End Chris- is a chapel. Broadway
and Thirty -firth street, Bible school at
p. m
Flrst Church of Christ. Scientist, wfll bold
services tn the auditorium of tbe public
library at 11 a. m.. when tbe subject of
tb lesson and sermon sill be "Christ
Jesua " Sunday school will be at 12 U p. m,
and the usual mid-week testimony meeting
Wedneedaa evening at I o'clock.
Second Presbyterian church. Rev. Grant
B. Wilder, pastor. Preaching servioea at
VfM a. tn. and TJ0 p. m. Morning sermon
subject. "OpUralam. Have Taltk In God.""
Evening sermon subject. "Value." In his
evening fflscolrrse the ps.or will discuss
the amusement Question. Sunday school
will be at noon and meeting of young peo
ple society at t:4 p. m.
First Presbyterian Church, Marcu P.
McClure. Mlnieter Preaching sen ire at
1 Is a. m, theme, "That Sweetest Re
llgloua Song;- Bibsr school at 12 m.;
young people" aerrlce at : p. m, -The
Kingdom In the I aland s," Erwin Snyd'-r,
leader; evening worship at 7:10 p. m
theme, "What Shall W Say of Len.T"
At tb morning service Mr. Joe T. Barton
will sing "Fear Not Te, O Israel." by
Buck, and In the evening "Zlon." by Iaul
First Corgregational Church, Corner
Seventh Avenue and Sixth Street, Lr.
Otterbeln O. Smith, Pastor Morning serv
ice at 18:20; evening vesper at I. Sun
day school 'at' noon: prayer meeting
Wednesday evening at 7:41. Morning saV
Ject. "Some Men God Has Given the Na
tion-" evening message. "The Poor in
Spirit-- Special music coming afld even
ing Ths Broadway Methodist church ch-rtr
will glv tt usual monthly musical this
evening. It will be a Dudley Suck even
ing and Dr. Lewi hag arranged a pro
gram of numbers selected mainly from
work of thla admired composer. The
regular choir will be assisted by Mrs.
R. A. Heapa. soprano; Mr. Charles Haver
stock and the" Elks male ruartet- Ihe
choir contributions win be astbema con
taining aoloa for the varloua voices, a
number by tbe Broadway mixed quartet
and tb double quartet,
St. John's English Lutheran church. Rev.
G. W Snyder, pastor. There wfi! be a
missionary cantata and aervicea by the
congregation and Sunday school at 11 a. m.
Preaching set k at 7:90 p. m, sermon
subject, "A Cry for Help." Sunday school
at :" a. m. and young people's meeting
at 7 p. m.
pock repairing.
O. Mantha. 23 Wast
LstTter Day Salats' Coe fere see.
The annual conference of the Pottawatta
mie district of tb RexrsTanbted Church of
Jesua Christ of- Latter Day'&alnte opened
yesterday morning at th church on Pierce
street. Ther are eight churches in the dis
trict with a membership of about If id
The general conference will be . beld at
Lamoni. la., April C, and thee delegate
were elected yesterday: Charles Fry, Mr.
and Mra John Hansen, Miss Cora Scott,
J- R- Lapworth, Llixie Lapwurth, J. C.
Le-pworih. Edna Eiswich, J. A. Hansen.
Miss Anna Anderson, S. Harding. E- H.
Carlisle. C. B. Beardaley. Mr. and Mrs. H
X. Hanson. Frana Huff.
Tbe conference will close today. Visiting
ministers trffl be tbe speaker. Elder
Joshua Carlisle of Underwood will occupy
the pulpit at the morning service at Yf .T
o'clock, and Eider S. K. Soreneen at IP
a. ra. A prayer service will be held at I
- m.
The best engraving, diamond setting and
hlgb-grad Jewelry and watch work dour
la Leffeet' shop, tot Broadway.
For Exchange Fruit farm, for city
property.. Bog 17! Omaha,
Y. M. C. A. lacerperatea.
Article of Incorporation of the Tour a
Men's Christian association of Council
Bluffs wer filed for record yesterday. TbxttP ",rs, leaves the road next week te
4 . . , . . . ( tka cxiarge ot talber a fcsuit near
corporate existence starts March 1 and ls ranton. Miaa, wber be will erect a saw
for fifty years There will be five direc- J mill
tor to rv for on year each, the aa- ! ATLANTIC The annual Immigration
bu.i .unu.. . ,-v- , . , . , u Caa county farmera to coumrle atarie
i election to take place the first Moa- j Dd ftMp.r ,lM gun, four r4r. goinj
mm m-m i vujuers
win be a president, vice president, secre
tary aad treasurer. Thee com prise the
first Board of directors: i. F. WUoox,
Frank C Riker. Robert B- Wallace, Joseph
Smith and F. J. Day. No capital stock is
mentioned la tbe arUoles Thia la tb .erst
tangible step taken teward, re-erta bath
ing a Young Mea a Chnatiaa assooauon-i
In thla city and it waa determined upon
. . .. , , .
at a recent meeting of several member
of tb general commltte appointed last
year to , raise
funds for an association
Lent Dees Set Here F- cf )
,pie Serial Aetlvtiy.
Mrs E. C. Smith, accompanied I' her
esua-hter, left Tuceday on a trip to Mobile.
Misa Haael Green haa gone to Pc-sla.
Ta. te st -end the week eith ber aunt. Mr.
Clia pmaa. t
Mrs W. A. Faxon. I t Fourth street, re
turned Tuesday from a visit with ber
abtxhec ia lanooln. Neb.
The 6. fe S club will be eetemie.ed n
WedndT afterTioon bv Mrs J. M Lania
ger il. Washtfigtse avenue.
Miss A ana H. Me-ee returned home
Wednesday from a Ins mouths visit ta
m AngVies. CL. and as aocompecJed
by ber mot ber.
: Misa Hartie Gcff returned this week froeu
Ei Kene. tL. s kesw abe has been isiur.g
it Mrs. C. A. Wuwd. Iun-uer)y ALas Agnes
rpjra cf this city.
! Mr Ojiiie I . r a-d enti. It: rt
teft fTidar tveaiLg fer a tea 4a" tiaii
eith M-s. !.r,rma'V"s tlece. Mr. Charlej
WsNsoara, ft ! Moinea. Ia.
Rev F. W. Thomas accompanied by hie
wife and riauc-hter, of stall lak'. la, la in
t rity He r-jeel cf W- awrt. Mrs. W. Ii.
Tf-orrsa of Taerty-aixta avenue.
Tb meeting of the Euchre club. whib
saa to have been etit -rt i ned FTldav aft-em-xm
by Mrs J. J Hees. i4 rVsth street, was postponed and vul be
eniertajn-d Mor.dsy a'tertvoen by Mrs.
Charles E Woodbury. 4 Wtlsow venue.
Prof Chamber gave Friday evening at
Ma bl a most enyatI daerelng party
In commemoration of WasMrartsn's blrt.i
dar. The hail was ocorne(l with Ss.
There were at-out t couple present,
seventy-five couple being t'Cesvot Irora
Tbe teachers and pupils of the Madieon
avenue echoed ev.te-tatnsj at a "mothers
day" reception at tbe scbooi rooms Thure
dh r af"erti'n. A most Imerrtina proersTa
waa enjoyed, afer which dainty refreh.
menu wer served There were about
ervtnty guets present.
Vrs. M. W. Fleming and Mis Baker en
tertained tbe Oakland Avenue Ca-d e'uh
Saturday evenlr g at the h"tn of l!"
Bkr. 43"- North Second street, at a 7
e clock di-rner. card being played after
dinner. The he-use waa p-ettily deocratcd
sub roses and carnations
Much Interest Is being manifested in so
ciety circles in "Egypt." the new and
nvel play that is tu i given. In this c:ty
Msnck t. 7 and K. for toe ln-fil cf the
new hospital at the New thoater. Many.
rron irominert In social circle of this
city siil take leading parta tn the perform
ance. The Economical Card club waa enter
ta(ned Friday afierrfwn by Mra. I. ilue- 1.
in Graham kvenue. Th afternoon wi.a
rpnt at pisyint- high-five. Mrs. Fair le1iig
awarded tbe first prlae and Mrs. Bradlry
tbe second prise Rfreshm-nt were
served niter the game.. Mrs. H. C. Blisa.
172 Lincoln atenue. will er-tertaia th
club Friday afternocn.
Mrs O. D. Wheeler, tn South First street,
entertained tbe Klorador Card club Fri
day. Mra. Dawaon was awarded th first
priae and JUr. F. J. Thon pson the "cut
for all." The house was decorated with
fUgs In honor of Washington's birthday.
A da'nty '-rstkmar' course luacbeon was
erifj at tbe close of ihe game, the na
tional colors being carried out In th
Mrs. J. E. Wallace. ( Oakland -venue,
entertained at a irettiiy arr.'icted lunch
eon end card party 'il.uriT afterno.-'n.
Ttie rooma wre gorgcouly decora'.ed with
red rcises, carnations and f.tfs. in jonor
of Washington s birthday. 1 he afternoon
was spent at euchre, Mra. H. T. Butier
b-)ne asard-d tt- .,rt jriae and Mrs.
Waiter t?i-ooner tbe second pr:e. There
were atirut thirty gue'. preent After
the game a dainty three-course luncheon
sas f t ed. Assjktinr in li e lining room
were Miss Orr ha Quinn. Miaa Frames
Richmond and Mis 1 it t-malL
Tbe University club was entertained
Wednesday afternoon by Mra. Lee cf
Park avenue. Mrs Neifn acting aa rtdtr.
Genera! Lew Wallace a "Prince of 'ndia"
a the topic of discussion. hicb created
much excitement. Mr. Meyers jlanaon
gave an Interesting sketch tf the life of
Wallace and Mra. Nelson gave a eview
of ""The SaJrgod." written by "ri.rac.
The current events were led by Mrs. Wai-
laoa. After the meeting a social half
hour waa spent and dainty refresbmes-s
were served. The club sill meet 'ednea
day aftmuon at tbe home of Mrs. John
Matthewa. 10( Angle avenue.
A very pretty bom wedding occurred
Wednesday evening at the home of the
bride a brother. Mr. Guy T. Pilling, fll
Curtis street, when Mias Margaret C. Pill
ing was un;ted in marriage to Mr. Samuel
A. Greene of thia city In the presence of
about sluy guests. Tbe rere-nony was per
formed by Rev. Jame O May. pastor cf
tr,e Hroads-ay Methodist Episcopal church.
Mrs. Greene was a graduate of the class
of va of the Council BlufTs H rh school.
Mr. GreeDe is captain of the Lt-dge Light
Guarcs ard tK-th the bride and groom are
well known young people hi this city. Mr.
and Mra. Greene will be at home after
March S it O "ider street.
Miss Emma Olscn was delightfully sur
prised Wednesday evening st her home,
tot Damon street. In honor of her twentieth
birthday by a number of masqueradera.
who helped make merry the evening. Ths
evening waa delightfully spent In mualc
nd games In a janut contest. Mr. Vi si
ter Paulson won tbe nrst prise a-id Mis
Clajre Rivett the consolation prVie. Cr-a-tume
prate were awarded te Mi-) M in rue
Gunnison and Mr. Walter Paulson. After
game a dainty two course luncheon scs
Mrved. The host was presented witia many
t-eautlful presents 1n honor of ber birthday.
Those present were Hsi Eleanors Olson.
Miss Minnie Gunnison, -Alisa Nonny Oieon,
Miaa Claire PJvetu M:aa Swkett. Misa Vina
Gunnison. Mr. Lanahas, Mr. Cuaiiion, Mr.
Sa-ckett, Mr. James Rivett. Mr. Waller
Paulson, Mr. Cu minings and Mr. Alvin Fos
The members of the Ls dies auxiliary of
the Railway Mail association wer enter
uined Friday evening at the home of Jra.
J. A. Miller. 21 feouth Ninth street. In
honor of tbe day a short program, consist
ing cf musical selections by Mrs. Chamber
lain and Mrs. Wheeled and reading bv
Mrs Anderson and Mrs. Glldden. were
features of the evening. The guest were
then entertained for a time with a novel
and or-.slnal auesma contest Ur -m.
Donald and Mr. J. A. Miller being awarded '
ine pnse. a minatUTe - atatue- or Oeorge
Washington. Luncboon aaa served after
the game by tbe womea in such a delight
ful manner as to cause much comment.
Tbe traditional 'cherry tree'" waa produced
and tbe guests were blinrtf olded and fur
niFbed with cherries, which they were to
hang on the tree, the prise being awarded
to the one getting the most cherries on It
Mr. Miller and Mr, rva tied for first
place in the content, tbe latter winning in
the drawing. There were about fifty guests
Maple Leading- Dees Its Travdlaa: Kesr
ta teerby Tesraa.
ONAWA. Ia.. Feb, (Special -The
generar store at Maple Leading, Lincoln
township, Monona county, baa been closed
by the proprietor. James Hencu-n. When
MapIs Landuig was a fourth class post
office thia store, one of the oldest tn she
county, .did an important bulas. bjt with
the Advent 't.f. the rural route fourth class
postoffioes and country store suffered a
decline and are now back numbers. Most
of thorn ar retiring from bus! net and the
trade goes to the nearby towns. '
lesra kerns Kete.
ONAWA F. E, Lark. coumy superintend
ent, is In Chicago, atteadiug a meeting of
national etbooi euperinteTidr-nta.
ONAWA Tt fuortb anniversary of the
C'nawe public library will be observed on
Monday. Onasa is proud wf its library,
which it free to all the people of Monona
ATLANTIC Abe Gedpature of Anita
lost his thumb and tso hr.ger on his
left hand by getting them caught is the
blade of a buxz-saw which be su running.
Tin third firigw was also badly lacerated.
ATLANTIC "The f months' old son t-f
Mr. and Mra. William Bu-kett. and J. C
Yetser, a pioneer busineaa man and banker
who died at the bom of bis bob la Coun
cil Biufia. were both buried here Frloy.
ONAWA F. G. Glonn, a Ncjrtbwestera
engineer, who has lived in Onasa tso or
ia .-ortn laimt ttiaay, anc nine
I li.lfl .... V .- V. rM hr.l. . m.A
braka for Monday.
NAWA Tbe Methodist church, which la
fifty years old. has rtnten March t aa a
day of Jubilee to eelebrbt th evrat af
wiping out tbe church indebtedness in full.
The church mortgage sill be burned with
appropriate cerenaotiie.
ONAWA Mayor Hecrr Harlew of this
cut. ho is i reside tt cf tb Iowa Good
i iMaM assocj-uun, ixi .aiimtefl by-
. 'oe genemur as a oeiecate to represent
J !r.WB , ,h conference of good roada com.
j misslonera at Pittat'urg on Marctt U. Mr.
nariow exiecis to attrnd He is a trac
tical expert in the g:od rcds business and
devtiea rrruct, ot hia time to tbe aubjert.
CRESTOX The Southwestern Iaa
Medical assoc-iatioB held lis regular sc(.
i:ig la t i.j a .ty )estedy. . A very in
teresting I rorra m was given -isrlng tbe
daa- and In tbe evenn.g Lrr a. tf.
cf Fort Mad.aoc gate a lecture st tba
court house, to which the general public
was invited Th subject ef the f.uie
as use-as and r-errei Nostrums." and
see a buter arraignment ef tbe patent
medicines iow en it. market, ha also
attacked the cewsteper for prlniir.g
sm cf tbetr advertising matter, which
be characterised as iadeceat and VtXt to
be printed.
t'rit-ToN The wrestling match held
here lui evening, betaeen Mai Miumer cf
Letiox and Dunca MckiiUan. ended la a
i lcr tT eimmer. bo took the Erst
and last fall. MrMUian i tae nearest
w.a-cb for -simmer in aright and sis that
has ever Ua matched aaiuat t.iu. He
stands s'x fel tso tn htitht and welghe
about 115 pounds He rieime ttst th
maich aa bob by a boumi s careless
ness 4 hia part ai4 c (.ajeged cin.tar
f r ajytl,r auatch m Its near futuis
f-imiofr accepted aad aa exciting go is
avt4 tweaJd to ty luce1 aJ-KM-la,
Ve-xbrr fiam afMtgBer Oct sty list te
Qnettioa af Fgnasgl rriTilers.
UGllATCRt TO mi fKl DAY!' FttT
Graad lakaaeV Rets, Wsau Ceaaee te
Meet BAatrtasealal stareaa Lever,
bat Fan te F1a4 Aayeae
"Taltlag fee Iter.
Frera a Staff Crisprmdent
DES MOINES, Feb. "aSpecasXI-Repre-scntativ
Jones of Montgomery county
arose t a question cf personal privilege
In th bouee today and declared that a
grave injustice tf net of an tnsult bad
been don the appropriation committee, of
which be to chairman, by the pahikatioa
In a Des Moines paper of an article pur
porting ta be a report of the appropria
tions committee ea the blU appropriating
"Q.en lo pay f tc extra expense cf the
oomrr Issicma which went last November t
dedicate tb lost monument on southern
battlefields. Th article filled a coruraa
Of space and purported to be a part of
tbe report recommending the Mil for In
definite postponement. Th article attack
O-ovm or Cummins and tbe eid soldiers
who were members of the four monument
commission for extravagance. On con
cluding his remarks Chairman Jones said
be wonld yield tb floor to th gentlemen
from Bremer, C W. Miller, chairman of
th democratic rial central committee. If
be had snythlng t say. Mr. Miller as
sumed fall reps-ihsibillty. but declared be
thought tb article had Tteen adopted a
part cf tbe report of the committee. The.
discuss! oa disclosed that Mr. Miller as a
member cf a subcommittee which consia-'
red tb MS had prepared the article and
favored killing tbe bill. The committee
reported the bill for Indefinite potrtr-me-ment.
but did not accept the article.
Meeasaeete I tteveletleeary Seldlere.;
Ia lb house today bill wer passed ap
propriating money to erect monument over ,
tbe graves of Jobs Lepper. a revolutionary
soldier burned at DeWItu la, and another
over a revolutionary acldler bnried at Cedar
Point In Linn county.
He nee tllla.
BClg were introduced tn th bouse by
Swan, providing that eight hour shall con
stitute a day 's work for train dlepatrber
and telegraph operators connected with the
operation of trains, and providing for a
commission to examine and pass upon the
q salification of such dispatchers and oper
ators: by KeBy. re la ting to ea-ndem nation
pmcvwcUngs by sheriff e Juries; by Kelly,
providing for warehouses tsening "receipts
for rooos.
Tb house today cio-ncurred tn a second
resolution sent over from the oeaat pro
rifling for aa adjournment from February
a ts March a. ,
CwaBsatttr ateperts.
Rjcport of committees to the house today
recommended for Indefinite postponement
th bin relating to "-e-tocatlng county seats
and serial, rue K relating to divorce. For
passage ther was imported tbe bill re
quiring publication of notices before cir
culating mulct petitions cr consent, a bin
prohibiting Ufa Insurance agent under pen
alty from making mlarepresentat ions, a bffl
providing that In counties where ther t
more than one county seat an action for
damages must he brought at th county
seat nearest the municipality, and the sen
ate wife desertion biU.
The los-a Stat Bar aasociartcs has been
turned down by the seaate Judiciary cem-
milte which ha reported all tb state bar
association bill relating to court pro
cedure for Indefinite nostponemeot. Tb
committee a action is based oa tbe belief
that all the bill reonmmended by the Stat
Bar association are already covered by the
statutes aad are of such a trivial nature
pertAlning to court procedure aad appeals
as to realty not deserve attention.
Agree te Adleara,
Tt senate and bouse today agreed upon
an adjournment from February a ts March
a. in order that members may go. to their
homes and attend to the business which
usually comes up about that time. . .
ss avert Feed Bill Passed.
Tbe senate passed a bill fixing the regu
lar annual support fund at tbe three state
educational Institutions as follows: Stat '
university, IJft.OCK': State college, r.n.WTO.
State normal. eUs.Oj. These support funds
are scattered all through the session lawa
and the desire la to group them Into on!
Us. ! Set fer larreaee.
The bouse ha adopted a report of lis
committee, reccanrpendlng Indefinite post-;
pimemetit for tbe bill increasing ths per
capiia support fund ef the Soldier' Home
at Marahairtewn from F.i to Pf a month.
Tb bill passed the senaie unanimously
and when It waa mcsaagc-d from ths bouse
Senator Kckles, Its author, mad an effort
to have It revived, but there was bo per
Uametiiary maneuver by which this could
be done. It is poeaibls an effort will be
tnad to g' t th bouse to reconsider Its
action. - ,
Grand ssasad Weaeaa Keeled.
A woman giving her name as Mrs. A- P.
Maynard of Grand Island, Xeb, appruaehsd
a police officer la this dty at the Union
depot today and asked for aseistaaoB ia
aading George WUson, with s-hom she had
been oorrespurWiirig through a aafctrifimtilal
agncy and had .come her to marr'. On
tbe advice of tb officer she took tbe next
train' bach' to Grand Mans. '
resect! MasTa Mae Eteeted,
P. C PeVol of Counctl Blaffs was elected
president of the Iowa Hardware Dealers'
asaoelatioa at the closing s ret on of the
convvatioa held yesterday. - Without ea
eeptioa the convention was tbe largest and
most seeoeasful ever held. A larger mein
bershrp was present at the vertoes meet
ing and a better program than ever bad
been prepared.
The fulloslr.g officers were elected:
President P. C. IVVol ef Council BtufTs
Vice rresiojent J. F. Doty of West Lib
erty. -
rVcrtlAry-Tt-easurer A, R. Sai of, Mason
Execarive Corn snit te Pre sideeit P. De
V, K. F. Currie of Mason Ctty and L C.
Abbott ui Marsaailtown.
Board ef I nrector s First eengresslanal
tstrlc. C. E Barbour of Fort Madison;
Second, disHnct. J. F. Doty ef West fub
mr: Third district, H C Chepin of I'moa;
Fourth district. F. R. Currie of Maaoa City;
Fifth district. ' L C. Abbott of MarshaJl-
towo; BiUk district, 4 P. atirvtt cf Onn
nell; Sever tb district, C. T. Geld of Lea
Moines: Elrnth !-trlct C. H Thomaa of
Kent: Sfmtb distrV-t, P. C I Vol of Ceun-
rti ttlu-Ta Ter i a gistrvt. H. 4V Vincent ef
Fort 11 It. U,evBvih 6-sUtc-t, C E. Haas
cf Ls. Mara
' rmlasx ea Primary 'mil.
It new seewi lately th primary elecrlota
MIL wtticSt I irader preparatioa by tbe elec
tions coenmittee' ubcommtrte ' of -Vrti
bouse of th general assembly will be re
ported before th March recess, now nearly
due Tb autirommrrtec haa don a great
drsl-'ef work oa th Mil and has not been
idle by any. means, but there was much
mor aork to do than any of th member
tppeeed was th case.
Th work w hav had to do oa this
bill." said Senator Smith of Mltrbell, haa
been outside of our regular work hours,
and A a result the members of the com
mittee feel that they ar entitled to a rest
Work has therefor been temporari'y sus
pended ea the btlL sine w bar agreed
cn about ai of th totals and. oa every-thii-g
tbaf i material As suoa As w caa
get lime te pot pur Ideas lets writing
and te shape the bill p just as we would
l'Ve. rt will be repined The commitle has
worfted earnestly and wtt-n thai aai my ss
secure a bill that will be Batls'actory and
se better ee hav done s."
There was as B-rrecment smo-ig members
at the outset that the) would not give cut
ar y of the work done m the e.ibcommlttee:
but It I generally knewn aneng ths mem
ber new that the bin will contain a pro
vision for a partj declaration s that there
wfll net be lend 1 scrim Ins I e voting as be
tween the parties, and that It wU be made
Just eay as possible for tbe voter te
change their party affile! tea en the record
wttbeat permittlrig fraud.
It 1 said there win not be ary leathy
speeches on th bm this year aa the king
talker seen to bare dlset-peared from both
hc-usea aad there Is nothing to cause a
breaking out on th primary bin.
(seal renditions la Meaeaa Ceesty
Are Reeree4 This Year.
ONAWA Ia Feb. 21 (Special.) Hay
dealer in Onawa have the onion raiser
on the hip Just at present. There Is A
strong demand for hay and cars cannot
be procured fast enough, but tbe demand
for onion 1 aot aa strong aa the fruit
and many gf the farmer ar dieouratr4. ,
Thousand ef bushel cf onions are raise!
near here every year and they hav gen
erally been one cf tb beet paying crops,
bat this year tbe demand 1 light and
price low. Tbe rsiatng ef onions has
become aa industry her and several farm
ers have made considerable money ut of
their culUvatisn.
Server te Be Started at Oar fea
At la a Me, Ttertb at Swath. V
ATLANTIC Ia, Feb. I. Special"!
The last of the require! amount ot money
to guarantee the construction cf the At
lantic Northern 4 Southern railroad la
been raised In Atlantic Tbe people ef
Atlantic raising and the people
tf Elkhora snd Klmba'Ttewa tr.acL The
board ef directors met last night aad
voted te employ an expert V mah pre
liminary survey and commence work St
Bey fries srlth Symptoms ef Pelsealag
CRESTON. la, Feb. 2 IP pedal Tele
gram V-Eldon Seward, a s-year-old boy,
died this aaornkig. shewing every symptom
of having bees poisoned. At t o'clock last
evening a physician was called by tba
mother, bat h was unable to save th boy.
Th father la employed tn Omaha. Aa
Inquest win be held tomorrow, at Which
further developments are expected.
Tax Itevarms f hew Peeertr ef People
ef Leltrtaa Fellewlag Km
. Harvest,
DUBLIN. Feb. a -Special.)-Light has
Just been thrown oa th i ;!e,t of the
failure of the potato crop in the wee. t
Ireland at a recent meeting cf tb Lei trim
county council.
It transpired that out of a total warrant
rcpre anting I7k4i4 to be collected for the
services for the half year the sum of U.W
only had been lodged, and this was ascribed
by tbe council to UeJanot total failure of
the staple food crop of the poorer people.
It was stated that In many cases tbe crop
was not worth the gathering. The seed
obtained from the government had rotted
ta the ground, and was not suited to tha
cUmata of Ireland or Its soil.
Ves-etatlen Being Killed te Restrict
Area ef Fly Cassises th
. . Disease.
ENTEBBE!. Uganda, February S. CBpe
claL Tbe mortality from sleeping s ck
ness Is run appalling, and the commis
sioner cf Uganda proposes to create tea
settlements, each accemmodatirg S,(K) suf
ferers with their families. Tb chiefs ars
being required to transfer their tenants
from tb neighborhood cf the lake t ea-
tates which they pcesess inland that are
free from th dreaded tsetse dies which
communicate the diBea-te.
In the E-iiropean settlement at Entebbe
and Jinja all vegetation capable of har
boring the flies is being entirely removed -snd
It is already impossible to find a single
fly in Entebbe.
rt Rid of All Your Fare Tro-ablca
1 A Few Days Time With
tbe W'otaderf bJ Suiajt
Calcines Wafer
Trial "rsekags Beat Free
To cannot hate aa attractive fare
or a beautiful eoteplaxloa when roar blopd
la In bad order and full of I tn purl ties.
Impure blood means aa Impure face el
waya. The most wonderful as well as tbe
most rapid blood cleanser is Stuart's Cal
cium Wafers. Toe as them for a few
days, and tbe difference tells tn ro-ar face
right away.
Most blood purifiera and skla treat
ments ar full of poison, Stuart's r-i.i,t
Wafers are guaranteed free from poises,
mercury, drug or opiate. They are at
harmlesa as water, but the results are
Th worst rase of skla diseases hare
bees cured la a week by this uick -acting
remedy. Jt contain th most effect
ive working power of any purifier ever
discovered. calcdum sulphide. Most blood
aad skin treatments are terribly sWw.
Stuart Calcium Wafers have cured boils
la three day a Every particle of Impurity
is driven out of your system complete' y,
never te return, and It Is dons snthixtt
deranging tout system tn tbe slightest.
Vo matter what, your trouhas la. whether
pimples, blotches, blackheads, rash, tettsr.
eczema, or scabby crusts, yeu caa solemn
ly depend - upon Stuarra Caieiajra Wafer
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ing a splotchy face. Dea't have strangers
tare at you, or a! lew year friends to be
ashamed ef yeu because cf rear face.
Tour bleed makes poa -srnst yea are,
Th men aad womea ho fore-' ah sal
are those with pure blood and "pare facts.
Did yoa ever step te'thtnk of that?
Stuarfs CaleiBm Wafers are absolutely
harmless, bat the re alts. mlihtly aatls
fylag to yea even at the end of the
week. -They will make yoa) happy Because
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only to "yourself when yes look In th
glass, but te everybody else who kaowa
you and talks with yea.
W want to prove te yoa that Smart
Calclsm Wafer are beyond dcubt tb
best and quickest blood and tkla partner
tn the world. ee w win send you g &-
sample as soea as w get your nam and
address. Send fer It today, aad then when
yea Lave tried the samp is yes win aot
rest contented until yeu hav bought a
Ike box at yeur dn-ggisfa
Seed 'tis your name and address today
and we will at once sand yes by mall s
sample package free. Address F. A,
Stuart Co, f 1 Stuart Bidg, MarseeJsj