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    Fhe Omaha Daily
Till of Millionaire Joti A. Craichton ia
FJed for Piobata.
Umainrler, WaatTer It la, to Ba DiTidad
A-mamt LantM.
iaaed for Fits Hundred Thanaaad, Tin
Only a Fart.
lea ttoas fa railage Hnnphal ant
libavrltmfcln laetlt aliona. While thw
Toonfe HmMkcourr la He-
wllk tl,4MM.
John A. Creighton's will wu tiled for
probata by Judge W. D. Moliub Monday
atel noon,
II makes specific biuets to the amount
f tL2iV. and provides that ail proper'
(U excess -if ttiia tiil 1m divided among tha
legatees mentioned in the sain pr .portions
obwn-'t ln the sparifie hwinsta. If. ua
generally believed, the count's fortune
a:no-intcd -o -ipw.-irda of IT- all me
bent ri. lartes wUl get alaou rour times the
amounts mentioned aa theirs In th will
and "roighlon university, '.lie chief lme
tlciary. will set upwards of IC.".".'X
Approximately, threa-fonr-a .if the estate
1 given (a institutions and one-fourth to
relatives. Ti b exact as regards the
specirlc haoueijts. $Su.. is given to Institu
ltwns, .'. il to relatives and SIUa'O to Cuuut
O'lihlun n housekeeper.
Thee are tha benenclarle and the
amount n named:
Crnliihton univorsitv twi."
St. Josephs hosoital J".
Children of sister. Mr. Mi-Shane lwi.A"
Children of brother. Thomas i.'reign-
Little Sinter "f the Pmr
WurKlnic 'Hits Home
Slstcrs of ad Shepnerd
tfimera of Poor '"are
John A. henk. hrotSier-in-law
Joiin M. Dauhrtv. grand nephew..
Mary Colter. nousekeeaer
i. a a
To Raaaml Cniverstty.
n ia generally auppoaed tliat there 1s
1 it i or )... In aditltlnn. This would
give web hanHtlclarr namad several limes
th amount mentioned specifically.
That tha count left an much money to
Crelghton university .1es not surprise tha
management of thai instltutton. an ha has
always llrd It his "child." Prasldent
Dawiing saya an cxpanslun of tha ant vera ty
la :ilrady contamplnted.
Two provisions of liO.flOO eat h ara for in
stitutions not yat In fXtstenia. Thi-y ara
the Working ilrla' Hume and tha Little
31m t-rs of tha Poor.
Nona of the ralutivaa with whom the
OBiuit had UtlKation over property ara men
tioned in tha will.
Tha instrument waa dated January S.
Tax( mt tkai Will.
Til a will reads:
Know all mew hy Vhaae praaenta: That L
Jollil .4. CratKhtnn uf tha 1ty ut imaha. aiul
B'ata of Neuraawa. ln llerftiy majie- p.Ui
Uaii ami dwUra tins my last will and testa-n.--
nt. as toiiowa that uf to ruty :
suit I ami t that ail my Jiim deina and
tiiu u&paiuMa at my Uiat mcKUfaa anu bunai
Lm twul s S4n alter mv (teittii aa ponaitile.
Second 1 uerMiy will, denae aim baqiiaaih
to Joiin A. XjouK-'ierry Ui.i. t ne aurvive
mo and at my .lealii ta in my employ; if
ba di: not aurvtva mt. ur if at my death ha
be nut in my employ, tha Maid aum snail
go into tha residuum of my estate.
Thim I hereiiy will, lievihe and taMiueatn
to my n piirwa and places, J- n u .V.
diiaiiM. James li. M' .-iliane. Kux J. Mt
hliunts, -Mrs. K.i:e Mcrilinne Firay. Mrs.
h..ian Ha rih.uie ( 'allium, uia chlluran of my
laia aiaiT Atice, and In the chlidran oi
hUW4ra M'-Slmne. lt-eu. wno may ia
iiv '.na at my oeaiii. tlw.'Mt, to m divided
aiiionK tiieui aa :nllowa: Tha auid sum ahui
lie umilatt into fa-veii eo,uiil ;arta, una til
uun -liH jo to Joiin A. Mt al.ane, one to
Juinaa li. Mi-Shane, one to Kilx J. Mti
liiiaia, one lo Kata Mi'diiana Fuiay. one to
iLilen UtSlmim i allium. in to ilia childi-an
ot tjlwitnl MiHIiane, amaaed. wno may
aurvivp ma. aud one to tha children of
Toomaa Mthaiie. aacaaaao. who may ba
UviiiK at my duain.
FourMi 1 will, .leviaa and bequeath to
my nepliewa and n:e'"a, John D. erf lifnton,
Mrs. Cainarina re lahton Mt tiinu ana Mar
tha Cr!iinu.n liner. Jl "', to be fiivldel
aihon- ihajn etjuaiiy. If any una of tuetn
die iiatura n:a. uia or bar snare snail tgr
Ui hut or her hilurrn.
KifUl i hereby will, (lav.'aa and baiiuaath
Uf iiy hrolner-ln-iaw. John A. mnk.
VS. it ha aurviva ma. If ba die be
aara mm Uia aaul sum xnall su Into the
nesaaaun ot my astattt.
aaxiu i neretty will, iim-taa and benuaath
tu mv hottaajiaapar. Mary i.'otnrf, SiU..ui. it
aua aurriv. ma. If ana die belora ma tha
aaid aum stuul no into tha reaiuuum uf my
invent laI heranr will, lavlaa and be
ajuaatu tu tha i 'mnton university, a cor
Uoranun orsamaad and axiHtinn unu-r :ha
ias of Uia atata of Nauraatta, tSxAouu.
wouh ahail he kept mainiafnerl -nd piv.
earvad. uuillminutliad a:id unlinpairr-d. and
pitutarveu aa a valuta, andowinent fond
Uir lha said ltiat'.tuilon. tha pnr -ipmI to ba
invented in lnterf.t-bear!n aae. run and
t!:a tntereat atid miiTral ler.vrt thrrafronj
to iat appuad lo tiia support ot le said in
stitution. KiMhin I herehv will, darts, and ba.
rniatuh to tha if nncmcin of
Nrbruka, a corporatnm orKantxad under
tm laws if .be stale uf Neoraaa. &Rl,'.tnj
for uia au;iirt and malntauauoa of tha
til. Joeaph MniiHinm hoaintul in Omaha.
Xlnui 1 iieieny will, davlsa and tmjuaath
to t:ia exe. :ii4.ra of thta. my Uuu will and
luiinrMi, Ku w in uiil lo pay tne mmr
to tile l.uiia gisiera of ma P'air whan they
ahail rxiuoilah a houaa In Omaha for the
purpoaaa of in. i-aanty to whuh they are
Tenth I harebir will, devta and banimrh
to uia of this my iaat will nd
tiameiH tJ.i'W in trust to purrtutaa sita
a. ui ouilj ttiernon home for poor wirkins
an ts expau.uua not mora tnan one ha.t of
ad iao.1 :..r : pun-uaaa of aaiu site and
ei'x ::iiH a liunali. thaiaun and ui- lln
tlie )uiiiiihi In miaraat timrux aecurtles
and appiy rhe inim-ai tiarrrad uierfroin to
tiw upixirt ol tha said chanty.
tClcvciim I 1ii...k wilj, leviaa and ba-'
q.lel!i lo the dlalaia of Uia iooU Shepherd
U.kv for i!:a support ttia ttoni. io,
at.iih truy are u.'vmal.
Twe.ttn-1 heiMny wMI. jaalaa and ha-'
qi.eai'i lo the diaiora of Pfair Clara Kuawi
for lie support of iha houaa already aa. i i.v tneni tn umana.
Thii t. aiiin 1 uareuy will, deriae and ba-l
l""1" Tn r.atdua and ramaindcr
of the "Wair. real unil personal, t wnicn I
may die is"d or p. in. mg to tba h ttit.i .
anu Ijenenvuutea harainorfura mnnui
ech of tiieui to take and have '" ,
tl. ii ..f -uuu irmatiider aa the hi mn ! ""
1 .. . . oaai aauatl
made lo ,:im or liar la-are tu ll. wnoie of
n. .-slnla.
i".u.iteinth I hereby revoke anJ nn..i -n
a ui e.
1 lie:
'-'!' will I have heretofore rnaje aja.i
ny name, eonstitute and au.twTle
V. Mi.lhane. Jionra H
D. Creiiatitosi and John -
evouturs of tins, my last wtll - .
uietit and .ilrat-t thai, thay ba appatnteat aa
aiiel wittiout bond.
1 rh wol a .ut wtrnaaai d by James Vf
V iw,iriii and A.vui F Joiinaen. aaal waa
einuial JauiLiary , iav.
virtues. UMjwtasu iup cttruatto
Will In Kaaaiaal wlfb tajlaiaaa mm
araaaaal of Coauao-a -
"Were yon eurpilsad at the otauants af
Mr. r.-a:k:.ton a wllir waa aatail at ll at
dent Do wring.
"I am inn at ail aurprtaed, at the terms
af the wiO. Aa far aa tnary relula to !!:
li-bih. a univafntiy they are parfauiiy m
(Cauunuad us F'.fltt Pme.i
TaaMlay, Prbrur
1907 FED'v-J 1907
sua oa mt aai sar
T T i 12
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 II 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28
Tiaadiy and Wliicd.'iv
FmE;AdT For i.VA Fur and colder:
Ttit-auay. '.Vednaanay fair.
T"mperatura at umaha ya.tcrdajr:
Lt-K. Hour. D.
.1 1 p. m J
1 p. m -1
5 J p. ;n Jt
U 4 p. m m
41 & p. m .i'
p. m .7
1 T p. tn .TT
4Z )t p. m
'i p. m 41
a a. m.
a. m.
f :i. m
it a. m
il a. m..
12 m. ..
At Lincoln the houaa put the .Inisnina
touch on county option, by k.lilnn tiiu
second bill. The vote waa it to
r4 a
Republican caucus at Lincoln TaKea no
.-union on i-ent fare bill, but aent:ment
ut memlters w.m unanimuuisly in favor of
paaautt-e of the bilL Paara 1
In the aenaie at Lincoln the nuiruj
committee waa rnuird to report il on.-a
nn a bill to rniuca paasenxer tuie to 1
cents per mile. The measure was made ,1
special order for Tuesday murninu.
House paaxes tlie . -.inference report on
the Immigration oill permi-.imn thu pres
ident to exclude couile luoor by votu of
l!7 to lu2. Paara a
Text of araement between Vr-aident
Roosevelt and .San Francis-i school biard
provides for exclusion of iill tdles and )
for admission uf alien children uiiuer 18 I
yars old who can spvuk English, to the ,
white schools. Paga 3
House refuses to accept substitute for
La Follette bill retfuiatlni? hours of rail
mad employes. Paaa 3
House amends the postotHi-e bill Co pro
vide for further reduction of pay to rail
roads for carrytnif mails. ?a- a
House passes the hill creating an ad-
ditional ?udge for the federal court of
Nebraska. Patrs 1
Senator K-ttra-lga secures report reject-
ing tha nomination of Elliott as Tnit'-d
States marshal for .-"outh Dakota. Page 1
Missouri river is out of banks at Ver
milion; higher than at any time since
lssl. pae 3
Three barges are adrift off Muasachu
setts coast, and several members of craws
are drowned. Paae
Attorney Jerome takes hand 'n beari
or New York Central accident before
coroner. a- t
Chariea Phelan la arrested !n Chicago i Senator Burkett said tonight the delega
for receiving furs ailegcl to have bean ! Kon would cail,d unon to recommend
stolen In Omaha. Pace 1 i a 9U'tabie Person the president for ap-
Governor Hughes notifies 8upertten- j P"oOnent to the new position.
dent Kelaay of ;he New York lnauraiice j.
department to annaaa for hnHrina '
Frank Hottman convicted of murder at
Kansas City, cuts his throat and may die.
Paare 1
ThaWs lawyers succeed in getting pria
oners statement to doctor aa to -Thy he
killed White and his will before tha Jury.
Pace a
Prof. Barber of the State university in
specta tha Pru coal mine and will report
on bounty claim.
Mine is now employing
seven men.
Russian police ri:d St. Petersburg
school and capture incendiary proclama
tions, pa., x
Frerrh premier announces, after cabinet
meeting, that cabinet will not resign.
Page 3
John A. Crelghton's will gives one
fourth hia aetata to relatlvea and three-
fourths to instit-jtiona. Cr-ighton univer- ,
sity bain the largest iK-nandary. Pa. 1
Young Woman . tThrl.tlan association
lks J2.800 to complete buildlna fund I
Permit Isaued for new gna holder at
Page 1 I
Twentieth and Center streets.
Ten thousand dollar fund for ne
or Uoaia on il.i-JKiun river is miaad.
1 v...t,.t,.., .. ,....., .T"J!," i
. , ... . . ,h ' 1
" -" . r . . . . . . ........I anu
laurd streets. Pmga 7
Repre-sentativea of street railway men s
union confer with ministerial union. The
ministerial union took the reuuest for
endorsement under TOnsideratlon. Par 7
Judge Radlck declares that nuestlon of
jurlsdlit lon mast be determined before
final ruling in Baaaett divorce case a
made. Pnge S
Omaha hanka. the Commercial club and
other business Internets have filed pro
test with the chairman of the house com
mittee on pusiolHces and post roads, pro
testing against proposed reduction of ap
propriation for carrying mauls on western
roads. Pare 13
XOTUUTI OP OCSAI art-It a wn wry sj
Am we. taulot.
Nt' T' Kit..,
KW T..KK...
i.Ljlil.ilW ....
.iUi-MJlV .. ..
rM Wet
'. U,.
.. mnt
. . 1 if" ' ' T
. oxezrtia.
St. reeaa-aea-a; Poll ILaid y
BwllcUsiaT aa Cavlsr. Pro
alaaiallaw. ST. PETERilB L'RG, Pan. 1!L Tha eudid
1 fa. - ia euciai
orvoiutloiuaLS have uaao hoaoina aweuniji
. ... . . ,
in the Lmveralty buiiuwg luua uiuur Ui.
ouver at .uuversKy aiiUiuuEiy. The jimlca.
however, aeterttiinail tu iiul aa aud tu
Uiaae gaihennga and yesteroay surroiuided '
Uia univeraiiy, arrrstea aavauiy-une ravoiu-
Hornets atul aeiaed 1. at pounua we14.1t uf
muasuuary pna lainauaua.
The ureiect at puilu haa ordered the ar
rest of aU. perauua distrtbntlng aiectlun Ut
eratare ia ban ilf uf tha ravuUuai party, and
toatay cli a ad two aaUaiulaiimenia where rad
ical bailoia aa baacc prpard.
w-AAiiAW. PVo. !A.-T1e CaUiolia
ciaurtuaa Utrou2euI. Poland today Haul
panai soppticaixu-y eerricea m urhaif af
the nations let oaiwrlaaiae ui the final mac
Uona, which axe to lag' place loaiorrow
Tha clergy calebratad maaas and off .-red
up prayers for tha cuccane of the P-.llu
neiiunaiiKta iha ..-ad:.iat .a the
Jes and ac:iiMa. Interest in t.-ia uut-i-oma
uf the eaec-.urai struggle ha-ra m.
Sow Becidea Xebnuka ffmda an Adii
tibnai Tederal Jade.
awatwr K.lttraiia;t mt nm1m Dsksta
Carrlaa His Palat aait rnaosllte.
Jadleiary Tarns Dwws
Elllart oaalaatlosu
f7'""i!i a 8' an Certain m riant.)
VASHINOTf .N-. Fb. .gpac'.nl T -le-
lfr,lrn ' Th 3'idlrtal bill, which rmsaad the
hmise today an a u but: tut a for tha enatn
or sn-r-niled Btirkatt bill, is the rimlt of
Jurtee Norris' earnest and parsiftcnt afforls.
Juilaa Noma saw after amcnttini? the ta-n-ate
hill anil providing for two .Uvtions. in
additional juuf. marrhal. llstrirt .ittorncv
and ail the mai hincrr of the new fdem!
judicial ditr!c'3 -hat totch a bill could not
nnaa. Wiiwr he want in his prntwlytihir
fnr the bill he heard ohiertlons Hellev-.iia
that relief ihomd ba ifiven to the TOutll half
of the state and that 'her nhn'ild ba a
f 'h dlvinS within the
iistrlct. he prepare! a .uhmltute for the
H-irkett bill, which undoubtedly will be
come x law. the Intention of Senator Burk
ett being to move that 'be senate xmcur
in the house- substitute, which provides f"r
in additional judi( wlt!iuut .-rectlns; a new
The dlx-islona as mit'.lned. seven in num
!er. were the result of Judire rf.itTts' clone
ttudv of ifeoirraphicl conditions in X
j bra;ka. the trend of milmads and the
nat'.irai contiguity of the -ounties upon
i .-ertnin Towns or places wher- court Is to
!e held being closely condered by the
author of the bill, which really ouirht
be known .is Xorris bill instead of the
H-:rkett bill.
The election of Chndron as one of the
places 'n the North Platte country for hold-
ing court was at the instance of the sub-
committee and was adopted because it was
satisfactory to Judge Klnkaid
Manarr Tooted for Place.
Now that the hill is out of the woods
and its passage only a question of a day
or two at the most, people of the South
Platte country will have an opportunity
to speculate on who the delegation will
select for recommendation to the president
as the lunge. Probably the man whose
name Is most talked of in Washington is
1 that of Thomas C Mungr of Lincoln, who.
, when Senator Burkett was in the house.
j was the latter chairman and campaign
. manager. Of course Senator Burkett would
' 'Ike to make Mr. Hunger a federal Judge.
hot ther are others In the aomn t-:an
country who also demand serous considera
tion. There is C. C. Flansburg. Judge
Sedgwick. Judge Letton. Pritil Jcaaen and
others out for the place. But It is gen
erally thought here Mr. Hunger will get
the plum. It is understood a petition sigr.ea
' ' hv a large number jf the Lincoln bar is
" .' on Its wav to W iBhtngton in behalf of Mr
ary committee of the senate against rhe
confirmation of James D. Elliott aa Cnited
States attorney for South D&jiota. But
' back ot thia senatorial courtesy are siate
i menta that Mr. Elliott, during hia former
j term aa Cnited States attorney, had an
I opportunity to prosecute certain charges
against the present governor of South Da-
" h. inti.nawt in onestlonabla land trans-
' aa-tions. These papers, report states, were
before the judiciary committee of tha sen
' te. being sent there by the Department
of the Interior. During the fight for sen
ator and which resulted in Senator Gara
, hia s ra-electlon. Mr. Elltott took sides
with Crawford and Gamble aa against the
! Klttredge and Martin crowd. There waa
, crimination and recrimination and things
.-. , k.. hi... eh. rt,.i
" 1 7 " . ' Zl ,7.
f ' .TVn I Klt-rJl ld arelv
T J ,h Te! 1'
thmugh tile liter's mfluenr. was made
. ., . u a.rf i r
1 iw wu xwm. ' - 1
rn,Wfortl fr and f; m!to
for Cnl9V"ML"nB.-h. lol I
1 comrnoncea to ny- Auer inn amvpniwn
mt Roosevelt reappointed Mr Elliott
Unit! States attorney, and whan con
assembled sent his name to the senate for
confirmation. In tha meantime Mr. Elliott !
tiuailned and drew hia salary aa a recess
appointment, hut recently the comptroller
of the treeuHiry held that sir. Elliott was
nut entitled :o any salary on the ground ,
that tlie president bad failed to make an
appointment while congress was in see- :
slon, E'.Umt having resigned before eon- j
grnsa aojournao. laai uua. ruuiia 1
, .. . . 1
CompaiB jar. Cllioaa in nnmuiuw uia uoia j
ury for some C.M which he has received
. ... .
aa salary, and now gam black eye by .
unanimous vote of the Judiciary committee .
a;ainirt his confirmation.
Senator Gamble refuaed to say anything
regartnng tne ai-iion 01 me cvinnuiiaa ax-
eept that he would make a right on the j
9oor for Mr. Elliott when the adverse re
port of the committee waa receivod.
Bortt ska 4 Wai-rln aia.
R. K NIermt-yer was today nominated
(for p. at master at FV.mstburtr. Sanborn I
j iminty. s.uth Dakota. Back of this ap- j
J pomtmeni la a caae almost a rival that u( I
suowa that Martin and PtuHca
r-preaanttlves :r-.m South Da-
kola, who were knocked our by th
ventK.n. ar still active, partisans' and must
ba reckoiu-d with tn th future, R. O.
Richards, a Hoe friend and financial nun-aifi-r
of lieiernur Crawford, rook a hand
.11 tna poatofflce fight, with the reault that
1 prouiat waa filed holding up the caae
for a considerable langth of time. Burke
ai-l Martin, however, kept pegslng away.
" r .
with tha reault that they have landed their
t-i , 1 M . . . . . .
niao, iay ri-i ermnuem: tnat otnar ap.
nantireiits which have hi an mtxamrnenuad
will be made.
ajlaar wart ara at Capital.
C Tnnrasawnan-alact Bo-rd of the Third Ne
braska dlwnct. who. with Mm. Bwd. haa
.iat.n in Waahingtoii stnee last r-rtrtar. waa
the guest of the houaa delegation from
Nebraska today and waa introduced to th
leaders by Mr. McCarthy, whom he sac-
nn 1 aaainsn rnklrtd haa l'aajmmueonal
the taauitilistimwt af a piaaTloe m aaatuun
i. towTuWup 11. rajua-e 4T. .aelsaiaaa. wua Q. j
X McDormott aa pamrniaaaaar.
Fred M Brynar nasi baaa Tiiimnwod
by Cotigiiiiasnnii Bwoaraiol tor p -nlnr1. u
Cdontu. tx W. Rtatfera.
The site
Terad by Pac rHjana A TCrxxan
for a public, building at Smtu.
nru.iMl mi rh. itasae tmf Wt wj tti
- - w ,
(C aaitrmad aa TSar P- j
a. ! la I. ,aOJrt a Wtaa. -
1 rna power 01 a i 01 1 eo 01am wilful , . 1 ne - rM c was : or ma open
. -,. j ti . . tm vi uvmeu iruiu ft. j iM.gj 1 1 ujn. Mmr rnm rw mm . l
1 i h. .l.w,eri to lovoua what ia vaauelv under- ! num""r "T wa" earners from 1..53' to 3 for a closed meeting. Clarke then
,vrMi . senatorial courtasv. was shown , lnp """" Irrm to exclude all but accredited
. r. ,1 -.. 1 !,. .inammmi. eerei nf tha iiirlici- : r . . ' ' r -.Miiniiiiien is rpTwirters and this waa lost a nit fx 1
, autcjwcbile trace grcws
tfmi lirnis tiiaaa F1 an raa Ihsw
law Development af ladaatry
la raited atatea.
! w.i!H:SGTt!X. Ft-b. IS TT:b ramatltable
crowtli :n t:i- automobile Industry and the
decline of bicycle products are sirkimry
indicated in a statement isaued Today oy
the censua bureau on the mMnufactire oi
autumobiW a. birycies tnd trii ycies for 'u.a.
The total production of automobiles in
i w.ia vaiued at KB. aa KtutiKt
I oniy in with a v.ilue jf I."4.'li.
I thus PhuwuiB an incraie tn raiua jf ni.l
per cent.
Of the J.ZC "autos ' turned out br auto
mobile factories I&.'W. or 'J.JR per cent
were propelled by aauniine; l.iSS. or 7.2 per
cont. by st "tun. aud J.413, or Ci per cent
ba electricity.
Tlie ilxurr-9 ctincerninif the manuf nctura
of automobile?, represent the output of the
1-2 eMal.lih,r.i-nts r-pcnins; the complete
.lutonudule. In addition to the-, there are
forty-aeven establishments en;a;ed In other
manufacture, such as c-jxriatcvs. bi.ycaa.
"Win sewlnir-machines. etc., which dur
ing the rear roverd by the census, turned
out LliS automobiles, valued at f7?..t6;
.Till nrrv,tfMVMn .li. K . i ............ n- . i .
, autlim( hlI(. anJ ' to
the value of IS.S.t7?.
Inithe nerio.1 het-n-an th txrn
the numbtr of establishments Uirnlng out
the finished automobile as their princi
pal product increased from flfTy-seven to
13. the amount of capital invested In these
establishments from K.7iS.s57 to C0.."Co.247:
and the average number of w.-igt earners
employed, fr-m i241 to D.JZS. The avenge
capital per establirhment Increased from
tlW. JOS to Ht7S. or t?T9 per cent.
Of the total numtier of .mtomohilea tnanu
f.icture.1 in automobile factories. UL:S5 or
Z i per cent were ninahouts; and 7.20 or
J1J per (Mt touring curs. Buckboards
stood third in number tuned out. 575; Stan-
lu.pes fourth, with 52): and delivery wagons
1 fifth, with 41L
j The value of American made automobiles
1 and parts exnortad increatied from IMfi.&tS
; Jn year that they were sap-
j .irately reported, to C!T,-4J :n
l!4. Tha
1 greater part of
these exports
h.umpaan markets, although Europe . par-
centage nf the total foreign purchases ap-
pears, to ba decreasing. In the years ::2
to ;! these percentage was -3.9. 71X7. 3.1.
and 37.S. respectively. Nevertheless the The caucus waa open, but not open until
absolute value of the exports to Europe a big tight had been pulled off. tn which
almost doubled in the three yean. To the many members took part, some favoring
united kingdom more than worth and soma opposing talking bufora others
of American made automobiles and parrs tnan republican mem liars. This waa pre
has been exported In each of the years from cinitatfd when Keifar moved that these
U-"! to 16. In the same per-od exp.rts to
France have increased fr"m "S.-l to r s? ;i";
to Italy from C.TO to n:9.T? and to lr
many from C4.i91 to t;:.4.Wl. In U there
war in all wxtoan European countnaa
wnicn imported American machine.
Tha exports to foreign countries of North
America increased firm TTT.M in :S"2 to
tLk? tioQ in 1 ' 11 nu.-ltf . .. .. T . I. X
nearly two-thirds t.t thii
aiue went to
' nod- wh'c' next to tha Cn.ted
1KJtM"i"m a" foreign countries a
. hnmins of the American tnde machlm-s,
the American product in IBS waa fifty
three. In lSe.5 the census of the manufac-
lure 01 nicyoles and tricycles disclosed
i great decreases since IMC. The number of
J f;.cu,rls declined from S12 t. 101: tba ett-
that manufactured
W"J"' at the Iatf"r e"1u" '"tpured prinrt-
pally or to some extent in the manufacture
of automobiles
The number of chain bicycias turned out
decline from l.:"..::: in IVO to 24.J04 at the
census of li"; chalnleas fmm 42.53 to 4.-J77
and tricycles fr'Mn 3LII0 to l.3. The
tricycles were iilment entirely chlldrens'
toys. Motor cycles Increased from U9 to
Pr.aeeutlm in Adams Paaa Prove
Fart Tba a Mardar Waa
t- 1 .
WALLACE. Idaho. Feb. IS. The -hst-
" " 'IISI-
' tBrpd- wea t herbe, t en skull of mur-
I ' "enca in the
1 nt "-hi -P
. P o -
c- Wllllama. A big bullet hole back
a . . ,
right side, where It 1. supposed the hall
- -howed how heeThul death
... ir . mi oti.i .iiiiiiiit-r 11. e on . ne
and ttnother hole on the
ahot from behind.
The state. It Is believed, has won the first
rmind In 'he battle r.f witnesses by pro
ducing a mass of evidence which seems to
j leave no doubt that tha hodv found in th
wooda !n the St. Joa country was that of
I Tyler. Jacob Teager. bmrher-ln-law of th
I dead man. today added his testimony. He
declared he had known Tyler for nine vears
and had Identified the body by the shape
of the skulL the color of the hair, the
calloused feat and the crooked finger. He
declared ha bad made the shoes found near
tne body.
I" T TTI 1 0 1. m Mlltv aha - -
, ., . . .
the next witness. He cautiously dc-Iard
hf mf W(m,lfT of c
, tho fl,und vnh th
boJr m wIKtK but ,,,,, p,,,,
la,nrJfT ,Me At fhe nf the
1 nroMcofton ha held un the battered .kull
,iwi.nM ,he w.ainda indicated. He
1 said the body waa fotmd about half a mile 1
from the cabin of Jack. Simpson.
While the identification of the
While tlie Identification of the body aa ;
that of Tyler la considered very strong, it
U "xp"Hrt A mt" wltnesaes will 1
hr",,,rit f -" the stat to clinch the ;
e,r1dence on thia point. j
Ol Sremwr a,ya Way Cat
da Gregor flltad suit in the county I
court yonterday lagainat the M. C, Pata.-s ,
jul company ana a. n. laremau. ,
aln. ji.uuu damages for injuries whiiii i
.... !
Mill company and A. E. Waye, foreman, ,
he alleges were inflict ad upon
him bv
War. follow-in hia discharge. Ho re-
latea that he waa discharged on Feornaxy i
IS. 3S07. uad that while ha waa waiting !
for hia aragaa Ware entarad and la
altamatiun. stabbed him in the leg.
aseear Hnajboa
Haaaa-fsuc aa Har Tark Inane
mry. ataua
N. Ti, Ft-h.
-"'a aaaua.- aa UO jtoi-
sry. au B;annimau or asasn-aaca. j
appear bnfBra ium tunay ai J a. nx. to arva .
Tiarniaf r joscarsina: tha mans.'. .M
ment. I
ts,. -.,. aM .
- mmm. aar ox isaw-
, -a ....a 1 ra-iCTttl ,jr a
Kmummr as axuaruaesaiaaa el tr....-,-, a.
air. a tn r- - - 7 -4. . v.u... . .
nnlv hicycles In UTO
Ule Las; after Diaeaarc
lnac Iliim.
wwu .' 'ii &aiui taa ii i ah. u 4
Two-Cent Fare BilL
Waetkar tha ( aaraa KaanM
Ba aa Oaaa ar rlaaad
'Fmm a 3tnff Correspondents
u.M-OLA, Fb. IS. Special Teiearstn,)
The republicans of the legislature met in
open caucus Tonight to consider action on
the party pledges, and afler a frae for ail
debate on the 2eent rite bill adioumed
without agreeing upon any concerted a. -
"-'"'"" ".m-er-.ea a.-
!h",,B!l U'' nmn f"r t,ie lat
i -"' rnU' w,'"out th" N" Prown "-
ment was clearly the -entiment of the ma-
jortty. and even those who favored the
amendment believe the bill will le rectun-
mended for psaaage tomorrow without .1
jingle change in It. Tills amendment pm
vtdes the state railway commission shall
have the power to increase the rate on any
railroad which shows the rate Is not com-
P"isetor-. Tflu amendment was endor.Hd
by Speaker Neltleton. Ned Bmwti. Barnes,
Lee, Hiu-i-ey and dllem. while those who
opposed the amendment In their talks were
Ftriey. Lahners. EJIer. Raper. Rankcl.
Thiesat-n. Ctildlce, Walsh. Springer and
Senator Wlitse. who was Invited to speak.
Senator Wiiia-y of Frontier, who was also
invited to say something, said the repub-
.lean, were too close together for even an
at k uiiiein. 011 me uuesxion.
The entire renuhiican memhersiiin favored
' '
a S-cent rate and the only difference wns
how to get it with a law whicli would hold
water. Those who favored tha amendment
atgued that it saved the law because if one
: road could not stand the 2--ent rate the
commission could lower It and the luw
I would still apply to the other mads. Those
, who were opposed believed the railroads
' could not maku such a showing; that even i
if the law were knocked out the railway
commissioners could then make the rates
and therefore the amendment waa not
1 Dehita an Owao raoana.
not members b excluded from the room.
McMulIen objected and said he favored an
open caucus because that precedent had
house and because the house today
passed a bill compelling the university re-
aaniB rn hoi. I onen meetinirs. K.nowlea aad
irnia i.iii anoka for the onen meetlna
and Dodge got tha flocr.
Doui,-las said: "We are meeting to
whether the democrats are running the
hoUBe or whether a few republicans shall
J(ln with the newspapers to run It," He
lemoerata, newspaper reporters and lobby-
gpaaker Xattleton and Bast, while Clarke
un(1 yoy war- fnr rhe closed meeting-,
caucus and
by a motion by La for adjournment, which
wn aj,,, lpHt. Tha meeting came to an and
wnP WaJllh moved that the republicans
or iha house agree to pase an tna nu:a
fmm joint committees covering parly
plealgee without amendments and let tho
senate discuss them. Someone moved to
adjourn and the Walsh motion waa never
pt, of Otoe presided at the caucus
; and Hart of Tork waa secrtarv. Among
'. the onlookers war- Chnlrman Allen of the
' democratic state committee and number
; of his demiK-ratle friends. A. W. Scrlliner
of the Cnlon Picific. former State
1 urer Peter M rtensen and others).
Former State Treasurer Peter Moreneen
ime in fmm Ord tonight to spend tomor-
. came
; now visiting among the legislators.
Mnrtensan is an advocate of the flat I-cent
ra"' mu ina "l!rv"" " DR wlu
TPraciated by the people of tha state gen-
. "I l will aprdy to the
"- --
1 rauw we nave sucn poeir sai 1 ice. wa tn
' n"h 9hOUl1 ' rtda t,W tmln"-
ThT PTr'" "IT"' th' "nVn ffllrt 0
pay higher than we tan the branch mads."
Mr. Mortenaen Is In favor of soma of tha
Mils which have been Intmducad affecting
, the university and vary much opposed to
some oth-ra affecting that Institution.
Inasmuch aa ha haa had considerable ax-
nerienre with the finances) of tha school, his
Ideas of how tha money should be natd
"Ut are "xnectad to have much weight wh
th eommtrleee looking after this clan of
lecurfatlon. He pmhably win rn before fie
HFPMANN CAF I1? flFl IVTn us. . u I CU
Law a roosnalnnfonaw nker-ta
Wa-w Parta Bataw tbasa
tgaiaa Him.
WABHi.r)TON, Feb. I When The trial
of Hepraeantatlve Blnger Hermann of .
Oragon.. charged with the de ruction of :
rnihlir' T9mrrTrim mum m Fasnimn trvlav t ria 4tia,- !
( " ' je ' j ' '
t was excriMd until tnmor ruw mnrnlnir. In
to afford dlacusalon of law points
i Wtllch had been raised resoectlnc- the ad-
of th addiUonal bill of partlcu-
!ar- fflad by District Attorney Baker !at j
week. I
The attorneys for tha defense ohleeted ,
fo ,h mtjmdiictlon of tha new bill in the
case, maintaining It placed rn Jeopard
the interests or tnesr c.-ient ana tnat -h
testimony which waa indicated In tha new
bill might to have been tn The pi waa salon
.if tha district attorney when the case waa
Sevarai witness, ware examined as to
me whan they placed tha additions!
testimony, upon wnicn
th new hill of
- - -
partiuularB is based, in the hands of the
district attorney
A-tr hearing various wtttu-aaeaw Includ-
ln ttrut Attorney Baker and Assistant
E'" Attorney Aula la. and ttoe argu-
manta of ouunaei for both the government
and the defenae. Juarlce afford announced
lus daxusion that tha addltloniii bill uf par-
ticuiars might be Hied.
CAnPET Tha trial will be rvaaimad tmrmrmw morn
ing bar ore the Jury, unleea the defense
' should obtain a tampurary pustrx element
to acaiii counaei ta exasnlne the
af articuiara.
g.l.. C- W. PI
LINCOL2. Nea. PVaa. uX-ita,ar C
ase- .rt T,.t .w, .
. ,.
. . .. . lmer
I lavmala alaMl nniiarl - 13 .
where he had gun ;ar ins ha re
Us waa
me-lilKT ja; catsrreas .'Tt.31 1 P-itfTn
... liiatrliA Ua Lua 1-. . - -
first shgts from post
Wfclta anlctlar Telia 4ena'e rnassslt-
tea af llaalanlnw of Flaht at
BrnaraaTllla. Tex.
wajii:x';ton. F-n. i.Tie fm shots !
flre.1 ;n the Urowneville affray of I
is wt tir-d from the rrr .f tha pot ' DCDGE NAiLS OGWN A FAKE-f ACTORY TALE
ommiaaary and not from tha town, sa- i
cordlna to the eatlmimy af W'llium C. j
Nolan before tha aenaie investisatina com- i "n rerBcnsi PriTlIrfa rnin HaTina Rid
mlttee today. Xo.nn Is a white ldler j dea on Fast 1hi Idar.
belomtlnif to the Hospital corps. He was '
in the hoiipitai at the time of the .hoot- '
In He heard tha Itft of -Jie -rouble, 'ia ! SENATE GETS A T wG-CENT FARE BILL
j aa
said. This whs followed by ..hots from the
; tilraction of a negro aioon in -he town.
Nolan said that a few nights before the
shooting Private Newton, a negro soldier,
.-ame to the hospital for treatment. His
face was h,iiv hn.ii . n.i v.o.n n...i
I him how he was injured. According to
, mm now ha was injure,!.
! Volan t, story. Newt,.n said
m town and that a man knock
that he waa ;
ked htm down
w;th the butt of his six-shooter without
reason. Nolan told the tnan It was .pieer
1 he did not know -he -,., rr th ...
sault and Newton insisted that he did not.
Nolan sld Newton then said: "'ell. that's
Uia way it was. but we 11 fix the
William Harden, a negro ex-private. slit
that on the night of August IS. while walk
ing between the post exchange and the
hospital, he almost ran into Major Penrose.
Major MacCnmb and another man. He
stud he stepped back to let them paiai and
they stopped and began to talk. The
strange man. according to Harden, said:
"I tell VOU. TeXflH won't aunil fne .t '
. tnen , some,(llrw al)t M afw,ult
: lIpon hl w)rH ,f mAM
ara not put tinder arrest by 10 .1 clock to-
night we 11 kill every nigger in Fort
SAN ANTONIO. Tex.. Feb. Lon A.
Evans, a state quarantine officer whose
w:fe was. it ia charged, attacked by a
negro so Idler The night before tha Browns-
villa raid, testified at the Penrose court-
n uni va n k.n n . n
! marM t(la-- " tliat on the night
of the raid a negro soldier returning to the
post paused so .dose to him that, he could
huve touchefl tha negro's gun.
Two warn hem af On
Tn la
HIGHLAND LIGHT. Mass.. Feb. 18.
The barge Gli-urd, coal laden, went ashore
cr"w were saved by the life savers. The
U"J18 wl" a total loss.
anoruy Defore U o clock two other barges
were sighted driving ashore
m Peaked
Hill I T". I . .
prepared to go to their assistance. It
believed that thee two. In company with
the Girard. were in tow of the tug Valley
Forge. The tug and three barge,
the tug has not been seen today.
j Tha barge waa in tow of the rug Valley
In the heavy northeast gale, which pre-
vailed early today with a thick snow storm.
the Girard broke adrift and waa driven '
ashore. It was sighted from life Bating
stations, and aa the four men aboartl could
not launch boats on account of the raugt.
aeaa the life savers shot a Una aboard the
steamer and Captain Laraen and Seaman
Morton Burke were urougnt aahor in tne
oraecnes ounv. seamen Joseph Johnson
and Joseph Hansen were caught in the
cabinet and drowned.
aiw rrly before 1 o clock one of the
barges, believed to la- the Alaska, was
liirown on a har bv the breakers, and In a
few moments went to the bottom with aA
hands on board.
It is bedevad that there were at least
three or four In the lost crew. The t-vo
harees in distress are the Alaska and t!.
, ,
' Cameo af 5 aw Turk l.iral
WtU Be .larrrtaisaa by
NEW TORIC Ffb. IK District Attorney
- - - - -1 "!my serve more tnan two consecutive
tsironer s muueer tixiay into tne vm'K 'in
tt,e N,W Tork n,raI "'" irdy
-aning and It I. P-rt.-i that th. disputed
; question aa to the spaed of th wrecked
train will be answered by tha testimony
f The motorman. E. R. Rgera. the train
Inspector, who waa riding tn one of the
, electric motor", and fmm the reports of
,n tower men who recorded tlie passage
f 'he train.
n effort will ba made o ascertain Just
what cauaed the rail to be tore up and the
laklng of a wheal on the leading motor.
All tha bodies of tha ptuaeengera. which
' w-ra held at the Bronx park palu-a station,
have been Identified and removed. Of the
i injured In the hospitals four ware regarded
today M tBS m A prt,, coadltton. They
Mahal Smith of Oneonia, X. T.. skull
. Elsie Sniff en. Englewood. N J., skull
I fractured.
Arabella Fowler. PleaaantvlUa, JT. T.. lag
hrkm- ..
ttjjwef th rhisrh.0 H"- frac-
Coroner Schwannecke waa Informed today
t- 1 m. . . .
uui -mi . aixtii wm iijuij ia aia suia wnai
. th,. - tai. vim -a....
Aitoaether there ware, twelve m,fT,.
mm li m relr in . h. TSn-r41,-m r , .
and Labantn hospitals unlay.
Aaeistant ristrict Attorney Smyh said
today that he had arrived at the eon-
elusion that the accident waa caused In- a
hmkeo rail.
Ernest K.ioll -f Mount Kieeoe died at the
. .
hospital this afternoon,
( barlaa raalaa, irmla. an OM
frons Unaka, Aft- Ho Raaaiajta
fair PMlamjsvu
CIUCAJ. Feb. lSpecta! TWagram.1-
Charl'a Phaiaa waa arraated after be had
receipt ad far a package of ailegad stolen
furs ai the Amerlcaa Express office.
The puilce aasart that the furs, vaiued
at Sf.t are the proceada of a burglary
committi-d In Omaha. Lieutenant Lai-fcin
received a telegram from Omana to look
out ftir the furs. Phelan was buuked an
the charge of recrtvtng stolen am perry.
Draanita Eaavloeion In Kenrnrsiy.
ij.-i i j.- . r r . r-o. .a. r orara an suiton
and thraa of his crew naia blown to atoms
Dp a Oymwrrma axtuoakia today near Huel
Pitcn. in this aaunty. while constmctlna
I the douhie rraa-Ji "n tba LaiUavrlls Nuatk
1 vt ..a rauraao. : Zla a.iUje were blown u
xXW TORK. K-a.
A aonpoena waa
aerrad tuOxr an CL. i llammaa. neui af
'-ls Un en ivni- ausl aouiiera t'ax-riu srs-
imm. c, ; ;ng far tna apxnaarauoa Darror tlie
Iniaraiaia i'Miunejr ixmcjamn at Moti-
1 a. a n.i lac - -- -1
Hooja IlUa Bill a ?trfld Tim br a
EewsiTa Ifajor tj.
Eecidea to Gat Aaead of Hon on Majuura
a Ireparsd.
Oelar Dae ta Waltlav for Hnaaa ta
Paaa am Joint nianiittaa Bill.
"t Kaiierarii fur Actloa
Will lot Ba Patteat.
(From a Staff Corrr-spondent.)
LINCOLN. r-b. 18. iSoeciaL 1 Ciuni.
I l"lon is dead and .t will not be resur
rected at this session of tha legislature.
The senate kilb-d the. hill the other d-ijf
and tiua ait. moon the lionee killed it agaia
, though ,ts defenders trieil Imrd to have It
p.aced on the general tile for conslderatii.a.
. T!ie juulciiiiT cmmitiea renirtitl the hill
for indefinite poMponi metit. Hart of Vora.
; who introduced the iiteaaure. aakixi t'uit It
be. placed .11 general He and its friends ba
! ""wpu 'o offer .-er-ain amendments to :t
' hl, n wold tmike it less objectionable u
j t-'18 huima aa wll its the senate. Walsh of
1 Do"!1' very seriously opposeil ovemdlna;
' ,,e imtnliti-e and r-fnrre,l to the bill aa a
! "a,'lltin hoise fo, pr.ilnb.lion. " and aa
WlU,i,, comes fmm the rtnal dlstricta f.f
' ;in"rfa'uxl territory, his talk had
some errcrt. hill of (.-Jiaiw, county waa
"I'P"" ' taking up -he time of the hmiaa
I d" a m"1"""'' hich the senate had killed.
; " also Ellcr of Wasiiington. while Jennisoi
j and Carlln bi.ih naked tliat the bill be
1 placed on the tile for discussion, though
, Jennison said he
rnuld not support tha bill
Irawn. The roll call to
as It had iien
place the bill on general Hie and override
the judiciary committee wna aa follows:
0ir1, Fincher. Laoriaa
kar. F-,,-.. M.rfc.
, "Mf'lt- ftilmAD. Miilloaa.
B.uo. li.t.t-ni.lBtei; Soy...
B"iea. Hiiniai, Kprr.
Bmwn. R. P , lUrt. Hednoiid.
Pmwn ihhma. 1. Hearr. Hetirvr
no;lr. Hnirt, S-rvler!
, t'xrlln. J-r.niaia. rnr.cer.
,n- Jina. H-.mer.
i-jUIca, Jima.. WMiUm
Darte. Koiler. W lean.
1 0,"lM. l-ne. Woi-thins a.
1 Nays
' Aditni, K;ilas. ttaniKlrr.
Hums. Kucwies. eVhoKtsM;
lloial. Kuhi. Sinoer.
'"lsrka, Icnars. Mhulan.
:).-ie, Laedrr. Smnlu
( IJoran. Laa. HIM Latter.
1 Biler. M.-.'u;loxtl. Sioi.
Prler. V Mullen. T.lhet.
rniUL, M.-latt. TtinmiL.
I fllina, Meivrr. va llcuaa.
I Orntf. Murpar.
, Grean. N-ff. Wu.h.
ilreia. Ptiiar. WfwrDa,
I HxaT. 4'ai Kentiua. Whlta.
j lleifernaa. Rennet. - , Jaa. mrmtT-ii.
! Hill. Hrj.hi.
This action on the part of the hona sal
, :xa.
! """Z'.
! Hill
' ties for 'this session at least, all hop of the
prohibttlonlKta to get .the county option bill
paused aa introduced in the senate and
bouse, or In any amended form aa has bean
suggested repeatedly since tha senate killed
the bill.
It will .Uno doubtless relieve the
mcmliers from the constant presence of
such perniciously active lobbyists aa Tom
Darnell. Samuel Zane Batten and a crowd
of their supporters who have been harglng
around the corridors since the session ba-
Kan either working on this measure ar
s,,ine other ilonn similar
! I h.rtera fur Umaalsra Tien
I Mike Lea of Douglas county Introduced
j two bills in the house this afternoon of
1 much .ir.portance. ane provides that in
ail cities and towns of over MM inhauitiuiis
' U'e p"'"' atULli ,,HVO Ul" rtn amend
J ilieir own diarters witliuut liaving tu coma
li j to the legislature avary two years when a
I is aeairaiiia. 1. nder the La bill
j the council and mayor au limit the amend
i ment to a voie of the people and thev
j snail ba adopted by a two-thirds vote. Hia
. second bill provides that county treaaurera
1 irmi
The first bill la Mr.. Lee a Idas, of
, rule, and he baiievea if that
: omn a law mucn Ume now "
uia legislature over a dlacuasiun of the
pnvaiu uilla of various uiw na will be de
voted tu Uia making of general laws, tend
ing to batter I'luiilit-.ons in every way.
Tha Mi Mullen enipiuyars' liability bill
waa reported favorably by the judiciary
committee of tlie huuae, Thia la the same
bill aa lntrodiK en in the avnMte and rec-
1 , " ,""nu,mM
Prov"""- ' 'l-P'r niy u. employe
1 rallr"MU enifait-d in the haxardoua work
! ' runnln iraina. Borne say without thia
i tundmmt. the bill is nut oonatltuUonaL
I -vba U""-h it ia backed by tha railroad
I empioyea wun tlie exuapilon uf a few who
1 ilv been mMle 10 l-eva it will axteui.
I the Burlington rollaf dapartment.
i Iv
Dodajo Eaten a Or a la I.
I M- P. Dodge, jr., of Douglas county
roe to a .iutst:on of personal prtviiega
, .hu huute ternuon aud denied the
inaiuuiiuon pubilanad in Uia Wurld-Uerald
rhut Hu a ta nem, ..n ss. , . .
- a.... -vu uiwrworu pTiwurs,
' lnjajnui:ri auimaa . r thu ut-w K.a
1 in tha house nave bean mailarnd .a,.
Ih'Iiii-iuiII nrsun via n.u ............ j-
, tune to say something. Uli slaiement
w.uch was made a pan uf the record, waa
' vs foiiowa:
dr Spaa--ir: When-aa. tha Omul,
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