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Oiber Beine U ths World Brnal to Its
rtT. R. B. H. Rtll n4t (or Froter
tloa ( Uttla Omtm mm -Asto-ratea
FaMMMS ' Bill Pd
In la Lra-Ulatare.
"Man Is the only created thin that Is a
brute to hid offspring. Man alone wilfully
kllla Mi children," wan a statement made
by Rev. Robert B. II. Bell, rector of f the
Good Bhepherd Episcopal church. In hla
wrmon yesterday morning, whose text ha
took from Mark lx:42. In part he said: '
"Owing- to tha Importance of my sub
ject, and tot fear I may be misunderstood,
I have been constrained to write my ad
dress. The child. In the mind of the Master,
was most Important Any well regulated
country gives to the child first considera
tion. This regard does not spring from the
Lord alone, but from . other reason
Neglected children make a neglected na
tion. In proportion as a nation cares for,
educates and attends te the morals of tha
children, ao In proportion will the natlon'a
disposition and temiwr be. This needs no
demonstration, for ail know It. Our laws
recognise It.'. Even the animal kingdom
obeys this unwritten law.
"Mau la the only created being that Is a
brute to his orTxpring. Man alone wilfully
kills hla children. Man. who Is the wisest
of all nature, will, for selfish ends and
purs delight, snatch the purity of a child
and kill a baby. Christ had no reason to
tell the tiger, 'whosover shall offend one
of these little ones It. were better for him
that a millstone were hanged about his
reck and he were cast Into the soa,' for
Ha knew that she would not offend her
little ones. But to man, who, with swollen
chest, clalma thla superiority over the dog,
may yet be taught many valuable lessons
In morals by the dog. It Is the unwritten
law of nature 'thou shalt not harm the
little ones.'
"The child is America's future genera
tion. ne future president (maybe) la at
thla moment trying to put hla great toe
In Ms mouth. We must give tha children
health, education and religion. Health may
be gotten by exercise, fresh air, nutritious
food and clean homes.
More riay Grounds Needed.
"There ought to be play grounds every
where for the little ones. Wa all know
how tha intellect should be cultivated. But
aome of us do not know that many boya
are driven Into very wickedness and shame
by the public schools because the boys
are big and backward. A 14-year-old dunce
will do anything before he will sit with a
little 8-year-old smartle. There Is a de
mand for ungraded schools and manual
training schools in this country which must
be heard.. Half of the truants are the re
aulta of this. Morality ia developed by
Christian training at home and In church.
"Tha child that lacka the quality of re
ligion la already on the road to crime and
disgrace. In spite of the schools and col
leges our asylums, feeble-tnlndod homes,
chlld-eavlng institutions, detention homes,
juvenile courts. Jails and penitentiaries are
filled. w
"Yet what does the average parent think?
"We are convinced that It ia the quality
of religion that leavena the whole lump. I
am in a position to Judge since I have over
fifty Incorrigible children directly under my
supervision. They all lack the moral. Tha
main and primary cause of their crimes
and shame is ungodliness In their homes.
Kataro of Proposed Law.
There Is before the senate a new child
labor law drawn up by Judge Kennedy and
Mr. Pennock, which you have read about.
Do you know that thla law alma at three
things, namely: Give the child a chance,'
health and morality. The state demands
that all children be given a chance to fit
themselves t6 lighten their burden and
to become more efficient cltisens. The law
alms at tha health of the child In that no
child may work under any condition In
any place that la conducive to Illness or
permanent injury. But, chiefly of all, the
child la not allowed to work at an occu
pation that will tend to the moral destruc
tion of the lit tie one. No child can deal
out whisky bottles or even put the corks
in mem. no cnua is allowed to run a
message to a house of pollution.
"Thank God for auch a law, but shame
that such a law I needed.
"I do not see how this proposed law can
have an enemy. Is It too arbitrary ? No,
It la not. There are conditions In this law
that may be altered to suit the child that
must make h'la own living or support a
feeble mother. I read this all In this law.
But the law Is uncompromising In regard
to health and morale, it Is right that It
should be ao. A curse rests upon tha men
that clothe their own families gorgeously
at the expense of aome little humpbacked.
Ill-fed and poorly housed ohlldren. Think
of giving a little child JS or 14 a week
and then work her almost to death. I know
little girl who works In a factory for U
a week and doea a woman's work (that Is,
what a woman would have to do If there
were no girls). Every night her feet are
awollen and fingers aching because of the
work. Bhe la unable, to rest or pay a phy
, Under the Food and Drug Art,
. fane 80th, 10041. Serial No. 332.
Glck People Need Food
1 M L4 Lwtr Oti bmmlium "far Emitiunci."
Is indorsed by all Physicians as
lafuro's Purest Food
Every requirement, of nourish
ment is contained in Ozomulsion.
Strengthening Fats from health
producing Cod Liver Oil and
Glycerine, upbuilding and support
ing nerve tonics in the Hypophos
phites of Lime and Soda, and a
gentle blood purifier in Guaiacol,
which thoroughly cleanses , the
body of disease-producing poisons,
Nourishes the Sick Back to
Beneficial Results art Obtained after
the First Dose.
Thers sr. late uses S-ot. sad lt-es. BorUt
ths tormul u primed ia T UngiugM ea each.
Ozomulsion Laboratories
MS Pearl Street. New Tors,
Food for
weal ana aervoas m
woo and their power ta
work and youthful vlro
sons as a rcault of .r
work or mnii exoriion suould take
GHAT'S Nt.HVk POD lllAA 1 bey will
IwM yoa ana sisep soa o a man agaisv
Bl mo I I brass) tSLM b Kll.
Sherman CI McCortnell Drug Co
x aud Du4e tu. Omaha. Nea
t i 1 1 1 miiiiii siw isnipa"
I ' - -
sician. friable to pay for her board, she
has to work because of her widowed
mother and four children. There Is a fac
tory that dares to give a child 1ee than
her board. Where doea her clothee come
from? I will tell you In cases like this
they coma from sin. Whose sin, the em
ployer's? "I cannot understand how a man can
look the worl In the face and make a
dollar at the expense of paying a child to
do a woman's work. These men are
creating a stream of fallen women. No
girl can live on $3, $4, IS or 16 a wenk."
President of Bellevae Tells Meaning;
of Proverb, "Get Wisdom."
President Guy W. Wadsworth of Bellerue
college preached from the pulpit of the
First Congregational church Sunday morn
ing. He spoke from the text, "Wisdom la
the principal thing, therefore get wisdom."
Proverbs iv, 7.
"The second Sabbath In February haa
been set apart aa the day of prayer for
students In the colleges and universities
of the whole world," said Dr. Wadsworth,
"and this brings me to the subject of the
Ideal college. The chief elements to be
sought In the Christian college are char
acter, culture and knowledge, and the
possibility of bringing the students of the
world toward thte advancement of the
kingdom of God.
"The popular impression of the college
is that It la a sort of reservoir of knowl
edge Into which the student must get and
absorb therefrom all the knowledge h can
hold. I believe the average college presi
dent of today. If he were required to take
the examination for the freshman class aa
Is required today, would fall In the ex
amination unless he could have some weeks
for preparation that he might refresh him
self. "The greatest of the essentials of college
life Is the development of character. A
misapplied education had better never been
acquired where Its use Is applied to tear
down rather than build up. Education
without religion makes man an Intellectual
devil. Education should be applied to
make the man more of a man. Character
is better than reputation. The chief pur
pose of life Is to get right with God. The
chief purpose of the college Is to produce
character. Lincoln was a man who was
hla. own college. Ha was a man who could
not be kept down by any lack of educa
tion. His was the education, self-made, of
character. The college member, while ha
must have knowledge, must also have
"Colleges should have Christian men on
their faculties. The Bible is the greatest
of text books. It is great In every element
of poetry, art and literature. Any college
that belittles the Bible is not a fit place
for our young men to be. The essentials
of 'wisdom are knowledge, culture and
character, therefore let us get wisdom."
Emphasised Throaarh Entire Bible,
Sara Rev. P. H. McDowell.
"The certainty and Comfort of Christ's
Coming-" waa the subject of Rev. P. H.
McDowell's sermon at Immanuel Baptist
church yesterday morning.
'No teaching looms so large, no doctrine
is so profoundly emphasised in the Bible
aa that of the coming of Christ," aald Rov.
Mr. McDowell. "It was significantly em
phasised in the four states of Christ on
earth. His, birth, death, resurrection' and
ascension. Christ Himself constantly re
minded His disciples of It. Most of His
parables had a bearing upon It, aa those
of the wise and foolish virgins, tha talents.
tha tares. After He had ascended Into
heaven the two angels appeared to tha dis
ciples and aald, Te men of Galilee, why
stand ya heroT Thla same Jesus shall so
come again In Ilka manner as ye have seen
Him. John on tha Isle of Patmos had a
vision of tha coming of Christ the second
time and ha took down tha worda which
came to him from on high. The last verse
of the last chapter of the Bible reiterates
tha promise In these words. He that salth
these words, 'Behold I come quickly-'
"There la no doubt of Christ's coming.
Ha haa aald it It la the keynote that
runs throughout tha Bible. He Is coming In
the body just as He appeared when He waa
on earth the first time."
Special Makle mt KoiiIm Memartal.
The attendants of Kountae Memorial!
church thoroughly enjoyed the service on
lost Sunday evening. The choir had made
extra preparation and Mr. Bernard John
ston's "The Vesper Prayer;" the quartet.
The King of Love," by iMlssea Francisco
and Livingston and Messrs. Palmer and Al
vord. and the beautiful duet, "Forever With
tha Lord," by Misses Weber and Ltddell,
were rendered unusually well. Rev. Dr.
Frailer of Pennsylvania preached on "For
Moses Knew Not That the Bkln of His Face
Shone," and "Samson Wist Not That the
Lord Had Departed from Him.," and said:
Mosea, In his wonderful communion with
God, had acqiuerd that atrange radiance of
countenance that haa been the privilege of
no other mortal, and glorious aa ha ap
peared ha knew It not. Strength and
beauty depend on communion with God.
Samson's experience waa different. "Ha
wist not that the Lord had departed from
him." He had turned aside. Ha looked not
to Jehovah for a conservation of that mighty
strength of his.
Lid Stays om Ttant taadar mm
Police Ifote Omly Oi
With six officers assigned to special
duty in plain clothea yesterday for the
express purpose of keeping an eye on the
elusive dispenser of malt and vlnoua
liquors, the tightness of the "lid" was all
that could be desired. " There was one
feeble attempt made early Sunday morn
ing to disobey the orders of Chief Dona
hue, but thla waa quickly suppressed. In
addition to the regular members of the
"whisky brigade," Ofllcers' Brown and
Troby. It was decided to utilise four other
candidates for "lid" honors, and Officers
Relgleman, Jackson, Herald and Van Deu
aen were sent put early on tha Sabbath
morn In costumes verging on vagrancy,
but calculated to allay the suspicions of
the wary saloon men.
Officers Jackson and Relgleman drew
first blood about 10:J0 Sunday morning,
when t, - ' Raided Mets hall, 1216 South
Thirteen street, where a goodly and
thirsty t bng had gathered tor a keg
party. T. ilr efforts were attended with
only partial success, however, as tha pro
prietor, Joseph V. Kasper, made a daah
for liberty when the officers entered tha
saloon, and auoceeded In hiding tu the
upper regions of the large building. A
complaint will be filed In police court
Monday inprnlng, charging Kasper with
violation of tha Slocumb law.
In other respects tha law waa obeyed
to tha letter aa regards tha Sunday clos
ing order.
Stop-Over Wasklagtvst roifrna.
First-class New York Uckata over Penn
sylvania Lines will be routed via Washing
ton, If requested, at direct line fare. Ten
days' stopover at national capital, now
especially Interesting during aeestoo of con-
tfresa. Also ten days' stopover at Philadel
phia. For particulars write W. H. Row
land, T. P. Agent, U. 8. Bank building,
Omaha, Nsb.
Have ttrwt print It.
stansuA A Ca, UCTTUS fcU-ftCl AU8T1.
WrLiht Hnntlneton ia "Ths Pit" at tha
Iru Does Wall.
Orfceaas Ifas m Good VaadeTllle Bill
ad Rilk Grr Dellafcta Aaetaer
Iarsre Asaemfclaae altk Ilea
MrstlfrlatT Eshlfcltloa.
A play of powerful human Interest la
"The Pit," presented twice yesterday at
the Krug. Channlng Pollock's adaption of
Frank Norrie' popular novel Is In this
Instance In the hands of William A. Brady's
company, which gave general satisfaction
yesterday, the lnterest being sustained
from tha opening lines' until tha curtain
goea down on a ruined trader of the "pit,"
who finds success In failure. In that ha
comes to a true realisation of the strength
of the love hla wife holda for him. but
which love he allowed to die out while ha
gamboled and gambled In precincts not
made for a man of his type. That man la
Curtis Jadwln. which role is portrayed by
Wright Huntington, an actor with a keen
appreciation of the possibilities of hla part.
Tha heroine la Laura Dearborn, a woman
who loves to be loved, and who In tha end
finds more happiness with Jadwln, ruined
in business and penniless, then she did In
the daya of hla wealth. Laura Dearborn
la played by Mabel Carruthera, a woman
with aome histrionic attainments. Herbert
Warren as Sheldon Cortbell, who fills tha
aching void of Laura Dearborn's life with
his snave personality, enacts his part well,
while James Edwards aa Calvin Hardy
Crookes, who ruins other men In the wheat
pit, la acceptable.
Tha play la replete with thrilling climaxes
and effective atage pictures. Tha vagariea
of wheat speculation are presented in a
popular way, with a strong love Interest
to bind tha atory. The play In Itaelf
preaches something of a moral to Krug
patrons to eschew tha tempter which lurka
In the wheat pit and to value a woman'a
love mora than the mere struggle for gold
which blinds the eyea at tha browsing
Iambs that flock to the pit and are dashed
on the precipices below. .
The present engagement will cloaa with
thla evenlng'a performance.
"Brother Ofllccre" at tha Birwood.
Additional laurels .were gained Sunday by
the Woodward stock company at the Bur-
wood by its admirable presentation of the
fell known comedy drama entitled
Brother Officers." The play la what might
be termed a douche on tha aspirations of
those who try to rise above the circum
stances in which they are unhappily placed
by birth, the evident Intention of the
author being to give the Impression that a
man not born to tha purple cannot hope
to attain such a atatlon In Ufa by later
Three acta are taken to tell tha atory.
which is full of pathos, and tha action la
well sustained throughout. Although yclept
a comedy-drama, the element of levity la
kept religiously In the background, but
the play affords ample opportunity to each
member of the cast. The settings ara out
of the ordinary and the whole production
augurs for another entertaining week for
the patrona of the Burwood.
Tha atory deals with tha tribulations and
self-sacrifice of a lieutenant In tha British
army, who haa risen from tha ranks of life
aa well aa of tha army. The lieutenant
haa aaved the life of a brother officer, and
later aavea hla honor at the sacrifice of
personal revenge ' upon the man who dia
gramed hla mother. Mr; Morrison haa an
unusually difficult part in 'tha character
of Lieutenant John Hinds, who waa bom
of obscure parents and whoae mother left
home with a gambler. Hlnda aavea tha
life of hla brother officer, who repays his
kindness by unwittingly falling' In love
with a woman of high atatlon whom Hlnda
has also learned to love. Tha vital action
of tha play htngea on the sacrifice dls
played by Hlnda in hiding his affection
because he cannot aspire to tha hand of
the lady on account of hla obscure parent'
age. Incidentally aaving tha honor of hla
rival and friend by freeing him from a
gambling debt Incurred with tha man who
wronged Hinds' mother and had since be
come a millionaire.
Mr. Morrison la tha Ideal hero and Miss
Pitt makes a strong bid for further favor
by her enactment of tha part of Lady
Roydon, whose charma have captivated the
brother offlcera. Mr. Schoneld and Mr.
Hartford, and Misses MaycUff, Martin and
Hill have strong parts and do well In their
respective roles.
Vaadevllle at tha Orphean.
Two lively aketchea of mora than ordl
nary merit and Bert Levy, the artist who
graphically reproduces everything worth
mentioning in currant events, make up a
trio of star numbers In tha Orpheum bill
thla week. May Tully and company have
a happy role In their one act play, "Stop,
Look and Listen." The skit la developed
out of tha possibilities of a small country
railroad atatlon with an actress, a country
girl and a rustic awaln as tha moving
spirits. Besldea affording no end of fun
in tha play, Mlaa Tully added to tha en
tertainment with a number of 1 in persona
tiona of well known atage celebrities. Tha
play te well staged by Harry LeonhardC
John Hyaros and Lena Mclntyra are re
sponsible for tha comedy sketch "Two
Hundred Wives," which besides being witty
gives tha principals an opportunity for
soma clever dancing and song specialties.
Mlsa Mclntyra also gives soma vary clever
juvenile Impersonations which won her a
large share of applause. Mr. Levy'a repu
tatlon aa a newspaper sketch artist la
broad aa the nation. Ha worka on the
atage with a atereoptldon machine which
throwa hla work on a canvaa aa ha draws
It. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bason have a clever
turn on 'banjos and snare drums Including
some Interesting Imitations. Hedrix and
Prescott are a pair of clever performers
In aoft and wooden ahoa dancing and are
real entertainers.
The clever tricks of tha Fox and Foxla
circus animals consisting of Fox. himself,
Foils, his "little pony," another dog and
a cat, vary enough from tha usual run of
animal shows to make them very enter
tailing. Fox and Foxla do a balancing
turn that ia unique In tha vaudeville. The
usual musical comedy variations ara fur
nished by Qulgg, Mackey and Nlckeraon,
who have a large number of different kinds
of musical Instruments at their disposal.
Rath Grey's MystUylasT thaw.
Miss Ruth Grey entered upon a second
week of her mystery-show at tha Lyrto
theater Sunday, and hundreds of people
who wanted her to tell them what they al
ready knew and many things they stIU had
to learn attended the two entertainments.
Women have proved by far tha mora num
eroua In tha audience, tha curiosity of tha
members of the gentler aex to know what
tha future haa In store, drawing them to
Miss Grey's performances with Irresistible
force, and all through tha week, especially
at matlnuua, the female portion of Omaha's
population haa been much In evidence at
the little theater.
Miss Grey continues to surprise, awe and
even (rtochten with her revelations of things
supposed to be wholly secret. The history
of every member of her audience seems to
be at tha end of her tongue, and her fore
casts for tha future seem no mora wonder
ful than ber apparent familiarity with what
baa been and Is.
Before this clever woman are laid broken
bita of many Ufa tragedies, tha bearer
seeking soma solace In what aha may re
veal. Behind tha smiling faces of her hear
ers can be traoed Ill-hidden anxiety to know
tha truth regarding soma question written
on a piece of paper perhaps about a
broken romance. Important business trans
action, or other matter hear to the heart
always near to tha heart mattera which
ara to bring Joy or sorrow, ruin or fortune.
and these this woman treats with tha same
esse that aha would soma frivolous topic.
while tha Interested listener hangs on her
every word, unable longer to keep up an
air of half-mocking curiosity.
Thla will be the last week of tha en
gagement at the Lyric theater, and wsa
added to tha original contract because of
tha Interest shown In the entertainments.
There will be performances every evening
thla week except on Monday evening, when
Mlsa Grey fills a data at Fort Crook. Be
sides tha evening datea mentioned, three
matlneea will be given-ron Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday.
Tha vaudeville numbers which have
proved ao popular will be continued to give
variety to tha entertainment and allow
Mlsa Grey an opportunity for needed reat.
Brook Ira Eagle Prlata Estimate at
Ma Who Made Laaa Park
Tha death of Elmer 6, (Skip) Dundy In
New York laat week took up ootumna In
tha papera of that city aa well aa others,
and it waa tha subject of editorial utter
ances. Old friends In Omaha, where Dundy
waa reared, may get from tha following
editorial In tha Brooklyn Eagle an Idea of
what sober Journals have to aay of him:
The death of Elmer S. Dundy removee
a man known to few Brooklyn people, but
who haa done more for Brooklyn than have
men of far greater reputation. Mr. Dundy
was a partner In the amusement firm of
Thompson A Dundy, and that Arm began
the regeneration of Coney Inland by build
ing their Luna Park there. Luna Park
demonstrated that there waa mora money
In clean and wholesome amusements at
Coney Island than In the shady resorts
which either dodgnd the police or existed
by police sufferance. Tha success of Luna
l'arn made Dreamland Inevitable, and the
two great, picturesque out-of-door resorts
made Coney Island the greatest, the most
picturesque and one of the most harmless
amusement resorts on the face of the earth.
The names of Luna Park and of the Hip
podrome are known the whole world over.
They are the two greateet amusement en
terprises of their kind In the world. With
the names of the creations the name of the
firm which created them has achieved a
certain prominence, but the personalities
of the men who made the firm have been
enveloped In that shadow In which the real
snowman ao often chooses to stand while
he dasslea the world with hla creations.
The atage la the land of Illusions, and to
most people the whole stage world is en
veloped in a haae of romance. The Hip
podrome and Luna Park became famous
because they projected Illusions unon a
scale of .magnitude which had never before
been dreamed of. Their success was pos
sible because the two partners who created
them were so fully complementary of each
other. Thompson was the Inventive and
artistic genius. The wlsardry of his crea
tions waa recognised ry artists aa well as
by the general public, and so he has
achieved a certain amount of the fame
which waits upon tha successful artist or
inventor. But Dundy was the financial
genius, without whose capacity for inspir
ing confidence and securing money the
plans of his partner' must have remained
merely the dreams of a half mad genius.
Once the money waa found .to realise theae
things upon tha scale on which their In
ventor saw them, he was found to bs emin
ently sane, but the capacity to understand
them In their Inchoate and nebulous state
in tha Inventor's brain. required a high and
unusual .oraer or mina, junt as the power
to put enterprises requiring ao large a
capital nrmiy upon -rneir reet required
financial talent of a hhrh order.
Perhaps the most notable thing about this
partnersnip was tne perrect accord which
carried it on without 'bookkeeping and in
full faith that each Tnan was rinlns- hla
utmost for tit common erid and was divid
ing squarely. The enterprises have reached
a point of success Where- thev- will be car.
ried on under the nrrriHiame; and no doubt
aa successfully aa 1n-ttre'past, but the loss
oi me man wno nas rotib will De rell,
and most felt by the man -who Is left, and
from whose side a pillar haa been taken.
. A. B. Hubermann,"t"rtjr yeara at south
east corner Thirteenth , and Douglas, about
thirty yeara direct importer of diamonds.
which ara sold at ' two-thirds of regular
prices, all correct. . ;' .'..
Ever YoaasT sad Ever Fair.
(From tha Davenport Democrat.)
The preservation of "female beauty and
Its enchantmenta ,. by the use of harmless
cosmetics ara dutlea tha ladlea owa to
themselves and to those who value their
personal charma aa they appreciate their
moral quaUUea. Unfortunately, unprln
clpled parties too frequently take advan
tage of tha natural desire to be ever young
and aver fair, and palm upon the market
deleterious add and mineral poisons
which impart a momentary luster at tha
risk of future aallownesa and ruined health.
In tha Oriental Cream prepared by Dr.
T. Felix Gourand of -New Tork City the
ladlea ' have a harmless preparation for
preserving tha delicacy ot the complexion
and obliterating blemlsnea, which haa be
come the favorite toilet article of tha
leading professional artists who owa ao
much of their popularity to their personal
charms. Scarcely a star dressing room in
opera or theater throughout our land Is
without tha Oriental Cream. It stands to
day the moat harmless and perfect beau-
tlfler known.
O. F. C. whisky at Schllta hotel and J. P.
O'Briens, 1416 Farnam.
Musicians' Ball, Auditorium, Feb. U.
Orient Has ProarrcsalasT.
EL PASO. Tex.. Feb. 10. Before tha end
of the year, according to a statement given
out by A. 21. Biiuweii, presiaeni oi me
Kansas City, Mexico & Orient railroad, a
branch of that railroad will be built to
Bpofford Junction, where It will connect
with the Eagle Pass branch of the South,
ern Pacific, connecting with the Mexican
International at Dtas, Coa hullo, Mexico,
thus gtvlng a direct Una from Kansas City
to Mexico city.
Letters Written by a Bride to Her Best Girl Friend
' x.
Dearest Nellie: ' . .
Your descrlptlY- ability la certainly rood. I can almoet aee
you now on that Btrenuoua alelgb. ride. John and 1- had a hearty
laugh over that apectacular upaet, which you painted In auch vivid
terms. Never mind our merriment; it wag only the thoufht ot
dear, dignified Nellie being In uch a predicament that made the
picture ao ludicrous. If It were not tor the fact that I am an un
exciting bride, who thinks that a husband and the most complete
ot homes Is all that 1b really worth while, I might have equally
as exciting adventures to picture, I am sure.
But, seriously, our home Is enchanting. Every room seems
to have an additional charm for me. And did I tell you about
the denT Upstairs Is a little room which was Intended for a store
room, but thlai we have furnished In warm, soft shades of red, and
those Indian curios which John secured at the Indian reservation
last summer made such harmonious decorations. We have a den
table In here and some big, comfortable chairs. Of course, on the .
table wo have our gas study lamp, which, with its deep red shade,
casts a delightfully restful glow over all and, you know, we can
regulate these gas lights perfectly.
There had been no provision mads for heating this room,
but John got one of those little gas beaters, with a rubber tube
which attaches to the gas Jet- And, best of all, It does not Inter
fere with the gas jet In the least Heating the den In this way Is
very economical, for, as we do not use the room during the day,
I do not light the heater until just before dinner, and It Is soon
ths coxiest room In the house. I am sure If you could see us
spending such happy evenings In this dear little room, the jingle
ot sleigh bells would cease to charm you.
John la getting Impatient tor me to try some new music, so I
must close, but I shall eagerly watch for your next letter. - With
love, from your old friend. - ANNIE.
P. 8. Aunt Eva waa here when the Oas Company delivered
our new heater, and she ordered one Just like It, which she has x,
received, for the Gas Company Is so prompt about filling orders. Op
Bhs uses H to heat her sewing room, which she has never before
been able to see.
Leoal Bauki Oompltia They Have Too
Xnoh Citj Money at FietenU
AaaesatlonUts Dlsrasslng tha Advis
ability at Farsalaar a Clah ia
Farther tha Iaterests at
Greater City.
Frank Morlarty of tha Packera National
bank made tha statement a. few days ago
that hla Institution and tha other bank a of
tha city had too much of the funda of the
city. Notwithstanding tha large deposit of
the city funda, they were In no ways a
permanent fund. Moat of the money came
from the Bale of city aecurttlea. TJie av
erage for tha two montha before December
of last year waa $300,000. Of thla amount
1260,000 waa from the aale of the sewer
bonds, $GS,000 was the amount remaining
of the city call fund after the purchase of
tha city hall site at tl,S2S; $3,000 waa tha
amount In the Missouri avenue paving fund.
Deducting thla from tha full amount, the
normal deposit would be only $21,000. Thla
haa been tha usual average of the deposit.
With the close of tha year and tha pay
ment of tha annual tax levy of couree this
waa swelled to a much greater figure, aa it
la every year. But notwithstanding thla
tha deposits ara not unusually large if the
funda which have been raised, for special
purposes ara taken out. South Omaha haa
ample funds, but the impression that there
la a great overplua In tha treasury of tha
city la an error.
Anaexatloa Clah Talked Of.
The mora prominent cltixena who ara at
preaent favoring a union of tha intereete
of the two cltlea are at present speculating
on the necessity of forming an annexation
club. At preaent they are waiting only on
the attitude of the legislature. It la ob
vious that If tha legislature Intends to set
tle tha matter at the present session there
Is no need of auch an organisation; but If
other action la determined on the club la
ready to organize. Tha aentlment for Im
mediate annexation la meeting less opposi
tion, according to the statementa of several
of tha champions of Immediate union. When
tha agitation began many were Inclined to
berate the Idea, but now they are willing
to listen to the facta. They recognise that
there are two sides to tha question.
Faneral of Mrs. Cox.
Tha funeral of Mrs. Sherman R. Cox
waa conducted yesterday afternoon from
the residence to St. Martin's church. A
large number of sympathetic friends were
in attendance. Tha services were conducted
by Rev. Father Jamea Wise. The proces
sion from the residence to tha church waa
several block a long. The pall bearers were
mostly friends of Mr. Cox among tha com
mission men. They were W. B. Van Bant,
Al Powell, Samuel Mort, John Ralston,
Frank Wellman and Jay Laverty. Tha
body waa placed In the receiving vault at
Forest Lawn. Tha burial will be In tha
Mrs. Morrla pessaa Dlea gaddealy.
Tha death of Mrs. Morris Deggan, $301 Q
street, occurred auddenly Sunday morning
at $:46 a. m. Death waa due to heart fail
ure. She rose from her bed at that hour,
telling her husband that aha did not feel
well. Almost Immediately she lay down
again and expired. Bhe waa an old resident
of South. Omaha and la survived by her
husband and four children, the eldest a
child of It yeara. Tha funeral will be held
Tuesday morning at 8:30 a. m. at St. Mary'a
church.' . .
Mtl City Gossip.
Miss Madge Btutmck Is reported to be
III from an attack of tha grip.
N. E. Carter, the contractor, haa gone
on a business trip to Chicago.
Ed Johnson of Applegate, Cel., a former
resident, la .about to return -ta tnia city. 4
A, F. Luoaa, who was hurt several weeks
ago in an accident, -la atlll at St, -Joseph's
The Ladles of tha Maccabees will give a
card party thla evening ' at . Thirty-sixth
and O streets.
It p announced there will be no meeting
of the council thla evening. It may occur
later In the week.
Mlsa Anna Broderle, Twenty-seventh and
R streets, la visiting frlenda In Cedar
Kaplds, la., thla week.
It la reported that John Kennedy'a con
dltlon since his first attack of pneumonia
naa grown very serious.
Mrs. W. P. Adklns will entertain the Wo
men's Missionary society of St. Martin's
church Monday afternoon.
It la expected a committee will go to Lin
coln today to wait on tne legislature in tne
mattera which concern the city.
Carnation council, Knights and Ladlea of
Security, will give a ghost party February
U at the Danish Brotherhood hall.
The comDllatlon of the poll books haa
been completed by the city clerk ready for
use at the primary election In March.
Mrs. C. B. Campbell and Mrs. W. J. Mo
Burney entertained the Klng'a Daughters
of the Presbyterian church at the home of
Mrs. Campbell.
The Epworth league of the First Meth
odist church will hold a business meeting
tonight at the home of J. W. Jordan, Ha
Missouri avenue, at 8 p. m. There will be
a cabinet meeting at 7:30 Juat preceding.
The Fraternal Order of Eagles turned out
yesterday morning to honor the memory ot
T. W. Taylor, who was burled at Laurel
Hill nemeterv. The lodge met the proces
sion from Fort Crook at the end of the
Albright ( car Una.
Announcements ot the Theaters.
At the Lyrio theater tha Canadian Jubi
lee Slngera will hold forth Monday even
ing, the Ruth Grey company playing at
Fort Crook on that evening and returning
to . resume its engagement Tuesday after
noon. The Prince Of India" will be given Its
first performance at the Boyd theater thla
evening, coming from Kansas City, where It
haa Juat concluded a very auccessful week
at tha Wlllla Wood theater. Omaha people
who aaw the performance during the week
down there praise It highly, for Its dramatic
strength, Its hlstorto value and Its pictorial
beauty. Tha acting company Is a fine or
ganisation. The company reached Omaha
last night, and In order that no hitch will
be possible, a full dress rehearsal Is sched
uled for the theater this morning. The en
gagement Is for the entire week, and good
seats for each performance. Including the
matlneea on Wednesday and Saturday, may
atlll be had. -
"; Mea'a Chrlstlaa Association
Holds Services la Bnsesnent
of Owa Bnlldln.
The first meeting In the new Toung Men'a
Christian association building waa held for
men Sunday afternoon, with Rev. A. 8, C.
Clarke aa the apeaker. The services were
held In the basement room and the men,
who for a year have been meeting In the
smaller quarters of tha commercial college
building, were Imbued with the eplrit of
the occasion and aang with a will, or. as
Secretary Rothery said, "better than I
have heard you sing since February a,
laat year, which waa the last meeting held
In the old building." Miss Myers aang two
"The Man In the Hole and How to Get
Out" waa the subject of the address of Dr.
Clarke, who used aa hla text the first three
verses of the Fortieth Psalm, "I waited pa
tlently for the Lord and He Inclined unto
me and heard my cry. He brought me up
also out of an horrible pit. out of the miry
clAy, and set my feet upon a rock, and es
tablished my goings. Anil He hath put a
new song Into my mouth, even praise unto
our God; many shall aee It and fear and
trust In the Lord."
"This Is the.hlnmnhv nf a Minn" maiA
the speaker, ."but la not tha present day bi
ography, all of which are largely the same.
Cornea from the best tea gardens of the world and reaches your table with
Its native purity and delicious flavor. If you have never used Tetlcy's yoa
have never tried the beat tea grown. '
UcCORD-BEADY CO -Wholesale Agents, Omaha.
The difference between success
and failure in life ia due in nine
put of ten cases to lack of physi
cal manhood. You can't behalf
a man physically and a whole
man otherwise. A chain is no
stronger than its weakest link.
We treat men only and core prompt
ly, safely and thoroughly NERVOUS
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CONSULT FREE Specialists of the
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OFFICE HOURS 8 A. M. to8 P. M. SUNDAYS 10 to 1 ONLY. .
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Permanently Established In Omaha, Nebraska.
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Any kind of a position may
be filled in this way.
A three line ad (rrd.)
3 times 25c; 7 times 45c
Within everybody' reach reaches everybody .
A man's religion Is the chief fact about
him. snl to be In sin Is to be in the hole,
Thl story tells 11a two things of man's con
dition In sin-first, the hastiness ft It, anil
tlten the ability to remedy his condltl'-n.
'vThe mark tif'llfe Is the glory of God.
., mi.. 1 ,it um 1 1 frx biii'i ui iiiv iiini n.
Pin Is the want of conformity to or tmns,in or the laws of God. If you are In
sin or In the hole and want to get nut, you
must do as tho man In the text, and cry
to God for help, for help will come. Christ
came Into the world to aava sinners and
Ho Is here today. Men have tried by phil
osophy to get rid of sin, hut they are like
the pursued ostrich, which atlcka It head In
the sand and Imagine It la safe. ,
"The wise man Is tha one who recognises
a danger nnd faces It. ' 'He set my feet upon
a rock,' and that rock was Jesua. Christi
anity is a religion of Joy and many do not
know what Joy Is until they accept Ood
Christianity began with song."
Police Trylnsr to Ascertain Where
boats of Two of that Noted
The police and detectives are busy try
ing to solve the problem, "What happened
to JoneaT In the robbery of A. D. Mo
Murray and Cecil Wagnmnn Saturday
night. Jones No. 1 and Jones No. I ara
brothers, who were formerly employed
chasing Ice water for guests at the Her
Grand hritel, and they roomed respectively
wllh 'McMurray and ' Wagnmnn at the
Northwestern, hotel and 2011 TIarney
street. . After carefully laying plana for
a sudden departure to a balmier dime,
Jones No. 1 Is aald ta have robbed hla
roommate, McMurray, of $11 ; and his
brother went him one better by filching
$15.40 from hla sleeping companion. Wo Ira
nian. The police are now trying to find
the Jonea family, but 1th little prospect
of auccess. ."'
Winter Visitors Excursions
win ensble you to visit your friends In Mason City,
Carroll, Harlan, Dubuque, Waterloo, Marshall
town, Fort Dodge, Ia., Faribault, Mankato, Austin,
Rochester, or Red Wing, Minn., at about
One Ball tha Usual Rate
Tickets on sale Saturdays snd Sundays
Notify your friends that the aame rates apply the
other way. Full Information from
City Ttektt Agsnf, it i J Farnam 8t Omaha.
I . -J '