Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 08, 1907, Page 8, Image 8

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Want - ads
AlTrrtlirmriiti Inr tne wmt-ii
nIimii will be likra til 12 m. far
tne frrilnc edition aad natll p. m.
far tk tnarnlna; aad Bandar editions.
Ono Insertlen, 1 1-3 ( ner wardt
twa Mora ennseantlve Insertions,
1 rent prr ward rack Insertion mere
thti our Insertion, II not raa can
aeratlrrlr wll te charged far at
rate af 1 1-3 rents per ward.
9IJVO rr liar for oar month.
No ad taken for less than SO cents.
Drath and Faneral Notices, Carda of
Thanki and I-odge Katlrra, T rente
per Una for one edition, maniac ar
evenings 71 eenta a Una far each addl
tlonal edition. Bandar, in reals a
line. No ad takea for leaa tkaa BO
eeata. . .
Waat-ada far The Bra may he left
any of the following draar store
one la "ranr earner drnararlst" th
re all branch offices af The Bee a
ironr ad will bo - Inserted Just
promptly and on the same rates aa
the main office In The Bee balldli
Seventeenth and Farnam streets.
Alhnrh, W. C, 40th nnd Farnam.
Reranek. 8. A.. 1402 H 16th St.
Kohl's rharmacy, "Jf 8. lth 8t.
Benson Pharmacy, Benson, Neb.
Bcmls I'ark Pharmacy, 83d and Cumins;.
t'auKlilln,' C. R., oth and Pierce 8ta.
Clifton Hill Pharmacy, 2213 Military Ave.
Conte, J. U., 31st Ave. and Farnam.
f'rlssey Pharmacy, 1:4th and I.ake.
Cermak. Kmll. 1204-8 8. 13th St.
Kaufman Pharmacy, 4016 Hamilton.
Khler, F. H., 2W! Leavenworth.
Foster A Arnold!, 213 N. 25th St.
Fieytag, John J., 1914 N. 24th St.
Florence Drug Co., Florence. Neb.
Goldman Pharmacy. 2mh and Lake 8t.
Green's Pharmacy, corner Park Ave. and
Oreenough, G. A.. HUB 8. 10th 8t.
Orcenough. G. A., loth and Hickory,
lluyden. Wm. C, 29.10 Farnam St.
HaiiHcom Park Phar.. 1601 8. 28th Ave.
Hnlst. John, ?4 N. IKth St.
HulT, A. L., 2924 Leavenworth St.
King. H. 8.. 2238 Farnam St.
Knuntie Place Pharmacy, 331 N. 24th.
Patrick Drug Co.. 1602 N. 24th St.
Lathrop, Cliaa. K , 1324 N. 24th St.
pfyton, L. E., 24th and Leavenworth.
Saratoga Drug Co., 1:4th and Ames Ave.
Schaefer's Cut Price Drug Store, 16th and
Schaefer, August. 2631 N. 16th Bt.
Schmidt, J. H.. 24th and Cuming 6ts.
' Storm Pharmacy, 16th and Martha Bts.
Walnut Hill Pharmacy, 40th and Cuming.
Walton Pharmacy, 20th and Grace Sts.
Wirlh. O. H.. 40th and Hamilton Sta.
. The following births and deaths were re
ported to the Board of Health during the
twenty-four hours ending Thursday noon:
Births Michael Todeako, 1310 South
Twelfth, boy; John A. Bruce, 148 South
Thirty-third, boy; D. Barg, 1461 South
Fourteenth, girl; E. J. Hlgley, 206 Miami,
flrl; A. Land, 420 North Seventeenth, boy;
:. F. Riley. 108 South Thirty-third, boy;
Frank A. Shaw, 17 South Thirty-third,
Deaths Baby Oatrowski. 2817 Walnut;
Baby McArdle, 2608 Pierce; Uoyd W. Steln
spiing. 8230 Bmmet, 1 month: Ella Webb,
70s South Sixteenth, 40; Albertlna Prochnow,
Florence, 24; Bnby Chllds, 2918 Hamilton. 4
days; Mary J. Graley, 1724 South Sixth, 46;
Samuel Lindsay, Tenth and Castellar, 52;
Boy B. Lucas. 1821 Maple, 41; Mrs. Josie
Kondele. St. Joseph' hospital, 33.
The following marriage licenses have'
I John Fenskl, South Omaha....
; Katie Magdzlary, South, Omaha
. John W. Backdahl, Lincoln
Mvlda Anderson, Lincoln... ......
i Andrew D' Molxuhan, Council Bluffs.
, Bessie Williams, Council Bluffs
Christian H.' Miller; 'Murray.':.....-.....
Mary Xoung, Murray
' Charles W. Randall, Shenandoah, la...
'..Alice Kerns, Meltland, Mo
.. 25
.. 1
.. 33
.. 27
.. 23
.. a
.. 43
.. 43
jaUBERMANN-EUenor, aged 62 years,
,' Wednesduy, February 6. at 4 o'clock
, Funeral will be held from family resl
i dence, 3U30 Curtis avenue, Sunday, Febru
. "fT. 10, at 2 m- Interment at Prospect
: Hill cemetery. Friends Invited.
Elks, Notice!
AH Elks are requested to meet at the
club rooiiM 'this (Friday) evening at 7:30
sharp and proceed In a body to the resi
dence of our doceaxed brother, John A.
Exalted Ruler.
Attention, Members A. O. H.
Members of Divisions Nos. 1 and 2, An.
, dent Order of Hibernians, will hold a spe
cial meeting in Washington hall, Friday
, evening, February 8 at 8 o'clock.
' ' W. P. M'QOID.
W wish to extend our. heartfelt thanks
for the sympathy shown us by our many
frlfnda and neighbors at the sad loss of
our -daughter, fcvalln, alad for the many
floral offerings.
Btudeots Begin Any Time. Catalogue Free.
. AUdreus H. B. BOYLES, Pres.. Omaha, Neb.
eHock of above named bankrupt will be
sold Monday, February 11, at 2 D. m.. at
WU N. 24th St.
O. M. DREW. Trustee.
, u m
BopKS. booklets and fine catalogues
printed by Reus Printing Co., Omaha.
(1) M779 28
llOYAL ACHATES Fraternal Society.
(D-58 24
OMAHA Safe and Iron Works make a spe
cialty of tire eacapes. shutters, doors and
safes. Q. Andreen, Prop,, lo2 8. loth St.
..... (D
BUY your envelopes and be sure of sani
tary gumming. Uurkley Envelope Co.
- (D-M768 11
Lravenworth Sis. Tel. Douglas 1387.
MADAMR8. Bean and Mayo seance Tues-
X 1VJ. riiuay. 8l N. 16th. Red w5.
IU-M579 F26x
BION PAINTING 8. H. Cole, 1302 Douglas,
;' . tl MO
IOWA Sanitary Cleaning Co.. 1819 Farnam.
. . (i r."
1 8" YOU have anythtna to trade, set In
touch with our awapper. Ha s tha original
live wire In 4rads and exchanges. Can
"match" anything anywhere. Continental
Xr-lty Co.. H-ita-l U. g. Natl. Bank
(ildg.. Omaha, Neb. Also have offices In
tt. Joeeih. Kansas City, Sioux City, Un-
twu, IMS Moines ana uenver.
(31MSS 11
1) ACRES good bottom land. In Madison
i rounly, Nebraska, half mile from town,
ti per acre; Incumbrance 12.&U0: for
ir.l, or Council KluRs property. "Phooe
wusm luasi. rt-ierson. wu jx. loth Bt.
1 " (3 1
Jr Yi-U do not find what you want In this
. .i.u. -I nit au ad lu aad ro will very
FOR EXCHANGE 1" acres near Orchard.
Antel.ine county, Neh. ; price III. 60 pr
acre. AM acre six miles from O'Neill,
Holt county. Neb. ; Improved; price 130 per
ere. Will exchange either or boih of
above farma for merchandise or h'dware.
We also have several Income pmpertlea In
Omaha to exchanre for merchandise or
' hardware. Globe Land and Investment
Co., Patterson Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
- (31 M2M 8
EXCHANGES If you have city property,
stocks nf goods, farm land or property of
any kind to exchange, write for our com
plete list. We have properties and lands
In all parts of the country to exchange.
Our list Is free. Send for It at once.
Globe I .and and Investment Co., Patter
son lildg.. Omaha, Neb. (3)
WESTERN Nebraska and Kansas lands to
trade for merchandise or property. 110 8.
17th. (3-M9S6 Ml
WRITE Townsend Realty Co., Fremont,
Neb., who have farms, wild lands, etc.,
for clear town property and merchandise.
. (3)-M.KFlSx
Do You 'Wish to Make a Chancre
If you have a farm, home, business or
property mai you wuni to nfii or n
change write us.
Omaha, Neb., or Sioux City, Is.
(4-Ml3 M5
15.0(10 WILL swing drug stock In southeast
Nebraska, doing Business or fiti.wo a year.
Write F. V. Knlest, Omaha, Neb.
C4) 512 Feb!
WANTED To sell or trade, 25-room hotel;
ttmm hfat, gas and city water and a
five-room cottage; reason for selling,
III health. Address Ave. B, Council
Bluffs, la. . (4-M79?
FOR SALE Flrst-clasa blacksmith and
wngon work business, with tools, 14 to 16
received for shoeing and 14 to 18 for set
ting tires. Address Y-129, Bee.
INVENTOR wants money to develop
model and secure patent. Address J-635,
care of Bee. 4.4) 214 lux
LOOSE- LEAF LEDGERS and loose leaf
devices of all kinds. Rees Printing Co.,
Omaha, (4r M777 F28
ROOMING llOl'SES I have them at from
$150 to 1500; all good ones and money
'Phone Douglas 3tX. 8a Neville Block.
(4) M119
DRt'G stores for sale. F. V. Knlest, N. Y.
Life. (4-13
FOR SALE Only hotel In town of 8(10 peo
ple, doing good business: reason poor
health. M. Fahey, Waterbury, Neb.
4 M961 14X
shoe stock, $3,aC0; good, central Nebraska
town of 1,000; cheap for quick sale. Box
682 Columbus, Neb. . (4 192 9x
IF YOU want to get In or out of business,
no matter what your business Is, or where
It Is. we can help you.
We make all kinds of trades and guarantee
to suit. If you have anything to trade,
write us.
220 Neville Block.
(4)-M117 t
WE BUY OR SELL Business chances or
cxt'hnnge a business, rooming house, or
exchange for anything. Money loaned on
, chattels.
If you have anything to sell or want to
buy anything see
Tel. Douglas SPoa. 634-536 Paxton Blk.
(4) M380 M7
ROOMING house, 18 rooms, fine condition.
Part cash and real estate; snap, at once.
'Phone Harney 2389. . (4) 157 9x
FOR 8ALB 11.700 mortgage, payable in In
stallments for 4 years, on inside Omaha
business property worth 14,600 ; 6 per cent,
semi-annually. Address L 603, care Bee. .
150 CAN be made weekly with 75 Hllo pea
nut vending machines and be your own
boas. For particulars see H. J, Kemtel,
Schllts Hotel. (VI 213 lOx
809 New York Life Bldg., .."
Omaha, Neb. ,
FOR SALE Barber shop, one of the best
paying two-chair shops in western Iowa;
pool table and bath tub in connection.
Address Y 176, care Bee. (4) M359 10
LAUNDRY for sale or lease. Albion Steam
Laundry, Albion, Neb. (4) M877 JO
FOR SALE Gents' furnishing and shoe
biock; inv
sell cheap.
stock; Invoice 12,000; good location; will
Address x 113, Bee
(O 238 11 x
ENGAGE! In real estate business as side
line. Big profits, and it will not Interfere
with your regular buHinesn. For partlcu
lam nddrAjia u 1 , r
3 U. 8. Natl. Bank Bidg., Omaha. Neb.
(4) M252 11
WANTED Man or woman of business
nuimy in real estate oUMlness; must have
from 1500 to 2,0()0 to Invest, which will be
well secured; good salaried position and
share of profits. Address O 640, care Bee.
t4-M.263 11
FOR SALE Furniture and undertaking es-
,Uii.Uii,ciii mm Ruou win; oniy one in
live town of 2.000 In northeast Nebraska;
stock will invoice tt.50U. all new, salable
goods. Address Y 241, care Omaha Bee.
(4J-M343 20
WANT three men with $1,000 each to Join
me In land speculation. Will stand full
eat Investigation. If you are afruld of
your shadow and don't want to double
your money, don't write. If you do. ad
dress N 639, care Bee. (4 M264 11
LET us have your autos to sell. We hava
customers ready to buy. Blair Machine
Co., Bialr, Neb. (4) M272 llx
FOR SALE Money making restaurant,
cigars, tobacco, candles and fruit stock
a good chance. Box 2N3, Shenandoah, la!
4)-M286 12x
WANTED-A location for a new and second-hand
furniture store. In a good bust
neis town of about 6,I0; give particu
lars. Address F 649, Bee.
(4)-M334 lOx
FOR SALE A 16,000 stock of hardware and
furniture In a good thriving town In east
ern Nebraska. Address Y 133, care Bee
(4) M27 8
FOR SALE The Sliver Creek. Nebraska,
flour mill will be sold at referees sale
on March 5. 19n7. at the court house In
Central City, Neb. (4) M2S8 13
WP . bVy' or ehanga everything.
Nat. Investment Co., 8 Douglas Blk.
4)-33U M5
FOR SALH OR TRADE Half Interest In
planing mill and contracting buHlness
f,"1!! ,1?,ce for practical carpenter with
H.UtO. K Mil. care Bee. (4) 826 18 x
NEWSPAPER man wanting snap to run
newspaper plant, address, Immediately,
A. H. Berggren, Stromshurg, Neb.
(4 M371 14x
O. L. BROLINE, 618 Bee Bldg
() M340 M
Atterneys. -
W-W- IP3E. attorney. N. T.' Life Bldg.
Office lei. Douglas 4f4; Res. Douglas 17J4.
. (5-2ddi Ml
DR. ROY. R-S. 150t Farnam Rt! Doug. 6497.
. , i (6) M614
Deteetlva Agency.
WKTMORE Detective Service. 'Phona Red
3l. Rooms n and 12, Union Blk.. 16th
and J-arnam. (5 348 F19
MRS. BRANDON. 1724 Cap. Ave. Doug. 24.
()-;71 F27
. Dresamaklag.
Ladlea" tailoring. Dressmaking. 438 8. ?4th.
(5) 6 Fl
DRESSMAKING In family oral home. Miss
blurdy, 2643 Chicago. 'Phone Red 4708.
to tas
JENNLNGd PrUitlng Co., Ttu. Douglas 4J.
Don't neglect an opportunity
to Improve your position. Hundreds of excellent situations are ad
vertised in The Dee want-ad columns weekly. Thousands of bright
young men are holding responsible positions today positions secured
through the Dee classilied columns.
Printing 4 nt In aed.
I VNr.CTlri High grade 1907 calendars.
" '""J 8. E. -corner 16
16th St. and
Capitol Ave. (6) 618
SNELL Printing Co., particular printers,
810 8. 12th St. Tel. Doug. 6764.
(5)-972 14
WATERS PRINTING CO., 1317 Howard St.
(6 731 27
THE ACORN PRESS, 1610 Howard St.,
Does Printing of Quality. Tel. Doug. 8762.
(5) M456 22
WE print everything! Rees Printing Co.
(6)-M7?8 28
Springer Printing Co., 206 N. 17th. Doug. 2071
(6-Ku6 2S
CALL CENTRAL Doug, 3959 Centra!
Printing Co., lowest prices on printing.
, 110 8. 17th. Typewritten letters j-pccialty.
(6) M2 M2
HESS & SWOBODA, 1416 Farnm. f6)-
L. HENDERSON. 1619 Farnam. Tel. Doug.
1253. (B 617
LYNCH BROS. Repair work our specialty.
118 N. 16th St. Tel. Douglas 1477.
6 603 F27
Manic and Laagaage.
CHATELAIN School of Languages. Day
and evening classes. French, German,
Spanish. Fencing. Davidge Bldg.
t6 760 11
Douglas 1664. 6l 18
DR. BOWSER Over 1500 Farnam. Tel.
Douglas 6370. (5) 182 18
Rlprapplng Engineer.
H. F. KELLNER, River and Riprap- Engi
neer; 20 vears' practical experience; write
for Information. 610 Bee Bldg., Omoha.
Neb. (5) MKJU
The Leading Palmist of Omaha.
Revelations of past and future described.
Parlors, 113 8. 16th St., Opp Boston Store.
Factory and Trades.
WANTED Experienced stitcher. Address
Battreall-Whlttlnghlll Shoe Co., bt.
Joseph. Mo. (7)-M289 8
WANTED Union special machine opera
tors; steady work. King-Graham Mfg.
Co., 11th and Jackson. t7) -367
Housekeepers and Domestics.
WANTED Girl for general work: six In
family, small house, every convenience;
. 126 per month. With washing, 130; alno
wanted housemaid, 120. . Mrs. Hall, 118
North 39lh St. (7) 226
WANTED Girl for general housework;
three In family. 1623 Jackson St. 'Phone
Douglas-47&l. Oy-M396 10
Mrs. F. D. Wend. 'Phone Harney 2W7.
(71-276 7
CHAMBERMAID 1718 Dodge St.
' (7) M307 x
WANT gtrf for housework, good wages.
1329 South 13th, Omaha. (7) 323 12x
GIRL wanted for general housework; small
family; light work. 2414 N. 21t St.
. . , , (7) M333 9x
M'DOWELL Dressmaking School. 1623 Farn.
7J M658 F8
AT ONCE, stenographer with experience
In real estate business, one who under
stands some bookkeeping preferred, 150
to IfiO; apply at once.
Suite 840-S41-842 N. Y. Life Bldg.
(7)-M378 8
LADIES We are still In need of more
help decorating sofa pillows; experience
unnecessary; work taken home; perma
nent; good pay. Call mornings. 2311 S.
13th St. 7)-155 M2x
10C TO $1 each paid for names. Saturday
Evening Poet and a book, both $1.50. Tel.
D. 5664. Walker, magaxlne man.
(7 M991 11
Agents, Solicitors aad Salesmen.
ADVERTISING FANS May delivery. 50n
special and attractive designs. Samples
submitted upon application. Fonda Bros.
& Co.. Omaha. 9)-M42 F23
SOLICITORS wanted; prefer those wlio
hava had experience selUng views.' por
traits or books; pleasant work and big
money. Call at Room 603, Bee Bldg.
(9) MS06 14x
TRAVELING aalesmen wanted: four men
to represent us In tne surrounding
states; knowledge of business not neces
sary, but must be business getters, will
ing to work and sober. To such we will
give a permanent position and good in
come. Address W 677, Bee office.
() M367 llx
SALESMAN, with good address, to meet
business men by previous appointments.
In and out of town; permanent employ
ment. Call or address G 660, Bee.
(91 M376 lOx
WANTED Men to place our "Noah Vale"
6c cigar and free show case deal. Write
with references to Crown Cigar Co. Mil-
. waukee, Wis. (9) M397 10
AGENTS wanted for light work. 418 N.
16th. i-M146 F17
A GOOD proposition for adv. novelties Is
open for a good man for Kansas: largest
. line In 17. 8. on a commission basis. Apply
on Saturday or Sunday, Feb. 9 and 10.
; Donker, Williams k Co., li N. Y. Life
Bldg. (9j-54
OUR representatives make $75 per week.
, Want one or two more. Bond required.
Address In own handwriting, with stamp
and references, A 627, Bes. (9) Ml 06 M2
A SALARIED position for a first-class
man; steady employment. E. L. Foster,
HI Paxton Blk. (9) M331 8x
WANTED Five boys; good wages; perma
nent job. A. D. T. Co., 211 8. 13th St.
Clerical aad Ofllea.
WANTED A man to run a local news
paper in a prosperous western town;
would be convenient to know the barber
or Jewelry trade. For further particulars
write Box 2. Marlon, Red Willow County,
Nebraska. 19) 229
Factory aad Trade.
WANTED Shipping clerk, brick work, at
Avery; must l experienced. Omaha Hy
draulic Prcsa Brick Co.. 3o0 Bee Bldg.
(9 M loO I
WANTED At once, coat maker, steady Job.
A. F. Luther. Bedford. Ia. (9 M370 ttx
WANTED An assistant drug clerk; good
salary; give experience. Address Lock
Box 419. Rapid Cily, 8. D. (9-363 8
WANTED Foreman In collar factory. Ad
dresa ochulse Brothers Co., Dulutn. Minn.
(9 M1SJ
A NO. 1 carriage painter. 1 1630 I .en v en
worth Bt. (9 MS lOx
"oierka wauled. . V. Knlest. N. Y U
WANTED 25 women, well dressed and of
distinguished apiearance to appear In (he
auditorium scene In "The Pit'' at the
Kriig theater Sunday .and Monday. Feb
ruary 10 and 11. Apply st the stage door
at 10:30 a. m., Sunday, February 10.
t7) MJ0
WANTED 150 men, well dressed and of
good appearance, to appear as brokers In
the great panic scene In "The Pit" at
the Krug theater Sunday and Monday,
February 10 and 11. Apply at the stage
door at 10:30 a, ni., Sunday, February 10.
9) M401
ANY person willing to distribute our sam
ples; $JU weekly. "Empire," 92 La Salle
St., Chicago, 111. Steady position; no
canvassing. .(9 M8 8x
WANTED At once, 600 sound young men,
aged 18 to 36, for firemen and brakemen
on leading western railroads and for new
roads now being completed; experience
unnecessary; firemen 11W) per month;
brakemen 175; positions now open; call or
write at once for particulars. National
Ry. Training Ass n, 64) X, Paxton Block,
Omaha, Neb. 1 (9 228 M3
WANTED Driver for towel supply com
pany, good Job for hustler; references re
quired. Address P 611, care Bee.
(9) 271 7x
WANTED Traveling man. capable of
hiring and managing other men; must
be a good salesman, willing to work and
sober. To the right person, a permanent
position will be given at a stated salary
and expenses. Address L 654, Bee office.
(9 M365 llx
WANTED For the U. S. Marine Corps,
men between ages 21 and 36; an oppor
tunity to see the world. For full Informa
tion apply In person or by letu-r to Re
cruiting Officer, Cor. 12th and Farnam
Bts., Omaha, Neb. (9 667 F7
MEN and boys. Plumbing or bricklaying
trade pays 15 to 18 per day. We teach you
by practical instructions In three months;
position guaranteed; free- catalogue.
Coyne Trade School, 4975 Easton Ave., St.
Louis, Mo. (9) 878
ASSISTANT MANAGER retail store, $S5.
OFFICE CLERK, good penman, !T6.
GRAPHERS, $45 to $H5.
FIVE SALESMEN, 175 to $310.
AGER. $F0. 1
SHOE CLERK, $65. .
If you have ability to fill any of the above
or similar positions see us. If you have
not. don't.
Suite 840-841-842 N. Y. Ufe Bldg.
(9) M379 8
WANTED Men to learn barber trade. Few
weeks completes. Ten positions for every
graduate. $12 to $20 weekly paid. Wages
while learning. Beautiful 1907 catalogue
Just out. Call or write. Moler Barber
College. 1116 Farnnm St. (9j M821 Mix
Horses and Vehicles.
HORSES bough t,x sold snd exchanged; driv
ers and general purpose horses a specialty.
Mjers. 1715 Jackson. Tel. Red 3692.
. (1D-M829 Ml
FIVE well-broken mares, 1,100 to 1,200
lbs. each; one murej 1,360 lbs., cheap.
2006 Maple street., i , (11) M368 14x
FOR SALE Fine famfly driving ' mare,
brass harness and stylish buggy. Stan
hope style; will sellruheap; purty leav
ing city. 'Plipne Har. 2604. J. H. Les-
,er, 656 S. 26th Avev, (.11) M37J 10
2 HORSES, weight 1,900 .lbs. each, wagon
and harness, $125; one team, weight 2,500
lbs.; one team, ' welg'ht 3,000 Igs. ; 2 farm
mares.. 2J13 Grant. Vel. Douglas 8410.
.t: , 11) 231
GOOD team 5 years old, well broke, $265;
. team of good, heavy mures, $216; one good,
heavy, well broke, 4-year-old mure with
foal, $135; one team of blacks, well
. matched, weighing $.850, $150; one good
mare, 1,250, $70; one sore-footed mare,
$15; one cheap horse, $25. Rear 414 N.
16th St. ... (11) M266
FOR SALE 4-year-Old tiorse, city broke,
single or double; also buggy. Inquire
902 Capitol Ave. Colwell.
(16) M299 It
Poultry aad Eggs.
FOR SALE Mammonth ' Bronze turkeys;
old Toms, 40 lbs, $6; young Toms, 24 to
2 lba., $5; Imperial Pekln ducka, 14 to 18
lbs., per pair, drakes $1.60, ducks $1. W. R.
KUnck. Clarksville. Ia (1D--M717 F
BEFORE buying Barred Plymouth Rock
, Cockerels write for free circular to E. F.
Sand, Mitchell. S. D. OD-MTU F
OUR handsome Illustrated poultry book Is
free to all who will, write and ask for
It, telling where they saw this ad. A
valuable book for every poultry man; 80,
0J printed. Address JtorrlH Poultry Co.,
Clay Center, Neb. (Il)-M5o0 F8x
Lot of good cockerels; even, narrow, deep
barred and good bone. 200 pullets and
hens, fine cues; also' nicely barred and
good layers. Address Orvllle O. Jones,
R. D. No. L York, Neb. (11 M569 FSx
100 Barred Plvmouth Rock cockerels (ex
clusive) for Mile, 6 fo.' $5. J. A. Haney,
Elkhorn, Neb. . (11) M840 15
ROSE and Slngi Comb Brown Leghorns,
Silver- Srangied Hamburg, White Pekln
Ducks. E. Doole.v, Selma, Ia.
(11)304 19X
BUFF FOWLS-Euff 1 Wyandottes, Buff
Rocks, Cochin Bantams, high grade
stock. Price reasonable. W. J. Gow,
Norfolk, Neb. (11) M SOS 20x
BUFF Orpingtons; none better; eggs $3.50
setting. Stock matter correspondence.
Jacob Stul's Importer, breeder, 260 Mc
Dougell Ave., Detroit. Mich.
UD-M284 12X
FOR SALE 30 Black Langshan cockerels.
Pure bred Black Langs 1 1 an cockerels $1
each, if taken soon.. Mrs. J. W. John
son. Loup City, Neb. (1D-M841 15
Cows, Birds, Dogs aad Pets.
FOR SALE Shetland ponies, ferrets,' poul
' try, pigeons, pheasants, rabbits, guinea
plgst goats, cats, dogs; 2-cent stamp for
particulars. Col. Joseph Leffel, Sprlng
fleld. O. - (11) MS30 13x
LOST Lady's gold watch, Tuesday even
ing. Reward for return to 2i)l Farnam.
Tel. Harney 2&64. (13 318 7x
LOST Envelope addressed, "John Fine ran,
Denlson. Ia., containing $50 currency, $113
check, $67 check. $9 check and $12 check.
Liberal reward to tha Under. Rice Broa.,
South Omaha. (12) M4i2 8
FREE medical and surgical treatment at
Creighton Medical college, 14th and Dav.
enport Bts.; special attention paid to con.
finement cases; all treatment supervised
by college profeasors. 'Phona Doug. 1167.
Calls auswsred day or night. (U 129
ANY pcor girl to naed of a friend call
' or write to the matron of the Salvation
Army Home for Woman at 3824 N. 34ta
St.. Omaha, Neb. (13) MluO
PRIVATE borne during confinement; ba
bies adopted. Ths Good Samaritan Sani
tarium, 728 First Ave., Council Bluffs, la.
Tel. 774. (13-323
BF.8T nerve bracer for man, "Gray'g Narva
Food PUls," $1 box. postpaid. Scerman 4k
MeCrmnell Drug Co., Guiana.
I MRS. PERRY, drugleas healer, treater of
circulation and clironie diseases. 21 N.
lt h St. U3 M344 M
CHATTEU salary nd storaga receipt
loans. Felex Loan IV Ll pa mam Be
Salary and Chattels Coat Inned.
Cash in Any Amount
security or publicity, at the very lowest
rates; with payments to suit your con
venience; everything strictly confidential.
Reliable Credit Co.,
Rooms 307-308 Paxton Blk.
Have Increased their capital and during the
month of February win make a special
rate on collateral loans, mortgagee on
personal property and notes, without se
curity. Tern's r suit. 'Phone Douglas
OXH, 310 Bee Building. (14) M834
loaned on furniture, salary, pianos, horses,
etc.. In any amount; less than half rates;
perfect privacy, Immediate attention; any
terms wanted; payments suspended when
nick or out of work. 214 Karbach Blk.,
20 South 15th St. (14) 006
PHCENIX CREDIT CO.. for chattel or
salary loans. 633 Paxton Blk. 'Phone
Douglas 746. 04) 408
and others furnished money upon their own
names, without security; easy payments;
offices In & principal cities. Save your
self money by getting my terms first.
714 New York Ufe Bldg.
(14 o$
MONEY loaned on pianos, furniture, cows,
horses, etc. C. F. Reed, 310 8. ISth.
(14) 910
Bowen, 703 N. Y. Life Bldg.,
advances private money on chattels or sal
ary; eay to get; no red tape. You get
money snme day asked for at small cost
Open evenings till 7. (14) 407
FURNITURE, live stock, salary loans. Duff
Green Loan Co., room 8, Barker Blk.
(14) til
EAGLE LOAN OFFICE Reliable accom
modating; all business confidential. 1301
Douglas. (14) 10
Our new plan enables you to obtain money
at rates which honest people can afford
to pay. We will make you a loan on your
salary, furniture or piano, and you can
pay us back later In amounts to suit your
convenience. Everything confidential.
Room 20, Frenxer Blk., loth and Dodge Sta.
(14)-M3K1 M7
Boarding; aad Rooms a.
VIENNA hotel; private dining rooms; cat.
(15) 83
MODERN apartment for three traveling
men; 'phone In room; mayor's former
residence. 617 S. ISth. (15) M389 lOx
FURNISHED rooms, with board. 1713
Dodge. (15)-M32 M7x
NICELY furnished, well heated room, all
modern conveniences, excellent table; pri
vate family. 24Gt) Harney (li) 84
DEWEY European Hotel, 13th and Farnam.
(15) M3t8 Fill
THE 8HELTON. 25th and Dodge.
. , , (16)-M847 Mix
LARGE alcove room; on car line; close In;
breakfast privileges; east front; vecant
Feb. 10. lit No. 25th st- (15) M846 8
LANGE HOTEL, rooms. Corner 13th and
Jackson. (15) 163 March 4
LARGE modern front room, close in, near
cur, near Creighton college. For teacher
or student. 720 North 23d. (15) M242 llx
LARGE, well furnished rooms; modern
conveniences; good board. The Rose, 2O20
Harney Bt. (15)-327 24x
Famished Rooms.
BACHELORS quarters, new, up to date;
prices reasonable. 406 S. 24th Ave.
MIDLAND HOTEL 16th and Chicago.
(15) 3tl Flf
FIVE elegant unfurnished rooms In new
brick flat; main floor; $30 a month. 2018
Davenport. (15) M399 14x
WANTED Two or three furnifehed rooms
for light housekeeping; heat and light
Address K 653, Bee. (16) M396 lOx
TWO rooms on parlor floor, ensutte. One
large room on seopnd floor, handsomely
furnished. 2410 Farnam. Doug. 6933.
(It) M300 12X
FOUR comfortable rooms for light house
keeping, at 443 Farnam, $10 per month.
(16) M387 10X
NICELY furnished room for gentleman;
private family. L So. 26th 8t . (1 407
S-ROOM apartment, modern, 816 8. 22th St.
(15)-u0 7x
FURNISHED ROOM, new house near
Farnam on Bjulevard, faces Turner
' Park; hot water heat. Phone 107 Bo. 31st.
(15) MM9 8x
MODERN furnished rooms. 2226 Dodge.
(15)-MM4 Ml
SUITE of connected rooms on parlor floor,
fun. lulled or unfurnished for light house
keeping. 2627 Harney. (15) 172 9x
ONE I.arge room modern in every way.
Suitable for two gentlemen, use of 'phone.
2581 Harney street. (15) 159 x
BRUNSWICK hotel, 1210 Douglas St.
i (16) 162 Mar. 4
STEAM heated front rooms. 1909 Capitol.
(16) 161 Mar. 4
FURNISHED rooms In private family. 637
So. 20th Ave. (15) 226 10
LARGE front room, first floor, east front,
strictly modern, close In; 1 or 2 gentle
men; $6. 620 N. 18th. (15) M293 8x
ONE nicely furnished room; all modern;
close In, In good location; use of 'phone.
2318 Douglas St. (16) M347 9x
TWO large modern rooms. In very desirable
residence section; une of 'phone and par
lor. 2222 Howard St. (1-M346 13x
I'nfaratshed Rooms.
4 rooms, modern, furnace heat, $26.09; also
4 rooms modern except heat, $16.00. Tele
phone Douglas 63u (16) 171 tx
LARGE modern front room; very close In
and on car Hue. 714 8. 17th Ave.
(15) M391 It
FOUR ROOMS, ground floor, pantry and
cellar; nice lawn. 2612 N. 19th Ave.
, (15) M37C 10X
ONE large front room and alcove, bed
room and kitchen, 6 closets, siaam heat.
ta 8. 26th St. Tel. Douglas 6:j3.
(16) 214 12x
Heasekerylag Raont,
FOUR unfurnished rooms, first floor, for
housekeeping. 648 8. 24th Ave.
Apartments aad Flats.
8-ROOM flat, modern, food repair, opposite
Haoscom prk-4tM. i hone Douglas 6-8.
$18; 7-RoOM FLAT; bath, toilet, gas; op
poslle Stors Bros', brewery, 1044 N. loin
fcU Apply 4)0 8. 19lh BL (16-M97t t
LOWER flat. 1141 N. 17th Bt. $12.60
(16 MS2t I
4-KOOM flat, modern except beat. Cack
le tiros. 111 H. 16th. U) ntlOl
Apartaaenta aad Flnta 4ontlaaed
fi.atb"cT7se in.
New flats, ready Feb. 15. 417-41 North 1Mb
C. a SHEPARD, $08 N. Y. MFK.
fu 3:1 8x
Honaea aad Catiatet.
HOU8E8. Insurance. Rlngwalt, Barker Blk.
(16) 0
FOR RENT Modern t-room brick house;
1126 S. 31st St.; $ per month. Thomas
Brennaa, room l, n. x. uie Bldg.
WE MOVE pianos. Maggard Van and
Storage Co. Tel. Doug. 149$. Office. ;!$
W abater St. (15) 894
FVR RE NT 9-room all modern house. 112$
Park Ave. (15)-M34 14x
8TEAM heat, all modern, 7-room hod.
120 N. I3d. (15) M63S
EIGHT-ROOM all modern house. Refer-
encce required. Inquire 2212 Spencer.
TTnTTWS ,n Prt" ' tbe city. Tha
1 1U U Qrj3 o. F. Davie Co., Bee Bldg.
HnTTKF.55 "n parte of the city. R.
w c peters Co., nee Bldg.
SEE us when shipping household goods to
large cities west: we can save you money.
16th SU Tel. Doug. 1185. (15) 8SJ
224 N. 2oth St. -room flat, strictly mod-
ern; tenant pays water; $60.
2210 Clark St, 6 rooms, bath, toilet, gas,
$20 and water
1231 Park Wilde Ave. 8 rooms, all modern,
$40 and water. McCague Investment,
1500 Dodge SL (la; 13
9-ROOM modern house,
' only $35.
Large lawn. Big trees.
608 South 24th Ave..
(15)-M390 lOx
-ROOM house 4418 Ixard. Telephone
Harney 1056. 05) 217 lOx
-room house, $904 N. 22d St., near Laird,
modern except furnace; good stable, $20.
4-room apartment In "Ormond," 563 8. 2t)th
St., $25.
12-room house, modern, 604 8. 27th. $60.
BEMIS. Paxton Block.
S-ROOM modern house, except furnace.
Inquire 623 B. 24th Ave. (15) 660
FOR RENT 7-room bouse, modern except
furnace; 211 N. 28th Ave.; newly painted
and papered; very convenient; rent
reasonable. Apply at 607 N. 19th. or room
903 N. Y. Life Bldg. (15)-M764
WE DO expert piano moving at lowest
rices. Tel. Douglas 1625. Schmoller 4k
ueller Piano Co., 1311-1312 Farnam.
(-ROOM modern cottage. No. 2031 Marcy
St.. $26. Chas. L. Thomas, Room 412 Bee
Building. (15)-43
OMAHA Van dt Storage Co., par, move,
store, H. H. goods; storehouse 1120-24 N.
19th. Office, 1511 Farnam. Tel. Doug. 1558.
At 606 8. 18th St., 6 rooms, modern plumb
ing, gas, cement cellar, fine attic, for rent,
only $27.60; all nicely furnished, ready to
move right In, with furniture for sale very
cheap. This Is a snap. See us quick.
(16) 3fi4 8
FOR RENT 8-room house , all modern eg
cep furnace, $20.
436 Paxton Block. - (IB) 740
, Bnlldlags.
FOR RENT Entire floor, 42x120, or part of
same. 1116-17 Farnam. (15)-2U 10
FOR RENT Desk room In Bee office, city
hall building. 417 N. fcth St., South Omaha.
' Apply to manager. . (15) 134
DESIRABLE street front offices for rent.
Omaha Loan & Building Association Blk.,
16th and Dodge. , ... (16) M902 9
ONE large office room, ground floor, Ed
ward Creighton Institute bldg., 210 So. 18th
St., oppoalle city hall. Inquire building.
ONE large room for office, newly papered
and painted; steam heat. Apply Wind
sor Hotel. (15) M298 10
FOR RENT Large corner store room, 16th
and Vinton Sis.. 30. C. M. Bachmann,
436 Paxton Block. '16 M621
FOR RENT Entire floor, 42x120, or part
of same. 1116-1117 Farnam St.
(16) M266 12
ANCHOR and Iron Fencing; Wire Fencing,
to per foot. 205 N. 17th BL Tel. Red 814.
(16)-K) F21
FOR 8ALB Furniture of 6-room flat; will
sell on account of bad health; flat for
rent. 1517 Capitol. (16) M241 llx
FOR BALE Equity In high grade piano.
In fine condition. Small cash pavment
and balance monthly. Address 8 -MI. H -e,
or Telephone Red 3648. (16) M265 llx
Bookkeepers' office desk, stands high and
In good condition. Apply R. W. Baker,
SupL Bee Bldg. (16)-M44tx
FOR BALE A handsome bookcase, na
hogany finish, at a bargain. 3903 Dewey
Ave. (16)-656x
Bargains In unredeemed Jewelry. 418 N. ISth.
(16)-M410 F21
Typewriters and tewlasj Machines.
WE RENT typewriters, all kinds, $2 to
$4 per month.
We do repairing on all machines, and you
will find our prices strictly right.
We have never bad better bargains to
offer than these:
Underwood, model 4, new $75
Remington, model t, new 75
Blickensderfer, model 7, new..,.,.... $0
Chicago 16
Oliver, model S, new 0
Smith Premier, $40, $45 and. 60
Remingtons, $16. $20 and 25
We absolutely guarantee each and every
pne of our machines to be a bargain.
Write us for what you want.
ItOt Leavenworth St.
'Phone Red 4599.
... (!) 15S t
FOR BALE No. 6 Romlngton typewriter,
in good condition. Addreaa C 646, care Bee.
(ltt M2ee kx
ONE Remington typewriter. No. 6, la sx
condition, for sale Jheap. Call at Dee
emok. . (la) Uka
Peal and Billiard Taalee.
FOR BALE New and second hand billiard
and pool tables; we lead tne world ia
cheap bar Matures; eaay pay men ta
Bruuswlck-Balks-CvlUndar. 407 t. 10th U
(16) a.
FIRE BALE oa coal. Burr egg. tt.H ton,
for atove or furnace. TeL Harmon A
Weeta. (16-7i Fit
DO YOU like -honey? Delicious honey
randy. Pure Nebraska honey, 4ucis
pound, 10a box. postpaid. English wal
nut butter acptch, 60c lb; 10c box, post
Mid. Honey Candy Co., Albion, Neb.
(1$) M373 14x
FOR BALE A few first class show cases
and couulers; very cheap; nearly new.
Kennard Glass Paint Co.. 16th and
Dodge sta, - OU-WW1
ON PI HOE drum cylinder presa. RiirVley
Printing Co., Omaha. U6V-984 FI4
FE V bargains In 2d-hsnd soda fountains;
monthly payments. DerlghU 181$ Farnam.
(1 S4
BEND us you mall orders for drugs;
freight iwld on $10 lots. Myers-Dillon.
Drug Co.. Omaha. (!)-
ABSOLUTELY pure canned fruits. Jellies,
unfermenlod grape and cherry Juices, 2-yenr-old
grape wine. K. O. Solomon,
phone Benson 156. (16) 867 8x
8HF.RWIN WILLIAMS CO.. best mixed
. paint. Sherman dt McConnell Drug Co.
U6 93
HALL'S safes, new, 2d-hand. 1818 Farnam,
FOR SALE Twenty-five heavy weight V
suns, worm up 10 ; your rnoice, urnni
to your measure, only $-X). Heriog Tail
orlng Co., 1415 Douglas St., next to Calu
menl restaurant. (16) 08 T
FOR SALE Two National cssh registers,
one total adder; also nice line of store
fixtures. Globe Land and . Investment
company, Patterson block. (14) M728
GOOD large heating stove and roll top
desk. In good condition. I420H N PL,
South Omaha, Neb. u) M264 llx
FOR Sale Jupiter pencil sharpener. In
good condition. Call G. R. Wright, Bee
office. (16) M7B4x
FINE upright piano, parlor suit,' bookcase,
rugs, hail iree and other furniture. Cn!l
at once. 415 N. 23d St.
11) 271 M4
Pianos. Organs, Maslcal Instruments.
These Instruments have been taken In
exchange during our holiday trade, hove
been repaired, and are now offered at prices
that establish a new low price record nf
standard makes. Every instrument fully
guaranteed. Some are so fine that the
tone Is like new. A splendid opportunity
to secure an Instrument at one-third Its
original cost.
- The prices are as follows:
Original Our Sale
Price. Price.
Stelnway $MO.0 $300X
Kranlch & Bach 460.00 2i5.00
Vose A Sons, large slse 450.00 jno.00
Chlckerlng Bros 4V 192 00
Smith ft Barnes 8.W0O 1W on
Chlckerlng A Sons $76.00 136 00
Kimball, rosewood 300.00 116.00
Estev A Camp 2f0.00 75.00
Stelnway. square 6O0.00 6000
Union, square 4V00
J. P. Hale, square $75.00 28.00
Mason A Hamlin, Fstey, Farrnnd
Votey, Story A Clark, Packard, Kimball
and other organs, $10, $15, $20, $26 and up.
We will accept payments from $3 to $14
cash and from 50c to $1 per week. . New
pianos for rent. $3 per month.
We move, store, tune and repair at lowest
1311-1313 Farnam St.. Omaha. Neb.
Tel. Douglas 1625.
OS) tox
FOR SALE A fine piano, new In October,
of standard make, excellent tone and
action, at a very reasonable figure. Rea
son for sale, moving. 432 80. 24th St.
'Phone Douglas 8206. (16) MS36
In fine condition. 318 McCague Bid.
(16) M346 MO
PRINTING press; 10x15 Gordon, t4-lrtrh
paper cutter, one horse power motor, 2C0
fonts of type. Above property at a
sacrifice. 110 8. 17th. (16)-M3 t .
SHOW CASES and national cash register,
cheap. 308 No. 16th St. (16) M830 Mix
ABSOLUTELY pure canned fruits. Jellies; :'
unfermented grape and cherry Juices, 2
y ear-old grape wine. IB. G. 8olaition,
'phone Benson 166. 06) 856 Bx 1
TWO Troy washing maachlnes, two port
able wash tubs, one Eclipse gas range.
Apply proprietor Midland hotel.
16)-158 t
ELECTRIC fan. two pool tables, 4x8. 4V&S
8, fine condition; two gasoline stoves--.
cheap. Goodrich, 1419 Douglas.
(16)-M24S llx
It COPIES popular music $1.00, assorted;
closing out sale; add 1c each fpr post
age. Haller-Music Comrany (In!),
Blair. Neb. (16) M259 11 ,
EDISON phonograph; best deals offered
yet; freight paid; payments. Haller
Music Company, Blair, Neb.
(It) M260 11
PIANO, runabout. Incubator brooders, sin
gle and double harness. Call 1112 Farnam,
top floor, after 12 o'clock. (16) M976 tx
SEND 10e for mending tissue; makes mend
ing and patches invisible; men and
women's garments; directions furnished.
Vernon Co.. Redlck block, Omaha, Neb.
(16) 325 13x '
HAVE room In car for freight going to
Milwaukee; very low rate. Tel. Harney
2706, f16 M342 tx
F. J. LARSON A CO.. patent lawyers;
patent book free. Bee Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
. (17) 813
Patents, trade marks, guaranteed or no fee.
National Investment Co., Douglas Block.
(17)-663 F8
PATENT attorney, machine designer. D.
O. Bamell, Paxton Blk. 'Phone Red 7117.
an 784 FH
procured. 'inventions aeveiopea, arawins.
patterns, castings, machine work. 604-6II
B. lWh St
(17) -914
CITY STEAM LAUNDRY Shirts pressed,
not ironed. 211 8. Uih BL Tel. Doug. 264
WHERE Is Guy Clark, formerly of Hall
county, Nebraska? By addressing T 184,
Bee office, he can learn something to
his Interest. (18) M374 14x
THE healing household remedy, Batln skla
cream should always be handy. 25c (18)
BEWING machines rented, any make. 75a
per week or $2.00 per month. Second
hand machines for sale, $5.u0 and up
N.eb. Cycle Co., 16th and Harney
MASQUE costume Lieben. Tel. 4U& OpJ
evenings. (18) W4
COSTUMES, 3318 8. 20th. Back. Tel. Red 707$
BLANK BOOKS and ruled forms made M
order. Rees Printing -. nt F
I PAT Nf I Buttons, Ruohlnfc
LLr 1 llV-i Embroidering.
Dyeing and Cleaning. Sponging and Shrink
lug, only 60 par yard. 8end for price list
and njPbMAM pLEATINO CO.. "
40 Douglas Block. Tel. DougleWt,
DR VOGEL'S private home for ladles be
fore and during confinement; best aad
cheapest In the city, lilt 8. 11th St.
FOR anything In the sewing machine line
go to P. E. Flodiuaa A Co,. 1614 Cap, Ave.
(18-M717 Fit
SYRINGES, rubber goods, by mall: eut
6 rices; send for free catalogue. Myers
rlllon Drug Co., Omaha, 08)-408
Dr. King, 2uj N. tlsl St. . Tel. Doug. 3669.
DR. N. BOMMER, homeopath. Pee Bldg.
(18) U00 V
THE SALVATION ARMY solicits castoff
clothing; In fact, anything you do not
need; we collect, repair and sell, at 114 N.
1'th BL, for cost of collecting, to the
worthy poor. Call 'Phone Doug. 413t and
wagon will call. (U 411
f AflVl'TlH treatment and bath. Mme.
Siulih. 118 N. li, 2d floor.
f A K-J ATI F Bwadleh movement. 410 N.
aiADOAUL room 2. second floor
(18 m 203 Ms
eczema absolutely cured by W. A. Pax
ton's aalve. B. 1. Scsnnell, agent, lot Ware
Blk. lU M41I FH
OMAHA Stammerers Institute, Ramge
Bidg. (18)-21
REFINED, middle sged widow, stranger,
desires correspondence with sensible
elderly man; vUw to matrimony If suited,
Address W 643, ears Bee. QXf Ml I
Farnam, A i
(16)-a39 I
weight V. 1