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I Second Floor. V
lnjirwwiri'"ii"iiiri -
brought Ja Ahe liquor question and said ho
was in favor of cloning saloons at mid
night until I o'fhjo in the morning and
he advocated this an a preventive of
crime. .'Jennlsontook htm' up on the prop
osition 'and called attention, f the house
to the remark, saying' he wanted the mem
bers to,, remember', that Dodge-believed
open saloon's caused cr'lme. Best recited
dramatically the details of the recent
murders In Omaha and aald he would like
to amend the bill relating to capital pun
ishment to include crimes such as the one
committed in Lincoln last night. The vote
to kill, the bill wss 60 to 27.
Windham for the Platform.
At the morning session of the house
former Representative Wlrrdham of Caaa
county waa Invited to address the mem
bers, and In that eloquent way of his
galled upon 'the. members to1 stand by the
party pledges and ha told them the people
of the state were watching them. He
advocated especially, the taxation of rail
road terminals .for city purposes and then
harked back to the bill repealing the cap
ital punishment statute.. He. had fought. to
its death such a bill two years ago and he
cautioned the members to study carefully
the proposition before passing the repealing
bill. .
The anti-pass and 2-cent rate bills were
placed on general tila, and -will not be re
ferred to any committee. '
On Uejaor 'Bill Loses Out.
' In the tight in the senate this afternoon
ou . Qenajor,,, .Patrick's , Hfluw bills a ma
jority of the senators put themselves on
record, .as oprocd'to.('rafl1i:ai changes . in
the Slocumb law. The adVbeate of one of
the most radical bills, before tbe seantv ,
were. pu.tyo, a vote of -11' to 22' and
the showing against them.' was so' Strong
v led ther backers of Jtfm jubunty dptloti
law to. W that conilr'tlpp.Vjpf , It be
postponed uiAll tomorrew-atternooh-at 'I
oclock. It was made a special order for
-that .time... . 'i ' ". ' I
-. S"he llqugr .bills were taken' up In com
mittee of the whole, with Thomas of Doug
las In tb chsjf. 8. F. Ml. 'by Putrick, was
N trie first of the special order ta be taken
-up, and ( 11 went through the committee
without, .opposition.'. It ,provldes licensing
bgards shall annul ' the licenses' of any
saloon keeper who has been shown to have
violated the liquor law. , , .
The next bill, B. F. 103, by Patrick,
was the one that drew the Ore. It provides
tl)at signers . of petitions for saloons shall
be held Jointly responsible with the saloon
keeper and hh' bondsmen for damuges done
by the saloon. The debate waa on motion of
Srnns'nf (Platti)" Ha Indefinitely postpone.
Patrick,' In sn extended address, defended
the bill, and declared It was intended to re
quire signers of petttfons to back -up the
declaration In i the petition that the appli
cant waa a. pleat- o( integrity, and of good
moral character, .'
Prohibition tm tneldlona Golaev
. Aldrlch declared It was an insidious at
tempt tfl fn&ot a proriibltery law Indirectly.
Heasld'it would not improve a saloon
keeper's bond and -wmiM not' bind ' the
signers of the petition. Root contended
there was nothing sinister about the bill.
but' fhal It waa intended to Improve the
character of saloonkeepers and would pre-
rent people', from signlrjg petitions for un-
irutu Aji4i4 .)
Cat he Irutin'.fy AtUehii U isi Rtmtvti (rant -
? Any Closet Seat
' Xwttcaafort l lh little eoa sad lft SM (of
toutt,r of ur4. I'oct lir ( . and lav uh lit
Missily n4 upMAititAiV BurwnrrhAir. AnuHtlt
m air St kusg u say cmvsjuss tiMt la etak leuat
CnaibniartMi trey rati U provMrtT vita t nitty
Sjiuju, rtMUr t)nirl, Inu rh'th a child uaoot it.
; sk.4, akAAiufl it uurly Mia to Uva ih baby aluas.
. U bmnJu'ly InUhed tnd tculntctcfl si th beat
SWMtly taaTtet9od.' ' - . ,
it rt smI tfl una startirrtl pWra at btnisshelal
Uiuo o ui im Ui't bUy.
Mlabichalrs, each. . $2.75
Oabiseats, each . . 75c
- .
Han Fhrnrv T. t 07.
worthy,. men. . King declared ha thought
the measure was not a legal one, and
Ashton declared against- it. ' '
"If you are going to raise tbe question
Of prohibition," ha said, "do it squarely.
' Wllsey of Frontier spoke against the bill,
and Wilcox. Backett and Wlltse of Cedar
for It. The motion to Indefinitely postpone
carried. '
A roll call on the measure was secured
after the committee had reported. Patrick
moved the report of the committee on the
bill be not concurred in, and that the bill
be ordered engrossed for third reading.
The roll call was as follows:
Burns (UacuUr)SKMmv Wtlnot
WHIM t-0
Wllwa 1L i-
Wllepjr (Frontier)
Tnorne It, 1
' tietore the vote was taken Thomson
moved a call of the bouse and on roll call
it was found every senator jwaa.ln his place.
Coonty Option BUI Next.
After the roll call the senate again went
Into committee pf the whole to. consider
the county option bill, but 'at the request
of Wilcox,, the Introduoer of the measure,
the conslderayon of It waa postponed. He
asked at first it go over tmtll next week,
hut this was voted down .by a vote of 16 to
17, but when he modified ' hi request to
making It a special order, for. towoTqw
afternoon It 'was granted. ?' V . ' -.i. ',' '.-
Senator Burns will introduce in the senate
tomorrow 'a measure similar to the one
already tn the house providing- for a tax-to
ba IavImI lrt4tvA lavs! vn., whlph im ft.
be remitted on presentation t a, certificate
tluit ha has Votedi-'The Burns bill provides
for a tax of t5. '
'' ' Hlta,at the Brewers.
The' senate .committee on municipal af
fairs decided late this afternoon to report
favorably on Senator OlbaotVs bill prohibit
ing brewers from having an interest In re
tail saloona. The committee amended the
section of the bill limiting the. number, of
saloojis, to make the, limit one aalpon to
every 800 population In cities of 85,000 in
habitants or over, and one for every 4C0
population. In clUea and villages having less
tbun 25,000. The bill will be reported to
morrow. ' . .- .
3. P. Breen appeared before the senate
Judiciary committee thia afternoon on his
Omaha-South Omaha consolidation bill. At
the request of South Onaha cltlsens they
will be heard at special meetjng to be
held next Monday night. '-.' .'-.' i
Leartalativa Ooaelp. .'
The future of Representative, Podge In
politics Is' assured. 4 photograph of
Speaker Nettleton taken forty yars ago
was shown in the house this morning an)j
nearly every member .whp saw .It thought
It was a present day likeness of Repre
sentaUve Dodge. W'lth all due respect to
the speaker, Mr. Dodge is hoping the pic
ture will not And its way to Boston.
A good one la being told 'on Senator
King of Polk cdunty. Mr.. King "i ehalr.
nian of the senate Judiciary committee and
Embroidered flannels, per yard
$1.15, 98S G5, 58d, 50
Plain Flannels, yd: 55r-39t
"Stork': Pants '. . ,50t
"Stork Bibs" ........ :.5o
Arnold Knit Bibs, each. . .22
Arnold Feeding Bibs, ea. .33
Arnold-AVash Cloths, each.. 7$
Arnold Bath Towels, '; each1. 30
Arnold Knitted Night Drawers,
with feet, per garment, up
from : i . ; s . ; . , . 4 . .75
Arnold "Wool and Cotton Baby
Vests with patented sleeves.
prices up from . . . .. .. .".55
First Showing ,of
Girls' and Misses'
Spring Jackets
and Dresses
Eppereon , Patrick
Ulover Root
Holbraok Sackett
Aldrlch Gould
Aahtoa Henna
buck Klni
Bsrrnes (Platte) Lalta
clarke Luce
Dodion 1 ' O'tonnell
OllMon Phillips
OooOrlcs, Randall
this commute hold meetings every time
there is the ieawU. opportunity, and the
ohairman makee the announoementii usually
before adjournment Last Sunday "they"
ay he went to the church and after the
benediction had been said, MA IJlng arose
and announced:
"There will be a met tins' of the Judiciary
committee at once In the Judiciary room."
As Senator King denlea it and the story
can't be verified except by general rumor, It
may not be true.
rtrst PetKleii ls Ho Asalmst
bounty Opllos Bill,
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Feb. T.-8peclal. The house
acted on bills on third reading the first
thing this morning.
H. R. 137 Providing mutual fire Insur
ance companies may do business in othor
states when they have on deposit securities
to the amount of 1100,000.
H. R. 66 Providing Judges are ineligible
to run for other offices while on the bench.
Was killed.
II. R. 169 Providing Juries In Justice of
the peace courts shall consist of six men
chosen from a panel of eighteen. Was
Among the bills reported for the general
die waa Lee's bill providing no number of
the Omaha Fire and Police Board can be
a candidate for office while holding such
' While a number of petitions have beenj
received for ana against the county option
bill, the council and mayor of Holdrfe are
the first olty officials to express themselves
oh the measure; Funk of Phelps this morn
ing Introduced the following:
Be It resolved. That we, the mayor and
council of the city of Holdrege, Neb.,
hereby memorialise the state legislature
in opposition to the so-called county option
bills Introduced 1 therein, and that In sup
port or aucn opposition we urge tne rouow
lng reaeons:
f. That such bills, while in respect to a
matter of great political Importance and
division, are not the reflection of any ma
jority sentiment expressed n the last elec
tion; that they were not made an open or
legitimate lnsue in' the state campaign, and
that to enact the aame Into law at thla time
Is. not only to betray an honest trust and
confidence reposed by thousands of Voters
throughout the state, but to give effect to
the dishonest and dishonorable methods of
designing or unscrupulous ' politicians and
i. That the manifest purpose of such bills
Is to give unfair advantage to one division
of our citlsena over another, and not an
honest reform of the present liquor laws
of the state, ane that the inevitable result
of enactment would be to weaken and
Inpalr such laws, by making them less
effective and more difficult of enforcement,
by separating political power from official,
and by developing the Issue of license upon
a suffrage unresponsive and alien to the
locality and Interests Involved.
S. That said bills are in derogation of the
principles of home rule and municipal au
tonomy, and of the Just, salutary and
necessary rights, powers and duties of the
Cities, towns and villages of the state,
which in the free exercise of. their func
tions s re doing more than the state itself,
or any other political subdivisions thereof,
to protect persons and 'property and per
sonal and property rights, to preserve
order, peace and health, Uo effect sanita
tion and quarantine , and prevent infec
tions and contagions, to erect and main
tain public works and buildings and make
public highways and other improvements,
to build UD and maintain an effliMont nvntom
of education, and to promote our general!
wenare ana progress.
C. C. Herring of Omaha spoke against
the county option bill In the house thia
ThB house killed Homer's division bill.
which prevented the division of Custer
county. '
: The following bills were Introduced:
H. R. 2S5--By Noyes'of Cass. To regu
late demurrage and storage charges, and to
prevent delays In the transportation. -
11. R. SS6 By Cone of Saunders. Provid
ing that all goods or merchandise owned
or sold within this state in the original
unbroken package shall have plainly printed
thereon in the English language tne net
weight or volume contained therein.
II. II. S87 By Barnes of Douglas. Adding
to the fees to be paid county clerks, and
enumerating the things for which fees
shall be paid to be charged to the county.
U D IV 1. r 1 . . L .-L. 1 , 1 ' mA .
flats tare practice of Christian Science inso
far aa it relate to the diagnosis and treat
ment of contagious diseases of human
H. R. 28-By Marsh of Seward (by re
quest). To provide for the establishment.
In cities of the second-class .having less
than 6,010 inhabitants, of a system of sewer
age. H. R. 290-By Lahners of Thayer. To
provide for the making of test borings, or
explorations, for the discovery of oil, coal,
gas or artesian water and other minerals
in the state of Nebraska, -and to anrjro-
priate money to aid in such borings or
explorations xaj.ouu appropriation.
H. R. 291 By Kllten of Us ire. To Dro
vide for a compilation of the kiws of Ne
braska by J. E. Cobfoey, who is to deliver
1,000 copies to the secretary of state at ti
a copy.
H. It. 292 By Richardson of Frontier (by
request). To provide for the making of
test borings or explorations for the dis
covery of oil. coal, gas or artesian, water
ana otner minerals in the state or Ne
braska, and to appropriate money to aid
in sucb borings or explorations, js,u00 a-
H. R. 2U3 By Harvev of Douo-las. Put
ting city mutual insurance companies other
man lire on a siipuiatea premium plan
and allowing liability of members to de
crease aa payment is made on notes oe
posited, the stockholders are limited in
their liability to the notes given less pay
ments made and profits accumulated.
Oate) Making; ttgrners of Petltlosi Liable
tat Ilaaaaara Cases.
' (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN,' Feb. 7. (Special.) The senate
this morning placed an even dosen bills
on general tile, passed two more and spent
the afternoon discussing the county option
bill ant kindred measures. The following
bills were placed on general file on recom
mendation of standing committees: ' '
By the judiciary committee!
8. F. 188 By Patrick of Sarpy.' Making
it a misdemeanor to- solicit orders for In
toxicating liquors in a county or town that
Is "dry."
8. F. 223 By Epperson of Clay. A tax
ferret law allowing the county commis
sioner to employ. an expert to uncovtr un
taxed property, , ,
8. F. UiUr Hanhq and Phillips. Pro
viding for from Ave to seven Junior normal
schools. - . . . t .
8. F. 192 By Epperson. To'regulata bond
lasues In cities and villages.
8. F. K&-By Thomas of Douglas. In
creasing the salarlea of county commis
sioners la Douguts and Lancaster counties
to 12,500.
8. F. ITft-By Byrnes of Ptntte. Providing
penalty, for tenant who sells or disposes
of th landloid s share la the crop. -
8. F. lft Hy Sackett of Gage. Providing
for the' -removal of derelict officials by
quo warranto -procelJngs brought In the
supreme, court cjr the attorney general.
8 F. UU By Root of Cass. Providing
for appeal from remittur Judgments.
8. F. Id by Thomson of Buffalo. V4k.
lng it a . felony to - have
possesalon or
custody of burglars' tools
A. Ft 17-By Wllaey of Frontier. Re
lating to the limit on the amount of school
Donas tnai jnay voted. ,
By the committee , on municipal affairs:
8. F. Us By Thomas of DoukIss. Amend
ing the Omaha charter to permit tbe is
suance of street' Improvement bonds and
bonds to cover floating Indebtedness in
excess of the $.D0.uuo limit. - ,
By ccmmlttee on Insurance:
8. F. 14 By McKesson. To nrevent for
eign Insurance companies from taking their
cases to the federal court, and providing
aa penalty for violation that they shall for
feit their licensee.
The following bills were passed:
B." T-' 14 By Thomas: ' Providing for the
removal of county, city and village esnclala
by trml In district court for misconduct
and n 00 -enforcement of the law. Byrnes of
Hatte cast the only vote against the bill.
8. F. o By HotH of Csaa. Providing
method of assigning residue of estate to
persons entuiea to receive it.
petition signed by Ellen C. Fountain
atd elxty-seven others, favoring the pas
sage of tha child labor and compulsory ed
ucatioa laws, was read.
The aenate doubled back on Its trail snd
reversed Its former action dispensing with
a apecial fireman for the aenate. The dl
vstoa several days ago came about because
seine of tha members Insisted It was the
duty of the Board of Publlo Lands and
liulldlnxs to heat the eapltol bulldlne, and
the fact the senate was in sneuton did not
mak. any difference. ' King of Pvlk tn-
Blnted the action was Illegal and no such
employe was provided for In the Sheldon
law. Today the senators were given to un
derstand unless thry provided a fireman
they would have to deliberate in a cold
room. When the discussion began the
room waa so cold the senators were hud
dling down In their seals and blowing their
fingers. Five mlmites after McKesson's mo
motlon to employ a fireman carried, -however,
the registers began to hiss and in a
short time the room was so warm the Jan
itor had to choke Off the steam.
The senate then went Into committee of
the whole and acted on the following bills:
8. F. lfil-By Aldrlch. Providing the
commandant at the Mllford Boldiers' home
shall he a veteran of the civil war, shall
receive a salary of ll.ftio a year and shall
be removable at the ,wlll of the governor;
for passage. .
8, K. o By Thomas. Changing the coro
ner law to conform to the law authorising
the' employment of a coroner's physician
In Douglas county; for pssnage.
8. F. 14S Uy McKesson of ljincaster. To
exclude from the state foreign Insurance
rompa.nles that remove their cases to the
federal court; recommitted to the judiciary
When 8. F. 14ft came up for hearing.
Farmer John McKesson of Lancaster read
law out of a book to the lawyers In the
senate and tried to, convince them they
didn't know what they were talking about
when they declared the bill unconstitu
tional. The attorneys contended the state
had no power to bar foreign companies
from appealing to the federal court, but
McKesson secured a volume of supreme
court decisions and read one relating to a
Wisconsin case, which he contended prox&d
his point. The lawyers aaked further ttnie
to examine the decision, and at their re
quest the bill was referred to the judi
ciary committee.
At the afternoon aesslon the following
bills were placed on general file
8.. F. 1M By Hanna of Cherry. Allowing
county treasurers .w additional cierk hire
for collection of educational land funds in
counties having 100,000 acres of school
8. F. 217-By King of polk. The free
high school law. - -
8. F. 154 Bv McKesson of Lancaster
Providing method of payment of railroad
iare to state omciais.
After an extended debate a motion by
Wllsey of Frontier that the railroads be
given a publlo hearing next Wednesday
evening was passed. Several of the sena
tors declared It was a move by the rail
roads to delay the progress of' the rail
road bills. -Aldrlch and Sackett opposed
the motion.
The senate then went Into commute of
the whole to consider the liquor bills' that
had been made special orders.
8. F. 101, by Patrick, requiring licensing
boards to revoka saloon licenses upon proof
that the holder had violated the law, waa
recommended for passage without opposi
8. F. 103, By Patrick, providing that sign
ers of . saloon license petitions shall ba
liable equally with the saloon keeper and
bondsmen for damages,' was indefinitely
postponed after a long discussion.
The committee then ; rose and after 1
parliamentary fight the action of the com
mlttee was concurred in, after a motion
of Patrick to report favorably on the bill
was lost by a vote of 11 to 22.
After the vote had been taken the senate
again resolved itself into committee of the
whole to consider 8. F, ; 128, the county
option bill. Wilcox aaked that the consld
eratlon of the bill be postponed until next
week. This request caused a long discus
sion and finally waa denied by a close
vote. But on motion, of McKesson the bill
was made a specia) order for tomorrow
afternoon at 1 o'clock. The senal than
adjourned. , . ' ,.,
The following bills were Introduced into
the senate today:, . ...... ...
8. F. 27 By .the .fish and game commit
tee. Repealing the present laws relating
u me Killing 01 ontTriirns, pneasants, etc,
the subject being covered by a new bill al
ready Introduced.
8. F. 274 By Hanna of Cherry. Providing
members of the school board shall fill va
cancies on the board within sixty days or
the county superintendent may appoint.
8. FT 27b-By Randall of Madison. To per
mit banks receiving1 state funds on deposit
to give guarantee bonds, or may deposit
United States government bonds, state war
rants, or county, city and school district
bonds approved by the auditor, to cover the
amount of the depceit.
8. F. 27S-By Backett of Gage. Making
notes and other obligations given for un
paid premiums or aaeessmenta for Insur
ance non-nes-otlable.
a F. 277-By Root of Cass. Providing for
the payment of wages twice a month In
lawful money of the United States by cer
tain corporations. ,
8. F. 27R By Patrick. No new trial shall
be granted by trial court for error unless
It appears the error complained of has re
sulted In a miscarriage of justice.
8. F. 279 By Patrick. Relating: to Judg
ments in criminal causes on error to the
suoreme court.
8. F. 280-By Thorn of Nuckolls. Defin
ing who are dependent and delinquent or
neglected children In the meanlug of the
(Continued from First Page.)
she was excused for an hour while Lawyer
Frederick- Longfellow waa aworn v to fix
th. data of certain letters, written to him
by Harry Thaw aubsequent to tha revela
tions Miss Nesblt bad mad. to him In
Parle. -
The girl had Identified the writing, but
th. court held that tha date must alao be
come a matter of competent evidence, Mrs.
Thaw seemed to appreciate the relief thla
incident offered, although during the hour
and a half fecess for luncheon she had
recovered from the fatigue of the two
hours spent in the witness chair durina
the morning.- Aa gh left th. stand for the
recess she Walked- unsteadily, and passing
back of th. jury box ran the fingers of
her left hand along . tbe wall aa a blind
person'mlght. ,
The Utters which eventually were of
fered in evldenoe after much, objecting by
Mr. Jerom. and. a flood pf argument by
opposing counsel, are regarded as corrobo
rative of Mrs. Thaw's testimony today,
which she often .declared, tn response to
objections by the district attorney was a
repetition of th. reasons she had given
Thsw for refusing to become hi wife.
Tbey were also offered to slow th. state
of mind of Thaw when h. had heard from
her own lips th. .tory of th e.-rl hs loved
of tbe relatione with the man lie killed as
a result of insanity Inherited Tn part, alid
induced by a atrtota of circumstances.
Thaw's Letter la Coherent.
The letters were written by Thaw to Mr.
Longfellow as his attorney. They told of
his coming marriage with Miss Nssblt and
of th. "row they want to raise." Discon
nected and jerky,'. Jumping from subject to
subject, they nevertheless show th. lov. h.
bore the girl and ..wanted among other
things that provision should be mad. that
In the .vent of his death all his property
should go to her. Th. latter, constantly
refer to that "blackguard who poisoned
her as a girl" and aay that her name was
Will Solit tht problem when
' ! k .
a coffee-sirinker is tilinjj.
IO days.
of Valentines
in Omaha
Up to
mot f ie mos . mm-
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falsely connected with two others besides
''that blackguard." Only two of a half
dosen letters offered in evidence were read
during the afternoon session. The others
probably will be presented tomorrow when
Mrs. Thaw is again called to the stand.
The conipletlon of the direct examination
of the prisoner's wife will possibly require
all of tomorrow's sessions. There Is an
Impression that Mr. Delmas may strive to
have It occupy the entire day In order
that the young wdman may take advantage
of . tha adjournment over Saturday and
Sunday to recover from her fatigue and be
prepared for the cross-examination of Dis
trict Attorney Jerome.
Mrs. Thaw was not allowed to atats the
names of certain persons, .but by consent
of counsel for the defense she gave them
In whispers to Mr.- Jerome, "In order," as
Mr. , Delmas said, "that the prosecution
may have the fullest possible opportunity
to refute any of her atatements If he can.'1
. Retara from U a rope.
While most of the afternoon was given
over to the argument aa to admissibility
of letters written by Thaw to Mr. Long
fellow, Mrs. Thaw continued at length the
narration of her story. She told of how
she came back from Europe a month ahead
of Thaw. During that month friends pf
Stanford vhlte had told her many stories
about' the young Pittsburg millionaire and
when he returned to America ahe refused
to see lm except In tha presence of a
third person.. , .
"He looked very sad." she said, "and
told me they had been making a fool of me.
He said he understood why it was done. I
afterwards got so many conflicting ac
counts from the persons who had told me
the stories and I heard their reputations
were so bad that I Anally told Mr. Thaw
I did not believe the stories. He said:
'Tou know I have never lied to you' and
h never has." '
She paid other tributes to her "husband
to save whose life she braved all.
"When I told him the atory in Paris,"
she said, "hs came to me and picked up
the hern of my skirt and kissed it and aald
hs would always love me. lie nearly al
ways called me his angel. Ws sat together
that night until daylight talking the matter
over. The effect on Harry was terrible. .
Wait Beaded Her ta School.
"Stanford White sent me to school In
New Jersey in October. 1902, and early in
1M4 I became 111. - The doctors rams and
said an operation was necessary. They
told me I was very sick, but did not say
what waa the matter. Mr. Thaw came to
see me, and was ths last person, except
tbe doctors, whom I saw before being
placed under the Influence of an anesthello.
He had been told It waa dangerous fur ma
to talk. Bo he came tn quietly and kneeled
by tbe bed and kissed my band and looked
at me for a moment and went out.
"When I recovered I found he had made
arrangements for my mother to take me
abread to recuperate. It waa while we
were la Paris on this trip that he proposed
to me."
While the jury wss on its way to court
thla morning a enow shoveler In tha street
Shouted "Vote for Thaw."
Ha was promptly arrested and taken be
fore Justice Piugerald and allowed lo go
after a severe reprimand.
T Pre Teat tbe Grip.
Laxative Bromo Quinine removes the
cause. To get the gaaulua call for full aame
and look for signature of E. W. Oiwve. S&o.
. . Pra.ala Adapts Eire-trie Power. I
BERLIN, Kb. 7.The Prussian state
railways are about 10 begin the use of
eleeuris paaaenger care on' three lines rua
nlng out of Mersnce, Each car will ao-
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1 . Avalaache Near Bacharest.
BUCHAREST, Feb '7. l'lfty wood cut
trra were overwhelmed py un avalanche
yesterday in the muscel district of the
Transylvania mountains. '-All' the men
were dead when dug out -of the snow.
yr?nfi0 box. sfe
' amisbmbsts:
I !..'.. .....
Tuesday (light, February 12
W. A. OHM ME R '
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KATrars rsisAT inaarr aid ui.
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lisfSISratlsii Tolaffi
1 ' ' r l " ' AT 1 1 ! ?
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X,aolUs atoUiaU and Her Bane Boysi
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