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Tel. lkng;laii 018.
Special Sale of WarmWiivter Underwear
We want the last day of January to be th largeft.1n of the. entire month. To accomplish this vre have added
many more of our regular numbers to the already largo line, which we have been selling at reduced prices during January.
Every garment just as advertised. ,
Just hen ths touch of winter makes the need of-warm tomlrrwear
Imperative, comri this underwesr at small cost.
Women's fine camel's hair vests. Mgh neck, Ion ilwi, drawer to
match, ankla length, (rood winter weight; thli garment cornea In white also,
regular price 11.14, reduced to, each. (1.15. 1 ' ' , .. .
Women's fine natural wool vents, high neck, long sleeves, drawers to
match, aokle length, heavy weight, regular price $1.00. rtdueed to, each 7Bo
Women's fine ribbed wool vests, cream or natural, high neck, long
sleeves, drawers to match, ankle length, regular price 15c; reduced l,
each, 8c "'
Women's fins ribbed black cotton tights, ankle lenirth, .open or dosed,
small sixes only, regular price 75c, reduced to, earn, 49o,
Women's knit corset covers, high Keck, long sleeves, ol of vega Silk,
all small slses, regular price 85c reduced to, each, 4o. v
- Regular price reduced to, each. Me '-' i
Women's fine ribbed wool nnlon suits, natural, high neck; long sleeves,
ankle length, alt smail sixes, regular price $2.60, reduced to. each. $1.95.
Boys' flne ribbed wool union suits, natural, high neck, long sleeves,
snkle length, all. sixes to begin with, regular price $6c. reduced to,
each. 50c Main Floor.
Special Notice for Thursday
Owing to the crowded condition of
the .dress gooods department during
1he final great Clearing Sale, perhaps
you did not get Just what you wanted,
or did not get good attention, which
we very much regret. After the
OREAT Rl'SH was over and we suc
ceeded In getting storks righted and
stralgtened out, we And several choice
lots that during the great rush mere
overlooked, pushed aside or covered
up. Pretty silk finished shadow check
brtllantlnes, novelty rhecks, suiting;,
etc These Mtna special reductions
will last THUHSDAV. beautiful high
grade goods. Come Thursday, you
will not be disappointed.
Last Day of the Great Linen
If you have not taken advantage of
this great money-saving sale, do so
Thursday by all means, as tills Is the,
last duy you can buy at these low
THITRSDAT Alt the table cloths
and napkins that have become mussed
and soiled in wlndow-tllsptay, etc will
be sold at HALF PRICE.
Water supply
For Gallaudet atudents 300
Total $83.67$
8ome of the members want to know how
many employes are needed at the Institu
tion and the average salary paid them, as
well ss how much "etc." atands for.
Wolf Bon at y Law Stays.
The only thing to disturb- the tranquil
lity of the senate at the morning session
Was a spirited discussion of McKesson's
bill repealing the wolf bounty Ijw! Sen
ators from the western and sparsely set.
tied districts of the state fought a win
ning battle for the wolf bounty and the
teat vote was I to IS against the bill.
Sibley of Lincoln , led ,t he .fight for the
bounty) and McKesson, headed the oppo
sition. Bible? started the fight In a long
speech. In which he referred to the figures
used by McKesson the day before showing
senatorial districts 14 and 0 secured over
$8,000 In bounty during the Inst year. This
Is about halt of the total amount paid.
Senator Slblry declared this was not aut
of proportion, as the two districts consti
tute almost half of the state and most of
the sandhill territory, which Is especially
Infested with coyotes. He charged that
Lancaster county got more than Its share
of stste appropriations and this was prac
tically the only one given to the people of
the west. Lincoln county alone, he said,
paid last yesr for 800 scalps. He said the
work of extermination was done by the
farmers and their sons and by men who
did It for the money there was In It.
In his reply McKesson charged that
when a previous appropriation of $40,009
was made to pay for bounties, $.16,000 of It
went to pay for scalps that had been stored
In Sioux City outside the state. He in
timated that scalps' were shipped across
the border. Wilcox and Epperson and
TVIlsoa of Pawnee spoks on the bill. Ep
person favoring thei bounty and Wilson
opposing It. Patrick wanted to make the
bounty apply to two-legged wolves, and
King fhststed the state ought not
-to 'have to pay the farmers of the
west to protect their own Interests. Olover,
Oould, Gibson, Haona and Aldrlch favored
a bounty and Phillips of. Holt declared It
was a. good 'thing' If for'io other reason
than It helped txtermlnatfc. the greatest foe
of game and naectlvorii birds. Randall
and Byrne of PUtte closed the debate In
opposition ti the km.. -."
McKesson's motion to recommend for
passage failed by ' a vote of 18 to 9 and a
motion to Indefinitely postpone carried.
Fight fee Amendments.
Senator AUlrlcb of Butler haa not given
up his ftKht for constitutional amendments
because his bill providing . for a commis
sion to recommend amendments was killed
In the senate. He hss announced the com
mittee on constitutional amendments will
take up the matter, of' needed amendments
within a few days and will make recom
mendations In the form of Joint resolutions
for the submission of, proposed changes to
a vote at the nexr election. One of the
first things te be Ukeft jip will be the pro
posed to cress in ,ti. 'number of Judges
thl. t
Chambers' Academy
; 'Cap M-.taio p. m.
.'. jpb MACNiriCCNT
Daily Cloture
ba.uttfui JL.oi.rn Slide. New
J -. Moving Picture
h. aa. any Heath. Dealer.
ItAwa 4! mmwrmmx
eusomom nmou oonrAJnr,
OT Von ITta Bt, Omasa.
Jhursday the Last Day of Our Great Clear
ing Sale of Blankets and Comforts.
AU blankets and comforters that
have become slightly soiled or mussed
will be offered this 'last' day of the
great January Sale at meat extraordi
nary reductions.
$4.00 down comforters at $3.58 each.
$7.00 down comforters at $3.9$ . each.
$5.50 wool filled comforters, covered
with sllkoline. weight 4 pounds, $3.Q
$1.25 cotton comfort at 88c each.
Last day 'o buy 8U Mary's blankets
at reduced prices. .
Last day to buy "North Star"
blankets at reduced prices.
PRICES on sheetings, muslins.
Special S.le of Women' Golf Glores Thursday
Cast a thought ahead, and think of Yld February days, and how
ecnomlcal these gloves. There should be a lively flutter at the glove de
partment Thursday morning when this sale opens.
"Kayser" Golf Qloves In navy, gray and white, regular price 50c, ,
Thursday reduced tq,. per pair, 99c, "T . Main Floor. ,
of the supreme court to five In the place
ot the present commission. Several other
needed changes will also be discussed. . ,
Senator King's decedent bill, known as S.
F. 73, drawn by a number of Omaha attor
neys, waa recommended for passage In the
senate today. The committee made several
amendment to the bill, none of which, how
ever, change the general terms of the meas
ure. One of the principal changes gives to
the surv iving husband or wile, .where there
are no children or grandchildren living, one
halt of the real estate Instead ot two-,
thirds, aa provided for In the bill originally
drawn. The provision that pre-nuptlal
contracts must convey at least a freehold
estate In the lands of the survivor was
stricken out. leaving no limitations on the
terms of the contract. The section proyld,- .
ing the bill shall take effect October 1, ,
1907, was also eliminated.
A bill aimed at the Hastings Asylum for
the Incurable Insane naa Introduced In the I
senate today by Burns of Lancaster. It Is
short and to all outside appearances an ;
Innocent measure, but It will mean a great '
deal to the Hastings Institution. The bill
merely strikes from 'the name of the Jn- i
tltutlon the word "Incurable." This would J
pluce It on the same basis as the "Lincoln
asylum and would result In Its getting
patients from Its district only. At present
It receives all' Insane patients who are de
clared Incurable. The Institution Is grow
ing rapidly and the present bill Is said to
be aimed at stopping that growth In favor
of the Lincoln Institution..
L N. Wllcox-n, representing the Alaska-Yukon-Paclnc
exposition, to be held at
Seattle In 19u9, la In Lincoln In the inter
ests of the exposition and will ask the
legislature to appropriate $50,000 for a Nebraska-building.
-In case It Is decided not
to build a building a smaller appropriation
for an exhibit will be asked for, not less
than $25,000. He will have Introduced In a
few' days a Joint resolution asking con
gress to lake part by appropriating' $EO,000
for a government and $500,000 for an Alaska
exhibit. Mr. Wllcoxen ta also seeking ap
propriations from Wyoming ami Iowa.
Extort ta Repeal Wolf Boaaty 1 Bill
Falls' la Defeat.
(From a Staff Correspondent.
LINCOLN. Neb., Jan. SO. SpectU.")-The
greater Fart 'of 'the tune of the senate
this morning was taken lip In a. discussion
of the wolf bounty and; ajtf the close the
bill providing for a repeal of the bounty
was killed. The standing committee on
labor reported favorably on the compulsory
education bill, 8. F. eV Thomas,; and
It waa placed on the general file. The
same committee also made favorable report
on the bill authorising . the payment of
from $10 to $50 for post ' mortem examina
tions. 8. F. 16. by Thomas, relating td an
Increase In the pay of employes In the
register of deeds ofTlce In Douglas county
was Indefinitely postponed with the consent
of Senator Thomas, aa there were defects
In the bill which were remedied by a bill
subsequently Introduced. '
The senate went into committee of the
whole and took up McKesson's bijl to re
peal the wolf bounty. 'After It was disposed
of the committee recommitted , F. 47, by
McKesson, providing for the publication of
an abstract of statements 'by Insurance
companies because It .waa improperly
At the afternoon session, on recommenda
tion of the atandlug committee on consti
tutional amendments, the senate killed the
Holbrook bill, changing the )aw relating
to the licensing of veterinary surgeons. ' The
bill wss fought by the faction of the horse
doctors who called themselves regular and
was the cause of a contest before the com
mittee between the two factions a week
or two ago.
8. K. 127, by Gould, relating to changes
In the boundary ot Nance county, was also
Indefinitely postponed, '
The, senate then went Into committee of
the whole, with Seuielers In the chair. A
clash between the lawyera and the doctors
rame when Dodson's bill, ' relating to the
fees to be charged by the State Board of
HalLb. waa taken up. The bill Increased
the fee for registering a physician by ex
amination from . $10 to $25 . and the "re
ciprocal", fee. for registering under a diploma
tram Ui ta $AO. It also provided the fees
collected should be divided up among the
four members of the state board.
' Root of Csss called attention to the re
port that the members of the Mate board
had received In the last seventeen months
$l.u0. and la that time be said they had
not been employed in all over two weeks.
Don't go about shivering and running the risk of catching told, when
you can get good warm underwear at these prices.
Men's union suits, heavy ribbed cotton, ecru color, regular price $1.00,
reduced to. each, to.
Men's Vnlon Suit a, heavy ribbed cotton, ecru color, regular price $1.60,
reduced to, each, $1.15. .
Men's union suits, finest of heavy ribbed cotton, regular price $2.00,
reduced to, each. $1.95.
Men's medium weight ribbed wool union suits, blue mixed yarn, regu
lar price $2.75. reduced to. each, $1.7. '
Men's blue mercerized cotton union suits, lopks just like silk, regular
price $3.50. reduced to. each, $3.60. - it
Men's union suits, heavy ribbed wool, blue mixed yarn, fine value at
IS. 50. reduced to, each, $8.60.
Men's union suits, finest blue mercerised cotton, look and- feels like
stilt, but wears better, fine winter weights, regular price $5.50, reduced
to, each $3.15. ' ,
' Men's shirts and' Growers, heavy natural wool, nearly all sixes, regular
price $1.00, reduced to, each. T9o
Reduced prices on most all of our two-piece garments..- ,
Men's fine outing flannel Fyjamiis. pretty pinks, grays and blues, regu
lar price $1.00, reduced to, per suit, 69o.
. All of our wool half hose, medium weight and heavy weights, In nat
ural, black and oxford mixed, regular price 25c, reduced to,, bey pair 190.
sheets and pillow cases will be re
stored to the original selling price
February IsL Thursday Is. the last
day to buy them at the greatly re
duced prices. ,
30o $-4 bleached sheetings at 25c
I8Vc 45-lnch pillow rasing at 140
20c 45-Inch pillow tubing at 10c yard.
Slse 81x90 plain hemmed seamless
sheets, regular price 93c, at 73c each.
Site 72x 90 plain seamless sheets, reg
ular 90c, at 69c each.
20o pillow cases, 16c each.
30c pillow cases, 24c each.
This bill, he said, would double their fees,
and he declared It wan too much of a
"graft." He thought some stated compen
sation should be allowed them. The med
ical trio, Wilson, Wilcox and Dodsm, de
fended the bill and declared Its puipoxc
was to put applicants from all medical In
stitutions on the same Irani and to pro
vide for reciprocation In fees with" other
states. Ashton nnd Kln'i opposed the bill
and Anally, on motion of Patrick, It was
recommitted to the committee, which was
directed to find out the facts concerning
the compensation of the members cf the
board. The ctmmittee recemmended for
passage the following measures: '
S. V. 4S By 'McKesson. Providing for the
publication in a newspaper of genornl cir
culation, tit a KtuVen. ,nt ;Ot the, orirtlU n (
nil life Insurance companies d Ing butlneis
In tliestate. . - !
8. V. 130-By Epperson of Clay. Provid
ing firr a levy of onc-fuurth of u mill to re
place In the school fund the amount of ex
Treasurer Hnrtley's defalcation.
8. F. 131- By Manna. Making it a felony
to bring into the state or dispose of stoleu
8. F. 132 By Hanna. Making It n felonv
to bring juto the ekUe or dispose of stolen
McKesson's Ml! requiring Insurance com
panies to publish statements annually de
veloped a small fight over wlther or not
the publication should he In one or two
newspapers. After a discussion It was in
definitely postponed, but afterward the vote
was reconsidered and it waa recom
mended for passage.
The Judiciary committee recommended
for parsnge S. F. . 73. the decedent bill,
drawn by several Omaha lawyers and en
dorsed by the Women's club.
The following hills were Introduced In the
senate today:
8 F. 233 By Burns of Lancaster. To
render employers liable for damages on ac
count of injuries Inflicted upon persons In
their employ throuKh negligence of fellow
servsnte of such employers.
S. F. 234 By Hurnf of tancister. Elimi
nating the word "Incurable" from the Ifgiil
name of the asylum for the Insane at Hunt
Inns. 8. F. 23S-By Ashtnn of Hall. Providing
inai wnere a cnnii claims nn omission by
mistake In will the burden of proof shill
be upon him to show mistake unless claim
ant is mentioned In the will.
Grist Amounts
to Twenty
' Kew Bills.
(From a Staff Correspondent )
LINCOLN. Jan. 30. Notwithstanding a
majority of tho members attended a bnn-,
quot in Omaha layt nlsht, the house was
called to order this morning at 10 o'clock,
and no swelled heads 'were. In evidence,
though HugemeiiUer ot Hamilton Intro
duced the following resolution:
Whereas. It Is unhealthy to drink ice
water, and,
Vherea It Is unheslthy to ride On spe
cial trains In cold weather, and after
nljrht. therefore be It
Resolved, That the Janitors be requested
nut to put Ice in at least one water barrel
in this representative hull.
Author's of bale got busy and Introduced
twenty measures. i
Nearly the entire day was spent In the
committee of the whole. The following rec. ;
oinmendatlor.s were made:
H. R. M By Homer of Buffalo. Annronrl-I
sting money in library fund at the Kearney ,
Kitrmn I aclirxil frir IIia iinn.hBi. tit K.,u 1
for the library. For passage.
H. R. S7-By Redmond of Nemaha. Same
bill, except relating to Peru Normal. Rec
ommended for passage.
H. R. 3-Hy fe. P. Brown of Lancaster.
Indeterminate, sentence. Recommended for
a K. 28 By Root of Cas. Giving gov
ernor authority to summarily remove state
superintendents. Ktcominended fur pas-1
H. R. M Give county boards authority t
make appropriations for detention home.
For paaxage.
H. R. 45 Judges n t eligible to run for
any except Judicial offices. For parage.
II. R. 3 Allowing hospltsla to po
rate for Indefinite time. For passage.
H. R. 77 Making penally for safe blow.
Ir.g twenty years to life. For passage. '
A resolution' by Marsh ot Seward waa
adopted providing for the expenditure of
not more than I'M to pay a second architect
to examine the walla of the south side ot
the state house, which George Berllnghof
said wera unsafe and dangerous. v
The following bills were Introduced:
H. R. y By Graff of Cuming. Kmpnwer
ing cities having less than 26.twu Inhabitants
and incorporated villagea to raise funds
lor the improvement mad fepair of public
11. 11. a7 liy Graff of Cuming. An act
to empower county boards to exercise the
right of eminent domain for the protection
of its ion da and bridKes.
H. R. Su By Maisii of Reward (by re
quest). Compels everyone who prescribes a
remedy for sicknek to take out a license
before the state b-xtrd.
11. R. At-liy Clarke of Douglas. Giving
mayor and elty council of Omaha, authority
ta vacate streets.
II. R. Bl-By Gllem of Red Willow Per
m"s t traett-rs to give surety honda.
H. R. iXuby t' P. Hi own of Lincater
lb rmjueet). Partiea holding stock lu com
Dee, January 30, 1907.
The New Spring Models in
Suits, Coats, Waists and
Skirts of Fashionable Ma
terial and Design Are
Now Being Shown.
A visit to our. beautiful cloak de
partment la an educatlcin as to what
tenlly high class tailoring is. Noth
ing Is shown but the correct models.
Pretty suits, made wtth the pony coat,
the F.lon coat. In all the lovely mixed
clot ha. The akfrts of the suits are
unusually full and -wide. This will be
a distinguishing feature of our gar
ments for the coming season.
Hundreds of separate coats, In a
great variety of stvles and materials.
Rain coats, either In the proofed
cloth ot the silk rubber lined, a most
practical and useful garment.
Waists All the dainty liberie, linen
and lawn waists are now In.
Make your selection from the great
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On all winter coats at half price.
On all children's and minxes' coats,
at I.I.S0 and $3.95.
On all dainty bouse gowns, at half
panies doing business wholly In this st4te
shall list the same for Uxatii n.
H. R. 212 By Wilson of Custer Cby re
quest). Allowing county surveyois In coun
ties of 20,000 or over to receive $5 a day
for making abstracts 'and plats while at
work In oifice, and county to pay for all
office supplier. '- .
i H. It. il3 By Franc of Otoe. Persons
not ndnillted to the bar may practice in the
county court.
11. K. ilt By Redmond of Nemaha. Dis
trict judges may appoint . any lawyer ;n
good standing a court-commissioner to In
vestigate all cases lit which deiault is de
manded, who shall receive a lee of $1 for
each eervice. - ....
H. R, xl5 By Redmond ' ot Nemnha.
Amending statute governing prosecution of
Justices of the p"ueo , for misconduct In
office to Include other 'officers. .
H. R. 51i' By Barrett f fctuffulo. Author
izing cltim nnd vlltnc-f. Ii construct rt
erect wijjiln . the.' .epmejffij Jes,. .and pubjo.
lurnn, or liner ueisnieii nieF, fmnu-
mcnts and moniorhil "npVnrtrles.
H. R. 317 By E. A Wrmvrl of ShMtmn.
No newspaper or rrtagaxlne may collect sub
scriptions uiiIcks the same has been ordered.
H. . 218 By Henry of HoltTo provide
county clerk shall appoint two persons
upon recommdndutoiori of chairmen of the
two polities I parties casting the highest
vote to uct as a canvassing hoard.
H. R. 219 By Harvey of Dnuirlas. Pro
viding the police board of Omaha may de
duct 1 per cent of salaries paid firemen
and policemen to go into relief fund; all
witness fees paid policemen also to go Into
H. R. 230-By Knowles of Dodge. Pro
viding that railroad companies operating
In the atate shall sell to persons desiring
to purchase the same mileage books or
tickets for 1.000 miles over their respective
lines of road for t making the same good
in the hands of uny holder thereof.
H. R. 221 By Walsh of Douglas. To
Crovlde for the exercise of eminent domain
y school districts In cities.
H. R. r.?-Hy Kelfer of Nuckolls iby re
quest). Increasing ray of county treasurer
examiners from $1.?00 to $2,000 a year.
H. It. 2-.'3-By Kelfer of Nuckolls (by re
quest). County treasurers shall file state
ment of taxes collected with county clerk
on first Tuesday In July and January, when
he may receive credit for the same.
11 R. 224 By PJIaer of Wayne. Limits
reward to be offered for npprehenslnn of
persons chargred with a felony to $300.
H. R. ?25-Ily Howe; of Dixlif" bv re
quest). Providing appeal from decision of
county board In road matters.
H. R. iro By McMullen of Oase fbv re
quest). To prohibit minors under aire of
18 from smoking cigarettes or tobacco In
any form In public places and to fix a
pcnaltv for violating- the same.
H. R. 227 By France of Otoe. To pro
vide for a lien for services rendered In
threshing grain or seed, hulling clover and
she ling corn and for the enforcement of
such lien.
H. R. 2i8-By Hill ,f Chase A Joint
renclutlon endorsing the A laaka-Yukon-Pucirie
exposition to be held at Seattle
state of Washington, 1909.
Railroad l.obllst C ungdent Measure
Will Xot Pass.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 30 (Special.) "This leg
islature will not pnss a state-wide primary
bill." emphatically said a railroad lobbyist
at the state house this afternoon.
"How do you know?" he was asked.
"Because all the people are not d n
fools," he answered.
The latter part. of . the lobbyist's state
ment was the argument he ued against a
primary and the first part Is Just an Indi
cation of the assurance the railroads have
that they can compel a majority of 133 men
to violate their pledges to the people.
Superintendent S. P. Morris of the Asso-
emieti i nam tea hi umanu came down
again today, and It was at once thought h
had come to arrest the members of the
house for violating the spirit of the child
labor bill which It pased yesterday, but It
developed lster Mr. Morris wants to get
the bill through the senate . unamended,
anrhat the same time he doesn't want the
legislature to ibollsh the State Board of
Charities and Corrections as It Is now con
stituted. R. U. Pollard, tag commissioner of the
Burlington. Joined A. W. Scrlbner of the
I'nlon Pacific st Lincoln today and both
called upon Secretary Bennett cf the State
Board of Assessment and takVed over re
ports to be made to .the board the coming
summer. Neither of these men ever ap
peared before a Nebraska legislative com
mittee except when called In by the com
mittee to help get the legal department out
of the tangles, their duties merely being to
get from the state board as small an as
sessment as potstble under conditions for
which railroad the legal departments are
usually responsible.
O. W. Wattles, who Is back of H. R. t
which allows street railway companies to
own the stock of interurban companies,
came down thla afternoon to plug up the
holes which have been shot In this bill.
HIsTarlas' t'oadllloa Isrkiiitd.
OLBAN. N. Y.. Jan. . Former Gov
ernor Higglna continues In about the same
condition aa durmg lbs last (our ur five
Indrcir'oa at t) Coarse Followi Offer of
Eiabopi to Compromise Difficulties.
Remark of M. Brlaad Doea Not Kx
claae Possibility of Compromise,
bat Plan Is Still la
Dob at.
PARIS, Jan. $0. The French cabinet
has hardly recovered from. Its surprise at
the proposition which the bishops, with
the approval of the pope, submitted to the
government for a modus Vivendi on the
basis of a virtual lease ot the churches' in
perpetuity to the parish priesta by the
mayors and apparently, some confusion ex
ists as to what course to adopt.
While the offhand remarks of Minister of
Education Brland In the chamber of
deputies last night that the conditions pro
posed In behalf of the episcopate were un
acceptable, do not necessarily exclude tho
possibility of a compromise, ' the attitude
of the extreme radicals, who are Incensed
at the peremptory tone of the commuhl
catlon and at the dispatches from Rome
representing the Vatican as being deter
mined, unless the bishops' proposition Is
Immediately and unanimously accepted to
order the parish' priests to leave their
churches and suspend public worship,
greatly embarrass the moderates: The
latter believe that the government, havlnri
accomplished the separation of church and
state, can afford to accept any definite
solution of the difficulties In the Interest ot
Pablle Meeting; Bill Passed.
The chamber of deputies this evening
concluded the discussion of and adopted
the public meetings bill by a vote of SCO
to 6.
Premier Clomenceau made a further ex
planation of the government's attitude In
the matter of the bishops' declaration,
which he designated aa an "Insolent Ulti
matum." ,
"If the episcopate," he said, "considers
this a basis for negotiation, we do not re
spond. The bishops will not obtain any
thing beyond the common law. We will
not concede anything, but we will hold the
line of battle with unexhausted resources."
The public meetings bill consists of four
sections. The first authorises meetings
without previous declaration of Intention!
the second repeats the restrictions con
tained in the aojs of 1SK1, 1S06 and 1907; the
third Instructs the mayors of France to
place the existing meeting- places at the
disposal of the public, and the fourth holds
the organlxers of meetings responsible for
damage. The law will become operative as
soon as it passes the senate.
Comment of the Press.
Commenting on the situation, the Eclair
today says:
"The moment for reflection has nn-ived.
The Vatican offers a solution compatible
with Its dignity and duty. The Indlspenss
bllity of serious negotations Is demonstrated
by the vain and wicked quarrels, which
are Jeopardising the national unity."
The Echo De Paris says:
"The means for pacification have been
offered. If they ate brutally rejected the
government will Inevitably be driven to
The Figaro nays: "The whole world will
interpret the bishops' proposition as a
sincere desire for conciliation."
The Gaulois says: "MT. Brland's words
prove that the government dreads a final
rupture. Let it accept an honorable way
out of the difficulties."
M. J a ures. the socialist leader. In his
paper, Humanlte, makes the' following
comment: "It is a successful maneuver of
the church, designed to furnish an excuse
for ausper.ding public .worship upon the
pretext that the necessary guarantees aro
refused. - The government cannot sign such
an abdication. '
The Aurore asserts that the bishops' pro
position is an ultimatum, adding: "If it is
accepted, who will guarantee that the gov
ernment will not next be summoned to
The Radical expresses the hopes that
Premier Clemencenu and M. Brland will
"avoid the trap and continue the prudent
and liberal policy the republican majority
The Lanterne expresses the opinion that
the bishops' proposition Is "a new defiance
cf the law."
Secretary of Treasury Favors Bonded
Ports for Making; Goods for
CONCORD, N. H.. Jan. 30.-Secretory
8haw spoke before the New. Hampshire
Board of Trade here this ufternoon on the
subject. "A Foreign Market for American
Labor." He developed an idea of bonded
faotorles on a large scale, saying In part:
Merchandise can now be produced from
Imported material In bonded factories. It
seems to he safe nnd wise to carry the
logic of this provision one step further and
have bonded or free ports.
Without attempting a lengthy elabora
tion of the Idea, I content myself with
throwing out the suggestions. Suppose In
stead of a bonded factory we bond a well
defined section ot land containing several
thousand acres. Within this bonded ter
ritory all kinds of factories could be built
and Into "this some all kinds of raw ma
terial could be alt red without the payment
of auty. This port should, of course, con
talnno dwellings. I would allow free coal
and every other element of manufacture,
except labor, to be entered free.
In other words, this free port should he
a great consumer of Amerlcsn labor, the
product of which under the most encour
aging conditions, should be for export only.
If It was removed from the port for tiie
purpose of domestic consumption It should
piy the same duty a,a If imported from
I do not see wherein the American people
could be harmed by such a policy, and It
would result In furnishing employment to
those who choose to live beneath our flag,
consume our products and work at the
American scale of wages.
All New ICngland would be benefited by
such a do it on the north Atlantic coast.
A similar port should be established In
the vicinity of Norfolk, and another on
the gulf. It will take time to develop the
thought, but It is in absolute harmony with
Dsiatr" Treciicsr
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Present dividend rate 0. Non-residents' business solicited. ,v i
Children's Accounts Invited.
The Conservative Savings Loan- Assi
New Location, in Its Own Building, 1014 Harney St., OMAHA. ..
the present bonded warehouse, bonded fac
tory and druwuaok policy, and ti'a have tile
example In the free ports of Oirmany.
In addition, we must have a merchant
marine. If we ever get our share of tin;
port trade of South Amerlcu, South Africa
and the adjacent Islands, and our share of
th lmort trade of the orient, we mUBi
have ships making regular trips from our
principal ports, Hying our flag and beg
ging our manufacturers to produce tue
articles desired by the countries to u-hlca
they sail.
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DIAMONDS Fronxer. Utb and Dodge.
Java Hearts Suppressed.
AMSTERDAM, Holland. Jan. 30. A brief
encounter with the troops sent to the scene
of the native revolt In the Island of Java,
Dutch riant Indies, sufficed to suppress the
rebels, whose ringleader and fifteen of his
followers were killed and many wounded.
Men Die of Injuries.
rillflAOO. Jan 20. Two of the men In
jured In the recent explosion of sn ammonia
tank in Armours pacauiK piani, uiea n uuy.
The deaths brlna the totsl fatalities up to
seven, three having been killed outright
and four having died tit hospitals.
fcas been used tor iver Kt.Vt V YEAKS by
Felt success, it soothes the child.
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